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There are a few different things I could or would like to do with this entry.
- one is a mood room, but that is a starting point. trying to create the Vibes.
- another is to create a complete other world that is not connected by any other means perhaps than this portal. The issue perhaps is in a sense the entire TIL is going to be like a digital world. I would also really like it if this other world contained a series of locked, hidden places. labyrinthy. Kind of like a hackers game. An issue with that is I am no hacker and at this point gaining and mastering a skill set seems a little over the top for one page. Also there would need to be some amazing rewards for finding certain places. It could be where I could put all my illegals stuff like books that are still not open copy right. If the site gains a strong RPG element then I can do items or status boosts. There could also be hahaha an organization deep in the Wired. hehe. It would be fitting if there was also a portal to other locked worlds in there I feel.
- This also gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes.
- Another issue is being a web based application.. I have practically 0 web skills but I guess gotta start from where one is.

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the Wired
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1:Republicans Are Wooing the Wired ~ Anonymous,
2:Even before I helped to co-found Microsoft, I saw a connected future . . . I called that future The Wired World. ~ Paul Allen,
3:It never occurred to Brown that a genocide comparable to Rwanda had taken place in Darfur in western Sudan in 2003, and the wired world had done nothing to stop it. ~ Nick Cohen,
4:(I’m a child of the wired generation, unlike some of the suits hereabouts who have their secretaries print everything out and dictate their replies for an audio-typist to send.) ~ Charles Stross,
5:Any loss of identity prompts people to seek reassurance and rediscovery of themselves by testing, and even by violence. Today, the electric revolution, the wired planet, and the information environment involve everybody in everybody to the point of individual extinction. ~ Marshall McLuhan,
6:Though I loved the wired world, the new-wave librarians, the avatars and activists, I turned into a dinosaur in that library. I couldn’t help it; I was an old-fashioned writer who loved the ancient books summoned via pneumatic tubes, the archives, the quiet. I had found something rare there: an inexhaustible wonder. ~ Marilyn Johnson,
7:I very much doubt that our grandchildren will understand the distinction between that which is a computer and that which isn’t. Or, to put it another way, they will not know “computers” as any distinct category of object or function. This, I think, is the logical outcome of genuinely ubiquitous computing: the wired world. The wired world will consist, in effect, of a single unbroken interface. The ~ William Gibson,
8:My own view is that everyone works too hard and too long and they ought to get out more. There isn’t time in their improverished lives to do anything creative, or even to just sit and stare, one of my favourite occupations. And how the wired-in young—never without their music, never out of touch because of mobile phones, constantly sharing everything, even pictures—are going to cope if they ever encounter solitude and silence is another thing. ~ Kerry Greenwood,
9:Reacher and Neagley carried their copy to the door, where the wired-glass window let in some natural light. The American looked exactly like Klopp had described. The artist had done a fine job capturing his words. The wave of blond hair. The skin stretched tight over the skull beneath. The brow and the cheek bones, horizontal and parallel and close together, like two bars on an old-style football helmet, with the eyes flashing out from way behind. The mouth, like a gash. Plus two vertical lines, the nose like a blade, and a crease down the right cheek, as if the most the mouth ever moved was in a lopsided and sardonic smile. The guy was shown in a jacket like Reacher’s. Pale tan denim, authentic in every respect. Under it was a white T-shirt. His collar bones stood out, like his cheek bones. His neck was shown corded with sinew. A hardscrabble guy, no longer young. Neagley ~ Lee Child,

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