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Systems Science
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  class: "On the Decline and Revival of Western Democracy." The two parts of Lippmann's sub-title correspond to our civilization's two alternatives. Our Lower Industrial Period (Figure IV-I) is, in any case, a transitional phenomenon; and it can develop in just two directions: either it will continue to decline, turn out to be a cultural abortion--a cultural embryo which, never having succeeded in generating its public philosophy has, during this century, been expiring as history's most despicable garbage heap, destined at last to consume itself by internal combustion. Or else reviving, it will turn out to have been generating its public philosophy successfully and will, with its help, transmute into predominantly positive coactions and consolidate our planet's climax ecosystem, the Higher Industrial Period.
  My prediction has always been, and is, that we will make it to the top! In 1942 I announced The Religious Force of Unified Science.11 Then--after Lippmann had formulated the more general concept, public philosophy (1959), and Unified Science had fully emerged--the position became clear and specific: Unified Science: The Public Philosophy of the Space Age.12,13 How do we know that Unified Science, and it alone, can be our public philosophy? This is the Age of Sciences; and more particularly, of systems-theoretic sciences; and Unified Science coordinates sciences in terms of general systems theory.14 Being Systems Science, it admits empirical data. Being unified, it admits them from all disciplines and fields of experience. (Some of its multiple inputs are specified on the left-hand side of Figure IV-11, Proposed Transformation of Multiversity into University.) Being steered by a coordinate system whose axes represent the General System's work component and controller (Figures II-10 and chart), it orders all these data relative to all their theoretically possible coactions, and these relative to the world's ultimate absolutes, and . Ordering all knowledge and experience relative to and , it shows clearly the universe's strongly positive value-bias. Showing a positive value-bias, it corresponds unequivocally to the positive value-premise of all the great religions.15 And having done this, Unified Science has come Full Circle: it supports, and is supported by, the public philosophies of all the great Literate civilizations, past and present, and the majority of our own civilization's people.l6 And doing this in the language and idiom of science, it bears our civilization's signs of legitimacy and seals of truth.
  Is this not reversal of what Toynbee called schizm of the soul? Is it not reversal of the disaster which causes, and results from, the schizm of the body politic, schizm of the body ecologic, and disintegration of civilization? Toynbee calls schizm-reversal transfiguration and palingenesia.16 In The Public Philosophy,9 Walter Lippmann describes what, for our civilization, palingenesia would be: "A convincing demonstration . . . that the principles of the good society are not, in Sartre's phrase, invented and chosen--that the conditions which are to be met if there is to be a good society are there, outside our wishes, where they can be discovered by rational inquiry, and developed and adapted and refined by rational discussion." He then concludes as follows:

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