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--- JOSH
  This is more of an image of how my mind seems then of reality

'A book is a mirror: if an ape looks into it an apostle is hardly likely to look out.
~ Georg C Lichtenberg',

'One book opens another.
~ al-Razi',

'If one but tell a thing well, it moves on with undying voice,
and over the fruitful earth and across the sea goes the bright gleam of noble deeds ever unquenchable.
~ Pindar, Isthmian Odes, IV, l. 67',

'For it is in God alone, by the possession of the Divine only that all the discords of life can be resolved, and therefore the raising of men towards the Divine is in the end the one effective way of helping mankind. All the other activities and realisations of our self-experience have their use and power, but in the end these crowded sidetracks or these lonely paths must circle round to converge into the wideness of the integral way by which the liberated soul transcends all, embraces all and becomes the promise and the power of the fulfilment of all in their manifested being of the Divine.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Soul and Its Liberation',

Concentration on the Divine is the only truly valid thing. To do what the Divine wants us to do is the only thing valid.
   ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother - II, The True Aim of Life

'Remember always that you too are Brahman and the divine Shakti is working in you;
reach out always to the realisation of God\'s omnipotence and his delight in the Lila.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays In Philosophy And Yoga',

'The boy with the flute is Sri Krishna, the Lord descended into the world-play from the divine Ananda;
his flute is the music of the call which seeks to transform the lower ignorant play of mortal life and bring into it and establish in its place the lila of his divine Ananda.
It was the psychic being in you that heard the call and followed after it.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Yoga - III',

'All this is true and false; and it is true and false to say that it is true and false.
~ Aleister Crowley',

'... next, the practice of this Yoga demands a constant inward rememberance ...
In all is the one Self, the one Divine is all; all are in the Divine, all are the Divine and there is nothing else in the universe, ...
~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga',

'Many are the names of God and infinite are the forms through which He may be approached.
In whatever name and form you worship Him, through them you will realise Him.
~ Sri Ramakrishna, Sayings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa',

'What is that, knowing which we will know everything?
   ~ Swami Vivekananda, Rajayoga, 36',

'But where shall wisdom be found? and where is the place of understanding?
~ Anonymous, The_Bible, Job',

'The Supreme\'s power is infinite -it is our faith that is small. With my Blessings.
~ the_Mother, Mantras Of The Mother, 23 August',

'Desire to see God, be fearful of losing Him, and find joy in everything that can lead to Him.
If you act in this way, you will always live in great peace.
~ Saint Teresa of Avila',

'But behind all these and in them he has felt a Divinity who is all these things,
a Bringer of Light, a Guide and All-Knower, a Master of Force, A Giver of Bliss, Friend, Helper, Father, Mother,
Playmate in the world-game, an absolute Master of his being, his souls Beloved and Lover.
All relations known to human personality are there in the souls contact with the Divine;
but they rise towards superhuman levels and compel him towards a divine nature.
~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga',

'The idea of organization is the first step, that of interpretation the second.
The Master of the Temple, whose grade corresponds to Binah, is sworn to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with his soul.
~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA',

'It is the mark of the mind untrained to take its own processes as valid for all men, and its own judgments for absolute truth.
~ Aleister Crowley',

'For nothing is known while aught remains concealed;
The Truth is known only when all is seen.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri',

'Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation but as a question.
[A caution he gives his students, to be wary of dogmatism.
~ Niels Bohr',

'The supramental Yoga is at once an ascent towards God and a descent of Godhead into the embodied nature.
The ascent can only be achieved by a one-centered all-gathering upward aspiration of the soul and mind and life and body;
the descent can only come by a call of the whole being towards the infinite and the eternal Divine.
If this call and this aspiration are there, or if by any means they can be born and grow constantly and seize all the nature,
then and then only a supramental uplifting and transformation becomes possible.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human',

'The principle of Yoga is the turning of one or of all powers of our human existence into a means of reaching the divine Being.
~ Sri Aurobindo',

'The Path of Works aims at the dedication of every human activity to the supreme Will.
~ Sri Aurobindo',

'... the end of Yoga of Knowledge is God-possession, it is to possess God and be possessed by him through consciousness, through identification, through reflection of the divine Reality.
But not merely in some abstraction away from our present existence, but here also; therefore to possess the Divine in himself, the Divine in the world, the Divine within, the Divine in all things and all beings.
~ Sri Aurobindo',

'God is the answer to every question.
~ Hazrat Inayat Khan',

'He who denies the existence of God, has some reason for wishing that God did not exist.
~ Saint Augustine of Hippo',

'When a person meditates on these matters and recognizes all the creations, the angels, the spheres, man, and the like, and appreciates the wisdom of the Holy One, blessed be He,
in all these creations, he will add to his love for God. His soul will thirst and his flesh will long with love for God, blessed be He.
He will stand in awe and fear from his humble, lowly, and base [nature] when he compares himself to one of the great and holy bodies,
how much more so when comparing himself to the pure forms which are separate from matter and do not share any connection with it.
He will see himself as a vessel full of embarrassment and shame, empty and lacking.
~ Maimonides',

'The guru is the equal of all the buddhas.
To make any connection with him, whether through seeing him, hearing his voice, remembering him or being touched by his hand, will lead us toward liberation.
To have full confidence in him is the sure way to progress toward enlightenment.
The warmth of his wisdom and compassion will melt the ore of our being and release the gold of the buddha-nature within.
~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche',

'Think of the Divine alone and the Divine will be with you.
~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother - II, The Divine Is with You,',

'You don't seek the way. The way seeks you.
~ Kodo Sawaki',

'For hours, since I sat facing you, you have stayed mute.
Your meaning, ampler than words, addresses itself to me.
Cases removed, books lie open, scattered by the bedside.
Beyond the bamboo screen, a shower falls on a plum tree.
~ Taigu Ryokan',

'Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.
~ Jalaluddin Rumi',

'Repeating the name of the Beloved
I have become the Beloved myself.
Whom shall I call the Beloved now?
~ Bulleh Shah',

'Bhakti, love of God, is the essence of all spiritual discipline.
Through love one acquires renunciation and discrimination naturally.
~ Sri Ramakrishna, The Gospel of Ramakrishna',

'But please remember: this is only a work of fiction.
The truth, as always, will be far stranger.
~ Arthur C. Clarke',

'All philosophy is concerned with the relations between two things,
the fundamental truth of existence and the forms in which existence presents itself to our experience.
~ Sri Aurobindo',

'[Contemporary man] is blind to the fact that, with all his rationality and efficiency, he is possessed by 'powers' that are beyond his control.
His gods and demons have not disappeared at all; they have merely got new names.
They keep him on the run with restlessness, vague apprehensions, psychological complications,
an insatiable need for pills, alcohol, tobacco, food - and, above all, a large array of neuroses.
~ Carl Jung',

'Education to be complete must have five principal aspects corresponding to the five principal activities of the human being:
the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual.
Usually, these phases of education follow chronologically the growth of the individual;
this, however, does not mean that one of them should replace another, but that all must continue, completing one another until the end of his life.
~ The Mother, On Education',

'Ts\'ui Pe must have said once: I am withdrawing to write a book.
And another time: I am withdrawing to construct a labyrinth.
Every one imagined two works; to no one did it occur that the book and the maze were one and the same thing."
~ Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden Of Forking Paths',

'All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
~ Albert Einstein, Relativity',

'The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.
~ Socrates',

'I have been digging deep and long
Mid a horror of filth and mire
A bed for the golden river\'s song,
A home for the deathless fire.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, A God\'s Labour',

'Their false compassion is called compassion and their false understanding is called understanding, for this is their most potent spell.
~ Aleister Crowley',

'The whole purpose of the Yoga is to gather all the divergent parts together and forge them into an undivided unity.
Till then you cannot hope to be without difficulties - difficulties, for example, like doubt or depression or hesitation.
~ The Mother, Questions And Answers 1929-1931',

'Go deep inside the temple and you will find me there.
~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother - I',

'So it towered up to heights intangible
And disappeared in the hushed conscious Vast
As climbs a storeyed temple-tower to heaven
Built by the aspiring soul of man to live
Near to his dream of the Invisible.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Stair',

'As if in a long endless tossing street
One driven mid a trampling hurrying crowd
Hour after hour she trod without release
Holding by her will the senseless meute at bay;
Out of the dreadful press she dragged her will
And fixed her thought upon the saviour Name;
Then all grew still and empty; she was free.
~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Entry into the Inner Countries',

'"Savitri", the poem, the word of Sri Aurobindo is the cosmic Answer to the cosmic Question.
And Savitri, the person, the Godhead, the Divine Woman is the Divine\'s response to the human aspiration.
~ Nolini Kanta Gupta, Savitri',

'The Study of philosophy is not that we may know what men have thought, but what the truth of things is.
~ Saint Thomas Aquinas',

'Since the measuring device has been constructed by the observer ...
we have to remember that what we observe is not nature itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning.
~ Heisenberg',

'Every reader should ask himself periodically \'Toward what end, toward what end?\'
-- but do not ask it too often lest you pass up the fun of programming for the constipation of bittersweet philosophy.
~ Harold Abelson, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs',

'When my Beloved appears,
With what eye do I see Him?
With His eye, not with mine,
For none sees Him except Himself.
~ Ibn Arabi',

'Never underestimate the importance of keeping your vows.
Just how a castle will protect the king from being attacked by the enemy,
the vows will protect your mind from being attacked by your mental afflictions.
~ Chamtrul Rinpoche',

'A constant and unfailing will of consecration of all ourselves to the Supreme is demanded of us,
an offering of our whole being and our many-chambered nature to the Eternal who is the All.
The effective fullness of our concentration on the one thing needful to the exclusion of all else will be the measure of our self-consecration to the One who is alone desirable.
But this exclusiveness will in the end exclude nothing except the falsehood of our way of seeing the world and our wills ignorance.
~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga',

'The great teachers say that forgetfulness is the root of all evil, and is death for those who seek release;
so one should rest the mind in ones Self and should never forget the Self: this is the aim.
If the mind is controlled, all else can be controlled.
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Self-Enquiry',

'To see God is to be God. He alone is.
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Maharshis Gospel',

'All are seeing God always. But they do not know it.
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi',

'A psychic fire within must be lit into which all is thrown with the Divine Name upon it.
~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga, The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 2',

'It is by God\'s grace that you think of God!
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks',

'Deliver us, O Allah, from the Sea of Names.
~ Ibn Arabi',

'Whatever you do, always remember the Divine.
~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother - II, The_Divine_Is_with_You',

'In the Divine, by the Divine all is transfigured and glorified;
in the Divine is found the key of all mysteries and all powers.
~ the_Mother, Words Of The Mother - II'

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--- Overview of noun index_

The noun index has 5 senses (first 2 from tagged texts)
1. (1) index ::: (a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number)
2. (1) index, index number, indicant, indicator ::: (a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time)
3. exponent, power, index ::: (a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself)
4. index ::: (an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed)
5. index, index finger, forefinger ::: (the finger next to the thumb)

--- Overview of verb index_

The verb index has 3 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (1) index ::: (list in an index)
2. index ::: (provide with an index; "index the book")
3. index ::: (adjust through indexation; "The government indexes wages and prices")

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun index_

5 senses of index                          

Sense 1
   => scale, scale of measurement, graduated table, ordered series
     => standard, criterion, measure, touchstone
       => system of measurement, metric
         => measure, quantity, amount
           => abstraction, abstract entity
             => entity

Sense 2
index, index number, indicant, indicator
   => fact
     => information, info
       => message, content, subject matter, substance
         => communication
           => abstraction, abstract entity
             => entity

Sense 3
exponent, power, index
   => mathematical notation
     => notation, notational system
       => writing
         => written communication, written language, black and white
           => communication
             => abstraction, abstract entity
               => entity

Sense 4
   => list, listing
     => database
       => information, info
         => message, content, subject matter, substance
           => communication
             => abstraction, abstract entity
               => entity

Sense 5
index, index finger, forefinger
   => finger
     => digit, dactyl
       => extremity, appendage, member
         => external body part
           => body part
             => part, piece
               => thing
                 => physical entity
                   => entity
     => extremity
       => external body part
         => body part
           => part, piece
             => thing
               => physical entity
                 => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun index_

4 of 5 senses of index                        

Sense 1
   => margin of safety, safety margin, margin of error

Sense 2
index, index number, indicant, indicator
   => body mass index, BMI
   => business index
   => leading indicator
   => price index, price level
   => short account
   => stock index, stock market index

Sense 3
exponent, power, index
   => degree
   => logarithm, log

Sense 4
   => concordance

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun index_

5 senses of index                          

Sense 1
   => scale, scale of measurement, graduated table, ordered series

Sense 2
index, index number, indicant, indicator
   => fact

Sense 3
exponent, power, index
   => mathematical notation

Sense 4
   => list, listing

Sense 5
index, index finger, forefinger
   => finger

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun index_

5 senses of index                          

Sense 1
  -> scale, scale of measurement, graduated table, ordered series
   => Beaufort scale, wind scale
   => index
   => logarithmic scale
   => Mercalli scale
   => Mohs scale
   => Richter scale
   => moment magnitude scale
   => temperature scale
   => wage scale, wage schedule

Sense 2
index, index number, indicant, indicator
  -> fact
   => record, record book, book
   => basics, rudiments
   => index, index number, indicant, indicator

Sense 3
exponent, power, index
  -> mathematical notation
   => numeration system, number system, number representation system, system of numeration
   => binary notation
   => decimal notation
   => octal notation
   => duodecimal notation
   => hexadecimal notation, sexadecimal notation
   => sign
   => decimal point, percentage point, point
   => exponent, power, index
   => fixed-point notation, fixed-point representation system
   => floating-point notation, floating-point representation system
   => infix notation
   => parenthesis-free notation

Sense 4
  -> list, listing
   => agenda, agendum, order of business
   => A-list
   => bibliography
   => bill
   => blacklist, black book, shitlist
   => calendar
   => calorie chart
   => canon
   => catalog, catalogue
   => character set
   => checklist
   => class list, honours list
   => codex
   => contents, table of contents
   => corrigenda
   => credits
   => criminal record, record
   => directory
   => distribution list
   => enumeration, numbering
   => FAQ
   => free list
   => grocery list, shopping list
   => hit list
   => hit parade
   => index
   => key
   => key
   => inventory, stock list
   => mailing list
   => masthead, flag
   => menu, computer menu
   => necrology
   => playlist, play list
   => portfolio
   => posting
   => price list
   => push-down list, push-down stack, stack
   => queue
   => roll, roster
   => schedule
   => shopping list
   => short list, shortlist
   => sick list
   => slate, ticket
   => standing
   => wish list

Sense 5
index, index finger, forefinger
  -> finger
   => thumb, pollex
   => index, index finger, forefinger
   => ring finger, annualry
   => middle finger
   => little finger, pinkie, pinky

--- Grep of noun index_
index case
index finger
index fossil
index fund
index number
index of refraction
index register

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