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meditated ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Meditate

meditates ::: engages in contemplation; muses over or reflects upon. meditating.

meditate ::: v. i. --> To keep the mind in a state of contemplation; to dwell on anything in thought; to think seriously; to muse; to cogitate; to reflect. ::: v. t. --> To contemplate; to keep the mind fixed upon; to study.
To purpose; to intend; to design; to plan by revolving

QUOTES [40 / 40 - 500 / 1513]

KEYS (10k)

   10 Sri Ramakrishna
   9 The Mother
   3 Sri Aurobindo
   2 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   2 Jetsun Milarepa
   1 Yogani
   1 Yamamoto Tsunetomo
   1 Wikipedia
   1 Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
   1 Swami Sivananda
   1 Sri Swami Sivananda
   1 Saint Benedict of Nursia
   1 Patrul Rinpoche
   1 Milarepa
   1 Maimonides
   1 Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye
   1 Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
   1 Anonymous
   1 Allen Ginsberg


  105 Frederick Lenz
   8 Sri Chinmoy
   7 Swami Vivekananda
   7 Gautama Buddha
   7 Ajahn Chah
   6 Sri Ramana Maharshi
   6 Sri Ramakrishna
   5 Victor Hugo
   5 Paramahansa Yogananda
   5 Jean Jacques Rousseau
   5 Anonymous
   4 Nhat Hanh
   4 Jiddu Krishnamurti
   4 Elizabeth Gilbert
   4 Deepak Chopra
   4 David Lynch
   3 Timothy J Keller
   3 Thich Nhat Hanh
   3 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
   3 Osho

1:Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize.
   ~ Swami Sivananda,
2:I have one word for all aspirants 'Meditate'.
   ~ Sri Swami Sivananda,
3:Mr. Venkatakrishnayya, a lawyer-devotee, visited Sri Bhagavan ten years before and asked Him what he should do to improve himself.

Sri Bhagavan told him to perform Gayatri Japa. The young man went away satisfied. When he returned after some years, he asked:
D.: If I meditate on the meaning of the Gayatri mantra, my mind again wanders. What is to be done?
M.: Were you told to meditate on the mantra or its meaning? You must think of the one who repeats the mantra. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks, 606,
4:But his desire is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.
   ~ Anonymous, The Bible, Psalms 1:2, [T2],
5:How should I meditate?

   Fix your mind on the aspiration and dismiss everything else.
   ~ The Mother, More Answers From The Mother,
6:Meditate on the Eternal either in an unknown nook or in the solitude of the forests or in the solitude of thy own mind. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
7:If you meditate on your ideal, you will acquire its nature. If you think of God day and night, you will acquire the nature of God. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
8:When you have time, you can meditate on her with the thinking attitude that She is with you, She is sitting in front of you.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Mother India, [T1],
9:In order to look inward at this mind,
Meditate without conceptual labeling.

In order that appearances arise as text,
Be a student of your own mind. ~ Jetsun Milarepa,
10:Q : How can I meditate? What is meant by opening? Where should I open?
The Mother ,: An inner purity and receptivity that freely lets in the Mother's influence. Begin with the heart. ~ The Mother,
11:Do you meditate? Do you know what one feels in meditation? The mind becomes like a continuous flow of oil — it thinks of one object only, and that is God. It does not think of anything else. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
12:How can I meditate? What is meant by opening? Where should I open?

   An inner purity and receptivity that freely lets in the Mother's influence. Begin with the heart.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II,
13:It is quite natural to want to meditate after reading yogic literature - that is not the laziness.
   The laziness of the mind consists in not meditating, when the consciousness wants to do so.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - II,
14:"To him who is perfect in meditation salvation is near" is an old saying. Do you know when a man is perfect in meditation? When as soon as he sits to meditate, he is surrounded with the divine atmosphere and his soul communes with the Ineffable. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
15:Almighty God, give me wisdom to perceive You, intelligence to understand You, diligence to seek You, patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You, a heart to meditate upon You and life to proclaim You, through the power of the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. ~ Saint Benedict of Nursia,
16:Having attained to that unalterable calm which nothing can trouble one can afterwards meditate and form an assured judgment on the essence of things; when one has meditated and formed a sure judgment on the essence of things, afterwards one can attain to the desired state of perfection. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
17:If you meditate on mind training, and your personality becomes stiff with pride and arrogance, it is as though you have reduced a god to a demon - dharma has become non-dharma.
   The more you meditate on mind training and dharma, the more supple your personality should become.
   Act as the lowest servant to everyone.
   ~ Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye,
18:Death can not be fought off by any warrior, ordered away by the powerful, or paid off by the rich. Death leaves nowhere to run to, no place to hide, no refuge, no defender or guide.
   So, reflect sincerely and meditate on how important it is from this very moment onwards never to slip into laziness and procrastination, but to practice the true Dharma, the only thing you can be sure will help at the moment of death. ~ Patrul Rinpoche,
19:Just as eagles soar through the vast expanse of the sky without meeting any obstructions, needing only minimal effort to maintain their flight, so advanced meditators concentrating on emptiness can meditate on emptiness for a long time with little effort. Their minds soar through space-like emptiness, undistracted by any other phenomenon. When we meditate on emptiness we should try to emulate these meditators. ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso,
20:A DEVOTEE:"Sir, is there no help, then, for such a worldly person?"
MASTER:"Certainly there is. From time to time he should live in the company of holy men, and from time to time go into solitude and meditate on God. Furthermore, he should practice discrimination and pray to God, 'Give me faith and devotion.' Once a person has faith he has achieved everything. There is nothing greater than faith. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, The Gospels of Ramakrishna,
21:You partake of the nature of him on whom you meditate. By worshipping Siva you acquire the nature of Siva. A devotee of Rama meditated on Hanuman day and night. He used to think he had become Hanuman. In the end he was firmly convinced that he had even grown a little tail. Jnana is the characteristic of Siva, and bhakti of Vishnu. One who partakes of Siva's nature becomes a jnani, and one who partakes of Vishnu's nature becomes a bhakta. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
22:We also know life passes quickly and death is certain, yet in our busy lives we find it difficult to practice as much as we wish we could. Perhaps we meditate for an hour or two each day, but that leaves the other twenty-two hours in which to be distracted and tossed about on the waves of samsara. But there is always time for sleep; the third of our lives we spend sleeping can be used for practice.
   ~ Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep,
23:Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day without fail one should consider himself as dead ~ Yamamoto Tsunetomo,
24:When a person meditates on these matters and recognizes all the creations, the angels, the spheres, man, and the like, and appreciates the wisdom of the Holy One, blessed be He, in all these creations, he will add to his love for God. His soul will thirst and his flesh will long with love for God, blessed be He.
   He will stand in awe and fear from his humble, lowly, and base [nature] when he compares himself to one of the great and holy bodies, how much more so when comparing himself to the pure forms which are separate from matter and do not share any connection with it. He will see himself as a vessel full of embarrassment and shame, empty and lacking.
   ~ Maimonides,
25:Alas! I find no customers who want anything better than kalai pulse. No one wants to give up 'woman and gold'. Man, deluded by the beauty of woman and the power of money, forgets God. But to one who has seen the beauty of God, even the position of Brahma, the Creator, seems insignificant.
A man said to Ravana, 'You have been going to Sita in different disguises; why don't you go to her in the form of Rama?' 'But', Ravana replied, 'when I meditate on Rama in my heart, the most beautiful women - celestial maidens like Rambha and Tilottama - appear no better than ashes of the funeral pyre. Then even the position of Brahma appears trivial to me, not to speak of the beauty of another man's wife.' ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
26:The other day I told you the meaning of bhakti. It is to adore God with body, mind, and words. 'With body' means to serve and worship God with one's hands, go to holy places with one's feet, hear the chanting of the name and glories of God with one's ears, and behold the divine image with one's eyes. 'With mind' means to contemplate and meditate on God constantly and to remember and think of His lila. 'With words' means to sing hymns to Him and chant His name and glories.
Devotion as described by Narada is suited to the Kaliyuga. It means to chant constantly the name and glories of God. Let those who have no leisure worship God at least morning and evening by whole-heartedly chanting His name and clapping their hands. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
27:I think one of the most important thing is to know why one meditates; this is what gives the quality of the meditation and makes it of one order or another.
   You may meditate to open yourself to the divine Force, you may meditate to reject the ordinary consciousness, you may meditate to enter the depths of your being, you may meditate to learn how to give yourself integrally; you may meditate for all kinds of things. You may meditate to enter into peace and calm and silence - this is what people generally do, but without much success. But you may also meditate to receive the Force of transformation, to discover the points to be transformed, to trace out the line of progress. And then you may also meditate for very practical reasons: when you have a difficulty to clear up, a solution to find, when you want help in some action or another. You may meditate for that too.
   I think everyone has his own mode of meditation. But if one wants the meditation to be dynamic, one must have an aspiration for progress and the meditation must be done to help and fulfill this aspiration for progress. Then it becomes dynamic. ~ The Mother,
28:I have got three letters from you, but as I was busy with many things I couldn't answer them-today I am answering all the three together. It was known that it wouldn't be possible for you to come for darshan this time, it can't be easy to come twice within this short time. Don't be sorry, remain calm and remember the Mother, gather faith and strength within. You are a child of the Divine Mother, be tranquil, calm and full of force. There is no special procedure. To take the name of the Mother, to remember her within, to pray to her, all this may be described as calling the Mother. As it comes from within you, you have to call her accordingly. You can do also this - shutting your eyes you can imagine that the Mother is in front of you or you can sketch a picture of her in your mind and offer her your pranam, that obeissance will reach her. When you've time, you can meditate on her with the thinking attitude that she is with you, she's sitting in front of you. Doing these things people at last get to see her. Accept my blessings, I send the Mother's blessings also at the same time. From time to time Jyotirmoyee will take blessing flowers during pranam and send them to you. ~ The Mother, Nirodbaran Memorable contacts with the Mother,
29:The hours spent in meditation is no proof of spiritual progress. It is proof of your progress when you no longer have to make an effort to meditate. Then you have rather to make an effort to stop meditating: it becomes difficult to stop meditation, difficult to stop thinking of the Divine, difficult to come down to the ordinary consciousness. Then you are sure of progress, then you have made real progress when concentrating on the Divine is the necessity of your life, when you cannot do without it, when it continues naturally from morning to night whatever you may be engaged in doing. Whether you sit down to meditation or go about and do things and work, what is required of you is consciousness; that is the one need - to be constantly conscious of the Divine.
But is not sitting down to meditation an indispensable discipline, and does it not give a more intense and concentrated union with the Divine?
That may be. But a discipline in itself is not what we are seeking. What we are seeking is to be concentrated on the Divine in all that we do, at all times, in all our acts and in every movement. There are some here who have been told to meditate; but also there are others who have not been asked to do any meditation at all. But it must not be thought that they are not progressing. They too follow a discipline, but it is of another nature. To work, to act with devotion and an inner consecration is also a spiritual discipline. The final aim is to be in constant union with the Divine, not only in meditation but in all circumstances and in all the active life. ~ The Mother,
30:Yet this was only a foretaste of the intense experiences to come. The first glimpse of the Divine Mother made him the more eager for Her uninterrupted vision. He wanted to see Her both in meditation and with eyes open. But the Mother began to play a teasing game of hide-and-seek with him, intensifying both his joy and his suffering. Weeping bitterly during the moments of separation from Her, he would pass into a trance and then find Her standing before him, smiling, talking, consoling, bidding him be of good cheer, and instructing him. During this period of spiritual practice he had many uncommon experiences. When he sat to meditate, he would hear strange clicking sounds in the joints of his legs, as if someone were locking them up, one after the other, to keep him motionless; and at the conclusion of his meditation he would again hear the same sounds, this time unlocking them and leaving him free to move about. He would see flashes like a swarm of fire-flies floating before his eyes, or a sea of deep mist around him, with luminous waves of molten silver. Again, from a sea of translucent mist he would behold the Mother rising, first Her feet, then Her waist, body, face, and head, finally Her whole person; he would feel Her breath and hear Her voice. Worshipping in the temple, sometimes he would become exalted, sometimes he would remain motionless as stone, sometimes he would almost collapse from excessive emotion. Many of his actions, contrary to all tradition, seemed sacrilegious to the people. He would take a flower and touch it to his own head, body, and feet, and then offer it to the Goddess. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, Gospel,
31:The Song Of View, Practice, And Action :::
Oh, my Guru! The Exemplar of the View, Practice, and Action,
Pray vouchsafe me your grace, and enable me
To be absorbed in the realm of Self-nature!

For the View, Practice, Action, and Accomplishment
There are three Key-points you should know:

All the manifestation, the Universe itself, is contained in the mind;
The nature of Mind is the realm of illumination
Which can neither be conceived nor touched.
These are the Key-points of the View.

Errant thoughts are liberated in the Dharmakaya;
The awareness, the illumination, is always blissful;
Meditate in a manner of non-doing and non-effort.
These are the Key-points of Practice.

In the action of naturalness
The Ten Virtues spontaneously grow;
All the Ten Vices are thus purified.
By corrections or remedies
The Illuminating Void is ne'er disturbed.
These are the Key-points of Action.

There is no Nivana to attain beyond;
There is no Samsara here to renounce;
Truly to know the Self-mind
It is to be the Buddha Himself.
These are the Key-points of Accomplishment.

Reduce inwardly the Three Key-points to One.
This One is the Void Nature of Being,
Which only a wondrous Guru
Can clearly illustrate.

Much activity is of no avail;
If one sees the Simultaneously Born Wisdom,
He reaches the goal.

For all practioners of Dharma
The preaching is a precious gem;
It is my direct experience from yogic meditation.
Think carefully and bear it in your minds,
Oh, my children and disciples. ~ Jetsun Milarepa,
32:What is the difference between meditation and concentration?
   Meditation is a purely mental activity, it interests only the mental being. One can concentrate while meditating but this is a mental concentration; one can get a silence but it is a purely mental silence, and the other parts of the being are kept immobile and inactive so as not to disturb the meditation. You may pass twenty hours of the day in meditation and for the remaining four hours you will be an altogether ordinary man because only the mind has been occupied-the rest of the being, the vital and the physical, is kept under pressure so that it may not disturb. In meditation nothing is directly done for the other parts of the being.
   Certainly this indirect action can have an effect, but... I have known in my life people whose capacity for meditation was remarkable but who, when not in meditation, were quite ordinary men, even at times ill-natured people, who would become furious if their meditation was disturbed. For they had learnt to master only their mind, not the rest of their being.
   Concentration is a more active state. You may concentrate mentally, you may concentrate vitally, psychically, physically, and you may concentrate integrally. Concentration or the capacity to gather oneself at one point is more difficult than meditation. You may gather together one portion of your being or consciousness or you may gather together the whole of your consciousness or even fragments of it, that is, the concentration may be partial, total or integral, and in each case the result will be different.
   If you have the capacity to concentrate, your meditation will be more interesting and easieR But one can meditate without concentrating. Many follow a chain of ideas in their meditation - it is meditation, not concentration.
   Is it possible to distinguish the moment when one attains perfect concentration from the moment when, starting from this concentration, one opens oneself to the universal Energy?
   Yes. You concentrate on something or simply you gather yourself together as much as is possible for you and when you attain a kind of perfection in concentration, if you can sustain this perfection for a sufficiently long time, then a door opens and you pass beyond the limit of your ordinary consciousness-you enter into a deeper and higher knowledge. Or you go within. Then you may experience a kind of dazzling light, an inner wonder, a beatitude, a complete knowledge, a total silence. There are, of course, many possibilities but the phenomenon is always the same.
   To have this experience all depends upon your capacity to maintain your concentration sufficiently long at its highest point of perfection. ~ The Mother,
33:Ekajaṭī or Ekajaṭā, (Sanskrit: "One Plait Woman"; Wylie: ral gcig ma: one who has one knot of hair),[1] also known as Māhacīnatārā,[2] is one of the 21 Taras. Ekajati is, along with Palden Lhamo deity, one of the most powerful and fierce goddesses of Vajrayana Buddhist mythology.[1][3] According to Tibetan legends, her right eye was pierced by the tantric master Padmasambhava so that she could much more effectively help him subjugate Tibetan demons.

Ekajati is also known as "Blue Tara", Vajra Tara or "Ugra Tara".[1][3] She is generally considered one of the three principal protectors of the Nyingma school along with Rāhula and Vajrasādhu (Wylie: rdo rje legs pa).

Often Ekajati appears as liberator in the mandala of the Green Tara. Along with that, her ascribed powers are removing the fear of enemies, spreading joy, and removing personal hindrances on the path to enlightenment.

Ekajati is the protector of secret mantras and "as the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas" represents the ultimate unity. As such, her own mantra is also secret. She is the most important protector of the Vajrayana teachings, especially the Inner Tantras and termas. As the protector of mantra, she supports the practitioner in deciphering symbolic dakini codes and properly determines appropriate times and circumstances for revealing tantric teachings. Because she completely realizes the texts and mantras under her care, she reminds the practitioner of their preciousness and secrecy.[4] Düsum Khyenpa, 1st Karmapa Lama meditated upon her in early childhood.

According to Namkhai Norbu, Ekajati is the principal guardian of the Dzogchen teachings and is "a personification of the essentially non-dual nature of primordial energy."[5]

Dzogchen is the most closely guarded teaching in Tibetan Buddhism, of which Ekajati is a main guardian as mentioned above. It is said that Sri Singha (Sanskrit: Śrī Siṃha) himself entrusted the "Heart Essence" (Wylie: snying thig) teachings to her care. To the great master Longchenpa, who initiated the dissemination of certain Dzogchen teachings, Ekajati offered uncharacteristically personal guidance. In his thirty-second year, Ekajati appeared to Longchenpa, supervising every ritual detail of the Heart Essence of the Dakinis empowerment, insisting on the use of a peacock feather and removing unnecessary basin. When Longchenpa performed the ritual, she nodded her head in approval but corrected his pronunciation. When he recited the mantra, Ekajati admonished him, saying, "Imitate me," and sang it in a strange, harmonious melody in the dakini's language. Later she appeared at the gathering and joyously danced, proclaiming the approval of Padmasambhava and the dakinis.[6] ~ Wikipedia,
34:Death & Fame

When I die

I don't care what happens to my body throw ashes in the air, scatter 'em in East River bury an urn in Elizabeth New Jersey, B'nai Israel Cemetery

But I want a big funeral St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Mark's Church, the largest synagogue in Manhattan

First, there's family, brother, nephews, spry aged Edith stepmother 96, Aunt Honey from old Newark,

Doctor Joel, cousin Mindy, brother Gene one eyed one ear'd, sister-in-law blonde Connie, five nephews, stepbrothers & sisters their grandchildren, companion Peter Orlovsky, caretakers Rosenthal & Hale, Bill Morgan--

Next, teacher Trungpa Vajracharya's ghost mind, Gelek Rinpoche, there Sakyong Mipham, Dalai Lama alert, chance visiting America, Satchitananda Swami Shivananda, Dehorahava Baba, Karmapa XVI, Dudjom Rinpoche, Katagiri & Suzuki Roshi's phantoms Baker, Whalen, Daido Loorie, Qwong, Frail White-haired Kapleau Roshis, Lama Tarchen --

Then, most important, lovers over half-century Dozens, a hundred, more, older fellows bald & rich young boys met naked recently in bed, crowds surprised to see each other, innumerable, intimate, exchanging memories

"He taught me to meditate, now I'm an old veteran of the thousandday retreat --"

"I played music on subway platforms, I'm straight but loved him he loved me"

"I felt more love from him at 19 than ever from anyone"

"We'd lie under covers gossip, read my poetry, hug & kiss belly to belly arms round each other"

"I'd always get into his bed with underwear on & by morning my skivvies would be on the floor"

"Japanese, always wanted take it up my bum with a master"

"We'd talk all night about Kerouac & Cassady sit Buddhalike then sleep in his captain's bed."

"He seemed to need so much affection, a shame not to make him happy"

"I was lonely never in bed nude with anyone before, he was so gentle my stomach shuddered when he traced his finger along my abdomen nipple to hips-- "

"All I did was lay back eyes closed, he'd bring me to come with mouth & fingers along my waist"

"He gave great head"

So there be gossip from loves of 1948, ghost of Neal Cassady commin-gling with flesh and youthful blood of 1997 and surprise -- "You too? But I thought you were straight!"

"I am but Ginsberg an exception, for some reason he pleased me."

"I forgot whether I was straight gay queer or funny, was myself, tender and affectionate to be kissed on the top of my head, my forehead throat heart & solar plexus, mid-belly. on my prick, tickled with his tongue my behind"

"I loved the way he'd recite 'But at my back allways hear/ time's winged chariot hurrying near,' heads together, eye to eye, on a pillow --"

Among lovers one handsome youth straggling the rear

"I studied his poetry class, 17 year-old kid, ran some errands to his walk-up flat, seduced me didn't want to, made me come, went home, never saw him again never wanted to... "

"He couldn't get it up but loved me," "A clean old man." "He made sure I came first"

This the crowd most surprised proud at ceremonial place of honor--

Then poets & musicians -- college boys' grunge bands -- age-old rock star Beatles, faithful guitar accompanists, gay classical con-ductors, unknown high Jazz music composers, funky trum-peters, bowed bass & french horn black geniuses, folksinger fiddlers with dobro tamborine harmonica mandolin auto-harp pennywhistles & kazoos

Next, artist Italian romantic realists schooled in mystic 60's India, Late fauve Tuscan painter-poets, Classic draftsman Massa-chusets surreal jackanapes with continental wives, poverty sketchbook gesso oil watercolor masters from American provinces

Then highschool teachers, lonely Irish librarians, delicate biblio-philes, sex liberation troops nay armies, ladies of either sex

"I met him dozens of times he never remembered my name I loved him anyway, true artist"

"Nervous breakdown after menopause, his poetry humor saved me from suicide hospitals"

"Charmant, genius with modest manners, washed sink, dishes my studio guest a week in Budapest"

Thousands of readers, "Howl changed my life in Libertyville Illinois"

"I saw him read Montclair State Teachers College decided be a poet-- "

"He turned me on, I started with garage rock sang my songs in Kansas City"

"Kaddish made me weep for myself & father alive in Nevada City"

"Father Death comforted me when my sister died Boston l982"

"I read what he said in a newsmagazine, blew my mind, realized others like me out there"

Deaf & Dumb bards with hand signing quick brilliant gestures

Then Journalists, editors's secretaries, agents, portraitists & photo-graphy aficionados, rock critics, cultured laborors, cultural historians come to witness the historic funeral Super-fans, poetasters, aging Beatnicks & Deadheads, autograph-hunters, distinguished paparazzi, intelligent gawkers

Everyone knew they were part of 'History" except the deceased who never knew exactly what was happening even when I was alive
February 22, 1997
~ Allen Ginsberg,
35:This, in short, is the demand made on us, that we should turn our whole life into a conscious sacrifice. Every moment and every movement of our being is to be resolved into a continuous and a devoted self-giving to the Eternal. All our actions, not less the smallest and most ordinary and trifling than the greatest and most uncommon and noble, must be performed as consecrated acts. Our individualised nature must live in the single consciousness of an inner and outer movement dedicated to Something that is beyond us and greater than our ego. No matter what the gift or to whom it is presented by us, there must be a consciousness in the act that we are presenting it to the one divine Being in all beings. Our commonest or most grossly material actions must assume this sublimated character; when we eat, we should be conscious that we are giving our food to that Presence in us; it must be a sacred offering in a temple and the sense of a mere physical need or self-gratification must pass away from us. In any great labour, in any high discipline, in any difficult or noble enterprise, whether undertaken for ourselves, for others or for the race, it will no longer be possible to stop short at the idea of the race, of ourselves or of others. The thing we are doing must be consciously offered as a sacrifice of works, not to these, but either through them or directly to the One Godhead; the Divine Inhabitant who was hidden by these figures must be no longer hidden but ever present to our soul, our mind, our sense. The workings and results of our acts must be put in the hands of that One in the feeling that that Presence is the Infinite and Most High by whom alone our labour and our aspiration are possible. For in his being all takes place; for him all labour and aspiration are taken from us by Nature and offered on his altar. Even in those things in which Nature is herself very plainly the worker and we only the witnesses of her working and its containers and supporters, there should be the same constant memory and insistent consciousness of a work and of its divine Master. Our very inspiration and respiration, our very heart-beats can and must be made conscious in us as the living rhythm of the universal sacrifice.
   It is clear that a conception of this kind and its effective practice must carry in them three results that are of a central importance for our spiritual ideal. It is evident, to begin with, that, even if such a discipline is begun without devotion, it leads straight and inevitably towards the highest devotion possible; for it must deepen naturally into the completest adoration imaginable, the most profound God-love. There is bound up with it a growing sense of the Divine in all things, a deepening communion with the Divine in all our thought, will and action and at every moment of our lives, a more and more moved consecration to the Divine of the totality of our being. Now these implications of the Yoga of works are also of the very essence of an integral and absolute Bhakti. The seeker who puts them into living practice makes in himself continually a constant, active and effective representation of the very spirit of self-devotion, and it is inevitable that out of it there should emerge the most engrossing worship of the Highest to whom is given this service. An absorbing love for the Divine Presence to whom he feels an always more intimate closeness, grows upon the consecrated worker. And with it is born or in it is contained a universal love too for all these beings, living forms and creatures that are habitations of the Divine - not the brief restless grasping emotions of division, but the settled selfless love that is the deeper vibration of oneness. In all the seeker begins to meet the one Object of his adoration and service. The way of works turns by this road of sacrifice to meet the path of Devotion; it can be itself a devotion as complete, as absorbing, as integral as any the desire of the heart can ask for or the passion of the mind can imagine.
   Next, the practice of this Yoga demands a constant inward remembrance of the one central liberating knowledge, and a constant active externalising of it in works comes in too to intensify the remembrance. In all is the one Self, the one Divine is all; all are in the Divine, all are the Divine and there is nothing else in the universe, - this thought or this faith is the whole background until it becomes the whole substance of the consciousness of the worker. A memory, a self-dynamising meditation of this kind, must and does in its end turn into a profound and uninterrupted vision and a vivid and all-embracing consciousness of that which we so powerfully remember or on which we so constantly meditate. For it compels a constant reference at each moment to the Origin of all being and will and action and there is at once an embracing and exceeding of all particular forms and appearances in That which is their cause and upholder. This way cannot go to its end without a seeing vivid and vital, as concrete in its way as physical sight, of the works of the universal Spirit everywhere. On its summits it rises into a constant living and thinking and willing and acting in the presence of the Supramental, the Transcendent. Whatever we see and hear, whatever we touch and sense, all of which we are conscious, has to be known and felt by us as That which we worship and serve; all has to be turned into an image of the Divinity, perceived as a dwelling-place of his Godhead, enveloped with the eternal Omnipresence. In its close, if not long before it, this way of works turns by communion with the Divine Presence, Will and Force into a way of Knowledge more complete and integral than any the mere creature intelligence can construct or the search of the intellect can discover.
   Lastly, the practice of this Yoga of sacrifice compels us to renounce all the inner supports of egoism, casting them out of our mind and will and actions, and to eliminate its seed, its presence, its influence out of our nature. All must be done for the Divine; all must be directed towards the Divine. Nothing must be attempted for ourselves as a separate existence; nothing done for others, whether neighbours, friends, family, country or mankind or other creatures merely because they are connected with our personal life and thought and sentiment or because the ego takes a preferential interest in their welfare. In this way of doing and seeing all works and all life become only a daily dynamic worship and service of the Divine in the unbounded temple of his own vast cosmic existence. Life becomes more and more the sacrifice of the eternal in the individual constantly self-offered to the eternal Transcendence. It is offered in the wide sacrificial ground of the field of the eternal cosmic Spirit; and the Force too that offers it is the eternal Force, the omnipresent Mother. Therefore is this way a way of union and communion by acts and by the spirit and knowledge in the act as complete and integral as any our Godward will can hope for or our soul's strength execute.
   It has all the power of a way of works integral and absolute, but because of its law of sacrifice and self-giving to the Divine Self and Master, it is accompanied on its one side by the whole power of the path of Love and on the other by the whole power of the path of Knowledge. At its end all these three divine Powers work together, fused, united, completed, perfected by each other.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Yoga of Divine Works, The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice [111-114],
36:How to Meditate
Deep meditation is a mental procedure that utilizes the nature of the mind to systematically bring the mind to rest. If the mind is given the opportunity, it will go to rest with no effort. That is how the mind works.
Indeed, effort is opposed to the natural process of deep meditation. The mind always seeks the path of least resistance to express itself. Most of the time this is by making more and more thoughts. But it is also possible to create a situation in the mind that turns the path of least resistance into one leading to fewer and fewer thoughts. And, very soon, no thoughts at all. This is done by using a particular thought in a particular way. The thought is called a mantra.
For our practice of deep meditation, we will use the thought - I AM. This will be our mantra.
It is for the sound that we will use I AM, not for the meaning of it.
The meaning has an obvious significance in English, and I AM has a religious meaning in the English Bible as well. But we will not use I AM for the meaning - only for the sound. We can also spell it AYAM. No meaning there, is there? Only the sound. That is what we want. If your first language is not English, you may spell the sound phonetically in your own language if you wish. No matter how we spell it, it will be the same sound. The power of the sound ...I AM... is great when thought inside. But only if we use a particular procedure. Knowing this procedure is the key to successful meditation. It is very simple. So simple that we will devote many pages here to discussing how to keep it simple, because we all have a tendency to make things more complicated. Maintaining simplicity is the key to right meditation.
Here is the procedure of deep meditation: While sitting comfortably with eyes closed, we'll just relax. We will notice thoughts, streams of thoughts. That is fine. We just let them go by without minding them. After about a minute, we gently introduce the mantra, ...I AM...
We think the mantra in a repetition very easily inside. The speed of repetition may vary, and we do not mind it. We do not intone the mantra out loud. We do not deliberately locate the mantra in any particular part of the body. Whenever we realize we are not thinking the mantra inside anymore, we come back to it easily. This may happen many times in a sitting, or only once or twice. It doesn't matter. We follow this procedure of easily coming back to the mantra when we realize we are off it for the predetermined time of our meditation session. That's it.
Very simple.
Typically, the way we will find ourselves off the mantra will be in a stream of other thoughts. This is normal. The mind is a thought machine, remember? Making thoughts is what it does. But, if we are meditating, as soon as we realize we are off into a stream of thoughts, no matter how mundane or profound, we just easily go back to the mantra.
Like that. We don't make a struggle of it. The idea is not that we have to be on the mantra all the time. That is not the objective. The objective is to easily go back to it when we realize we are off it. We just favor the mantra with our attention when we notice we are not thinking it. If we are back into a stream of other thoughts five seconds later, we don't try and force the thoughts out. Thoughts are a normal part of the deep meditation process. We just ease back to the mantra again. We favor it.
Deep meditation is a going toward, not a pushing away from. We do that every single time with the mantra when we realize we are off it - just easily favoring it. It is a gentle persuasion. No struggle. No fuss. No iron willpower or mental heroics are necessary for this practice. All such efforts are away from the simplicity of deep meditation and will reduce its effectiveness.
As we do this simple process of deep meditation, we will at some point notice a change in the character of our inner experience. The mantra may become very refined and fuzzy. This is normal. It is perfectly all right to think the mantra in a very refined and fuzzy way if this is the easiest. It should always be easy - never a struggle. Other times, we may lose track of where we are for a while, having no mantra, or stream of thoughts either. This is fine too. When we realize we have been off somewhere, we just ease back to the mantra again. If we have been very settled with the mantra being barely recognizable, we can go back to that fuzzy level of it, if it is the easiest. As the mantra refines, we are riding it inward with our attention to progressively deeper levels of inner silence in the mind. So it is normal for the mantra to become very faint and fuzzy. We cannot force this to happen. It will happen naturally as our nervous system goes through its many cycles ofinner purification stimulated by deep meditation. When the mantra refines, we just go with it. And when the mantra does not refine, we just be with it at whatever level is easy. No struggle. There is no objective to attain, except to continue the simple procedure we are describing here.

When and Where to Meditate
How long and how often do we meditate? For most people, twenty minutes is the best duration for a meditation session. It is done twice per day, once before the morning meal and day's activity, and then again before the evening meal and evening's activity.
Try to avoid meditating right after eating or right before bed.
Before meal and activity is the ideal time. It will be most effective and refreshing then. Deep meditation is a preparation for activity, and our results over time will be best if we are active between our meditation sessions. Also, meditation is not a substitute for sleep. The ideal situation is a good balance between meditation, daily activity and normal sleep at night. If we do this, our inner experience will grow naturally over time, and our outer life will become enriched by our growing inner silence.
A word on how to sit in meditation: The first priority is comfort. It is not desirable to sit in a way that distracts us from the easy procedure of meditation. So sitting in a comfortable chair with back support is a good way to meditate. Later on, or if we are already familiar, there can be an advantage to sitting with legs crossed, also with back support. But always with comfort and least distraction being the priority. If, for whatever reason, crossed legs are not feasible for us, we will do just fine meditating in our comfortable chair. There will be no loss of the benefits.
Due to commitments we may have, the ideal routine of meditation sessions will not always be possible. That is okay. Do the best you can and do not stress over it. Due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes the only time we will have to meditate will be right after a meal, or even later in the evening near bedtime. If meditating at these times causes a little disruption in our system, we will know it soon enough and make the necessary adjustments. The main thing is that we do our best to do two meditations every day, even if it is only a short session between our commitments. Later on, we will look at the options we have to make adjustments to address varying outer circumstances, as well as inner experiences that can come up.
Before we go on, you should try a meditation. Find a comfortable place to sit where you are not likely to be interrupted and do a short meditation, say ten minutes, and see how it goes. It is a toe in the water.
Make sure to take a couple of minutes at the end sitting easily without doing the procedure of meditation. Then open your eyes slowly. Then read on here.
As you will see, the simple procedure of deep meditation and it's resulting experiences will raise some questions. We will cover many of them here.
So, now we will move into the practical aspects of deep meditation - your own experiences and initial symptoms of the growth of your own inner silence. ~ Yogani, Deep Meditation,
37:[The Gods and Their Worlds]

   [...] According to traditions and occult schools, all these zones of realities, these planes of realities have got different names; they have been classified in a different way, but there is an essential analogy, and if you go back far enough into the traditions, you see only the words changing according to the country and the language. Even now, the experiences of Western occultists and those of Eastern occultists offer great similarities. All who set out on the discovery of these invisible worlds and make a report of what they saw, give a very similar description, whether they be from here or there; they use different words, but the experience is very similar and the handling of forces is the same.

   This knowledge of the occult worlds is based on the existence of subtle bodies and of subtle worlds corresponding to those bodies. They are what the psychological method calls "states of consciousness", but these states of consciousness really correspond to worlds. The occult procedure consists then in being aware of these various inner states of being or subtle bodies and in becoming sufficiently a master of them so as to be able to go out of them successively, one after another. There is indeed a whole scale of subtleties, increasing or decreasing according to the direction in which you go, and the occult procedure consists in going out of a denser body into a subtler body and so on again, up to the most ethereal regions. You go, by successive exteriorisations, into bodies or worlds more and more subtle. It is somewhat as if every time you passed into another dimension. The fourth dimension of the physicists is nothing but the scientific transcription of an occult knowledge. To give another image, one can say that the physical body is at the centre - it is the most material, the densest and also the smallest - and the inner bodies, more subtle, overflow more and more the central physical body; they pass through it, extending themselves farther and farther, like water evaporating from a porous vase and forming a kind of steam all around. And the greater the subtlety, the more the extension tends to unite with that of the universe: one ends by universalising oneself. And it is altogether a concrete process which gives an objective experience of invisible worlds and even enables one to act in these worlds.

   There are, then, only a very small number of people in the West who know that these gods are not merely subjective and imaginary - more or less wildly imaginary - but that they correspond to a universal truth.

   All these regions, all these domains are filled with beings who exist, each in its own domain, and if you are awake and conscious on a particular plane - for instance, if on going out of a more material body you awake on some higher plane, you have the same relation with the things and people of that plane as you had with the things and people of the material world. That is to say, there exists an entirely objective relation that has nothing to do with the idea you may have of these things. Naturally, the resemblance is greater and greater as you approach the physical world, the material world, and there even comes a time when the one region has a direct action upon the other. In any case, in what Sri Aurobindo calls the overmental worlds, you will find a concrete reality absolutely independent of your personal experience; you go back there and again find the same things, with the differences that have occurred during your absence. And you have relations with those beings that are identical with the relations you have with physical beings, with this difference that the relation is more plastic, supple and direct - for example, there is the capacity to change the external form, the visible form, according to the inner state you are in. But you can make an appointment with someone and be at the appointed place and find the same being again, with certain differences that have come about during your absence; it is entirely concrete with results entirely concrete.

   One must have at least a little of this experience in order to understand these things. Otherwise, those who are convinced that all this is mere human imagination and mental formation, who believe that these gods have such and such a form because men have thought them to be like that, and that they have certain defects and certain qualities because men have thought them to be like that - all those who say that God is made in the image of man and that he exists only in human thought, all these will not understand; to them this will appear absolutely ridiculous, madness. One must have lived a little, touched the subject a little, to know how very concrete the thing is.

   Naturally, children know a good deal if they have not been spoilt. There are so many children who return every night to the same place and continue to live the life they have begun there. When these faculties are not spoilt with age, you can keep them with you. At a time when I was especially interested in dreams, I could return exactly to a place and continue a work that I had begun: supervise something, for example, set something in order, a work of organisation or of discovery, of exploration. You go until you reach a certain spot, as you would go in life, then you take a rest, then you return and begin again - you begin the work at the place where you left off and you continue it. And you perceive that there are things which are quite independent of you, in the sense that changes of which you are not at all the author, have taken place automatically during your absence.

   But for this, you must live these experiences yourself, you must see them yourself, live them with sufficient sincerity and spontaneity in order to see that they are independent of any mental formation. For you can do the opposite also, and deepen the study of the action of mental formation upon events. This is very interesting, but it is another domain. And this study makes you very careful, very prudent, because you become aware of how far you can delude yourself. So you must study both, the dream and the occult reality, in order to see what is the essential difference between the two. The one depends upon us; the other exists in itself; entirely independent of the thought that we have of it.

   When you have worked in that domain, you recognise in fact that once a subject has been studied and something has been learnt mentally, it gives a special colour to the experience; the experience may be quite spontaneous and sincere, but the simple fact that the subject was known and studied lends a particular quality. Whereas if you had learnt nothing about the question, if you knew nothing at all, the transcription would be completely spontaneous and sincere when the experience came; it would be more or less adequate, but it would not be the outcome of a previous mental formation.

   Naturally, this occult knowledge or this experience is not very frequent in the world, because in those who do not have a developed inner life, there are veritable gaps between the external consciousness and the inmost consciousness; the linking states of being are missing and they have to be constructed. So when people enter there for the first time, they are bewildered, they have the impression they have fallen into the night, into nothingness, into non-being!

   I had a Danish friend, a painter, who was like that. He wanted me to teach him how to go out of the body; he used to have interesting dreams and thought that it would be worth the trouble to go there consciously. So I made him "go out" - but it was a frightful thing! When he was dreaming, a part of his mind still remained conscious, active, and a kind of link existed between this active part and his external being; then he remembered some of his dreams, but it was a very partial phenomenon. And to go out of one's body means to pass gradually through all the states of being, if one does the thing systematically. Well, already in the subtle physical, one is almost de-individualised, and when one goes farther, there remains nothing, for nothing is formed or individualised.

   Thus, when people are asked to meditate or told to go within, to enter into themselves, they are in agony - naturally! They have the impression that they are vanishing. And with reason: there is nothing, no consciousness!

   These things that appear to us quite natural and evident, are, for people who know nothing, wild imagination. If, for example, you transplant these experiences or this knowledge to the West, well, unless you have been frequenting the circles of occultists, they stare at you with open eyes. And when you have turned your back, they hasten to say, "These people are cranks!" Now to come back to the gods and conclude. It must be said that all those beings who have never had an earthly existence - gods or demons, invisible beings and powers - do not possess what the Divine has put into man: the psychic being. And this psychic being gives to man true love, charity, compassion, a deep kindness, which compensate for all his external defects.

   In the gods there is no fault because they live according to their own nature, spontaneously and without constraint: as gods, it is their manner of being. But if you take a higher point of view, if you have a higher vision, a vision of the whole, you see that they lack certain qualities that are exclusively human. By his capacity of love and self-giving, man can have as much power as the gods and even more, when he is not egoistic, when he has surmounted his egoism.

   If he fulfils the required condition, man is nearer to the Supreme than the gods are. He can be nearer. He is not so automatically, but he has the power to be so, the potentiality.

   If human love manifested itself without mixture, it would be all-powerful. Unfortunately, in human love there is as much love of oneself as of the one loved; it is not a love that makes you forget yourself. - 4 November 1958

   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III, 355
38:It does not matter if you do not understand it - Savitri, read it always. You will see that every time you read it, something new will be revealed to you. Each time you will get a new glimpse, each time a new experience; things which were not there, things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vision comes up through the words and lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you will see that something is added, something which was hidden behind is revealed clearly and vividly. I tell you the very verses you have read once before, will appear to you in a different light each time you re-read them. This is what happens invariably. Always your experience is enriched, it is a revelation at each step.

But you must not read it as you read other books or newspapers. You must read with an empty head, a blank and vacant mind, without there being any other thought; you must concentrate much, remain empty, calm and open; then the words, rhythms, vibrations will penetrate directly to this white page, will put their stamp upon the brain, will explain themselves without your making any effort.

Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For him who wishes to follow this path, it is a concrete help as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds its solution herein; indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga.

*He has crammed the whole universe in a single book.* It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection.

You know, before writing Savitri Sri Aurobindo said to me, *I am impelled to launch on a new adventure; I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I am decided. Still, I do not know how far I shall succeed. I pray for help.* And you know what it was? It was - before beginning, I warn you in advance - it was His way of speaking, so full of divine humility and modesty. He never... *asserted Himself*. And the day He actually began it, He told me: *I have launched myself in a rudderless boat upon the vastness of the Infinite.* And once having started, He wrote page after page without intermission, as though it were a thing already complete up there and He had only to transcribe it in ink down here on these pages.

In truth, the entire form of Savitri has descended "en masse" from the highest region and Sri Aurobindo with His genius only arranged the lines - in a superb and magnificent style. Sometimes entire lines were revealed and He has left them intact; He worked hard, untiringly, so that the inspiration could come from the highest possible summit. And what a work He has created! Yes, it is a true creation in itself. It is an unequalled work. Everything is there, and it is put in such a simple, such a clear form; verses perfectly harmonious, limpid and eternally true. My child, I have read so many things, but I have never come across anything which could be compared with Savitri. I have studied the best works in Greek, Latin, English and of course French literature, also in German and all the great creations of the West and the East, including the great epics; but I repeat it, I have not found anywhere anything comparable with Savitri. All these literary works seems to me empty, flat, hollow, without any deep reality - apart from a few rare exceptions, and these too represent only a small fraction of what Savitri is. What grandeur, what amplitude, what reality: it is something immortal and eternal He has created. I tell you once again there is nothing like in it the whole world. Even if one puts aside the vision of the reality, that is, the essential substance which is the heart of the inspiration, and considers only the lines in themselves, one will find them unique, of the highest classical kind. What He has created is something man cannot imagine. For, everything is there, everything.

It may then be said that Savitri is a revelation, it is a meditation, it is a quest of the Infinite, the Eternal. If it is read with this aspiration for Immortality, the reading itself will serve as a guide to Immortality. To read Savitri is indeed to practice Yoga, spiritual concentration; one can find there all that is needed to realise the Divine. Each step of Yoga is noted here, including the secret of all other Yogas. Surely, if one sincerely follows what is revealed here in each line one will reach finally the transformation of the Supramental Yoga. It is truly the infallible guide who never abandons you; its support is always there for him who wants to follow the path. Each verse of Savitri is like a revealed Mantra which surpasses all that man possessed by way of knowledge, and I repeat this, the words are expressed and arranged in such a way that the sonority of the rhythm leads you to the origin of sound, which is OM.

My child, yes, everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature. How the universe was created, why, for what purpose, what destiny - all is there. You can find all the answers to all your questions there. Everything is explained, even the future of man and of the evolution, all that nobody yet knows. He has described it all in beautiful and clear words so that spiritual adventurers who wish to solve the mysteries of the world may understand it more easily. But this mystery is well hidden behind the words and lines and one must rise to the required level of true consciousness to discover it. All prophesies, all that is going to come is presented with the precise and wonderful clarity. Sri Aurobindo gives you here the key to find the Truth, to discover the Consciousness, to solve the problem of what the universe is. He has also indicated how to open the door of the Inconscience so that the light may penetrate there and transform it. He has shown the path, the way to liberate oneself from the ignorance and climb up to the superconscience; each stage, each plane of consciousness, how they can be scaled, how one can cross even the barrier of death and attain immortality. You will find the whole journey in detail, and as you go forward you can discover things altogether unknown to man. That is Savitri and much more yet. It is a real experience - reading Savitri. All the secrets that man possessed, He has revealed, - as well as all that awaits him in the future; all this is found in the depth of Savitri. But one must have the knowledge to discover it all, the experience of the planes of consciousness, the experience of the Supermind, even the experience of the conquest of Death. He has noted all the stages, marked each step in order to advance integrally in the integral Yoga.

All this is His own experience, and what is most surprising is that it is my own experience also. It is my sadhana which He has worked out. Each object, each event, each realisation, all the descriptions, even the colours are exactly what I saw and the words, phrases are also exactly what I heard. And all this before having read the book. I read Savitri many times afterwards, but earlier, when He was writing He used to read it to me. Every morning I used to hear Him read Savitri. During the night He would write and in the morning read it to me. And I observed something curious, that day after day the experiences He read out to me in the morning were those I had had the previous night, word by word. Yes, all the descriptions, the colours, the pictures I had seen, the words I had heard, all, all, I heard it all, put by Him into poetry, into miraculous poetry. Yes, they were exactly my experiences of the previous night which He read out to me the following morning. And it was not just one day by chance, but for days and days together. And every time I used to compare what He said with my previous experiences and they were always the same. I repeat, it was not that I had told Him my experiences and that He had noted them down afterwards, no, He knew already what I had seen. It is my experiences He has presented at length and they were His experiences also. It is, moreover, the picture of Our joint adventure into the unknown or rather into the Supermind.

These are experiences lived by Him, realities, supracosmic truths. He experienced all these as one experiences joy or sorrow, physically. He walked in the darkness of inconscience, even in the neighborhood of death, endured the sufferings of perdition, and emerged from the mud, the world-misery to breathe the sovereign plenitude and enter the supreme Ananda. He crossed all these realms, went through the consequences, suffered and endured physically what one cannot imagine. Nobody till today has suffered like Him. He accepted suffering to transform suffering into the joy of union with the Supreme. It is something unique and incomparable in the history of the world. It is something that has never happened before, He is the first to have traced the path in the Unknown, so that we may be able to walk with certitude towards the Supermind. He has made the work easy for us. Savitri is His whole Yoga of transformation, and this Yoga appears now for the first time in the earth-consciousness.

And I think that man is not yet ready to receive it. It is too high and too vast for him. He cannot understand it, grasp it, for it is not by the mind that one can understand Savitri. One needs spiritual experiences in order to understand and assimilate it. The farther one advances on the path of Yoga, the more does one assimilate and the better. No, it is something which will be appreciated only in the future, it is the poetry of tomorrow of which He has spoken in The Future Poetry. It is too subtle, too refined, - it is not in the mind or through the mind, it is in meditation that Savitri is revealed.

And men have the audacity to compare it with the work of Virgil or Homer and to find it inferior. They do not understand, they cannot understand. What do they know? Nothing at all. And it is useless to try to make them understand. Men will know what it is, but in a distant future. It is only the new race with a new consciousness which will be able to understand. I assure you there is nothing under the blue sky to compare with Savitri. It is the mystery of mysteries. It is a *super-epic,* it is super-literature, super-poetry, super-vision, it is a super-work even if one considers the number of lines He has written. No, these human words are not adequate to describe Savitri. Yes, one needs superlatives, hyperboles to describe it. It is a hyper-epic. No, words express nothing of what Savitri is, at least I do not find them. It is of immense value - spiritual value and all other values; it is eternal in its subject, and infinite in its appeal, miraculous in its mode and power of execution; it is a unique thing, the more you come into contact with it, the higher will you be uplifted. Ah, truly it is something! It is the most beautiful thing He has left for man, the highest possible. What is it? When will man know it? When is he going to lead a life of truth? When is he going to accept this in his life? This yet remains to be seen.

My child, every day you are going to read Savitri; read properly, with the right attitude, concentrating a little before opening the pages and trying to keep the mind as empty as possible, absolutely without a thought. The direct road is through the heart. I tell you, if you try to really concentrate with this aspiration you can light the flame, the psychic flame, the flame of purification in a very short time, perhaps in a few days. What you cannot do normally, you can do with the help of Savitri. Try and you will see how very different it is, how new, if you read with this attitude, with this something at the back of your consciousness; as though it were an offering to Sri Aurobindo. You know it is charged, fully charged with consciousness; as if Savitri were a being, a real guide. I tell you, whoever, wanting to practice Yoga, tries sincerely and feels the necessity for it, will be able to climb with the help of Savitri to the highest rung of the ladder of Yoga, will be able to find the secret that Savitri represents. And this without the help of a Guru. And he will be able to practice it anywhere. For him Savitri alone will be the guide, for all that he needs he will find Savitri. If he remains very quiet when before a difficulty, or when he does not know where to turn to go forward and how to overcome obstacles, for all these hesitations and incertitudes which overwhelm us at every moment, he will have the necessary indications, and the necessary concrete help. If he remains very calm, open, if he aspires sincerely, always he will be as if lead by the hand. If he has faith, the will to give himself and essential sincerity he will reach the final goal.

Indeed, Savitri is something concrete, living, it is all replete, packed with consciousness, it is the supreme knowledge above all human philosophies and religions. It is the spiritual path, it is Yoga, Tapasya, Sadhana, in its single body. Savitri has an extraordinary power, it gives out vibrations for him who can receive them, the true vibrations of each stage of consciousness. It is incomparable, it is truth in its plenitude, the Truth Sri Aurobindo brought down on the earth. My child, one must try to find the secret that Savitri represents, the prophetic message Sri Aurobindo reveals there for us. This is the work before you, it is hard but it is worth the trouble. - 5 November 1967

~ The Mother, Sweet Mother, The Mother to Mona Sarkar, [T0],
39:D.: how to meditate?
M.: Concentrate on that one whom you like best. If a single thought prevails, all other thoughts are put off and finally eradicated. So long as diversity prevails there are bad thoughts. When the object of love prevails only good thoughts hold the field. Therefore hold on to one thought only. Dhyana is the chief practice. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks,
40:Fearing death, I went to the mountains.
Over and over again I meditated on death's unpredictable coming,
And took a stronghold of the deathless, unchanging nature.
Now I have lost and gone beyond all fear of dying! ~ Milarepa,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Do not meditate on the mess. ~ Max Lucado
2:Meditate on the Word in the Word. ~ John Owen
3:I don't meditate. Silence is golden though. ~ Nas
4:The Warrior of the Light meditates. ~ Paulo Coelho
5:Understand your man, meditate on it. ~ Johnny Cash
6:I meditate and I'm passionate about it. ~ Mehmet Oz
7:He who hesitates, meditates horizontally ~ Ed Parker
8:Meditate nothing. Learn to contemplate. ~ Robert Frost
9:I meditate daily for a total of three hours, ~ G L Tomas
10:Meditate with delight and run with joy. ~ Sakyong Mipham
11:Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize. ~ Sivananda
12:The more you meditate the better life gets. ~ David Lynch
13:To meditate is to labour; to think is to act. ~ Victor Hugo
14:When I meditate, I feel I am vast, very vast. ~ Sri Chinmoy
15:To meditate an injury is to commit one. ~ Seneca the Younger
16:I notice a difference from the moment I meditate. ~ Ray Dalio
17:For whoever meditates a crime is guilty of the deed. ~ Juvenal
18:Meditate upon the Om that is in the heart. ~ Swami Vivekananda
19:To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem. ~ Nhat Hanh
20:Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment, ~ Pema Ch dr n
21:If relapsed, meditate on it as the very remedy. ~ Thupten Jinpa
22:Meditate, he’d said. Jingo Jingo was such a joker. ~ Devon Monk
23:Day and night, meditate forever on the Lord. ~ Guru Gobind Singh
24:So what is a good meditator? The one who meditates. ~ Allan Lokos
25:To meditate is to listen with a receptive heart. ~ Gautama Buddha
26:You don't have to be some sort of freak to meditate ~ John Lennon
27:Eat, breathe, meditate and love and you're all set ~ Deepak Chopra
28:I meditate. Daily practice is essential to my life. ~ Richard Gere
29:Meditate like Christ...He lost himself in love. ~ Neem Karoli Baba
30:Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize.
   ~ Swami Sivananda,
31:Unspoken expectations are premeditated resentments. ~ Neil Strauss
32:I meditated upon it and found myself to be a riddle ~ Hermann Hesse
33:I used to meditate until I learned to stop thinking. ~ Agnes Martin
34:The man who meditates is a depraved animal. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
35:We don't meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering. ~ Ajahn Chah
36:When you meditate, you activate cosmic energies. ~ James Van Praagh
37:"Like the mountains, meditate, unmoving and unshakeable." ~ Milarepa
38:The only bad meditation is when you don't meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
39:In order to meditate correctly, you must have knowledge. ~ Dalai Lama
40:Meditate on Om as the inner Sun the pure witnessing power. ~ Amit Ray
41:[T]he man who meditates is a depraved animal. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
42:"We don't meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering." ~ Ajahn Chah
43:Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders. ~ Albert Camus
44:Every time you meditate you will keep your growth. ~ Swami Vivekananda
45:I have one word for all aspirants 'Meditate'.
   ~ Sri Swami Sivananda,
46:People honk at you if you meditate at the stop light. ~ Jake Johannsen
47:So what is a good meditator? A good meditator meditates. ~ Allan Lokos
48:First thing I do when I get up is journal, meditate, read. ~ Reggie Lee
49:If you haven't wept deeply, you haven't begun to meditate. ~ Ajahn Chah
50:If you have time to be mindful, you have time to meditate. ~ Ajahn Chah
51:I'm into yoga, I meditate all the time, I'm vegetarian. ~ Russell Brand
52:We don't have enough time to premeditate our actions. ~ Luc de Clapiers
53:If you can't meditate in a boiler room, you can't meditate. ~ Alan Watts
54:Premeditated seduction, then - I never stood a chance. ~ Rachel Robinson
55:Limit time to the present. Meditate upon your last hour. ~ Marcus Aurelius
56:To meditate with full effort, produces infinity, freedom. ~ Frederick Lenz
57:What was premeditated murder if not calculated leverage? ~ James Patterson
58:9Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love. ~ Anonymous
59:As we meditate on Christ's life, we find strength for our own. ~ Max Lucado
60:I was about to meditate like no one had ever meditated before. ~ Devon Monk
61:"Like the sun and the moon, meditate in brightness and clarity!" ~ Milarepa
62:Osho's books inspire me to meditate. They give me peace of mind. ~ Kapil Dev
63:If you meditate and the Devil comes, make the Devil meditate. ~ G I Gurdjieff
64:Labor, but slight not meditation; meditate, but slight not labor. ~ Confucius
65:I meditate on a regular basis and reap benefits from this practice ~ Louise Hay
66:Read a little. Meditate more. Think of God all the time. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
67:When you meditate the glory of the Divine shines forth. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
68:Blessed, blessed is that body horse which meditates on the Lord God. ~ Guru Nanak
69:I don't always win at this, but I know I do better when I meditate. ~ Taylor Dane
70:Those who have not lived cannot meditate on the mysteries of life. ~ Anthony Ryan
71:To become powerful, to develop will, meditate on the naval center. ~ Frederick Lenz
72:When you pray, you talk to God. When you meditate, you listen to God. ~ Joey Reiman
73:I meditate not to escape the world but instead to be completely present. ~ Joe Sacco
74:Question attentively, then meditate at leisure over what you have heard. ~ Confucius
75:Work honestly, meditate everyday, meet people without fear and play. ~ Baba Hari Dass
76:Everybody's got creativity. You just get more of it [when you meditate]. ~ David Lynch
77:My random acts of violence weren't random. They were premeditated. ~ Christopher Titus
78:God has blessed me with the capacity to meditate even while I am talking. ~ Sri Chinmoy
79:I fall at the feet of those who meditate on the Truest of the True. ~ Guru Gobind Singh
80:He who meditates a crime secretly within himself has all the guilt of the act. ~ Juvenal
81:If you are unable to meditate, chant your mantra or sing bhajans. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
82:I meditate twice a day. I chant. I lean more towards Buddhist practices. ~ Taryn Manning
83:Learn to meditate. It's fun. It will give you a strong, wonderful mind. ~ Frederick Lenz
84:Meditate and bath in the light of eternity. Nothing else is worthwhile. ~ Frederick Lenz
85:Meditate five minutes each morning and see it wake up your entire life. ~ Waylon H Lewis
86:the more we abandon ill-will and hatred, the easier it will be to meditate. ~ Ayya Khema
87:When I meditate, I clearly see that God is already seated inside my heart. ~ Sri Chinmoy
88:Everybody likes to have a place to think, to meditate, to eat a burrito. ~ Sherman Alexie
89:If you're too busy to meditate twice a day, you're just too busy. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
90:Pragmatism reflects a society that has no time to remember and meditate. ~ Max Horkheimer
91:Factual accounts of premeditated violence in the global fashion industry. ~ William Gibson
92:I am almost a vegetarian, and I meditate, do yoga and love to hike. ~ Diane von Furstenberg
93:Remember, meditation cannot be result-oriented; you simply meditate, that's all. ~ Rajneesh
94:Be healthy, don't eat meat, keep away from those Night-Clubs and MEDITATE. ~ George Harrison
95:Meditate Silently. You will be able to create a totally new life for yourself. ~ Sri Chinmoy
96:This is the central principle of meditation: we become what we meditate on. ~ Eknath Easwaran
97:To meditate means to realize inwardly the imperturbability of the Essence of Mind. ~ Huineng
98:Mathematics is principally a tool to meditate, rather than to compute. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
99:Meditation is the means of unification of the subject and object. Meditate. ~ Swami Vivekananda
100:Everybody should just stay at home and meditate and they'd be so much happier. ~ George Harrison
101:We must meditate, brothers. These grapes will yield no wine we tread upon it. ~ Charles Spurgeon
102:Believe in the fundamental truth; it is to meditate with rapture on the Everlasting. ~ Aҫwaghosha
103:Eat lots of fresh vegetables, drink water, exercise often, and meditate daily. ~ Gretchen Bleiler
104:I meditate so I know how to find a peaceful place within to be calm and peaceful. ~ Roseanne Barr
105:Seek God in the morning. Praise Him during the day. Meditate on Him at night. ~ Alisa Hope Wagner
106:I believe you can use photographs to meditate on and work through things in your life. ~ Todd Hido
107:Some people travel to other dimensions in their astral bodies when they meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
108:The guilty is he who meditates a crime; the punishment is his who lays the plot. ~ Vittorio Alfieri
109:Meditate incessantly upon the Self and obtain the Supreme Bliss of Liberation. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
110:When I wake up in the morning, I meditate immediately, before I even get out of bed. ~ John Densmore
111:And then, in that regal silence, finally - I began to meditate on (and with) God. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
112:Failure to meditate in the morning increases the probability of chaos throughout the day. ~ Joe Sacco
113:Don't think you have to be solemn to meditate. To meditate, well, you have to smile a lot. ~ Nhat Hanh
114:He who meditates on God for many days has substance in him, has divine power in him. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
115:If you want to be successful, just meditate, man. God will tell you what people need. ~ Carlos Santana
116:I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
117:I meditate, which I really like. Just 20 minutes twice a day and that really helps. ~ Jordana Brewster
118:It's almost like learning to meditate to learn to hear what your kid is actually saying. ~ Anne Lamott
119:My process of preparing for any type of psychic work is to meditate and pray the rosary. ~ John Edward
120:You don't have to believe anything, adopt a dogma in order to learn how to meditate. ~ Sharon Salzberg
121:Almost all the people who lived in Atlantis meditated and had powerful psychic skills. ~ Frederick Lenz
122:I am no longer taking part in the intentional, premeditated murder of innocent beings. ~ Gary Yourofsky
123:I meditate whenever I can. I can be in the back seat of a car or in between appointments. ~ Donna Karan
124:Knowing that anger makes me ugly, I smile instead. I return to myself and meditate on love. ~ Nhat Hanh
125:People who meditate deeply find wonderful things happening in their life all the time. ~ Frederick Lenz
126:To ponder is not to brood or grieve or even meditate. It is to wonder at a deep level. ~ Robert Fulghum
127:Want to be a better leader? Meditate in the morning and prepare yourself for the day ahead. ~ Joe Sacco
128:"Having meditated on love and compassion, I forgot the difference between myself and others." ~ Milarepa
129:There are many ways to meditate. When you meditate, you are learning how to feel again. ~ Frederick Lenz
130:God wants His Word to be a delight to us, so much so that we meditate on it day and night. ~ Francis Chan
131:If we want to save the world, we must have a plan. But no plan will work unless we meditate. ~ Dalai Lama
132:When I meditate in the morning, it really changes my day and my relationship with my day. ~ Lauren Bowles
133:If you don't know how to meditate at least try to spend some time every day just sitting. ~ Billy Connolly
134:Honor your self. Worship your self. Meditate on your self. God dwells within you as you. ~ Swami Muktananda
135:Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate. ~ Sivananda
136:The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. ~ Confucius
137:When you meditate you discover over and over again that you are not a prisoner of your mind. ~ Andrew Cohen
138:I meditate
So that I can inundate
My entire being
With the omnipotent power of peace. ~ Sri Chinmoy
139:Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you. ~ Amit Ray
140:My Sikh-inspired spiritual strength is melting away and my brain is too fried to meditate. ~ Sarah Macdonald
141:I don't think most people know how to meditate - they fall asleep and they call it meditation. ~ Caroline Myss
142:We must meditate, brothers. These grapes will yield no wine till we tread upon them. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
143:I have to meditate before I go to bed, always. I have to let the day go and let the eternal in. ~ Bellamy Young
144:The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime. ~ Sogyal Rinpoche
145:There is nothing unpremeditated, nothing neglected by God. His unsleeping eye beholds all things. ~ Saint Basil
146:All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. ~ Henry Miller
147:Anyone who meditates for a period of time will gradually become more sensitized to all of life. ~ Frederick Lenz
148:I like green or brown eyes. Tall but not overwhelmingly so. I like men who do yoga and meditate. ~ Kristin Davis
149:Mediation - Before you learn how to meditate, you must unlearn what you think meditation might be. ~ Idries Shah
150:Meditate. Breathe consciously. Listen. Pay attention. Treasure every moment. Make the connection. ~ Oprah Winfrey
151:Meditation - Before you learn how to meditate, you must unlearn what you think meditation might be. ~ Idries Shah
152:"You say that you are too busy to meditate. Do you have time to breathe? Meditation is your breath." ~ Ajahn Chah
153:I closed my eyes to meditate, but realized that I was always meditating now, with my eyes wide open. ~ Dan Millman
154:It’s a release to know that in spite of everything a premeditated act of courage is still possible. ~ Henrik Ibsen
155:Meditate, Ānanda, do not delay, or else you will regret it later. This is our instruction to you. ~ Gautama Buddha
156:Meditation is witnessing. To meditate means to become a witness. Meditation is not a technique at all! This ~ Osho
157:Once, as a Jedi, he had meditated to find peace. Now he meditated to sharpen the edges of his anger. ~ Paul S Kemp
158:We must meditate on what God has done in our life instead of what we are still waiting on Him to do. ~ Joyce Meyer
159:All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience ~ Henry Miller
160:If you want to control others you will not be able to meditate. About that one point, be absolutely certain. ~ Osho
161:The most important principle to understand about meditation is this: we meditate to know ourselves. ~ Sally Kempton
162:When we pray and meditate sincerely and soulfully, we receive an open-hearted invitation from heaven. ~ Sri Chinmoy
163:All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience. ~ Henry Miller
164:A person trying to meditate is doing something that's impossible since meditation is not an action. ~ Frederick Lenz
165:On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. PSALM 145:5 ~ Paul David Tripp
166:If you meditate you will change in ways that I cannot understand. But that is neither here nor there. ~ Frederick Lenz
167:Spiritually, I pray and meditate. Emotionally, I challenge myself to be open, honest, and available. ~ Malcolm Goodwin
168:To meditate is to observe yourself, for you are totally responsible for your body, mind, thought. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
169:In Sunday's 10am ET hour, join a timeless #meditation with #SantRajinderSingh ~ #spiritchat…
170:I would as soon put a girl alone into a closet to meditate as give her only the society of her needle. ~ Maria Mitchell
171:On a whitely cloudy day I get sad, almost afraid,
And I begin to meditate about problems I make up. ~ Alberto Caeiro
172:Reading books about enlightenment does not make you enlightened at all. You have to meditate yourself. ~ Frederick Lenz
173:When we meditate on the word of God, it helps renew our minds so we can think good and beneficial things. ~ Joyce Meyer
174:Meditate. Look at the candle flame - or whatever object you have chosen to gaze upon - with intensity. ~ Frederick Lenz
175:Ninja Turtles taught me how to meditate. They got me into martial arts. They helped make me who I am today. ~ Greg Cipes
176:why do we forget what we read in the Bible? Is it just a poor memory? No, it’s a failure to meditate. ~ Donald S Whitney
177:Believe, meditate, see. Be harmless, be blameless. Awake to the law. And from all sorrows free yourself. ~ Gautama Buddha
178:From the moment you are born, you could die. I think as an artist it is important to meditate on that. ~ Marina Abramovic
179:If you meditate you will be able to find new ways to utilize your career and the routines of daily life. ~ Frederick Lenz
180:It is impossible to become the best version of yourself if you do not read, exercise, and meditate. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
181:The more you read the Bible; and the more you meditate on it, the more you will be astonished with it. ~ Charles Spurgeon
182:When we constantly meditate on another's faults, it is because we are neglecting our own unhealed wounds. ~ Bryant McGill
183:The best form of meditation is the sitting meditation. But work is next. Work is a great way to meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
184:There's no wrong way to meditate. And meditation should never be a difficult practice that leads to self criticism. ~ Moby
185:Alcohol make you drunk, man. It don't make you meditate, it just make you drunk. Herb is more a consciousness. ~ Bob Marley
186:Cry within. Meditate within. Dive within. Your inner achievements will far outweigh your outer imperfections. ~ Sri Chinmoy
187:I always delight in overthrowing those kind of schemes, and cheating a person of their premeditated contempt. ~ Jane Austen
188:You may meditate on whatever you like, but I shall meditate on the heart of a lion. That gives strength ~ Swami Vivekananda
189:I just can't sit still and meditate; that doesn't kind of work for me. I don't even know exactly what it means. ~ Al Franken
190:Learn not to judge your meditation. Just meditate, do your best, set a minimum period of time and meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
191:To love is to see the divine in the person beside us, and to meditate is to see the divine within us. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
192:Curran never did anything without a reason he was so controlled, even his one-night stands were premeditated. ~ Ilona Andrews
193:I can only meditate when I am walking, when I stop I cease to think; my mind only works with my legs. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
194:I meditate but not regularly. I wish I did more meditation. It's always my New Year's resolution to do more. ~ Natalie Dormer
195:It is easy to meditate on an Incarnation --- God born as man. Yes, God in man. The body is a mere covering. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
196:If you ask why we meditate, I would say it's so we can become more flexible and tolerant to the present moment. ~ Pema Chodron
197:Keeping quiet means being without any techniques, effort or intention to meditate... not following the thought stream. ~ Mooji
198:No book in the world deserves to be so unceasingly studied, and so profoundly meditated upon as the Bible. ~ John Quincy Adams
199:The Enlightened One, if he had meditated on it, would not necessarily have rejected a technical solution. ~ Michel Houellebecq
200:You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes, unless you're too busy, then you should sit and meditate or an hour. ~ Zen proverb
201:If somebody pisses me off and I understand it ain't personal then I'll go to another place and I'll meditate. ~ Martin Lawrence
202:I play basketball on Sundays and I'm a very spiritual guy; I read a lot of Eastern philosophy and I meditate. ~ Garry Shandling
203:Meditate. A few minutes of deep meditation will connect you with the ocean of intuition deep within you. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
204:"The person next to me meditates better than I do. They're purer." - This is the ego feeling sorry for itself. ~ Frederick Lenz
205:You don't have to do anything to meditate. That's what makes it so difficult. Everybody wants to do something. ~ Frederick Lenz
206:But his desire is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.
   ~ Anonymous, The Bible, Psalms 1:2, [T2],
207:It is necessary to meditate early, and often, on the art of dying to succeed later in doing it properly just once. ~ Umberto Eco
208:It seems important to find ways of reminding ourselves that most "familiarity" is meditated and delusive. ~ David Foster Wallace
209:Meditate outdoors. The dark trees at night are not really the dark trees at night, it's only the golden eternity. ~ Jack Kerouac
210:Some people meditate because they need more energy and when you meditate you get a tremendous amount of energy. ~ Frederick Lenz
211:The ability to meditate successfully is a very unique skill that will help you better weather the storms of life. ~ Tim McCarthy
212:I mean it's very hard to meditate and live a spiritual life in America. People think you're a freak if you try to. ~ J D Salinger
213:Our emotions can be either corrupted or elevated. Human love was not created to be without premeditated purpose. ~ Manis Friedman
214:But meditate now on steadfastness and clarity, and let those be the wings that lift and soar through the celestial spheres. ~ Rumi
215:If you set out to meditate, it will not be meditation. If you set out to be good, goodness will never flower. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
216:I like my use of light to be openly situational in the sense that there is no invitation to meditate, to contemplate. ~ Dan Flavin
217:"Please do not think we must be solemn in order to meditate. In fact, to meditate well, we have to smile a lot." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
218:To begin to meditate is to look into our lives with interest in kindness and discover how to be wakeful and free. ~ Jack Kornfield
219:When you start to meditate, if you stick with it, you will see tremendous changes in your life and state of mind. ~ Frederick Lenz
220:Blessed, blessed is the True Guru, the Immaculate, Almighty Lord God, meeting Him, I meditate on the Name of the Lord. ~ Guru Nanak
221:I try to meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. I put my phone on silent, sit in quiet and try and find my center. ~ A J McLean
222:Meditate every day, as your mind is yet immature. Constant meditation will make the mind one-pointed. ~ Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
223:Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine. ~ Gautama Buddha
224:Meditation helps concentration of the mind. Then the mind is free from thoughts and is in the meditated form. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
225:One must constantly meditate upon the absurdities of chance, a subject even more edifying than the subject of death. ~ Iris Murdoch
226:Only the one who meditates on the heart can remain aware when the mind ceases to be active and remains still. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
227:The seeker is advised to meditate upon his own Self because that flame which is throbbing as I-I is the Self. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
228:to know how to meditate on and delight in the Bible is the secret to a relationship with God and to life itself. ~ Timothy J Keller
229:We are what we think about and meditate on. Look around people! America is a buffet of violence; a total immersion. ~ Bryant McGill
230:Meditation requires an object to meditate on, whereas in Self-enquiry there is only the subject and no object. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
231:We shall not benefit from reading the Old Testament unless we look for and meditate on the glory of Christ in its pages. ~ John Owen
232:"Remember you don't meditate to get anything, but to get rid of things. We do it, not with desire, but with letting go." ~ Ajahn Chah
233:To meditate is to labour; to think is to act. Folded arms work, closed hands perform, a gaze fixed on heaven is a toil. ~ Victor Hugo
234:When someone asked Maharaj-ji how to meditate, he said, “Meditate the way Christ meditated. . . . He lost himself in love. ~ Ram Dass
235:Ever since history has been written, ever since philosophy has meditated, misery has been the garment of the human race. ~ Victor Hugo
236:So to know how to meditate on and delight in the Bible is the secret to a relationship with God and to life itself. ~ Timothy J Keller
237:Dance while you are alive. Breathe blissfully while you are alive. Sing while you are alive. Love, meditate while you are alive. ~ Osho
238:How should I meditate?

   Fix your mind on the aspiration and dismiss everything else.
   ~ The Mother, More Answers From The Mother,
239:I always try to practice what I preach. I meditate for fifteen minutes every day and do yoga several times a week. ~ Arianna Huffington
240:I meditate each day. Going within alleviates tension and stress, and allows me to hear what the Universe wants me to know. ~ Louise Hay
241:Sunday at 10amET ~ a wonderful event for #GuruPurnima today ~ do join if you are available 🙏🏽😇💜 #SpiritChat…
242:The more you meditate, the more helpful you can be to others, and the more deeply you will be in tune with God. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
243:"To meditate is to be able to stop and listen to the music of life with a sense of reverence, connectedness, and awe." ~ Jack Kornfield
244:when you think, and meditate, and pray, do you find in it a sweet, and tender, and all-satisfying happiness? ~ Charles Grandison Finney
245:As you meditate, you'll develop a sense of humor so that you can laugh at yourself, which you need to do in this world. ~ Frederick Lenz
246:Comprehension, in short, means the unpremeditated, attentive facing up to, and resisting of, reality—whatever it may be. ~ Hannah Arendt
247:It's certainly easy to meditate on top of a mountain, but one should be also able to meditate in the heart of the city. ~ Frederick Lenz
248:When we meditate with love we go very, very high , above thought, above form. Your love will cause you to have a union. ~ Frederick Lenz
249:As you meditate, you will discover, pleasantly, that you too can see beyond this life, that you can see your eternality. ~ Frederick Lenz
250:Do not spend your energy in talking but meditate in silence; and do not let the rush of the outside world disturb you ~ Swami Vivekananda
251:How about making a personal commitment never to go to sleep without having meditated that day, even if for just one minute? ~ Rick Hanson
252:If one meditates keenly on the state that prevails at the end of waking and just before sleep, one attains unending happiness. ~ Maharshi
253:Meditate on the Eternal either in an unknown nook or in the solitude of the forests or in the solitude of thy own mind. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
254:Take refuge in God. Meditate on Him. There is no use in giving up God and feeling depressed from thinking about others. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
255:Think about and meditate on things you are thankful for. More importantly, think about people you are thankful for and why. ~ Kevin Leman
256:thoughts.” Say it often, meditate on it, and as you hold to that intention, by the law of attraction you must become that. ~ Rhonda Byrne
257:When you meditate your body shouldn't move. Some people get into this kundalini sway business. Your body shouldn't move. ~ Frederick Lenz
258:Do not spend your energy in talking but meditate in silence; and do not let the rush of the outside world disturb you. ~ Swami Vivekananda
259:I, of course, meditate for two hours every morning. It's part of my schedule; I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and I love it. ~ Deepak Chopra
260:Meditate on the Eternal either in an unknown nook or in the solitude of the forests or in the solitude of thy own mind. ~ Sri Ramakrishna,
261:There are essentially three stages in learning how to meditate. In the beginning you are simply trying to ignore thought. ~ Frederick Lenz
262:The third one is culturing the mind. One who has never meditated has no right to even touch the book of Ashtavakra. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
263:I had to survive a lot. I didn't premeditate my life. Life just happened as it did. And I had to figure it out as I went along. ~ Michel le
264:Meditate on these things, and the truth will change your identity. It will convince you of your real, inestimable value. ~ Timothy J Keller
265:The life of action need not be renounced. If you meditate for an hour or two everyday, you can then carry on with your duties. ~ Sri Ramana
266:Want to enjoy an restful day? Wake up, turn your phone on, meditate, look at the sky—then toss your phone into the bushes. ~ Waylon H Lewis
267:We must meditate on what brings happiness, since when it has, it has everything, and when he misses, we do everything to have it ~ Epicurus
268:People who meditate and have a good spiritual practice, their immune systems are stronger. Generally, they are happier and healthier. ~ Moby
269:So often these days eating Indian food passes for spirituality. I don't meditate, I don't pray, but I eat two samosa's every day. ~ Dan Bern
270:The gulf between their world and hers had manifested itself, however much they'd meditated on how to ball her, and remained. ~ Philip K Dick
271:The key to all enlightenment is to have personal experiences in the world of light. All you need to do that is to meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
272:There is no greater method for experiencing peace of mind and happiness than to understand and meditate on Emptiness. ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
273:Usually I do a practice in the morning first and then meditate. I'm fortunate that I can do it in a car, in a bus, in a plane. ~ Donna Karan
274:`Who am I to meditate on an object ?' Such a one must be told to find the Self. That is the finality. That is vichara. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
275:Each time you meditate, you create a stronger connection with the world of inner light and happiness that exists within you. ~ Frederick Lenz
276:To become wise, meditate on the third eye, between the eyebrows and a little bit above. Focus on that spot, the Agni chakra. ~ Frederick Lenz
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278:I meditate and put on a rubber tire with three bottles of beer. Most of the time I just sit picking my nose and thinking. ~ James Gould Cozzens
279:I meditate on God's life and I read the scriptures. I read something about Him, go through it and spend a lot of time by myself. ~ Jim Caviezel
280:Selfliss giving rounds the edges in spiritual practice. Many people can meditate very well but they're still very egotistical. ~ Frederick Lenz
281:You need to return to the truth of God's Word that will last forever, not meditate on circumstance that will fade and change. ~ Christine Caine
282:In my imagination, the Editor meditated in a mountain-cave, espoused the rules of grammar, and frowned upon speculative fiction. ~ Josh Malerman
283:Unpremeditated music is the true gauge which measures the current of our thoughts; the very undertow of our life's stream. ~ Henry David Thoreau
284:We may experience a realization of our true Self the first time we meditate, but most often the process of awakening is gradual. ~ Deepak Chopra
285:Meditate on enlightenment. Read the exploits of the great teachers, the great saints. They'll inspire you. Their power is there. ~ Frederick Lenz
286:All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. ~ Aristotle
287:Don't indulge in careless behaviour. Don't be the friend of sensual pleasures. He who meditates attentively attains abundant joy. ~ Gautama Buddha
288:Happy am I, for every time I meditate on governments, I always find new reasons in my inquiries for loving my own country. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
289:I meditated on my childhood, vague and distant before high school, where Laura still flickered only on the edge of things. ~ Hannah Lillith Assadi
290:It is not he that reads most, but he that meditates most on Divine truth, that will prove the choicest, wisest, strongest Christian. ~ Joseph Hall
Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out
from behind the clouds!
Shine ~ Gautama Buddha
292:Meditating everyday is essential. If you meditate every day and learn to control and stop your thoughts, you will become psychic. ~ Frederick Lenz
293:When you meditate, you are shifting your state of mind to a higher vibratory level that will give you a much more expansive view. ~ Frederick Lenz
294:CHANGE 1: MEDITATE THE CHANGE: Find a quiet place and sit for 2 minutes, focusing on your breathing. is is a simple form of meditation. ~ Anonymous
295:For me, if I get up and don't meditate and don't eat something before having caffeine, I go from 0 to 10 on the stress scale. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein
296:In fact, my New Year's resolution every year, and I'm Jewish so I get two New Years a year, is to meditate, and I fail every time. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
297:I try to meditate every morning. It relaxes me, clears my mind, and sets my day off on the right foot before things get too manic. ~ Elle Macpherson
298:There is a spirit that guides us, if we will listen. It speaks softly. In order to hear it we must still our thoughts and meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
299:All who have meditated upon the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depend upon the education of youth. ~ Aristotle
300:As a monk you have a responsibility to meditate many hours a day. Not just to sit there but to think of the ten thousand radiances. ~ Frederick Lenz
301:If you meditate on your ideal, you will acquire its nature. If you think of God day and night, you will acquire the nature of God. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
302:Sometimes people start to meditate and they get a headache. It's because they're trying too hard. You're pulling in too much energy. ~ Frederick Lenz
303:To meditate, only you must smile. Smile with face, smile with mind, and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
304:When a lot of people meditate what they do is they're thinking about other people. This is a terrible mistake. If you do this, stop! ~ Frederick Lenz
305:whenever you have trouble bringing yourself to meditate, you can recall all the benefits that will come if you keep practicing. ~ Culadasa John Yates
306:I will meditate on Your precepts and think about Your ways. I will delight in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word. Psalm 119:15–16 ~ Beth Moore
307:When you meditate properly you are able to take your mind and merge it with the cosmos. Essentially, this causes your IQ to increase. ~ Frederick Lenz
308:I meditated before I hosted the Oscars, I meditate before I go on stage, I meditate in the morning and lunchtime when I'm on a film set. ~ Hugh Jackman
309:Some people meditate because they want to get the larger picture on life. It could get kind of discouraging if this was all there was. ~ Frederick Lenz
310:The Lord speaks to us through the Scriptures and in our prayer. Let us learn to keep silence before him, as we meditate upon the Gospel. ~ Pope Francis
311:To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body and mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life. ~ Nhat Hanh
312:Meditation is the ultimate selfless act, because when you meditate you are sacrificing your puny personality for the universal reality. ~ Frederick Lenz
313:Most people think that to meditate, I should feel a particular special something, and if I don't, then I must be doing something wrong. ~ Jon Kabat Zinn
314:You don't need a special place to meditate. You can transcend anywhere in the world. The unified field is here, and there, and everywhere. ~ David Lynch
315:Fear is very often a part of the spiritual path. When people sit down and meditate it's not at all uncommon for fear to arise at some point. ~ Adyashanti
316:Make knowledge of the Scripture your love ... Live with them, meditate on them, make them the sole object of your knowledge and inquiries. ~ Saint Jerome
317:Maybe I’ll just sit here parked for a while, he decided, and alpha meditate or go into various different altered states of consciousness. ~ Philip K Dick
318:Melrose says I should learn to meditate, to mentally place my thoughts of Isaiah on a cloud and blow them away with a gentle exhalation. ~ Winter Renshaw
319:You become someone else when you meditate. It isn't just a little technique. If you really pursue it, you change radically - you evolve. ~ Frederick Lenz
320:Alone let him constantly meditate in solitude on that which is salutary for his soul, for he who meditates in solitude attains supreme bliss. ~ Guru Nanak
321:But meditation is a life’s work. You cease to sit and meditate in this life when the last breath runs out of your body on your deathbed. ~ Ch gyam Trungpa
322:For, as I think I have said, I can only meditate when I am walking. When I stop I cease to think; my mind only works with my legs. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
323:How do you become enlightened? Have fun, meditate, don't take yourself too seriously, brush between incarnations and have a good teacher. ~ Frederick Lenz
324:If they would teach us from the time we're little to meditate and get in touch with all that our souls know, we wouldn't fight so much. ~ Shirley MacLaine
325:If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down. ~ Ajahn Amaro
326:If you meditate, you can experience the other worlds, the far-flung eternities and dimensions - and you are not stuck in any one of them. ~ Frederick Lenz
327:If you seek the realms of light, the best thing to do is to meditate with love and the gentle aliveness. Meditation should not be forced. ~ Frederick Lenz
328:If you take an hour out of your day to meditate, you will progress ten-fold. By staying mentally focused, you can let your worries go. ~ Shannon Elizabeth
329:One does not practice meditation to become a great meditator. We meditate to wake up and live, to become skilled at the art of living. ~ Elizabeth Lesser
330:Vitamin E, get much sleep, drink much water, travel to a place far away...meditate and teach your heart that this is destiny.” - Wayan ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
331:I would recommend, initially, if you are trying to increase your personal power level, to meditate on the navel center, not the lower two. ~ Frederick Lenz
332:Our lives are full of stress. Some meditate, some walk, some sing and dance. Nature offers us garlic, maitake and hibiscus to relieve stress ~ Gunter Pauli
333:Pilgrimages are journeys to places of power. People sometimes make pilgrimages to the caves where Milarepa or other great yogis meditated. ~ Frederick Lenz
334:I am a liberated teacher. A person who meditates with me, even though they may be thousands of miles away, will draw that light into them. ~ Frederick Lenz
335:I don't think anyone knows why they meditate. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure that we do meditate. All we know is that we don't know. ~ Frederick Lenz
336:Meditating is not a matter of saying i am going to meditate. It is, just for a moment retreating from the need to do anything and instead just be. ~ Gangaji
337:My goodness, there's nothing that feels better than to meditate, than to get quiet, and then to be at peace, and to tell someone you love them. ~ Wayne Dyer
338:Perhaps what those who meditate today are seeking is a state that our ancestors would have considered their birthright, a nightly occurrence. ~ Clark Strand
339:The way to meditate is by not trying to be too good at it too quickly. This is essential, because otherwise you won't have any fun with it. ~ Frederick Lenz
340:Deliberate attempt to meditate is not meditation. It must happen. […] Only be aware of what you are thinking and doing and nothing else. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
341:"If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down." ~ Ajahn Amaro
342:To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body and mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
343:Whenever you meditate, there are glimpses. Then the mind comes in and says, 'Be happy! Look, I have done it.' And immediately the contact is lost. ~ Rajneesh
344:I am the master of my thoughts.” Say it often, meditate on it, and as you hold to that intention, by the law of attraction you must become that ~ Rhonda Byrne
345:If you meditate on your ideal, you will acquire its nature. If you think of God day and night, you will acquire the nature of God. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, #index,
346:It is much easier for a woman to meditate than it is for men, innately. Their subtle physical bodies pick up the kundalini much more quickly. ~ Frederick Lenz
347:Receive no satisfaction for premeditated impertinence - forget it, forgive it - but keep him inexorably at a distance who of∣fered it. ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater
348:When you meditate you are accessing eternity. You are plugging yourself into that source which is all light and all beauty and all perfection. ~ Frederick Lenz
349:By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This is to me is a miracle. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
350:Let your intellect be exercised concerning the Lord Jesus. Meditate upon what you read: stop not at the surface; dive into the depths. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
351:Meditation needs no results. Meditation can have itself as an end, I meditate without words and on nothingness. What tangles my life is writing. ~ Helene Cixous
352:Meditation needs no results. Meditation can have itself as an end, I meditate without words and on nothingness. What tangles my life is writing. ~ H l ne Cixous
353:The Lord will bless His people with strengthened faith when they seek to know and trust God’s promises, so let us memorize and meditate on His Word. ~ Anonymous
354:The pain involved in a premeditated broken heart would easily compare with a case of assault, and yet no court of law would recognize it as a crime. ~ Anonymous
355:There is no passion in nature so demoniacally impatient, as that of him who, shuddering upon the edge of a precipice, thus meditates a Plunge. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
356:When we meditate every morning we are putting on armor for the day's battle against our own impatience, inadequacy, resentment, and hostility. ~ Eknath Easwaran
357:When you meditate, you take charge of your life. You bring your conscious awareness to a new high point, where the vista is beyond any horizon. ~ Frederick Lenz
358:You can't throw your ego away, but you can use its innate desire to experience that which is beyond itself to give you the impetus to meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
359:Everywhere I go, I still have time to meditate. People think meditating is sitting there, nobody bothering you, but you can even talk and still meditate ~ Jet Li
360:I meditate. I do transcendental meditation and I have been doing that for a long time and that does just clear the mind. I am not religious at all. ~ Naomi Watts
361:It is impossible to meditate on time and the mystery of nature without an overwhelming emotion at the limitations of human intelligence. ~ Alfred North Whitehead
362:It is to this unconscious that all those who do creative work must turn. All new ideas and combinations of ideas are premeditated by the unconscious. ~ Carl Jung
363:Strive at first to meditate Upon the sameness of yourself and others. In joy and sorrow all are equal. Thus be guardian of all, as of yourself. We ~ Pema Ch dr n
364:When you meditate deeply, you will see beyond life and death. You will see that you can't die and you can't be reborn. You are existence itself. ~ Frederick Lenz
365:All that the follower of Jesus has to do is to make sure that his obedience, following and love are entirely spontaneous and unpremeditated. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
366:A man who piously shuts himself up to meditate upon the sin of wickedness and to keep it fresh in his mind joins a brotherhood of awful examples. ~ Ambrose Bierce
367:For a spiritual journey, you don’t have to meditate or visit a temple or listen to a guru! Just live a misty morning while the sun is rising! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
368:If you meditate with a teacher who is enlightened, you can ride with them into stages of mind that are perhaps not available to you at this time. ~ Frederick Lenz
369:I meditate, I do yoga and I have a lot of friends who are healers.....And if none of that works, I go by a chocolate bar and a bottle of cognac. ~ Susan Strasberg
370:I observe that more evolved souls are now reincarnating as women. Women find it easier to meditate and easier to develop their psychic abilities. ~ Frederick Lenz
371:I try not to be judgmental. I meditate twice a day. I get some sort of physical exercise. I infuse my life with love. I love what I do, the job. ~ Jonathan Tucker
372:When you meditate make sure you stay awake. If you are falling asleep get up and splash some water on yourself or sleep until you are refreshed. ~ Frederick Lenz meditate and you got the candles, you got the incense and you've been chanting, and all of a sudden you hear this voice: 'Write this down' ~ Carlos Santana
374:At his feet something to cultivate and gather; above his head something to study and meditate on; a few flowers on earth and all the stars in heaven. ~ Victor Hugo
375:If meditate on the third eye and have headaches it means you are trying to pull in too much power from the occult chakra. The danger is obsession. ~ Frederick Lenz
376:If you want to follow the path of love, it's a good idea to meditate on the heart chakra everyday. The heart chakra is in the center of the chest. ~ Frederick Lenz
377:The person in the business suit who works on Wall Street, who does their work perfectly, is probably evolving a lot faster, if they also meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
378:When you have time, you can meditate on her with the thinking attitude that She is with you, She is sitting in front of you.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Mother India, [T1],
379:A study funded by the National Institutes of Health showed a 23 percent decrease in mortality in people who meditated versus those who did not, ~ Arianna Huffington
380:Meditation is the way the mind is. That's why in Zen they call it the natural state, which means you don't have to go and do anything to meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
381:I pray. Prayer is a time to connect with the divine, but also time, I'm sure, to concentrate one's thoughts, to meditate, and to imagine what might be. ~ Mitt Romney
382:Taking the time to meditate is as important as taking the time to breathe. One pumps oxygen into the body, the other pumps peace into the mind. ~ Marianne Williamson
383:To meditate on Scripture is to allow the truth of God's Word to move from head to heart. It is to so dwell upon a truth that it becomes part of our being. ~ Greg Oden
384:We ought not to criticize, explain, or judge the Scriptures by our mere reason, but diligently, with prayer, meditate thereon, and seek their meaning. ~ Martin Luther
385:Be concerned with the welfare of others without any sense of self-importance that one is better because one meditates or leads a certain type of life. ~ Frederick Lenz
386:Each day when you meditate, you should devote the first few minutes of your meditation to concentration. This will develop the power of the intellect. ~ Frederick Lenz
387:The author himself is the best judge of his own performance; none has so deeply meditated on the subject; none is so sincerely interested in the event. ~ Edward Gibbon
388:The person healed has an obligation to then ask why— to meditate on God's will, and the extraordinary lengths to which God has gone to realize His will. ~ Stephen King
389:We need to meditate on what is peaceful. Once we have 'filled up' in this way, we once again have an abundance of love to send out into the world. ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen
390:We practice so that each moment of our life becomes real life. And, therefore, when we meditate, we sit for sitting; we don't sit for something else. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
391:When you meditate you can stand back from your desire. When you silence the mind and there is stillness, only then can you tell if a desire is dharma. ~ Frederick Lenz
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393:The erosion of character usually begins with neglect: we stop reading the Word, or worshiping with God’s people, or taking time to meditate and pray. ~ Warren W Wiersbe
394:To meditate, only you must smile. Smile with face, smile with mind, and good energy will come and clean away dirty energy. Even smile in your liver. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
395:I'd like to learn to meditate with more enthusiasm. I can sit down and get quiet for 20 minutes, but it just has not been a part of my Christianity at all. ~ Anne Lamott
396:In order to master the unruly torrent of life the learned man meditates, the poet quivers, and the political hero erects the fortress of his will. ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset
397:Some people meditate because they are sick and tired of their life, of the world, of the way people abuse each other and abrogate each other's freedoms. ~ Frederick Lenz
398:Stay true to yourself. Let your voice ring out, and don’t let anybody fiddle with it. Never turn down a good idea, but never take a bad idea. And meditate. ~ David Lynch
399:This is a world of unhappy beings. They don't understand how simple it is to be happy. You just have to practice meditation. To meditate is to be happy. ~ Frederick Lenz
400:"We don't take sufficient time to meditate." I get up early in the morning...five o'clock, when my mind and spirit are clear and rested. Then I meditate. ~ David O McKay
401:You remember, you are drawn back to the pathway to enlightenment, to meditation, and when you begin to meditate your past life knowledge returns to you. ~ Frederick Lenz
402:Don't worry about techniques. Don't worry about chakras. Instead, concern yourself with finding the dharma and meditate. Then the kundalini will release. ~ Frederick Lenz
403:How do you deal with meditating when you stop breathing? The trick is to meditate just a little higher and you won't even know that you're not breathing. ~ Frederick Lenz
404:Remember you dont meditate to get anything, but to get rid of things. We do it, not with desire, but with letting go. If you want anything, you wont find it. ~ Ajahn Chah
405:When you meditate, you focus to clear the mind and to bring the willpower together. But then, toward the end of the session let go, just become eternity. ~ Frederick Lenz
406:After his great awakening, the Buddha continued to meditate and to devote himself to others; otherwise his vision would have receded into a pleasant memory. ~ Huston Smith
407:Almost anyone can see the golden light in an enlightened master's aura when the master meditates, unless, of course, the person is blocked up psychically. ~ Frederick Lenz
408:The light of a lamp does not flicker in a windless place”: that is the simile which describes a yogi of one-pointed mind, who meditates upon the Atman. ~ Swami Vivekananda
409:To meditate is to discover new possibilities, to awaken the capacities of us has to live more wisely, more lovingly, more compassionately, and more fully. ~ Jack Kornfield
410:When you meditate and still your mind, you will gain the wisdom of knowing things in this world, in other worlds and beyond worlds - it just comes to you. ~ Frederick Lenz
411:Honor your own Self. Meditate on your own Self. Worship your own Self. Kneel to your own Self. Understand your own Self. Your God dwells within you as you. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
412:I usually meditate and I call my spirit allies - anyone in the spirit world that I've got connections with. Even in the spirit world you need connections! ~ Sandra Cisneros
413:Meditate and contemplate on the Master and think of the various incidents of His life. By meditating on Him, one gets all the spiritual moods. ~ Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi
414:There's not really a whole lot you could say about liberation. The closest experience you can have of it is to come meditate with someone who is liberated. ~ Frederick Lenz
415:To meditate with humility, consider existence. It is infinite. You are finite. You are a finite portion of infinite existence. Let this be your meditation. ~ Frederick Lenz
416:You only find your Teacher once in many lifetimes. Never be afraid to see them and meditate with them. Your Teacher always understands and always forgives. ~ Frederick Lenz
417:Being on the path means we again meditate with joy. We deal with the suffering of life and the pain of existence without perfect enlightenment with a smile. ~ Frederick Lenz
418:Every time you sit down to meditate, you have to sit down with a resolve to win. You are going to sit there and will your mind to be happy, quiet and still. ~ Frederick Lenz
419:...I meditated on the passage of time, and how it may be found in both a dry and a wet or gaseous state; how, though lush, it might be dessicated for storage. ~ M T Anderson
420:One of the many advantages of being a loner is that often there's time to think, ponder, brood, meditate deeply, and figure things out to one's satisfaction. ~ Andrea Seigel
421:To become balanced, meditate on the heart center in the center of the chest. There you will experience happiness, refinement, sensitivity, beauty, laughter. ~ Frederick Lenz
422:As my meditative experiences grew, I had wonderful relationships. I met the most wonderful women, who meditated and shared certain understandings that I had. ~ Frederick Lenz
423:If you meditate in perfect peace and then flash someone an irritable look because they make noise or their child cries, you are entirely missing the point. ~ Khandro Rinpoche
424:Let us take a little time to meditate, to think of what we can do to improve our lives and to become better examples of what a Latter-day Saint should be. ~ Gordon B Hinckley
425:So if my ability to meditate was what was going to save the world, or at least save Portland, then I was pretty sure we should all think about moving to Seattle. ~ Devon Monk
426:Well, I was passionately curious about what my body was doing, and when I got the lessons on how to meditate, it seemed really solid to me. It seemed real. ~ Mariel Hemingway
427:When we meditate and we are able to stop thought, we get a sense of being beyond the body. Our consciousness expands and we see ourselves as beings of light. ~ Frederick Lenz
428:Dishrags have faces
Flashlights have hate
Pine trees are sweetest
To sit and meditate
The Holy Virgin of Heaven
Saw us in the rainy first morning ~ Jack Kerouac
429:I'm not suggesting that everyone should meditate, far from it. Meditation is for very few individuals. I'm speaking of something that is a powerful experience. ~ Frederick Lenz
430:People who are capable of practicing tantra are individuals who have meditated for many, many years and developed very strong and powerful states of attention. ~ Frederick Lenz
431:Anyone who has considerably meditated on man, by profession or vocation, is led to feel nostalgia for the primates. They at least don’t have any ulterior motives. ~ Albert Camus
432:I don't meditate in any formal way, but I often lie in bed or find myself in nature and enter into that state of quiet where I get images, feelings, or melodies. ~ Julian Lennon
433:No matter how much a man may study, reflect and meditate on all the books in the world, he is nothing more than a minor scribe unless he has read the great book. ~ Denis Diderot
434:People who meditate seek good moments forever. They know that there are other worlds beyond this world. They feel it. I experience those worlds when I meditate. ~ Frederick Lenz
435:Tantric Zen, at first, does not appear to have a method. In Tantric Zen, you could meditate on a Brillo box or you could meditate on the clear light of reality. ~ Frederick Lenz
436:We don’t often take time to sit and meditate on what our lives would’ve been like if the mercy of the Redeemer had not been written into our personal stories. ~ Paul David Tripp
437:You can't teach someone to be enlightened. It's something you have to go and do. You can't teach someone to meditate well. It's something you have to go and do. ~ Frederick Lenz
438:I have been attempting to meditate more. Golf is my state of peace, though. The tranquility of a golf course, all of the trees, the oxygen. It puts me right at ease. ~ Mpho Koaho
439:It is really important that you live in a place that has good energy. Where you sleep, where you dream, where you meditate, where you spend a lot of time is key. ~ Frederick Lenz
440:We meditate so that our minds can be sharp and alert. We chant mantras so that your souls may be ignited like candles. We walk in the light of this beauty. ~ Harbhajan Singh Yogi
441:You are down in the valley and the valley is filled with smog. You can't see too well. When we meditate, we are going beyond the smog to the top of the mountain. ~ Frederick Lenz
442:Eschew wicked company and associate with saintly persons. Acquire virtue day and night, and always meditate on that which is eternal forgetting that which is temporary. ~ Chanakya
443:We know that people who consistently meditate have a singular ability to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability, and engage in mindful behavior, ~ Sharon Salzberg
444:Nothing proceeds more directly and more sincerely from the very depth of our soul, than our unpremeditated and boundless aspirations towards the splendors of destiny. ~ Victor Hugo
445:[T]he period between four and six in the morning is called the Brahmamuhurta, the Brahmic time, or divine period, and is a very sacred time to meditate. (140) ~ Swami Satchidananda
446:They had no fear of death, and whoever has no fear of death—the centurion had often meditated on this here in the East—whoever has no fear of death is immortal. ~ Nikos Kazantzakis
447:When I'm gonna sing for people I try to meditate upon his majesty and meditate on what is right and then transmit it to the nation. That is how Rastafari really influence. ~ Sizzla
448:As you meditate, you will find that consciousness itself will move you beyond time and space and condition into a larger, vaster, more beautiful state of awareness. ~ Frederick Lenz
449:I like to sit in my backyard. I go out on the hammock and sit in silence and kind of meditate. Nature is calming, and it's nice to go out there and clear my head. ~ Devon Werkheiser
450:There are billions of people out there walking around and they don't meditate. You can tell. They are not having a good time with their lives. People are not happy. ~ Frederick Lenz
451:There's poetry in the world. Poetry doesn't belong just to the poets. You know, you can look at the most premeditated, cold blooded movie and find poetry in it. ~ Francesco Clemente
452:These are the roots of trees, O monks, these are empty huts. Meditate, monks, do not be negligent, or else you will regret it later. This is our instruction to you. ~ Gautama Buddha
453:In God's vision, no inside or outside exists. Still, in the beginning, Mother is asking all to meditate on Him in the heart, in order to achieve concentration. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
454:In order to look inward at this mind,
Meditate without conceptual labeling.

In order that appearances arise as text,
Be a student of your own mind. ~ Jetsun Milarepa,
455:When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into the deeper part of our being. At that time, we are able to bring to the fore the wealth that we have deep within us. ~ Sri Chinmoy
456:You should always feel, no matter how many times you've meditated before, that this is your first meditation. You have no idea what will happen or what won't happen. ~ Frederick Lenz
457:You think you're enlightened. But as my lama said, when you realize the intrinsic nature of the mind, then you start to meditate. It's not the end, it's the beginning. ~ Tenzin Palmo
458:To keep my head healthy, [I'm] trying to meditate every morning, which is something I'm sort of getting into more, realizing that it's really positive to do every day. ~ Erin Richards
459:When you meditate, go into the solitude of a forest, or a quiet corner, and enter into the chamber of your heart. And always keep your power of discrimination awake. ~ Sri Ramakrishna
460:You are an artist and I happen to be the bit of colour you are using today. It's a part of your cleverness to be able to produce premeditated effects extemporaneously. ~ Edith Wharton
461:As you meditate, you will be able to look at the beauties and horrors of life and accept them with an equal mind. You will love more and be kinder to those around you. ~ Frederick Lenz
462:~ Jalaluddin Rumi: Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so that wildflowers will come up where you are. #poetry #mysticpoetry #humility…
463:Meditate on your own and refine your consciousness. Tighten up your life. Constantly examine your life and look for weak points. You know what's going on in your life. ~ Frederick Lenz
464:There are lifetimes where one goes off into the Himalayas and meditate in a cave. But this is not really one of those lifetimes for most people. Our earth has changed. ~ Frederick Lenz
465:Your spiritual journey and your spiritual welfare are really dependent on two primary factors: One, your ability to meditate and two, your ability to give of yourself. ~ Frederick Lenz
466:As we meditate regularly, we let go of the conditioned beliefs and accumulated physical and mental toxicity that cloud our perception of our essential, unbounded nature. ~ Deepak Chopra
467:Every premeditated murder is always governed by a preparatory ceremonial and is always followed by a propitiatory ceremonial. The meaning of both eludes the murderers mind. ~ Jean Genet
468:If anybody knows me, knows that I'm a workhorse, not just on the floor, but psychologically. I meditate a lot, I like to get massages, do yoga. I like to keep a balance. ~ Kevin Garnett
469:Observe your own emotional states and you will see that the moments of great joy, great ecstasy, are unpremeditated; they happen, mysteriously, darkly, unknowingly. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
470:Sometimes there are people who only meditate with a teacher. They ride the teacher's energy. They don't really learn how to meditate. They learn how to ride the energy. ~ Frederick Lenz
471:The busier and more hectic your life is, the greater the need to meditate. The more you meditate, the calmer and quieter your life is because you’re quieter and calmer. ~ Melody Beattie
472:An unschooled man who knows how to meditate upon the Lord has learned far more than the man with the highest education who does not know how to meditate.” Charles Stanley ~ Glenn Langohr
473:Blessed the one who meditates on death each day and destroys the base passions lurking in the vines of the heart, for he will be consoled in the moment of separation. ~ Saint Ephrem the Syrian
474:I am sharing my faith with my sons. I pray, meditate and read devotionally. But let me be clear: I am a "person of faith" not because I am a saint, but because I am a sinner. ~ Van Jones
475:I go through life as a transient on his way to eternity, made in the image of God but with that image debased, needing to be taught how to meditate, to worship, to think. ~ Donald Coggan
476:Meditation is the one thing I do every day - meditate, pray. I do reading in the morning and try to center myself. I play music every day because that is very centering. ~ Mason Jennings
477:Tantric Zen is all about the practice of zazen meditation. If you meditate well, you'll be in very powerful states of mind and then it really doesn't matter what you do. ~ Frederick Lenz
478:The best meditation I ever had, I haven't had yet. It's in the future, which as anyone knows doesn't exist - anyone who meditates knows. But yet, I will have it someday. ~ Frederick Lenz
479:Honor your own Self.
Meditate on your own Self.
Worship your own Self.
Kneel to your own Self.
Understand your own Self.
Your God dwells within you as you. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
480:It is a very important consideration that we are consecrated and dedicated to God; it means that we may think, speak, meditate, or do anything only with a view to his glory. ~ John Calvin
481:My gut feeling about sequels is that they should be premeditated: You should try to write a trilogy first or at least sketch out a trilogy if you have any faith in your film. ~ Vin Diesel
482:[T]he period between four and six in the morning is called the Brahmamuhurta, the Brahmic time, or divine period, and is a very sacred time to meditate. (140) ~ Swami Satchidananda
483:When you meditate you will be able to get in touch with that part of yourself which knows what it wants, as opposed to the levels and layers of conditioning in your mind. ~ Frederick Lenz
484:Afflictive passion and the veil upon cognition— The cure for their obscurity is emptiness. How then shall they not meditate on this Who wish for swift attainment of omniscience? ~ ntideva
485:He said that while Clemence adored the sacrament, he meditated on how it could be possible that humans had evolved out of apes only to sit gaping at a round white cracker. ~ Louise Erdrich
486:When you are meditating, after you've meditated on the yantra or candle flame, simply try feeling gratitude. Sit and feel grateful to existence because you are meditating. ~ Frederick Lenz
487:You don't have to meditate. You don't have to practice self-discovery and Buddhism. You should only practice self-discovery if you really have had it with the human world. ~ Frederick Lenz
488:A medium or psychic once told me to think of my mom sending bright, positive beams of light down over me whenever I needed positive energy to calm my nerves or to meditate. ~ Chelsea Handler
489:Live with compassion. Work with compassion. Die with compassion. Meditate with compassion. Enjoy with compassion. When problems come, experience them with compassion. ~ Thubten Zopa Rinpoche
490:Sir 6:37 Let thy thoughts be upon the precepts of God, and meditate continually on his commandments: and he will give thee a heart, and the desire of wisdom shall be given to thee. ~ Various
491:The Buddha would never speak about enlightenment. The way he taught people about enlightenment was they meditated with him. He exposed them to countless views of the nagual. ~ Frederick Lenz
492:Meditate upon all the perfect light within your own mind! Do this repeatedly and the radiant Bodhisattvas of Wisdom and Laughter will visit you and change your karma forever! ~ Frederick Lenz
493:To those of you who would classify yourselves as conservatives I would say, meditate long and hard on Jesus' saying "Whatever you do to the least of these you have done to me". ~ Peter Kreeft
494:Try to find a teacher of meditation and meditate at least once a week in a group with people who meditate a little better than you do. It will inspire you to keep meditating. ~ Frederick Lenz
495:We have the ability to make the connection, make the time to pray and meditate. We have to find our inner voice that will guide us. But we can only find it if we get quiet. ~ David LaChapelle
496:8pm: Take a shower or a bath 8:30pm: Meditate 9pm: Diary three things I’m grateful for, and one positive experience I had during the day1 9:15–9:30pm: Read in bed, then go to sleep ~ Anonymous
497:Before embarking on important undertakings sit quietly calm your senses and thoughts and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
498:Bruce ate a mouthful of eggs and meditated. 'I wonder how many of the great heroes of history would turn out to be a slow runner, if you ever investigated the circumstances. ~ Barbara Michaels
499:Harmony with nature will bring you a happiness known to few city dwellers. In the company of other truth seekers it will be easier for you to meditate and think of God. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
500:Meditate. Inspire others. Spend time by yourself. Manage your career properly. Work at something constructive, that doesn't injure others, and put your full attention into it. ~ Frederick Lenz


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00.01 - The Mother on Savitri, #Sweet Mother - Harmonies of Light, #unset, #Kabbalah
  Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For him who wishes to follow this path, it is a concrete help as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds its solution herein; indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga.

0.02 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Mr. Z: Does Sri Aurobindo give talks?
  Sadhak: No, we meditate with Mother.
  Mr. Z: On what do you meditate?
  Sadhak: Each one on his own aspiration, and

0.06 - INTRODUCTION, #Dark Night of the Soul, #Saint John of the Cross, #Christianity
  when God draws them forth from the state of beginnerswhich is the
  state of those that meditate on the spiritual road and begins to set them in
  the state of progressiveswhich is that of those who are already

0.06 - Letters to a Young Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  What will be the result if I meditate on the thought that
  there is no difference between a certain thing, no matter

0.08 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Sweet Mother,
  What should one try to do when one meditates with
  your music at the Playground?

0.09 - Letters to a Young Teacher, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  You have said that to be allowed to sit in Sri
  Aurobindo’s room and meditate there, “one must have
  done much for Him”.5 What do You mean by that,

01.05 - The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Spirits Freedom and Greatness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    And soul fulfils its thoughts by its own power,
    She meditates upon mighty words and looks
    On the unseen links that join the parted spheres.

01.06 - Vivekananda, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   "The dwelling-place of the Jivatman, this body, is a veritable means of work, and he who converts this into an infernal den is guilty, and he who neglects it is also to blame."
   "No work is petty ... He who can properly prepare a chilam (pipe of tobacco) can also properly meditate."
   These are luminous life-giving mantras and the world and humanity of today, sore distressed and utterly confounded, have great need of them to live them by and be saved.

0.10 - Letters to a Young Captain, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  What is the difference between meditating here in
  my room and going to meditate at the Playground with
  everyone else?
  Is it better to meditate there or here in my room?
   meditate where you meditate best — that is to say, wherever you
  are most silent and calm.
  Sweet Mother,
  I sit down every day to meditate, but I am afraid
  that this ten minutes’ meditation has become merely mechanical. I want a dynamic meditation, but how to have
  repeat words like “Silence” and “Peace” in order to establish silence and peace in oneself when one sits down
  to meditate?
  A mere repetition of words cannot have much effect.
  Sweet Mother,
  Often after a long meditation (an effort to meditate),
  I feel very tired and want to rest. Why is this and how

03.02 - Yogic Initiation and Aptitude, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   In a general way we may perhaps say, without gross error, that every man has the right to become a poet, a scientist or a politician. But when the question rises in respect of a particular person, then it has to be seen whether that person has a natural ability, an inherent tendency or aptitude for the special training so necessary for the end in view. One cannot, at will, develop into a poet by sheer effort or culture. He alone can be a poet who is to the manner born. The same is true also of the spiritual life. But in this case, there is something more to take into account. If you enter the spiritual path, often, whether you will or not, you come in touch with hidden powers, supra-sensible forces, beings of other worlds and you do not know how to deal with them. You raise ghosts and spirits, demons and godsFrankenstein monsters that are easily called up but not so easily laid. You break down under their impact, unless your adhr has already been prepared, purified and streng thened. Now, in secular matters, when, for example, you have the ambition to be a poet, you can try and fail, fail with impunity. But if you undertake the spiritual life and fail, then you lose both here and hereafter. That is why the Vedic Rishis used to say that the ear then vessel meant to hold the Soma must be properly baked and made perfectly sound. It was for this reason again that among the ancients, in all climes and in all disciplines, definite rules and regulations were laid down to test the aptitude or fitness of an aspirant. These tests were of different kinds, varying according to the age, the country and the Path followedfrom the capacity for gross physical labour to that for subtle perception. A familiar instance of such a test is found in the story of the aspirant who was asked again and again, for years together, by his Teacher to go and graze cows. A modern mind stares at the irrelevancy of the procedure; for what on earth, he would question, has spiritual sadhana to do with cow-grazing? In defence we need not go into any esoteric significance, but simply suggest that this was perhaps a test for obedience and endurance. These two are fundamental and indispensable conditions in sadhana; without them there is no spiritual practice, one cannot advance a step. It is absolutely necessary that one should carry out the directions of the Guru without question or complaint, with full happiness and alacrity: even if there comes no immediate gain one must continue with the same zeal, not giving way to impatience or depression. In ancient Egypt among certain religious orders there was another kind of test. The aspirant was kept confined in a solitary room, sitting in front of a design or diagram, a mystic symbol (cakra) drawn on the wall. He had to concentrate and meditate on that figure hour after hour, day after day till he could discover its meaning. If he failed he was declared unfit.

07.24 - Meditation and Meditation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Some people, when they sit for meditation, imagine they have gone into a remarkable condition and are proud of it. But most often what they do in meditation is simply to let loose their thoughts: it is a sort of kaleidoscope that moves in their head. There are some, however, who can remain without any thought for a while; but if they are called out all on a sudden at the time for some reason or other, they wake up furious, protesting that a nice meditation is spoilt and fret and fume against the whole world. There are all the same a few who know how to meditate, they do come to a sort of union with the Divine. Certainly, this is very good. There are others who can follow the train of an idea up to a point, even up to the central point of the idea. This is also very good. But most get into a half-sleepy condition, that is to say, very tamasic. The mind is inert, aspiration inert, the whole being is inert. They can remain in that condition for hours together. Well, nothing is more durable than inertia. And when they come out of it, they think they have achieved something very great. But they simply fell into unconsciousness.
   Yes, some know how to meditate. But even supposing you know how to enter into the divine consciousness, that experience must have some effect upon your external lifenaturally it would differ according to the person concerned. There are some who cut themselves clean into two. These, as I have said, when they enter into meditation, have or think they have experiences and very fine experiences. But when they come back and begin to act, they become the most ordinary people, with the most ordinary reactions, doing all kinds of things that should not be done. They think of themselves alone, busy arranging their own life, without a thought for others, whether one could be useful to the world or not. And yet in meditation, they came into contact with some higher and deeper consciousness and reality. It is for this reason that people who have found it difficult to change human nature, have declared it an impossibility and advised that the one thing to do under the circumstances is to abandon the world and escape. Naturally, if all could run away there would no more be any world. But, luckily or unluckily, the existence of the world does not depend upon the will of individuals: they had no hand in the creation of the world and they do not know how it came about. Is it simply because some get away from the world that the world will cease to exist for them, perhaps, but for others? Although I am not sure whether even they really succeed in getting away. In any case, I do not believe that you can transform yourself by meditation. But when a work is there before you and you do it as well as you can, also while doing it you take care not to forget the Divine and you give yourself up to him so that he may change your being, change your reactions into something beautiful and luminous, then indeed the Divine will transform you.

08.29 - Meditation and Wakefulness, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   There are many such people who meditate for long hours, some almost all the time; but if by chance they are disturbed in their meditation by someone calling them or making noise, they fly into a rage, shout and abuse the whole world; they become more nasty than they would have been had they remained ordinary men without trying meditation. The reason is, as I say, that they neglect to associate their outer life with their deeper consciousness: they cut themselves into two, there is one bit that is within making progress and another bit outside that goes from bad to worse, for it is left wholly uncared for.

09.02 - Meditation, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Collective meditation, of which the most external form is collective prayer, has been practised since ancient times for different reasons, in different ways, and with different purposes. Groups of persons, whether belonging to the same Church or not, come together to express a common feeling; in certain cases, it is to sing together in praise of God, to chant a hymn of gratitude, expressing love, adoration, thankfulness. In other cases,there are many historical examples of thispeople gather together for a common invocation, to ask something from the Divine in the hope that a prayer done collectively will have more effect than an individual prayer. Thus, in Europe prophets announced that in the year one thousand of grace there would be the end of the world; everywhere crowds assembled to implore the divine protection and to pray that the catastrophe might be averted. More recently in modern times, when the king of England, George VI, had an attack of pneumonia and was almost on the point of death, the British people gathered not only in churches but even in the streets in front of the royal palace, to pray in common and to ask God to save their king. This is of course a most external form, I could say, a most worldly meditation in community. Besides, in all groups of Initiation, in all spiritual schools of ancient times and naturally in modern times also, meditation in community has always been practised; here the purpose is evidently very different. People gather together to make a collective progress, to open themselves to a force, a light and an influence; it is somewhat like that which we all try to do here. There are two ways to proceed, and both are excellent. For individual meditation, first of all, one must prepare to meditate, that is to say, after sitting down in a posture, at the same time comfortable enough not to be too cramped, and not too comfortable either lest you should fall asleep, one establishes the calm and the silence, not only externally but internally and then one gathers as far as possible one's consciousness which is generally dispersed in all kinds of thoughts and preoccupations. One brings back the consciousness as completely as one can, and concentrates it in the region of the heart, towards the solar plexus, so that all the active energies which are in the head, all which make the brain active are turned and concentrated on this point. This may be done in a few seconds, or in a few minutes. It depends upon each one; when you have prepared yourself in this way, you have the choice between two attitudes: active and passive.

1.007 - Initial Steps in Yoga Practice, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  Yoga scriptures tell us that we must also choose a particular place, as far as possible not that today we meditate in Haridwar, tomorrow in Delhi and the day after tomorrow in Benares. That is not all right if we want real success. We must be in one place. As a matter of fact, people who practise mantra purascharana, or disciplinary chanting of mantras for a chosen period, do this and what can be a greater purascharana than meditation? So when we take to exclusive spiritual practice as a very serious affair and not merely as a hobby, it would be necessary, I would say for beginners, that a period of at least five years is called for. If we are very serious and in dead earnest about it not taking it only as a kind of educational procedure for informative purposes and not being very earnest about achieving anything substantially we may have to stick to one place for five years continuously, and not less than that. If our point is to achieve something substantial, concrete and definite, then this amount of discipline is called for, which is a definite place, a definite time, and a chosen method of meditation a definite system, arranged in one's own mind, which should not be changed continuously.
  A fixed place, a fixed time, and a fixed method of concentration are called for. In one of the aphorisms of the sutras of Patanjali, which is very relevant to this point, it is said that the practise should be for a long period: sa tu drghakla nairantarya satkra sevita dhabhmi (I.14). If we want to establish ourselves in yoga, some conditions are to be fulfilled. One condition he mentions is that the practice should be for a protracted period I said at least five years, and not less than five years. It should be repeatedly done every day, without missing even a single day. Even if we have a temperature, fever or a headache, we should not miss it, because these are obstacles. The more we try to exert our will in the practice of concentration, the more will the body also try to revolt. It will create all kinds of complications we will have indigestion, we will have a stomachache, we will have a headache, we will have fever all sorts of things will come. As a matter of fact, it is specifically mentioned in the Yoga Sutras that we will fall sick. It will be an obstacle, and we should not think, "Today I am sick; I will not meditate." That is what it wants, and then it has succeeded. So, first of all, a little guarded way of living may be called for to see, as far as possible, that we do not become so ill that we cannot even sit for a few minutes of meditation. By a regulation of diet and living in a climate that is not too extreme, etc., one can be somewhat free from the anxiety of falling ill to the extent that it would prevent us from doing anything at all in the spiritual field.

1.00a - Introduction, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  P.S. Please study this letter, and these explanatory figures and meditate upon them until you have fully assimilate not only the matter under immediate consideration, but the general method of Qabalistic research and construction. Note how new cognate ideas arise to enrich the formula.

1.00e - DIVISION E - MOTION ON THE PHYSICAL AND ASTRAL PLANES, #A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, #Alice Bailey, #Occultism
  A brief sentence has its place here owing to its relation to this subject. Another sentence is also added here, which, if meditated upon, will prove of real value and will have a definite effect upon one of the centres, which centre it is for the student himself to find out.

1.00 - Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  Yet this was only a foretaste of the intense experiences to come. The first glimpse of the Divine Mother made him the more eager for Her uninterrupted vision. He wanted to see Her both in meditation and with eyes open. But the Mother began to play a teasing game of hide-and-seek with him, intensifying both his joy and his suffering. Weeping bitterly during the moments of separation from Her, he would pass into a trance and then find Her standing before him, smiling, talking, consoling, bidding him be of good cheer, and instructing him. During this period of spiritual practice he had many uncommon experiences. When he sat to meditate, he would hear strange clicking sounds in the joints of his legs, as if someone were locking them up, one after the other, to keep him motionless; and at the conclusion of his meditation he would again hear the same sounds, this time unlocking them and leaving him free to move about. He would see flashes like a swarm of fire-flies floating before his eyes, or a sea of deep mist around him, with luminous waves of molten silver. Again, from a sea of translucent mist he would behold the Mother rising, first Her feet, then Her waist, body, face, and head, finally Her whole person; he would feel Her breath and hear Her voice. Worshipping in the temple, sometimes he would become exalted, sometimes he would remain motionless as stone, sometimes he would almost collapse from excessive emotion. Many of his actions, contrary to all tradition, seemed sacrilegious to the people. He would take a flower and touch it to his own head, body, and feet, and then offer it to the Goddess.
  His visions became deeper and more intimate. He no longer had to meditate to behold the Divine Mother. Even while retaining consciousness of the outer world, he would see Her as tangibly as the temples, the trees, the river, and the men around him.
  When he meditated on Hanuman his movements and his way of life began to resemble those of a monkey. His eyes became restless. He lived on fruits and roots. With his cloth tied around his waist, a portion of it hanging in the form of a tail, he jumped from place to place instead of walking. And after a short while he was blessed with a vision of Sit, the divine consort of Rm, who entered his body and disappeared there with the words, "I bequeath to you my smile."
  For the achievement of this goal the Vednta prescribes an austere negative method of discrimination and renunciation, which can be followed by only a few individuals endowed with sharp intelligence and unshakeable will-power. But Tantra takes into consideration the natural weakness of human beings, their lower appetites, and their love for the concrete. It combines philosophy with rituals, meditation with ceremonies, renunciation with enjoyment. The underlying purpose is gradually to train the aspirant to meditate on his identity with the Ultimate.
  But you have to.' He cast his eyes around. Finding a piece of glass he took it up and stuck it between my eyebrows. 'Concentrate the mind on this point!' he thundered. Then with stern determination I again sat to meditate. As soon as the gracious form of the Divine Mother appeared before me, I used my discrimination as a sword and with it clove Her in two. The last barrier fell. My spirit at once soared beyond the relative plane and I lost myself in Samdhi."
  About this time Totpuri was suddenly laid up with a severe attack of dysentery. On account of this miserable illness he found it impossible to meditate. One night the pain became excruciating. He could no longer concentrate on Brahman. The body stood in the way. He became incensed with its demands. A free soul, he did not at all care for the body. So he determined to drown it in the Ganges. Thereupon he walked into the river.
  He claimed to have been initiated by Totpuri and used to say that he had been following the path of knowledge according to his guru's instructions. He possessed a large library of English and Sanskrit books. But though he pretended to have read them, most of the leaves were uncut. The Master knew all his limitations, yet enjoyed listening to him recite from the Vedas and other scriptures. He would always exhort Mahim to meditate on the meaning of the scriptural texts and to practise spiritual discipline.
  Awake." He asked the boy to meditate. At once Subodh's latent spirituality was awakened. He felt a current rushing along the spinal column to the brain. Joy filled his soul.
  On January 1, 1886, he felt better and came down to the garden for a little stroll. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. Some thirty lay disciples were in the hall or sitting about under the trees. Sri Ramakrishna said to Girish, "Well, Girish, what have you seen in me, that you proclaim me before everybody as an Incarnation of God?" Girish was not the man to be taken by surprise. He knelt before the Master and said with folded hands, "What can an insignificant person like myself say about the One whose glory even sages like Vysa and Vlmiki could not adequately measure?" The Master was profoundly moved. He said: "What more shall I say? I bless you all. Be illumined!" He fell into a spiritual mood. Hearing these words the devotees, one and all, became overwhelmed with emotion. They rushed to him and fell at his feet. He touched them all, and each received an appropriate benediction. Each of them, at the touch of the Master, experienced ineffable bliss. Some laughed, some wept, some sat down to meditate, some began to pray. Some saw light, some had visions of their Chosen Ideals, and some felt within their bodies the rush of spiritual power.

1.00 - INTRODUCTORY REMARKS, #A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, #Alice Bailey, #Occultism
  We purpose in these few introductory remarks to lay down the foundation for a 'Treatise on Cosmic Fire,' and to consider the subject of fire both macrocosmically and microcosmically, thus dealing with it from the standpoint of the solar system, and of a human being. This will necessitate some preliminary technicalities which may seem at first perusal to be somewhat abstruse and complicated but which, when meditated upon and studied, may eventually prove illuminating and of an elucidating nature, and which also, when the mind has familiarised itself with some of the details, may come to be regarded as providing a logical hypothesis concerning the nature and origin of energy. We have elsewhere, in an earlier book, touched somewhat upon this matter, but we desire to recapitulate and in so doing to enlarge, thus laying down a broad foundation upon which the subject matter can be built up, and providing a general outline which will serve to show the limits of our discussion.

1.00 - Main, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  Think not that We have revealed unto you a mere code of laws. Nay, rather, We have unsealed the choice Wine with the fingers of might and power. To this beareth witness that which the Pen of Revelation hath revealed. meditate upon this, O men of insight!
  O people of the Bayan! Fear ye the Most Merciful and consider what He hath revealed in another passage. He said: "The Qiblih is indeed He Whom God will make manifest; whenever He moveth, it moveth, until He shall come to rest." Thus was it set down by the Supreme Ordainer when He desired to make mention of this Most Great Beauty. meditate on this, O people, and be not of them that wander distraught in the wilderness of error. If ye reject Him at the bidding of your idle fancies, where then is the Qiblih to which ye will turn, O assemblage of the heedless? Ponder ye this verse, and judge equitably before God, that haply ye may glean the pearls of mysteries from the ocean that surgeth in My Name, the All-Glorious, the Most High.

1.01 - On Love, #unset, #Rabbi Moses Luzzatto, #Kabbalah
  To rest at the noon hour and meditate loves ecstacy;

1.01 - Prayer, #Bhakti-Yoga, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism
  Bearing this in mind let us try to understand what the great Vedantic commentators have to say on the subject. In explaining the Sutra vrittirasakridupadesht (Meditation is necessary, that having been often enjoined.), Bhagavn Shankara says, "Thus people say, 'He is devoted to the king, he is devoted to the Guru'; they say this of him who follows his Guru, and does so, having that following as the one end in view. Similarly they say, 'The loving wife meditates on her loving husband'; here also a kind of eager and continuous remembrance is meant." This is devotion according to Shankara.
  "Meditation again is a constant remembrance (of the thing meditated upon) flowing like an unbroken stream of oil poured out from one vessel to another. When this kind of remembering has been attained (in relation to God) all bandages break. Thus it is spoken of in the scriptures regarding constant remembering as a means to liberation. This remembering again is of the same form as seeing, because it is of the same meaning as in the passage, 'When He who is far and near is seen, the bonds of the heart are broken, all doubts vanish, and all effects of work disappear' He who is near can be seen, but he who is far can only be remembered. Nevertheless the scripture says that he have to see Him who is near as well as Him who, is far, thereby indicating to us that the above kind of remembering is as good as seeing. This remembrance when exalted assumes the same form as seeing. . . . Worship is constant remembering as may be seen from the essential texts of scriptures. Knowing, which is the same as repeated worship, has been described as constant remembering. . . . Thus the memory, which has attained to the height of what is as good as direct perception, is spoken of in the Shruti as a means of liberation. 'This Atman is not to be reached through various sciences, nor by intellect, nor by much study of the Vedas. Whomsoever this Atman desires, by him is the Atman attained, unto him this Atman discovers Himself.' Here, after saying that mere hearing, thinking and meditating are not the means of attaining this Atman, it is said, 'Whom this Atman desires, by him the Atman is attained.' The extremely beloved is desired; by whomsoever this Atman is extremely beloved, he becomes the most beloved of the Atman. So that this beloved may attain the Atman, the Lord Himself helps. For it has been said by the Lord: 'Those who are constantly attached to Me and worship Me with love I give that direction to their will by which they come to Me.' Therefore it is said that, to whomsoever this remembering, which is of the same form as direct perception, is very dear, because it is dear to the Object of such memory perception, he is desired by the Supreme Atman, by him the Supreme Atman is attained. This constant remembrance is denoted by the word Bhakti." So says Bhagavn Rmnuja in his commentary on the Sutra Athto Brahma-jijns (Hence follows a dissertation on Brahman.).

1.01 - SAMADHI PADA, #Patanjali Yoga Sutras, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism
  powers of controlling nature. The first variety is called the
  Savitarka, when the mind meditates upon an object again and
  again, by isolating it from other objects. There are two sorts of
  soon as we begin to know a thing we get power over it; so
  also, when the mind begins to meditate on the different
  elements it gains power over them. That sort of meditation
  Questioning the elements, as it were, that they may give up
  their truths and their powers to the man who meditates upon
  them. Again, in the very same meditation, when one struggles
  repetition of Om, and thinking of its meaning, is keeping good
  company in your own mind. Study, and then meditate and
   meditate, when you have studied. The light will come to you,
  imagine that the lotus is turned with the petals upwards, and
  inside that lotus is an effulgent light. meditate on that.
  a deep impression on him. Think of that dream as real, and
   meditate upon it. If you cannot do that, meditate on any holy
  thing that pleases you.
  these meditations, which are only of the first degree, not very
  high ones, we get as a result that we can meditate as easily on
  the fine as on the grosser objects. Here the Yogi sees the three
  itself, but the egoism. By practice, the Yogi gets established in
  all these meditations. Whenever he meditates he can keep out
  all other thought; he becomes identified with that on which he
  mediates; when he meditates he is like a piece of crystal;
  before flowers the crystal becomes almost identified with
  the memory is purified, or devoid of qualities,
  expressing only the meaning (of the meditated

1.01 - Sets down the first line and begins to treat of the imperfections of beginners., #Dark Night of the Soul, #Saint John of the Cross, #Christianity
  Sets down the first line and begins to treat of the imperfections of beginners.
  INTO this dark night souls begin to enter when God draws them forth from the state of beginnerswhich is the state of those that meditate on the spiritual road and begins to set them in the state of progressiveswhich is that of those who are already contemplativesto the end that, after passing through it, they may arrive at the state of the perfect, which is that of the Divine union of the soul with God.
  Wherefore, to the end that we may the better understand and explain what night is this through which the soul passes, and for what cause God sets it therein, it will be well here to touch first of all upon certain characteristics of beginners (which, although we treat them with all possible brevity, will not fail to be of service likewise to the beginners themselves), in order that, realizing the weakness of the state wherein they are, they may take courage, and may desire that God will bring them into this night, wherein the soul is streng thened and confirmed in the virtues, and made ready for the inestimable delights of the love of God. And, although we may tarry here for a time, it will not be for longer than is necessary, so that we may go on to speak at once of this dark night.

1.01 - THAT ARE THOU, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  Caste, creed, family and lineage do not exist in Brahman. Brahman has neither name nor form, transcends merit and demerit, is beyond time, space and the objects of sense-experience. Such is Brahman, and thou art That. meditate upon this truth within your consciousness.
  Supreme, beyond the power of speech to express. Brahman may yet be apprehended by the eye of pure illumination. Pure, absolute and eternal Realitysuch is Brahman, and thou art That. meditate upon this truth within your consciousness.
  Though One, Brahman is the cause of the many. There is no other cause. And yet Brahman is independent of the law of causation. Such is Brahman, and thou art That. meditate upon this truth within your consciousness.

1.01 - Who is Tara, #How to Free Your Mind - Tara the Liberator, #Thubten Chodron, #unset
  ers of Tibetan Buddhism meditate upon such a being? How can a spiritual
  relationship with her enrich our lives?

10.23 - Prayers and Meditations of the Mother, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Now these prayerswho prays? And to whom? These meditationswho meditates? And who is the object of the meditation? First of all there is the apparent obvious meaning, that is on the very surface. It is the Mother's own prayers offered to her own beloved Lord. It is her own personal aspiration, the preoccupation of the individual human being that she is. It is the secret story, the inner history of all that she desires, asks for, questions, all that she has 'experienced and realised and the farther more that she is to achieve, the revelations of a terrestrial creature of the particular name and form that she happens to possess. Thus for example, the very opening passage of these prayers:

1.02 - Meditating on Tara, #How to Free Your Mind - Tara the Liberator, #Thubten Chodron, #unset
  the entire meaning of the gradual path to enlightenment. I emphasize this
  because sometimes people meditate on deity just to feel good, without thinking about the meaning of the sadhana or using it to change their mind.
  This may stem from a common misunderstanding among Westerners
  do tantric practices, we have to be rmly grounded in the foundational teachings of the Theravada the three higher trainings of ethical discipline, concentration, and wisdom. In addition, we must practice the general Mahayana
  path to develop bodhichitta and meditate on wisdom. Then, on the basis of
  all these practices, we take initiations and do tantric visualizations and meditations. If we understand foundational teachings and sadhana practice, well
  higher trainings, bodhichitta, and wisdom. If we dont understand this, we
  wont be able to properly meditate on the sadhana. However, when we
  understand this well, our practice becomes very rich and comprehensive.
  not a quality of a sincere practitioner. Rather, the Buddha wants us to listen
  to the teachings, think about them, meditate on them, and put them into
  practice. Through reecting on their meaning, understanding them, and
  green light that ows into us and merges with our heart-mind in our heart
  chakra. At this point we meditate on selessness, the emptiness or lack of
  independent or inherent existence. That is, there is no solid me meditating,
  no concrete Tara to meditate on, and no ndable action of meditation. All
  false appearances of inherent existence cease and we rest our mind in the

1.02 - Outline of Practice, #The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, #Bodhidharma, #Buddhism
  shrouded by sensation and delusion. T hose who turn from delusion
  back to reality, who meditate on walls,2 the absence of self and
  other, the oneness of mortal and sage, and who remain unmoved

1.02 - Pranayama, Mantrayoga, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  Any sentence may be used as a mantra, and possibly the Hindus are correct in thinking that there is a particular sentence best suited to any particular man. Some men might find the liquid mantras of the Quran slide too easily, so that it would be possible to continue another train of thought without disturbing the mantra; one is supposed while saying the mantra to meditate upon its meaning. This suggests that the student might construct for himself a mantra which should represent the Universe in sound, as the pantacle
    7. O! let us strictly meditate on the adorable light of that divine Savitri (the interior Sun, etc.). May she enlighten our minds!

1.02 - The Magic Circle, #The Practice of Magical Evocation, #Franz Bardon, #Occultism
  Bearing these facts in mind, it comes natural that the magic circle has to be drawn in complete accordance with the views of life and maturity of the magician. The initiate who is conscious about the Harmony of the Universe and its exact hierarchy will, of course, make use of his knowledge when drawing the magic circle. Such a magician may, if he likes, and if the circumstances permit it, draw into his magic circle diagrams representing the whole hierarchy of the universe and thus come into contact with, and awake his consciousness of, the universe much more rapidly. He is free to draw, if necessary, several circles at a certain distance from each other in order to use them for representing the hierarchy of the universe in the form of divine names, genii, princes, angels and other powers. One must, of course, meditate appropriately and take the concept of the divine aspects in question into consideration when drawing the circle. The true magician must know that divine names are symbolic designations of divine qualities and powers. It stands to reason that while drawing the circle and entering the divine names the magician must also consider the analogies corresponding to the power in question, such as colour, number and direction, if he does not want to allow a breach in his consciousness to come into existance because he has not presented the universe in its complete analogy.


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