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this came from the memory of when I went out and asked people a question for the questionaire. maybe the solution is coupling that with signs. A sign like "may I ask you a philosophical-religious question?" or I could figure out all the most important questions personally and then ask people, if I cant find the answers online. But I need the questions. I could also ask people what the most important questions are.

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Anilbaran Roy Interviews and Conversations
The Healthy Mind Interviews VOL III
The Paris Review Interviews
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interviewer ::: n. --> One who interviews; especially, one who obtains an interview with another for the purpose of eliciting his opinions or obtaining information for publication.

interviewing ::: n. --> The act or custom of holding an interview or interviews.

interview ::: n. --> A mutual sight or view; a meeting face to face; usually, a formal or official meeting for consultation; a conference; as, the secretary had an interview with the President.
A conservation, or questioning, for the purpose of eliciting information for publication; the published statement so elicited. ::: v. t.

Interview ::: A subjective personality and mental health assessment typically consisting of questions and answers.

An object-oriented toolkit developed at Stanford University
for building graphical user interfaces. It is implemented in
C++ and provides a library of objects and a set of protocols
for composing them.

interviewer ::: n. --> One who interviews; especially, one who obtains an interview with another for the purpose of eliciting his opinions or obtaining information for publication.

interviewing ::: n. --> The act or custom of holding an interview or interviews.

interview ::: n. --> A mutual sight or view; a meeting face to face; usually, a formal or official meeting for consultation; a conference; as, the secretary had an interview with the President.
A conservation, or questioning, for the purpose of eliciting information for publication; the published statement so elicited. ::: v. t.

InterViews ::: An object-oriented toolkit developed at Stanford University for building graphical user interfaces. It is implemented in C++ and provides a library of objects and a set of protocols for composing them.

interview: usually a verbal research method consisting of either open or closedended questions.

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   2 Sri Aurobindo
   1 Wikipedia
   1 Plato
   1 Ken Wilber
   1 John Stewart Bell
   1 Gary Gygax
   1 Anilbaran Roy


   7 Walter Isaacson
   6 Mokokoma Mokhonoana
   4 Moby
   4 Frank Zappa
   4 Anonymous
   3 Stephen Colbert
   3 Robert I Sutton
   3 Nina Blackwood
   3 Neil Gaiman
   3 Maisie Williams
   3 Conan O Brien
   2 Tyga
   2 Tori Amos
   2 Tina Fey
   2 Timothy Ferriss
   2 Shia LaBeouf
   2 Seungri
   2 Scott Pelley
   2 Sarina Bowen
   2 Sam Altman
   2 Roger Ebert
   2 Robert Pattinson
   2 Philip Roth
   2 Noah Wyle
   2 Neil Strauss
   2 Nat Hentoff
   2 Michael Silverblatt
   2 Larry King
   2 Katie Price
   2 Katharine Hepburn
   2 Joseph Morgan
   2 Jeffrey Archer
   2 Jeff Bezos
   2 Jeb Bush
   2 Jay Leno
   2 Jason Schwartzman
   2 Harlan Coben
   2 Graham Norton
   2 Gillian Flynn
   2 Freddie Mercury
   2 Eric Idle
   2 Emmett Shear
   2 Emily Haines
   2 Edward Gorey
   2 David Letterman
   2 Dave Grohl
   2 Daniel Day Lewis
   2 C S Lewis
   2 Charlie Rose
   2 Charles Dickens
   2 Bruce Forsyth
   2 Bret Easton Ellis
   2 Bjork
   2 Bernard Malamud
   2 Ben Harper
   2 Aziz Ansari
   2 Anthony DeCurtis

1:Everything that deceives may be said to enchant. ~ Plato, Republic The Healthy Mind Interviews VOL III,
2:Suffering is due only to our weakness and imperfection. When external forces affect us, if we have acquired sufficient strength to assimilate them, we derive joy from them, otherwise they produce pain. ~ Anilbaran Roy, Interviews and Conversations ,
3:Sri Aurobindo: With the mental will you can suppress it temporarily but that does not bring real mastery. This pull shows that you have a strong vital force - this has to be regenerated. All thoughts, desires, conventions, attachments which come from outside must be ruthlessly pushed away. The inside must be made entirely calm and quiet and there should reign an upward aspiration - a state of awaiting. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Anilbaran Roy Interviews and Conversations ,
4:The new D&D is too rule intensive. It's relegated the Dungeon Master to being an entertainer rather than master of the game. It's done away with the archetypes, focused on nothing but combat and character power, lost the group cooperative aspect, bastardized the class-based system, and resembles a comic-book superheroes game more than a fantasy RPG where a player can play any alignment desired, not just lawful good. ~ Gary Gygax, GameSpy interview Pt. 2 (16 August 2004),
5:In an early study of the influence of temperament on attention span, the mothers of 232 pairs of twins were interviewed periodically about the similarities and differences in behavior displayed by their twins during infancy and early childhood. The results showed that each of the behavioral variables (temper frequency, temper intensity, irritability, crying, and demanding attention) had a significant inverse relationship with attention span. In other words, the twin with longer attention span was better able to remain absorbed in a particular activity without distraction, and was also the less temperamental twin. ~ Wikipedia, Attention Span,
6:And so, please practice! Please let that be your guide. And I believe that you will find, if your practice matures, that Spirit will reach down and bless your every word and deed, and you will be taken quite beyond yourself, and the Divine will blaze with the light of a thousand suns, and glories upon glories will be given unto you, and you will in every way be home. And then, despite all your excuses and all your objections, you will find the obligation to communicate your vision. And precisely because of that, you and I will find each other. And that will be the real return of Spirit to itself. ~ Ken Wilber, Interview Bodhisattvas will have to turn to politics,
7:Sri Aurobindo: There is a veil between the Supermind above and the lower Prakriti below - the veil of ingrained formations. This veil may completely withdraw or be partially withdrawn. Thus even if there is some little opening, with the contact of Light from above the lower nature will get slowly changed. Even if the being is not entirely purified, varieties of inspirations and powers may come down from above but this may lead to serious errors. Inspirations from above mixing with the impurities from below get all muddled up and the sadhak takes this for an absolute command. Many a sadhak has thus fallen into danger. Therefore, one must particularly lay stress on the purification of the being. All desires and egoism will have to be banished from the being. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Anilbaran Roy Interviews and Conversations ,
8:There is a way to escape the inference of superluminal speeds and spooky action at a distance. But it involves absolutedeterminism in the universe, the complete absence of free will. Suppose the world is super-deterministic, with not just inanimate nature running on behind-the-scenes clockwork, but with our behavior, including our belief that we are free to choose to do one experiment rather than another, absolutely predetermined, including the 'decision' by the experimenter to carry out one set of measurements rather than another, the difficulty disappears. There is no need for a faster-than-light signal to tell particle Awhat measurement has been carried out on particle B, because the universe, including particle A, already 'knows' what that measurement, and its outcome, will be. ~ John Stewart Bell, 1985 BBC Radio Interview ,

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1:Isadora’s Interview ~ Katie Cross,
2: Ein Interview
~ Anton Wildgans,
3:I'm single but interviewing. ~ Billy Joel,
4:his crashing her interview. ~ Kendra Elliot,
5:I am a demanding person to interview. ~ Nico,
6:the guy to interview me about ~ Sarina Bowen,
7:I do all my interviews on the toilet. ~ Slash,
8:Interviews with Steve Jobs, ~ Walter Isaacson,
9:Ah, I don't do interviews, really. ~ Joe Pesci,
10:coming at the interview from a ~ Michael Connelly,
11:Interview? Oh don't be ridiculous. ~ Freddie Mercury,
12:An interview is like a minefield. ~ Michelle Williams,
13:His preliminarily interviews at the scene ~ Susan May,
14:Note on Interviews and Attribution ~ Rebecca Traister,
15:I always do my interviews face to face. ~ Rachel Weisz,
16:Actors should never give interviews. ~ Daniel Day Lewis,
17:It must be hard interviewing actors. ~ Daniel Day Lewis,
18:I’m lazy,” Pierce once told an interviewer. ~ Jon Gertner,
19:I've never declined to do an interview. ~ Ken Livingstone,
20:I hate interviews - but you have to do them. ~ Jackie Chan,
21:A deep sigh — an interview with a knife. ~ Marina Tsvetaeva,
22:This is an interview, not a boxing match. ~ Jonathan Stroud,
23:I apologize for my terrible interview skills. ~ Heath Ledger,
24:Interview with a Vampire' made vampires sexy. ~ Joseph Morgan,
25:It's weird, I actually like doing interviews now. ~ Noah Wyle,
26:Interviewing people is pretty natural for me. ~ Nina Blackwood,
27:Interviews don't go to the core of my life. ~ Michael Moriarty,
28:Live interviews are more difficult to distort. ~ Bianca Jagger,
29:Then I hit a wall. The last interviewer asked me a ~ J D Vance,
30:Autobiographical Interview, ed. James Conant and ~ Thomas S Kuhn,
31:I am really bad at actually interviewing people. ~ Graham Norton,
32:should come in for an interview?” she asked gently. ~ Meg Wolitzer,
33:Interviewing is in some ways the art of memory. ~ Francisco Goldman,
34:I've never really done any interviews as myself. ~ Sacha Baron Cohen,
35:You get interviewed when you're out promoting something. ~ Eric Idle,
36:Death will be a great relief. No more interviews. ~ Katharine Hepburn,
37:interviews with more than a hundred family members, ~ Walter Isaacson,
38:I welcome death. In death there are no interviews! ~ Katharine Hepburn,
39:The reason I do interviews is because I'm protecting my songs. ~ Bjork,
40:I hate doing interviews. I get really bored talking about me. ~ Tim Rice,
41:Whenever you’re interviewed, think British, act Yiddish ~ Jeffrey Archer,
42:I'd love to interview Mick Jagger, but that might be scary. ~ Alexa Chung,
43:Sell the interview before you attempt to sell the product ~ Frank Bettger,
44:Whenever you’re interviewed, think British, act Yiddish. ~ Jeffrey Archer,
45:I get diminishing returns when I bore myself in an interview. ~ Ben Harper,
46:Next time do the fucking interview yourself. Fuck you, Marc ~ Ben Horowitz,
47:There's no law that says anybody has to do an interview. ~ Michael Azerrad,
48:You just have to hope that they'll grant you an interview. ~ Lisa Guerrero,
49:For 'Seabiscuit,' I interviewed 100 people I never met. ~ Laura Hillenbrand,
50:I'm crap at interviews. I'm just not very good at sentences. ~ Rupert Graves,
51:You have to be careful when you're doing an interview. ~ Neil Patrick Harris,
52:I'm probably the worst person for 'Men's Health' to interview. ~ Jamie Dornan,
53:My life has improved so much since I stopped doing interviews. ~ Robert Fripp,
54:All I do is give interviews and spend time being photographed. ~ Doris Lessing,
55:Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over ~ Walter Isaacson,
56:I'm a shy person, so I get really nervous going into interviews. ~ Skylar Grey,
57:Between cultivated minds the first interview is the best. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
58:I would never ever talk about my own personal life in an interview. ~ Ross Kemp,
59:All these people I interview are worth ten times what I'm worth. ~ Graham Norton,
60:Oh- and Anastasia, I'm glad Miss Kavanagh couldn't do the interview. ~ E L James,
61:Huebner told me in an interview. “Innovation is a finite resource. ~ Ashlee Vance,
62:The woman who knew that I had dyslexia - I never interviewed her. ~ George W Bush,
63:The ordeal is part of the commitment"

Esquire Interview 10/10 ~ Philip Roth,
64:The policewoman slid a cup of grey tea across the interview table. ~ Garrett Leigh,
65:ended up having more than forty interviews and conversations with ~ Walter Isaacson,
66:I don't consider myself an interviewer as much as an entertainer. ~ Ellen DeGeneres,
67:So, with my zit throbbing like a nightclub, I went to the interview. ~ Mindy Kaling,
68:A reporter is never put off by somebody not wanting to be interviewed. ~ Nat Hentoff,
69:Confidence has a lot to do with interviewing - that, and timing. ~ Michael Parkinson,
70:Who was the real Hitchcock? I interviewed him once and haven't a clue. ~ Roger Ebert,
71:I hang around under the radar. Nobody is bothering me for interviews. ~ Retief Goosen,
72:A diverse and lively collection, the highest art of the interview. ~ Joyce Carol Oates,
73:Beer, Michael. “Conducting a Performance Appraisal Interview ~ Harvard Business Review,
74:Interviewer: What is your greatest regret? Gorey: That I don't have one ~ Edward Gorey,
76:David Bowie was awesome the easiest, coolest interview I have ever done. ~ Rachel Perry,
77:I suppose you can't interview Virgin Val without bringing up Kyle Hamilton ~ Kelly Oram,
78:Why should I give you an interview? All you journalists are plagiarists. ~ Sam Peckinpah,
79:Interviewer: What is your greatest regret?
Gorey: That I don't have one ~ Edward Gorey,
80:John McEnroe is the most honest and real person I have ever interviewed. ~ Brian Kilmeade,
81:You must stop this interview now as I have come to end of my personality. ~ Quentin Crisp,
82:An interview with Quinn is like fighting a yellow snake in a sandpit.’ Desmond ~ Jess Kidd,
83:I ended up having more than forty interviews and conversations with him. ~ Walter Isaacson,
84:I'm sorry; I ruin people's interviews because I just talk about rubbish. ~ Maisie Williams,
85:Interviewing is tough, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. ~ Charlyne Yi,
86:Interviews are useful for other things besides screening candidates. For ~ Robert I Sutton,
87:Stormy in love, stormy in interviews, breakfast in bed - that's me, love. ~ Graham Chapman,
88:I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person. ~ Jeff Bezos,
89:Never agree to a job interview in which the interviewer has seen you naked. ~ Susan Mallery,
90:The person I've always wanted to interview but never met was Richard Burton. ~ Charlie Rose,
91:I never think about the downs. Well, only when I get asked during interviews. ~ Bruce Willis,
92:Mostly I'm interviewed by white people, and identified with white society. ~ Nadine Gordimer,
93:My backstory is so tedious. I hope the interviews are turning a corner now. ~ Ray LaMontagne,
94:The biggest benefit of doing an interview podcast is the relationships you build. ~ Jay Baer,
95:The hardest and worst interview that I have ever done was with Frank Zappa. ~ Nina Blackwood,
96:The only work I've done the last two years is interviews. I'm very good at it. ~ Syd Barrett,
97:Apple's Jony Ive describes his "fanatical" approach to design in new interview ~ Jonathan Ive,
98:interviewing that people said he could make a stump confess to saying “timber. ~ Tom Franklin,
99:It’s hard to imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Interview with the Vampire. ~ Anne Rice,
100:No matter who I'm talking to, I always talk like I'm doing an interview. ~ Julian Casablancas,
101:Sony Pictures said it would distribute “The Interview” online beginning Wednesday ~ Anonymous,
102:To do a really good interview, you have to be truly interested in the person. ~ Daisy Fuentes,
103:As an actor, the minute you start getting real in interviews, you lose mystery. ~ Shia LaBeouf,
104:I'd rather interview fifty people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person. ~ Jeff Bezos,
105:Interviews are good if you want to be an actor because they raise your profile. ~ Jack Gleeson,
106:Oprah has this intense curiosity that I haven't found with any interviewer. ~ Genevieve Gorder,
107:Half of the interview is substantive and half of it I think is sizing the person up. ~ Jeb Bush,
108:If Barbara Walters was interviewing me, I'd figure her career was as dead as mine! ~ Tom T Hall,
109:Your job interview isn’t over until you’ve changed to become part of a new team. ~ Michael Lopp,
110:I’m okay with doing interviews if you guys think that God can use me,” I told ~ Bethany Hamilton,
111:Interviews can be stimulating. It depends on the intelligence of the interviewer. ~ Muriel Spark,
112:One only has to read interviews with outstanding women to hear them apologizing ~ Monique Wittig,
113:What I think is so great about interviews, is when people cite inspirations. ~ Jason Schwartzman,
114:Always try in interviews to avoid the cliches about the problems of public life. ~ Jack Nicholson,
115:I'm enjoying turning down all requests for interviews. I don't miss being in politics. ~ Jeb Bush,
116:The others don't like my interviews. And frankly, I don't care much for theirs. ~ Freddie Mercury,
117:The way I work, the interview never becomes larger than the person being interviewed. ~ Ken Burns,
118:When being interviewed by a woman for a job, never begin with listen up doll face. ~ Dov Davidoff,
119:I am utterly bored by celebrity interviews. Most celebrities are devoid of interest. ~ Roger Ebert,
120:I like living with myself. I mean obviously, because here I am interviewing myself. ~ Jimmy Fallon,
121:I'm one of those people who fiercely guards their privacy, so I hate doing interviews. ~ Megan Fox,
122:Being intellectually hospitable is a virtue that I bring into the interview space. ~ Krista Tippett,
123:I always wanted to interview Michael Jackson, because I just wanted to humanize him. ~ Neil Strauss,
124:I don't really do Japanese interviews. I don't think there's much call for me in Japan. ~ Nick Cave,
125:drive of a Chevrolet Cobalt in the spring of 2004, according to one engineer interviewed ~ Anonymous,
126:Markus Müller, “Interview with René Girard,” Anthropoetics 2, no. 1 (June 1996): 3–5. 2 ~ Ren Girard,
127:No interviews without appointments except between nine and ten p.m. on second Saturdays. ~ C S Lewis,
128:Right now, 80 percent of employers Google you before they bring you in for an interview. ~ Jon Acuff,
129:A foolproof plan for not getting a job - show up for your interview wearing flip flops. ~ Alan Davies,
130:I actually turned down an opportunity for a private interview with Adolph Hitler. ~ Dorothy Kilgallen,
131:I'm a very slow reader, and books of interviews are an absolute favorite of mine. ~ Jason Schwartzman,
132:Picasso said once when being interviewed that one should not be one's own connoisseur. ~ Kenneth Koch,
133:My work caused me to interview hundreds of women about their lives and their problems. ~ Judith Krantz,
134:No interviews without appointments except between nine and ten PM on the second Saturdays. ~ C S Lewis,
135:The first interview I went on I got at age 5. It was a commercial for First Federal Bank. ~ Erin Moran,
136:The key to a sale in an interview, and the key to an interview is a disturbing question. ~ Ben Feldman,
137:I like being cheerful. Isn't it nice to be able to have fun and laugh while doing interviews? ~ Seungri,
138:I hung up and fed myself a slug of Old Forester to brace my nerves for the interview. ~ Raymond Chandler,
139:I've never gone into an interview in my life and said that we can't talk about something. ~ Aubrey O Day,
140:There's animals like us existing and thinking and giving interviews on Australian television. ~ Eric Idle,
141:The secret in any interview was the ability to not fill the silence. A few seconds passed. ~ Harlan Coben,
142:Do you usually decide what answers you will believe before you do an interview? ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,
143:Interviewing is a lot like talking, but you have to guide the conversation. You have to ~ Anthony DeCurtis,
144:I think J.D. Salinger is correct in granting no interviews, and in making no speeches ~ Patricia Highsmith,
145:Not long after I published my first book, I quickly found I was terrible at being interviewed. ~ Tom Wolfe,
146:Some artists benefit less from being interviewed than they do from being left alone. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
147:What does common sense have to do with it?” he exploded. “We're talking about a job interview! ~ Anonymous,
148:98% of all comedians feel obliged to be funny when interviewed. Less than 2% succeed. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
149:Ever since I was younger, I would make table reads at home where I would give fake interviews. ~ Odeya Rush,
150:If Sony's not going to show 'The Interview,' that's it. No more North Korean movies for me. ~ Conan O Brien,
151:I'm self-conscious in photo shoots. I much prefer to do interviews and talk about the work. ~ Joseph Morgan, other words, all I want to be is the Jane Austen of south Alabama Interview - March 1964 ~ Harper Lee,
153:My husband does not like me to give interviews because I say too much. No talk, no trouble. ~ Imelda Marcos,
154:Performing of any kind: singing, acting, dancing. I also get really excited during interviews. ~ Coco Jones,
155:There have been openings, but I have not interviewed for any jobs, nor do I want to right now. ~ John Elway,
156:Before you are interviewed for the job you want, try on the complete outfit you intend to wear. ~ Edith Head,
157:I am a frustrating interviewee. I'm like Ronald Reagan. I don't remember and I don't recall. ~ Misha Collins,
158:I like my subjects to be American, and not too dead, so I can interview people who knew them. ~ A Scott Berg,
159:I never liked my own species. On why so many of his comics are about animals, in an interview. ~ Gary Larson,
160:I could do an interview or just as well not do one. It's not like I'm looking for extra publicity. ~ Ice Cube,
161:I think my younger self would be more amazed to know I was doing an interview for 'The Spectator. ~ Gary Kemp,
162:When I do interviews, I always go in with the attitude that something good can happen from it. ~ Rick Nielsen,
163:You wanna know how you know you're informed as a protestor? They don't show your interview on TV. ~ Bill Burr,
164:But unfortunately, I have to say, one out of every 100 interviews I do, I get a real journalist ~ Glenn Danzig,
165:How can an article about me or the Batman be the true story when I am not consulted or interviewed? ~ Bob Kane,
166:It can be nerve wracking if you walk into the interview and you're not sure what to expect. ~ Anthony DeCurtis,
167:More than 80% of the interviewees have some form of daily mindfulness or meditation practice ~ Timothy Ferriss,
168:When you have another person take part in the interview, you must notify the interviewee. ~ Juan Manuel Santos,
169:Just doing any kind of work - even an interview for breakfast television - makes me feel happy. ~ Bruce Forsyth,
170:Sometimes I say things in interviews and then I see them in print and I think, "What an asshole." ~ Thao Nguyen,
171:I like to isolate myself when I work because I end up losing my voice by doing interviews all day. ~ Grace Jones,
172:I think that any reporter or columnist will be a little more careful when doing interviews with me. ~ Mark Cuban,
173:When I do interviews, I enter them with an open mind and try to answer the questions the best I can. ~ Tom Araya,
174:I have always felt that the only great thing about an interview is the questions that are asked. ~ Diana Vreeland,
175:I'm a coffee expert. I'm not a medical expert, but I play one on TV. - on Oprah Winfrey interview ~ Kevin Sinnott,
176:Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad, because you know you're not going to hire them. ~ James D Watson,
177:You should only ask questions when you get stuck, since the last thing you want to do is interview her. ~ Roosh V,
178:All of my life doing interviews, comedy has been my favorite thing, comedians are my favorite people. ~ Larry King,
179:Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night? ~ Jerry Seinfeld,
180:firm takeaway from all our interviews with women is that most dudes out there are straight-up bozos. ~ Aziz Ansari,
181:Follow up the interview with a phone call. If Carrot Top can figure out how to use a phone, so can you. ~ Tom Cole,
182:I'm just getting used to all the interviews and promo things, I'm slowly learning. It's very strange. ~ Alex Parks,
183:I'm very quiet. I can go a whole week without talking, so doing interviews is really awkward for me! ~ Katie Leung,
184:Interviewer: "Didn't [Sagan] want to believe?" Druyan: "He didn't want to believe. He wanted to know. ~ Ann Druyan,
185:Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife ~spoken to Oprah in an interview ~ Beyonce Knowles,
186:The most interesting things you learn in an interviews come from the: 'interesting', 'tell me more' ~ Emmett Shear,
187:a true man of the west who... well, read the interview and you'll find out. You'll also get a sense for ~ Anonymous,
188:I don't think of myself as giving interviews. I just have conversations. That gets me in trouble. ~ Charles Barkley,
189:I was asked on a radio interview what my mission is, and I immediately blurted out, "God realization." ~ Wayne Dyer,
190:So interviews are a valuable tool, but under certain circumstances they'd be more valuable than others. ~ Hans Blix,
191:I'm so reluctant to do newspaper interviews because it's so misleading how they interpret what you say. ~ Davy Jones,
192:Interviews with Steve Jobs, Jeff Bewkes, Rick Stengel, Andy Serwer, Josh Quittner, Rupert Murdoch. ~ Walter Isaacson,
193:I once had someone say to me in an interview, 'You are more ugly on the screen than in real life.' ~ Maisie Williams,
194:I terminated the interview when I didn't know what he was talking about and went upstairs to lunch. ~ Graham Kennedy,
195:There are very few interviews I turn down, because I really dig talking to people and hanging out. ~ Meredith Brooks,
196:A taped recording of a psychiatric interview played, and Allander’s voice resonated through the room. ~ Gregg Hurwitz,
197:Judging by her reaction (and what else was there to judge by?) he had managed the interview very well. ~ Jim Thompson,
198:One day,I might be able to tell my grandkids I interviewed the last president of the United States. ~ Stephen Colbert,
199:There have been man-on-the-street interviews for years, but insulting people is not that funny to me. ~ Billy Eichner,
200:I'm a California boy. I don't tell anyone how to write and no one tells me.
(Paris Review Interview) ~ Ray Bradbury,
201:I've lost count of the interviews I've done about my illness and its relationship to my ideas and writing. ~ Tony Judt,
202:One firm takeaway from all our interviews with women is that most dudes out there are straight-up bozos. ~ Aziz Ansari,
203:One reason I quit doing interviews after years and years and years was because I was making things up. ~ Bernie Taupin,
204:The best interviews like the best biographies should sing the strangeness and variety of the human race. ~ Lynn Barber,
205:There have been people who represent something very symbolic and I've been freaked out interviewing them. ~ Joel Stein,
206:Britney Spears told an interviewer if she weren't famous, she would be a teacher. So thank God she's famous. ~ Jay Leno,
207:How could he encapsulate in a pithy admissions-interview line all of his unique ideas and interests? ~ Alexandra Robbins,
208:I like radio because you can do an hour-long interview and then three days later have a finished piece. ~ Daniel Alarcon,
209:I was against the war in Iraq.The record shows that I'm right. When I did an interview with Howard Stern. ~ Donald Trump,
210:MTV was such a great training for me. I did live interviews with everyone from Michael Jackson to Madonna. ~ Carson Daly,
211:Not everyone can be relaxed or comfortable enough to seriously listen to the (debate or interview) answers. ~ Jim Lehrer,
212:Song ideas have come to me in the middle of interviews, in the shower, or while I'm writing another song. ~ Joe Satriani,
213:There is this stereotype of Icelanders all believing in spirits, and I've played up to that a bit in interviews. ~ Bjork,
214:Every black American is bilingual. All of them. We speak street vernacular and we speak 'job interview.' ~ Dave Chappelle,
215:I guess I haven't talked to Bob Dylan since before then [interview to Rolling Stones]. I follow his career. ~ Nat Hentoff,
216:I make films and do the publicity and interviews, but then I want to get away from it all and be on my own. ~ Paul Walker,
217:My mother kept the house clean and we ate good. I didn't know we were poor until I started giving interviews. ~ Alan King,
218:Ray once said in an interview that he directs his films “in harmony with the rhythm of human breathing. ~ Durga Chew Bose,
219:Don’t worry about selling the company. If you ask great questions, your interviews will do that for you. ~ Johanna Rothman,
220:I met Elton John at an Interview dinner, and we just sort of became friends. He's got such a wicked sense of humor. ~ Moby,
221:John Lewis stood up and said in an interview that Donald Trump was not a legitimate president. It's insanity. ~ John Lewis,
222:Every interview I'm representing you making you proud. Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud. ~ Kanye West,
223:Everything has changed. An interview has become such a confrontational thing. It makes you very defensive. ~ Francesca Annis,
224:He [Reagan] was who he was, and it was not complicated. You didn't get a different person in an interview. ~ David E Hoffman,
225:I have a radio show for the Sirius Satellite Radio Network. It's an interview show. It's called The Spectrum. ~ Edwin McCain,
226:In terms of publicity and interviews, well, it's really hard in this modern world to keep a sense of mystery. ~ Jason Clarke,
227:I've learned my lesson over the years about what to say and what not to say in interviews, that's for sure. ~ Michael Madsen,
228:I would like go to Palestine and interview people there about what their lives are like; same thing in Iran. ~ Henry Rollins,
229:Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything,’ Ray said once, in an interview. ~ Neil Gaiman,
230:Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything,” Ray said once, in an interview. ~ Neil Gaiman,
231:Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read. ~ Frank Zappa,
232:One interviewer asked me: 'How do you feel that you've betrayed your father?' That wasn't really very cool. ~ Dhani Harrison,
233:When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new. It always winds up feeling more like a job interview. ~ Brad Paisley,
234:He showed in the last interview, as on the later portions of the chart, a genuine fondness for the rabbit. ~ Mary Cover Jones,
235:I don't make a list of questions. Ever. I think a lot of my interviews are driven by my need to feel connection. ~ Marc Maron,
236:I'm a writer. I just love telling stories."

-Interview with Tasha Robinson, February 14, 2001. ~ Kurt Busiek,
237:It's me! It's me! It's always me! [Darren when asked who smelled so good at the MTV Live interview in New York] ~ Darren Hayes,
238:My mother died when I was 18. Up until then, I never saw a tin can in my house. (Washington Post interview, 1990) ~ Edna Lewis,
239:Recruiting is hard. It's just finding the needles in the haystack. You can't know enough in a one-hour interview. ~ Steve Jobs,
240:There comes a moment during a job interview when you're still talking, but you might as well take off your shoes. ~ Bill James,
241:A presidential debate is a job interview. And voters look for certain traits in people applying to be president. ~ Ron Fournier,
242:Every day is not a beautiful day for anybody, but I try to treat all my fans nice and all the interviewers nice. ~ Missy Elliot,
243:If heaven really exists: then heaven is the job, hell is unemployment, while life is merely an interview. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
244:I know how to put it on when it comes to interviews and performing because I have to. But I'm pretty laid back. ~ Patti LaBelle,
245:I was thinking in a Scottish brogue, because I'd just heard this guy interviewed on NPR, Lonnie McSomething. ~ Patricia Gaffney,
246:People are always asking me in interviews, 'What do you think of foreign affairs?' I just say, 'I've had a few.' ~ Dolly Parton,
247:After a subsequent interview at Brooklyn Poly, I was hired, and life as a fully independent researcher began. ~ Rudolph A Marcus,
248:I'm notorious for giving a bad interview. I'm an actor and I can't help but feel I'm boring when I'm on as myself. ~ Rock Hudson,
249:I support guns and I support the death penalty. Half of my interviews are convincing liberals they're not liberal. ~ Ann Coulter,
250:It makes life very simple actually. You could be giving a TV interview in howling gale and it no longer matters. ~ William Hague,
251:Somewhere she had learned that if an interviewer remains silent, the interviewee will rush to fill the silence. ~ William Landay,
252:The more interviews that an expert had done with the press, Tetlock found, the worse his predictions tended to be. ~ Nate Silver,
253:When I do these interviews, I get really nervous. And when I get nervous, it comes off as mellow for some reason. ~ Jack Johnson,
254:Would you like an interview for the drama, too?"
"I can't act."
"Everyone can act. We spend our lives acting. ~ Tanith Lee,
255:After this interview, I'm going to immigration to try to sort out my Green Card, just like any other normal person. ~ Emily Blunt,
256:A lot of interviewers are looking for the dark side. They want to know about the depths of your despair and fear. ~ Clare Balding,
257:Every time Kellyanne Conway goes on TV, there's another fight with whoever's interviewing her that particular day. ~ David Brooks,
258:His secretive nature detested the purpose of all interviews, their oppressive intimacy, their inescapable reality. ~ John le Carr,
259:Only for practical reasons. To find out if I said something stupid in an interview. So I can limit the damage. ~ Robert Pattinson,
260:Yes, last year in interviewing. Empathy is when you repeat the last three words the patient says and nod your head. ~ Samuel Shem,
261:An interview is only as good as both parties are willing to give to the interview and that includes the interviewer. ~ Jay Duplass,
262:Before doing any interviews I like to know who I'm meeting with and get a bit of an idea of their sensibilities. ~ Madonna Ciccone,
263:Go to lots of interviews, at least one a month even when you don't need a job, to keep in training for when you do. ~ Jilly Cooper,
264:No. It's no the same. The interviewers want you to say what they want to hear. I want to hear what you have to say. ~ Val McDermid,
265:Ambrose, your presence is the horseshit frosting on the horseshit cake that is the admissions interview process. ~ Patrick Rothfuss,
266:Employees go to school for 12 – 18 years merely to impress prospect employers in a 12 – 18 minutes interview. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
267:If I were Sarah Palin, would I want to sit in an interview with someone who was secretly out to get me? Probably not. ~ Megyn Kelly,
268:I gotta say - if I clicked on a movie interview, and the first part was all about Walt Whitman, I'd love that article. ~ Adam McKay,
269:I'll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that's going to make me smart and then go to sleep. ~ Jaden Smith,
270:The smoking gun is that we're interviewing somebody who is involved in a cybercrime and not calling him a criminal. ~ Donna Brazile,
271:Ever since I had that interview in which I said I was bisexual it seems twice as many people wave at me in the streets. ~ Elton John,
272:If I do an interview with [Holocaust survivor] Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier? ~ Scott Pelley,
273:I've been an assistant for seven years now and I haven't had one head coaching interview. I'm doing something wrong. ~ Patrick Ewing,
274:Small differences in a system of great power can have enormous consequences. [Source: Al Jazeera 'Upfront' interview] ~ Noam Chomsky,
275:When I interview candidates, I like to go where they live, so I can see them in their environment, not just in mind. ~ Sherry Turkle,
276:When I'm interviewed on Leno, just be funny, period. That's all they want from me. I don't want to tell my life story. ~ David Spade,
277:at least leave a phone message with HR saying that you’ve forwarded your résumé and you’d love to interview for the job. ~ Kate White,
278:Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results. Employers and interviewers love concrete data. ~ Marcus Buckingham,
279:Don't judge it. Just write it. Don't judge it. It's not for you to judge it.

Interview in Esquire Magazine 10/10 ~ Philip Roth,
280:His true intention becomes clear by the choice of people he interviewed: every one of them a conservative apologist! ~ Robert M Price,
281:I am an extremely private person. I always feel that I come across as a caricature of myself whenever I do interviews. ~ Mia Kirshner,
282:In his work shirt and underpants, he looked powerful but also cartoonish, like a bear dressed up for a job interview. ~ David Sedaris,
283:don’t want to do any further interviews with the press.” Bill paused awkwardly. “Well, Mr. Hall, I’m sorry to tell you ~ Emily Bleeker,
284:If I could publish actual interviews with vampires—” “Sheesh, Susan. You’re reading too much off the bestseller list. In ~ Jim Butcher,
285:I'm a golf junkie. I watch every tournament pretty much. I watch interviews. I watch warm-up routines. All that stuff. ~ Stephen Curry,
286:It's weird, I actually like doing interviews now. Ever since I gave up therapy, it's my only time with a captive audience. ~ Noah Wyle,
287:I've said in many interviews that I like my fiction to be unpredictable. I like there to be considerable suspense. ~ George R R Martin,
288:One of the pieces of advice that we give at YC is: try to work together on a project rather than just doing an interview. ~ Sam Altman,
289:Even when I interviewed bands, it was about asking them about writing songs, so it was more for me than anybody else. ~ Benjamin Booker,
290:For my most of my career I've been a falling-down drunk. Most of my interviews were done hungover, and for a while it was great. ~ Moby,
291:Interviewer: If I gave you fifty dollars, right now, what would you do with it?David Byrne: I would get something to eat. ~ David Byrne,
292:When I was at the interview asked how I cope with life's difficulties, I said that saving sense of humor. I'm not lying. ~ Eva Longoria,
293:When someone says something in an interview, the beauty of Twitter is that it's a platform for instantaneous response. ~ Damon Lindelof,
294:I think literature totally fails when it has an agenda. - From an interview on the podcast Starship Sofa, December 2010. ~ Connie Willis,
295:North Korea threatened to attack if Sony Pictures released The Interview, forcing us all to pretend that we wanted to see it. ~ Tina Fey,
296:On The Patty Winters Show this morning a Cheerio sat in a very small chair and was interviewed for close to an hour. ~ Bret Easton Ellis,
297:When I started getting into West Coast rap - The Game, then I started studying a lot of Tupac Shakur and watching his interviews. ~ Tyga,
298:Fighting a cold, but I'm powering through. As they say, there's nothing better for a cold than doing interviews all day. ~ Don Hertzfeldt,
What specific piece of advice would you give to young writers?

Write your heart out. ~ Bernard Malamud,
300:Which of your victims are you being interviewed about today, anyway?"

Jonathan, don't call my subjects victims. ~ Frances Hardinge,
301:Go to the devil!” said the stranger in a tremendous voice, and “Shut that door after you.” So that brief interview terminated. ~ H G Wells,
302:I accepted the interviews and encounters that had to be held with the media, but I would have preferred to work in peace. ~ Naguib Mahfouz,
303:If I was a singer who won those Grammys, I'd be gracing all the magazine covers... I barely got asked to do an interview. ~ Robert Glasper,
304:It's so rare that I'll read or even watch an interview. I don't want to, either. I don't want to see other people's comments. ~ Alex Ebert,
305:She’d have to treat the interview more like risotto than instant rice, adding ingredients gradually while stirring gently. ~ Maya Corrigan,
307:I find that talking about myself is often the most boring thing in the world. Sixty per cent of interviews I find mechanical. ~ Carla Bruni,
308:I interviewed Ann Coulter when I was sitting in for Larry King a couple of times, and we have a rapport. I like to talk to her. ~ Joy Behar,
309:It’s no problem, Mr. Parker.” His cheeks flushed. “Please, call me Charlie. I don’t know that we need to finish the interview. ~ Staci Hart,
310:I haven't been to a job interview since I was 16 years old. When I was approached by Givenchy it was more like a courtship. ~ Ozwald Boateng,
311:Reporters tend to launch on what seems to be the clearest, most stark aspects of someone's life in terms of an interview. ~ Chiwetel Ejiofor,
312:The Sun had a good relationship with Frank Bruno. We did lots of interviews. He was a great character, very friendly to the media. ~ Rebecca,
313:I think it is quite untrue that it is standard journalistic practice to name the interviewer when quoting from an interview. ~ Fareed Zakaria,
314:I will stay in the car until the last minute that I'm going to jump out and do a standup or jump out and do some interviews. ~ Martha Raddatz,
315:When I interview people accused of capital offenses, I never even ask if they did it. I would consider that unprofessional. ~ Joseph Wambaugh,
316:Agent Reed returned this morning, ready for another round of what he calls an interview and what I refer to as an interrogation. ~ C J Roberts,
317:If I do an interview, then I take full responsibility. I figure I'm not going to talk to anyone that I think is unethical anyway. ~ Diana Ross,
318:I want to interview the most important people in the world and have everyone in America the next day going, 'Did you see that?' ~ Piers Morgan,
319:WHENEVER I INTERVIEW someone for a job, I like to ask this question: “What important truth do very few people agree with you on? ~ Peter Thiel,
320:A regret I have was never being able to interview George Harrison. I just loved him but I never had a chance to interview him. ~ Nina Blackwood,
321:I don't like doing interviews. There is always the problem of being misquoted or, what's even worse, of being quoted exactly. ~ Stanley Kubrick,
322:If you are at the mercy of what they call print interviews and the mercy of people who write about you, they can always tell lies. ~ Gore Vidal,
323:I get recognised a fair bit. It goes up when Peep Show or the sketch show is on the telly or when were doing loads of interviews. ~ Robert Webb,
324:I just did an interview where I was asked whether I drink beer or whisky, and I was sad to reveal that I'm pounding spring water. ~ Brad Delson,
325:The whine of the victim is absent from his repertoire—as from that of practically all the individuals we interviewed. ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
326:You see a lot over 30 years and you try to be professional and responsible. A lot of the interviews you do can be very haunting. ~ Wolf Blitzer,
327:As you watch the Gary Condit interview, three words come to mind: stiff, unbending and impenetrable. And that's just his hair. ~ David Letterman,
328:Ezra: And then I said it.
Interviewer; What did he say?
Kady Grant: He said, ‘You picked a hell of a day to dump me, Kades. ~ Amie Kaufman,
329:God, I hate interviews with actors pouncing on. Who wants to know about their lives? I don't want to know about Al Pacino's life. ~ Jason Isaacs,
330:I wanted us to be careful about, going to the corner diner, interviewing three people and saying, "here's the mood of the public." ~ Frank Bruni,
331:A job interview is a competition won by those who are qualified the most, and, those who are willing to be payed the least. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
332:Being interviewed is one of the most abnormal things that you can do to somebody else. It's two steps removed from the Inquisition. ~ Frank Zappa,
333:I don't read a word that's written about me. I don't read my own interviews. I don't read reviews. I think it would drive me insane. ~ Sarah Ruhl,
334:If you interviewed 1,000 politicians and asked about whether the media's "too soft" or "too hard," about 999 would say "too hard." ~ Bob Woodward,
335:I had the great good fortune to interview Peggy Lee. Her memories of working with Walt Disney and his team were warm and upbeat. ~ Leonard Maltin,
336:I'm practically an actor. Even when you do an interview, it's like you're performing a little bit, so yeah, I'm enjoying it, it's fun. ~ Stan Lee,
337:Recording interviews is like magic. a) It stops you from taking notes in the middle and b) you can play that recording for people. ~ Emmett Shear,
338:So Mr.Bass why do you think you should become an Usher?" asked the interviewer.Chuck smiled.

Because I'm Chuck Bass. ~ Cecily von Ziegesar,
339:The best part of a writer's biography is not the record of his adventures but the story of his style. [Vogue, interview, 1969] ~ Vladimir Nabokov,
340:Warhol influenced me because of his writing. If I had never read his writings and interviews, I would never have understood his work. ~ Ai Weiwei,
341:AirBnB spent 5 months interviewing their first employee, before they hired someone and in their first year, they only hired 2 people. ~ Sam Altman,
342:If interviews are just interviews or if music is just music, why are we even doing it? You only get so many hours in a lifetime, man. ~ Ben Harper,
343:'What's the difference between sex and love?' Hmm. That's a good question. Hey, you interviewed Al Pacino. How'd he answer that?' ~ Robert De Niro,
344:An extraordinary set of reminiscences, beautifully put together by an extremely sensitive, even gifted interviewer. It is a jewel. ~ Glenda Gilmore,
345:I'm loath to do interviews. What comes out is generally not what I meant or thought I was saying or thought they were asking. ~ Carmen Dell Orefice,
346:Indeed, I have found that confidence is one of the most consistent traits exhibited by the successful traders I have interviewed. ~ Jack D Schwager,
347:I stress out so much about the red carpet and interviews and pictures, and, you know, not getting my skirt tucked in my knickers. ~ Maisie Williams,
348:I would advise people occasionally to take the media on, but only when you know it's a manufactured product and not a news interview. ~ Roger Ailes,
349:Libraries are the thin red line between civilization and barbarism."

[Libraries on the Front Lines, ALA interview 2011] ~ Neil Gaiman,
350:...most of the press were vultures descending on the scene for curious America aplomb. Cameras inside the coffin interviewing worms. ~ Jim Morrison,
351:One cannot learn all about what it’s like to run a marathon by interviewing only those who drop out—but one can learn something. ~ Daniel C Dennett,
352:People ask me what my hobbies are in interviews, and I always say biking. But all I bike for is to get to rehearsal more quickly. ~ Jesse Eisenberg,
353:Bigfoot was interviewed on The Patty Winters Show this morning and to my shock I found him surprisingly articulate and charming. ~ Bret Easton Ellis,
354:Doing interviews can sometimes mess up my head. It makes me feel dirty. It's frustrating how the press recycles a quote to death. ~ Juliana Hatfield,
355:I feel like I'm really honest in my interviews, to a fault. I've lost friends over it. Major friends. And I'm heartbroken about that. ~ Shia LaBeouf,
356:Interviewing friends is a tough one. Your duty to the interview must transcend your friendship. Occasionally you'll lose a friend. ~ Walter Cronkite,
357:I say really stupid things sometimes. When I go back and watch some of my old interviews from when I was younger, I just cringe. ~ Michelle Pfeiffer,
358:More than 20% of the victims interviewed by Pew did confront their abusers and most reported that doing so improved the situation. ~ Robert I Sutton,
359:That's the thing about interviews, at some point you're going to change your mind. But it's there forever and you can't escape it. ~ Martha Plimpton,
360:An interview will seem very sane to me, and I'll find out that the journalist was laughing out of the side of his mouth half of the time. ~ Tori Amos,
361:If I'm doing a talk show or an interview, or pretty much anything where I can't control the context, I'm loath to do the character. ~ Stephen Colbert,
362:I may just release all the interviews as Part Two and then write a larger summary later on. That way we do not suffer further delays. ~ David Wilcock,
363:In 1991 I did an interview wherein I described myself as a 'teetotal Christian,' which was an exaggeration, although I do like tea and Christ. ~ Moby,
364:I entered the work force cleaning breast pumps at a pharmacy! It was a part-time gig while I was at school... no interview required. ~ Chris Hemsworth,
365:I love getting on You Tube to look at the old comics. I am in my element seeing guys like Jack Benny and Phil Silvers give interviews. ~ Bruce Forsyth,
366:It’s not a colony,” another of the USIC interviewers said, with an edge to her voice. “It’s a community. We do not use the word colony. ~ Michel Faber,
367:I've done radio interviews about this movie [42]. I feel I'm a part of this movie, since I knew Jackie Robinson. I was at his first game. ~ Larry King,
368:I've spent days in cinemas answering questions from the audience, in interviews, travelling abroad, and all they do is thank me nicely. ~ George Lopez,
369:You have to be a warrior and say, "Maybe it's everyone else's system, but it's not mine." (from her recent interview here, on Goodreads) ~ Anne Lamott,
370:A woman can look both moral and exciting — if she also looks as if it were quite a struggle.' quoted in Reader's Digest interview in 1954 ~ Edna Ferber,
371:Don't like when sports interviewers force answers: Are you dedicating this game to your sick grandmother? What's the guy supposed to say? ~ Brian Regan,
372:For me, improvisation is about working with a partner. That is much easier to do in the interview, because you have a sounding board. ~ Stephen Colbert,
373:I appreciate my true fans for enjoying me in what I do every day, whether interviews or playing heel. They are smart and nice people. ~ Alberto Del Rio,
374:I don't mind anyone asking me any questions, I've got nothing to hide. I like it to be as real as it is, that's what I call an interview. ~ Katie Price,
375:If a person hides the truth or says something fake on variety shows or interviews, it will still be found out no matter how careful they are. ~ Seungri,
376:I like to think that at best the interview becomes something like the unaccountable experience of talking to oneself in a mirror. ~ Michael Silverblatt,
377:I'm not a journalist; I'm probably a horrible interviewer. The one small thing I have is I'm curious, and I'm interested in who I'm with. ~ Doug Aitken,
378:Interviewer: 'So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?' Frank Zappa: 'You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table? ~ Frank Zappa,
379:I read an interview with Aaron Sorkin and he said he plays every part when he's writing. I thought, "Oh, I do that too! I'm doing okay." ~ Danny Strong,
380:It's probably odd for someone to read an interview where the interviewee is worried about exposure while they're talking in an interview. ~ John Hawkes,
381:The most frightening interview I've ever done was with Dr. Lonnie Thompson of The Ohio State University on the subject of global warming. ~ Bill Kurtis,
382:Vowels are the most illuminated letters in the alphabet. Vowels are the colors and souls of poetry and speech. (1976 Penthouse interview) ~ Patti Smith,
383:I did a radio interview for a station in Connecticut or something, and it was the worst interview ever. It was all yes and no answers. ~ Macaulay Culkin,
384:I don't want to be in my 'interview zone' mode. I've been doing a lot of interviews and I'm very self-aware of how I'm coming across. ~ Erika M Anderson,
385:I've always just wanted to play ball, that's all. I didn't want to do no interviews, because I didn't want to be bothered with reporters. ~ Moses Malone,
386:I've been able to read people my entire life, because I've interviewed people now for 20-some-odd years. So you can read people that way. ~ Sean Hannity,
387:Most people ask me questions based on a previous interview. That's not an interview. It's like they're just saying my quotes back to me. ~ Kirsten Dunst,
388:We’re all in this human experience together, so let’s try to be kind, gracious, and compassionate to each other." - Kailin Gow in Interview ~ Kailin Gow,
389:A guy I interviewed for Hard Times says, "What do I remember about the Great Depression? That I was hungry, that's all." Elemental things. ~ Studs Terkel,
390:If you do an interview in 1960, something it's bound to change by the year 2000. And if it doesn't, then there's something drastically wrong. ~ John Hurt,
391:I have made an art form of the interview. The French are the best interviewers, despite their addiction to the triad, like all Cartesians. ~ Orson Welles,
392:I like the idea of interviews where you just talk about stuff instead of where it's my chance to talk to my public through something else. ~ Emily Haines,
393:I'm always trying to get those interviews that are impossible to get, because they are the ones that are most interesting to the audience. ~ Scott Pelley,
394:Whenever you read interviews with actors, they always seem to be given three months to do something - get fat, get skinny, learn card tricks. ~ Sam Riley,
395:do you drink because you are afraid of life? the interviewer asked. disgusted with life is more like it, said the writer, and with you. ~ Charles Bukowski,
396:I loved writing for the school newspaper. I liked to report and interview people, but I really liked to write columns, funny columns. ~ Bonnie Jo Campbell,
397:Interviewer: 'So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?'
Frank Zappa: 'You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table? ~ Frank Zappa,
398:Mick Fleetwood was one of my first interviews. And if you've ever talked to that dude, he's the sweetest guy in the world - he's just a trip. ~ Dave Grohl,
399:That's one of those hazards of an interview: You get tired of your stock answer and you try to get creative and even play devil's advocate. ~ Doug Martsch,
400:Doing interviews and touring are two ways that I can try to bring my music to people. It can be tiring, but it's better than working at Burger King. ~ Moby,
401:He needed no foreplay for the interview, and I was grateful. It's like sweet-talking your date when you both know you're about to get laid. ~ Gillian Flynn,
402:Here I am, one of the most colorful women of my time - if not of my block - being made to sound positively legumelike in printed interviews. ~ Bette Midler,
403:If she could have done one thing to make absolutely sure that every single person in this school will read your interview, it was banning it! ~ J K Rowling,
404:Panic does not help, even if you are unable to answer. Try to ask questions to the interviewers as well and it should be impressive enough. ~ Chetan Bhagat,
405:When I sit down to interview people, I don't hold questions and I don't know the answers. They're more like conversations that become lessons. ~ Dave Grohl,
406:When I was interviewing people to work for me, and I came upon a candidate who had been an Eagle Scout, I’d almost always try to hire him. I ~ Randy Pausch,
407:When you do 10 interviews in one day, and 10 different sources want to talk to you, that means you're doing good. I think about that every day. ~ Meek Mill,
408:An interviewer asked me what book I thought best represented the modern American woman. All I could think of to answer was: Madame Bovary. ~ Joseph McCarthy,
409:I always like the idea of doing interviews with somebody but completely seriously not ever mentioning what that person is generally known for. ~ Dave Eggers,
410:I think there are just a million interviews in anthologies with famous musicians that are about the music, and they're really boring to read. ~ Neil Strauss,
411:I want to live every moment totally and intensely. Even when I'm giving an interview or talking to people, that's all that I'm thinking about. ~ Omar Sharif,
412:one set of variables determined whether a marriage would succeed or fail: Were the couples being positive or negative during the interview? ~ John M Gottman,
413:So now Lorraine did TV interviews. The fascination with her was endless. Her natural likability came out because you simply can’t teach that. ~ Harlan Coben,
414:Tonight I'll be interviewing Ken Watanabe, Keisha Castle Hughes, Benecio Del Toro and Djimon Honsou - and yes, those are actors, not caterers. ~ Joan Rivers,
415:You were the only person who truly told me in that interview that you weren't afraid to fly, that in fact you were afraid that you wouldn't. ~ Cecelia Ahern,
416:North Korea referred to The Interview as absolutely intolerable and a wanton act of terror. Even more amazing: not the worst review the movie got. ~ Tina Fey,
417:Portions of this interview first appeared in OncNurse magazine in February 2011. We are grateful to Christin Melton for her questions. ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee,
418:[When I happen to] read interviews where people are such pros and they come out looking so good, [it comes off as] a little smug or something. ~ Emily Haines,
419:I almost never give interviews. It's not because I want to play hard to get. It's just that I never seem to have anything interesting to say. ~ Laurie Metcalf,
420:I don't read reviews or interviews or anything, just because I'm afraid; If I believed the good, then I'd believe the bad, and there will be bad. ~ Sia Furler,
421:I'd seen 'Interview with A Vampire' and saw Dracula movies growing up, but I never thought, 'I love vampires; I have to do a show about vampires.' ~ Alan Ball,
422:In a radio interview [Ted] Cruz compared [Donald]Trump`s behavior to schoolyard children throwing taunts at each other, vowing not to take part. ~ Chris Hayes,
423:It is frustrating when in an interview people say: 'Give us your make-up tips' and 'How do you stay skinny?' I think: 'Do you ask a guy that? ~ Emily Browning,
424:I use job interviews for two things. First, to recruit people. Second, to get some help with my work. I give job candidates problems I can’t ~ Robert I Sutton,
425:Jokingly, I once said that beside 'Evolians' [...] we now also have 'Evolomaniacs'. Similar phenomena are inevitable.

Interview 6 - 1972 ~ Julius Evola,
426:My main dream - and I'm trying to get 'Living TV' to do it - is to go into prison and interview serial killers, rapists, murderers, psychopaths. ~ Katie Price,
427:The literary interview won't tell you what a writer is like. Far more compellingly to some, it will tell you what a writer is like to interview. ~ Martin Amis,
428:There are so many people I look up to and I try to watch some sort of video or interview every day, with an artist who does inspire me. ~ Rachele Brooke Smith,
429:“When W. H. Auden was asked by Barbara Walters in a 20/20 interview why he wrote poetry, he replied: ‘To save the words.’ ~ Bryan Doerries, The Theater of War,
430:Whether you’re conducting phone interviews or simply need to hear yourself think, privacy is an extremely important variable in the writing life. ~ Sage Cohen,
431:Whomever you're going to interview, you have to be interested in what it is you want to know from them. You have to be interested in the subject. ~ Kurt Loder,
432:You know what, I'd done an interview show when I was like 16 or 17. One of my first jobs. I did interviews for this television show in Toronto. ~ Keanu Reeves,
433:As critical acclaim and response has built up, every interview I give is a chance to puncture the myth I've created about my work and refine it. ~ James Ellroy,
434:But Ms. Ofrah says this interview is the way I fight. When you fight, you put yourself out there, not caring who you hurt or if you'll get hurt. ~ Angie Thomas,
435:I like Ryan Gosling as an actor. I watch all of his movies, and he's Canadian and I just like his swag. I read his interviews and I'm a big fan of his. ~ Drake,
436:I like upright vacuums. I think canisters are like dragging a dead pig through the house on the end of a rope. ~People Magazine, 1990 interview ~ Don Aslett,
437:I think interviews can be fine. It's just there's this terrible fear of coming off wrongly or saying something that gets taken out of context. ~ Nicholas Hoult,
438:They did interviews with my wife and daughter-they were genuinely in fear of me having a heart attack, working 20 hours a day, eating fast food. ~ Willie Aames,
439:When all you have is statistics, you have to guess what your customers are thinking. When you’re doing an interview, you can just . . . ask. These ~ Jake Knapp,
440:When interviews are good, the conversation can be amazing. Sometimes I've had conversations with journalists that I've never had with anybody else. ~ Tori Amos,
441:Give your typical employee a profitable corporation, and, he is mostly likely to sell it to buy a fancier suit for his next job interview. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
442:I'm a terrible interviewer. I'm not a journalist - although I have a Peabody Award - and I'm not really a late-night host. What I am is honest. ~ Craig Ferguson,
443:I think it's a problem when journalists have the title of their article before they do the interview, because it biases the way they conduct it. ~ Michel Gondry,
444:I've wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a vet - these are things I've said in interviews. Before that, I wanted to be a mermaid and a fairy. ~ Natalie Portman,
445:I wouldn't mind taking a chance at Real Time, I've always thought if I could pick my interviewer, it'd be Charlie Rose, who I think is the best. ~ Dick Van Dyke,
446:The purpose of a writer is to keep civilisation from destroying itself."

(Interview, New York Post Magazine, September 14, 1958) ~ Bernard Malamud,
447:William Faulkner ever said wasn’t written in one of his novels, but spoken during an interview in Paris: The past is never dead; it’s not even past. ~ Greg Iles,
448:I did a radio interview; the DJ's first question was "Who are you?" I had to think. Is this guy really deep, or did I drive to the wrong station? ~ Mitch Hedberg,
449:In a recent interview, Howard Dean admitted that he used to drink and smoke pot. So, now all he needs to put him over the top is a sex scandal. ~ David Letterman,
450:Moves In: Interviews with Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell, Mona Simpson, Andy Hertzfeld. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, “Driving Jane,” Harvard Advocate, Spring ~ Walter Isaacson,
451:The media wants a nice guy, so I can give that to them. I figured I could be myself in this interview since no one's gonna read this JV newspaper. ~ Dabo Swinney,
452:The person I enjoyed interviewing the most was Elmo from Sesame Street because he is so unpredictable and he is always eating my hair and my face. ~ Katie Couric,
453:The whole idea of interviews is in itself absurd - one cannot answer deep questions about what one's life was like - one writes novels about it. ~ Anthony Powell,
454:Everyone knows, the point of an interview is not to demonstrate who you are, but to pretend to be whatever sort of person they want for the job. ~ Sophie Kinsella,
455:I get interviewed a lot, and I found myself listening to what the interviewer is asking me, I'm analyzing what I'm being asked more than my response. ~ Alex Haley,
456:The producer approached and asked if I wanted to speak with Dr. Phil. “You mean as a therapist or as an interview subject for my show?” I asked. ~ Anderson Cooper,
457:The question we face is whether this candidate can succeed. The question we seem to answer is whether she interviews well. Let’s not substitute. ~ Daniel Kahneman,
458:I'd rather strive for the kind of interview where instead of me asking to introduce myself to society, society asks me to introduce myself to society. ~ Criss Jami,
459:I love you,” I say firmly. “I never stopped, even when things felt bleak. And then I watched your interview and I just needed to be right here. The, ~ Sarina Bowen,
460:I'm very against interviewers who do not have time to read the work, who accept jobs knowing that they don't have time to do the preparation. ~ Michael Silverblatt,
461:I really do see that anywhere I am, whether it's doing interviews a hundred in a row, that every situation I'm in, I'm at choice in the matter. ~ Alanis Morissette,
462:Many books in popular psychology are a melange of the author's comments, a dollop of research, and stupefyingly dull transcriptions from interviews. ~ Carol Tavris,
463:My biggest problem in my life is I'm cheap and I didn't hire a publicist. In every awkward interview, normally actors get these things scripted. ~ Robert Pattinson,
464:Specifically, let’s say you were interviewing Chris, you’d say, ‘Everyone says Chris is great, but . . .’ and then you’d sit there in silence. Do ~ Timothy Ferriss,
465:The establishment? Well, guess what? Donald Trump now is the establishment. His primary opponents, many of them are interviewing for White House gigs. ~ Chuck Todd,
466:Go for the interview," Wendy said when I told her. She didn't even hesitate. "It'll be an adventure." "Being with you would be an adventure," I said. ~ Stephen King,
467:I don't feel comfortable doing interviews. My profession is music, and writing songs. That's what I do. I like to do it, but I hate to talk about it. ~ Van Morrison,
468:I don't really do too many interviews - I like creating and being visual, shooting videos and movies. I just like showcasing my skill and challenging myself. ~ Tyga,
469:I have a roof over my head. I had a breakfast, and a lot of people in the world can't say that. I'm not going to complain about being interviewed. ~ Viggo Mortensen,
470:It's funny, because I have periods where I just kind of go dark. I don't tweet, I don't talk, I don't interview, and then I have times where I do. ~ Lance Armstrong,
471:Lord Augustus thought that his brother should have a personal interview with his young brother peer, and bring his strawberry leaves to bear. The ~ Anthony Trollope,
472:There’s a reason they call it a private life,” I’d often say to interviewers. But there’s a fine line between being private and being ashamed. The ~ Portia de Rossi,
473: Image of Light, Adieu
Image of Light, Adieu Thanks for the interview So long - so short Preceptor of the whole Coeval Cardinal Impart - Depart ~ Emily Dickinson,
474:In an interview, Hillary Clinton said she likes nearly every flavor of ice cream. When he heard this, Chris Christie said 'Hey, she stole my speech.' ~ Conan O Brien,
475:I thought I started acting at 5 or 6, it was really when they were interviewing real families for a toothpaste commercial. They interviewed our family. ~ Mara Wilson,
476:I would love to have a long and serious conversation with the Pope. And Woody Allen, whom I have never interviewed. Then, after those two? Steve Jobs. ~ Charlie Rose,
477:When somebody asks me a question, I try to be as straightforward about it as possible. I try not to overthink what I'm going to say in an interview. ~ Shirley Manson,
478:You know what makes no sense? A bunch of penises making choices for vaginas. That’s like interviewing a turtle on the struggles of being a dolphin. We ~ Luvvie Ajayi,
479:As to a media personality, well that just happened in large measure because people found me amusing, and I did lots and lots of T.V. news interview shows. ~ Ben Stein,
480:For the first time in 23 years I'm enjoying the process of supporting it, of going out and doing shows, and doing the interviews, and doing everything. ~ Rosanne Cash,
481:He had refused fancy clothes or makeup for this interview. His philosophy was that death should to be embarrassing; he was not about to powder its nose. ~ Mitch Albom,
482:In an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network Donald Trump said "I believe in god." But of course The Donald was talking about Himself. ~ Jay Leno,
483:It’s the rule of all potentially prickly interviews: Don’t go on the offense until you have to, first see if they’ll hang themselves all on their own. ~ Gillian Flynn,
484:Nobody really knows for sure who the Blue Blazer is, but like I said in my interview, there's a little bit of the Blue Blazer in each and every one of us. ~ Owen Hart,
485:What about the world do you most love?

The fact that I'm not here by myself.

-from interview by Jeff Vandermeer in Clarkesworld magazine ~ Margo Lanagan,
486:When you do an interview with me, you're talking to a cheap imitation of the person that I really am. There's no magic in my words, it's just me talking. ~ John Mayer,
487:After an extensive interview he arranged for my weaknesses in foreign languages to be over-looked and so I started a Biology degree at Birmingham in 1967. ~ Paul Nurse,
488:Every time you go to see Hamlet you don't expect it to have a happy're still enthralled.
(Interview BBC Radio 4 Today 17 October 2012.) ~ Hilary Mantel,
489:Fame is fleeting. That stuff comes and goes. You know, as soon as I play poorly ... you won't be doing this interview--you'll be interviewing the next guy. ~ Tony Romo,
490:I enjoy being recognized. I'll be very sad if people stop recognizing me. I'll be very sad if I'm not interviewed, because that's a very amazing process. ~ Anupam Kher,
491:I'm doing lots of interviews and stuff. I'm longing for the days of getting up, not having to put on makeup and do my hair and just going to the studio. ~ Stevie Nicks,
492:It's true that in reading an interview, I have a little critique of the objectification of women in a [Playboy] magazine that is perceived to doing that. ~ Cornel West,
493:I was a guest on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, and I interviewed him when I was 15 years old-those moments really blow your mind. ~ Judd Apatow,
494:Heather is the first interviewer to have ever caught me off guard. She has a razor sharp mind and a demeanor that could make her the next Barbara Walters. ~ Mark Joyner,
495:I love my fans unconditionally. They have been supportive of me through everything, and I would not be here, giving this interview to you, without them. ~ Jake T Austin,
496:In an interview, Kim Cattrall said there could be another 'Sex in the City' movie. An hour later, ISIS surrendered - there's only so much they can take. ~ Conan O Brien,
497:Eisenhower had the clearest blue eyes. He would fix them on you. In my every interview with him, he would lock his eyes on to mine and keep them there. ~ Stephen Ambrose,
498:I said in an interview at the time that God's job is not to make sick people healthy. That's the doctors' job. God's job is to make sick people brave. ~ Harold S Kushner,
499:I think the day that I become comfortable doing interviews and going on talk shows is the day that I don't know what it is to be a human being anymore. ~ Joaquin Phoenix,
500:I was burned so many times that I stopped giving interviews. In other words, if my words ended up in print, they were twisted in an indescribable fashion. ~ Jim Garrison,

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   9 Occultism
   1 Buddhism

   8 Aleister Crowley
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   3 Sri Aurobindo
   2 Sri Ramana Maharshi

   7 Magick Without Tears
   4 The Mothers Agenda
   4 Talks
   2 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
   2 Talks With Sri Aurobindo
   2 Agenda Vol 1

0.02_-_Topographical_Note, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  From 1960, the Agenda took its final shape arid grew for thirteen years, until May 1973, filling thirteen volumes in all (some six thousand pages), with a change of setting in March 1962 at the time of the Great Turning in Mother's yoga when She permanently retired to her room upstairs, as had Sri Aurobindo in 1926. The interviews then took place high up in this large room carpeted in golden wool, like a ship's stateroom, amidst the rustling of the Copper Pod tree and the cawing of crows. Mother would sit in a low rosewood chair, her face turned towards Sri Aurobindo's tomb, as though She were wearing down the distance separating that world from our own. Her voice had become like that of a child, one could hear her laughter. She always laughed, this Mother. And then her long silences. Until the day the disciples closed her door on us. It was May 19, 1973. We did not want to believe it. She was alone, just as we were suddenly alone. Slowly, painfully, we had to discover the why of this rupture. We understood nothing of the jealousies of the old species, we did not yet realize that they were becoming the 'owners' of Mother - of the Ashram, of Auroville, of
  Sri Aurobindo, of everything - and that the new world was going to be denatured into a new

0.06_-_1956, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  It's the same with those who ask for an interview. I tell them, 'Look, you have come in large numbers, and if each one asks me for an interview, how could I possibly find enough minutes in so few days to see everyone? While you're here, I wouldn't have even a single minute.' Then they retort, 'Oh, I have taken so MUCH trouble, I have come from so FAR away, I have come from way
  31Mother is referring to the darshan of April 24, 1956. Four times a year, for 'darshan,' visitors increasingly poured into the Ashram to pass one by one before Mother (and formerly, Sri Aurobindo) to receive her look.
   in the North, I have travelled for so many hours - and I have no right to an interview?' I reply, 'I'm sorry, but you are not the only one in that situation.'
  And that's how it is - swapping, bargaining. We are not a commercial enterprise, we have made it clear that we are not doing business.

1.02_-_The_Necessity_of_Magick_for_All, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Ah, well then, perhaps you have not understood my remarks at one of our earliest interviews as perfectly as you suppose! For the crucial point of my exposition was that Magick is not a matter extraneous to the main current of your life, as music, gardening, or collection jade might be. No, every act of your life is a magical act; whenever from ignorance, carelessness, clumsiness or what not, you come short of perfect artistic success, you inevitably register failure, discomfort, frustration. Luckily for all of us, most of the acts essential to continued life are involuntary; the "unconscious" has become so used to doing its "True Will" that there is no need of interference; when such need arises, we call it disease, and seek to restore the machine to free spontaneous fulfillment of its function.

1.05_-_Buddhism_and_Women, #Tara - The Feminine Divine, #Bokar Rinpoche, #Buddhism
  herself exclusively to practice. Even at Tsurpu, she
  granted interviews only outside of her strict schedule
  of meditation. From time to time, she gave

1.240_-_1.300_Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  D.: Will Maharshi be pleased to extend Grace to me also!
  Maharshi smiled and said "Um! Um!" With blessings and salutation, the interview came to a close and the party departed directly.

1.240_-_Talks_2, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  D.: Will Maharshi be pleased to extend Grace to me also!
  Maharshi smiled and said Um! Um! With blessings and salutation, the interview came to a close and the party departed directly.
  Talk 373.
  H. H. The Maharajah of Mysore had a private interview with Sri
  Bhagavan in the newly built bathroom from 9-15 to 9-30 a.m. His
  Talk 374.
  H. H. The Maharajah of Travancore had an interview from 4-30 p.m. to 5-15 p.m.
  Their Highnesses The Maharajah and the Maharani of Travancore who arrived at Tiruvannamalai by the 8 a.m., train visited the Asramam at 4-15 p.m. The public were excluded from the hall where Bhagavan sat. Even devotees who were daily visiting the hall were by a sad mistake excluded from the interview. The Royal party was introduced to Sri Bhagavan by a retired
  District Magistrate. Two aides-de-camp, the Private Secretary to H. H. The

1.25_-_Fascinations,_Invisibility,_Levitation,_Transmutations,_.Kinks_in_Time., #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  The only experience I have of anything of this sort was when I was in Pacific waters, mostly at Honolulu or in Nippon. I was practising Astral projection. A sister of the Order who lived in Hong Kong helped me. I was to visit her, and the token of perfect success was to be that I should knock a vase off the mantel-piece. We appointed certain days and hours with some awkwardness, as my time-distance from her was constantly growing shorter for me to pay my visit. We got some remarkable results; our records of the interview used to tally with surprising accuracy; but the vase remained intact!
  A little over four years later in the meantime we had met and worked at Magick together we resumed these experiments in a somewhat different form. The success was much greater; but though I could move her, and even any objects which she was touching, I could make no impression on inanimate objects at a distance from her. The behaviour of her dogs, and of her cat, was very curious and interesting. Strangest of all, there appeared those "kinks in Time" which profane science is just beginning to discuss. Example: on one occasion our records of an "interview" agreed with quite extraordinary precision; but, on comparing notes, it was found that owing to some stupid miscalculation of mine, it was all over in Hong Kong some hours before I had started from Honolulu! Again, don't ask me why, or how, or anything!

1.300_-_1.400_Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  H. H. The Maharajah of Mysore had a private interview with Sri
  Bhagavan in the newly built bathroom from 9-15 to 9-30 a.m. His
  H. H. The Maharajah of Travancore had an interview from 4-30 p.m. to 5-15 p.m.
  Their Highnesses The Maharajah and the Maharani of Travancore who arrived at Tiruvannamalai by the 8 a.m., train visited the Asramam at 4-15 p.m. The public were excluded from the hall where Bhagavan sat. Even devotees who were daily visiting the hall were by a sad mistake excluded from the interview. The Royal party was introduced to Sri Bhagavan by a retired
  District Magistrate. Two aides-de-camp, the Private Secretary to H. H. The

1.40_-_Coincidence, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Why, hang it all; the events of the last hour, even, might have gone just an infinitesimally little bit different, and the interview would not have taken place as it did. Consider then, that factors stretching back into Eternity all the factors there are! have each one contributed in its degree to bringing this interview about. What a fantastic improbability! Yet here we are.

1.439, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  Talk 476.
  Dr. Stanley Jones, a Christian missionary, visited Maharshi. He writes books and delivers lectures. He has two Asramams under his control in North India. He was accompanied by another gentleman and two ladies. He is at present writing a book On the Indian Road and wants to meet the spiritually great men in India so that he may collect material for the book. He desired to know how the Indian sages have proceeded and what they have found as their experience in divinity. So he asked questions. (This is only a short sketch of his interview).
  D.: What is your quest? What is the goal? How far have you progressed?
  Talk 509.
  Mr. MacIver had an interview with Sri Bhagavan and spoke about diksha.
  Sri Bhagavan asked: What is this diksha?
  Talk 628.
  After his return from Europe, Mr. D. had a private interview with
  Sri Bhagavan for a few minutes. He said that his former visit had

1.450_-_1.500_Talks, #Talks, #Sri Ramana Maharshi, #Hinduism
  Dr. Stanley Jones, a Christian missionary, visited Maharshi. He writes books and delivers lectures. He has two Asramams under his control in North India. He was accompanied by another gentleman and two ladies. He is at present writing a book On the Indian Road and wants to meet the spiritually great men in India so that he may collect material for the book. He desired to know how the Indian sages have proceeded and what they have found as their experience in divinity. So he asked questions. (This is only a short sketch of his interview).

1.45_-_Unserious_Conduct_of_a_Pupil, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  2. X., hearing a conversation in a caf which made him think that the speaker[87] might be such an one as he sought, hunted him down he had gone on his travels caught him, and made him promise an interview at the earliest possible date.
  3. This interview leading to an introduction to the Fraternity, he joined it, pledging his fealty. But he was grievously shocked, and nearly withdrew, when assured: "There is nothing in this Oath which might conflict in any way with your civil, moral or religious obligations." If it was not worth while becoming a murderer, a traitor, and an eternally damned soul, why bother about it? was his attitude.

1.48_-_Morals_of_AL_-_Hard_to_Accept,_and_Why_nevertheless_we_Must_Concur, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Had Hitler been a less abnormal character, no great "Mischief," or at least a very different kind of "mischief," might have come of it. I think you have read Hitler speaks if not, do so his private conversation abounds in what sound almost like actual quotations from the Book of the Law. But he public man's private conversation can be repeated on the platform only at the risk of his political life; and he served up to the people only such concoctions as would tickle their gross palates. Worse still, he was the slave of his prophetic frenzy; he had not undertaken the balancing regimen of the Curriculum of AA; and, worst of all, he was very far indeed from being a full initiate, even in the loosest sense of the term. His Weltanschauung was accordingly a mass of personal and political prejudice; he had no true cosmic comprehension, no true appreciation of First Principles; and he was tossed about in every direction by the varied conflicting forces that naturally concentrated their energies ever more strenuously upon him as his personal position became more and more the dominating factor, first in domestic and then in European politics. I warned our S.H. Soror repeatedly that she ought to correct these tendencies; but she already saw the success of her plans within her grasp, and refused to believe that this success itself would alarm the world into combining to destroy him. "But we have the Book," she confidently retorted, failing to see that the other powers in extremity would be compelled to adopt those identical principles. Of course, as you know, it has happened as I foresaw; only a remnant of piety-purefied Prelates and sloppy sentimentalists still hold out against the Book of the Law, sabotage the victory, and will turn the Peace into a shambles of surrender if we are fools enough to give ear to their caterwauling as in the story of the highly-esteemed tomcat, when at last one of his fans obtained an interview; "all he could do was to talk about his operation."

1.73_-_Monsters,_Niggers,_Jews,_etc., #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Come now, is this quite fair? When I agreed to tip you off about Magick and the rest, I certainly never expected to be treated as if I were being interviewed by an American Sunday Newspaper. What do I prefer for breakfast, and my views on the future of the theatre, and is the Great White Brotherhood in favour of Eugenic Babies? No, dear sister I nearly said sob-sister. But this I will say, you have been very artful, and led me on very cleverly you must have been a terror to young men for the matter of that, I dare say you are still!

1.79_-_Progress, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  Last Sunday I looked through an interview with the least brain-bound of these ruminators poor old, dear old G. for gaga Bernard Shaw.

2.02_-_Habit_2_Begin_with_the_End_in_Mind, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  I wanted to find out how this organization had created a culture where people bought so deeply into the value of customer service. I interviewed housekeepers, waitresses, bellboys in that hotel and found that this attitude had impregnated the minds, hearts, and attitudes of every employee there.

2.05_-_Habit_3_Put_First_Things_First, #The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, #Stephen Covey, #unset
  The principles involved in stewardship delegation are correct and applicable to any kind of person or situation. With immature people, you specify fewer desired results and more guidelines, identify more resources, conduct more frequent accountability interviews, and apply more immediate consequences. With more mature people, you have more challenging desired results, fewer guidelines, less frequent accountability, and less measurable but more discernible criteria.

2.20_-_2.29_-_RULES_FOR_HOUSEHOLDERS_AND_MONKS, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  Adhar held the post of deputy magistrate, a government post that carried with it great prestige. He earned three hundred rupees a month. He had applied for the office of vice-chairman of the Calcutta Municipality. The salary attached to this office was one thousand rupees. In order to secure it, Adhar had interviewed many influential people in Calcutta.

2.3.05_-_Sadhana_through_Work_for_the_Mother, #The Mother With Letters On The Mother, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Once in an interview the Mother told me, "Why do you make any difference between me and work?" I am not sure if I have been able to reproduce the exact words, but they are almost like that. I pray to you to make the idea a little more explicit.

Agenda_Vol_12, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  possessed nothing personally. Mother is therefore forced to sign a note in her own hand so that
  Satprems letters get stamped. Then she remains very interiorized during the whole interview. It was
  the same on March 20, at the last interview: that day, she gave Satprem the first copy of On the Way
  to Supermanhood, then went within the rest of the time.)
  35The first version, the one of the third, read: India must recognize Bangla-Desh. This is urgent.
  36In fact, again on the 18th, the day after this conversation, the president of India, V.V. Giri, in a press interview in which
  he was spiritedly asked why he still had not recognized Bangladesh, said, The central government is studying the question
  91Once, several years ago, Mother had received both Satprem and his brother together, and they had sat at her feet, side by
  side. Then, after the interview, Mother told Satprem: Its strange, he seems to be like an emanation of you.
  146Luck that the interview coincides with the first day of the year.

Agenda_Vol_2, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  thoroughly orthodox - he has come to the Ashram for some mysterious reason and he wants to see me.
  'Is it really necessary?' I asked. He wanted an interview, he wants to speak to me (naturally he'll be
  speaking god knows what - Gujarati!). I had him told, 'I can't hear, I'm deaf!' It's very convenient -
  After my 'interview' with Nature, when she told me that she would collaborate, 181 I thought this
  difficulty would cease; many things have improved considerably (ONE part of Nature is collaborating),

Agenda_Vol_5, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  with Corra has been signed and they will publish the book in September, without cuts, 4,000 copies.
  They wanted to put me on television for an interview about this book, imagine! But I refused - those
  advertising organizations are as full of falsehood as all the rest. They also wanted my photo; I told them

Agenda_Vol_9, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  something very hard and he needed my very active help.... So I gave four packets!
  It occurred to me to ask him to wire me as soon as he knows the date and time of his interview
  with the Pope.

APPENDIX_I_-_Curriculum_of_A._A., #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    Liber DCC (700) [] ::: Liber vel Vesta
    Liber DCCXXIX (729) [C] - The Amalantrah Working ::: interviews with a discarnate entity.
    Liber DCCLXXVII. (777) [B] - Vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticae Viae Explicandae, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicorum sanctissimorum Scientae Summae ::: A complete Dictionary of the Correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It is to the language of Occultism what Webster or Murray is to the English Language. The reprint with additions will shortly be published.

Blazing_P2_-_Map_the_Stages_of_Conventional_Consciousness, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  behavior; the adult is involved in the personal control of psychological self-definition and
  value-directed conduct in the world. A woman we interviewed describes the essence of this
  self-definition: I know that I have very defined boundaries, and I protect them very carefully.

Blazing_P3_-_Explore_the_Stages_of_Postconventional_Consciousness, #unset, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  In addressing this issues of a high seventh stage, Shulik, Higgins, and I (see Kohlberg, 1984,
  in press) present case material based on the use of Fowlers (1981) faith interview with a
  sample of aging persons. These interview responses suggest that soft stages of what Fowler
  calls faith and what we call ethical and religious thinking continue to chart adult

BOOK_I._--_PART_III._SCIENCE_AND_THE_SECRET_DOCTRINE_CONTRASTED, #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  [[Footnote continued from previous page]] atoms that materialistic Science takes on faith, though it
  will never succeed in interviewing them -- except in imagination. But Leibnitz is rather contradictory
  in his views about Monads. He speaks of his Metaphysical Points and Formal Atoms, at one time as

Evening_Talks_With_Sri_Aurobindo, #Talks With Sri Aurobindo, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Chapter II. My Meeting with the Master and interviews
  Over and above Sadhana, writing-work and rendering spiritual help to the world during his apparent retirement there were plenty of other activities of which the outside world has no knowledge. Many prominent as well as less known persons sought and obtained interviews with him during these years. Thus, among the well-known persons may be mentioned C. R. Das, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sarala Devi, Dr. Munje, Khasirao Jadhava, Tagore Sylvain Levy. The great national poet of Tamilnad, S. Subramanya Bharati, was in contact with Sri Aurobindo for some years during his stay at Pondicherry; so was V. V. S. Aiyar. The famous V. Ramaswamy Aiyangar Va. Ra. of Tamil literature stayed with Sri Aurobindo for nearly three years and was influenced by him. Some of these facts have been already mentioned in A Life of Sri Aurobindo.
  My meeting with the Master
  at Pondicherry and interview
  interview with a Disciple
  interview with Sarala Devi Chowdhurani
  An interview with a Sadhak
  A Sadhaks interview:
  Sri Aurobindo generally used to see his disciples and visitors from outside, who came with the express purpose of seeing him, between 9 and 11 in the morning. He used to glance at the daily paper The Hindu and then grant interviews. These were very informal and often intimate in the sense that the disciple would relate his experiences and difficulties, and visitors from outside generally sought his advice on spiritual matters or individual guidance in some public activity. One such interview is given here to illustrate how he dealt with the questions of Sadhana, spiritual practice.
  interview with V:
  interview with G:
  interview with a Sadhak R., a professor:
  The same Sadhaka again had an interview with Sri Aurobindo before his departure.
  [Second interview]
  Mahatma Gandhi had an interview with Dilip Kumar Roy at Poona. The main subject discussed was art. During the talk Mahatmaji said he was himself an artist, that asceticism was the highest art. He expressed the view that he had kept the Ashram walls bare of any paintings because he believed that walls were meant for protection and not for painting. He maintained that no art could be greater than Natures, Life is the greatest art, etc.
  An interview concerning instructions for Sadhana to a disciple:
  interview with V:
  Sri Aurobindo: If you expect manners from modern papers you will be sorely disappointed in these democratic days. It is one of the blessings of modern democracy! If you were in America and did not give an interview even then they would invent one! The press is a public institution. Formerly, it was something dignified, but now the newspapers are the correct measures of the futility of human life.
  Disciple: (giving a turn to the talk) Nothing seems to have come out of Chamberlain-Mussolini interview. Both parties say, they are satisfied with the results.
  Sri Aurobindo: Have you read Hitlers interview with Col. Beck in the Sunday Times?
  Sri Aurobindo: It was shouting at each other. It is said that when Hitler begins to shout his eyes become glassy and it means disaster. But in this interview when he began to shout and eyes turned glassy, Beck began to shout louder. Hitler was much surprised to find this unexpected return and himself toned down.
  Disciple: What was the result of the interview?

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   frightened, and inquired the address of Mr. Madrolle. It was not
   without some trouble that he obtained an interview with this singular
   pamphleteer, and here is, more or less, their conversation:

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  Liber DCC (700) [] - Liber vel Vesta ::: This is the Book of the Robes of the Outer.
  Liber DCCXXIX (729) [C] - The Amalantrah Working ::: interviews with a discarnate entity.
  Liber DCCLXXVII. (777) [B] - Vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticae Viae Explicandae, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicorum sanctissimorum Scientae Summae ::: A complete Dictionary of the Correspondences of all magical elements, reprinted with extensive additions, making it the only standard comprehensive book of reference ever published. It is to the language of Occultism what Webster or Murray is to the English Language. The reprint with additions will shortly be published.

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  own reactionaries who did not want to comprehend and adopt the advanced experience of the Soviet
  Union. They recorded interviews through the microphones of radio reporters, listening all the time to
  their own voices and coquettishly elucidating what they wished to say in their last or their first book.

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  Mr. MacIver had an interview with Sri Bhagavan and spoke about diksha.

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  After his return from Europe, Mr. D. had a private interview with
  Sri Bhagavan for a few minutes. He said that his former visit had had some effect but not as much as he wanted. He could concentrate on his work. Is not concentration indispensable for spiritual progress? Karma appealed to him because that helped towards concentration.

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  that Germany before Hitler was more cultured than the present Germany.
  That reported interview with the Kaiser expressed the contrast very well.
  PURANI: Yes, he said the Nazis were a gang of ruffians and blackguards,
  SRI AUROBINDO: That is understandable.
  PURANI: Nothing seems to be given out in the papers about the interview between Chamberlain and Mussolini. Both parties say they are satisfied with
  the results.
  29 JANUARY 1939
  SRI AUROBINDO (to Purani): Have you read the report of Hitler's interview
  with Colonel Beck in the Sunday Times?
  SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. It is said that when Hitler begins to shout and his eyes
  become glassy, it means some disaster. But in this interview when he began
  shouting and his eyes got the glassy look, Beck began to shout louder. Hitler
  Nirodbaran said that a Chinese professor had been much impressed by his
  interview with the Mother.
  SRI AUROBINDO: Yes, he says he is going to conquer China for me. He also
  can he say now that Z is not doing your Yoga?
  CHAMPAKLAL: I hear X also had an hour's interview with Z.
  from the vital and physical being; those who are open can feel it and be influenced by it.
  DR. MANILAL: When I come for the Mother's interview or even stay here I
  feel something everywhere, while at Baroda I don't get that peace and calm.
  SRI AUROBINDO: Suren Ghose in his interview with The Mother has spoken all
  about it and the Mother has said whatever is necessary.

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  28 JULY 1940
  Mussolini, on his fifty-seventh birthday, has given an interview to press reporters. He bared his upper body and said, "Am I sick? Am I old?" and then
  galloped around on a horse.
  PURANI: He was the same man who came here with Tagore and was not allowed to accompany Tagore during his interview with you. He was very angry. I remember the story of a Brahmo. He was asked by somebody where
  some particular theatre was; he said he didn't know. He realised that he had
  SATYENDRA: Everybody is silent on the Viceroy's declaration. Jinnah,
  Gandhi, C.R. nobody says anything. And he is interviewing the leaders all
  over again. He seems to be bent on expansion of his council, but perhaps nobody will accept it except the Liberals.
  SRI AUROBINDO: Then how can they say that Bose met Baron on the 4th?
  Not only that, even after the interview Baron met the Bengal Governor and
  expressed his confidence in Bose. What is the matter then?
  NIRODBARAN: Yes, he says that as there is no common ground, no use of
  any interview.
  SATYENDRA: They will send a formal reply after the Working Committee
  Congress meeting.)
  PURANI: Gandhi in his interview may ask for clarification of the whole
  question again and, if the Government doesn't offer satisfactory reforms, he
  27 SEPTEMBER 1940
  SATYENDRA: It seems Jinnah carried many files with him to his interview
  with the Viceroy.
  from England?
  Any news about Gandhi's second interview with the Viceroy?
  PURANI: No, there is conjecture that Gandhi may have urged the release of
  7 OCTOBER 1940
  PURANI: Gandhi has made a long statement about his interview, with the
  Viceroy. He says that the Viceroy was very patient, very courteous but unbending. Gandhi discussed all the problems with him and he listened to everything patiently as no Viceroy had done before. But he didn't go into any

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  find great relief in this life. He offers you the next step each
  time you interview with him. Your progress will be directly
  proportional to how well you follow the instructions, your

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