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1.01 - The Cycle of Society
1.pbs - A Tale Of Society As It Is - From Facts, 1811
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   1 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Joseph Campbell
   1 Jordan Peterson
   1 Bill Hicks
   1 Alfred Korzybski


   9 Pope Francis

   8 Ralph Waldo Emerson

   5 Mahatma Gandhi

   5 John Adams

   4 Thomas Jefferson

   4 Jean Jacques Rousseau

   4 Henry David Thoreau

   4 Devdutt Pattanaik

   4 Alexis de Tocqueville

   4 Ai Weiwei

   3 William Makepeace Thackeray

   3 Noam Chomsky

   3 Jiddu Krishnamurti

   3 Henry Giroux

   3 Gustave Flaubert

   3 D H Lawrence

   3 Anonymous

   2 Woodrow Wilson

   2 William James

   2 Vicki Robin

   2 Theodor Adorno

   2 Swami Vivekananda

   2 Sigmund Freud

   2 Samuel Johnson

   2 Sam Harris

   2 Robert Owen

   2 Richelle Mead

   2 Oscar Wilde

   2 Osamu Dazai

   2 Nelson Mandela

   2 Neil deGrasse Tyson

   2 Nathaniel Hawthorne

   2 Naguib Mahfouz

   2 Marcus Tullius Cicero

   2 Marcel Proust

   2 Maggie Stiefvater

   2 Lyndon B Johnson

   2 Karl Popper

   2 Karl Marx

   2 Jordan Peterson

   2 Jordan B Peterson

   2 John Maynard Keynes

   2 John Dewey

   2 James Russell Lowell

   2 Honore de Balzac

   2 Henrik Ibsen

   2 Harriet Beecher Stowe

   2 Gilbert K Chesterton

   2 George Eliot

   2 George Bernard Shaw

   2 Friedrich Engels

   2 Fr d ric Bastiat

   2 Eugene V Debs

   2 David Ogilvy

   2 Daron Acemo lu

   2 C S Harris

   2 Cathy O Neil

   2 Billie Jean King

   2 Benjamin Franklin

   2 Alfred Bester

   2 Albert Einstein

   2 Adam Smith

   2 Abraham Lincoln

1:Barbarism is the state of society in which man is almost entirely preoccupied with his life and body, his economic and physical existence. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle Civilisation and Culture,
2:Law was and is to protect the past and present status of society and, by its very essence, must be very conservative, if not reactionary. Theology and law are both of them static by their nature. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity ,
3:If you want to understand a society, take a good look at the drugs it uses. And what can this tell you about American culture? Well, look at the drugs we use. Except for pharmaceutical poison, there are essentially only two drugs that Western civilization tolerates: Caffeine from Monday to Friday to energize you enough to make you a productive member of society, and alcohol from Friday to Monday to keep you too stupid to figure out the prison that you are living in. ~ Bill Hicks,
4:13. The Magic Flight:If the hero in his triumph wins the blessing of the goddess or the god and is then explicitly commissioned to return to the world with some elixir for the restoration of society, the final stage of his adventure is supported by all the powers of his supernatural patron. On the other hand, if the trophy has been attained against the opposition of its guardian, or if the hero's wish to return to the world has been resented by the gods or demons, then the last stage of the mythological round becomes a lively, often comical, pursuit. This flight may be complicated by marvels of magical obstruction and evasion. ~ Joseph Campbell,
5:Our culture, the laws of our culture, are predicated on the idea that people are conscious. People have experience; people make decisions, and can be held responsible for them. There's a free will element to it. You can debate all that philosophically, and fine, but the point is that that is how we act, and that is the idea that our legal system is predicated on. There's something deep about it, because you're subject to the law, but the law is also limited by you, which is to say that in a well-functioning, properly-grounded democratic system, you have intrinsic value. That's the source of your rights. Even if you're a murderer, we have to say the law can only go so far because there's something about you that's divine.Well, what does that mean? Partly it means that there's something about you that's conscious and capable of communicating, like you're a whole world unto yourself. You have that to contribute to everyone else, and that's valuable. You can learn new things, transform the structure of society, and invent a new way of dealing with the world. You're capable of all that. It's an intrinsic part of you, and that's associated with the idea that there's something about the logos that is necessary for the absolute chaos of the reality beyond experience to manifest itself as reality. That's an amazing idea because it gives consciousness a constitutive role in the cosmos. You can debate that, but you can't just bloody well brush it off. First of all, we are the most complicated things there are, that we know of, by a massive amount. We're so complicated that it's unbelievable. So there's a lot of cosmos out there, but there's a lot of cosmos in here, too, and which one is greater is by no means obvious, unless you use something trivial, like relative size, which really isn't a very sophisticated approach.Whatever it is that is you has this capacity to experience reality and to transform it, which is a very strange thing. You can conceptualize the future in your imagination, and then you can work and make that manifest-participate in the process of creation. That's one way of thinking about it. That's why I think Genesis 1 relates the idea that human beings are made in the image of the divine-men and women, which is interesting, because feminists are always criticizing Christianity as being inexorably patriarchal. Of course, they criticize everything like that, so it's hardly a stroke of bloody brilliance. But I think it's an absolute miracle that right at the beginning of the document it says straightforwardly, with no hesitation whatsoever, that the divine spark which we're associating with the word, that brings forth Being, is manifest in men and women equally. That's a very cool thing. You got to think, like I said, do you actually take that seriously? Well, what you got to ask is what happens if you don't take it seriously, right? Read Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. That's the best investigation into that tactic that's ever been produced. ~ Jordan Peterson, Biblical Series 1,

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1:Women are the architects of society ~ Cher
2:Basis of society: anonymous sweat. ~ Emile M Cioran
3:Law and the Classes of Society, Judge ~ Stephen King
4:Sports are a microcosm of society. ~ Billie Jean King
5:The pest of society is egotists. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
6:Habit is the great flywheel of society. ~ William James
7:The Internet is a microcosm of society. ~ Robert E Kahn
8:Writers are the ink of society ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
9:People make the rules of society, not God. ~ V C Andrews
10:Successful guilt is the bane of society ~ Publilius Syrus
11:I've always explored various areas of society. ~ Johnny Cash
12:Justice and truth are the common ties of society ~ John Locke
13:Mutual cheating is the foundation of society. ~ Blaise Pascal
14:Artists are often the barometers of society. ~ Nancy R Pearcey
15:The first bond of society is marriage. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
16:People make the rules of society, not God. ~ Virginia C Andrews
17:The happiness of society is the end of government. ~ John Adams
18:The whole system of society tells you what to do. ~ Barry White
19:when women progress, all of society benefits. ~ Hillary Clinton
20:Religion is detrimental to the progress of society. ~ Bill Maher
21:the complexity of society does not imply a planner. ~ Matt Ridley
22:What kind of society isn't structured on greed? ~ Milton Friedman
23:Women are the real architects of society. ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
24:Gambling undermines the moral fiber of society. ~ Gordon B Hinckley
25:Youth are becoming the site of society's nightmares. ~ Henry Giroux
26:A true master is indifferent to the ways of society. ~ Ming Dao Deng
27:The final cause of law is the welfare of society. ~ Benjamin Cardozo
28:Expressing criticism of society is not being a grouch. ~ Noam Chomsky
29:Over all, many of society's values are a cesspool. ~ Bernardine Dohrn
30:The purpose of society is to prevent natural behavior. ~ Lisa Kleypas
31:I rather adored the dialect of society's underbelly.... ~ Lyndsay Faye
32:It is in justice that the ordering of society is centered. ~ Aristotle
33:Persecution for opinion is the master vice of society. ~ Frances Wright
34:The human body is always treated as an image of society. ~ Mary Douglas
35:The security of the woman is the security of society. ~ Atifete Jahjaga
36:What kind of society uses medicine as a weapon, ~ Patrisse Khan Cullors
37:Worship of society and popular opinion is idolatry. ~ Swami Vivekananda
38:You have to look at history as an evolution of society. ~ Jean Chretien
39:Convention is another name for the habits of society. ~ Rosamond Lehmann
40:The virtues of society are the vices of the saints. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
41:Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s understanding. ~ Liam Neeson
42:The great hope of society is in individual character ~ William Ellery Channing
43:the measure of society is how it treats the weakest members ~ Thomas Jefferson
44:Hypocrisy is the resin that holds the plywood of society together. ~ Scott Meyer
45:Outside of society, if you're looking that's where you'll find me. ~ Patti Smith
46:So knowing mythology makes one a more informed member of society, ~ Rick Riordan
47:The purpose of society is to inspire humanity, not tame them ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
48:The underprivileged are byproduct of society’s material progress. ~ Pawan Mishra
49:Politics is the gizzard of society, full of gut and gravel. ~ Henry David Thoreau
50:Women's Day   Women are the real architects of society. ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
51:Popular art is the dream of society; it does not examine itself. ~ Margaret Atwood
52:The sanity of society is a balance of a thousand insanity's. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
53:The workers are the saviors of society, the redeemers of the race. ~ Eugene V Debs
54:Anarchy is a state of society where the only government is reason. ~ Michael Schwab
55:Business is a marathon, and most of society thinks it's a sprint. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
56:In the infancy of society every author is necessarily a poet ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
57:Kids are going to try drugs and alcohol; that's part of society. ~ Jamie Lee Curtis
58:The pleasure of authenticity exists only against the grain of society. ~ John Zerzan
59:Acting, the arts in general, is a magnet for the wounded of society. ~ Robert Carlyle
60:We are the enemies of society, for society is the enemy of humanity. ~ G K Chesterton
61:He knew that conscience was chiefly fear of society or fear of oneself. ~ D H Lawrence
62:vices were only vices when looked at through the frame of society. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
63:Women serve as guardians of culture, upholders of society. ~ Patricia Ann Meyer Spacks
64:Poetry is the way into a spiritual vision of society and the universe. ~ Camille Paglia
65:This so-called contemporary art is not a form, but a philosophy of society. ~ Ai Weiwei
66:The enemy of society is middle class and the enemy of life is middle age. ~ Orson Welles
67:Advertising reflects the mores of society, but it does not influence them. ~ David Ogilvy
68:Art is the social antithesis of society, not directly deducible from it. ~ Theodor Adorno
69:twenty years ago. First, when you take a static picture of society, people ~ Ben Goldacre
70:The permissiveness of society must be balanced with authoritativene ss. ~ Ferdinand Marcos
71:Art is the social antithesis of society, not directly deducible from it. ~ Theodor W Adorno
72:Outlaws are not members of society. However, they may be important to society. ~ Tom Robbins
73:Working mothers with young children are the most time-scarce segment of society, ~ Anonymous
74:The spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom-they are the pillars of society. ~ Henrik Ibsen
75:Humanity is the washerwoman of society that wrings out its dirty laundry in tears. ~ Karl Kraus
76:Justice cannot just be something that one part of society inflicts on the other. ~ Cathy O Neil
77:The fabric of society is woven together by the needle of suppression and denial. ~ Dov Davidoff
78:If civil society has nobody who protects the law, then what kind of society is that? ~ Ai Weiwei
79:I should tie myself to no particular system of society other than of socialism. ~ Nelson Mandela
80:Everyone who receives the protection of society owes a return for the benefit. ~ John Stuart Mill
81:Justice cannot just be something that one part of society inflicts upon the other. ~ Cathy O Neil
82:The want of occupation is no less the plague of society than of solitude. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
83:Total surveillance is increasingly the general condition of society as a whole. ~ Michel Foucault
84:Well!—an honest and industrious farmer is one of the most useful members of society; ~ Anne Bront
85:All men plume themselves on the improvement of society, and no man improves. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
86:How awful that the artist has become nothing but the after-dinner mint of society. ~ Samuel Barber
87:I am not responsible for the successful working of the machinery of society. ~ Henry David Thoreau
88:Plato felt that a complete reconstruction of society's political program was needed. ~ Karl Popper
89:In the 1920s, Jim Crow Mississippi was, in all facets of society, a kleptocracy. ~ Ta Nehisi Coates
90:One of society's absurd delusions is that the spending of money can cure something. ~ Vernon Howard
91:These tabloid magazines - I think they're hideous and the downfall of society. ~ Scarlett Johansson
92:The state reserves the right to be the sole interpreter of the needs of society. ~ Benito Mussolini
93:Under any system of society ... the family holds the future in its bosom. ~ Charles Franklin Thwing
94:We should avoid planting and cultivating too many thorns in the bosom of society. ~ Abraham Lincoln
95:Yours is the other sort of society, then. The type with impractical handshakes. ~ Jonathan L Howard
96:Centralization as a system is inconsistent with a non-violent structure of society. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
97:Legislation and adjudication must follow, and conform to, the progress of society. ~ Abraham Lincoln
98:The Government has decided that artifacts promote inequality among members of Society, ~ Ally Condie
99:There is no Solution! There will never be a state of society anything like perfect! ~ Sinclair Lewis
100:A crime is born in the gap between the morality of society and that of the individual. ~ H kan Nesser
101:People who climb from one rung of society to another can never do anything simply. ~ Honore de Balzac
102:Violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society. ~ Pope John Paul II
103:What kind of society turns its young people into a profit center for the debt industry? ~ Vicki Robin
104:Your own acts tell the world who you are and what kind of society you think it should be. ~ Ai Weiwei
105:All kinds of frankness and honesty are terrible crimes in the eyes of society. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
106:Only an organized and conscious people can bring about a different kind of society. ~ Salvador Allende
107:The depth of the middle class is waning as the polarization of society is in progress. ~ Katsuya Okada
108:A prison is a cross section of society in which every human strain is clearly revealed. ~ Eugene V Debs
109:Is it possible for the human mind to conceive of a more horrible state of society? ~ Frederick Douglass
110:The family is not just the basic unit of society; it is the basic unit of eternity. ~ M Russell Ballard
111:The real transformation of society will come only in love, in work, and in stillness. ~ Gustav Landauer
112:Those that have an attitude of service towards others are the beauty of society. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
113:We live in the kind of society where, in almost all cases, hard work is rewarded. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
114:What kind of society turns its young people into a profit center for the debt industry? I ~ Vicki Robin
115:It is impossible, in our condition of Society, not to be sometimes a Snob. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray
116:Of course it doesn't make sense." Lady Wendall said. "The rules of society rarely do. ~ Patricia C Wrede
117:The regeneration of society is the regeneration of society by individual education. ~ Jean de la Bruyere
118:Who is he?" "An idiot, said Adrian. "Makes me look like an upstanding member of society. ~ Richelle Mead
119:Affirmative action is an effort to include every aspect of society in the decision making. ~ Andrew Young
120:Being human in our world is synonymous with being included into the framework of society. ~ Ilona Andrews
121:Businessmen need to understand the challenges of society and contribute to solving them. ~ Victor Pinchuk
122:The imaginations which people have of one another are the solid facts of society. ~ Charles Horton Cooley
123:[A pacifist is] the last and least excusable on the list of the enemies of society. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
124:Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous. ~ Queen Victoria
125:Designers are to be in connection with what's happening with the movement of society. ~ Jean Paul Gaultier
126:I wanted to start a revolution, using art to build the sort of society I myself envisioned. ~ Yayoi Kusama
127:My only model for being a father was my father, an illiterate on the margin of society. ~ Gerard Depardieu
128:Never speak disrespectfully of Society, Algernon. Only people who can’t get into it do that. ~ Oscar Wilde
129:That nonviolence which only an individual can use is not of much use in terms of society. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
130:Theatre is a mirror, a sharp reflection of society. The greatest playwrights are moralists. ~ Yasmina Reza
131:Those who suffer are not those at the top, but are the less privileged members of society. ~ Bianca Jagger
132:unhappy condition of men who endured the weight, without sharing the benefits, of society. ~ Edward Gibbon
133:I do not think there is anything deserving the name of society to be found out of London. ~ William Hazlitt
134:In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand. ~ Neil Armstrong
135:The Family is the salt of the earth and the light of the world, it is the leaven of society. ~ Pope Francis
136:Who is he?"
"An idiot, said Adrian. "Makes me look like an upstanding member of society. ~ Richelle Mead
137:Every state of society is as luxurious as it can be. Men always take the best they can get. ~ Samuel Johnson
138:Mum once told Dad that vices are only vices when looked at through the frame of society. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
139:I'm having trouble dealing with society."
"What aspect of society?"
"The whole thing. ~ Brandon Stanton
140:I think being different, going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world. ~ Elijah Wood
141:Silence often expresses 'more powerfully than speech the verdict and judgment of society. ~ Benjamin Disraeli
142:The family is where we are formed as people. Every family is a brick in the building of society ~ Pope Francis
143:The Internet changes the structure of society all the time — this massiveness made of individuals. ~ Ai Weiwei
144:The kind of society where trust is widespread is likely to be fairly compact and quite homogenous. ~ Tony Judt
145:Science literacy is an important part of what it is to be an informed citizen of society. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
146:The decay of society is praised by artists as the decay of a corpse is praised by worms. ~ Gilbert K Chesterton
147:Aristocrats fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society. ~ Thomas Jefferson
148:No human mind can comprehend all the knowledge which guides the actions of society. ~ Friedrich August von Hayek
149:A man is culpable in the eyes of society when he escapes from the jurisdiction of its mediocrity. ~ Edgard Varese
150:I'm opposed to abortion because I happen to believe that life deserves the protection of society. ~ Ella T Grasso
151:The health of marriage and the health of society are bound together; as one goes, so goes the other. ~ Max Anders
152:Wealth is so concentrated that a large segment of society is virtually unaware of its existence. ~ Thomas Piketty
153:We are in the presence of a new organization of society. Our life has broken away from the past. ~ Woodrow Wilson
154:It's not enough to have economic growth. You have to distribute wealth throughout all of society. ~ Tabare Vazquez
155:Perhaps it is historically true that no order of society ever perishes save by its own hand. ~ John Maynard Keynes
156:The capacity of women to make unsuitable marriages must be considered as the cornerstone of society. ~ Henry Adams
157:The conspiracy theory of society... comes from abandoning god and then asking: "Who is in his place" ~ Karl Popper
158:What better place to hide than among that part of society that no one else even wants to acknowledge. ~ Max Brooks
159:They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong. ~ S E Hinton
160:We do not achieve happiness or salvation in isolation from each other but as members of society ~ Margaret Thatcher
161:Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and the reconstitution of society. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
162:Habit is the cement of society, the comfort of life, and, alas! The root of error. ~ Fulke Greville 1st Baron Brooke
163:If there is one word that describes our form of society in America, it may be the word-voluntary. ~ Lyndon B Johnson
164:Sports are a microcosm of society. It just shows how much more competition there is in the world. ~ Billie Jean King
165:The artist is likely to be looked upon with some uneasiness by the more conservative members of society. ~ Ben Shahn
166:Emotion is a trap, it delivers you into the hands of society, that's why people are measuring it out. ~ Doris Lessing
167:Hitherto, every form of society has been based ... on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes. ~ Karl Marx
168:Radical Chic, after all, is only radical in Style; in its heart it is part of Society and its traditions. ~ Tom Wolfe
169:Sometimes I think more creativity is put into muffin recipes than into the rest of society combined. ~ Jerry Seinfeld
170:There's no typical person [addicted to heroin]. It just has permeated every segment of society in Ohio. ~ Mike DeWine
171:When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life. ~ Kofi Annan
172:Cinema is mass media, it is both overtly gross and exciting. It is our great mirror of society. ~ Nicolas Winding Refn
173:Control creates domesticated animals. The purpose of society is to inspire humanity, not tame them ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
174:Government is, and always has been, the greatest criminal threat to the peaceful members of society. ~ Richard Ebeling
175:Courts of law, and all the paraphernalia and folly of law cannot be found in a rational state of society. ~ Robert Owen
176:Even the most forward-thinking innovators are still grounded in reality, tethered to other areas of society. ~ Amy Webb
177:I don't function well in certain aspects of society, and you can read into that what you will. ~ James Vincent McMorrow
178:If you can make a big impact on the global literacy problem, you can uplift a big portion of society. ~ Peter Diamandis
179:I'm totally into architecture for all strata of society. High design should not just be for rich people. ~ David Adjaye
180:I was becoming a product of society, a hardened juvenile! Now I was becoming rebellious and hateful. ~ Stephen Richards
181:My black-and-white work is more of a celebration and the color work became more of a critique of society. ~ Martin Parr
182:Obedience to the law of bread labour will bring about a silent revolution in the structure of society. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
183:Sometimes milestones are not measured by the accomplishments of society, but by those of integrity. ~ Tamara Ecclestone
184:The progress of society is mainly the improvement in the condition of the workingmen of the world. ~ Rutherford B Hayes
185:Meditation is not to get out of society, to escape from society, but to prepare for a reentery into society. ~ Nhat Hanh
186:Those born into poverty or on the margins of society require our extra support to realize their dreams. ~ Novak Djokovic
187:Certainly the prolonged education indispensable to the progress of society is not natural to mankind. ~ Winston Churchill
188:Marriage is an institution necessary to the maintenance of society but contrary to the laws of nature. ~ Honore de Balzac
189:The saddest aspect of society right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. ~ Anonymous
190:what is the work of one man, in a rude state of society, being generally that of several in an improved one. ~ Adam Smith
191:Creative monopolies aren’t just good for the rest of society; they’re powerful engines for making it better. ~ Peter Thiel
192:Film, therefore, is part of society, not distant from it, easy to experience for people regardless of class. ~ Mark Poster
193:Sometimes milestones are not measured by the accomplishments of society, but by those of integrity. ~ Tamara Rose Blodgett
194:The most holy band of society is friendship. Mary Wollstonecraft, ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women’, ~ Germaine Greer
195:Education will not cure all the problems of society, but without it no cure for any problem is possible. ~ Lyndon B Johnson
196:Radical transformation of society requires personal and spiritual change first or at least simultaneously ~ Sulak Sivaraksa
197:The Don Quixote of one generation may live to hear himself called the savior of society by the next. ~ James Russell Lowell
198:There’s no correlation between wealth and happiness. Absolutely none. It’s one of society’s biggest lies. ~ Andrew Peterson
199:Libraries are a hallmark of a civilized culture, and librarians represent that culture to all facets of society. ~ Janis Ian
200:MEDITATION is not to get out of society, to escape from society, but to prepare for a reentry into society ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
201:The boxer's ring is the enjoyment of the part of society whose animal nature alone has been developed. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
202:I've always felt like I work in a small little area that doesn't represent anything like the rest of society. ~ Albert Brooks
203:These enemies of society are to be driven out of New York regardless of their constitutional rights.’ The ~ Martin Cruz Smith
204:But on the whole, we appear to be more concerned about the sins of society than we are the sins of the saints. ~ Jerry Bridges
205:Our standards of morality are begotten of the past needs of society, but is society to remain always the same? ~ Kakuz Okakura
206:Show business is one of those things that people can use to get themselves out of the lower rung of society. ~ Taylor Hackford
207:When ghettos become the mainstream of society, islands of individuality cannot help but harbor an elite. ~ Anton Szandor LaVey
208:Advertising is the place where the selfish interests of the manufacturer coincide with the interests of society. ~ David Ogilvy
209:A fundamental role in the renewal of society is played, of course, by the family and especially by young people. ~ Pope Francis
210:Cornwall had a problem more immediate than the collapse of society as we know it: the collapse of Bear Stearns. ~ Michael Lewis
211:One of the real problems of society is that its far too atomized, what sociologists call secondary associations. ~ Noam Chomsky
212:The organization of society is always and everywhere the unique cause of the crimes committed by individuals. ~ Mikhail Bakunin
213:Through my observations, it became clear that most of society’s rules and customs are rooted in fear and superstition! ~ RuPaul
214:We need to focus on the kind of human beings we want to have and the kind of society in which we want to live. ~ Howard Gardner
215:Without the sanction of society
Without the sanction of the church
Without the sanction of God
I love you. ~ Ruth Sims
216:Conservatives resonate to Burke's view of society, as a partnership between the living, the unborn and the dead. ~ Roger Scruton
217:I learned to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of nature, rather than a member of society. ~ Henry David Thoreau
218:It is no longer enough to point out what we don't like, we have to work out 'What sort of society do we want? ~ Sheila Rowbotham
219:Maybe the artist becomes the marshal. It'd probably be a very different kind of society with artists in control. ~ Joelle Carter
220:She’d met far too many elderly women like her, women who saw themselves as anointed monitors of society. ~ Christopher G Nuttall
221:The decrees of society are temporary ones; what Tolstoy is interested in are the eternal demands of morality. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
222:There are 10-20 times more male comics than female comics; it's something to do with the social structure of society. ~ Jo Brand
223:Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society. ~ John Adams
224:But he was quite consciously afraid of society, which he knew by instinct to be a malevolent, partly insane beast. ~ D H Lawrence
225:Persecution is the first law of society because it is always easier to suppress criticism than to meet it. ~ Howard Mumford Jones
226:The entire trend of development is towards abolition of coercive domination of one part of society over another. ~ Vladimir Lenin
227:The idea of Plato that philosophers must be the rulers and directors of society is practiced in India. ~ Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
228:The old nobility was the most irreligious class of society before 1789, and the most pious after 1793 ... ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
229:The Royal Family have always had an interest in a number of different areas of society. We are a part of society. ~ Prince Andrew
230:Was I a criminal? No. I was a good member of society. Only my society and the one making the laws are different. ~ Owsley Stanley
231:We...advance toward a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanche. ~ C S Lewis
232:a happy state of society will never be achieved, until philosophers are kings, or kings take to studying philosophy. ~ Thomas More
233:Control creates domesticated animals. The purpose of society is to inspire humanity, not tame them,’ said Ram. ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
234:Do you know what we are those of us who count as pillars of society? We are society's tools, neither more nor less. ~ Henrik Ibsen
235:One of the fundamental causes of the disintegration of society is copying, which is the worship of authority. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
236:I hate the idea that I have to represent any particular section of society; I just write good telly, that's all. ~ Russell T Davies
237:The students who work with me believe in science in service of society, not science in service of career building. ~ Donald Sadoway
238:If you say, I'm for equal pay, that's a reform. But if you say. I'm a feminist, that's a transformation of society. ~ Gloria Steinem
239:It is the institutions of society, not parental genes, that bestow the blessings of ownership of productive capital. ~ Louis O Kelso
240:Real good-breeding is independent of the forms and refinements of what has assumed to itself the name of society. ~ George MacDonald
241:There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. ~ John Maynard Keynes
242:paraphrasing.."Science is the language of the intellect of society. Art is language of the entire human personality. ~ Naguib Mahfouz
243:When you have an economically unequal society, you end up with huge swaths of society that are disposable, basically. ~ Trevor Paglen
244:Bad behaviour makes men more glamorous. Women get destroyed, thrown out of society and locked up in institutions. ~ Marianne Faithfull
245:Indoors was his place and there he'd moulder, a respectable pillar of society who has never had the chance to misbehave. ~ E M Forster
246:In my experience of living, for a time, in the underbelly of society, I spent a lot of time in various holding cells. ~ Natasha Lyonne
247:In no other form of society in history has there been such a concentration of images, such a density of visual messages. ~ John Berger
248:Those we most often exclude from the normal life of society, people with disabilities, have profound lessons to teach us ~ Jean Vanier
249:Who will guard the guards ? If we're the guards of society, then who will watch us and make sure that we're not dangerous? ~ Dan Brown
250:Women are one half of society which gives birth to the other half so it is as if they are the entire society. ~ Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya
251:Free yourself from the psychological structure of society, which is to free yourself from the essence of conflict. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
252:I have a strong feeling about this quick movement and changing of society and populations growing - something scary. ~ Hiroshi Sugimoto
253:The family is the most important wealth of a nation. May we endeavor to defend and strengthen the foundation of society. ~ Pope Francis
254:There are people into whose heads it never enters to conceive of any better state of society than that which now exists. ~ Henry George
255:There is no such thing as a strictly woman's problem. Any question affecting the welfare of society is a woman's problem. ~ Nancy Astor
256:What a state of society is this in which freethinker is a term of abuse, and in which doubt is regarded as sin? ~ William Winwood Reade
257:I live life in the margins of society, and the rules of normal society don't apply to those who live on the fringe. ~ Tamara de Lempicka
258:Private the creature of society and is subject to the calls of that society even to the last farthing. ~ Benjamin Franklin
259:They should be taking bonuses from bankers, not library books from schoolchildren. What kind of society are we building? ~ Sara Sheridan
260:Undermine the entire economic structure of society by leaving the pay toilet door ajar so the next person can get in free. ~ Taylor Mead
261:Business enterprise is an organ of society. There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. ~ Peter Drucker
262:Hatred becomes, within a given time, the hatred of society, then the hatred of the human race, then the hatred of creation. ~ Victor Hugo
263:Knowledge is no longer an immobile solid; it has been liquefied. it is actively moving in all the currents of society itself ~ John Dewey
264:The transition to a salaried workforce had doomed the nuclear family and led to the complete atomization of society, ~ Michel Houellebecq
265:Anything that is public display that will cause disruption to the beliefs of society of course would have to be curtailed. ~ Anwar Ibrahim
266:Certainly these men who had so few spontaneous ideas might be very useful members of society under good feminine direction, ~ George Eliot
267:Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole. ~ Mao Zedong
268:I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely. ~ Charles Bukowski
269:It has
long been our contention that ' dread of society [soziale
Angst] is the essence of what is called conscience. ~ Sigmund Freud
270:It has
long been our contention that ' dread of society [soziale
Angsty is the essence of what is called conscience. ~ Sigmund Freud
271:legislators have almost always been ignorant of the object of society, which is to unite families by a common interest. ~ Fr d ric Bastiat
272:Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society. ~ Jack Kingston
273:Understanding and knowledge are completely different sensations in the realm of Truth than they are in the realm of society. ~ Idries Shah
274:Used to all kinds of society, she watched people as one reads the pages of a novel, with a certain disinterested amusement. ~ D H Lawrence
275:A lot of my work is about questioning the stability and permanence of architecture, and, in turn, the stability of society. ~ Lebbeus Woods
276:Are the worst enemies of society those who attack it or those who do not even give themselves the trouble of defending it? ~ Gustave Le Bon
277:Like many nonconformist and beat generation writers, William S. Burroughs takes the outcasts of society as his theme. ~ William S Burroughs
278:Love of privacy - perhaps because of the increasing exactions of society - has become in many people almost pathological. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
279:The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
280:The incomprehensibility of society is the incomprehensibility of the individual. The ocean is not society; it is individuals. ~ Osamu Dazai
281:Contemplating our mortality may give us the courage to unhook our lives from the more gratuitous of society's expectations ~ Alain de Botton
282:If religion has given birth to all that is essential in society, it is because the idea of society is the soul of religion. ~ Emile Durkheim
283:I regard the death penalty as a savage and immoral institution that undermines the moral and legal foundations of society. ~ Andrei Sakharov
284:The degree to which fear now becomes an organizing principle of society is enormous compared to what it was like in the past. ~ Henry Giroux
285:There is this to be said in favor of drinking, that it takes the drunkard first out of society, then out of the world. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
286:Usually my ideas for work have revolved around my interest in people, especially people that live on the edges of society. ~ Mary Ellen Mark
287:What is understood by republican government in the United States is the slow and quiet action of society upon itself. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
288:Art for a negation of society, an affirmation of the individual, outside of all the rules and all the demands of society. ~ Emile Zola
289:By the time we left college, I had become my own image: a dandelion in the flower bed of society. Kinda cute, but still a weed. ~ Anne Fortier
290:Every man is a valuable member of society, who, by his observations, researches, and experiments, procures knowledge for men. ~ James Smithson
291:Primitive communism, chattel slavery, serf slavery, and wage slavery were necessary stepping-stones in the evolution of society. ~ Jack London
292:The family is the greatest treasure of any country. Let us all work to protect and strengthen this, the cornerstone of society. ~ Pope Francis
293:The incomprehensibility of society is the incomprehensibility of the individual. The ocean is not society; it is the individual. ~ Osamu Dazai
294:The gift of loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one's people that has not previously been taken into account. ~ Alice Walker
295:The war is waged against its own subjects and its object is not the victory...but to keep the very structure of society intact. ~ George Orwell
296:True religion is the foundation of society. When that is once shaken by contempt, the whole fabric cannot be stable nor lasting. ~ Edmund Burke
297:Art is a criticism of society and life, and I believe that if life became perfect, art would be meaningless and cease to exist. ~ Naguib Mahfouz
298:Assasination on the scaffold is the worst form of assasination, because there it is invested with the approval of society. ~ George Bernard Shaw
299:Moreover, if the territorial state is to continue as the last word in the development of society, then war is inevitable. ~ Christian Lous Lange
300:Most of society's decision making for young people happens without young people, and that could not happen without adultcentrism. ~ Adam Fletcher
301:I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor! ~ Pope Francis
302:I have no bones to pick and no fight with society. And I'm willing to be and interested in being in the mainstream of society. ~ Christopher Reeve
303:I think that once somebody sees something, or feels it in the consciousness of society, it starts to allow change for other people. ~ Carla Gugino
304:It is at the heart of our human enterprise, that is to say, at the heart of society, to allow consensus a power it ought not to have. ~ Jesse Ball
305:Nobility is expensive, nonproductive, and parasitic, siphoning away too much of society’s energy to satisfy its frivolous cravings. ~ Alan Weisman
306:The man who upsets the morphology of society is a cancer. The man who gives his own decisions priority over society is a criminal. ~ Alfred Bester
307:When they show the destruction of society on color TV, I want to be able to look out over Los Angeles and make sure they get it right. ~ Phil Ochs
308:Capitalism is a social cancer. It has always been a social cancer. It is the disease of society. It is the malignancy of society. ~ Murray Bookchin
309:It is unjust that the whole of society should contribute towards an expence of which the benefit is confined to a part of the society. ~ Adam Smith
310:People in their natural state are basically good. But this natural innocence,however, is corrupted by the evils of society. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
311:The sharecropper may lower his eyes, but not because he's less of a man. That's just a condition of society that such things exist. ~ Ernest Gaines
312:What is good for the ruling class, is alleged to be good for the whole of society with which the ruling class identifies itself. ~ Friedrich Engels
313:A man is a member of society first, and an individual second. You must go along with society, whether it chooses destruction or not. ~ Alfred Bester
314:Men with the muckrake are often indispensable to the well-being of society, but only if they know when to stop raking the muck. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
315:One could inflict abuses on ethnic and other minorities in the name of science and for the good of society and get away with it. ~ David Lagercrantz
316:Society having ordained certain customs, men are bound to obey the law of society, and conform to its harmless orders. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray
317:The form of government and the condition of society must always correspond. Social equality is therefore a postulate of pure democracy. ~ Lord Acton
318:To train and educate the rising generation will at all times be the first object of society, to which every other will be subordinate. ~ Robert Owen
319:According to Waggoner, the trouble is that complicated laws enrich those who make the laws while making the rest of society poorer. ~ Peter Schweizer
320:Etiquette is the ceremonial code of polite life, more voluminous and minute in each portion of society according to its rank. ~ John Ramsay McCulloch
321:It is faith among men that holds the moral elements of society together, as it is faith in God that binds the world to his throne. ~ William M Evarts
322:Solitude is a necessary protest to the incursions and the false alarms of society's hysteria, a period of cure and recovery. ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
323:The great non sequitur committed by defenders of the State, is to leap from the necessity of society to the necessity of the State. ~ Murray Rothbard
324:The conception of education as a social process and function has no definite meaning until we define the kind of society we have in mind. ~ John Dewey
325:The conventions of society are all in the interests of morality. If you're conventional, you'll be good, in a negative sense, of course. ~ Myrtle Reed
326:Colonial historians drew on texts encapsulating the upper-caste perspectives of Indian society and extended it to the whole of society. ~ Romila Thapar
327:Major sports are major parts of society. It's not anomalous to have people who love sports come from other parts of that society. ~ A Bartlett Giamatti
328:My idea of society is that while we are born equal, meaning that we have a right to equal opportunity, all have not the same capacity. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
329:The upper current of society presents no pertain criterion by which we can judge of the direction in which the under current flows. ~ Thomas B Macaulay
330:Women were expected to have weak opinions; but the great safeguard of society and of domestic life was, that opinions were not acted on. ~ George Eliot
331:Art is the great democrat, calling forth creative genius from every sector of society, disregarding race or religion or wealth or color ~ John F Kennedy
332:If a man can say ‘My life is more important than my country,’ that man has succeeded in freeing himself from the chains of society! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
333:It is indeed in many ways more comfortable to belong to that section of society whose action are not publicly canvassed and discussed ~ Murasaki Shikibu
334:It seemed like certain members of society looked for opportunities to judge and scold poor people for what they felt we didn’t deserve. ~ Stephanie Land
335:I've always been able to see the savageness beneath the veneer of society. It's not so very far beneath the surface, no matter where you go. ~ Lily King
336:Victims are members of society whose problems represent the memory of suffering, rage, and pain in a world that longs to forget. ~ Bessel A van der Kolk
337:Alan Turing, however, cared nothing for the opinion of society, and therefore was ahead of his time in laying bare the role of the state. ~ Andrew Hodges
338:Ballet is merely a new rationalization of society's instinctive movement towards self-destruction. A dance of death for the Gadarene swine. ~ Eric Ambler
339:Be advised, your objective is to raise a child from birth to adulthood so that she is a productive member of society. Minimum casualties. ~ Tonya Burrows
340:I am still attracted to stories about people who are considered to be on the outside of society. I still seek inspiration from those stories. ~ Mira Nair
341:The right combination is between a free economy and social policy that addresses the needs of society and creates equal opportunity. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu
342:We should judge one another. It stops us becoming animals. The pressure of failing in the eyes of society passes for some sort of morality. ~ Adele Parks
343:All the wounds of society, the wounds of poverty, of vice, of ignorance—all will be laid bare.  Is there not something re-assuring in this?  ~ Leo Tolstoy
344:As in geology, so in social institutions, we may discover the causes of all past changes in the present invariable order of society. ~ Henry David Thoreau
345:Corporate conglomerates run without regulation do not work in the service of society, and run reckless and unchecked whenever possible. ~ Robert Greenwald
346:Even more than comparing society to a family, comparing it to a body makes an authoritarian ordering of society seem inevitable, immutable. ~ Susan Sontag
347:If a test of civilization be sought, none can be so sure as the condition of that half of society over which the other half has power. ~ Harriet Martineau
348:I'm only interested in an art which can change the ideology of society....Art which is only committed to aesthetic values is incomplete. ~ Marina Abramovi
349:It was 8am. My phone was ringing. What kind of society do we live in where someone can make your phone ring at 8am? There should be rules. ~ Danny Wallace
350:Money will also make you a target for predators and psychopaths, who thrive on exploiting those who exist on the lower rungs of society. ~ Jordan Peterson
351:The punishment of murder by death is contrary to reason, and to the order and happiness of society, and contrary to divine revelation. ~ Benjamin Franklin
352:A Christianity which will not help those who are struggling from the bottom to the top of society, needs another Christ to die for it. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
353:Religion is important to the order of society. It reconciles the lower classes to their lot in life and teaches them to respect their betters. ~ C S Harris
354:[Self-defense is] justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the laws of society. ~ William Blackstone
355:The first bond of society is the marriage tie; the next our children; then the whole family of our house, and all things in common. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
356:the fundamental fact that law directs the ongoing of society. It is rooted in the past, determines the present, and protects the future. ~ James A Michener
357:Whatever field of human activity one may take, only those trends that are in harmony with the needs of society show rapid progress. ~ Nikolay Chernyshevsky
358:Collectivism answers: The power of society is unlimited. Society may make any laws it wishes, and force them upon anyone in any manner it wishes. ~ Ayn Rand
359:I don't need the definition of society, I'll just do my little thing in my corner and I'll be satisfied. I think that's important nowadays. ~ Jean Marc Barr
360:It's tragic what America has become because there is a great segment of society that now resents luxury and success and achievement by others. ~ Robin Leach
361:Like all those who have lived their lives on the outskirts of society, his desire for acceptance was as powerful as his inability to find it. ~ Layton Green
362:Money will also make you a target for predators and psychopaths, who thrive on exploiting those who exist on the lower rungs of society. ~ Jordan B Peterson
363:She wasn't fit to be a member of society. Her mind was a running sewer. The raunchiest teenager didn't think about sex as much as she did. ~ Barbara Elsborg
364:The health of society thus depends quite as much on the independence of the individuals composing it as on their close political cohesion. ~ Albert Einstein
365:We can choose this moment of crisis to ask and answer the big questions of society's evolution — like, what do we want to be when we grow up? ~ Paul Gilding
366:Women make up one half of society. Our society will remain backward and in chains unless its women are liberated, enlightened and educated. ~ Saddam Hussein
367:Honour often seems a highly artificial convention, but life in any level of society where it has been abandoned astonishes by its tortuousness ~ Rebecca West
368:people sometimes mistake their own shortcomings for those of society and want to fix the Cities because they don’t know how to fix themselves. ~ Isaac Asimov
369:What would a man do, if he were compelled to live always in the sultry heat of society, and could never bathe himself in cool solitude? ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
370:all paperwork is, pardon my language, Ms Li, pestilential putrefaction designed to confound the real work of society in a quagmire of bullshit? ~ Kate Griffin
371:As soon as man enters into a state of society he loses the sense of his weakness; equality ceases, and then commences the state of war. ~ Baron de Montesquieu
372:Conventions which camouflage a man's true feelings are a spiritual lie which help him adapt himself to the organized deviations of society. ~ Maria Montessori
373:I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities. ~ Ron Paul
374:Mrs. Roosevelt felt, was the fault of society; “a civilization which does not provide young people with a way to earn a living is pretty poor, ~ Robert A Caro
375:The terror of society, which is the basis of morals, the terror of God, which is the secret of religion-these are the two things that govern us. ~ Oscar Wilde
376:A lot of our young people are sleep-walking, dreaming that they're awake, and lots of aspects of society initially go about keeping it so. ~ Lorraine Toussaint
377:But I see now that our future lies not in building beautiful havens from the ugliness in society, but in building a different kind of society. He ~ J P Delaney
378:Envy is a bitter fruit, but one that only grows when we water it with the nourishment of society. Remove society, and it will wither on the vine. ~ Ken Ilgunas
379:I am a friend to subordination, as most conducive to the happiness of society. There is a reciprocal pleasure in governing and being governed. ~ Samuel Johnson
380:There are so many men and women who hold no distinctive positions but whose contribution towards the development of society has been enormous. ~ Nelson Mandela
381:Censorship always defeats it own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. ~ Henry Steele Commager
382:Democracy is that form of society, no matter what its political classification, in which every man has a chance and knows that he has it. ~ James Russell Lowell
383:It is an esoteric doctrine of society, that a little wickedness is good to make muscle; as if conscience were not good for hands and legs. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
384:They may be all comprehended under three heads - 1st, Superstition; 2d, Power; 3d, the common interests of society, and the common rights of man. ~ Thomas Paine
385:War provides jobs, profits, political payoffs, research funds, and forms of political and economic power that reach into every aspect of society. ~ Henry Giroux
386:we should not assume that experts are the only ones who have a right to express themselves on questions affecting the organization of society. ~ Albert Einstein
387:When I started teaching in the late 60s, in a time of student revolutions and changes, they changed in question of society and authority. ~ Michael Craig Martin
388:Deceivers are the most dangerous members of society. They trifle with the best affections of our nature, and violate the most sacred obligations. ~ George Crabbe
389:I suppose I'm intrigued with the bad traits of society, because I'm a part of society, and the bad traits pose the dangerous questions for our future. ~ Jude Law
390:The environment is so fundamental to our continued existence that it must transcend politics and become a central value of all members of society. ~ David Suzuki
391:The scourge of drug trafficking, that favors violence and sows the seeds of suffering and death, requires of society as a whole an act of courage. ~ Pope Francis
392:Indeed, a more astounding fact, in the heart of society, cannot be conceived than this: That law should have become an instrument of injustice. ~ Fr d ric Bastiat
393:The deviant that does not observe the trivial uses of the language is a poet, a deviant who violates the banal customs of society is a criminal. ~ William C Brown
394:The divine science of government is the science of social happiness, and the blessings of society depend entirely on the constitutions of government. ~ John Adams
395:The only differences between a cult and a religion are the numbers of adherents and the degree to which they are marginalized by the rest of society. ~ Sam Harris
396:By obliging men to turn their attention to other affairs than their own, it rubs off that private selfishness which is the rust of society. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
397:For this is England where a man's neighbours will never suffer him to live entirely bereft of society, let him be as dry and sour-faced as he may. ~ Susanna Clarke
398:The safety and happiness of society are the objects at which all political institutions aim, and to which all such institutions must be sacrificed. ~ James Madison
399:As India will complete 75 years of Independence in the year 2022, let's work towards Surajya & a nation where every section of society is developed. ~ Narendra Modi
400:Habit is thus the enormous fly-wheel of society, its most precious conservative agent. It alone is what keeps us all within the bounds of ordinance. ~ William James
401:I believe we have to put art back at the center of everyday life rather than allowing it to become a specialist activity at the margins of society. ~ Martin Firrell
402:Selsdon Man is designing a system of society for the ruthlessness and the pushing, the uncaring. His message to the rest is: you're out on your own. ~ Harold Wilson
403:Do not be afraid to go and to bring Christ into every area of life, to the fringes of society, even to those who seem farthest away, most indifferent. ~ Pope Francis
404:I doubt that pornography has been good for the advancement of society, but I suspect it’s done wonders for the advancement of computer technology. ~ Chuck Klosterman
405:The biggest cause of society's change today is that people no longer believe in orthodox religion. They go to church, but they no longer believe in God. ~ Li Hongzhi
406:The most important eugenic policy at this time is to see that birth control is made equally available to all individuals in every class of society ~ Frederick Osborn
407:A writer should express criticism and indignation at the dark side of society and the ugliness of human nature, but we should not use one uniform expression. ~ Mo Yan
408:It is remarkable that persons who speculate the most boldly often conform with the most perfect quietude to the external regulations of society. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
409:one's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and not accept all the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us ~ Gustave Flaubert
410:One's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and to not accept the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us. ~ Gustave Flaubert
411:Only the person who does not evade conflict and directs his efforts in keeping with the course of society's development can be an effective leader. ~ Georgi Plekhanov
412:It's fortunately a kind of society we live in where we can be diverse. People can take different paths and not feel like they're doing something wrong. ~ Robert Greene
413:One's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and not accept all the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us. ~ Gustave Flaubert
414:Society is the total network of relations between human beings. The components of society are thus not human beings but relations between them. ~ Arnold Joseph Toynbee
415:The Americans live in a democratic state of society, which has naturally suggested to them certain laws and a certain political character. This ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
416:do not presume global competitiveness from any feature of society in Silicon Valley, save those which are directly related to building great tech companies. ~ Anonymous
417:From an egotistical point of view, I'm always interested in roles that push me as a person. I'm interested in humans as animals and as products of society. ~ Tom Cullen
418:He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest. ~ Theodor Adorno
419:It's an important part of being a member of society to know what's happening in the world and to know where you fall in it and what you can do about it. ~ Cary Fukunaga
420:Lack of empathy lies at the heart of every crime - certainly my own - yet empathy is the key to bringing a former prisoner back into the fold of society. ~ Piper Kerman
421:Peace as a positive condition of society, not merely as an interim between wars, is something so unknown that it casts no images on the mind's screen. ~ Denise Levertov
422:That we must proceed slowly and critically in this attempt to construct an “anatomy” of society is evident. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Formation of the Noösphere
423:You are being taught everything, but you are not being taught to be yourself. This is the ugliest form of society possible, because it makes everybody miserable. ~ Osho
424:Gambling has held human beings in thrall for millennia. It has been engaged in everywhere, from the dregs of society to the most respectable circles. ~ Peter L Bernstein
425:I think rap music is brought up, gangster rap in particular, as well as video games, every other thing they try to hang the ills of society on as a scapegoat. ~ Ice Cube
426:Justice may be blind, but we all know that diversity in the courts, as in all aspects of society, sharpens our vision and makes us a stronger nation. ~ William J Clinton
427:Technology determines the possibilities of society. It doesn't matter whether you start out from a fascist state or a communist state or a free-market state ~ Iain Banks
428:How do you explain a world that gifts evil men with privilege and wealth and looks the other way while they torment and abuse the weakest members of society? ~ C S Harris
429:I am in favor of reducing all budget items. But the item I don't want to reduce is the pension expenditure because it affects the weakest part of society. ~ Mariano Rajoy
430:I went to business school but left after four months because I just didn't want to be a puppet of society, stuck in an office, craving some sunlight. ~ Michelle Rodriguez
431:The family is the single most important institution in Afghan culture. It is described in the countrys constitution as the fundamental pillar of society. ~ Asne Seierstad
432:All communication is manipulation,” said Konig. “All interaction, social or otherwise, is a means of getting what you want. It’s the basis of society. ~ Michael R Fletcher
433:Democracy is not a mere consequence, a certain stage in the development of society. It is the condition on which the survival of productive forces depends. ~ Wei Jingsheng
434:Inclusive economic institutions require secure property rights and economic opportunities not just for the elite but for a broad cross-section of society. ~ Daron Acemo lu
435:The mindset which leaves no room for sincere concern for the environment is the same mindset which lacks concern for the most vulnerable members of society. ~ Pope Francis
436:The most holy band of society is friendship. It has been well said, by a shrewd satirist, "that rare as true love is, true friendship is still rarer. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft
437:You can't expect to work for the Daily Mail group and have the rest of society treat with you respect as a useful member of society, because you are not. ~ Ken Livingstone
438:Every killer, terrorist, and
corrupted person you meet is a reflection of society. Look into the world around us and you will
understand his insanity, ~ Cameron Jace
439:It was an appalling thought, to be so well-integrated into the machinery of society and history as to be able to move in only one plane, and along one line. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
440:One of the major problems leading to the breakdown of society is that we have far too many opinions dictating life choices and not enough truth mandating them. ~ Tony Evans
441:The only geniuses produced by the chaos of society are those who do something about it. Chaos breeds geniuses. It offers a man something to be a genius about. ~ B F Skinner
442:To allow the market mechanism to be the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment....would result in the demolition of society. ~ Karl Polanyi
443:Before any great things are accomplished, a memorable change must be made in the system of raise the lower ranks of society nearer to the higher. ~ John Adams
444:If you have conflicts, everything breaks down in society. Kids can't go to school. Basic health can't be looked after. Every aspect of society falls apart. ~ Richard Branson
445:In the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. ~ Friedrich Engels
446:Politics I conceive to be nothing more than the science of the ordered progress of society along the lines of greatest usefulness and convenience to itself. ~ Woodrow Wilson
447:The greatest evils of society are goods that have refused to go on, but have sat down on the highway, saying to the world, "We stop here; do you stop also. ~ Julia Ward Howe
448:In later life we look at things in a more practical way, in full conformity with the rest of society, but youth was the only time in which we learned anything ~ Marcel Proust
449:Left to themselves people are noble, generous, uncorrupted, they'd create a completely new kind of society if only people weren't so blind, stupid and selfish. ~ Tom Stoppard
450:the only differences between a cult and a religion are the numbers of adherents and the degree to which they are marginalized by the rest of society. Scientology ~ Sam Harris
451:WHILE RAM IS CALLED MARYADA Purushottam, he who upholds rules of society at any cost, Krishna is called Leela Purushottam, he who enjoys the game of life. ~ Devdutt Pattanaik
452:You can't really be scientifically literate if you don't understand evolution. And you can't be an educated member of society if you don't understand science. ~ Eugenie Scott
453:You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming to Comic Con and making lifetime friends. I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding together. ~ Scott Aukerman
454:government should be elevated into a living moral force, capable of inspiring the people with a just recognition of the fundamental principles of society; ~ Niccol Machiavelli
455:if the doings of the victor could not be justified by the prevailing moral codes of society, he would be elevated to godhood, for who could question a God? ~ Anand Neelakantan
456:Parents are the arbiters of society. They teach children how to behave so that other people will be able to interact meaningfully and productively with them. ~ Jordan Peterson
457:Who can wonder at the attractiveness... of the bar, for our ambitious young men, when the highest bribes of society are at the feet of the successful orator? ~ Marsilio Ficino
458:Christianity as the ongoing expression of the Jesus story lived out in the lives of individuals and in the heart of society is a beauty that can redeem the world. ~ Brian Zahnd
459:Love and kindness are the very basis of society. If we lose these feelings, society will face tremendous difficulties; the survival of humanity will be endangered. ~ Dalai Lama
460:Socialism, on the contrary, extends its function to the description of society as it should be, and the discovery of the means of making it what it should be. ~ Benjamin Tucker
461:the wrongs of society can be more deeply impressed on a large class of readers in the form of fiction than by essays, sermons, or the facts of science. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
462:Democracy means the organization of society for the benefit and at the expense of everybody indiscriminately and not for the benefit of a privileged class. ~ George Bernard Shaw
463:Government is nothing more than the combined force of society, or the united power of the multitude, for the peace, order, safety, good and happiness of the people. ~ John Adams
464:Parents are the arbiters of society. They teach children how to behave so that other people will be able to interact meaningfully and productively with them. ~ Jordan B Peterson
465:The penetration of society by the Internet and the penetration of the Internet by society is the best thing that has ever happened to global human civilisation. ~ Julian Assange
466:Holidays are necessary celebrations of human collectiveness. It reminds us we’re a part of society. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophy for Timeless Thoughts by Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow
467:Inclusive economic institutions require secure property rights and economic opportunities not just for the elite but for a broad cross-section of society. Secure ~ Daron Acemo lu
468:Reading, reflection and time have convinced me that the interests of society require the observation of those moral precepts only in which all religions agree. ~ Thomas Jefferson
469:Solitude is the one place where we can gain freedom from the forces of society that will otherwise relentlessly mold us. Solitude requires relentless perseverance. ~ John Ortberg
470:We are confronted by the appearance of social institutions unintentionally created, vital for the welfare of society, which are not the result of reasoned planning ~ Carl Menger
471:If you're using sex to sell sneakers, then you're not just selling sneakers, you're selling sex as well, and you're contributing to the sexual temperature of society. ~ Alan Moore
472:I think we cannot too strongly attack superstition, which is the disturber of society; nor too highly respect genuine religion, which is the support of it. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
473:Justice is the tolerable accommodation of the conflicting interests of society, and I don't believe there is any royal road to attain such accommodation concretely. ~ Learned Hand
474:The dead hand of society’s inertia and the financial interest of the elite minority hold us back as a species. They govern us so they can continue to govern us. ~ Peter F Hamilton
475:The recasting of fetuses as babies – tiny people who feel pain and are in need of society’s protection – amounts to nothing more than a cynical marketing campaign. ~ Willie Parker
476:Obedience, as it regards the social relations, the rules of society, and the laws of nature and nature's God, should commence at the cradle and end only at the tomb. ~ Hosea Ballou
477:The conspiracy theory of society . . . comes from abandoning God and then asking: “Who is in his place?” —Karl Popper, Conjectures and Refutations, London, Routledge, ~ Umberto Eco
478:The handsome and the beautiful may earn the admiration of society, but all the wondrous inventions of the future are a by-product of the unsung, anonymous scientists. ~ Michio Kaku
479:This avidity alone, of acquiring goods and possessions for ourselves and our nearest friends, is insatiable, perpetual, universal, and directly destructive of society. ~ David Hume
480:Adam: "Perhaps you should get a real job and become a useful member of society."
Gordon: "Perhaps you should shove a pipe up your ass and die of lead poisoning. ~ Santino Hassell
481:Music is supposed to be interwoven into the fabric of society; it is not supposed to be a plaything that is there to serve the population's titillation of the moment. ~ Billy Corgan
482:No scheme for a change of society can be made to appear immediately palatable, except by falsehood, until society has become so desperate that it will accept any change. ~ T S Eliot
483:The human being is in the most literal sense a political animal, not merely a gregarious animal, but an animal which can individuate itself only in the midst of society. ~ Karl Marx
484:The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society. ~ Thomas Jefferson
485:The work of the poet has always been to shine a bright light on the absurdities of society, challenging hypocrisy and greed, and presenting the tools of change. (Donovan) ~ Yoko Ono
486:Capitalism Survive?—I have tried to show that a socialist form of society will inevitably emerge from an equally inevitable decomposition of capitalist society. ~ Joseph A Schumpeter
487:Freedom lies outside the pattern of society; but to be free of that pattern you have to understand the whole content of it, which is to understand your own mind. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
488:That is good. It is a law of nature. That is the way with all founders of religion. Without persecution superior ideas cannot penetrate into the heart of society. ~ Swami Vivekananda
489:The corporatist-economic model of society appears to be governing us. Economists, often in the pay of transnationals, are deciding, for us, what democracy is, and will be. ~ B W Powe
490:The real stars of society are tired of appearing there. He who is curious to gaze at them must often migrate to another hemisphere, where they are more or less alone. ~ Marcel Proust
491:Under capitalism, we can't have democracy by definition. Capitalism is a system in which the central institutions of society are in principle under autocratic control. ~ Noam Chomsky
492:Without language we would have no reason, without reason no religion, and without these three essential aspects of our nature, neither mind nor bond of society. ~ Johann Georg Hamann
493:Emphasizing the crowd means de-emphasizing individual humans in the design of society, and when you ask people not to be people, they revert to bad, mob-like behaviors. ~ Jaron Lanier
494:It generally troubles them [the reformers] not a whit that their remedy implies a complete reconstruction of society, or even a reconstitution of human nature. ~ William Graham Sumner
495:I thought if I made sure to be an upstanding member of society, I’d be exempt from the stuff THOSE black guys deal with, you know? Really hard to swallow that I was wrong. ~ Nic Stone
496:The pest of society are the egotist, they are dull and bright, sacred and profane, course and fine. It is a disease that like the flu falls on all constitutions. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
497:Why do we call all our generous ideas illusions, and the mean ones truths? Isn't it a sufficient condemnation of society to find one's self accepting such phraseology? ~ Edith Wharton
498:All parts of the society need to feel that the police service is their police service, and that does not happen unless all parts of society are represented in the police ~ Chris Patten
499:Who was the blundering idiot who said 'fine words butter no parsnips'? Half the parsnips of society are served and rendered palatable with no other sauce. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray
500:All classes of society are trade unionists at heart, and differ chiefly in the boldness, ability, and secrecy with which they pursue their respective interests. ~ William Stanley Jevons

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