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  while this section existed as profiles, I added intros because I want to build up a proper intro before I drop it on David Wu's CoronaSquad discord

  hiya all,

  im a pandit of sorts (a scholar learned in philosophy, psychology and religion, particularly integral theory and integral yoga (been studying Integral for about 11 years)),
  aspiring to be an Integral Yogi (complete and total union with God with all ones nature and as direct of a path towards the complest union and resultant transformation as possible) so as to help bring about the supramental manifestation (heaven on earth, the Divine manifestation). (at least this is my highest aspiration, when I am at my heights, I do forget. a lot. and I feel to be .00001% there.)

  I have also been studying programming for about 4 years now aswell (working on/towards: full AI, game dev, chatbots, e-learning/e-school/e-workplace and informatics).
  I mostly program in BASH, Racket/Scheme, Python and Javascript atm.

  Welcome to the Server! Glad to have you here. Please enjoy. [to be edited]

  how to go about this.. I am 33 from Canada, and have been studying lots of stuff for a long time. I love a lot of subjects from Integral Theory, to Integral Yoga, Christianity, Philosophy, Psychology, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Computer Science, various Yogas, Occultism, Poetry, Linguistics and all pretty much.. that includes other things like Gymnastics, Parkour and Ballet, to Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation and Imagination, or anime, games, videogames and tv, to travel etc etc. I am slowly working on building a hybrid of e-school, game dev, AI and social media. (but study is my primary practice, my main preoccupation)
  So loving Books, and the Word, I also really love quotes, and have several collections, a pretty one, hand selected of 6k, a messy big one of 2.4 million and I even have a box of physical ones.. yeahh. I also am able to search them with pretty ridiculous efficiency. (one of the main reasons I went into computers). So I am super glad to see a quotes section here : )
  Knowledge, Love, Works and God <3

  ::[ name ]:::
  J (integralyogin is my currently highest conceivable ideal future self, perhaps the Master of my Yoga)

  :::[ location ]:::

  :::[ spiritual interests ]:::
  I have been studying religious-philosophy(Integral Yoga, Christianity, Buddhisms(Tibetan, Zen), Yogas(Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Raja) and occultism(Crowley, Hine, Carroll) for around 7-9 years. (I mostly study the works of Sri Aurobindo, but I have lots of authors I appreciate.) Along with numerous other subjects from Integral Theory, Western Philosophy, Psychology, Programming, Self-Help, Poetry. (everything really since its all connected) Next to that my primary practices have been probably meditation and contemplation. Since, firstly, I am seemingly after Vision, Knowledge, Truth and God. Many other practices though such as Prayer, Writing, Programming etc x 50. Also I naturally love language as a result of studying such miraculous texts.
  :::[ what I do/have done ]:::
  recently(almost 4 years?) Ive spent most of my productive time learning to program and building a wide range of things system side. I first started off in AHK in windows, then moved to linux and learnt BASH and Python. I also played around with several other languages(C++) but those are my two primaries. Been trying to play around with Lisps.
  programming projects
  ...(ive worked on a lot of projects.. made a lot of things.. and am currently working on a few, ill explain and add to these or something later) ...
  (terminals(pydesk), LUM, games(GML(platformer RPG RL), C++), informatics(and Library), e-software, audiobook maker, market analysis, virtual assissant, ...)
  I also drew a lot as a kid, I still do art occasionally, usually always Spiritual or attempting to symbolize an abstract concept or perhaps image a diety. I am not a good artist though. I also write, best of which would be poetry. I am ultra obsessed with quotes so short infinite wells of wisdom are what I like to build. Perhaps other skills. I am not really skilled, my greatest attribute is Vision and Knowledge I suppose.
  other projects
  ...(fill this in)...

  :::[ plan on doing ]:::
  this is where I can go on forever. I have visions for 30-200 years, and they have been slowly tieing together.
  (God/Sri Aurobindo, game dev(OWRPGRLVR), AI, the internet nexus(e-school, workhub, ico), e-software, tech company, basic needs)
  ...ill explain these or some of them or something soon...

  :::[ vision for collective project ]:::
  I have lots of projects already, I kinda wanna see who we have here and then see what could be done with or what will form naturally out of the collective. Naturally id prefer it I can integrate it with my current projects, since I want to integrate everything. But I try to be open also to the surprises of manifestation

questions, comments, suggestions/feedback, take-down requests, contribute, etc
contact me @ or via the comments below
or join the integral discord server (chatrooms)
if the page you visited was empty, it may be noted and I will try to fill it out. cheers






my profile
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profiled ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Profile

profile ::: n. --> An outline, or contour; as, the profile of an apple.
A human head represented sidewise, or in a side view; the side face or half face.
A section of any member, made at right angles with its main lines, showing the exact shape of moldings and the like.
A drawing exhibiting a vertical section of the ground along a surveyed line, or graded work, as of a railway, showing elevations, depressions, grades, etc.

Simple language for matching and scoring data. "User's Manual
for the PROFILE System", Cambridge Computer Assoc (May 1974).
[{Jargon File}]

1. A control file for a program, especially a text file
automatically read from each user's home directory and
intended to be easily modified by the user in order to
customise the program's behaviour. Used to avoid {hard-coded}
choices (see also {dot file}, {rc file}).
2. A report on the amounts of time spent in each routine of a
program, used to find and {tune} away the {hot spots} in it.
This sense is often verbed. Some profiling modes report units
other than time (such as call counts) and/or report at
granularities other than per-routine, but the idea is similar.

profiled ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Profile

profile ::: n. --> An outline, or contour; as, the profile of an apple.
A human head represented sidewise, or in a side view; the side face or half face.
A section of any member, made at right angles with its main lines, showing the exact shape of moldings and the like.
A drawing exhibiting a vertical section of the ground along a surveyed line, or graded work, as of a railway, showing elevations, depressions, grades, etc.

profile ::: 1. A control file for a program, especially a text file automatically read from each user's home directory and intended to be easily modified by the user in order to customise the program's behaviour. Used to avoid hard-coded choices (see also dot file, rc file).2. A report on the amounts of time spent in each routine of a program, used to find and tune away the hot spots in it. This sense is often verbed. Some profiling modes report units other than time (such as call counts) and/or report at granularities other than per-routine, but the idea is similar.

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KEYS (10k)

   1 Longchenpa
   1 Howard Gardner


   14 Anonymous
   6 Douglas Rushkoff
   5 Aziz Ansari
   4 Jim Butcher
   3 Roxane Gay
   3 Nicholas Sparks
   3 Neil Gaiman
   3 Neal Stephenson
   3 Nalini Singh
   3 Matt Haig
   3 John Geddes
   3 James C Collins
   3 Harlan Coben
   3 David Levithan
   3 Chuck Palahniuk
   3 Anne Marie Duff
   3 Amy Webb
   2 Wendy Wax
   2 Victor Hugo
   2 Terry Pratchett
   2 Susan Mallery
   2 Sophie Kinsella
   2 Simon Rich
   2 Sherrilyn Kenyon
   2 Robert M Sapolsky
   2 Richard Ford
   2 Randall Munroe
   2 Paulo Coelho
   2 Paul Beatty
   2 Oscar Wilde
   2 Noam Chomsky
   2 Nat Hentoff
   2 Michael J Sullivan
   2 Max Barry
   2 Maggie Stiefvater
   2 Lisa Valdez
   2 Lexi Blake
   2 K L Going
   2 Julie Klassen
   2 Julie Anne Long
   2 Julian Barnes
   2 J T Ellison
   2 Jonathan Franzen
   2 John Edward Douglas
   2 J Lynn
   2 Jenny Han
   2 Jennifer Lynn Barnes
   2 Jay McInerney
   2 Jay Leno
   2 Israelmore Ayivor
   2 Emily Dickinson
   2 Deng Xiaoping
   2 Dave Eggers
   2 Cynthia Eden
   2 Charles Wheelan
   2 Charles Stross
   2 Alan Dean Foster
   2 Abigail Roux

1:All human beings have all of the intelligences. But we differ, for both genetic and experiential reasons, in our profile of intelligences at any moment. ~ Howard Gardner,
2:Countless books on divination, astrology, medicine and other subjectsDescribe ways to read signs. They do add to your learning,But they generate new thoughts and your stable attention breaks up.Cut down on this kind of knowledge - that's my sincere advice.You stop arranging your usual living space,But make everything just right for your retreat.This makes little sense and just wastes time.Forget all this - that's my sincere advice.You make an effort at practice and become a good and knowledgeable person.You may even master some particular capabilities.But whatever you attach to will tie you up.Be unbiased and know how to let things be - that's my sincere advice.You may think awakened activity means to subdue skepticsBy using sorcery, directing or warding off hail or lightning, for example.But to burn the minds of others will lead you to lower states.Keep a low profile - that's my sincere advice.Maybe you collect a lot of important writings,Major texts, personal instructions, private notes, whatever.If you haven't practiced, books won't help you when you die.Look at the mind - that's my sincere advice.When you focus on practice, to compare understandings and experience,Write books or poetry, to compose songs about your experienceAre all expressions of your creativity. But they just give rise to thinking.Keep yourself free from intellectualization - that's my sincere advice.In these difficult times you may feel that it is helpfulTo be sharp and critical with aggressive people around you.This approach will just be a source of distress and confusion for you.Speak calmly - that's my sincere advice.Intending to be helpful and without personal investment,You tell your friends what is really wrong with them.You may have been honest but your words gnaw at their heart.Speak pleasantly - that's my sincere advice.You engage in discussions, defending your views and refuting others'Thinking that you are clarifying the teachings.But this just gives rise to emotional posturing.Keep quiet - that's my sincere advice.You feel that you are being loyalBy being partial to your teacher, lineage or philosophical tradition.Boosting yourself and putting down others just causes hard feelings.Have nothing to do with all this - that's my sincere advice. ~ Longchenpa, excerpts from 30 Pieces of Sincere Advice

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Eyes skip a low-key profile. ~ Toba Beta,
2:For all of those who wanna profile and pose ~ Prodigy,
3:fine artistry of my paintings. Her profile ~ E L James,
4:whose profiles I could access. If Scott ~ Linwood Barclay,
5:Handed Down In High-Profile Phone Hacking Case ~ Anonymous,
6:Rappers act so wild, and love to profile, ~ Big Daddy Kane,
7:Chapman’s profile came into view, though he ~ Julie Klassen,
8:I'm gonna walk down the aisle in style and profile. ~ Ric Flair,
9:I'm a very private person that prefers a low profile. ~ Paul Allen,
10:I have no face, only two profiles clapped together. ~ Margot Asquith,
11:Politicians and low profiles rarely went together. ~ Marshall Thornton,
12:When my friends lack an eye, I look at them in profile. ~ Joseph Joubert,
13:...I remember your profile in darkness outlined by stars ... ~ John Geddes,
14:You can certainly keep a low public profile if you want to. ~ Rosamund Pike,
15:Expecting rain, the profile of a day Wears its soul like a hat. ~ John Ashbery,
16:For the masses, success has almost the same profile as supremacy. ~ Victor Hugo,
17:I understood public relations and always maintained a high profile. ~ Earl Butz,
18:A profile, a look, a voice, can capture a heart in no time at all. ~ Sylvia Nasar,
19:For me, being an artist with a high profile is a good thing for art. ~ Tracey Emin,
20:Your behavior isn't conforming to your known psychological profile. ~ Nalini Singh,
21:A pharaoh's profile, a Krishna's grace, tail like a question mark. ~ Louis MacNeice,
22:Life is sometimes tough when you do not fit the standard profile. ~ Robert T Kiyosaki,
23:You can’t use a blackmail photo as your profile shot on social media! ~ Kristi Abbott,
24:A competent portraitist knows how to imply the profile in the full face. ~ Aldous Huxley,
25:I guess I don’t fit the new corporate profile.” “Which is?” “Competence. ~ Michael Chabon,
26:Sometimes, I have lost out on a gig because I was not high enough profile. ~ Ray Stevenson,
27:10 to 20 million people who created Facebook profiles who have since died. ~ Randall Munroe,
28:I make my friends pull up their profiles and I'm like, "Show me everything." ~ Margot Robbie,
29:Interviews are good if you want to be an actor because they raise your profile. ~ Jack Gleeson,
30:Profiles mean nothing. You could say, 'I want this,' but then it's not out there. ~ Chip Kelly,
31:The best way to turn a woman's head is to tell her she has a beautiful profile. ~ Sacha Guitry,
32:...the Facebook profiles of new parents are an excellent form of birth control. ~ Sarah Ockler,
33:I write articles, and I do profiles of members of organizations and associations. ~ Colum McCann,
34:I try to keep a low profile in general. Not with my art, but just as a person. ~ Alanis Morissette,
35:high-profile tech companies) are earning only an average of $3 per hour of attention— ~ Kevin Kelly,
36:I wish you would be more true to your demographic profile. Life is confusing enough. ~ Tony Kushner,
37:Special Agent Quincy had earned his stripes as one of the Bureau’s finest profilers. ~ Lisa Gardner,
38:So they profiled the Gingerbread Man with a curved spine.” “It’s just a hunch,” I said. ~ J A Konrath,
39:don’t have a profile ready for you yet, Jaye.” “Then what do you have?” “A suspect. ~ Michael Connelly,
40:Your ears are lovely , he said, but there's a kind of eerie beauty to your profile. ~ Yasunari Kawabata,
41:genes are not clones. At age seventy their genetic profile will be completely different. ~ Deepak Chopra,
42:If the poor only had profiles there would be no difficulty in solving the problem of poverty ~ Oscar Wilde,
43:He perfectly fits the profile of a Hut 8 man, who need not know anything except pure math. ~ Neal Stephenson,
44:A lot of things which come with a high profile will always be criticised one way or another. ~ Evelyn Glennie,
45:The higher your profile becomes, the more aware you are that people out there might hate you. ~ Graham Norton,
46:'The New York Times' thing... I think any actor would be thrilled to be profiled in that paper. ~ John Hawkes,
47:a third of an inch in profile, Kindle fits perfectly in your hands. Ergonomic Design Kindle is easy ~ Anonymous,
48:Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead - but aim to do something big. ~ Deng Xiaoping,
49:This is the trouble with meeting people in real life: They don’t come with profiles attached. ~ Sophie Kinsella,
50:This is the trouble with meeting people in real life: they don't come with profiles attached. ~ Sophie Kinsella,
51:Every so often you have to increase your profile so you can let it lower again, like a balloon. ~ Robyn Hitchcock, is actually about fiction not dreading goo. But I have a profile there, anyway... ~ Michael A Arnzen,
53:I happen to have a public profile. Ditto newspaper editors. It's a result of what I do, not an end. ~ Steve Coogan,
54:Somebody like me wouldn't have gone on to the Trisha show because I already had a public profile. ~ Trisha Goddard,
55:In profile, he could see both the young woman she was becoming and the little girl he remembered. ~ Nicholas Sparks,
56:DNA composition was constant in all tissues of a given species, but each species had its own profile. ~ Matthew Cobb,
57:People resist a census, but give them a profile page and they'll spend all day telling you who they are. ~ Max Barry,
58:There are only a few really high-profile archaeological cultures in the world: Egypt and the Maya. ~ Douglas Preston,
59:I liked playing Morph in Mash and Peas and doing Phil Daniels in the Blur Rock Profile was a giggle too. ~ Paul Putner,
60:Now I read the updates on her online profile and she read mine, and that's what we were to each other. ~ David Levithan,
61:You know, Im always surprised when I read profiles, and they make me sound so jaded. I am so not jaded. ~ Jay McInerney,
62:I know your face by touch when it’s dark, I know the profile of your sleeping face, the sound of you sleeping. ~ Ann Hood,
63:Magazine sent Stephen J. Dubner, an author and journalist, to write a profile of Steven D. Levitt, a heralded ~ Anonymous,
64:Passion: "Your profile ought to be pressed upon a coin."
Mark: "Your body ought to be pressed upon mine. ~ Lisa Valdez,
65:When I was 17, I read a profile of Carol Leifer. Since then, I wanted to be her. I still want to be her. ~ Sarah Silverman,
66:But you already know me pretty well by now! Helena said, and then directed her to her own profile page. ~ Dave Eggers,
67:...I hardly ever see your profile, but have I told you it's beautiful? - like the soft gentle lines of snow... ~ John Geddes,
68:You don't insult American Muslims and religiously profile them the way that has been suggested by Ted Cruz. ~ Hillary Clinton,
69:That’s a glowing recommendation. Hey, at least he’s not a serial killer. I’m going to put that on my Facebook profile. ~ J Lynn,
70:What a lovely evening,” Abigail said to break the silence.
She felt his gaze on her profile. “Lovely indeed. ~ Julie Klassen,
71:Descriptive statistics can be like online dating profiles: technically accurate and yet pretty darn misleading. ~ Charles Wheelan,
72:Behind a smoke screen of high-profile female appointees and soothing slogans, George W. Bush is waging war on women. ~ Molly Ivins,
73:The more I questioned these guys, the more I came to understand that the successful criminals were good profilers. ~ John Edward Douglas,
74:I mean no disrespect to Scottish football, but the Premier League is the biggest stage and highest profile league of all. ~ Peter Shilton,
75:We should profile Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim, and we should be honest about it. ~ Sam Harris,
76:I've never been the popular kid in school. I've been a loner my whole life. That's why I have a very low profile. ~ Mr Muthafuckin eXquire,
77:Never has a gift for pining,” Nikolai said. “Though I do like to show off my profile by staring mournfully out of windows. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
78:of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1841 classic “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” may have been history’s first behavioral profiler. ~ John Edward Douglas,
79:The best thing you can probably do is keep a low profile, keep your eyes and ears open, your mouth shut, and you will learn a ton. ~ CM Punk,
80:...don't you realize a flawless profile means nothing when a mere smile drives me to desperation? Don't you covet that power?.. ~ John Geddes,
81:I did not meet the psychological profile. Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Basically, I have a hard time taking orders from idiots. ~ John Ringo,
82:It’s all cloak and dagger right now. That’s what happens when you’re a serial killer dating a FBI profiler who hunts serial killers. ~ S T Abby,
83:The primary job for women in Hollywood is still super-attractive actress. That is the most high-profile women's job in Hollywood. ~ Diablo Cody,
84:Lethal Predators: Psychopathic, Sadistic, and Sane” in Profilers: Leading Investigators Take You inside the Criminal Mind, 2004. ~ Bella DePaulo,
85:I had read an early profile of [Tony] Blair by Frank Millar in which he said that Blair was very keen on the 'consent principle'. ~ David Trimble,
86:Leaders who led their organizations quietly and humbly, were much more effective than flashy, charismatic high profile leaders. ~ James C Collins,
87:He was close enough now to see that her profile was designed to do dramatic things to hearts: stop them, steal them, break them. ~ Julie Anne Long,
88:But for a combat profiler to identify the anomalies that influence his decisions, he needs to establish a baseline of behavior. ~ Patrick Van Horne,
89:Unless I miss my guess, Yolly is about to become obsessed with horses. It's practically a stage on Piaget's developmental profile. ~ James K Morrow,
90:Encountering potential partners via online dating profiles reduces three-dimensional people to two-dimensional displays of information, ~ Aziz Ansari,
91:I think all phases of one's career are serious if you take it seriously no matter if you are doing high profile dramatic pieces or not. ~ Bill Murray,
92:Within seconds he was reading the IMDb profile of this actress, a veteran of numerous television commercials and a few indie films. ~ Neal Stephenson,
93:DIGITAL TRUTH DIGITAL LIES • Searches • Social media posts • Views • Social media likes • Clicks • Dating profiles • Swipes ~ Seth Stephens Davidowitz,
94:He’d earned the moniker Gray Man for his ability to remain low profile, in the shadows, while still completing his arduous assignments. ~ Mark Greaney,
95:wife, Halpern, a writer and scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College, profile a Bhutanese refugee community in New Hampshire (p. 25) for ~ Anonymous,
96:The higher someone's profile, the easier it is for a defendant to trade him up to the feds. Mr. Big is always a better catch than Mr. Small. ~ Howie Carr,
97:You can't worry too much about profile; otherwise, you become a different kind of actor, and that's not the kind of actor I want to be. ~ Anne Marie Duff,
98:The countenances of children, like those of animals, are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a significant profile of their own. ~ W H Auden,
99:You deserve a husband who’d cut off his own dick before he’d cheat on you, Rach. You do.” “Maybe we can put that in my profile, ~ Kristan Higgins,
100:If I were an Arab-American, I would insist on being profiled. This is not the time for civil rights. There are larger issues for Americans. ~ Jack Nicholson,
101:Profile of a winning team - They play to win. They have a winning attitude. They keep improving. They make their teammates more successful. ~ John C Maxwell,
102:Some people thought I was dead. I had to keep a low profile.'
'Why... why did some people think you were dead?'
'Because they killed me. ~ Neil Gaiman,
103:He looked personable enough, not exactly a great thinker, but definitely the kind of profile you wouldn’t mind seeing on your small change. ~ Terry Pratchett,
104:Each human being has his own sexual profile, and should exercise it without guilt - provided he does not oblige others to exercise it with him. ~ Paulo Coelho,
105:I have any number of completely dark obsessions and fascinations, and none of this was present in my profile or my growing profile as a writer. ~ Justin Cronin,
106:where it’s not unusual for certain senior personnel to keep such a low profile that only the payroll computers in HR can remember their names. ~ Charles Stross,
107:There’s no such thing as a murderer’s face,” he said. “You imagine something: a profile, a hairline, a set of the jaw. But it never matches up. ~ Henning Mankell,
108:Unless there’s an officer-involved shooting or some other high-profile event going on, the Homicide Office is dead in the middle of the night. ~ Jonathan Maberry,
109:The cut under his eye and the split skin on his lower lip only enhanced his profile. He didn’t look defeated. He looked like a fighter. A champion. ~ Lisa Kessler,
110:We have a policy at The New Yorker, .. That is, if someone doesn't want to be profiled, we drop it. I would like you to show me the same courtesy. ~ William Shawn,
111:He stole a glance at her profile, the soft curve of her nose, the sharp angle of her chin, the glint of yellow gold against her dark earlobe. ~ Shilpi Somaya Gowda,
112:It wasn’t enough violence for him. He wanted to do damage to something else. Preferably to something with an aquiline Roman profile that said ouch. ~ Thea Harrison,
113:Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members. ~ David Hahn,
114:identify one particular insight from their profile that they feel highlights a weakness that they would like to address for the good of the team. ~ Patrick Lencioni,
115:It is time to know more about would-be terrorists, to profile for terrorists and to actively discriminate based on suspicious terrorist information. ~ Newt Gingrich,
116:I've still kind of maintained a low profile but people still kind of recognize you and will come up to you, and that's taken a bit of getting used to. ~ Leona Lewis,
117:You do feel a certain obligation to shows that raise your profile like 'Downton' has. But there are definitely other exciting opportunities out there. ~ Dan Stevens,
118:A buyer persona profile is a short biography of the typical customer, not just a job description but a person description,” says Adele Revella, ~ David Meerman Scott,
119:I love variety. I love theater. I also love radio. I love language. But, the older you get, you need to earn money. You need to heighten your profile. ~ Indira Varma,
120:My only sketch, profile of heaven, is a large blue sky, and larger than the biggest I have seen in June--and in it are my friends--every one of them. ~ Emily Dickinson,
121:All human beings have all of the intelligences. But we differ, for both genetic and experiential reasons, in our profile of intelligences at any moment. ~ Howard Gardner,
122:His mustache was steely gray, trimmed to the textbook profile of the top half of a hamburger bun. I will not be fucked with, that mustache told the world. ~ Cara McKenna,
123:My only sketch, profile, of Heaven is a large blue sky, and larger than the biggest I have seen in June - and in it are my friends - every one of them. ~ Emily Dickinson,
124:He knew that to secure his bureau’s future, he needed a high-profile victory, over intoxication and over the blacks, and so he turned back to Billie Holiday. ~ Johann Hari,
125:In our own genetic profile, believe it or not, scientific evidence indicates that we humans share 99.4% of our total DNA sequences with the chimpanzee. ~ Jill Bolte Taylor,
126:I don't find pastors and professors, for the most part, very interested in matters of formation in holiness. They have higher profile things to tend to. ~ Eugene H Peterson,
127:I look at Peter’s profile out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I still can’t believe he’s mine. The handsomest boy of all the handsome boys is mine, all mine. ~ Jenny Han,
128:Why did you say you believed me ?" In profile, he could see both the young woman she was becoming and the little girl he remembered. "Because I trust you. ~ Nicholas Sparks,
129:is Shaun Mason activating security profile Pardy. Something’s wrong with Brenda, we’re out of Mister Pibb, and hunting season’s here. Now let’s go to Hollywood. ~ Mira Grant,
130:Micro-targeting is the ability for a campaign to profile you, to know much more about you than you know about it, and then to choose exactly what to show you. ~ Cathy O Neil,
131:Since the government has no need for outside investors to fund its nuclear ambitions, CGN’s partial flotation is a statement of the industry’s political profile. ~ Anonymous,
132:I felt like if I was on Facebook, I would probably spend my days looking at people's profiles, seeing what they do, and feeling bad about not working enough. ~ Camille Henrot,
133:Private companies can make a personal profile, direct you to things - they will say - that you would be interested in, but that's their choice not your choice. ~ Noam Chomsky,
134:I think in my job, it's quite difficult to find work on television... you don't necessarily want to get a profile for something that you don't fully believe in. ~ Andrew Scott,
135:psychopaths aren’t necessarily monsters. They’re just...unemotional. Detached. Able to become such great surgeons, CEOs, lawyers...even profilers for the FBI... ~ Cynthia Eden,
136:According to new statistics, Pope Francis is the most talked about person on the Internet. And not only that, he has the most viewed profile on Christian Mingle. ~ Conan O Brien,
137:Maine is wonderful. It can be very hard. I mean, if you look at the profile maps it doesn't look it, but somehow when you get out there it's really steep and hard. ~ Bill Bryson,
138:For some high-profile men in trouble, women, especially feminist women, became the all-purpose scapegoats-charged with crimes that often descended into the absurd. ~ Susan Faludi,
139:Florida’s the perfect camouflage,” said Serge. “Up in Middle America, even one of our low-profile whack jobs would stick out like Pamela Anderson bronco-riding a UFO. ~ Tim Dorsey,
140:I'm a real low profile guy. So a date night for me is kind of curled up at home and watching something... have a nice glass of wine, a nice meal and we're all set. ~ Vincent Piazza,
141:The hours Facebook users put into their profiles and lists and updates is the labor that Facebook then sells to the market researchers and advertisers it serves. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
142:Why did you say you believed me ?"
In profile, he could see both the young woman she was becoming and the little girl he remembered.
"Because I trust you. ~ Nicholas Sparks,
143:I have seen in the Halls of Congress more idealism, more humanness, more compassion, more profiles of courage than in any other institution that I have ever known. ~ Hubert H Humphrey,
144:I'm not much of a famous-person friend. I've hung out with Brooke Shields and I don't think I've ever seen that kind of pure face recognition, but I keep a low profile. ~ Ana Gasteyer,
145:Observe calmly; secure our position; cope with affairs calmly; hide our capacities and bide our time; be good at maintaining a low profile; and never claim leadership. ~ Deng Xiaoping,
146:There are Mafia families that have bought magnificent houses on the North Shore, although not yet the great estates because they don't want that kind of high profile. ~ Nelson DeMille,
147:The strangest part of being so well known is definitely getting a New Yorker profile. It's a wonderful, strange process, like seeing yourself through a distorting mirror. ~ Neil Gaiman,
148:To put a finer point on the Mario Kart Theory of Talent: every vehicle has a chance of winning the race, as long as you operate the vehicle according to its jagged profile. ~ Todd Rose,
149:This way and stop looking so positive: optimism doesn't fit a prisoner's profile."
Poe obediently lowered his head and adopted as morose an expression as possible. ~ Alan Dean Foster,
150:we should avoid relying on high-profile lawyers (with political inclinations) because with their argumentative skills, they are able to rationalize all forms of tyranny. ~ Fali S Nariman,
151:By focusing on making fewer, higher-profile products, and by refusing to compromise on quality, Apple was able to achieve greater efficiency while it charged a premium price. ~ Ken Segall,
152:Lincoln wasn’t prone to hysterical fits; if he thought the description of the missing girl matched that of their profile victim, she did. So they needed to move quickly. She ~ J T Ellison,
153:Did my ‘recruit profile’ mention that my anger-management issues might be linked to the tragic death of my father in a shit-factory explosion when I was ten months old?” The ~ Ernest Cline,
154:I just need to be able to trust you, Ty,” he whispered. “You can. I swear you can. I’d die for you, Zane.” Zane’s heart was in his throat as he studied Ty’s profile. “I know. ~ Abigail Roux,
155:I know that if I say something that's considered outrageous, a group will take it, create an email blast, and use me to raise money or to do whatever, to build their profile. ~ Greg Gutfeld,
156:Jane: "St John dresses well. He is a handsome man: tall, fair, with blue eyes and a Grecian profile."

Rochester:(Aside) "Damn him!" (To me) "Did you like him, Jane? ~ Charlotte Bront,
157:only about the Open Source projects. “For developers, LinkedIn profiles does not matter as much as a platform where they can showcase their work, and GitHub is mostly about Open ~ Anonymous,
158:Based on the site’s growth rate, and the age breakdown of its users over time,2 there are probably 10 to 20 million people who created Facebook profiles who have since died. ~ Randall Munroe,
159:Call every racially profiled, abortion-denied, flag-burning, Fifth Amendment taker and tell them to demand a retrial, because I’m getting high in the highest court in the land. ~ Paul Beatty,
160:Especially as a teenager, I was always being racially profiled by the police. You just see all this injustice, and you want to do something about it, but you don't know how. ~ Dolores Huerta,
161:First, I'd like to see the basic tools such as compilers, debuggers, profilers, database interfaces, GUI builders, CAD tools, and so forth fully support the ISO standard. ~ Bjarne Stroustrup,
162:I. Don't trace out your profile-- forget your side view-- all that is outer stuff. II. Look for your other half who walks always next to you and tends to be who you aren't. ~ Antonio Machado,
163:Kellyanne Conway, been one of his most successful advisers, his most successful. Certainly the highest profile women associated with his campaign. Has he offered you a position? ~ Megyn Kelly,
164:Moments passed and I continued to stare at Max's profile, his words rocking me in a good way but also wondering how rude it would be if I made out with him in front of Niles. ~ Kristen Ashley,
165:I think a any person who has a high profile job or who travels all the time or who has a lot of stress associated with their job can be difficult to be in a relationship with. ~ Drew Barrymore,
166:The effects of her words stung me, and after she stole away I stood a long while before her looking glass, studying my profile, the line I cut in this world of men and ladies. ~ Patrick deWitt,
167:When I started, there were no big interviews, no television, no profiles and all that. The publishers were quite shockingly uncommercial, but they did look after their writers. ~ Doris Lessing,
168:Why?” I say, so quietly that it comes out sounding like a tiny, tired sigh.

“Nobody wants to be mediocre.” Her shadow on the ceiling is monstrous, a witch in profile. ~ Brenna Yovanoff,
169:Cultural Studies and Ethnic Studies are on the rise, and many minority protests that I have witnessed say, in effect, “Do not racially profile us, we are Americans. ~ Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak,
170:Formal profile or not, of one thing he was now certain: They had badly underestimated what had seemed to be a Resistance pilot on the verge of physical and emotional collapse. ~ Alan Dean Foster,
171:It's tricky. I've never been standing at the top of the tree with tons of money thrown at me. I've never really had a profile. So in a way I have this 'nothing to lose' attitude. ~ Joel Edgerton,
172:I've been acting all along. I understand that I haven't been in people's viewers, but acting has never not been a part of my life, just more time in between and less high-profile. ~ Debra Winger,
173:Other countries have outeducated us. They have made this a priority. And a big part of what I'm trying to do, frankly, is raise the profile of education and get America to wake up. ~ Arne Duncan,
174:I have a great husband, great parents and in-laws, and I have help with a nanny. It's not easy, but there are others who do it every day and don't have a high-profile job as I do. ~ Marlee Matlin,
175:So the first-man-on-the-moon profiles of Stafford were shelved, to be replaced by stories about Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong—and those were the stories that ultimately ran. ~ Jeffrey Kluger,
176:You should go update your profile with that information. The ladies will be lining up outside, because nothing screams romance like being held captive in a cage. ~ Jennifer L Armentrout,
177:Roman lawyers were expressly forbidden to receive fees for their service, and it is often rightly said that what Cicero gained by pleading in high-profile cases was public prominence. ~ Mary Beard,
178:I'm a lad of the '60s. I started a magazine to try and end the Vietnam war, but it was a number of years before I had the profile, the financial resources and the time to do more. ~ Richard Branson,
179:I'm not one to go on blogs and things like that, but we do have our own personal Twitter profiles, so we get a lot of tweets, and they are pretty passionate. It's fun. I like it. ~ Katharine McPhee,
180:I'm not as famous as Stephen Hawking, but certainly in the U.S., I have a very high profile for a scientist. It is an awesome responsibility, one that I don't shoulder lightly. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson,
181:While it is true that we must seek value added industries like food processing plants and call center operations, we must do what is necessary to expand and develop our economic profile. ~ Alan Autry,
182:I had one celebrity, who shall remain nameless,” Nicole said when pumped for stories about her high-profile clients, “who wouldn’t consider dating anyone who’d ever eaten a green M& M. ~ Wendy Wax,
183:In particular, Australia, because of its ancient geography, soil profile and distinctive weather patterns, is more adversely affected by climate variability than some other continents. ~ Peter Garrett,
184:I've done a lot of tough stories over the years. I've done a lot of profiles over the years that have not always been, shall we say, helpful for the person who is being written about. ~ Mark Leibovich,
185:One knows that frontal and/or profile photography is torn to pieces... Inversely, what remains of the photograph must be seen as a fragment coming to fill a gap in the drawing. ~ Jean Francois Lyotard,
186:She watched his profile, his long thick gold-tipped lashes flickering. He was adorably oblivious to how the world had just shifted inside her. He tilted his head to look at her. Suddenly ~ Hanna Peach,
187:Damn it,Izzy, I told you, keeping a low profile is an essential part of every job."
"I was trying!"
"And breaking someone's arm by second period? That was your attempt at trying? ~ Rachel Hawkins,
188:My price is five dollars for a miniature on ivory, and I have engaged three or four at that price. My price for profiles is one dollar, and everybody is willing to engage me at that price ~ Samuel Morse,
189:I think protest and actions have to be organised against the Israelis and their backers. There needs to be a concerted high profile campaign to raise awareness of the people in this country. ~ Tom Paulin,
190:There is something tragic about the enormous number of young men there are in England at the present moment who start life with perfect profiles, and end by adopting some useful profession. ~ Oscar Wilde,
191:Phoebe fastened her seat belt, then gave him a quick glance. Her heart did a one and a half somersault with a half twist at the sight of his profile. He looked good enough to be on a coin. ~ Susan Mallery,
192:In this day and age, you gotta be a profiler to really know who people are, which most of us are not. So, we need time and life to start happening for people to really show their trust colors. ~ Joe Budden,
193:Though events set up the defining moments which can evoke profiles in righteousness, outward commotions cannot excuse any failure of inward resolve, even if some seem to unravel so easily. ~ Neal A Maxwell,
194:Having a profile means you have to be cautious of who you let into your world, as you don't know if they're being genuine or not, but it's more that it can be a strain on your relationships. ~ Jesse Metcalfe,
195:The best way of keeping a low profile was to immerse himself in the mundane. Act like them, talk like them. A smile, a joke was all it took - at least during the day. The night was his own. ~ Caroline Mitchell,
196:Early on, the best predictor of a relationship doesn’t depend on the couple’s social graph at all; for the first year or so of dating, the optimal method is how often they view each other’s profile. ~ Anonymous,
197:Fear of violent black and brown youth, compounded by high-profile school shootings primarily perpetrated by white youth, led to the rise of zero-tolerance policies in schools beginning in the ’90s. ~ Ijeoma Oluo,
198:So maybe I wasn’t that high profile when I was a student here,” I said. “But am I really more interesting dead than alive?”
“You don’t seriously expect me to answer that, do you?” Elaine said. ~ Cameron Dokey,
199:Allocating time and money in the pursuit of looking superior often has a predictable outcome: inferior economic achievement. What are three words that profile the affluent? FRUGAL FRUGAL FRUGAL ~ Thomas J Stanley,
200:A restricted diet is the opposite of a healthy diet. A healthy diet is a diverse, local (familiar) diet, rich in its nutrient profile and taste; that way it aids in diversity of gut bacteria too. ~ Rujuta Diwekar,
201:Graham loved the way she turned her head, artlessly giving him her less perfect profile. He could see the pulse in her throat, and remembered suddenly and completely the taste of salt on her skin. ~ Thomas Harris,
202:I've talked to some drummers who seem to have a very hard time staying in shape on the road, including some drummers touring with high-profile acts that don't have to live on fast food every night. ~ Matt Cameron,
203:We also told her you weren't a serial killer," Brit interjected.

Cam nodded. "That's a glowing recommendation. Hey, at least he's not a serial killer. I'm going to put that on my Facebook profile. ~ J Lynn,
204:I look at Peter’s profile out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I still can’t believe he’s mine. The handsomest boy of all the handsome boys is mine, all mine.
“What?” he says.
“Nothing,” I say. ~ Jenny Han,
205:If I wasn't going through a thing where I was also being my characters offstage, uh, I'm much happier just wearing the most low-profile things that I can come up with just so I can get down the street. ~ David Bowie,
206:Approach each task in your life, no matter how simple or how complex, with power. Pick and choose things initially which are not impossible to succeed at. You need to develop the profile of a winner. ~ Frederick Lenz,
207:I would get adult acne when it was somebody really famous I had to interview, so sometimes I would have to look straight at the camera because I couldn't look sideways or profile, because it would show. ~ Jancee Dunn,
208:Going to a site with more users seems obviously better to me, but at the same time, having a bland, middle of the road profile with bland, middle of the road pictures seems like a bad strategy to me. ~ Christian Rudder,
209:Wallace was trying to find out his identity so that we might protect him, but I didn’t like the idea of bringing such a high-profile criminal back to the Wayland Inn. Not when the MM was on a manhunt. ~ Kristen Simmons,
210:Like the whole concept of profiling, you know, I mentioned the other day profiling, everyone goes, profile and profiling. Well, profiling is you know, in Israel they're doing it and they're doing it well. ~ Donald Trump,
211:We have three generations at home, including my father-in-law. I keep a very low profile, and a lot of things I do are very much with the family in mind. I have actually made films with the family around me. ~ Mira Nair,
212:Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend's house - should you choose to play your game at your friend's house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile. ~ Larry Hryb,
213:As we see more and more people online, it can get difficult to remember that behind every text message, OkCupid profile, and Tinder picture there's an actual living, breathing, complex person, just like you. ~ Aziz Ansari,
214:As we see more and more people online, it can get difficult to remember that behind every text message, OkCupid profile, and Tinder picture there’s an actual living, breathing, complex person, just like you. ~ Aziz Ansari,
215:identifying outcasts as threats is not healthy. It demonizes innocent kids who are already struggling. It is also unproductive. Oddballs are not the problem. They do not fit the profile. There is no profile. ~ Dave Cullen,
216:That's the power behind a tool like Facebook Connect. It is making a Web without walls. Facebook allows you to go to other sites to comment, rate, etc., without having to set up a new profile for that site. ~ Erik Qualman,
217:A lot of people work really diligently to maintain a "profile" in the writing world, but that's so hard, and so boring most of the time. So you just keep doing what you like to do, I guess, and try to enjoy it. ~ Dan Chaon,
218:Mr. Dial grinned. His small teeth, his wide-set eyes and his bulging forehead - plus his habit of looking at the class in profile, rather than straight on - gave him the slight aspect of an unfriendly dolphin. ~ Donna Tartt,
219:An online profile of your best friend is not your best friend. A status update about a day in the park is not a day in the park. And the desire to tell the world about how happy you are, is not how happy you are. ~ Matt Haig,
220:Don't read newspapers for the news (just for the gossip and, of course, profiles of authors). The best filter to know if the news matters is if you hear it in cafes, restaurants... or (again) parties. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
221:Society always tries to enslave, imprison, and execute its greatest men, those who dare to stand apart and rise above.' He scratched his chin. 'That’s why I’m keeping a low profile--so the bastards don’t get me. ~ Sam Torode,
222:It was a problem to be solved nothing more. If his psych profiles all showed a lack of compassion and empathy… well, neither was much regarded as an advantage in the pursuit of justice. Whatever that was. ~ Luke E T Hindmarsh,
223:Drink and dissipation had done their work on the coin-clean profile and now it was no longer the head of a young pagan prince on new-minted gold but a decadent, tired Caesar on copper debased by long usage. ~ Margaret Mitchell,
224:If your DNA profile puts you at a higher risk of developing obesity, that doesn't mean it's your fate. You can take control of the environmental side of the equation and reduce your overall lifetime risk by a lot. ~ David Agus,
225:Leadership and high-profile roles. Wall Street. Politics. Law. Test most any of them, and you’ll find a percentage of psychopaths and dark-triadists that makes Hare’s 1 percent estimate look naïvely low. When ~ Maria Konnikova,
226:Racial profiling is nothing more than a delusion born of our belief that we can profile danger. We want to believe we can predict who will do the next terrible thing. We want to believe we can keep ourselves safe. ~ Roxane Gay,
227:Dottie, spray her hair some more so that it can’t fall forward. It’s hiding her, um, profile.” This was Jonathan the director’s euphemism for cleavage, which always seemed to get more close-ups than the rest of her. ~ Wendy Wax,
228:If I had to play only for people who liked the music because they heard it on the radio, it wouldn't make me happy. That's why I'm working so hard to have, yes, a profile as an artist, but also a profile as a DJ. ~ David Guetta,
229:I showed a photo of a bowl of ramen I had taken earlier in the day and asked what she thought of that as a profile picture. She just shook her head. OH, I GUESS I CAN’T HOLD A CANDLE TO THAT STREET SIGN DUDE, HUH? ~ Aziz Ansari,
230:Much of online dating, Finkel and company argued, is based on the faulty notion that the kind of information we can see in a profile is actually useful in determining whether that person would make a good partner. ~ Aziz Ansari,
231:Her face was plastered with layers of powder and looked like a face of stone. And with her noble profile, she seemed, on the triangular, moss-covered pedestal hidden by her cape, like a crumbling goddess in a park. ~ Marcel Proust,
232:The Bridge had a lot of long, soft profiles about the administration, .. In contrast, BU Today has shorter, hard pieces - more consistent with online journalism - which people can read every morning when they log on. ~ Craig David,
233:Success will only happen with Afghans leading the charge, and it is far, far more important for Kabul to create and support a purpose-driven school of architecture than to invite a high profile designer to build. ~ Cameron Sinclair,
234:John Kerry keeping a low profile this week. He said he wanted to get away and go someplace where no one would expect to see him. So I guess he showed up at his old seat in the Senate. Nobody's going to look for him there. ~ Jay Leno,
235:I always knew I wanted to be in front of the camera. But even after 10 years behind the scenes at CBS News producing live segments, celebrity profiles, and breaking news, I still hadn't been given the chance to be on TV. ~ Andy Cohen,
236:Perspective starts from one viewpoint and never gets away from it. But the viewpoint is quite unimportant. It is though someone were to draw profiles all his life, leading people to think that a man has only one eye. ~ Georges Braque,
237:The visual system of the brain has the organization, computational profile, and architecture it has in order to facilitate the organism's thriving at the four Fs: feeding fleeing, fighting, and reproduction. ~ Vilayanur S Ramachandran,
238:Despite the fact that wanted to voice aclassic character, a majority of my day-to-day is not Porky Pig. It's commercials and original characters, promos and other aspects of the business. Porky's just kind of high-profile. ~ Bob Bergen,
239:If we go that way, it seems less like we'll be shot for trespassing. We can't be low profile because of your shirt."
"Aquamarine is a wonderful colour and I won't be made to feel bad for wearing it," Gansey said. ~ Maggie Stiefvater,
240:Most thoughts are only profiles of thoughts. They must be inverted and synthesized with their antipodes. Thus many philosophical writings become very interesting which would not have been so otherwise. ~ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel,
241:Even as late as the summer of 2006, as home prices began to fall, it took a certain kind of person to see the ugly facts and react to them-to discern, in the profile of the beautiful young lady, the face of an old witch. ~ Michael Lewis,
242:He was the captain of the chess club and an A-plus student.” – Nick “Why would anyone think he’s a demon?” – Tate “The world is insane, and you’re asking me for the reasoning of a psycho? I’m not a profiler.” – Acheron ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
243:The way in which sports focuses more on the peccadilloes, lives and putative personalities of athletes and less on the finer points of playing games, I've become less interested in it. I don't want to write sports profiles. ~ Richard Ford,
244:If we go that way, it seems less like we’ll be shot for trespassing. We can’t be low profile because of your shirt.”

“Aquamarine is a wonderful color, and I won’t be made to feel bad for wearing it,” Gansey said. ~ Maggie Stiefvater,
245:I have maintained a low profile throughout my career but have always done things in my own unique way, be it dancing or dressing up. On the dance floor, I had my own unique steps and often had to lead my choreographer. ~ Mithun Chakraborty,
246:I would guess it didn't exactly represent a profile in courage for the vice president to wander over there to the F-word network for a sit down with Brit Hume. I mean, that's a little like Bonnie interviewing Clyde, ain't it? ~ Jack Cafferty,
247:During the election, I had three male opponents and we went into a runoff. The front runner for the men was a native of Dallas who had run at large before, but I had a higher profile than him from my community service. ~ Eddie Bernice Johnson,
248:The teacher is of course an artist, but being an artist does not mean that he or she can make the profile, can shape the students. What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves. ~ Paulo Freire,
249:What's hardest for me to swallow is when there is a love story, say, with a really high-profile male star and there's no reason I can't play the part. They say, 'Oh, we love Halle, we just don't want to go black with this part.' ~ Halle Berry,
250:What I've done for the last ten years is develop high profile entertainment properties for animation, so it's kind of funny to be able to create my own book to already know how I'd want to develop it for animation and live action. ~ Eric Wight,
251:He was the captain of the chess club and an A-plus student.” – Nick
“Why would anyone think he’s a demon?” – Tate
“The world is insane, and you’re asking me for the reasoning of a psycho? I’m not a profiler.” – Acheron ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon,
252:Ma’s Instagram profile is classic Ma. She heavily filters photos of meals and selfies. She’s a total abuser of hashtags. #It #Is #Really #Hard #To #Read #Entire #Captions #Like #This. She noticed when I stopped following her. ~ Becky Albertalli,
253:Over the years, I've been trying to build a relationship with an audience. I've tried to maintain as much of a low profile as I could so that those characters would emerge and their relationship with audiences would be protected. ~ Kevin Spacey,
254:I think if you go from show to show without doing that big PR blitz its helpful because people can get pretty sick of your face if youre just out there all the time. And keep a low profile, hold in your stomach and be a good sport. ~ Jane Curtin,
255:Besides, our DNA profiles are already in the army and FBI files. When there’s a chance that some suicide bomber is going to blow you into hamburger, the army wants to be able to identify the scrap meat. We’ve all got DNA profiles. ~ John Sandford,
256:If you have heard a Jewish cantor sing, if he has touched you and made your own sorrow seem trivial when compared with his, you will know my feeling when I follow the curves of her profile, like mobile rivers, to their common delta. ~ Jean Toomer,
257:I would find myself staring resentfully at people on buses merely going home at the end of their day. How could they sit there so idly and unknowingly, their indifferent profiles on display, when the world was about to be changed? ~ Julian Barnes,
258:The majority of people who are stopped and frisked in New York are black or Latino because these demographics fit our cultural profile of danger. These are the supposed barbarians at the gate, not the boy with the “soulful brown eyes. ~ Roxane Gay,
259:Consider this: the human genome codes for about 1,500 different TFs, contains 4,000,000 TF-binding sites, and the average cell uses about 200,000 such sites to generate its distinctive gene-expression profile.5 This is boggling. ~ Robert M Sapolsky,
260:The tires bore down, kicking up dust like an Arabian stampede. Elizabeth flipped off the car stereo. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell that she was studying my profile. I wondered what she saw, and my heart started fluttering. ~ Harlan Coben,
261:We’re not secretive about the office buildings, but we try to keep a low profile.” “We?” “I have partners.” “Let me guess—the Justice League. The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman.” Ranger looked like he was thinking about smiling. ~ Janet Evanovich,
262:Precision medicine is diving into the DNA with a knowledge that everybody's tumor has a unique genetic profile and you want to be able to identify that specific piece of DNA that has become mutated and that is driving cancer growth. ~ Laurie Glimcher,
263:A profile was visible against the dull monochrome of cloud around her; and it was as though side shadows from the features of Sappho and Mrs. Siddons had converged upwards from the tomb to form an image like neither but suggesting both. ~ Thomas Hardy,
264:Climbing is an amazing, unique sport, and I want to share that with as many people as possible. I want to be an ambassador for the sport and raise the profile. I try to take advantage of any opportunity to share climbing with the world. ~ Chris Sharma,
265:My own sense of Gramma's peasant work ethic had driven me to help, but my sissy idleness and a small gash on my thumb had allowed me to give in after only a few minutes, which perfectly captured my psychological profile at the time. ~ Domingo Martinez,
266:Sarah Palin is backing in be to Republican presidential politics in a big way with a big high profile endorsement decision.That is, I think, probably going to cause a lot of upset in one particular part of the Republican establishment. ~ Rachel Maddow,
267:us—I looked at that beautiful snow-capped mountain and named it Eliza. Because it was warm, fertile, and beautiful below, while being a bit frosty and inaccessible at the top—yet possessing a volcanick profile foretelling explosions— ~ Neal Stephenson,
268:Be patient. Your skin took a while to deteriorate. Give it some time to reflect a calmer inner state. As one of my friends states on his Facebook profile: "The true Losers in Life, are not those who Try and Fail, but those who Fail to Try. ~ Jess C Scott,
269:I love what I do for a living. I’m also confident that as I continue my commitment to the ideas discovered in my quest, this love will only deepen. Thomas feels the same way about his work. So do most of the people I profiled in the book. I ~ Cal Newport,
270:Research and technology parks are an important part of the innovation infrastructure in Canada. Our Government's investment will increase the foreign profile of western Canadian companies, create new jobs, and stimulate economic growth. ~ Michelle Rempel,
271:The rumors about me being with Jamal Lewis, Adam Carolla and Tiki Barber are absolutely false. I've never even met Adam or Tiki Barber in person'we did phone interviews. What happens is that a lot of high-profile men saw topless photos of me. ~ Kola Boof,
272:While it was occasionally done here or there, nobody else had a figurehead like Walt doing it. Jack Warner wasn't on TV. Walt was the boss, but he had a real public profile and he used it to his advantage. And he became a household face. ~ Leonard Maltin,
273:I'd love to remain a secret and still work, but I also want people to see the movies I'm in and get a higher profile because of that. I like to think that as long as you continue choosing diverse roles, you can avoid becoming predictable. ~ Christian Bale,
274:I don’t understand how this person can be invested in my books when he obviously thinks they’re pornographic.” Adam sighed. “He’s obviously not right in the head. Our resident profiler could explain it better. He’s crazy. That’s all I’ve got. ~ Lexi Blake,
275:I love what I do, but I've got a life out of here. I like to spend time on the computer. I like technology. I like music. I like movies. I like to go out and party. I like my cigars, but I don't drink, and I do like to keep a low profile. ~ Carlos Delgado,
276:27Then He said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.” •Thomas (Profile)     28And Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God! ~ Anonymous,
277:Jeff [Koons] called me because he'd seen a portrait of David Bowie, at the beginning of the 80s - I've known Jeff for a long time - and he said, Greg, I want to look like a high-profile celebrity, living on the edge. I think that says it all. ~ Greg Gorman,
278:The liberation children experience when they discover the Internet is quickly counteracted by the lure of e-commerce web sites, which are customized to each individual user's psychological profile in order to maximize their effectiveness. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
279:Analyses of the movie marketplace points to an interesting phenomenon: High-profile movies are continuing to do well year-to-year in the U.S. and overseas - this past summer, for example, the top 10 movies registered at the same level as in '04. ~ Peter Bart,
280:I think a lot of high-profile artists like to make people think that. Oh, Im trying to choose my next project. This is a job. Sometimes your next job is so you can provide for your family; your kids are 16 and getting ready to go to college. ~ Michael Cudlitz,
281:I think there are a lot of opportunities in the Americas that matter deeply to 45 million Latinos in this country, and I would hope to be able to work to maybe elevate the profile of the Americas in our discussion about American global leadership. ~ Tim Kaine,
282:Together he [Girolamo Savonarola] and his archenemy Lorenzo [de' Medici] would have been the stuff of gargoyles. One could almost imagine the diptych in which their profiles confronted each other, their noses as powerful as their personalities. ~ Sarah Dunant,
283:Were I to put myself on... one of those online dating things, I would not include in my profile that I'm regularly hospitalized for psychosis. But I do know that when I get really bad, there is a place for me to go where I will feel better. ~ Marya Hornbacher,
284:Somehow women always fell for the tall, dark, and lovely ones. Lobo certainly fit that profile, with eyes like a cup of Darjeeling, a day’s growth of dark scruff, full Latin lips, and dark brows that hung low and brooding over his eyes. “Hungry? ~ Elaine Levine,
285:The profile’s the key, the absolute key to modern dating. If you can get quality people to look at your profile, it becomes a numbers game. The more views, the more hits. The more hits, the more the odds climb that you’ll find a compatible mate. ~ Will McIntosh,
286:It is one of the great arts of the human soul," Ezekiel said to himself.
Her hand on the door, Quincy shifted and looked back at her uncle's profile. "What is?"
"Staying with someone. Companionship is one of the great arts of the human soul. ~ Beth Brower,
287:People have told us that accessing all of their Google stuff with one account makes life a whole lot easier. But we've also heard that it doesn't make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity in all the other Google products you use. ~ Bradley Horowitz,
288:If you're ever if you're ever thinking, “Oh, but I'm a waste of space and I'm a burden,” remember: that also describes the Grand Canyon. Why don't you have friends and family take pictures of you from a safe distance? Revel in your majestic profile? ~ Maria Bamford,
289:Profile and the Size of the Cinema Advertising Audience 5. Over 40% of all Americans aged 12 and older went to the cinema in the ìpast monthî Holiday movie season.Ninety-five million Americans reported going to the movies in the past month in this study ~ Anonymous,
290:Character is the sum of one's good habits (virtues) and bad habits (vices). These habits mark us and affect the ways in which we respond to life's events and challenges. Our character is our profile of habits and dispositions to act in certain ways. ~ Thomas Lickona,
291:We found so much to say, to share, to learn.... For it wasn't just the Marquis de Sade profile and the sporty thighs-and-calves that seduced me. It was even more, perhaps, or certainly just as much, the speed at which you used to read, and still do. ~ Julia Kristeva,
292:Stop tagging everyone into your life's profile. For all you don't know, some will neither comment nor commend you; some may not like or hike with you! Evil companies corrupt good morals... Watch who goes with you and why! life soooo well!! ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
293:It’s good that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone, tousled hair and all. We need a reminder that we must stop projecting our fears onto profiles built from stereotypes. We need a reminder that we will never truly know whom we need to fear. ~ Roxane Gay,
294:I would like to be an FBI profiler. I'm fascinated with psychology, but I wouldn't want to deal with people and their problems in my office. I like to figure them out from afar, narrow a case down, figure it out, but it sounds like a lot of science. ~ Kathleen Madigan,
295:Popular women use positive, optimistic language in their online profiles, not buzzwords like "future thinker". Here are the ten most often used words I found: easy-going, love, laugh, laid-back, optimistic, outgoing, fun, down-to-earth, pleasure, adventure. ~ Amy Webb,
296:As I stared at her profile, determination coursed through my veins. I had never faced a bigger challenge but I’d never had this much to gain. Three hearts were on the line here: Maisy’s, Coby’s and mine, and I’d do whatever it took not to break them all. ~ Devney Perry,
297:never hesitated. I mean, I always suspected I was a bit of a psychopath, but as we all know...psychopaths aren’t necessarily monsters. They’re just...unemotional. Detached. Able to become such great surgeons, CEOs, lawyers...even profilers for the FBI... ~ Cynthia Eden,
298:He towered over her as much while seated as he had while standing. Phoebe fastened her seat belt, then gave him a quick glance. Her heart did a one and a half somersault with a half twist at the sight of his profile. He looked good enough to be on a coin. ~ Susan Mallery,
299:The judge took one look at it and threw it out. He said the honey trap was “deceptive conduct of the grossest kind”; the idea of “a psychological profile being admissible as proof of identity in any circumstances [was] redolent with considerable danger.” And ~ Jon Ronson,
300:These diagnostic profiles like depression, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, it's half science and the other half is a committee of doctors bickering over what it should be, and it has changed. It's not precise like a diagnosis of tuberculosis would be very precise. ~ Temple Grandin,
301:the time is ripe to step out from the Twittersphere and engage with people rather than their profiles. It seems ridiculous that so many of us are happy to engage in virtual conversations with strangers, yet remain silent in a group of real people. What ~ The School of Life,
302:Being married to two extremely high profile, you know, actresses, and being sort of chased by, you know, paparazzi and people, it's a whole different dynamic happens to a relationship when that happens. All of a sudden, things get a little crazy, a little crazy. ~ Tommy Lee,
303:And there is another thing he has in mind
like a grave Sienese face a thousand years
would fail to blur the still profiled reproach of. Ghastly,
with open eyes, he attends, blind.
All the bells say: too late. This is not for tears;
thinking. ~ John Berryman,
304:IK.” When they didn’t respond, she expanded. “On my profile? IK. Impact kink.” She looked at them like they were naive. “Slapping, scratching, biting, hitting with a crop. Tamakeri if the guy asks. You know—the Japanese fetish? For getting kicked in the balls? ~ Meg Gardiner,
305:Yoh: I'm sorry I can't be with you more.

Haruna: What are you saying, Yoh!! Just looking at your shining profile makes me happy!! Go Yoh!!

Yoh: I didn't say anything!! Really I'm not going to tell you anything anymore.

Haruna: Eh, why!? ~ Kazune Kawahara,
306:I leaned my head on the back of the wooden chair and looked over at his handsome profile, all alight in the glow of the fire. For a second he looked like a God, maybe of the Sun, all golden and beautiful, his own magnificence outdoing that of the dancing flames. ~ Mia Sheridan,
307:As for Prescott Burlington-Smyth—If you thought my parents burdened me with an unfortunate last name, you’d be surprised, because the only name Bryan managed to snag that fits my physical profile is Tanaka Cockburn. And while Tanaka is a beautiful name. . . Cockburn. ~ L J Shen,
308:He felt it would hardly delight his fiancee should he reveal his true opinion, which was that his future mother-in-law's profile had struck him as so alarming that he would prefer in future to view only its muted reflection, perhaps on the surface of a tea tray. ~ Caroline Graham,
309:now the profile of our country looks a little less hard nosed / but that picket line persisted and that clinic's since been closed / they keep pounding their fists on reality hoping it will break / but I don't think there's a one of us leads a life free of mistakes ~ Ani DiFranco,
310:The evidence does not support the idea that you need an outside leader to come in and shake up the place to go from good to great. In fact, going for a high-profile outside change agent is negatively correlated with a sustained transformation from good to great. ~ James C Collins,
311:The sun was gone, and in the wake of its passing, mountain ranges stood profiled against the evening sky like a misshapen saw blade. There was nothing to see of the pine forest a thousand feet below. Not a single speck of light anywhere that existed because of man. ~ Blake Crouch,
312:I was in many ways an unorthodox choice to lead Treasury. I wasn’t a banker, an economist, a politician, or even a Democrat. I was a registered independent without much of a public profile—and the profile I had didn’t exactly signal Obama-style hope and change. ~ Timothy F Geithner,
313:should interest you,” says Thorpe. “The man who was killed in Vegas fought off his assailant at least long enough to give us a clue. Under his fingernails we took some scrapings, found tissue, and did a DNA profile. We were unable to match it to any known individual ~ Steve Martini,
314:She did draw and paint and did both diligently, but possessed modest talent. She didn't mind. Her gift and passion lay in the observation and recognition of talent and beauty, whether it was found in the work of an Italian master or the profile of a viscount-to-be. ~ Julie Anne Long,
315:Kai neared his desk again, seeing that the fugitive's profile had been transferred to the screen. His frown deepened. Perhaps not dangerous, but young and inarguably good-looking. His prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately. ~ Marissa Meyer,
316:I think it helps to have a good old-fashioned trajectory, plodding along. Obviously one has an ego and it's really easy to have that ego tickled, but what helps me get through the night is if I concentrate on just quality of work so that I don't panic about my profile. ~ Anne Marie Duff,
317:I refuse the blindfold and take the most glorious toke ever taken in the history of pot smoking. Call every racially profiled, abortion-denied, flag-burning, Fifth Amendment taker and tell them to demand a re-trial, because I'm getting high in the highest court in the land. ~ Paul Beatty,
318:Polite applause punctuated the end of the clockmaker's speech. But Passion continued to stare. Her
words came before she thought to hold them back. "Your profile ought to be pressed upon a coin."
He bent his blue gaze upon her. "Your body ought to be pressed upon mine. ~ Lisa Valdez,
319:As we've gotten more successful, there's a gap between the speed of our publishing pipeline and the speed of our receiving submissions pipeline. Our pipeline of leaks has been increasing exponentially as our profile rises, and our ability to publish is increasing linearly. ~ Julian Assange,
320:I would love to see churches start using their Web sites to present video profiles of people within their congregations so that the average person could get a sense of what the life of the church (not the organization, but the people - the true church) is really like. ~ Frank Minis Johnson,
321:****NOTE 6-30-2015 --Something weird is going on w/my GR profile. This one isn't attached to INTO THE DIM any more, and the one that is by INTO THE DIM doesn't have any of my friends/comments/info. Not to worry, GR is working on it!! In the meantime...CUPCAKES FOR ALL!!**** ~ Janet B Taylor,
322:They had a profile of John Kerry on the news and they said his first wife was worth around $300 million and his second wife, his current wife, is worth around $700 million. So when John Kerry says he's going after the wealthy in this country, he's not just talking. He's doing it! ~ Jay Leno,
323:available in the Republic had been paltry, a telephone, a flat with some air and light, the all-important permission to travel, but perhaps no paltrier than having x number of followers on Twitter, a much-liked Facebook profile, and the occasional four-minute spot on CNBC. ~ Jonathan Franzen,
324:Her profile as well as her stature and bearing seemed to gain the more dignity from her plain garments, which by the side of provincial fashion gave her the impressiveness of a fine quotation from the Bible,—or from one of our elder poets,—in a paragraph of to-day’s newspaper. ~ George Eliot,
325:Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance. ~ Eric Schmidt,
326:But Bella doesn’t like music.” I stared at Jacob, surprised. I’d never told him that. “Bella?” Mike asked, annoyed. “He’s right,” I mumbled, still looking at Jacob’s serene profile. “How can you not like music?” Mike demanded. I shrugged. “I don’t know. It just irritates me. ~ Stephenie Meyer,
327:know that weight matters. That’s why we worked hard to make our newest Kindle lighter than ever – only 8.5 ounces – so you can read comfortably for hours with just one hand. Kindle is lighter than a typical paperback, and thinner than a magazine. Just a third of an inch in profile, ~ Anonymous,
328:He should have fucking known. He should have read Eve’s damn case study, but he’d been so sure that he was right, that he couldn’t possibly be wrong. “Yeah, well, if I’d paid any attention to Eve’s profile, I would have. She knew. But I was far too smart. I thought I had the fucker ~ Lexi Blake,
329:Macadamias earn special distinction due to their superior nutritional profile of mostly monounsaturated fats, as well as phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, and numerous vitamins and minerals. Macadamia nuts are deeply satisfying—an excellent snack choice for appetite control—and ~ Mark Sisson,
330:Across from us, Lia eyed our hands and then brought her own to her forehead in a melodramatic motion. "I'm a dark and angsty profiler," she intoned. "No," she countered in a falsetto, bringing her other hand up, "I'm a dark and angsty profiler. Ours is a star-crossed love. ~ Jennifer Lynn Barnes,
331:Eddie had never noticed how much of his own speech derived from the sea, from “keeled over” to “learning the ropes” to “catching the drift” to “freeloader” to “gripe” to “brace up” to “taken aback” to “leeway” to “low profile” to “the bitter end,” or the very last link on a chain. ~ Jennifer Egan,
332:However, sexual anorexics do have a definite profile that separates them from the larger population of those having difficulty being sexual: They are often extremely competent people who are committed to doing things very well and have a fear of making mistakes and being human. ~ Patrick J Carnes,
333:Having a Facebook and Twitter profile allows me to keep more in touch with people, particularly young South Africans and those who are part of the online community. I was amazed that anyone might be interested in what I do and who I meet. Now I know what people will be interested in. ~ Helen Zille,
334:You may work with 100% capacity every day and may not be seen by anybody for recommendation. This does not mean you should give up! The day you will decide to work at 40% may be the day you'll be seen by the person who is meant to recommend you for higher profile opportunities! ~ Israelmore Ayivor,
335:Compared to high-profile leaders with big personalities who make headlines and become celebrities, the good-to-great leaders seem to have come from Mars. Self-effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy—these leaders are a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will. They ~ James C Collins,
336:You are the stuff of which consumer profiles – American Dream: Educated Middle-Class Model – are made. When you're staying at the Plaza with your beautiful wife, doesn't it make sense to order the best Scotch that money can buy before you go to the theater in your private limousine? ~ Jay McInerney,
337:It was leadership here at home that gave us strong American influence abroad, and the collapse of imperial Communism. Great nations have responsibilities to lead, and we should always be cautious of those who would lower our profile, because they might just wind up lowering our flag. ~ Ronald Reagan,
338:Harper saw a dark young guy, trying to stop from laughing so much. By some trick of perspective the tracers illuminated Sam's profile with a halo of fireflies. Something about him touched Harper, so that long after the gunship had swung low and away Sam's image remained on his retina. ~ Witi Ihimaera,
339:I'm 34 now, I like to say 35 because it makes me look better for my age, and I have to keep a little bit of a profile so that every three years if I do put a record out, I don't have to substantiate where I've been for three years and why the silence and the sort of false mysterioso. ~ Chrissie Hynde,
340:The least-crowded channel for meeting high profile bloggers is in person. Email is the most difficult, the most crowded... I'm a top 1,000 blogger, not a top 100 blogger, and I get hundreds of pitches by email every week. Most of them I don't even see because my assistant declines them. ~ Tim Ferriss,
341:There was no point saying that everyone has a different sexual profile, as individual as their fingerprints; no one wanted to believe that. It was very dangerous being uninhibited in bed; there was always the fear that the other person might still be a slave to their preconceived ideas. ~ Paulo Coelho,
342:Before OkCupid profiles became mandated by the Galactic Government, the only way to find a mate was to self-induce brain damage and beg strangers for sex in public. The fact that anyone ever achieved sexual congress during these dark times is a remarkable testament to man’s will to survive. ~ Simon Rich,
343:Before OkCupid profiles became mandated by the Galactic Government, the only way to find a mate was to self-induce brain-damage and beg strangers for sex in public. The fact that anyone ever achieved sexual congress during these dark times is a remarkable testament to man's will to survive. ~ Simon Rich,
344:I've always loved my body, but in isolation. I've always been happy being me, but I've never expected anybody else to feel the same way. The whole world's made it clear what it considers gorgeous, and since I don't fit that profile, I've always assumed the world would never be interested. ~ Cassie Wright,
345:I know what it's like to feel hopeless and to feel like you're not good enough just because of where you're from. I know what it's like to be profiled and to be abused by the police. I know what it's like to be racially profiled, treated unjustly and abused by the police just because of how you look. ~ T I,
346:We were expecting to see you at the market."
"Yes. Well. Some people thought I was dead. I was forced to keep a low profile."
"Why . . . why did some people think you were dead?"
The marquis looked at Richard with eyes that had seen too much and gone too far. "Because they killed me. ~ Neil Gaiman,
347:For the most part, the English and American whale draughtsmen seem entirely content with presenting the mechanical outline of things, such as the vacant profile of the whale; which, so far as picturesqueness of effect is concerned, is about tantamount to sketching the profile of a pyramid. ~ Herman Melville,
348:The QSM Software Almanac is an invaluable resource. It establishes a norm for software projects, including best of class, worst of class and averages. In addition, it profiles the state of the art of software construction and enhancement. I wish I'd had this wonderful reference book years ago. ~ Tom DeMarco,
349:Julius rose to his feet. The towel dropped, showering cut brown hair over Monna Alessandra's elegant tiles. His hair, finely tailored, clung to a thick-boned face with slanting eyes and a blunt profile which would have looked well on a coin. Tobie, who had almost no hair, gazed at him sadly. ~ Dorothy Dunnett,
350:My generation of bossy, confident, baby-boom women were something brand new in history. Our energy and assertiveness weren't created by Betty Friedan, unknown before her 1963 book, or by Gloria Steinem, whose political activism, as even the Lifetime profile admitted, did not begin until 1969. ~ Camille Paglia,
351:Good profiles mentioned characteristics that would probably be true for all of us, such as: "I want someone who will make me laugh." About Me sections with fewer than a hundred words tend to be clearly popular. Short profiles that express just enough information to pique someone's interest work best. ~ Amy Webb,
352:To me, history ought to be a source of pleasure. It isn't just part of our civic responsibility. To me, it's an enlargement of the experience of being alive, just the way literature or art or music is."

[The Title Always Comes Last; NEH 2003 Jefferson Lecturer interview profile] ~ David McCullough,
353:I don't want to paint myself as some kind of saint - that would be laughable - but I do think I've been able over the years to write humanely about subjects who are controversial and even contemptible. I've profiled pedophiles, stalkers, serial rapists, prison gang members and corrupt politicians. ~ Robert Draper,
354:I think that social media is a really good way to stay in touch with the people who are following you, and I think it's nice to have that very direct relationship with them - you don't necessarily need a middleman or woman. A lot of people, when I meet them, I recognize them by their profile pictures. ~ Tove Styrke,
355:I'm older now," Dean said, testing out the possibility. "Wiser, better. I've waited so long, planned so long...." His voice was lower when he profiled, deeper. "Once upon a time, I am an amateur. Now, I'm an artist. Invincible. Unstoppable."
"And this time," I said slowly, "you want credit. ~ Jennifer Lynn Barnes,
356:The reports of racial episodes are disturbing. But the players' protest is exhilarating because it is the most high-profile example to date in a continuing revolution in which the athletes who drive the multibillion-dollar college sports machine have begun to use their visibility to demand change. ~ William C Rhoden,
357:This isn’t Kirk Cousins’ job to win. Right now this is Kirk Cousins’ job to lose…He’s putting together a profile right now, a resume of these next seven weeks that will make the decision easy for the Redskins: either they sign him to a contract or they’re still looking for the quarterback of the future. ~ Bill Cowher,
358:'Digiphrenia' is really the experience of trying to exist in more than one incarnation of yourself at the same time. There's your Twitter profile, there's your Facebook profile, there's your email inbox. And all of these sort of multiple instances of you are operating simultaneously and in parallel. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
359:The profiles never reflected reality. Rather than being what you are, they were a wonderful if not futile exercise in what you think you are or what you want a potential partner to think you are—or most likely, the profiles (and, man, shrinks would have a field day) simply reflect what you want to be. The ~ Harlan Coben,
360:This litany of loss […] is the profile of a species going extinct. In a generation or two the memory of wild Africa will be lost as utterly as an American prairie of head high wild flowers swirled by bison, darkened by wild pigeons, bordered by towering forests of chestnuts, as it all was mere moments ago. ~ Carl Safina,
361:You can hear the profile of a sound, in retrospect, so much more clearly than you did at the time. And I think one of the things that's going to be nauseatingly characteristic about so much music of now is its glossy production values and its griddedness, the tightness of the way everything is locked together. ~ Brian Eno,
362:Facebook is not ideologically neutral. In fact, it emerges from a very particular world view which we can trace back to Hobbes. I discovered this by examining the profile of Zuckerberg's fellow board members who, unlike him, are a very interesting bunch and, I suspect, the real power behind the poster boy. ~ Tom Hodgkinson,
363:From where he lay on his tatami mat, he could see her in profile. Her dark hair was down, spilling around her tiny shoulders, and she was dressed only in one of the snow white yukatas or kimonos that the ryokan (a Japanese inn) supplied its guests. She was beautiful, he decided, yet she was a contradiction. ~ David Hagberg,
364:I change my keyboard between every book. I usually shop around. I'm very passionate about the physical feel of pressing the keys. It's got to have the right springiness. I tend to find the built-in keys very unsatisfying, the keys are low-profile and don't really do anything - I want it to feel like I'm typing. ~ John Green,
365:For a human being, to possess a consciously experienced first-person perspective means to have acquired a very specific functional profile and distinctive level of representational content in one's currently active phenomenal self-model: It has, episodically, become a dynamic inner model of a knowing self. ~ Thomas Metzinger,
366:I think individuals have a right to privacy, but that ought to include the right to prevent private institutions from monitoring what you do and building up a personal profile for you so that they can direct you in particular ways by their effective control over the internet, and that doesn't happen of course. ~ Noam Chomsky,
367:The terrible thing in England is if you interview a thousand people, five hundred of them will talk like they're going into a Guy Ritchie movie and the other five hundred will be Mr. Darcy. So we had to find cool, working class kids with no profile who could be John Travolta and James Dean and people like that. ~ Ricky Gervais,
368:I mean, how sad is it that I needed a freaking Facebook profile to tell me my boyfriend was no longer my boyfriend? As if Facebook is the official record keeper of relationships and you have to confirm all breakups and hookups with this sacred online registrar before you can consider them certified and approved. ~ Jessica Brody,
369:We should not rule out the possibility that Trump's diplomacy could deescalate Middle East strife and international tensions, give the US a lower global profile and enable a more balanced world order to emerge, doing most of its damage here at home, through moves to implement his vision of nativist nationalism. ~ Richard A Falk,
370:A lovely young Italian girl passed by. Byron tilted his head to a very odd angle, half-closed his eyes and composed his features to suggest that he was about to expire from chronic indigestion. Dr Greysteel could only suppose that he was treating the young woman to the Byronic profile and the Byronic expression. ~ Susanna Clarke,
371:At a time when she was engaged to Stilton Cheesewright, I remember recording in the archives that she was tall and willowy with a terrific profile and luxuriant platinum blond-hair, the sort of girl who might, as far as looks were concerned, have been the star unit of the harem of one of the better-class sultans. ~ P G Wodehouse,
372:He was tall, probably six foot one or so, his hair was jet black, it was longer on top and she could tell that he had bangs that fell across his face sweeping to the left partially covering that eye. He had broad shoulders and from what she could see of his profile, high cheek bones, a straight nose and full lips. ~ Quinn Loftis,
373:Desks are to executives what souped-up Mitsubishi Colts with low-profile alloys, metal-flake paint jobs, and extra-loud, chrome-plated exhaust pipes are to chavs; they’re a big swinging dick, the proxy they use to proclaim their sense of self-importance. If you want to understand an executive, you study his desk. ~ Charles Stross,
374:If asked in a court of law what happened and what was said, I could only attest to the words “heading,” “stagnating” and “peaceable.” I’d never thought of myself as peaceable—or its opposite—until then. I would also swear to the truth of the biscuit tin; it was burgundy red, with the Queen’s smiling profile on it. ~ Julian Barnes,
375:Interestingly, I tried sharing the guy’s LinkedIn profile with a friend of mine and my friend was unable to view the profile because he was too far removed from the guy in question. Ironically, I was able to see the guy’s profile almost entirely because I was not logged in as a LinkedIn user. Go figure that rationale. ~ Anonymous,
376:Physicians, patients, and ethicists must also understand that acknowledging abuse and encouraging African Americans to participate in research are compatible goals. History and today's deplorable African American health profile tell us clearly that black Americans need both more research and more vigilance. ~ Harriet A Washington,
377:When you start a company, it's more an art than a science because it's totally unknown. Instead of solving high-profile problems, try to solve something that's deeply personal to you. Ideally, if you're an ordinary person and you've just solved your problem, you might have solved the problem for millions of people. ~ Brian Chesky,
378:I was sorry to see the News of the World go down, I think it was a great campaigning newspaper. Who can forget the News of the World's high profile campaign against child sex offenders which led to News of the World readers burning down the home of a paediatrician, throwing rocks at a pedalo, stamping on a centipede. ~ Stewart Lee,
379:Imagine a hundred million people clicking polls and typing in their favorite TV shows and products and political leanings, day after day. It’s the biggest data profile ever. And it’s voluntary. That’s the funny part. People resist a census, but give them a profile page and they’ll spend all day telling you who they are. ~ Max Barry,
380:Royce cast a harsh and anxious look at the prince. “What?” Alric asked. “I thought we discussed the importance of keeping a low profile.” “Oh, please.” The prince waved a hand at the thief. “I don’t think it will get me killed if this monk knows I’m the king. Look at him. I’ve seen drowned rats more formidable. ~ Michael J Sullivan,
381:In the digital universe, our personal history and its sense of narrative is succeeded by our social networking profile - a snapshot of the current moment. The information itself - our social graph of friends and likes - is a product being sold to market researchers in order to better predict and guide our futures. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
382:Traditional journalism, where reporters deliver information in a balanced and unbiased fashion, is rapidly fading into obscurity. This is especially evident on television where high profile reporters become bigger than the story, delivering news with large dollops of personality and wit – almost as if they are actors. ~ Lance Morcan,
383:I have been in schools around the country, and I have written on education for years. Once, I was once doing a profile on Justice William Brennan and I was in his chambers, and Brennan asked, "How do we get the words of the Bill of Rights into the lives of the students?" Well, it is not difficult. You tell them stories. ~ Nat Hentoff,
384:... I thought about the word profile and what a weird double meaning it had. we say we're looking at a person's profile online... and we assume it's the whole them we're seeing. But when a photographer takes a picture of a profile, you're only seeing half the face... It's never the way you would remember seeing them. ~ David Levithan,
385:Sugar, remember—” “One of your best ideas, cher.” Secret rules, she thought, her eyes on his profile as he watched the sky rain color, secret play. When he met her eyes, his own reflecting the sky, she said, “Full throttle.” The smile faded from his lips, raw emotion in his voice as he repeated the vow. “Full throttle. ~ Nalini Singh,
386:That's a KORTAN DAHUK. That's the first alien we see in the film [Valerian]. That's another artist. The first one was Chinese, the one with the space station. This one is American. Personally, that's my favorite alien. I love him. I love his profile and his face. There is such a sweetness and almost a sadness in his face. ~ Luc Besson,
387:Alas, I had no power, at that time, to combat the flat refusal of many cover departments to put people of color on a book jacket. So, through many later, lily-white Geds, Ruth Robbins’s painting for the first edition—the fine, strong profile of a young man with copper-brown skin—was, to me, the book’s one true cover. ~ Ursula K Le Guin,
388:The true end users of Facebook are the marketers who want to reach and influence us. They are Facebook's paying customers; we are the product. And we are its workers. The countless hours that we - and the young, particularly - spend on our profiles are the unpaid labor on which Facebook justifies its stock valuation. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
389:Bryan turned, his gaze sweeping over the playground, and I watched his profile. I knew the exact moment his eyes found Patrick. Bryan’s expression became one of wonder. And in that moment, I believed in love at first sight, because I’d just witnessed it. I’d just witnessed a man fall head over heels in love with his own son. ~ L H Cosway,
390:The launch of Google+ apps sends a powerful signal - the personalized web has begun. What this means is that the way information is structured and accessed will turn on the individual, or rather their personal profile which is a composite of all the data collected on the basis of what they have searched for and shared. ~ Simon Mainwaring,
391:I don't even think about having a "rock-star profile." But sure, I always think, "Wouldn't it be great to have your friends along for the ride?" I just feel like me, you know? I've always been me, and I feel like the same guy. It surprises me when people expect me to be anything other than just a dude. I'm just a dude. ~ John Britt Daniel,
392:Peak hours for sending a first email through the online dating system tended to be during work (eleven A.M. to four P.M.) and then just after dinner (seven P.M. to nine P.M.). I did have a few women send me a first message after eleven P.M. Those who did had an 82 percent chance of coming from a profile that had too many words. ~ Amy Webb,
393:As much as you feel as though you need to find some relevant bit of information for your story to work, research distracts from your writing and inevitably leads you down a rabbit hole of websites and articles and, more than likely, the temptation of checking your email or your Facebook profile or the baseball scores on ESPN. ~ Clive Barker,
394:So how did you know about the teeth?” “A vision. I’m a profiler, don’t forget.” “Are you bullshitting me, Chief Inspector?” Sharko favored him with a sincere smile. He liked the naivety of these kids. It proved they still had something pure about them, a glow you couldn’t find in the old-timers, the ones who’d seen it all. ~ Franck Thilliez,
395:Hugh [Evans] called us. And obviously this has been on our radar for all the years it`s been going on. And each year obviously reaches more and more people, and it`s high profile. Hugh reached out to our manager just down the street. And we said we`re here [ on GLOBAL CITIZEN in the Central Park] to help and do whatever we can. ~ Lars Ulrich,
396:Do you have anything from the geographic profile yet?” “No, it hasn’t finished running. I was looking at the map myself, I think you’re onto something. Problem with this software is it takes at least eight points to be accurate. So whatever it coughs out is going to be incomplete at best. I’d plan on working without it.” “Right. ~ J T Ellison,
397:maura: i am isaac, will.
me: don't be stupid. he's a guy.
maura: no he's not. he's a profile. i made him up.
me: yeah, right.
maura: i did.

no. no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

me: what?

no please no what no no please no fuck no NO.

maura: isaac doesn't exist. he's never existed. ~ David Levithan,
398:The good news is that these descriptive statistics give us a manageable and meaningful summary of the underlying phenomenon. That’s what this chapter is about. The bad news is that any simplification invites abuse. Descriptive statistics can be like online dating profiles: technically accurate and yet pretty darn misleading. ~ Charles Wheelan,
399:The same as if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, you realize, if no one had been there to witness the agony of Christ, would we be saved?
The key to salvation is how much attention you get. How high a profile you get. Your audience share. Your exposure. Your name recognition. Your press following. ~ Chuck Palahniuk,
400:Then I Curt - a mirage in the distance. He's leaning against my locker surrounded by a small group of senior Goth kids. They're gathered around him in the same manner people gather around a gruesome car accident, gaping unbashedly, black figures profiled against red lockers, staring in a daze at what they could become(Going 29-30). ~ K L Going,
401:I've been in real estate for a long time and I always try to stay on the edge. I'm really excited about the partnership with Trulia because it's centered around technology and the various social engagements it lends itself to. This is real estate going forward with a mobile and social application. It fits my profile and perspective. ~ MC Hammer,
402:There were times when I would forget her, though they were rare, and it would be for a time as though she had never existed; and then some passing girl's inadvertent gesture, or an accidental profile, or a hat like hers, would restore her, and restore the suffering too, and I would long again, somehow, to encounter or to see her. ~ Alfred Hayes,
403:Active management strategies demand uninstitutional behavior from institutions, creating a paradox that few can unravel. Establishing and maintaining an unconventional investment profile requires acceptance of uncomfortably idiosyncratic portfolios, which frequently appear downright imprudent in the eyes of conventional wisdom. ~ David F Swensen,
404:Royce cast a harsh and anxious look at the prince.
“What?” Alric asked.
“I thought we discussed the importance of keeping a low profile.”
“Oh, please.” The prince waved a hand at the thief. “I don’t think it will
get me killed if this monk knows I’m the king. Look at him. I’ve seen
drowned rats more formidable. ~ Michael J Sullivan,
405:Then I see Curt - a mirage in the distance. He's leaning against my locker surrounded by a small group of senior Goth kids. They're gathered around him in the same manner people gather around a gruesome car accident, gaping unbashedly, black figures profiled against red lockers, staring in a daze at what they could become(Going 29-30) ~ K L Going,
406:If you choose to spend an hour every day tinkering with your Facebook profile, or if you don’t see any difference between reading Jane Austen on a Kindle and reading her on a printed page, or if you think Grand Theft Auto IV is the greatest Gesamtkunstwerk since Wagner, I’m very happy for you, as long as you keep it to yourself. ~ Jonathan Franzen,
407:I got nervous at bulls and eagles,
Trying to figure what shape Zeus might take for sex
When it could be your turn next. But now I don't care any longer,
I've come to my senses, your profile leaves me cold.
Why am I different? you ask. I'll tell you. Because you keep nagging
For presents
. That's what turns me off. ~ Ovid,
408:the Female Once-Over--a process by which one woman creates a detailed profile of another woman based upon about a million subtle details of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and body type, and then decides how much of a social threat she might be. Men have a parallel process, but it's binary: Does he have beer? If yes, will he share with me? ~ Jim Butcher,
409:A picture of a pipe is not a pipe, as Magritte told us. There is a permanent gap between the signifier and the thing signified. An online profile of your best friend is not your best friend. A status update about a day in the park is not a day in the park. And the desire to tell the world about how happy you are is not how happy you are. ~ Matt Haig,
410:Whenever Jack spoke of Lily, his entire profile softened. In those moments, his innately captivating presence was like a flame, kindled from within. For a second, I was completely jealous, because I had never lived in someone’s heart like that. And I wanted to. I wanted to make someone, someday, glow like that when they thought of me. ~ Leylah Attar,
411:A picture of a pipe is not a pipe, as Magritte told us. There is a permanent gap between the signifier and the thing signified. An online profile of your best friend is not your best friend. A status update about a day in the park is not a day in the park. And the desire to tell the world about how happy you are, is not how happy you are. ~ Matt Haig,
412:It's one thing to execute dishes on your own time for family and friends, but quite another to perform and be judged in a competition. And that's what cooking in a high profile restaurant is. It's a competition. You're up against every other three-star restaurant in your city, and if you want to stay in business, you'd better deliver. ~ Joe Bastianich,
413:...the Female Once-Over - a process by which one woman creates a detailed profile of another woman based upon about a million subtle details of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and body type, and then decides how much of a social threat she might be. Men have a parallel process, but it's binary: Does he have beer? If yes, will he share with me? ~ Jim Butcher,
414:Ace had built a small fire and was sitting with his forearms draped over his upraised knees. He must have sensed her presence because he glanced over his shoulder with a sharp jerk of his head. In profile, he was the image of hidden power and fierce beauty. She realized that he must have bathed in the chilly waters of the creek, because ~ Penny Richards,
415:I am much less concerned with whatever it is technology may be doing to people that what people are choosing to do to one another through technology. Facebook's reduction of people to predictively modeled profiles and investment banking's convolution of the marketplace into an algorithmic battleground were not the choices of machines. ~ Douglas Rushkoff,
416:When we can commit a crime, we can also trigger debate. Cases go to courts. Media start covering the cases. But once you build smart environments where, if you meet a certain probabilistic profile, you won't even be allowed to board a bus, let alone commit a crime, we're perpetuating existing laws so they face no challenges or revision. ~ Evgeny Morozov,
417:The same as if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, you realize, if no one had been there to witness the agony of Christ, would we be saved?
The key to salvation is how much attention you get. How high a profile you get. Your audience share. Your exposure. Your name recognition. Your press following.
The buzz. ~ Chuck Palahniuk,
418:Someone wanted me to write a profile for ESPN about the commissioner of baseball, and I said, "He's just some suit! Some Republican. No!" I mean if you want me to write about baseball, boxing or football, I'll write about those things because I watch them, I think about them a lot and I like them. But I don't want to write about Barry Bonds. ~ Richard Ford,
419:In this era of fake news and paid news artificial intelligence is more and more used as a political tool to manipulate and dictate common people, through big data, biometric data, and AI analysis of online profiles and behaviors in social media and smart phones. But the days are not far when AI will also control the politicians and the media too. ~ Amit Ray,
420:The bailout “saved” perhaps 10,000 jobs in Ohio, a figure that represents two-tenths of 1 percent of the 5 million votes cast there. So Romney’s de facto flip-flop on the auto bailout was both a profile in cowardice and proof that the Republican political apparatus believes that the party’s core free market principle is an electoral loser. ~ David A Stockman,
421:a new breed of designers is developing brand-new techniques under the banner of Lean User Experience (Lean UX). They recognize that the customer archetype is a hypothesis, not a fact. The customer profile should be considered provisional until the strategy has shown via validated learning that we can serve this type of customer in a sustainable way. ~ Eric Ries,
422:You want to have enough of a profile to be able to do all the work you can, but at the same time you want to have your own space. But there are a lot of actors who achieve it, a lot of movie stars even, people like Emily Watson and Cate Blanchett. They seem to be able to carry on with their lives and still produce wonderful, high-profile work. ~ Anne Marie Duff,
423:Explosion is a beautiful word an a very big one. Later I learned others, the kind you can whisper only when you're alone. Inexorable. Ornamentation. Profile. Catastrophic. Electrical. District Nurse.
They get bigger and bigger if you say them over and over again. You whisper and whisper and let the word grow untilnothing exists except the word. ~ Tove Jansson,
424:Even high-profile product and feature releases become routine by using dark launch techniques. Long before the launch date, we put all the required code for the feature into production, invisible to everyone except internal employees and small cohorts of real users, allowing us to test and evolve the feature until it achieves the desired business goal. ~ Gene Kim,
425:In going directly to Investment Heaven, you build your portfolio as you would build a wonderful company through a merger and acquisition program. You specify the way you want your portfolio to look, and then you assemble the profile piece by piece by bringing together companies that make their own individual contributions to the desired character. ~ Robert Haugen,
426:The codiscoverers of the impostor phenomenon, Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes, along with various collaborators, point to four coping and protecting mechanisms: diligence and hard work, holding back, charm, and procrastination.1 In my own work I’ve observed three more: maintaining a low or ever-changing profile, never finishing, and self-sabotage. ~ Valerie Young,
427:Her dissertation on Dutch women painters of the Golden Age sits unfinished in her apartment, a half-typed sheet of paper mildewing in the mouth of a Remington. It's been months since she worked on it and she sometimes finds herself staring at the machine's bullnose profile or the chrome-plated carriage return, thinking: Remington also makes rifles. ~ Dominic Smith,
428:I'm someone who loves to enjoy life and tries to focus on real things and real friendships. That's why I live very simply. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I don't spend much time fixing myself up or trying to look cool. I live like a normal person and even though I'm in a very high-profile business, I really don't let it affect the way I live. ~ Cameron Diaz,
429:The goals for me have changed somewhat. There's a bit of seduction to the idea of being on network, but it got to the point where that wasn't important. What's important is doing something worthwhile. Which is why I've always avoided being on a sitcom. Yeah, it's high-profile and it's on a network, but you know what? You could be on Suddenly Stewart. ~ Jon Stewart,
430:I spoke one time at the Library of Congress, in 1972, or so. A man stood up in the middle of the audience, when I was about halfway through, and he said, "What right have you, as leader of America's young people, to make those people so cynical and pessimistic?"

I had no good answer, so I left the stage.

Talk about profiles in courage! ~ Kurt Vonnegut,
431:Well, there isn't any one profile of a survivor, but there are profiles. Depending on the disaster you have certain advantages and disadvantages just based on who you are. Women are more likely to survive hurricanes. In hurricanes the deaths come from floods and people driving through high water. That's much more likely to be a man who dies that way. ~ Amanda Ripley,
432:turn green, and the silver black. Absentmindedly, I said, “Unless they’re polished, their colors will fade.” “Like a person.” “Pardon?” I returned my gaze to her profile. “People need to be polished, to be stroked, touched,” her tone was abstract, “and when they’re not polished, their colors fade. They fade, they change, warp, become something different. ~ Penny Reid,
433:And it’s eliminated my ability to just talk to you.” He was still talking. “I mean, I can’t send you emails, because you immediately forward them to someone else. I can’t send you a photo, because you post it on your own profile. And meanwhile, your company is scanning all of our messages for information they can monetize. Don’t you think this is insane? ~ Dave Eggers,
434:She glanced at his handsome profile. It would be a long time before she forgot anything that happened tonight. But she had to pretend, for the sake of the Librus team--her friends--that everything was hunky dory. That she didn't give a rat's ass about Byrn. That his man-whoring didn't bother her in the least.
That she didn't love him like whoa. ~ Kendall Grey,
435:We live in the midst of a gloomy society. Success; that is the lesson which falls drop by drop from the slope of corruption.
Be it said in passing, that success is a very hideous thing. Its false resemblance to merit deceives men. For the masses, success has almost the same profile as supremacy. Success, that Menaechmus of talent, has one dupe,--history. ~ Victor Hugo,
436:Balsa seemed invincible, endowed with powers no other warrior could match, but in her profile he could glimpse the shadow of a young girl, hurt and buffeted by a cruel and hopeless fate. If he had never experienced what it was like to be at the mercy of fate himself, he would not have noticed, but now he could see it with unbearable, heartrending clarity. ~ Nahoko Uehashi,
437:David became a lavish supporter of the arts in New York and appeared regularly in the society pages. Charles, meanwhile, kept a lower profile but assiduously invited sympathetic members of the media to his donor summits, such as the talk radio host Glenn Beck, the Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, and the National Review columnist Ramesh Ponnuru. ~ Jane Mayer,
438:I like [John Cardinal O'Connor] a lot. He - I started a - to know him - when I asked William Shawn at The New Yorker, `Sh - can I do a profile of Cardinal O'Connor?' He said, `All right. Find out what he's like.' So I went to his office, and I heard somebody - and it turned out to be O'Connor - yelling outside, and I've never heard him since raise his voice. ~ Nat Hentoff,
439:She watches Simon's profile as he drives, concentrating, but he keeps turning to her, and every time he does so, he is smiling. He doesn't seem to care, and she wonders if, actually, he wants to be caught. In some ways she does, because she knows, already, albeit crazily swiftly, that she wants more of this man, that once was never, ever going to be enough. ~ Sarah Rayner,
440:Soulkeeper protocol was to avoid contact with the public as much as possible. High noon, Bonnie wasn’t concerned the woman buying a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread was a Watcher, but humans tended to want to talk and talking wasn’t good for keeping a low profile, especially when both shopper and clerk were wearing medallions with Lucifer’s face on the back. ~ G P Ching,
441:I was (an am) unsure about how I am related to my old self, or to myself from year to year. The hormonal profile of an individual determines much of the manifest personality. If you skew the endocrine system,you loose the pathways to the self. When endocrine patterns change it alters the way you think and feel. One shift in the pattern tends to trip another. ~ Hilary Mantel,
442:Seibel: I was looking at one of your papers from the 70s about your Fortran profiler. In the preamble you were very enthusiastic about how that tool changed your programming from figuring out what you were going to write, writing it, and debugging it, to figuring out what you were going to write, writing a really simple version, profiling it, then optimizing it. ~ Peter Seibel,
443:Terrifying mass shooting and high-profile officer-involved incidents have dominated the national conversation on gun violence in recent years. But most deaths by gun are not headline-grabbing massacres. They`re more private, more intimate, and perhaps in that way, even more horrifying. Domestic violence, make no mistake, domestic violence is a gun issue. ~ Melissa Harris Perry,
444:I got in a fight with my girlfriend," I said. "I was just driving around, blowing off steam, you know?" Well, you should be more careful where you drive," the officer said. "You're making people nervous. You don't fit the profile of the neighborhood." I wanted to tell him that I didn't fit the profile of the country but I knew it would just get me into trouble. ~ Sherman Alexie,
445:The research on IQ profiles indicates that children with Asperger’s syndrome have good factual and lexical (or word) knowledge. Their highest scores are often on the sub-tests that measure vocabulary, general knowledge and verbal problem solving. Such children have an impressive vocabulary and their recall of facts can make them popular in a Trivial Pursuit team. ~ Tony Attwood,
446:Whereas John and Yoko might have comfortably lounged around in holiday mode on palatial country estates...the Lennons had this extraordinary urge and need to put something back. To stand up for reason in an unreasonable world, to take advantage of their extraordinary media profile to refocus public attitude and outlook on the murdering of other humans. (Ritchie Yorke) ~ Yoko Ono,
447:Susan smiled at me, giving Molly the Female Once-Over—a process by which one woman creates a detailed profile of another woman based upon about a million subtle details of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and body type, and then decides how much of a social threat she might be. Men have a parallel process, but it’s binary: Does he have beer? If yes, will he share with me? ~ Jim Butcher,
448:Lady Linette has been teaching us seduction techniques.” She lowered her eyes and then looked off across the gray moor, presenting him with her profile, which was rather a nice one, or so Mademoiselle Geraldine told her.

That statement successfully shocked Felix. He swallowed a few times before saying, his voice almost as high as it had been a year ago, “Really? ~ Gail Carriger,
449:Composers, skilled in theory, hear music differently. CAT profiles of their listening brains show more verbal hemisphere activity, as if they don’t just let the associative sensations of timber and rhythm swell through them, but somehow eavesdrop on a point being argued on thought’s original instruments. Can the effect be any less beautiful for being better articulated? ~ Richard Powers,
450:Grimalkin yawned and licked his whiskers. 'Not dead,' he replied. 'Hardly dead. But she changed her name and appearance so many times, even the oldest fey would hardly remember her. She likes to keep a low profile, you know.' Puck frowned, knitting his bows together. 'Then how is it you remember her?' he demanded, sounding indignant. 'I am a cat,' purred Grimalkin. ~ Julie Kagawa,
451:They (animals) are not just living things; they are beings with lives... that makes all the difference in the time you are outside...notice the first bird you see…you are beholding a unique individual with personality traits, an emotional profile, and a library of knowledge built on experience…what you are witnessing is not just biology, but a biography. ~ Jonathan Balcombe,
452:Because while we all Facebook stalk, protocol is to not admit it. I might know, from status update, that a potential best friend swims laps every mornings, but it'd be creep to say "Don't worry about eating that doughnut, you deserve it after all those calories you burn!" Instead, I check out her profile and she reviews mine, but then we meet and pretend to know nothing. ~ Rachel Bertsche,
453:Susan smiled at me, giving Molly the Female Once-Over - a process by which one woman creates a detailed profile of another woman based upon about a million subtle details of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and body type, and then decides how much of a social threat she might be. Men have a parallel process, but it's binary: Does he have beer? If yes, will he share with me? ~ Jim Butcher,
454:Success: The successful person is willing to do what the unsuccessful person is not willing to do. Draw a profile of success in whatever you are choosing to improve. If you are willing to do what that profile demands, then you have a credible demand of success. If you are not willing to do that then it just will not be there for you. You can't have the one without the other. ~ Hyrum W Smith,
455:Once you learn to think like another creature, you can anticipate what it will do and react before it ever acts. If that sounds a little Hollywood, then you've seen your share of movies about impossibly clairvoyant FBI profilers who can "see with the eyes of the killer." But out there on the Kalahari plains, mind-throwing was a very real and potentially deadly talent. ~ Christopher McDougall,
456:I see the strongest and the smartest men who have ever lived," he says, his face outlined against the stars in the driver's window, "and these men are pumping gas and waiting tables." The drop of his forehead, his brow, the slope of his nose, his eyelashes and the curve of his eyes, the plastic profile of his mouth, talking, these are all outlined in black against the stars. ~ Chuck Palahniuk,
457:I stedet er vi med til at fremelske en social kapital. Yngre mennesker er ikke længere optaget af ejerskab, men satser på deling – populært sagt – af filer, biler og sociale profiler. Når Rifkin forventer et okonomisk paradigmeskifte inden for de næste 35 år, skyldes det netop, at moderne teknologi i stadig storre grad formår at integrere kommunikation, energi og transportnetværk. ~ Anonymous,
458:Tracy is turning into a skeleton right before my eyes. Last night as we lay in bed talking I looked at her profile and it was like she was already dead, her skull hanging in a professor’s lecture hall. I can’t believe how much weight she’s already lost. It’s like the decomposition process can’t wait until after death, it’s getting a head start. The sight takes my breath away. ~ Frederick Marx,
459:Everything depends on the point of view and is rich in varying aspects. A picture is sublime from one corner of the room, a daub from another; a woman's full face may be perfect, her profile a disappointment; above all, what you admire in yourself becomes highly distasteful in your neighbor. The moral is, I suppose, Tolerance; or if not that, something else which has escaped me. ~ Anthony Hope,
460:To create anything — whether a short story or a magazine profile or a film or a sitcom — is to believe, if only momentarily, you are capable of magic. These essays are about that magic — which is sometimes perilous, sometimes infectious, sometimes fragile, sometimes failed, sometimes infuriating, sometimes triumphant, and sometimes tragic. I went up there. I wrote. I tried to see. ~ Tom Bissell,
461:she couldn’t stand to look up another profile on that awful internet dating site and find another middle-aged, bald, chubby man staring smugly at her out of the computer screen, demanding a ‘slim lady who takes care of herself, for snuggles and long walks along the beach’. Yes, she wanted this child to love her and approve of her and save her from snuggles with chubby, smug men. ~ Liane Moriarty,
462:The depths of human conformity and obedience are shown by the speed with which they occur—it takes less than 200 milliseconds for your brain to register that the group has picked a different answer from yours, and less than 380 milliseconds for a profile of activation that predicts changing your opinion. Our brains are biased to get along by going along in less than a second. ~ Robert M Sapolsky,
463:And, as I had gazed at my surroundings, at the muted, yet triumphant, colors splashed in joyful serenity over the immaculate stone floor, at the profiles of my fellow parishioners bent in prayer, and finally, up above, at the flickering lights held in a soft gray ceiling like chandeliers in an ancient palace, I realized that my thoughts had been transferred to Someone Else. ~ Gina Marinello Sweeney,
464:It’s interesting that most gadgets are called ‘iPhone’ and ‘iPod,’ with that ‘i’ prefix, which is ego. But most creativity is not ego-led – a lot of it comes from the unconscious. So if you’re always checking your email or updating your Instagram profile, you’re not just looking out the window, daydreaming. You’ve got to let the subconscious in – that’s my main message to the world. ~ Jarvis Cocker,
465:May your rivers flow without end... down into a desert of red rock, blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone, and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs... where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you-beyond that next turning of the canyon walls. ~ Edward Abbey,
466:It really did take Billy Lucas's suicide to wake me up to, kind of, the damage of the success of the LGBT civil-rights movement - higher-profile LGBT people - has done to LGBT youth who are trapped out there in those shitholes. But I don't think we need Pride. I am still opposed, on philosophical grounds, to the flap of the rainbow windsock and the damage that does to us intellectually. ~ Dan Savage,
467:being a way to raise the profile of key issues and rapidly address logjams, another key attribute of incentive prizes is their ability to cast a wide net. Everyone from novices to professionals, from sole proprietors to massive corporations, gets involved. Experts in one field jump to another, bringing with them an influx of nontraditional ideas. Outliers can become central players. ~ Peter H Diamandis,
468:Dietary cholesterol, for instance, has an insignificant effect on blood cholesterol. It might elevate cholesterol levels in a small percentage of highly sensitive individuals, but for most of us, it’s clinically meaningless.” At the same time, a diet high in carbohydrates is strongly associated with high triglycerides, low HDL, and the damaging particles of LDL, which is the killer profile. ~ John J Ratey,
469:As an artist in the 1960s, Norman Sunshine was able to maintain a moderately out lifestyle. But when the first exhibition of his paintings in New York brought on a profile in The New York Times in 1968, he was photographed in the apartment that he admitted sharing with Shayne. At both his advertising agency and Shayne’s television production company, the article was met with absolute silence. ~ Alan Shayne,
470:One feels pan of a vast servitude, anonymous and unending, all of it vanishing unexpectedly with the passing image of Madame Picquet behind the glass of her office, that faintly vulgar, thrilling profile. As I think of it, there’s an ache in my chest. I cannot control these dreams in which she seems to lie in my future like a whole season of extravagant meals if only I knew how to arrange it. ~ James Salter,
471:Similarly, in 2014, former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-MS) and former senator John Breaux (D-LA) became the main lobbyists for Gazprombank, a subsidiary of Russia’s largest supplier of natural gas. More recently, in 2016, millions of dollars in Russian money was funneled to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell3 and other high-profile Republicans to finance GOP senatorial candidates. ~ Craig Unger,
472:Through some strange alchemy no one can quite explain, the number of salaried paper pushers ultimately seems to expand, and more and more employees find themselves...working forty or even fifty hours on paper but effectively working fifteen hours...since the rest of their time is spent organizing or attending motivational seminars, updating their Facebook profiles, or downloading TV box sets. ~ David Graeber,
473:Zane lay where he was, unable to move even if he’d wanted
to. He snaked a hand across the short distance between them
and slid his fingers into Ty’s. Ty’s hand closed around his with
a gentle squeeze.
“I just need to be able to trust you, Ty,” he whispered.
“You can. I swear you can. I’d die for you, Zane.”
Zane’s heart was in his throat as he studied Ty’s profile. “I
know. ~ Abigail Roux,
474:The Undertaker frowned again. Her eyes flashed through scenes too quickly. for May to make out.
"Your future profile is very confusing. I see great fear. You fear too many things. You even fear yourself. Why?" May stared blankly.
"Oh yes. You don't believe in your heart. You doubt yourself. It's a great failing." The Undertaker gazed at her solemnly. " but there's also great courage. ~ Jodi Lynn Anderson,
475:Sociopath is a word that has sort of become shorthand for psychopath and there's a distinct difference, it's interesting if you look it up. Sociopath if you look at the medical definition, the profile of a sociopath is that they are supremely intelligent people that are also pathological liars, they have no moral structure and there is one more, they have no compassion or empathy for other people. ~ Cillian Murphy,
476:Since there is no human dietary grain requirement and since the consumption of grains causes so many known health problems due to their gluten content, antinutrient content, poor L-tryptophan profile, high omega-6 fat levels, and mainly starch-based content as well as their allergy and sensitivity potential, there is little reason to include grains in the diet of anyone seeking optimal health. In ~ Nora T Gedgaudas,
477:When it comes to the street-art world, there are a lot of people who realize if they go out and put up a few pieces of street art and photograph them really well, even if their locations weren't actually that high-profile or dangerous, with the level of exposure they get from the Internet, with a large audience, they can maintain that rebel cache by having it be theoretically documented street art. ~ Shepard Fairey,
478:Another way I’ve challenged myself—both when I started and still today—is to look for one major growth opportunity every week, follow through on it, and learn from it. Whether it’s a meeting with friends, a learning lunch with a mentor, a conference I’mattending,ora speaking event where Imight get time with high-profile leaders, I always prepare the same way—by asking five questions before the learning time. ~ Anonymous,
479:I do less of that stuff now because I figured out that when I was writing things I didn't care about, it made me angry and depressed, so I turned my focus to what does make me happy, and also I recognized that one of the things that gives me great happiness is teaching creative writing, and so I could write profiles of professional golfers or I could be a professor. Being a professor made me much happier. ~ Tod Goldberg,
480:I woke one night to find him staring at the ceiling, his profile lit by the glow of streetlights outside. He looked vaguely troubled, as if he were pondering something deeply personal. Was it our relationship? The loss of his father? “Hey, what’re you thinking about over there?” I whispered. He turned to look at me, his smile a little sheepish. “Oh,” he said. “I was just thinking about income inequality. ~ Michelle Obama,
481:A thousand times today I've started to open my mouth, started to squeak out, "Can you tell me...? But then I'd look into the front seat, at my mother's silent shaking, my father's grim profile, the mournful bags under his eyes, and all the questions I might ask seemed abusive. Assault and battery, a question mark used like a club. My parents are old and fragile. I'd have to heartless to want to hurt them. ~ Margaret Haddix,
482:Cat fish? "
" A cat fish is a person who pretends to be someone thay're not online, especially in romantic relationships." Her voice was flat, matter-of-fact. She needed that now. She needed to spout facts and figures and definitions and not feel a damn thing. "Someone took your pictures and created an online profile for you and put it on a singles site. Two women who fell for the catfish-you are missing. ~ Harlan Coben,
483:So that's how we end up helping Aviva pick out a male escort. Even Darcy is impressed with Eugene's organization; each profile in the boy binder has two pictures, a head shot and a full-body shot, and lists essential information: age, school, height, weight, extracurriculars, hobbies, and dance ability (which ranges from "occasional Dance Dance Revolution participation" to "so good he could back up the Biebs"). ~ Flynn Meaney,
484:It’s all true.” Venom’s hair lifted up in the wind coming through his open window, his profile so astonishingly perfect that her breath caught for a second. “I’m deadlier than the deadliest snake in the world, with the ability to impact strong immortals. But you’re not too far behind.”
“Try being used as a chew toy by an insane archangel,” Holly said with a grim smile. “It does wonders for your poison, I hear. ~ Nalini Singh,
485:We’ve been written up in big mainstream publications like Wired and Time, but we’ve found that we actually get more hits when we’re profiled on sites like Daring Fireball, a site for Mac nerds, or Lifehacker, a productivity site. Links from these places result in notable spikes in our traffic and sales. Articles in big-time publications are nice, but they don’t result in the same level of direct, instant activity. ~ Jason Fried,
486:Just as it was in Kempe’s time, the rate of removals today has less to do with the literal rate of physical abuse or neglect and more to do with a fickle public intermittently enraged by what they hear on the news. When kids die at the hands of their parents, headlines put child protection agencies under intense and sudden scrutiny. Investigators increase their removals, hoping to avoid another high-profile fatality. ~ Cris Beam,
487:I really rate Paul Scholes, because he hasn't got the high profile of many of the Manchester United players, he doesn't get too much attention, but he is one very good player. He is an intelligent player, he works hard and he scores some great goals. He is not flamboyant and is a quiet lad off the pitch but he is a tremendous asset to Manchester United and to England. He has already got my vote as player of the year. ~ Tony Adams,
488:A thousand times today I've started to open my mouth, started to squeak out, "Can you tell me...? But then I'd look into the front seat, at my mother's silent shaking, my father's grim profile, the mournful bags under his eyes, and all the questions I might ask seemed abusive. Assault and battery, a question mark used like a club. My parents are old and fragile. I'd have to heartless to want to hurt them. ~ Margaret Peterson Haddix,
489:Indeed, all things move, all things run, all things are rapidly changing. A profile is never motionless before our eyes, but it constantly appears and disappears. On account of the persistency of an image upon the retina, moving objects constantly multiply themselves; their form changes like rapid vibrations, in their mad career. Thus a running horse has not four legs, but twenty, and their movements are triangular. ~ Giacomo Balla,
490:You and Roarke have a different couple dynamic.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Well.” Peabody slid her eyes over to Eve’s profile. “That was a nice way of saying neither one of you would let the other get away with holding back. Something’s going on with one of you, the other sniffs it out and hammers away until it’s all out there. You’re both nosy, and just mean enough not to let the other one slide by. ~ J D Robb,
491:decision-making. Far from placing the nation and the world at risk to protect his own reputation for toughness, he probably would have backed down, in public if necessary, whatever the domestic political damage might have been. There may be, in short, room here for a new profile in courage—but it would be courage of a different kind from what many people presumed that term to mean throughout much of the Cold War.7 ~ Robert F Kennedy,
492:Moxie’s own medicinal cred derived from a bitter slap of gentian root, giving it a flavor profile somewhere between Dr Pepper and witch hazel. It is difficult to enjoy even ironically, and so it has largely stayed within the confines of Massachusetts and Maine, where it is sometimes mixed with coffee brandy, as the people of Maine have a punishing streak of self-hatred that makes Bostonians seem like lighthearted imps. ~ John Hodgman,
493:There must come a time, after you've been online dating for months or even years, when you feel your spirit leaving your body. You'll stay online, but you won't even know why. You'll still sign in and look at people's profiles, just to pass the time, but you won't think of them as humans any longer. They might look like people, but then so do you, and you know that all you are anymore is a shell. You'll start flailing. ~ Katie Heaney,
494:Part of the true luxury of "earned laziness" are the braggin rights that come along with being purposefully and publicly lazy. It is a badge of distinction, an emblem of success, without having to say too much about it. It labels us, affords us kudos, and raises our profile in the "pecking order" of our fellow troglodytes. It says to others, "See, I've done so well that I can afford to do nothing at all whenever I so choose! ~ Al Gini,
495:This girl wasn’t tapping her fingers restlessly, though. Her movements were methodical. Synchronized. Sitting far enough to the left of her to study her profile, I watched her chin bob, so subtly it was almost undetectable – and at some point, I realized that when her expression was remote and her fingers were moving, she was hearing music. She was playing music.
It was the most magical thing I’d ever seen anyone do. ~ Tammara Webber,
496:You can now set up a Household with another adult in your family, enabling both of you to jointly manage up to four FreeTime child profiles. Family Library lets you share books and other digital content with each other across Amazon devices and Kindle apps. You can activate Family Library when adding an adult to your Household. To set up a Household and activate Family Library go to Settings, then Registration and Household. ~ Anonymous,
497:The worst reviews, by my mind, are those from individuals who enjoy entertaining themselves by writing something bad about books they actually never read, which is as clear as day from what they’re saying. It’s even more puzzling for an author to check some of these “honest” reviewers’ pages and see that they created their profile with one goal in mind; to post you a bad review, as there’s nothing else they wanted to rate. ~ Sahara Sanders,
498:Now look. You stand well. Good profile. Listen, lad, how would you like to be in moving pictures?'
'Er,' said Victor. 'No. I don't think so.'
The man gaped at him.
'You did hear what I said, didn't you?' he said. 'Moving pictures?'
'Everyone wants to be in moving pictures!'
'No, thanks,' said Victor, politely. 'I'm sure it's a worthwhile job, but moving pictures doesn't sound very interesting to me. ~ Terry Pratchett,
499:In 1935, a Fortune magazine piece profiled a day in the life of a typical Shanghai-based expatriate, or “Shanghailander”: “At noon you make your way to a club for a leisurely lunch and two cocktails… You return to your office. But at four-thirty you knock off again for a game of golf at the Shanghai Golf Club or the Hung-Jao Golf Club, both resembling the Westchester County variety except for the attendants in white nightgowns. ~ Dan Washburn,
500:There should be no single representation in the autism world. Think about this if someone got up on stage and talked about having “non-autistic syndrome” and made the assumption every one with this syndrome is the same we would be in big trouble. That applies to autism as well - it isn't one condition, there are profile differences between Autism and AS and all autism "fruits salads" are different. That is how diverse autism is. ~ Paul Isaacs,

--- IN CHAPTERS (in Dictionaries, in Quotes, in Chapters)


   1 Philosophy
   1 Occultism

   6 The Mother
   2 Jorge Luis Borges

   6 The Mothers Agenda

1.02_-_The_Three_European_Worlds, #The Ever-Present Origin, #Jean Gebser, #Integral
  Among the portraits to which we refer are several executed since 1918 in which Picasso shows the figure simultaneously "full face" and "profile," in utter disregard of aesthetic conventions (fig.2). What at first glance appears to be distorted or dislocated, as for example the eyes, is actually a complementary overlapping of temporal factors and spatial sectors, audaciously rendered simultaneously and conspatially on the pictorial surface. In this manner, the figure achieves its concrete character of wholeness and presence, nourished not by the psychistic demand for beauty but by the concretion of time.

1.22_-_How_to_Learn_the_Practice_of_Astrology, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  All this time, moreover, you have not been wholly idle. You will have been running about like a demented rabbit, and trying to spot the rising sign of everybody you know. Look at them full-face, then profile; and note salient characteristics, pendulous lips, receding chins, bulbous noses, narrow foreheads, stuck-out ears, pimples, squints, warts, shape of face (three main types; thin, jutting, for cardinal signs; square, steadfast for cherubic; weak, nondescript, for the rest); then the stature, whether lithe, well-knit, sturdy, muscular, fat or what not; in short every bodily feature in turn; make up your mind what sign was rising at birth, and stick to it!

3-5_Full_Circle, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Where are our great synthesizers of knowledge? . . . Industry, government, universities, and medical schools have need of and eagerly seek capable people who can efl'ectively give the broad sweep, recognize the important from the unimportant, and maintain a reasonable understanding of the literature in multiple medical and scientific areas. . . . We must be able to develop a corps of such scientists and physicians as synthesizers and integrators to help guide us in directing our resources toward optimum use. . . . We must create this kind of fine generalist in the image of a captain of a team, a strong and vigorous leader with intelligent insight and technical know-how in multiple fields.7
  Another part of the challenge is reflected in the sketch of Figure 3 which is a proposal for designing and developing a global network of centers and institutes for the promotion of general systems methods, philosophy, attitudes, and viewpoints. The terminology used there is suggestive rather than definitive. That mission profile is the embryo of a possible blueprint for a global campaign to translate the capabilities of unified science models into a widespread program of action. The assumption is made that the entire realm or universe of knowledge would be restructured as a prerequisite to any adequate reforms in curriculum and administration.
   Proposed by Jere W. Clark, Dir., Center for Interdisciplinary Creativity, Southern Conn. State College, New Haven, March1, 1969, (revised December 23, 1969.)

Agenda_Vol_10, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  I don't know if they are the ones.... There's a photo taken in profile....
  (Mother and Satprem
  It's the eyes that I find different.
  That photo isn't here, I don't know where it is.... Ah, here it is (Mother shows a photo taken in profile).
  Don't you find it strange?

Agenda_Vol_2, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  saw Sri Aurobindo just as he looked physically, but glorified; that is, the same man I would see on my
  first visit, almost thin, with that golden-bronze hue and rather sharp profile, an unruly beard and long
  hair, dressed in a dhoti with one end of it thrown over his shoulder, arms and chest bare, and bare feet.
  likeness to Sri Aurobindo: Theon was about the same size (not a tall man, of medium height) and thin,
  slim, with quite a similar profile. But when I met Theon I saw (or rather I felt) that he was not the man
  I saw in my vision because... he didn't have that vibration. Yet it was he who first taught me things,
  standing there, waiting for me at the top of the stairs.... EXACTLY my vision! Dressed the same way,
  in the same position, in profile, his head held high. He turned his head towards me... and I saw in his
  eyes that it was He. The two things clicked (gesture of instantaneous shock), the inner experience

Agenda_Vol_3, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  30He did a portrait in profile of Sri Aurobindo, looking towards the future.
  31Considering it to be of no interest, Satprem unfortunately did not keep a record of his answer. The P. in question died

Agenda_Vol_6, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But the other photo is good. That's how I knew Sri Aurobindo: he had just come out of the photo in
  profile, in which he is very thin. As for Cartier-Bresson's photos, they were taken in 1950.
  It's a pity nothing was taken before.

Agenda_Vol_8, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  all moving about inside it!
  I saw him in profile (he was just in between us), I saw him in profile, and his hand, which I saw,
  was just in between us, like that, and he showed that so we would both see it - and he smiled and

Agenda_Vol_9, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But their religion is so shallow, so shallow and hollow that in reality it's nothing. The day it gives
  108The painter who did a portrait of Sri Aurobindo in profile, standing.

Book_of_Imaginary_Beings_(text), #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  up above the shoulders the neck rose like that of a horse.
  The head was in profile from where Ransom stood - the
  mouth wide open as it sang of joy in thick-coming trills,
  Unicorn might have been suggested to the Greeks by certain
  Persian bas-reliefs depicting bulls in profile with a single

The_Act_of_Creation_text, #The Act of Creation, #Arthur Koestler, #Psychology
  Urn or profiles whichever is master for a while, will become slave
  in turn, 'figure' will change into 'ground', 'noise' into 'information', in
  world is made of, are at one moment like the solid urn, and the next
  like the empty space between the two profiles.
  to escape the prison of the flesh; Hemingway, who was not a saint,
  wrote of the 'heart-breaking profile' of his young Venetian contessa;
  and to be overwhelmed by beauty may indeed be as 'heart-breaking'
  said, obeys almost as rigid rules of the game. The Egyptian painter
  unvaryingly represented the human figure with head in profile, eye
  frontally, legs in profile, chest frontally, and so on, showing each part
  in its most characteristic aspect. Whether the ordinary Egyptian per-
  emotion. Girls fall in love with men who remind them of father;
  men get infatuated with a reflection of Botticelli in a vacuous profile;
  every face is a palimpsest. The willow's shoulders droop, limp like a
  wall-painting in Stabiae impertinently turns her back on us. What we
  see of her face is only the merest hint of a profile, leaving it to us to
  extrapolate her lovely features. The deliberate return of Byzantine
  illusion as something altogether too obvious. Picasso's women shown
  part en face and part in profile, sometimes with a third eye or limbs
  shuffled around, rely on the beholders knowledge of the female form
  fragments will be meaningful in one way or the other: a human face
  will break up into its specific features or groups of features profile or
  top of the head; and a composite monogram will break up into the
  cardinal points, the Holy Trinity, the magic Pentagram. Each number
  has its preferential connotation, its personality and individual profile;
  it is as yet unrelated to other numbers and does not form a continuous

The_Aleph, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Leviathan, IV, 46
  On the burning February morning Beatriz Viterbo died, after braving an agony that never for a single moment gave way to self-pity or fear, I noticed that the sidewalk billboards around Constitution Plaza were advertising some new brand or other of American cigarettes. The fact pained me, for I realised that the wide and ceaseless universe was already slipping away from her and that this slight change was the first of an endless series. The universe may change but not me, I thought with a certain sad vanity. I knew that at times my fruitless devotion had annoyed her; now that she was dead, I could devote myself to her memory, without hope but also without humiliation. I recalled that the thirtieth of April was her birthday; on that day to visit her house on Garay Street and pay my respects to her father and to Carlos Argentino Daneri, her first cousin, would be an irreproachable and perhaps unavoidable act of politeness. Once again I would wait in the twilight of the small, cluttered drawing room, once again I would study the details of her many photographs: Beatriz Viterbo in profile and in full colour; Beatriz wearing a mask, during the Carnival of 1921; Beatriz at her First Communion; Beatriz on the day of her wedding to Roberto Alessandri; Beatriz soon after her divorce, at a luncheon at the Turf Club; Beatriz at a seaside resort in Quilmes with Delia San Marco Porcel and Carlos Argentino; Beatriz with the Pekingese lapdog given her by Villegas Haedo; Beatriz, front and three-quarter views, smiling, hand on her chin... I would not be forced, as in the past, to justify my presence with modest offerings of books -- books whose pages I finally learned to cut beforehand, so as not to find out, months later, that they lay around unopened.
  Beatriz Viterbo died in 1929. From that time on, I never let a thirtieth of April go by without a visit to her house. I used to make my appearance at seven-fifteen sharp and stay on for some twenty-five minutes. Each year, I arrived a little later and stay a little longer. In 1933, a torrential downpour coming to my aid, they were obliged to ask me for dinner. Naturally, I took advantage of that lucky precedent. In 1934, I arrived, just after eight, with one of those large Santa Fe sugared cakes, and quite matter-of-factly I stayed to dinner. It was in this way, on these melancholy and vainly erotic anniversaries, that I came into the gradual confidences of Carlos Argentino Daneri.

The_Logomachy_of_Zos, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Truth as the sentient, and Reality in all its forms, shapes a quadra and
  presents to view a spatial quinary: two profiles, many three-quarters, full
  face and backside. All theotheses give some sort of view, none the entire

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