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object:the Maze of Nightmares
class:fictional place

--- NOTES 1
  note, mazes with lots of distinct features are much easier to remember. whereas if everything looks the same its much harder it seems.

--- NOTES 2
this place causes "hallucinations" and illusions, various mental/psychological and magick curses and status effects.
contains monsters though many are "merely" astral. perhaps ghosts.

perhaps the center of the maze is pure astral or similar, such that at that point all horrors are at 100%. likely it is also where/who they are spawning from.

the intensity increases the closer to the center you get.
maybe lich in center?

maybe underneath the maze center is lich's home? trapped to shit but like neeeexxxt loot. but without near max wisdom or something its too dangerous. since the lich has like several horicruxes in there. in fact.. after a certain amount of time if the sentry isnt stopped or something it wakes horicrux up after one dies. ouchy.
he would have a very serious library Id imagine. portal room? if he has a giant home then maybe he cant warp people there in case he gets attacked by a party. obviously warping them to cells. or monster pits. or the bottom of a trapped dungeon.

if you enter the Maze, the deeper you go, you gain permanent negative effects if you leave it. especially things that pull you back.

the maze starts having amazing treasures a certain amount in.. but it has to be far enough that one is likely to get lost.

if you destroy the lich you can leave freely until another is revived, and during that time there is no negative maze effects and no permanent effects if you leave the maze.
people that have taken permanent dwelling in the maze.
ahh potentially good shopkeepers.. something to lure in.
id say fountains but maybe there are uncursed places in there? perhaps last moves of fallen priests or fire or light mages.

trees deeper in. providing more darkness/cover.
living traps, that try to catch adventurers.. awful.
the lich should be super weak? merely a near empty vessell that lives in the maze? which is his nightmare?
"help me" traps

wandering mentally broken soulless adventurers.

with various permanent afflictions, like fear, rage, confusion, or partially lucid and controlled. or bound/infatuated with a object or place so it doesnt go far from it.
keeping things alive throughout the maze to feed from. or if possible they are moved deeper into the maze where they are "safer" to feed on

see also ::: the Exit, the Labyrinth, the Necromancers Tower

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the Maze of Nightmares
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