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sanctuary ::: 1. An especially sacred or holy place. 2. Any place of refuge; asylum.

sanctuary ::: n. --> A sacred place; a consecrated spot; a holy and inviolable site.
The most retired part of the temple at Jerusalem, called the Holy of Holies, in which was kept the ark of the covenant, and into which no person was permitted to enter except the high priest, and he only once a year, to intercede for the people; also, the most sacred part of the tabernacle; also, the temple at Jerusalem.
The most sacred part of any religious building, esp.

sanctuary ::: n. --> A sacred place; a consecrated spot; a holy and inviolable site.
The most retired part of the temple at Jerusalem, called the Holy of Holies, in which was kept the ark of the covenant, and into which no person was permitted to enter except the high priest, and he only once a year, to intercede for the people; also, the most sacred part of the tabernacle; also, the temple at Jerusalem.
The most sacred part of any religious building, esp.

sanctuary, or of holiness. Sar ha-Kodesh has been

sanctuary ::: 1. An especially sacred or holy place. 2. Any place of refuge; asylum.

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   2 The Mother
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Madame Blavatsky
   1 Eliphas Levi


   17 Anonymous
   11 Donald Trump
   9 Sherrilyn Kenyon
   7 Carlos Ruiz Zaf n
   6 Neil Gaiman
   6 Hermann Hesse
   6 Amy Poehler
   5 Ray Bradbury
   5 Linda Wisdom
   5 Leigh Bardugo
   5 Derek Landy
   5 Cassandra Clare
   4 Rumi
   4 Ralph Waldo Emerson
   4 Rachel Naomi Remen
   4 Rachel Held Evans
   4 Mehmet Murat ildan
   3 Pico Iyer
   3 Marie Kond
   3 Leo Rosten
   3 Kerry Lonsdale
   3 Janet Morris
   3 Harlan Coben
   3 Charles Dickens
   2 Yasmin Mogahed
   2 Victor Hugo
   2 Tom Wolfe
   2 Tim Butcher
   2 Thomas Merton
   2 Thomas Ligotti
   2 Tahereh Mafi
   2 Siddhartha Mukherjee
   2 Seanan McGuire
   2 Russell Brand
   2 Rush Limbaugh
   2 Rick Riordan
   2 Richard J Foster
   2 P C Cast
   2 Mike Pence
   2 Marianne Williamson
   2 Louise Penny
   2 Lisa Kleypas
   2 Lauren Kate
   2 Ken Kesey
   2 Kellyanne Conway
   2 Kay Redfield Jamison
   2 Jonathan Safran Foer
   2 Jen Hatmaker
   2 Jane Cousins
   2 H L Mencken
   2 Gail Carriger
   2 Ellen Glasgow
   2 Edward Everett
   2 Danez Smith
   2 Dan Eaton
   2 C S Lewis
   2 Christopher Paolini
   2 Christina Baker Kline
   2 Billy Joel
   2 Azar Nafisi
   2 A W Tozer
   2 Angie Thomas
   2 Alain de Botton

1:For Christ - the true "esoteric" SAVIOR - is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the "sepulcher" of his sinful flesh: he who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him. ~ Madame Blavatsky,
2:... Hear again: no state was ever more precarious than that of man when he was separated on earth from his divine origin. Above him stretched the hostile borders of the usurper, and at his horizon's gates watched jailers armed with flaming swords. Then, since he could climb no more to the source of life, the source arose within him; since he could no more receive the light from above, the light shone forth at the very centre of his being; since he could commune no more with the transcendent love, that love offered itself in a holocaust and chose each terrestrial being, each human self as its dwelling-place and sanctuary. ... ~ The Mother, Words Of Long Ago The Supreme Discovery,
3:There is no part of one's beliefs about oneself which cannot be modified by sufficiently powerful psychological techniques. There is nothing about oneself which cannot be taken away or changed. The proper stimuli can, if correctly applied, turn communists into fascists, saints into devils, the meek into heroes, and vice-versa. There is no sovereign sanctuary within ourseles which represents our real nature. There is nobody at home in the internal fortress. Everything we cherish as our ego, everything we believe in, is just what we have cobbled together out of the accident of our birth and subsequent experiences. With drugs, brainwashing, and other techniques of extreme persuasion, we can quite readily make a man a devotee of a different ideology, the patriot of a different country, or the follower of a different religion. ~ Peter J Carroll,
4:The key one and threefold, even as universal science. The division of the work is sevenfold, and through these sections are distributed the seven degrees of initiation into is transcendental philosophy.The text is a mystical commentary on the oracles of Solomon, ^ and the work ends with a series of synoptic schedules which are the synthesis of Magic and the occult Kabalah so far as concerns that which can be made public in writing. The rest, being the esoteric and inexpressible part of the science, is formulated in magnificent pantacles carefully designed and engraved. These are nine in number, as follows(1) The dogma of Hermes;(2) Magical realisation;(3) The path of wisdom and the initial procedure in the work(4) The Gate of the Sanctuary enlightened by seven mystic rays;(5) A Rose of Light, in the centre of which a human figure is extending its arms in the form of a cross;(6) The magical laboratory of Khunrath, demonstrating the necessary union of prayer and work(7) The absolute synthesis of science;(8) Universal equilibrium ;(9) A summary of Khunrath's personal embodying an energetic protest against all his detractors. ~ Eliphas Levi, The History Of Magic ,
5:The Supreme Discovery IF WE want to progress integrally, we must build within our conscious being a strong and pure mental synthesis which can serve us as a protection against temptations from outside, as a landmark to prevent us from going astray, as a beacon to light our way across the moving ocean of life. Each individual should build up this mental synthesis according to his own tendencies and affinities and aspirations. But if we want it to be truly living and luminous, it must be centred on the idea that is the intellectual representation symbolising That which is at the centre of our being, That which is our life and our light. This idea, expressed in sublime words, has been taught in various forms by all the great Instructors in all lands and all ages. The Self of each one and the great universal Self are one. Since all that is exists from all eternity in its essence and principle, why make a distinction between the being and its origin, between ourselves and what we place at the beginning? The ancient traditions rightly said: "Our origin and ourselves, our God and ourselves are one." And this oneness should not be understood merely as a more or less close and intimate relationship of union, but as a true identity. Thus, when a man who seeks the Divine attempts to reascend by degrees towards the inaccessible, he forgets that all his knowledge and all his intuition cannot take him one step forward in this infinite; neither does he know that what he wants to attain, what he believes to be so far from him, is within him. For how could he know anything of the origin until he becomes conscious of this origin in himself? It is by understanding himself, by learning to know himself, that he can make the supreme discovery and cry out in wonder like the patriarch in the Bible, "The house of God is here and I knew it not." That is why we must express that sublime thought, creatrix of the material worlds, and make known to all the word that fills the heavens and the earth, "I am in all things and all beings."When all shall know this, the promised day of great transfigurations will be at hand. When in each atom of Matter men shall recognise the indwelling thought of God, when in each living creature they shall perceive some hint of a gesture of God, when each man can see God in his brother, then dawn will break, dispelling the darkness, the falsehood, the ignorance, the error and suffering that weigh upon all Nature. For, "all Nature suffers and laments as she awaits the revelation of the Sons of God." This indeed is the central thought epitomising all others, the thought which should be ever present to our remembrance as the sun that illumines all life. That is why I remind you of it today. For if we follow our path bearing this thought in our hearts like the rarest jewel, the most precious treasure, if we allow it to do its work of illumination and transfiguration within us, we shall know that it lives in the centre of all beings and all things, and in it we shall feel the marvellous oneness of the universe. Then we shall understand the vanity and childishness of our meagre satisfactions, our foolish quarrels, our petty passions, our blind indignations. We shall see the dissolution of our little faults, the crumbling of the last entrenchments of our limited personality and our obtuse egoism. We shall feel ourselves being swept along by this sublime current of true spirituality which will deliver us from our narrow limits and bounds. The individual Self and the universal Self are one; in every world, in every being, in every thing, in every atom is the Divine Presence, and man's mission is to manifest it. In order to do that, he must become conscious of this Divine Presence within him. Some individuals must undergo a real apprenticeship in order to achieve this: their egoistic being is too all-absorbing, too rigid, too conservative, and their struggles against it are long and painful. Others, on the contrary, who are more impersonal, more plastic, more spiritualised, come easily into contact with the inexhaustible divine source of their being.But let us not forget that they too should devote themselves daily, constantly, to a methodical effort of adaptation and transformation, so that nothing within them may ever again obscure the radiance of that pure light. But how greatly the standpoint changes once we attain this deeper consciousness! How understanding widens, how compassion grows! On this a sage has said: "I would like each one of us to come to the point where he perceives the inner God who dwells even in the vilest of human beings; instead of condemning him we would say, 'Arise, O resplendent Being, thou who art ever pure, who knowest neither birth nor death; arise, Almighty One, and manifest thy nature.'" Let us live by this beautiful utterance and we shall see everything around us transformed as if by miracle. This is the attitude of true, conscious and discerning love, the love which knows how to see behind appearances, understand in spite of words, and which, amid all obstacles, is in constant communion with the depths. What value have our impulses and our desires, our anguish and our violence, our sufferings and our struggles, all these inner vicissitudes unduly dramatised by our unruly imagination - what value do they have before this great, this sublime and divine love bending over us from the innermost depths of our being, bearing with our weaknesses, rectifying our errors, healing our wounds, bathing our whole being with its regenerating streams? For the inner Godhead never imposes herself, she neither demands nor threatens; she offers and gives herself, conceals and forgets herself in the heart of all beings and things; she never accuses, she neither judges nor curses nor condemns, but works unceasingly to perfect without constraint, to mend without reproach, to encourage without impatience, to enrich each one with all the wealth he can receive; she is the mother whose love bears fruit and nourishes, guards and protects, counsels and consoles; because she understands everything, she can endure everything, excuse and pardon everything, hope and prepare for everything; bearing everything within herself, she owns nothing that does not belong to all, and because she reigns over all, she is the servant of all; that is why all, great and small, who want to be kings with her and gods in her, become, like her, not despots but servitors among their brethren. How beautiful is this humble role of servant, the role of all who have been revealers and heralds of the God who is within all, of the Divine Love that animates all things.... And until we can follow their example and become true servants even as they, let us allow ourselves to be penetrated and transformed by this Divine Love; let us offer Him, without reserve, this marvellous instrument, our physical organism. He shall make it yield its utmost on every plane of activity. To achieve this total self-consecration, all means are good, all methods have their value. The one thing needful is to persevere in our will to attain this goal. For then everything we study, every action we perform, every human being we meet, all come to bring us an indication, a help, a light to guide us on the path. Before I close, I shall add a few pages for those who have already made apparently fruitless efforts, for those who have encountered the pitfalls on the way and seen the measure of their weakness, for those who are in danger of losing their self-confidence and courage. These pages, intended to rekindle hope in the hearts of those who suffer, were written by a spiritual worker at a time when ordeals of every kind were sweeping down on him like purifying flames. You who are weary, downcast and bruised, you who fall, who think perhaps that you are defeated, hear the voice of a friend. He knows your sorrows, he has shared them, he has suffered like you from the ills of the earth; like you he has crossed many deserts under the burden of the day, he has known thirst and hunger, solitude and abandonment, and the cruellest of all wants, the destitution of the heart. Alas! he has known too the hours of doubt, the errors, the faults, the failings, every weakness. But he tells you: Courage! Hearken to the lesson that the rising sun brings to the earth with its first rays each morning. It is a lesson of hope, a message of solace. You who weep, who suffer and tremble, who dare not expect an end to your ills, an issue to your pangs, behold: there is no night without dawn and the day is about to break when darkness is thickest; there is no mist that the sun does not dispel, no cloud that it does not gild, no tear that it will not dry one day, no storm that is not followed by its shining triumphant bow; there is no snow that it does not melt, nor winter that it does not change into radiant spring. And for you too, there is no affliction which does not bring its measure of glory, no distress which cannot be transformed into joy, nor defeat into victory, nor downfall into higher ascension, nor solitude into radiating centre of life, nor discord into harmony - sometimes it is a misunderstanding between two minds that compels two hearts to open to mutual communion; lastly, there is no infinite weakness that cannot be changed into strength. And it is even in supreme weakness that almightiness chooses to reveal itself! Listen, my little child, you who today feel so broken, so fallen perhaps, who have nothing left, nothing to cover your misery and foster your pride: never before have you been so great! How close to the summits is he who awakens in the depths, for the deeper the abyss, the more the heights reveal themselves! Do you not know this, that the most sublime forces of the vasts seek to array themselves in the most opaque veils of Matter? Oh, the sublime nuptials of sovereign love with the obscurest plasticities, of the shadow's yearning with the most royal light! If ordeal or fault has cast you down, if you have sunk into the nether depths of suffering, do not grieve - for there indeed the divine love and the supreme blessing can reach you! Because you have passed through the crucible of purifying sorrows, the glorious ascents are yours. You are in the wilderness: then listen to the voices of the silence. The clamour of flattering words and outer applause has gladdened your ears, but the voices of the silence will gladden your soul and awaken within you the echo of the depths, the chant of divine harmonies! You are walking in the depths of night: then gather the priceless treasures of the night. In bright sunshine, the ways of intelligence are lit, but in the white luminosities of the night lie the hidden paths of perfection, the secret of spiritual riches. You are being stripped of everything: that is the way towards plenitude. When you have nothing left, everything will be given to you. Because for those who are sincere and true, from the worst always comes the best. Every grain that is sown in the earth produces a thousand. Every wing-beat of sorrow can be a soaring towards glory. And when the adversary pursues man relentlessly, everything he does to destroy him only makes him greater. Hear the story of the worlds, look: the great enemy seems to triumph. He casts the beings of light into the night, and the night is filled with stars. He rages against the cosmic working, he assails the integrity of the empire of the sphere, shatters its harmony, divides and subdivides it, scatters its dust to the four winds of infinity, and lo! the dust is changed into a golden seed, fertilising the infinite and peopling it with worlds which now gravitate around their eternal centre in the larger orbit of space - so that even division creates a richer and deeper unity, and by multiplying the surfaces of the material universe, enlarges the empire that it set out to destroy. Beautiful indeed was the song of the primordial sphere cradled in the bosom of immensity, but how much more beautiful and triumphant is the symphony of the constellations, the music of the spheres, the immense choir that fills the heavens with an eternal hymn of victory! Hear again: no state was ever more precarious than that of man when he was separated on earth from his divine origin. Above him stretched the hostile borders of the usurper, and at his horizon's gates watched jailers armed with flaming swords. Then, since he could climb no more to the source of life, the source arose within him; since he could no more receive the light from above, the light shone forth at the very centre of his being; since he could commune no more with the transcendent love, that love offered itself in a holocaust and chose each terrestrial being, each human self as its dwelling-place and sanctuary. That is how, in this despised and desolate but fruitful and blessed Matter, each atom contains a divine thought, each being carries within him the Divine Inhabitant. And if no being in all the universe is as frail as man, neither is any as divine as he! In truth, in truth, in humiliation lies the cradle of glory! 28 April 1912 ~ The Mother, Words Of Long Ago The Supreme Discovery,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:animal sanctuary? ~ Faye Kellerman,
2:Thanks makes now a sanctuary. ~ Ann Voskamp,
3:The garden is a kind of sanctuary. ~ John Berger,
4:can be your sanctuary at any time. ~ Wayne W Dyer,
5:My prison may be my only sanctuary. ~ Rick Riordan,
6:The house must be a sanctuary. ~ Christina Baker Kline,
7:Silence is the sanctuary of prudence. ~ Baltasar Gracian,
8:And may our sanctuary always give us peace. ~ Linda Wisdom,
9:There is no sanctuary of virtue like a home. ~ Edward Everett,
10:I take sanctuary in an honest mediocrity. ~ Jean de la Bruyere,
11:tracking by the good full moon to sanctuary. ~ Colson Whitehead,
12:"Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself." ~ Buddha,
13:Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. ~ Rumi,
14:Sanctuary is for lovers, not fighters, this season. ~ Janet Morris,
15:May our sanctuary give us sustenance and nurture us. ~ Linda Wisdom,
16:McKenna was her counterpart, her compass, her sanctuary. ~ Lisa Kleypas,
17:Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self. ~ Gautama Buddha,
18:I will never forgive you for what you did in the sanctuary. ~ Terah Edun,
19:Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of the self, is nuts. ~ Leo Rosten,
20:Everyone, in some small secret sanctuary of the self, is nuts. ~ Leo Rosten,
21:Let's go into the sanctuary or the adult Sunday school room, ~ Carolyn Brown,
22:This heart sanctuary does exist, but it can't be described. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi,
23:I think that banning sanctuary cities should be upheld in court. ~ Greg Abbott,
the entrance door
to the sanctuary
is inside you. ~ Rumi,
25:Our thoughts are the decorations inside the sanctuary where we live. ~ A W Tozer,
26:A sanctuary is a place where the door only locks from the inside ~ Kai Cheng Thom,
27:Do not let your ambitions become a sanctuary for your failures. ~ Bryant H McGill,
28:May our sanctuary offer us the strength we need during harsh times. ~ Linda Wisdom,
29:May our sanctuary provide us with continued protection and strength, ~ Linda Wisdom,
30:Sex is the sacred song of the soul; Sex is the sanctuary of Self. ~ Aleister Crowley,
31:My mind is the only sanctuary that has not been stolen from me. ~ Christopher Paolini,
32:Preserve, within a wild sanctuary, an inaccessible valley of reverie. ~ Ellen Glasgow,
33:Everyone, in some small sacred sanctuary of the self, is nuts. -Leo Rosten ~ Leo Rosten,
34:Paradise is a world where everything is a sanctuary and nothing is a gun. ~ Danez Smith,
35:There may be idols in the heart, where there are none in the sanctuary. ~ Matthew Henry,
36:I sought sanctuary in the twilight cemeteries entombed in strangers' limbs. ~ Russell Brand,
37:Incredibly, Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, finds sanctuary with the OSS. ~ Bill O Reilly,
38:But not having a space to call your own is dangerous. Everyone needs a sanctuary. ~ Marie Kond,
39:In my prayers I never said I needed a home. I said I wanted a sanctuary. ~ Mary Anne Radmacher,
40:Civilizations fall because the people inside the Sanctuary throw open the gates. ~ Bill Whittle,
41:not having a space you can call your own is dangerous. Everyone needs a sanctuary. ~ Marie Kond,
42:Sanctuary, home of the Howlers and stragglers of the Were universe. (Damien) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
43:...paradise is a world where everything
is a sanctuary & nothing is a gun... ~ Danez Smith,
44:Thinking a man good, we risk his duplicity. Thinking a man bad, we deny sanctuary. ~ Ray Bradbury,
45:But not having a space you can call your own is dangerous. Everyone needs a sanctuary. ~ Marie Kond,
46:Finding a sanctuary, a place apart from time, is not so different from finding a faith. ~ Pico Iyer,
47:I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life. ~ Lady Gaga,
48:As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
49:Federal funding for cities who consider themselves sanctuary cities should be reduced. ~ Mitt Romney,
50:Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen,
51:Art offers sanctuary to everyone willing to open their Hearts as well as their Eyes. ~ Nikki Giovanni,
52:but the effort of tying his Oxford shoes nearly drove him to the sanctuary of his bed. ~ Daniel Silva,
53:Home meant a sanctuary, as common and taken for granted as the sun rising in the morning. ~ G P Ching,
54:I am forcing myself out of this apartment. It has been both my sanctuary and my prison ~ Adam Silvera,
55:He was safe here; this was the place he loved - sanctuary, the paradise of his despair. ~ Malcolm Lowry,
56:Even when in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary. ~ Stephen Richards,
57:During this full moon we ask that our sanctuary always be there for us in our time of need. ~ Linda Wisdom,
58:I had to befriend silence and find sanctuary in whatever awkwardness it created. However, ~ Pepper Winters,
59:In the feed, ART started to play the soundtrack to Sanctuary Moon and weirdly, that helped. ~ Martha Wells,
60:across Jefferson Square to sanctuary in the inn. Good god, he thought, what have I gotten ~ Robert W Fuller,
61:The genius of art finds sanctuary among children and madmen to survive.That is who we are. ~ Marilyn Manson,
62:Everything that is called life should be sacrificed to the sublime and be a sanctuary of art, ~ Stephen Cope,
63:His protective wall had become a fortress holding him hostage rather than giving sanctuary. ~ Tammara Webber,
64:In the gentle evening freeze, by the whispering shady trees I will find sanctuary in the Lord. ~ Van Morrison,
65:It's a strange thing, to never know peace. That no matter where you go, there is no sanctuary. ~ Tahereh Mafi,
66:The soul falls into contemplation before this sanctuary, where the celebration of love is held. ~ Victor Hugo,
67:To find love I must enter into the sanctuary where it is hidden, which is the mystery of God. ~ Thomas Merton,
68:Pizza Hut, and then Pizza Express, before seeking sanctuary in the doorway of a Domino’s Pizza. ~ David Walliams,
69:her mother is asking her a question and she is forced to resurface from the sanctuary of daydream. ~ Nick Bantock,
70:the Sanctuary was reserved for the rich and elite--those with fortunes, not soldiers of fortune. ~ Drew Karpyshyn,
71:Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself ~ Hermann Hesse,
72:if a fallen angel enters a sanctuary of God, the structure and all those inside it burst into flames. ~ Lauren Kate,
73:The walls flickered in the candlelight. The room felt close and warm, like an underground sanctuary. ~ Barry Eisler,
74:Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself ~ Hermann Hesse,
75:Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse,
76:Make Your way to the everlasting ruins, to all that the enemy has destroyed in the sanctuary. Psalm 74:3 ~ Beth Moore,
77:One of my favorite kingdom preachers is Minneapolis pastor of Sanctuary Covenant Church, Efrem Smith. ~ Scot McKnight,
78:Within YOU there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse,
79:Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse,
80:What would killing the Elders result in?"
"Panic? Fear? Three empty parking spaces in the Sanctuary? ~ Derek Landy,
81:Each positive thought is your refuge and your sanctuary, where in that thoughtful moment, you are safe. ~ Bryant McGill,
82:Sanctuary cities are a lot like hitchhiking. And the abstract, it feels really good until you feel dead. ~ Greg Gutfeld,
83:The younger will rule above father and brother and his reign alone can provide his kind true sanctuary. ~ Bella Forrest,
84:This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
85:I think for me, home needs to be a sanctuary. I need to feel like I've escaped the day when I get home. ~ Bella Heathcote,
86:I forced a swift smile, then turned back to my glass, salvation and sanctuary viniferously bundled into one. ~ Rex Pickett,
87:In business be as able as you can, but do not be cunning; cunning is the dark sanctuary of incapacity. ~ Lord Chesterfield,
88:That close, his eyes made the world disappear. He smelled clean. Like summers before the war. Like sanctuary. ~ Lissa Price,
89:violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the final sanctuary of the terminally inept. ~ Neil Gaiman,
90:When his eyes meet mine through the crowded sanctuary, I know it was only a matter of time before we collide. ~ Harper Sloan,
91:Jesus is the sanctuary every time we gather with other believers. We need that truth to soak into our hearts. ~ Lysa TerKeurst,
92:San Francisco seems to be the last sanctuary for the rootless in its tolerance for every form of lifestyle. ~ Robert Graysmith,
93:Sometimes solitude is a real heaven for the tired minds and a marvellous sanctuary for the wounded souls! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
94:19 We have this hope as an anchor for our lives, safe and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.  ~ Anonymous,
95:I will cancel every illegal Obamacare executive order. I will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. Out. ~ Donald Trump,
96:He did not confuse what he longed for with his gratitude for what he had. Extreme desires have their own sanctuary. ~ Tove Jansson,
97:Something awful is always going to happen, Arton. It's Sanctuary. You're a Stepson. Awful is a big part of your job. ~ Janet Morris,
98:The first rule of Evernight is that any vampire who seeks sanctuary must be given a place."


~ Claudia Gray,
99:suspended between the carefree child of the Sanctuary I had once been and the confident adult I wished to become. ~ Jacqueline Carey,
100:May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion, and may I be able to awaken Thy love inall hearts. ~ Paramhansa Yogananda,
101:Nina was my sanctuary as much as she was my war zone. Peace and solace one moment, explosions and massacre the next. ~ Nicole Williams,
102:May Thy Love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion. And may I be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
103:Solitude is never lonely. It is rather a sanctuary where one learns to draw wisdom from the company of self. ~ Zohreh Ghahremani,
104:My bedroom is my sanctuary. It's the only place in the house that has a beautiful lush shag rug, which is my favorite. ~ Evangeline Lilly,
105:Home is a sanctuary for me and the place where I can relax. Everyone should have the right to a safe and secure home. ~ Corinne Bailey Rae,
106:In every heart there is a room, A sanctuary safe and strong, To heal the wounds from lovers past, Until a new one comes along ~ Billy Joel,
107:Islands are emblematic not only of solitude but of refuge and sanctuary, the way a small boat is an island in rough seas. ~ Gretel Ehrlich,
108:The cemetery is my sense of comfort, my sanctuary in a world of darkness, the one piece of light that i have in my life. ~ Jessica Sorensen,
109:Awesome is God from his [7]  r sanctuary;         the God of Israel—he is the one who gives  s power and strength to his people. ~ Anonymous,
110:Nay, this village isn't yer sanctuary from the cruel world. It's God Almighty. He's the only one who can protect ye. ~ Jennifer Hudson Taylor,
111:May Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion & may I be able 2awaken Thy love inall hearts ~ Paramahansa YoganandaBlessedDay,
112:If cities have souls, Sanctuary's was troubled long before Tempus got here, and will be troubled long after he and his are gone. ~ Janet Morris,
113:love can be about more than attraction. I sometimes think it is more a question of sanctuary, a case of unassailable friendship. ~ James Runcie,
114:Solitude, seeming a sanctuary, proves a grave; a sepulchre in which the living lie, where all good qualities grow sick and die ~ William Cowper,
115:inner sanctuary to which the beleaguered ego repairs in time of crisis is also a world that opens onto transpersonal energies. ~ Donald Kalsched,
116:We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America. We cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists. ~ Donald Trump,
117:When the Spirit lives within you, any place can become a sanctuary. You just have to listen. You just have to pay attention. ~ Rachel Held Evans,
118:I have always felt that violence was the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the last sanctuary of the terminally inept. ~ Neil Gaiman,
119:Sister in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
120:Sister in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
121:Despair itself if it goes on long enough, can become a kind of sanctuary in which one settles down and feels at ease. ~ Charles Augustin Sainte Beuve,
122:Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
123:Dead Milkmen song that the Howlers cover a lot when they play at Sanctuary. It’s called ‘V.F.W.: Veterans of a Fucked Up World.’You ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
124:The chariots of God are twice ten thousand,         thousands upon thousands;         the Lord is among them; Sinai is now in the sanctuary. ~ Anonymous,
125:As we got closer to Notre Dame, I said, “Would you be embarrassed if I rounded my shoulders, dragged my left leg, and shouted, ‘Sanctuary! ~ Harlan Coben,
126:At least, that’s what he chose to believe. To have a reason for his packing, and a place to think of as a sanctuary. Or a hiding place. ~ Jeff VanderMeer,
127:A church is in a bad way when it banishes laughter from the sanctuary and leaves it to the cabaret, the nightclub and the toastmasters. ~ Helmut Thielicke,
128:A home is a kingdom of it's own in the midst of the world, a stronghold amid life's storms and stresses, a refuge, even a sanctuary. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
129:Awesome is God from his [7] sanctuary;         the God of Israel—he is the one who gives power and strength to his people.     Blessed be God! ~ Anonymous,
130:Solitude, seeming a sanctuary, proves a grave, a sepulcher in which the living lie, where all good qualities grow sick and die.
—COWPER ~ Ronald S Barak,
131:Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. ~ Rumi,
132:Within You Is A Place Of Stillness. A Temple, A Sanctuary, A Portable Paradise, Or An Instant Vacation In Which You Can Retreat At Any Time.” ~ BuddhaBrian,
133:I think it's ridiculous. I'm very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime, there's a lot of problems. If we have to, we'll defund. ~ Donald Trump,
134:In worship an increased power steals its way into the heart sanctuary, an increased compassion grows in the soul. To worship is to change. ~ Richard J Foster,
135:Nothing drives home a win more absolutely for the Sanctuary than a severed head delivered in a Hello Kitty box, topped with a big gingham bow. ~ Jane Cousins,
136:Things don't get tough in the studio. Sometimes things get tough outside the studio and going in the studio is a relief, a sanctuary, therapy. ~ Mark Kostabi,
137:When the Mass is being celebrated, the sanctuary is filled with countless angels, who adore the Divine Victim immolated on the altar. ~ Saint John Chrysostom,
138:You are going to hear how he [Donald Trump] is going to address the 11 million, and some other issues as well, including sanctuary cities. ~ Kellyanne Conway,
139:I have always felt,” he said, “that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the final sanctuary of the terminally inept. ~ Neil Gaiman,
140:Family life itself, that safest, most traditional, most approved of female choices, is not a sanctuary: It is, perpetually, a dangerous place. ~ Margaret Drabble,
141:I have always felt,” he said, “that violence was the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the final sanctuary of the terminally inept. ~ Neil Gaiman,
142:The Legend of Sanctuary
You can take my life, but you’ll never break me.
So bring me your worst….
And I will definitely give you mine. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
143:Well gentlemen,” Royce said as he started for the door.  “And lady.  Welcome to Los Angeles.  This is our Sanctuary in the middle of hell on Earth. ~ Keary Taylor,
144:I felt impotent and out of control, which I really, really hate. I had to find sanctuary in a place where I could gather my thoughts and regain my strength. ~ Cher,
145:I have met with many of the great parents who lost their children to sanctuary cities and open borders. So many people, so many, many people. So sad. ~ Donald Trump,
146:I have always felt,” he said, “that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the final sanctuary of the terminally inept.” Mr. ~ Neil Gaiman,
147:So they will pursue their questions from cause to cause, till at last you take refuge in the will of God—in other words, the sanctuary of ignorance. ~ Baruch Spinoza,
148:There's an inherent thing in me where, if things are going too smooth, I'll sabotage the hell out of them, just to make the music more of a sanctuary. ~ Daniel Johns,
149:To put the pudding in the puff: she had retreated to the library, her favorite sanctuary in any house, only to happen upon an unexpected vampire. She ~ Gail Carriger,
150:It’s a strange thing, to never know peace. To know that no matter where you go, there is no sanctuary. That the threat of pain is always a whisper away. ~ Tahereh Mafi,
151:She was my sacred angel that I could never violate.
Reira was my sanctuary.

I needed something solid like that in this dirty, disappointing world. ~ Ai Yazawa,
152:Love with her would be a field of action, not a need. She was complete whether she won or lost the world. She was her own fortress and her own sanctuary. ~ Edith Pargeter,
153:Never forget as you enter your inner sanctuary that your whole relationship with God depends on what you think of sin and of yourself as a redeemed sinner. ~ Andrew Murray,
154:WITHIN THESE WALLS, he became my solace, my sanctuary, and my strength. Like a white knight, he saved me from a life of gray and showed me a world full of color. ~ J L Berg,
155:Telling me to relax or smile when I'm angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You're just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
156:Telling me to relax or smile when I’m angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You’re just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
157:What’s the use of healing, if the life that’s saved is callow and selfish and ruled by fear? There’s a difference between being in sanctuary and being in hiding. ~ Louise Penny,
158:O Lord, make my soul a sanctuary, a fortress within. That no one and nothing can disturb. A place of calm, silence, and serenity, untouched by the outside world. ~ Yasmin Mogahed,
159:The home that is supposed to be our sanctuary, our haven from the chaos outside, is full-to-overflowing with things that drown out the peace we are craving. We ~ Melissa Michaels,
160:We can see the child moving rather serenely in the uterus. The child senses aggression in its sanctuary. We see the child's mouth wide open in a silent scream. ~ Bernard Nathanson,
161:Momma had told me, “See, she looks asleep,” but when I squeezed her hand, her eyes never opened. Daddy carried me out the sanctuary as I screamed for her to wake up. ~ Angie Thomas,
162:Save a life this Thanksgiving, and join me in starting a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one through Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project. ~ Ellen DeGeneres,
163:My favourite place in the whole city was the Sempere & Sons bookshop on Calle Santa Anna. It smelled of old paper and dust and it was my sanctuary, my refuge. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
the house
that was
my sanctuary
& my hell
go up in
but mostly

just sweet.

- a confession. ~ Amanda Lovelace,
165:A laboratory of natural history is a sanctuary where nothing profane should be tolerated. I feel less agony at improprieties in churches than in a scientific laboratory. ~ Louis Agassiz,
166:Giving to others selflesly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings. ~ Laozi,
167:Mankind have banned the Divinity from their presence; they have relegated him to a sanctuary; the walls of the temple restrict his view; he does not exist outside of it. ~ Denis Diderot,
168:Music is a place to take refuge. It's a sanctuary from mediocrity and boredom. It's innocent and it's a place you can lose yourself in thoughts, memories and intricacies. ~ Lisa Gerrard,
169:Shortly after you have awakened, go into your sanctuary of silence. Get still and focused. Then ask yourself this question: ‘What would I do today if today was my last? ~ Robin S Sharma,
170:And so, like Moses (cf Ex 3, 5), in spirit we remove the shoes from our feet, on the threshold of the inner sanctuary that each of us must become as we meet the Lord. ~ Pope John Paul II,
171:God’s passion to be glorified and our passion to be satisfied are one experience in the Christ-exalting act of worship—singing in the sanctuary and suffering in the streets. ~ John Piper,
172:It's time for ordinary Americans to come out of the shadows and remind Washington every day in words and actions that we are a sovereign nation, not a sanctuary nation. ~ Michelle Malkin,
173:My family is like a sanctuary to me. I always turn to them for support and strength. I take comfort in knowing no matter which path I choose, my family stands behind me. ~ Benjamin Bratt,
174: Sanctuary
My land is bare of chattering folk;
The clouds are low along the ridges,
And sweet's the air with curly smoke
From all my burning bridges.
~ Dorothy Parker,
175:Can it be That modesty may more betray our sense Than woman's lightness? Having waste ground enough, Shall we desire to raze the sanctuary And pitch our evils there? ~ William Shakespeare,
176:"May I become at all times. . . A sanctuary for those in danger A lamp for those without light A place of refuge for those who lack shelter And a servant to all in need." ~ Dalai Lama XIV,
177:The Animals of the planet are in desperate peril and they are fully aware of this. No less than human beings are doing in all parts of the world, they are seeking sanctuary. ~ Alice Walker,
178:We need a safe place, a reserve of truth, a place where words kindle ideas and set ideas sparking off in others, a word sanctuary. Poetry is this gathering place of words. ~ Allison Mackie,
179:All the Utopias - Brook Farm, Robert Owen's sanctuary of chatter, Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall - and their regulation end in scandal, feuds, poverty, griminess, disillusion. ~ Sinclair Lewis,
180:An English university is a sanctuary in which exploded systems and obsolete prejudices find shelter and protection after they have been . hunted out of every corner of the world. ~ Adam Smith,
181:If you're being bombarded with information, the act of looking for patterns – not necessarily finding them – is what going to give you psychic refuge, a sense of sanctuary. ~ Douglas Copeland,
182:Was there, then, no strength in growing up? No solace in being an adult? No sanctuary in life? No fleshly citadel strong enough to withstand the scrabbling assault of midnights? ~ Ray Bradbury,
183:Between any two beings there is a unique, uncrossable distance, an unenterable sanctuary. Sometimes it takes the shape of aloneness. Sometimes it takes the shape of love. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer,
184:If I turned towards books, it was because they were the only sanctuary I knew, one I needed in order to survive, to protect some aspect of myself that was now in constant retreat. ~ Azar Nafisi,
185:Was there, then, no strength in growing up? No solace in being an adult? No sanctuary in life? No fleshly citadel strong enough to with-stand the scrabbling assault of midnights? ~ Ray Bradbury,
186:God created us with an urge for the infinite. We need to embrace it and never surrender to the seditious and spurious summons of contentment cowering in the sanctuary of security. ~ Daniel Lapin,
187:Even the most complicated and the most profound message can be given in a simplest way! Be like a light beam entering into a dark sanctuary: Be clear, be pure, and be simple! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
188:But what do we expect will become of students, successfully cocooned from uncomfortable feelings, once they leave the sanctuary of academe for the boorish badlands of real life? ~ Jonathan Franzen,
189:She was Darcy Montgomery, Southern Sanctuary Special Liaison, she fixed things.  When people irritated her, well, she fixed them… she fixed them good.  Or should that be, for good?  ~ Jane Cousins,
190:As I sat in the sanctuary surrounded by thousands of empty seats, here’s what became clear to me: it wasn’t the size of the crowd Jesus cared about; it was their level of commitment. ~ Kyle Idleman,
191:I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching. How far off, how cool, how chaste the persons look,begirt each one with a precinct or sanctuary! ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
192:Desmond had his own ideas of sanctuary and they had nothing to do with some archaic rules handed down by imaginary beings and interpreted by delusional at best, deceptive at worst, men. ~ Sean Platt,
193:Our danger is to think that happiness will come from outside of us, from the things we possess or the power of our group, and not from within us, from the inner sanctuary of our being. ~ Jean Vanier,
194:Libraries for me have always had a cathedral-like ambiance, a hushed sanctuary where learning is revered, where we the people elevate books and education to the level of the religious. ~ Harlan Coben,
195:Psalm 114 1 When the Israelites escaped from Egypt—       when the family of Jacob left that foreign land— 2 the land of Judah became God’s sanctuary,       and Israel became his kingdom. ~ Anonymous,
196:Hillary Clinton is for sanctuary cities. She's for catch and release. She's for open borders. She's actually considerably to the left of President Obama on the issue of immigration. ~ Kellyanne Conway,
197:Proverbs are the literature of reason, or the statements of absolute truth, without qualification. Like the sacred books of each nation, they are the sanctuary of its intuitions. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
198:The undisturbed coastal plain is home to a wide variety of plants and animals and is the only wilderness sanctuary in North America that protects a complete range of the arctic ecosystem. ~ Dan Lipinski,
199:People with felony convictions - pending felony convictions should not be able to buy gun, but they should be able to stay in sanctuary cities, if they're illegal, if they cross the border. ~ Eric Bolling,
200:She leaned in to kiss him, tender and slow. “You’re a good man, Hunter.”

He rolled her underneath him, his body already aching for the sanctuary of hers. “You make me want to be. ~ Lisa Kessler,
201:Let my body dwell in poverty, and my hands be as the hands of the toiler; but let my soul be as a temple of remembrance where the treasures of knowledge enter and the inner sanctuary is hope. ~ George Eliot,
202:Marriage is to me apostasy, profanation of the sanctuary of my soul, violation of my manhood, sale of my birthright, shameful surrender, ignominious capitulation, acceptance of defeat. ~ George Bernard Shaw,
203:We need to deal with the problem of al Qaeda, make sure that they can't have a sanctuary in Afghanistan and guarantee that we have regional stabilization and particularly focused on Pakistan. ~ Rahm Emanuel,
204:In truth, the laboratory is the forecourt of the temple of philosophy, and whoso has not offered sacrifices and undergone purification there has little chance of admission into the sanctuary. ~ Thomas Huxley,
205:No child could remain in the sanctuary unless they opened themselves to God. If they resisted, refused to believe, they were expelled. There was no shortage of street children to choose from. ~ Tom Rob Smith,
206:A man must go on a quest / to discover the sacred fire / in the sanctuary of his own belly / to ignite the flame in his heart / to fuel the blaze in the hearth / to rekindle his ardor for the earth ~ Sam Keen,
208:My mind is the only sanctuary that has not been stolen from me. Men have tried to breach it before, but I've learned to defend it vigorously, for I am only safe with my innermost thoughts. ~ Christopher Paolini,
209:It's a disgrace to see my church giving Holy Communion to a man who helped lead a reign of terror. What is the message? You kill, you maim, you commit crime, and you gain sanctuary. It's shameful. ~ Curtis Sliwa,
210:Journal became a sanctuary where I could pour out in honesty my pain and joy. It recorded my footsteps and helped me understand where I was standing, where I had been, and even where God pointed. ~ Sue Monk Kidd,
211:Burn all the food, and people will starve, weaken, and turn on one another. Destroy the temples and their acolytes, and the people will have nowhere to turn, no sanctuary, no charity. No hope. ~ Melinda Salisbury,
212:We who have turned our lives over to Christ need to know how very much he longs to eat with us, to commune with us. He desires a perpetual Eucharistic feast in the inner sanctuary of the heart. ~ Richard J Foster,
213:Aidan had compared Bellingham to the Island of Misfit Toys, a sanctuary for the unwanted. But the problem, as I saw it, was that putting this many defective kids together only created more trouble. ~ Amber Dermont,
214:You were my fucking sanctuary, that’s what you were to me. You were my guilty indulgence. I should’ve stayed away from you, but I couldn’t. I still can’t. Jeezus. Look at me. I’m damn near on my knees here ~ Tijan,
215:But if God has set his seat in the sanctuary of the heavens in order to rule the universe, it follows that he by no means ignores earthly affairs, but controls them with the highest reason and wisdom. ~ John Calvin,
216:Imagine if every church became a place where everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable. Image if every church became a place where we told one another the truth. We might just create sanctuary. ~ Rachel Held Evans,
217:I thought he'd run if he knew. Instead, he offered help, not that I believed he could possibly help.

I thought he'd turn his back, close his heart, slink away. Instead, he promised sanctuary. ~ Ellen Hopkins,
218:orangutan held in an Argentine zoo can be freed and transferred to a sanctuary after a court recognized the ape as a "non-human person" unlawfully deprived of its freedom, local media reported on Sunday. ~ Anonymous,
219:In my day the library was a wonderful place.... We didn't have visual aids and didn't have various was a sanctuary.... So I tend to think the library should remain a center of knowledge. ~ Norman Mailer,
220:You are my God; I eagerly seek You. I thirst for You; my body faints for You in a land that is dry, desolate, and without water. b 2 So I gaze on You in the sanctuary to see Your strength and Your glory.  ~ Anonymous,
221:As I age I am grateful to find that a silence has begun to gather in me, coexisting with my tempers and my fears, unchanged by my joys or my pain. Sanctuary. Connected to the Silence everywhere. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen,
222:Imagine if every church became a place where everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable. Imagine if every church became a place where we told one another the truth. We might just create sanctuary. ~ Rachel Held Evans,
223:I would not think that philosophy and reason themselves will be man's guide in the foreseeable future; however, they will remain the most beautiful sanctuary they have always been for the select few. ~ Albert Einstein,
224:The reformation was preceded by the discovery of America, as if the Almighty graciously meant to open a sanctuary to the persecuted in future years, when home should afford neither friendship nor safety. ~ Thomas Paine,
225:Here we pause. On the threshold of wedding nights stands a smiling angel with his finger on his lips.
The soul enters into contemplation before that sanctuary where the celebration of love takes place. ~ Victor Hugo,
226:The Common lawes of the Realme should by no means be delayed for the law is the surest sanctuary, that a man should take, and the strongest fortresse to protect the weakest of all, lex et tutissima cassis. ~ Edward Coke,
227:Writing, like gambling, was always a big part of my life,” he used to say. “Both gave me sanctuary from the world. And you never really had to kill someone to get what you wanted. You just had to beat fate. ~ Mario Puzo,
228:Prayer in the sense of petition, asking for things, is a small part of it; confession and penitence are its threshold, adoration its sanctuary, the presence and vision and enjoyment of God its bread and wine. ~ C S Lewis,
229:Pure magic has no self. It simply is, a force of nature, the blood of our world, the marrow of our bones. We give it shape, but we must never give it soul. —MASTER TIEREN, head priest of the London Sanctuary ~ V E Schwab,
230:He who brings ridicule to bear against truth finds in his hand a blade without a hilt. The most sparkling and pointed flame of wit flickers and expires against the incombustible walls of her sanctuary. ~ Walter Savage Landor,
231:To censure my own faults in some other person seems to me no more incongruous than to censure, as I often do, another's in myself. They must be denounced everywhere, and be allowed no place of sanctuary. ~ Michel de Montaigne,
232:The forest, not the town, offers the safest sanctuary and it is grandfathers who have been more exposed to modernity than their grandchildren. I can think of nowhere else on the planet where the same can be true. ~ Tim Butcher,
233:It's helped my outlook, how I interact with people. It's made me more conscious. It's helped me be able to focus, make better decisions, think on my feet. I don't know what I'd do without it. It's my sanctuary. ~ Andie MacDowell,
234:If you ever go over to Big Indian Lake, you’ll be amazed. The entire area has turned into a cat sanctuary. There are thousands of them there. They’re nice mostly, but a couple of them are starting to get too wild. ~ Chris Dietzel,
235:Direct them to build a holy sanctuary in My honor so that I can dwell among them. Instruct the people to follow the pattern I am about to show you for the congregation tent and its furnishings” (Exod. 25:8-9, VOICE). ~ Beni Johnson,
236:I sense a Threshold: Light to Silence, Silence to Light - an ambiance of inspiration, in which the desire to be, to express, crosses with the possible Light to Silence, Silence to Light crosses in the sanctuary of art. ~ Louis Kahn,
237:Lift your heart and let it rest upon Jesus and you are instantly in a sanctuary though it be a Pullman berth or a factory or a kitchen. You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love and obey Him (pp. 94-95). ~ A W Tozer,
238:Cubans understand that theirs is a country that provides sanctuary for people fleeing oppression. As a nation, they are very proud of this stance. They don't care how much the U.S. government badgers or attacks them. ~ Assata Shakur,
239:R. Elazar says it is enough if the bottom crust is formed. The Passover sacrifice may be turned around in the oven (on Friday) when it is getting dark. In the heating-house of (the sanctuary) the fire was fed at eventide. ~ Anonymous,
240:For a lot of kids, the Boys and Girls Club is really a sanctuary, an oasis of sanity and safety for them because their home life is so tragic. Some of these kids have only one parent, and that one is addicted to drugs. ~ Judge Reinhold,
241:It has provided not only physical but also psychological sanctuary. It has been a guardian of identity. Over the years, its owners have returned from periods away and, on looking around them, remembered who they were. ~ Alain de Botton,
242:It has provided not only physical but also psychological sanctuary. It has been a guardian of identity. Over the years, its owners have returned prom periods away and, on looking around them, remembered who they were. ~ Alain de Botton,
243:The safe places could only be visited; they could only grant a momentary intuition of sanctuary. The moment always came when we had to return to our real life to face the wounds and grief indigenous to our homr by the river. ~ Pat Conroy,
world in that living room with its window framing my beloved Elburz Mountains became our
sanctuary, our self-contained universe, mocking the reality of black-scarved, timid faces in the city
that sprawled below. ~ Azar Nafisi,
245:This is what the Sabbath should feel like. A pause. Not just a minor pause, but a major pause. Not just lowering the volume, but a muting. As the famous rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel put it, the Sabbath is a sanctuary in time. ~ A J Jacobs,
246:Let the gym be a sanctuary for you to be at peace. Let it calm you and ground you and allow you to appreciate everything around you. Let it also be a place for you to unload and explode with intensity through your training. ~ Robert Cheeke,
247:From living in my own little secluded hell in this world, oblivious to the world around me, I found sanctuary with the bears, where I had made peace with myself of the consequences I have allowed while living in society. ~ Timothy Treadwell,
248:Wasn't that the whole point of a marriage, of a union, to begin with? Having a partner who could strip away all the bullshit from your day, make you feel loved, help you enjoy life, and create a sanctuary that let you breathe? ~ Mary Calmes,
249:God is the immemorial refuge of the incompetent, the helpless, and the miserable. They find not only sanctuary in his arms, but also a kind of superiority, soothing to their macerated egos; he will set them above their betters. ~ H L Mencken,
250:What’s the use of healing, if the life that’s saved is callow and selfish and ruled by fear? There’s a difference between being in sanctuary and being in hiding.” “So you have to leave sanctuary in order to have it?” she asked. ~ Louise Penny,
251:Marriage is the sanctuary of the heart. You have been entrusted with the heart of another human being. Whatever else your life's great mission will entail, loving and defending this heart next to you is part of your great quest. ~ John Eldredge,
252:When we stay close to the wisdom of our knowing, seeking solutions to our problems in the sanctuary of the heart and not in the vanity of the mind, then we can pretty much trust in the unfolding, mysterious wisdom of life. ~ Marianne Williamson,
253:The little girl’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she bore the angry expression unique to babies who had just been wrenched from the sanctuary of warmth and nourishment where they had spent the previous nine blissful months. ~ Kathryn Hughes,
254:I have always loved marine biology and that is what I studied in school. I am hoping to build a marine sanctuary that will also be educational, an eco preserve and a school, perhaps in Costa Rica, that is one of my dreams and goals. ~ Paul Walker,
255:Happiness is about finding what you love about yourself and sharing it. Happiness is about taking what you hate about yourself and learning to love it. Happiness is an internal sanctuary where you are enough just as you are, right now. ~ Jes Baker,
256:I have aches and scars from my life with Caleb, some visible and some hidden from the naked eye. This body kept all my secrets. My shame took sanctuary in its crevices and cracks. I’m not sure this body’s capable of pleasure anymore. ~ Kennedy Ryan,
257:Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice. . . . Life from the Center is a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It is amazing. It is radiant. ~ R Kelly,
258:I sat beside my parents in the sanctuary filled with friends and relatives. They should have been our wedding guests. Instead, they’d come to pay their respects to a man who’d died too young and too soon. He’d just turned twenty-nine. ~ Kerry Lonsdale,
259:People care. Their hearts are open, but people don't know exactly what the Dreamers are going through, or what sanctuary cities are for, or what's positive about the American Muslim community. When you don't know a lot, you can't do a lot. ~ Van Jones,
260:The forest was his wife indeed: providing him with sanctuary when he most needed it; and food when his rations were inadequate. The forest also protected him from the evil in the heart of man. He felt truly wedded to her at this moment. ~ Easterine Kire,
261:The marquis breathed heavily on his fingernails and polished them on the lapel of his coat. "I have always felt," he said, "that violence was the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the final sanctuary of the terminally inept. ~ Neil Gaiman,
262:I sat beside my parents in the sanctuary filled with friends and relatives. They should have been our wedding guests. Instead, they’d come to pay their respects to a man who’d died too young and too soon. He’d just turned twenty-nine. Now ~ Kerry Lonsdale,
263:Quietness rose within Aquila, easing his wild unrest as the salve was cooling the smart of his gashed side. But that was always the way with Brother Ninnias-- the quietness, the sense of sanctuary, were things that he carried with him. ~ Rosemary Sutcliff,
264:We've ordered a crackdown on sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal law and that harbor criminal aliens and we've ordered an end to the policy of catch and release on the border, no more release. No matter who you are, release. ~ Donald Trump,
265:O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.” (Psalms 63: 1-2) ~ Chris Oyakhilome,
266:They say that family is the place of safety. But sometimes this is the greatest lie; family is not sanctuary, it is not safety and succour. For some of us, it is the secret wound. Sooner or later we pay for the woundings of our ancestors. ~ Nayomi Munaweera,
267:To be cursed by a god is to be touched by a god. To be touched by any god is to share divinity in some small measure. When the high priest leaves the sanctuary he strips off his clothing and bathes. Did you know that? His clothing is burned.” I ~ Gene Wolfe,
268:A cemetery is a history of people -a perpetual record of yesterday and sanctuary of peace and quiet today. A cemetery exists because crcrv life is worth loving and rc nrcnrbcrirli-alm111s. "
269:Over the years it had become more to us than a place to whisper secrets. It had become a sanctuary, a holy of holies. And now, with the house crawling with the cousins, it was also the only place left to share even a nominally private conversation. ~ J D Horn,
270:I think that one must approach the Logos Savior, not induced by the fear of punishment and not in the expectation of some kind of a reward, but primarily for the sake of the good in itself. Such will stand on the right in the sanctuary. ~ Clement of Alexandria,
271:We are starting a sanctuary, a community that will have justice, wisdom, moderation and courage…”
“It’s from Plato,” said Pa. “From The Republic.”
“I see,” said Hennie, in a tone that revealed he had no idea what Pa was talking about. ~ Deon Meyer,
272:It is a great relief to be in your home, Major,' said Abdul Wahid. The Major turned in surprise. The young man had stood up and now made him a short bow. 'To be once again in a sanctuary far from the voices of women is balm to the anguished soul. ~ Helen Simonson,
273:A young woman seeks sanctuary with us. It is not for us to deny her that right. Tell His Holiness that we will protect her with our lives and care for her until she is ready to leave.” Not even Alexander VI can storm a convent and get away with it. The ~ Sarah Dunant,
274:But in no epoch has the struggle to find sanctuary in a foreign country been as arduous as in the present day, as countries isolate themselves behind hostility and jealousy (from The House of a Thousand Fortunes / Das Haus der tausend Schicksale, 1937) ~ Stefan Zweig,
275:I talk different, I walk different, everything. I don't have one single bad memory [there]. Not one. It was my sanctuary. I hated school, wasn't good in school, and me and my dad butted heads about that. But nothing mattered when I went home to Alabama. ~ Channing Tatum,
276:To a black man, his woman was the sanctuary where he could retreat from the rest of the world. Her love could either make him or break him; he needed her more than she knew. She was responsible for the man he was and for the man he had yet to become. ~ Ashley Antoinette,
277:I want to be able to memorize poetry, to know the languages of the world, to remember the names of mountains and rivers. I want to be able to turn this mind of mine into a sanctuary. To stay silent as though it were a library or a museum. Beautiful and mystical. ~ Unknown,
278:One would think America big enough to set aside wilderness preserves for the many of our citizens who seek to escape the incessant crowd, to search for solace in solitude amidst a sanctuary far removed from the banality of beer ads and cigarette commercials. ~ Frank Church,
279:Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions. That which the droning world, chained to appearances, will not allow the realist to say in his own words, it will suffer him to say in proverbs without contradiction. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
280:1 ‡ Now the main point of what we are saying is this: We do have such a high priest,† who sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven,† 2 ‡ and who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle† set up by the Lord, not by a mere human being. ~ Anonymous,
281:I follow Grandma toward the front of the sanctuary. She and Granddaddy have a spot on the second row that’s theirs. See, the first row is for folks who wanna show off. The second row is for folks who wanna show off but wanna act like they’re subtler about it. ~ Angie Thomas,
282:Relax' is a real tough one for me. Another tough one is 'smile.' 'Smile' doesn't really work either. Telling me to relax or smile when I'm angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You're just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
283:Relax" is a real tough one for me. Another tough one is "smile." "Smile" doesn't really work either. Telling me to relax or smile when I'm angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You're just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
284:Relax” is a real tough one for me. Another tough one is “smile.” “Smile” doesn’t really work either. Telling me to relax or smile when I’m angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You’re just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
285:Thirsting for God O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in your sanctuary and gazed upon your power and glory. PSALM 63:1-2 NLT ~ Various,
286:In the end there's never a sanctuary. You run until there's nowhere left to run to, and then you fight, and then you die, and then it's over. That's how the world works, and if there's any way to change that, I hope someone's eventually planning to let me know. ~ Seanan McGuire,
287:Me sins are great, and I’ll burn for dem. But if ye never believe anyt’in’ else, know dat I loved ye more den anyt’in’. Ye were me sanctuary. Me solace in a world gone mad. I’d endure a thousand deat’s to go back and ensure ye did not feel one moment of pain. ~ Nicole Jacquelyn,
288:Their relationship was defined not by what they could share, but what they couldn’t. Between any two beings there is a unique, uncrossable distance, an unenterable sanctuary. Sometimes it takes the shape of aloneness. Sometimes it takes the shape of love. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer,
289:We know we are a species obsessed with itself and its own past and origins. We know we are capable of removing from the sanctuary of the earth shards and fragments, and gently placing them in museums. Great museums in great cities—the hallmarks of civilisation. ~ Kathleen Jamie,
290:I am called to enter into the inner sanctuary of my own being where God has chosen to dwell. The only way to that place is prayer, unceasing prayer, Many struggles and much pain can clear the way but I am certain that only unceasing prayer can let me enter it. ~ Henri J M Nouwen,
291:It's a weapon. I don't want to defund a state, a city.I don't want to defund anyone. I want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or state. If they're going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly that would be a weapon. ~ Donald Trump,
292:People are angry that things as common sense as securing the border and eliminating sanctuary cities are being framed as extreme views. They are tired of empty rhetoric without action, and they are hungry for a leader from outside the professional political class. ~ Carly Fiorina,
293:The attic was the playground of his mind, where he could stretch his imagination to its maximum dimensions. It was his sanctuary from the world and his vantage point above it—a place where he could observe and absorb it all, at a height where nobody could touch him. ~ Dave Itzkoff,
294:No one replied to that. It was a hopeful statement, but hope seemed to be lying dead somewhere out in the Ruin. For Benny, hope had died with a little girl back at Sanctuary. He looked for some inside his heart, but all he found there was a dark and murderous rage. ~ Jonathan Maberry,
295:I love the hybrid quality, the new computer sections and the books yellowing with age. Libraries for me have always had a cathedral-like ambiance, a hushed sanctuary where learning is revered, where we the people elevate books and education to the level of the religious. ~ Harlan Coben,
296:People are lucky because they have shelters, they have refuges, they have sanctuaries and they have heavens! And what are they? Nature is a refuge; music is a shelter; literature is a sanctuary and art is a heaven! Whenever you need them you can take refuge in them! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
297:Their only respite is in the balm of bleakness. Disdainful of the solicitations of hope, they look for sanctuary in desolate places—a scattering of ruins in a barren locale or a rubble of words in a book where someone whispers in a dry voice, “I, too, am here.” However, ~ Thomas Ligotti,
298:I understand the temptation to sell short, but I also know that impulse is driven by your mind’s desire for comfort, and it’s not telling you the truth. It’s your identity trying to find sanctuary, not help you grow. It’s looking for status quo, not reaching for greatness ~ David Goggins,
299:2 From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety, 3 for you are my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me. 4 Let me live forever in your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of your wings! ~ Anonymous,
300:the sanctuary of St. Sergius, this space had itself once been the sanctuary of a much smaller and older church. It measured about six meters long by five meters wide, and had a low ceiling supported by two rows of slender pillars, dividing the room into a nave with two aisles. ~ Dan Eaton,
301:Intellectuals who had made it to the West were beyond the reach of oppressive forces. They had a place of sanctuary. The fatwa changed all that. It redrew the boundaries of the free world, shrinking its borders and erasing zones of disputation from the map of the liberal mind. ~ Nick Cohen,
302:I warned that there should be no place on Earth where terrorists can rest and train and practice their deadly skills. I meant it. I said that we would act with others, if possible, and alone if necessary to ensure that terrorists have no sanctuary anywhere. Tonight, we have. ~ Ronald Reagan,
303:President Obama and Hillary Clinton support sanctuary cities. They support catch and release on the border. They support visa overstays. They support the release of dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, criminals from detention. And, they support unconstitutional executive amnesty. ~ Donald Trump,
304:the normal laws of development are inverted here in the Congo. The forest, not the town, offers the safest sanctuary and it is grandfathers who have been more exposed to modernity than their grandchildren. I can think of nowhere else on the planet where the same can be true.” p141 ~ Tim Butcher,
305:Whereupon people would come barging into his sanctuary, asking stupid questions and making stupid demands . . . and he, Jubal Harshaw, would have to make decisions and take action. Since he was philosophically convinced that all action was futile, the prospect irritated him. ~ Robert A Heinlein,
306:I have found, through years of practice, that people garden in order to make something grow; to interact with nature; to share, to find sanctuary, to heal, to honor the earth, to leave a mark. Through gardening, we feel whole as we make our personal work of art upon our land. ~ Julie Moir Messervy,
307:More terrorists are given training and sanctuary in the United States than anywhere on earth. They include mass murderers, torturers, former and future tyrants and assorted international criminals. This is virtually unknown to the American public, thanks to the freest media on earth. ~ John Pilger,
308:I used to go to my local pub and it was like a sanctuary, nobody dared ask for an autograph. You went in there for a ploughman's and a pint, and you went home and watched TV. Believe me, there's more to watch on British TV than American, except for CNN right now. But yeah, I miss it. ~ Phil Collins,
309:As she drowsed in his arms, it occurred to her that he provided the illusion of something she had never had before. Sanctuary. His hand passed repeatedly over her hair in the gentlest of caresses, and she heard him murmur in his dark-angel voice, "Rest, my love. I'm watching over you. ~ Lisa Kleypas,
310:...retreat into the privacy and sanctuary of our castle-like homes, shut the door, pull up the imaginary drawbridge and avoid the issue. Home may indeed be our substitute for a Fatherland, but at another level, I would suggest that *home is what the English have instead of social skills*. ~ Kate Fox,
311:Man, I'm messed up right now. My best friend is my father? The man I idolized as a kid... whose tattoo is on my arm... And he's younger than me. Yeah, I don't think I can handle this. Mindwipe me, somebody... please! Where's that dragon from Sanctuary? Simi, go get Max. I need him. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
312:Once he said to her: 'You are like me; you are different from other people. You are Kamala and no one else, and within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat any time and be yourself, just as I can. Few people have that capacity and yet everyone could have it. ~ Hermann Hesse,
313:President [Barack] Obama and Hillary Clinton support sanctuary cities. They support catch and release on the border, they support visa overstays. They support the release of dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, criminals from detention. And, they support unconstitutional executive amnesty. ~ Donald Trump,
314:The Serpent raises its head from the water and slides onto the ice, the stars blazing above in the night sky.

The Turtle sinks to the bottom of the rich light-filled water, attempting to avoid the sun's brilliance and find sanctuary in the dark.

They cry. There is no answer. ~ Kylie Chan,
315:We will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities. ~ Donald Trump,
316:First of all, [St. Stephen's] is a radical church. It was one of the first DC churches to have gay ceremonies. A woman said mass there, which almost got a priest excommunicated there; Black Panthers spoke at the church; it was a sanctuary for civil rights protesters and anti-war protesters. ~ Ian MacKaye,
317:Some call the church a sanctuary. But I tell you the truth, there are no safe places in this hell of a country unless you force it to be safe. It must be made second nature to always be on your guard or else you may just visit the true sanctuary before your time.” – Yervant Yacoubian The ~ Keri Topouzian,
318:If Jesus made the sanctuary free and available for all, we should too. If the savior of the world decided that demarkations and hierarchies and power players were no longer necessary to the health of his church, then who are we to reinstate a ranking system after Jesus rendered it obsolete? ~ Jen Hatmaker,
319:Pills cannot, do not, ease one back into reality; they only bring one back headlong, careening, and faster than can be endured at times. Psychotherapy is a sanctuary; it is a battleground; it is a place I have been psychotic, neurotic, elated, confused, and despairing beyond belief. ~ Kay Redfield Jamison,
320:Wherever...thou shalt be, pray secretly within thyself. If thou shalt be far from a house of prayer, give not thyself trouble to seek for one, for thou thyself art a sanctuary designed for prayer. If thou shalt be in bed, or in any other place, pray there; thy temple is there. ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux,
321:To keep from crying in front of everyone, I ran down the hall, opened the first door I saw, and dashed inside. Too late I realized the room was already occupied. An old man in a wheelchair sat beside a window. Of all the places I might have gone, I’d chosen Great-grandfather’s sanctuary. ~ Mary Downing Hahn,
322:Being a sanctuary city, for the people of organize and run it, is a great source of pride. 'Social justice! Fairness, equality, diversity!" All the things that make liberals great people and make you a schlub. The more pressures and demands on their social services, the better people they are. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
323:And you must be the cause of this disaster.” – Sasha
“I didn’t do anything.” – Abigail
“She’s in denial.” – Sundown
“Cool. We can feed her to the coyotes then, and I can go back to Sanctuary and continue scoping out this amazing brunette who keeps coming in with her friends.” – Sasha ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
324:O Lord, make my soul a sanctuary, a fortress within. That no one and nothing can disturb. A place of calm, silence, and serenity, untouched by the outside world. The soul that Allah (swt) calls al-nafs al mutmaina (the reassured soul). (Qur’an 89:27) The soul that Allah (swt) calls back saying: ~ Yasmin Mogahed,
325:What a boon to live on the water! Such delicious shades and hues! This is a template worthy of the greatest painters. The textures of sand and stone could inspire incomparable sculptures, and the sounds - the steady lapping of the waves, the sweet chirping of the birds, make this a sanctuary. ~ Adriana Trigiani,
326:After spending time with the rescued turkeys at Farm Sanctuary's shelter and seeing how similar they are to my furry companion animals at home, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to protect these friendly and curious birds from the daily pain and suffering they endure on factory farms. ~ Ginnifer Goodwin,
327:I cannot find language of sufficient energy to convey my sense of the sacredness of private integrity. All men, all things, the state, the church, yea the friends of the heart are phantasms and unreal beside the sanctuary of the heart. With so much awe, with so much fear, let it be respected. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
328:I couldn't will my beloved Berlin streets across the world or make the people I loved appear when I needed them, but by summoning the flavors of Berlin and the foods of my loved ones, my kitchen became my sanctuary, the stove my anchor.

Distance means nothing when your kitchen smells like home. ~ Luisa Weiss,
329:I like Donald Trump. I appreciate that he's focusing on illegal immigration. It's an issue I've been fighting a long, long time. I think people are very concerned, for example, about the problems of sanctuary cities and - and that is something that's a - that people are finally turning their attention to. ~ Ted Cruz,
330:This bright place isn't really a sanctuary. For, ambushed among its bottles and cartons and cans, are shockingly vivid memories of meals shopped for, cooked, eaten with Jim. They stab out at George as he passes, pushing his shopping cart. Should we ever feel truly lonely if we never ate alone? ~ Christopher Isherwood,
331:My administration will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities. ~ Donald Trump,
332:6So Moses gave a commandment, and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, “Let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary.” And the people were restrained from bringing, 7for the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done—indeed too †much. ~ Anonymous,
333:And while there's so much wisdom that I don't know, I know that evil doesn't happen for a cosmic reason, a 'balance of good' bullshit. Evil happens because it can, because circumstances allow it to take place. And you build your own sanctuary against it to keep yourself sane, to keep yourself fighting it. ~ Joey W Hill,
334:Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Centre, a speaking voice, to which we may continuously return. Eternity is at our hearts, pressing upon our time-torn lives, warming us with intimations of an astounding destiny, calling us home unto itself. ~ Thomas Raymond Kelly,
335:I don't care how smart you are," Guild said. "Sanctuary experts have examined that bomb for decades and they still have no idea how it worked, let alone how to fix it in a single afternoon."
"Of course they don't, you damn fool. They didn't build the thing in the first place, now did they?" - Kenspeckle ~ Derek Landy,
336:Never try to live on the old manna, nor seek to find help in Egypt. All must come from Jesus or thou art undone forever. Old anointings will not suffice to impart unction to thy spirit; thine head must have fresh oil poured upon it from the golden horn of the sanctuary, or it will cease from its glory. ~ Charles Spurgeon,
337:In that year [1865] John Muir offered to buy from his brother ... a sanctuary for the wildflowers that had gladdened his youth. His brother declined to part with the land, but he could not suppress the idea: 1865 still stands in Wisconsin history as the birth-year of mercy for things natural, wild, and free. ~ Aldo Leopold,
338:Why only at our great peril do we numbly walk past an outstretched hand: anyone we meet might be one of these beings upon whom and unimaginable burden rests. A burden you can ease by creating a sanctuary simply by accepting that outstretched hand in kindness and with an open heart...simply by being present. ~ Neil Abramson,
339:In we go, then,” Dee said.
“We can’t go in there,” Roland said, moving away from the church.
“Oh, yes,” Dee said, “the incendiary business. You think you can’t go in because it’s a sanctuary of God-“
“It’s the sanctuary of God,” Roland said. “I don’t want to be the guy who takes this place down. ~ Lauren Kate,
340:Donald Trump's laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all in America. We've been talking it to death for 20 years. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue the policies of open borders, amnesty, catch and release, sanctuary cities, all the things that are driving wages down in this country. ~ Mike Pence,
341:For this open-air sanctuary that a lot of us live in, without buildings, or doctrine, or clergy, without silsila (lineage), or hierarchy, in an experiment to live not so much without religion as in friendship with all three hundred of them, and all literatures too. It is a brave try for openness and fresh inspiration.2 ~ Rumi,
342:This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
343:This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down it's pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
344:This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every volume, every book you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down it's pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
345:There is a cantina at every corner of the Consul's world. Sin and innocence, guilt and salvation, shape Lowry's private square of opposition, and if sanctuary and special knowledge are its gifts in one guise, and gaiety and relaxation its gifts in another, catercorner from church and gym and brothel and prison. ~ William H Gass,
346:Was there, then, no strength in growing up? No solace in being an adult? No sanctuary in life? No fleshly citadel strong enough to withstand the scrabbling assault of midnights? Doubts flushed him. Ice cream lived again in his throat, stomach, spine and limbs; he was instantly cold as a wind out of December gone. ~ Ray Bradbury,
347:How much wilderness do the wilderness-lovers want? ask those who would mine and dig and cut and dam in such sanctuary spots as these. The answer is easy: Enough so that there will be in the years ahead a little relief, a little quiet, a little relaxation, for any of our increasing millions who need and want it. ~ Wallace Stegner,
348:1. Always wait between books for the springs to fill up and flow over. 2. Always preserve within a wild sanctuary, an inaccessible valley of reveries. 3. Always, and as far as it is possible, endeavor to touch life on every side; but keep the central vision of the mind, the inmost light, untouched and untouchable. ~ Ellen Glasgow,
349:This story is about the Baudelaires. And they are the sort of people who know that there’s always something. Something to invent, something to read, something to bite, and something to do, to make a sanctuary, no matter how small. And for this reason, I am happy to say, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed. ~ Daniel Handler,
350:For a few moments we ate in silence. Visions of what the all-church meeting would be like raced through my mind. The night before, I’d dreamed that the fourth-grade Sunday school class had morphed into a lynch mob and were chasing me around the sanctuary while the rest of the congregation sang “Blessed Assurance. ~ Ian Morgan Cron,
351:Not bad for a ‘common soldier,’ hmm?” I quietly asked, then resheathed my katana and headed back toward the chapel. I could feel his gaze on my back as I walked away, so I decided to play it up. I paused at the sanctuary door, then looked back over my shoulder and smiled vampishly through hooded eyes.

“Coming? ~ Chloe Neill,
352:We have now in our possession three instruments of civilization, unknown to antiquity. These are the art of printing; free representative government; and, lastly, a pure and spiritual religion, the deep fountain of generous enthusiasm, the mighty spring of bold and lofty designs, the great sanctuary of moral power. ~ Edward Everett,
353:In a word, I consider hospitals only as the entrance to scientific medicine; they are the first field of observation which a physician enters; but the true sanctuary of medical science is a laboratory; only there can he seek explanations of life in the normal and pathological states by means of experimental analysis. ~ Claude Bernard,
354:Skulduggery: What do you get if you kill the Elders?
Stephanie: This sounds like a joke
Skulduggery: Valkyrie --
Stephanie: I don't know
Skulduggery: Yes, yes you do.. not think what would killing the Elders result in?
Stephanie: Panic, fear? Three empty spaces in the Sanctuary - Skulduggery Pleasant ~ Derek Landy,
355:Sometimes, Daniel would join her, the only other person Beatriz had found so far who she could share her sanctuary with. Although they were very different, they shared one important trait: They did not try to change other people and rarely judged them unless the other person’s values directly influenced their lives. ~ Maggie Stiefvater,
356:Countless innocent American lives have been stolen because our politicians have failed in their duty to secure our borders and enforce our laws like they have to be enforced. I have met with many of the great parents who lost their children to sanctuary cities and open borders. So many people, so many, many people. So sad. ~ Donald Trump,
357:The city is the image of the soul, the surrounding walls being the frontier between the outward and inward life. The gates are the faculties or senses connecting the life of the soul with the outward world. Living springs of water rise within it. And in the centre, where beats the heart, stands the holy sanctuary. ~ Saint Catherine of Siena,
358:So Bodee is a friend, I say firmly, a best friend. My honesty with the girl surprises me. But Bodee is right where I love him, in the room down the hall up the stairs from mine. Dinner instead of a dinner date. A hand to hold instead of lips to kiss. He’s my fort, my sanctuary. And I won’t do anything to jeopardize this. ~ Courtney C Stevens,
359:So not only have we Darquesse on the loose, and not only do we have nineteen supercharged sorcerers running around, and virtually every Sanctuary on the planet in a state of chaos, but now we have twenty-three days to decide who's going to kill themselves to save the world? How the hell are we meant to manage any of that? - Vex ~ Derek Landy,
360:Human imagination is a powerful thing. It can be a sanctuary from difficult times, a catalyst to change society, or the impetus to create marvelous works of art. On the other hand, an overabundance of imagination can inspire paranoia that impairs one’s ability to interact with reality. —Suk School Manual, Psychological Studies ~ Brian Herbert,
361:For there is always a sanctuary more, a door that can never be forced, a last inviolable stronghold that can never be taken, whatever the attack; your vote can be taken, you name, you innards, or even your life, but that last stonghold can only be surrendered. And to surrender it for any reason other than love is to surrender love. ~ Ken Kesey,
362:Life's existential tasks have lost the interest of reality; illusion cannot build a sanctuary for the divine growth of inwardness which ripens to decisions. One man is curious about another, every one is undecided, and their way of escape is to say that some one must come who will do something--and then they will bet on him. ~ S ren Kierkegaard,
363:At the very least i should fear you. some would say that I should hate you." "Many would say that." "Yet i neither fear nor hate you." "You-you are comforting me. Giving me sanctuary. Why, Grandma?" Aurox asked. "Because I believe in the power of love. I believe in chosing Light over Darkness-happiness over hatred-trust over skeptism. ~ P C Cast,
364:I didn't want to wake up. There was nothing but pain waiting for me in the real world. If I was asleep, I couldn't feel anything. If I was asleep, I didn't have to face Ash and the cold contempt on his face when he looked at me. Darkness was my retreat, my sanctuary. I drew back from Ash's voice, deeper into the comforting darkness. ~ Julie Kagawa,
365:I know everything about everything and before I dry off completely, which is something I truly hate, you better go outside, collect Trates, and have both your asses out of here or I’m going to lose what little patience I have. You will play by the rules I’ve set up for sanctuary, or I’ll use your entrails for armbands. (Savitar) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
366:How can I possibly say good-bye to the person I am so hopelessly, deeply and permanently in love with? Because I love you Chris. I do. I will always be in love with you, even though you'll never love me back. You have been my sanctuary this year. You saved me. Do you know that? You saved me. And I wish that you would let me save you. ~ Jessica Park,
367:In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong, to heal the wounds from lovers past, until a new one comes along... So I would choose to be with you. That's if the choice were mine to make. But you can make decisions too. And you can have this heart to break. And so it goes, and so it goes. And you're the only one who knows. ~ Billy Joel,
368:Loneliness wasn't just a state of mind, was it? It was tactile. She could feel it. It was a sixth sense, not in some fanciful play of words, but physically. It hurt... it hurt like phagocytes devouring the white matter of her brain. It was merely that she had no friends. She didn't even have a sanctuary in which she could simply be alone. ~ Tom Wolfe,
369:After 9/11, it became clear that we [the United States] had to do several things to have a successful strategy to win the global war on terror, specifically that we had to go after the terrorists wherever we might find them, that we also had to go after state sponsors of terror, those who might provide sanctuary or safe harbor for terror. ~ Dick Cheney,
370:We're here on Sanctuary business," Skulduggery tried.
The man on Deadfall's right bristled, and Deadfall grinned. "Hear that, Pete? They're with that Sanctuary."
Hokum Pete snarled. "I hate the Sanctuary."
"Oh," Skulduggery said.
"We all hate the Sanctuary."
"Ah. Then we're not here on Sanctuary business. I was just joking. ~ Derek Landy,
371:Ive fostered five dogs for the Best Friends Program, which is an amazing no-kill sanctuary for animals, as well as a greyhound named Natasha from the greyhound rescue. All of my fosters have taught me great lessons like patience, nurture, and responsibility. My last foster dog was a Cocker Spaniel, and I couldnt let him go. I adopted him! ~ Olesya Rulin,
372:Loneliness wasn't just a state of mind, was it? It was tactile. She could feel it. It was a sixth sense, not in some fanciful play of words, but physically. It hurt... it hurt like phagocytes devouring the white matter of her brain. It wasn't merely that she had no friends. She didn't even have a sanctuary in which she could simply be alone. ~ Tom Wolfe,
373:Wilderness, to me, is a spiritual necessity. The mysterious spiritual experience of being close to natural restored my soul [after the death of his son]. My experience reinforced by dedication to use the art of photography as an inspiration for others to work together to save nature's places of spiritual sanctuary for future generations. ~ Clyde Butcher,
374:My heart lives in so many places. With so many people. But God whispers to me that I really have only one home, and that is with Him. I will never be content on this earth. I will always be a nomad. It was meant to be that way. My heart was created with a desire for a home, a nest, a sanctuary, and that can be found only with Him in Heaven. ~ Katie Davis,
375:The Chairman of the Board, Gentle—men! In like manner, but in a still more stentorian voice, he ushered the chairman through the public office, where some humble clients were transacting business, into an awful chamber, labelled Board-room; the door of which sanctuary immediately closed, and screened the great capitalist from vulgar eyes. ~ Charles Dickens,
376:At the very least i should fear you. some would say that I should hate you."
"Many would say that."
"Yet i neither fear nor hate you."
"You-you are comforting me. Giving me sanctuary. Why, Grandma?" Aurox asked.
"Because I believe in the power of love. I believe in chosing Light over Darkness-happiness over hatred-trust over skeptism, ~ P C Cast,
377:How often you are irresistibly drawn to a plain, unassuming woman, whose soft silvery tones render her positively attractive! In the social circle, how pleasant it is to hear a woman talk in that low key which always characterizes the true lady. In the sanctuary of home, how such a voice soothes the fretful child and cheers the weary husband! ~ Charles Lamb,
378:You guys missed my cue,” I said. “No one noticed.” “I did.” “Relax, it was great.” “Relax” is a real tough one for me. Another tough one is “smile.” “Smile” doesn’t really work either. Telling me to relax or smile when I’m angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You’re just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off. ~ Amy Poehler,
379:The rain forest was not a garden of easy abundance, but precisely the opposite. Its quiet, shaded halls of leafy opulence were not a sanctuary, but rather the greatest natural battlefield anywhere on the planet, hosting an unremitting and remorseless fight for survival that occupied every single one of its inhabitants, every minute of every day. ~ David Grann,
380:Happily, and thanks to God, there are orifices through which our inner life constantly escapes, and the soul, like the blood, hath its pores. The mouth is the chief and foremost of these channels which lead the soul out of its invisible sanctuary; it is by speech that man communicates the secret converse which is his real life. ~ Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire,
381:[Donald Trump] put this issue at the center of this presidential campaign in the Republican primaries. And his position and his principles have been absolutely consistent. We're going to secure the border. We're going to build a wall, have a physical barrier. We're going to enforce the laws of this country, end sanctuary cities, implement E-Verify. ~ Mike Pence,
382:There are many things akin to highest deity that are still obscure. Some may be too subtle for our powers of comprehension, others imperceptible to us because such exalted majesty conceals itself in the holiest part of its sanctuary, forbidding access to any power save that of the spirit. How many heavenly bodies revolve unseen by human eye! ~ Seneca the Younger,
383:It is a thing that knows no limit, and before it all men are equal; and the silence of king or slave, in presence of death, or grief, or love, reveals the same features, hides beneath its impenetrable mantle the self-same treasure. For this is the essential silence of our soul, our most inviolable sanctuary, and its secret can never be lost; ~ Maurice Maeterlinck,
384:There is immunity in reading, immunity in formal society, in office routine, in the company of old friends and in the giving of officious help to strangers, but there is no sanctuary in one bed from the memory of another. The past with its anguish will break through every defense-line of custom and habit; we must sleep and therefore we must dream. ~ Cyril Connolly,
385:We are living in a zoo, or more accurately a farm, our collective consciousness, our individual consciousness, has been hijacked by a power structure that needs us to remain atomized and disconnected. We want union, we want connection, we need it the way we need other forms of nutrition, and denied it we delve into the lower impulses for sanctuary. ~ Russell Brand,
386:Even the West has known the architecture of empty space, whose object, for thousands of years, has been less to construct divine houses, than to create sacred places, to seize upon mystery and to immerse man in it-whether by raising the cyclopean pedestal that surrounds him with stars, or by hollowing out the sanctuary that wraps him in haunted night. ~ Andre Malraux,
387:HEAVEN knows the difference between SUNDAY morning and WEDNESDAY afternoon. God longs to speak as CLEARLY in the workplace as He does in the sanctuary. He longs to be WORSHIPED when we sit at the dinner table and not just when we come to His communion table. You may go days without THINKING of Him, but there's never a moment when He's not thinking of YOU. ~ Max Lucado,
388:It's absolutely essential that man should manage to preserve something other than what helps to make soles for shoes or sewing machines, that he should leave a margin, a sanctuary, where some of life's beauty can take refuge and where he himself can feel safe from his own cleverness and folly. Only then will it be possible to begin talking of civilization. ~ Romain Gary,
389:I’ve always wanted to take a swim wherever it is they snap those screensaver photos—Fiji? Bora Bora? The Maldives?—and sleep in a hotel room that’s more of a hut built on a dock over the water. After reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, I’m dying to see the sun set in Botswana. I want to visit Indian temples and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. ~ Jen Lancaster,
390:As soon as he was free from the library, he raced away from the Sanctuary, returning his faithless body to his bedroom at the mansion. He was still erect when he got there. Duh. Staring down at his button fly, he tried to find another explanation. Maybe he’d thrown a clot? A cock clot … or maybe … shit… There was no way he could be attracted to another female. ~ J R Ward,
391:Don’t worry,” he said. “I placed a satyr’s sanctuary on them.” “Meaning?” “Meaning they’ll reach the wild safely,” he said. “They’ll find water, food, shade, whatever they need until they find a safe place to live.” “Why can’t you place a blessing like that on us?” I asked. “It only works on wild animals.” “So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned. ~ Rick Riordan,
392:We stepped outside rather hurriedly and down the street to anonymous sanctuary among the buildings of San Francisco.
"Promise me till your dying day, you'll believe that a Mellon was a Confederate general. It's the truth. That God-damn book lies! There was a Confederate general in my family!"
"I promise," I said and it was a promise that was kept. ~ Richard Brautigan,
393:Soon I will sleep. What shall I dream of, my love? I will dream of you, of course. And I will dream for a place for us to be, a sanctuary where hearts will never break again. This is my dream, my heart. Never forget that there is no end to us, as there can be no end to love. Love must last forever, or why else would there be love? Until then, I will dream. ~ Richard Paul Evans,
394:He who has spent billions on churches, on mosques and on every kind of sanctuaries is guilty of not giving that money to the science! The path of sanctuary does not lead to God; the path of the faith does not lead to God; only the path of science leads to God! The bridge between man and the unknown God is not worshipping but it is science, only the science! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan,
395:make my insides flip. But instead of walking down the aisle toward my best friend, my first and only love, I was at his funeral. I sat beside my parents in the sanctuary filled with friends and relatives. They should have been our wedding guests. Instead, they’d come to pay their respects to a man who’d died too young and too soon. He’d just turned twenty-nine. ~ Kerry Lonsdale,
396:This is the secret of holiness: to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit actively. Call upon Him, for He is, at every moment, available to you. He dwells with Me and with My Father in the sanctuary of your soul. He is your Advocate against the world, the flesh, and the Evil One, the accuser. He is your Advocate with My Father. ~ Anonymous,
397:Chance wanting to defend her grandfather, but not about to leave the library, dustysafe sanctuary of shelves and glass cases and the musty smell of all the books, the door locked from the inside against birdnervous aunts who thought maybe a few slabs of smoked ham and a spoonful of mashed potatoes would make everything better, would make anything right again. ~ Caitl n R Kiernan,
398:Inui’s insane laughter filled the sanctuary. The ceiling peeled off and shards of stained glass danced through the air. They turned into dead rats, German dictionaries, wineglasses, fountain pens, scorpions, cats’ heads, syringes, and a motley jumble of other objects that filled the space, flying around madly, swirling like a whirlwind, surging like a raging sea. ~ Yasutaka Tsutsui,
399:Sunlight speared into the Sanctuary as Diana opened the doors. Emma felt a flash of gratitude for her tutor as Diana and the two faeries vanished outside. Gratitude for sparing Arthur--and for sparing Julian one more second of pretending her was alright. For Jules was looking at his brother--finally, really looking at him, with no one to see or judge his weakness. ~ Cassandra Clare,
400:Julian changed; his attention snapped away from Mark, his spine straightening, his voice hardening.
He sounded calm, but Emma, who knew him so well, could hear the ice in his voice. “Emma is my
parabatai,” he said. “If you ever speak to her like that again, there will be blood on the floor of the
Sanctuary, and I do not care if they put me to death for it. ~ Cassandra Clare,
401:Remember that as a vegan, you save dozens of animals every year from the horrors of factory farms, which is great. And when you convince one person to also become vegan, in that moment you double your lifetime impact as a vegan! That's power - and we should use it as effectively as possible. Check out the 'Be a better advocate' videos and essays at ~ Bruce Friedrich,
402:Miss Alexia Tarabotti was not enjoying her evening. Private balls were never more than middling amusements for spinsters, and Miss Tarabotti was not the kind of spinster who could garner even that much pleasure from the event. To put the pudding in the puff: she had retreated to the library, her favorite sanctuary in any house, only to happen upon an unexpected vampire. She ~ Gail Carriger,
403:So many parents are puzzled when their children seclude themselves in their room and refuse to leave their sanctuary. They wonder, "Why don't my children want to talk to me when I'm so open and willing to discuss things?" The reason our children turn away from us is that they sense that our desire to talk is all about us - our need to manage our anxiety and exert control. ~ Shefali Tsabary,
404:Whether this mysterious sanctuary hidden amid Pemako’s mist-shrouded mountains can ever be located geographically is of secondary importance to the journey itself. In the Buddhist tradition, the goal of pilgrimage is not so much to reach a particular destination as to awaken within oneself the qualities and energies of the sacred site, which ultimately lie within our own minds. ~ Ian Baker,
405:I am solely yours, mon ange, for all eternity, echoed from Darius’s mind as he skidded across the ground. I loved when he called me his angel, a sentiment that was hard to hang on to just now. You are my sanctuary. My soul. Your mother would be proud, echoed from Callie. She loved you so much. Is this the part where I’m supposed to think things to help her? Dizzy asked himself. ~ K F Breene,
406:Questions lead to further questions, and inquiry breeds insight. Gathering expertise brings both confidence and consolation. E. O. Wilson wrote: "You start by loving a subject. Birds, probability theory, stars, differential equations, storm fronts, sign language, swallowtail butterflies....The subject will be your lodestar and give sanctuary in the shifting mental universe. ~ Lyanda Lynn Haupt,
407:To seek approval is to have no resting place, no sanctuary. Like all judgement, approval encourages a constant striving. It makes us uncertain of who we are and of our true value. Approval cannot be trusted. It can be withdrawn at any time no matter what our track record has been. It is as nourishing of real growth as cotton candy. Yet many of us spend our lives pursuing it. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen,
408:His discussion of “the humanity of the ancients” is illuminating (Z 441), especially when he speaks with admiration and nostalgia about the right of exile according to which everyone is guaranteed sanctuary at the hearth of every temple or private home; and the respect for wanderers, enemies, the elderly, the dead—that is, for the most fragile casualties of the human condition. ~ Giacomo Leopardi,
409:I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. I see her, an old woman, weeping for me on the anniversary of this day. I see her and her husband, their course done, lying side by side in their last earthly bed, and I know that each was not more honoured and held sacred in the other's soul, than I was in the souls of both. ~ Charles Dickens,
410:I think there seems to be a need for escapism at the moment. Maybe that's the type of world we're living in. It's a sanctuary, in a way, where you can immerse yourself in something that doesn't exist, whether that's TV shows or comic books or novels. it's not solely down to magic and vampires - that's in at the moment. but escapism, being a part of other worlds, is very good for you. ~ Colin Morgan,
411: Suppliant
Grant me, dear Lord, the alchemy of toil,
Clean days of labour, dreamless nights of rest,
And that which shall my weariness assoil
The sanctuary of one beloved breast:
Laughter of children, hope and thankful tears,
Knowledge to yield, with valour to defend,
A faith immutable, and stedfast years
That move unvexed to their mysterious end.
~ Alan Sullivan,
412:When history seems to offer no sanctuary for values (when history is assailed by wars and inhuman or immoral public actions), literature can provide a model, often as horrendous as that of history, but one which by virtue of its fictional nature is bound to keep an ironic, parodic, aesthetic or philosophical distance from what is at risk in immediate experience or direct reflection. ~ Beatriz Sarlo,
413:When you fear the Lord, you don’t need to fear people or circumstances. Peter referred to this passage when he wrote, “But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. ‘Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.’ But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord” (1 Peter 3:14–15 NIV). Isaiah compared the Lord to a sanctuary, a rock that is a refuge for believers ~ Warren W Wiersbe,
414:But he chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion, which he loves. He built his sanctuary like the high heavens, like the earth, which he has founded forever. He chose David his servant and took him from the sheepfolds; from following the nursing ewes he brought him to shepherd Jacob his people, Israel his inheritance. With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand. ~ Anonymous,
415:Steps led up to the sanctuary, its two side chapels obscured by wooden screens elaborately adorned with carvings in wood and ivory. He could barely discern the canopied high altar or the apse with worn steps on which the priests of ancient times used to sit. Somewhere below his feet, beneath the cool flagstones, was the flooded crypt where it was believed the infant Jesus had taken shelter. ~ Dan Eaton,
416:Far from its outward appearance, the rain forest was not a garden of easy abundance, but precisely the opposite. Its quiet, shaded halls of leafy opulence were not a sanctuary but, rather, the greatest natural battlefield anywhere on the planet, hosting an unremitting and remorseless fight for survival that occupied every single one of its inhabitants, every minute of every day. Though ~ Candice Millard,
417:As to those in the World Trade Center...Let's get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. ...If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I'd really be interested in hearing about it. ~ Ward Churchill,
418:I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. ~ Charles Dickens,
419:Nick was dressed in jeans, a dark green sweater, and bomber jacket–the perfect image of a rich college student. Talon looked like a biker who had just left Sanctuary, New Orleans’s premier biker bar. Acheron looked like a refugee from the Dungeon–the local underground goth hangout. Valerius was the professional contingent, and Zarek…Zarek just looked like he was ready to kill something.’ (Talon) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
420:The Sanctuary and its deities were the main source of the city’s income. Visitors paid to enter the city. They had to buy the correct apparel to perform rituals in the Sanctuary. They had to pay again to acquire offerings for the gods. Mecca was not just one of the world’s oldest shrines, it was a citadel for capitalism. The people who oiled the wheels of Meccan religious life were known as Hums. ~ Ziauddin Sardar,
421:The Torah, then, was compact, transferable history, law, wisdom, poetic chant, prophecy, consolation and self-strengthening counsel. Just as the sanctuary could be erected in safety and dismantled in crisis, the speaking scroll was designed to survive even incineration, because the scribes who had composed and edited it had memorised its oral traditions and its texts as part of their basic education. ~ Simon Schama,
422:The door was closed to men. It was a sanctuary where women could be themselves—smelly, wanton, mystic, conceited, truthful, and interested. The whalebone corsets came off at Dessie’s, the sacred corsets that molded and warped woman-flesh into goddess-flesh. At Dessie’s they were women who went to the toilet and overate and scratched and farted. And from this freedom came laughter, roars of laughter. ~ John Steinbeck,
423:you, my son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotionw and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heartx and understands every desire and every thought. If you seek him,y he will be found by you; but if you forsakez him, he will rejecta you forever. 10Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong and do the work. ~ Anonymous,
424:Above all, staring at my old bedroom ceiling, I feel safe. Cocooned from the world; wrapped up in cotton wool. No one can get me here. No one even knows I'm here. I won't get any nasty letters and I won't get any nasty phone calls and I won't get any nasty visitors. It's like a sanctuary. I feel as if I'm fifteen again, with nothing to worry about but my Homework. (And I haven't even got any of that.) ~ Sophie Kinsella,
425:A shared table is the supreme expression of hospitality in every culture on earth. When your worn-out kitchen table hosts good people and good conversation, when it provides a safe place to break bread and share wine, your house becomes a sanctuary, holy as a cathedral. I've left a friend's table as sanctified and renewed as any church service. If you have a porch, then you have an altar to gather around. ~ Jen Hatmaker,
426:Under the sanctuary are the catacombs where the dead wait for resurrection. The living do not venture there. The caverns here underneath the Sanctuary are illuminated only by dim shafts of light from the sanctuary. The walls are etched with flowers of frost, but at least I am out of the wind. Dark bays line the hall in front of me, a vast rabbit warren, each hold filled to the brim with the scent of the past. ~ Ned Hayes,
427:Every person, every place and every action is qualified by this association with the unconditional; it penetrates every moment of daily life and sanctifies it: "The Universe is God's sanctuary. Every work day is a day of the Lord, every supper is a Lord's supper, every work a fulfillment of the divine task, every joy a joy in God. In all preliminary concerns, ultimate concern is present, consecrating them." ~ Paul Tillich,
428:He felt the tremble . . . Why? But she was bigger, stronger, more intelligent than himself, wasn’t she? Did she, too, feel that intangible menace, that groping out of darkness, that crouching malignancy down below? Was there, then, no strength in growing up? No solace in being an adult? No sanctuary in life? No fleshly citadel strong enough to withstand the scrabbling assault of midnights? Doubts flushed him. ~ Ray Bradbury,
429:Americans really believe that the past is past," he writes. "They do not care to know that the past soaks the present like the light of a distant star. Things that are over do not end. They come inside us, and seek sanctuary in subjectivity. And there they live on, in the consciousness of individuals and communities." The forward thrust of exuberance, like closure, risks leaving behind an essential past. ~ Kay Redfield Jamison,
430:Cancer is an expansionist disease; it invades through tissues, sets up colonies in hostile landscapes, seeking “sanctuary” in one organ and then immigrating to another. It lives desperately, inventively, fiercely, territorially, cannily, and defensively—at times, as if teaching us how to survive. To confront cancer is to encounter a parallel species, one perhaps more adapted to survival than even we are. ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee,
431:Dear God, May this house be a sacred dwelling for those who live here. May those who visit feel the peace we have received from You. May darkness not enter. May the light of God shield this house from harm. May the angels bring their peace here and use our home as a haven of light. May all grow strong in this place of healing, our sanctuary from the loudness of the world. May it so be used by You forever. ~ Marianne Williamson,
432:I slipped into the music room and, with my backpack still in my lap like a shield. I took a seat at a piano old enough to have been carried over the ark. The room was small, quiet.
A sanctuary.
It was always this way for me. Teh stored instruments in the closets called out like old friends. The bent and scratched black music stands welcomed me to thier home. The oily smell, a perfume. It was ~ Jenny B Jones,
433:It's more about when you come back from being out somewhere; in a minicab or a night bus, or with someone, or walking home across London late at night, dreamlike, and you've still got the music kind of echoing in you, in your bloodstream, but with real life trying to get in the way. I want it to be like a little sanctuary. It's like that 24-hour stand selling tea on a rainy night, glowing in the dark. It's pretty simple. ~ Burial,
434:What’ cha doing out here all alone? Did you forget how to find Sanctuary? (Simi) No. I want to be alone for a bit. (Gallagher) Why? Were the bears mean to you? Mama can get a bit cranky whenever I play with the cubs. She thinks I’m going to eat one, but bleh! They’re way too hairy. Now if she’d let me skin one, I might be interested. (Simi) Are you joking? (Gallagher) Oh no. I never joke about hairy food. (Simi) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
435:Cancer is an expansionist disease; it invades through tissues, sets up colonies in hostile landscapes, seeking “sanctuary” in one organ and then immigrating to another. It lives desperately, inventively, fiercely, territorially, cannily, and defensively—at times, as if teaching us how to survive. To confront cancer is to encounter a parallel species, one perhaps more adapted to survival than even we are. This ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee,
436:energy. My beauty is radiant. I am a calm and patient parent. Today I will relish the small things. Today I will make my home beautiful. I choose to eat healthful foods today. My home is a sanctuary. I can remain effortlessly in the present moment. My creativity is inspiring. I can get through any situation with grace. No matter what happens today, I will cultivate inner peace. I can change the world. All is well. ~ Jennifer L Scott,
437:I’d stumbled upon the inner sanctuary of a woman who loved the world. Loved the faces of people she saw. Loved the way a hand looked when it was relaxed. Loved the way a woman looked when she touched her own face. The way a man looked when he opened himself to her. Loved the way wind changed a tree or a field or a child’s hair. The beauty of a neck meeting a shoulder. The softness of a smile that wasn’t forced. ~ Laura Anderson Kurk,
438:18 Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord. 19 Tell them the Lord looked down from his heavenly sanctuary. He looked down to earth from heaven 20 to hear the groans of the prisoners, to release those condemned to die. 21 And so the Lord’s fame will be celebrated in Zion, his praises in Jerusalem, 22 when multitudes gather together and kingdoms come to worship the Lord. ~ Anonymous,
439:In a library, you can find small miracles and truth, and you might find something that will make you laugh so hard that you will get shushed, in the friendliest way. I have found sanctuary in libraries my whole life, and there is sanctuary there now, from the war, from the storms of our families and our own minds. Libraries are like mountains or meadows or creeks: sacred space. So this afternoon, I'll walk to the library. ~ Anne Lamott,
440:On the beginning of the eighth run, just after Father Johnson gave us another “Nope. You’re not getting it right, kids…” Mike’s loud voice echoed throughout the wood-and-marble sanctuary.
Oh, c-c-c-c-come on, Father Johnson!
The chuckles turned into laughter. And out of the corner of my eye I saw Tony giving Mike a subtle high five.
Thank goodness for Mike. He was hungry. He wanted to get on to the party. ~ Ree Drummond,
441:He did get one thing right: Sometimes a sanctuary, sometimes a prison, that house on the hill has always been my home. I’ve spent my life yearning toward it, wanting to escape it, paralyzed by its hold on me. (There are many ways to be crippled, I’ve learned over the years, many forms of paralysis.) My ancestors fled to Maine from Salem, but like anyone who tries to run away from the past, they brought it with them. ~ Christina Baker Kline,
442:What’ cha doing out here all alone? Did you forget how to find Sanctuary? (Simi)
No. I want to be alone for a bit. (Gallagher)
Why? Were the bears mean to you? Mama can get a bit cranky whenever I play with the cubs. She thinks I’m going to eat one, but bleh! They’re way too hairy. Now if she’d let me skin one, I might be interested. (Simi)
Are you joking? (Gallagher)
Oh no. I never joke about hairy food. (Simi) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
443:I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.” —CHARLES DICKENS, A TALE OF TWO CITIES ~ Gena Showalter,
444:There’s no better way to mark success than to buy a home. It’s the one reward that truly feeds the soul. It’s in our homes that we are safe, both from the world and from ourselves. A home is the one place where we can be our true selves. Walls and roof are so much more when they belong to a person. They are a refuge away from judgement. They are sanctuary where our inner child is safe, and the person we are to become can blossom. ~ Sarah Noffke,
445:What more could one ask of a companion? To be forever new and yet forever steady, to be strange and familiar all at once, with enough change to quicken my mind, enough steadiness to give sanctuary to my heart. The books on my shelf never asked to come together and they would not trust or want to listen to one another. But each is a piece of a stained-glass whole, without which I wouldn’t make sense to myself or to the world outside. ~ Pico Iyer,
446:KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS): El KPS, creado por la Fundación Epigenix, hace lo posible por salvar a perros con cáncer terminal incurable. Su objetivo no consiste en ofrecer tratamientos de residencia a perros terminales. Por supuesto, cuidan y aman a los animales, pero en lugar de abandonarlos a su suerte, KPS les ofrece innovadores tratamientos contra el cáncer, basados en el metabolismo, equivalentes a los diseñados para humanos. ~ Timothy Ferriss,
447:What more could one ask of a companion? To be forever new and yet forever steady. To be strange and familiar all at once, with enough change to quicken my mind, enough steadiness to give sanctuary to my heart. The books on my shelf never asked to come together, and they would not trust or want to listen to one another; but each is a piece of a stained-glass whole without which I couldn’t make sense to myself, or to the world outside. ~ Pico Iyer,
448:When we reveal ourselves to our partner and find that this brings healing rather than harm, we make an important discovery - that intimate relationship can provide a sanctuary from the world of facades, a sacred space where we can be ourselves, as we are ...This kind of unmasking - speaking our truth, sharing our inner struggles, and revealing our raw edges - is sacred activity, which allows two souls to meet and touch more deeply. ~ John Welwood,
449:Al Qaeda was growing, and its sanctuary in Afghanistan allowed ever more ambitious operations. Within the CIA and at interagency White House sessions the Counterterrorist Center officers spoke starkly. “Al Qaeda is training and planning in Afghanistan, and their goal is to destroy the United States,” they declared, as one official recalled it. “Unless we attack their safe haven, they are going to get continually stronger and stronger.”29 ~ Steve Coll,
450:I understand now why they break into convents, force women against their will, defy sanctuary to finish the killing chase. They arouse in themselves a wild vicious hunger more like animals than men. I did not know that war was like this. I feel I have been a fool not to know, since I was raised in a kingdom at war and am the daughter of a man captured in battle, the widow of a knight, the wife of a merciless soldier. But I know now. ~ Philippa Gregory,
451:Men, women, and children were slaughtered in the streets, and the Crusader leaders went against their promise to uphold the sanctity of the city’s mosques as places of sanctuary. Even within the Aqsa Mosque, Jewish and Muslim civilians were killed. After the madness, the Crusaders lay down their weapons and prayed at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, thanking God for returning Jerusalem to Christian rule for the first time in 450 years. ~ Hourly History,
452:The liberation of the human mind has never been furthered by dunderheads; it has been furthered by gay fellows who heaved dead cats into sanctuaries and then went roistering down the highways of the world, proving to all men that doubt, after all, was safe - that the god in the sanctuary was finite in his power and hence a fraud. One horse-laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms. It is not only more effective; it is also vastly more intelligent. ~ H L Mencken,
453:Back in the sanctuary, the Reb concluded his taped message by saying, “Please love one another, talk to one another, don’t let trivialities dissolve friendships…” Then he sang a simple tune, which translated to: “Good-bye friends, good-bye friends, good-bye, good-bye, see you again, see you again, good-bye.” The congregation, one last time, joined in. You could say it was the loudest prayer of his career. But I always knew he’d go out with a song. ~ Mitch Albom,
454:... opened the door, and stepped into a memaid’s grotto, into a drowned girl’s sanctuary. The walls were tiled in glittering blue and silver, like scales, arching together to form the high, pointed dome of the roof. It was a flower frozen in the moment before it could open; it was a teardrop turned to crystal before it could fall. Little nooks were set into the walls, filled with candles, which cast a dancing light over everything they touched. ~ Seanan McGuire,
455:Lovely,wonderful Isabelle.Could you please go away?Now is a really bad time." Isabelle looked from Magnus to her brother,and back again. "Then,you dont want me to tell you that Camille's just escaped from the Sanctuary and my mother is demanding that you come back to the Institute right now to help them find her?" "No,"Magnus said."I dont want you to tell me that" "Well,to bad"Isabelle said"Because it's true .I mean,I guess you dont have to go,but- ~ Cassandra Clare,
456:O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you. ~ Francis Chan,
457:Agoraphobia is about being afraid of fear itself in a way Franklin Roosevelt probably never comprehended. It’s the all-consuming dread of having a full-fledged panic attack in any location where there’s no escape route, no shelter, no protection. For someone with this preoccupation, the very logical, rational thing to do is to stay in the sanctuary where he knows he can survive, without the risk of public embarrassment, should fear catch him off guard. Our ~ Erin Healy,
458:The conversion of `Umar (May Allah be Pleased with him) was a real triumph for the cause of Islam. So great and instant was the effect of his conversion on the situation that the believers who had until then worshipped Allah within the four walls of their homes in secret, now assembled and performed their rites of worship openly in the Holy Sanctuary itself. This raised their spirits, and anxiety and uneasiness began to seize the Quraish. ~ Safi ur Rahman al Mubarakpuri,
459:But as he stands before imminent death, he grasps its nature also, and the cosmic import of the step to come. His creative imagination constructs new, fearful prospects behind the curtain of death, and he sees that even there is no sanctuary found. And now he can discern the outline of his biologico-cosmic terms: He is the universe’s helpless captive, kept to fall into nameless possibilities. From this moment on, he is in a state of relentless panic. ~ Peter Wessel Zapffe,
460:He wants her in his bedroom. And not in that way — no girl has ever been in his bedroom that way. It is his private space, his sanctuary. But he wants Clary there. He wants her to see him, the reality of him, not the image he shows the world. He wants to lie down on the bed with her and have her curl into him. He wants to hold her as she breathes softly through the night; to see her as no one else sees her: vulnerable and asleep. To see her and to be seen. ~ Cassandra Clare,
461:What I have most learned from my son is to respect him and to love him unconditionally. I believe that if parents respect their children and educate them with love and justice (and not just with words, but with their own behavior) the relationship with their children will be wonderful. Then parents will always be proud of their children, and children will always be proud of their parents. There will be peace in the family, and the home will be a sanctuary. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz,
462:He hesitates only a moment before pulling me close, arms tightening around me, mouth meeting mine the same way it did before. Purely, sweetly, wickedly, perfectly. He sighs against my lips, a sound of such relief it echoes through my skin, making me smile and our teeth bump together. I know exactly how he feels. How it feels to come home, to find sanctuary, to be handed that missing piece that makes life not something to be endured, but something to be celebrated. ~ Stacey Jay,
463:The place where Guled had come seeking sanctuary was, according to Oxfam, a ‘public health emergency’, and had been for several years. It was a groaning, filthy, disease-riddled slum heaving with traumatized people without enough to eat. Crime was sky high and rape was routine. And the population was about to explode again. On the day Guled arrived the camps held nearly 295,000 people. Twelve months later, at the end of 2011, there would be half a million. Guled ~ Ben Rawlence,
464:Lovely,wonderful Isabelle.Could you please go away?Now is a really bad time."
Isabelle looked from Magnus to her brother,and back again.
"Then,you dont want me to tell you that Camille's just escaped from the Sanctuary and my mother is demanding that you come back to the Institute right now to help them find her?"
"No,"Magnus said."I dont want you to tell me that"
"Well,to bad"Isabelle said"Because it's true .I mean,I guess you dont have to go,but- ~ Cassandra Clare,
465:You, and in fact quite a lot of your generation, have in some way been exiled from that particular sanctuary. It's become almost impossible for someone to "go mad" in the classical sense. At one time people conveniently "went mad" and were never heard from again. Like a character in a romantic novel. But now you are too hip to yourself on a psychological level. You all are too intimate with too many of the symptoms of insanity to be caught completely off your guard. ~ Ken Kesey,
466:And for the next long years of my life, I tried to remember only the reading, not the terrible things that happened to me as I came and went up and down the stairs. The library became my sanctuary. I loved the ways the precious stories took shape but always had room to be read again. I became fascinated with how writers did that. How did they make a story feel so complete and yet to open-ended? It was like painting a picture that changed each time you looked at it. ~ Rene Denfeld,
467:...only the high priest can enter the Holy of Holies, and on only one day a year, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when all sins of Israel are wiped clean. On this day, the high priest comes into presence of God to atone for the whole nation. If he is worthy of God's blessing, Israel's sins are forgiven. If he is not, a rope tied to his waist ensures that when God strikes him dead, he can be dragged out of the Holy of Holies without anyone else defiling the sanctuary. ~ Reza Aslan,
468:To anyone who has full awareness of our “exile” from God, our alienation from this inmost self, and our blind wandering in the “region of unlikeness,” this claim can hardly seem believable. Yet it is nothing else but the message of Christ calling us to awake from sleep, to return from exile, and find our true selves within ourselves, in that inner sanctuary which is His temple and His heaven, and (at the end of the prodigal’s homecoming journey) the “Father’s House. ~ Thomas Merton,
469:What are you working on?" Elizabeth asked. Nate could hear her tapping a pencil on her desk. She took notes during their conversations. He didn't know what she did with the notes, but it bothered him.
"I have a lecture at the sanctuary in four days." Why, why had he told her? Why? Now she'd rattle down the mountain in her ancient Mercedes that looked like a Nazi staff car, sit in the audience, and ask all the questions that she knew in advance he couldn't answer. ~ Christopher Moore,
470:To salve the pains of consciousness, some people anesthetize themselves with sunny thoughts. But not everyone can follow their lead, above all not those who sneer at the sun and everything upon which it beats down. Their only respite is in the balm of bleakness. Disdainful of the solicitations of hope, they look for sanctuary in desolate places - a scattering of ruins in a barren locale or a rubble of words in a book where someone whispers in a dry voice, "I too am here. ~ Thomas Ligotti,
471:And so meditation rests on the wager that if you can simply break the tyranny of your ordinary awareness, the rest will begin to unfold itself. At first when you begin a practice of meditation, it feels like a place you go to. You may think of it as “my inner sanctuary” or “my place apart with God.” But as the practice becomes more and more established in you so that this inner sanctuary begins to flow out into your life, it becomes more and more a place you come from. ~ Cynthia Bourgeault,
472:Churchill is the very type of a corrupt journalist. There is not a worse prostitute in politics. He himself has written that it'sunimaginable what can be done in war with the help of lies. He's an utterly amoral repulsive creature. I'm convinced that he has his place of refuge ready beyond the Atlantic. He obviously won't seek sanctuary in Canada. In Canada he'd be beaten up. He'll go to his friends the Yankees. As soon as this damnable winter is over, we'll remedy all that. ~ Adolf Hitler,
473:diplomatic options to press the Taliban seemed no more promising than military options.The United States had issued a formal warning to the Taliban, and also to Sudan,that they would be held directly responsible for any attacks on Americans, wherever they occurred, carried out by the Bin Ladin network as long as they continued to provide sanctuary to it.62 For a brief moment, it had seemed as if the August strikes might have shocked the Taliban into thinking of giving up Bin Ladin ~ Anonymous,
474:This place is a mystery. A sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader’s hands, a new spirit …” … ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
475:Create all the happiness you are able to create: remove all the misery you are able to remove. Every day will allow you to add something to the pleasure of others, or to diminish something of their pains. And for every grain of enjoyment you sow in the bosom of another, you shall find a harvest in your own bosom; while every sorrow which you pluck out from the thoughts and feelings of a fellow creature shall be replaced by beautiful peace and joy in the sanctuary of your soul. ~ Jeremy Bentham,
476:Listening is the oldest and perhaps the most powerful tool of healing. It is often through the quality of our listening and not the wisdom of our words that we are able to effect the most profound changes in the people around us. When we listen, we offer with our attention an opportunity for wholeness. Our listening creates sanctuary for the homeless parts within the other person. That which has been denied, unloved, devalued by themselves and others. That which is hidden. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen,
477:Unmoored and in flight, the refugee is vulnerable to every king of harm- from homelessness to fraud- but sexual violence is the most intimate and most public act of brutalization, and it erupts wherever laws and social norms are unraveled. As transit bodies drift in search of sanctuary, gendered violence can buttress a social taxonomy of dominance and oppression, demarcating the tapeable and those with the power to rape, siphoning spheres of male and female, captors and prisoners. ~ Roxane Gay,
478:The hidden village was something we found when we went to research in China we climbed a mountain in the Sichuan province where the panda sanctuary is based, and we climbed to this beautiful, mist-covered, almost primordial place and when we turned these corners these moss covered old buildings would come into view, revealing themselves and it was so beautiful and so unlike anything we'd seen that we literally took those moments and put them into the film [Kung Fu Panda 3]. ~ Jennifer Yuh Nelson,
479:If I can't laugh at the fool I am I'll despair at the beast I am. You must laugh at yourself, Michael."

"I expect you're right," he said. "One must come out on the other side of despair before one can find that stony sanctuary."

"And laughing at yourself gives you freedom."

"From what?" asked Michael grimly.

"From hating yourself. One can be just as self-engrossed in self-hatred as self-love, and either way be as blind to the quality of those about you... ~ Elizabeth Goudge,
480:This place is a mystery. A sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it & the soul of those who read it & lived it & dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down it's pages, it's spirit grows & strengthens. In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader's hands, a new spirit... ~ Carlos Ruiz Zaf n,
481:Banks and churches and courtrooms all depend on the appurtenances of theatre. On illusion. Banks, the illusion of stability and honourable dealings to the rot and corruption of capitalist exploitation. Churches the illusion of sacred sanctuary of purposes of pacifying social discontent. Courtrooms of course designed to promote the illusion of solemn justice. If there was true justice why would such trappings be necessary? Wouldn't a table and chairs and an ordinary room serve just as well? ~ E L Doctorow,
482:were preparing to moor a visiting dirigible. With such fantastic zoom, she could see that there were OPA guards in black suits waiting to receive the airship. A lot of them. Whoever was on the dirigible must have been important. She focused on the airship. The sanctuary logo marked the side. Rylie Gresham was arriving for her meeting, just as Stark had said she would. The Godslayer was right there. She’d have all the answers that Deirdre wanted. “Having trouble?” the old tourist asked kindly. ~ S M Reine,
483:In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapon stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members... It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. ~ Hillary Clinton,
484:Hinduism — a spiritual world
That contains everything, and shimmers in all colors;
It offers us Vedanta, the doctrine of the great Shankara:
And also gods without number,
In whose cult our heart has no interest.

Islam wants first and foremost to be Unity,
And life-wisdom. It also knows the wine
Of the heart, that turns the soul inwards.
Islam is revelation’s last sanctuary.

In whichever language one honors truth:
God is reality — the world is appearance. ~ Frithjof Schuon,
485:It is not the sanctuary that is in danger; it is civilization. It is not infallibility that may go down; it is personal rights. It is not the Eucharist that may pass away; it is freedom of conscience. It is not divine justice that may evaporate; it is the courts of human justice. It is not that God may be driven from His throne; it is that men may lose the meaning of home; For peace on earth will come only to those who give glory to God! It is not the Church that is in danger, it is the world! ~ Fulton J Sheen,
486:It's funny how after all those years attending youth events with light shows and bands, after all the contemporary Christian music and contemporary Christian books, after all the updated technology and dynamic speakers and missional enterprises and relevant marketing strategies designed to make Christianity cool, all I wanted from the church when I was ready to give it up was a quiet sanctuary and some candles. All I wanted was a safe place to be. Like so many, I was in search of sanctuary. ~ Rachel Held Evans,
487: Far Away From Here
This is the sanctuary
where the prettified young lady,
calm, and always ready,
fans her breasts, aglow,
elbow on the pillow,
hears the fountain’s flow:
it’s the room of Dorothea.
- The breeze and water distantly
sing their song, mingled here
with sobs to soothe the spoiled child’s fear.
From tip to toe, most thoroughly,
her delicate surfaces appear,
oiled with sweet perfumery.
- the flowers nearby swoon gracefully.
~ Charles Baudelaire,
488:Ordinary people have an unlimited capacity for doing harm. What they do not see is they also have an unlimited power for doing good. In my long, weary travels, I have often seen the Powers choose the most undeserving of wretches for works that profit the most people. A peasant girl to fight a war. A child too timid to speak. A foundling abandoned at a sanctuary. In this way, the noble and powerful are forced to eat the sour crust of humility. The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing. ~ Jeff Wheeler,
489:The Blessing

Heads are covered by the Tallit, or prayer shawl; hands are extended out with the fingers splayed to form the shape of the letter Shin, the first letter in the word Shaddai, a name for the Almighty. The chant, in Hebrew, is loud and ecstatic: "May the Lord bless and keep you."

The Shekhina is summoned; the feminine essence of God. She enters the sanctuary to bless the congregation. The very sight of her, the awesome light emanating from the Shekhina, is dangerous to behold. ~ Leonard Nimoy,
490:I come, O Lord, unto Thy sanctuary to see the life and food of my soul. As I hope in Thee, O Lord, inspire me with that confidence which brings me to Thy holy mountain. Permit me, Divine Jesus, to come closer to Thee, that my whole soul may do homage to the greatness of Thy majesty; that my heart, with its tenderest affections, may acknowledge Thine infinite love; that my memory may dwell on the admirable mysteries here renewed every day, and that the sacrifice of my whole being may accompany Thine. ~ Clare of Assisi,
491:The Darkling smiled, but this time the turn of his lips was cold. He shoved off the table and stalked toward me.

“I will enter the Fold, Alina, and I will show West Ravka what I can do, even without the Sun Summoner. And when I have crushed Lantsov’s only ally, I will hunt you like an animal. You will find no sanctuary. You will have no peace.” He loomed over me, his gray eyes glinting. “Fly back home to your otkazat’sya,” he snarled. “Hold him tight. The rules of this game are about to change. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
492:Who now strides on my trail
devouring the distance between
no matter how I flee, the wasted
breath of my haste cast into the wind
and these dogs will prevail
dragging me down in howling glee
for the beasts were born fated,
trained in bold vengeance
by my own switch and hand
and no god will stand in my stead,
nor provide me sanctuary, even
should I plead for absolution -
the hounds of my deeds belong
only to me, and they have long hunted
and now the hunt ends. ~ Steven Erikson,
493:Arianna and I walked side by side along the route that led through the center of Sanctuary the next day. All but invisible, or we tried to be. We’d honed our talent for blending in with our surroundings, drawing so little notice we might as well have been invisible—one of the skills we’d learned from Trees Speaking long ago. Invisibility, he’d taught us, was not a physical state, but a mental one. It came in handy when one needed anonymity. And an immortal witch living in a mortal world always needed that. ~ Maggie Shayne,
494:PSALM 150 [†] u Praise the LORD! Praise God in his m sanctuary; praise him in n his mighty heavens! [1] ps150v2 2 Praise him for his o mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent p greatness! ps150v3 3[†] Praise him with q trumpet sound; praise him with r lute and r harp! ps150v4 4 Praise him with s tambourine and s dance; praise him with t strings and u pipe! ps150v5 5 Praise him with sounding v cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals! ps150v6 6 Let w everything that has breath praise the LORD! ~ Anonymous,
495:Their bedroom has always been our sanctuary. Sometimes at night we'll end up on their bed just talking. My dad will be snoring and Mia will say, "Turn around, Bobby, you're snoring," and he'll turn around and for a moment it'll be silent. Then he'll erupt into a massive snore and Luca and I will kill ourselves laughing and my dad will wake up and bark, "Get to bed!" and not even a second later he'll be snoring and we'll kill ourselves laughing again and Mia will say, "What is this? Grand Central Station? ~ Melina Marchetta,
496:Prayer is either a sheer illusion or a personal contact between embryonic, incomplete persons (ourselves) and the utterly concrete Person. Prayer in the sense of petition, asking for things, is a small part of it; confession and penitence are its threshold, adoration its sanctuary, the presence and vision and enjoyment of God its bread and wine. In it God shows Himself to us. That He answers prayers is a corollary—not necessarily the most important one—from that revelation. What He does is learned from what He is. ~ C S Lewis,
497:The Democrats are threatened by self-reliant people, self-sufficient people. They're threatened by you being independently self-sufficient. Sanctuary cities? You might think that these people would love to offload some of the burden on their social services. You'd be dead wrong. This is how they define their worth. This is how they define their compassion, by forcing the taxpaying, working citizens of their communities to pay for all of this. That's how they get to run around and tell people how great they are. ~ Rush Limbaugh,
498:When Israel came out of Egypt, 1 the house of Jacob from a barbarous-tongued folk, Judah became His sanctuary, 2 Israel His dominion. 3 The sea saw and fled, Jordan turned back. 4 The mountains danced like rams, hills like lambs of the flock. 5 What is wrong with you, sea, that you flee, Jordan, that you turn back, 6 mountains, that you dance like rams, hills like lambs of the flock? 7 Before the Master, whirl, O earth, before the God of Jacob, Who turns the rock to a pond of water, 8 flint to a spring of water. ~ Robert Alter,
499:avoid. A rump group of rebel soldiers formed a colony west of Vera Cruz called Carlota, which soon burgeoned into a community of five thousand people. Among southern generals flocking to sanctuary in Mexico were Jubal Early, Edmund Kirby Smith, Sterling Price, J. B. Magruder, and Joseph Shelby as well as governors of three southern states and members of the Confederate cabinet. With Maximilian’s connivance, these refugees began to advertise in southern newspapers that cheap land and labor were plentiful in Mexico. ~ Ron Chernow,
500:On Saturday, March 2, 1805, Vice President Burr took his leave of the capital with a paean to the Senate, which he called “a sanctuary; a citadel of law, of order, and of liberty; and it is here—it is here, in this exalted refuge; here, if anywhere, will resistance be made to the storms of popular frenzy and the silent arts of corruption; and if the Constitution be destined ever to perish by the sacrilegious hands of a demagogue or the usurper, which God avert, its expiring agonies will be witnessed on this floor. ~ Jon Meacham,

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   1 Integral Yoga
   1 Christianity

   9 Sri Aurobindo
   7 Aleister Crowley
   4 Carl Jung

   10 Savitri
   4 The Life Divine
   4 Magick Without Tears
   4 Aion
   4 A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah
   3 The Secret Doctrine
   3 The Bible
   3 Liber ABA
   2 The Hero with a Thousand Faces
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01.02_-_The_Issue, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    And preen joy in her warmth and colour's rule.
    A deep of compassion, a hushed sanctuary,
    Her inward help unbarred a gate in heaven;

01.03_-_The_Yoga_of_the_King_The_Yoga_of_the_Souls_Release, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Made there her study of divining thought
  And sanctuary of prophetic speech
  And sat upon the tripod seat of mind:

01.04_-_The_Secret_Knowledge, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Concealed in life's hermetic envelope.
  A burning Witness in the sanctuary
  Regards through Time and the blind walls of Form;

02.05_-_The_Godheads_of_the_Little_Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Angels of ecstasy and self-giving pass,
  And lodged in an inner sanctuary of dream
  The makers of the image of deity live.

02.08_-_The_World_of_Falsehood,_the_Mother_of_Evil_and_the_Sons_of_Darkness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A silence falls upon the spirit's heights,
  From the veiled sanctuary the God retires,
  Empty and cold is the chamber of the Bride;

02.11_-_The_Kingdoms_and_Godheads_of_the_Greater_Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Far are those realms from our labour and yearning and call,
  Perfection's reign and hallowed sanctuary
  Closed to the uncertain thoughts of human mind,

03.03_-_The_House_of_the_Spirit_and_the_New_Creation, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Where refugee instincts and unshaped revolts
  Could shelter find in darkness' sanctuary
  Against the white purity of heaven's cleansing flame.

05.01_-_The_Destined_Meeting-Place, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  To a space she came of soft and delicate air
  That seemed a sanctuary of youth and joy,
  A highland world of free and green delight

10.03_-_The_Debate_of_Love_and_Death, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Admitting bacchant revellers from the Night
  Into its sanctuary of delights,
  As in a Dionysian masquerade.

1.00_-_Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  Therefore the Deity is bathed and clothed and decked with ornaments. He is fed and put to sleep. He is propitiated with hymns, songs, and prayers. And there are appropriate rites connected with all these functions. For instance, to secure for himself external purity, the priest bathes himself in holy water and puts on a holy cloth. He purifies the mind and the sense organs by appropriate meditations. He fortifies the place of worship against evil forces by drawing around it circles of fire and water. He awakens the different spiritual centres of the body and invokes the Supreme Spirit in his heart. Then he transfers the Supreme Spirit to the image before him and worships the image, regarding it no longer as clay or stone, but as the embodiment of Spirit, throbbing with Life and Consciousness. After the worship the Supreme Spirit is recalled from the image to Its true sanctuary, the heart of the priest. The real devotee knows the absurdity of worshipping the Transcendental Reality with material articles - clothing That which pervades the whole universe and the beyond, putting on a pedestal That which cannot be limited by space, feeding That which is disembodied and incorporeal, singing before That whose glory the music of the spheres tries vainly to proclaim. But through these rites the devotee aspires to go ultimately beyond rites and rituals, forms and names, words and praise, and to realize God as the All-pervading Consciousness.

1.00_-_Main, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  O people of the world! When the Mystic Dove will have winged its flight from its sanctuary of Praise and sought its far-off goal, its hidden habitation, refer ye whatsoever ye understand not in the Book to Him Who hath branched from this mighty Stock.

1.00_-_Preface, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Should there be those who are so unfortunate as to possess no such sacred sanctuary of their own, one builded with their own hands, I humbly offer this well-tended garden of Pomegranates which has been bequeathed to me. I hope that therein may be gathered a few little shoots, a rare flower or two, or some ripe fruit which may serve as the nucleus or the wherewithal for the planting of such a secret garden of the mind, without which there is no peace, nor joy, nor happiness.

1.01_-_Historical_Survey, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  A contemporary School believed that Judaism of that day, taken from an exclusively philosophical standpoint, did not show the "right way to the sanctuary", and endeavoured to combine philosophy and Qabalah, illustrating their various theorems by mathematical forms.

1.02_-_The_Divine_Teacher, #Essays On The Gita, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The Vaishnava form of Vedantism which has laid most stress upon this conception expresses the relation of God in man to man in God by the double figure of Nara-Narayana, associated historically with the origin of a religious school very similar in its doctrines to the teaching of the Gita. Nara is the human soul which, eternal companion of the Divine, finds itself only when it awakens to that companionship and begins, as the Gita would say, to live in God. Narayana is the divine Soul always present in our humanity, the secret guide, friend and helper of the human being, the "Lord who abides within the heart of creatures" of the Gita; when within us the veil of that secret sanctuary is withdrawn and man speaks face to face with God, hears the divine voice, receives the divine light, acts in the divine power, then becomes possible the supreme uplifting of the embodied human conscious-being into the unborn and eternal. He becomes capable of that dwelling in God and giving up of his whole consciousness into the Divine which the Gita upholds as the best or highest secret of things, uttamam rahasyam. When

1.03_-_Supernatural_Aid, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  threshold passages and life awakenings, protective power is al
  ways and ever present within the sanctuary of the heart and
  even immanent within, or just behind, the unfamiliar features of

1.03_-_The_Sephiros, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  In conference assembled within the sanctuary of the
  Gnosis, they began considering the subject in all its aspects.

1.05_-_Christ,_A_Symbol_of_the_Self, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  R. Ishmael the son of Elisha said: I once entered the innermost
  sanctuary to offer incense, and there I saw Akathriel 70 Jah Jahweh
  Zebaoth 71 seated upon a high and exalted throne. He said to me,

1.05_-_The_Belly_of_the_Whale, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  past the temple guardians does not invalidate their significance;
  for if the intruder is incapable of encompassing the sanctuary,
  then he has effectually remained without. Anyone unable to un
  was cut on the twenty-second of March, and brought into the
  sanctuary of the mother-goddess, Cybele. There it was swathed
  like a corpse with woolen bands and decked with wreaths of vio

1.07_-_The_Prophecies_of_Nostradamus, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  will outlast the Northern one by three years. He sees a return
  of paganism ("the sanctuary destroyed by paganism"), the Bible
  will be burned, and an immense blood-bath will take place: "So

1.08_-_The_Historical_Significance_of_the_Fish, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  the night are over, after cock-crow, they go down with torches into
  a subterranean sanctuary and bring up a carved wooden image,
  which is laid naked on a litter. On its forehead it has the sign of the

1.08_-_The_Ladder, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  To write of the grades above 5 = 6 becomes increasingly difficult because, without being an Adeptus Minor himself, the reader has no means at all of understanding what the
  Adept considers a necessary task, since his viewpoint differs enormously from that of the ordinary learned man. Never- theless, the little that has filtered out from the sanctuary, and come down from tradition, may as well be stated here.
  To become an Adeptus Major (in the Sphere of Geburah -

11.01_-_The_Eternal_Day_The_Souls_Choice_and_the_Supreme_Consummation, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A crypt and sanctuary of brooding light
  Appeared, the last recess of things beyond.

1.13_-_Gnostic_Symbols_of_the_Self, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  ing description: "The king comes out of an apartment called
  the sanctuary, then he ascends into a pavilion open at the four
  sides, with four staircases leading up to it. Carrying the emblems

1.17_-_The_Transformation, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  the world. The Secret had to be forgotten, humanity had to descend the dark curve of the age of reason and religions, so that all could recover the Secret and the Light everywhere, beneath all the darkness,
  all the misery, and the pettiness, instead of in a high brazier in some Vedic or Persian sanctuary. We are at the beginning of Time.
  Evolution does not follow an increasingly sublime and vanishing trajectory, but a spiral: It is not a tortuous path leading you back,

1.45_-_Unserious_Conduct_of_a_Pupil, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  1. The Cloud on the sanctuary. On reading this book, Mr. X.,[86] who was desperate from the conviction that no success in life was worth a tinker's dam, decided: "This is the answer to my problem; the members of the Secret Fraternity which this book describes have solved the riddle of life. I must discover them, and seek to be received amongst them."

1.66_-_Vampires, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  There is a mighty volume of theory and practice concerning this and cognate subjects which will be open to you when and if you attain the VIII of O.T.O. and become Pontiff and Epopt of the Illuminati. Further, when you enter the sanctuary of the Gnosis oh boy! Or, more accurately, oh girl!

1.78_-_Sore_Spots, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Now why? Surely because in the sub-conscious lies an instinct that in these obscure medicines indeed lies the key of some forbidden sanctuary. There is a fascination as irrational and therefore as strong, as the fear. Here is the point at which they link up with sex and religion. Oh, how well nigh almighty is the urgency to him who reads those few great writers who understood the subject from experience: de Quincey, Ludlow, Poe and Baudelaire: into whom burn the pointed parallels between their adventures and those of all the mystics, East and West!

1.83_-_Epistola_Ultima, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    J'Accuse, Zola 203
    Cloud on the sanctuary, Equinox I, 1 205
    Ministry of Fear, Grahame Greene 210

2.03_-_Karmayogin_A_Commentary_on_the_Isha_Upanishad, #Isha Upanishad, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  indulgence. We can obtain our release only by escaping from her
  jurisdiction into the divine sanctuary where the slave of Nature,
  by his very entry, becomes free and her master.
  of Nature's jurisdiction and once we have left them behind, we
  have passed out of her kingdom; we have taken sanctuary from
  her pursuit and are freemen released from the action of her laws.

2.04_-_The_Divine_and_the_Undivine, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Buddhist that there is no need of explanation, since there is this one practical fact of the imperfection and impermanence of things and no Self, Divine or Brahman, for that too is an illusion of our consciousness: the one thing that is necessary for liberation is to get rid of the persistent structure of ideas and persistent energy of action which maintain a continuity in the flux of the impermanence. On this road of escape we achieve self-extinction in Nirvana; the problem of things gets itself extinguished by our own self-extinction. This is a way out, but it does not look like the true and only way, nor are the other solutions altogether satisfactory. It is a fact that by excluding the discordant manifestation from our inner consciousness as a superficial externality, by insisting only on the pure and perfect
  Presence, we can achieve individually a deep and blissful sense of this silent Divinity, can enter into the sanctuary, can live in the light and the rapture. An exclusive inner concentration on the Real, the Eternal is possible, even a self-immersion by which we can lose or put away the dissonances of the universe. But there is too somewhere deep down in us the need of a total consciousness, there is in Nature a secret universal seeking for the whole Divine, an impulsion towards some entire awareness and delight and power of existence; this need of a whole being, a total knowledge, this integral will in us is not fully satisfied by these solutions. So long as the world is not divinely explained to us, the Divine remains imperfectly known; for the world too is
  That and, so long as it is not present to our consciousness and possessed by our powers of consciousness in the sense of the divine being, we are not in possession of the whole Divinity.

2.25_-_The_Triple_Transformation, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  It is an ever-pure flame of the divinity in things and nothing that comes to it, nothing that enters into our experience can pollute its purity or extinguish the flame. This spiritual stuff is immaculate and luminous and, because it is perfectly luminous, it is immediately, intimately, directly aware of truth of being and truth of nature; it is deeply conscious of truth and good and beauty because truth and good and beauty are akin to its own native character, forms of something that is inherent in its own substance. It is aware also of all that contradicts these things, of all that deviates from its own native character, of falsehood and evil and the ugly and the unseemly; but it does not become these things nor is it touched or changed by these opposites of itself which so powerfully affect its outer instrumentation of mind, life and body. For the soul, the permanent being in us, puts forth and uses mind, life and body as its instruments, undergoes the envelopment of their conditions, but it is other and greater than its members.
  If the psychic entity had been from the beginning unveiled and known to its ministers, not a secluded King in a screened chamber, the human evolution would have been a rapid souloutflowering, not the difficult, chequered and disfigured development it now is; but the veil is thick and we know not the secret Light within us, the light in the hidden crypt of the heart's innermost sanctuary. Intimations rise to our surface from the psyche, but our mind does not detect their source; it takes them for its own activities because, before even they come to the surface, they are clothed in mental substance: thus ignorant of their authority, it follows or does not follow them according to its bent or turn at the moment. If the mind obeys the urge of the vital ego, then there is little chance of the psyche at all controlling the nature or manifesting in us something of its secret spiritual stuff and native movement; or, if the mind is over-confident to act in its own smaller light, attached to its own judgment, will and action of knowledge, then also the soul will remain veiled and quiescent and wait for the mind's farther evolution. For the psychic part within is there to support the natural evolution, and the first natural evolution must be the development of body, life and mind, successively, and these must act each in its own kind or together in their ill-assorted partnership in order to grow and have experience and evolve. The soul gathers the essence of all our mental, vital and bodily experience and assimilates it for the farther evolution of our existence in Nature; but this action is occult and not obtruded on the surface. In the early material and vital stages of the evolution of being there is indeed no consciousness of soul; there are psychic activities, but the instrumentation, the form of these activities are vital and physical - or mental when the mind is active. For even the mind, so long as it is primitive or is developed but still too external, does not recognise their deeper character. It is easy to regard ourselves as physical beings or beings of life or mental beings using life and body and to ignore the existence of the soul altogether: for the only definite idea that we have of the soul is of something that survives the death of our bodies; but what this is we do not know because even if we are conscious sometimes of its presence, we are not normally conscious of its distinct reality nor do we feel clearly its direct action in our nature.
  As the evolution proceeds, Nature begins slowly and tentatively to manifest our occult parts; she leads us to look more and more within ourselves or sets out to initiate more clearly recognisable intimations and formations of them on the surface.

2.26_-_The_Ascent_towards_Supermind, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The spiritual evolution obeys the logic of a successive unfolding; it can take a new decisive main step only when the previous main step has been sufficiently conquered: even if certain minor stages can be swallowed up or leaped over by a rapid and brusque ascension, the consciousness has to turn back to assure itself that the ground passed over is securely annexed to the new condition. It is true that the conquest of the spirit supposes the execution in one life or a few lives of a process that in the ordinary course of Nature would involve a slow and uncertain procedure of centuries or even of millenniums: but this is a question of the speed with which the steps are traversed; a greater or concentrated speed does not eliminate the steps themselves or the necessity of their successive surmounting. The increased rapidity is possible only because the conscious participation of the inner being is there and the power of the Supernature is already at work in the half-transformed lower nature, so that the steps which would otherwise have had to be taken tentatively in the night of Inconscience or Ignorance can now be taken in an increasing light and power of Knowledge. The first obscure material movement of the evolutionary Force is marked by an aeonic graduality; the movement of life progress proceeds slowly but still with a quicker step, it is concentrated into the figure of millenniums; mind can still further compress the tardy leisureliness of Time and make long paces of the centuries; but when the conscious Spirit intervenes, a supremely concentrated pace of evolutionary swiftness becomes possible. Still, an involved rapidity of the evolutionary course swallowing up the stages can only come in when the power of the conscious Spirit has prepared the field and the supramental Force has begun to use its direct influence. All Nature's transformations do indeed wear the appearance of a miracle, but it is a miracle with a method: her largest strides are taken over an assured ground, her swiftest leaps are from a base that gives security and certainty to the evolutionary saltus; a secret all-wisdom governs everything in her, even the steps and processes that seem to be most unaccountable.
  This law of Nature's procedure brings in the necessity of a gradation in the last transitional process, a climbing of degrees, an unfolding of higher and higher states that lead us from the spiritualised mind to supermind, - a steep passage that could not be accomplished otherwise. There are above us, we have seen, successive states, levels or graded powers of being overtopping our normal mind, hidden in our own superconscient parts, higher ranges of Mind, degrees of spiritual consciousness and experience; without them there would be no links, no helpful intervening spaces to make the immense ascension possible. It is indeed from these higher sources that the secret spiritual Power acts upon the being and by its pressure brings about the psychic transformation or the spiritual change; but in the early stages of our growth this action is not apparent, it remains occult and unseizable. At first what is necessary is that the pure touch of the spiritual force must intervene in mental nature: that awakening pressure must stamp itself upon mind and heart and life and give them their upward orientation; a subtle light or a great transmuting power must purify, refine and uplift their motions and suffuse them with a higher consciousness that does not belong to their own normal capacity and character. This can be done from within by an invisible action through the psychic entity and the psychic personality; a consciously felt descent from above is not indispensable. The presence of the spirit is there in every living being, on every level, in all things, and because it is there, the experience of Sachchidananda, of the pure spiritual existence and consciousness, of the delight of a divine presence, closeness, contact can be acquired through the mind or the heart or the life-sense or even through the physical consciousness; if the inner doors are flung sufficiently open, the light from the sanctuary can suffuse the nearest and the farthest chambers of the outer being. The necessary turn or change can also be brought about by an occult descent of the spiritual force from above, in which the influx, the influence, the spiritual consequence is felt, but the higher source is unknown and the actual feeling of a descent is not there. A consciousness so touched may be so much uplifted that the being turns to an immediate union with the Self or with the Divine by departure from the evolution and, if that is sanctioned, no question of graduality or steps or method intervenes, the rupture with Nature can be decisive: for the law of departure, once it is made possible, is not or need not be the same as the law of the evolutionary transformation and perfection; it is or can be a leap, a breaking out of bonds rapid or immediate, - the spiritual evasion is secured and its only remaining sanction is the destined fall of the body. But if the transformation of earth life is intended, the first touch of spiritualisation must be followed by an awakening to the higher sources and energies, a seeking for them and an enlargement and heightening of the being into their characteristic status and a conversion of the consciousness to their greater law and dynamic nature. This change must go step by step, till the stair of the ascension is transcended and there is an emergence to those greatest wide-open spaces of which the Veda speaks, the native spaces of a consciousness which is supremely luminous and infinite.
  For here there is the same process of evolution as in the rest of the movement of Nature; there is a heightening and widening of the consciousness, an ascent to a new level and a taking up of the lower levels, an assumption and new integration of the existence by a superior power of Being which imposes its own way of action and its character and force of substanceenergy on as much as it can reach of the previously evolved parts of nature. The demand for integration becomes at this highest stage of Nature's workings a point of cardinal importance. In the lower grades of the ascension the new assumption, the integration into a higher principle of consciousness, remains incomplete: the mind cannot wholly mentalise life and matter; there are considerable parts of the life being and the body which remain in the realm of the submental and the subconscient or inconscient. This is one serious obstacle to the mind's endeavour towards the perfection of the nature; for the continued share of the submental, the subconscient and inconscient in the government of the activities, by bringing in another law than that of the mental being, enables the conscious vital and the physical consciousness also to reject the law laid upon them by the mind and to follow their own impulses and instincts in defiance of the mental reason and the rational will of the developed intelligence.

2.27_-_The_Gnostic_Being, #The Life Divine, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The gnostic being will take up the world of Life and Matter, but he will turn and adapt it to his own truth and purpose of existence; he will mould life itself into his own spiritual image, and this he will be able to do because he has the secret of a spiritual creation and is in communion and oneness with the Creator within him. This will be first effective in the shaping of his own inner and outer individual existence, but the same power and principle will operate in any common gnostic life; the relations of gnostic being with gnostic being will be the expression of their one gnostic self and supernature shaping into a significant power and form of itself the whole common existence.
  In all spiritual living the inner life is the thing of first importance; the spiritual man lives always within, and in a world of the Ignorance that refuses to change he has to be in a certain sense separate from it and to guard his inner life against the intrusion and influence of the darker forces of the Ignorance: he is out of the world even when he is within it; if he acts upon it, it is from the fortress of his inner spiritual being where in the inmost sanctuary he is one with the Supreme Existence or the soul and God are alone together. The gnostic life will be an inner life in which the antinomy of the inner and the outer, the self and the world will have been cured and exceeded. The gnostic being will have indeed an inmost existence in which he is alone with God, one with the Eternal, self-plunged into the depths of the Infinite, in communion with its heights and its luminous abysses of secrecy; nothing will be able to disturb or to invade these depths or bring him down from the summits, neither the world's contents nor his action nor all that is around him. This is the transcendence aspect of the spiritual life and it is necessary for the freedom of the spirit; for otherwise the identity in Nature with the world would be a binding limitation and not a free identity. But at the same time God-love and the delight of God will be the heart's expression of that inner communion and oneness, and that delight and love will expand itself to embrace all existence. The peace of God within will be extended in the gnostic experience of the universe into a universal calm of equality not merely passive but dynamic, a calm of freedom in oneness dominating all that meets it, tranquillising all that enters into it, imposing its law of peace on the supramental being's relations with the world in which he is living. Into all his acts the inner oneness, the inner communion will attend him and enter into his relations with others, who will not be to him others but selves of himself in the one existence, his own universal existence. It is this poise and freedom in the spirit that will enable him to take all life into himself while still remaining the spiritual self and to embrace even the world of the Ignorance without himself entering into the Ignorance.
  For his experience of cosmic existence will be, by its form of nature and by an individualised centration, that of one living in the universe but, at the same time, by self-diffusion and extension in oneness, that of one who carries the universe and all its beings within him. This extended state of being will not only be an extension in oneness of self or an extension in conceptive idea and vision, but an extension of oneness in heart, in sense, in a concrete physical consciousness. He will have the cosmic consciousness, sense, feeling, by which all objective life will become part of his subjective existence and by which he will realise, perceive, feel, see, hear the Divine in all forms; all The Gnostic Being forms and movements will be realised, sensed, seen, heard, felt as if taking place within his own vast self of being. The world will be connected not only with his outer but with his inner life. He will not meet the world only in its external form by an external contact; he will be inwardly in contact with the inner self of things and beings: he will meet consciously their inner as well as their outer reactions; he will be aware of that within them of which they themselves will not be aware, act upon all with an inner comprehension, encounter all with a perfect sympathy and sense of oneness but also an independence which is not overmastered by any contact. His action on the world will be largely an inner action by the power of the spirit, by the spiritual-supramental idea-force formulating itself in the world, by the secret unspoken word, by the power of the heart, by the dynamic life-force, by the enveloping and penetrating power of the self one with all things; the outer expressed and visible action will be only a fringe, a last projection of this vaster single total of activity.

3.07_-_The_Formula_of_the_Holy_Grail, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Finally, the total numeration of the word AUMGN is 100, which, as
  initiates of the sanctuary of the Gnosis of the O.T.O. are taught,
  expresses the unity under the form of complete manifestation by the

3.11_-_Spells, #Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2E, #unset, #Philosophy
    Magical spells allowing access to the building fail. Thus, creatures attempting to teleport or fly into the building are stopped. Birds and creatures with natural flight may enter the building normally.
    If the building is a temple (or other consecrated building) dedicated to the Power that granted the spell, all priests inside it gain the benefit of a sanctuary spell for the duration of the preservation.
    The preservation spell expires if the building is destroyed or after 60 days have passed.

3.20_-_Of_the_Eucharist, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  These secrets are of supreme practical importance, and are
  guarded in the sanctuary with a two-edged sword flaming every
  way;1 for this sacrament is the Tree of Life itself,2 and whoso

7.02_-_Courage, #Words Of Long Ago, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  He finds a way to enter and looks into the sanctuary of the goddess Chamunda.

Aeneid, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  For while he waited for the queen, he studied
  everything in that huge sanctuary,
  marveling at a city rich enough
  the fortress. Down the empty porticoes,
  in Juno's sanctuary, I can see
  both Phoenix and the fierce Ulysses, chosen
  with "the greater Ajax," son of Telamon.) During the sack of
  Troy, Ajax violated Cassandra, who had fled for sanctuary to the
  altar of Minerva's temple. For this crime Minerva punished him.

Appendix_4_-_Priest_Spells, #Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2E, #unset, #Philosophy
      SPELL - sanctuary (Abjuration)
        Sphere: Protection
        When the priest casts a sanctuary spell, any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the protected creature must roll a saving throw vs. spell. If the saving throw is successful, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the saving throw is failed, the opponent loses track of and totally ignores the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. Note that this spell does not prevent the operation of area attacks (fireball, ice storm, etc.). While protected by this spell, the subject cannot take direct offensive action without breaking the spell, but may use nonattack spells or otherwise act in any way that does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows a warded priest to heal wounds, for example, or to bless, perform an augury, chant, cast a light in the area (but not upon an opponent), and so on.
        The word of recall spell takes the priest instantly back to his sanctuary when the word is uttered. The sanctuary must be specifically designated in advance by the priest and must be a well-known place. The actual point of arrival is a designated area no larger than 10' x 10'. The priest can be transported any distance, from above or below ground.
        By casting this spell, the priest creates a powerful magic aura in some specially prepared object--a string of prayer beads, a small clay tablet, an ivory baton, etc. This object radiates magic, for it contains the power to instantaneously transport its possessor to the sanctuary of the priest who created its magic. Once the item is enchanted, the priest must give it willingly to an individual, at the same time informing him of a command word to be spoken when the item is to be used. To make use of the item, the recipient must speak the command word at the same time that he rends or breaks the item. When this is done, the individual and all that he is wearing and carrying (up to the maximum encumbrance limit for the character) are instantly transported to the sanctuary of the priest, just as if the individual were capable of speaking a word of recall spell. No other creatures can be affected.

BOOK_II._--_PART_I._ANTHROPOGENESIS., #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  They are truly "the great, beneficent and powerful Gods," as Cassius Hermone calls them (See
  Macrob. Sat. I., iii., c. 4, p. 376). At Thebes, Kore and Demeter, the Kabirim, had a sanctuary (Pausan.
  IX. 22; 5), and at Memphis, the Kabiri had a temple so sacred, that none, excepting the priests, were
  reconciliation possible between the figures. But there is, in truth. Plato, being an Initiate, had to use the
  veiled language of the sanctuary, and so had the Magi of Chaldea and Persia, through whose exoteric
  revelations the Persian legends were preserved and passed to posterity. Thus, one finds the Hebrews

BOOK_II._--_PART_II._THE_ARCHAIC_SYMBOLISM_OF_THE_WORLD-RELIGIONS, #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  whole essence of truth cannot be transmitted from mouth to ear. Nor can any pen describe it, not even
  that of the recording Angel, unless man finds the answer in the sanctuary of his own heart, in the
  innermost depths of his divine intuitions. It is the great SEVENTH MYSTERY of Creation, the first
  the Essence of Form and Matter, the two principles of all things. When the Chaldeans broke into the
  sanctuary and beheld this most astounding emblem, they naturally enough exclaimed, 'Is this your (11 von 12) [06.05.2003 03:36:44]

BOOK_I._--_PART_I._COSMIC_EVOLUTION, #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  the "Soul Doctrine." None seem to have understood its real meaning and importance.
  That doctrine was preserved secretly -- too secretly, perhaps -- within the sanctuary. The mystery that
  shrouded its chief dogma and aspirations -- Nirvana -- has so tried and irritated the curiosity of those

Book_of_Exodus, #The Bible, #Anonymous, #Various
  Upon reaching Mount Sinai, God said to Moses: "Now therefore, if you will obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my own possession among all peoples; for all the earth is mine, and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation" (19:5-6). God then gave Moses on Mount Sinai (19:20) the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17). Moses wrote down the words of the Lord and the Sinai Covenant was ratified by the people (24:7) and renewed in 34:27-28. Exodus 23:16 describes the Firstfruits - - Bikkurim of the harvest as an offering to the Lord. Firstfruits is one of the seven Festivals of the Lord. God then instructed Moses to make a sanctuary - "so that I may dwell in their midst. Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you." (25:8-9). The Tabernacle or mishkan - - the Dwelling Place, consisted of two rooms divided by a veil: the Holy of Holies and a Holy Place, with an Outer Courtyard. The Holy of Holies would hold the Ark of the Covenant, in which were housed the Ten Commandments; the Holy Place would hold the Menorah or Golden Lampstand, the Altar of Incense, and the Table of Showbread or the Bread of the Presence - .
  However, in an act of disobedience, the people built a golden calf (Chapter 32) and suffered punishment; the calf is destroyed and the guilty died at the hands of the Levites. After God appeared to Moses alone in a fifth theophany (33:17-34:9), the Israelites finally built the sanctuary or Tabernacle with the Ark of the Covenant, in which God filled the Dwelling with his presence.
  14 The people shall hear, and be afraid: sorrow shall take hold on the inhabitants of Palestina. 15 Then the dukes of Edom shall be amazed; the mighty men of Moab, trembling shall take hold upon them; all the inhabitants of Canaan shall melt away. 16 Fear and dread shall fall upon them; by the greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone; till thy people pass over, O LORD, till the people pass over, which thou hast purchased. 17 Thou shalt bring them in, and plant them in the mountain of thine inheritance, in the place, O LORD, which thou hast made for thee to dwell in, in the sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have established.
  THE sanctuary OF THE LORD
  Contributions for the sanctuary
  8 And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. 9 According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.
  Plan of the Ark
  11 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 12 When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto the LORD, when thou numberest them; that there be no plague among them, when thou numberest them. 13 This they shall give, every one that passeth among them that are numbered, half a shekel after the shekel of the sanctuary: (a shekel is twenty gerahs:) an half shekel shall be the offering of the LORD. 14 Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto the LORD. 15 The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel, when they give an offering unto the LORD, to make an atonement for your souls. 16 And thou shalt take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shalt appoint it for the service of the tabernacle of the congregation; that it may be a memorial unto the children of Israel before the LORD, to make an atonement for your souls.
  The Laver
  22 Moreover the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, 23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels, 24 And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil. 26 And thou shalt anoint the tabernacle of the congregation therewith, and the ark of the testimony, 27 And the table and all his vessels, and the candlestick and his vessels, and the altar of incense, 28 And the altar of burnt offering with all his vessels, and the laver and his foot. 29 And thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy: whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy. 30 And thou shalt anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me in the priest's office. 31 And thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel, saying, This shall be an holy anointing oil unto me throughout your generations. 32 Upon man's flesh shall it not be poured, neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it: it is holy, and it shall be holy unto you. 33 Whosoever compoundeth any like it, or whosoever putteth any of it upon a stranger, shall even be cut off from his people.
  The Incense
  The Artisans for the sanctuary
  1 Then wrought Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whom the LORD put wisdom and understanding to know how to work all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary, according to all that the LORD had commanded.
  2 And Moses called Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whose heart the LORD had put wisdom, even every one whose heart stirred him up to come unto the work to do it: 3 And they received of Moses all the offering, which the children of Israel had brought for the work of the service of the sanctuary, to make it withal. And they brought yet unto him free offerings every morning. 4 And all the wise men, that wrought all the work of the sanctuary, came every man from his work which they made; 5 And they spake unto Moses, saying, The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work, which the LORD commanded to make. 6 And Moses gave commandment, and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, Let neither man nor woman make any more work for the offering of the sanctuary. So the people were restrained from bringing. 7 For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much.
  The Tent Cloth and Coverings
  21 This is the sum of the tabernacle, even of the tabernacle of testimony, as it was counted, according to the commandment of Moses, for the service of the Levites, by the hand of Ithamar, son to Aaron the priest. 22 And Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, made all that the LORD commanded Moses. 23 And with him was Aholiab, son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, an engraver, and a cunning workman, and an embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and in scarlet, and fine linen. 24 All the gold that was occupied for the work in all the work of the holy place, even the gold of the offering, was twenty and nine talents, and seven hundred and thirty shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary. 25 And the silver of them that were numbered of the congregation was an hundred talents, and a thousand seven hundred and threescore and fifteen shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary: 26 A bekah for every man, that is, half a shekel, after the shekel of the sanctuary, for every one that went to be numbered, from twenty years old and upward, for six hundred thousand and three thousand and five hundred and fifty men. 27 And of the hundred talents of silver were cast the sockets of the sanctuary, and the sockets of the vail; an hundred sockets of the hundred talents, a talent for a socket. 28 And of the thousand seven hundred seventy and five shekels he made hooks for the pillars, and overlaid their chapiters, and filleted them. 29 And the brass of the offering was seventy talents, and two thousand and four hundred shekels. 30 And therewith he made the sockets to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and the brasen altar, and the brasen grate for it, and all the vessels of the altar, 31 And the sockets of the court round about, and the sockets of the court gate, and all the pins of the tabernacle, and all the pins of the court round about.

Book_of_Psalms, #The Bible, #Anonymous, #Various
  that a people not yet created may praise the LORD:
  19 "The LORD looked down from his sanctuary on high,
  from heaven he viewed the earth,

COSA_-_BOOK_X, #The Confessions of Saint Augustine, #Saint Augustine of Hippo, #Christianity
  there? what manner of lodging hast Thou framed for Thee? what manner of
  sanctuary hast Thou builded for Thee? Thou hast given this honour to my
  memory, to reside in it; but in what quarter of it Thou residest, that

Guru_Granth_Sahib_first_part, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  O humble servant of the Lord, O True Guru, O True Primal Being: I offer my humble prayer to You, O Guru.
  I am a mere insect, a worm. O True Guru, I seek Your sanctuary. Please be merciful, and bless me with the Light of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||
  O my Best Friend, O Divine Guru, please enlighten me with the Name of the Lord.
  Those who have not obtained the Sublime Essence of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, are most unfortunate; they are led away by the Messenger of Death.
  Those who have not sought the sanctuary of the True Guru and the Sangat, the Holy Congregation; cursed are their lives, and cursed are their hopes of life. ||3||
  Those humble servants of the Lord who have attained the Company of the True Guru, have such pre-ordained destiny inscribed on their foreheads.
  I am not celibate, nor truthful, nor scholarly. I was born foolish and ignorant into this world.
  Prays Nanak, I seek the sanctuary of those who have not forgotten You, O Lord! ||2||3||
  Aasaa, Fifth Mehl:
  Says Nanak, my actions are contemptible!
  O Lord, I seek Your sanctuary; please, preserve my honor! ||2||4||
  Sohilaa ~ The Song Of Praise. Raag Gauree Deepakee, First Mehl:
  O Siblings of Destiny, the world is in misery, engrossed in the love of duality.
  In the sanctuary of the Guru, peace is found, meditating on the Naam night and day. ||1||Pause||
  The truthful ones are not stained by filth. Meditating on the Lord, their minds remain pure.
  The blind, self-willed manmukhs do not even think of the Lord; they are drowned to death without water. ||1||
  O mind, vibrate and meditate forever on the Lord; seek the Protection of His sanctuary.
  If the Word of the Guru's Shabad abides deep within, then you shall not forget the Lord. ||1||Pause||
  Such a person remains blissful forever, day and night. Meeting the Beloved, peace is found. ||3||
  I am a sacrifice to those who seek the sanctuary of the True Guru.
  In the Court of the True One, they are blessed with true greatness; they are intuitively absorbed into the True Lord.
  Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, remain dead while yet alive, and the Name of the Lord shall come to dwell within the mind. ||1||
  Listen, O my mind: hurry to the Protection of the Guru's sanctuary.
  By Guru's Grace you shall be saved. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, you shall cross over the terrifying world-ocean of poison. ||1||Pause||
  This filth is not removed by studying. Go ahead, and ask the wise ones. ||1||
  O my mind, coming to the sanctuary of the Guru, you shall become immaculate and pure.
  The self-willed manmukhs have grown weary of chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, but their filth cannot be removed. ||1||Pause||
  O my True Guru, without You I have no other at all.
  I am foolish and ignorant; I seek Your sanctuary. Please be Merciful and unite me with the Lord. ||1||Pause||
  The True Guru is the Giver of the Name of the Lord. God Himself causes us to meet Him.
  The True Guru understands the Lord God. There is no other as Great as the Guru.
  I have come and collapsed in the Guru's sanctuary. In His Kindness, He has united me with God. ||2||
  No one has found Him by stubborn-mindedness. All have grown weary of the effort.
  Emotional attachment to children and spouse is poison; in the end, no one will go along with you as your helper. ||1||Pause||
  Through the Guru's Teachings, some embrace love for the Lord, and are saved. They remain detached and unaffected, and they find the sanctuary of the Lord.
  They keep death constantly before their eyes; they gather the Provisions of the Lord's Name, and receive honor.
  No one else can save you-don't look for anyone else.
  I have searched in all four directions; I have come to find His sanctuary.
  O Nanak, the True King has pulled me out and saved me from drowning! ||4||3||73||
  The One is the Support of the mind; the One is the Support of the breath of life.
  In His sanctuary there is eternal peace. He is the Supreme Lord God, the Creator. ||1||
  O my mind, give up all these efforts.
  The One is the Giver of all-there is no other at all.
  In His sanctuary, one is saved. Whatever He wishes, comes to pass. ||3||
  Perfectly fulfilled and famous are those, in whose minds the Supreme Lord God abides.
  The pains of birth and death are taken away; we are intuitively centered on His Meditation. ||1||
  O my mind, seek the sanctuary of God.
  Without the Lord, there is no other at all. Meditate on the One and only Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pause||
  O my mind, without the Lord, there is no other at all.
  Remain in God's sanctuary forever, and no suffering shall afflict you. ||1||Pause||
  Jewels, treasures, pearls, gold and silver-all these are just dust.
  He Himself bestows life and death; He is with us, within and beyond.
  Nanak seeks the sanctuary of God, the Master of all hearts. ||4||15||85||
  Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:
  The Guru is Merciful; we seek the sanctuary of God.
  Through the Teachings of the True Guru, all worldly entanglements are eliminated.
  The doubter has been put back on the path; his merits and demerits have not been considered.
  Nanak seeks the sanctuary of the One who is the Support of every heart. ||4||18||88||
  Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:
  The world is drunk, engrossed in sexual desire, anger and egotism.
  Seek the sanctuary of the Saints, and fall at their feet; your suffering and darkness shall be removed. ||2||
  Practice truth, contentment and kindness; this is the most excellent way of life.
  One whose destiny is so pre-ordained, obtains the Wealth of the True Name.
  Entering the sanctuary of the True Guru, you shall never die again.
  Nanak: may I never forget You, Lord. This soul, body and breath are Yours. ||4||29||99||
  Those who have such pre-ordained destiny, meditate on the Naam.
  Nanak seeks the sanctuary of the Guru, who does not die, or come and go in reincarnation. ||4||30||100||
  One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
  Those who are pleasing to You are good; no one is counterfeit or genuine. ||3||
  In the Guru's sanctuary we are saved. The assets of the self-willed manmukhs are false.
  The eight metals of the King are made into coins by the Word of His Shabad.

Liber_111_-_The_Book_of_Wisdom_-_LIBER_ALEPH_VEL_CXI, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
   Compare, o my Son, with this Doctrine that which was taught thee in the
   sanctuary of the Gnosis concerning the Death of the Righteous; and
   learn moreover that these are but particular Cases of an Universal
   but by the narrow Portal of Pure Gold shalt thou come nobly to thy
   sanctuary. Behold! Thou knowest not how perfect is this Magick; it is
   the dearest- bought and holiest of our Arcana. What then is like unto
   Truth, and is ready to communicate the same unto thee when thou hast
   Wit to evoke it from the Adytum and sanctuary of thy Being. And this is
   to be done by this Repetition of the Formula of that Truth.
   Upheaval in every Land. consider in thyself, herefore, what is the
   Might of the Adepts, the Energy of the sanctuary, that can endow one
   Man with the Word of an Aeon, and bring him to the End in Victory, with
   either in Love or in Wrath or in some other folly thereof, thou speak
   truth, profaning thy sanctuary. So was it ever, and herein I call to my
   witness Samson of Timnath, that was lost by this Error. Now for any

Liber_46_-_The_Key_of_the_Mysteries, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
   to accept them as expiation for the crimes committed in the name of
   religion itself, and the scandals of the profaned sanctuary.
   It is by charity that St. Vincent de Paul and Fenelon compelled the
   cannot love.
   Thus woman closed her heart as if it were a secret sanctuary, and said
   to men unworthy of her: "I am virgin, {19} but I will to become mother,
   feigned initiation. In order to dominate the vulgar, it is already
   necessary that the sanctuary should surround itself with sacrifices and
   with terror.
   Apocalypse may, perhaps, one day, unchain the four scourges. The
   sanctuary will be cleansed. Rigid and holy poverty will send forth its
   apostles to uphold what staggers, lift up again what is broken, and
   These instinctive reflections may be produced if the magic Word has
   nothing arbitrary in it, and if the signs of the occult sanctuary are
   the natural expressions of absolute ideas.
   Thus begins the Mosaic account of creation.
   Then, when it comes to giving a place to man, and a sanctuary to his
   alliance with divinity, Moses speaks of a garden, in the midst of which
   draws Adam with her in her fall. They are then driven out from the
   sanctuary of truth, and a kerub (a bull-headed sphinx, "vide" the
   hieroglyphs of Assyria, of India and of Egypt) is placed at the gate of
   the base of Hebrew itself, and of all the oriental languages which
   derive from it; this language is that of the sanctuary, and the columns
   at the entrance of the temples ordinarily contained all its symbols.
   object is the reproduction of being.
   One does not violate with impunity the sanctuary of Nature.
   Without risking his own life, no one lifts the veil of the great Isis.
   because they thirst for hope. How can faith be lost? How can science
   doubt the infinite harmony? Because the sanctuary of the absolute is
   always closed for the majority. But the kingdom of truth, which is that
   It is to raise the sacred veil of Isis; it is to profane the sanctuary.
   {Illustration on page 287 described:

Liber_71_-_The_Voice_of_the_Silence_-_The_Two_Paths_-_The_Seven_Portals, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
   verse. One can only commend it to the earnest consideration of members
   of the sanctuary of the Gnosis, the IX^a of the O.T.O.

Liber, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Liber CXX. (120) [D] - Ritual of passing through the Tuat, The ::: A Ritual of Initiation for certain Select Zelators.
  Liber CXXIV. (124) [] - Of Eden and the Sacred Oak, and of the Greater and Lesser Hospitality of the O.T.O. ::: - Crowley: 'An Epistle of Baphomet to His Excellency Sir James Thomas Windram, V.H., V.I., V.I., Initiate of the sanctuary of the Gnosis, his Viceroy in the Union of South Africa.'
  @Liber CXXXII. (132) [] - Apotheosis ::: A treatise on the Incarnation of a God, instructions to Realize and Proclaim His Identity. .. Crowley: 'An Epistle of Baphomet to His Excellency Sir Wilfred Talbot Smith, T.H., T.I. and T.I. Initiate of the sanctuary of the Gnosis, on the mystery of incarnation. Part : Birth of an Idea. Part : Dead Reckoning, and the Fort. Part : The Captain's Ship's Discipline: Hints on Navigation.'
  @Liber CXLVIII. (148) [C] - Soldier and the hunchback, The ::: A general discussion on philosophy.

Maps_of_Meaning_text, #Maps of Meaning, #Jordan Peterson, #Psychology
  maternal pain, grief and loss, deep water, and the dark woods; the fountain in the forest (water and woods
  in their alternative aspect), by contrast, brings to mind sanctuary, peace, rebirth, and replenishment.
  The knower is the creative explorer, the ego, the I, the eye, the phallus, the plow, the subject,
  hill. Hermopolis was famous for its lake, from which the cosmogonic lotus emerged. But other localities
  took advantage of the same privilege. Indeed, each city, each sanctuary, was considered to be a center
  of the world, the place where the Creation had begun. The initial mound sometimes became the cosmic
  What shall be the sign of our gratitude before thee?
  Come, let us make something whose name shall be called sanctuary.
  It shall be a dwelling for our rest at night; come, let us repose therein!251
  The first sequence of this mythico-ritual scenario the kings humiliation and Marduks captivity
  indicates the regression of the world to the precosmogonic chaos. In the sanctuary of Marduk the high
  priest stripped the king of his emblems (scepter, ring, scimitar and crown) and struck him in the face.

Sayings_of_Sri_Ramakrishna_(text), #Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  596. Meditate on God either in an obscure corner, or in the solitude of forests, or within the silent
  sanctuary of your own heart.
  597. In the beginning a man should try to concentrate his mind always in a lonely place; otherwise many

Tablet_1_-, #The Epic of Gilgamesh, #Anonymous, #Various
  and built the wall of Uruk-Haven,
  the wall of the sacred Eanna Temple, the holy sanctuary.
  Look at its wall which gleams like copper(?),

The_Circular_Ruins, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  His victory and peace became blurred with boredom. In the twilight times of dusk and dawn, he would prostrate himself before the stone figure, perhaps imagining his unreal son carrying out identical rites in other circular ruins downstream; at night he no longer dreamed, or dreamed as any man does. His perceptions of the sounds and forms of the universe became somewhat pallid: his absent son was being nourished by these diminution of his soul. The purpose of his life had been fulfilled; the man remained in a kind of ecstasy. After a certain time, which some chronicles prefer to compute in years and others in decades, two oarsmen awoke him at midnight; he could not see their faces, but they spoke to him of a charmed man in a temple of the North, capable of walking on fire without burning himself. The wizard suddenly remembered the words of the god. He remembered that of all the creatures that people the earth, Fire was the only one who knew his son to be a phantom. This memory, which at first calmed him, ended by tormenting him. He feared lest his son should meditate on this abnormal privilege and by some means find out he was a mere simulacrum. Not to be a man, to be a projection of another man's dreams--what an incomparable humiliation, what madness! Any father is interested in the sons he has procreated (or permitted) out of the mere confusion of happiness; it was natural that the wizard should fear for the future of that son whom he had thought out entrail by entrail, feature by feature, in a thousand and one secret nights.
  His misgivings ended abruptly, but not without certain forewarnings. First (after a long drought) a remote cloud, as light as a bird, appeared on a hill; then, toward the South, the sky took on the rose color of leopard's gums; then came clouds of smoke which rusted the metal of the nights; afterwards came the panic-stricken flight of wild animals. For what had happened many centuries before was repeating itself. The ruins of the sanctuary of the god of Fire was destroyed by fire. In a dawn without birds, the wizard saw the concentric fire licking the walls. For a moment, he thought of taking refuge in the water, but then he understood that death was coming to crown his old age and absolve him from his labors. He walked toward the sheets of flame. They did not bite his flesh, they caressed him and flooded him without heat or combustion. With relief, with humiliation, with terror, he understood that he also was an illusion, that someone else was dreaming him.

The_Golden_Bough, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  the precipitous cliffs on which the modern village of Nemi is
  perched, stood the sacred grove and sanctuary of Diana Nemorensis,
  or Diana of the Wood. The lake and the grove were sometimes known as
  looked was sooner or later to murder him and hold the priesthood in
  his stead. Such was the rule of the sanctuary. A candidate for the
  priesthood could only succeed to office by slaying the priest, and
  sacrificed on her altar. But transported to Italy, the rite assumed
  a milder form. Within the sanctuary at Nemi grew a certain tree of
  which no branch might be broken. Only a runaway slave was allowed to
  prayers had been heard by her came crowned with wreaths and bearing
  lighted torches to the sanctuary in fulfilment of their vows. Some
  one unknown dedicated a perpetually burning lamp in a little shrine
  borne by Diana at Nemi points clearly to the maintenance of a
  perpetual holy fire in her sanctuary. A large circular basement at
  the north-east corner of the temple, raised on three steps and
  But Diana did not reign alone in her grove at Nemi. Two lesser
  divinities shared her forest sanctuary. One was Egeria, the nymph of
  the clear water which, bubbling from the basaltic rocks, used to
  his service. Horses were excluded from the Arician grove and
  sanctuary because horses had killed Hippolytus. It was unlawful to
  touch his image. Some thought that he was the sun. "But the truth
  Laurentum, Cora, Tibur, Pometia, and Ardea. This tradition indeed
  speaks for the great age of the sanctuary, since it seems to date
  its foundation sometime before 495 B.C., the year in which Pometia
  credit of the tradition is rather shaken than confirmed by another
  story which ascribes the foundation of the sanctuary to a certain
  Manius Egerius, who gave rise to the saying, "There are many Manii
  that it refers to some ancient restoration or reconstruction of the
  sanctuary, which was actually carried out by the confederate states.
  At any rate it testifies to a belief that the grove had been from
  He had a famous sanctuary at his ancestral home of Troezen, situated
  on that beautiful, almost landlocked bay, where groves of oranges
  island, its peaks veiled in the sombre green of the pines. On this
  fair coast Hippolytus was worshipped. Within his sanctuary stood a
  temple with an ancient image. His service was performed by a priest
  milkmen. Thus amongst the Todas, a pastoral people of the Neilgherry
  Hills of Southern India, the dairy is a sanctuary, and the milkman
  who attends to it has been described as a god. On being asked
  city must have been Aricia, for there was none nearer. But Aricia
  was three miles off from his forest sanctuary by the lake shore. If
  he reigned, it was not in the city, but in the greenwood. Again his
  Amongst the Celts the oak-worship of the Druids is familiar to every
  one, and their old word for sanctuary seems to be identical in
  origin and meaning with the Latin _nemus,_ a grove or woodland
  his limbs. Proofs of the prevalence of tree-worship in ancient
  Greece and Italy are abundant. In the sanctuary of Aesculapius at
  Cos, for example, it was forbidden to cut down the cypress-trees
  as a goddess of nature in general and of fertility in particular. We
  need not wonder, therefore, that in her sanctuary on the Aventine
  she was represented by an image copied from the many-breasted idol
  AT BABYLON the imposing sanctuary of Bel rose like a pyramid above
  the city in a series of eight towers or stories, planted one on the
  world in the mysterious fashion characteristic of the old Latin
  kings. The sanctuary of the god on the top of the mountain was the
  religious centre of the Latin League, as Alba was its political
  marked out for the solemn annual assembly of the Latin League. The
  god's oldest sanctuary on this airy mountain-top was a grove; and
  bearing in mind not merely the special consecration of the oak to
  of the oak leaves and in the crash of thunder. Perhaps the bronze
  gongs which kept up a humming in the wind round the sanctuary were
  meant to mimick the thunder that might so often be heard rolling and
  of buildings and of votive offerings which have been found on the
  site of the sanctuary combine with the testimony of classical
  writers to prove that in later times it was one of the greatest and
  people to wear rings. Nobody might enter the ancient Arcadian
  sanctuary of the Mistress at Lycosura with a ring on his or her
  finger. Persons who consulted the oracle of Faunus had to be chaste,
  Spartans at Thermopylae, he came to the town of Alus. Here he was
  shown the sanctuary of Laphystian Zeus, about which his guides told
  him a strange tale. It ran somewhat as follows. Once upon a time the
  rises Mount Laphystius, on which, as at Alus in Thessaly, there was
  a sanctuary of Laphystian Zeus, where, according to tradition,
  Athamas purposed to sacrifice his two children Phrixus and Helle. On
  country, the Mecca or Jerusalem of the Phoenicians. The city stood
  on a height beside the sea, and contained a great sanctuary of
  Astarte, where in the midst of a spacious open court, surrounded by
  cloisters and approached from below by staircases, rose a tall cone
  or obelisk, the holy image of the goddess. In this sanctuary the
  rites of Adonis were celebrated. Indeed the whole city was sacred to
  beheaded by Pompey the Great for his tyrannous excesses. His
  legendary namesake Cinyras is said to have founded a sanctuary of
  Aphrodite, that is, of Astarte, at a place on Mount Lebanon, distant
  the source of the river Adonis, half-way between Byblus and Baalbec;
  for at Aphaca there was a famous grove and sanctuary of Astarte
  which Constantine destroyed on account of the flagitious character
  from the sea; the newer city sprang up at the harbour some ten miles
  off. The sanctuary of Aphrodite at Old Paphos (the modern Kuklia)
  was one of the most celebrated shrines in the ancient world.
  obliged by custom to prostitute themselves to strangers at the
  sanctuary of the goddess, whether she went by the name of Aphrodite,
  Astarte, or what not. Similar customs prevailed in many parts of
  was served by a multitude of sacred harlots at Comana in Pontus, and
  crowds of men and women flocked to her sanctuary from the
  neighbouring cities and country to attend the biennial festivals or
  on earth by the real, though temporary, union of the human sexes at
  the sanctuary of the goddess for the sake of thereby ensuring the
  fruitfulness of the ground and the increase of man and beast.
  stated; but from the mention of the ripe fruits it has been inferred
  that it took place in late summer. In the great Phoenician sanctuary
  of Astarte at Byblus the death of Adonis was annually mourned, to
  On the twenty-second day of March, a pine-tree was cut in the woods
  and brought into the sanctuary of Cybele, where it was treated as a
  great divinity. The duty of carrying the sacred tree was entrusted
  ministered to by eunuch priests were the great Artemis of Ephesus
  and the great Syrian Astarte of Hierapolis, whose sanctuary,
  frequented by swarms of pilgrims and enriched by the offerings of
  greatest festival of the year at Hierapolis fell at the beginning of
  spring, when multitudes thronged to the sanctuary from Syria and the
  regions round about. While the flutes played, the drums beat, and
  new birth and the remission of sins by the shedding of bull's blood
  appear to have been carried out above all at the sanctuary of the
  Phrygian goddess on the Vatican Hill, at or near the spot where the
  that in the land of the Bisaltae, a Thracian tribe, there was a
  great and fair sanctuary of Dionysus, where at his festival a bright
  light shone forth at night as a token of an abundant harvest
  vouchsafed by the diety; but if the crops were to fail that year,
  the mystic light was not seen, darkness brooded over the sanctuary
  as at other times. Moreover, among the emblems of Dionysus was the
  who had greased their bodies with oil for the occasion, used to pick
  out a bull from the herd and carry it to the sanctuary of the god.
  Dionysus was supposed to inspire their choice of the particular
  circumstance that the faith actually persisted among their Christian
  descendants at her old sanctuary of Eleusis down to the beginning of
  the nineteenth century. For when the English traveller Dodwell
  types, but also by the official title of "the Two Goddesses" which
  was regularly applied to them in the great sanctuary at Eleusis
  without any specification of their individual attributes and titles,
  was neither sacrificed to her as a rule, nor allowed to enter her
  great sanctuary, the Acropolis at Athens. The reason alleged for
  this was that the goat injured the olive, the sacred tree of Athena.
  the relation of the horse to Virbius, both animals being excluded
  from the sanctuary on the ground of injury done by them to the god.
  But from Varro we learn that there was an exception to the rule
  transfer to him their sin, guilt, trouble, and death." This parade
  over, he is taken to an inner sanctuary and beheaded. His last words
  or dying groans are the signal for an outburst of joy among the
  scapegoat into the sea to drown. The Leucadian ceremony took place
  at the time of a sacrifice to Apollo, who had a temple or sanctuary
  on the spot. Elsewhere it was customary to cast a young man every
  dissolving into spray before they reach the dark water of the fiord
  far below, Balder had a great sanctuary. It was called Balder's
  Grove. A palisade enclosed the hallowed ground, and within it stood
  perpetual fire which burned under the sacred oak at the great
  Lithuanian sanctuary of Romove. Further, that oak-wood was formerly
  the fuel burned in the midsummer fires may perhaps be inferred from

The_Gospel_According_to_Matthew, #The Bible, #Anonymous, #Various
  29 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments of the righteous, 30 saying, 'If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.' 31 Thus you witness against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers. 33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell? 34 Therefore I send you prophets and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify, and some you will scourge in your synagogues and persecute from town to town, 35 that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of innocent Abel to the blood of Zechariah the son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar. 36 Truly, I say to you, all this will come upon this generation.
  Lament over Jerusalem

Thus_Spoke_Zarathustra_text, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  for his goal and heir he will hang no more dry wreaths
  in the sanctuary of life. Verily, I do not want to be like
  the ropemakers: they drag out their threads and always

Verses_of_Vemana, #is Book, #Vemana, #unset
  Plunging, plunging and plunging in holy streams, squatting and squatting in meditation, talking and talking, charms becoming leaner and leaner, roaming, roaming, roaming and roaming from sanctuary to sanctuary--ye turn giddy and are ruined.

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