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object:The Divinization of Matter Lurianic Kabbalah, Physics, and the Supramental Transformation

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That is why the Lurianic system is only really of value through its incredible occult and mythopoeic insights, but is of ""literal""(little) practical value as regards the actual transmutation of the Earth.


  I wanted to read this little book twice before writing a review because this micro tour de force holds many fascinating and powerful thoughts and ideas, but being so short, it seems to need the aid from either multiple readings, a background in the many disciplines covered or a dictionary or host of open web pages to read up upon the various ideas as they come. For while most, if not all, of the terms are defined as they come my memory is not strong and the need to flip back and forth to a glossary in the back of the book would have helped.

  Having a background in one (Integral Yoga) of the three or four main disciplines covered (Kabbalah, Hermeticism/Occultism, Physics and Integral Yoga), I did have some foundation but was left with the urge to study the remaining topics because in the wake of the whirlwind of powerful interconnected ideas, an interesting path was carved in my mind that begs for further exploration and filling and connecting. But what else can one expect from such a small essay on such a giant and important topic.

  It was clear and interesting, if seeming a bit messy in its heroic 3-4 sided approach. It held my attention, and I will likely read it again after gaining some more background in the other areas referred to by the Bibliography and authors mentioned in the text. And so overall, I really enjoyed it, (I wont read anything I dont enjoy, because there are too many good things to study). And took it as a fascinating many-sided exploration of a very important idea (The Divinization of Matter).

  To earn 5 stars it would have had to been at least.. 5-15 times longer to appease some of the natural messiness in the hopping around between many big, interconnected ideas in such a short space. It forced me to move onto another perspective or similar ideas too quickly before I had really grasped them. And so seems more like a beautiful whirlwind rather then a firm tower. Perhaps also I just also wish I could have read more! Maybe my further studies will remedy that, but id prefer if a text stands alone. Though it is so short so its understandable. Also it would have to not be in that dreadful amazon kindle format. (A physical version with a glossary would have helped alot imo). Generally I reserve 5 stars for books that are near complete and practically stand-alone, that can be a main text to study at least 20 times. Something that I would take with me wherever I go, but this text felt incomplete in that sense. I feel like the author could do such a thing, that he knew the subjects well enough, but this amazing essay which could have been an amazing book, was still just left too small. In being 5-15 times longer, we could have heard quotes from all the important authors referenced, and it would be able to stand alone in its utter greatness.

More on the various topics can be found from the Authors website:

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The Divinization of Matter Lurianic Kabbalah, Physics, and the Supramental Transformation
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