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--- TOP 10
  0 - Ultima Online (open world rpg ++)
  0 - ADOM or Caves of Qud or TOME (roguelike)
  0 - Smash Bros Melee or Smash Bros 64 (platforming fighter)

  0 - Final Fantasy 7 (story-rich RPG)
  0 - Rimworld or Terraria or Dwarf Fortress
  0 - Starcraft

  0 - Zelda 1 or Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Morrowind (adventure)
  0 - Diablo 1 or Diablo II (action RPG)
  0 - Final Fantasy Tactics
  0 - Pokemon Red (RPG)

--- Honorable Mentions
  0 - Disgaea?
  0 - Final Fantasy 5, 2 (different and interesting mechanics)

--- Favorites (by System then Genre)
  Personal Computer:
      Kings Quest
      that encyclopedia puzzle game?
      Caves of Qud
      Tales of Maj'eyal
      Dwarf Fortress
    Role Playing Game:
      Ultima Online
      Diablo 1
      Diablo 2
      Baldurs Gate
  Nintendo Entertainment System:
    Mario 1
    Zelda 1
    Zelda 2
  Super Nintendo Entertainment System::
  Nintendo 64:
    Super Mario 64
    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Super smash bros!
    Paper Mario
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Final Fantasy Anthology
      Final Fantasy IV
      Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Armored Core
  Playstation 2:
  Game Cube:
    Super Paper Mario
    Smash Bros Melee
  Game Boy:
    Pokemon Red
  Game Boy Advanced:
    Final Fantasy II
  Nintendo DS:
    Henry Hatsworth
    Professor Layton
    Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

  The Stanley Parable (Narrator is commenting on everything you do)
  No More Heroes (wii)


  Top 100 grid-based first-person dungeon crawlers

  Platformer -
    Super Mario 1

  Weird, mind altering, creative, difficult, scary, life-changing


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  retroarch. this is it.

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   35 Ernest Cline
   4 Bijou Hunter
   3 Anonymous
   3 Andy Serkis
   2 Patrick Rothfuss
   2 Olga Kurylenko
   2 John Maeda
   2 Douglas Rushkoff
   2 Danny Wallace

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1:Well, I've been a fan of videogames all my life. ~ Michael Strahan,
2:People who might never otherwise make a videogame make them with Twine. ~ Anonymous,
3:Videogames are a little more work and they're a little more stilted. ~ Carlos Alazraqui,
4:Certainly the format of ghostbusting lends itself to a videogame beautifully. ~ Dan Aykroyd,
5:Why would real aliens behave exactly like videogame simulations of themselves? ~ Ernest Cline,
6:Videogames need more women and are too reliant on male, stubble-covered heroes. ~ Rhianna Pratchett,
7:I was just another sad, lost, lonely soul, wasting his life on a glorified videogame. ~ Ernest Cline,
8:Ray seemed to subsist primarily on a diet of high-fructose junk food and old videogames. ~ Ernest Cline,
9:What is the purpose of videogames if not to train you in the skills you will need to survive? ~ L R W Lee,
10:Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable. ~ Ernest Cline,
11:Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that
make life bearable. ~ Ernest Cline,
12:I'd already started directing short films when we were doing 'Lord of the Rings,' then videogame projects. ~ Andy Serkis,
13:I was always a very indoor videogame nerd movie buff... Now I've come to appreciate Scouts and the outdoors. ~ Jared Gilman,
14:You promised to consider going to college to study how to make videogames, like Mike Cruz is planning to do? ~ Ernest Cline,
15:Videogames are indeed design: They're sophisticated virtual machines that echo the mechanical systems inside cars. ~ John Maeda,
16:We are moving away from myths and toward fantasy role-playing games, away from movies and toward videogames. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
17:It was the dawn of new era, one where most of the human race now spent all of their free time inside a videogame. ~ Ernest Cline,
18:Videogame players essentially choose whether to win the game or to die heroically. There's a certain glory in both. ~ John Green,
19:O ser humano é uma porcaria na maior parte do tempo.
Os videogames são a única coisa que torna a vida suportável. ~ Ernest Cline,
20:home videogame consoles had already made most coin-op games obsolete. After the OASIS went online, they stopped making ~ Ernest Cline,
21:There is a definite argument to be made that videogames are becoming an art form put together by artists of different types. ~ John Romero,
22:The only thing crazier than hallucinating a fictional videogame spaceship would be to blame it on a frosted breakfast pastry. ~ Ernest Cline,
23:Ray seemed to subsist primarily on a diet of high-fructose junk food and old videogames. It was hard not to love the guy. Back ~ Ernest Cline,
24:I could barely believe myself. IOI had actually tried to kill me. To prevent me from winning a videogame contest. It was insane. ~ Ernest Cline,
25:Like any classic videogame, the Hunt had simply reached a new, more difficult level. A new level often required an entirely new strategy. I ~ Ernest Cline,
26:Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable. —Anorak’s Almanac, Chapter 91, Verses 1–2 ~ Ernest Cline,
27:Especially when it came to the videogames. Videogames were my area of expertise. My double-weapon specailization. My dream Jeopardy! category. ~ Ernest Cline,
28:Being human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that
make life bearable. —Anorak’s Almanac, Chapter 91, Verses 1–2 ~ Ernest Cline,
29:We know that drugs, sex and rock and roll stimulates something called dopamine in the brain. So do videogames. Dopamine is something that we crave. ~ Devra Davis,
30:Look at Shadow of the Colossus for example. What do we, as game designers, know about videogames? Well, we know a few things, we know boss battles suck. ~ Anonymous,
31:I'm a football guy at heart; maybe I should have played football for a living instead, because I play a lot of football videogames, I'm really into them. ~ Jason Kidd,
32:I'm an actor. Whether I'm on stage, in front of a camera or a microphone, what I do is the same - although with videogames it requires a lot of imagination. ~ Nolan North,
33:More and more good actors are now transmigrating into the videogame space and playing roles there because it's where my generation of kids get stories from. ~ Andy Serkis,
34:I knew Armada was only a videogame, but I’d never been one of the “best of the best” at anything before, and my accomplishment gave me a real sense of pride. ~ Ernest Cline,
35:You were always an underdog in a videogame, but always guaranteed to win if you just kept plugging away, learned the moves, knew when to Save and when to Quit. ~ Danny Wallace,
36:As a genre, videogames take our minds on journeys, and we can control and experience them much more interactively than passively - especially when they are well-designed. ~ John Maeda,
37:I know how addictive videogames are - I have friends who cant get up off the couch because theyre so hooked. They provide these different virtual worlds that you can live in. ~ Olga Kurylenko,
38:... Gunpei Yokoi, asked his boss, 'What should I make?' Nintendo chief executive Hiroshi Yamauchi replied, 'Something great.'

Game Over Nintendo's Battle to Dominate Videogames ~ David Sheff,
39:That’s how you know you’ve mastered a videogame—when a bunch of butt-hurt crybabies start to accuse you of cheating in an effort to cope with the beatdown they’ve just suffered at your hands. ~ Ernest Cline,
40:I fancy myself as being very good at Guitar Hero. I really don't play any other videogames. I kind of fell in love with Guitar Hero the first time I played it, and went out and bought a system for it. ~ CM Punk,
41:When I was a kid, we never had a videogame in my house. But my cousin did, and each time I went to her house I was able to play 'Tetris' and 'Mario.' Those were the only two games I played as a child. ~ Olga Kurylenko,
42:In reality, videogames did not come to life and fictional spaceships did not buzz your hometown. Implausible shit like that only happened in cheesy ’80s movies, like TRON or WarGames or The Last Starfighter. ~ Ernest Cline,
43:Everything we have today that's cool comes from someone wanting more of something they loved in the past. Action figures, videogames, superhero movies, iPods: All are continuations of a love that wanted more. ~ Patton Oswalt,
44:There should be no telephone in your writing room, certainly no TV or videogames for you to fool around with. If there’s a window, draw the curtains or pull down the shades unless it looks out at a blank wall. ~ Stephen King,
45:I don't think anything really consciously went into 'Legend' that was influenced by videogames, but I'm pretty sure some of my experiences and love for gaming contributed to a few of the factors that are in 'Legend'. ~ Marie Lu,
46:We are cannibalizing our audience by only giving them regurgitated material. Every movie is either a remake, a sequel, based on something else. Based on a former television series. Based on a successful videogame. ~ Dean Devlin,
47:Many are quick to dismiss those who pursue the arts, insisting a degree in one useless or a vow of poverty appropriate, yet wouldn’t want to live in a world without music, literature, television, or videogame. ~ J Andrew Schrecker,
48:I'd love to take a stab at writing videogames. There are a lot of storytelling opportunities that really aren't being taken advantage of in that field. I'd like to experiment with telling a truly non-linear story. ~ Patrick Rothfuss,
49:When you play a videogame, you could be a completely different person than you are in the real world, certain aspects of the way your brain works can be leveraged for something you could never do in the real world. ~ Christopher Nolan,
50:I really enjoy it - it's like a videogame on wheels. The GPS touch screen is one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen in a car. I still have a Range Rover that I don't drive much anymore, because I started feeling bad about it. ~ Mike Shinoda,
51:I think there's a lot of scope in broadening the way videogames approach depictions of masculinity, which is still extremely narrow in scope. It would be nice to see a panel about gender in videogames and it not just be about one gender! ~ Neil Druckmann,
52:She grinned. "Don't you want to build a huge interstellar spaceship, load it full of videogames, junk food, and comfy couches, and then get the hell out of here?" "I'm up for that, too," I said. "if it means I get to spend the rest of my life with you. ~ Ernest Cline,
53:(UGO, about Crank) I see the addiction to video games because you want to win them and it's just hard enough so you'd want to keep playing it over and over to try to figure it out. I definitely feel the movie is like a game at times but I'm not a huge videogame lover. ~ Amy Smart,
54:No weapons designer or engineer would build something with such an arbitrary weakness,” he said. “The Disrupter is more like something a videogame developer would come up with, to create a big challenge at the end of a level—a boss that requires a huge sacrifice to destroy. ~ Ernest Cline,
55:My whole life, I felt like I was destined to do something important, but I was only ever good at videogames, which I always figured would be completely useless. But it’s not useless, and neither am I. I think this is what I was always destined to do with my life. I just never knew it. ~ Ernest Cline,
56:What if they’re using videogames to train us to fight without us even knowing it? Like Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, when he made Daniel-san paint his house, sand his deck, and wax all of his cars—he was training him and he didn’t even realize it! Wax on, wax off—but on a global scale! ~ Ernest Cline,
57:The thing about the state of hip-hop is that people are too concerned. I don't think that there's a problem with being too concerned about videogames, especially for me, because I'm not in the industry. I'm just a consumer. But hip-hop is constantly like, "What are you doing for the scene?" ~ Aesop Rock,
58:Here's the problem right now; the person who is savvy enough to want to have a good PC to upgrade their video card, is a person who is savvy enough to know bit torrent to know all the elements so they can pirate software. Therefore, high-end videogames are suffering very much on the PC. ~ Cliff Bleszinski,
59:I'd like to work with some of the videogame companies for the simple fact that they obviously need some sort of writer's help. I play videogames, and lately it's hard for me to enjoy them because I'm spending all my time cringing at the corny dialogue, thin characters, and glaring plot holes. ~ Patrick Rothfuss,
60:From the earliest days, videogame players were less interested in winning than in going to a new psychic place where things were always a bit different, but always the same. The gambler and the videogame player share a life of contradiction; you are overwhelmed, and so you disappear into the game. ~ Sherry Turkle,
61:I'd already started directing short films when we were doing 'Lord of the Rings,' then videogame projects. So Peter's known that I've been heading towards directing for a long time. But I always thought my first outing would be a couple of people and a digital camera in the back streets of London somewhere! ~ Andy Serkis,
62:As popular culture becomes more presentist, we move away from entertainment as the vicarious experience of a narrative - as watching someone else's story - and much more toward enacting one's own story. Moving away from myths and toward fantasy role-playing games, away from movies and toward videogames. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
63:We think we have to work because the advertising industry has elevated wants into needs. The newspapers and the television batter us incessantly with the latest "must-haves", whether that's shoes, videogames or patio heaters. As a result, mums think they "have" to work at Tesco in order to buy expensive trainers. ~ Tom Hodgkinson,
64:a gifted human player could always triumph over the game’s AI, because software couldn’t improvise. It could either react randomly, or in a limited number of predetermined ways, based on a finite number of preprogrammed conditions. This was an axiom in videogames, and would be until humans invented true artificial intelligence. ~ Ernest Cline,
65:could always triumph over the game’s AI, because software couldn’t improvise. It could either react randomly, or in a limited number of predetermined ways, based on a finite number of preprogrammed conditions. This was an axiom in videogames, and would be until humans invented true artificial intelligence. Our second game came right down ~ Ernest Cline,
66:Rush had been Halliday’s favorite band, from his teens onward. He’d once revealed in an interview that he’d coded every single one of his videogames (including the OASIS) while listening exclusively to Rush albums. He often referred to Rush’s three members—Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee—as “the Holy Trinity” or “the Gods of the North. ~ Ernest Cline,
67:At a game like this, a gifted human player could always triumph over the game’s AI, because software couldn’t improvise. It could either react randomly, or in a limited number of predetermined ways, based on a finite number of preprogrammed conditions. This was an axiom in videogames, and would be until humans invented true artificial intelligence. ~ Ernest Cline,
68:I suspect the popularity of young adults and dystopian novels has something to do with a desire for allegory and old-fashioned morality tales. In fact, you might find your religious framework here in dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction. Here, and in videogames, you find strict codes of authority, the "rules of the game," the life-or-death quest and struggle that people crave. ~ Allegra Goodman,
69:Standing there, under the bleak fluorescents of my tiny one-room apartment, there was no escaping the truth. In real life, I was nothing but an antisocial hermit. A recluse. A pale-skinned pop culture–obsessed geek. An agoraphobic shut-in, with no real friends, family, or genuine human contact. I was just another sad, lost, lonely soul, wasting his life on a glorified videogame. ~ Ernest Cline,
70:Ali, sob as luzes fluorescentes de meu pequeno apartamento de um cômodo, não havia modo de escapar da verdade. Na vida real, eu não passava de um ermitão antissocial. Um recluso. Um geek pálido obcecado pela cultura pop. Um introvertido agorafóbico, sem amigos, família ou contato com pessoas. Eu era apenas mais uma alma triste, perdida e solitária, desperdiçando a vida em um videogame. ~ Ernest Cline,
71:Before long, billions of people around the world were working and playing in the OASIS every day. Some of them met, fell in love, and got married without ever setting foot on the same continent. The lines of distinction between a person’s real identity and that of their avatar began to blur. It was the dawn of new era, one where most of the human race now spent all of their free time inside a videogame. ~ Ernest Cline,
72:I think where the criticism of videogames come from is where videogames are just Xeroxes of films, and when you get a film adaptation of that game, you've just Xeroxed something twice. I think that's where a lot of the criticism comes from - there are ultra-violent games that are already based on a million films. But there's definitely beauty and art and design in games. I don't think anybody could deny that. ~ Edgar Wright,
73:I clearly had a few daddy issues myself, but you didn’t see me pulling the wings off of flies. On the other hand, I did have a slight anger-management problem, and a related history of physical violence, both well documented by the public school system. And, oh yeah, that whole “hallucinating alien spacecraft from my favorite videogame” thing. So perhaps I wasn’t in the best position to judge the sanity of others. ~ Ernest Cline,
74:There was always a trick to beating a computer-controlled opponent. At a game like this, a gifted human player could always triumph over the game’s AI, because software couldn’t improvise. It could either react randomly, or in a limited number of predetermined ways, based on a finite number of preprogrammed conditions. This was an axiom in videogames, and would be until humans invented true artificial intelligence. ~ Ernest Cline,
75:I had never done anything with blue screen before, or prosthetics, or anything like that. Lord of the Rings was like stepping into a videogame for me. It was another world completely. But, to be honest, I basically did it so that I could have the ears. I thought they would really work with my bare head.Working with Martin Scorsese was an absolute minute-by-minute education without him ever being grandiose about it. ~ Cate Blanchett,
76:When people laugh and applaud as characters are killing each other, and you never see the body that's lying there, or you never see the family that suffers, then it turns into a cool thing to do, like a videogame. Then, when you watch the news and see that 15 soldiers were killed, you start to see them as just numbers, material, information, images. We lose the real weight and real value of one simple human life. ~ Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu,
77:We had a very Tom and Jerry relationship, me and my mom. She was the strict disciplinarian; I was naughty as shit. She would send me out to buy groceries, and I wouldn’t come right home because I’d be using the change from the milk and bread to play arcade games at the supermarket. I loved videogames. I was a master at Street Fighter. I could go forever on a single play. I’d drop a coin in, time would fly, and the next thing I knew there’d be a woman behind me with a belt. It was ~ Trevor Noah,
78:Shin told me that the EDA spent decades engineering a special strain of weed that helps people focus and enhances their ability to play videogames! Once they had it perfected, that was when the government finally started legalizing it in the States.” He raised his arms in victory. “This ganja is part of the war effort! I love it!” He broke into song, and Shin immediately joined him. “ ‘America. Fuck yeah. Comin’ to save the motherfuckin’ day, yeah!’ ” They broke up into another laughing fit. ~ Ernest Cline,
79:Videogames require critical interpretation to mediate our experience of the simulation, to ground it in a set of coherent and expressive values, responses, or understandings that constitute effects of the work. In this process, the unit operations of a simulation embody themselves in a player's understanding. This is the place where rules can be grasped, where instantiated code enters the material world via human players' faculty of reason. In my mind, it is the most important moment in the study of a videogame. ~ Ian Bogost,
80:I've been playing videogames since before my career in this business, but what happened is several videogame companies were recruiting students back then and I applied with barely any hope of getting accepted to any of the companies. However, I got accepted! Although my path was already set to become a piano instructor, I chose the path of videogames instead. My parents cried, my friends were worried and my teacher was stunned (we're talking about way back when game music wasn't as popular as it is these days). ~ Yoko Shimomura,
81:I’d have a nuclear-powered interstellar spacecraft constructed in Earth’s orbit,” I said. “I’d stock it with a lifetime supply of food and water, a self-sustaining biosphere, and a supercomputer loaded with every movie, book, song, videogame, and piece of artwork that human civilization has ever created, along with a stand-alone copy of the OASIS. Then I’d invite a few of my closest friends to come aboard, along with a team of doctors and scientists, and we’d all get the hell out of Dodge. Leave the solar system and start looking for an extrasolar Earthlike planet. ~ Anonymous,
82:Right after the 9/11 attacks I was living near Oakland in California with a buddy who had also grown up in the skate/punk scene of the 80s. We were so shell-shocked from the attacks that we sort of regressed into this childlike mode of filling our apartment with '80s memorabilia. We got all of our favorite skateboard decks off of eBay, bought a bunch of old independent trucks, we got a credit card so that we could buy 720 off of a videogame vendor, we sat around listening to T.S.O.L. and The Misfits playing 720 and pretending that we were still living in our childhood. ~ Rick Remender,
83:Now, hold my staff, and this is very important, do not make the obvious joke.” Martin took the staff and said nothing. “Good. Are you ready, Martin?” “Yes.” “Good. Repeat after me. Supren supren.” “Supren supren.” “Suben suben.” “Suben suben.” “Maldekstra dekstra maldekstra dekstra.” “Maldekstra dekstra maldekstra…dekstra?” “Bee aye komenco.” “Bee aye komenco.” Phillip clapped. “It is done!” “What was that?” Martin asked. “I’m told it’s a cheat code from a videogame called Contra that’s a bit after my time, I’m afraid.” Martin thought for a moment. “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B,…A. ~ Scott Meyer,
84:Arbogast had then assembled a dream team of creative consultants and contractors to help make his bold claim a reality, luring some of the videogame industry’s brightest stars away from their own companies and projects, with the sole promise of collaborating on his groundbreaking new MMOs. That was how gaming legends like Chris Roberts, Richard Garriott, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Gabe Newell, and Shigeru Miyamoto had all wound up as consultants on both Terra Firma and Armada—along with several big Hollywood filmmakers, including James Cameron, who had contributed to the EDA’s realistic ship and mech designs, and Peter Jackson, whose Weta Workshop had rendered all of the in-game cinematics. ~ Ernest Cline,
85:A recluse. A pale-skinned pop culture–obsessed geek. An agoraphobic shut-in, with no real friends, family, or genuine human contact. I was just another sad, lost, lonely soul, wasting his life on a glorified videogame. But not in the OASIS. In there, I was the great Parzival. World-famous gunter and international celebrity. People asked for my autograph. I had a fan club. Several, actually. I was recognized everywhere I went (but only when I wanted to be). I was paid to endorse products. People admired and looked up to me. I got invited to the most exclusive parties. I went to all the hippest clubs and never had to wait in line. I was a pop-culture icon, a VR rock star. And, in gunter circles, I was a legend. Nay, a god. ~ Ernest Cline,
86:I’m not one of those guys who can hear a band and immediately cite their influences and probable heroes. There are guys like that out there. Play them the first drumbeat and they’ll start banging on about Led Zeppelin or Limp Bizkit or how everything can be traced back to the man who wrote the Birdie Song. Dev can do it with videogames. He can take one look at a game and tell you what it’s trying to be, where it got the idea, what it’s been crossed with and how well it’s done, but I just can’t. Because I’m the other sort of person. A Type 2. One that judges everything on its own merits. Not because it’s the right and just and fair thing to do, but because there’s something about me that doesn’t quite have that passion. That need for peripheral knowledge. I like a little of everything; I don’t need it all. It can make conversations with the Type 1s a little strained. A Type 1 will have all his opinions ready to go and probably alphabetised before he even gets near you. A Type 2 will then shrink behind his sandwich. ~ Danny Wallace,
87:A longo prazo, terminar uma maratona nos deixa mais felizes do que comer um bolo de chocolate. Criar um filho nos deixa mais felizes do que ganhar uma partida de videogame. Abrir uma pequena empresa com amigos e vencer dificuldades financeiras nos deixa mais felizes do que comprar um computador novo. São atividades estressantes, árduas e muitas vezes desagradáveis, além de trazer consigo inúmeros problemas, mas, ao mesmo tempo, são as que nos proporcionam os momentos mais marcantes e constituem nossas maiores alegrias. Atividades como essas envolvem dor, cansaço, raiva e até desespero — mas, depois de concluídas, olhamos para trás emocionados. É o que contaremos aos nossos netos. É como Freud disse: “Um dia, quando olhar para trás, os anos de luta lhe parecerão os mais bonitos.” Isso explica por que não devemos pautar nossa existência em valores escrotos — prazer, sucesso material, estar sempre certo e otimismo implacável. Alguns dos melhores momentos da vida não são prazerosos, não são grandiosos, não são reconhecidos e não são positivos. ~ Mark Manson,
88:Again as during fetal development, synapses that underlie cognitive and other abilities stick around if they’re used but wither if they’re not. The systematic elimination of unused synapses, and thus unused circuits, presumably results in greater efficiency for the neural networks that are stimulated—the networks that support, in other words, behaviors in which the adolescent is actively engaged. Just as early childhood seems to be a time of exquisite sensitivity to the environment (remember the babies who dedicate auditory circuits only to the sounds of their native language, eliminating those for phonemes that they do not hear), so may adolescence. The teen years are, then, a second chance to consolidate circuits that are used and prune back those that are not—to hard-wire an ability to hit a curve ball, juggle numbers mentally, or turn musical notation into finger movements almost unconsciously. Says Giedd, “Teens have the power to determine their own brain development, to determine which connections survive and which don’t, [by] whether they do art, or music, or sports, or videogames. ~ Jeffrey M Schwartz,
89:The next two days, Nick and I played house in my apartment. For lunch and dinner, we joined the family. On Sunday, Nick came along for the club’s weekly family dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. I knew he felt like an outsider, but Vaughn and Judd entertained him with their bromance.
“Hard to believe they like the ladies,” I said to Nick who just grinned as the enforcers argued about who was a shittier friend.
“Tawny never lets you play videogames.” This comment from Vaughn caused Tawny to roll her eyes. She looked at Raven who shrugged.
“Raven insists on playing with us. That’s weird, man,” Judd said.
When his wife opened her mouth in her defense, Vaughn raised his hand. “I got this,” he said, giving her a wink. “Judd is just jealous that you beat his ass in every game.”
“Not every game,” Judd growled.
Leaning against Nick, I whispered loudly. “They’re idiots.”
Vaughn and Judd turned in unison and glared at me.
“Do you play videogames?” Vaughn asked Nick.
“Not really.”
“Do you play pool?” Judd asked.
Vaughn smirked. “I’ve seen you bowl, so we know you can’t do that either. What can you do?”
“Tolerate Bailey!” Tucker hollered from farther down the table. “That makes him a fucking superhero. ~ Bijou Hunter,
90:At the core of every addiction is an emptiness based in abject fear. The addict dreads and abhors the present moment; she bends feverishly only toward the next time, the moment when her brain, infused with her drug of choice, will briefly experience itself as liberated from the burden of the past and the fear of the future—the two elements that make the present intolerable. Many of us resemble the drug addict in our ineffectual efforts to fill in the spiritual black hole, the void at the center, where we have lost touch with our souls, our spirit—with those sources of meaning and value that are not contingent or fleeting. Our consumerist, acquisition-, action-, and image-mad culture only serves to deepen the hole, leaving us emptier than before. The constant, intrusive, and meaningless mind-whirl that characterizes the way so many of us experience our silent moments is, itself, a form of addiction—and it serves the same purpose. “One of the main tasks of the mind is to fight or remove the emotional pain, which is one of the reasons for its incessant activity, but all it can ever achieve is to cover it up temporarily. In fact, the harder the mind struggles to get rid of the pain, the greater the pain.”14 So writes Eckhart Tolle. Even our 24/7 self-exposure to noise, e-mails, cell phones, TV, Internet chats, media outlets, music downloads, videogames, and nonstop internal and external chatter cannot succeed in drowning out the fearful voices within. ~ Gabor Mat,
91:Going back to the basis, the phrase ‘Fight Like A Girl’, and we’ve all heard that growing up. And by that they mean that you’re some kind of weakling and have no skills as a male. It’s said to little boys when they can’t fight yet, and it ridicules us. By the time we were born, the most of us hear things which program you to accept and know that you are less than your male counter part. It comes apparent in the way you’re paid for your job, it comes apparent when yóu are not allowed to go outside after a certain hour because you stand a good chance of getting raped while no one says that to your boyfriend. While women, anywhere, live in some kind of fear, there is no equality and that is mathematically impossible. We cannot see that change or solved in our lifetimes, but we have to do everything that we can. We should remind ourselves that we are fifty-one percent. Everyone should know that fighting like a girl is a positive thing and that there is not inherently anything wrong with us by the fact that we are born like ladies. That is a beautiful thing that we should never be put down because of. Being compared to a woman should only make a man feel stronger. It should be a compliment. In this world we’re creating it actually is.

I remember this one guy who came to our show in Texas or something and he had painted his shirt “real men fight like a girl”, and I cried, because he was going away in the army next day. He bought my book because he wanted something he could read over there. I just hoped that this men, fully straight and fully male can maintain and retain all of those things that make him understand us, and what makes him so beautiful. A lot of military training is step one: you take all those guys and put them in front of bunch of hardcore videogames where you kill a bunch of people and become desensitised. But that is NOT power! I will not do that. I will not become less of a human being and I refuse to give up my femininity because that’s bullshit. I’m not going to have to shave my head and become all buff and all that to be able to say “now I’m powerful” because that’s bullshit. All of this, all of us, we are power. You don’t have to change anything to be strong. ~ Emilie Autumn,
92:I’d ask why you don’t want to be whipped, but I sense there’s a long heartfelt story behind it and I’ll feel sorry for you and I’m not really in the mood to feel pity. Maybe after a few more orgasms, I can fake sympathy. We’re just not there yet, champ.”
“I like that nickname,” I said, taking her hand between mine. “Stud works too. King Cock is another favorite.”
“How about Cock-A-Doodle-Doo?"
“Too cartoony. I need something manlier. Cockinator.”
Laughing, Raven yanked her hand away. “How about Robo Cock or White Cock Down? Ooh, Cockageddon.”
“Independence Cock,” I suggested, laughing as I drank my juice. “Cock Hard or Cocky. You know the third one where Cocky goes to Russia.”
Raven snorted. “Cocks on a Plane. No, Planet of the Cocks.”
“Kindergarten Cock,” I said and Raven balked. “Did I take that too far?”
“Perv. Oh, how about World War C?”
“Too subtle.”
“Iron Cock or Cock of Steel. You know, if you’re interested in the superhero route.”
“Star Trek and superheroes. I sense the nerd is strong in this one.”
“Fuck off. I saw the videogames at your stag shack.”
“Wanna come over and play sometime?” I asked, giving her a wink. “Then, after we’re done playing, we can do that videogame thing you mentioned.”
“Hang out time like you shared with Judd?”
Expression hardening, I glared at her. “I never fucked Judd.”
“Why? He’s hot.”
Unable to keep up the façade, I laughed. “He’s a pretty fucker, ain’t he?”
“Oh, yeah,” she sighed and I stopped laughing. Raven noticed and it was her turn to laugh. “He’s got those beautiful eyes.”
“They’re beady rat eyes.”
“He’s so strong.”
“Puny girly man.”
Raven licked her lips. “I bet he hung too.”
I showed her my pinkie finger. “He’s barely this big when hard.”
“And how do you know that if you two never fucked?”
“Fine, we fucked, but we were pretty drunk and he is really pretty.”
Raven nearly fell off her chair laughing. I felt intensely proud to make her lose her cool so thoroughly.
After calming down, Raven threw up her hand and I high fived her. “You win,” she said, catching her breath. “I’ll play videogames at your place after fucking your brains out. Make you forget all about sexy Judd. ~ Bijou Hunter,
93:As the sun set, I ate a hospital meal and watched TV. Every few minutes, I glanced at the girl on the bed and tried to see Raven. I struggled to remember her smile and laugh. With her face so swollen, she didn’t seem like my love. I worried I’d lost her because I brought Caleb to Ellsberg.
Eventually, the nurse showed me how to turn the chair into a pull out bed. I thanked her, but the thing was too damn small for me to fit on. Besides, I didn’t want to sleep until Raven woke up. Finally, I gave into my weird little urge to kiss the sleeping beauty. I needed to know she was okay. Know she wanted me to stay because she still loved me.
I felt nervous until her swollen lips twitched into a smile after my kiss.
“Tell me a story,” she mumbled while gripping my shirt with her good hand and tugging me into the bed with her. I adjusted our bodies just enough for me to rest next to her. While the position wasn’t comfortable, I finally relaxed at knowing my woman wanted me close. Caressing her battered face with my fingers, I loved how she smiled for me. Even in pain and after a hellish day, she soothed my fears.
“Once upon a time,” I said and she smiled again, “there was a lonely fool who wasted one day after another of his life. One day, he met the most fascinating chick and she quickly wrapped the fool around her finger. She loved him in the best way and saved him from himself. He loved her too and only wanted for her to be happy and safe.”
Hesitating, I frowned at the sight of her suffering. As if knowing what I was thinking, she reached up and ran a finger of my lips. “More.”
“After the evil… let’s call them gnomes because I hate those ugly little fuckers. So, once the gnomes were destroyed, the fool and his lovely savior bought a big house for all the beautiful blond babies they would have together.”
As Raven smiled at this idea, my uneasiness faded.
“Their kids all had names with a V in them to honor their hot parents.”
Raven laughed then moaned at the gesture. Still, she kept smiling for me.
“The fool, his beautiful woman, and their army of glorious babies played videogames, bowled, and roller skated. They were always happy and never sad in a town with their friends and family. They all lived happily ever after.”
Raven swollen lips smiled enough to show her missing tooth. Even though she was essentially blind with her battered eyes, she knew I’d seen her mouth and covered it with her hand.
“You’re beautiful, darling. Nothing will ever change that.”
Raven grunted, unconvinced.
“There’s more to love about you than your beauty.”
Another grunt followed by a hint of a pout.
“Sugar, if I got all banged up and my stunning good looks were damaged, you’d still love me, right?”
Raven laughed, but said nothing, so I answered for her.
“Of course, you would. My amazing personality and giant brain would keep you horny even if my hot body wasn’t at its best.”
Laughing harder now, Raven leaned against me. “I liked your story.”
“Unlike most fairytales, this one is coming true. ~ Bijou Hunter,
94:Rolling my eyes, I took Dylan’s hand and followed Harlow inside. Jace sat in the front of the TV. I knew he was grumpy based on the way he didn’t look at me.
When I flopped next to him on the couch, he did smile.
“You smell like a strip club,” he said, narrowing his eyes at me.
“How would you know?”
“I’m not telling you my secrets.”
Shaking my head, I sighed loudly. “Why do you make me do this to you? It’s like you want to suffer.”
Jace knew what was coming, but his escape came too late. I pinned him on the couch and tickled him. Despite his efforts to seem unfazed, he couldn’t withstand armpit tickling.
While I tormented my laughing brother, Dad and Mom walked out from the kitchen.
“He missed you,” Mom said as I finally let Jace up.
Catching his breath, my brother leaned next to me on the couch. “I miss beating you at videogames.”
“I miss you beating me too,” I said, kissing his head.
Harlow flopped on the couch next to us and I smiled at the familiar comfort of my family.
Dylan watched us with a slight grin. When he caught Tad and Toni’s gazes, his smile grew.
Suspicious now, I glanced at Harlow who was busy gluing herself to me. “Are they up to something?” I whispered. “Am I going to be embarrassed?”
“I don’t know. If you feel embarrassed, I’ll punch Dylan in the crotch and distract everyone.”
Rolling my eyes at her threat, I studied Dylan who grinned at me.
“What?” I asked, nervous now.
“She’s on to you,” Dad said. “Better ask now before she gets squirrely.”
“Squirrely,” Jace snorted. “She gets batty too.”
Harlow laughed. “Winnie can do so many animal impressions.”
Ignoring them, I stood up and walked to a still smiling Dylan.
“What happened to patience?”
Without thinking, I reached to pinch my hand. Dylan took both hands then knelt on one knee.
“Don’t,” Harlow blurted, grabbing for me.
Everyone frowned at her. A moment passed where she stared at me in horror. Suddenly, she shrugged. “I meant don’t stop. Go ahead, Dylan.”
The mood in the room shifted back to anticipation. Our gaze focused on Dylan who smiled up at me.
“I know it’s been a few weeks. I don’t care. I love you and you love me, right?”
“I love you so much.”
“I’m not stupid. I know we’ll have problems. We run into issues. When we do, we’ll work them out. We’ll figure them out because we belong together. You believe that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I whispered, staring into his beautiful dark eyes.
“Winona Todds, you are perfection and I refuse to live without you. Will you marry me?”
My legs turning to jelly, I knelt down too. “Yes,” I whispered, afraid he was about to change his mind. Maybe it was a trick. All these awful things rushed through my mind. I wasn’t good enough for Dylan. He was going to leave me one day. I didn’t deserve to be happy when I was so weak.
“You love me,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against mine. “You want me to be happy.”
“Yes,” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks.
“You’re what I need to survive.”
“I’m not really strong yet.”
“I love you now. I don’t want to wait. Do you want to wait for me?”
Shaking my head, I looked at my smiling parents then back at Dylan.
“We’re in love and planning to live together. We need to make our relationship official, so your daddy won’t kick my ass.”
Even laughing, I asked, “You want this?”
“I can give up everything else in my life, but never you. Married or not, you belong with me.”
I exhaled uneasily then smiled. “Yes, I will marry you. ~ Bijou Hunter,

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