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Authors Name ::: ( ex. Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Aleister Crowley, Peter J. Carroll, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Voltaire, Epictetus, Aristotle ) ("cats auth" for a list of authors by subject or "ac keys")
Subject Name ::: ( ex. physics, occultism, zen, sufi, poetry (soon subject name alone will do for all of them))
Book Name ::: ( ex. The Synthesis of Yoga, Savitri, Liber ABA, The Life Divine, Words of the Mother, Prayers and Meditations, Liber Null, The Bible)
Noun ::: ( ex. God, Ignorance, Knowledge, Will, Light, She, Supermind, the Path, The Aim, the Way, strength, intelligence, wisdom, willpower, training)
Verb ::: ( ex. concentrate, dance, forget, meditate, offer, play, pray, realize, remember, sacrifice, save, surrender) ("cats verbs" for a list of verbs)
Adjectives/Adverbs ::: ( ex. always, everyday, effective, never, )
Interrogatives ::: ( ex. who, what, where, when, why, how, whence, whether, whither)
String/Bigram ::: ( ex. a cry came, eternal lotus, divine response, God is, love is)
Symbol ::: ( ex. :, !, >, \? )
Other Databases ::: ( ex. cats auth, gloss ^a, occ ^s, auth Sri Aurobindo)
Syntax ::: ( ex. "man " or man\s (so as to find "man " but not "many")
Regex ::: ( ex. Sri Aurobindo.*The Mother or ^"what) (regex cheatsheet & examples)
All ::: (pressing enter with no input shows all quotes from keys)
(then press enter to search through the keys quotes database.)

further examples are given below
all categories can be found with "cats :::" (like Authors sorted by Subject)

Special Keys
[TAB]: focuses in on the input element, which means its ready for you to type
[CAPS LOCK]: removes all previously printed results (clears)
[CTRL]: does classic search which gives view in book option, also supports regex
note also: enter can be pressed from anywhere, even when the element isnt selected

Special Commands
ac "db" ..... (sorts and counts number of authors in db (keys, arex, super)) (ex. "ac super")

Databases Info:
Alternatively, you can search other databases by starting the query with its name. (ex "gloss brahman" or "cats names").
There are three main types of Databases: Quotes, Glossaries, and Other.
They are described next:

keys ..... (main quotes database) (3200 Quotes ~)
major ..... (23409 Quotes) (is an extract of the fulldatabase (of whitelisted authors)))
fulldatabase ..... (186000 Quotes ~)

gloss ..... (Sanskrit glossary from Record of Yoga) (3156 terms ~)
san ..... (Sanskrit glossary from SABCL) (3140 terms :::)
iye ..... (Glossary of English Terms in Integral Yoga Literature) ( (147 terms :::)
aqal ..... (AQAL glossary (Matt Rentschler's)) (175 terms :::)
occ ..... (Occult glossary (Gottfried de Purucker's)) (252 terms :::)
inv .... (investment terms extracts from investopedia)

Other: (mostly for finding search terms and meta info)
cats ..... (categories_main) (:::)
most ..... (map of search terms(experimental) + wordnet)
wikiauthors ..... (author extracts from wikipedia (mainly for ac))
2grams, 3grams, 4grams, 5grams ..... (various NGrams from the keys database)
syn ..... (synonyms) (:::)
auth ..... (authors) (:::)

todo ..... (todo list for LUM)

Search Examples & Favorites: (and descriptions)
~ try one ~ (TAB goes back to the input box)
forget (SOOOO GOOD)
answer.*Mother (what the Mother say about "answer")
my God is
why is
keys God
keys Sri Aurobindo
keys sunlit path
keys suffering
keys prayer
keys meditation
keys #physics
keys #occultism (all quotes with occultism tag)
keys The Mother.*~ Sri Aurobindo (what Sri Aurobindo says about the Mother)
keys ~ (shows all quotes from keys)
gloss Savitri
cats auth (for a list of authors which one can then search for)
cats terms (for a list of some search terms)
cats names (for lists of authors sorted by subject)
auth Norbert Weiner
cats ::: (shows all listed categories)
iye ::: (shows all entries)
san ::: (shows all definitions in san)
todo . (shows my todo list for LUM)
[super ^"the ] ..... (shows about 5000 results starting with "The" (very cool))

Notes & Commands:
supports regular expressions, and is case insensitive
the word bubble below can give some hints as to possible search terms
typing in only one word should auto search keys
pressing "left tab", should automatically focus in on the input element, which means its ready for you to type
and enter can be pressed from anywhere, even when the element isnt selected
pressing "left shift", should remove all previously printed results, and focus on input

This program is a means for searching through some 15000 quotes and short of 7000 definitions.
All of "keys" has been hand picked.

Local Options:
arex(should be local)
vsbuff TERMS (88 ~)

github lum.js
github data-for-lum


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Regular Expressions Cheatsheet:

abc... ..... Letters
123... ..... Digits
\d ..... Any Digit
\D ..... Any Non-digit character
. ..... Any Character
\. ..... Period
[abc] ..... Only a, b, or c
[^abc] ..... Not a, b, nor c
[a-z] ..... Characters a to z
[0-9] ..... Numbers 0 to 9
\w ..... Any Alphanumeric character
\W ..... Any Non-alphanumeric character
{m} ..... m Repetitions
{m,n} ..... m to n Repetitions
* ..... Zero or more repetitions
+ ..... One or more repetitions
? ..... Optional character
\s ..... Any Whitespace
\S ..... Any Non-whitespace character
^...$ ..... Starts and ends
(...) ..... Capture Group
(a(bc)) ..... Capture Sub-group
(.*) ..... Capture all
(abc|def) ..... Matches abc or def
\b ..... beginning of word

regex tutorial

Regex Examples & Favorites

Regular Expression What it does
She\s.*~ Sri Aurobindo What Sri Aurobindo says of She.
suffering.*Mother (what The Mother says about suffering)
^(?=.*Aurobindo)(?=.*God).* (contains Aurobindo and God at some point)
^(?=.*~ Sri Aurobindo)(?=.*Aurobindo.*~).* (Sri Aurobindo speaking of Sri Aurobindo)
^(?=.*~ The Mother)(?=.*Mother.*~)(?!.*>).* (The Mother talking about The Mother but not containing ">")
^(?=.*Sri Aurobindo)|(?=.*The Mother).* (Contains The Mother or Sri Aurobindo)
^(?=.*Sri Aurobindo)|(?=.*The Mother)(?=.*already).* (Contains Sri Aurobindo or The Mother) and (already)
^(?!.*a).* (does not contain the letter a)
^(?=.*God)(?!.*Aurobindo).* (contains God but not Aurobindo)
gloss ^s (lines in gloss that start with s or S)
^((?!a).)*$ (lines without the letter "a" from keys)