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--- DICTIONARIES (in Dictionaries, in Quotes, in Chapters)

gamecock ::: n. --> The male game fowl.

gamed ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Game

game fowl ::: --> A handsome breed of the common fowl, remarkable for the great courage and pugnacity of the males.

gameful ::: a. --> Full of game or games.

game ::: n. --> Crooked; lame; as, a game leg.
To rejoice; to be pleased; -- often used, in Old English, impersonally with dative.
To play at any sport or diversion.
To play for a stake or prize; to use cards, dice, billiards, or other instruments, according to certain rules, with a view to win money or other thing waged upon the issue of the contest; to gamble.

gamekeeper ::: n. --> One who has the care of game, especially in a park or preserve.

gameless ::: a. --> Destitute of game.

gamely ::: adv. --> In a plucky manner; spiritedly.

gameness ::: n. --> Endurance; pluck.

gamesome ::: a. --> Gay; sportive; playful; frolicsome; merry.

gamester ::: n. --> A merry, frolicsome person.
A person who plays at games; esp., one accustomed to play for a stake; a gambler; one skilled in games.
A prostitute; a strumpet.

<games> "The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted." --
{Bertrand Russell}.
Here are some games-related pages on the {Web}: {Imperial
Nomic (},
{Thoth's games and recreations page
{Games Domain (},
{Zarf's List of Games on the Web
{Dave's list of pointers to games resources
{Collaborative Fiction
See also {3DO}, {ADL}, {ADVENT}, {ADVSYS}, {alpha/beta
pruning}, {Amiga}, {CHIP-8}, {Core Wars}, {DROOL}, {empire},
{I see no X here.}, {Infocom}, {Inglish}, {initgame}, {life},
{minimax}, {moria}, {mudhead}, {multi-user Dimension},
{nethack}, {ogg}, {plugh}, {rogue}, {SPACEWAR}, {virtual
reality}, {wizard mode}, {wumpus}, {xyzzy}, {ZIL}, {zorkmid}.
See also {game theory}.

game tree
<games> A {tree} representing contingencies in a game. Each
{node} in a game tree represents a possible position (e.g.,
possible configuration of pieces on a chessboard) in the game,
and each branching ("edge" in graph terms) represents a
possible move.

gamecock ::: n. --> The male game fowl.

gamed ::: imp. & p. p. --> of Game

game fowl ::: --> A handsome breed of the common fowl, remarkable for the great courage and pugnacity of the males.

gameful ::: a. --> Full of game or games.

game ::: n. --> Crooked; lame; as, a game leg.
To rejoice; to be pleased; -- often used, in Old English, impersonally with dative.
To play at any sport or diversion.
To play for a stake or prize; to use cards, dice, billiards, or other instruments, according to certain rules, with a view to win money or other thing waged upon the issue of the contest; to gamble.

gamekeeper ::: n. --> One who has the care of game, especially in a park or preserve.

gameless ::: a. --> Destitute of game.

gamely ::: adv. --> In a plucky manner; spiritedly.

gameness ::: n. --> Endurance; pluck.

gamesome ::: a. --> Gay; sportive; playful; frolicsome; merry.

gamester ::: n. --> A merry, frolicsome person.
A person who plays at games; esp., one accustomed to play for a stake; a gambler; one skilled in games.
A prostitute; a strumpet.

Gameway ceremonials: Magic hunting rites of the Navajo Indians.

Gamerin—in ceremonial magical rites, an angel

games ::: (games) The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted. -- Bertrand Russell.Here are some games-related pages on the Web: , , , .See also 3DO, ADL, ADVENT, ADVSYS, alpha/beta pruning, Amiga, CHIP-8, Core Wars, DROOL, empire, I see no X here., Infocom, Inglish, initgame, life, minimax, moria, mudhead, multi-user Dimension, nethack, ogg, plugh, rogue, SPACEWAR, virtual reality, wizard mode, wumpus, xyzzy, ZIL, zorkmid.See also game theory. (1996-03-03)

game tree ::: (games) A tree representing contingencies in a game. Each node in a game tree represents a possible position (e.g., possible configuration of pieces on a chessboard) in the game, and each branching (edge in graph terms) represents a possible move. (1998-11-14)

Game theory (or the theory, of games) - The theory that studies rational decision making in situations in which one must anticipate the reactions of one's competitors to the moves that one makes.

game theory: In The mathematical study of mathematical objects called games which consists of a set of players, a set of actions available to players during specified stages of the game and specified method for determining the payoffs for the players.

--- QUOTES [72 / 72 - 500 / 16275] (in Dictionaries, in Quotes, in Chapters)

KEYS (10k)

   18 Sri Aurobindo
   13 Gary Gygax
   3 The Mother
   2 Tom Butler-Bowdon
   2 Friedrich Nietzsche
   1 Wikipedia
   1 Voltaire
   1 Unknown
   1 Terry Pratchett
   1 Terence McKenna
   1 Sri Ramakrishna
   1 Seymour Papert
   1 Satprem
   1 Robert Anton Wilson
   1 Richard P Feynman
   1 Peter J Carroll
   1 Orson Scott Card
   1 Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche
   1 Kim's Law
   1 KGentle
   1 Ken Wilber
   1 Karen Blixen
   1 Joseph Goodman
   1 Jordan Peterson
   1 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
   1 Heraclitus
   1 George Carlin
   1 Georg C Lichtenberg
   1 Essential Integral
   1 Epictetus
   1 Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook.
   1 Chin-Ning Chu
   1 Blaise Pascal
   1 Anonymous
   1 Alfred Korzybski
   1 Aleister Crowley
   1 Aeschylus


   9 Anonymous
   7 Suzanne Collins
   6 Neil Gaiman
   4 Rick Riordan
   4 Arthur Conan Doyle
   3 Woody Hayes
   3 Victoria Aveyard
   3 Triple H
   3 Stephen King
   3 Paul Kagame
   3 Michael Jordan
   3 Mark Cheverton
   3 Leigh Bardugo
   3 Jane McGonigal
   3 Bill Gates
   3 Babe Ruth
   3 Alex Ferguson
   2 Yogi Berra
   2 William Shakespeare
   2 V E Schwab
   2 Tupac Shakur
   2 Thomas Pynchon
   2 Simone Elkeles
   2 Seth Godin
   2 Sarah Silverman
   2 Richard Paul Evans
   2 Reki Kawahara
   2 Red Smith
   2 Poppet
   2 Plautus
   2 Paula McLain
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   2 Nas
   2 M C Escher
   2 Mario Lemieux
   2 Lou Holtz
   2 LL Cool J
   2 LaDainian Tomlinson
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   2 Ice Cube
   2 Heraclitus
   2 George R R Martin
   2 George Carlin
   2 Gary Vaynerchuk
   2 Eminem
   2 Elizabeth Gilbert
   2 David Beckham
   2 CC Sabathia
   2 Bobby Jones
   2 Bobby Fischer
   2 Bisco Hatori
   2 Benjamin Franklin
   2 Ben Hogan
   2 Barack Obama

1:The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules. ~ Gary Gygax,
2:Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game. ~ Gary Gygax,
3:Time is a game played beautifully by children. ~ Heraclitus,
4:That the world is a divine game and beyond good and evil: in this the Vedanta and Heraclitus are my predecessors. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
5:The game I play is a very interesting one. It's imagination, in a tight straightjacket. ~ Richard P Feynman,
6:Understanding how to surmount pain, doubt, and failure is an important aspect of the game of winning at life. ~ Chin-Ning Chu,
7:Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
8:Some of the roots of role-playing games (RPGs) are grounded in clinical and academic role assumption and role-playing exercises. ~ Gary Gygax,
9:Even wisdom, hewer of the roads of God,Is a partner in the deep disastrous game: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 10.03 - The Debate of Love and Death,
10:There work was play and play the only work,The tasks of heaven a game of godlike might: ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri The Glory and Fall of Life,
11:What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays In Philosophy And Yoga Thoughts And Glimpses,
12:Fate covered with an unseen necessityThe game of chance of an omnipotent Will. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri The Yoga of the King,
13:Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. ~ Voltaire,
14:It is for ananda that the world exists; for joy that the Self puts Himself into the great and serious game of life. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Karmayogin The Awakening Soul of India,
15:Indian culture did not deface nor impoverish the richness of the grand game of human life. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India A Rationalistic Critic on Indian Culture - V,
16:Games give you a chance to excel, and if you're playing in good company you don't even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game. ~ Gary Gygax,
17:Practice is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in the phrase practice makes perfect. ~ ,
18:Develop a Minimum Viable Product but with Maximum Viable Planning ~ Kim's Law, Game Design Iteration vs Planning MVP Dangerous.php ,
19:It not seldom happens that in the purposeless rovings and wanderings of the imagination we hunt down such game as can be put to use by our purposeful philosophy in its well-ordered household. ~ Georg C Lichtenberg,
20:All seems in vain, yet endless is the game.Impassive turns the ever-circling Wheel,Life has no issue, death brings no release. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 02.06 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life,
21:After all, for the greatest as for the smallest of us our strength is not our own but given to us for the game that has to be played, the work that we have to do. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep,
22:A king of greatness and a slave of love,Host of the stars and guest in Nature’s inn,A high spectator spirit throned above,A pawn of passion in the game divine. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems 7.5.37 - Lila,
23:The most immediate influences upon AD&D were probably de Camp & Pratt, R. E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, H P Lovecraft, and A. Merritt. ~ Gary Gygax, Writing in Appendix N AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (1979),
24:He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God. ~ Aeschylus, Agamemnon l. 177,
25:There is a truth to know, a work to do;Her play is real; a Mystery he fulfils:There is a plan in the Mother’s deep world-whim,A purpose in her vast and random game. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 01.04 - The Secret Knowledge,
26:And if it is a play of the All-Existence, then we may well consent to play out our part in it with grace and courage, well take delight in the game along with our divine Playmate. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga 2.05 - Renunciation,
27:In the narrow nether centre’s petty partsIts childish game of daily dwarf desiresWas changed into a sweet and boisterous play,A romp of little gods with life in Time. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri 07.05 - The Finding of the Soul,
28:What does 'the final victory' mean? What is victory and what is defeat? What do they represent in our sports? I was not referring to victory in games, but to the victory of the consciousness over ignorance and stupidity. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother III ,
29:God is, or He is not. But to which side shall we incline? Reason can decide nothing here. There is an infinite chaos which separated us. A game is being played at the extremity of this infinite distance where heads or tails will turn up. What will you wager? ~ Blaise Pascal,
30:Every maker of video games knows something that the makers of curriculum don't seem to understand. You'll never see a video game being advertised as being easy. Kids who do not like school will tell you it's not because it's too hard. It's because it's--boring ~ Seymour Papert,
31:When AI approximates Machine Intelligence, then many online and computer-run RPGs will move towards actual RPG activity. Nonetheless, that will not replace the experience of 'being there,' any more than seeing a theatrical motion picture can replace the stage play. ~ Gary Gygax,
32:Look not so deeply into words and letters; for this Mystery hath been hidden by the Alchemists. Compose the sevenfold into a fourfold regimen; and when thou hast understood thou mayest make symbols; but by playing child's games with symbols thou shalt never understand. ~ Aleister Crowley,
33:There is no winning or losing, but rather the value is in the experience of imagining yourself as a character in whatever genre you're involved in, whether it's a fantasy game, the Wild West, secret agents or whatever else. You get to sort of vicariously experience those things. ~ Gary Gygax,
34:The illusionist sub-class sprang from my reading. So many spellworkers in fable and fiction used only the illusory, not "real magic" that had actual substance and effect, that I thought it would be fun to include such an option in the game. ~ Gary Gygax, ENWorld Q&A with Gary Gygax part 1,
35:The "memorize then fire and forget" principal for casting spells Jack Vance assumed in his fantasy stories seemed perfect to me for use by D&D magic-users. IT required forethought by the player and limited the power of the class all at once. ~ Gary Gygax, ENWorld Q&A with Gary Gygax part 13,
36:In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it's impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. ~ Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game ,
37:The final result is a system where programmers, artists, animators, and designers are productively programming directly in an S-expression Scheme-like language. Dan closed his talk by wowing the audience with the trailer for the game, which has now been released and is garnering extremely positive reviews. ~,
38:In a staggering display of power, the caster causes all portals within 1 mile to blast open in a violent burst. [...] Moreover, normal fasteners and stoppers are loosened or dislodged, such that wine corks fizz open, lids fall off dinner pots, shoelaces unlace, snaps loosen, belts unbuckle, and so on. ~ Joseph Goodman, Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game ,
39:Q: In your opinion, what literary figures would be the appropriate archetype example for the Illusionist class? Gary: I believe that the best examples of illusion magic are found in L. Sprague de Camp's "Haorld Shea" stories, with various practitioners using it, the Finnish wizards most generally. there are plenty of others found in fairy tales such as those of Andrew Lang. ~ Gary Gygax, Dragonsfoot Q&A with Gary Gygax,
40:Activities are endless, like ripples on a stream. They end only when you drop them.Human moods are like the changing highlights and shadows on a sunlit mountain range.All activities are like the games children play, like castles being made of sand.View them with delight and equanimity, like grandparents overseeing their grandchildren, or a shepherd resting on a hill watching over his grazing flock. ~ Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche,
41:Your character grows as the game continues. Each monster defeated, each adventure completed, and each treasure recovered not only adds to your continuing story, but also earns your character new abilities. This increase in power is reflected by your character's level; as you continue to play, your character gains more experience, rising in level and mastering new and more powerful abilities. ~ Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook.,
42:Q: Is it intentional in AD&D that the Haste spell (causing magical aging) should require a system shock roll, risking death? Gary: the system shock check was included so DMs has something to use to prevent abuse of the spell, such as when a PC drank a potion of speed and then had a haste spell cast on him. My players knew better that to try to get cutsy like that when I was the DM. ~ Gary Gygax, Dragonsfoot Q&A with Gary Gygax,
43:God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time. ~ Terry Pratchett, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch,
44:The new D&D is too rule intensive. It's relegated the Dungeon Master to being an entertainer rather than master of the game. It's done away with the archetypes, focused on nothing but combat and character power, lost the group cooperative aspect, bastardized the class-based system, and resembles a comic-book superheroes game more than a fantasy RPG where a player can play any alignment desired, not just lawful good. ~ Gary Gygax, GameSpy interview Pt. 2 (16 August 2004),
45:the Divine Personalities ::: But behind all these and in them he has felt a Divinity who is all these things, a Bringer of Light, a Guide and All-Knower, a Master of Force, A Giver of Bliss, Friend, Helper, Father, Mother, Playmate in the world-game, an absolute Master of his being, his souls Beloved and Lover. All relations known to human personality are there in the souls contact with the Divine; but they rise towards superhuman levels and compel him towards a divine nature. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga ,
46:You are not entering this world in the usual manner, for you are setting forth to be a Dungeon Master. Certainly there are stout fighters, mighty magic-users, wily thieves, and courageous clerics who will make their mark in the magical lands of D&D adventure. You however, are above even the greatest of these, for as DM you are to become the Shaper of the Cosmos. It is you who will give form and content to the all the universe. You will breathe life into the stillness, giving meaning and purpose to all the actions which are to follow. ~ Gary Gygax,
47:To merely gaze upon the images of alchemy, is to in a sense, enter into a kind of psychoanalytical process because what alchemy was, and I should stress this or the rap makes no sense at all alchemy was not the vulgar pursuit of the transmutation of lesser metals into gold or silver. That was the charlatan's game played in every market in Europe for centuries among the simple people. Alchemy is the body of symbols and of literature that accreted around the effort to extract a universal medicine out of Nature for the transformation of societies and human beings. ~ Terence McKenna,
48:There in the Heart, where the couple finally unite, the entire game is undone, the nightmare of evolution, and you are exactly where you were prior to the beginning of the whole show. With a sudden shock of the entirely obvious, you recognize your own Original Face, the face you had prior to the Big Bang, the face of utter Emptiness that smiles as all creation and sings as the entire Kosmos - and it is all undone in that primal glance, and all that is left is the smile, and the reflection of the moon on a quiet pond, late on a crystal clear night. ~ Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything p. 43,
49:John von Neumann (/vɒn ˈnɔɪmən/; Hungarian: Neumann Janos Lajos, pronounced [ˈnɒjmɒn ˈjaːnoʃ ˈlɒjoʃ]; December 28, 1903 - February 8, 1957) was a Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist, inventor, computer scientist, and polymath. He made major contributions to a number of fields, including mathematics (foundations of mathematics, functional analysis, ergodic theory, geometry, topology, and numerical analysis), physics (quantum mechanics, hydrodynamics, and quantum statistical mechanics), economics (game theory), computing (Von Neumann architecture, linear programming, self-replicating machines, stochastic computing), and statistics. ~ Wikipedia,
50:... and you, Marcus, you have given me many things; now I shall give you this good advice. Be many people. Give up the game of being always Marcus Cocoza. You have worried too much about Marcus Cocoza, so that you have been really his slave and prisoner. You have not done anything without first considering how it would affect Marcus Cocoza's happiness and prestige. You were always much afraid that Marcus might do a stupid thing, or be bored. What would it really have mattered? All over the world people are doing stupid things ... I should like you to be easy, your little heart to be light again. You must from now, be more than one, many people, as many as you can think of ...'' ~ Karen Blixen, The Dreamers from Seven Gothic Tales (1934) ,
51:The surest way towards this integral fulfilment is to find the Master of the secret who dwells within us, open ourselves constantly to the divine Power which is also the divine Wisdom and Love and trust to it to effect the conversion. But it is difficult for the egoistic consciousness to do this at all at the beginning. And, if done at all, it is still difficult to do it perfectly and in every strand of our nature. It is difficult at first because our egoistic habits of thought, of sensation, of feeling block up the avenues by which we can arrive at the perception that is needed. It is difficult afterwards because the faith, the surrender, the courage requisite in this path are not easy to the ego-clouded soul. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga game test3,
52:I mean by the Higher Mind a first plane of spiritual [consciousness] where one becomes constantly and closely aware of the Self, the One everywhere and knows and sees things habitually with that awareness; but it is still very much on the mind level although highly spiritual in its essential substance; and its instrumentation is through an elevated thought-power and comprehensive mental sight-not illumined by any of the intenser upper lights but as if in a large strong and clear daylight. It acts as an intermediate state between the Truth-Light above and the human mind; communicating the higher knowledge in a form that the Mind intensified, broadened, made spiritually supple, can receive without being blinded or dazzled by a Truth beyond it. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Poetry And Art game test3,
53:so you distill these stories great authors distill stories and we have soties that are very very very old they are usually religious stories they could be fairy tales because some people ahve traced fairy tales back 10 000 years ... a story that has been told for 10000 years is a funny kind of story its like people have remembered it and obviously modified it, like a game of telephone that has gone on for generations and all that is left is what people remember and maybe they remember whats important, because you tend to remember what's important and its not necessarily the case that you know what the hell it means ... and you dont genereally know what a book that you read means not if its profound it means more than you can understand because otherwise why read it? ~ Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning 2017 - 1 ,
54:It is only when after long and persistent concentration or by other means the veil of the mind is rent or swept aside, only when a flood of light breaks over the awakened mentality, jyotirmaya brahman, and conception gives place to a knowledge-vision in which the Self is as present, real, concrete as a physical object to the physical eye, that we possess in knowledge; for we have seen. After that revelation, whatever fadings of the light, whatever periods of darkness may afflict the soul, it can never irretrievably lose what it has once held. The experience is inevitably renewed and must become more frequent till it is constant; when and how soon depends on the devotion and persistence with which we insist on the path and besiege by our will or our love the hidden Deity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga game test3,
55:For the last three weeks I've been working on a open world game in Inform 7. The initial seed for my idea came when I was playing Rune Factory 3 a game for my DS. And I thought, Hey look if I can run a farm here why can't I somehow implement this in a interactive fiction. So I sat myself down and began to type away furiously at my keyboard. And the more I sat the more complicated my farming implementation got, requiring water and fertilizer, levels of sunlight ectAnd then, finally, I finished it. And my mind began to wander. Why just stop there why not keep going. And soon I was adding mining, weather and a form of crafting items. Now if I get this done, and don't fall into the trap of to create everything, of which I am slowly making the maddening descent, I could have a open world IF game ready within a few months. Maybe more than a few. ~ KGentle, ,
56:Central to shamanism is the perception of an otherworld or series of otherworlds. This type of astral or aetheric dimension containing various powers entities and forces allows real effects to be created in this world. The shaman's soul journeys through this dimension while in ecstatic or drug-induced state of trance. The journey may be undertaken for divinatory knowledge, to cure sickness, to deliver a blow to enemies, or to find game animals. Prospective shamans are usually selected from those with a nervous disposition. They may either be assigned to shamanic instruction or are driven to it by a power present in the shamanic culture. Initiation invokes a journey into the otherworld, a meeting with spirits and a death-rebirth experience. In the deathrebirth experience, the candidate has a vision of his body being dismembered, often by fantastic beings or animal spirits, and then reassembled from the wreckage. The new body invariably contains an extra part often described as an additional bone or an inclusion of magical quartz stones or sometimes an animal spirit. This experience graphically symbolizes the location of the aetheric force field within the body or the addition of various extra powers to it. ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null ,
57:How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself and in no instance bypass the discriminations of reason? You have been given the principles that you ought to endorse, and you have endorsed them. What kind of teacher, then, are you still waiting for in order to refer your self-improvement to him? You are no longer a boy, but a full-grown man. If you are careless and lazy now and keep putting things off and always deferring the day after which you will attend to yourself, you will not notice that you are making no progress, but you will live and die as someone quite ordinary. From now on, then, resolve to live as a grown-up who is making progress, and make whatever you think best a law that you never set aside. And whenever you encounter anything that is difficult or pleasurable, or highly or lowly regarded, remember that the contest is now: you are at the Olympic Games, you cannot wait any longer, and that your progress is wrecked or preserved by a single day and a single event. That is how Socrates fulfilled himself by attending to nothing except reason in everything he encountered. And you, although you are not yet a Socrates, should live as someone who at least wants to be a Socrates. ~ Epictetus, (From Manual 51) ,
58:Philosophy, as defined by Fichte, is the "science of sciences." Its aim was to solve the problems of the world. In the past, when all exact sciences were in their infancy, philosophy had to be purely speculative, with little or no regard to realities. But if we regard philosophy as a Mother science, divided into many branches, we find that those branches have grown so large and various, that the Mother science looks like a hen with her little ducklings paddling in a pond, far beyond her reach; she is unable to follow her growing hatchlings. In the meantime, the progress of life and science goes on, irrespective of the cackling of metaphysics. Philosophy does not fulfill her initial aim to bring the results of experimental and exact sciences together and to solve world problems. Through endless, scientific specialization scientific branches multiply, and for want of coordination the great world-problems suffer. This failure of philosophy to fulfill her boasted mission of scientific coordination is responsible for the chaos in the world of general thought. The world has no collective or organized higher ideals and aims, nor even fixed general purposes. Life is an accidental game of private or collective ambitions and greeds. ~ Alfred Korzybski, Manhood of Humanity ,
59:"So what is Rifts? It is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set hundreds of years into the future which combines big robots, magic, psionics, and bruising combat on an incredible scale. It is a roleplaying game in which Glitter Boys piloting big mecha suits, chemically enhanced Juicers, psionic Cyber-Knights, ley-commanding Ley Walkers, Techno-Wizards, Dragons, psionic Mind Melters, and more combat the 'Dead Boy' soldiers in their deaths head armour, Spider-Skull Walkers, and Sky Cycles of the evil Coalition States as well as supernatural monsters, D-Bees (Dimensional beings), and the instectoid Xiticix from other dimensions. It is a future in which a golden age was destroyed by nuclear conflagration as billions died, their Potential Psychic Energy-or P.P.E.-was unleashed as surges into the Earth's many, long forgotten ley lines, coming together at nexus points and causing rifts in time and space to be ripped open. As the planet buckled under the psychic onslaught, millions more died and fed more energy into the now pulsing ley lines, causing a feedback loop which would grow and grow. The oceans were driven from their beds to wash over the lands, Atlantis rose again after millennia, alien beings flooded through the rifts, and magic returned to the planet. " ~ Unknown,
60:He is the friend, the adviser, helper, saviour in trouble and distress, the defender from enemies, the hero who fights our battles for us or under whose shield we fight, the charioteer, the pilot of our ways. And here we come at once to a closer intimacy; he is the comrade and eternal companion, the playmate of the game of living. But still there is so far a certain division, however pleasant, and friendship is too much limited by the appearance of beneficence. The lover can wound, abandon, be wroth with us, seem to betray, yet our love endures and even grows by these oppositions; they increase the joy of reunion and the joy of possession; through them the lover remains the friend, and all that he does, we find in the end, has been done by the lover and helper of our being for our souls perfection as well as for his joy in us. These contradictions lead to a greater intimacy. He is the father and mother too of our being, its source and protector and its indulgent cherisher and giver of our desires. He is the child born to our desire whom we cherish and rear. All these things the lover takes up; his love in its intimacy and oneness keeps in it the paternal and maternal care and lends itself to our demands upon it. All is unified in that deepest many-sided relation. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga The Yoga of Divine Love,
61:Yet this was only a foretaste of the intense experiences to come. The first glimpse of the Divine Mother made him the more eager for Her uninterrupted vision. He wanted to see Her both in meditation and with eyes open. But the Mother began to play a teasing game of hide-and-seek with him, intensifying both his joy and his suffering. Weeping bitterly during the moments of separation from Her, he would pass into a trance and then find Her standing before him, smiling, talking, consoling, bidding him be of good cheer, and instructing him. During this period of spiritual practice he had many uncommon experiences. When he sat to meditate, he would hear strange clicking sounds in the joints of his legs, as if someone were locking them up, one after the other, to keep him motionless; and at the conclusion of his meditation he would again hear the same sounds, this time unlocking them and leaving him free to move about. He would see flashes like a swarm of fire-flies floating before his eyes, or a sea of deep mist around him, with luminous waves of molten silver. Again, from a sea of translucent mist he would behold the Mother rising, first Her feet, then Her waist, body, face, and head, finally Her whole person; he would feel Her breath and hear Her voice. Worshipping in the temple, sometimes he would become exalted, sometimes he would remain motionless as stone, sometimes he would almost collapse from excessive emotion. Many of his actions, contrary to all tradition, seemed sacrilegious to the people. He would take a flower and touch it to his own head, body, and feet, and then offer it to the Goddess. ~ Sri Ramakrishna, Gospel ,
62:middle vision logic or paradigmatic ::: (1:25) Cognition is described as middle-vision logic, or paradigmatic in that it is capable of co-ordinating the relations between systems of systems, unifying them into principled frameworks or paradigms. This is an operation on meta-systems and allows for the view described above, a view of human development itself. Self-sense at teal is called Autonomous or Strategist and is characterized by the emergent capacity to acknowledge and cope with inner conflicts in needs, ... and values. All of which are part of a multifacted and complex world. Teal sees our need for autonomy and autonomy itself as limited because emotional interdependence is inevitable. The contradictory aspects of self are weaved into an identity that is whole, integrated and commited to generating a fulfilling life.Additionally, Teal allows individuals to link theory and practice, perceive dynamic systems interactions, recognize and strive for higher principles, understand the social construction of reality, handle paradox and complexity, create positive-sum games and seek feedback from others as a vital source for growth. Values embrace magnificence of existence, flexibility, spontaneioty, functionality, the integration of differences into interdependent systems and complimenting natural egalitarianism with natural ranking. Needs shift to self-actualization, and morality is in both terms of universal ethical principles and recognition of the developmental relativity of those universals. Teal is the first wave that is truly able to see the limitations of orange and green morality, it is able to uphold the paradox of universalism and relativism. Teal in its decision making process is able to see ... deep and surface features of morality and is able to take into consideration both those values when engaging in moral action. Currently Teal is quite rare, embraced by 2-5% of the north american and european population according to sociological research. ~ Essential Integral, L4.1-53 Middle Vision Logic,
63:But now thou askest me how thou mayest destroy this naked knowing and feeling of thine own being. For peradventure thou thinkest that if it were destroyed, all other hindrances were destroyed ; and if thou thinkest thus, thou thinkest right truly. But to this I answer thee and I say, that without a full special grace full freely given by God, and also a full according ableness on thy part to receive this grace, this naked knowing and feeling of thy being may in nowise be destroyed. And this ableness is nought else but a strong and a deep ghostly sorrow. ... All men have matter of sorrow; but most specially he feeleth matter of sorrow that knoweth and feeleth that he is. All other sorrows in comparison to this be but as it were game to earnest. For he may make sorrow earnestly that knoweth and feeleth not only what he is, but that he is. And whoso felt never this sorrow, let him make sorrow; for he hath never yet felt perfect sorrow. This sorrow, when it is had, cleanseth the soul, not only of sin, but also of pain that it hath deserved for sin ; and also it maketh a soul able to receive that joy, the which reave th from a man all knowing and feeling of his being. This sorrow, if it be truly conceived, is full of holy desire; and else a man might never in this life abide it or bear it. For were it not that a soul were somewhat fed with a manner of comfort by his right working, he should not be able to bear that pain that he hath by the knowing and feeling of his being. For as oft as he would have a true knowing and a feeling of his God in purity of spirit (as it may be here), and then feeleth that he may not for he findeth evermore his knowing and his feeling as it were occupied and filled with a foul stinking lump of himself, the which must always be hated and despised and forsaken, if he shall be God's perfect disciple, taught by Himself in the mount of perfection so oft he goeth nigh mad for sorrow. . . . This sorrow and this desire must every soul have and feel in itself (either in this manner or in another), as God vouchsafed! to teach his ghostly disciples according to his good will and their according ableness in body and in soul, in degree and disposition, ere the time be that they may perfectly be oned unto God in perfect charity such as may be had here, if God vouchsafed!. ~ Anonymous, The Cloud Of Unknowing ,
64:Imperial Maheshwari is seated in the wideness above the thinking mind and will and sublimates and greatens them into wisdom and largeness or floods with a splendour beyond them. For she is the mighty and wise One who opens us to supramental infinities and the cosmic vastness, to the grandeur of the supreme Light, to a treasure-house of miraculous knowledge, to the measureless movement of the Mother's eternal forces. Tranquil is she and wonderful, great and calm for ever. Nothing can move her because all wisdom is in her; nothing is hidden from her that she chooses to know; she comprehends all things and all beings and their nature and what moves them and the law of the world and its times and how all was and is and must be. A strength is in her that meets everything and masters and none can prevail in the end against her vast intangible wisdom and high tranquil power. Equal, patient, unalterable in her will she deals with men according to their nature and with things and happenings according to their Force and truth that is in them. Partiality she has none, but she follows the decrees of the Supreme and some she raises up and some she casts down or puts away into the darkness. To the wise she gives a greater and more luminous wisdom; those that have vision she admits to her counsels; on the hostile she imposes the consequence of their hostility; the ignorant and foolish she leads them according to their blindness. In each man she answers and handles the different elements of his nature according to their need and their urge and the return they call for, puts on them the required pressure or leaves them to their cherished liberty to prosper in the ways of the Ignorance or to perish. For she is above all, bound by nothing, attached to nothing in the universe. Yet she has more than any other the heart of the universal Mother. For her compassion is endless and inexhaustible; all are to her eyes her children and portions of the One, even the Asura and Rakshasa and Pisacha and those that are revolted and hostile. Even her rejections are only a postponement, even her punishments are a grace. But her compassion does not blind her wisdom or turn her action from the course decreed; for the Truth of things is her one concern, knowledge her centre of power and to build our soul and our nature into the divine Truth her mission and her labour. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother With Letters On The Mother game test3,
65:reading ::: Self-Help Reading List: James Allen As a Man Thinketh (1904) Marcus Aurelius Meditations (2nd Century) The Bhagavad-Gita The Bible Robert Bly Iron John (1990) Boethius The Consolation of Philosophy (6thC) Alain de Botton How Proust Can Change Your Life (1997) William Bridges Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes (1980) David Brooks The Road to Character (2015) Brené Brown Daring Greatly (2012) David D Burns The New Mood Therapy (1980) Joseph Campbell (with Bill Moyers) The Power of Myth (1988) Richard Carlson Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (1997) Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) Deepak Chopra The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1994) Clayton Christensen How Will You Measure Your Life? (2012) Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (1988) Stephen Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (1989) Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (1991) The Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler The Art of Happiness (1999) The Dhammapada (Buddha's teachings) Charles Duhigg The Power of Habit (2011) Wayne Dyer Real Magic (1992) Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance (1841) Clarissa Pinkola Estes Women Who Run With The Wolves (1996) Viktor Frankl Man's Search For Meaning (1959) Benjamin Franklin Autobiography (1790) Shakti Gawain Creative Visualization (1982) Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence (1995) John Gray Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (1992) Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life (1984) James Hillman The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling (1996) Susan Jeffers Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway (1987) Richard Koch The 80/20 Principle (1998) Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2014) Ellen Langer Mindfulness: Choice and Control in Everyday Life (1989) Lao-Tzu Tao-te Ching (The Way of Power) Maxwell Maltz Psycho-Cybernetics (1960) Abraham Maslow Motivation and Personality (1954) Thomas Moore Care of the Soul (1992) Joseph Murphy The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1963) Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking (1952) M Scott Peck The Road Less Traveled (1990) Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within (1991) Florence Scovell-Shinn The Game of Life and How To Play It (1923) Martin Seligman Learned Optimism (1991) Samuel Smiles Self-Help (1859) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin The Phenomenon of Man (1955) Henry David Thoreau Walden (1854) Marianne Williamson A Return To Love (1993) ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Self-Help ,
66:Who could have thought that this tanned young man with gentle, dreamy eyes, long wavy hair parted in the middle and falling to the neck, clad in a common coarse Ahmedabad dhoti, a close-fitting Indian jacket, and old-fashioned slippers with upturned toes, and whose face was slightly marked with smallpox, was no other than Mister Aurobindo Ghose, living treasure of French, Latin and Greek?" Actually, Sri Aurobindo was not yet through with books; the Western momentum was still there; he devoured books ordered from Bombay and Calcutta by the case. "Aurobindo would sit at his desk," his Bengali teacher continues, "and read by the light of an oil lamp till one in the morning, oblivious of the intolerable mosquito bites. I would see him seated there in the same posture for hours on end, his eyes fixed on his book, like a yogi lost in the contemplation of the Divine, unaware of all that went on around him. Even if the house had caught fire, it would not have broken this concentration." He read English, Russian, German, and French novels, but also, in ever larger numbers, the sacred books of India, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, although he had never been in a temple except as an observer. "Once, having returned from the College," one of his friends recalls, "Sri Aurobindo sat down, picked up a book at random and started to read, while Z and some friends began a noisy game of chess. After half an hour, he put the book down and took a cup of tea. We had already seen him do this many times and were waiting eagerly for a chance to verify whether he read the books from cover to cover or only scanned a few pages here and there. Soon the test began. Z opened the book, read a line aloud and asked Sri Aurobindo to recite what followed. Sri Aurobindo concentrated for a moment, and then repeated the entire page without a single mistake. If he could read a hundred pages in half an hour, no wonder he could go through a case of books in such an incredibly short time." But Sri Aurobindo did not stop at the translations of the sacred texts; he began to study Sanskrit, which, typically, he learned by himself. When a subject was known to be difficult or impossible, he would refuse to take anyone's word for it, whether he were a grammarian, pandit, or clergyman, and would insist upon trying it himself. The method seemed to have some merit, for not only did he learn Sanskrit, but a few years later he discovered the lost meaning of the Veda. ~ Satprem, Sri Aurobindo Or The Adventure of Consciousness ,
67:Sri Aurobindo tells us that surrender is the first and absolute condition for doing the yoga. Therefore it is not merely one of the required qualities, it is the very first indispensable attitude for commencing the yoga.If you are not decided to make a total surrender, you cannot begin. But to make your surrender total, all the other qualities are necessary: sincerity, faith, devotion and aspiration.And I add another one : endurance. Because if you are not able to face difficulties without getting discouraged, without giving up under the pretext that it is too difficult, if you are not able to receive blows and continue all the same, to "pocket" them, as it is said,—you receive blows because of your defects : you put them into your pocket and continue to march on without faltering; if you cannot do that with endurance, you will not go very far; at the first turning, when you lose sight of the little habitual life, you despair and give up the game.The most material form of endurance is perseverance. Unless you are resolved to begin the same thing over again a thousand times if needed, you will arrive nowhere.People come to me in despair : "But I thought it had been done, and I have to begin again !" And if they are told, "But it is nothing, you have to begin probably a hundred times, two hundred times, a thousand times", they lose all courage.You take one step forward and you believe you are solid, but there will be always something that will bring about the same difficulty a little farther ahead.You believe you have solved the problem, but will have to solve it again, it will present itself with just a little difference in its appearance, but it will be the same problem.Thus there are people who have a fine experience and they exclaim, "Now, it is done !" Then things settle down, begin to fade, go behind a veil, and all on a sudden, something quite unexpected, a thing absolutely commonplace, that appears to be of no interest at all, comes before them and closes up the road. Then you lament: "Of what use is this progress that I have made, if I am to begin again !Why is it so? I made an effort, I succeeded, I arrived at something and now it is as if I had done nothing. It is hopeless". This is because there is still the "I" and this "I" has no endurance.If you have endurance, you say : "All right, I will begin again and again as long as necessary, a thousand times, ten thousand times, a million times, if necessary, but I will go to the end and nothing can stop me on the way".That is very necessary.Now, to sum up, we will put at the head of our list surrender. That is to say, we accept the fact that one must, in order to do the integral yoga, take the resolution of surrendering oneself wholly to the Divine. There is no other way, it is the way. ~ The Mother,
68:The madman.- Have you not heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market place. and cried incessantly: "I seek God! I seek God!" -As many of those who did not believe in God were standing around just then, he provoked much laughter. Has he got lost? asked one. Did he lose his way like a child? asked another. Or is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? Has he gone on a voyage? emigrated? -Thus they yelled and laughed. The madman jumped into their midst and pierced them with his eyes. "Whither is God?" he cried; "I will tell you. We have killed him-you and I. All of us are his murderers. But how did we do this? How could we drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What were we doing when we unchained this earth from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving? Away from all suns? Are we not plunging continually? Backward, sideward. forward. in all directions? be there still any up or down? Are we not straying as through an infinite nothing? Do we not feel the breath of empty space? Has it not become colder? Is not night continually closing in on us? Do we not need to light lanterns in the morning? Do we hear nothing as yet of the noise of the gravediggers who are burying God? Do we smell nothing as yet of the divine decomposition? Gods, too. decompose. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. "How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it? There has never been a greater deed; and whoever is born after us-for the sake of this deed he will belong to a higher history than all history hitherto." Here the madman fell silent and looked again at his listeners; and they, too, were silent and stared at him in astonishment. At last he threw his lantern on the ground, and it broke into pieces and went out. "I have come too early," he said then: "my time is not yet. This tremendous event is still on its way, still wandering; it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time; the light of the stars requires time; deeds, though done, still require time to be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them than the most distant stars-and yet they have done it themselves... It has been related further that on the same day the madman forced his way into several churches and there struck up his reqttiem aeternam deo. Led out and called to account, he is said always to have replied nothing but: "What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science trans. Kaufmann,
69:reading ::: 50 Psychology Classics: List of Books Covered: Alfred Adler - Understanding Human Nature (1927) Gordon Allport - The Nature of Prejudice (1954) Albert Bandura - Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control (1997) Gavin Becker - The Gift of Fear (1997) Eric Berne - Games People Play (1964) Isabel Briggs Myers - Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type (1980) Louann Brizendine - The Female Brain (2006) David D Burns - Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (1980) Susan Cain - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking (2012) Robert Cialdini - Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (1984) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Creativity (1997) Carol Dweck - Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (2006) Albert Ellis & Robert Harper - (1961) A Guide To Rational Living(1961) Milton Erickson - My Voice Will Go With You (1982) by Sidney Rosen Eric Erikson - Young Man Luther (1958) Hans Eysenck - Dimensions of Personality (1947) Viktor Frankl - The Will to Meaning (1969) Anna Freud - The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense (1936) Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams (1901) Howard Gardner - Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (1983) Daniel Gilbert - Stumbling on Happiness (2006) Malcolm Gladwell - Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (2005) Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence at Work (1998) John M Gottman - The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work (1999) Temple Grandin - The Autistic Brain: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed (2013) Harry Harlow - The Nature of Love (1958) Thomas A Harris - I'm OK - You're OK (1967) Eric Hoffer - The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements (1951) Karen Horney - Our Inner Conflicts (1945) William James - Principles of Psychology (1890) Carl Jung - The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (1953) Daniel Kahneman - Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011) Alfred Kinsey - Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) RD Laing - The Divided Self (1959) Abraham Maslow - The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (1970) Stanley Milgram - Obedience To Authority (1974) Walter Mischel - The Marshmallow Test (2014) Leonard Mlodinow - Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior (2012) IP Pavlov - Conditioned Reflexes (1927) Fritz Perls - Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality (1951) Jean Piaget - The Language and Thought of the Child (1966) Steven Pinker - The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature (2002) VS Ramachandran - Phantoms in the Brain (1998) Carl Rogers - On Becoming a Person (1961) Oliver Sacks - The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (1970) Barry Schwartz - The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less (2004) Martin Seligman - Authentic Happiness (2002) BF Skinner - Beyond Freedom & Dignity (1953) Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen - Difficult Conversations (2000) William Styron - Darkness Visible (1990) ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Psychology Classics ,
70:But there's a reason. There's a reason. There's a reason for this, there's a reason education sucks, and it's the same reason that it will never, ever, ever be fixed. It's never gonna get any better. Don't look for it. Be happy with what you got. Because the owners of this country don't want that. I'm talking about the real owners now, the real owners, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else, but I'll tell you what they don't want: They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. That doesn't help them. Thats against their interests. Thats right. They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table to figure out how badly they're getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don't want that. You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it, and now they're coming for your Social Security money. They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They'll get it. They'll get it all from you, sooner or later, 'cause they own this fucking place. It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club. And by the way, it's the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Good honest hard-working people -- white collar, blue collar, it doesn't matter what color shirt you have on -- good honest hard-working people continue -- these are people of modest means -- continue to elect these rich cocksuckers who don't give a fuck about them. They don't give a fuck about you. They don't give a fuck about you. They don't care about you at all -- at all -- at all. And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. That's what the owners count on; the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick that's being jammed up their assholes everyday. Because the owners of this country know the truth: it's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it. ~ George Carlin,
71:For instance, a popular game with California occultists-I do not know its inventor-involves a Magic Room, much like the Pleasure Dome discussed earlier except that this Magic Room contains an Omniscient Computer. To play this game, you simply "astrally project" into the Magic Room. Do not ask what "astral projection" means, and do not assume it is metaphysical (and therefore either impossible, if you are a materialist, or very difficult, if you are a mystic). Just assume this is a gedankenexperiment, a "mind game." Project yourself, in imagination, into this Magic Room and visualize vividly the Omniscient Computer, using the details you need to make such a super-information-processor real to your fantasy. You do not need any knowledge of programming to handle this astral computer. It exists early in the next century; you are getting to use it by a species of time-travel, if that metaphor is amusing and helpful to you. It is so built that it responds immediately to human brain-waves, "reading" them and decoding their meaning. (Crude prototypes of such computers already exist.) So, when you are in this magic room, you can ask this Computer anything, just by thinking of what you want to know. It will read your thought, and project into your brain, by a laser ray, the correct answer. There is one slight problem. The computer is very sensitive to all brain-waves. If you have any doubts, it registers them as negative commands, meaning "Do not answer my question." So, the way to use it is to start simply, with "easy" questions. Ask it to dig out of the archives the name of your second-grade teacher. (Almost everybody remembers the name of their first grade teacher-imprint vulnerability again-but that of the second grade teacher tends to get lost.) When the computer has dug out the name of your second grade teacher, try it on a harder question, but not one that is too hard. It is very easy to sabotage this machine, but you don't want to sabotage it during these experiments. You want to see how well it can be made to perform. It is wise to ask only one question at a time, since it requires concentration to keep this magic computer real on the field of your perception. Do not exhaust your capacities for imagination and visualization on your first trial runs. After a few trivial experiments of the second-grade-teacher variety, you can try more interesting programs. Take a person toward whom you have negative feelings, such as anger, disappointment, feeling-of-betrayal, jealousy or whatever interferes with the smooth, tranquil operation of your own bio-computer. Ask the Magic Computer to explain that other person to you; to translate you into their reality-tunnel long enough for you to understand how events seem to them. Especially, ask how you seem to them. This computer will do that job for you; but be prepared for some shocks which might be disagreeable at first. This super-brain can also perform exegesis on ideas that seem obscure, paradoxical or enigmatic to us. For instance, early experiments with this computer can very profitably turn on asking it to explain some of the propositions in this book which may seem inexplicable or perversely wrong-headed to you, such as "We are all greater artists than we realize" or "What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves" or "mind and its contents are functionally identical." This computer is much more powerful and scientifically advanced than the rapture-machine in the neurosomatic circuit. It has total access to all the earlier, primitive circuits, and overrules any of them. That is, if you put a meta-programming instruction into this computer; it will relay it downward to the old circuits and cancel contradictory programs left over from the past. For instance, try feeding it on such meta-programming instructions as: 1. I am at cause over my body. 2. I am at cause over my imagination. 3.1 am at cause over my future. 4. My mind abounds with beauty and power. 5.1 like people, and people like me. Remember that this computer is only a few decades ahead of present technology, so it cannot "understand" your commands if you harbor any doubts about them. Doubts tell it not to perform. Work always from what you can believe in, extending the area of belief only as results encourage you to try for more dramatic transformations of your past reality-tunnels. This represents cybernetic consciousness; the programmer becoming self-programmer, self-metaprogrammer, meta-metaprogrammer, etc. Just as the emotional compulsions of the second circuit seem primitive, mechanical and, ultimately, silly to the neurosomatic consciousness, so, too, the reality maps of the third circuit become comic, relativistic, game-like to the metaprogrammer. "Whatever you say it is, it isn't, " Korzybski, the semanticist, repeated endlessly in his seminars, trying to make clear that third-circuit semantic maps are not the territories they represent; that we can always make maps of our maps, revisions of our revisions, meta-selves of our selves. "Neti, neti" (not that, not that), Hindu teachers traditionally say when asked what "God" is or what "Reality" is. Yogis, mathematicians and musicians seem more inclined to develop meta-programming consciousness than most of humanity. Korzybski even claimed that the use of mathematical scripts is an aid to developing this circuit, for as soon as you think of your mind as mind 1, and the mind which contemplates that mind as mind2 and the mind which contemplates mind2 contemplating mind 1 as mind3, you are well on your way to meta-programming awareness. Alice in Wonderland is a masterful guide to the metaprogramming circuit (written by one of the founders of mathematical logic) and Aleister Crowley soberly urged its study upon all students of yoga. ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising ,
72:Mental EducationOF ALL lines of education, mental education is the most widely known and practised, yet except in a few rare cases there are gaps which make it something very incomplete and in the end quite insufficient. Generally speaking, schooling is considered to be all the mental education that is necessary. And when a child has been made to undergo, for a number of years, a methodical training which is more like cramming than true schooling, it is considered that whatever is necessary for his mental development has been done. Nothing of the kind. Even conceding that the training is given with due measure and discrimination and does not permanently damage the brain, it cannot impart to the human mind the faculties it needs to become a good and useful instrument. The schooling that is usually given can, at the most, serve as a system of gymnastics to increase the suppleness of the brain. From this standpoint, each branch of human learning represents a special kind of mental gymnastics, and the verbal formulations given to these various branches each constitute a special and well-defined language. A true mental education, which will prepare man for a higher life, has five principal phases. Normally these phases follow one after another, but in exceptional individuals they may alternate or even proceed simultaneously. These five phases, in brief, are: (1) Development of the power of concentration, the capacity of attention. (2) Development of the capacities of expansion, widening, complexity and richness. (3) Organisation of one's ideas around a central idea, a higher ideal or a supremely luminous idea that will serve as a guide in life. (4) Thought-control, rejection of undesirable thoughts, to become able to think only what one wants and when one wants. (5) Development of mental silence, perfect calm and a more and more total receptivity to inspirations coming from the higher regions of the being. It is not possible to give here all the details concerning the methods to be employed in the application of these five phases of education to different individuals. Still, a few explanations on points of detail can be given. Undeniably, what most impedes mental progress in children is the constant dispersion of their thoughts. Their thoughts flutter hither and thither like butterflies and they have to make a great effort to fix them. Yet this capacity is latent in them, for when you succeed in arousing their interest, they are capable of a good deal of attention. By his ingenuity, therefore, the educator will gradually help the child to become capable of a sustained effort of attention and a faculty of more and more complete absorption in the work in hand. All methods that can develop this faculty of attention from games to rewards are good and can all be utilised according to the need and the circumstances. But it is the psychological action that is most important and the sovereign method is to arouse in the child an interest in what you want to teach him, a liking for work, a will to progress. To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child: to love to learn always and everywhere, so that all circumstances, all happenings in life may be constantly renewed opportunities for learning more and always more. For that, to attention and concentration should be added observation, precise recording and faithfulness of memory. This faculty of observation can be developed by varied and spontaneous exercises, making use of every opportunity that presents itself to keep the child's thought wakeful, alert and prompt. The growth of the understanding should be stressed much more than that of memory. One knows well only what one has understood. Things learnt by heart, mechanically, fade away little by little and finally disappear; what is understood is never forgotten. Moreover, you must never refuse to explain to a child the how and the why of things. If you cannot do it yourself, you must direct the child to those who are qualified to answer or point out to him some books that deal with the question. In this way you will progressively awaken in the child the taste for true study and the habit of making a persistent effort to know. This will bring us quite naturally to the second phase of development in which the mind should be widened and enriched. You will gradually show the child that everything can become an interesting subject for study if it is approached in the right way. The life of every day, of every moment, is the best school of all, varied, complex, full of unexpected experiences, problems to be solved, clear and striking examples and obvious consequences. It is so easy to arouse healthy curiosity in children, if you answer with intelligence and clarity the numerous questions they ask. An interesting reply to one readily brings others in its train and so the attentive child learns without effort much more than he usually does in the classroom. By a choice made with care and insight, you should also teach him to enjoy good reading-matter which is both instructive and attractive. Do not be afraid of anything that awakens and pleases his imagination; imagination develops the creative mental faculty and through it study becomes living and the mind develops in joy. In order to increase the suppleness and comprehensiveness of his mind, one should see not only that he studies many varied topics, but above all that a single subject is approached in various ways, so that the child understands in a practical manner that there are many ways of facing the same intellectual problem, of considering it and solving it. This will remove all rigidity from his brain and at the same time it will make his thinking richer and more supple and prepare it for a more complex and comprehensive synthesis. In this way also the child will be imbued with the sense of the extreme relativity of mental learning and, little by little, an aspiration for a truer source of knowledge will awaken in him. Indeed, as the child grows older and progresses in his studies, his mind too ripens and becomes more and more capable of forming general ideas, and with them almost always comes a need for certitude, for a knowledge that is stable enough to form the basis of a mental construction which will permit all the diverse and scattered and often contradictory ideas accumulated in his brain to be organised and put in order. This ordering is indeed very necessary if one is to avoid chaos in one's thoughts. All contradictions can be transformed into complements, but for that one must discover the higher idea that will have the power to bring them harmoniously together. It is always good to consider every problem from all possible standpoints so as to avoid partiality and exclusiveness; but if the thought is to be active and creative, it must, in every case, be the natural and logical synthesis of all the points of view adopted. And if you want to make the totality of your thoughts into a dynamic and constructive force, you must also take great care as to the choice of the central idea of your mental synthesis; for upon that will depend the value of this synthesis. The higher and larger the central idea and the more universal it is, rising above time and space, the more numerous and the more complex will be the ideas, notions and thoughts which it will be able to organise and harmonise. It goes without saying that this work of organisation cannot be done once and for all. The mind, if it is to keep its vigour and youth, must progress constantly, revise its notions in the light of new knowledge, enlarge its frame-work to include fresh notions and constantly reclassify and reorganise its thoughts, so that each of them may find its true place in relation to the others and the whole remain harmonious and orderly. All that has just been said concerns the speculative mind, the mind that learns. But learning is only one aspect of mental activity; the other, which is at least equally important, is the constructive faculty, the capacity to form and thus prepare action. This very important part of mental activity has rarely been the subject of any special study or discipline. Only those who want, for some reason, to exercise a strict control over their mental activities think of observing and disciplining this faculty of formation; and as soon as they try it, they have to face difficulties so great that they appear almost insurmountable. And yet control over this formative activity of the mind is one of the most important aspects of self-education; one can say that without it no mental mastery is possible. As far as study is concerned, all ideas are acceptable and should be included in the synthesis, whose very function is to become more and more rich and complex; but where action is concerned, it is just the opposite. The ideas that are accepted for translation into action should be strictly controlled and only those that agree with the general trend of the central idea forming the basis of the mental synthesis should be permitted to express themselves in action. This means that every thought entering the mental consciousness should be set before the central idea; if it finds a logical place among the thoughts already grouped, it will be admitted into the synthesis; if not, it will be rejected so that it can have no influence on the action. This work of mental purification should be done very regularly in order to secure a complete control over one's actions. For this purpose, it is good to set apart some time every day when one can quietly go over one's thoughts and put one's synthesis in order. Once the habit is acquired, you can maintain control over your thoughts even during work and action, allowing only those which are useful for what you are doing to come to the surface. Particularly, if you have continued to cultivate the power of concentration and attention, only the thoughts that are needed will be allowed to enter the active external consciousness and they then become all the more dynamic and effective. And if, in the intensity of concentration, it becomes necessary not to think at all, all mental vibration can be stilled and an almost total silence secured. In this silence one can gradually open to the higher regions of the mind and learn to record the inspirations that come from there. But even before reaching this point, silence in itself is supremely useful, because in most people who have a somewhat developed and active mind, the mind is never at rest. During the day, its activity is kept under a certain control, but at night, during the sleep of the body, the control of the waking state is almost completely removed and the mind indulges in activities which are sometimes excessive and often incoherent. This creates a great stress which leads to fatigue and the diminution of the intellectual faculties. The fact is that like all the other parts of the human being, the mind too needs rest and it will not have this rest unless we know how to provide it. The art of resting one's mind is something to be acquired. Changing one's mental activity is certainly one way of resting; but the greatest possible rest is silence. And as far as the mental faculties are concerned a few minutes passed in the calm of silence are a more effective rest than hours of sleep. When one has learned to silence the mind at will and to concentrate it in receptive silence, then there will be no problem that cannot be solved, no mental difficulty whose solution cannot be found. When it is agitated, thought becomes confused and impotent; in an attentive tranquillity, the light can manifest itself and open up new horizons to man's capacity. Bulletin, November 1951 ~ The Mother, On Education ,

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:I’m game if you are. ~ Ian Rankin,
2:THE “GAMES” BEGIN ~ John Feinstein,
3:All reality is a game. ~ Iain Banks,
4:BAD GAMES: HELLBENT ~ Jeff Menapace,
5:Gameknight’s sword ~ Mark Cheverton,
6:No game is an island. ~ Katie Salen,
7:Poetry is a mug's game. ~ T S Eliot,
8:the Hunger Games. ~ Suzanne Collins,
9:We both played the game ~ Emma Hart,
10:I love X-Games music. ~ Jon Anderson,
11:she likes a rigged game. ~ Ken Kesey,
12:The game is afoot. ~ Janet Evanovich,
13:The game is up ~ William Shakespeare,
14:All my games are real ~ Bobby Fischer,
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16:Every game is critical. ~ Dabo Swinney,
17:I grew up on the game. ~ Philip Rivers,
18:I'm a video game buff. ~ Shawn Ashmore,
19:And the game begins anew. ~ Neil Gaiman,
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21:The crowd makes the ballgame. ~ Ty Cobb,
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23:The game's afoot! ~ William Shakespeare,
24:Life is a game, play it. ~ Mother Teresa,
25:Life is a zero sum game. ~ George Carlin,
26:Nine games? It's too long. ~ Derek Jeter,
27:The game women play is men. ~ Adam Smith,
28:Treat your life like a game. ~ Ray Dalio,
29:Exploration is a dirty game. ~ Tahir Shah,
30:It’s all just a game. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert,
31:Soccer is a magical game. ~ David Beckham,
32:To me, comedy is a game. ~ Demetri Martin,
33:Golf is the one game I know ~ Bobby Jones,
34:How deep is your game? ~ Walter Dean Myers,
35:I hate games I can't win. ~ Simone Elkeles,
36:I’m game if you’re game. ~ Elizabeth Reyes,
37:It was all for the games ~ Suzanne Collins,
38:Relax. It’s only a game. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh,
39:She knows you love the game. ~ Jaci Burton,
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77:Video games are ubiquitous now. ~ Eugene Jarvis,
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79:Baseball is our national game. ~ Calvin Coolidge,
80:I love the game of baseball. ~ Nomar Garciaparra,
81:I'm pretty much game for anything. ~ Leslie Mann,
82:Let the motherfucking games begin. ~ Gail McHugh,
83:Life is more fun if you play games. ~ Roald Dahl,
84:Obsession is a young man’s game. ~ Michael Caine,
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88:The game’s not over till it’s over. ~ Marian Tee,
89:The gods play games with men as balls. ~ Plautus,
90:There are no good men in this game, ~ V E Schwab,
91:There are no good men in this game. ~ V E Schwab,
92:Basketball's a game of mistakes. ~ Gregg Popovich,
93:Divorce is a game played by lawyers. ~ Cary Grant,
94:I am The Game and I am that damn good! ~ Triple H,
95:I didn't know much about video games. ~ Anna Torv,
96:In life's brief game to be a winner ~ Vikram Seth,
97:The game cannot be won, only played. ~ Will Smith,
98:We're all in this game together. ~ William Styron,
99:Winning 9 games is very respectable. ~ Mark Richt,
100:All my works are games, serious game. ~ M C Escher,
101:Baseball is also a game of balance. ~ Stephen King,
102:Bridge is the king of all card games. ~ Bill Gates,
103:Customers do not want online games. ~ Satoru Iwata,
104:Games are all about taking risks. ~ James Altucher,
105:He who leaves the game wins it. ~ Nicolas Chamfort,
106:I don't hide or play stupid games. ~ Demian Bichir,
107:I know I'm good. I know I got game. ~ Michael Vick,
108:I know the game, it's old and lame: ~ Kool Moe Dee,
109:I think life is a big game we play. ~ Eric Cantona,
110:I warned you I like to play games. ~ Tiffany Reisz,
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112:What lies at the border of the game? ~ Katie Salen,
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119:It shatters the game, exposing the players ~ Poppet,
120:It's just, it's fun to stay in the game. ~ Stan Lee,
121:I've pitched in a lot of big games. ~ Andy Pettitte,
122:I will not be pawn in their games ~ Suzanne Collins,
123:Man proposes, but God blocks the game. ~ Mark Twain,
124:Mind games simply weren’t his style. ~ Tessa Bailey,
125:My gameplan is not to have a gameplan. ~ Tony Hawks,
126:No manager ever won no ballgames. ~ Sparky Anderson,
127:Not a game, not a game... practice. ~ Allen Iverson,
128:Rwanda is a democracy not a monarchy. ~ Paul Kagame,
129:The hunter does not seek dead game. ~ Frank Herbert,
130:The kid looks good in his first game. ~ Gordie Howe,
131:Trust is a good business practice. ~ Jim Blasingame,
132:War is the statesman’s game, ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
133:You a lame so yo dame playin mind games; ~ Lil Flip,
134:You're a trivial part in a trivia game. ~ Aceyalone,
135:You're my game changer, you know that? ~ J Sterling,
136:A relationship is a game of chess. ~ Sophie Kinsella,
137:Don't hate the player, hate the game. ~ Jeff Jarrett,
138:Excellence is the name of the game. ~ Judith Jamison,
139:I play my enemies like a game of chess ~ Lauryn Hill,
140:My work is a game, a very serious game. ~ M C Escher,
141:The game's not worth the candle ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky,
142:The guys that make game winners are ~ John Calipari,
143:The NBA is becoming a global game. ~ Dikembe Mutombo,
144:Weight loss is a game I know how to win. ~ Kris Kidd,
145:You never win any games you don't play. ~ Mark Cuban,
147:Don't hate the player; change the game ~ Steve Harvey,
148:Don't hate the player, hate the game. ~ Joseph Stalin,
149:Forgiveness is a game only saints play Kabir. ~ Kabir,
150:Get a grip, Oreo, and be true to the game. ~ Ice Cube,
151:I have never played a game in my life. ~ Kevin Spacey,
152:Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. ~ Michael Jordan,
153:Nowadays, the game is all bugged out, ~ Daniel Dumile,
154:Poetry is a game of loser-take-all. ~ Jean Luc Godard,
155:That was a great game of golf, fellers. ~ Bing Crosby,
156:There are much worse games to play. ~ Suzanne Collins,
157:There are no good men in this game. ~ Victoria Schwab,
158:Tried to put shame in my game to make a name, ~ Rakim,
159:We just have to go after our game plan. ~ Eli Manning,
160:We're playing those mind games together ~ John Lennon,
161:Without game, men prey on each other. ~ Perry Farrell,
162:A game is a series of interesting choices. ~ Sid Meier,
163:Blame and shame are simply mind games. ~ Asa Don Brown,
164:Did we step into some lame video game or what? ~ CLAMP,
165:Fans, don't fail to miss tomorrow's game. ~ Dizzy Dean,
166:Games lubricate the body and mind. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
167:I almost forgot! Happy Hunger Games! ~ Suzanne Collins,
168:I know what it takes to win ball games. ~ Johnny Damon,
169:In this game you only lose when you fight back ~ Drake,
170:I quit the media game. I'm out. I'm done. ~ John Mayer,
171:Play every game as if it's your last one ~ Guy Lafleur,
172:Politics are a very unsatisfactory game. ~ Henry Adams,
173:Sacrilege is acceptable only as a game. ~ Julien Torma,
174:Scars signal skin in the game. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
175:Somehow the rap game remind me of the crack game ~ Nas,
176:Stay in the game until the end of time. ~ Tupac Shakur,
177:The ballgame is this inning. ~ Jerry Coleman,
178:The hardest game to win is a won game ~ Emanuel Lasker,
179:A man's idee in a card game is war ~ Finley Peter Dunne,
180:But helpless Pieces of the Game He plays ~ Omar Khayyam,
181:Case closed, game over, zip up your fly. ~ Stephen King,
182:Don’t play the occasion, play the game. ~ Alex Ferguson,
183:even that could not help his game. ~ Mary Higgins Clark,
184:Feelings can't be a part of this game. ~ Simone Elkeles,
185:Girlfriends, indeed: the anti-video game. ~ Tom Bissell,
186:He no playa the game, he no maka the rules. ~ Earl Butz,
187:If you speak the truth, you spoil the game. ~ Mike Caro,
188:It's a beautiful day for a night game. ~ Frankie Frisch,
189:Life is a child moving counters in a game. ~ Heraclitus,
190:Perhaps in some games there are two winners ~ Ker Dukey,
191:Play the game without mercy, play to win ~ Wilbur Smith,
192:Rigged games are the easiest ones to beat ~ Neil Gaiman,
193:SHOT HEARD ’ROUND MINECRAFT Gameknight ~ Mark Cheverton,
194:The games are over now; this is too raw. ~ Harper Sloan,
195:The only game. The game of thrones. ~ George R R Martin,
196:The real excitement is playing the game. ~ Donald Trump,
197:The serve really is the key to my game. ~ Stefan Edberg,
198:This Game is not over, it is just beginning. ~ Triple H,
199:This is a game that you don't want to be in! ~ Triple H,
200:Alternative history is a parlor game. ~ Richard A Clarke,
201:Any game that you step on, you can get beat. ~ Ray Lewis,
202:Any game you play, you got to lose sometime. ~ Roy Acuff,
203:Closeout games are actually kind of easy. ~ Andrew Bynum,
204:Conversation is a game of circles. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson,
205:Incongruous shiny new video-game parlor. ~ Jean Thompson,
206:Ninety percent of this game is half mental. ~ Yogi Berra,
207:Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. “Did you ~ Ellery Adams,
208:Satire is a lesson, parody is a game. ~ Vladimir Nabokov,
209:Sooner or later, all games become serious. ~ J G Ballard,
210:There is nothing so serious as a game. ~ Maureen Johnson,
211:The score never interested me, only the game. ~ Mae West,
212:Yeah, that was my best scoreless game ever. ~ Chris Bosh,
213:Don't just buy a new video game. Make one. ~ Barack Obama,
214:I get stronger as the game goes on. ~ LaDainian Tomlinson,
215:I know my game. I know what I like to do. ~ Manu Ginobili,
216:I'm a gamer. I play PlayStation all the time. ~ Luke Goss,
217:I need to stay calm and just pitch my game. ~ CC Sabathia,
218:I really think everything is fair game. ~ Sarah Silverman,
219:Marriage is not a game for the young. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert,
220:No one man is superior to the game. ~ A Bartlett Giamatti,
221:O tempo ė o eterno construtor de antigamente. ~ Mia Couto,
222:Players win games, teams win championships. ~ Bill Taylor,
223:Relax, Davis, you’re not in The Hunger Games, ~ Anonymous,
224:The loser, when a game of dice is done, ~ Dante Alighieri,
225:There are unimportant pieces in any game. ~ Graham Greene,
226:To win you've got to stay in the game. ~ Claude M Bristol,
227:Writing fiction for money is a mug's game. ~ Stephen King,
228:Yet reason frowns in war's unequal game, ~ Samuel Johnson,
229:And one game, as we know, can cost you a lot. ~ Tony Dungy,
230:Any game becomes boring when it lacks thrills. ~ SebastiAn,
231:At the games end we shall see who gaines. ~ George Herbert,
232:But eventually it is a game of cricket. ~ Sachin Tendulkar,
233:Dan Fouts fumbled the game away for Chargers. ~ Bob Griese,
234:Don't just buy a new video game, make one. ~ Barack Obama,
235:Evil really needs to step up its game. ~ Lesley Livingston,
236:Football is a wargame of land acquisition. ~ Ilona Andrews,
237:Games are nature's most beautiful creation ~ Leonard Cohen,
238:Game, set, match. Ever, and always, my equal. ~ A G Howard,
239:Games have no other purpose than to please. ~ Jesse Schell,
240:Games lubricate the body and the mind. ~ Benjamin Franklin,
241:If you give up, the game is already over. ~ Takehiko Inoue,
242:I'm there to block your next move. This is a game ~ Poppet,
243:I probably play games more than I practice. ~ Kevin Durant,
244:It is far more than a game, this cricket. ~ Neville Cardus,
245:Less effort in this game makes more results. ~ John Kessel,
246:Love is a game that two can play and both win. ~ Eva Gabor,
247:Love is a game-yes? I think it is a drowning. ~ Amy Lowell,
248:Most game music is based on loops effectively. ~ Brian Eno,
249:Play the game, never let the game play you. ~ Tupac Shakur,
250:Records don’t mean anything in rivalry games. ~ Dez Bryant,
251:The ball is an essential part of the game. ~ Johan Cruijff,
252:The integrity of the game is everything. ~ Peter Ueberroth,
253:This is not a game of Who The Fuck Are You. ~ Eddie Izzard,
254:Xbox has been created by gamers for gamers. ~ Don Mattrick,
255:Yeah. Rough game, though. You get banged up? ~ Jaci Burton,
256:Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games. ~ Babe Ruth,
257:A Friendly Game of Hide-and-Seek (with Bonus ~ Rick Riordan,
258:Bitch wants to play games, let’s play games. ~ Nalini Singh,
259:Chess is the only game greater than its players. ~ Tim Rice,
260:Damaging the enemy financially is fair game. ~ Alex Pacheco,
261:Do not hate the player, nor the game...rule it! ~ T F Hodge,
262:Don't let a single game break your heart. ~ Mike Krzyzewski,
263:Energy innovation is not a nationalistic game. ~ Bill Gates,
264:I believe the middle class game is dead. ~ Cliff Bleszinski,
265:I declare the 22nd Olympic Winter Games open. ~ Shani Davis,
266:I don't like the glamour. I just like the game. ~ Ben Hogan,
267:If you can't beat the odds, change the game ~ Leigh Bardugo,
268:I like games of chance, including women. ~ Raymond Chandler,
269:I never let any of my sons beat me at video games. ~ Coolio,
270:It's never just a game when you're winning. ~ George Carlin,
271:I’ve been entered into the next Magic Games. ~ Ella Summers,
272:I’ve never tricked you. This isn’t a game. ~ Helena Hunting,
273:Softball isn't just a game it's away of life. ~ Kevin Kelly,
274:Stats are for losers. I like winning games. ~ Will Muschamp,
275:The best way to win a game is not to lose it. ~ Erk Russell,
276:Time is a game played beautifully by children. ~ Heraclitus,
277:Your game is only as good as your practice. ~ Ken Blanchard,
278:aching to get back in the game. Was he? Aching ~ Tom Robbins,
279:After all, is football a game or a religion? ~ Howard Cosell,
280:Concept is what makes actors raise their game. ~ Joe Dempsie,
281:Drake was finishing his game of bowls; ~ Winston S Churchill,
282:Football is a game where you can't feel lonely. ~ Pat Conroy,
283:Friendships are forgotten when the game begins. ~ Alvin Dark,
284:I been in the game for 10 years making rap tunes... ~ Dr Dre,
285:If you can't win the game, you have to cheat. ~ Mackenzi Lee,
286:I have gazed on the face of Agamemnon. ~ Heinrich Schliemann,
287:I like to have fun, but I don't play games. ~ Yolanda Foster,
288:I love 'Game of Thrones.' That's my favorite. ~ Robin Thicke,
289:I'm more than just a piece in their Games. ~ Suzanne Collins,
290:I never feel more at home than at a ballgame. ~ Robert Frost,
291:Interesting little game we play with each other. ~ Guy Clark,
292:Jeremy, are we going to play your games? ~ Alastair Campbell,
293:Life for me outweighs the game of basketball. ~ Derek Fisher,
294:Life is a game, kid! It all depends on how you play! ~ Mario,
295:Life is one game where people don't play fair. ~ Mary Monroe,
296:Love is a game in which one always cheats. ~ Honor de Balzac,
297:Play a new game, not the older game but faster. ~ Seth Godin,
298:Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game. ~ Joe Budden,
299:Right now, my favorite game is Resident Evil 2. ~ Shane West,
300:True in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins ~ Nas,
301:Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. ~ Willie Mays,
302:Eminem is like the godfather of the hip-hop game. ~ Tony Yayo,
303:Entrego-me cegamente ao impulso que me arrasta. ~ Jean Racine,
304:How are you managing the velocity of change? ~ Jim Blasingame,
305:If my golf game was a prize fight, they'd stop it. ~ Bob Hope,
306:If you're ready to make the mad dash I'm game. ~ Paula McLain,
307:I play the game for the game's own sake, ~ Arthur Conan Doyle,
308:I play the game for the game’s own sake, ~ Arthur Conan Doyle,
309:It'll be game over, but we won first." -Rufus- ~ Adam Silvera,
310:its time for the which one is Hikaru-kun game! ~ Bisco Hatori,
311:Love is a game in which one always cheats. ~ Honore de Balzac,
312:Luck is sometimes merciful. The Game never is. ~ Claire North,
313:Making plans is a game. Life chooses for you. ~ Anita Diament,
314:order to play that game one more time. The ~ Sebastian Junger,
315:Paul Lambert has learned Fabian Delph the game. ~ Paul Merson,
316:Right after the game, say as little as possible. ~ Tom Landry,
317:Since the beginning, I always loved the game. ~ Mario Lemieux,
318:War is the only game in which both sides lose. ~ Walter Scott,
319:We were outplayed in every facet of the game ~ Michael Clarke,
320:Yeah, actually, gamers in the house forever. ~ Thomas Pynchon,
321:You can't have a conscience in the pimp game. ~ Mark Wahlberg,
322:And that’s my title, now. Master of the Games. ~ Margaret Weis,
323:A strong leader is not necessarily a bad leader. ~ Paul Kagame,
324:Chess is not a game, but a disease. ~ Henry Campbell Bannerman,
325:Computers and games don't waste time - people do. ~ Bill Gates,
326:Daikatana will be the greatest game of all time. ~ John Romero,
327:darkened like a stage set. The senet game began ~ Rick Riordan,
328:I absolutely love playing the game 'Risk. ~ Richard Paul Evans,
329:I'd rather be running the game than playing it. ~ Steven Brust,
330:If you play to win as I do, the game never ends. ~ Stan Mikita,
331:I have an interest in making first-person games. ~ Fumito Ueda,
332:In the endgame a pawn can change into a queen. ~ Kate Atkinson,
333:It is nerve-wracking watching my kids' games. ~ Michael Jordan,
334:It's a great game - the pursuit of happiness. ~ Eugene O Neill,
335:Life is a game we are all bound to lose. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana,
336:of, Catherine Crier’s book, A Deadly Game. Scott ~ Keith Ablow,
337:Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it. ~ Jane McGonigal,
338:Sometimes to win, you have to change the game. ~ J B Bernstein,
339:The game of chicken…suddenly involved a cock. ~ Melanie Harlow,
340:The game-playing market today is pretty sizable. ~ John Romero,
341:Theology, it turns out, is Satan's favorite game. ~ Mike Mason,
342:There is but one game and that game is baseball. ~ John McGraw,
343:The universe plays games, but not by the rules. ~ Sarah Noffke,
344:They game the system while citizens pay the price. ~ Anonymous,
345:When you can't beat the odds, change the game. ~ Leigh Bardugo,
346:When you watch the game, be a student of the game. ~ Don Meyer,
347:You cannot lose games in the NFL, and still win ~ Trent Dilfer,
348:You cannot win the game if you don’t play the game ~ Anonymous,
349:As long as there are games to play its not over ~ Alex Ferguson,
350:Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles. ~ Alex Ferguson,
351:Bridge is a game for the undivided intellect. ~ Shirley Jackson,
352:Game on. May the best book whore win." - Scarlett ~ Erin Noelle,
353:If you are losing at a game, change the game. ~ Gregory Benford,
354:If you create the game, then you create the rules. ~ India Arie,
355:I just want to fit in and win games for my team. ~ Chris Webber,
356:I make impact plays. I make game-changing plays. ~ LeBron James,
357:I play every game like it's going to be my last. ~ Johnny Damon,
358:I think he's the best quarterback in this game. ~ Andre Johnson,
359:It's a great day for a ball game; let's play two! ~ Ernie Banks,
360:It's all a game, with new rules every season. ~ Stefano Gabbana,
361:It was a game, and life was the playing field. ~ Gloria Steinem,
362:It was crooked. But it was the only game in town. ~ Neil Gaiman,
363:It wasn't a game," Cash whispered. "Not to me. ~ Kody Keplinger,
364:I've never lost a game I just ran out of time. ~ Michael Jordan,
366:Life is a game in which happiness is the goal. ~ Frederick Lenz,
367:Life is the game that must be played ~ Edwin Arlington Robinson,
368:My whole life has been a bit like a Nintendo game. ~ Robin Gibb,
369:One should just be able to play a perfect game. ~ Roger Federer,
370:She remembered who she was and the game changed. ~ Kennedy Ryan,
371:The best way for me to lead is through my game. ~ Sidney Crosby,
372:They invented the All-Star game for Willie Mays. ~ Ted Williams,
373:Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few. ~ George Berkeley,
374:War: that mad game the world so loves to play. ~ Jonathan Swift,
375:When love turned into a game, people got hurt, ~ Steven Erikson,
376:You try to take it game-to-game and keep working. ~ Chase Utley,
377:Andy Johnson was literally banjoed out of the game ~ Roy Hodgson,
378:Brook Lopez had a better game than Deron Williams ~ Bill Simmons,
379:Don’t just play the game – change it for good. ~ Richard Branson,
380:Everything is in place to have a peaceful Games. ~ Jacques Rogge,
381:Feel is the most overlooked aspect of game creation; ~ Anonymous,
382:I didn't like the way the game was being played. ~ Mario Lemieux,
383:I don't care how small the game. I want to win. ~ Brian McKnight,
384:If you don't like vampire games, don't play ~ Vivian Vande Velde,
385:I'm passionate about the game of football. ~ LaDainian Tomlinson,
386:I only dunked maybe twice a game on average. ~ Dominique Wilkins,
387:It's time for which one of us is Hikaru-kun game! ~ Bisco Hatori,
388:I want to be one of the best players in the game. ~ Kevin Durant,
389:Life's a game made for everyone, and love is the prize. ~ Avicii,
390:"Nature must not win the game, but she cannot lose." ~ Carl Jung,
391:place, 60 games out of first place and with a 50-102 ~ Anonymous,
392:Sometimes the name is funnier than the game itself. ~ Andy Cohen,
393:Sometimes you have to lose a piece to win a game. ~ Rick Riordan,
394:Sourav Ganguly is the new Steve Waugh of mind games. ~ Ian Healy,
395:Space—First coin-op arcade game—port of Spacewar! ~ Ernest Cline,
396:Storytelling is the game. It's what we all do. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk,
397:Surely the game is hardly worth the candle. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle,
398:The game is in a neutral country for both teams. ~ David Beckham,
399:The man who has no problems is out of the game. ~ Elbert Hubbard,
400:Those who play a safe game die very safely. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti,
401:Too bad. Game over. Insert new fucking quarter. ~ Nenia Campbell,
402:Video games lend themselves completely to 3-D. ~ Howard Stringer,
403:was too far, and I need to stop watching Game of ~ Tarryn Fisher,
404:You don't get another chance. Life is no Nintendo game. ~ Eminem,
405:You don't get another chance, life is no Nintendo game. ~ Eminem,
406:A star can win any game; a team can win every game. ~ Jack Ramsay,
407:Cersei in Game of Thrones is quite solid and stiff. ~ Lena Headey,
408:Deception is mostly a game we play with ourselves. ~ Terry Brooks,
409:Games are providing rewards that reality is not. ~ Jane McGonigal,
410:Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course ~ Bobby Jones,
411:I don't think I can play the game and sell myself. ~ Terry Bozzio,
412:I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. ~ Urban Meyer,
413:Itching to play a video game inside a video game? ~ Reki Kawahara,
414:It's easy to hate the game when your losing. ~ Richard Paul Evans,
415:It's only a game if there is an absence of meaning. ~ Rachel Cohn,
416:Love the game of baseball and baseball will love you. ~ Babe Ruth,
417:Marriages may come and go, but the game must go on. ~ Felix Unger,
418:My strong game was ping pong. Relentless... steady. ~ Marv Albert,
419:Only games worth playin’ are games of the heart. ~ Kristen Ashley,
420:Politics, in a sense, has always been a con game. ~ Joe McGinniss,
421:The best player of a game is the watcher — ask him. ~ Idries Shah,
422:the creatures within the game were really alive. ~ Mark Cheverton,
423:The gamecock proudly stepped into the slaughterhouse. ~ Toba Beta,
424:There are games in which it is better to lose than win. ~ Plautus,
425:The Sixth Grade Nickname Game, by Gordon Korman, ~ Donalyn Miller,
426:This wild swan of a world is no hunter's game. ~ Robinson Jeffers,
427:watching could be better fun than joining in the game. ~ Samarpan,
428:You can't win a game if you don't score any points. ~ John Madden,
429:And it's all fun and games until someone loses an I. ~ Don Winslow,
430:Art is a game. Too bad for him who makes a duty of it. ~ Max Jacob,
431:Baseball is a game-I just go out there and enjoy it. ~ CC Sabathia,
432:Better to mock the game than to play and lose. ~ George R R Martin,
433:Chess is a game which reflects most honor on human wit. ~ Voltaire,
434:Fashion, ah yes. A fool's game, if I am not mistaken. ~ K F Breene,
435:happiness, American style, is a zero-sum game, ~ Viet Thanh Nguyen,
436:I can get you tickets to the Giants game next week. ~ Pamela Aares,
437:I don't play racing games, unless it's 'Mario Kart. ~ Scott Porter,
438:I know it's crooked. But it's the only game in town. ~ Neil Gaiman,
439:I know it’s crooked. But it’s the only game in town. ~ Neil Gaiman,
440:I know it's crooked, but it's the only game in town. ~ Neil Gaiman,
441:I'll never forget the catch he made to save the game. ~ Don Larsen,
442:I'm more interested in the games than the people. ~ Magnus Carlsen,
443:I play with friends, but we don't play friendly games. ~ Ben Hogan,
444:I think everything is fair game to a certain extent. ~ Gary Gulman,
445:Little girls get hurt when they play grown-up games. ~ V C Andrews,
446:My goal is to be at the top of my game every night. ~ Jason Spezza,
447:Never bet your money on another man's game. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder,
448:Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen. ~ Winston Churchill,
449:Sometimes the only way to win is not to play the game. ~ Anonymous,
450:So Rainstorm was pretty much a video game protagonist. ~ Anonymous,
451:The bowl games are only supposed to be a fun reward. ~ Woody Hayes,
452:The children in the woods play wild, secret games. ~ Gillian Flynn,
453:The game embarrasses you until you feel inadequate. ~ Ben Crenshaw,
454:The game of football is one of strategy and tactics. ~ Woody Hayes,
455:The only real game, I think, in the world is baseball. ~ Babe Ruth,
456:There are six-million shots in the game of pool. ~ Albert Einstein,
457:This maybe a game, but it isn't meant to be played ~ Reki Kawahara,
458:We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. ~ Vince Lombardi,
459:Well, I've been a fan of videogames all my life. ~ Michael Strahan,
460:You're at the top of your game if you do comedy. ~ Hector Elizondo,
461:Ah, the meek. Playing the long game. Sneaky bastards. ~ Denise Mina,
462:Baseball is a dull game only for those with dull minds. ~ Red Smith,
463:Chasing your past is a lousy, rotten game, isn’t it? ~ Paula McLain,
464:Codes are a puzzle. A game, just like any other game. ~ Alan Turing,
465:Differentiation is a zero-sum, advertising-based game. ~ Seth Godin,
466:Don't beat them at their own game. Beat them at yours. ~ Jeff Goins,
467:Facebook is terrifying to the traditional games biz. ~ Jesse Schell,
468:Games are the most elevated form of investigation. ~ Jane McGonigal,
469:Golf is a game of endless failure and frustration. ~ Mike Greenberg,
470:Guess it wasn't all fun
and games being a champion. ~ Amy Harmon,
471:I don't think we can win every game. Just the next one. ~ Lou Holtz,
472:I enjoy the last quarter of all basketball games. ~ Sarah Silverman,
473:I go game to game, at-bat to at-bat. That's my way. ~ Lance Berkman,
474:I live more than anything else to produce the Games. ~ Dick Ebersol,
475:I love hitting-that's my favorite part of the game. ~ Adrian Beltre,
476:I never want to sit out. I want to play baseball games. ~ Matt Kemp,
477:In golf, humiliations are the essence of the game. ~ Alistair Cooke,
478:In my experience, Detective, it's all middle game. ~ Michael Chabon,
479:I think I'm unique to the game 'cause of my versatility. ~ Ice Cube,
480:I think my putting could be better, my short game. ~ Deron Williams,
481:Its a game, and that’s how I am going to treat it. ~ Ken Griffey Jr,
482:It was a great game if you don't care who won. I cared. ~ Lou Holtz,
483:Keep your brow game on point and always pack a lip gloss. ~ Tinashe,
484:Las Vegas is a SimCity game gone horribly wrong. ~ Douglas Coupland,
485:Make up your mind, Greer. This time it’s not a game. ~ Meghan March,
486:My game is like a cross between karaoke and rap: crap. ~ Nick Faldo,
487:Power is a game. This cannot be repeated too often! ~ Robert Greene,
488:The game was over before I knew we were playing. ~ Jessica Gadziala,
489:The only meaningful statistic is number of games won. ~ Woody Hayes,
490:Today's game is always different from yesterday's game. ~ Red Smith,
491:To know the rules of the game, you have to be educated. ~ LL Cool J,
492:We only get to play this game one time, one life. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk,
493:We were either gonna win the game or win the fight. ~ Anthony Mason,
494:You can only get good at Chess if you love the game ~ Bobby Fischer,
495:Any Challenge was a game, and any game a pleasure. ~ Madeline Miller,
496:a street gang called ANG. Stands for ‘Ain’t No Game. ~ Samuel Hawley,
497:Baseball is a game played by idiots for morons. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald,
498:Choose your ground well. War is a game of geography. ~ James Maxwell,
499:Death is the great gamer with a sleeve of tricks. ~ Carson McCullers,
500:Game of Thrones. I'm all about it. I watch Arrow. ~ Steven R McQueen,

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   17 Occultism
   8 Integral Yoga
   5 Philosophy
   3 Yoga
   3 Christianity

   19 Sri Aurobindo
   17 Aleister Crowley
   11 The Mother
   6 Satprem
   5 Sri Ramakrishna
   4 Jorge Luis Borges
   3 Friedrich Nietzsche
   3 Carl Jung
   3 Aldous Huxley
   2 Swami Vivekananda
   2 Saint Augustine of Hippo
   2 Nolini Kanta Gupta

   20 Savitri
   11 Magick Without Tears
   9 The Mothers Agenda
   8 The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
   7 Liber ABA
   6 Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness
   6 Collected Poems
   5 The Synthesis Of Yoga
   3 Walden
   3 The Perennial Philosophy
   3 The Life Divine
   3 The Hero with a Thousand Faces
   3 The Confessions of Saint Augustine
   3 Talks
   3 Essays Divine And Human
   3 Aion
   3 Agenda Vol 1
   2 Words Of Long Ago
   2 Twilight of the Idols
   2 Thus Spoke Zarathustra
   2 The Secret Doctrine
   2 The Divine Comedy
   2 Talks With Sri Aurobindo
   2 Letters On Yoga II
   2 Letters On Yoga I
   2 Essays In Philosophy And Yoga
   2 A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah

0.01_-_Introduction, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  This AGENDA is not even a path: it is a light little vibration that seizes you at any turning - and then, there it is, you are IN IT. 'Another world in the world,' She said. One has to catch the light little vibration, one has to flow with it, in a nothing that is like the only something in the midst of this great debacle. At the beginning of things, when still nothing was FIXED, when there was not yet this habit of the pelican or the kangaroo or the chimpanzee or the XXth century biologist, there was a little pulsation that beat and beat - a delightful dizziness, a joy in the world's great adventure; a little never-imprisoned spark that has kept on beating from species to species, but as if it were always eluding us, as if it were always over there, over there - as if it were something to become,
   something to be played forever as the one great game of the world; a who-knows-what that left this sprig of a pensive man in the middle of a clearing; a little 'something' that beats, beats, that keeps on breathing beneath every skin that has ever been put on it - like our deepest breath, our lightest air, our air of nothing - and it keeps on going, it keeps on going. We must catch the light little breath, the little pulsation of nothing. Then suddenly, on the threshold of our clearing of concrete, our head starts spinning incurably, our eyes blink into something else, and all is different, and all seems surcharged with meaning and with life, as though we had never lived until that very minute.

0.05_-_1955, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Mother, it is an impossible, absurd, unlivable life. I feel as though I have no hand in this cruel little game. Oh Mother, why doesn't your grace trust that deep part in me which knows so well that you are the Truth? Deliver me from these evil forces since, profoundly, it is you and you alone I want. Give me the aspiration and strength I do not have. If you do not do this Yoga for me, I feel I shall never have the strength to go on.
  Pondicherry, September 15, 1955
  Mother ... suddenly everything seems to have crystallized - all the little revolts, the little tensions, the ill will and petty vital demands - forming a single block of open, determined resistance. I have become conscious that from the beginning of my sadhana, the mind has led the game - with the psychic behind - and has 'held me in leash,' helped muzzle all contrary movements, but at no time, or only rarely, has the vital submitted or opened to the higher influence. The rare times when the vital participated, I felt a great progress. But now, I find myself in front of this solid mass that says
  'No' and is not at all convinced of what the mind has been imposing upon it for almost two years now.

0.06_-_1956, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Mother, I need to unburden myself of all that is wringing my heart, and if the Divine exists somewhere, it is to him that I would like to express my profound disgust. For all this is profoundly scandalous, absurd and revolting. I know that the external world is absurd and that men live in it vainly; but the world of the Ashram is no less absurd, no less vain. 'Someone' is making fun of us,
  'someone' is deceiving us - for if truly there is some witness to this tragi-comedy and if this whole world is his 'game,' it is a cruel game and he is a cheater, for he has all the cards in his hand and he pretends to make us play a game in which we are inevitably the losers - a game we cannot play, for we are helpless miserable, without strength, without light.
  It is quite possible, even quite probable, that in another hour or another day, I may feel quite the contrary of what I now write. But the person I am tomorrow does not negate he who I am today, it only makes him more absurd, more unbearably absurd. The one who I am right now, for an hour perhaps, needs to cry out his disgust with this nameless farce. We are puppets, fools, and I am ready to admit that everything is just a state of consciousness - but it is still a fool's state of consciousness. Tomorrow's puppet who might ask for grace from the divine, and believe in him, will still be a puppet, a pacified and resigned puppet - but a marionette no less absurd playing a game no less absurd. I understand those who go about planting dynamite everywhere; if they seek death, it is because they desperately wanted to live but found it impossible to live. One cannot live, one can only flee this intolerable existence in one way or another. Mother, it is impossible for a man
   to look at himself straight in the face in a completely lucid way for more than five minutes - IF HE

01.02_-_The_Issue, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
    Or hew the ways of Immortality,
    To win or lose the godlike game for man,
    Was her soul's issue thrown with Destiny's dice.

01.03_-_The_Yoga_of_the_King_The_Yoga_of_the_Souls_Release, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Even were caught as through a cunning veil
  The smile of love that sanctions the long game,
  The calm indulgence and maternal breasts
  Fate covered with an unseen necessity
  The game of chance of an omnipotent Will.
  A glory and a rapture and a charm,

01.04_-_The_Secret_Knowledge, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  An unseen Presence moulds the oblivious clay.
  A playmate in the mighty Mother s game,
  One came upon the dubious whirling globe
  Her highest heights she unmasks and is his mate.
  Till then he is a plaything in her game;
  Her seeming regent, yet her fancy's toy,
  Driven by his own formidable Power,
  His chosen partner in a titan game,
  Her will he has made the master of his fate,
  There is a plan in the Mother s deep world-whim,
  A purpose in her vast and random game.
  This ever she meant since the first dawn of life,

02.03_-_The_Glory_and_the_Fall_of_Life, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  And Love's body held beneath a rapturous yoke.
  All was a game of meeting kinglinesses.
  For worship lifts the worshipper's bowed strength
  There work was play and play the only work,
  The tasks of heaven a game of godlike might:
  A celestial bacchanal for ever pure,

02.04_-_The_Kingdoms_of_the_Little_Life, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  A mystic Presence none can probe nor rule,
  Creator of this game of ray and shade
  In this sweet and bitter paradoxical life,
  A Wisdom that prepares its far-off ends
  Planned so to start her slow aeonic game.
  A blindfold search and wrestle and fumbling clasp
  Of a half-seen Nature and a hidden Soul,
  A game of hide-and-seek in twilit rooms,
  A play of love and hate and fear and hope

02.05_-_The_Godheads_of_the_Little_Life, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  And toss the lives of men from hand to hand
  In an inconsequent and devious game.
  Against all higher truth their stuff rebels;
  And lust's hot glare and passion's crimson stain;
  Battle and murder are his tribal game.
  Time has he none to turn his eyes within
  A magnificent imbroglio of the Gods,
  A game, a work ambiguously divine.
  Our seekings are short-lived experiments

02.06_-_The_Kingdoms_and_Godheads_of_the_Greater_Life, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Accompanied by an eternal No.
  All seems in vain, yet endless is the game.
  Impassive turns the ever-circling Wheel,

02.10_-_The_Kingdoms_and_Godheads_of_the_Little_Mind, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Yet all it does is on an infant's scale,
  As if the cosmos were a nursery game,
  Mind, life the playthings of a Titan's babe.
  Our reason only a toys' artificer,
  A rule-maker in a strange stumbling game.
  But she her dwarf aides knew whose confident sight

02.11_-_The_Kingdoms_and_Godheads_of_the_Greater_Mind, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Each mysteried God forced to revealing form,
  Assigned his settled moves in Nature's game,
  Zigzagged at the gesture of a chess-player Will
  Where a free Wisdom works, they seek for a rule;
  Or we only see a tripping game of Chance
  Or a labour in chains forced by bound Nature's law,
  He is lost in her, she is his heaven here.
  Truth smiled upon the gracious golden game.
  Out of her hushed eternal spaces leaned

02.14_-_The_World-Soul, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Till it can see its truth alive and God.
  Once more they must face the problem-game of birth,
  The soul's experiment of joy and grief

02.15_-_The_Kingdoms_of_the_Greater_Knowledge, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  And lived in the rays of an intuitive Sun.
  Absolved from the ligaments of death and sleep
  He rode the lightning seas of cosmic Mind

03.01_-_The_Pursuit_of_the_Unknowable, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
    I remember something like a CD encyclopedia we had, with like some "game" on it..

03.03_-_The_House_of_the_Spirit_and_the_New_Creation, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  On a meeting line of hazardous extremes
  The game of games was played to its breaking-point,
  Where through self-finding by divine self-loss
  The bright adventure of God's game of chance.
  In her ingenious ardour of caprice,

03.04_-_The_Vision_and_the_Boon, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  And hardiest victories without sure result,
  Drawn endlessly an inconclusive game.
  In an ill-fitting and voluminous robe

04.01_-_The_Birth_and_Childhood_of_the_Flame, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Again the mystic deep attempt began,
  The daring wager of the cosmic game.
  For since upon this blind and whirling globe

06.01_-_The_Word_of_Fate, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  To a world of toil and quest and grief and hope,
  To these rooms of the see-saw game of death with life.

07.05_-_The_Finding_of_the_Soul, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  A joy in the world her master movement here,
  The passion of the game lighted her eyes:
  A smile on her lips welcomed earth's bliss and grief,
  In the narrow nether centre's petty parts
  Its childish game of daily dwarf desires
  Was changed into a sweet and boisterous play,

07.06_-_Nirvana_and_the_Discovery_of_the_All-Negating_Absolute, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  These were but counters in mind's symbol game,
  A gramophone's discs, a reproduction's film,
  It watched the figure of the cosmic game,
  But the thought and inner life in forms seemed dead,

10.03_-_The_Debate_of_Love_and_Death, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Even wisdom, hewer of the roads of God,
  Is a partner in the deep disastrous game:
  But not for ever endures this danger game:
  Beyond the earth, but meant for delivered earth,

10.04_-_The_Dream_Twilight_of_the_Earthly_Real, #Savitri, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  In its long play with Fate and Chance and Time
  Assured of the game's vanity lost or won,
  Crushed by its load of ignorance and doubt
  And love and beauty out of war and night,
  The wager wonderful, the game divine.

1.00a_-_Introduction, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  777 is practically unpurchaseable: copies fetch 10 or so. Nearly all important correspondences are in Magick Table I. The other 2 books are being sent at once. "Working out games with numbers." I am sorry you should see no more than this. When you are better equipped, you will see that the Qabalah is the best (and almost the only) means by which an intelligence can identify himself. And Gematria methods serve to discover spiritual truths. Numbers are the network of the structure of the Universe, and their relations the form of expression of our Understanding of it.*[G1] In Greek and Hebrew there is no other way of writing numbers; our 1, 2, 3 etc. comes from the Phoenicians through the Arabs. You need no more of Greek and Hebrew than these values, some sacred words knowledge grows by use and books of reference.

1.00_-_Gospel, #The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, #Sri Ramakrishna, #Hinduism
  Yet this was only a foretaste of the intense experiences to come. The first glimpse of the Divine Mother made him the more eager for Her uninterrupted vision. He wanted to see Her both in meditation and with eyes open. But the Mother began to play a teasing game of hide-and-seek with him, intensifying both his joy and his suffering. Weeping bitterly during the moments of separation from Her, he would pass into a trance and then find Her standing before him, smiling, talking, consoling, bidding him be of good cheer, and instructing him. During this period of spiritual practice he had many uncommon experiences. When he sat to meditate, he would hear strange clicking sounds in the joints of his legs, as if someone were locking them up, one after the other, to keep him motionless; and at the conclusion of his meditation he would again hear the same sounds, this time unlocking them and leaving him free to move about. He would see flashes like a swarm of fire-flies floating before his eyes, or a sea of deep mist around him, with luminous waves of molten silver. Again, from a sea of translucent mist he would behold the Mother rising, first Her feet, then Her waist, body, face, and head, finally Her whole person; he would feel Her breath and hear Her voice. Worshipping in the temple, sometimes he would become exalted, sometimes he would remain motionless as stone, sometimes he would almost collapse from excessive emotion. Many of his actions, contrary to all tradition, seemed sacrilegious to the people. He would take a flower and touch it to his own head, body, and feet, and then offer it to the Goddess.

1.00_-_Preliminary_Remarks, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
  In analysing the nature of this work of controlling the mind, the student will appreciate without trouble the fact that two things are involvedthe person seeing and the thing seenthe person knowing and the thing known; and he will come to regard this as the necessary condition of all consciousness. We are too accustomed to assume to be facts things about which we have no real right even to guess. We assume, for example, that the unconscious is the torpid; and yet nothing is more certain than that bodily organs which are functioning well do so in silence. The best sleep is dreamless. Even in the case of games of skill our very best strokes are followed by the thought, I dont know how I did it; and we cannot repeat those strokes at will.

1.01_-_An_Accomplished_Westerner, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Historically, it appears that the birth of a new world is often preceded by periods of trial and destruction, but perhaps this is simply a misreading: it may be because the new seeds are already alive that the forces of subversion (or clearing away) are raging. In any event,
  Europe was at the peak of its glory; the game seemed to be played in the West. This is how it appeared to Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose, Sri Aurobindo's father, who had studied medicine in England, and had returned to India completely anglicized. He did not want his three sons, of whom Sri Aurobindo was the youngest, to be in the least contaminated by the "steamy and retrograde" mysticism in which his country seemed to be running to ruin. He did not even want them to know anything of the traditions and languages of India. Sri Aurobindo was therefore provided not only with an English first name, Akroyd,

1.01_-_Asana, #Liber ABA, #Aleister Crowley, #Philosophy
    WEH footnote: It is important to distinguish between cramp and severe chronic muscle spasm which can tear ligaments. Muscle spasm tends to result from pinching or compressing nerves, and can lead to permanent injury. Also beware of constricted circulation, which produces numbness more than it does pain. Wear loose clothing and avoid pressing on hard objects.

1.01_-_Economy, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. There is no play in them, for this comes after work. But it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.
  Those things for which the most money is demanded are never the things which the student most wants. Tuition, for instance, is an important item in the term bill, while for the far more valuable education which he gets by associating with the most cultivated of his contemporaries no charge is made. The mode of founding a college is, commonly, to get up a subscription of dollars and cents, and then following blindly the principles of a division of labor to its extreme, a principle which should never be followed but with circumspection,to call in a contractor who makes this a subject of speculation, and he employs
  Irishmen or other operatives actually to lay the foundations, while the students that are to be are said to be fitting themselves for it; and for these oversights successive generations have to pay. I think that it would be _better than this_, for the students, or those who desire to be benefited by it, even to lay the foundation themselves. The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful. But, says one, you do not mean that the students should go to work with their hands instead of their heads? I do not mean that exactly, but I mean something which he might think a good deal like that; I mean that they should not _play_ life, or _study_ it merely, while the community supports them at this expensive game, but earnestly _live_ it from beginning to end. How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living? Methinks this would exercise their minds as much as mathematics. If I wished a boy to know something about the arts and sciences, for instance, I would not pursue the common course, which is merely to send him into the neighborhood of some professor, where any thing is professed and practised but the art of life;to survey the world through a telescope or a microscope, and never with his natural eye; to study chemistry, and not learn how his bread is made, or mechanics, and not learn how it is earned; to discover new satellites to Neptune, and not detect the motes in his eyes, or to what vagabond he is a satellite himself; or to be devoured by the monsters that swarm all around him, while contemplating the monsters in a drop of vinegar.

1.01_-_SAMADHI_PADA, #Patanjali Yoga Sutras, #Swami Vivekananda, #Hinduism

1.01_-_The_Castle, #unset, #Bertrand Russell, #Philosophy
  When our supper ended in a muteness which the sounds of chewing and the smacking of lips gulping wine did not make more pleasant, we remained seated, looking one another in the face, with the torment of not being able to exchange the many experiences each of us had to communicate. At that point, on the table which had just been cleared, the man who seemed the lord of the castle set a pack of playing cards. They were tarot cards, larger than the kind we use for ordinary games or that gypsies employ for predicting the future, but it was possible to discern more or less the same figures that are painted in the enamels of the most precious miniatures. Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages were all young people magnificently dressed, as if for a princely feast; the twenty-two Major Arcana seemed the tapestries of a court theater; and cups, coins, swords, clubs shone like heraldic devices adorned with scrolls and arabesques.
  We began to spread out the cards on the table, face up, and to give them their proper value in games, or their true meaning in the reading of fortunes. And yet none of us seemed to wish to begin playing, and still less to question the future, since we were as if drained of all future, suspended in a journey that had not ended nor was to end. There was something else we saw in those tarots, something that no longer allowed us to take our eyes from the gilded pieces of that mosaic.

1.01_-_The_Three_Metamorphoses, #Thus Spoke Zarathustra, #Friedrich Nietzsche, #Philosophy
  23:But tell me, my brethren, what the child can do, which even the lion could not do? Why hath the preying lion still to become a child?
  24:Innocence is the child, and forgetfulness, a new beginning, a game, a self-rolling wheel, a first movement, a holy Yea.
  25:Aye, for the game of creating, my brethren, there is needed a holy Yea unto life: ITS OWN will, willeth now the spirit; HIS OWN world winneth the world's outcast.
  26:Three metamorphoses of the spirit have I designated to you: how the spirit became a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.--

1.02_-_The_Eternal_Law, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  Although India was also able to appreciate that God is the Eternal Iconoclast in his cosmic march, she did not always have the strength to withstand her own wisdom. The vast invisible that pervades this country was to extract from it a double ransom, both human and spiritual; human, because these people, saturated with the Beyond,
  conscious of the Great Cosmic game and the inner dimensions in which our little surface lives are just points, periodically flowering and soon re-engulfed, came to neglect the material world inertia,
  indifference to progress, and resignation often wore the face of wisdom; a spiritual ransom also (this one far more serious), because in that immensity too great for our present little consciousness, the destiny of the earth, our earth, became lost somewhere in the deep confines of the galaxy, or nowhere, reabsorbed in Brahman, whence perhaps it had never emerged after all, except in our dreams

1.02_-_THE_NATURE_OF_THE_GROUND, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  The extract which follows next is of great historical significance, since it was mainly through the Mystical Theology and the Divine Names of the fifth-century author who wrote under the name of Dionysius the Areopagite that mediaeval Christendom established contact with Neoplatonism and thus, at several removes, with the metaphysical thought and discipline of India. In the ninth century Scotus Erigena translated the two books into Latin and from that time forth their influence upon the philosophical speculations and the religious life of the West was wide, deep and beneficent. It was to the authority of the Areopagite that the Christian exponents of the Perennial Philosophy appealed, whenever they were menaced (and they were always being menaced) by those whose primary interest was in ritual, legalism and ecclesiastical organization. And because Dionysius was mistakenly identified with St. Pauls first Athenian convert, his authority was regarded as all but apostolic; therefore, according to the rules of the Catholic game, the appeal to it could not lightly be dismissed, even by those to whom the books meant less than nothing. In spite of their maddening eccentricity, the men and women who followed the Dionysian path had to be tolerated. And once left free to produce the fruits of the spirit, a number of them arrived at such a conspicuous degree of sanctity that it became impossible even for the heads of the Spanish Inquisition to condemn the tree from which such fruits had sprung.

1.038_-_Impediments_in_Concentration_and_Meditation, #The Study and Practice of Yoga, #Swami Krishnananda, #Yoga
  These obstacles can be reinforced, confirmed and made difficult to avoid by certain accessories which are known as the associate troubles dukha daurmanasya a
  gamejayatva vsapravs vikepa sahabhuva (I.31). These distractions have their own younger brothers which can join them in their actions and make it difficult for one to face them. These youngsters who create problems in association with these major obstacles are five in number, as mentioned by Patanjali in this particular sutra that I cited.
  Patanjali also mentions that there can be another difficulty, namely, tremor of the body angamejayatva - which means a sudden reshuffling of the cells of the body and an urgent necessity felt by the pranas within to rearrange themselves on account of pressure exerted by meditation. The pranas move in a particular direction and in a particular manner, usually speaking. Though this is the usual way that they function, it is not the way in which we want them to work, according to the ideal that is before us. This meditation on the ideal may require the pranas to function in a different manner altogether, and if they are thus required, insistently and persistently, every day for a long time, and a rearrangement of the pattern of action is demanded of them, they may feel the pressure thereof to such an extent that they may cause a jerk in the body, a sudden shaking up of the muscular system and a shock felt in the nerves all of which is only due to the movement of prana.
  The prana is connected with the nerves and the muscles very intimately, and inasmuch as the prana is nothing but the external expression of the mind, any rearrangement of the method of thought will tell upon the arrangement of the movement of the pranas, and all of this will also tell upon the muscles, the nerves, etc., so that there can be a complete overhauling of the system. If this is done suddenly and not very slowly or gradually, due to very intense pressure exerted upon the system there can be angamejayatva or tremor of the whole system. We will feel shocks and jerks and tremors, as if we are jumping like a frog. We may not actually physically jump, but there will be a sensation of jumping, as if we have been pushed by somebody from outside, or we have been pulled from the front. All of this is due to the intensification of the activity of the prana in a more harmonious manner than it is accustomed to in its ordinary ways. The movement of the prana is conditioned by desires. As a matter of fact, the pranic activity is usually nothing but the preparation of the system to fulfil its desires. The dynamo, which produces within us the necessary energy for the purpose of fulfilling a desire, is the system known as the vital energy or the prana, and it is always directed towards objects of sense. It pulls the mind in that direction.
  The push exerted by the prana is the cause of tremor of the body and, therefore, it is not a permanent condition, and it will not continue for a long time. It is not that we will feel the jerk or shock always. It may continue for some months or even years, as the case may be. Patanjali regards it as an obstacle because of the fact that it is a passing phase, as it is only a temporary reaction set up by the pranas which has to cease when the condition of meditation becomes sustained and a part of one's real nature dukha daurmanasya a
  gamejayatva vsapravs vikepa sahabhuva (I.31).

1.03_-_A_Parable, #The Lotus Sutra, #Anonymous, #Various
  Being young and ignorant,
  They are attached to playing games.
  Hearing this, the afuent man was startled
  Would not listen to their fathers warning.
  Still attached to their games,
  They kept right on playing.
  In spite of this,
  These children were attached to playing their games.
  But by causing them to escape from the disaster,

1.03_-_PERSONALITY,_SANCTITY,_DIVINE_INCARNATION, #The Perennial Philosophy, #Aldous Huxley, #Philosophy
  But now thou askest me how thou mayest destroy this naked knowing and feeling of thine own being. For per-adventure thou thinkest that if it were destroyed, all other hindrances were destroyed; and if thou thinkest thus, thou thinkest right truly. But to this I answer thee and I say, that without a full special grace full freely given by God, and also a full according ableness on thy part to receive this grace, this naked knowing and feeling of thy being may in nowise be destroyed. And this ableness is nought else but a strong and a deep ghostly sorrow. All men have matter of sorrow; but most specially he feeleth matter of sorrow that knoweth and feeleth that he is. All other sorrows in comparison to this be but as it were game to earnest. For he may make sorrow earnestly that knoweth and feeleth not only what he is, but that he is. And whoso felt never this sorrow, let him make sorrow; for he hath never yet felt perfect sorrow. This sorrow, when it is had, cleanseth the soul, not only of sin, but also of pain that it hath deserved for sin; and also it maketh a soul able to receive that joy, the which reaveth from a man all knowing and feeling of his being.

1.03_-_Questions_and_Answers, #Book of Certitude, #Baha u llah, #Baha i
  Other means, such as bows and arrows, guns, and similar equipment employed in hunting, are also included. If, however, traps or snares are used, and the game dieth before it can be reached, it is unlawful for consumption.

1.03_-_The_End_of_the_Intellect, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  his Bengali teacher continues, "and read by the light of an oil lamp till one in the morning, oblivious of the intolerable mosquito bites. I
  would see him seated there in the same posture for hours on end, his eyes fixed on his book, like a yogi lost in the contemplation of the Divine, unaware of all that went on around him. Even if the house had caught fire, it would not have broken this concentration." He read English, Russian, German, and French novels, but also, in ever larger numbers, the sacred books of India, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, although he had never been in a temple except as an observer. "Once, having returned from the College," one of his friends recalls, "Sri Aurobindo sat down, picked up a book at random and started to read, while Z and some friends began a noisy game of chess. After half an hour, he put the book down and took a cup of tea.
  We had already seen him do this many times and were waiting eagerly for a chance to verify whether he read the books from cover to cover or only scanned a few pages here and there. Soon the test began. Z

1.03_-_The_Sephiros, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
  " There is a much more practical yet subtle method.
  Let us reduce all our knowledge of man and the universe to symbols which can be portrayed in pictures suitable for use as an ordinary game. In such a manner, the accumulated wisdom of the ages will be preserved in an unorthodox way, passing unnoticed by the herd as being the Philosophy

1.03_-_The_Syzygy_-_Anima_and_Animus, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  sumably this situation is grounded on instinct and must remain
  as it is to ensure that the Empedoclean game of the hate and
  love of the elements shall continue for all eternity. Nature is

1.03_-_The_Tale_of_the_Alchemist_Who_Sold_His_Soul, #The Castle of Crossed Destinies, #Italo Calvino, #Fiction
  Now there was still The Wheel of Fortune to interpret, one of the most complicated images in the whole tarot game. It could mean simply that fortune had turned in Faust's direction, but this explanation seemed too obvious for the alchemist's narrative style, always elliptical and allusive. On the other hand, it was legitimate to suppose that our doctor, having got possession of the diabolical secret, conceived a monstrous plan: to change into gold all that was changeable. The wheel of the Tenth Arcanum would then literally mean the toiling gears of the Great Gold Mill, the gigantic mechanism which would raise up the Metropolis of Precious Metal; and the human forms of various ages seen pushing the wheel or rotating with it were there to indicate the crowds of men who eagerly lent a hand to the project and dedicated the years of their lives to turning those wheels day and night. This interpretation failed to take into account all the details of the miniature (for example, the animalesque ears and tails that adorned some of the revolving human figures), but it was a basis for interpreting the following cards of cups and coins as the Kingdom of Abundance in which the City of Gold's inhabitants wallowed. (The rows of yellow circles perhaps evoked the gleaming domes of golden skyscrapers that flanked the streets of the Metropolis.)
  But when would the established price be collected by the Cloven Contracting Party? The story's two final cards were already on the table, placed there by the first narrator: the Two of Swords and Temperance. At the gates of the City of Gold armed guards blocked the way to anyone who wished to enter, to prevent access to the Cloven-hooved Collector, no matter in what guise he might turn up. And even if a simple maiden, like the one in the last card, were to approach, the guards made her halt.

1.04_-_The_Crossing_of_the_First_Threshold, #The Hero with a Thousand Faces, #Joseph Campbell, #Mythology
  Jataka, 1:1. Abridged from the translation by Eugene Watson Burlingame,
  Buddhist Parables (Yale University Press, 1922), pp. 32-34. Reprinted by per
  Jataka, 55:1. 272-275. Adapted, with slight abridgment, from the transla
  tion of Eugene Watson Burlingame, op. cit., pp. 41-44. Reprinted by permis
  sion of Yale University Press, publishers.

1.04_-_The_Sacrifice_the_Triune_Path_and_the_Lord_of_the_Sacrifice, #The Synthesis Of Yoga, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Truth and Right have convicted the good and evil of this world of imperfection or of falsehood and unveiled a supreme good and its clue of subtle harmony and its sublimation of action and feeling and knowledge. But behind all these and in them he has felt a Divinity who is all these things, a Bringer of Light, a Guide and All-Knower, a Master of Force, a Giver of Bliss,
  Friend, Helper, Father, Mother Playmate in the world-game, an absolute Master of his being, his soul's Beloved and Lover.

1.05_-_Christ,_A_Symbol_of_the_Self, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  \pvxiKov, uapKLKov). Spirit is the finest and highest; soul, as the
  ligamentum spiritus et corporis, is grosser than spirit, but has
  "the wings of an eagle," 84 so that it may lift its heaviness up to

1.05_-_Mental_Education, #On Education, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Undeniably, what most impedes mental progress in children is the constant dispersion of their thoughts. Their thoughts flutter hither and thither like butterflies and they have to make a great effort to fix them. Yet this capacity is latent in them, for when you succeed in arousing their interest, they are capable of a good deal of attention. By his ingenuity, therefore, the educator will gradually help the child to become capable of a sustained effort of attention and a faculty of more and more complete absorption in the work in hand. All methods that can develop this faculty of attention from games to rewards are good and can all be utilised according to the need and the circumstances. But it is the psychological action that is most important and the sovereign method is to arouse in the child an interest in what you want to teach him, a liking for work, a will to progress. To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child: to love to learn always and everywhere, so that all circumstances, all happenings in life may be constantly renewed opportunities for learning more and always more.

1.06_-_Quieting_the_Vital, #Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, #Satprem, #Integral Yoga
  narrowness. When we frantically cling to our small frontal personality, to its put-ons and sticky sentimentality and saintly sorrows, we are not really "human"; we are the laggards of the Stone Age; we defend our right to sorrow and suffering.75
  The seeker will no longer be fooled by the dubious game going on in his surface vital, but for a long time he will keep the habit of responding to the thousands of small biological and emotional vibrations circling around him. The transition takes time, much as the transition from the world-mongering mind to mental silence did, and it is often accompanied by spells of intense fatigue, because our organism loses the habit of renewing its energy at the common superficial source (which soon appears crude and heavy once we have tasted the other type of energy), yet it still lacks the capacity to remain constantly connected to the true source, hence some "gaps." But here again the seeker is helped by the descending Force, which powerfully contributes to establish a new rhythm in him. He even notices, with ever-renewed astonishment, that if he takes but one small step forward, the Help from above will take ten toward him as if he were expected. It would be quite wrong to believe that the work is only negative, however; naturally the vital likes to think that it is making huge efforts to struggle against itself, which is its skillful way of protecting itself on all fronts, but in practice the seeker does not follow an austere or negative rule; he follows a positive need within his being, because he is truly growing out of yesterday's norms and yesterday's pleasures, which now feel to him like a baby's diet. He is no longer content with all that; he has better things to do, better things to live. This is why it is so difficult to explain the path to one who has never tried it, for he will see only his own current perspective or,
  rather, the loss of his perspective. Yet if we only knew how each loss of perspective is a step forward, how greatly life changes when we pass from the stage of closed truths to that of open truths a truth like life itself, too great to be confined within limited perspectives, because it embraces them all and sees the usefulness of each thing at each stage of an infinite development; a truth great enough to deny itself and move endlessly to a higher truth.

1.08_-_The_Ladder, #A Garden of Pomegranates - An Outline of the Qabalah, #Israel Regardie, #Occultism
   and the dusk came down to shroud the mystic ecstasy of their union. Beautiful virile earth. Beautiful mighty sea.
  Tender sky and intoxicating kisses of air. My gods, my lovers, my friends. By day it was enough to be with them, their playmate, the glad confederate, their privileged listener to secrets never quite revealed, to wisdom never wholly understood ; one with them, strong young hands in theirs, strong young feet racing beside, the same joy in the heart and ardour in the blood, the same unutterable love of life ! But at night in the cool scented darkness, before the land became bewitched beneath the blue moon of the Fens, a restlessness came out of the air and invaded the senses, that neither talking nor walking, nor reading nor laughter would appease. As though the pipes of Pan rang still, thin, and sweet and with a music more alluring, for all its minor key, than any heard in sunlight. As though the games and delights of day with the invisible companions were not enough, but at night led further on to territories yet unknown, where mortal sense could not follow. . . . Not forbidden territories, but secret, lost, and hid from the coarser human understanding. 8 Come, come! Follow, follow ! . . .' An inexpressible peace went back with me after that idle wandering, for the spirit of the water had paced the sands beside me, in silent rhythm of feet and heart, a spirit that had entered mine and brought unutter- able joy and fullness and grave content, and went with me up the sandy path and the crooked stairs, and to the vast kingdoms of sleep, . . ."

1.08_-_THE_QUEEN'S_CROQUET_GROUND, #Alice in Wonderland, #Lewis Carroll, #Fiction
  "She boxed the Queen's ears--" the Rabbit began.
  "Get to your places!" shouted the Queen in a voice of thunder, and people began running about in all directions, tumbling up against each other. However, they got settled down in a minute or two, and the game began.
  Alice thought she had never seen such a curious croquet-ground in her life; it was all ridges and furrows. The croquet balls were live hedgehogs, and the mallets live flamingos and the soldiers had to double themselves up and stand on their hands and feet, to make the arches.
  "Not at all," said Alice.
  Alice thought she might as well go back and see how the game was going on. So she went off in search of her hedgehog. The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with another hedgehog, which seemed to Alice an excellent opportunity for croqueting one of them with the other; the only difficulty was that her flamingo was gone across to the other side of the garden, where Alice could see it trying, in a helpless sort of way, to fly up into a tree. She caught the flamingo and tucked it away under her arm, that it might not escape again.
  Just then Alice ran across the Duchess (who was now out of prison). She tucked her arm affectionately into Alice's and they walked off together.
  Alice was very glad to find her in such a pleasant temper. She was a little startled, however, when she heard the voice of the Duchess close to her ear. "You're thinking about something, my dear, and that makes you forget to talk."
  "The game's going on rather better now," Alice said, by way of keeping up the conversation a little.
  "'Tis so," said the Duchess; "and the moral of that is--'Oh, 'tis love,
  "Now, I give you fair warning," shouted the Queen, stamping on the ground as she spoke, "either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time. Take your choice!" The Duchess took her choice, and was gone in a moment.
  "Let's go on with the game," the Queen said to Alice; and Alice was too much frightened to say a word, but slowly followed her back to the croquet-ground.
  All the time they were playing, the Queen never left off quarreling with the other players and shouting, "Off with his head!" or "Off with her head!" By the end of half an hour or so, all the players, except the

1.11_-_Higher_Laws, #Walden, and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience, #Henry David Thoreau, #Philosophy
  They mistake who assert that the Yankee has few amusements, because he has not so many public holidays, and men and boys do not play so many games as they do in England, for here the more primitive but solitary amusements of hunting fishing and the like have not yet given place to the former. Almost every New England boy among my contemporaries shouldered a fowling piece between the ages of ten and fourteen; and his hunting and fishing grounds were not limited, like the preserves of an English nobleman, but were more boundless even than those of a savage. No wonder, then, that he did not oftener stay to play on the common. But already a change is taking place, owing, not to an increased humanity, but to an increased scarcity of game, for perhaps the hunter is the greatest friend of the animals hunted, not excepting the Humane Society.
  Moreover, when at the pond, I wished sometimes to add fish to my fare for variety. I have actually fished from the same kind of necessity that the first fishers did. Whatever humanity I might conjure up against it was all factitious, and concerned my philosophy more than my feelings. I speak of fishing only now, for I had long felt differently about fowling, and sold my gun before I went to the woods. Not that I am less humane than others, but I did not perceive that my feelings were much affected. I did not pity the fishes nor the worms. This was habit. As for fowling, during the last years that I carried a gun my excuse was that I was studying ornithology, and sought only new or rare birds. But I confess that I am now inclined to think that there is a finer way of studying ornithology than this. It requires so much closer attention to the habits of the birds, that, if for that reason only, I have been willing to omit the gun. Yet notwithstanding the objection on the score of humanity, I am compelled to doubt if equally valuable sports are ever substituted for these; and when some of my friends have asked me anxiously about their boys, whether they should let them hunt,
  I have answered, yes,remembering that it was one of the best parts of my education,_make_ them hunters, though sportsmen only at first, if possible, mighty hunters at last, so that they shall not find game large enough for them in this or any vegetable wilderness,hunters as well as fishers of men. Thus far I am of the opinion of Chaucers nun, who

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