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object:Sri Aurobindos Symbol

The descending triangle represents Sat-Chit-Ananda.
The ascending triangle represents the aspiring answer from matter under the form of life, light and love.
The junction of both - the central square - is the perfect manifestation having at its centre the Avatar of the Supreme - the lotus.
The water - inside the square - represents the multiplicity, the creation.
4 April 1958
~ The Mother Words Of The Mother - I

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Sri Aurobindos Symbol
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Agenda_Vol_11, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  It shouldnt be too high above the floor either, should it?
  No, Sri Aurobindos Symbol doesnt have to be very big, it has to be this size....
  Ten to twelve inches?
  thick foam rubber, and over it, a carpet, like here. We have to choose the color. The whole thing will be
  white. I am not sure if Sri Aurobindos Symbols will be white... I dont think so. I didnt see them white,
  I saw them with an undefinable color, between gold and orange. A color of that sort. They will stand

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