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object:Vedic and Philological Studies
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject class:Integral Yoga
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  Part One / Essays in Vedic Interpretation

    The Veda and European Scholarship

    The Hymns of Madhuchchhandas
    Chapter I
    Chapter I: Surya, Sarasvati and Mahi

    The Colloquy of Agastya and Indra

    The Gods of the Veda
    Saraswati and the Great ocean
    Varuna and The Law

    Ritam [A]
    Ritam [B] - Chapter III

    A Chapter for a Work on the Veda

    Note on the Word Go

    The Gods of the Veda / The Secret of the Veda
    The Gods of the Veda
    The secret of the Veda (Saraswati and the Great Water)
    Revised opening of the preceding chapter (Saraswati and the Great Water)
    Indira, the Visvadevas, the Aswin
    Indra, the Luminous
    The Visvadevas

    A System of Vedic Psychology
    A System of Vedic Psychology - A (Prefatory)
    A System of Vedic Psychology - B

    The Secret of Veda

    A Fragment
  Part Two / Selected Vedic Hymns

    Mandala One
    Mandala Two
    Mandala Three
    Mandala Four
    Mandala Five
    Mandala Seven
    Mandala Eight
    Mandala Nine
    Mandala Ten
    Appendix to Part Two
    Selected Verses: Rig Veda
    Selected Verses: Yajur Veda
  Part Three / Commentaries and Annotated Translations

    Mandala One
    RV I.2.1 3
    RV I.2.1
    RV I.2.1 - 3 (Rig Veda I.2.)
    RV I.3 (Rig Veda)
    RV I.4.1-6
    RV I.5
    RV I.82.1
    RV I.86.1-3
    RV I.122.1-3
    RV I.223.1
    RV I.176

    Mandala Two
    RV II.11 12.1
    RV II.28

    Mandala Four
    RV IV.28.12
    RV IV.31, 32, 26, 27, 28, 29, 19

    Mandala Seven
    RV VII.4150
  Part Four / Vedic Notes

    Mandala One
    Mandala One
    RV I.51 52
    RV I.58
    RV I.65 66
    RV I.74 77
    RV I.94 100.1
    RV I.100.1 2
    RV I.152 54

    Mandala Two
    RV II.1.1 2
    RV II.5, 3.1 2
    RV II.30 34

    Mandala Three
    RV III.37 51

    Mandala Four
    RV IV.2.1 2

    Mandala Five
    RV V.1 2
    RV V.1 2 (Book V)
    RV V.11

    Mandala Six
    RV VI.1
    RV VI.45

    Mandala Seven
    RV VII.41 45
    RV VII.61 63

    Mandala Eight
    RV VIII.1.1 4
    RV VIII.76 78
    RV VIII.82 91

    Mandala Nine
    RV IX.1
    RV IX.1 3

    Mandala Ten
    RV X.1 - 3
  Part Five / Essays and Notes on Philology
  Drafts of The Origins of Aryan Speech

    The Origins of Aryan Speech
    The Origins of Aryan Speech - I
    The Origins of Aryan Speech - II
    The Origins of Aryan Speech - III

    Aryan Origins (Introductory)
    Other Writings on Philology


      Aryan Origins: The Elementary Roots of Language

      The An Family

      Roots in M

      The Root Mal in Greek
      Philological Notes

        Notes on Root-Sounds
        Roots in a
        Roots in i
        Roots in k
        Roots in ch
        Roots in j and jh
        Roots in a, ha, a, ha
        The Root dal
        Roots in n
        Roots in p
        Roots in m
        The Root mal
        The Root val
        Roots in s

        Notes on Phonetic Transformations
        Old Sanskrit to Greek
        Sanskrit to Tamil

    Note on the Texts

      Note on the Texts

      Part One: Essays in Vedic Interpretation

      Part Two: Selected Vedic Hymns
      Selected Vedic Hymns
      Mandala One
      Mandala Two
      Mandala Three
      Mandala Four
      Mandala Five
      Mandala Seven
      Mandala Eight
      Mandala Nine
      Mandala Ten
      Appendix to Part Two

      Part Three: Commentaries and Annotated Translations
      Commentaries and Annotated Translations
      Mandala One
      Mandala Two
      Mandala Four
      Mandala Seven

      Part Four: Vedic Notes
      Vedic Notes
      Mandala One
      Mandala Two
      Mandala Three
      Mandala Four
      Mandala Five
      Mandala Six
      Mandala Seven
      Mandala Eight
      Mandala Nine
      Mandala Ten

      Part Five: Essays and Notes on Philology
      Essays and Notes on Philology
      Section One: Drafts of The Origins of Aryan Speech
      Section Two: Other Writings on Philology
      Section Three: Philological Notes
      Notes on Root-Sounds
      Notes on Phonetic Transformations

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Vedic and Philological Studies
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