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Ptolemy ::: A flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an object-oriented framework within which diverse models of code for rapid prototyping. Note that code generation is not yet complete, and is included in the current release for demonstration purposes only.Version 0.4.1 includes a graphical algorithm layout, code generator and simulator. It requires C++, C and has been ported to Sun-4, MIPS/Ultrix; DSP56001, DSP96002. Ptolemy is an active research project. . Mailing list: E-mail: . (1993-04-22)

Ptolemy A flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an {object-oriented} framework within which diverse models of computation can co-exist and interact. For example, using Ptolemy a {data-flow} system can be easily connected to a hardware simulator which in turn may be connected to a discrete-event system. Because of this, Ptolemy can be used to model entire systems. In addition, Ptolemy now has code generation capabilities. From a {flow graph} description, Ptolemy can generate both {C} code and {DSP} {assembly code} for rapid prototyping. Note that code generation is not yet complete, and is included in the current release for demonstration purposes only. Version 0.4.1 includes a graphical algorithm layout, code generator and simulator. It requires {C++}, {C} and has been ported to {Sun-4}, {MIPS}/{Ultrix}; {DSP56001}, {DSP96002}. Ptolemy is an active research project. {(}. Mailing list: E-mail: "". (1993-04-22)

Ptolemy, it is the 5th Heaven, seat of the deity, as


Alexandrian Library Begun by Ptolemy Soter (367?-283 BC), and zealously pursued by his successor Ptolemy Philadelphus. The two principal libraries were in the Bruchium and the Serapeum; the number of rolls or “books” is variously estimated between 400,000 and 700,000, but these rolls had not the contents of a modern printed volume. The Bruchium was accidentally set on fire when Caesar burnt the fleet in the harbor, but many rolls were rescued. The Bruchium quarter was destroyed by Aurelian in 273 and probably the library with it; and in about 390 Theodosius ordered the destruction of the Serapeum, and its books were pillaged by Christians. The Moslem Caliph ‘Omar is reputed finally to have destroyed the remainder of the library.

almagest ::: n. --> The celebrated work of Ptolemy of Alexandria, which contains nearly all that is known of the astronomical observations and theories of the ancients. The name was extended to other similar works.

Blavatsky wrote that astrology is the “science which defines the action of celestial bodies upon mundane affairs, and claims to foretell future events from the positions of the stars. Its antiquity is such as to place it among the very earliest records of human learning. It remained for long ages a secret science in the East, and its final expression remains so to this day, its exoteric application only having been brought to any degree of perfection in the West during the lapse of time since Varaha Mihira wrote his book on Astrology, some 1400 years ago. Claudius Ptolemy, the famous geographer and mathematician, founded the system of astronomy known under his name, wrote his Tetrabiblos which is still the basis of modern Astrology in 135 AD . . . As to the origin of the science, it is known on the one hand that Thebes claimed the honour of the invention of Astrology; whereas, on the other hand, all are agreed that it was the Chaldees who taught that science to the other nations. . . . If later on the name of Astrologer fell into disrepute in Rome and elsewhere, it was owing to the frauds of those who wanted to make money of that which was part and parcel of the Sacred Science of the Mysteries, and who, ignorant of the latter, evolved a system based entirely on mathematics, instead of transcendental metaphysics with the physical celestial bodies as its upadhi or material basis. Yet, all persecutions notwithstanding, the number of adherents to Astrology among the most intellectual and scientific minds was always very great. If Cardan and Kepler were among its ardent supporters, then later votaries have nothing to blush for, even in its now imperfect and distorted form” (Key 318-19).

Ptolemy ::: A flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an object-oriented framework within which diverse models of code for rapid prototyping. Note that code generation is not yet complete, and is included in the current release for demonstration purposes only.Version 0.4.1 includes a graphical algorithm layout, code generator and simulator. It requires C++, C and has been ported to Sun-4, MIPS/Ultrix; DSP56001, DSP96002. Ptolemy is an active research project. . Mailing list: E-mail: . (1993-04-22)

Ptolemy A flexible foundation for the specification, simulation, and rapid prototyping of systems. It is an {object-oriented} framework within which diverse models of computation can co-exist and interact. For example, using Ptolemy a {data-flow} system can be easily connected to a hardware simulator which in turn may be connected to a discrete-event system. Because of this, Ptolemy can be used to model entire systems. In addition, Ptolemy now has code generation capabilities. From a {flow graph} description, Ptolemy can generate both {C} code and {DSP} {assembly code} for rapid prototyping. Note that code generation is not yet complete, and is included in the current release for demonstration purposes only. Version 0.4.1 includes a graphical algorithm layout, code generator and simulator. It requires {C++}, {C} and has been ported to {Sun-4}, {MIPS}/{Ultrix}; {DSP56001}, {DSP96002}. Ptolemy is an active research project. {(}. Mailing list: E-mail: "". (1993-04-22)

Ptolemy, it is the 5th Heaven, seat of the deity, as

Conception: According to Ptolemy the sex as well as the incidents relating to a child, prior to its birth, may be deduced from the positions of the planets at the time of conception.

Familiarity: In astrology, a term used by Ptolemy to indicate an aspect or parallel between two bodies; or their mutual disposition, as when each is in the other’s Sign or House.

Geocentric Theory A theory in which the earth is regarded as being at the center of the solar system, usually referring to the system of Claudius Ptolemy. In accordance with ancient teachings, Ptolemy represents the earth as surrounded by ten concentric spheres: those of water, air (or fire), Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the stars. To account for the actual irregularities of the planetary motions, he introduced eccentrics and epicycles as corrections, and by this means the system, though complicated, is workable. The heliocentric theory reduces the complication and anomaly to order and regularity. However, since we are living on the earth, and our consciousness is functioning on the corresponding plane, there is considerable justification for the adoption of a geocentric theory; and this may have been done for exoteric purposes by those who were actually aware of the heliocentric theory.

Occursor: A term applied by Ptolemy to the planet which moves to produce an occursion. In modern astrology, generally superseded by Promittor.

philadelphian ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to Ptolemy Philadelphus, or to one of the cities named Philadelphia, esp. the modern city in Pennsylvania. ::: n. --> A native or an inhabitant of Philadelphia.
One of a society of mystics of the seventeenth century, -- called also the Family of Love.

Portable Common Loops (PCL) A language which started out as an implementation of {CommonLoops} and turned into a portable {CLOS} implementation. Version 1992-08-28. It runs under {Lucid Common LISP} 4.0.1 and {CMU Common LISP} 16e. {(}. (1992-09-02) [Was it developed by Richard Harris ""?]

ptolemaic ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer.

ptolemaist ::: n. --> One who accepts the astronomical system of Ptolemy.

Septuagint ::: Strictly speaking, refers to the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Pentateuch, probably made during the reign of Ptolemy II, Greek ruler of Egypt around 250 B.C.E. Subsequently, Greek translations of other portions of the Jewish scriptures came to be added to the corpus, and the term Septuagint was applied to the entire collection. Such collections served as the "scriptures" for Greek speaking Jews and Christians.

Serapis [from Greek Sarapis from Egyptian Ȧsȧr-Ḥāpi Osiris-Apis] The most important deity at Alexandria during the time of Ptolemy Soter, its worship spread throughout Egypt and into the Roman Empire, establishing itself firmly even in Rome. Plutarch recounts that Ptolemy Soter in his desire to make Alexandria the chief center of his empire, sought to unite Greeks and Egyptians in a common worship. He dreamed that a strange god appeared to him and, on telling his friends, one said that he had seen such a statue at Sinope. The king immediately imported this statue, the Greeks, declaring that it represented Pluto, ruler of the underworld, with his guardian dog Cerberus, while the Egyptians stated that it portrayed Asar-Hapi (Osiris in the underworld) with Anubis. Plutarch states that Osiris is the same as Sarapis, “this latter appellation having been given him, upon his being translated from the order of Genii to that of the Gods, Sarapis being none other than that common name by which all those are called, who have thus changed their nature, as is well known by those who are initiated into the mysteries of Osiris” (On Isis and Osiris, sec 28).

Tetrabiblos (Greek for Four Books): An encyclopedia of astrology, said to be the record of the oldest astrological systems. It dates from about 132-160 A.D. In it the author, Claudius Ptolemy, the great Egyptian mathematician, says that it was compiled from “ancient” sources.

the angels—according to Ptolemy. Here “crouch

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1:Reading list (1972 edition)[edit]
1. Homer - Iliad, Odyssey
2. The Old Testament
3. Aeschylus - Tragedies
4. Sophocles - Tragedies
5. Herodotus - Histories
6. Euripides - Tragedies
7. Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War
8. Hippocrates - Medical Writings
9. Aristophanes - Comedies
10. Plato - Dialogues
11. Aristotle - Works
12. Epicurus - Letter to Herodotus; Letter to Menoecus
13. Euclid - Elements
14.Archimedes - Works
15. Apollonius of Perga - Conic Sections
16. Cicero - Works
17. Lucretius - On the Nature of Things
18. Virgil - Works
19. Horace - Works
20. Livy - History of Rome
21. Ovid - Works
22. Plutarch - Parallel Lives; Moralia
23. Tacitus - Histories; Annals; Agricola Germania
24. Nicomachus of Gerasa - Introduction to Arithmetic
25. Epictetus - Discourses; Encheiridion
26. Ptolemy - Almagest
27. Lucian - Works
28. Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
29. Galen - On the Natural Faculties
30. The New Testament
31. Plotinus - The Enneads
32. St. Augustine - On the Teacher; Confessions; City of God; On Christian Doctrine
33. The Song of Roland
34. The Nibelungenlied
35. The Saga of Burnt Njal
36. St. Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica
37. Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy;The New Life; On Monarchy
38. Geoffrey Chaucer - Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales
39. Leonardo da Vinci - Notebooks
40. Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince; Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy
41. Desiderius Erasmus - The Praise of Folly
42. Nicolaus Copernicus - On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
43. Thomas More - Utopia
44. Martin Luther - Table Talk; Three Treatises
45. François Rabelais - Gargantua and Pantagruel
46. John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion
47. Michel de Montaigne - Essays
48. William Gilbert - On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies
49. Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote
50. Edmund Spenser - Prothalamion; The Faerie Queene
51. Francis Bacon - Essays; Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum, New Atlantis
52. William Shakespeare - Poetry and Plays
53. Galileo Galilei - Starry Messenger; Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
54. Johannes Kepler - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy; Concerning the Harmonies of the World
55. William Harvey - On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals; On the Circulation of the Blood; On the Generation of Animals
56. Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan
57. René Descartes - Rules for the Direction of the Mind; Discourse on the Method; Geometry; Meditations on First Philosophy
58. John Milton - Works
59. Molière - Comedies
60. Blaise Pascal - The Provincial Letters; Pensees; Scientific Treatises
61. Christiaan Huygens - Treatise on Light
62. Benedict de Spinoza - Ethics
63. John Locke - Letter Concerning Toleration; Of Civil Government; Essay Concerning Human Understanding;Thoughts Concerning Education
64. Jean Baptiste Racine - Tragedies
65. Isaac Newton - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy; Optics
66. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics; New Essays Concerning Human Understanding;Monadology
67.Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe
68. Jonathan Swift - A Tale of a Tub; Journal to Stella; Gulliver's Travels; A Modest Proposal
69. William Congreve - The Way of the World
70. George Berkeley - Principles of Human Knowledge
71. Alexander Pope - Essay on Criticism; Rape of the Lock; Essay on Man
72. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu - Persian Letters; Spirit of Laws
73. Voltaire - Letters on the English; Candide; Philosophical Dictionary
74. Henry Fielding - Joseph Andrews; Tom Jones
75. Samuel Johnson - The Vanity of Human Wishes; Dictionary; Rasselas; The Lives of the Poets
   ~ Mortimer J Adler,


1:Because a fact seems strange to you, you conclude that it is not one. ... All science, however, commences by being strange. Science is successive. It goes from one wonder to another. It mounts by a ladder. The science of to-day would seem extravagant to the science of a former time. Ptolemy would believe Newton mad. ~ victor-hugo, @wisdomtrove

*** NEWFULLDB 2.4M ***

1:Mortal through I be, yea ephemeral, if but a moment ~ Ptolemy,
2:Everything that is hard to attain is easily assailed by the generality of men. ~ Ptolemy,
3:The length of life takes the leading place among inquiries about events following birth. ~ Ptolemy,
4:As material fortune is associated with the properties of the body, so honor belongs to those of the soul. ~ Ptolemy,
5:It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature draw their causes from the enveloping heavens. ~ Ptolemy,
6:Once Ptolemy and Plato, yesterday Newton, today Einstein, and tomorrow new faiths, new beliefs, and new dimensions. ~ Albert Claude,
7:There is no other Royal path which leads to geometry. ~ Euclid to Ptolemy I. See Proclus' Commentaries on Euclid's Elements, Book II, Chapter IV.,
8:There are three classes of friendship and enmity, since men are so disposed to one another either by preference or by need or by pleasure and pain. ~ Ptolemy,
9:Europe’s history of trading relations with India is borne out in the writings of the ancient historians Herodotus, Pliny, Petronius and Ptolemy, and ~ Shashi Tharoor,
10:Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth. ~ Ptolemy,
11:Such labor follows in the steps of Freud, who has become the Ptolemy of psychology, for now, with him, anyone can explain human phenomena, raising epicycles upon epicycles... ~ Stanis aw Lem,
12:And I think I am about to mistake you for a volume of Ptolemy.” He drew her face closer to his. “Make that Ovid,” he said. His lips brushed lightly against hers. “Make that Ars Amatoria. ~ Loretta Chase,
13:To the punishing study of Egyptian, however, Cleopatra applied herself. She was allegedly the first and only Ptolemy to bother to learn the language of the 7 million people over whom she ruled. ~ Stacy Schiff,
14:What’s the point of anyone’s search for answers? The truth you find will always be replaced by someone else’s. Someday even Darwin will look like a quaint Ptolemy who saw what he could see but no more. ~ Lily King,
15:The Ottoman Turks were about to capture Constantinople, unleashing on Italy a migration of fleeing scholars with bundles of manuscripts containing the ancient wisdom of Euclid, Ptolemy, Plato, and Aristotle. ~ Walter Isaacson,
16:I know that I am mortal and the creature of a day; but when I search out the massed wheeling circles of the stars, my feet no longer touch the earth, but, side by side with Zeus himself, I take my fill of ambrosia, the food of the gods. ~ Ptolemy,
17:Ptolemy’s disciples told the story, before the beginning of time there existed in the primal aeon only the primordial Source of all being, what they called the abyss, the depth, or primal origin, progenitor of all that was to come into being. ~ Elaine Pagels,
18:There is no royal road to geometry. (μή εἶναι βασιλικήν ἀτραπόν ἐπί γεωμετρίαν, Non est regia [inquit Euclides] ad Geometriam via) ~ Euclid, alleged reply when Ptolemy I Soter asked him if there was a shorter road to learning geometry than through Euclid's Elements.,
19:Mortal as I am,” wrote Ptolemy, “I know that I am born for a day, but when I follow the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth; I ascend to Zeus himself to feast me on ambrosia, the food of the gods.” He ~ Daniel J Boorstin,
20:Few sciences are as rooted in shame, infamy, and bad PR as human anatomy. The troubles began in Alexandrian Egypt, circa 300 B.C. King Ptolemy I was the first leader to deem it a-okay for medical types to cut open the dead for the purpose of figuring out how bodies work. ~ Mary Roach,
21:There’s an inherent message in my work relating to recycling and the nature of value, but my artistic inspiration is fired by the qualities within the raw materials… I come across many things which have been abandoned and find something more in them than their intrinsic worthlessness. ~ Ptolemy,
22:While Egyptian speakers learned Greek, it was rare that anyone ventured in the opposite direction. To the punishing study of Egyptian, however, Cleopatra applied herself. She was allegedly the first and only Ptolemy to bother to learn the language of the 7 million people over whom she ruled. ~ Stacy Schiff,
23:Annabeth nodded. "That's right.Alexander conquered Egypt.After he died, his general Ptolemy took over. He wanted the Egyptians to accept him as their pharaoh, so he mashed the Egyptian gods and the Greek gods together and made up new ones."
"Sounds messy," Sadie said. "I prefer my gods unmashed. ~ Rick Riordan,
24:I'm pretty low-maintenance, but I like my time to myself, and once you have a child, you have to fight for it. I remember the first long bath I took [after Ptolemy's birth] was such a moment. Because a lot of the time you're in the shower, and if that baby cries, you've got to turn off the water and go! ~ Gretchen Mol,
25:I aspire to wisdom, my lady. I do not believe I possess it, not yet. But my lord Ptolemy Solon holds that happiness is the highest form of wisdom.” I made a broad gesture. “Today the sun is shining and we are engaged in a pleasant pursuit in the company of friends. If that is wisdom, let us be content. ~ Jacqueline Carey,
26:Because a fact seems strange to you, you conclude that it is not one. ... All science, however, commences by being strange. Science is successive. It goes from one wonder to another. It mounts by a ladder. The science of to-day would seem extravagant to the science of a former time. Ptolemy would believe Newton mad. ~ Victor Hugo,
27:The monarchy of the Greeks for want of an heir was broken into several kingdoms; four of which, seated to the four winds of heaven, were very eminent. For Ptolemy reigned over Egypt, Lybia and Ethiopia ; Antigonus over Syria and the lesser Asia; Lysimachus over Thrace ; and Cassander over Macedon, Greece and Epirus . ~ Isaac Newton,
28:The heaven is spherical in shape, and moves as a sphere; the earth too is sensibly spherical in shape, when taken as a whole; in position it lies in the middle of the heavens very much like its center; in size and distance it has the ratio of a point to the sphere of the fixed stars; and it has no motion from place to place. ~ Ptolemy,
29:Mine is a khopesh ,’ Carter said. ‘The original Egyptian version. What you’re holding is a kopis – a Greek design adapted from the Egyptian original. It’s the kind of sword Ptolemy’s warriors would’ve used.’

I looked at Sadie. ‘Is he trying to confuse me?’

‘No,’ she said brightly. ‘He’s confusing without trying. ~ Rick Riordan,
30:I have always read that the world, both land and water, was spherical, as the authority and researches of Ptolemy and all the others who have written on this subject demonstrate and prove, as do the eclipses of the moon and other experiments that are made from east to west, and the elevation of the North Star from north to south. ~ Christopher Columbus,
31:If the earth were flat from east to west, the stars would rise as soon for westerners as for orientals, which is false. Also, if the earth were flat from north to south and vice versa, the stars which were always visible to anyone would continue to be so wherever he went, which is false. But it seems flat to human sight because it is so extensive. ~ Ptolemy,
32:When our ideas on any subject, material, intellectual, or social, undergo a thorough change in consequence of new observations, I call that movement of the mind revolution. If the ideas are simply extended or modified, there is only progress. Thus the system of Ptolemy was a step in astronomical progress, that of Copernicus was a revolution. ~ Pierre Joseph Proudhon,
33:Great scientific minds, from Claudius Ptolemy of the second century to Isaac Newton of the seventeenth, invested their formidable intellects in attempts to deduce the nature of the universe from the statements and philosophies contained in religious writings.... Had any of these efforts worked, science and religion today might be one and the same. But they are not. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson,
34:There are times in your life when things line up and Fate takes a hand in your future," Ptolemy remembered Coydog saying. "When that happens, you got to move quick and take advantage of the sitchiation or you'll never know what might have been."
"How do I know when it's time to move quick?" L'il Pea asked.
"When somethin' big happens and then somethin' else come up. ~ Walter Mosley,
35:You think so?" The boy looked down at his cross-legged form. He was sitting straight-backed, legs folded neatly in the manner of an Egyptian scribe. "It's two thousand, one hundred and twenty-nine years since Ptolemy died," he said. "He was fourteen. Eight world empires have risen up and fallen away since that day, and I still carry his face. Who do you think's the lucky one? ~ Jonathan Stroud,
36:We have developed from the geocentric cosmologies of Ptolemy and his forebears, through the heliocentric cosmology of Copernicus and Galileo, to the modern picture in which the earth is a medium-sized planet orbiting around an average star in the outer suburbs of an ordinary spiral galaxy, which is itself only one of about a million million galaxies in the observable universe. ~ Stephen Hawking,
37:The struggle, so violent in the early days of science, between the views of Ptolemy and Copernicus would then be quite meaningless. Either CS [coordinate system] could be used with equal justification. The two sentences, “the Sun is at rest and the Earth moves,” or “the Sun moves and the Earth is at rest,” would simply mean two different conventions concerning two different CS. ~ Albert Einstein,
38:Yet the widespread planetary theories, advanced by Ptolemy and most other astronomers, although consistent with the numerical data, seemed likewise to present no small difficulty. For these theories were not adequate unless they also conceived certain equalizing circles, which made the planet appear to move at all times with uniform velocity neither on its deferent sphere nor about its own epicycle's center. ~ Nicolaus Copernicus,
39:I often prefer the shapes within the raw materials to ‘do their thing’, as this makes it movre interesting for me. Sometimes a piece of hubcap fits in such a way that the shark becomes almost alive in my hands, climbing, twisting or just hanging motionless and predatory, and this gives me a buzz. It makes me feel like a vehicle for the creation process rather than a controller, and not knowing the exact outcome is exciting. ~ Ptolemy,
40:We need a very potent hybrid attack, an abomination even Ptolemy would approve of.’

‘Why are you looking at me?’ I asked. ‘I’m not abominable.’

‘You are a son of Poseidon,’ the goddess noted. ‘That would be a most unexpected combination.’

‘Combination? What –’

‘Oh, no, no, no.’ Sadie raised her hands. She looked horrified, and anything that could scare that girl I did not want to know about. ~ Rick Riordan,
41:Those Who Fought For The Achaean League
Valiant are you who fought and fell gloriously;
fearless of those who were everywhere victorious.
Blameless, even if Diaeos and Critolaos were at fault.
When the Greeks want to boast,
"Our nation turns out such men" they will say
of you. And thus marvellous will be your praise. -Written in Alexandria by an Achaean;
in the seventh year of Ptolemy Lathyrus.
~ Constantine P. Cavafy,
42:But before the grandeur and intricacy of Nature, he was, like Ptolemy and Kepler, exhilarated as well as disarmingly modest. Just before his death he wrote: “I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy, playing on the seashore, and diverting myself, in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. ~ Carl Sagan,
43:That’s how Ptolemy imagined the disposition of his memories, his thoughts: they were still his, still in the range of his thinking, but they were, many and most of them, locked on the other side a closed door that he’s lost the key for. So his memory became like secrets held away from his own mind. But these secrets were noisy things; they babbled and muttered behind the door, and so if he listened closely he might catch a snatch of something he once knew well. ~ Walter Mosley,
44:Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe. Remarking on the complexity of Ptolemaic model of the universe after it was explained to him. Footnote: Carlyle says, in his History of Frederick the Great, book ii. chap. vii. that this saying of Alphonso about Ptolemy's astronomy, 'that it seemed a crank machine; that it was pity the Creator had not taken advice,' is still remembered by mankind, - this and no other of his many sayings. ~ Alfonso X of Castile,
45:There’s an idea in the science-fiction community called steam-engine time, which is what people call it when suddenly twenty or thirty different writers produce stories about the same idea. It’s called steam-engine time because nobody knows why the steam engine happened when it did. Ptolemy demonstrated the mechanics of the steam engine, and there was nothing technically stopping the Romans from building big steam engines. They had little toy steam engines, and they had enough metalworking skill to build big steam tractors. It just never occurred to them to do it. ~ James Bridle,
46:Therefore the solid body of the earth is reasonably considered as being the largest relative to those moving against it and as remaining unmoved in any direction by the force of the very small weights, and as it were absorbing their fall. And if it had some one common movement, the same as that of the other weights, it would clearly leave them all behind because of its much greater magnitude. And the animals and other weights would be left hanging in the air, and the earth would very quickly fallout of the heavens. Merely to conceive such things makes them appear ridiculous. ~ Ptolemy,
47:All the men who are now called discoverers, in every matter ruled by thought, have been men versed in the minds of their predecessors, and learned in what had been before them. There is not one exception. I do not say that every man has made direct acquantance with the whole of his mental ancestry... But... it is remarkable how many of the greatest names in all departments of knowledge have been real antiquaries in their several subjects. I may cite among those... in science, Aristotle, Plato, Ptolemy, Euclid, Archimedes, Roger Bacon, Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Ramus, Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Napier, Descartes, Leibnitz, Newton, Locke. ~ Augustus De Morgan, A Budget of Paradoxes (1872),
48:This disdain for science and scholarship baffled Muslim commentators, who had great respect for Ptolemy and Euclid, for Homer and Aristotle. Some had little doubt what was to blame. Once, wrote the historian al-Mas  ūdī, the ancient Greeks and the Romans had allowed the sciences to flourish; then they adopted Christianity. When they did so, they ‘effaced the signs of [learning], eliminated its traces and destroyed its paths’. 92 Science was defeated by faith. It is almost the precise opposite of the world as we see it today: the fundamentalists were not the Muslims, but the Christians; those whose minds were open, curious and generous were based in the east –and certainly not in Europe. ~ Peter Frankopan,
49:Dynamical beauty transcends specific objects and phenomena, and invites us to imagine the expanse of possibilities. For example, the sizes and shapes of actual planetary orbits are not simple. They are neither the (compounded) circles of Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Nicolaus Copernicus, nor even the more nearly accurate ellipses of Kepler, but rather curves that must be calculated numerically, as functions of time, evolving in complicated ways that depend on the positions and masses of the Sun and the other planets. There is great beauty and simplicity here, but it is only fully evident when we understand the deep design. The appearance of particular objects does not exhaust the beauty of the laws. ~ Frank Wilczek,
50:Traditions, with all their folksy redolences, are relatively safe matters for scholars to speculate about. Maps and nautical charts on the other hand -- especially accurate, sophisticated maps of the kind used by Guzarate to chart Vasco da Gama's course from Malindi to Calicut in 1498 -- are quite another matter. If maps have indeed come down to us containing recognizable representations of Ice Age topography -- as arguably may be the case with the depictions of India and of the long-submerged Sundaland peninsula by Cantino and Reinal and with the depiction of the 'Golden Chersonese' by Ptolemy -- then prehistory cannot be as it has hitherto been presented to us.
If they are what they seem, such maps mean a lost civilization. Nothing more. Nothing less. ~ Graham Hancock,
51:The importance of experimental proof, on the other hand, does not mean that without new experimental data we cannot make advances. It is often said that science takes steps forward only when there is new experimental data. If this were true, we would have little hope of finding the theory of quantum gravity before measuring something new, but this is patently not the case. Which new data were available to Copernicus? None. He had the same data as Ptolemy. Which new data did Newton have? Almost none. His real ingredients were Kepler's laws and Galileo's results. What new data did Einstein have to discover general relativity? None. His ingredients were special relativity and Newton's theory. It simply isn't true that physics only advances when it is afforded new data. ~ Carlo Rovelli,
52:She said no one had more than one perspective, not even in his so-called hard sciences. We’re always, in everything we do in this world, she said, limited by subjectivity. But our perspective can have an enormous wingspan, if we give it the freedom to unfurl. Look at Malinowski, she said. Look at Boas. They defined their cultures as they saw them, as they understood the natives’ point of view. The key is, she said, to disengage yourself from all your ideas about what is “natural.” ‘Even if I manage that, the next person who comes here will tell a different story about the Kiona.’ ‘No doubt.’ ‘Then what is the point?’ I said. ‘This is no different from the laboratory. What’s the point of anyone’s search for answers? The truth you find will always be replaced by someone else’s. Someday even Darwin will look like a quaint Ptolemy who saw what he could see but no more. ~ Lily King,
53:In Sparta
He didn't know, King Kleomenis, he didn't dare—
he just did not know how to tell his mother
a thing like this: that Ptolemy demanded,
to guarantee their treaty, that she too go to Egypt
and be held there as a hostage—
a very humiliating, indecorous thing.
And he would be about to speak yet always hesitate,
would start to tell her yet always stop.
But the magnificent woman understood him
(she had already heard some rumors about it)
and she encouraged him to come out with it clearly.
And she laughed, saying of course she would go,
indeed was happy that in her old age
she could be useful to Sparta still.
As for the humiliation—that didn't touch her at all.
Of course an upstart like the Lagid
couldn't possibly comprehend the Spartan spirit;
so his demand could not in fact humiliate
a Royal Lady like herself:
mother of a Spartan king.
~ Constantine P. Cavafy,
54:A writer, who calls himself Aristeas, says that when Ptolemy Philadelphus was engaged in the formation of the Alexandrian Library, he was advised by Demetrius Phalereus to procure a translation of the sacred books of the Jews. The king accordingly, as a preliminary, purchased the freedom of more than one hundred thousand Jewish captives, and he then sent a deputation, of which Aristeas himself was one, to Eleazar the high-priest to request a copy of the Jewish Law and seventy-two interpreters, six out of each tribe. To this the priest is represented to have agreed; and after the arrival of the translators and their magnificent reception by the king, they are said to have been conducted to an island by Demetrius, who wrote down the renderings on ivhich they agreed by mutual conference; and thus the work is stated to have been completed in seventy-two days. The translators are then said to ha\"e received from the king most abundant rewards; and the Jews are stated to have asked permission to take copies of the version. Other ~ Anonymous,
55:I would never have done it had it not been for the girl. But she had been quite correct, back there in the Other Place, to appeal to me in Ptolemy’s name. As she’d instantly perceived, that was my weak spot, my open wound. And two thousand years of accumulated cynicism hadn’t managed to heal it up, try as I might. For all that long and weary time I’d carried round the memory of his hope—that djinn and humans might one day act together, without malice, without treachery, without slaughter. Let’s face it, it was a stupid idea and I didn’t believe it for an instant—there was simply too much evidence to the contrary. But Ptolemy had believed it and that was enough. Just the echo of his faith was powerful enough to win me over when Kitty repeated his great gesture, and came across to meet me. She’d renewed his bond. And once that was done, my fate was sealed. No matter what the groans and cussing of my better judgement, I’d have thrown myself into a pit of fire for Ptolemy, and the same was true for Kitty now. Mind you … pit of fire? Vat of acid? Bed of nails? Any of them would’ve been preferable to what I was about to do. ~ Anonymous,
56:Now we can see what makes mathematics unique. Only in mathematics is there no significant correction-only extension. Once the Greeks had developed the deductive method, they were correct in what they did, correct for all time. Euclid was incomplete and his work has been extended enormously, but it has not had to be corrected. His theorems are, every one of them, valid to this day.

Ptolemy may have developed an erroneous picture of the planetary system, but the system of trigonometry he worked out to help him with his calculations remains correct forever.

Each great mathematician adds to what came previously, but nothing needs to be uprooted. Consequently, when we read a book like A History of Mathematics, we get the picture of a mounting structure, ever taller and broader and more beautiful and magnificent and with a foundation, moreover, that is as untainted and as functional now as it was when Thales worked out the first geometrical theorems nearly 26 centuries ago.

Nothing pertaining to humanity becomes us so well as mathematics. There, and only there, do we touch the human mind at its peak. ~ Isaac Asimov,
57:Piri Reis is not only remembered for his 1513 map but for another slightly later work, a manual of sailing directions known as the Bahriye, which also contains references to the book of Columbus. Reported above is Mcintosh's impression from comments made in the Bahriye that the 'book' Piri is speaking of might have been Ptolemy's Geography. Yet the Turkish scholar Svat Soucek points out that this is not the obvious deduction from the text of the Bahriye where it touches on 'the great story of the discovery of America':
'The country's name is Antilia, and it was discovered by a Genoese muneccim (astronomer-cum-astrologer) named Columbus ... The story goes all the way back to Alexander, who had roamed the whole earth and written a book about it. The book remained in Egypt until the Muslim conquest, when the Franks fled the country, taking the book with them. Little attention was paid to it until Columbus read it and realized the existence of Antilia to the west of the Atlantic. He convinced the king of Spain of the possibility of its discovery and colonization, which he then successfully carried out. ~ Graham Hancock,
58:If the normal portolano is indeed derived from the lost atlas of Marinus of Tyre, then it follows that other high-quality maps of regions much further afield than the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and indeed a world map, might also have been preserved by the Arabs -- for we know from Ptolemy's testimony that other Marinus maps, including a world map, did once exist. It will therefore do no harm to keep an open mind to the possibility that the portolan world maps that began to appear during the century after the Carta Pisane, might also have been influenced by earlier 'Tyrian sea-fish' maps of Phoenician origin. Christopher Columbus, whose passionate belief in lands across the Atlantic lead to his 'discovery' of the New World, seems to hint at a Phoenician connection when he describes one of the inspirations for his journey:
'Aristotle in his book On Marvellous Things reports a story that some Carthaginian merchants sailed over the Ocean Sea to a very fertile island ... this island some Portuguese showed me on their charts under the name Antilia.'
Antilia first appears on a portolan chart of 1424. It is a mysterious presence there, a riddle. ~ Graham Hancock,
59:The round, unformed script on the fly-leaf said, Francis Crawford of Lymond. She stared at it; then put it down and picked up another. The writing in this one was older; the neat level hand she had seen once before, in Stamboul. This time it said only, The Master of Culter.

That dated it after the death of his father, when until the birth of Richard’s son Kevin, the heir’s rank and title were Lymond’s. And all the books were his, too. She scanned them: some works in English; others in Latin and Greek, French, Italian and Spanish.… Prose and verse. The classics, pressed together with folios on the sciences, theology, history; bawdy epistles and dramas; books on war and philosophy; the great legends. Sheets and volumes and manuscripts of unprinted music. Erasmus and St Augustine, Cicero, Terence and Ptolemy, Froissart and Barbour and Dunbar; Machiavelli and Rabelais, Bude and Bellenden, Aristotle and Copernicus, Duns Scotus and Seneca.

Gathered over the years; added to on infrequent visits; the evidence of one man’s eclectic taste. And if one studied it, the private labyrinth, book upon book, from which the child Francis Crawford had emerged, contained, formidable, decorative as his deliberate writing, as the Master of Culter. ~ Dorothy Dunnett,
60:The suspicion that European travellers in the Indian Ocean in the sixteenth century may from time to time have stumbled across charts and maps containing the remnants of a lost geography (perhaps even the maps of Marinus of Tyre, said to have been superior to those of Ptolemy) is intriguingly enhanced by the first of Alfonso de Albuquerque's two letters. It introduces a 'piece of a map' that Albuquerque has acquired in his travels in the Indian Ocean and that he is sending to King Manuel. The fragment, he explains, is not the original but was 'traced' by Francisco Rodrigues from: 'a large map of a Javanese pilot, containing the Cape of Good Hope, Portugal and the land of Brazil, the Red Sea and the Sea of Persia, the Clove islands [effectively a world map, therefore], the navigation of the Chinese and the Gores [an unidentified people, thought by some to be the Japanese, or the inhabitants of Taiwan and the Ryukyu archipelago] with their rhumbs and direct routes followed by the ships, and the hinterland, and how the kingdoms border on each other. It seems to me, Sir, that this was the best thing I have ever seen, and Your Highness will be very pleased to see it; it had the names in Javanese writing, but I had with me a Javanese who could read and write. ~ Graham Hancock,
61:The Displeasure Of Selefkidis
Dimitrios Selefkidis was displeased
to learn that a Ptolemy
had reached Italy in such a squalid state:
poorly dressed and on foot,
only three or four slaves. This way
their dynasty will become a joke,
the laughter of Rome.
Selefkidis of course knows
that basically even now they've become something like
to the Romans; he also knows
that the Romans give and take away
their thrones arbitrarily, as they please.
But they should maintain a certain dignity
at least in their appearance;
they shouldn't forget that they are still kings,
are still (alas) called kings.
This is why Dimitrios Selefkidis was displeased;
and right away he offered Ptolemy
purple robes, a magnificent diadem,
precious jewels, numerous servants and retainers,
his most expensive horses,
so that he might present himself at Rome as he should,
as an Alexandrian Greek monarch.
But Ptolemy, who'd come to beg,
knew his business and refused it all:
he didn't have the slightest need for these luxuries.
Shabbily dressed, humble, he entered Rome,
put himself up in the house of a minor artisan,
and then presented himself
as a poor, ill-fated creature to the Senate
in order to make his begging more effective.
~ Constantine P. Cavafy,
62:How In All Wonder...
How in all wonder Columbus got over,
That is a marvel to me, I protest,
Cabot, and Raleigh too, that well-read rover,
Frobisher, Dampier, Drake and the rest.
Bad enough all the same,
For them that after came,
But, in great Heaven's name,
How he should ever think
That on the other brink
Of this huge waste terra firma should be,
Is a pure wonder, I must say, to me.
How a man ever should hope to get thither,
E'e'n if he knew of there being another side;
But to suppose he should come any whither,
Sailing right on into chaos untried,
Across the whole ocean,
In spite of the motion,
To stick to the notion
That in some nook or bend
Of a sea without end
He should find North and South Amerikee,
Was a pure madness as it seems to me.
What if wise men had, as far back as Ptolemy,
Judged that the earth like an orange was round,
None of them ever said, 'Come along, follow,
Sail to the West, and the East will be found.'
Many a day before
Ever they'd touched the shore
Of the San Salvador,
Sadder and wiser men
They'd have turned back again;
And that he did not, but did cross the sea,
Is a pure wonder, I must say, to me.
And that he crossed and that we cross the sea
Is a pure wonder, I must say, to me.
~ Arthur Hugh Clough,
63:My job is never boring," Staples said. "There's nuts-and-bolts stuff like getting the tarpaulin over the shaft when it rains, and so in. Cataloging and reshelving. The shelves are in a shocking state. And when you've got everything ever written or lost to keep track of, it's quite a job. And there's fetching books.

"I used to really look forward to requests for books way down in the abyss. We'd all rope up, follow our lines down for miles. The order falls apart a way down but you learn to sniff out class-marks. Sometimes we'd be gone for weeks, fetching volumes.' She spoke with a faraway voice.

"There are risks. Hunters, animals, and accidents. Ropes that snap. Sometimes someone gets separated. Twenty years ago, I was in a group looking for a book someone had requested. I remember, it was called 'Oh, All Right Then': Bartleby Returns. We were led by Ptolemy Yes. He was the man taught me. Best librarian there's ever been, some say.

"Anyway, after weeks of searching, we ran out of food and had to turn back. No one likes it when we fail, so none of us were feeling great.

"We felt that much worse when we realized that we'd lost Ptolemy.

"Some people say he went off deliberately. That he couldn't bear not to find the book. That he's out there still in the Wordhoard Abyss, living off shelf-monkeys, looking. And that he'll be back one day, book in his hand. ~ China Mi ville,
64:Alexandrian Kings
The Alexandrians were gathered
to see Cleopatra's children,
Caesarion, and his little brothers,
Alexander and Ptolemy, whom for the first
time they lead out to the Gymnasium,
there to proclaim kings,
in front of the grand assembly of the soldiers.
Alexander -- they named him king
of Armenia, Media, and the Parthians.
Ptolemy -- they named him king
of Cilicia, Syria, and Phoenicia.
Caesarion stood more to the front,
dressed in rose-colored silk,
on his breast a bouquet of hyacinths,
his belt a double row of sapphires and amethysts,
his shoes fastened with white
ribbons embroidered with rose pearls.
Him they named more than the younger ones,
him they named King of Kings.
The Alexandrians of course understood
that those were theatrical words.
But the day was warm and poetic,
the sky was a light azure,
the Alexandrian Gymnasium was
a triumphant achievement of art,
the opulence of the courtiers was extraordinary,
Caesarion was full of grace and beauty
(son of Cleopatra, blood of the Lagidae);
and the Alexandrians rushed to the ceremony,
and got enthusiastic, and cheered
in greek, and egyptian, and some in hebrew,
enchanted by the beautiful spectacle -although they full well knew what all these were worth,
what hollow words these kingships were.
~ Constantine P. Cavafy,
65:In light of Hipparchus and Ptolemy’s extraordinarily successful predictive theories, the goal of astronomy was to find the right combination of circles to describe the motion of the heavenly bodies around the Earth. Contrary to expectations, it turned out that Earth was itself one of the heavenly bodies. After Copernicus, the goal appeared to be to find the right combination of moving spheres that would reproduce the motion of the planets around the Sun. Contrary to expectations, it turned out that abstract elliptical trajectories were better than spheres. After Newton, it seemed clear that the aim of physics was to find the forces acting on bodies. Contrary to this, it turned out that the world could be better described by dynamical fields rather than bodies. After Faraday and Maxwell, it was clear that physics had to find laws of motion in space, as time passes. Contrary to assumptions, it turned out that space and time are themselves dynamical. After Einstein, it became clear that physics must only search for the deterministic laws of Nature. But it turned out that we can at best give probabilistic laws. And so on. Here are some sliding definitions for what scientists have thought science to be: deduction of general laws from observed phenomena, finding out the ultimate constituents of Nature, accounting for regularities in empirical observations, finding provisional conceptual schemes for making sense of the world. (The last one is the one I like.) Science is not a project with a methodology written in stone, or a fixed conceptual structure. It is our ever-evolving endeavor to better understand the world. In the course of its development, it has repeatedly violated its own rules and its own stated methodological assumptions. ~ Carlo Rovelli,
66:It is clear that Bhu Mandala, as described in the Bhagvatam, can be interpreted as a geocentric map of the solar system out ot Saturn. But an obvious and important question is: Did some real knowledge of planetary distances enter into the construction of the Bhu Mandala system, or are the correlations between Bhu Mandala features and planetary orbits simply coincidental?
Being a mathematician interested in probability theory, Thompson is better equipped than most to answer this question and does so through computer modelling of a proposed 'null hypothesis' -- i.e.,
'that the author of the Bhagvatam had no access to correct planetary distances and therefore all apparent correlations between Bhu Mandala features and planetary distances are simply coincidental.'
However, the Bhu Mandala/solar system correlations proved resilient enough to survive the null hypothesis. 'Analysis shows that the observed correlations are in fact highly improbable.' Thompson concludes:
'If the dimensions given in the Bhagvatam do, in fact, represent realistic planetary distances based on human observation, then we must postulate that Bhagvata astronomy preserves material from an earlier and presently unknown period of scientific development ... [and that] some people in the past must have had accurate values for the dimensions of the planetary orbits. In modern history, this information has only become available since the development of high-quality telescopes in the last 200 years. Accurate values of planetary distances were not known by Hellenistic astronomers such as Claudius Ptolemy, nor are they found in the medieval Jyotisa Sutras of India. If this information was known it must have been acquired by some unknown civilization that flourished in the distant past. ~ Graham Hancock,
67:You are the children of Alexandria, born of Ptolemy’s stolen fire, and you do not know how rare the peace and freedoms you enjoy! In most of the world, men are killed for believing something different from their neighbor, or for having skin or eyes of a different shade, or for wanting something different in life. You do not know, in your innocence, how rare it is, how precious, this city where all of the peoples of the world mingle, and where anyone can believe what they will without fear. You know her beauty, her wealth, but you do not yet know her true treasures.”
“I do,” Iras said, and I started. Her voice was clear and strong. “I do. Alexandria’s treasures are her ideas.”
“Her freedom,” I said.
Isis looked at Cleopatra.
She answered, her voice low: “Her people.”
Isis nodded. “And that is the core of it. To rule the Black Land, you must love her. From Alexandria Queen of the Seas to the cataracts of the Nile, from the scholars and poets to the farmers in the fields, you must love her. Can you do that, daughter of Ptolemy?”
“Yes,” she said, and it seemed to me that Cleopatra stood a little straighter.
“It will not be easy,” She said.
“I have my sisters to help me.”
Her eyes glanced over us again. “You do,” She said. “And they can help you carry this burden, and walk each turn with you, if they are willing.”
“Willing to do what?” Iras asked.
“To be My hands,” Isis said. “To walk the Progress of Isis. This is no easy time, daughters of Ptolemy. The things that have been built are fragile indeed, and easily lost. Cities fall. Crowns fail. Even the gods themselves may die.”
“What can kill a god?” I asked, as I had never imagined such. Even in the stories where gods die, they are always reborn.
She smiled, but Her smile did not touch Her eyes. “You would call it Apophis, the serpent who devours all. Unbeing. Uncreation. Things becoming nothing. You cannot imagine what Nothing is like.” She looked at me again, and for a moment I thought She was unnerved. “When men destroy wantonly, they are the servants of Apophis. When men burn books for the pleasure in it, cut down trees to see them fall, kill because they enjoy it, and care for nothing but that the world should make a splendid conflagration, there is Apophis. And against that stands all that We prize, all love, all learning, all joy. All of the people of the earth, under heaven. From the frozen wastes of the north to the shores of seas you cannot yet imagine, every man fights Apophis when he builds and defends and cherishes. But when he tears things down, he opens a door. And he lets Apophis in.”
“And that is happening now,” Iras said keenly.
Isis nodded. “Again,” She said. “It has happened before, when all was very nearly lost, and all about this Middle Sea cities fell and men died, until there were only the remnants of people, living in hardship and pain, most without even the letters to write or more to give them hope than the vague memory of a time past when there was enough food. It could happen again. And We will do anything to avert it.”
“?‘We’?” I asked.
She smiled. “The gods of the peoples of these lands, We who love you. We do not want to see Our children suffer. Mother of the World you have named Me, and Mother I am. I do not want to see any people suffer.”
“The Black Land is a bulwark,” I said slowly, and it was as though I remembered something I already knew. “The Black Land is strong. It is here that You must make a stand.”
She beamed at me like a teacher when a very young student has found a difficult answer. “It is here. The ancient roots of the Black Land, and the bright beacon that is Alexandria. Together, this is where We must make Our stand. ~ Jo Graham,
68:Reading list (1972 edition)[edit]
1. Homer – Iliad, Odyssey
2. The Old Testament
3. Aeschylus – Tragedies
4. Sophocles – Tragedies
5. Herodotus – Histories
6. Euripides – Tragedies
7. Thucydides – History of the Peloponnesian War
8. Hippocrates – Medical Writings
9. Aristophanes – Comedies
10. Plato – Dialogues
11. Aristotle – Works
12. Epicurus – Letter to Herodotus; Letter to Menoecus
13. Euclid – Elements
14. Archimedes – Works
15. Apollonius of Perga – Conic Sections
16. Cicero – Works
17. Lucretius – On the Nature of Things
18. Virgil – Works
19. Horace – Works
20. Livy – History of Rome
21. Ovid – Works
22. Plutarch – Parallel Lives; Moralia
23. Tacitus – Histories; Annals; Agricola Germania
24. Nicomachus of Gerasa – Introduction to Arithmetic
25. Epictetus – Discourses; Encheiridion
26. Ptolemy – Almagest
27. Lucian – Works
28. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
29. Galen – On the Natural Faculties
30. The New Testament
31. Plotinus – The Enneads
32. St. Augustine – On the Teacher; Confessions; City of God; On Christian Doctrine
33. The Song of Roland
34. The Nibelungenlied
35. The Saga of Burnt Njál
36. St. Thomas Aquinas – Summa Theologica
37. Dante Alighieri – The Divine Comedy;The New Life; On Monarchy
38. Geoffrey Chaucer – Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales
39. Leonardo da Vinci – Notebooks
40. Niccolò Machiavelli – The Prince; Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy
41. Desiderius Erasmus – The Praise of Folly
42. Nicolaus Copernicus – On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
43. Thomas More – Utopia
44. Martin Luther – Table Talk; Three Treatises
45. François Rabelais – Gargantua and Pantagruel
46. John Calvin – Institutes of the Christian Religion
47. Michel de Montaigne – Essays
48. William Gilbert – On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies
49. Miguel de Cervantes – Don Quixote
50. Edmund Spenser – Prothalamion; The Faerie Queene
51. Francis Bacon – Essays; Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum, New Atlantis
52. William Shakespeare – Poetry and Plays
53. Galileo Galilei – Starry Messenger; Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
54. Johannes Kepler – Epitome of Copernican Astronomy; Concerning the Harmonies of the World
55. William Harvey – On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals; On the Circulation of the Blood; On the Generation of Animals
56. Thomas Hobbes – Leviathan
57. René Descartes – Rules for the Direction of the Mind; Discourse on the Method; Geometry; Meditations on First Philosophy
58. John Milton – Works
59. Molière – Comedies
60. Blaise Pascal – The Provincial Letters; Pensees; Scientific Treatises
61. Christiaan Huygens – Treatise on Light
62. Benedict de Spinoza – Ethics
63. John Locke – Letter Concerning Toleration; Of Civil Government; Essay Concerning Human Understanding;Thoughts Concerning Education
64. Jean Baptiste Racine – Tragedies
65. Isaac Newton – Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy; Optics
66. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – Discourse on Metaphysics; New Essays Concerning Human Understanding;Monadology
67. Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe
68. Jonathan Swift – A Tale of a Tub; Journal to Stella; Gulliver's Travels; A Modest Proposal
69. William Congreve – The Way of the World
70. George Berkeley – Principles of Human Knowledge
71. Alexander Pope – Essay on Criticism; Rape of the Lock; Essay on Man
72. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu – Persian Letters; Spirit of Laws
73. Voltaire – Letters on the English; Candide; Philosophical Dictionary
74. Henry Fielding – Joseph Andrews; Tom Jones
75. Samuel Johnson – The Vanity of Human Wishes; Dictionary; Rasselas; The Lives of the Poets ~ Mortimer J Adler,
69:Reading list (1972 edition)[edit]
1. Homer - Iliad, Odyssey
2. The Old Testament
3. Aeschylus - Tragedies
4. Sophocles - Tragedies
5. Herodotus - Histories
6. Euripides - Tragedies
7. Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War
8. Hippocrates - Medical Writings
9. Aristophanes - Comedies
10. Plato - Dialogues
11. Aristotle - Works
12. Epicurus - Letter to Herodotus; Letter to Menoecus
13. Euclid - Elements
14.Archimedes - Works
15. Apollonius of Perga - Conic Sections
16. Cicero - Works
17. Lucretius - On the Nature of Things
18. Virgil - Works
19. Horace - Works
20. Livy - History of Rome
21. Ovid - Works
22. Plutarch - Parallel Lives; Moralia
23. Tacitus - Histories; Annals; Agricola Germania
24. Nicomachus of Gerasa - Introduction to Arithmetic
25. Epictetus - Discourses; Encheiridion
26. Ptolemy - Almagest
27. Lucian - Works
28. Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
29. Galen - On the Natural Faculties
30. The New Testament
31. Plotinus - The Enneads
32. St. Augustine - On the Teacher; Confessions; City of God; On Christian Doctrine
33. The Song of Roland
34. The Nibelungenlied
35. The Saga of Burnt Njal
36. St. Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica
37. Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy;The New Life; On Monarchy
38. Geoffrey Chaucer - Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales
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44. Martin Luther - Table Talk; Three Treatises
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50. Edmund Spenser - Prothalamion; The Faerie Queene
51. Francis Bacon - Essays; Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum, New Atlantis
52. William Shakespeare - Poetry and Plays
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54. Johannes Kepler - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy; Concerning the Harmonies of the World
55. William Harvey - On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals; On the Circulation of the Blood; On the Generation of Animals
56. Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan
57. René Descartes - Rules for the Direction of the Mind; Discourse on the Method; Geometry; Meditations on First Philosophy
58. John Milton - Works
59. Molière - Comedies
60. Blaise Pascal - The Provincial Letters; Pensees; Scientific Treatises
61. Christiaan Huygens - Treatise on Light
62. Benedict de Spinoza - Ethics
63. John Locke - Letter Concerning Toleration; Of Civil Government; Essay Concerning Human Understanding;Thoughts Concerning Education
64. Jean Baptiste Racine - Tragedies
65. Isaac Newton - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy; Optics
66. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics; New Essays Concerning Human Understanding;Monadology
67.Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe
68. Jonathan Swift - A Tale of a Tub; Journal to Stella; Gulliver's Travels; A Modest Proposal
69. William Congreve - The Way of the World
70. George Berkeley - Principles of Human Knowledge
71. Alexander Pope - Essay on Criticism; Rape of the Lock; Essay on Man
72. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu - Persian Letters; Spirit of Laws
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   ~ Mortimer J Adler,
70:St. George And The Dragon
Of Hector's deeds did Homer sing,
And of the sack of stately Troy,
What griefs fair Helena did bring,
Which was Sir Paris' only joy:
And by my pen I will recite
St. George's deeds, and English knight.
Against the Sarazens so rude
Fought he full long and many a day,
Where many gyants he subdu'd,
In honour of the Christian way;
And after many adventures past,
To Egypt land he came at last.
Now, as the story plain doth tell,
Within that countrey there did rest
A dreadful dragon fierce and fell,
Whereby they were full sore opprest:
Who by his poisonous breath each day
Did many of the city slay.
The grief whereof did grow so great
Throughout the limits of the land,
That they their wise-men did intreat
To shew their cunning out of hand;
What way they might this fiend destroy,
That did the countrey thus annoy.
The wise-men all before the king,
This answer fram'd incontinent:
The dragon none to death might bring
By any means they could invent;
His skin more hard than brass was found,
That sword nor spear could pierce nor wound.
When this the people understood,
They cryed out most piteouslye,
The dragon's breath infects their blood,
That every day in heaps they dye;
Among them such a plague it bred,
The living scarce could bury the dead.
No means there were, as they could hear,
For to appease the dragon's rage,
But to present some virgin clear,
Whose blood his fury might asswage;
Each day he would a maiden eat,
For to allay his hunger great.
This thing by art the wise-men found,
Which truly must observed be;
Wherefore, throughout the city round,
A virgin pure of good degree
Was, by the king's commission, still
Taken up to serve the dragon's will.
Thus did the dragon every day
Untimely crop some virgin flowr,
Till all the maids were worn away,
And none were left him to devour;
Saving the king's fair daughter bright,
Her father's only heart's delight.
Then came the officers to the king,
That heavy message to declare,
Which did his heart with sorrow sting;
'She is,' quoth he, 'my kingdom's heir:
O let us all be poisoned here,
Ere she should die, that is my dear.'
Then rose the poeple presently,
And to the king in rage they went;
They said his daughter dear should dye,
The dragon's fury to prevent:
'Our daughters all are dead,' quoth they,
'And have been made the dragon's prey;
And by their blood we rescued were,
And thou hast sav'd thy life thereby;
And now in sooth it is but faire,
For us thy daughter so should die.'
'O save my daughter,' said the king,
'And let ME feel the dragon's sting.'
Then fell fair Sabra on her knee,
And to her father dear did say,
'O father, strive not thus for me,
But let me be the dragon's prey;
It may be, for my sake alone
This plague upon the land was thrown.
'Tis better I should dye,' she said,
'Than all your subjects perish quite;
Perhaps the dragon here was laid,
For my offence to work his spite,
And after he hath suckt my gore,
Your land shall feel the grief no more.'
'What hast thou done, my daughter dear,
For to deserve this heavy scourge?
It is my fault, as may appear,
Which makes the gods our state to purge;
Then ought I die, to stint the strife,
And to preserve thy happy life.'
Like mad-men, all the people cried,
'Thy death to us can do no good;
Our safety only doth abide
In making her the dragon's food.'
'Lo! here I am, I come,' quoth she,
'Therefore do what you will with me.'
'Nay stay, dear daughter,' quoth the queen,
'And as thou art a virgin bright,
That hast for vertue famous been,
So let me cloath thee all in white;
And crown thy head with flowers sweet,
An ornament for virgins meet.'
And when she was attired so,
According to her mother's mind,
Unto the stake then did she go,
To which her tender limbs they bind;
And being bound to stake a thrall
She bade farewell unto them all.
'Farewell, my father dear,' quoth she,
'And my sweet mother meek and mild;
Take you no thought nor weep for me,
For you may have another child;
Since for ry's good I dye,
Death I receive most willinglye.'
The king and queen and all their train
With weeping eyes went then. their way,
And let their daughter there remain,
To be the hungry dragon's prey:
But as she did there weeping lye,
Behold St. George came riding by.
And seeing there a lady bright
So rudely tyed unto a stake,
As well became a valiant knight,
He straight to her his way did take:
'Tell me, sweet maiden,' then quoth he,
'What caitif thus abuseth thee?
'And, lo! by Christ his cross I vow,
Which here is figured on my breast,
I will revenge it on his brow,
And break my lance upon his chest:'
And speaking thus whereas he stood,
The dragon issued from the wood.
The lady, that did first espy
The dreadful dragon coming so,
Unto St. George aloud did cry,
And willed him away to go;
'Here comes that cursed fiend,' quoth she,
'That soon will make an end of me.'
St. George then looking round about,
The fiery dragon soon espy'd,
And like a knight of courage stout,
Against him did most furiously ride;
And with such blows he did him greet,
He fell beneath his horse's feet.
For with his launce that was so strong,
As he came gaping in his face,
In at his mouth he thrust along;
For he could pierce no other place:
And thus within the lady's view
This mighty dragon straight he slew.
The savour of his poisoned breath
Could do this holy knight no harm;
Thus he the lady sav'd from death,
And home he led her by the arm;
Which when King Ptolemy did see,
There was great mirth and melody.
When as that valiant champion there
Had slain the dragon in the field,
To court he brought the lady fair,
Which to their hearts much joy did yield.
He in the court of Egypt staid
Till he most falsely was betray'd.
That lady dearly lov'd the knight,
He counted her his only joy;
But when their love was brought to light,
It turn'd unto their great annoy:
Th' Morocco king was in the court,
Who to the orchard did resort,
Dayly to take the pleasant air,
For pleasure sake he us'd to walk;
Under a wall he oft did hear
St. George with lady Sabra talk;
Their love he shew'd unto the king,
Which to St. George great woe did bring.
Those kings together did devise
To make the Christian knight away:
With letters him in curteous wise
They straightway sent to Persia,
But wrote to the sophy him to kill,
And treacherously his blood to spill.
Thus they for good did him reward
With evil, and most subtilly,
By much vile meanes they had regard
To work his death most cruelly;
Who, as through Persia land he rode,
With zeal destroy'd each idol god.
For which offence he straight was thrown
Into a dungeon dark and deep;
Where, when he thought his wrongs upon,
He bitterly did wail and weep:
Yet like a knight of courage stout,
At length his way he digged out.
Three grooms of the King of Persia
By night this valiant champion slew,
Though he had fasted many a day,
And then away from thence he flew
On the best steed the sophy had;
Which when he knew he was full mad.
Towards Christendom he made his flight,
But met a gyant by the way,
With whom in combat he did fight
Most valiantly a summer's day:
Who yet, for all his bats of steel,
Was forc'd the sting of death to feel.
Back o'er the seas with many bands
Of warlike souldiers soon he past,
Vowing upon those heathen lands
To work revenge; which at the last,
Ere thrice three years were gone and spent,
He wrought unto his heart's content.
Save onely Egypt land he spar'd,
For Sabra bright her only sake,
And, ere for her he had regard,
He meant a tryal kind to make:
Mean while the king, o'ercome in field,
Unto Saint George did quickly yield.
Then straight Morocco's king he slew,
And took fair Sabra to his wife,
But meant to try if she were true,
Ere with her he would lead his life;
And, tho' he had her in his train,
She did a virgin pure remain.
Toward England then that lovely dame
The brave St. George conducted strait,
An eunuch also with them came,
Who did upon the lady wait.
These three from Egypt went alone:
Now mark St. George's valour shown.
When as they in a forest were,
The lady did desire to rest:
Mean while St. George to kill a deer
For their repast did think it best:
Leaving her with the eunuch there,
Whilst he did go to kill the deer.
But lo! all in his absence came
Two hungry lyons, fierce and fell,
And tore the eunuch on the same
In pieces small, the truth to tell;
Down by the lady then they laid,
Whereby they shew'd she was a maid.
But when he came from hunting back,
And did behold this heavy chance,
Then for his lovely virgin's sake
His courage strait he did advance,
And came into the lions' sight,
Who ran at him with all their might.
Their rage did him no whit dismay,
Who, like a stout and valiant knight,
Did both the hungry lyons slay
Within the lady Sabra's sight:
Who all this while, sad and demure,
There stood most like a virgin pure.
Now when St. George did surely know
This lady was a virgin true,
His heart was glad, that erst was woe,
And all his love did soon renew:
He set her on a palfrey steed,
And towards England came with speed.
Where being in short space arriv'd
Unto his native dwelling place,
Therein with his dear love he livd,
And fortune did his nuptials grace:
They many years of joy did see,
And led their lives at Coventry.
~ Anonymous Olde English,
71:The Witch Of Hebron
A Rabbinical Legend
Part I.
From morn until the setting of the sun
The rabbi Joseph on his knees had prayed,
And, as he rose with spirit meek and strong,
An Indian page his presence sought, and bowed
Before him, saying that a lady lay
Sick unto death, tormented grievously,
Who begged the comfort of his holy prayers.
The rabbi, ever to the call of grief
Open as day, arose; and girding straight
His robe about him, with the page went forth;
Who swiftly led him deep into the woods
That hung, heap over heap, like broken clouds
On Hebron’s southern terraces; when lo!
Across a glade a stately pile he saw,
With gleaming front, and many-pillared porch
Fretted with sculptured vinage, flowers and fruit,
And carven figures wrought with wondrous art
As by some Phidian hand.
But interposed
For a wide space in front, and belting all
The splendid structure with a finer grace,
A glowing garden smiled; its breezes bore
Airs as from paradise, so rich the scent
That breathed from shrubs and flowers; and fair the growths
Of higher verdure, gemm’d with silver blooms,
Which glassed themselves in fountains gleaming light
Each like a shield of pearl.
Within the halls
Strange splendour met the rabbi’s careless eyes,
Halls wonderful in their magnificance,
With pictured walls, and columns gleaming white
Like Carmel’s snow, or blue-veined as with life;
Through corridors he passed with tissues hung
Inwrought with threaded gold by Sidon’s art,
Or rich as sunset clouds with Tyrian dye;
Past lofty chambers, where the gorgeous gleam
Of jewels, and the stainèd radiance
Of golden lamps, showed many a treasure rare
Of Indian and Armenian workmanship
Which might have seemed a wonder of the world:
And trains of servitors of every clime,
Greeks, Persians, Indians, Ethiopians,
In richest raiment thronged the spacious halls.
The page led on, the rabbi following close,
And reached a still and distant chamber, where
In more than orient pomp, and dazzling all
The else-unrivalled splendour of the rest,
A queenly woman lay; so beautiful,
That though upon her moon-bright visage, pain
And langour like eclipsing shadows gloomed,
The rabbi’s aged heart with tremor thrilled;
Then o’er her face a hectic colour passed,
Only to leave that pallor which portends
The nearness of the tomb.
From youth to age
The rabbi Joseph still had sought in herbs
And minerals the virtues they possess,
And now of his medicaments he chose
What seemed most needful in her sore estate;
“Alas, not these,” the dying woman said,
“A malady like mine thou canst not cure,
’Tis fatal as the funeral march of Time!
But that I might at length discharge my mind
Of a dread secret, that hath been to me
An ever-haunting and most ghostly fear,
Darkening my whole life like an ominous cloud
And which must end it ere the morning come,
Therefore did I entreat thy presence here.”
The rabbi answered, “If indeed it stand
Within my power to serve thee, speak at once
All that thy heart would say. But if ’tis vain,
If this thy sin hath any mortal taint,
Forbear, O woman, to acquaint my soul
With aught that could thenceforth with horror chase
The memory of a man of Israel.”
“I am,” she said “the daughter of thy friend
Rabbi Ben Bachai—be his memory blest!
Once at thy side a laughing child I played;
I married with an Arab Prince, a man
Of lofty lineage, one of Ishmael’s race;
Not great in gear. Behold’st thou this abode?
Did ever yet the tent-born Arab build
Thus for his pride or pleasure? See’st thou
These riches? An no! Such were ne’er amassed
By the grey desert’s wild and wandering son;
Deadly the game by which I won them all!
And with a burning bitterness at best
Have I enjoyed them! And how gladly now
Would I, too late, forego them all, to mend
My broken peace with a repentant heed
In abject poverty!”
She ceased, and lay
Calm in her loveliness, with dreamy looks
Roaming, perhaps, in thought the fateful past;
Then suddenly her beauteous countenance grew
Bedimm’d and drear, then dark with mortal pangs,
While fierce convulsions shook her tortured frame,
And from her foaming lips such words o’erran,
That rabbi Joseph sank upon his knees,
And bowed his head a space in horror down
While ardent, pitying prayers for her great woe
Rose from his soul; when, lo! The woman’s face
Was cloudless as a summer heaven! The late
Dark brow was bright, the late pale cheek suffused
With roseate bloom; and, wondrous more than all,
Here weary eyes were changed to splendours now
That shot electric influence, and her lips
Were full and crimson, curled with stormy pride.
The doubting rabbi stood in wild amaze
To see the dying woman bold and fierce
In bright audacity of passion’s power.
“These are the common changes,” then she said,
“Of the fell ailment, that with torments strange,
Which search my deepest life, is tearing up
The dark foundations of my mortal state,
And sinking all its structures, hour by hour,
Into the dust of death. For nothing now
Is left me but to meet my nearing doom
As best I may in silent suffering.”
Then as he heard her words and saw her face,
The rabbi in his wisdom knew some strong
Indwelling evil spirit troubled her,
And straighway for an unction sent, wherewith
The famous ancestor whose name he bore,
Herod the Great’s chief hakim, had expelled
The daemon haunter of the dying king.
With this he touched her forehead and her eyes
And all her finger-tips. Forthwith he made
Within a consecrated crucible
A fire of citron-wood and cinnamon;
Then splashed the flames with incense, mingling all
With the strong influence of fervent prayer;
And, as the smoke arose, he bowed her head
Into its coils, that so she might inhale
Its salutary odour—till the fiend
That dwelt within her should be exorcised.
Her face once more grew pale with pain; she writhed
In burning torment, uttering many words
Of most unhallowed meaning! Yet her eyes
Were fixed the while, and motionless her lips!
Whereby the rabbi certainly perceived
’Twas not the woman of herself that spake,
But the dread spirit that possessed her soul,
And thus it cried aloud.

Part II.

“WHY am I here, in this my last resort,

Perturbed with incense and anointings? Why

Compelled to listen to the sound of prayers

That smite me through as with the fire of God?

O pain, pain, pain! Is not this chamber full

Of the implacable stern punishers?

Full of avenging angels, holding each

A scourge of thunder in his potent hand,

Ready to lighten forth! And then, thus armed,

For ever chase and wound us as we fly!

Nor end with this—but, in each wound they make,

Pour venom sweltered from that tree As-gard,

Whose deadly shadow in its blackness falls

Over the lake of everlasting doom!

“Five hundred years ago, I, who thus speak,

Was an Egyptian of the splendid court

Of Ptolemy Philadelphus. To the top

Of mountainous power, though roughened with unrest,

And girt with dangers as with thunder-clouds,

Had I resolved by all resorts to climb;

By truth and falsehood, right and wrong alike;

And I did climb! Then firmly built in power

Second alone to my imperial lord’s,

I crowned with its impunity my lust
Of beauty, sowing broadcast everywhere
Such sensual baits wide round me, as should lure
Through pleasure, or through interest entrap,
The fairest daughters of the land, and lo!
Their lustrous eyes surcharged with passionate light
The chambers of my harem! But at length
Wearied of these, though sweet, I set my heart
On riches, heaped to such a fabulous sum
As never one man’s hoard in all the world
Might match; and to acquire them, steeped my life
In every public, every private wrong,
In lies, frauds, secret murders; till at last
A favoured minion I had trusted most,
And highest raised, unveiled before the king
The dark abysmal badness of my life;
But dearly did he rue it; nor till then
Guessed I how deadly grateful was revenge!
I stole into his chamber as he slept,
And with a sword, whose double edge for hours
I had whetted for the purpose of the deed,
There staked him through the midriff to his bed.
I fled; but first I sent, as oft before,
A present to the household of the man
Who had in secret my betrayer bribed.
Twas scented wine, and rich Damascus cakes;
On these he feasted, and fell sudden down,
Rolling and panting in his dying pangs,
A poisoned desert dog!
“But I had fled.
A swift ship bore me, which my forecast long
Had kept prepared against such need as this.
Over the waves three days she proudly rode;
Then came a mighty storm, and trampled all
Her masted bravery flat, and still drove on
The wave-swept ruin towards a reefy shore!
Meanwhile amongst the terror-stricken crew
An ominous murmur went from mouth to mouth;
They grouped themselves in councils, and, ere long,
Grew loud and furious with surmises wild,
And maniac menaces, all aimed at me!
My fugitive head it was at which so loud
The thunder bellowed! The wild-shrieking winds
And roaring waters held in vengeful chase
Me only! Me! Whose signal crimes alone
Had brought on us this anger of the gods!
And thus reproaching me with glaring eyes,
They would have seized and slain me, but I sprang
Back from amongst them, and, outstriking, stabbed
With sudden blow their leader to the heart;
Then, with my poniard scaring off the rest,
Leaped from the deck, and swimming reached the shore,
From which, in savage triumph, I beheld
The battered ship, with all her howling crew,
Heel, and go down, amid the whelming waves.
“Inland my course now lay for many days,
O’er barren hills and glens, whose herbless scopes
Never grew luminous with a water gleam,
Or heard the pleasant bubble of a brook,
For vast around the Afric desert stretched.
Starving and sun-scorched and afire with thirst,
I wandered ever on, until I came
To where, amid the dun and level waste,
In frightful loneliness, a mouldered group
Of ancient tombs stood ghostly. Here at last,
Utterly spent, in my despair I lay
Down on the burning sand, to gasp and die!
When from among the stones a withered man,
Old-seeming as the desert where he lived,
Came and stood by me, saying ‘get thee up!
Not much have I to give, but these at least
I offer to thy need, water and bread.’
“Then I arose and followed to his cell,—
A dismal cell, that seemed itself a tomb,
So lightless was it, and so foul with damp,
And at its entrance there were skulls and bones.
Long and deep drank I of the hermit’s draught,
And munched full greedily the hermit’s bread;
But with the strength which thence my frame derived,
Fierce rage devoured me, and I cursed my fate!
Whereat the withered creature laughed in scorn,
And mocked me with the malice of his eyes,
That sometimes, like a snake’s, shrank small, and then
Enlarging blazed as with infernal fire!
Then, on a sudden, with an oath that seemed
To wake a stir in the grey musty tombs,
As if their silence shuddered, he averred
That he could life me once more to the height
Of all my wishes—nay, even higher, but
On one condition only. Dared I swear,
By the dread angel of the second death,
I would be wholly his, both body and soul,
After a hundred years?
“Why should I not?
I answered, quivering with a stormy haste,
A rampart unreluctance! For so great
Was still my fury against all mankind,
And my desire of pomp and riches yet
So monstrous, that I felt I could have drunk
Blood, fire, or worse, to wear again the power
That fortune, working through my enemies’ hands,
Had stript away from me. So, word by word,
I swore the oath as he repeated it;
Nor much it moved me, in my eagerness,
To feel a damp and earthy odour break
Out of each tomb, from which there darkling rose
At every word a hissing as of snakes;
And yet the fell of hair upon my scalp
Rose bristling under a cold creeping thrill:
But I failed not, I swore the dread oath through,
And then the tombs grew silent as their dead.
But through my veins a feeling of strong youth
Coursed bold along, and summered in my heart,
Till there before him in my pride I stood
In stately strength, and swift as is the wind,
Magnificant as a desert-nurtured steed
Of princeliest pedigree, with nostrils wide
Dilated, and with eyes effusing flame.
‘Begone,’ he said, ’and live thy hundred years
Of splendour, power, pleasure, ease.’ His voice
Sighed off into the distance. He was gone:
Only a single raven, far aloft,
Was beating outwards with its sable wings;
The tombs had vanished, and the desert grey
Merged its whole circle with the bending sky.
Part III.

“OUT of these wilds to Egypt I returned:

Men thought that I had perished with the ship,

And no one knew me now, because my face

And form were greatly changed,—from passing fair

To fairer yet; from manly, to a pile

So nobly built, that in all eyes I seemed

Beauteous as Thammuz! And my heart was changed;

Ambition wilder than a leopard’s thirst


For blood of roe, or flying hart, possessed

My spirit, like the madness of a god!

But this I yet even in its fiercest strain

Could curb and guide with sovereign strength of will.

From small beginnings onward still I worked,

Stepping as up a stair from rival head

To rival head,—from high to higher still,

Unto the loftiest post that might be held

Under the Ptolemies; and meantime paid

Each old unsettled score, defeating those

Who erst had worked against me, sweeping them

Out of all posts, all places; for though time

And change had wide dispersed them through the land,

The sleuth-hounds of my vengeance found them out!

Which things not being in a corner done,

What wonder was it that all Egypt now,
From end to end, even like a shaken hive,
Buzzed as disturbed with my portentous fame?
“And what to me were secret enemies?
Had I not also spies, who could pin down
A whisper in the dark and keep it there?
Could dash a covert frown by the same means
An open charge had challenged? Hence my name
Became a sound that struck through every heart
Ineffable dismay! And yet behold
There more I trampled on mankind, the more
Did fawning flatterers praise me as I swept
Like a magnificant meteor through the land!
The more I hurled the mighty from their seats,
And triumphed o’er them prostrate in the dust,
The human hounds that licked my master hand
But multiplied the more! And still I strode
From bad to worse, corrupting as I went,
Making the lowly ones more abject yet;
Awing as with a thunder-bearing hand
The high and affluent; while I bound the strong
To basest service, even with chains of gold.
All hated, cursed and feared me, for in vain
Daggers were levelled at my brazen heart—
They glanced, and slew some minion at my side
Poison was harmless as a heifer’s milk
When I had sipped it with my lips of scorn;
All that paraded pomp and smiling power
Could draw against me from the envious hearts
Of men in will as wicked as myself
I challenged, I encountered, and o’erthrew!
“But, after many years, exhaustion sere
Spread through the branches of my tree of life;
My forces flagged, my senses more and more
Were blunted, and incapable of joy;
The splendours of my rank availed me not;
A poverty as naked as a slave’s
Peered from them mockingly. The pride of power
That glowed so strong within me in my youth
Was now like something dying at my heart.
To cheat or stimulate my jaded taste,
Feasts, choice or sumptuous, were devised in vain;
there was disfavour, there was fraud within,
Like that which filled the fair-appearing rind
Of those delusive apples that of old
Grew on the Dead Sea shore.
“And yet, though thus
All that gave pleasure to my younger life
Was withering from my path like summer grass,
I still had one intense sensation, which
Grew ever keener as my years increased—
A hatred of mankind; to pamper which
I gloated, with a burning in my soul,
Over their degradation; and like one
Merry with wine, I revelled day by day
In scattering baits that should corrupt them more:
The covetous I sharpened into thieves,
Urged the vindictive, hardened the malign,
Whetted the ruffian with self-interest,
And flung him then, a burning brand, abroad.
And the decadence of the state in which
My fortunes had recast me, served me well.
Excess reeled shameless in the court itself,
Or, staggering thence, was rivalled by the wild
Mad looseness of the crowd. Down to its death
The old Greek dynasty was sinking fast;
Waste and pale want, extortion, meanness, fraud—
These, welling outwards from the throne itself,
Spread through the land.
“But now there seized my soul
A new ambition—from his feeble throne
To hurl the king, and mount thereon myself!
To this end still I lured him into ill,
And daily wove around him cunning snares,
That reached and trammelled too his fawning court;
And all went well, the end at last was near,
But in my triumph one thing I forgot—
My name was measured. At a banquet held
In the king’s chamber, lo! A guest appeared,
Chief of a Bactrian tribe, who tendered gold
To pay for some great wrong his desert horde
Had done our caravans; his age, men said,
Was wonderful; his craft more wondrous still;
For this his fame had spread through many lands,
And the dark seekers of forbidden lore
Knew his decrepit wretch to be their lord.
“The first glance that I met of his weird eye
Had sent into my soul a fearful doubt
That I had seen that cramp-shrunk withered form
And strange bright eye in some forgotten past.
But at the dry croak of his raven voice
Remembrance wok; I knew that I beheld
The old man of the tombs: I saw, and fell
Into the outer darkness of despair.
The day that was to close my dread account
Was come at last. The long triumphant feast
Of life had ended in a funeral treat.
I was to die—to suffer with the damned
The hideous torments of the second death!
The days, weeks, months of a whole hundred years
Seemed crushed into a thought, and burning out
In that brief period which was left me now.
“Stung with fierce horror, shame, and hate I fled;
I seized my sword, to plunge its ready point
Into my maddened heart, but on my arm
I felt a strong forbidding grasp! I turned;
The withered visage of the Bactrian met
My loathing eyes; I struggled to be free
From the shrunk wretch in vain; his spidery hands
Were strong as fetters of Ephesian brass,
And all my strength, though now with madness strung,
Was as a child’s to his. He calmly smiled:
‘Forbear, thou fool! Am I not Sammael?
Whom to resist is vain, and from whom yet
Has never mercy flowed; for what to me
Are feelings which thou knowest even in men
Are found the most in fools. But wide around
A prince of lies I reign. ’Tis I that fill
the Persian palaces with lust and wrong,
Till like the darkling heads of sewers they flow
With a corruption that in fretting thence
Taints all the region round with rankest ill;
’Tis I that clot the Bactrian sand with blood;
And now I come to fling the brands of war
Through all this people, this most ill-mixed mob,
Where Afric’s savage hordes meet treacherous Greeks,
And swarming Asia’s luxury-wasted sons.
This land throughout shall be a deluge soon
Of blood and fire, till ruin stalk alone,
A grisly spectre, in its grass-grown marts.’
The fiery eyes within his withered face
Glowed like live coals, as he triumphant spake,
And his strange voice, erewhile so thin and dry,
Came as if bellowed from the vaults of doom.
Prone fell I, powerless to move or speak;
And now he was about to plunge me down
Ten thousand times ten thousand fathoms deep
Through the earth’s crust, and through the slimy beds
Of nether ocean—down! Still down, below
The darkling roots of all this upper world
Into the regions of the courts of hell!
“To stamp me downward to the convict dead
His heel was raised, when suddenly I heard
Him heave a groan of superhuman pain,
So deep twas drawn! And as he groaned, I saw
A mighty downburst of celestial light
Enwrap his shrivelled form from head to foot,
As with a robe within whose venomous folds
He writhed in torment. Then above him stood
A shining shape, unspeakably sublime,
And gazed upon him! One of the high sons
Of Paradise, who still keep watch and ward
O’er Israel’s progeny, where’er dispersed;
And now they fought for me with arms that filled
The air wide round with flashes and swift gleams
Of dazzling light; full soon the Evil One
Fell conquered. Then forth sprang he from the ground
And with dark curses wrapped him in a cloud
That moved aloft, low thundering as it went.
“And then the shining son of paradise
Came where I lay and spoke, his glorious face
Severe with wrath, and yet divinely fair—
‘O Child of Guilt! Should vengeance not be wrought
On thee as well? On Sammael’s willing slave?’
I clasped his radiant knees—I wept—I groaned—
I beat my bosom in my wild distress.
At last the sacred Presence, who had held
The blow suspended still, spoke thus: ‘Thou’rt spared;
From no weak pity, but because thou art
Descended from the line of Israel:
For that cause spared;—yet must thou at my hand
Find some meet punishment.’ And as he spake,
He laid his hand with a life-crushing weight
Upon my forehead—and I fell, as dead!
Part IV.

“AWAKING as from sleep, I bounded up,

Stung with a feeling of enormous strength,

Though yet half wild with horror. Onward then

Ramping I went, out through the palace gates,

Down the long streets, and into the highways,

Forth to the wilds, amazed at my own speed!


And now afar, in long-drawn line appeared

A caravan upon its outward way

Over the desert of Pentapolis.

And strange the instinct seemed that urged me then

to rush amongst them—and devour: for I

Was fierce with hunger, and inflamed with thirst.

“Amidst a laggard company I leaped

That rested yet beside a cooling spring;

One of those clear springs that, like giant pearls,

Inlay the burning borders of the grey

Enormous desert. All at once they rose!

Some fled, some threw themselves amongst the brakes,

Some seized their swords and lances; this to see

Filled me at once with a mysterious rage

And savage joy! The sternness of their looks,

Their fearful cries, the gleaming of their spears

Seemed to insult me, and I rushed on them.

Then sudden spasms of pain searched deep my side,
Wherein a fell lance quivered. On I rushed;
I roared a roar that startled e’en myself,
So loud and hoarse and terrible its tone,
Then bounding, irresistible it seemed
As some huge fragment from a crag dislodged,
Against the puny wretch that sent the lance,
Instantly tore him, as he were a kid,
All into gory shreds! The others fled
At sight of this, nor would I chase them then,
All wearied by my flight. Besides, the well
Was gleaming in its coolness by me there.
“And as I stooped to quench my parching thirst,
Behold, reversed within the water clear,
The semblance of a monstrous lion stood!
I saw his shaggy mane, I saw his red
And glaring eyeballs rolling in amaze,
His rough and grinning lips, his long sharp fangs
All foul with gore and hung with strings of flesh!
I shrank away in horrible dismay.
But as the sun each moment fiercer grew,
I soon returned to stoop and slake my thirst.
Again was that tremendous presence there
Standing reversed, as erewhile, in the clear
And gleaming mirror of the smiling well!
The horrid truth smote like a rush of fire
Upon my brain! The dreadful thing I saw
Was my own shadow! I was a wild beast.”
“They did not fable, then, who held that oft
The guilty dead are punished in the shapes
Of beasts, if brutal were their lives as men.”
“Long lapped I the cool lymph, while still my tongue
Made drip for drip against the monstrous one,
Which, as in ugly mockery, from below
Seemed to lap up against it. But though thirst
Was quenched at length, what was there might appease
The baffled misery of my fated soul?
The thought that I no more was human, ran
Like scorpion venom through my mighty frame;
Fiercely I bounded, tearing up the sands,
That, like a drab mist, coursed me as I went
Out on my homeless track. I made my fangs
Meet in my flesh, trusting to find in pain
Some respite from the anguish of regret.
From morn to night, from night to morn, I fled,
Chased by the memory of my lost estate;
Then, worn and bleeding, in the burning sands
I lay down, as to die. In vain!—in vain!
The savage vigour of my lion-life
Might yield alone to the long tract of time.
“From hill to valley rushing after prey,
With whirlwind speed, was now my daily wont,
For all things fled before me—all things shrank
In mortal terror at my shaggy front.
Sometimes I sought those close-fenced villages,
Wherein the desert-dwellers hide their swart
And naked bodies from the scorching heats,
Hoping that I might perish by their shafts.
And often was I wounded—often bore
Their poisoned arrows in my burning flesh—
But still I lived.
“The tenor of my life
Was always this—the solitary state
Of a wild beast of prey, that hunted down
The antelope, the boar, the goat, the gorged
Their quivering flesh, and lapped their steaming blood;
Then slept till hunger, or the hunter’s cry,
Roused him again to battle or to slay,
To flight, pursuit, blood, stratagem, and wounds.
And to make this rude life more hideous yet,
I still retained a consciousness of all
The nobler habits of my eariler time,
And had a keen sense of what most had moved
My nature as a man, and knew besides
That this my punishment was fixed by One
Too mighty to be questioned, and too just
One tittle of its measure to remit.
“How long this haggard course of life went on
I might not even guess, for I had lost
The human faculty that measures time.
But still from night to night I found myself
Roaming the desert, howling at the moon,
Whose cold light always, as she poured it down,
Awoke a drear distemper in my brain:
But much I shunned the sunblaze, which at once
Inflamed me, and revealed my dread approach.
“Homelessly roaming thus for evermore,
The tempests beat on my unsheltered bulk,
In those bleak seasons when the drenching rains
Drove into covert all those gentler beasts
That were my natural prey. I swinkt beneath
The furnace heats of the midsummer sun,
When even the palm of the oasis stood
All withered, like a weed: and for how long,
Yet knew not.
“Thus the sun and moon arose
Through an interminable tract of time,
And yet though sense was dim, the view of all
My human life was ever at my beck,
Nay, opened out before me of itself
Plain as the pictures in a wizard’s glass!
I saw again the trains that round my car
Streamed countless, saw its pageants and its pomps,
Its faces fair and passionate, and felt
Lie’s eager pleasures, even its noble pangs!
Then in the anguish of my goaded heart
Would I roll howling in the burning sand.
“At length this life of horror seemed to near
Its fated bourn. The slow but sure approach
Of old decay was felt in every limb
And every function of my lion frame.
My massive strength seemed spent, my speed was gone,
The antelope escaped me! Wearily
I sought a mountain cavern, shut from day
By savage draperies of tangled briers,
And only dragged my tardy bulk abroad
When hunger urged. It chanced on such a day
I sprange amid a herd of buffaloes
And tore their leader down, who bellowing fell.
When, lo! The chief of those that drove them came
Against me, and I turned my rage on him:
But though the long lapse of so many years
Of ever-grinding wretchedness had dulled
My memory, I felt that I had seen
His withered visage twice before; and straight
A shuddering awe subdued me, and I crouched
Beneath him in the dust. My lust of blood,
My ruthless joy at sight of mortal pain,
Within me died, and if in human speech
I might have told the wild desire that filled
My being, I had prayed him once for all
To crush me out of life, and to consign
My misery to the pit of final death!
But when, all hopeless, I again looked up,
The tawney presence of the desert chief
Was gone, and I beheld the shining son
Of paradise, from whose majestic brow
There flashed the lightings of a wrath divine.
Yea, twas the angel that with Sammael
Had fought for me in Egypt; and once more
He laid his crushing had upon my front;
And earth and sky, and all that in them is,
Became to me a darkness, swimming blank
In the Eternal, round that point where now
My body lay, stretched dead upon the sand.
Part V.

“AGAIN I lived—again I felt. But now

The winds of heaven seemed under me, and I

Was sweeping, like the spirit of a storm

That bellowed round me, in its murky glooms,

All heaving with a motion wide and swift

That seemed yet mightier than the darkling swells

Of ocean, wrestling with a midnight gale!

The wild winds tossed me; I was drenched throughout

With heavy moisture, and at intervals

Amid the ragged gaps of moving cloud,

Methought I caught dim glimpses of the sun

Hanging aloft, as if in drear eclipse;

But as my senses cleared, I saw my limbs

Were clothed with plumage; and long-taloned claws

Were closing eagerly with fierce desire

And sudden hunger after blood and prey!

An impulse to pursue and to destroy

Both on the earth and in the air, ran quick

Out from my heart and shivered in my wings;

And as a thing more central yet, I felt

Pregnant within me, throned o’er all, a lone

And sullen, yet majestic, glow of pride.

“’Twas plain that I, who had aforetime been

Crushed out of human being into that

Of a wild beast, had thence again passed on
Into the nature of some mighty thing
That now swept sailing on wide van-like wings,
Amid the whirls of an aërial gloom,
That out extending in one mighty cope
Hung heaving, like a black tent-roof, o’er all
The floor of Africa.
“Still on I swept,
And still as far as my keen vision went,
That now was gifted with a power that seemed
To pierce all space, I saw the vapours roll
In dreadful continuous of black
And shapeless masses, by the winds convulsed;
But soon in the remotest distance came
A change: the clouds were touched with sunny light,
And, as I nearer drew, I saw them dash,
Like the wild surges of an uproused sea
Of molten gold, against the marble sides
Of lofty mountains, which, though far below
My flight, yet pierced up through them all, and stood
With splintered cones and monster-snouted crags,
Immovable as fate. Beneath me, lo!
The grandeur of the kingdom of the air
Was circling in its magnitude! It was
A dread magnificence of which before
I might not even dream. I saw its quick
And subtle interchange of forms and hues,
Saw its black reservoirs of densest rain,
Its awful forges of the thunderstorm.
“At last, as onward still I swept, above
A milky mass of vapour far outspread,
Behold, reflected in its quiet gleam,
I saw an image that swept on with me,
Reversed as was the lion’s in the well,
With van-like wings, with eyeballs seething fire,
With taloned claws, and cruel down-bent beak,—
The mightiest eagle that had ever sailed
The seas of space since Adam named the first!
“My fated soul had passed into the form
Of that huge eagle which swept shadowed there.
Cold horror thrilled me! I was once again
Imprisoned in the being of a brute,
In the base being of a nature yet
Inferior by what infinite descent
To that poor remnant of intelligence
Which still kept with me,—like a put-back soul
Burningly conscious of its powers foregone,
Its inborn sovreignty of kind, and yet
So latent, self-less; once again to live
A life of carnage, and to sail abroad
A terror to all birds and gentle beasts
That heard the stormy rushings of my wings!
A royal bird indeed, who lived alone
In the great stillness of the mighty hills,
Or in the highest heavens.
“But in truth
Not much for many seasons had I need
To search for prey, for countless hosts of men,
Forth mustering over all the face of earth,
Cast the quick gleam of arms o’er trampled leagues
Of golden corn, and as they onward marched
They left behind them seas of raging fire,
In whose red surges cities thronged with men
And happy hamlets, homes of health and peace,
That rang erewhile with rural thankfulness,
Were whelmed in one wide doom; or in their strength
Confronted upon some set field of fight,
Their sullen masses charged with dreadful roar
That far out-yelled the fiercest yells of beasts,
And with brute madness rushed on wounds and death;
Or else about fenced cities they would pitch
Their crowded camps, and leaguer them for years,
Sowing the fields about them with a slime
Of carnage, till their growths were plagues alone.
What is the ravage made by brutes on brutes
To that man makes on man?
“With mingled pain
And joy I saw the wondrous ways of men,
(For ever when I hungered, close at hand,
Some fresh slain man lay smoking in his gore)
And though the instincts of the eagle’s life
Were fierce within me, yet I felt myself
Cast in a lot more capable of joy;
Safe from pursuit, from famine, and from wounds.
Some solaces, though few and far between,
Were added to me; and I argued thence,
In the dark musings of my eagle heart,
That not for ever was my soul condemned
To suffer in the body of a brute;
For though remembrance of the towering crimes
And matchless lusts, that filled my whole career
Of human life, worked in me evermore,
No longer did they shed about my life
So venomous a blight. Nay, I could think
How often I had looked with longing eyes
Up at the clear Egyptian heavens, and watched
The wings that cleft them, envying every bird
That, soaring in the sunshine, seemed to be
Exempt from all the grovelling cares of men.
I thought how once, when with my hunting train
I pierced that region round the cataracts,
I watched an eagle as it rose aloft
Into the lovely blue, and wished to change
My being with it as it floated on,
So inaccessible to hate or hurt,
So peaceful, at a height in heaven so safe;
And then it passed away through gorgeous clouds
Against the sunset, through the feathered flags
Of royal purple edged with burning gold.
“These fields of space were my dominion now;
Motion alone within a world so rich
Was something noble: but to move at will,
Upward or forward, or in circles vast,
Through boundless spaces with a rushing speed
No living thing might rival, and to see
The glory of the everlasting hills
Beneath me, and the myriad-peopled plains,
Broad rivers, and the towery towns that sate
Beside their spacious mouths, with out beyond
The lonely strength of the resounding seas—
This liberty began to move my sense
As something godlike; and in moving made
A sure impression that kept graining still
Into the texture of my brute estate—
Yea, graining in through all its fleshy lusts
And savage wonts.
“Hence ever more and more
The temper of a better spirit grew
Within me, as from inkling roots, and moved
E’en like an embryon in its moist recess:
A sensibility to beauteous things
As now I saw them in the heavens displayed,
And in the bright luxuriance of the earth;
Some power of just comparison, some sense
Of how a man would rank them, could he see
Those earthly grandeurs from the sovreign height
Whence I beheld them. And with this a wish
To commune even with the human race,
And pour the loftier wonders of my life
Into their ears, through a rich-worded song
Whose golden periods in mellow flow
Should witch all ears that heard them—ev’n old men s,
Ev’n jaded monarchs; not to speak of theirs,
Those spirit-lovely ones—yea, moons of love,
That rise at first in the Circassian hills—
And they should tingle all like tiny shells
Of roseate whiteness to its perfect chords.
“One day amid the mountains of the moon,
Behold a sudden storm had gatherd up
Out of my view, hid by a neighbouring height,
But which, thence wheeling with terrific force,
Wide tossed me with its gusts—aloft, and then
Downward as far; then whirlingly about,
Ev’n like a withered leaf. My strength of wing
Availed me nought, so mightily it raged;
Then suddenly, in the dim distance, lo!
I saw, as from the storm’s Plutonian heart,
A mass of white-hot light come writing forth,
And then the figure of a withered man
Seemed dropping headlong through the lurid clouds;
While full within the radiant light, again
The conquering son of paradise appeared,
Upon whose brow divine I yet might trace
Some sing of wrath. Onward the vision rushed,
Orbed in white light. I felt a stifling heat,
One cruel blasting pang, and headlong then
Fell earthward—dead; a plumb descending mass.
Part VI.

“WITHIN a rustic chamber, dark and low,

Thronged with wild-looking men and women strange,

I seemed to waken. Inwardly I felt

No briskness of existence, but a sense

Of languor rather, or revival slow:

And evermore the men and women came

And gazed upon me, shouting in amaze,

Then would they whirl about the room in dance,

Abandoned to their barbarous delight.

“I turned mine eyes about the low-roofed room,

Half fearing and half hoping I might see

The mighty angel that now ruled my life;

They thought I needed air, and I was borne

to a low casement. Like a picture lay

The world without. On all sides wide around

Nothing but mountains, feathered to their tops

With a dense growth of pines, and valleys filled

With a cold darkness that was lit alone

By the broad flashes of the furious streams

That leaped in thunder our of marble gaps!

Dull vapours, like a canopy of smoke,

Did so obscure the sun, that I had thought

The scene that now I saw was not of earth,

But for a golden flush that now and then

Would touch the highest ranges. What I was
I knew not, but I felt my former wants,
And oft I made vain efforts to expand
The wings I had no longer, and sail off,
And through those sullen vapours—up, and up—
Into the mighty silence of the blue.
“The day was fading, and a blare of horns,
With many voices and much trampling noise,
Heard from without, aroused me; and, ere long,
Women rushed in, each bearing some rich robe
Or some gay bauble, wherewithal they next
Arrayed me to their taste; and then they held
A mirror up before me, and I saw
My soul had this time passed into the form
Of a fair damsel. She, whose form I now
Re-animated, was—so learned I soon—
The only child of a Circassian chief,
Who had been long regarded by her house
As its chief treasure, for her beauty rare;
Reserved for him, no matter whence he came,
Whose hand could dip into the longest purse.
But envy lurks in the Circassian hills
As elsewhere, and a dose of opium,
Administered by one who had been long
The rival beauty of a neighbouring tribe,
Had served to quash a bargain quite complete
Save in the final payment of the gold,
Which had been even offered and told down,
And only not accepted, through some old
Delaying ceremony of the tribe;
And in this luckless circumstances, twas plain
That both my admirable parents saw
The unkindest turn of all.
“On all hands forth
Had scouts been sent to summon the whole tribe
To attend my obsequies, and then forthwith
Exterminate our ancient enemies
Through all their tents—such was the fierce resolve.
But while these things were pending, lo! The light
Had broken like a new morn from the eyes
Of the dead beauty; on her cheeks had dawned
A roseate colour; from her moistening lips
Low murmurs, too, had broken; whereupon
My parents in exulting hope transformed
The funeral to a general tribal feast,
And loaded me with all the ancient gauds
And ornaments they held. The Persian, too,
Had been invited to renew his suit,
And carry me at once beyond the reach
Of future opium doses.
“Soon he came
Galloping back to bear me to the arms
Of his long-bearded lord. He paid the price;
My worthy parents took a fond farewell
Of me, with tears declaring me to be
The life-light of their eyes, their rose of joy,—
Then stretched their palms out for the stranger’s gold,
And hurried off to count it o’er again—
The dear recovered treasure they so late
Had mourned as lost for ever. On that night
I was packed neatly on a camel’s back
Beside a precious case of porcelain pipes,
And carried Persia-ward, by stages safe,
From the Circassian mountains.
“At the court
I soon became the favourite of the king;
Lived sumptuously, but in perpetual fear:
For all my luxury and gold and gems,
I envied the poor slaves who swept the floors.
I was the favourite of my Persian lord
For one whole month, perhaps a little more,
And then I learned my place was to be filled;
And though I loathed him, as we loathe some cold
And reptile creature, yet I could not bear
To see a newer rival take my place,
For I was beautiful, and therefore vain:
So, that I might regain his favour past,
I now arrayed myself in airy robes,
While scarfs of purple like an orient queen’s
Barred them with brilliant tints, and gold and pearls
Confined the wavelets of my sunny hair.
“The harem all applauded, and there seemed
Even in his own dull eyes almost a flash
As of extorted joy, but this became
At the next moment a malignant scowl,
Which had its dark cause in such thoughts as these:
‘What! Did so soft and ignorant a thing
Hope to enchant again a man so wise
As he was—he! The paragon of kings!
By floating in before him like a swan,
A little better feathered than before?’
And then he waved the harem ladies forth,
And with him kept only a Nubian girl,
Whom he thought dull, and altogether his:
A conclave of those strange demoniac dwarfs
Who from their secret dens and crypts would come
On given signals forth, was summoned in:
Wizard-like beings, with enormous heads,
Splay-feet, and monstrous spider-fingered hands.
Nor was the council long; I on that night
Was to be poisoned with a pomegranate.
Then stole the Nubian girl away, and brought
Me word of all; yet her news moved me not,
So sure I felt that this was not my doom;
Or moved me only to prepare for flight
With the poor Nubian girl. Unseen I came
To my own chamber, where I packed my goods;
And whence, unseen by all, we swiftly fled.
’Twas plain and patent to my inmost self
That in this last change I had always been
Regenerating more and more; for though
I had a love of mischief in my head,
At heart I was not bad, and they who knew
Me closely, or at least the woman sort,
Loved me,—nay, served me, as the Nubian did.
And now, as no one else might sell me,—lo!
I sold myself, and found myself installed
Queen of a rude baboon-like Afric king.
“Then I was captive to a Bedouin sheik,
Was sold in the slave-mart of Astrachan,
And carried thence to India, to be crowned
A rajahpoot’s sultana; from which state
Flying at length, I fell into a worse,
Being pounced on by a Turkoman horse-stealer.
At Alexandra I became the slave
Of a harsh Roman matron, who was wont
To flog and famish me to make me good,
And when I owned myself converted, then
She flogged and famished me the more, to make
My goodness lasting; and I finally
Fell stabbed in Cairo—slaughtered by a slave.
Part VII.

“AFTER some short and intermediate terms

Of transmigration, all in female forms,

In which, through kindly offices performed,

It seemed the temper of my spirit much

Had humanized, and in the last of which

Twas mine to die for once a natural death,

Again I had some deep-down hold on being,

Dim as an oyster’s in its ocean-bed;

Then came a sense of light and air, of space,

Of hunger, comfort, warmth, of sight and sound

I caught at length the drift of speech, and knew

That all who came to see me and admire

Called me Ben Bachai’s daughter.

“Dark indeed,

But lovely as a starry night I grew,

A maid, the glory of her father’s house,

Her mother’s dovelet, filling all her wonts

With tenderness and joy. Still as I grew,

By strange degrees the memory of all

That I had been came back upon my mind

To fill it with wild sorrow and dismay;

To know I was a cheat, nor wholly what

I seemed to my fond parents—that I was

But half their daughter, and the rest a fiend,

With a fiend’s destiny,—ah! This, I say,
Would smite me even in dreams with icy pangs
Or wordless woe, yea, even while I slept
So innocently as it seemed, and so
Securely happy in the arms of love!”
As this was said, the Rabbi looked, and saw
That now again the woman seemed to speak
As of herself, and not as heretofore
With moveless lips, and prisoned voice, that came
As from some dark duality within.
Her looks had changed, too, with the voice, and now
Again she lay, a queen-like creature, racked
With mortal sufferings, who, when these grew less,
Or for a time remitted, even thus
Took up her tale again.
“At length upgrown
To womanhood, by some mysterious pact
Existing twixt my father’s house and that
Of an Arabian prince time out of mind,
I was now wedded ere I wished, and he,
My husband, finally had come to claim
And bear me from my home, that happiest home
Which I should know no more: a man most fair
To look upon, but void of force, in truth
The weakling of a worn-out line, who yet
(What merit in a prince!) Was not depraved,
Not wicked, not the mendicant of lust,
But mild, and even affectionate and just.
My dowry was immense, and flushed with this
The prince had summoned from his vassal tribe
Five hundred horse, all spearmen, to escort
And guard us desert-ward. And as we went
These ever and anon, at signal given,
Would whirl around us like a thunder-cloud
Wind-torn, and shooting instant shafts of fire!
And thus we roamed about the Arabian wastes,
Pitching our camp amid the fairest spots.
Beneath an awning oft I lay, and gazed
Out at the cloudless ether, where it wrapt
The silent hills, like to a conscious power
Big with the soul of an eternal past.
“But long this life might last not, for the prince
Sickened and died;—died poor, his wealth and mine
Having been squandered on the hungry horde
That wont to prance about us; who ere long,
Divining my extremity, grew loud
And urgent for rewards, till on a day,
By concert as it seemed, the tribe entire
Came fiercely round me, all demanding gifts,
Gifts that I had not; as they nearer pressed,
Wearing his way among them, lo! I saw
The old man of the tombs! The Bactrian sage!
With signs of awe they made him room to pass;
He fixed me with his shrunk and serpent eyes,
Waved off the abject Arabs, and then asked
‘Why art thou poor? With needs so great upon thee?
I offer thee long life and wealth and power.’
“I turned to him and said: ‘Should I not know,
By all the past, the nature of thy gifts?
Shows and delusions, evil, sin-stained all,
And terminating in eternal loss.’
‘Well, take it as thou wilt,’ he said; ‘my gifts
Are not so weighed by all.’ And saying this
He went his way, while I retired within
My lonely tent to weep.
“Next day the tribes
Again assembled, and with threats and cries,
And insults loud, they raised a passion in me.
My blood arose: I chid them angrily,
Called them all things but men, till they, alarmed,
Fell back in sullen silence for a while,
Crouching like tigers ready for a spring.
Humbled, perplexed, and frightened, I returned
Into my tent, and there within its folds
Stood the weird Bactrian with his snaky eyes,
And wiry voice that questioned as before:
‘Why art thou poor? Why dost thou suffer wrong,
With all this petty baseness brattling round?
Am I not here to help thee? I, thy one
Sole friend—not empty, but with ample means.
Behold the secrets of the inner earth!
There, down among the rock-roots of the hills,
What seest thou there? Look, as I point, even those
Strange miscreations, as they seem to thee,
Are demoniac moilers that obey
Such arts as I possess; the gnomish brood
Of Demogorgon. See them how they moil
Amid those diamonds shafts and reefs of gold
Embedded in the oldest drifts of time,
And in the mire that was the first crude floor
And blind extension of the infant earth:
Why art thou poor, then, when such slaves as they
Might work for thee, and glut thy need with all
The matchless values which are there enwombed,
Serving thee always as they now serve me?
Nor these alone: turn thou thy looks aloft,
And watch the stars as they go swimming past.
Behold their vastness, each a world,’ he said;
‘The secrets of all these, too, thou shalt know,
The spirits of all these shall be thy slaves,
If thou wilt swear as erst amid the tombs.’
“The woe of desolation wrapped me round,
The joy to know all mysteries tempted me,
And with a shudder that shook me to the soul
I swore, as erst I swore amid the tombs.
“As on my hand he placed a signet-ring,
Suddenly loud the desert winds arose,
And blew with mighty stress among the tents;
And instantly aloft the thunder ran,
A mighty issue of miraculous light
Burst shaft-like forward, smiting him in twain,
Or so it seemed, down through the solid earth.
In vain I shrunk into a dim recess;
Before me stood the son of paradise.
Then leapt the soul to life within my heart—
Leapt into life with fear, and pain, and woe—
Anger and sadness both were on his brow.
“‘Could’st thou no trial bear—all but redeemed;
Could’st thou not rest content? A rabbi’s child!
Enjoy as best thou may this ill-won power
Over the darker agencies of time,
And bide the end, which end is punishment
But the more terrible, the more delayed;
Yet know this also, thou shalt thus no more
Be punished in a body built of clay.’
He vanished, leaving me to sharp remorse,
And harrowed with the thought of his grieved look.
‘And yet no power in heaven or hell,’ I said,
‘May now annul my deed.’
“And not one day
Of joy has brought to me my ‘ill-won power.’
I built vast palaces in quiet view
Of ancient cities, or by famous streams;
I filled my halls with men and women fair,
And with these pages of a beauty rare
Like striplings kidnapped from some skirt of heaven;
Yet sorrowful of countenance withal,
As knowing that their mortal doom is joined
With mine irrevocably, that with me
’Tis theirs to own these shows of time, with me
To live—with me to die. And as, ’tis said,
A hunted roe will evermore beat round
Towards whence he started first, I felt at length
An ardent longing for my native place;
That spot in all the earth where only I,
In tasting of it, had divined the worth
And Sabbath quality of household peace.
Then coming hither, thus constrained, I pitched
My dwelling here, even this thou seest; built fair,
And filled with splendours such as never yet
Under one roof-tree on this earth were stored.
See yon surpassing lustres! Could this orb
Show such? From Mars came that; from Venus this;
And yonder mass of sun-bright glory, that
From Mercury came, whence came these viols, too,
Instinct with fervent music such as ne’er
From earthly instruments might thrill abroad.”
Then seizing one of them, even as she spake,
Over its chords she moved her ivory hand,
And instantly the palace domes throughout
Rang resonant, as every hall and crypt
Were pulsing music from a thousand shells
That still ran confluent with a mellow slide
And intercourse of cadence: sweet, and yet
Most mournful and most weird, and oft intoned
With a wild wilfulness of power that worked
For madness more than joy. “Even such, ” she said
“Are the delights with which I most converse
In the dark loneness of my fated soul,
For all is show, not substance. All I hold
But darkens more the certainty I have
Of wrath to come, from which no change of place,
No earthly power, no power of heaven nor hell,
May shield me now. I see it shadowing forth
Even like a coming night, in whose dark folds
My soul would ask to hide itself in vain.
And now I go to meet the angel’s face;
I will not claim my hundred years of pride,
I trample underneath my feet the gift
For which I sold my soul; I will not touch
The ring of Sammael, nor use his power
To stay the torments that devour my life;
Misery, shame, remorse, and dread are mine;
Yet shall the angel see repentent eyes,
And know at last I could one trial bear;
Too late, too late.”
As thus the woman spake,
Her brow grew dark, and suddenly she shrieked
In her great agony. “Oh pray for me!
Pray, rabbi! For the daughter of thy friend!
The hour is coming, nay, the hour is come!”
There was a rustle as of wings aloft,
A sudden flicker in the lights below,
And she, who until now seemed speaking, sank
Back on her pillow and in silence lay
Beautiful in the marble calm of death.
The rabbi gazed on her, and thought the while
Of those far times, when, as a child, her grace
Had filled with pleasantness her father’s house.
Then to her servants gave in charge the corpse,
And forth he paced, much musing as he went.
At length he turned to gaze once more upon
The silent house of death. Can such things be?
All had evanished like a morning mist!
Only the woods that hung like clouds about
The steeps of Hebron, in the whitening dawn
Lay dark against the sky! Only a pool
Gleamed flat before him, where it seemed erewhile
The splendid palace had adorned the view!
Perplexed in mind, the rabbi turned again
And hurried homeward, muttering as he went:
Was it a vision? Can such marvels be?
But what in truth are all things, even those
That seem most solid—dust and air at last
~ Charles Harpur,
72:The Third Monarchy, Being The Grecian, Beginning
Under Alexander The Great In The 112. Olympiad.
Great Alexander was wise Philips son,
He to Amyntas, Kings of Macedon;
The cruel proud Olympias was his Mother,
She to Epirus warlike King was daughter.
This Prince (his father by Pausanias slain)
The twenty first of's age began to reign.
Great were the Gifts of nature which he had,
His education much to those did adde:
By art and nature both he was made fit,
To 'complish that which long before was writ.
The very day of his Nativity
To ground was burnt Dianaes Temple high:
An Omen to their near approaching woe,
Whose glory to the earth this king did throw.
His Rule to Greece he scorn'd should be confin'd,
The Universe scarce bound his proud vast mind.
This is the He-Goat which from Grecia came,
That ran in Choler on the Persian Ram,
That brake his horns, that threw him on the ground
To save him from his might no man was found:
Philip on this great Conquest had an eye,
But death did terminate those thoughts so high.
The Greeks had chose him Captain General,
Which honour to his Son did now befall.
(For as Worlds Monarch now we speak not on,
But as the King of little Macedon)
Restless both day and night his heart then was,
His high resolves which way to bring to pass;
Yet for a while in Greece is forc'd to stay,
Which makes each moment seem more then a day.
Thebes and stiff Athens both 'gainst him rebel,
Their mutinies by valour doth he quell.
This done against both right and natures Laws,
His kinsmen put to death, who gave no cause;
That no rebellion in in his absence be,
Nor making Title unto Sovereignty.
And all whom he suspects or fears will climbe,
Now taste of death least they deserv'd in time,
Nor wonder is t if he in blood begin,
For Cruelty was his parental sin,
Thus eased now of troubles and of fears,
Next spring his course to Asia he steers;
Leavs Sage Antipater, at home to sway,
And through the Hellispont his Ships made way.
Coming to Land, his dart on shore he throws,
Then with alacrity he after goes;
And with a bount'ous heart and courage brave,
His little wealth among his Souldiers gave.
And being ask'd what for himself was left,
Reply'd, enough, sith only hope he kept.
Thirty two thousand made up his Foot force,
To which were joyn'd five thousand goodly horse.
Then on he marcht, in's way he view'd old Troy,
And on Achilles tomb with wondrous joy
He offer'd, and for good success did pray
To him, his Mothers Ancestors, (men say)
When news of Alexander came to Court,
To scorn at him Darius had good sport;
Sends him a frothy and contemptuous Letter,
Stiles him disloyal servant, and no better;
Reproves him for his proud audacity
To lift his hand 'gainst such a Monarchy.
Then to's Lieftenant he in Asia sends
That he be ta'ne alive, for he intends
To whip him well with rods, and so to bring
That boy so mallipert before the King.
Ah! fond vain man, whose pen ere while
In lower terms was taught a higher stile.
To River Granick Alexander hyes
Which in Phrygia near Propontike lyes.
The Persians ready for encounter stand,
And strive to keep his men from off the land;
Those banks so steep the Greeks yet scramble up,
And beat the coward Persians from the top,
And twenty thousand of their lives bereave,
Who in their backs did all their wounds receive.
This victory did Alexander gain,
With loss of thirty four of his there slain;
Then Sardis he, and Ephesus did gain,
VVhere stood of late, Diana's wondrous Phane,
And by Parmenio (of renowned Fame,)
Miletus and Pamphilia overcame.
Hallicarnassus and Pisidia
He for his Master takes with Lycia.
Next Alexander marcht towards the black Sea,
And easily takes old Gordium in his way;
Of Ass ear'd Midas, once the Regal Seat,
VVhose touch turn'd all to gold, yea even his meat
VVhere the Prophetick knot he cuts in twain,
VVhich who so doth, must Lord of all remain.
Now news of Memnon's death (the Kings Viceroy)
To Alexanders heart's no little joy,
For in that Peer, more valour did abide,
Then in Darius multitude beside:
In's stead, was Arses plac'd, but durst not stay,
Yet set one in his room, and ran away;
His substitute as fearfull as his master,
Runs after two, and leaves all to Disaster.
Then Alexander all Cilicia takes,
No stroke for it he struck, their hearts so quakes.
To Greece he thirty thousand talents sends,
To raise more Force to further his intends:
Then o're he goes Darius now to meet,
Who came with thousand thousands at his feet.
Though some there be (perhaps) more likely write
He but four hundred thousand had to fight,
The rest Attendants, which made up no less,
Both Sexes there was almost numberless.
For this wise King had brought to see the sport,
With him the greatest Ladyes of the Court,
His mother, his beauteous Queen and daughters,
It seems to see the Macedonian slaughters.
Its much beyond my time and little art,
To shew how great Darius plaid his part;
The splendor and the pomp he marched in,
For since the world was no such Pageant seen.
Sure 'twas a goodly sight there to behold,
The Persians clad in silk, and glistering gold,
The stately horses trapt, the lances gilt,
As if addrest now all to run a tilt.
The holy fire was borne before the host,
(For Sun and Fire the Persians worship most)
The Priests in their strange habit follow after,
An object, not so much of fear as laughter.
The King sate in a chariot made of gold,
With crown and Robes most glorious to behold,
And o're his head his golden Gods on high,
Support a party coloured Canopy.
A number of spare horses next were led,
Lest he should need them in his Chariots stead;
But those that saw him in this state to lye,
Suppos'd he neither meant to fight nor flye.
He fifteen hundred had like women drest;
For thus to fright the Greeks he judg'd was best.
Their golden ornaments how to set forth,
Would ask more time then was their bodies worth
Great Sysigambis she brought up the Reer,
Then such a world of waggons did appear,
Like several houses moving upon wheels,
As if she'd drawn whole Shushan at her heels:
This brave Virago to the King was mother,
And as much good she did as any other.
Now lest this gold, and all this goodly stuff
Had not been spoyle and booty rich enough
A thousand mules and Camels ready wait
Loaden with gold, with jewels and with plate:
For sure Darius thought at the first sight,
The Greeks would all adore, but none would fight
But when both Armies met, he might behold
That valour was more worth then pearls or gold,
And that his wealth serv'd but for baits to 'lure
To make his overthrow more fierce and sure.
The Greeks came on and with a gallant grace
Let fly their arrows in the Persians face.
The cowards feeling this sharp stinging charge
Most basely ran, and left their king at large:
Who from his golden coach is glad to 'light,
And cast away his crown for swifter flight:
Of late like some immoveable he lay,
Now finds both legs and horse to run away.
Two hundred thousand men that day were slain,
And forty thousand prisoners also tane,
Besides the Queens and Ladies of the court,
If Curtius be true in his report.
The Regal Ornaments were lost, the treasure
Divided at the Macedonians pleasure;
Yet all this grief, this loss, this overthrow,
Was but beginning of his future woe.
The royal Captives brought to Alexander
T'ward them demean'd himself like a Commander
For though their beauties were unparaled,
Conquer'd himself now he had conquered,
Preserv'd their honour, us'd them bounteously,
Commands no man should doe them injury:
And this to Alexander is more fame
Then that the Persian King he overcame.
Two hundred eighty Greeks he lost in fight,
By too much heat, not wounds (as authors write)
No sooner had this Victor won the field,
But all Phenicia to his pleasure yield,
Of which the Goverment he doth commit
Unto Parmenio of all most fit.
Darius now less lofty then before,
To Alexander writes he would restore
Those mournfull Ladies from Captivity,
For whom he offers him a ransome high:
But down his haughty stomach could not bring,
To give this Conquerour the Stile of King.
This Letter Alexander doth disdain,
And in short terms sends this reply again,
A King he was, and that not only so,
But of Darius King, as he should know.
Next Alexander unto Tyre doth goe,
His valour and his victoryes they know:
To gain his love the Tyrians intend,
Therefore a crown and great Provision send,
Their present he receives with thankfullness,
Desires to offer unto Hercules,
Protector of their town, by whom defended,
And from whom he lineally descended.
But they accept not this in any wise,
Lest he intend more fraud then sacrifice,
Sent word that Hercules his temple stood
In the old town, (which then lay like a wood)
With this reply he was so deep enrag'd,
To win the town, his honour he ingag'd:
And now as Babels King did once before,
He leaves not till he made the sea firm shore,
But far less time and cost he did expend,
The former Ruines forwarded his end:
Moreover had a Navy at command,
The other by his men fetcht all by land.
In seven months time he took that wealthy town,
Whose glory now a second time's brought down.
Two thousand of the chief he crucifi'd,
Eight thousand by the sword then also di'd,
And thirteen thousand Gally slaves he made,
And thus the Tyrians for mistrust were paid.
The rule of this he to Philotas gave
Who was the son of that Parmenio brave.
Cilicia to Socrates doth give,
For now's the time Captains like Kings may live.
Zidon he on Ephestion bestowes;
(For that which freely comes, as freely goes)
He scorns to have one worse then had the other,
So gives his little Lordship to another.
Ephestion having chief command of th'Fleet,
At Gaza now must Alexander meet.
Darius finding troubles still increase,
By his Ambassadors now sues for peace,
And layes before great Alexanders eyes
The dangers difficultyes like to rise,
First at Euphrates what he's like to 'bide,
And then at Tygris and Araxis side,
These he may scape, and if he so desire,
A league of friendship make firm and entire.
His eldest daughter he in mariage profers,
And a most princely dowry with her offers.
All those rich Kingdomes large that do abide
Betwixt the Hellespont and Halys side.
But he with scorn his courtesie rejects,
And the distressed King no whit respects,
Tells him, these proffers great, in truth were none
For all he offers now was but his own.
But quoth Parmenio that brave Commander,
Was I as great, as is great Alexander,
Darius offers I would not reject,
But th'kingdomes and the Lady soon accept.
To which proud Alexander made reply,
And so if I Parmenio was, would I.
He now to Gaza goes, and there doth meet,
His Favorite Ephestion with his Fleet,
Where valiant Betis stoutly keeps the town,
(A loyal Subject to Darius Crown)
For more repulse the Grecians here abide
Then in the Persian Monarchy beside;
And by these walls so many men were slain,
That Greece was forc'd to yield supply again.
But yet this well defended Town was taken,
For 'twas decree'd, that Empire should be shaken;
Thus Betis ta'en had holes bor'd through his feet,
And by command was drawn through every street
To imitate Achilles in his shame,
Who did the like to Hector (of more fame)
What hast thou lost thy magnimity,
Can Alexander deal thus cruelly?
Sith valour with Heroicks is renown'd,
Though in an Enemy it should be found;
If of thy future fame thou hadst regard,
Why didst not heap up honours and reward?
From Gaza to Jerusalem he goes,
But in no hostile way, (as I suppose)
Him in his Priestly Robes high Jaddus meets,
Whom with great reverence Alexander greets;
The Priest shews him good Daniel's Prophesy,
How he should overthrow this Monarchy,
By which he was so much encouraged,
No future dangers he did ever dread.
From thence to fruitful Egypt marcht with speed,
Where happily in's wars he did succeed;
To see how fast he gain'd was no small wonder,
For in few dayes he brought that Kingdome under.
Then to the Phane of Jupiter he went,
To be install'd a God, was his intent.
The Pagan Priest through hire, or else mistake,
The Son of Jupiter did streight him make:
He Diobolical must needs remain,
That his humanity will not retain.
Thence back to Egypt goes, and in few dayes;
Fair Alexandria from the ground doth raise;
Then setling all things in less Asia;
In Syria, Egypt, and Phenicia,
Unto Euphrates marcht and overgoes,
For no man's there his Army to oppose;
Had Betis now been there but with his band,
Great Alexander had been kept from Land.
But as the King, so is the multitude,
And now of valour both are destitute.
Yet he (poor prince) another Host doth muster,
Of Persians, Scythians, Indians in a cluster;
Men but in shape and name, of valour none
Most fit, to blunt the Swords of Macedon.
Two hundred fifty thousand by account,
Of Horse and Foot his Army did amount;
For in his multitudes his trust still lay,
But on their fortitude he had small stay;
Yet had some hope that on the spacious plain,
His numbers might the victory obtain.
About this time Darius beautious Queen,
Who had sore travail and much sorrow seen,
Now bids the world adue, with pain being spent,
Whose death her Lord full sadly did lament.
Great Alexander mourns as well as he,
The more because not set at liberty;
When this sad news (at first Darius hears,
Some injury was offered he fears:
But when inform'd how royally the King,
Had used her, and hers, in every thing,
He prays the immortal Gods they would reward
Great Alexander for this good regard;
And if they down his Monarchy will throw,
Let them on him this dignity bestow.
And now for peace he sues as once before,
And offers all he did and Kingdomes more;
His eldest daughter for his princely bride,
(Nor was such match in all the world beside)
And all those Countryes which (betwixt) did lye
Phanisian Sea, and great Euphrates high:
With fertile Egypt and rich Syria,
And all those Kingdomes in less Asia.
With thirty thousand Talents to be paid,
For the Queen Mother, and the royal maid;
And till all this be well perform'd, and sure,
Ochus his Son for Hostage should endure.
To this stout Alexander gives no ear,
No though Parmenio plead, yet will not hear;
Which had he done. (perhaps) his fame he'd kept,
Nor Infamy had wak'd, when he had slept,
For his unlimited prosperity
Him boundless made in vice and Cruelty.
Thus to Darius he writes back again,
The Firmament, two Suns cannot contain.
Two Monarchyes on Earth cannot abide,
Nor yet two Monarchs in one world reside;
The afflicted King finding him set to jar,
Prepares against to morrow, for the war,
Parmenio, Alexander, wisht that night,
To force his Camp, so vanquish them by flight.
For tumult in the night doth cause most dread,
And weakness of a Foe is covered,
But he disdain'd to steal a victory:
The Sun should witness of his valour be,
And careless in his bed, next morne he lyes,
By Captains twice is call'd before hee'l rise,
The Armyes joyn'd a while, the Persians fight,
And spilt the Greeks some bloud before their flight
But long they stood not e're they're forc'd to run,
So made an end, As soon as well begun.
Forty five thousand Alexander had,
But is not known what slaughter here was made,
Some write th'other had a million, some more,
But Quintus Curtius as before.
At Arbela this victory was gain'd,
Together with the Town also obtain'd;
Darius stript of all to Media came,
Accompan'ed with sorrow, fear, and shame,
At Arbela left his Ornaments and Treasure,
Which Alexander deals as suits his pleasure.
This conqueror to Babylon then goes,
Is entertain'd with joy and pompous showes,
With showrs of flours the streets along are strown,
And incense burnt the silver Altars on.
The glory of the Castle he admires,
The strong Foundation and the lofty Spires,
In this, a world of gold and Treasure lay,
Which in few hours was carried all away.
With greedy eyes he views this City round,
Whose fame throughout the world was so renownd
And to possess he counts no little bliss
The towres and bowres of proud Semiramis,
Though worne by time, and rac'd by foes full sore,
Yet old foundations shew'd and somewhat more.
With all the pleasures that on earth are found,
This city did abundantly abound,
Where four and thirty dayes he now did stay,
And gave himself to banqueting and play:
He and his souldiers wax effeminate,
And former discipline begin to hate.
Whilst revelling at Babylon he lyes,
Antipater from Greece sends fresh supplyes.
He then to Shushan goes with his new bands,
But needs no force, tis rendred to his hands.
He likewise here a world of treasure found;
For 'twas the seat of Persian Kings renownd.
Here stood the royal Houses of delight,
Where Kings have shown their glory wealth and might
The sumptuous palace of Queen Esther here,
And of good Mordicai, her kinsman dear,
Those purple hangings, mixt with green and white
Those beds of gold, and couches of delight.
And furniture the richest in all lands,
Now fall into the Macedonians hands.
From Shushan to Persipolis he goes,
Which news doth still augment Darius woes.
In his approach the governour sends word,
For his receipt with joy they all accord,
With open gates the wealthy town did stand,
And all in it was at his high command.
Of all the Cities that on earth was found,
None like to this in riches did abound:
Though Babylon was rich and Shushan too
Yet to compare with this they might not doe:
Here lay the bulk of all those precious things
That did pertain unto the Persian Kings:
For when the souldiers rifled had their pleasure,
And taken money plate and golden treasure,
Statues some gold, and silver numberless,
Yet after all, as storyes do express
The share of Alexander did amount
To an hundred thousand talents by account.
Here of his own he sets a Garison,
(As first at Shushan and at Babylon)
On their old Governours titles he laid,
But on their faithfulness he never staid,
Their place gave to his Captains (as was just)
For such revolters false, what King can trust?
The riches and the pleasures of this town
Now makes this King his virtues all to drown,
That wallowing in all licentiousness,
In pride and cruelty to high excess.
Being inflam'd with wine upon a season,
Filled with madness, and quite void of reason,
He at a bold proud strumpets leud desire,
Commands to set this goodly town on fire.
Parmenio wise intreats him to desist
And layes before his eyes if he persist
His fames dishonour, loss unto his state,
And just procuring of the Persians hate:
But deaf to reason, bent to have his will,
Those stately streets with raging flame did fill.
Then to Darius he directs his way,
Who was retir'd as far as Media,
And there with sorrows, fears & cares surrounded
Had now his army fourth and last compounded.
Which forty thousand made, but his intent
Was these in Bactria soon to augment:
But hearing Alexander was so near,
Thought now this once to try his fortunes here,
And rather chose an honourable death,
Then still with infamy to draw his breath:
But Bessus false, who was his chief Commander
Perswades him not to fight with Alexander.
With sage advice he sets before his eyes
The little hope of profit like to rise:
If when he'd multitudes the day he lost,
Then with so few, how likely to be crost.
This counsel for his safety he pretended,
But to deliver him to's foe intended.
Next day this treason to Darius known
Transported sore with grief and passion,
Grinding his teeth, and plucking off his hair,
Sate overwhelm'd with sorrow and dispair:
Then bids his servant Artabasus true,
Look to himself, and leave him to that crew,
Who was of hopes and comforts quite bereft,
And by his guard and Servitors all left.
Straight Bessus comes, & with his trait'rous hands
Layes hold on's Lord, and binding him with bands
Throws him into a Cart, covered with hides,
Who wanting means t'resist these wrongs abides,
Then draws the cart along with chains of gold,
In more despight the thraled prince to hold,
And thus t'ward Alexander on he goes,
Great recompence for this, he did propose:
But some detesting this his wicked fact,
To Alexander flyes and tells this act,
Who doubling of his march, posts on amain,
Darius from that traitors hands to gain.
Bessus gets knowledg his disloyalty
Had Alexanders wrath incensed high,
Whose army now was almost within sight,
His hopes being dasht prepares himself for flight:
Unto Darius first he brings a horse,
And bids him save himself by speedy course:
The wofull King his courtesie refuses,
Whom thus the execrable wretch abuses,
By throwing darts gave him his mortal wound,
Then slew his Servants that were faithfull found,
Yea wounds the beasts that drew him unto death,
And leaves him thus to gasp out his last breath.
Bessus his partner in this tragedy,
Was the false Governour of Media.
This done, they with their host soon speed away,
To hide themselves remote in Bactria.
Darius bath'd in blood, sends out his groans,
Invokes the heav'ns and earth to hear his moans:
His lost felicity did grieve him sore,
But this unheard of treachery much more:
But above all, that neither Ear nor Eye
Should hear nor see his dying misery;
As thus he lay, Polistrates a Greek,
Wearied with his long march, did water seek,
So chanc'd these bloudy Horses to espy,
Whose wounds had made their skins of purple dye
To them repairs then looking in the Cart,
Finds poor Darius pierced to the heart,
Who not a little chear'd to have some eye,
The witness of this horrid Tragedy;
Prays him to Alexander to commend
The just revenge of this his woful end:
And not to pardon such disloyalty,
Of Treason, Murther, and base Cruelty.
If not, because Darius thus did pray,
Yet that succeeding Kings in safety may
Their lives enjoy, their Crowns and dignity,
And not by Traitors hands untimely dye.
He also sends his humble thankfulness,
For all the Kingly grace he did express;
To's Mother, Children dear, and wife now gone.
Which made their long restraint seem to be none:
Praying the immortal Gods, that Sea and Land
Might be subjected to his royal hand,
And that his Rule as far extended be,
As men the rising, setting Sun shall see,
This said, the Greek for water doth intreat,
To quench his thirst, and to allay his heat:
Of all good things (quoth he) once in my power,
I've nothing left, at this my dying hour;
Thy service and compassion to reward,
But Alexander will, for this regard.
This said, his fainting breath did fleet away,
And though a Monarch late, now lyes like clay;
And thus must every Son of Adam lye,
Though Gods on Earth like Sons of men they dye.
Now to the East, great Alexander goes,
To see if any dare his might oppose,
For scarce the world or any bounds thereon,
Could bound his boundless fond Ambition;
Such as submits again he doth restore
Their riches, and their honours he makes more,
On Artabaces more then all bestow'd,
For his fidelity to's Master show'd.
Thalestris Queen of th'Amazons now brought
Her Train to Alexander, (as 'tis thought.)
Though most of reading best and soundest mind,
Such Country there, nor yet such people find.
Then tell her errand, we had better spare
To th'ignorant, her title will declare:
As Alexander in his greatness grows,
So dayly of his virtues doth he lose.
He baseness counts, his former Clemency,
And not beseeming such a dignity;
His past sobriety doth also bate,
As most incompatible to his State;
His temperance is but a sordid thing,
No wayes becoming such a mighty King;
His greatness now he takes to represent
His fancy'd Gods above the Firmament.
And such as shew'd but reverence before,
Now are commanded strictly to adore;
With Persian Robes himself doth dignifie,
Charging the same on his nobility,
His manners habit, gestures, all did fashion
After that conquer'd and luxurious Nation.
His Captains that were virtuously inclin'd,
Griev'd at this change of manners and of mind.
The ruder sort did openly deride,
His feigned Diety and foolish pride;
The certainty of both comes to his Ears,
But yet no notice takes of what he hears:
With those of worth he still desires esteem,
So heaps up gifts his credit to redeem
And for the rest new wars and travails finds,
That other matters might take up their minds,
And hearing Bessus, makes himself a King,
Intends that Traitor to his end to bring.
Now that his Host from luggage might be free,
And with his burthen no man burthened be;
Commands forthwith each man his fardle bring,
Into the market place before the King;
VVhich done, sets fire upon those goodly spoyles,
The recompence of travails wars and toyles.
And thus unwisely in a mading fume,
The wealth of many Kingdomes did consume,
But marvell 'tis that without mutiny,
The Souldiers should let pass this injury;
Nor wonder less to Readers may it bring,
Here to observe the rashness of the King.
Now with his Army doth he post away
False Bessus to find out in Bactria:
But much distrest for water in their march,
The drought and heat their bodies sore did parch.
At length they came to th'river Oxus brink,
Where so immoderately these thirsty drink,
Which more mortality to them did bring,
Then all their warrs against the Persian King.
Here Alexander's almost at a stand,
To pass the River to the other land.
For boats here's none, nor near it any wood,
To make them Rafts to waft them o're the flood:
But he that was resolved in his mind,
Would without means some transportation find.
Then from the Carriages the hides he takes,
And stuffing them with straw, he bundles makes.
On these together ti'd, in six dayes space,
They all pass over to the other place.
Had Bessus had but valour to his will,
With little pain there might have kept them still:
But Coward durst not fight, nor could he fly,
Hated of all for's former treachery,
Is by his own now bound in iron chains,
A Coller of the same, his neck contains.
And in this sort they rather drag then bring
This Malefactor vile before the King,
Who to Darius brother gives the wretch,
With racks and tortures every limb to stretch.
Here was of Greeks a town in Bactria,
Whom Xerxes from their Country led away,
These not a little joy'd, this day to see,
Wherein their own had got the sov'raignty
And now reviv'd, with hopes held up their head
From bondage long to be Enfranchised.
But Alexander puts them to the sword
Without least cause from them in deed or word;
Nor Sex, nor age, nor one, nor other spar'd,
But in his cruelty alike they shar'd:
Nor reason could he give for this great wrong,
But that they had forgot their mother tongue.
While thus some time he spent in Bactria,
And in his camp strong and securely lay,
Down from the mountains twenty thousand came
And there most fiercely set upon the same:
Repelling these, two marks of honour got
Imprinted in his leg, by arrows shot.
The Bactrians against him now rebel;
But he their stubborness in time doth quell.
From hence he to Jaxartis River goes,
Where Scythians rude his army doth oppose,
And with their outcryes in an hideous sort
Beset his camp, or military court,
Of darts and arrows, made so little spare,
They flew so thick, they seem'd to dark the air:
But soon his souldiers forc'd them to a flight,
Their nakedness could not endure their might.
Upon this rivers bank in seventeen dayes
A goodly City doth compleatly raise,
Which Alexandria he doth likewise name,
And sixty furlongs could but round the same.
A third Supply Antipater now sent,
Which did his former forces much augment;
And being one hundred twenty thousand strong;
He enters then the Indian Kings among:
Those that submit, he gives them rule again,
Such as do not, both them and theirs are slain.
His warrs with sundry nations I'le omit,
And also of the Mallians what is writ.
His Fights, his dangers, and the hurts he had,
How to submit their necks at last they're glad.
To Nisa goes by Bacchus built long since,
Whose feasts are celebrated by this prince;
Nor had that drunken god one who would take
His Liquors more devoutly for his sake.
When thus ten days his brain with wine he'd soakt,
And with delicious meats his palate choakt:
To th'River Indus next his course he bends,
Boats to prepare, Ephestion first he sends,
Who coming thither long before his Lord,
Had to his mind made all things to accord,
The vessels ready were at his command,
And Omphis King of that part of the land,
Through his perswasion Alexander meets,
And as his Sov'raign Lord him humbly greets
Fifty six Elephants he brings to's hand,
And tenders him the strength of all his land;
Presents himself first with a golden crown,
Then eighty talents to his captains down:
But Alexander made him to behold
He glory sought, no silver nor no gold;
His presents all with thanks he did restore,
And of his own a thousand talents more.
Thus all the Indian Kings to him submit,
But Porus stout, who will not yeild as yet:
To him doth Alexander thus declare,
His pleasure is that forthwith he repair
Unto his Kingdomes borders, and as due,
His homage to himself as Soveraign doe:
But kingly Porus this brave answer sent,
That to attend him there was his intent,
And come as well provided as he could,
But for the rest, his sword advise him should.
Great Alexander vext at this reply,
Did more his valour then his crown envy,
Is now resolv'd to pass Hydaspes flood,
And there by force his soveraignty make good.
Stout Porus on the banks doth ready stand
To give him welcome when he comes to land.
A potent army with him like a King,
And ninety Elephants for warr did bring:
Had Alexander such resistance seen
On Tygris side, here now he had not been.
Within this spacious River deep and wide
Did here and there Isles full of trees abide.
His army Alexander doth divide
With Ptolemy sends part to th'other side;
Porus encounters them and thinks all's there,
When covertly the rest get o're else where,
And whilst the first he valiantly assail'd,
The last set on his back, and so prevail'd.
Yet work enough here Alexander found,
For to the last stout Porus kept his ground:
Nor was't dishonour at the length to yield,
When Alexander strives to win the field.
The kingly Captive 'fore the Victor's brought,
In looks or gesture not abased ought,
But him a Prince of an undaunted mind
Did Alexander by his answers find:
His fortitude his royal foe commends,
Restores him and his bounds farther extends.
Now eastward Alexander would goe still,
But so to doe his souldiers had no will,
Long with excessive travails wearied,
Could by no means be farther drawn or led,
Yet that his fame might to posterity
Be had in everlasting memory,
Doth for his Camp a greater circuit take,
And for his souldiers larger Cabbins make.
His mangers he erected up so high
As never horse his Provender could eye.
Huge bridles made, which here and there he left,
Which might be found, and for great wonders kept
Twelve altars then for monuments he rears,
Whereon his acts and travels long appears.
But doubting wearing time might these decay,
And so his memory would fade away,
He on the fair Hydaspes pleasant side,
Two Cities built, his name might there abide,
First Nicea, the next Bucephalon,
Where he entomb'd his stately Stalion.
His fourth and last supply was hither sent,
Then down Hydaspes with his Fleet he went;
Some time he after spent upon that shore,
Whether Ambassadors, ninety or more,
Came with submission from the Indian Kings,
Bringing their presents rare, and precious things,
These all he feasts in state on beds of gold,
His Furniture most sumptuous to behold;
His meat & drink, attendants, every thing,
To th'utmost shew'd the glory of a King.
With rich rewards he sent them home again,
Acknowledged their Masters sovereign;
Then sailing South, and coming to that shore,
Those obscure Nations yielded as before:
A City here he built, call'd by his Name,
Which could not sound too oft with too much fame
Then sailing by the mouth of Indus floud,
His Gallyes stuck upon the flats and mud;
Which the stout Macedonians amazed sore,
Depriv'd at once the use of Sail and Oar:
Observing well the nature of the Tide,
In those their fears they did not long abide.
Passing fair Indus mouth his course he steer'd
To th'coast which by Euphrates mouth appear'd;
Whose inlets near unto, he winter spent,
Unto his starved Souldiers small content,
By hunger and by cold so many slain,
That of them all the fourth did scarce remain.
Thus winter, Souldiers, and provisions spent,
From hence he then unto Gedrosia went.
And thence he marcht into Carmania,
And so at length drew near to Persia,
Now through these goodly Countryes as he past,
Much time in feasts and ryoting did waste;
Then visits Cyrus Sepulchre in's way,
Who now obscure at Passagardis lay:
Upon his Monument his Robe he spread,
And set his Crown on his supposed head.
From hence to Babylon, some time there spent,
He at the last to royal Shushan went;
A wedding Feast to's Nobles then he makes,
And Statyra, Darius daughter takes,
Her Sister gives to his Ephestian dear,
That by this match he might be yet more near;
He fourscore Persian Ladies also gave,
At this same time unto his Captains brave:
Six thousand guests unto this Feast invites,
Whose Sences all were glutted with delights.
It far exceeds my mean abilities
To shadow forth these short felicities,
Spectators here could scarce relate the story,
They were so rapt with this external glory:
If an Ideal Paradise a man would frame,
He might this Feast imagine by the same;
To every guess a cup of gold he sends,
So after many dayes the Banquet ends.
Now Alexanders conquests all are done,
And his long Travails past and overgone;
His virtues dead, buried, and quite forgot,
But vice remains to his Eternal blot.
'Mongst those that of his cruelty did tast,
Philotus was not least, nor yet the last,
Accus'd because he did not certifie
The King of treason and conspiracy:
Upon suspition being apprehended,
Nothing was prov'd wherein he had offended
But silence, which was of such consequence,
He was judg'd guilty of the same offence,
But for his fathers great deserts the King
His royal pardon gave for this foul thing.
Yet is Phylotas unto judgment brought,
Must suffer, not for what is prov'd, but thought.
His master is accuser, judge and King,
Who to the height doth aggravate each thing,
Inveighs against his father now absent,
And's brethren who for him their lives had spent.
But Philotas his unpardonable crime,
No merit could obliterate, or time:
He did the Oracle of Jove deride,
By which his Majesty was diefi'd.
Philotas thus o'recharg'd with wrong and grief
Sunk in despair without hope of Relief,
Fain would have spoke and made his own defence,
The King would give no ear, but went from thence
To his malicious Foes delivers him,
To wreak their spight and hate on every limb.
Philotas after him sends out this cry,
O Alexander, thy free clemency
My foes exceeds in malice, and their hate
Thy kingly word can easily terminate.
Such torments great as wit could worst invent,
Or flesh and life could bear, till both were spent
Were now inflicted on Parmenio's son
He might accuse himself, as they had done,
At last he did, so they were justifi'd,
And told the world, that for his guilt he di'd.
But how these Captains should, or yet their master
Look on Parmenio, after this disaster
They knew not, wherefore best now to be done,
Was to dispatch the father as the son.
This sound advice at heart pleas'd Alexander,
Who was so much ingag'd to this Commander,
As he would ne're confess, nor yet reward,
Nor could his Captains bear so great regard:
Wherefore at once, all these to satisfie,
It was decreed Parmenio should dye:
Polidamus, who seem'd Parmenio's friend
To do this deed they into Media send:
He walking in his garden to and fro,
Fearing no harm, because he none did doe,
Most wickedly was slain without least crime,
(The most renowned captain of his time)
This is Parmenio who so much had done
For Philip dead, and his surviving son,
Who from a petty King of Macedon
By him was set upon the Persian throne,
This that Parmenio who still overcame,
Yet gave his Master the immortal fame,
Who for his prudence, valour, care and trust
Had this reward, most cruel and unjust.
The next, who in untimely death had part,
Was one of more esteem, but less desert;
Clitus belov'd next to Ephestian,
And in his cups his chief companion;
When both were drunk, Clitus was wont to jeer,
Alexander to rage, to kill, and swear;
Nothing more pleasing to mad Clitus tongue,
Then's Masters Godhead to defie and wrong;
Nothing toucht Alexander to the quick,
Like this against his Diety to kick:
Both at a Feast when they had tippled well,
Upon this dangerous Theam fond Clitus fell;
From jest to earnest, and at last so bold,
That of Parmenio's death him plainly told.
Which Alexanders wrath incens'd so high,
Nought but his life for this could satisfie;
From one stood by he snatcht a partizan,
And in a rage him through the body ran,
Next day he tore his face for what he'd done,
And would have slain himself for Clitus gone:
This pot Companion he did more bemoan,
Then all the wrongs to brave Parmenio done.
The next of worth that suffered after these,
Was learned, virtuous, wise Calisthenes,
VVho lov'd his Master more then did the rest,
As did appear, in flattering him the least;
In his esteem a God he could not be,
Nor would adore him for a Diety:
For this alone and for no other cause,
Against his Sovereign, or against his Laws,
He on the Rack his Limbs in pieces rent,
Thus was he tortur'd till his life was spent.
Of this unkingly act doth Seneca
This censure pass, and not unwisely say,
Of Alexander this th'eternal crime,
VVhich shall not be obliterate by time.
VVhich virtues fame can ne're redeem by far,
Nor all felicity of his in war.
VVhen e're 'tis said he thousand thousands slew,
Yea, and Calisthenes to death he drew.
The mighty Persian King he overcame,
Yea, and he kill'd Calistthenes of fame.
All Countryes, Kingdomes, Provinces, he wan
From Hellispont, to th'farthest Ocean.
All this he did, who knows' not to be true?
But yet withal, Catisthenes he slew.
From Macedon, his Empire did extend
Unto the utmost bounds o' th'orient:
All this he did, yea, and much more, 'tis true,
But yet withal, Catisthenes he slew.
Now Alexander goes to Media,
Finds there the want of wise Parmenio;
Here his chief favourite Ephestian dies,
He celebrates his mournful obsequies:
Hangs his Physitian, the Reason why
He suffered, his friend Ephestian dye.
This act (me-thinks) his Godhead should a shame,
To punish where himself deserved blame;
Or of necessity he must imply,
The other was the greatest Diety.
The Mules and Horses are for sorrow shorne,
The battlements from off the walls are torne.
Of stately Ecbatane who now must shew,
A rueful face in this so general woe;
Twelve thousand Talents also did intend,
Upon a sumptuous monument to spend:
What e're he did, or thought not so content,
His messenger to Jupiter he sent,
That by his leave his friend Ephestion,
Among the Demy Gods they might inthrone.
From Media to Babylon he went,
To meet him there t'Antipater he'd sent,
That he might act also upon the Stage,
And in a Tragedy there end his age.
The Queen Olimpias bears him deadly hate,
Not suffering her to meddle with the State,
And by her Letters did her Son incite,
This great indignity he should requite;
His doing so, no whit displeas'd the King,
Though to his Mother he disprov'd the thing.
But now Antipater had liv'd so long,
He might well dye though he had done no wrong;
His service great is suddenly forgot,
Or if remembred, yet regarded not:
The King doth intimate 'twas his intent,
His honours and his riches to augment;
Of larger Provinces the rule to give,
And for his Counsel near the King to live.
So to be caught, Antipater's too wise,
Parmenio's death's too fresh before his eyes;
He was too subtil for his crafty foe.
Nor by his baits could be insnared so:
But his excuse with humble thanks he sends,
His Age and journy long he then pretends;
And pardon craves for his unwilling stay,
He shews his grief, he's forc'd to disobey.
Before his Answer came to Babylon,
The thread of Alexanders life was spun;
Poyson had put an end to's dayes ('twas thought)
By Philip and Cassander to him brought,
Sons to Antipater, and bearers of his Cup,
Lest of such like their Father chance to sup;
By others thought, and that more generally,
That through excessive drinking he did dye:
The thirty third of's Age do all agree,
This Conquerour did yield to destiny.
When this sad news came to Darius Mother,
She laid it more to heart, then any other,
Nor meat, nor drink, nor comfort would she take,
But pin'd in grief till life did her forsake;
All friends she shuns, yea, banished the light,
Till death inwrapt her in perpetual night.
This Monarchs fame must last whilst world doth stand,
And Conquests be talkt of whilest there is land;
His Princely qualities had he retain'd,
Unparalled for ever had remain'd.
But with the world his virtues overcame,
And so with black beclouded, all his fame;
Wise Aristotle Tutor to his youth.
Had so instructed him in moral Truth:
The principles of what he then had learn'd
Might to the last (when sober) be discern'd.
Learning and learned men he much regarded,
And curious Artist evermore rewarded:
The Illiads of Homer he still kept.
And under's pillow laid them when he slept.
Achilles happiness he did envy,
'Cause Homer kept his acts to memory.
Profusely bountifull without desert,
For such as pleas'd him had both wealth and heart
Cruel by nature and by custome too,
As oft his acts throughout his reign doth shew:
Ambitious so, that nought could satisfie,
Vain, thirsting after immortality,
Still fearing that his name might hap to dye,
And fame not last unto eternity.
This Conqueror did oft lament (tis said)
There were no more worlds to be conquered.
This folly great Augustus did deride,
For had he had but wisdome to his pride,
He would had found enough there to be done,
To govern that he had already won.
His thoughts are perisht, he aspires no more,
Nor can he kill or save as heretofore.
A God alive, him all must Idolize,
Now like a mortal helpless man he lyes.
Of all those Kingdomes large which he had got,
To his Posterity remain'd no jot;
For by that hand which still revengeth bloud,
None of his kindred, nor his race long stood:
But as he took delight much bloud to spill,
So the same cup to his, did others fill.
Four of his Captains now do all divide,
As Daniel before had prophysi'd.
The Leopard down, the four wings 'gan to rise,
The great horn broke, the less did tyranize.
What troubles and contentions did ensue
We may hereafter shew in season due.
Great Alexander dead, his Armyes left,
Like to that Giant of his Eye bereft;
When of his monstrous bulk it was the guide,
His matchless force no creature could abide.
But by Ulisses having lost his sight,
All men began streight to contemn his might;
For aiming still amiss, his dreadful blows
Did harm himself, but never reacht his Foes.
Now Court and Camp all in confusion be,
A King they'l have, but who, none can agree;
Each Captain wisht this prize to bear away,
But none so hardy found as so durst say:
Great Alexander did leave Issue none,
Except by Artabasus daughter one;
And Roxane fair whom late he married,
Was near her time to be delivered.
By natures right these had enough to claim,
But meaness of their mothers bar'd the same,
Alledg'd by those who by their subtile Plea
Had hope themselves to bear the Crown away.
A Sister Alexander had, but she
Claim'd not, perhaps, her Sex might hindrance be.
After much tumult they at last proclaim'd
His base born brother Aridæus nam'd,
That so under his feeble wit and reign,
Their ends they might the better still attain.
This choice Perdiccas vehemently disclaim'd,
And Babe unborn of Roxane he proclaim'd;
Some wished him to take the style of King,
Because his Master gave to him his Ring,
And had to him still since Ephestion di'd
More then to th'rest his favour testifi'd.
But he refus'd, with feigned modesty,
Hoping to be elect more generally.
He hold on this occasion should have laid,
For second offer there was never made.
'Mongst these contentions, tumults, jealousies,
Seven dayes the corps of their great master lies
Untoucht, uncovered slighted and neglected,
So much these princes their own ends respected:
A Contemplation to astonish Kings,
That he who late possest all earthly things,
And yet not so content unless that he
Might be esteemed for a Diety;
Now lay a Spectacle to testifie,
The wretchedness of mans mortality.
After some time, when stirs began to calm,
His body did the Egyptians embalme;
His countenance so lively did appear,
That for a while they durst not come so near:
No sign of poyson in his intrails sound,
But all his bowels coloured, well and sound.
Perdiccas seeing Arideus must be King,
Under his name began to rule each thing.
His chief Opponent who Control'd his sway,
Was Meleager whom he would take away,
And by a wile he got him in his power,
So took his life unworthily that hour.
Using the name, and the command of th'King
To authorize his acts in every thing.
The princes seeing Perdiccas power and pride,
For their security did now provide.
Antigonus for his share Asia takes,
And Ptolemy next sure of Egypt makes:
Seleucus afterward held Babylon,
Antipater had long rul'd Macedon.
These now to govern for the king pretends,
But nothing less each one himself intends.
Perdiccas took no province like the rest,
But held command of th'Army (which was best)
And had a higher project in his head,
His Masters sister secretly to wed:
So to the Lady, covertly he sent,
(That none might know, to frustrate his intent)
But Cleopatra this Suitor did deny,
For Leonatus more lovely in her eye,
To whom she sent a message of her mind,
That if he came good welcome he should find.
In these tumultuous dayes the thralled Greeks,
Their Ancient Liberty afresh now seeks.
And gladly would the yoke shake off, laid on
Sometimes by Philip and his conquering son.
The Athenians force Antipater to fly
To Lamia where he shut up doth lye.
To brave Craterus then he sends with speed
For succours to relieve him in his need.
The like of Leonatus he requires,
(Which at this time well suited his desires)
For to Antipater he now might goe,
His Lady take in th'way, and no man know.
Antiphilus the Athenian General
With speed his Army doth together call;
And Leonatus seeks to stop, that so
He joyne not with Antipater their foe.
The Athenian Army was the greater far,
(Which did his Match with Cleopatra mar)
For fighting still, while there did hope remain
The valiant Chief amidst his foes was slain.
'Mongst all the princes of great Alexander
For personage, none like to this Commander.
Now to Antipater Craterus goes,
Blockt up in Lamia still by his foes,
Long marches through Cilicia he makes,
And the remains of Leonatus takes:
With them and his he into Grecia went,
Antipater releas'd from prisonment:
After which time the Greeks did never more
Act any thing of worth, as heretofore:
But under servitude their necks remain'd,
Nor former liberty or glory gain'd.
Now di'd about the end of th'Lamian war
Demosthenes, that sweet-tongue'd Orator,
Who fear'd Antipater would take his life
For animating the Athenian strife:
To end his dayes by poison rather chose
Then fall into the hands of mortal foes.
Craterus and Antipater now joyne,
In love and in affinity combine,
Craterus doth his daughter Phila wed
Their friendship might the more be strengthened.
Whilst they in Macedon do thus agree,
In Asia they all asunder be.
Perdiccas griev'd to see the princes bold
So many Kingdomes in their power to hold,
Yet to regain them, how he did not know,
His souldiers 'gainst those captains would not goe
To suffer them go on as they begun,
Was to give way himself might be undone.
With Antipater to joyne he sometimes thought,
That by his help, the rest might low be brought,
But this again dislikes; he would remain,
If not in stile, in deed a soveraign;
(For all the princes of great Alexander
Acknowledged for Chief that old Commander)
Desires the King to goe to Macedon,
Which once was of his Ancestors the throne,
And by his presence there to nullifie
The acts of his Vice-Roy now grown so high.
Antigonus of treason first attaints,
And summons him to answer his complaints.
This he avoids, and ships himself and son,
goes to Antipater and tells what's done.
He and Craterus, both with him do joyne,
And 'gainst Perdiccas all their strength combine.
Brave Ptolemy, to make a fourth then sent
To save himself from danger imminent.
In midst of these garboyles, with wondrous state
His masters funeral doth celebrate:
In Alexandria his tomb he plac'd,
Which eating time hath scarcely yet defac'd.
Two years and more, since natures debt he paid,
And yet till now at quiet was not laid.
Great love did Ptolemy by this act gain,
And made the souldiers on his side remain.
Perdiccas hears his foes are all combin'd,
'Gainst which to goe, is not resolv'd in mind.
But first 'gainst Ptolemy he judg'd was best,
Neer'st unto him, and farthest from the rest,
Leaves Eumenes the Asian Coast to free
From the invasions of the other three,
And with his army unto Egypt goes
Brave Ptolemy to th'utmost to oppose.
Perdiccas surly cariage, and his pride
Did alinate the souldiers from his side.
But Ptolemy by affability
His sweet demeanour and his courtesie,
Did make his own, firm to his cause remain,
And from the other side did dayly gain.
Perdiccas in his pride did ill intreat
Python of haughty mind, and courage great.
Who could not brook so great indignity,
But of his wrongs his friends doth certifie;
The souldiers 'gainst Perdiccas they incense,
Who vow to make this captain recompence,
And in a rage they rush into his tent,
Knock out his brains: to Ptolemy then went
And offer him his honours, and his place,
With stile of the Protector, him to grace.
Next day into the camp came Ptolemy,
And is receiv'd of all most joyfully.
Their proffers he refus'd with modesty,
Yields them to Python for his courtesie.
With what he held he was now more content,
Then by more trouble to grow eminent.
Now comes there news of a great victory
That Eumenes got of the other three.
Had it but in Perdiccas life ariv'd,
With greater joy it would have been receiv'd.
Thus Ptolemy rich Egypt did retain,
And Python turn'd to Asia again.
Whilst Perdiccas encamp'd in Affrica,
Antigonus did enter Asia,
And fain would Eumenes draw to their side,
But he alone most faithfull did abide:
The other all had Kingdomes in their eye,
But he was true to's masters family,
Nor could Craterus, whom he much did love.
From his fidelity once make him move:
Two Battles fought, and had of both the best,
And brave Craterus slew among the rest:
For this sad strife he poures out his complaints,
And his beloved foe full sore laments.
I should but snip a story into bits
And his great Acts and glory much eclipse,
To shew the dangers Eumenes befel,
His stratagems wherein he did excel:
His Policies, how he did extricate
Himself from out of Lab'rinths intricate:
He that at large would satisfie his mind,
In Plutarchs Lives his history may find.
For all that should be said, let this suffice,
He was both valiant, faithfull, patient, wise.
Python now chose Protector of the state,
His rule Queen Euridice begins to hate,
Sees Arrideus must not King it long,
If once young Alexander grow more strong,
But that her husband serve for supplement,
To warm his seat, was never her intent.
She knew her birth-right gave her Macedon,
Grand-child to him who once sat on that throne
Who was Perdiccas, Philips eldest brother,
She daughter to his son, who had no other.
Pythons commands, as oft she countermands;
What he appoints, she purposely withstands.
He wearied out at last would needs be gone,
Resign'd his place, and so let all alone:
In's room the souldiers chose Antipater,
Who vext the Queen more then the other far.
From Macedon to Asia he came,
That he might settle matters in the same.
He plac'd, displac'd, control'd rul'd as he list,
And this no man durst question or resist;
For all the nobles of King Alexander
Their bonnets vail'd to him as chief Commander.
When to his pleasure all things they had done,
The King and Queen he takes to Macedon,
Two sons of Alexander, and the rest,
All to be order'd there as he thought best.
The Army to Antigonus doth leave,
And Government of Asia to him gave.
And thus Antipater the ground-work layes,
On which Antigonus his height doth raise,
Who in few years, the rest so overtops,
For universal Monarchy he hopes.
With Eumenes he diverse Battels fought,
And by his slights to circumvent him sought:
But vain it was to use his policy,
'Gainst him that all deceits could scan and try.
In this Epitome too long to tell
How finely Eumenes did here excell,
And by the self same Traps the other laid,
He to his cost was righteously repaid.
But while these Chieftains doe in Asia fight,
To Greece and Macedon lets turn our sight.
When great Antipater the world must leave,
His place to Polisperchon did bequeath,
Fearing his son Cassander was unstaid,
Too rash to bear that charge, if on him laid.
Antigonus hearing of his decease
On most part of Assyria doth seize.
And Ptolemy next to incroach begins,
All Syria and Phenicia he wins,
Then Polisperchon 'gins to act in's place,
Recalls Olimpias the Court to grace.
Antipater had banish'd her from thence
Into Epire for her great turbulence;
This new Protector's of another mind,
Thinks by her Majesty much help to find.
Cassander like his Father could not see,
This Polisperchons great ability,
Slights his Commands, his actions he disclaims,
And to be chief himself now bends his aims;
Such as his Father had advanc'd to place,
Or by his favours any way had grac'd
Are now at the devotion of the Son,
Prest to accomplish what he would have done;
Besides he was the young Queens favourite,
On whom (t'was thought) she set her chief delight:
Unto these helps at home he seeks out more,
Goes to Antigonus and doth implore,
By all the Bonds 'twixt him and's Father past,
And for that great gift which he gave him last.
By these and all to grant him some supply,
To take down Polisperchon grown so high;
For this Antigonus did need no spurs,
Hoping to gain yet more by these new stirs,
Streight furnish'd him with a sufficient aid,
And so he quick returns thus well appaid,
With Ships at Sea, an Army for the Land,
His proud opponent hopes soon to withstand.
But in his absence Polisperchon takes
Such friends away as for his Interest makes
By death, by prison, or by banishment,
That no supply by these here might be lent,
Cassander with his Host to Grecia goes,
Whom Polisperchon labours to oppose;
But beaten was at Sea, and foil'd at Land,
Cassanders forces had the upper hand,
Athens with many Towns in Greece beside,
Firm (for his Fathers sake) to him abide.
Whil'st hot in wars these two in Greece remain,
Antigonus doth all in Asia gain;
Still labours Eumenes, would with him side,
But all in vain, he faithful did abide:
Nor Mother could, nor Sons of Alexander,
Put trust in any but in this Commander.
The great ones now began to shew their mind,
And act as opportunity they find.
Aridæus the scorn'd and simple King,
More then he bidden was could act no thing.
Polisperchon for office hoping long,
Thinks to inthrone the Prince when riper grown;
Euridice this injury disdains,
And to Cassandar of this wrong complains.
Hateful the name and house of Alexander,
Was to this proud vindicative Cassander;
He still kept lockt within his memory,
His Fathers danger, with his Family;
Nor thought he that indignity was small,
When Alexander knockt his head to th'wall.
These with his love unto the amorous Queen,
Did make him vow her servant to be seen.
Olimpias, Aridæus deadly hates,
As all her Husbands, Children by his mates,
She gave him poyson formerly ('tis thought)
Which damage both to mind and body brought;
She now with Polisperchon doth combine,
To make the King by force his Seat resigne:
And her young grand-child in his State inthrone,
That under him, she might rule, all alone.
For aid she goes t'Epire among her friends,
The better to accomplish these her ends;
Euridice hearing what she intends,
In haste unto her friend Cassander sends,
To leave his siege at Tegea, and with speed,
To save the King and her in this their need:
Then by intreaties, promises and Coyne,
Some forces did procure with her to joyn.
Olimpias soon enters Macedon,
The Queen to meet her bravely marches on,
But when her Souldiers saw their ancient Queen,
Calling to mind what sometime she had been;
The wife and Mother of their famous Kings,
Nor darts, nor arrows, now none shoots or flings.
The King and Queen seeing their destiny,
To save their lives t'Amphipolis do fly;
But the old Queen pursues them with her hate,
And needs will have their lives as well as State:
The King by extream torments had his end,
And to the Queen these presents she did send;
A Halter, cup of poyson, and a Sword,
Bids chuse her death, such kindness she'l afford.
The Queen with many a curse, and bitter check,
At length yields to the Halter her fair neck;
Praying that fatal day might quickly haste,
On which Olimpias of the like might taste.
This done the cruel Queen rests not content,
'Gainst all that lov'd Cassander she was bent;
His Brethren, Kinsfolk and his chiefest friends,
That fell within her reach came to their ends:
Dig'd up his brother dead, 'gainst natures right,
And threw his bones about to shew her spight:
The Courtiers wondring at her furious mind,
Wisht in Epire she had been still confin'd.
In Peloponesus then Cassander lay,
Where hearing of this news he speeds away,
With rage, and with revenge he's hurried on,
To find this cruel Queen in Macedon;
But being stopt, at streight Thermopoly,
Sea passage gets, and lands in Thessaly:
His Army he divides, sends post away,
Polisperchon to hold a while in play;
And with the rest Olimpias pursues,
For all her cruelty, to give her dues.
She with the chief o' th'Court to Pydna flyes,
Well fortifi'd, (and on the Sea it lyes)
There by Cassander she's blockt up so long,
Untill the Famine grows exceeding strong,
Her Couzen of Epire did what he might,
To raise the Siege, and put her Foes to flight.
Cassander is resolved there to remain,
So succours and endeavours proves but vain;
Fain would this wretched Queen capitulate,
Her foe would give no Ear, (such is his hate)
The Souldiers pinched with this scarcity,
By stealth unto Cassander dayly fly;
Olimpias means to hold out to the last,
Expecting nothing but of death to tast:
But his occasions calling him away,
Gives promise for her life, so wins the day.
No sooner had he got her in his hand,
But made in judgement her accusers stand;
And plead the blood of friends and kindreds spilt,
Desiring justice might be done for guilt;
And so was he acquitted of his word,
For justice sake she being put to th'Sword:
This was the end of this most cruel Queen,
Whose fury scarcely parallel'd hath been.
The daughter, sister, Mother, Wife to Kings,
But Royalty no good conditions brings;
To Husbands death ('tis thought) she gave consent,
The murtherer she did so much lament:
With Garlands crown'd his head, bemoan'd his fates,
His Sword unto Apollo consecrates.
Her Outrages too tedious to relate,
How for no cause but her inveterate hate;
Her Husbands wives and Children after's death,
Some slew, some fry'd, of others stopt the breath:
Now in her Age she's forc'd to tast that Cup,
Which she had others often made to sup.
Now many Towns in Macedon supprest,
And Pellas fain to yield among the rest;
The Funerals Cassander celebrates,
Of Aridæus and his Queen with State:
Among their Ancestors by him they're laid,
And shews of lamentation for them made.
Old Thebes he then rebuilt so much of fame,
And Cassandria rais'd after his name.
But leave him building, others in their Urne,
Let's for a while, now into Asia turn.
True Eumenes endeavours by all Skill,
To keep Antigonus from Shushan still;
Having command o'th' Treasure he can hire,
Such as no threats, nor favour could acquire.
In divers Battels he had good success,
Antigonus came off still honourless;
When Victor oft he'd been, and so might still,
Peucestes did betray him by a wile.
T'Antigonus, who took his Life unjust,
Because he never would forgoe his trust;
Thus lost he all for his fidelity,
Striving t'uphold his Masters Family.
But to a period as that did haste,
So Eumenes (the prop) of death must tast;
All Persia now Antigonus doth gain,
And Master of the Treasure sole remain:
Then with Seleucus streight at odds doth fall,
And he for aid to Ptolomy doth call,
The Princes all begin now to envy
Antigonus, he growing up so high;
Fearing his force, and what might hap e're long,
Enters into a Combination strong,
Seleucus, Ptolemy, Cassander joynes,
Lysimachus to make a fourth combines:
Antigonus desirous of the Greeks,
To make Cassander odious to them seeks,
Sends forth his declarations near and far,
And clears what cause he had to make this war,
Cassanders outrages at large doth tell,
Shews his ambitious practises as well.
The mother of their King to death he'd put,
His wife and son in prison close had shut:
And aiming now to make himself a king,
And that some title he might seem to bring,
Thessalonica he had newly wed,
Daughter to Philip their renowned head:
Had built and call'd a City by his name,
Which none e're did, but those of royal fame:
And in despight of their two famous Kings
Hatefull Olinthians to Greece rebrings.
Rebellious Thebes he had reedified,
Which their late King in dust had damnified,
Requires them therefore to take up their arms
And to requite this traitor for these harms.
Then Ptolemy would gain the Greeks likewise,
And he declares the others injuryes:
First how he held the Empire in his hands,
Seleucus driven from Goverment and lands,
The valiant Eumenes unjustly slain,
And Lord of royal Shushan did remain;
Therefore requests their help to take him down
Before he wear the universal Crown.
These princes at the sea soon had a fight,
Where great Antigonus was put to flight:
His son at Gaza likewise lost the field,
So Syria to Ptolemy did yield:
And Seleucus recovers Babylon,
Still gaining Countryes eastward he goes on.
Demetrius with Ptolemy did fight,
And coming unawares, put him to flight;
But bravely sends the prisoners back again,
With all the spoyle and booty he had tane.
Courteous as noble Ptolemy, or more,
VVho at Gaza did the like to him before.
Antigonus did much rejoyce, his son
VVith victory, his lost repute had won.
At last these princes tired out with warrs,
Sought for a peace, and laid aside their jarrs:
The terms of their agreement, thus express
That each should hold what now he did possess,
Till Alexander unto age was grown,
VVho then should be enstalled in the throne.
This toucht Cassander sore for what he'd done,
Imprisoning both the mother and the son:
He sees the Greeks now favour their young Prince
Whom he in durance held, now, and long since,
That in few years he must be forc'd or glad,
To render up such Kingdomes as he had;
Resolves to quit his fears by one deed done,
So puts to death the Mother and her Son.
This Roxane for her beauty all commend,
But for one act she did, just was her end.
No sooner was great Alexander dead,
But she Darius daughters murthered.
Both thrown into a well to hide her blot,
Perdiccas was her Partner in this plot.
The heavens seem'd slow in paying her the same;
But at the last the hand of vengeance came.
And for that double fact which she had done,
The life of her must goe, and of her son
Perdiccas had before for his amiss,
But by their hands who thought not once of this.
Cassanders deed the princes do detest,
But 'twas in shew; in heart it pleas'd them best.
That he is odious to the world, they'r glad:
And now they were free Lords of what they had.
When this foul tragedy was past and done,
Polysperchon brings the other son
Call'd Hercules, and elder then his brother,
(But Olimpias would prefer the other)
The Greeks toucht with the murther done of late,
This Orphan prince 'gan to compassionate,
Begin to mutter much 'gainst proud Cassander,
And place their hopes on th'heir of Alexander.
Cassander fear'd what might of this ensue,
So Polisperchon to his counsel drew,
And gives Peloponesus for his hire,
Who slew the prince according to desire.
Thus was the race and house of Alexander
Extinct by this inhumane wretch Cassander.
Antigonus, for all this doth not mourn,
He knows to's profit, this at last will turn,
But that some Title now he might pretend,
To Cleopatra doth for marriage send;
Lysimachus and Ptolemy the same,
And lewd Cassander too, sticks not for shame:
She then in Lydia at Sardis lay,
Where by Embassage all these Princes pray.
Choice above all, of Ptolemy she makes,
With his Embassador her journy takes;
Antigonus Lieutenant stayes her still,
Untill he further know his Masters will:
Antigonus now had a Wolf by th'Ears,
To hold her still, or let her go he fears.
Resolves at last the Princess should be slain,
So hinders him of her, he could not gain;
Her women are appointed for this deed,
They for their great reward no better speed:
For by command, they streight were put to death,
As vile Conspirators that stopt her breath.
And now he hopes, he's order'd all so well,
The world must needs believe what he doth tell;
Thus Philips house was quite extinguished,
Except Cassanders wife who yet not dead.
And by their means who thought of nothing less,
Then vengeance just, against them to express;
Now blood was paid with blood for what was done
By cruel Father, Mother, cruel Son:
Thus may we hear, and fear, and ever say,
That hand is righteous still which doth repay.
These Captains now the stile of Kings do take,
For to their Crowns their's none can Title make;
Demetrius first the royal stile assum'd,
By his Example all the rest presum'd.
Antigonus himself to ingratiate,
Doth promise liberty to Athens State;
With Arms and with provision stores them well,
The better 'gainst Cassander to rebel.
Demetrius thether goes, is entertain'd
Not like a King, but like some God they feign'd;
Most grosly base was their great Adulation,
Who Incense burnt, and offered oblation:
These Kings afresh fall to their wars again,
Demetrius of Ptolemy doth gain.
'Twould be an endless Story to relate
Their several Battels and their several fate,
Their fights by Sea, their victories by Land,
How some when down, straight got the upper hand
Antigonus and Seleucus then fight
Near Ephesus, each bringing all his might,
And he that Conquerour shall now remain,
The Lordship of all Asia shall retain;
This day 'twixt these two Kings ends all the strife,
For here Antigonus lost rule and life:
Nor to his Son, did e're one foot remain
Of those vast Kingdomes, he did sometimes gain.
Demetrius with his Troops to Athens flyes,
Hopes to find succours in his miseries;
But they adoring in prosperity,
Now shut their gates in his adversity:
He sorely griev'd at this his desperate State
Tryes Foes, sith friends will not compassionate.
His peace he then with old Seleucus makes,
Who his fair daughter Stratonica takes,
Antiochus, Seleucus, dear lov'd Son,
Is for this fresh young Lady quite undone;
Falls so extreamly sick, all fear'd his life,
Yet durst not say, he lov'd his Fathers wife,
When his disease the skill'd Physitian found,
His Fathers mind he wittily did sound,
Who did no sooner understand the same,
But willingly resign'd the beautious Dame:
Cassander now must dye his race is run,
And leaves the ill got Kingdomes he had won.
Two Sons he left, born of King Philips daughter,
Who had an end put to their dayes by slaughter;
Which should succeed at variance they fell,
The Mother would, the youngest might excell:
The eld'st inrag'd did play the Vipers part,
And with his Sword did run her through the heart:
Rather then Philips race should longer live,
He whom she gave his life her death shall give.
This by Lysimacus was after slain,
Whose daughter he not long before had ta'ne;
Demetrius is call'd in by th'youngest Son,
Against Lysimachus who from him won.
But he a Kingdome more then's friend did eye,
Seaz'd upon that, and slew him traitrously.
Thus Philips and Cassander's race both gone,
And so falls out to be extinct in one;
And though Cassander died in his bed,
His Seed to be extirpt, was destined;
For blood, which was decre'd that he should spill,
Yet must his Children pay for Fathers ill;
Jehu in killing Ahab's house did well,
Yet be aveng'd must blood of Jezerel.
Demetrius thus Cassander's Kingdoms gains,
And now in Macedon as King he reigns;
Though men and mony both he hath at will,
In neither finds content if he sits still:
That Seleucus holds Asia grievs him sore,
Those Countryes large his Father got before.
These to recover, musters all his might,
And with his Son in Law will needs go fight;
A mighty Navy rig'd, an Army stout,
With these he hopes to turn the world about:
Leaving Antigonus his eldest Son,
In his long absence to rule Macedon.
Demetrius with so many troubles met,
As Heaven and Earth against him had been set;
Disaster on disaster him pursue,
His story seems a Fable more then true.
At last he's taken and imprisoned
Within an Isle that was with pleasures fed,
Injoy'd what ere beseem'd his Royalty,
Only restrained of his liberty:
After three years he died, left what he'd won,
In Greece unto Antigonus his Son.
For his Posterity unto this day,
Did ne're regain one foot in Asia;
His Body Seleucus sends to his Son,
Whose obsequies with wondrous pomp was done.
Next di'd the brave and noble Ptolemp,
Renown'd for bounty, valour, clemency,
Rich Egypt left, and what else he had won,
To Philadelphus his more worthy Son.
Of the old Heroes, now but two remain,
Seleucus and Lysimachus these twain,
Must needs go try their fortune and their might,
And so Lysimachus was slain in fight;
'Twas no small joy unto Seleucus breast,
That now he had out-lived all the rest:
Possession of Europe thinks to take,
And so himself the only Monarch make;
Whilst with these hopes in Greece he did remain,
He was by Ptolemy Ceraunus slain.
The second Son of the first Ptolemy,
Who for Rebellion unto him did fly;
Seleucus was a Father and a friend,
Yet by him had this most unworthy end.
Thus with these Kingly Captains have we done,
A little now how the Succession run,
Antigonus, Seleucus and Cassander,
With Ptolemy, reign'd after Alexander;
Cassander's Sons soon after's death were slain,
So three Successors only did remain:
Antigonus his Kingdomes lost and life,
Unto Seleucus, Author of that strife.
His Son Demetrius, all Cassanders gains,
And his posterity, the same retains;
Demetrius Son was call'd Antigonus,
And his again was nam'd Demetrius.
I must let pass those many Battels fought,
Betwixt those Kings, and noble Pyrrhus stout,
And his Son Alexander of Epire,
Whereby immortal honour they acquire;
Demetrius had Philip to his Son,
(Part of whose Kingdomes Titus Quintius won)
Philip had Perseus, who was made a Thrale
T'Emilius the Roman General;
Him with his Sons in Triumph lead did he,
Such riches too as Rome did never see:
This of Antigonus, his Seed's the Fate,
VVhose Empire was subdu'd to th'Roman State.
Longer Seleucus held the royalty,
In Syria by his Posterity;
Antiochus Soter his Son was nam'd,
To whom the old Berosus (so much fam'd,)
His Book of Assurs Monarchs dedicates,
Tells of their names, their wars, their riches, fates;
But this is perished with many more,
VVhich oft we wish was extant as before.
Antiochus Theos was Soter's Son,
VVho a long war with Egypts King begun;
The Affinityes and Wars Daniel sets forth,
And calls them there the Kings of South & North,
This Theos murther'd was by his lewd wife,
Seleucus reign'd, when he had lost his life.
A third Seleucus next sits on the Seat,
And then Antiochus sirnam'd the great,
VVhose large Dominions after was made small,
By Scipio the Roman General;
Fourth Seleucus Antiochus succeeds,
And next Epiphanes whose wicked deeds,
Horrid Massacres, Murthers, cruelties,
Amongst the Jews we read in Machabees.
Antiochus Eupater was the next,
By Rebels and Impostors dayly vext;
So many Princes still were murthered,
The Royal Blood was nigh extinguished;
Then Tygranes the great Armenian King,
To take the Government was called in,
Lucullus, Him, (the Roman General)
Vanquish'd in fight, and took those Kingdomes all;
Of Greece and Syria thus the rule did end,
In Egypt next, a little time wee'l spend.
First Ptolemy being dead, his famous Son
Call'd Philadelphus, did possess the Throne.
At Alexandria a Library did build,
And with seven hundred thousand Volumes fill'd;
The seventy two Interpreters did seek,
They might translate the Bible into Greek.
His Son was Evergetes the last Prince,
That valour shew'd, virtue, or excellence,
Philopater was Evergetes Son,
After Epiphanes sate on the Throne;
Philometor, Evergetes again,
And after him, did false Lathurus reign:
Then Alexander in Lathurus stead,
Next Auletes, who cut off Pompeys head.
To all these names, we Ptolemy must add,
For since the first, they still that Title had.
Fair Cleopatra next, last of that race,
Whom Julius Cæsar set in Royal place,
She with her Paramour, Mark Anthony
Held for a time, the Egyptian Monarchy,
Till great Augustus had with him a fight
At Actium, where his Navy's put to flight;
He seeing his honour lost, his Kingdome end,
Did by his Sword his life soon after send.
His brave Virago Aspes sets to her Arms,
To take her life, and quit her from all harms;
For 'twas not death nor danger she did dread,
But some disgrace in triumph to be led.
Here ends at last the Grecian Monarchy,
Which by the Romans had its destiny;
Thus King & Kingdomes have their times & dates,
Their standings, overturnings, bounds and fates:
Now up, now down now chief, & then broght under,
The heavn's thus rule, to fil the world with wonder
The Assyrian Monarchy long time did stand,
But yet the Persian got the upper hand;
The Grecian them did utterly subdue,
And millions were subjected unto few:
The Grecian longer then the Persian stood,
Then came the Roman like a raging flood;
And with the torrent of his rapid course,
Their Crowns their Titles, riches bears by force.
The first was likened to a head of gold.
Next Arms and breast of silver to behold,
The third, Belly and Thighs of brass in sight,
And last was Iron, which breaketh all with might;
The stone out of the mountain then did rise,
and smote those feet those legs, those arms & thighs
Then gold, silver, brass, Iron and all the store,
Became like Chaff upon the threshing Floor.
The first a Lion, second was a Bear,
The third a Leopard, which four wings did rear;
The last more strong and dreadful then the rest,
Whose Iron teeth devoured every Beast,
And when he had no appetite to eat,
The residue he stamped under feet;
Yet shall this Lion, Bear, this Leopard, Ram,
All trembling stand before the powerful Lamb.
With these three Monarchyes now have I done,
But how the fourth, their Kingdomes from them won,
And how from small beginnings it did grow,
To fill the world with terrour and with woe;
My tyred brain leavs to some better pen,
This task befits not women like to men:
For what is past, I blush, excuse to make,
But humbly stand, some grave reproof to take;
Pardon to crave for errours, is but vain,
The Subject was too high, beyond my strain,
To frame Apology for some offence,
Converts our boldness into impudence:
This my presumption some now to requite,
Ne sutor ultra crepidum may write.
The End of the Grecian Monarchy.
~ Anne Bradstreet,


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   1 Psychology
   1 Poetry
   1 Integral Yoga

   3 Saint Augustine of Hippo
   2 Plotinus
   2 Carl Jung

   3 City of God
   2 The Secret Doctrine

1.02 - The Three European Worlds, #The Ever-Present Origin, #Jean Gebser, #Integral
  Space is the insistent concern of this era. In underscoring this assertion, we have relied only on the testimony of its most vivid manifestation, the discovery of perspective. We did, however, mention in passing that at the very moment when Leonardo discovers space and solves the problem of perspective, thereby creating the possibility for spatial objectification in painting, other events occur which parallel his discovery. Copernicus, for example, shatters the limits of the geocentric sky and discovers heliocentric space; Columbus goes beyond the encompassing Oceanos and discovers earth's space: Vesalius, the first major anatomist, bursts the confines of Galen's ancient doctrines of the human Body and discovers the body's space; Harvey destroys the precepts of Hippocrates' humoral medicine and reveals the circulatory system. And there is Kepler, who by demonstrating the elliptical orbit of the planets, overthrows antiquity's unperspectival world-image of circular and flat surfaces (a view still held by Copernicus) that dated back to Ptolemy's conception of the circular movement of the planets.
  It is this same shape - the ellipse - which Michelangelo introduces into architecture via his dome of St. Peters, which is elliptical and not round or suggestive of the cavern or vault.

1.04 - The First Circle, Limbo Virtuous Pagans and the Unbaptized. The Four Poets, Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan. The Noble Castle of Philosophy., #The Divine Comedy, #Dante Alighieri, #Christianity
  Euclid, geometrician, and Ptolemy,
  Galen, Hippocrates, and Avicenna,

1.06 - Being Human and the Copernican Principle, #Preparing for the Miraculous, #George Van Vrekhem, #Integral Yoga
  parchus and Ptolemy. Marvin Minsky regrets the course
  history has taken, for he is of the opinion that science could
  ways since Aristotle, then Ptolemy, then Copernicus, Gali
  leo and Newton, then Einstein, and it is changing today

1.06 - The Sign of the Fishes, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  1* Gerhardt, p. 57. Ptolemy and, following him, the Middle Ages associate Pales-
  tine with Aries.
  38 Calculated on the basis of Peters and Knobel, Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars.
  39 Medieval astrologers cast a number of ideal horoscopes for Christ. Albumasar
  of Peters and Knobel, Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars.
  date agrees with the longitude of the stars in Ptolemy's Almagest.
  85 Modern astrological speculation likewise associates the Fishes with Christ: "The

1.21 - My Theory of Astrology, #Magick Without Tears, #Aleister Crowley, #Occultism
  Modern astrologers multiply their charts until their desks remind me of a Bargain Basement in the rush hour! They compare and contrast until they are in bat-eyed bewilderment bemused; and when the answer turns out absolutely false, exclaim, what a shout: "By Ptolemy, I forgot to look at the last Luniation for Buda-Pesth!" But then they can always find something or other which will explain how they came to go wrong: naturally, when you have several hundred factors, helplessly bound and gagged, it would be just too bad if you couldn't pick out one to serve your turn after the event! No, dear girl, it should be obvious to an unweaned brat: (a) they can't see the wood for the trees, (b) they are using Ruach on a proposition which demands Neschamah. Intellect is quite inadequate; the problem requires mother-wit, intuition, understanding.
  Here is my system in a Number 000 Ampoule.

1.24 - The Killing of the Divine King, #The Golden Bough, #James George Frazer, #Occultism
  to the reign of Ergamenes, a contemporary of Ptolemy II., King of
  Egypt. Having received a Greek education which emancipated him from

1.poe - Eureka - A Prose Poem, #Poe - Poems, #unset, #Integral Yoga
  And now, before proceeding to our subject proper, let me beg the reader's attention to an extract or two from a somewhat remarkable letter, which appears to have been found corked in a bottle and floating on the Mare Tenebraruman ocean well described by the Nubian geographer, Ptolemy Hephestion, but little frequented in modern days unless by the Transcendentalists and some other divers for crotchets. The date of this letter, I confess, surprises me even more particularly than its contents; for it seems to have been written in the year Two thousand eight hundred and forty-eight. As for the passages I am about to transcribe, they, I fancy, will speak for themselves.
  "Do you know, my dear friend," says the writer, addressing, no doubt, a contemporary -"Do you know that it is scarcely more than eight or nine hundred years ago since the metaphysicians first consented to relieve the people of the singular fancy that there exist but two practicable roads to Truth? Believe it if you can! It appears, however, that long, long ago, in the night of Time, there lived a Turkish philosopher called Aries and surnamed Tottle." [Here, possibly, the letter-writer means Aristotle; the best names are wretchedly corrupted in two or three thousand years.] "The fame of this great man depended mainly upon his demonstration that sneezing is a natural provision, by means of which over-profound thinkers are enabled to expel superfluous ideas through the nose; but he obtained a scarcely less valuable celebrity as the founder, or at all events as the principal propagator, of what was termed the de ductive or a priori philosophy. He started with what he maintained to be axioms, or self-evident truths: -and the now well-understood fact that no truths are self -evident, really does not make in the slightest degree against his speculations: -it was sufficient for his purpose that the truths in question were evident at all. From axioms he proceeded, logically, to results. His most illustrious disciples were one Tuclid, a geometrician," [meaning Euclid] "and one Kant, a Dutchman, the originator of that species of Transcendentalism which, with the change merely of a C for a K, now bears his peculiar name.

5.03 - ADAM AS THE FIRST ADEPT, #Mysterium Coniunctionis, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  [576] It is to be presumed that these names were distributed among the eight inner circles. The seven archons correspond to the seven planets and represent so many spheres with doors which the celebrant has to pass through on his ascent. Here, says Origen, is the origin of the Ogdoad, which, clearly, must consist of the seven and their father Yahweh. At this point Origen mentions, as the first and seventh, Ialdabaoth, of whom we have not heard before. This supreme archon, as we know from other sources too, is lion-headed or lion-like.124 He would therefore correspond to Michael in the Ophitic diagram, the first in the list of archons. Ialdabaoth means child of chaos; thus he is the first-born of a new order that supersedes the original state of chaos. As the first son, he is the last of the series,125 a feature he shares with Adam and also with Leviathan, who, as we have seen, is both circumference and centre. These analogies suggest that the diagram showed a series of concentric circles.126 The old world-picture, with the earth as the centre of the universe, consisted of various heavensspherical layers or spheresarranged concentrically round the centre and named after the planets. The outermost planetary sphere or archon was Saturn. Outside this would be the sphere of the fixed stars (corresponding to Leviathan as the tenth circle in the diagram), unless we postulated some place for the demiurge or for the father or mother of the archons. It is evident from the text that an Ogdoad is meant,127 as in the system of Ptolemy reported by Irenaeus.128 There the eighth sphere was called Achamoth (Sophia, Sapientia),129 and was of feminine nature, just as in Damascius the hebdomad was attributed to Kronos and the ogdoad to Rhea.130 In our text the virgin Prunicus is connected with the mandala of seven circles:131 They have further added on top of one another sayings of the prophets, circles included in circles . . . and a power flowing from a certain Prunicus, a virgin, a living soul.132
  [577] The circles included in circles point decisively to a concentric arrangement, as we find it, significantly enough, in Herodotuss description133 of the seven circular walls of Ecbatana.134 The ramparts of these walls were all painted in different colours; of the two innermost and highest walls one was silvered and the other gilded. The walls obviously represented the concentric circles of the planets, each characterized by a special colour.

BOOK II. -- PART I. ANTHROPOGENESIS., #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  all), and that of Ptolemy. In the Turin papyrus, the most remarkable of all, in the words of the
  Egyptologist, de Rouge: -". . . Champollion, struck with amazement, found that he had under his own eyes the whole truth. . . . It

BOOK I. -- PART III. SCIENCE AND THE SECRET DOCTRINE CONTRASTED, #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  flourished 125 years before our era, and Ptolemy, 260 years after Hipparchus. Following these were
  the Arabs, who revived the study of astronomy in the ninth century. These were succeeded by the
  and 3102 could not have been derived from those of either Ptolemy or Ulug-beg."
  There remains the supposition that the Hindus, comparing their observations in 1491 with those
  previously made by Ulug-beg and Ptolemy, used the intervals between these observations to
  determine the "average motions." The date of Ulug-beg is too recent for such a determination; while
  those of Ptolemy and Hipparchus were barely remote enough. But if the Hindu motions had been
  determined from these comparisons, the epochs would be connected together. Starting from the
  epochs of Ulug-beg and Ptolemy we should arrive at all those of the Hindus. But this is not the case.
  Hence foreign epochs were either unknown or useless to the Hindus.*
  planets; we have the observations of the Chaldeans, of Hipparchus and of Ptolemy, which, owing to
  their remoteness from the present time, permit us to fix these motions with greater certainty. Still we
  our era. This and similar observations collected in Ptolemy's calendars, though he does not give their
  authors, these observations, which are older than those of the Chaldeans, may well be the work of the
  advance of their respective positions as determined by Ptolemy.
  This determination seems very extraordinary. The stars advance regularly with respect to the equinox;
  and Ptolemy ought to have found the longitudes 28 degrees in excess of what they were 1985 years
  before his time. Besides, there is a remarkable peculiarity about this fact; the same error or difference
  observations, 1985 years before Ptolemy, the first point of the Hindu Zodiac was 35 degrees in
  advance of the equinox; therefore the longitudes reckoned for this point are 35 degrees in excess of
  those of Ptolemy, and the difference would be the same for the two stars, since it is due to the
  difference between the starting-points of the Hindu Zodiac and that of Ptolemy, which reckons from
  the equinox. This explanation is so simple and natural that it must be true. We do not know whether

BOOK VIII. - Some account of the Socratic and Platonic philosophy, and a refutation of the doctrine of Apuleius that the demons should be worshipped as mediators between gods and men, #City of God, #Saint Augustine of Hippo, #Christianity
  Certain partakers with us in the grace of Christ, wonder when they hear and read that Plato had conceptions concerning God, in which they recognise considerable agreement with the truth of our religion. Some have concluded from this, that when he went to Egypt he had heard the prophet Jeremiah, or, whilst travelling in the same country, had read the prophetic scriptures, which opinion I myself have expressed in certain of my writings.[301] But a careful calculation of dates, contained in chronological history, shows that Plato was born about a hundred years after the time in which Jeremiah prophesied, and, as he lived eighty-one years, there are found to have been about seventy years from his death to that time when Ptolemy, king of Egypt, requested the prophetic scriptures of the Hebrew people to be sent to him from Judea, and committed them to seventy Hebrews, who also knew the Greek tongue, to be translated and kept. Therefore, on that voyage of his, Plato could neither have seen Jeremiah, who was dead so long before, nor have read those same scriptures[Pg 322] which had not yet been translated into the Greek language, of which he was a master, unless, indeed, we say that, as he was most earnest in the pursuit of knowledge, he also studied those writings through an interpreter, as he did those of the Egyptians,not, indeed, writing a translation of them (the facilities for doing which were only gained even by Ptolemy in return for munificent acts of kindness,[302] though fear of his kingly authority might have seemed a sufficient motive), but learning as much as he possibly could concerning their contents by means of conversation. What warrants this supposition is the opening verses of Genesis: "In the beginning God made the heaven and earth. And the earth was invisible, and without order; and darkness was over the abyss: and the Spirit of God moved over the waters."[303] For in the Timus, when writing on the formation of the world, he says that God first united earth and fire; from which it is evident that he assigns to fire a place in heaven. This opinion bears a certain resemblance to the statement, "In the beginning God made heaven and earth." Plato next speaks of those two intermediary elements, water and air, by which the other two extremes, namely, earth and fire, were mutually united; from which circumstance he is thought to have so understood the words, "The Spirit of God moved over the waters." For, not paying sufficient attention to the designations given by those scriptures to the Spirit of God, he may have thought that the four elements are spoken of in that place, because the air also is called spirit.[304] Then, as to Plato's saying that the philosopher is a lover of God, nothing shines forth more conspicuously in those sacred writings. But the most striking thing in this connection, and that which most of all inclines me almost to assent to the opinion that Plato was not ignorant of those writings, is the answer which was given to the question elicited from the holy Moses when the words of God were conveyed to him by the angel; for, when he asked what was the name of that God who was commanding him to go and deliver the Hebrew people out of Egypt, this answer was[Pg 323] given: "I am who am; and thou shalt say to the children of Israel, He who is sent me unto you;"[305] as though compared with Him that truly is, because He is unchangeable, those things which have been created mutable are not,a truth which Plato vehemently held, and most diligently commended. And I know not whether this sentiment is anywhere to be found in the books of those who were before Plato, unless in that book where it is said, "I am who am; and thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Who is sent me unto you."
    12. That even the Platonists, though they say these things concerning the one true God, nevertheless thought that sacred rites were to be performed in honour of many gods.

BOOK XVIII. - A parallel history of the earthly and heavenly cities from the time of Abraham to the end of the world, #City of God, #Saint Augustine of Hippo, #Christianity
  One of the Ptolemies, kings of Egypt, desired to know and have these sacred books. For after Alexander of Macedon, who is also styled the Great, had by his most wonderful, but by no means enduring power, subdued the whole of Asia, yea, almost the whole world, partly by force of arms, partly by terror, and, among other kingdoms of the East, had entered and obtained Judea also, on his death his generals did not peaceably divide that most ample kingdom among them for a possession, but rather dissipated it, wasting all things by wars. Then Egypt began to have the Ptolemies as her kings. The first of them, the son of Lagus, carried many captive out of Judea into Egypt. But another Ptolemy, called Philadelphus, who succeeded him, permitted all whom he had brought under the yoke to return free; and, more than that, sent kingly gifts to the temple of God, and begged Eleazar, who was the high priest, to give him the Scriptures, which he had heard by report were truly divine, and therefore greatly desired to have in that most noble library he had made. When the high[Pg 271] priest had sent them to him in Hebrew, he afterwards demanded interpreters of him, and there were given him seventy-two, out of each of the twelve tribes six men, most learned in both languages, to wit, the Hebrew and Greek; and their translation is now by custom called the Septuagint. It is reported, indeed, that there was an agreement in their words so wonderful, stupendous, and plainly divine, that when they had sat at this work, each one apart (for so it pleased Ptolemy to test their fidelity), they differed from each other in no word which had the same meaning and force, or in the order of the words; but, as if the translators had been one, so what all had translated was one, because in very deed the one Spirit had been in them all. And they received so wonderful a gift of God, in order that the authority of these Scriptures might be commended not as human but divine, as indeed it was, for the benefit of the nations who should at some time believe, as we now see them doing.
    43. Of the authority of the Septuagint translation, which, saving the honour of the Hebrew original, is to be preferred to all translations.
  For not long after, on the arrival of Alexander, it was subdued, when, although there was no pillaging, because they dared not resist him, and thus, being very easily subdued, received him peaceably, yet the glory of that house was not so great as it was when under the free power of their own kings. Alexander, indeed, offered up sacrifices in the temple of God, not as a convert to His worship in true piety, but thinking, with impious folly, that He was to be worshipped along with false gods. Then Ptolemy son of Lagus, whom I have already mentioned, after Alexander's death carried them captive into Egypt. His successor, Ptolemy Philadelphus, most benevolently dismissed them; and by him it was brought about, as I have narrated a little before, that we should have the Septuagint version of the Scriptures. Then they were crushed by the wars which are explained in the books of the Maccabees. Afterward they were taken captive by Ptolemy king of Alexandria, who was called Epiphanes. Then Antiochus king of Syria compelled them by many and most grievous evils to[Pg 276] worship idols, and filled the temple itself with the sacrilegious superstitions of the Gentiles. Yet their most vigorous leader Judas, who is also called Maccabus, after beating the generals of Antiochus, cleansed it from all that defilement of idolatry.
  But not long after, one Alcimus, although an alien from the sacerdotal tribe, was, through ambition, made pontiff, which was an impious thing. After almost fifty years, during which they never had peace, although they prospered in some affairs, Aristobulus first assumed the diadem among them, and was made both king and pontiff. Before that, indeed, from the time of their return from the Babylonish captivity and the rebuilding of the temple, they had not kings, but generals or principes. Although a king himself may be called a prince, from his principality in governing, and a leader, because he leads the army, but it does not follow that all who are princes and leaders may also be called kings, as that Aristobulus was. He was succeeded by Alexander, also both king and pontiff, who is reported to have reigned over them cruelly. After him his wife Alexandra was queen of the Jews, and from her time downwards more grievous evils pursued them; for this Alexandra's sons, Aristobulus and Hyrcanus, when contending with each other for the kingdom, called in the Roman forces against the nation of Israel. For Hyrcanus asked assistance from them against his brother. At that time Rome had already subdued Africa and Greece, and ruled extensively in other parts of the world also, and yet, as if unable to bear her own weight, had, in a manner, broken herself by her own size. For indeed she had come to grave domestic seditions, and from that to social wars, and by and by to civil wars, and had enfeebled and worn herself out so much, that the changed state of the republic, in which she should be governed by kings, was now imminent. Pompey then, a most illustrious prince of the Roman people, having entered Judea with an army, took the city, threw open the temple, not with the devotion of a suppliant, but with the authority of a conqueror, and went, not reverently, but profanely, into the holy of holies, where it was lawful for none but the pontiff to enter. Having established Hyrcanus in the pontificate, and set Antipater over the subjugated nation as[Pg 277] guardian or procurator, as they were then called, he led Aristobulus with him bound. From that time the Jews also began to be Roman tri butaries. Afterward Cassius plundered the very temple. Then after a few years it was their desert to have Herod, a king of foreign birth, in whose reign Christ was born. For the time had now come signified by the prophetic Spirit through the mouth of the patriarch Jacob, when he says, "There shall not be lacking a prince out of Judah, nor a teacher from his loins, until He shall come for whom it is reserved; and He is the expectation of the nations."[583] There lacked not therefore a Jewish prince of the Jews until that Herod, who was the first king of a foreign race received by them. Therefore it was now the time when He should come for whom that was reserved which is promised in the New Testament, that He should be the expectation of the nations. But it was not possible that the nations should expect He would come, as we see they did, to do judgment in the splendour of power, unless they should first believe in Him when He came to suffer judgment in the humility of patience.

BOOK XV. - The progress of the earthly and heavenly cities traced by the sacred history, #City of God, #Saint Augustine of Hippo, #Christianity
  But if I say this, I shall presently be answered, It is one of the Jews' lies. This, however, we have disposed of above, showing that it cannot be that men of so just a reputation as the seventy translators should have falsified their version. However, if I ask them which of the two is more credible, that the Jewish nation, scattered far and wide, could have unanimously conspired to forge this lie, and so, through envying others the authority of their Scriptures, have deprived themselves of their verity; or that seventy men, who were also themselves Jews, shut up in one place (for Ptolemy king of Egypt had got them together for this work), should have envied foreign nations that same truth, and by common consent inserted these errors: who does not see which can be more naturally and readily believed? But far be it from any prudent man to believe either that the Jews, however malicious and wrong-headed, could have tampered with so many and so widely-dispersed manuscripts; or that those renowned seventy individuals had any common purpose to grudge the truth to the nations. One must therefore more plausibly maintain, that when first their labours began to be transcribed from the copy in Ptolemy's library, some such misstatement might find its way into the first copy made, and from it might be disseminated far and wide; and that this might arise from no fraud, but from a mere copyist's error. This is a sufficiently plausible account of the difficulty regarding Methuselah's life, and of that other case in which there is a difference in the total of twenty-four years. But in those cases in which there is a methodical resemblance in the falsification, so that uniformly the one version allots to the period before a son and successor is born 100 years more than the other, and to the[Pg 71] period subsequent 100 years less, and vice vers, so that the totals may agree, and this holds true of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh generations,in these cases error seems to have, if we may say so, a certain kind of constancy, and savours not of accident, but of design.
  Accordingly, that diversity of numbers which distinguishes the Hebrew from the Greek and Latin copies of Scripture, and which consists of a uniform addition and deduction of 100 years in each lifetime for several consecutive generations, is to be attributed neither to the malice of the Jews nor to men so diligent and prudent as the seventy translators, but to the error of the copyist who was first allowed to transcribe the manuscript from the library of the above-mentioned king. For even now, in cases where numbers contri bute nothing to the easier comprehension or more satisfactory knowledge of anything, they are both carelessly transcribed, and still more carelessly emended. For who will trouble himself to learn how many thousand men the several tribes of Israel contained? He sees no resulting benefit of such knowledge. Or how many men are there who are aware of the vast advantage that lies hid in this knowledge? But in this case, in which during so many consecutive generations 100 years are added in one manuscript where they are not reckoned in the other, and then, after the birth of the son and successor, the years which were wanting are added, it is obvious that the copyist who contrived this arrangement designed to insinuate that the antediluvians lived an excessive number of years only because each year was excessively brief, and that he tried to draw the attention to this fact by his statement of their age of puberty at which they became able to beget children. For, lest the incredulous might stumble at the difficulty of so long a lifetime, he insinuated that 100 of their years equalled but ten of ours; and this insinuation he conveyed by adding 100 years whenever he found the age below 160 years or thereabouts, deducting these years again from the period after the son's birth, that the total might harmonize. By this means he intended to ascribe the generation of offspring to a fit age, without diminishing the total sum of years ascribed to the[Pg 72] lifetime of the individuals. And the very fact that in the sixth generation he departed from this uniform practice, inclines us all the rather to believe that when the circumstance we have referred to required his alterations, he made them; seeing that when this circumstance did not exist, he made no alteration. For in the same generation he found in the Hebrew MS. that Jared lived before he begat Enoch 162 years, which, according to the short year computation, is sixteen years and somewhat less than two months, an age capable of procreation; and therefore it was not necessary to add 100 short years, and so make the age twenty-six years of the usual length; and of course it was not necessary to deduct, after the son's birth, years which he had not added before it. And thus it comes to pass that in this instance there is no variation between the two manuscripts.

ENNEAD 02.09 - Against the Gnostics; or, That the Creator and the World are Not Evil., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  229 As was taught by Cleomedes, Meteora viii, and Ptolemy, Almagest i, Geogr. i. 7; vii. 5.
  230 See i. 6.9.

ENNEAD 06.05 - The One and Identical Being is Everywhere Present In Its Entirety.345, #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 04, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  203 With Ptolemy's Tetrabiblion, i. p. 17.
  204 See iv. 4.31.

The Act of Creation text, #The Act of Creation, #Arthur Koestler, #Psychology
  This was a catastrophe. Ptolemy, and even Copernicus, could afford
  to neglect a difference of eight minutes, because their observations were
  were the proper names Ptolemy, Cleopatra, and Alexander, which
  appeared on the Rosetta Stone (and on various other documents)
  Hipparchus and Ptolemy, on whose data Copernicus built his theory;
  and he knew no more about the actual motions of stars and planets
  he was, as Kepler later remarked, 'interpreting Ptolemy rather than
  nature'. He clung fanatically to the Aristotelian dogma that all planets


--- Overview of noun ptolemy

The noun ptolemy has 2 senses (no senses from tagged texts)
1. Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemaeus ::: (Alexandrian astronomer (of the 2nd century) who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until the late Renaissance)
2. Ptolemy, Ptolemaic dynasty ::: (an ancient dynasty of Macedonian kings who ruled Egypt from 323 BC to 30 BC; founded by Ptolemy I and ended with Cleopatra)

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun ptolemy

2 senses of ptolemy                          

Sense 1
Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemaeus
   INSTANCE OF=> astronomer, uranologist, stargazer
     => physicist
       => scientist
         => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
           => organism, being
             => living thing, animate thing
               => whole, unit
                 => object, physical object
                   => physical entity
                     => entity
           => causal agent, cause, causal agency
             => physical entity
               => entity

Sense 2
Ptolemy, Ptolemaic dynasty
   => dynasty
     => family, family line, folk, kinfolk, kinsfolk, sept, phratry
       => lineage, line, line of descent, descent, bloodline, blood line, blood, pedigree, ancestry, origin, parentage, stemma, stock
         => genealogy, family tree
           => kin, kin group, kinship group, kindred, clan, tribe
             => social group
               => group, grouping
                 => abstraction, abstract entity
                   => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun ptolemy

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun ptolemy

2 senses of ptolemy                          

Sense 1
Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemaeus
   INSTANCE OF=> astronomer, uranologist, stargazer

Sense 2
Ptolemy, Ptolemaic dynasty
   => dynasty

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun ptolemy

2 senses of ptolemy                          

Sense 1
Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemaeus
  -> astronomer, uranologist, stargazer
   => astrophysicist
   => cosmologist
   HAS INSTANCE=> Alhazen, Alhacen, al-Haytham, Ibn al-Haytham, Al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham
   HAS INSTANCE=> Anaximander
   HAS INSTANCE=> Aristarchus of Samos
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bessel, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
   HAS INSTANCE=> Bowditch, Nathaniel Bowditch
   HAS INSTANCE=> Brahe, Tycho Brahe
   HAS INSTANCE=> Celsius, Anders Celsius
   HAS INSTANCE=> Copernicus, Nicolaus Copernicus, Mikolaj Kopernik
   HAS INSTANCE=> Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington
   HAS INSTANCE=> Eratosthenes
   HAS INSTANCE=> Galileo, Galileo Galilei
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hale, George Ellery Hale
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hall, Asaph Hall
   HAS INSTANCE=> Halley, Edmond Halley, Edmund Halley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Herschel, William Herschel, Sir William Herschel, Sir Frederick William Herschel
   HAS INSTANCE=> Herschel, John Herschel, Sir John Herschel, Sir John Frederick William Herschel
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hipparchus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Huggins, Sir William Huggins
   HAS INSTANCE=> Hypatia
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kepler, Johannes Kepler, Johan Kepler
   HAS INSTANCE=> Kuiper, Gerard Kuiper, Gerard Peter Kuiper
   HAS INSTANCE=> Langley, Samuel Pierpoint Langley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Laplace, Marquis de Laplace, Pierre Simon de Laplace
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lovell, Sir Bernard Lovell, Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Lowell, Percival Lowell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Mitchell, Maria Mitchell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Muller, Johann Muller, Regiomontanus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Newcomb, Simon Newcomb
   HAS INSTANCE=> Omar Khayyam
   HAS INSTANCE=> Oort, Jan Hendrix Oort
   HAS INSTANCE=> Peirce, Benjamin Peirce
   HAS INSTANCE=> Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemaeus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Rittenhouse, David Rittenhouse
   HAS INSTANCE=> Russell, Henry Russell, Henry Norris Russell
   HAS INSTANCE=> Schiaparelli, Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli
   HAS INSTANCE=> Shapley, Harlow Shapley
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sitter, Willem de Sitter
   HAS INSTANCE=> Thales, Thales of Miletus
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tombaugh, Clyde Tombaugh, Clyde William Tombaugh

Sense 2
Ptolemy, Ptolemaic dynasty
  -> dynasty
   => Bourbon, Bourbon dynasty
   => Capetian dynasty
   => Carolingian dynasty, Carlovingian dynasty
   => Flavian dynasty
   => Han, Han dynasty
   => Hanover, House of Hanover, Hanoverian line
   => Habsburg, Hapsburg
   => Hohenzollern
   => Lancaster, House of Lancaster, Lancastrian line
   => Liao, Liao dynasty
   => Merovingian, Merovingian dynasty
   => Ming, Ming dynasty
   => Ottoman, Ottoman dynasty
   => Plantagenet, Plantagenet line
   => Ptolemy, Ptolemaic dynasty
   => Qin, Qin dynasty, Ch'in, Ch'in dynasty
   => Qing, Qing dynasty, Ch'ing, Ch'ing dynasty, Manchu, Manchu dynasty
   => Romanov, Romanoff
   => Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
   => Seljuk
   => Shang, Shang dynasty
   => Stuart
   => Sung, Sung dynasty, Song, Song dynasty
   => Tang, Tang dynasty
   => Tudor, House of Tudor
   => Umayyad, Ommiad, Omayyad
   => Valois
   => Wei, Wei dynasty
   => Windsor, House of Windsor
   => York, House of York
   => Yuan, Yuan dynasty, Mongol dynasty
   => Zhou, Zhou dynasty, Chou, Chou dynasty, Chow, Chow dynasty

--- Grep of noun ptolemy
ptolemy i
ptolemy ii

IN WEBGEN [10000/20843]

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Wikipedia - Aggradation -- The increase in land elevation due of the deposition of sediment
Wikipedia - Aglaophyton -- Extinct (Devonian) prevascular land plant
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Wikipedia - Ajjamada B. Devaiah -- Indian Air Force officer
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Wikipedia - Alchemy and chemistry in the medieval Islamic world
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Wikipedia - Alexandra Ievleva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva -- Australian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Alexandra Obolentseva -- Russian chess player
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Wikipedia - Alex Villanueva -- Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Alfred Evans (sailor) -- South African sailor
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Wikipedia - Alisa Kireeva -- Ukrainian figure skater
Wikipedia - Alison Evans -- British economist
Wikipedia - Aliya Garayeva -- Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Al-Jawbari -- Medieval Syrian Arab author and scholar known for his denunciation of alchemy.
Wikipedia - Alla Ablaberdyeva -- Russian classical soprano
Wikipedia - Alla Dzhioyeva -- South Ossetian teacher turned politician
Wikipedia - All American High -- 1987 documentary directed by Keva Rosenfeld
Wikipedia - Allan Evans (politician) -- Canadian politician
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Wikipedia - Alodia -- Medieval Nubian Kingdom
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Wikipedia - Alpine plant -- Plants that grow at high elevation
Wikipedia - Altitudinal zonation -- Natural layering of ecosystems by elevation
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Wikipedia - Amargosa Desert -- desert in Nevada and California, United States
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Wikipedia - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard -- is an economics and business journalist, author and The Daily Telegraph editor.
Wikipedia - American Evangelical Lutheran Church -- Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - Ami Argand -- Genevan physicist and chemist
Wikipedia - Among the Sierra Nevada, California -- 1868 painting by Albert Bierstadt
Wikipedia - Amphibalus -- Early medieval Christian saint
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Wikipedia - Analogical Retrieval Constraint System
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Wikipedia - An American Rhapsody -- 2001 film by Eva Gardos
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Wikipedia - Ananta Vasudeva Temple
Wikipedia - Anastasia Dmitrieva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anastasia Martiusheva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Anastasia Moskaleva -- Russian curler
Wikipedia - Anastasia Nechaeva -- Russian snooker and pool player
Wikipedia - Anastasia Sergeeva -- Russian canoeist
Wikipedia - Anastasia Shpilevaya -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Anastasia Tambovtseva -- Russian bobsledder and luger
Wikipedia - Anastasia Tatareva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anastasia Valueva -- Russian taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Anastasia Vykhodtseva -- Polish figure skater
Wikipedia - Anastasia Zuyeva (actress) -- Russian actor
Wikipedia - Anastasija Grigorjeva -- Latvian freestyle wrestler (born 1990)
Wikipedia - Ana Villanueva -- Dominican karateka
Wikipedia - Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe -- UNESCO world heritage site
Wikipedia - Ancient universities of Scotland -- Medieval or renaissance universities still in existence in Scotland
Wikipedia - Anders Nevalainen -- Faberge workmaster
Wikipedia - Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church
Wikipedia - Andra Stevanovic -- Serbian architect and professor
Wikipedia - Andrea di Bartolo -- Medieval Italian painter, stained glass designer and illuminator of the Sienese School
Wikipedia - Andrea Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Andre Evard -- Swiss painter
Wikipedia - Andrei Rublev -- Medieval Russian artist
Wikipedia - Andrena nevadensis -- Miner bee species in the family Andrenidae
Wikipedia - Andrew Devane -- Irish architect (1917-2000)
Wikipedia - Andrew Evans (discus thrower) -- American track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Andrew Evans (figure skater) -- Canadian pair skater
Wikipedia - Andrew Kandrevas -- American politician from Michigan
Wikipedia - Andrey Kizhevatov -- Hero of the Soviet Union
Wikipedia - Andriy Reva -- Ukrainian politician
Wikipedia - Andrzej Feliks Grabski -- Polish historian and medievalist
Wikipedia - Andy Radford -- Anglican Evangelical bishop
Wikipedia - Aneurin Bevan -- Welsh politician
Wikipedia - Angela Danadjieva -- American landscape architect
Wikipedia - Angela Tuvaeva -- Russian female curler
Wikipedia - Angel (coin) -- Medieval gold coin in England
Wikipedia - Angelico and Jack Evans -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Angelo Canevari -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angel's Ladies -- Legal brother in Beatty, Nevada
Wikipedia - Angevin Empire -- Medieval dynastic union of states in present-day UK, France, and Ireland
Wikipedia - Anglo-Saxon Chronicle -- Set of related medieval English chronicles
Wikipedia - Angot -- Ethiopian province of medieval times
Wikipedia - Animal Charity Evaluators
Wikipedia - An Irish Astronomical Tract -- Medieval Irish manuscript.
Wikipedia - Anita Mahadevan-Jansen -- Biomedical engineer
Wikipedia - Ani -- Medieval Armenian city
Wikipedia - Anka Georgieva -- Bulgarian rowing cox
Wikipedia - Anna Alyabyeva -- Kazakhstani rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anna Avdeyeva -- Russian shot putter
Wikipedia - Anna Badayeva -- Chinese speed skater
Wikipedia - Anna Bitieva -- Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anna Chepeleva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anna Dementyeva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anna Dorofeeva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Anna Kazantseva -- Russian archer
Wikipedia - Annakili -- 1976 film by Devaraj Mohan
Wikipedia - Anna Kotchneva -- Soviet rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Anna Krasteva -- Bulgarian speed skater
Wikipedia - Anna Lebedeva -- Kazakhstani biathlete
Wikipedia - Anna Levanova -- Russian actress
Wikipedia - Annals of Inisfallen -- Manuscript chronicling the medieval history of Ireland
Wikipedia - Anna Mikusheva -- Russian economist
Wikipedia - Anna Nechaeva -- Russian soprano singer
Wikipedia - Anna Saraeva -- Russian judoka
Wikipedia - Anna Savelyeva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Anne and Jehanne -- 1894 painting by Laura Leroux-Revault
Wikipedia - Anne Curry -- British medieval and military historian
Wikipedia - Anne Evans Estabrook -- American real estate developer
Wikipedia - Anne Graham Lotz -- American evangelist (born 1948)
Wikipedia - Anne of Kiev -- 11th-century Kievan princess and queen of France
Wikipedia - Annie Genevard -- French politician
Wikipedia - Annie MacPherson -- Scottish evangelical Quaker and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Anthony Evans Amoah -- Ghanaian Politician
Wikipedia - Anthony G. Evans
Wikipedia - Anthony Levandowski -- American Self Driving Car Engineer
Wikipedia - Antiochos Evangelatos -- Greek composer and conductor
Wikipedia - Antoaneta Boneva -- Bulgarian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Antoaneta Rakhneva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Antoaneta Vassileva -- Bulgarian economist and professor
Wikipedia - Antoine de Longueval -- French composer
Wikipedia - Antonia Gransden -- English historian and medievalist
Wikipedia - Antonina Lebedeva -- Soviet female aviator
Wikipedia - An Unbelievable Story of Rape -- Pulitzer Prize-winning article about a series of rapes
Wikipedia - Apamea devastator -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Aphaenogaster longaeva -- Extinct species of ant
Wikipedia - Apona shevaroyensis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Apple Evangelist
Wikipedia - Apple evangelist
Wikipedia - Arab Agricultural Revolution -- Arab transformation of agriculture in Medieval Spain
Wikipedia - Archdiocese of St Andrews -- Episcopal jurisdiction in early modern and medieval Scotland
Wikipedia - Archeologia Medievale -- Peer-reviewed academic journal
Wikipedia - Architecture of the medieval cathedrals of England -- Architectural style of cathedrals in England during the middle ages, 1040 to 1540
Wikipedia - Arcturus Formation -- Geologic formation in Nevada and Utah, United States
Wikipedia - Ardfert Abbey -- Medieval Franciscan friary and National Monument located in County Kerry, Ireland.
Wikipedia - Area code 775 -- Area code for Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Area codes 702 and 725 -- Area codes for Clark County, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Arghun dynasty -- Medieval Turco-Mongol dynasty
Wikipedia - Ariadna M-CM-^Hfron -- author and daughter of Maria Tsvetaeva
Wikipedia - Aria Resort and Casino -- Resort and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Arilda of Oldbury -- Early medieval female Christian saint
Wikipedia - Aristides Chavier Arevalo -- Puerto Rican musician
Wikipedia - Arizona Charlie's Decatur -- Casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Arjun Devaa -- 2001 film by Imran Khalid
Wikipedia - Arlekino i drugiye -- 1979 studio album by Alla Pugacheva
Wikipedia - Arlekino -- 1975 song with lyrics by Emil Dimitrov, Boris Barkas performed by Alla Pugacheva
Wikipedia - Arlene Stringer-Cuevas -- American politician
Wikipedia - Armagnac (party) -- Medieval French political party
Wikipedia - Armenian Evangelical Church -- Protestant church in Armenia
Wikipedia - ArosM-CM-&te -- People of medieval England
Wikipedia - Art critic -- Person who specializes in evaluating art
Wikipedia - Art Evans (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Arthur Evans -- English archaeologist and pioneer in the study of Aegean civilisation
Wikipedia - Arthur Humble Evans
Wikipedia - Arthur Philip Perceval
Wikipedia - Arthur Reginald Evans -- Australian coastwatcher
Wikipedia - Arthur Tappan Pierson -- Evangelical pastor and author
Wikipedia - Arthur Wade-Evans
Wikipedia - Arturo Casadevall -- Cuban-American scientist
Wikipedia - Arturo Villanueva -- Mexican sports shooter
Wikipedia - Arwystli -- medieval Welsh cantref
Wikipedia - Aryadeva
Wikipedia - Arzu Aliyeva -- Azerbaijani film producer, director and public figure
Wikipedia - A. Sajeevan -- Malayalam language journalist and author
Wikipedia - Asca evansi -- Species of mite
Wikipedia - A. S. G. Edwards -- American scholar of medieval literature and manuscripts
Wikipedia - Ashlee Evans-Smith -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Ash Meadows Sky Ranch -- Legal brothel in Nevada near Shoshone, California
Wikipedia - A Song for Summer -- 1997 romance novel by Eva Ibbotson
Wikipedia - Aspirus MedEvac -- Air ambulance service
Wikipedia - Assassination of John the Fearless -- Medieval assassination of a French prince
Wikipedia - Assassination of Spencer Perceval -- 1812 murder of the British prime minister
Wikipedia - Assessment centre -- candidate evaluation site
Wikipedia - Assoeva -- Brazilian futsal club
Wikipedia - Assyrian Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - Astoria Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Astrakhan Khanate -- Medieval Tatar khanate
Wikipedia - Astrid Chevallier -- French Visual Artist and Musician
Wikipedia - Astrology in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Astronomy in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Astronomy in the medieval Islamic world
Wikipedia - Asuka Langley Soryu -- Female character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion media franchise
Wikipedia - A Treatise on the Astrolabe -- Medieval instruction manual on the astrolabe by Geoffrey Chaucer
Wikipedia - Attribution bias -- The systematic errors made when people evaluate their own and others' behaviors
Wikipedia - Augustana Divinity School (Neuendettelsau) -- Divinity school of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Wikipedia - Auguste Chevalier -- French botanist (1873-1956)
Wikipedia - Augustow Primeval Forest -- Old-growth forest in Poland
Wikipedia - Aurelien Lechevallier -- French diplomat
Wikipedia - Aurora Boulevard -- Road in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Aurum, Nevada
Wikipedia - Austa Densmore Sturdevant -- American artist
Wikipedia - Austin Evans -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist -- 77-item diagnostic assessment tool that was developed by Bernard Rimland and Stephen Edelson
Wikipedia - Autoclave -- Machine used to carry out industrial and scientific processes requiring elevated temperature and pressure
Wikipedia - Automated storage and retrieval system
Wikipedia - Autonagar Surya -- 2014 film directed by Deva Katta
Wikipedia - Auxiliary sciences of history -- scholarly disciplines which help evaluate and use historical sources and are seen as auxiliary for historical research
Wikipedia - Aveva -- IT consulting company
Wikipedia - Aviamotornaya (Bolshaya Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow metro station
Wikipedia - Avicenna -- Medieval Persian polymath, physician and philosopher (c.980-1037)
Wikipedia - Avie Tevanian
Wikipedia - AVN Adult Entertainment Expo -- Trade fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - A. V. Vasudevan Potti -- Indian lyricist
Wikipedia - Ayan Allahverdiyeva -- Azerbaijani chess player
Wikipedia - Aynur Sofiyeva -- Azerbaijani chess player and politician
Wikipedia - Aytan Mustafayeva -- Azerbaijani independent politician
Wikipedia - Baal -- Various Levantine deities
Wikipedia - Baba ghanoush -- Levantine dish of cooked eggplant
Wikipedia - Baga de Secretis -- Medieval English store of secret documents
Wikipedia - Bagong Lakas ng Nueva Ecija -- Political party in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Bagrat's Castle -- Medieval castle in Georgia
Wikipedia - Bajram Curri Boulevard -- Road in Tirana, Albania
Wikipedia - Bakhriniso Babaeva -- Uzbekistani karateka
Wikipedia - Baladeva Vidyabhusana
Wikipedia - Baladeva Vidyabhushana
Wikipedia - Baljevac Church
Wikipedia - Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya
Wikipedia - Baneva -- Turkish rapper
Wikipedia - Banshenchas -- Medieval text
Wikipedia - Baptism of Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Baptist Union in the Czech Republic -- Christian denomination with conservative evangelical theology
Wikipedia - Barbara Evans -- Brazilian model and actress
Wikipedia - Barbara Hanawalt -- American medieval historian
Wikipedia - Barbara Harvey -- British medieval historian
Wikipedia - Barbara Yakovleva
Wikipedia - Barbara (Yakovleva) -- Russian Orthodox saint
Wikipedia - Bardic Grammar -- Medieval Welsh grammar for bards
Wikipedia - Bard -- Professional poet in medieval Gaelic and British culture
Wikipedia - Barekamutyun (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Barnabas Geevarghese -- Syriac Orthodox bishop (born 1953)
Wikipedia - Barnaby Evans -- American artist
Wikipedia - Barno Mirzaeva -- Uzbekistani karateka
Wikipedia - Barony of Veligosti -- Medieval Frankish fiefdom
Wikipedia - Bar (river morphology) -- An elevated region of sediment in a river that has been deposited by the flow
Wikipedia - Barry Evangeli -- British-Greek Cypriot record producer
Wikipedia - Bartolome de la Cueva y Toledo -- 16th-century Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - Bascinet -- Medieval European open-faced military helmet
Wikipedia - Basudevapur -- Village development committee in Bheri Zone, Nepal
Wikipedia - Batsheva Katznelson -- Israeli politician
Wikipedia - Battle of Bouvines -- A medieval battle which ended the 1202-1214 Anglo-French Wars
Wikipedia - Battle of Cephalonia -- Medieval naval battle between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Aghlabids; Roman victory
Wikipedia - Battle of Damme -- A Medieval naval battle during the 1202-1214 Anglo-French War
Wikipedia - Battle of La Rochelle -- Medieval naval battle
Wikipedia - Battle of Lena -- Medieval battle over the throne of Sweden
Wikipedia - Battle of Neva
Wikipedia - Battle of Neville's Cross -- A Medieval battle between England and Scotland
Wikipedia - Battle of Otterburn -- Medieval battle between England and Scotland
Wikipedia - Battle of Roncevaux Pass
Wikipedia - Battle of Taillebourg -- Medieval battle between France and England
Wikipedia - Battle of the Nevada Complex -- Battle of the Korean War
Wikipedia - Battle of Yeghevard -- Final major engagement of the Perso-Ottoman War of 1730-35
Wikipedia - B. Devarajan -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Beadsman -- People employed to make special prayers in Medieval Britain
Wikipedia - Bea Duran -- American politician from Nevada
Wikipedia - Beatriz Manrique Guevara -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Bebris tsikhe -- Medieval fortress in Kartli, Georgia
Wikipedia - Bec de corbin -- Medieval pole weapon
Wikipedia - Beck - Levande begravd -- 2009 film by Harald Hamrell
Wikipedia - Beckwourth Pass -- Mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada mountain range
Wikipedia - Bediani (title) -- Medieval title
Wikipedia - Beer rating -- Website or system evaluating beer
Wikipedia - Beethoven's 3rd (film) -- 2000 film by David M. Evans
Wikipedia - Beethoven's 4th (film) -- 2001 film by David Mickey Evans
Wikipedia - Before We Go -- 2014 film directed by Chris Evans
Wikipedia - Beheading game -- A motif of medieval romance
Wikipedia - Belarusian Evangelical Reformed Church
Wikipedia - Bella A. Burnasheva
Wikipedia - Bellagio (resort) -- Luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Bellevalia paradoxa -- species of plant in the family Asparagaceae
Wikipedia - Bellevaux Abbey
Wikipedia - Bellflower (film) -- 2011 film by Evan Glodell
Wikipedia - Belorusskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Beltran de la Cueva, 1st Duke of Alburquerque -- Spanish noble
Wikipedia - Ben Evans (golfer) -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Beneva -- Canadian financial services company
Wikipedia - Beneventan script -- Medieval script developed in southern Italy
Wikipedia - Ben Hur Villanueva -- Filipino sculptor
Wikipedia - Benjamin Evans Lippincott -- American political scientist and professor
Wikipedia - Benny Hinn -- American-Canadian evangelist
Wikipedia - Bergschrund -- A crevasse between moving glacier ice and the stagnant ice or firn above
Wikipedia - Berkeley Castle -- Medieval castle in Gloucestershire, England
Wikipedia - Bermet Akayeva -- Kyrgyz politician and former MP
Wikipedia - Bernard Chevallier -- French equestrian
Wikipedia - Bernard Devauchelle -- French oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Wikipedia - Bernard Evans (architect) -- Australian Army officer
Wikipedia - Bernardine Evaristo -- British author and academic
Wikipedia - Berta Kolokoltseva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health -- Australian government healthcare evaluation system
Wikipedia - Bevacizumab -- Medication
Wikipedia - Bevagna
Wikipedia - Bevan Davies -- American musician
Wikipedia - Bevan Sharpless -- American astronomer
Wikipedia - Bevan Worcester -- Australian sailor
Wikipedia - Bevar Sea -- Indian doom metal band
Wikipedia - Beverly Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Bezant -- Generic medieval Western European name for eastern gold coins
Wikipedia - Bhagya Devathai -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - Bhakta Jayadeva -- 1961 film
Wikipedia - Bhakti movement -- Period of common people's devotion to God in the Medieval Indian Subcontinent
Wikipedia - Bhalevadivi Basu -- 2001 film by P.A. Arun Prasad
Wikipedia - Bhallaladeva -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Bhavishya Purana -- Medieval era Sanskrit text, one of twenty major Puranas
Wikipedia - Bhurshut -- Medieval Hindu kingdom in West Bengal
Wikipedia - Bibisara Assaubayeva -- Kazakhstani chess player
Wikipedia - Biblical and Pentecostal College of Puerto Rico -- Christian, evangelical university in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Bibliography of the Sierra Nevada -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Bibliography of works on Che Guevara -- Wikipedia bibliography
Wikipedia - Bicorn and Chichevache -- Medieval fabulous beasts used to satirize marriage relationships.
Wikipedia - Big Apple Coaster -- Roller coaster in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Bilhorod Kyivskyi -- Ruined city-castle of Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Bilingual Evaluation Understudy
Wikipedia - Bilingual evaluation understudy
Wikipedia - Bill Evans -- American jazz pianist
Wikipedia - Bill (weapon) -- Polearm weapon used by infantry in medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Billy Bevan -- Australian actor
Wikipedia - Billy Evangelista -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association -- Christian outreach organization
Wikipedia - Billy Graham -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Bilyana Raeva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Biographical evaluation -- Islamic religious studies to distinguish reliable from unreliable hadith
Wikipedia - Biological Sciences Curriculum Study -- Educational center that develops curricular materials, provides educational support, and conducts research and evaluation in the fields of science and technology
Wikipedia - Biophysical profile -- Prenatal ultrasound evaluation of fetal well-being
Wikipedia - Bipolar disorder -- Mental disorder that causes periods of depression and abnormally elevated mood
Wikipedia - Bird's-eye view -- Elevated view of an object from above
Wikipedia - Biruta Khertseva-Khertsberga -- Soviet canoeist
Wikipedia - B. Jeevan Reddy -- Indian director and writer
Wikipedia - Bjorg Eva Jensen -- Norwegian speed skater
Wikipedia - Black books of hours -- Medieval Flemish illuminated manuscript
Wikipedia - Black Prince's chevauchee of 1355 {{DISPLAYTITLE:Black Prince's ''chevauchee'' of 1355 -- Black Prince's chevauchee of 1355 {{DISPLAYTITLE:Black Prince's ''chevauchee'' of 1355
Wikipedia - Black Rock Desert -- Northwest Nevada dry lake
Wikipedia - Blackstone Boulevard Realty Plat Historic District -- Historic district in Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Wikipedia - Blanche Evans Dean -- Naturalist, conservationist and teacher
Wikipedia - BLEU -- Algorithm for evaluating the quality of machine-translated text
Wikipedia - Bob Evans Restaurants -- American restaurant chain
Wikipedia - Bob Evans (restaurateur) -- American restaurateur
Wikipedia - Bob Jones University -- Private evangelical university in Greenville, South Carolina
Wikipedia - Bob Larson -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Bob Miller (Nevada governor) -- American former attorney and politician
Wikipedia - Bob O. Evans
Wikipedia - Bodines Casino -- Casino in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - Boglarka Devai -- Hungarian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Boiling-point elevation -- Elevation of boiling point due to addition of a compound
Wikipedia - Bolaven Plateau -- Elevated region in southern Laos
Wikipedia - Boleslaw I's intervention in the Kievan succession crisis, 1018
Wikipedia - Boleslaw I's intervention in the Kievan succession crisis -- Polish intervention in the war of Kievan succession
Wikipedia - Bolshaya Koltsevaya line -- Moscow Metro line
Wikipedia - Bonka Pindzheva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Bonneval, Haute-Loire
Wikipedia - Bonnevaux, Gard -- Commune in Occitanie, France
Wikipedia - Book of the 24 Philosophers -- Philosophical and theological medieval text of uncertain authorship
Wikipedia - Boomtown Reno -- Casino and Hotel in Verdi, Nevada
Wikipedia - Born to Fly (song) -- 2000 single by Sara Evans
Wikipedia - Bosnian Church -- Christian church in medieval Bosnia
Wikipedia - Boti -- Instrument for cutting fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, most prevalent in the Bengal region of India
Wikipedia - Boulder City Municipal Airport -- Public airport in Clark County, Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Boulevard (1960 film) -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - Boulevard Adolphe Max -- Thoroughfare in Brussels, Belgium
Wikipedia - Boulevard Alexandre-Tache -- Road in Gatineau, Quebec
Wikipedia - Boulevard Anspach -- Thoroughfare in Brussels, Belgium
Wikipedia - Boulevard du General-d'Armee-Jean-Simon -- Street in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevard du Rhum -- 1971 film
Wikipedia - Boulevard du Temple (photograph) -- First photograph, a daguerreotype, to show people
Wikipedia - Boulevard Haussmann -- Boulevard in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevardier from the Bronx -- 1936 film
Wikipedia - Boulevard Lefebvre -- Street in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevard (magazine) -- Literary magazine
Wikipedia - Boulevard Mall -- Shopping center in Amherst, New York
Wikipedia - Boulevard Mortier -- Street in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevard Nights -- 1979 film directed by Michael Pressman
Wikipedia - Boulevard Oaks, Houston
Wikipedia - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day song) -- 2004 single by Green Day
Wikipedia - Boulevard Peripherique -- Ring road
Wikipedia - Boulevard Poniatowski -- Street in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevard Puerto Aereo metro station -- Mexico City metro station
Wikipedia - Boulevard Ring -- Moscow's second centremost ring road
Wikipedia - Boulevard Soult -- Street in Paris, France
Wikipedia - Boulevard Theater (Miami) -- Former movie theater in Miami, now an adult entertainment club
Wikipedia - Boulevard theatre (aesthetic)
Wikipedia - Boulevard Voltaire
Wikipedia - Boulevard -- Type of road with buildings on sides
Wikipedia - Bow Bridge, Cumbria -- Medieval bridge in Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Bowie Crevasse Field -- Landform
Wikipedia - Brad Evans (cyclist) -- New Zealand bicycle racer
Wikipedia - B. Rajeevan -- Indian author
Wikipedia - Branwalator -- Medieval British saint
Wikipedia - Branwen ferch LlM-EM-7r -- Legendary tale in medieval Welsh literature
Wikipedia - Breaking Down -- Song by American rock band I Prevail
Wikipedia - Brevans -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France
Wikipedia - Brevard Business News -- Weekly newspaper in Melbourne, Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Brevard County, Florida -- County in Florida, United States
Wikipedia - Brevard Family of Housing -- US not-for-profit housing authority based in Florida
Wikipedia - Brevard Music Center -- Summer institute and festival in Brevard, North Carolina
Wikipedia - Brian Evans (singer) -- American actor, writer, and big band singer
Wikipedia - Brian Tierney (medievalist) -- English historian
Wikipedia - Bride and Groom (book) -- 2018 novel written by Russian author, Alisa Ganieva
Wikipedia - Bridget Neval -- Australian actress
Wikipedia - Brigitte Evanno -- French taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Bring Me to Life -- 2003 single by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Brinn Bevan -- British artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Brittany Evans -- American model
Wikipedia - Brochevarevarura -- 2019 film by Vivek Athreya
Wikipedia - Broken Chair -- Monumental sculpture in Geneva
Wikipedia - Brotherhood Cemetery -- Russian Military cemetery in Sevastopol
Wikipedia - Brougham Castle -- Medieval castle near Penrith in Cumbria, England
Wikipedia - Bruce A. Evans -- American film director
Wikipedia - Bruno Laurioux -- French Medievalist historian
Wikipedia - Bryant Wright -- American evangelical minister
Wikipedia - Brygida Kurbis -- Polish historian, medievalist and source editor
Wikipedia - Brylcream Boulevard -- 1995 film
Wikipedia - Bubusara Beyshenalieva -- Kyrgyzstani ballet dancer
Wikipedia - Buccio di Ranallo -- Italian medieval writer
Wikipedia - Bucculatrix evanescens -- Species of moth in genus Bucculatrix
Wikipedia - Buddhadeva Bose -- Indian writer
Wikipedia - Bullfrog County, Nevada -- Former county in the US state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Bullfrog Hills -- Mountain range in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Bull of the Woods -- 1969 album by The 13th Floor Elevators
Wikipedia - Bundevara -- Serbian dish
Wikipedia - Bunjevac dialect
Wikipedia - Buno-Bonnevaux -- Commune in M-CM-^Nle-de-France, France
Wikipedia - Burid dynasty -- Medieval Turkish principality in Syria
Wikipedia - Burlesque Hall of Fame -- museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Wikipedia - Burning Man -- Annual experimental festival based in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Cabrini Boulevard -- Street in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Cadel Evans -- Australian road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Caherconnell Stone Fort -- Medieval stone ringfort in the Burren, County Clare, Ireland.
Wikipedia - Cairn Newton-Evans -- Welsh volunteer police officer (Special Constabulary)
Wikipedia - Cairo Citadel Aqueduct -- Medieval aqueduct system in Cairo, Egypt.
Wikipedia - Caliente, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - California Environmental Resources Evaluation System -- program established to disseminate environmental and geoinformation electronic data about California
Wikipedia - California-Nevada-Hawaii District (LCMS)
Wikipedia - California-Nevada Interstate Maglev
Wikipedia - California State Route 267 -- State highway in Nevada and Placer counties in California, United States
Wikipedia - Calleva -- Outdoor education organization
Wikipedia - Call Me When You're Sober -- 2006 single by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary -- Former Baptist evangelical seminary located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Cambridge Medieval History
Wikipedia - Camille Chevalier -- French professional golfer
Wikipedia - Camp McGarry -- | US military camp in Nevada
Wikipedia - Camp Speicher massacre -- Massacre by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant during the occupation of Tikrit
Wikipedia - Canonization of the Romanovs -- Elevation to sainthood of the last Imperial Family of Russia
Wikipedia - Canopy walkway -- Elevated walkway
Wikipedia - Can't Believe -- 2001 single by Faith Evans and Carl Thomas
Wikipedia - Canton of Geneva -- Canton of Switzerland
Wikipedia - Canton of Levallois-Perret -- Administrative division of Hauts-de-Seine, France
Wikipedia - Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 36 -- Launch complex at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Brevard County, Florida
Wikipedia - Capperia evansi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Caradoc Evans -- Welsh writer
Wikipedia - Carl Evans -- New Zealand sailor
Wikipedia - Carl Guevara -- Filipino actor and model
Wikipedia - Carlin, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Carl Jakob Sundevall -- Swedish zoologist
Wikipedia - Carlo Leva -- Italian film and costume designer
Wikipedia - Carlos Arevalo -- Spanish canoeist
Wikipedia - Carlos Villanueva (equestrian) -- Argentine equestrian
Wikipedia - Carmen de synodo ticinensi -- Medieval Latin poem
Wikipedia - Carmina Burana -- Medieval manuscript of poems and dramatic texts
Wikipedia - Carnation (brand) -- Brand of evaporated milk and other products
Wikipedia - Caroline Barron -- British retired medieval historian
Wikipedia - Carolyn Goodman -- American politician from Nevada
Wikipedia - Carolyn Marino Malone -- American medievalist and academic
Wikipedia - Carrigogunnell -- Medieval Irish fortification, County Limerick, Ireland
Wikipedia - Carson Nugget -- Hotel and casino in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - Carson Sink -- dry lake in Churchill County, Nevada, USA
Wikipedia - Carswell Medieval House -- a 15th century modest medieval home which is a rare remaining example of tenant farm life
Wikipedia - Carter Evans -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Cartulary -- Medieval book of charters
Wikipedia - Casa de Shenandoah -- House in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Cashman Field -- Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Castell's sign -- Medical sign assessed to evaluate splenomegaly
Wikipedia - Castle folk (Kingdom of Hungary) -- Medieval class of freemen
Wikipedia - Castle Heights -- Neighborhood in Geneva, New York, USA
Wikipedia - Castle of Campo Maior -- medieval military fortification in Portugal
Wikipedia - Castle of M-CM-^Sbidos -- Medieval Castle in Portugal
Wikipedia - Castle of Zahara de los Atunes and Palace of Jadraza -- Medieval castle in Barbate, Spain
Wikipedia - Castlevania (1999 video game) -- 1999 video game
Wikipedia - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow -- 2003 video game
Wikipedia - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow -- 2005 action-adventure game
Wikipedia - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance -- 2002 video game
Wikipedia - Castlevania Judgment -- 2008 fighting video game
Wikipedia - Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness -- 1999 video game by Konami
Wikipedia - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night -- Platform-adventure action role-playing video game
Wikipedia - Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles -- 2007 platform-adventure video game compilation
Wikipedia - Castlevania (TV series) -- American adult animated series
Wikipedia - Castlevania -- Action-adventure gothic horror video game series
Wikipedia - Castle -- Fortified residential structure of medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Category:10th-century princes in Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Category:18th century in Geneva
Wikipedia - Category:21st century in Nevada
Wikipedia - Category:Actors from Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Category:Alchemists of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Articles containing Medieval Latin-language text
Wikipedia - Category:Astronomers of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Christianity in medieval England
Wikipedia - Category:Christianity in medieval Macedonia
Wikipedia - Category:Christians in the medieval Islamic world
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Bella A. Burnasheva
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Lyudmila Zhuravleva
Wikipedia - Category:Educational assessment and evaluation
Wikipedia - Category:Evaluation methods
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Bohemia
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval England
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval France
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Germany
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Hungary
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Ireland
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Italy
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Poland
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Portugal
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Scotland
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Spain
Wikipedia - Category:Female saints of medieval Sweden
Wikipedia - Category:Flora of the Sierra Nevada (U.S.)
Wikipedia - Category:Four Evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:Geographers of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Geographical works of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:German evangelicals
Wikipedia - Category:History of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Category:Information retrieval researchers
Wikipedia - Category:Information retrieval systems
Wikipedia - Category:Information retrieval
Wikipedia - Category:International School of Geneva alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Inventors of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Category:Jayadeva
Wikipedia - Category:Kievan Rus' nuns
Wikipedia - Category:Kievan Rus' princesses
Wikipedia - Category:Lists of medieval people
Wikipedia - Category:Mathematicians of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Medical works of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Arab astronomers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Arab philosophers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Arab physicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Athos
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Belgian saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Bohemian nobility
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval books
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Breton saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Bulgarian saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Bulgarian writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Catalan-language writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval chancellors (government)
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval child rulers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Cornish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Danish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval drama
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Dutch saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Dutch women
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval English astronomers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval English mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval English saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval English theologians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval European education
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval European scribes
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Flemish women
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval French saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval French theologians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Gaels from Ireland
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Gaels from Scotland
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German chemists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German merchants
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German musicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German physicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German theologians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German women artists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval German women musicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Hatha Yoga asanas
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Hungarian saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish musicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish poets
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish saints of Cornwall
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish saints on the Continent
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Irish writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Italian knights
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Italian saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Italian theologians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Latin poets
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval legends
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval LGBT history
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval linguists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval literature
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Luxembourgian nobility
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Luxembourgian saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval male composers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval military writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Moldavia
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Moorish astronomers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Moorish physicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval murder victims
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval music
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Muslim scientists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval occultists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Ohrid
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian astronomers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian geographers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian mathematicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian people
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian philosophers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian physicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian poets
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Persian writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval philosophers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval philosophy
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval physicists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval poets
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Polish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Portuguese saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Roman consuls
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Russian artists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Russian painters
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval saints of Connacht
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval saints of Leinster
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval saints of Meath
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval saints of Munster
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval saints of Ulster
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval scholars
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval scientists
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Scottish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Serbian magnates
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Serbian military leaders
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Serbian Orthodox clergy
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Serbian writers
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval slaves
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Spanish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Spanish theologians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Swedish saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Swiss saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Thessalonica
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval Welsh saints
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval women physicians
Wikipedia - Category:Medieval writers
Wikipedia - Category:Musical theorists of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Nevanlinna Prize laureates
Wikipedia - Category:People beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Category:People from Geneva
Wikipedia - Category:People from White Pine County, Nevada
Wikipedia - Category:People of medieval Crete
Wikipedia - Category:People of medieval Croatia
Wikipedia - Category:People of medieval Finland
Wikipedia - Category:People of medieval Islam by ethnicity
Wikipedia - Category:People of medieval Islam by occupation
Wikipedia - Category:Pharmacologists of medieval Iran
Wikipedia - Category:Physicians of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Category:Rulers of Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Category:Saints of medieval Greece
Wikipedia - Category:Saints of medieval Macedonia
Wikipedia - Category:Sierra Nevada College
Wikipedia - Category:Technology evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:University of Geneva alumni
Wikipedia - Category:University of Geneva faculty
Wikipedia - Category:University of Nevada, Las Vegas faculty
Wikipedia - Category:University of Nevada, Reno faculty
Wikipedia - Category:Vannevar Bush Award recipients
Wikipedia - Category:Women in medieval European warfare
Wikipedia - Category:Women of medieval Genoa
Wikipedia - Category:Women of medieval Germany
Wikipedia - Category:Women of medieval Japan
Wikipedia - Category:Women of medieval Luxembourg
Wikipedia - Category:Women of medieval Wales
Wikipedia - Category:Writers from Nevada
Wikipedia - Cathedral of Evangelismos
Wikipedia - Catherine Cortez Masto -- United States Senator from Nevada
Wikipedia - Catherine Hills -- British medieval archaeologist
Wikipedia - Cathy Davidson -- Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English at Duke University
Wikipedia - Cattiva Evasione -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Caudeval -- Part of Val-de-Lambronne in Occitanie, France
Wikipedia - Cave de Sueth -- Medieval fortress near the Golan Heights
Wikipedia - C. Cal Evans -- American politician (1905-1971)
Wikipedia - Cecile B. Evans -- American artist
Wikipedia - Cecilia Soledad Arevalo -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Cedric Fevre-Chevalier -- French Paralympic shooter
Wikipedia - Cefnllys Castle -- Medieval castle in Powys, Wales
Wikipedia - Celeste Andrea Carnevale -- Argentine artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Celestine Edwards -- Methodist evangelist and journal editor
Wikipedia - Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval
Wikipedia - Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction -- Environmental health resource
Wikipedia - Centerville, Nevada -- Human settlement in the United States
Wikipedia - Central Freeway -- Elevated freeway in San Francisco, California, United States
Wikipedia - Central Luzon State University -- Public university in MuM-CM-1oz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Wikipedia - Ceri Evans (Sunship) -- Musician and record producer
Wikipedia - Ceropegia evansii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Cevaeria -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Ceva's theorem -- On the ratios of lines segments from a triangle's vertices passing through a common point
Wikipedia - Cevat Gurkan -- Turkish equestrian
Wikipedia - Cevat Kula -- Turkish equestrian
Wikipedia - Chad Christensen (Nevada politician) -- American politician from Nevada
Wikipedia - Chad Veach -- American evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Chancery (medieval office)
Wikipedia - Chandrakanta (novel) -- 1888 epic fantasy book by Devaki Nandan Khatri
Wikipedia - Chandra Prakash Deval -- Indian poet
Wikipedia - Chandroth Vasudevan Radhakrishnan -- Indian software developer (b. 1953)
Wikipedia - Chanson de geste -- Medieval narrative in poetic form
Wikipedia - Charbakh (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Chariklia Baxevanos -- Swiss actress
Wikipedia - Charity Navigator -- Charity assessment organization that evaluates charitable organizations in the U.S.
Wikipedia - Charles Bowle-Evans -- British Indian Army general
Wikipedia - Charles Evans (cricketer, born 1851) -- English cricketer and British Army officer
Wikipedia - Charles Evans Hughes -- American politician and 11th Chief Justice of the United States
Wikipedia - Charles Evan-Thomas -- Welsh cricketer and Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Charles Fox Parham -- American preacher and evangelist
Wikipedia - Charles Previte-Orton -- British medieval historian and Cambridge Professor of Medieval History (1877-1947)
Wikipedia - Charles Spurgeon -- British preacher, author, pastor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Charles Stanley -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Charleval, Bouches-du-Rhone -- Commune in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France
Wikipedia - Chartres Cathedral -- Medieval Roman Rite Catholic cathedral
Wikipedia - Che (2008 film) -- two-part 2008 film by Steven Soderbergh about Che Guevara
Wikipedia - Che Guevara -- Argentine Marxist revolutionary
Wikipedia - Cheguevaria -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Chellah -- Medieval fortified Muslim necropolis located in the metro area of Rabat
Wikipedia - Cheranalloor Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple, Kalady, India
Wikipedia - Cherry Chevapravatdumrong -- American author and producer
Wikipedia - Cheruvathur Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in Kerala, India
Wikipedia - Chetta Chevalier -- Critical node in Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty's "Rome Escape Line" network operating in the Vatican during World War Two
Wikipedia - Cheval Grand -- Japanese thoroughbred racehorse
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Boades -- French Navy officer of the War of American Independence
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Clavieres (French Navy officer) -- Naval officer
Wikipedia - Chevalier de La Regle (French Navy officer) -- French naval officer of the War of American Independence
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Mailly -- Courtesy title accorded in France to a younger brother of the marquis in each generation
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Meude-Monpas -- French classical musician, conductor and composer
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Rohan-Chabot
Wikipedia - Chevalier de Saint-Georges -- French classical musician, conductor and composer
Wikipedia - Chevalier (film) -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Chevalier Guard Regiment
Wikipedia - Chevalley's structure theorem -- Theorem in algebraic geometry.
Wikipedia - Chevalley-Warning theorem -- Certain polynomial equations in enough variables over a finite field have solutions
Wikipedia - Chevalmeire Cycling Team -- Belgian cycling team
Wikipedia - Chevannes, Essonne -- Commune in M-CM-^Nle-de-France, France
Wikipedia - Chevauchee -- Raiding method of medieval warfare
Wikipedia - Chhatri -- Elevated, dome-shaped pavilions in Indian architecture
Wikipedia - Chicago park and boulevard system -- Parks and boulevards in Chicago
Wikipedia - Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy -- Statement formulated by more than 200 evangelical leaders in October 1978
Wikipedia - Chi Chi DeVayne -- American drag queen
Wikipedia - Chicken Ranch (Nevada) -- Legal brothel near Pahrump, Nevada
Wikipedia - Chick Evans -- American amateur golfer
Wikipedia - Chick tract -- One of a series of short Christian evangelical tracts, originally created and published by American publisher and religious cartoonist Jack T. Chick
Wikipedia - Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista Organ Case -- C.1535 painting by Moretto da Brescia
Wikipedia - Chimnaz Babayeva -- Azerbaijani ballet dancer and ballet master
Wikipedia - Chisholm Shale -- Geologic formation in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Chistoprudny Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Moscow, Russia
Wikipedia - Chittagong Elevated Expressway -- Expressway in Bangladesh
Wikipedia - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare -- Video game
Wikipedia - Chosen People Ministries -- Messianic Jewish nonprofit organization which engages in evangelism to Jews.
Wikipedia - Chovot HaLevavot -- Book by Bahya ibn Paquda
Wikipedia - Chowla-Selberg formula -- Evaluates a certain product of values of the Gamma function at rational values
Wikipedia - Chris Edwards (Nevada politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Chris Evans (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Chris Evans (British politician) -- Welsh politician and MP
Wikipedia - Chris Evans (journalist) -- British journalist
Wikipedia - Chris Evans (presenter) -- English presenter, businessman and producer
Wikipedia - Christ Apostolic Church International -- Pentecostal Evangelical church
Wikipedia - Christian CevaM-CM-+r -- French golfer
Wikipedia - Christian Chevalier -- French gymnast
Wikipedia - Christianization of Bulgaria -- Process by which 9th-century medieval Bulgaria converted to Christianity
Wikipedia - Christianization of Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Christine de Pizan -- Court writer in medieval France
Wikipedia - Christine Evangelista -- American actress
Wikipedia - Christopher Bevan -- Rhodesian sailor
Wikipedia - Christopher Evans (author) -- Welsh-born UK chemist, teacher, and author.
Wikipedia - Christopher Evans (computer scientist)
Wikipedia - Christopher Riche Evans
Wikipedia - Christ treading on the beasts -- Subject found in Late Antique and Early Medieval art
Wikipedia - Chronica Gothorum Pseudoisidoriana -- Medieval chronicle of the history of Spain.
Wikipedia - Chronicle of Monemvasia -- Greek medieval historical texts
Wikipedia - Chronique d'un cheval fou -- 1999 Canadian short film
Wikipedia - CHSN-FM -- Radio station in Estevan, Saskatchewan
Wikipedia - Chua Wee Hian -- Singaporean Evangelical
Wikipedia - Church and state in medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Church of Norway -- Evangelical-Lutheran denomination in Norway
Wikipedia - Church of Saint Parascheva, Slabinja -- Serbian Orthodox church in Croatia
Wikipedia - Church of San Juan Bautista, BaM-CM-1os de Cerrato -- Medieval church in BaM-CM-1os de Cerrato, Spain
Wikipedia - Church of San Roman (Sariego) -- Medieval church in Asturias, Spain
Wikipedia - Church of St. John the Evangelist, Dublin -- Former church in Ireland
Wikipedia - Church of St Paraskeva
Wikipedia - Church of the Holy Venerable Mother Parascheva
Wikipedia - Circus Circus Reno -- Hotel and casino located in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Cirey-les-Bellevaux
Wikipedia - Citation Boulevard -- highway
Wikipedia - Cite de Carcassonne -- Medieval citadel
Wikipedia - City National Arena -- Ice hockey arena in Summerlin, Nevada.
Wikipedia - Ciudad Nueva (Hato Rey) -- Subbarrio in Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - CJRB -- Radio station in Boissevain, Manitoba
Wikipedia - CJSL -- Radio station in Estevan, Saskatchewan
Wikipedia - CKSE-FM -- Radio station in Estevan, Saskatchewan
Wikipedia - Cladonia evansii -- Species of lichen
Wikipedia - Claf Abercuawg -- Medieval Welsh poem
Wikipedia - Claire Breay -- English medieval historian
Wikipedia - Claire Fontaine -- French conceptual art persona created by Fulvia Carnevale and James Thornhill
Wikipedia - Clare de Brereton Evans -- British chemist
Wikipedia - Clarendon Palace -- Medieval castle ruins
Wikipedia - Clarion Hotel and Casino -- Demolished casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Clark County Coroner's Office -- County coroner in Nevada, U.S.
Wikipedia - Clark County Government Center -- Government building in Nevada
Wikipedia - Claude Alexandre de Bonneval -- French army officer who later served in the Ottoman Empire (1675-1747)
Wikipedia - Claude Gauvard -- French medievalist historian & academic
Wikipedia - Claudio Villanueva -- Ecuadorian racewalker
Wikipedia - Cleftbelly trevally -- Species of fish
Wikipedia - Clem Bevans -- American actor (1879-1963)
Wikipedia - Cleva -- 2001 single by Erykah Badu
Wikipedia - Clifford Evans (actor) -- British actor
Wikipedia - Climate change in Nevada -- Overview of the effects of the climate change in the U.S. state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Club Renaissance -- Proposed residential tower in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Wikipedia - Cluniac Reforms -- 10th-century changes within medieval monasticism
Wikipedia - Cneoridium dumosum (Nuttall) Hooker F. Collected March 26, 1960, at an Elevation of about 1450 Meters on Cerro Quemazon, 15 Miles South of Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico, Apparently for a Southeastward Range Extension of Some 140 Miles -- 1962 five-word scholarly article
Wikipedia - Coche Island -- Iisland of the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela
Wikipedia - Cognitive evaluation theory
Wikipedia - Coleophora nevadella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Colin Evans (medium)
Wikipedia - College of Southern Nevada -- College in Clark County, Nevada
Wikipedia - College Sismondi -- Secondary school in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Collegiate Church of St Peter and St Paul (Kilmallock) -- Medieval church in County Limerick, Ireland
Wikipedia - Colorado Belle -- Casino hotel in Nevada
Wikipedia - Coman of Kinvara -- Medieval Irish saint
Wikipedia - Comparison of usability evaluation methods
Wikipedia - Competency evaluation (law)
Wikipedia - Components of medieval armour -- Body armour, European, Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Composition of Yards and Perches -- A medieval English statute
Wikipedia - Compurgation -- Mediaeval legal defence
Wikipedia - Condensation -- Change of the physical state of matter from gas phase into liquid phase; reverse of evaporation
Wikipedia - Condottiero -- Mercenary soldier leader in medieval Italy
Wikipedia - Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
Wikipedia - Congar of Congresbury -- 6th-century medieval Christian saint
Wikipedia - Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples -- one of the Congregations of Roman Curia
Wikipedia - Conksbury -- Deserted medieval settlement in Derbyshire, UK
Wikipedia - Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve -- Music school in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva -- Botanical garden in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Constance Bartlett Hieatt -- American scholar of medieval cooking, language, and literature
Wikipedia - Constantine the African -- Medieval monk and translator of medical works
Wikipedia - Constantinople Observatory of Taqi ad-Din -- Medieval astronomical observatory
Wikipedia - Constipation -- Bowel dysfunction that is characterized by infrequent or difficult evacuation of feces
Wikipedia - Content-based image retrieval
Wikipedia - Contour integration -- A method of evaluating certain integrals along paths in the complex plane
Wikipedia - Conus evansi -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Conus kevani -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Cora Evans
Wikipedia - Core self-evaluations
Wikipedia - Corineus -- Fighter of giants in medieval British legend
Wikipedia - Corpus Juris Canonici -- Medieval collection of significant sources of the canon law of the Catholic Church, valid until 1917
Wikipedia - Corrado Carnevale -- Italian judge
Wikipedia - Corteva -- American agriculture company
Wikipedia - Cosmology in medieval Islam -- Description of the universe in Islam
Wikipedia - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas -- Casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Costas Evangelatos -- Greek poet and artist
Wikipedia - Cottontail Ranch -- Legal brothel in Lida Junction, Nevada
Wikipedia - Count of Geneva
Wikipedia - Counts of Walbeck -- Rulers of medieval Walbeck in present-day Saxony-Anhalt
Wikipedia - County of Barcelona -- Medieval Catalan county
Wikipedia - County of La Marche -- Medieval French county, approximately corresponding to the modern departement of Creuse
Wikipedia - County of Ribagorza -- Medieval county
Wikipedia - Court hand -- Style of handwriting used in medieval English law courts
Wikipedia - COVID-19 pandemic in Nevada -- Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - COVID-19 pandemic in Sevastopol -- Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Sevastopol
Wikipedia - Cow Tower, Norwich -- Medieval artillery tower in Norwich, England
Wikipedia - Craig A. Evans
Wikipedia - Craigievar Castle -- Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Wikipedia - Cranfield experiments -- Information retrieval experiments
Wikipedia - Crateva adansonii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Crazy Horse Too -- Strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - C. R. Cheney -- Medieval historian
Wikipedia - Creech Air Force Base -- US Air Force base near Indian Springs, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Crenshaw Boulevard -- Major street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crescat Boulevard -- Shopping mall in Sri Lanka
Wikipedia - Crevasse splay -- Sediment deposited on a floodplain by a stream which breaks its levees
Wikipedia - Crevasse -- A deep crack, or fracture, in an ice sheet or glacier
Wikipedia - Cris Villanueva -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Critical Assessment of Function Annotation -- Evaluation of bioinformatic predictors of protein function
Wikipedia - Crosby Hall, London -- Medieval London building
Wikipedia - Cross-language information retrieval
Wikipedia - Cross of the Evangelists
Wikipedia - Crusader states -- The four feudal Catholic Christian states created in the Levant by a series of religious wars
Wikipedia - C. S. Lewis -- Christian apologist, novelist, and medievalist
Wikipedia - C. Stephen Evans -- American philosopher
Wikipedia - Cueva Anton -- Cave and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - Cueva de la Pileta -- Cave and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - Cueva de las Manos
Wikipedia - Cueva de las Maravillas National Park -- National park in the Dominican Republic
Wikipedia - Cueva del Indio -- Historic place and cave in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument -- Protected area in Chile
Wikipedia - Cueva de los Casares -- Cave and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - Cueva de Los Indios -- Historic place in Loiza, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cueva de los Murcielagos -- Cave and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - Cueva Fell -- Cave and archaeological site in Patagonia
Wikipedia - Cueva Grande -- Village in Zacatecas, Mexico
Wikipedia - Cueva Lucero -- Historic place and cave in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cuevas de la AraM-CM-1a -- Caves and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - Cuevas Las Cabachuelas -- Cave system in Morovis, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cuevas, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico -- Barrio of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Cueva Ventana -- Cave in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - CureVac -- German bio-pharmaceutical company
Wikipedia - Currant, Nevada -- unincorporated community in Nye County, Nevada, USA
Wikipedia - Curtis Howe Springer -- American radio evangelist
Wikipedia - Custody evaluation -- Legal process of evaluation of custody matters by an appointed professional
Wikipedia - Cyclone Herold -- Devastating tropical cyclone in Madagascar in early 2020
Wikipedia - Dabangg 3 -- Indian action film directed by Prabhu Deva
Wikipedia - Dabke -- Levantine folk dance
Wikipedia - D. A. Carson -- Canadian Reformed evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Dachuna -- Medieval Christian saint
Wikipedia - Daevas
Wikipedia - Daeva -- Demon, ogre or giant from Persian mythology
Wikipedia - Dairy cattle evaluation -- systems for rating dairy cattle
Wikipedia - Daisy Devan -- Singaporean businesswoman
Wikipedia - Dakota Ditcheva -- British Muay Thai practitioner
Wikipedia - Dale Evans -- American actress, singer and writer
Wikipedia - Dallas Harris -- American politician from Nevada
Wikipedia - Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations
Wikipedia - Dalle Molle Institute for Semantic and Cognitive Studies -- Research institute in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Damares Alves -- Brazilian attorney and evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Damaris Evans -- British fashion designer
Wikipedia - Damilola Mike-Bamiloye -- Nigerian film actor, Evangelist(drama), producer, and director
Wikipedia - Damodaran M. Vasudevan
Wikipedia - Damon Evans (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Dana Tuleyeva-Aketayeva -- Kazakhstani chess player
Wikipedia - Dancin' on the Boulevard -- 1997 album by the American band, Alabama
Wikipedia - Dan Flannery -- American actor from Evanston, Illinois
Wikipedia - Daniela Bobeva -- Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister
Wikipedia - Daniela Kadeva -- Bulgarian biathlete
Wikipedia - Daniela Vlaeva -- Bulgarian speed skater
Wikipedia - Daniel Bonevac -- American philosopher
Wikipedia - Daniel Gevargiz -- Iranian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Daniella Evangelista -- Canadian actress and model
Wikipedia - Danielle Valore Evans -- American fiction writer
Wikipedia - Dani Evans -- American fashion model
Wikipedia - DaniM-CM-+l Boissevain -- Dutch actor
Wikipedia - Danny Thomas (musician) -- American musician (13th Floor Elevators, Lightnin' Hopkins), born 1948
Wikipedia - Daria Beklemisheva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Daria Usacheva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Dariga Nazarbayeva -- Kazakhstani politician who is the Chairwoman of the Senate of Kazakhstan
Wikipedia - Dariia Sergaeva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Dario Villanueva -- Spanish literary critic
Wikipedia - Darnhall Abbey -- Medieval English Cistercian Abbey
Wikipedia - Darya Dmitriyeva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Darya Domracheva -- Belarusian biathlete and coach
Wikipedia - Dasha Astafieva -- Ukrainian model
Wikipedia - Data retrieval
Wikipedia - David Cerullo -- American businessman and televangelist
Wikipedia - David C. Evans (paleontologist) -- Canadian palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist
Wikipedia - David C. Evans
Wikipedia - David Devadas -- Indian journalist and author
Wikipedia - David Dumville -- British medievalist and Celtic scholar
Wikipedia - David Evanier -- American author
Wikipedia - David Evans (athlete) -- Australian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - David Evans (disambiguation)
Wikipedia - David Evans (mathematician and engineer) -- Australian mathematician and engineer
Wikipedia - David Evans (political official) -- General Secretary of the Labour Party
Wikipedia - David Evans (RAAF officer) -- Royal Australian Air Force chief
Wikipedia - David Evans (RAF officer) -- British air force officer
Wikipedia - David Evans (sculptor) -- British sculptor
Wikipedia - David Evans (umpire) -- Welsh cricketer and umpire
Wikipedia - David Evans (Victorian politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - David Evans (Western Australian politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - David F. Evans
Wikipedia - David Guevara -- Ecuadorian racewalker
Wikipedia - David Jeremiah -- American Christian evangelist and author
Wikipedia - David Mickey Evans -- American film director and screenwriter
Wikipedia - David of Sasun (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - David Parry-Evans -- British air force commander
Wikipedia - David Pointcheval -- French cryptographer
Wikipedia - David S. Evans -- American economist and business executive
Wikipedia - David Sturtevant Ruder -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - David W. Evans -- American politician
Wikipedia - Davies-Bouldin index -- Metric for evaluating clustering algorithms
Wikipedia - Dean Evan Hart -- American optometrist
Wikipedia - Dean Heller -- Former U.S. Senator from Nevada
Wikipedia - Dearborn Observatory -- Astronomical observatory in Evanston, Illinois
Wikipedia - Dear Evan Hansen (film) -- upcoming film adaptation of the stage musical
Wikipedia - Dear Evan Hansen -- 2016 musical
Wikipedia - Death and Memory in Early Medieval Britain -- Book by Howard Williams
Wikipedia - Death Valley National Park -- US national park located in the California desert bordering Nevada
Wikipedia - Debbie Evans -- American motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Debra Evans -- American writer
Wikipedia - Decatur Boulevard -- Street in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Decision theology -- The belief by some evangelical denominations of Christianity that individuals must make a conscious decision to "accept" and follow Christ
Wikipedia - Declaration of Geneva
Wikipedia - Deevani -- Dominican reggaeton singer
Wikipedia - DEF CON -- Annual hacker gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Wikipedia - Deliver Us from Eva
Wikipedia - Delovoy Tsentr (Bolshaya Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Deluge (history) -- Devastating series of invasions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by foreign powers, especially by the Swedish Empire
Wikipedia - Delyana Dacheva -- Bulgarian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - De mirabilibus urbis Romae -- A medieval guide in Latin to the splendours of Rome
Wikipedia - Demographics of sexual orientation -- Prevalence of different types of sexual orientation
Wikipedia - Demon -- Paranormal being prevalent in religion, occultism, mythology and folklore
Wikipedia - Denis Evans
Wikipedia - Dennis F. Evans
Wikipedia - Dennis Hof's Love Ranch -- Legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada
Wikipedia - Derek Prince -- British evangelical missionary
Wikipedia - Descriptio Cambriae -- Medieval treatise on Wales and its people
Wikipedia - Deserted medieval village -- Former British settlement which was abandoned during the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Desert Hills (Nevada) -- Mountain range
Wikipedia - Desert Inn -- Former hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Desert Research Institute -- Public research institute in Nevada
Wikipedia - Desert Shores (film) -- 2018 film by Michael Stevantoni
Wikipedia - Desiree Liljevall -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Desislava Taneva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Desolation Boulevard -- 1974 album by Sweet
Wikipedia - Destiny Evans -- Fictional character Destiny Evans from One Life to Live
Wikipedia - Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule -- Private school in Giza, Egypt
Wikipedia - Deva (1995 film) -- 1995 film by S. A. Chandrasekhar
Wikipedia - Deva (Buddhism)
Wikipedia - Devachan -- The dwelling of the gods in Theosophy
Wikipedia - DevaCurl -- hair care brand
Wikipedia - Devadarshini -- Indian actress
Wikipedia - Devadas (2018 film) -- 2018 Indian Telugu film directed by Sriram Adittya
Wikipedia - Devadasi
Wikipedia - Devadass Ambrose Mariadoss -- 20th and 21st-century Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Devadasu (1953 film) -- 1953 film by Vedantam Raghavaiah
Wikipedia - Devadasu (2006 film) -- 2006 film by Y. V. S. Chowdary
Wikipedia - Devadas -- 1989 film by Crossbelt Mani
Wikipedia - Devadasy -- 2000 anime OVA about a giant human-piloted robot
Wikipedia - Devadatta -- Buddhist monk
Wikipedia - Devadhar Government Higher Secondary School -- School near Tanur, Malappuram, Kerala, India
Wikipedia - Deva (Hinduism) -- A male celestial being in Hinduism
Wikipedia - Devah Pager -- sociologist
Wikipedia - Deva (Jainism)
Wikipedia - Devaka Fernando -- Sri Lankan physician and academic
Wikipedia - Devaki (2019 film) -- 2019 Kannada crime thriller film
Wikipedia - Devaki Jain -- Indian economist
Wikipedia - Devaki Prasad -- Indian chess player
Wikipedia - Devaki -- Mother of Hindu god/avatar Krishna
Wikipedia - Devakshara Charita -- 1884 Bhojpuri Play by Ramdatta Shukla
Wikipedia - Devala -- Hindu sage
Wikipedia - Deval Devi -- Fourteenth century Yadava princess
Wikipedia - Devale, Mawal -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Devale, Raigad -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Devali -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Deval Patrick -- 71st Governor of Massachusetts
Wikipedia - Devaluation
Wikipedia - Devanagari Braille -- Braille in India and Nepal
Wikipedia - Devanagari transliteration -- Transliteration from DevanagarM-DM-+ to the Latin alphabet
Wikipedia - Devanagari -- Writing script for many Indian and Nepalese languages
Wikipedia - Devanampiya Tissa of Anuradhapura
Wikipedia - Devanampiya Tissa
Wikipedia - Devanand Konwar -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Devan Ekambaram -- Indian film singer
Wikipedia - Devanga -- A Hindu weavers caste
Wikipedia - Devang Vipin Khakhar
Wikipedia - Devan Nair -- Malaysian-Singaporean politician
Wikipedia - DeVante Swing -- American record producer, singer, and songwriter from North Carolina
Wikipedia - Devanthakudu (1960 film) -- 1960 film directed by C. Pullaiah
Wikipedia - Devanthakudu -- 1984 film by S. A. Chandrasekhar
Wikipedia - Deva Pardue -- Irish graphic designer
Wikipedia - Devapur, Vikramgad -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Devaraja -- Cult
Wikipedia - Devaraj-Mohan -- Director duo of Indian film industry
Wikipedia - Devaraj -- Indian film actor
Wikipedia - Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak -- Indian poet, novelist
Wikipedia - Devara Naadalli -- 2016 film
Wikipedia - Deva Raya II
Wikipedia - Devario horai -- Species of fish
Wikipedia - Devario naganensis -- Freshwater fish endemic to India
Wikipedia - Devarishi
Wikipedia - Devarshi Ramanath Shastri
Wikipedia - Devar Smit -- South African politician
Wikipedia - Devasahayam Pillai -- Indian blessed
Wikipedia - Devasena -- Hindu goddess
Wikipedia - Deva Shree Ganesha -- Indian mythological television series
Wikipedia - Devasish Roy -- Bangladeshi politician
Wikipedia - Devastator (comics) -- Marvel comic book characters
Wikipedia - Devata
Wikipedia - Devathaiyai Kanden -- 2005 film by Boopathy Pandian
Wikipedia - Devavrat Shah
Wikipedia - Devayani (actress) -- Indian actress
Wikipedia - Devayani -- Daughter of Shukra, guru of demons
Wikipedia - Devazepide -- Chemical compound
Wikipedia - Devils Hole pupfish -- Rare species of fish native to Nevada, U.S.
Wikipedia - Devora Radeva -- Bulgarian figure skater
Wikipedia - Devos the Devastator
Wikipedia - DezsM-EM-^Q Revai -- Hungarian photographer and photojournalist
Wikipedia - Dharma Devathai -- 1986 film by S. P. Muthuraman
Wikipedia - Dharma Devatha -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - Dheevaanaa -- 2001 Maldivian film by Aslam Rasheed
Wikipedia - Dhevansoora -- 2018 Maldivian film
Wikipedia - Diamond Valley (Nevada) -- Valley basin in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Diana Baieva -- Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Diana Dudeva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Diana Hajiyeva -- Azerbaijani singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Diana Khodjaeva -- Belgian pool player, born 1998
Wikipedia - Diana Kovacheva -- Bulgarian lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Diana Mstieva -- Russian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Diane L. Evans -- Geo-scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wikipedia - Dicentra nevadensis -- Species of flowering plants in the poppy family Papaveraceae
Wikipedia - Diego de Guevara -- Spanish courtier and ambassador
Wikipedia - Diego Fernandez de Cevallos -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Dievas -- Baltic sky-god
Wikipedia - Digital Medievalist
Wikipedia - Dik Evans -- Irish alternative rock guitarist, early U2 member
Wikipedia - Dillegrout -- Medieval capon potage
Wikipedia - Dimitris Paraskevas -- Greek lawyer
Wikipedia - Dina Agisheva -- Belarusian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Dinara Aliyeva -- Azerbaijani operatic soprano
Wikipedia - Dinara Khaziyeva -- Canadian chess player
Wikipedia - Dinara Nurdbayeva -- Uzbekistani ice dancer
Wikipedia - Dinara Rakhimbaeva -- Model and blogger (b. 1995)
Wikipedia - Dina Titus -- U.S. Representative from Nevada
Wikipedia - Dirk Alvermann -- German regional historian, medievalist and archivist
Wikipedia - Disappearance of Steven Koecher -- Unsolved 2009 disappearance of 30 year-old American man, last sighted on CCTV, from Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas
Wikipedia - Disarmed Enemy Forces -- Redesignation of Prisoners of War to avoid Geneva Convention responsibilities
Wikipedia - Discant -- Medieval music style
Wikipedia - Disputation of Barcelona -- Medieval Jewish-Christian debate
Wikipedia - Dispute between Darnhall and Vale Royal Abbey -- English medieval regional feud
Wikipedia - Ditmars Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Division of Evans -- Former Australian federal electoral division
Wikipedia - Divisions of the world in Islam -- Terms denoting regions where Islamic law prevails or denoting non-Islamic lands
Wikipedia - D. James Kennedy -- American pastor, televangelist, and writer
Wikipedia - Doctor of Geneva -- Poem by Wallace Stevens
Wikipedia - Document retrieval
Wikipedia - Dog show judge -- Person who evaluates and awards dogs at a dog show
Wikipedia - Dolce Stil Novo -- Medieval Italian literary movement
Wikipedia - Domenico Canevaro -- Doge of the Republic of Genoa and king of Corsica
Wikipedia - Donald BergagM-CM-%rd -- Swedish singer, accordionist, and evangelist
Wikipedia - Donald Evans -- American businessman
Wikipedia - Don Argue -- American evangelical
Wikipedia - Don Finto -- Figure in the movement among evangelicals to support the evangelism of the Jewish people
Wikipedia - Dongwu Boulevard station -- Wuhan Metro station
Wikipedia - Donna's Ranch -- Legal brothel in Wells, Nevada
Wikipedia - Donner Party -- 19th-century group of American emigrants who became trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Wikipedia - Donner Pass -- mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada above Donner Lake about 9 miles (14 km) west of Truckee, California
Wikipedia - Dora Boneva -- Bulgarian painter
Wikipedia - Dora Dumbuya -- Christian evangelist preacher from Sierra Leonean
Wikipedia - Dorestad -- Medieval emporium in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Doris Kareva -- Estonian poet and translator
Wikipedia - Double-deck elevator -- Elevator with two cabs stacked on top of each other
Wikipedia - Doug Evans (fighter) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Douglas Coe -- American evangelical
Wikipedia - Douglas Devananda -- Sri Lankan politician
Wikipedia - Douglas TBD Devastator -- US Navy carrier-based torpedo bomber in service 1937-1942
Wikipedia - Dove Book -- Medieval Russian religious ballad
Wikipedia - Dover Corporation -- Elevator company
Wikipedia - Draft:Amy Vileva -- American politician
Wikipedia - Draft:Austin Evans (YouTube personality) -- American YouTube personality
Wikipedia - Draft:Bevanfield Films -- Closed U.K. film production company
Wikipedia - Draft:Cheval Marin (creature) -- Creature of Local Belief
Wikipedia - Draft:Eeva Putro -- Finnish actress
Wikipedia - Draft:Evan Arora -- American Engineer
Wikipedia - Draft evasion -- Intentional non-compliance with military conscription
Wikipedia - Draft:Isaac Villanueva -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Draft:Nevada Black Legislative Caucus -- American nonpartisan, Nonprofit organization
Wikipedia - Draft:Poju Oyemade -- Nigerian televangelist
Wikipedia - Draft:Prasad Devarakonada -- Indian Youtuber
Wikipedia - Draft:Rajini Mahadevaiah -- Indian film actress
Wikipedia - Draft:Shooting Star (spacecraft) -- Uncrewed cargo spacecraft developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
Wikipedia - Draft:The Roots of Stone -- Series of epic fantasy novels by Evan W.Deal
Wikipedia - Dragon Hall, Norwich -- Grade-1 listed medieval hall in Norwich, England
Wikipedia - Drainage divide -- Elevated terrain that separates neighbouring drainage basins
Wikipedia - Druze power struggle (1658-1667) -- Tribal disputes during Ottoman rule in the Levant
Wikipedia - Drying -- Removal of water or another solvent by evaporation from a solid, semi-solid or liquid
Wikipedia - Duchy of Austria -- A medieval principality of the Holy Roman Empire, established in 1156 by the Privilegium Minus
Wikipedia - Duchy of Silesia -- Medieval duchy in Poland
Wikipedia - Duke of Normandy -- Medieval ruler of the Duchy of Normandy
Wikipedia - Duke of Spoleto -- Medieval feudal title
Wikipedia - Dunkirk evacuation -- WWII evacuation of Allied forces in May-June 1940
Wikipedia - Dunlap Formation -- Geologic formation in Nevada
Wikipedia - Dunn index -- Metric for evaluating clustering algorithms
Wikipedia - Dun -- Type of ancient or medieval fort in Britain and Ireland
Wikipedia - Durban Review Conference -- 2009 conference held at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Dvin (ancient city) -- Ancient capital of early medieval Armenia.
Wikipedia - Dwayne Evans -- American athlete
Wikipedia - Dwight L. Moody -- American evangelist and publisher
Wikipedia - DWNP -- Radio station in Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Wikipedia - Dylan Evans -- British former academic and author
Wikipedia - Dynamic topography -- Elevation changes caused by the flow within the Earth's mantle
Wikipedia - Dypsis faneva -- species of plant in the family Arecaceae
Wikipedia - Eager evaluation
Wikipedia - Earl Evans (scientist)
Wikipedia - Early medieval European dress -- Overview
Wikipedia - Early Medieval literature
Wikipedia - Early medieval
Wikipedia - Earnest Evans -- 1991 video game
Wikipedia - Easter Everywhere -- 1967 album by the 13th Floor Elevators
Wikipedia - Eastern Parkway -- Boulevard in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - Eaves-drip burial -- The clustering of infant burials next to church foundations at a number of medieval cemeteries in Britain.
Wikipedia - ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians -- Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - Ecole Japonaise ComplM-CM-)mentaire de Geneve -- School Geneva, Switzerland.
Wikipedia - Edgar Evans
Wikipedia - Edir Macedo -- Brazilian evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Edith Evanson -- American actress
Wikipedia - Edmund Evans -- British wood engraver and printer
Wikipedia - Eduardo Nevares -- Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Educated Evans (film) -- 1936 film
Wikipedia - Educational accreditation -- Type of quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated and verified by an external body
Wikipedia - Educational Credential Evaluators -- Nonprofitable organization
Wikipedia - Educational evaluation
Wikipedia - Edward Evans, 1st Baron Mountevans
Wikipedia - Edward Evans-Pritchard
Wikipedia - Edward Payson Evans
Wikipedia - Edward Underhill -- English politician and Protestant evangelical
Wikipedia - Edward Vaughan Bevan
Wikipedia - E. E. Evans-Pritchard
Wikipedia - Eeva-Johanna Eloranta -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Eeva-Kaarina Volanen -- Finnish actress
Wikipedia - Eeva Kalli -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Eeva-Kristiina Forsman -- Finnish diplomat
Wikipedia - Eevamaria Porthan-Broddell -- Finnish equestrian
Wikipedia - Eevamari RauhamM-CM-$ki -- Finnish biathlete
Wikipedia - Eeva Park -- Estonian writer
Wikipedia - Efficiently updatable neural network -- A neural network based evaluation function
Wikipedia - Egidius de Francia -- Medieval French music theorist
Wikipedia - Egon Boshof -- German medievalist
Wikipedia - Eia -- Former Medieval manor in Middlesex, England
Wikipedia - Eileen Evans -- British graphic designer
Wikipedia - Ekasarana Dharma -- A Vaishanvite religion propagated by Srimanta Sankardeva in the 15th-16th century in the Indian state of Assam
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Andreeva (arachnologist) -- Uzbek arachnologist
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Andreeva (journalist) -- Russian journalist and actress
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Beliaeva -- Russian diver
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Bushueva -- Russian draughts player
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Genieva -- Russian librarian
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Goltseva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Iourieva -- Russian biathlete
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Karabasheva -- Bulgarian writer
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Kozireva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Rubleva -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Selezneva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Vedeneeva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ekaterina Zakharieva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Elachista nevadella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Elachista nevadensis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Elaine Sturtevant -- American artist
Wikipedia - El Cajon Boulevard -- Major thoroughfare through San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon, California and called "The Boulevard"
Wikipedia - El Cerro de Andevalo -- Town and municipality of Spain
Wikipedia - El Cortez (Las Vegas) -- Hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Eldorado Resort Casino -- Hotel and casino located in Downtown Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Elease Evans -- American Democratic Party politician
Wikipedia - Electromyography -- Electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles
Wikipedia - Elena Alexieva -- Bulgarian writer
Wikipedia - Elena Bineva -- Bulgarian group rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Elena Boeva -- Bulgarian model and actress based in New York, USA
Wikipedia - Elena Boldyreva -- Russian chemist
Wikipedia - Elena Efaieva -- Russian former pair skater
Wikipedia - Elena Georgieva (gymnast) -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Elena Georgieva -- Bulgarian linguist
Wikipedia - Elena Grosheva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Elena Korosteleva -- Political Scientist
Wikipedia - Elena Pingacheva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Elena Sidneva -- Russian dressage rider
Wikipedia - Elena V. Pitjeva -- Russian astronomer
Wikipedia - Elena Yoncheva -- Bulgarian journalist
Wikipedia - Elene Gedevanishvili -- Georgian figure skater
Wikipedia - Elevala River -- river in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - El evangelio de las maravillas -- 1998 film
Wikipedia - Elevated railway -- rapid transit railway with the tracks above street level
Wikipedia - Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling -- American cycling team
Wikipedia - Elevation 2001: Live from Boston -- 2001 concert video by U2
Wikipedia - Elevational diversity gradient -- Ecological pattern in which biodiversity changes with elevation
Wikipedia - Elevation (cannabis shop) -- Store in Kamilche, Washington
Wikipedia - Elevation (emotion)
Wikipedia - Elevation (liturgy)
Wikipedia - Elevation of the Holy Cross
Wikipedia - Elevation Partners
Wikipedia - Elevation (Pharoah Sanders album) -- Live album by Pharoah Sanders
Wikipedia - Elevation Pictures
Wikipedia - Elevation Tour -- Concert tour by U2 in 2001
Wikipedia - Elevation -- Height of a geographic location above a fixed reference point
Wikipedia - Elevator Action Old & New -- 2002 video game
Wikipedia - Elevator Action -- 1983 arcade game
Wikipedia - Elevator (aeronautics)
Wikipedia - Elevator (dental) -- Dental instrument
Wikipedia - Elevator (Flo Rida song) -- 2008 Single by Flo Rida featuring Timbaland
Wikipedia - Elevatorgate
Wikipedia - Elevator mechanic
Wikipedia - Elevator pitch
Wikipedia - Elevator surfing -- Activity involving riding on top of elevators
Wikipedia - Elevator to the Gallows -- 1958 film by Louis Malle
Wikipedia - Elevator -- Vertical transport device
Wikipedia - Elfin of Warrington -- Medieval Christian saint
Wikipedia - Eliana Cuevas -- Canadian jazz singer
Wikipedia - Elias Villanueva -- Argentine politician
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Baulacre -- Genevan businessperson
Wikipedia - Elisaveta Mileva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Elisheva Bikhovski -- 20th-century Russian writer
Wikipedia - Elisheva Ester Rishon -- Jewish fashion designer
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Eames -- English archaeologist and expert on medieval tiles
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Eva Leach -- British musicologist and music theorist
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Evatt -- Australian judge
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Glendower Evans -- Social reformer and suffragist
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Koleva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Elizabeth M. Tyler -- Professor of Medieval Literature
Wikipedia - Elizaveta I. Gnevusheva -- Soviet historian and orientalist
Wikipedia - Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Elizaveta Koteneva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Elizaveta Shanaeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Elizaveta Tuktamysheva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Elko, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Ella Guevara -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Ella Me Levanto -- 2007 song performed by Daddy Yankee
Wikipedia - Elle Evans -- American model and actress
Wikipedia - Elli Evangelidou -- Cypriot shot putter
Wikipedia - Ellina Grigorieva -- Russian mathematician and mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Elmira Moldasheva -- Kazakhstani ski-orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Eloina Echevarria -- Cuban athlete
Wikipedia - Else Roesdahl -- Danish medievalist, archaeologist, author and educator
Wikipedia - Elvira Cuevas -- Puerto Rican ecologist
Wikipedia - Elvira Shatayeva -- Russian mountain climber
Wikipedia - Ely, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Emanuel Guevara -- Argentine bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Embers of War -- 2012 book by Fredrik Logevall
Wikipedia - Emergency evacuation -- The urgent removal of people from an area of imminent or ongoing threat
Wikipedia - Emesene dynasty -- Roman client kingdom based in the Levant
Wikipedia - Emilia Dragieva -- Bulgarian former track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Emilio Echevarria -- Mexican actor
Wikipedia - Emiliya Vacheva -- Bulgarian judoka
Wikipedia - Emmanuel Evans-Anfom -- Vice Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Wikipedia - Empis nevadensis -- Species of fly
Wikipedia - Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer of the American Century -- Book by G. Pascal Zachary
Wikipedia - English medieval clothing -- Costume of the period 500-1500 in England
Wikipedia - En habit de cheval -- 1911 suite for two pianos and orchestral work by Erik Satie
Wikipedia - En Jeevan Paduthu -- 1988 film by R. Sundarrajan
Wikipedia - Enric Casadevall Medrano -- Andorran politician
Wikipedia - Enrico Decleva -- Italian historian
Wikipedia - Enrique Chevalier -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Enrique Villanueva -- Municipality of the Philippines in the province of Siquijor
Wikipedia - Environmental indicator -- Measure used to evaluate environmental change
Wikipedia - Epidemiology of syphilis -- Eradication efforts and prevalence of syphilis
Wikipedia - Epilobium nevadense -- species of flowering plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae
Wikipedia - Epipalaeolithic -- Period in Levantine history
Wikipedia - Erica evansii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Eric Evans (canoeist) -- American slalom canoeist
Wikipedia - Eric Sevareid -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Erik Lavevaz -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Ermine Street -- Ancient trackway, one of the "Four Highways" of medieval England
Wikipedia - Ernest Angley -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Ernesto "Che" Guevara
Wikipedia - Ernesto Guevara
Wikipedia - E. R. Sahadevan -- Indian Actor
Wikipedia - Escape and evasion map -- Maps made for soldiers caught behind enemy lines
Wikipedia - Escape pod -- Capsule or craft used to evacuate base or vehicle in case of emergency
Wikipedia - Espringale -- Medieval dance
Wikipedia - Estampie -- Medieval dance and musical form
Wikipedia - Estelle Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Estevan Bruins -- Ice hockey team in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wikipedia - Estevan Payan -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church -- Protestant-oriented Christian denomination in Estonia
Wikipedia - ET3 Global Alliance -- Consortium of licensees dedicated to global implementation of Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies
Wikipedia - Ethan M. Shevach -- American immunologist
Wikipedia - Eugenia Kumacheva
Wikipedia - Eupithecia evacuata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eupithecia levata -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - European Conference on Information Retrieval
Wikipedia - European Summer School in Information Retrieval
Wikipedia - Euryops evansii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Eva (1948 film) -- 1948 film
Wikipedia - Eva (1958 film) -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - Eva (2018 film) -- 2017 film
Wikipedia - Eva Aariak -- Canadian Inuk politician
Wikipedia - Eva Acke -- Swedish painter
Wikipedia - Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs -- German astronomer
Wikipedia - Eva Ahuja -- Indian Hindi actress from Mumbai
Wikipedia - EVA Air -- Taiwanese airline based at Taoyuan International Airport
Wikipedia - Eva Alordiah -- Nigerian singer
Wikipedia - Eva Amador Guillen -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Amurri -- American film and television actress
Wikipedia - Eva Andersson (curler) -- Swedish female curler
Wikipedia - Eva Ander -- German classical women pianist
Wikipedia - Eva Andrei
Wikipedia - Eva and the Grasshopper -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Eva Angelina -- American pornographic actress and real estate agent
Wikipedia - Eva Anttila -- Finnish painter and textile artist (1894-1993)
Wikipedia - Eva, Arcadia -- Greek archaeological location
Wikipedia - Eva Arnaz -- Indonesian film actress
Wikipedia - Eva Aschoff -- German visual artist
Wikipedia - Eva Asderaki -- Greek tennis umpire
Wikipedia - Eva Askquith -- British motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Eva Avila -- Canadian reality TV participant
Wikipedia - Eva Bartlett -- Canadian activist and blogger
Wikipedia - Eva Bartok -- Hungarian-British actress
Wikipedia - Eva Bayer-Fluckiger
Wikipedia - Eva Beatrice Dykes -- American academic
Wikipedia - Eva Bella -- American child actress and voice actress
Wikipedia - Eva Bendix Petersen
Wikipedia - Eva Benson -- Australian artist
Wikipedia - Eva Berna -- Czech Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Eva Bexell -- Swedish author of children's books
Wikipedia - Eva Biaudet -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Billow -- Swedish illustrator, cartoonist and children's writer
Wikipedia - Eva Birkeland -- Norwegian civil servant
Wikipedia - Eva Birthistle -- Irish actress and writer
Wikipedia - Eva BissM-CM-)ni -- French judoka
Wikipedia - Eva Bjoreng -- Norwegian trade unionist
Wikipedia - Eva Bjorklund -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Bonnier -- Swedish painter and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Eva Bosakova -- Czech gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Botond -- Hungarian figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Bourke -- Irish poet
Wikipedia - Eva Braak -- German anatomist
Wikipedia - Eva Brann
Wikipedia - Eva Braun -- Longtime companion and later wife of Adolf Hitler
Wikipedia - Eva Brezalieva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Briegel -- German singer
Wikipedia - Evabritt Strandberg -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Bugge -- Norwegian diplomat
Wikipedia - Eva Buhrich -- German architect and writer
Wikipedia - Eva Bulling-Schroter -- German politician
Wikipedia - Eva Calvo (taekwondo) -- Spanish taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Eva Carneiro -- Gibraltar-born British sports medicine specialist
Wikipedia - Eva Carter Buckner -- African-American suffragist (b. 1861, d. 1946)
Wikipedia - Eva Cassidy -- American singer (1963-1996)
Wikipedia - Eva Castellanoz -- Mexican-American artist and writer
Wikipedia - Eva Castillo -- Filipino musician
Wikipedia - Eva Celia -- Indonesian actress and singer
Wikipedia - Eva Chamberlain -- Daughter of Richard Wagner and Cosima Liszt
Wikipedia - Eva Chen (editor) -- Fashion editor and childrenM-bM-^@M-^Ys book author
Wikipedia - Eva Christian -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva Collins -- Female snooker and billiards player
Wikipedia - Eva Contreras Sandoval -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Eva Copa -- Bolivian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Crane
Wikipedia - Eva Csernoviczki -- Hungarian judoka
Wikipedia - Evacuate the Dancefloor (song) -- 2009 single by Cascada
Wikipedia - Evacuation Day (New York) -- Commemorates the evacuation of British forces from New York in 1783 and Washington's triumphal return
Wikipedia - Evacuation Day (Syria) -- Public holiday in Syria
Wikipedia - Evacuation of civilians from the Channel Islands in 1940 -- Partial evacuation of British dependencies during WWII
Wikipedia - Evacuation plan
Wikipedia - Evacuation plan -- Evacuation plan
Wikipedia - Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II
Wikipedia - Evacuations related to the COVID-19 pandemic -- COVID-19 evacuation timeline
Wikipedia - Eva Dahlbeck -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Dahlgren -- Swedish pop musician
Wikipedia - Eva Dahr -- Norwegian film director, playwright, and producer (1958-2019)
Wikipedia - Eva Darren -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Eva De Dominici -- Argentinian model and actress (born 1995)
Wikipedia - Eva Dedova -- Kazakh and Turkish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Demmerle -- German historian and writer
Wikipedia - Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch
Wikipedia - Eva Diaz Tezanos -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Diego Cruz -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Eva Dillner -- Swedish author
Wikipedia - Eva Dimas -- Salvadoran weightlifter
Wikipedia - Eva Dogg SM-CM-&mundsdottir -- Icelandic figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Dollinger -- Austrian triathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Donusz -- Hungarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Dorrepaal -- Dutch actress
Wikipedia - Eva Dugan -- American murderer
Wikipedia - Eva Ekeblad -- Swedish scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Ekvall -- Venezuelan TV news anchor, author, breast cancer advocate, fashion model, and former Miss Venezuela
Wikipedia - Eva Emery Dye -- American writer, historian, suffragist
Wikipedia - Eva Encinias-Sandoval -- American flamenco dancer and choreographer
Wikipedia - Eva Engvall -- Swedish scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Eugenio -- Filipina singer
Wikipedia - Eva Farkas (speed skater) -- Hungarian speed skater
Wikipedia - Eva Farkas -- Hungarian artist
Wikipedia - Eva Feder Kittay
Wikipedia - Eva Feldman -- American neurologist
Wikipedia - Eva Figes
Wikipedia - Eva Fleischer -- German opera singer
Wikipedia - Eva Flyborg -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Fogelman -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Eva Foldes -- Hungarian writer
Wikipedia - Eva Fontaine -- English actress
Wikipedia - Eva Forian -- Hungarian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Eva Frankfurther -- German-born British artist
Wikipedia - Eva Frommer -- Consultant child psychiatrist
Wikipedia - Eva Gabor -- Hungarian-American actress and businesswoman
Wikipedia - Eva Galvache -- Spanish journalist
Wikipedia - Eva Garcia Sempere -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Gerlach -- Dutch poet
Wikipedia - Eva Germaine Rimington Taylor -- English geographer and historian of science
Wikipedia - Eva Giganti -- Italian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Evagjelia Veli -- Albanian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek -- Austrian politician
Wikipedia - Eva GoM-CM-+s -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Gomez -- Chilean journalist and TV Presenter
Wikipedia - Eva Gonzales -- French painter
Wikipedia - Evagoras I -- Phoenician king of ancient Salamis on Cyprus
Wikipedia - Eva Gore-Booth -- Irish writer and activist (1870-1926)
Wikipedia - Eva Gottwein -- Virologists
Wikipedia - Eva Gram Schjoldager -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Granitz -- Hungarian judoka
Wikipedia - Eva Grebel -- German astronomer
Wikipedia - Eva Green -- French actress
Wikipedia - Eva Grimaldi -- Italian actress and model
Wikipedia - Evagrius of Antioch
Wikipedia - Evagrius of Constantinople
Wikipedia - Evagrius Ponticus -- Christian monk
Wikipedia - Evagrius Scholasticus
Wikipedia - Eva GroM-EM->ajova -- Figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva G. T. Green -- Political scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Gurrola -- Mexican weightlifter
Wikipedia - Eva Gustavson -- Norwegian opera singer
Wikipedia - Eva Gutowski -- American YouTuber
Wikipedia - Eva Habermann -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva Hadashi -- Ukrainian scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Hakova -- Czech biathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Haljecka Petkovic -- Serbian gynecologist, activist
Wikipedia - Eva Harris -- American virologist
Wikipedia - Eva Harth -- Chemist
Wikipedia - Eva Hartog Skorobogatova -- Dutch journalist
Wikipedia - Eva Hart -- survivor of the Titanic sinking
Wikipedia - Eva Heir -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Henning -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Henrietta Hamilton -- Irish artist
Wikipedia - Eva Hesse -- German-born American sculptor and textile artist (1936-1970)
Wikipedia - Eva Hevia -- Professor of Organometallic Chemistry
Wikipedia - Eva Hogl -- German politician
Wikipedia - Eva Holubova -- Czech actress
Wikipedia - Eva Horakova (dancer) -- Slovak dancer
Wikipedia - Eva Hovenkamp -- Dutch athlete
Wikipedia - Eva Ibbotson -- British children's writer
Wikipedia - Eva in Silk -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - Eva Irgl -- Slovenian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Isanta -- Spanish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Jablonka
Wikipedia - Eva Janikovszky -- Hungarian writer
Wikipedia - Eva Jellett -- Irish doctor
Wikipedia - Eva J. Neer
Wikipedia - Eva Johnsson -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Joo -- Hungarian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Eva Josefikova -- Czech actress
Wikipedia - Eva Jouan -- French poet
Wikipedia - Eva J. Pell -- American scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Jurenikova -- Czech orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Eva Kacanu -- Czech Republic Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Eva Kahana -- American sociologist
Wikipedia - Eva Kail -- Austrian urban planner
Wikipedia - Eva Kallin -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Karakas -- Hungarian chess player
Wikipedia - Eva Karel -- Swiss canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Karin Oscarsson-Gothberg -- Swedish equestrian
Wikipedia - Eva Kerbler -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Eva Kittay
Wikipedia - Eva Kjer Hansen -- Danish politician
Wikipedia - Eva K. Lee -- American operations researcher
Wikipedia - Eva Klein -- Hungarian-Swedish biologist
Wikipedia - Eva KlepaM-DM-^Mova -- Czech actress
Wikipedia - Eva Koch -- Danish sculptor
Wikipedia - Eva Kohler -- Wife of German President
Wikipedia - Eva Kolinska -- Czechoslovak canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Kolstad -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Konrad Hawkins -- American scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Kotthaus -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva Kreienkamp -- German manager
Wikipedia - Eva Kreisky -- Austrian political scientist and jurist
Wikipedia - Eva Kristin Hansen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Kristinova -- Slovak actress
Wikipedia - Eva Kurti -- Hungarian athlete
Wikipedia - Eva Kushner -- Canadian scholar
Wikipedia - Eva Kusuma Sundari -- Indonesian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Lake -- Lake in Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - Eva Laky -- Hungarian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - Evald Aav -- Estonian composer and choirmaster.
Wikipedia - Evaldas KandrataviM-DM-^Mius -- Lithuanian athletic trainer
Wikipedia - Evaldas Sodeika -- Lithuanian dancer
Wikipedia - Evald Gering -- Canadian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Evald Ilyenkov
Wikipedia - Evald M-CM-^DM-CM-$rma -- Estonian pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Evaldo Gouveia -- Brazilian singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Evald Schorm -- Czech theatre director
Wikipedia - Evald Segerstrom -- Swedish racewalker
Wikipedia - Evald Vassilievich Ilyenkov
Wikipedia - Eva Lee Kuney -- American child actress, dancer, and draftswoman
Wikipedia - Eva-Lena Jansson -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Lian -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Likova -- American operatic soprano
Wikipedia - Eva Lim -- Dutch figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Lindner -- Hungarian figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Lindsten -- Swedish equestrian
Wikipedia - Eva Lindstrom -- Swedish illustrator and writer
Wikipedia - Eva-Lis Wuorio -- Finnish-Canadian children's writer
Wikipedia - Evalljapyx bolivari -- Species of forcepstail
Wikipedia - Eva Lobau -- Austrian film and television actress
Wikipedia - Eva Longoria -- American actress
Wikipedia - Eva-Lotta Kiibus -- Estonian figure skater
Wikipedia - Evaluating a Large Group Awareness Training
Wikipedia - Evaluation Assurance Level
Wikipedia - Evaluation function
Wikipedia - Evaluation measures (information retrieval)
Wikipedia - Evaluation of machine translation
Wikipedia - Evaluation strategy
Wikipedia - Evaluation -- A systematic determination of a subject's merit, worth and significance,
Wikipedia - Evaluation (workplace)
Wikipedia - Evaluator
Wikipedia - Evalue people -- Ethnic group in Ghana and Ivory Coast
Wikipedia - EValue -- Fintech company
Wikipedia - Evaluna Montaner -- Venezuelan singer music director and actress
Wikipedia - Eva Lund -- Swedish curler and Olympic gold medalist
Wikipedia - Eval
Wikipedia - Evalyn Knapp -- Actress
Wikipedia - Evalyn Walsh McLean -- American heiress
Wikipedia - Eva Machuca -- Mexican racewalker
Wikipedia - Eva Madsen -- Denmark's first female mayor
Wikipedia - Eva Mae Fleming Scott
Wikipedia - Eva Magala -- Ugandan golfer
Wikipedia - Eva Mameli -- Italian botanist (1886-1978)
Wikipedia - Eva Marcille -- American actress, TV host and fashion model
Wikipedia - Eva MareM-DM-^Mkova -- Slovak gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Margareta Frlich
Wikipedia - Evamaria Bath -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Buch -- German resistance fighter
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Feichtner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Fitze -- German figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Graefe -- German mathematical physicist
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Hagen -- German actress and singer
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Houben -- German composer, organist, pianist, and musicologist
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Mandelkow -- German Alzheimer's researcher
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Neher -- German chemist
Wikipedia - Eva Maria Pracht -- Canadian equestrian
Wikipedia - Eva-Mari Aro -- Finnish biologist
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Schimak -- Austrian sailor
Wikipedia - Eva-Maria Wernicke -- German luger
Wikipedia - Eva Marie Ditan -- Filipino taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Evamarie Hey-Hawkins -- German inorganic chemist and professor
Wikipedia - Eva Marie Saint -- American actress
Wikipedia - Eva Marion -- French canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Matsuzaki -- Lativan-born Canadian architect
Wikipedia - Eva Mattes -- German-Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Eva Matthews Sanford -- American classical philologist (1894-1954)
Wikipedia - Eva Maydell -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Eva May -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Eva McKee -- Irish craftswoman and designer
Wikipedia - Eva M-CM-^Ekesson -- Swedish chemist
Wikipedia - Eva M-CM-^Svari -- Hungarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva M-CM-^VrkM-CM-)nyi -- Hungarian actress
Wikipedia - Eva Melander -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva M-EM-^Xihova -- Czech canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Mendes -- American actress
Wikipedia - Eva Mends -- Ghanaian economist
Wikipedia - Eva Milic -- Australian journalist
Wikipedia - Eva Miranda -- Spanish mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva M. Nielsen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Moberg (orienteer) -- Swedish orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Eva Moltesen -- Finnish-Danish writer and peace activist
Wikipedia - Eva Moore -- English actress
Wikipedia - Eva Moser -- Austrian chess player
Wikipedia - Eva Mozes Kor -- Holocaust survivor
Wikipedia - Eva Mroczek -- American scholar
Wikipedia - Eva Mudocci -- English violinist (1872-1953)
Wikipedia - Eva Murati -- Albanian actress and TV host
Wikipedia - Evan A. Baker -- American opera historian
Wikipedia - Evan Adams -- Actor, playwright, medical doctor
Wikipedia - Evan A. Davis -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Evan Adermann -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Evan Alex Cole -- American actor
Wikipedia - Eva Naranjo -- Spanish martial artist
Wikipedia - Evan Bacon -- American artist and child prodigy
Wikipedia - Evan Bass -- American television personality
Wikipedia - Evan Bates -- American ice dancer
Wikipedia - Evan Bayh 2008 presidential campaign -- 2008 presidential campaign of Evan Bayh
Wikipedia - Evan Bayh -- 46th Governor of Indiana, former United States Senator from Indiana
Wikipedia - Evan Bernard -- American music video director
Wikipedia - Evan Bird -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Evan Brandt -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Evan Buliung -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Evan Carlson -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Evan Centopani -- American professional bodybuilder
Wikipedia - Evan Charney -- American political scientist
Wikipedia - Evan C. Kim -- American Actor, and Screenplay Writer
Wikipedia - Evan Cohen -- South African-born Israeli linguist
Wikipedia - Evan Copley -- American academic and musician
Wikipedia - Evan Crooks -- American actor
Wikipedia - Evan Daugherty -- Screenwriter, director, Editor
Wikipedia - Evan Davis -- British economist, journalist and presenter
Wikipedia - Evander Berry Wall -- American socialite
Wikipedia - Evander Bradley McGilvary
Wikipedia - Evander Holyfield vs. Adilson Rodrigues -- Boxing match
Wikipedia - Evander Holyfield vs. Rickey Parkey -- Boxing match
Wikipedia - Evander of Pallantium -- Mythical character of Greek and Roman mythology, king of Pallantium
Wikipedia - Evander of Pallene
Wikipedia - Evander (philosopher)
Wikipedia - Evan Dobelle -- American public official and college administrator
Wikipedia - Evan Douglis -- American architect
Wikipedia - Evandro Affonso Ferreira -- Brazilian writer
Wikipedia - Evandro Agazzi -- Italian philosopher
Wikipedia - Evandro Chagas
Wikipedia - Evandro Soldati -- Brazilian model
Wikipedia - Evan Dunfee -- Canadian race walker and Olympian
Wikipedia - Evan Dunham -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Eva Neer -- American biochemist
Wikipedia - Evanescence -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Evanescent (dermatology) -- Form of skin lesion
Wikipedia - Evan Evans (film composer) -- American film score composer
Wikipedia - Evan Evans (racing driver) -- American professional off-road racer
Wikipedia - Evan Fallenberg -- American-born writer residing in Israel
Wikipedia - Evan Fraser of Balconie -- British Army officer
Wikipedia - Evangelia Andreadaki -- Greek actress
Wikipedia - Evangelia Aravani -- Greek fashion model and tv presenter
Wikipedia - Evangelia Christodoulou -- Greek rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Evangelia Psarra -- Greek archer
Wikipedia - Evangeliary
Wikipedia - Evangelia Sotiriou -- Greek rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Evangelia Tzampazi -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelia Xinou -- Greek race walker
Wikipedia - Evangelical Alliance -- British evangelical Christian organisation
Wikipedia - Evangelical Anglicanism -- Tradition within Anglicanism
Wikipedia - Evangelical Association of the Israelite Mission of the New Universal Covenant -- Religious organization in Peru
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland
Wikipedia - Evangelical Baptist Church of the Central African Republic -- Baptist Christian denomination in the CAR
Wikipedia - Evangelical Catholic
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church in Germany -- Group of churches in Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile)
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Hesse Electorate-Waldeck -- Church in Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Maraland -- Christian denomination in India
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Uruguay in Uruguay
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Westphalia
Wikipedia - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability -- American financial standards association representing evangelical Christian organizations and churches
Wikipedia - Evangelical counsels -- Chastity, poverty (perfect charity) and obedience
Wikipedia - Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee -- Folk high school in Kitee, Finland
Wikipedia - Evangelical Heritage Version -- Translation of the Bible
Wikipedia - Evangelicalism in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Evangelicalism -- Protestant Christian movement
Wikipedia - Evangelical Library -- Library in North London with research collections for Christian theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America -- Largest Lutheran denomination in the United States
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname -- Religious denomination
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden -- Confessional Lutheran denomination in Sweden
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wrttemberg
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wurttemberg -- protestant church of Wurttemberg, Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church of England
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saxony
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America -- Christian denomination in the United States
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary -- Prayer book by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book -- 1912 Lutheran Hymnal
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Worship -- 2006 Lutheran hymnal used by the ELCA
Wikipedia - Evangelical Methodist Church in Argentina
Wikipedia - Evangelical Methodist Church in the Philippine Islands
Wikipedia - Evangelical Orthodox Church
Wikipedia - Evangelical Presbyterian Church (United States) -- Protestant Reformed Evangelical church body
Wikipedia - Evangelical Press
Wikipedia - Evangelical Quarterly
Wikipedia - Evangelical revival
Wikipedia - Evangelical School for the Deaf -- School located in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminaries of Maulbronn and Blaubeuren
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico -- Private mainline Protestant seminary in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminary -- Graduate school and interdenominational seminary
Wikipedia - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
Wikipedia - Evangelicals
Wikipedia - Evangelical theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical United Brethren Church
Wikipedia - Evangelical
Wikipedia - Evangelii gaudium
Wikipedia - Evangelii nuntiandi
Wikipedia - Evangelina Carrozzo -- Argentine model, beauty queen and dancer
Wikipedia - Evangelina Oyo Ebule -- Equatorial Guinean politician
Wikipedia - Evangelina Perez Zaragoza -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1874 musical)
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1913 film)
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1919 film) -- 1919 film by Raoul Walsh
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1929 film) -- 1929 film by Edwin Carewe
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1999 musical)
Wikipedia - Evangeline Adams
Wikipedia - Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar -- Indian theologian
Wikipedia - Evangeline (band) -- American country band
Wikipedia - Evangeline Barongo -- Ugandan author of children's literature
Wikipedia - Evangeline Beechler -- American politician
Wikipedia - Evangeline Booth -- British General of the Salvation Army
Wikipedia - Evangeline Downs -- Casino in Louisiana
Wikipedia - Evangeline Lilly -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh -- Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh(1876-1954)
Wikipedia - Evangeline Pascual -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline Russell -- American actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline (song) -- 1993 single by the Cocteau Twins
Wikipedia - Evangeline Walton
Wikipedia - Evangeline -- Epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Wikipedia - Evangeline Wiles -- Nigerian entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone -- 2007 Japanese animated science fiction film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance -- 2009 Japanese animated film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time -- Japanese animated science fiction film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo -- 2012 Japanese animated film directed by Mahiro Maeda, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masayuki and Hideaki Anno
Wikipedia - Evangelion (mecha) -- Fictional cyborgs in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Evangelische Omroep -- Dutch broadcasting association
Wikipedia - Evangelischer Buchpreis -- German literary award
Wikipedia - Evangelisches Gesangbuch -- Current hymnal of German-language congregations in Germany, Alsace and Lorraine, Austria, and Luxembourg
Wikipedia - Evangelism Explosion -- Christian organization
Wikipedia - Evangelism marketing
Wikipedia - Evangelismos Hospital -- Hospital in Athens, Greece
Wikipedia - Evangelism
Wikipedia - Evangelista da Pian di Meleto -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Evangelistary
Wikipedia - Evangelista Santos -- Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Evangelista Torricelli
Wikipedia - Evangelist portrait
Wikipedia - Evangelist symbols
Wikipedia - Evangelium Vitae
Wikipedia - Evangelium vitae
Wikipedia - Evangelization
Wikipedia - Evangelos Apostolakis -- Greek naval officer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Apostolou -- Greek Syriza politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Averoff -- Greek politician and author
Wikipedia - Evangelos Basiakos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Cheimonas -- Greek sailor
Wikipedia - Evangelos Damaskos -- Greek pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Evangelos Goussis -- Australian boxer, kickboxer and murderer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Liogris -- Greek sport shooter
Wikipedia - Evangelos Menexis -- Greek weightlifter
Wikipedia - Evangelos S. Eleftheriou -- Greek electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Venizelos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Yannopoulos -- Greek politician and lawyer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Zappas -- Greek philanthropist
Wikipedia - Evangelou v McNicol -- English legal case
Wikipedia - Evangel Theological Seminary -- Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine
Wikipedia - Evan Goldberg -- Canadian screenwriter
Wikipedia - Evan Gorga -- Italian opera singer 1865-1957
Wikipedia - Evan Graham Turbott
Wikipedia - Eva Ngui -- Spanish Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Evan Handler -- US actor
Wikipedia - Evan Harris Walker
Wikipedia - Evan Harris -- British Liberal Democrat politician
Wikipedia - Evan Henry Llewellyn -- British politician
Wikipedia - Evan Hill -- American journalist and academic
Wikipedia - Evan Holloway -- American artist
Wikipedia - Evan Hurwitz
Wikipedia - Evan Jackson Leong -- Documentary filmmaker
Wikipedia - Eva Njenga -- Kenyan physician
Wikipedia - Evan Jenkins (politician) -- American judge and politician
Wikipedia - Evan John Jones (witch)
Wikipedia - Evan Jones (musician) -- Australian musician
Wikipedia - Evan Karagias -- American professional wrestler and actor
Wikipedia - Evan Kuhlman -- American writer
Wikipedia - Evan Lilly -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Evan Lloyd (MP) -- 16th--century Welsh politician
Wikipedia - Evan Lorne -- Fictional character from the Stargate universe
Wikipedia - Evan Luard -- British politician
Wikipedia - Evan Lysacek -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Evan MacGregor -- MacGregor, Sir Evan (1842-1926), Admiralty official
Wikipedia - Evan Maurice Wolfe -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Evan Ma -- Canadian singer, rapper and actor
Wikipedia - Evan McCaskey -- American metal guitarist of the 1980s
Wikipedia - Evan McMullin -- American political candidate
Wikipedia - Evan Mecham -- American politician
Wikipedia - Evan, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar
Wikipedia - Evan Murray-Macgregor -- Scottish colonial administrator and senior British army officer
Wikipedia - Evanna Lynch -- Irish actress, voice actress, narrator, podcast host and vegan activist
Wikipedia - Evan Nepean -- British Naval officer and administrator
Wikipedia - Eva Noblezada -- American singer and actress
Wikipedia - Evan O'Dorney -- Scripps National Spelling Bee winner
Wikipedia - Eva Noer Kondrup -- Danish classical composer
Wikipedia - Eva Nogales
Wikipedia - Evan O'Hanlon -- Australian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Evan Olson -- American musician
Wikipedia - Evan O'Neill Kane -- American surgeon
Wikipedia - Eva Nordmark -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Norvind -- Mexican actress, writer and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Eva Novak -- American actress
Wikipedia - Eva Nova -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Evan Peters -- American actor
Wikipedia - Evan Prodromou -- American software developer and open source advocate
Wikipedia - Evan Pugh
Wikipedia - Evan "Funk" Davies -- American radio DJ
Wikipedia - Evan Rachel Wood -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Evan Roberts (radio personality) -- American sports radio personality (born 1983)
Wikipedia - Evan Roderick -- Canadian actor
Wikipedia - Evan Roth -- American artist
Wikipedia - Evan Ryan -- American public servant
Wikipedia - Evans Akula -- Kenyan politician
Wikipedia - Evans and Sutherland
Wikipedia - Evans blue
Wikipedia - Evans Brothers Ltd -- British publishing house
Wikipedia - Evans Chan -- Hong Kong film director
Wikipedia - Evans Creek (Rogue River tributary) -- A Tributary in US
Wikipedia - Evans Diamond
Wikipedia - Evan Seinfeld -- American actor and musician (born 1965)
Wikipedia - Evans Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Evans Hall (UC Berkeley) -- Building at the University of California, Berkeley, United States
Wikipedia - Evans Hayward
Wikipedia - Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome -- Airport in Australia
Wikipedia - Evans Head, New South Wales -- Seaside village in New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - Evan Shefflin -- Irish hurler
Wikipedia - Evan Shelby -- Colonial-era American General
Wikipedia - Evan Shinners -- American musician
Wikipedia - Evans Hunter -- Actor
Wikipedia - Evan Simpson -- American politician
Wikipedia - Evans Mukasa -- Anglican bishop that serves in uganda
Wikipedia - Evans, Novak, Hunt > Shields
Wikipedia - Evan Solomon -- Canadian columnist, political journalist and radio host
Wikipedia - Evan Spiegel -- American businessman, co-founder and CEO of Snap Inc.
Wikipedia - Evans Quartet -- Barbershop quartet
Wikipedia - Evans (surname) -- Family name
Wikipedia - Evans > Sutherland ES-1
Wikipedia - Evans > Sutherland
Wikipedia - Evan Stewart -- Zimbabwean diver
Wikipedia - Evan Stone -- American pornographic actor (born 1964)
Wikipedia - Evanston, Illinois
Wikipedia - Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad -- Railroad company
Wikipedia - Evansville High School (Wisconsin) -- High school in Wisconsin, United States
Wikipedia - Evansville, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Evansville Regional Airport -- Public airport near Evansville, IN, USA
Wikipedia - Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library -- Public library system in Evansville, Indiana
Wikipedia - Evans-Wentz
Wikipedia - Evans -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtM-CM-), France
Wikipedia - Evan Tanner -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Evan Taubenfeld -- American musician
Wikipedia - Evan Thomas (actor) -- British actor
Wikipedia - Evan Thomas (priest) -- British theologian and priest
Wikipedia - Evan Thompson
Wikipedia - Evanukku Engeyo Matcham Irukku -- 2018 film by A. R. Mukesh
Wikipedia - Evan Vickers
Wikipedia - Evan Washburn -- American sports journalist and reporter
Wikipedia - Evan Watkin -- New Zealand cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Evan Weinstock -- American bobsledder
Wikipedia - Evan Wells -- American video game designer
Wikipedia - Evan -- Male given name
Wikipedia - Evan Williams (actor) -- Canadian actor and musician
Wikipedia - Evan Williams (bourbon) -- Brand of bourbon whiskey
Wikipedia - Evan Williams (Internet entrepreneur)
Wikipedia - Evan Williams (jockey) -- Welsh jockey
Wikipedia - Evan Wright
Wikipedia - Eva O'Connor -- Irish actress and playwright
Wikipedia - Eva O'Flaherty -- Irish nationalist, Parisienne model, patron of the arts and London milliner
Wikipedia - Eva Olofsson -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Ornstova -- Czech canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Palmer-Sikelianos -- American scholar of Greece (1874-1952)
Wikipedia - Eva Pascoe -- Polish-born entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Eva Paterson -- American activist and lawyer
Wikipedia - Eva Pavlikova -- Slovak actress
Wikipedia - Eva Pawlik -- Austrian figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Pel -- Visual artist
Wikipedia - Eva Perez -- Spanish racewalker
Wikipedia - Eva Pern
Wikipedia - Eva Peron: The True Story -- 1996 film
Wikipedia - Eva Peron -- Argentine political figure
Wikipedia - Eva Petersen -- Swedish diver
Wikipedia - Eva Petkova -- Bulgarian-American biostatistician
Wikipedia - Eva Petrus-Pekny -- Austrian stage actress
Wikipedia - Eva Pfarrhofer -- Austrian diver
Wikipedia - Eva Philbin -- Irish chemist
Wikipedia - Evapia River -- river in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Eva Picardi
Wikipedia - Eva Pilarova -- Czech singer
Wikipedia - Eva Pocs -- Hungarian anthropologist, historian, ethnographer
Wikipedia - Eva Polzing -- German singer
Wikipedia - Eva PoM-EM-^Yadkova -- Czech gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Pope -- English actress
Wikipedia - Evaporated milk -- Unsweetened milk product derived from cow's milk
Wikipedia - Evaporates
Wikipedia - Evaporation (deposition)
Wikipedia - Evaporation -- Type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from its surface; surface phenomenon
Wikipedia - Evaporative cooler -- Device that cools air through the evaporation of water
Wikipedia - Evaporative cooling (atomic physics) -- Atomic physics technique to achieve high phase space densities
Wikipedia - Evaporative cooling chambers -- Non-electric cooling technology
Wikipedia - Evaporator
Wikipedia - Evaporite -- A water-soluble mineral sediment formed by evaporation from an aqueous solution
Wikipedia - Eva Prawitz -- German figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Probst -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva PuskarM-DM-^Mikova -- Czech biathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Rakusz -- Hungarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Ramon Gallegos -- Mexican scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Ras -- Serbian actress, writer and painter
Wikipedia - Eva Remaeus -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Repkova -- Slovak chess player
Wikipedia - Evarist Bartolo -- Maltese politician
Wikipedia - Evariste Galois -- French mathematician
Wikipedia - Evariste Ndayishimiye -- Burundian politician
Wikipedia - Evaristo Avalos -- Mexican equestrian
Wikipedia - Evaristo Baschenis -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Evaristo Carriego
Wikipedia - Evaristo Carvalho -- Incumbent President of Sao Tome and Principe
Wikipedia - Evaristo Conrado Engelberg -- Brazilian mechanical engineer
Wikipedia - Evaristo Costa -- Brazilian journalist
Wikipedia - Evaristo Garbani-Nerini -- Swiss politician
Wikipedia - Evaristo Ortega Zarate -- Mexican crime journalist who has been declared "missing" since 19 April 2010
Wikipedia - Evaristo Ribera Chevremont -- Puerto Rican poet
Wikipedia - Evaristus Sekhonyana -- Lesotho politician
Wikipedia - Eva Romanova -- Czech figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Ronstrom -- Swedish gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Rosenhed -- Swedish female curler
Wikipedia - Eva Rose -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Rosken -- German sports shooter
Wikipedia - Eva Roth -- German canoeist
Wikipedia - Evar Saar
Wikipedia - Eva Ruchpaul -- French Yoga teacher
Wikipedia - Eva Rueber-Staier -- Austrian model, actress, presenter, and beauty queen
Wikipedia - Eva Ruttkai -- Hungarian actress
Wikipedia - Evaru -- 2019 Indian Telugu language thriller film
Wikipedia - Eva Rydberg -- Swedish entertainer
Wikipedia - Eva Sakalova -- Slovak actress
Wikipedia - Eva Samkova -- Czech snowboarder
Wikipedia - Eva Santolaria -- Spanish actress
Wikipedia - Eva Scheer -- Norwegian writer
Wikipedia - Eva Schloss -- Austrian Holocaust survivor, memoirist
Wikipedia - Eva Schlotheuber -- German medievalist
Wikipedia - Eva Schnbeck-Temesy
Wikipedia - Eva Schreiber -- German politician
Wikipedia - Eva Schubert -- Hungarian actress
Wikipedia - Eva Scott Fenyes -- American artist
Wikipedia - Eva Senn -- Swiss equestrian
Wikipedia - Eva Serrano -- French rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Eva Silverstein -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Eva Simone Hayward -- Professor of gender and women studies
Wikipedia - Eva Simons -- Dutch singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Eva Sindichakis -- Greek woman composer
Wikipedia - Evasion (book)
Wikipedia - Evasion -- Canadian French-language pay TV channel
Wikipedia - Eva Siso -- Spanish model
Wikipedia - Eva Sisth -- Swedish canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Sokolova -- Russian hurdler
Wikipedia - Eva Sonidsson -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Eva Sorensen -- Danish sculptor
Wikipedia - Eva Speck -- Swiss canoeist
Wikipedia - Eva Stachniak -- Polish-Canadian novelist
Wikipedia - Eva Steiness -- Danish physician and business executive
Wikipedia - Eva Stort -- German artist
Wikipedia - Eva Strom -- Swedish writer
Wikipedia - Eva Suarez -- Spanish sports shooter
Wikipedia - Eva Sykova -- Czech senator of Czech Parliament, doctor, professor and scientist
Wikipedia - Eva Szemcsak -- Hungarian biathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Szollosy -- Hungarian figure skater
Wikipedia - Eva Tanguay -- 20th-century Canadian singer and film actor
Wikipedia - Eva Tansky Blum -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Eva Tardos -- Hungarian mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Tessler -- Mexican American dance professor
Wikipedia - Eva Thatcher -- American actress
Wikipedia - Eva, The Sin -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Eva Tinschmann -- German actress
Wikipedia - Eva TM-CM-)tM-CM-)nyi -- Hungarian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Tofalvi -- Romanian biathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Trautmann -- German modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Eva Trevisan -- Italian softball player
Wikipedia - Eva tropi hlouposti -- 1939 film by Martin FriM-DM-^M
Wikipedia - Evatt Foundation -- Australian political think tank
Wikipedia - Evaux-les-Bains -- Commune in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
Wikipedia - Eva Van Der Gucht -- Belgian actress
Wikipedia - Eva van Esch -- Dutch politician
Wikipedia - Eva Vanvik -- Swiss female curler
Wikipedia - Eva Vedel Jensen -- Danish mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Verbitsky Hunt -- Argentine cultural anthropologist
Wikipedia - Eva Victor -- American actress, writer, and comedian
Wikipedia - Eva Viehmann -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Eva Vinje Aurdal -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Eva Vivalt -- Canadian economist
Wikipedia - Eva von Bahr (physicist) -- Swedish physicist and docent
Wikipedia - Eva von Berne -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Eva von Buttlar
Wikipedia - Eva von der Osten -- German soprano
Wikipedia - Eva Wagner-Pasquier
Wikipedia - Eva Waldemarsson -- Swedish novelist
Wikipedia - Eva Warigia -- Kenyan business executive
Wikipedia - Eva Wikstrom -- Swedish judoka
Wikipedia - Eva Wilder Brodhead -- 19th century American novelist
Wikipedia - Eva Wilms -- German shot putter
Wikipedia - Eva Ybarra -- American conjunto musician
Wikipedia - Eva ZaM-EM->imalova -- Czech biochemist
Wikipedia - Eva Zeisel
Wikipedia - Eva Zeller -- German writer
Wikipedia - Evdokiya Maneva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Evel Pie -- Pizzeria in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Evelyn Evans -- Founded libraries in Ghana and elsewhere
Wikipedia - Everybody's Fool -- 2004 single by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Evgenia Medvedeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Evgeniia Levanova -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Evgeniia Lopareva -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Evi Eva -- German actress
Wikipedia - Evita Krievane -- Latvian short track speed skater
Wikipedia - Excalibur Hotel and Casino -- Hotel and casino in Paradise, Nevada
Wikipedia - Exit Sunset Boulevard -- 1980 film
Wikipedia - Fabric inspection -- A systematic evaluation of fabric quality
Wikipedia - Fabyan Windmill -- windmill in Geneva Township, Kane County, Illinois
Wikipedia - Faceted search -- Method of information retrieval
Wikipedia - Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford
Wikipedia - Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Geneva -- School in University of Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Faith Evans (U.S. Marshal) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Faith Evans -- American recording artist; singer
Wikipedia - Faith Theological Seminary -- Evangelical Christian seminary in Baltimore, Maryland.
Wikipedia - Familiaris -- A close associate of a medieval king.
Wikipedia - Family Broadcasting Corporation -- Christian evangelical television network
Wikipedia - F. Andrieu -- Medieval French composer
Wikipedia - Fare evasion
Wikipedia - Farida Abiyeva -- Azerbaijani karateka
Wikipedia - Farighunids -- Early medieval Iranian dynasty that ruled northern Afghanistan
Wikipedia - Far-right subcultures -- The symbolism, ideology and traits that hold relevance to various politically extreme right-wing groups and organisations
Wikipedia - Farstorp Church -- medieval church in SkM-CM-%ne, Sweden
Wikipedia - Father Capodanno Boulevard -- Boulevard in Staten Island, New York
Wikipedia - Fatma Mehraliyeva -- Azerbaijani singer and actress
Wikipedia - Fattoush -- Salad from Levant Cuisine
Wikipedia - Fausto Cleva -- American conductor
Wikipedia - Fee Plumley -- British-born digital artist, technology evangelist, and digital consultant
Wikipedia - Felix Evaristo Mejia -- Dominican writer
Wikipedia - Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Wikipedia - Fenelon Place Elevator -- Funicular railway in Dubuque, Iowa.
Wikipedia - Ferdinand von Parseval -- Bavarian general
Wikipedia - Ferenc Revay -- 16th-century Hungarian noble
Wikipedia - Fernand Chevalier -- French politician
Wikipedia - Fernando Cordero Cueva -- Ecuadorian politician and architect
Wikipedia - Fernando Espino Arevalo -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Fernando NiM-CM-1o de Guevara (patriarch) -- 1xth-century Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Fernley Hills -- Mountain range in Nevada
Wikipedia - Fernley, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Feudalism -- Combination of legal and military customs and form of government in medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Fidan Aghayeva-Edler -- Azerbaijani pianist
Wikipedia - FileVault
Wikipedia - Film criticism -- The analysis and evaluation of films
Wikipedia - Financial plan -- Comprehensive evaluation of someone's current and future financial state
Wikipedia - Fiorella Cueva -- Peruvian weightlifter
Wikipedia - First Turkic Khaganate -- Khaganate of the Gokturks Ashina clan in medieval Inner Asia
Wikipedia - Fish Lake Valley -- valley in southwest Nevada
Wikipedia - Flamingo Las Vegas -- Casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Flevans -- British musician
Wikipedia - Flight nurse -- Specialist in rescue/evacuation patient care
Wikipedia - Fluoride toxicity -- Condition in which there are elevated levels of the fluoride ion in the body
Wikipedia - Fly Geyser -- small geothermal geyser in Nevada
Wikipedia - Fola Evans-Akingbola -- British actress
Wikipedia - Folsom Boulevard -- Street in Sacramento, California, United States
Wikipedia - Fontechevade -- Cave and archaeological site in France
Wikipedia - Forest of High Peak -- Royal forest in medieval Derbyshire
Wikipedia - Formation evaluation -- Assessing if boreholes drilled for oil or gas are able to deliver a profitable production
Wikipedia - Fortress of Deva -- Castle in Deva, Hunedoara County, Romania
Wikipedia - Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard System Historic District -- Historic district in Indiana, US
Wikipedia - Four Evangelists
Wikipedia - Four main books of Biographical-Evaluation -- Books of Biographical-Evaluation
Wikipedia - Four to Score -- 1998 crime novel by Janet Evanovich
Wikipedia - Fragmentarium -- Digital medieval manuscripts archive
Wikipedia - Frahang-i Oim-evak
Wikipedia - Francisco de la Cueva -- Spanish dramatist, philologist, and lawyer
Wikipedia - Francisco Echevarria -- Guatemalan weightlifter
Wikipedia - Francisco Fernandez de Cevallos -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva, 7th Duke of Alburquerque -- Spanish diplomat (1575-1637)
Wikipedia - Francisco Javier Quevado y Vasquez -- Chilean educator
Wikipedia - Francisco Nieva
Wikipedia - Francisco Valero-Cuevas -- Mexican engineer
Wikipedia - Francis de Sales -- Bishop of Geneva
Wikipedia - Francis Devaney -- Irish sportsperson
Wikipedia - Francis Lewis Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Franck Chevallier -- French hurdler
Wikipedia - Franco Evangelisti (composer)
Wikipedia - Franco Evangelisti (politician) -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Francois Chevalier (historian)
Wikipedia - Francois Chevalier -- French historian
Wikipedia - Francois Coyle de Barneval -- French merchant
Wikipedia - Francois-Louis Ganshof -- Belgian medievalist
Wikipedia - Frank Evans (politician) -- American politician from Colorado
Wikipedia - Franklin B. Evans -- Executed American murderer and suspected serial killer
Wikipedia - Franklin Evans
Wikipedia - Franklin Graham -- American Christian evangelist and missionary
Wikipedia - Frau Eva -- 1916 German silent drama film
Wikipedia - Frederic Evans -- English cricketer and Anglican cleric (1842-1927)
Wikipedia - Fred Evans (philosopher) -- American philosopher
Wikipedia - Free School of Evanston
Wikipedia - Fremont Hotel and Casino -- Casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - French frigate Revanche (1795) -- Romaine class frigate
Wikipedia - French ironclad Revanche -- Provence-class ship
Wikipedia - French ship Revanche -- List of ships with the same or similar names
Wikipedia - Freud Evaluated -- 1991 book by Malcolm Macmillan
Wikipedia - Frieze (textile) -- Coarse Medieval woollen, plain weave cloth with a nap on one side; later a sturdy carpet and upholstery fabric
Wikipedia - Frumenty -- A porridge of boiled grain in medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Further (Geneva album) -- album by Geneva (band)
Wikipedia - Fuzzy retrieval
Wikipedia - Gabriela Cuevas Barron -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Gabriel Cramer -- Genevan mathematician
Wikipedia - Gadi Yevarkan -- Israeli politician
Wikipedia - Gainax -- Japanese animation studio mainly known for Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Galena Creek Bridge -- Highway bridge in Nevada
Wikipedia - Galima Bukharbaeva -- Uzbek journalist
Wikipedia - Galina Alekseyeva (diver) -- Russian diver
Wikipedia - Galina Atayeva -- Turkmenistan judoka
Wikipedia - Galina Belyayeva (Russian sport shooter) -- Russian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Galina Belyayeva (sport shooter) -- Kazakh sport shooter
Wikipedia - Galina Galadzheva -- Russian art historian, editor, painter and costume designer
Wikipedia - Galina Kukleva -- Russian biathlete
Wikipedia - Galina Minaicheva -- Soviet gymnast
Wikipedia - Galina Savintseva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Galina Tancheva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Galina Yaneva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Galina Zhikareva -- Soviet canoeist
Wikipedia - Gandeevam -- 1994 Telugu film by Priyadarshan
Wikipedia - Ganira Pashayeva -- Azerbaijani politician
Wikipedia - Gareth Evans (director) -- Welsh filmmaker
Wikipedia - Gareth Evans (philosopher)
Wikipedia - Gareth Evans (weightlifter) -- British weightlifter
Wikipedia - Garner Ted Armstrong -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Garth Evans -- British sculptor
Wikipedia - Gary Evans (golfer) -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Gaston Leval
Wikipedia - Gaston Paris -- French medieval scholar and writer
Wikipedia - Gaudapada -- Medieval era Hindu philosopher and scholar
Wikipedia - Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why -- 2011 book by Simon LeVay
Wikipedia - G. Blakemore Evans
Wikipedia - G. Devasahayam -- 20th-century Indian President of the Lutheran Church Society
Wikipedia - Geary Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in San Francisco, United States
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Dionysius of Vattasseril
Wikipedia - Geevarghese II -- Malankara Metropolitan and Catholicoi of Malankara
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Ivanios
Wikipedia - Geevarghese I -- Catholicos of the East
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Mar Dionysius of Vattasseril
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Mar Ivanios
Wikipedia - Geevarghese Panicker -- Indian Catholic priest (1924-2008)
Wikipedia - Gelre Armorial -- Medieval armorial
Wikipedia - Gendo Ikari -- Fictional character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - General Andranik (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Generalized vector space model -- Generalization of the vector space model used in information retrieval
Wikipedia - Gene Stratton Porter Cabin (Geneva, Indiana) -- Historic building
Wikipedia - Geneva Airport -- International airport in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva, Alabama -- City in Alabama, United States
Wikipedia - Geneva Bible -- 16th-century English translation of the Bible
Wikipedia - Geneva Business School -- Private Swiss-based business school
Wikipedia - Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action -- Institution in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva College -- Christian liberal arts college in Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Geneva Conference (1954)
Wikipedia - Geneva Conventions
Wikipedia - Geneva County massacre -- Mass murder
Wikipedia - Geneva Cruz -- Filipino actress and singer
Wikipedia - Geneva gown -- Ecclesiastical garment
Wikipedia - Geneva International Academic Network -- Swiss organization
Wikipedia - Geneva Lake -- Lake in Walworth County, Wisconsin, USA
Wikipedia - Geneva Locke -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Geneva Marathon -- Annual race in Switzerland held since 2005
Wikipedia - Geneva Medical College -- Defunct American medical school
Wikipedia - Geneva, Minnesota -- City in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Geneva Motor Show -- Annual Swiss auto show
Wikipedia - Genevan Psalter
Wikipedia - Genevan School
Wikipedia - Geneva Protocol (1924) -- Proposal to the League of Nations
Wikipedia - Geneva (Russian Circles album) -- 2009 studio album by Russian Circles
Wikipedia - Geneva Sayre -- Botanist (1911-1992)
Wikipedia - Geneva School of Business and Economics -- School in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations -- School in Pregny-Chambesy, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva School
Wikipedia - Geneva State Park -- Park in Ohio, USA
Wikipedia - Geneva Summit (1985) -- Meeting of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev
Wikipedia - Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva Township, Freeborn County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Geneva University of Music -- Music institution in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Geneva -- Large city in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Genevieve Hasenohr -- French medievalist and philologist
Wikipedia - Genevieve of Brabant -- Fictional heroine in medieval legend
Wikipedia - Genoveva Torres Morales
Wikipedia - Geoff Evans (political scientist) -- British political scientist and academic
Wikipedia - Geography and cartography in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Geology of Nevada -- Overview of the geology of the U.S. state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Geology of the Death Valley area -- Geology of the area in California and Nevada
Wikipedia - George Brown (scholar) -- American scholar of medieval studies
Wikipedia - George D. S. Henderson -- Art historian, medievalist, writer
Wikipedia - George Evans, 3rd Baron Carbery -- Irish peer (died 1783)
Wikipedia - George Evans, 4th Baron Carbery -- British politician
Wikipedia - George Evans (cartoonist) -- American cartoonist
Wikipedia - George Evans (singer) -- Canadian jazz singer
Wikipedia - George "Honey Boy" Evans -- British entertainer
Wikipedia - George Reddy (film) -- 2019 Indian Telugu-language biographical film by Jeevan Reddy
Wikipedia - George Roche Evans -- Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Gerard Evan
Wikipedia - Germain Chevarie -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - German Christians (movement) -- A movement within the German Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - German evacuation from Central and Eastern Europe -- Population transfer from Nazi-occupied areas
Wikipedia - Germ theory of disease -- Prevailing theory about diseases
Wikipedia - Geronimo Villanueva -- Argentine astronomer
Wikipedia - Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum -- Medieval chronicle
Wikipedia - Geva Binyamin -- Israeli settlement in the West Bank
Wikipedia - Gevaot -- Israeli settlement in West Bank
Wikipedia - Gianfranco Stevanin -- Italian criminal and serial killer
Wikipedia - Giga Nevada -- Lithium-ion battery factory
Wikipedia - Giles Constable -- British church historian and medievalist
Wikipedia - Gil Evans -- Canadian-American jazz pianist
Wikipedia - Giljeva -- Mountain in Serbia
Wikipedia - Gin & Juice (DeVante Swing song) -- 1996 single by DeVante Swing and Static Major
Wikipedia - Gingoog-Claveria-Villanueva Road -- Road in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Ginka Zagorcheva -- Bulgarian hurdler
Wikipedia - Giorgi Revazishvili (judoka) -- Georgian judoka
Wikipedia - Girl, Woman, Other -- 2018 novel by Bernardine Evaristo
Wikipedia - Gittern -- Medieval necked bowl lute
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Devastato -- Italian pianist and composer
Wikipedia - Gladys Guevarra -- Filipino actor and comedian
Wikipedia - Gladys Maeva Cumpston -- Australian Braille transcriber
Wikipedia - Glendale, Nevada -- Unincorporated community in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Glen Evans -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Glossary -- Alphabetical list of terms relevant to a certain field of study or action
Wikipedia - Gloucester Abbey -- Medieval English monastery in Gloucestershire
Wikipedia - Gnabagangal -- 2009 film by M. Jeevan
Wikipedia - Godescalc Evangelistary -- Illuminated manuscript from the 8th century
Wikipedia - Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists -- The deconversion story of former evangelical minister, Dan Barker.
Wikipedia - God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science
Wikipedia - Goedendag -- Medieval pole weapon
Wikipedia - Going Under -- 2003 single by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Go (Kreva album) -- album by Kreva
Wikipedia - Gokturks -- Turkic people organized as a state in medieval Inner Asia
Wikipedia - Golden Legend -- Medieval collection of hagiographies by Jacobus da Varagine
Wikipedia - Gold Hill, Nevada -- Town in Nevada
Wikipedia - Gold mining in Nevada -- Overview of gold mining in Nevada
Wikipedia - Gold penny -- Medieval English coin
Wikipedia - Goldstrike mine -- Gold mine in Eureka County in north-eastern Nevada
Wikipedia - Gonzalo Moreno Arevalo -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Gord (archaeology) -- Medieval Slavonic fortified settlement
Wikipedia - Gorges family -- Medieval and later English family
Wikipedia - Gortsaranayin (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Gothic architecture -- Architectural style of Medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Gottfried von Hagenau -- Medieval priest, physician, theologian and poet from Alsace, France
Wikipedia - Govhar Bakhshaliyeva -- Azerbaijani academic and politician
Wikipedia - Govhar Beydullayeva -- Azerbaijani chess player
Wikipedia - Grace-Evangeline Mason -- British composer
Wikipedia - Grace Sturtevant -- Early 20th century iris breeder
Wikipedia - Gradient theorem -- Evaluates a line integral through a gradient field using the original scaler field
Wikipedia - Graduate Institute of Development Studies -- School in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies -- Higher Education Institute in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Graelent -- Medieval French love story
Wikipedia - Graeme Evans -- Zimbabwean cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Graham Evans -- British politician
Wikipedia - Grain elevator -- Grain storage building
Wikipedia - Gramadevata
Wikipedia - Grama Devathe -- 2002 film by Sai Prakash
Wikipedia - Grammaticality -- Judgement on the well-formedness of a linguistic utterance, based on whether the sentence is produced and interpreted in accordance with the rules and constraints of the relevant grammar
Wikipedia - Grand Albert -- Medieval magic book
Wikipedia - Grand Council of Geneva -- Legislature of the canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Grand Hotel Nevada -- 1935 film
Wikipedia - GrapM-DM-^Meva cave -- Cave and archaeological site in Croatia
Wikipedia - Graves into Gardens -- Live album by Elevation Worship
Wikipedia - Gray Hills -- Mountain range in Lyon County, Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Great Hospital -- Medieval former hospital in Norwich, England
Wikipedia - Great Perm -- Medieval Komi state in medieval Russia
Wikipedia - Great Sheffield Flood -- March 1864 flood that devastated parts of Sheffield, England
Wikipedia - Greek minuscule -- Handwritten script of medieval and early modern Greek
Wikipedia - Green children of Woolpit -- medieval English legend
Wikipedia - Greg Evans (cartoonist) -- American cartoonist
Wikipedia - Greta Georgieva -- Bulgarian rowing cox
Wikipedia - Grevillea evanescens -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - Grevillea evansiana -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to New South Wales, Australia
Wikipedia - Grievances of the United States Declaration of Independence -- 27 colonial grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence
Wikipedia - Grievance (song) -- 2000 song by Pearl Jam
Wikipedia - Grievance studies affair -- 2018 group of bogus academic papers
Wikipedia - Grievance -- A wrong or hardship suffered, real or imagined, causing grounds for complaint
Wikipedia - Griffith C. Evans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Griffith Peak -- Mountain in Nevada United States
Wikipedia - Grimace (composer) -- Medieval French composer
Wikipedia - Groom Lake (salt flat) -- Salt flat in Area 51, in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Grunya Sukhareva -- Ukrainian-Russian psychiatrist and university teacher
Wikipedia - Guanggu Boulevard station -- Wuhan Metro station
Wikipedia - Gudula -- 7th and 8th-century medieval saint from Brabant
Wikipedia - Guevarism
Wikipedia - Guevaux Castle -- Castle in Vully-les-Lacs, Vaud, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Guido da Vigevano
Wikipedia - Guildhaume Myrddin-Evans -- Welsh civil servant (1894-1964)
Wikipedia - Guillaume de Machaut -- Medieval French poet and composer
Wikipedia - Guillaume Levarlet -- French road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Gulara Aliyeva -- Azerbaijani musician
Wikipedia - Gulf of Alexandretta -- A gulf of the eastern Mediterranean or Levantine Sea
Wikipedia - Guliskhan Nakhbayeva -- Kazakhstani chess player
Wikipedia - Gulmira Esimbaeva -- Kazakh politician
Wikipedia - Gulnara Kusherbayeva -- Kazakh judoka
Wikipedia - Gulrukhsor Safieva
Wikipedia - Gulzat Uralbayeva -- Kazakhstani judoka
Wikipedia - Gunay Aghakishiyeva -- Azerbaijani taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick -- Mediaeval English noble
Wikipedia - Guy Evans -- English musician
Wikipedia - Guzgan -- Historical region and early medieval principality in the northern Afghanistan
Wikipedia - Guzmania devansayana -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Gy, Switzerland -- Place in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Haakon Chevalier -- American translator, writer and academic (1901-1985)
Wikipedia - Halima Xudoyberdiyeva
Wikipedia - Hallelujah Here Below -- Live album by Elevation Worship
Wikipedia - Halothermal circulation -- The part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by global density gradients created by surface heat and evaporation
Wikipedia - Hamarglovene Crevasses -- A crevasse field in Antarctica
Wikipedia - Hamevasser -- Zionist Hebrew-language weekly newspaper
Wikipedia - Hamlin Valley -- valley on both sides of the Nevada-Utah state line
Wikipedia - Hammiradeva -- King who ruled modern Ranthambore, Rajasthan, India
Wikipedia - Hampi -- Ancient and medieval monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India
Wikipedia - Handschriftencensus -- Catalogue of medieval German manuscripts
Wikipedia - Hangerok -- Early medieval northern European clothing
Wikipedia - Hanna Shybayeva -- Dutch pianist
Wikipedia - Hara Hara Mahadevaki -- 2017 film by Santhosh P. Jayakumar
Wikipedia - HaraHara Mahadeva -- Television series
Wikipedia - Harbor Boulevard -- north-south road corridor in the counties of Los Angeles and Orange
Wikipedia - Hard Eight (novel) -- Novel by Janet Evanovich
Wikipedia - Hari Vasudevan -- Indian historian
Wikipedia - Harold Evans (cricketer) -- English cricketer and Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Harold Evans -- British journalist and writer
Wikipedia - Harold Lindsell -- Evangelical scholar
Wikipedia - Harrison Boulevard Historic District -- Historic building in Boise, Idaho
Wikipedia - Hart (deer) -- Medieval hunting term for a red deer stag more than five years old
Wikipedia - Haugating -- Governing assembly in medieval Norway
Wikipedia - Hayagreeva Rao -- Indian-American academic
Wikipedia - H. D. Revanna -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Health Valley -- Biomedical sector in the Lake Geneva Region
Wikipedia - Heart Evangelista -- Filipina actress
Wikipedia - Heater shield -- Form of European medieval shield whose shape resembles that of a clothes iron
Wikipedia - Hedley Vicars -- British Army officer and evangelical (1826-1855)
Wikipedia - Heidenwerfen -- Anti-pagan custom in medieval Germany
Wikipedia - Height above sea level -- Elevation of a location in reference to a historic mean sea level taken as a vertical datum
Wikipedia - Helaine Newstead -- Scholar of medieval literature
Wikipedia - Helena Sturtevant -- American artist
Wikipedia - Helium Vola -- German electro-medieval band
Wikipedia - Hellevator -- American horror game show
Wikipedia - Helmschmied -- Medieval German family of armourers
Wikipedia - Henderson Event Center -- Indoor arean in Henderson, Nevada, U.S.
Wikipedia - Henderson, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Henk Zeevalking -- Dutch politician
Wikipedia - Henri Bourassa Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Montreal, Canada
Wikipedia - Henriette Odin Feller -- Swiss evangelical missionary
Wikipedia - Henry A. Levake -- American politician
Wikipedia - Henry Drummond (evangelist)
Wikipedia - Henry Evans Maude -- British colonial administrator
Wikipedia - Henry Evans (theatre)
Wikipedia - Henry Feyerabend -- Canadian evangelist
Wikipedia - Henry Foster (clergyman) -- Evangelical clergyman
Wikipedia - Henry Francis Evans -- British naval officer
Wikipedia - Henry Knighton -- English medieval chronicler
Wikipedia - Henry Piper House -- Historic building in Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Henry R. Evans
Wikipedia - Henry Ridgely Evans
Wikipedia - Henry Sellon Boneval Latrobe -- American architect
Wikipedia - Herbert Bevard
Wikipedia - Herbert McLean Evans
Wikipedia - Herbert W. Armstrong -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Herleva
Wikipedia - Hermann Gunkel -- German evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Hermann of Buxhoeveden, Bishop of M-CM-^Vsel-Wiek -- Medieval clergyman in the Holy Roman Empire
Wikipedia - Hermano Pablo -- Puerto Rican Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Hermeneutic style -- Style of Latin in the later Roman and early Medieval periods
Wikipedia - Hermitage of Our Lady of Guadalupe -- Medieval chapel in Portugal
Wikipedia - Herodian Tetrarchy -- Four-way division of Herod the Great's Levantine kingdom upon his death
Wikipedia - Herrevad Abbey
Wikipedia - Herrschaft -- Territory or a feudal lord in medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Hesperilla malindeva -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Heuristic evaluation
Wikipedia - Hevajra Tantra
Wikipedia - Hevajra tantra
Wikipedia - Hevajra
Wikipedia - Hey Reb! (sculpture) -- Mascot sculpture in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Hey Reb! -- Mascot of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Wikipedia - Hiberno-Scottish mission -- Irish and Scottish Christian missionaries who operated in medieval England and Continental Europe, especially after the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England
Wikipedia - High German Evangelical Reformed Church -- historic church in Pennsylvania, USA
Wikipedia - High Medieval
Wikipedia - Hilda Guevara -- Peruvian politician
Wikipedia - Hildegard of Bingen -- Medieval saint, prophet, mystic and Doctor of the Church
Wikipedia - Hill people -- General demonym for people who live at elevation
Wikipedia - Hiram Wesley Evans -- Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
Wikipedia - History of Nevada -- Aspect of history
Wikipedia - History of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - History of the Levant
Wikipedia - History of the Yosemite area -- History of the Sierra Nevada region of California
Wikipedia - Hit-and-run tactics -- Military doctrine of evasive attacks
Wikipedia - HIV/AIDS denialism in South Africa -- Prevalence in South Africa of the belief, contradicted by conclusive evidence, that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) does not cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Wikipedia - HMS Levant (1758) -- Coventry-class Royal Navy frigate
Wikipedia - Hoankan Evans no Uso: Dead or Love -- Japanese manga series
Wikipedia - Hobelar -- Type of light cavalry or mounted infantry that originated in Medieval Ireland
Wikipedia - Hohenstaufen -- Medieval German royal dynasty
Wikipedia - Hollywood Boulevard (1936 film) -- 1936 film by Robert Florey
Wikipedia - Hollywood Boulevard (1976 film) -- 1976 film
Wikipedia - Hollywood Boulevard (theme parks) -- Location in several theme parks
Wikipedia - Holmgang -- duel practiced by early medieval Scandinavians
Wikipedia - Homage (feudal) -- Medieval oath of allegiance
Wikipedia - HoM-EM-^_ap Castle -- Medieval castle in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Wikipedia - Hongtu Boulevard station -- Wuhan Metro station
Wikipedia - Hoover Dam Lodge -- Hotel and casino in Boulder City, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Hoover Dam -- Dam in Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona, US
Wikipedia - Horace DeVauhan -- American criminal
Wikipedia - Horner's method -- Algorithm for polynomial evaluation
Wikipedia - Hortus deliciarum -- 12th century illuminated medieval encyclopedia compiled by Herrad of Landsberg
Wikipedia - Hot Creek Range -- Volcanic mountain range in Nevada
Wikipedia - Hotel Chevalier -- 2007 short film directed by Wes Anderson
Wikipedia - Housecarl -- Medieval Northern European social rank
Wikipedia - House of Plantagenet -- Royal dynasty in medieval England
Wikipedia - Hovhannavank -- Medieval monastery in Armenia
Wikipedia - Howard Ensign Evans
Wikipedia - Howrah Bridge (2018 film) -- 2018 film directed by Revan Yadhu
Wikipedia - H. Parker Evatt -- American politician
Wikipedia - Hudson Park and Boulevard -- Street and park in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Hugh d'Orevalle
Wikipedia - Hugh Evans (humanitarian) -- Australian humanitarian
Wikipedia - Human Computer Information Retrieval
Wikipedia - Hunayn ibn Ishaq -- Medieval Arab Christian scholar
Wikipedia - Hungnam evacuation -- Evacuation of UN forces and civilians during the Korean War
Wikipedia - Hutton Gibson -- American writer on sedevacantism
Wikipedia - Hyde Abbey -- Medieval Benedictine monastery
Wikipedia - Hylan Boulevard -- Boulevard in Staten Island, New York
Wikipedia - Hyperbaric welding -- Welding metal at elevated pressure
Wikipedia - Hyperlipidemia -- Abnormally elevated levels of lipids or lipoproteins in the blood
Wikipedia - Hypertensive emergency -- Condition of markedly elevated blood pressure with diastolic pressure typically greater than 120 mm Hg
Wikipedia - Hyperthermia -- Elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation that occurs when a body produces or absorbs more heat than it dissipates
Wikipedia - Hypsometric tints -- Use of color to mark elevation in a map
Wikipedia - Hywel Evans -- British former competitive figure skater
Wikipedia - Iain Evans -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - I Am They -- American contemporary Christian band from Nevada
Wikipedia - Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences
Wikipedia - Ibrahim Tunggul Wulung -- Indonesian evangelist
Wikipedia - Iclingas -- Medieval royal dynasty in England
Wikipedia - Idam Porul Yaeval -- Unreleased film by Seenu Ramasamy
Wikipedia - Idealization and devaluation
Wikipedia - Ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Idoia Villanueva -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Ieva BM-DM-^SrziM-EM-^Fa -- Latvian female curler
Wikipedia - Ieva CederM-EM-!trM-DM-^Sma-Volfa -- Latvian biathlete
Wikipedia - Ieva Melle -- Latvian Paralympic archer
Wikipedia - Ieva SargautytM-DM-^W -- Lithuanian orienteering competitor
Wikipedia - Ieva SerapinaitM-DM-^W -- Lithuanian modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Ieva SodeikienM-DM-^W -- Lithuanian dancer
Wikipedia - Ieva Zunda -- Latvian athlete
Wikipedia - Igor Pavlovich Shaskol'skii -- Russian medievalist and economic historian
Wikipedia - Ijevan -- Town in Tavush Province, Armenia
Wikipedia - Ikaalisten Nouseva-Voima -- Finnish orientering club
Wikipedia - I Keep Looking -- 2002 single by Sara Evans
Wikipedia - Ilarion (medieval Serbian bishop)
Wikipedia - Iliana Raeva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - I'll Be Missing You -- 1997 single by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans
Wikipedia - Illtyd Buller Pole-Evans -- South African botanist and mycologist (1879-1968)
Wikipedia - Image retrieval
Wikipedia - Immanent evaluation
Wikipedia - Immortalised cell line -- Lineage of cells that evades senescence and continues dividing
Wikipedia - Ina Ananieva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast and coach
Wikipedia - Ina Deltcheva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ina Demireva -- Bulgarian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Inclined elevator -- Form of a cable railway system for steep gradient, similar to a funicular
Wikipedia - Independence Mountains -- Mountain range in Nevada
Wikipedia - Independent Network Charismatic Christianity -- Movement within evangelical charismatic Christianity
Wikipedia - Index of medieval philosophy articles -- Wikipedia index
Wikipedia - Index of Nevada-related articles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Indiana Evans -- Australian actress and singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Indiction -- Any of the years in a 15-year cycle used to date medieval documents throughout Europe
Wikipedia - Indira Levak
Wikipedia - IND Queens Boulevard Line -- New York City Subway line
Wikipedia - Information retrieval applications
Wikipedia - Information Retrieval Facility
Wikipedia - Information retrieval query language
Wikipedia - Information Retrieval
Wikipedia - Information retrieval -- Obtaining information resources relevant to an information need
Wikipedia - Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site -- National historic site in Inglis, Manitoba, Canada
Wikipedia - Inna Toropeyeva -- Soviet judoka
Wikipedia - Inspection -- Organized examination or formal evaluation exercise
Wikipedia - Institut des cultures arabes et mediterraneennes -- Association and Geneva cultural center for the promotion of Arab and Mediterranean cultures in Switzerland.
Wikipedia - Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation COVID model -- Infectious disease model
Wikipedia - Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation -- Statistics institute for public health under the University of Washington, based in Seattle
Wikipedia - Institute for Therapy through the Arts -- creative arts therapy non-profit in Evanston, Illinois, US
Wikipedia - Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva -- Research institute in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Integration by substitution -- Technique in integral evaluation
Wikipedia - Integration using Euler's formula -- Use of complex numbers to evaluate integrals
Wikipedia - Intelligence assessment -- Evaluation of sensitive state, military, commercial, or scientific information
Wikipedia - International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
Wikipedia - International Baccalaureate -- International educational organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - International Boulevard (Oakland, California) -- Road in Oakland
Wikipedia - International Bureau of Education -- Organisation created in Geneva in 1925
Wikipedia - International Cocoa Initiative -- Geneva-based nonprofit funded by major chocolate makers to address child labour issues in cocoa production in West Africa
Wikipedia - International Council on Educational Credential Evaluation -- Organization
Wikipedia - International military intervention against ISIL -- Military actions against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum -- Historical museum in Geneva (Switzerland)
Wikipedia - International School of Geneva
Wikipedia - Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Wikipedia - Internet Message Access Protocol -- Application layer internet protocol for e-mail retrieval and storage
Wikipedia - Inventions in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Inverted relief -- Landscape features that have reversed their elevation relative to other features
Wikipedia - Ioanna Tantcheva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ioannis Evaggelopoulos -- Greek soldier
Wikipedia - Iolanta Ulyeva -- Kazakhstani shot putter
Wikipedia - Irada Aliyeva -- Azerbaijani Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Ira Hobart Evans -- United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Wikipedia - Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in India
Wikipedia - Irena Joveva -- Slovenian politician
Wikipedia - Irena Peeva -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Irina Alexeeva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Irina Baeva -- Russian model and actress
Wikipedia - Irina Cherniaeva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Irina Dorofeeva -- Belarusian singer and politician
Wikipedia - Irina Elcheva -- Russian composer
Wikipedia - Irina Fatejeva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Irina (film) -- 2018 film by Nadejda Koseva
Wikipedia - Irina Grigorieva (academic) -- Russian physicist
Wikipedia - Irina Gulyayeva -- Russian biathlete
Wikipedia - Irina Karavayeva -- Russian trampoline gymnast
Wikipedia - Irina Kazantseva -- Russian Paralympic powerlifter
Wikipedia - Irina Kiseleva -- Soviet modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Irina Kokoueva -- Belarusian biathlete
Wikipedia - Irina Laricheva (shooter) -- Russian trap shooter
Wikipedia - Irina Lobacheva -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Irina Moiseeva -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Irina Nikolaeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Irina Skobtseva -- Soviet and Russian actress
Wikipedia - Irina Vorobieva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Iris Evans -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Irish Evangelical Society -- Organisation promoting Protestant Christianity in Ireland
Wikipedia - IRrelevant Astronomy
Wikipedia - Irrelevant conclusion
Wikipedia - Iryna Husieva -- Ukrainian Paralympic judoka
Wikipedia - Iryna Pissareva -- Ukrainian diver
Wikipedia - Isaac H. Evans -- US two-masted schooner
Wikipedia - Isarn (inquisitor) -- Medieval French churchman
Wikipedia - Ishta Devata
Wikipedia - Ishta-devata
Wikipedia - ISIL beheading incidents -- Decapitation by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Libya
Wikipedia - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Khorasan Province -- Branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Wikipedia - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Islamic world contributions to Medieval Europe
Wikipedia - ISO 15919 -- Transliteration of Devanagari and related Indic scripts into Latin characters
Wikipedia - Isobel D. Thornley -- Historian of medieval England
Wikipedia - Isura Devapriya -- Sri Lankan politician
Wikipedia - Itinerarium Cambriae -- Medieval account of a journey made by Gerald of Wales
Wikipedia - ITRANS -- ASCII transliteration scheme for Indic scripts, particularly for Devanagari script
Wikipedia - It's Unbelievable -- 1961 single
Wikipedia - Iturea -- Levantine region north of Galilee during the Late Hellenistic and early Roman periods
Wikipedia - Iuliia Artemeva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Iva Karagiozova-Shkodreva -- Bulgarian biathlete
Wikipedia - Ivanka Dolzheva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Ivanka Koleva -- Bulgarian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Ivan the Young -- medieval Russian royal
Wikipedia - Iva Prandzheva -- Bulgarian athlete
Wikipedia - Ivelina Taleva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ivelisse Echevarria -- Puerto Rican softball player
Wikipedia - Ivo of Ramsey -- Medieval Christian saint
Wikipedia - Izabela Dragneva -- Bulgarian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Jack Evans (musician) -- American musician and songwriter
Wikipedia - Jackie Evancho -- American singer
Wikipedia - Jacky Rosen -- United States Senator from Nevada
Wikipedia - Jacky Trevane -- British writer
Wikipedia - Jacob Korevaar -- Dutch mathematician
Wikipedia - Jacques Chevalier
Wikipedia - Jacques Mallet du Pan -- Genevan writer
Wikipedia - Jaime Teevan
Wikipedia - Jaime Villanueva -- Spanish historian and writer
Wikipedia - Jakarta Elevated Toll Road -- Toll roads in Jakarta
Wikipedia - Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument -- Public statue
Wikipedia - Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb -- A medieval mosque in Delhi associated with the myth of Jamali Kamali and djinns
Wikipedia - James D'Arcy-Evans -- Australian cricket umpire
Wikipedia - James de Barry, 4th Viscount Buttevant -- Irish noble
Wikipedia - James Evan Baillie -- British politician
Wikipedia - James Evans (Mississippi politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - James Healey (Nevada politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Ja, mM-CM-% han (hon) leva -- Swedish birthday song
Wikipedia - Jane Bugaeva -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Jane Hawkes -- Art Historian and Medievalist
Wikipedia - Janet Burton -- Professor of medieval history
Wikipedia - Janet Evanovich -- American writer
Wikipedia - Jan Evangelista PurkynM-DM-^[ -- Czech member of Czech council, biologist, physiologist, doctor and inventor
Wikipedia - Jan Evans-Freeman -- New Zealand engineering professor
Wikipedia - Jan ZiM-EM->ka -- Medieval Czech military commander
Wikipedia - Jarjaraya -- City in medieval Iraq
Wikipedia - Jason Spevack -- Canadian actor and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Jason T. Evans -- U.S. Army general
Wikipedia - Javier Arevalo -- Mexican artist
Wikipedia - Jayadeva birth controversy
Wikipedia - Jayadeva
Wikipedia - Jay Lowder -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - JC's Girls -- Evangelical Christian women's organization in the United States
Wikipedia - Jean Buridan -- Medieval philosopher
Wikipedia - Jean Chevalier (writer)
Wikipedia - Jean Devaines -- French state bureaucrat and journalist
Wikipedia - Jean Devanny -- NZ/Australian writer and communist
Wikipedia - Jean Evans -- American politician
Wikipedia - Jean Flori -- French medieval historian
Wikipedia - Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Genevan philosopher, writer and composer
Wikipedia - Jean Leclerc (theologian) -- Genevan theologian and biblical scholar
Wikipedia - Jean Levaillant -- French general
Wikipedia - Jean-Louis Calandrini -- Genevan mathematician (1703-1758)
Wikipedia - Jean-Marie Le Chevallier -- French politician
Wikipedia - Jeanne Korevaar -- Dutch bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Jean-Philippe Genet -- French medievalist
Wikipedia - Jean Trembley -- Genevan mathematician (1749-1811)
Wikipedia - Jedermann (play) -- 1911 play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal based on medieval mystery plays
Wikipedia - Jeenu Mahadevan -- Norwegian male mode
Wikipedia - Jeeva (2009 film) -- 2009 Kannada language film
Wikipedia - Jeeva (2014 film) -- 2014 Indian Tamil-language film by Suseenthiran
Wikipedia - Jeeva (artist) -- Indian writer, artist and critic
Wikipedia - Jeeva (director) -- Indian film director
Wikipedia - Jeevanadi -- 1970 film directed by A. K. Subramanian
Wikipedia - Jeevan Masai -- 2001 film by TN Gopakumar
Wikipedia - Jeevan Mrityu -- 1970 film by Satyen Bose
Wikipedia - Jeevan Prabhat -- 1937 Hindi film by Franz Osten
Wikipedia - Jeevan Pramaan -- Indian digital person identifier
Wikipedia - Jeevan Sudha
Wikipedia - Jeevan Thondaman -- Sri Lankan politician
Wikipedia - Jeevarani Kurukulasuriya -- Sri Lankan actress
Wikipedia - Jeff Evans (umpire) -- Welsh cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Jehan de Lescurel -- Medieval French composer
Wikipedia - Jelena Poljakova-VM-EM-!ivtseva -- Estonian biathlete
Wikipedia - Jenelle Evans -- Television personality
Wikipedia - Jeneva Stevens -- American track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Jeni Bojilova-Pateva -- Bulgarian teacher, writer, women's rights activist and suffragist
Wikipedia - Jennifer Guevara -- Puerto Rican beauty queen
Wikipedia - Jennifer O'Reilly -- British medieval historian
Wikipedia - Jenni L. Evans -- Meteorologist and atmospheric scientist
Wikipedia - Jeremiah Evarts -- American missionary
Wikipedia - Jeremy Boissevain
Wikipedia - Jeren Kurbanklycheva -- Turkmen composer
Wikipedia - Jerold Frakes -- American medieval literature historian
Wikipedia - Jerry Falwell Sr. -- American evangelical pastor, televangelist, and conservative political commentator
Wikipedia - Jesmond Parish Church -- Evangelical church in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Wikipedia - Jessie Lavington Evans -- Australian artist
Wikipedia - Jesus movement -- former evangelical Christian movement
Wikipedia - Jettying -- Medieval building technique
Wikipedia - J. Evan Bonifant -- American actor
Wikipedia - Jewish hat -- Cone-shaped pointed hat, worn by Jews in Medieval Europe and parts of the Islamic world
Wikipedia - Jews -- Ancient nation and ethnoreligious group from the Levant
Wikipedia - Jharokha Darshan -- Practice of addressing the public at the balcony at forts and palaces of medieval kings in India
Wikipedia - Jiangcheng Boulevard station -- Station
Wikipedia - Jignesh Mevani -- Indian politician and activist
Wikipedia - Jill Evans -- British politician and MEP
Wikipedia - Jill Tolles -- Republican member of the Nevada Assembly
Wikipedia - Jim Bakker -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Jimmy Arevalo -- Ecuadorian judoka
Wikipedia - Jimmy Mann Evans Memorial Bridge -- Highway bridge in Tennessee, United States
Wikipedia - Jim Wallis -- American activist and Evangelical writer
Wikipedia - Jingle All the Way -- 1996 film by Brian Levant
Wikipedia - J. I. Packer -- Canadian evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - J.John -- British evangelist and author (born 1958)
Wikipedia - JM-CM-5geva County -- County of Estonia
Wikipedia - Joana Limestone -- Geologic formation in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Joan Evans (actress) -- American film actress
Wikipedia - Joao Correia Ayres de Campos -- Portuguese lawyer, antiquarian, medievalist, and bibliophile
Wikipedia - Job evaluation
Wikipedia - Jodie Evans -- American activist and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Joel Osteen -- American televangelist and author
Wikipedia - Joel Villanueva -- Filipino politician
Wikipedia - Johannes Aagaard -- Danish theologian and evangelist
Wikipedia - John B. DeValles -- American priest and US Army chaplain
Wikipedia - John Dickie (evangelist) -- Scottish evangelist
Wikipedia - John/Eleanor Rykener -- Medieval English sex-worker
Wikipedia - John Ensign -- Former United States Senator from Nevada
Wikipedia - John Evangelist Walsh
Wikipedia - John Evans (archaeologist)
Wikipedia - John Evans (canoeist) -- American retired slalom canoeist
Wikipedia - John Evans (died 1565) -- English politician
Wikipedia - John Evan -- British musician and composer
Wikipedia - John Howard (died 1437) -- Medieval English landholder
Wikipedia - John Louis Evans -- American murderer
Wikipedia - John M. Evans -- American politician
Wikipedia - John M. Evans (Wisconsin politician) -- Physician and politician
Wikipedia - John Moore (Nevada politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - John Muir Trail -- Trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, United States of America
Wikipedia - John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization
Wikipedia - John Perceval, 1st Earl of Egmont -- Anglo-Irish politician, later viscount
Wikipedia - John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont -- British politician with Irish connections
Wikipedia - John Rees-Evans -- British politician
Wikipedia - John Robert Evans
Wikipedia - John Scotus Eriugena -- medieval Irish philosopher
Wikipedia - John Sparks (Nevada politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - John Sturtevant -- Set decorator
Wikipedia - John Sung -- Chinese evangelist
Wikipedia - John the Evangelist
Wikipedia - John Trevanion (by 1483 - 1539 or later) -- English politician
Wikipedia - John V. Evans (astronomer) -- British-American radio astronomer
Wikipedia - John William Cunningham -- Evangelical clergyman of the Church of England
Wikipedia - John William Evans (geologist)
Wikipedia - Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation
Wikipedia - Jokers Wild Casino -- Casino in Henderson, Nevada
Wikipedia - Jolly Hallo -- 2001 film by Srilal Priyadeva
Wikipedia - Jonas Wendell -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Jonathan R. Lyon -- American historian of medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Jon Bevan -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Jonty Evans -- Irish eventing rider
Wikipedia - Jordan Evans (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Jorge Guerricaechevarria -- Spanish screenwriter
Wikipedia - Jorge Raschke -- Puerto Rican evangelist Assemblies of God
Wikipedia - Jose Llorens Echevarria -- Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Jose Maria de la Cueva, 14th Duke of Alburquerque -- Spanish general and ambassador (1775-1811)
Wikipedia - Josep Casadevall -- Andorran lawyer
Wikipedia - Joseph C. Evans -- British author
Wikipedia - Joseph Egyir-Paintsir -- Ghanaian Evangelist
Wikipedia - Joseph Evans Sperry -- American architect
Wikipedia - Joseph Fournier de Belleval -- Canadian singer
Wikipedia - Joshua Evans (Tennessee politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Joshua Feuerstein -- American evangelical Internet personality
Wikipedia - Joshua Iginla -- Nigerian televangelist
Wikipedia - Journal club -- Group of individuals who meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in the academic literature
Wikipedia - Journal of Medieval History
Wikipedia - Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Wikipedia - Joyce Evans (photographer) -- Australian photographer, artist, gallery director, curator, art collector and lecturer
Wikipedia - Joyce Evans -- American news anchor and reporter
Wikipedia - Juan Arevalo Gardoqui -- Mexico's Secretary of Defense
Wikipedia - Juan Evangelista Venegas -- First Puerto Rican to win an Olympic medal
Wikipedia - Juan Francisco Guevara -- Spanish motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Judaean Desert -- Desert in the southern Levant
Wikipedia - Judgement -- Decision making; evaluation of evidence to make a decision
Wikipedia - Judi Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Judith Chevalier -- American economist and academic
Wikipedia - Julese Deleval -- French gymnast
Wikipedia - Julia Averkieva -- Russian ethnologist
Wikipedia - Julia Chevanne-Gimel -- French equestrian
Wikipedia - Julia Evangeline Brooks -- American academic
Wikipedia - Julia Guzieva -- Russian curler
Wikipedia - Julia Koricheva -- Russian ecologist in the UK
Wikipedia - Julia Kristeva -- Bulgarian-French philosopher, psychoanalyst & academic
Wikipedia - Julia Lavrentieva -- Ukrainian pair skater
Wikipedia - Julian Evans (writer) -- Australian writer and presenter
Wikipedia - Julissa Villanueva -- Doctor of forensic medicine from Honduras
Wikipedia - Julong Boulevard station -- Wuhan Metro station
Wikipedia - Junction Boulevard -- Street in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - June Lake (California) -- lake in the Sierra Nevada of California
Wikipedia - Junipero Serra Boulevard -- Street in California
Wikipedia - Justice Must Prevail Party -- Political party in Nigeria
Wikipedia - Justine Evans -- British wildlife filmmaker
Wikipedia - Juuso Nevalainen -- Finnish ice hockey right winger
Wikipedia - JW Marriott Las Vegas -- Resort casino in Summerlin, Nevada
Wikipedia - Jyldyz Joldosheva -- Kyrgyzstani politician
Wikipedia - Kacee Vasudeva -- Indian businessman
Wikipedia - Kalevala -- 19th-century work of epic poetry
Wikipedia - Kalevankankaan jM-CM-$M-CM-$halli -- Indoor arena in Mikkeli, Finland
Wikipedia - Kalevi (mythology) -- Ancient Finnish ruler, known from the Finnish epic Kalevala
Wikipedia - Kamadeva -- Hindu god of love and desires
Wikipedia - Kamila Valieva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company -- Indian consumer products company
Wikipedia - Kanna Unnai Thedukiren -- 2001 film by Jeeva Selvaraj
Wikipedia - K. A. Paul -- Christian evangelist from India
Wikipedia - Kapilendra Deva -- Gajapati king (r. 1434-1466 CE) from Eastern India
Wikipedia - KaraM-DM-^QorM-DM-^Qeva M-EM-!nicla -- Serbian dish
Wikipedia - Karen Villanueva -- Mexican rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Karina Goricheva -- Kazakhstani weightlifter
Wikipedia - Karin Evans -- German actress
Wikipedia - Karolina Sevastyanova -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Kastamonu Castle -- Medieval castle in Turkey
Wikipedia - Katabatic wind -- A wind that carries high-density air from a higher elevation down a slope under the force of gravity
Wikipedia - Katalin Levai -- Hungarian politician
Wikipedia - Kate Williams Evans -- Welsh suffragette, activist and campaigner for women's rights
Wikipedia - Kathryn Evans -- British stage actress, singer and dancer
Wikipedia - Katrin Taseva -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Katsiaryna Netsviatayeva -- Belarusian athlete
Wikipedia - Katya Paskaleva -- Bulgarian actress
Wikipedia - Kaworu Nagisa -- Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - K. B. Hedgewar -- Founding leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
Wikipedia - KBMG -- Radio station in Evanston, Wyoming
Wikipedia - KBUL-FM -- Country music radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KBZZ (AM) -- Radio station in Sparks-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KCEO -- Relevant Radio station in Vista, California, United States
Wikipedia - KCMY -- Radio station in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - KEEN-CD -- Television station in Nevada, USA
Wikipedia - Keezhtali Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple, Kalady, India
Wikipedia - KEGS (TV) -- Defunct TV station in Goldfield, Nevada
Wikipedia - Keith Pickard -- Republican member of the Nevada Senate
Wikipedia - Kenites -- Nomadic tribe in the ancient Levant
Wikipedia - Ken Kercheval -- American actor
Wikipedia - Kenneth Baxter Wolf -- American historian of medieval studies
Wikipedia - Kenojuak Ashevak -- Inuit artist
Wikipedia - Kent Hovind -- Evangelist / Young Earth Creationist
Wikipedia - Kerevat Airfield -- Defunct airport in Papua New Guinea
Wikipedia - Kerry James Evans -- American poet
Wikipedia - Keshavarz Boulevard -- Road in Tehran, Iran
Wikipedia - Ketevan Andronikashvili -- Georgian noblewoman
Wikipedia - Ketevan Bagration of Mukhrani -- 20th and 21st-century Georgian diplomat
Wikipedia - Ketevan the Martyr -- Queen of Kakheti (c.1560-1624)
Wikipedia - Ketevan Tsikhelashvili -- Georgian politician
Wikipedia - Kevada Mosque -- Mosque in Gujarat, India
Wikipedia - Kevadia railway station -- Railway station in Gujarat, India
Wikipedia - Kevala Jnana
Wikipedia - Kevala
Wikipedia - Kevan Baker -- British Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Kevan Barbour -- Zimbabwean international cricket umpire
Wikipedia - Kevan Jones -- British Labour politician
Wikipedia - Kevan McNicholas -- British Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Kevin Evans (archer) -- Canadian Paralympic archer
Wikipedia - KFBR -- Radio station in Gerlach, Nevada
Wikipedia - KFRH -- Radio station in North Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - KGFN -- Radio station in Goldfield, Nevada
Wikipedia - Khanate of Kazan -- Medieval Tatar Turkic state
Wikipedia - Khanim Balajayeva -- Azerbaijani chess player
Wikipedia - Khioniya Guseva -- Russian assassin
Wikipedia - KHIT -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KHJ (AM) -- Relevant Radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Khosiat Boboeva -- Tajikistani historian of the Soviet era
Wikipedia - Khudaibergen Devanov -- Uzbek photographer and filmmaker
Wikipedia - KHWK (Nevada) -- Former radio station in Tonopah, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Kibbutz communal child rearing and collective education -- Method of education prevalent in collective communities in Israel until the 1980s
Wikipedia - Kievan chant -- Liturgical chant
Wikipedia - Kievan Rus
Wikipedia - Kievan Rus' -- Former federation of East Slavic and Finnic tribes
Wikipedia - KIHH -- Relevant Radio station in Eureka, California
Wikipedia - KIHM -- Relevant Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KIHP (AM) -- Relevant Radio station in Mesa, Arizona
Wikipedia - Kilwa Sultanate -- Medieval sultanate centered on Kilwa city-state
Wikipedia - Kimek-Kipchak confederation -- Medieval Turkic state formed by the Kimek and Kipchak people
Wikipedia - Kina Kadreva -- Bulgarian author
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Aragon -- Medieval and early modern kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Artsakh -- Medieval era Armenian kingdom
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Castile -- Medieval state in the Iberian Peninsula
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Cochin -- Medieval kingdom and later princely state on the Malabar Coast, South India
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Croatia (medieval)
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Italy (medieval)
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Jerusalem -- Crusader state established in the Southern Levant by Godfrey of Bouillon in 1099 after the First Crusade
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Navarre -- Medieval Basque kingdom that occupied the lands around the western Pyrenees
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Northumbria -- Medieval kingdom of the Angles
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Powys -- Medieval kingdom in Wales
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Serbia (medieval) -- Serbian state between 1217 and 1346
Wikipedia - King of the Romans -- Title used by medieval German monarchs
Wikipedia - King Peak (Nevada) -- Mountain in United States of America
Wikipedia - Kings Highway (Brooklyn) -- Boulevard in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - Kinka Racheva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - KISK -- Radio station in Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kissena Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Kitty Wilson-Evans -- American historical interpreter and storyteller
Wikipedia - Kiyevskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - KJJJ -- Radio station in Laughlin, Nevada
Wikipedia - KJPG -- Relevant Radio station in Frazier Park-Bakersfield, California
Wikipedia - KKLJ -- Radio Nueva Vida station in Julian, California
Wikipedia - Klara Guseva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Klavdiya Afanasyeva -- Russian racewalker
Wikipedia - Klavdiya Kildsheva -- Soviet - Russian aviation engineer and Hero of Socialist Labor
Wikipedia - Klavdiya Latysheva -- Soviet mathematician
Wikipedia - Klavdiya Nechaeva -- Soviet fighter pilot during World War II.
Wikipedia - KLBC-TV2 -- Cable television station in Laughlin, Nevada
Wikipedia - KLRH -- K-Love radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KLSQ -- Radio station in Whitney-Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - KMCC -- Ion Plus TV station in Laughlin, Nevada
Wikipedia - KM-CM-$rkevagge -- valley in northern Sweden
Wikipedia - KMRO -- Radio Nueva Vida flagship station in Camarillo, California, United States
Wikipedia - KMXB -- Radio station in Henderson, Nevada
Wikipedia - KNEZ (FM) -- Radio station in Hazen-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Knights Hospitaller -- Medieval and early-modern Catholic military order
Wikipedia - Knights Templar -- Western Christian military order; medieval Catholic military order
Wikipedia - KNNR -- Radio station in Sparks, Nevada
Wikipedia - Knowledge retrieval
Wikipedia - KNPB -- PBS member station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KNSN-TV -- Independent TV station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KNVV-LP -- Former low-power TV station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Boulevard -- Boulevard in Sofia, Bulgaria
Wikipedia - KODS -- Radio station in Carnelian Bay, California, serving Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Koepelgevangenis (Arnhem) -- Former prison in Arnhem, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Koepelgevangenis (Haarlem) -- Former prison in Haarlem, Netherlands
Wikipedia - KOLC -- Country music radio station in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kollam Rameswaram Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in India
Wikipedia - KOLO-TV -- ABC/CW affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Koltsevaya line -- Moscow Metro line
Wikipedia - Komsomolskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Kone -- Finnish elevator manufacturer and engineering company
Wikipedia - Korcheva -- Human settlement in Russia
Wikipedia - Koroleva nochi -- 2019 EP by Olya Polyakova
Wikipedia - Kosovo Protestant Evangelical Church -- Protestant church based in Kosovo
Wikipedia - Kovkab Safaraliyeva -- Azerbaijani musician
Wikipedia - KOZZ-FM -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KPLY -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KPMD -- Radio station in Evanston, Wyoming
Wikipedia - KPVT-LD -- TV station in Pahrump-Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - KQGC -- Radio Nueva Vida affiliate in Belen, New Mexico
Wikipedia - KQLO -- Former radio station in Sun Valley-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KQMB -- Radio station in Levan, Utah
Wikipedia - KQNM -- Relevant Radio station in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wikipedia - Kragujevac massacre -- 1941 massacre by Nazi forces in Serbia
Wikipedia - Krak des Chevaliers -- Crusader castle near Homs, Syria
Wikipedia - Krasimira Toneva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - KRAT (FM) -- Radio station in Sparks-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KREN-TV -- Univision affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KRFN -- Adult contemporary radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Krishnadevaraya -- Emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire (ruled 1509-1529)
Wikipedia - Kristina Timofeeva -- Russian archer
Wikipedia - Kristina Zaseeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - KristM-DM-+ne Nevarauska -- Latvian actress
Wikipedia - KRNG -- Radio station in Fallon-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KRNO -- Radio station in Incline Village-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KRNS-CD -- UniMas affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KRNV-DT -- NBC affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kronborg -- medieval castle in Helsingor, Denmark
Wikipedia - KruM-EM-!evaM-DM-^Mka Planina -- Mountain in Kosovo
Wikipedia - KRXI-TV -- Fox affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Ksenia Afanasyeva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Kseniia Akhanteva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Kseniya Moustafaeva -- French rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - KSFB -- Relevant Radio station in San Francisco
Wikipedia - KSHP -- Radio station in North Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - KSRN -- Radio station in Kings Beach, California, serving Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KTHX-FM -- Radio station in Dayton-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KTVN -- CBS affiliate in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kuch Kuch Locha Hai -- 2015 film by Devang Dholakia
Wikipedia - Kudappanakunnu Kunnathu Sri Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in India
Wikipedia - KUEZ -- Radio station in Fallon-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kuffs -- 1992 film directed by Bruce A. Evans
Wikipedia - Kukhareva London -- British fashion company
Wikipedia - Kuladevata -- Ancestral tutelary deity in Hinduism
Wikipedia - Kumushkhon Fayzullaeva -- Uzbekistani weightlifter
Wikipedia - KUNR -- Public radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KUOL (FM) -- Radio station in Elko, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kurkar -- Regional name for an aeolian quartz calcrete on the Levantine coast
Wikipedia - Kurskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Kvindevalgretsforeningen -- Danish women's organization
Wikipedia - KVMR -- Radio station in Nevada City, California
Wikipedia - KVUW -- Radio station in West Wendover, Nevada
Wikipedia - KVVU-TV -- Fox affiliate in Henderson, Nevada
Wikipedia - KWG (AM) -- Relevant Radio station in Stockton, California, United States
Wikipedia - KWNK-LP -- Low-power FM radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KWNR -- radio station in Henderson, Nevada
Wikipedia - KWNZ -- Radio station in Lovelock-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KXEQ -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KXLI -- Radio station in Moapa, Nevada
Wikipedia - KXPC -- Radio Nueva Vida affiliate in Welches, Oregon
Wikipedia - KXQQ-FM -- Radio station in Henderson, Nevada
Wikipedia - KXST -- CBS Sports Radio station in North Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - KXTO -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Kyai Sadrach -- Indonesian evangelist
Wikipedia - Kyle Evans -- British BMX rider
Wikipedia - KYLI -- Radio station in Bunkerville, Nevada, serving Las Vegas and St. George, Utah
Wikipedia - KZTI -- Radio station in Fallon Station-Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - KZTQ (AM) -- Radio station in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Lacey Evans -- American professional wrestler and former U.S. Marine
Wikipedia - La Cienega Boulevard -- Highway in California
Wikipedia - La Cueva de Roa -- Municipality in Castile and Leon, Spain
Wikipedia - Laevagonum -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - La Femme au Cheval
Wikipedia - Lake Geneva -- Lake in Switzerland and France
Wikipedia - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Lake Mead National Recreation Area -- U.S. protected area in Nevada and Arizona
Wikipedia - Lake Sevan -- Lake in Armenia
Wikipedia - Lake Shore Boulevard -- Street in Toronto
Wikipedia - Lake Tahoe Community College -- Community College in Nevada
Wikipedia - Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park -- State park on Lake Tahoe in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Lake Tahoe -- Lake in California and Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Lake Washington Boulevard -- Route through Seattle, Washington
Wikipedia - Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan
Wikipedia - La Maleva -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Lamont Library -- Haevard undergrad library
Wikipedia - Lancaster's chevauchM-CM-)e of 1346 -- Campaign during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Lancaster's chevauchM-CM-)e of 1356 -- Campaign during the Hundred Years' War
Wikipedia - Landfrieden -- Contractual waiver in Holy Roman medieval law
Wikipedia - Landnamabok -- Medieval Icelandic written work
Wikipedia - Land of Israel -- Traditional Jewish name for an area of indefinite geographical extension in the Southern Levant
Wikipedia - Land of Maidens -- Motif in Irish mythology and medieval chivalric romance literature
Wikipedia - Lapteva Island -- Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica
Wikipedia - Large memory storage and retrieval neural network -- Type of neural network
Wikipedia - Lari Azad -- Indian historian of medieval India
Wikipedia - Larisa Dodkhudoeva -- Tajikistani art historian
Wikipedia - Larisa Novoseltseva
Wikipedia - Larisa Popugayeva -- Soviet geologist
Wikipedia - Larisa Selezneva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Larissa Evangelista -- Brazilian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Larry Bevand -- Canadian chess arbiter and organiser
Wikipedia - Larry Levan -- American disk jockey
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Boulevard -- Road in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Convention Center -- Convention center in Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Lights FC -- Soccer team based in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Wikipedia - Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Review-Journal -- Newspaper published in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas station (Nevada) -- Former passenger railroad station in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Strip -- 4 mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard with many resorts, shows, and casinos
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Sun -- Newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Las Vegas Thunder -- Ice hockey club in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Wikipedia - Las Vegas -- Largest city in Nevada
Wikipedia - Latalia Bevan -- Welsh artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Lathyrus nevadensis -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Laudes Mediolanensis civitatis -- Medieval Latin poem
Wikipedia - Laura Evangelista Alvarado Cardozo
Wikipedia - Laurel Amy Eva Campbell -- New Zealand racehorse trainer
Wikipedia - Laurie Evans (politician) -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - La vie devant nous -- French television series
Wikipedia - Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Law of triviality -- Focusing on what is irrelevant but easy to understand
Wikipedia - Lawrence C. Evans -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Lawrence Leung's Unbelievable
Wikipedia - Lawrence Watt-Evans -- American writer
Wikipedia - Lazarevac
Wikipedia - Lazar of Serbia -- medieval Serbian ruler
Wikipedia - Lazy evaluation
Wikipedia - LDS Moapa Stake Office Building -- historic building in Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Lebanese Arabic -- Dialect of North Levantine Arabic
Wikipedia - Lee Evans (comedian) -- English stand-up comedian and actor
Wikipedia - Lee Evans (sprinter) -- American track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Lefferts Boulevard -- Street in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Leh-Manali Highway -- High elevation mountain highway in India
Wikipedia - Leighton Road Evangelical Church, Ipswich -- Church in Ipswich, UK
Wikipedia - Lei tai -- Elevated fighting arena
Wikipedia - Lela Evans -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Le Lignon -- Urban development in Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Leoncio Evasco Jr. -- Filipino politician
Wikipedia - Leontophone -- Small animal from Medieval bestiaries that is deadly to lions
Wikipedia - L'Escalade -- Attack by Savoy on Geneva
Wikipedia - Les Chevaliers de Saint-Jean -- Junior "A" team based out of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
Wikipedia - Les Essards-Taignevaux -- Commune in Bourgogne-Franche-ComtM-CM-), France
Wikipedia - Lesteva -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men -- Book with text by American writer James Agee and photographs by American photographer Walker Evans
Wikipedia - Levacetylmethadol
Wikipedia - Levack station -- Railway station in Greater Sudbury, Canada
Wikipedia - Levaillant's cuckoo -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Levaillant's woodpecker -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - LeVake v. Independent School District 656 -- Court case in Minnesota
Wikipedia - Levallois Sporting Club Judo -- Judo club
Wikipedia - Levallois technique
Wikipedia - Levallorphan
Wikipedia - Levamisole
Wikipedia - Levana Finkelstein -- Israeli actress and sculptress
Wikipedia - Levan Akhvlediani -- Georgian sports official
Wikipedia - Levan Akin -- Swedish film director and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Levan Aroshidze -- Georgian chess grandmaster
Wikipedia - Levan Berdzenishvili -- Georgian politician
Wikipedia - Levan Choladze -- Georgian politician and diplomat
Wikipedia - Levan Gelbakhiani -- Georgian actor
Wikipedia - Levan Gureshidze -- Georgian luger
Wikipedia - Levani Matiashvili -- Georgian judoka
Wikipedia - Levan Makashvili -- Georgian mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Levan of Kakheti
Wikipedia - Levan Razmadze -- Georgian martial artist
Wikipedia - Levan Strice -- Nature Reserve woodland area in Kent, England
Wikipedia - Levant Company
Wikipedia - Levant Consular Service -- British diplomatic organization
Wikipedia - Levante, Spain
Wikipedia - Levan Tibilov -- Georgian luger
Wikipedia - Levantine Arabic phonology
Wikipedia - Levantine Arabic -- One of the 5 major dialects of Arabic, spoken in the Eastern Mediterranean littoral
Wikipedia - Levantine archaeology -- Archaeological study of the Levant
Wikipedia - Levantine Cultural Center
Wikipedia - Levantine mansions of M-DM-0zmir -- Thirty stately residences in M-DM-0zmir, Turkey, dating principally from the 19th century
Wikipedia - Levantine Sea -- The easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea
Wikipedia - Levant Schooner Flotilla -- WWII allied naval organization
Wikipedia - Levan Tsutskiridze -- Georgian painter
Wikipedia - Levant
Wikipedia - Levan Zhorzholiani -- Georgian judoka
Wikipedia - Leva pM-CM-% 'Hoppet' -- 1951 film
Wikipedia - LeVar Burton -- American actor, director, and television host
Wikipedia - Levar Stoney -- American politician
Wikipedia - Levashi, Republic of Dagestan -- Rural locality in Dagestan, Russia
Wikipedia - Levasseur PL.11 -- 1930s French seaplane
Wikipedia - Levasseur PL.15 -- French torpedo bomber seaplane
Wikipedia - Levasseur PL.200 -- 1930s French observation seaplane
Wikipedia - Levasseur PL.400 -- 1930s French aircraft
Wikipedia - Levator ani -- Broad, thin muscle group, situated on either side of the pelvis
Wikipedia - Lev Levanda -- Russian author (1935-1888)
Wikipedia - L'Hopital's rule -- Mathematical rule for evaluating certain limits
Wikipedia - Lidia Nencheva -- Bulgarian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Lidija Pavlovna Arseneva -- Soviet textile worker
Wikipedia - Lidziya Hrafeyeva -- Belarusian athlete
Wikipedia - Lifetime prevalence
Wikipedia - Lighthouse Evangelism -- Megachurch in Singapore
Wikipedia - Liisa Nevalainen -- Finnish actress
Wikipedia - Lilia Abadjieva -- Bulgarian theatre director
Wikipedia - Lilia Podkopayeva -- Ukrainian gymnast
Wikipedia - Liliya Tugusheva -- Russian turkologists
Wikipedia - Limer -- Medieval scenthound
Wikipedia - Lina Kudriavtseva -- Russian pair skater
Wikipedia - Lincoln Boulevard (Los Angeles County) -- Street in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Lincoln County Airport -- Airport in Nevada
Wikipedia - Linda Evangelista -- Canadian model
Wikipedia - Linda Evans (activist)
Wikipedia - Linda Evans (author) -- American science fiction writer
Wikipedia - Linda Evans (radical) -- American radical leftist
Wikipedia - Linda Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Linden Boulevard -- Boulevard in Brooklyn and Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Linear-on-the-fly testing -- Educational assessment and evaluation technique
Wikipedia - Lini Evans -- Canadian singer and actress
Wikipedia - Lionrai Gaeilge -- Formally designated Irish language-relevant areas
Wikipedia - Lioubov Vassilieva -- Russian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Lisa Ingildeeva -- German rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Lissa Evans -- British television director
Wikipedia - List of active gold mines in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of African-American newspapers in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airports in Clark County, Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airports in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of alumni of Yerevan State University -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of archaeological periods (Levant) -- List of Levantive archaeological periods
Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Revathi -- Accolades for Revathi
Wikipedia - List of birds of Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of breweries in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Carnegie libraries in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of casinos in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Castlevania characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Castlevania media -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chris Evans performances -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Christian scientists and scholars of medieval Islam
Wikipedia - List of Christian scientists and scholars of the medieval Islamic world -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of city nicknames in Nevada -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of college athletic programs in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of colleges and universities in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of compositions by Bill Evans -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of conservative evangelical Anglican churches in England
Wikipedia - List of counties in Nevada -- List of counties in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - List of countries by HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of countries by prevalence of cocaine use
Wikipedia - List of countries by prevalence of opiates use
Wikipedia - List of county roads in Brevard County, Florida -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of county routes in Elko County, Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of cultural property of national significance in Switzerland: Geneva -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of dams and reservoirs in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of early medieval watermills -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of elevation extremes by region -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of elevator manufacturers -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Evansville Crimson Giants players -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of fiction set in Geneva
Wikipedia - List of first minority male lawyers and judges in Nevada -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of first women lawyers and judges in Nevada -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of former place names in Brevard County, Florida -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of governors of Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of governors of Nueva Esparta -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of grain elevators -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of high schools in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of hillside letters in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of hospitals in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of hospitals in Yerevan -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of inclined elevators -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of information retrieval libraries -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international instruments relevant to the worst forms of child labour -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant members
Wikipedia - List of Kalevala translations -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of mammals of Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Medieval composers -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of medieval music theorists
Wikipedia - List of Medieval music theorists -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of permanent representatives of Ecuador to the United Nations Office at Geneva -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Permanent Representatives of New Zealand to the United Nations in Geneva -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Permanent Representatives of the United Kingdom to the United Nations in Geneva -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - Literary criticism -- Study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature
Wikipedia - Lithium (Evanescence song) -- 2006 single by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Lithuanian Civil War (1432-1438) -- War of succession in medieval Lithuania
Wikipedia - Little Church of the West -- Wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Little Eva -- American singer
Wikipedia - Little Ice Age -- A period of cooling after the Medieval Warm Period that lasted from the 16th to the 19th century
Wikipedia - Little Neck Parkway -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Liudmila Ievleva -- Ukrainian hurdler
Wikipedia - Liudmila TerentM-JM-9eva -- Ethnographer (b. 1910, d. 1982)
Wikipedia - Live (13th Floor Elevators album) -- 1968 compilation album by the 13th Floor Elevators
Wikipedia - Liverpool Overhead Railway -- Defunct elevated railway in Liverpool
Wikipedia - Livonian Crusade -- German and Danish conquest of medieval Livonia
Wikipedia - Liza Kisteneva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Lizzie P. Evans-Hansell -- American novelist, short-story writer
Wikipedia - Ljubov Nikolaevna Vassiljeva -- Soviet botanist
Wikipedia - Ljupka DM-EM->undeva -- Macedonian actress
Wikipedia - Lloyd Evans (plant physiologist)
Wikipedia - Lodian culture -- Archaeological culture of the Southern Levant
Wikipedia - Lola Dodkhudoeva -- Tajikistani historian
Wikipedia - Lollardy -- Radical Christian reform movement in late medieval, pre-Reformation England
Wikipedia - Lombard League -- Medieval anti-Hohenstaufen military coalition
Wikipedia - LoM-CM-/c Dombreval -- French politician
Wikipedia - Lomevactone
Wikipedia - London Boulevard -- 2010 film by William Monahan
Wikipedia - London tornado of 1091 -- Medieval times F4 tornado
Wikipedia - Long Beach Boulevard (California) -- Street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Long-term memory -- Process that deals with the storage, retrieval and modification of information a long time
Wikipedia - Lord of Galloway -- medieval Scottish ruler
Wikipedia - Losing-Trick Count -- Method of hand evaluation in contact bridge
Wikipedia - Lost-foam casting -- Type of evaporative-pattern casting process
Wikipedia - Lost in Paradise (song) -- 2012 song by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Louis Chevalier (racewalker) -- French racewalker
Wikipedia - Louis de Cardevac, marquis d'Havrincourt -- French nobleman, soldier and diplomat
Wikipedia - Love in an Elevator -- Song by Aerosmith
Wikipedia - Lovelock, Nevada -- Incorporated city in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Lower Lotharingia -- Stem duchy of the medieval Kingdom of Germany
Wikipedia - L. Revanasiddaiah -- Indian police officer
Wikipedia - Luc Henri Chevalier -- Australian alpine ski racer
Wikipedia - Lucien Seevagen -- French painter
Wikipedia - Ludmila Savelyeva -- Soviet and Russian actress
Wikipedia - Ludmila Zaitseva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Ludmilla Tourischeva -- Russian gymnast
Wikipedia - Ludwig Petry -- German medievalist, historian of modern age and historian of eastern europe
Wikipedia - Luis Alberto Echevarria -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Luis AndrM-CM-)s Esteva -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva -- 16th-century Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Luiza Ganieva -- Uzbekistani rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Luiza Saidiyeva -- Kazakhstani archer
Wikipedia - Luke Evans (politician) -- British Conservative politician
Wikipedia - Luke Evans -- Welsh actor and singer
Wikipedia - Luke the Evangelist -- One of the four traditionally ascribed authors of the canonical gospels
Wikipedia - Lunar Crater volcanic field -- A volcanic field in Nye County, Nevada
Wikipedia - Lupao, Nueva Ecija
Wikipedia - Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church -- Anglican Communion church in Portugal
Wikipedia - Luther H. Evans -- American librarian and 10th Librarian of Congress
Wikipedia - Luther Seminary -- Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Saint Paul, Minnesota and a United States historic place
Wikipedia - Luxor Las Vegas -- Hotel and casino in Paradise, Nevada
Wikipedia - L. V. Revanth -- Indian playback singer
Wikipedia - Lydia Echevarria -- Puerto Rican convicted murderer
Wikipedia - Lydia Koreneva -- Soviet actor
Wikipedia - Lydia Shouleva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Lydia Zvereva -- Pioneering Russian aviator
Wikipedia - Lynching of John Evans -- African American who was lynched in the U.S.
Wikipedia - Lyn Evans -- Welsh physicist
Wikipedia - Lynne Evans -- British archer
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Boldyreva-Mashkovtseva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Dmitriyeva -- Russian sailor
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Guryeva -- Kazakhstani biathlete
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Mokhnacheva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Osintseva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Prokasheva -- Kazakhstani speed skater
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Vasil'evna Zhuravleva
Wikipedia - Lyudmila Zhuravleva
Wikipedia - M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle -- A military ambulance
Wikipedia - Mac Cuilinn -- Notable Irish surname that indicates descendants of medieval Celtic royalty
Wikipedia - Mac Evans -- Australian sportsman
Wikipedia - Macroscopic quantum phenomena -- Processes showing quantum behavior at the macroscopic scale, rather than at the atomic scale where quantum effects are prevalent; macroscopic scale quantum coherence leads to macroscopic quantum phenomena
Wikipedia - Madavoor Vasudevan Nair
Wikipedia - Maddie Evangelous -- American ice hockey forward
Wikipedia - Madge Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Madhukar Dattatraya Deoras -- Third Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
Wikipedia - Madhu Vasudevan -- Indian author, lyricist, music critic
Wikipedia - Madina Davletbayeva -- Kazakhstani chess player
Wikipedia - Madron Well and Madron Well Chapel -- Ruined medieval chapel in England
Wikipedia - Maga Nevares de Rossello -- First Lady of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Magdalena Tasheva -- Bulgarian journalist and politician
Wikipedia - Magenta-Crocco elevator -- Elevator for pedestrians in Genoa, Italy
Wikipedia - Magister Franciscus -- Medieval French composer
Wikipedia - Mahadeva, Saptari -- Former Village Development Committee in Nepal
Wikipedia - Mahadevasthan -- Former Village Development Committee in Nepal
Wikipedia - Mahadeva Subramania Mani
Wikipedia - Maia Martcheva -- Bulgarian American mathematician
Wikipedia - Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery -- Hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Maison de la paix -- Building in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Makhlukhanum Murzayeva -- Russian archer
Wikipedia - Malangbang -- Indonesian medieval sailing ship
Wikipedia - Mal Evans -- English road manager
Wikipedia - Malevolence (film) -- 2003 film by Stevan Mena
Wikipedia - Malin Levanon -- Swedish actress
Wikipedia - Maliyadeva College
Wikipedia - Malle Gevallen -- 1934 film
Wikipedia - Malvina Evalyn Wood -- Australian librarian
Wikipedia - Malwa Sultanate -- Late medieval kingdom in northern India
Wikipedia - Malysheva, Sverdlovsk Oblast -- Work settlement in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Manamagan Thevai -- 1957 film by P. S. Ramakrishna Rao
Wikipedia - Mandalay Bay Events Center -- Event center in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Mangup -- Historic fortress in Crimea near Sevastopol
Wikipedia - Mania -- State of abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal, and/or energy levels
Wikipedia - Mannar Thrikkuratti Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in Kerala, India
Wikipedia - Manohari (song) -- 2015 song by Mohana Bhogaraju and LV Revanth
Wikipedia - Manor of Northstead -- Former medieval estate in North Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Mantlet -- Movable shield in medieval warfare
Wikipedia - Manuel Cuevas -- Mexican fashion designer
Wikipedia - Mapes Hotel -- Former hotel casino in Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Mappa mundi -- Medieval European map of the world
Wikipedia - Maputeoa -- Monarch of Mangareva and the other Gambier Islands
Wikipedia - Marc Evan Jackson -- American comedian and actor
Wikipedia - Marco Evaristti -- Chilean artist
Wikipedia - Marcus Choleva -- Danish businessman
Wikipedia - Marega Salaa -- 2009 film by Devang Dholakia
Wikipedia - Margaret Hastings -- American medievalist
Wikipedia - Margaret Twycross -- Historian and medievalist
Wikipedia - Margarita Ganeva -- Bulgarian ambassador
Wikipedia - Margarita Nikolaeva -- Soviet gymnast
Wikipedia - Margarita Tacheva -- Bulgarian historian
Wikipedia - Margarita Yelisseyeva -- Kazakhstani weightlifter
Wikipedia - Margiad Evans
Wikipedia - Marguerite Deval -- French singer and actress
Wikipedia - Marguerite Evans-Galea -- Molecular biologist and advocate for women in STEMM
Wikipedia - Marharyta Makhneva -- Belarusian canoeist
Wikipedia - Maria Artemieva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Maria Bondareva -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Maria Casadevall -- Brazilian actress
Wikipedia - Maria Grozdeva -- Bulgarian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Maria Iovleva -- Paralympic biathlete of Russia
Wikipedia - Maria Koleva (rhythmic gymnast) -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Maria Krasiltseva -- Armenian figure skater
Wikipedia - Maria Luiza Boulevard -- Boulevard in Sofia, Bulgaria
Wikipedia - Maria Mintscheva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Mariana Kotzeva -- Bulgarian statistian and econometrician
Wikipedia - Maria Nanaeva -- Kyrgyz pharmacologist
Wikipedia - Marian Urdabayeva -- Kazakhstani judoka
Wikipedia - Maria Perceval -- Argentine politician
Wikipedia - Maria Pronchishcheva -- Russian explorer
Wikipedia - Maria Tolkacheva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Maria Velcheva -- Bulgarian chess player
Wikipedia - Marie de France -- Medieval French poet
Wikipedia - Mariela Baeva -- Bulgarian writer, researcher, and philologist
Wikipedia - Marieta Ilieva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mari Evans
Wikipedia - Marija Golubeva -- Latvian politician and political scientist
Wikipedia - Marija M-EM- ibajeva -- Lithuanian chess player
Wikipedia - Marika Krevata -- Greek actress
Wikipedia - Marina Aframeeva -- Russian Olympic dressage rider
Wikipedia - Marina Chechneva -- Hero of the Soviet Union
Wikipedia - Marina Georgieva-Nikolova -- Bulgarian speed skater
Wikipedia - Marina Grigoryeva -- Russian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Marina Guseva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Marina Karaseva -- Russian musicologist
Wikipedia - Marina Lebedeva -- Kazakhstani biathlete
Wikipedia - Marina Pylayeva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Marina Sheremetieva -- Moldovan chess player
Wikipedia - Marina Sisoeva -- Uzbekistani weightlifter
Wikipedia - Marina Timofeieva -- Estonian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Marina Tsvetaeva
Wikipedia - Marina Tsvetayeva
Wikipedia - Marine evacuation system -- Lifesaving device found on many modern passenger ships
Wikipedia - Mario Alejandro Cuevas Mena -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Marion Evans -- Historian
Wikipedia - Marios Evangelou -- Greek pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Mariya Andreyeva (actress) -- Russian theater and film actress
Wikipedia - Mariya Goricheva -- Russian actress
Wikipedia - Mariya Kircheva -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Mariya Koroteyeva -- Russian hurdler
Wikipedia - Mariya Sergeyeva -- Kazakhstani chess player
Wikipedia - Mariya Shalayeva -- Russian actress
Wikipedia - Marjana Ivanova-Jevsejeva -- Latvian politician
Wikipedia - Marjoe Gortner -- American actor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art -- Museum at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Wikipedia - Marjorie Devaney -- American mathematician, electrical engineer, and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Marjorie Evans -- Scottish artist
Wikipedia - Mark Amodei -- U.S. Representative from Nevada
Wikipedia - Mark Burns (pastor) -- American evangelical Christian
Wikipedia - Mark Cahill -- American author, speaker, and evangelist
Wikipedia - Mark Carnevale -- American golfer and radio commentator
Wikipedia - Market town -- European settlement with the medieval right to host markets
Wikipedia - Mark Evanchick -- American lacrosse player
Wikipedia - Mark Ooijevaar -- Dutch speed skater
Wikipedia - Marko Pecki -- Serbian medieval writer
Wikipedia - Mark the Evangelist -- Author of the Gospel of Mark and Christian saint; traditionally identified with John Mark
Wikipedia - Marlena Evans -- Fictional character from Days of Our Lives
Wikipedia - Marshal Baghramyan (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Martin Evans (cricketer) -- English cricketer and Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Martin Evans -- British biologist
Wikipedia - Martin Kevan -- actor and author
Wikipedia - Martin le Franc -- Medieval and Renaissance French poet
Wikipedia - Martyn Evans -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Marusya Ivanova Lyubcheva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Mary Beth Evans -- American television actress
Wikipedia - Mary Evans -- Lover of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Wikipedia - Mary G. Evans -- Christian minister who was pastor at Chicago's Cosmopolitan Community Church
Wikipedia - Maryna Konieva -- Ukrainian taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Maryna Prokofyeva -- Ukrainian judoka
Wikipedia - Maryna Zuyeva -- Belarusian speed skater
Wikipedia - Maryul -- Medieval kingdom in West Tibet
Wikipedia - Mary Wilson, Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx -- English poet, wife of Harold Wilson
Wikipedia - Masdevallia civilis -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Masdevallia goliath -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Masdevallia nidifica -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Masdevallia wageneriana -- Species of orchid
Wikipedia - Masdevallia weberbaueri -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Masevaux-Niederbruck -- Commune in Grand Est, France
Wikipedia - Masevaux -- Part of Masevaux-Niederbruck in Grand Est, France
Wikipedia - Massimo Canevacci -- Italian academic and ethnographer
Wikipedia - Mateus Evangelista Cardoso -- Brazilian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Mathematics in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Mathew Bevan -- British computer hacker
Wikipedia - Matilda Evans -- African-American physician in South Carolina
Wikipedia - Matrena Vakhrusheva -- Mansi linguist and poet
Wikipedia - Matter of Britain -- Body of Medieval literature associated with Great Britain
Wikipedia - Matt Evans -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Matthew Levatich -- American businessman
Wikipedia - Matthew the Apostle -- Christian evangelist and apostle
Wikipedia - Matthew the Evangelist
Wikipedia - Matzevah -- Sacred pillar in the Hebrew Bible
Wikipedia - Maumanorig -- Remains of medieval monastery, County Kerry, Ireland
Wikipedia - Maurice Bevan-Brown -- New Zealand psychiatrist and psychotherapist
Wikipedia - Maurice Chevalier
Wikipedia - Maurice Evans (actor) -- English actor
Wikipedia - Mauricio Kilwein Guevara -- Colombian-American writer
Wikipedia - Mauro-Roman Kingdom -- Early medieval Christian Romano-Berber state
Wikipedia - Maya Blagoeva -- Bulgarian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Maya Kuliyeva -- Turkmeni actress
Wikipedia - Maya Shigaeva -- Soviet and Kazakhstan scientist
Wikipedia - Maya Thevar -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Mayram Isoeva -- Tajikistani Actress
Wikipedia - Mayrin Villanueva -- Mexican actress
Wikipedia - McCarran International Airport -- Airport near Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - McDermitt Caldera -- An extinct volcanic caldera in Nevada and Oregon, USA
Wikipedia - McDonough Park -- Stadium in Geneva, New York, U.S.
Wikipedia - McGuinness Boulevard -- Boulevard in Brooklyn, New York
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir -- Icelandic singer and actress
Wikipedia - M-CM-^^orbjorn disarskald -- Icelandic medieval poet
Wikipedia - M-DM-^Fevapi -- Dish from Southeast Europe
Wikipedia - M-DM-^@ma -- Medieval Indian king
Wikipedia - Mdzovreti fortress -- Medieval fortress in Orubani, Georgia
Wikipedia - Mead hall -- Residence of a lord and his retainers in medieval Scandinavia and Germanic Europe
Wikipedia - Meadow Valley Wash -- southern Nevada stream
Wikipedia - Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development -- A peer-reviewed applied psychology journal
Wikipedia - Mediaeval Latin
Wikipedia - Mediaeval studies
Wikipedia - Mediaeval
Wikipedia - Medical literature retrieval
Wikipedia - Medicine in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Medicine in the medieval Islamic world -- Overview about the medicine in the medieval Islamic world
Wikipedia - Medieval aesthetics
Wikipedia - Medieval Arabic female poets
Wikipedia - Medieval archaeology -- Archaeological sub-discipline
Wikipedia - Medieval Archaeology -- Journal
Wikipedia - Medieval architecture
Wikipedia - Medieval art
Wikipedia - Medieval bioarchaeology -- The study of human remains recovered from medieval archaeological sites
Wikipedia - Medieval Bulgarian literature
Wikipedia - Medieval China
Wikipedia - Medieval City on a River (Schinkel) -- Painting by Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Wikipedia - Medieval commune -- European commune in the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval Corsica
Wikipedia - Medieval cuisine -- Foods, eating habits, and cooking methods of various European cultures during the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval dance
Wikipedia - Medieval deer park
Wikipedia - Medieval demography
Wikipedia - Medieval Dutch literature
Wikipedia - Medieval era
Wikipedia - Medieval etymology
Wikipedia - Medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Medieval female sexuality -- The collection of sexual and sensual characteristics identified in a woman from the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval folk rock -- Musical genre
Wikipedia - Medieval French literature
Wikipedia - Medieval Greek -- Ancient stage of the Greek language
Wikipedia - Medieval Hebrew
Wikipedia - Medieval historiography
Wikipedia - Medieval history
Wikipedia - Medieval household
Wikipedia - Medieval India -- Period of South Asian history
Wikipedia - Medieval Inquisition -- system of tribunals enforcing Catholic orthodoxy
Wikipedia - Medievalism -- System of belief and practice inspired by the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medievalist
Wikipedia - Medieval Italy
Wikipedia - Medieval Japanese literature -- Literature written during the Kamakura, NanbokuchM-EM-^M and Muromachi periods in Japan
Wikipedia - Medieval Japan
Wikipedia - Medieval Kannada literature -- 7th to 16th centuries Kannada literature
Wikipedia - Medieval Latin language
Wikipedia - Medieval Latin -- Form of Latin used in the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval literature -- Literary works of the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval medicine of Western Europe
Wikipedia - Medieval medicine
Wikipedia - Medieval metal -- Subgenre of folk metal music
Wikipedia - Medieval Monuments in Kosovo
Wikipedia - Medieval music theory
Wikipedia - Medieval music -- Western music written during the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval Muslim Algeria
Wikipedia - Medieval period
Wikipedia - Medieval Philosophy
Wikipedia - Medieval philosophy
Wikipedia - Medieval poetry
Wikipedia - Medieval realism
Wikipedia - Medieval reenactment
Wikipedia - Medieval renaissances
Wikipedia - Medieval romance
Wikipedia - Medieval runes
Wikipedia - Medieval Serbian literature
Wikipedia - Medieval Serbian nobility
Wikipedia - Medieval Serbia
Wikipedia - Medieval singlewomen -- A woman born between the 5th and 15th century who did not marry
Wikipedia - Medieval Spanish literature
Wikipedia - Medieval stained glass -- Coloured and painted glass of medieval Europe
Wikipedia - Medieval Studies
Wikipedia - Medieval studies
Wikipedia - Medieval technology
Wikipedia - Medieval (term)
Wikipedia - Medieval theological intellectualism
Wikipedia - Medieval Times -- Family dinner theater
Wikipedia - Medieval Ukraine
Wikipedia - Medieval universities
Wikipedia - Medieval university -- Corporation organized during the Middle Ages for the purposes of higher education
Wikipedia - Medieval Wales
Wikipedia - Medieval warfare
Wikipedia - Medieval Warm Period -- Time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region lasting from c. 950 to c. 1250
Wikipedia - Medieval Welsh literature -- Literature written in the Welsh language during the Middle Ages
Wikipedia - Medieval
Wikipedia - medieval
Wikipedia - Medieval women's mysticism
Wikipedia - Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu (film) -- 2016 Telugu film by E. Satti Babu
Wikipedia - Meera Vasudevan -- Indian film actress and model
Wikipedia - Megachile devadatta -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile nevadensis -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megan Evans -- Australian artist
Wikipedia - Meglena Kuneva -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Meikandadevar
Wikipedia - Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal -- Israeli law firm
Wikipedia - Melanie Scheible -- American politician from Nevada
Wikipedia - Melanoplus devastator -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Melbourne Castle -- A medieval castle in Melbourne, Derbyshire
Wikipedia - Melbourne-Evans collision -- 1969 ship collision
Wikipedia - Melentije Stevanovic -- Serbian bishop
Wikipedia - Meliola evansii -- Fungus
Wikipedia - Me llevaras en ti -- 2019 Colombian film
Wikipedia - Melor -- Medieval Breton saint
Wikipedia - Mel Trotter -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Mental disorders and gender -- Gender is correlated with the prevalence of certain mental disorders
Wikipedia - Merantau -- 2009 Indonesian film directed by Gareth Evans
Wikipedia - Merheleva Ridge -- Burial complex in Ukraine
Wikipedia - Merindad -- Mediaeval Spanish administrative entity
Wikipedia - Merovingian script -- Medieval Latin script
Wikipedia - Merrick Boulevard buses -- Bus routes in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Mesa -- Elevated area of land with a flat top and sides that are usually steep cliffs
Wikipedia - Mesmerized (song) -- 2005 single by Faith Evans
Wikipedia - Mesquite, Nevada -- City in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Metachanda sublevata -- Species of moth in genus Metachanda
Wikipedia - Metacircular evaluation
Wikipedia - Meta-circular evaluator
Wikipedia - Metacircular evaluator
Wikipedia - Metator nevadensis -- Species of grasshopper
Wikipedia - Metodije (medieval Serbian bishop)
Wikipedia - Mevaseret Zion
Wikipedia - Mevastatin
Wikipedia - MGM Grand Garden Arena -- Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - MGM Grand Las Vegas -- Casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Mia Boissevain -- Dutch malacologist, editor
Wikipedia - Micaela Nevarez -- Puerto Rican actress
Wikipedia - Michael Cassidy (evangelist) -- South African evangelist
Wikipedia - Michael Devaney (runner) -- American track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Michael Evans Behling -- American actor
Wikipedia - Michael Evans (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj -- Malaysian politician
Wikipedia - Michael Lynn Evans III -- Michael Lynn Evans III
Wikipedia - Michael Paraskevas -- American illustrator and cartoonist (born 1961)
Wikipedia - Michael Roberson -- Minority Leader of the Nevada Senate
Wikipedia - Michael W. Bevan
Wikipedia - Michelle Bubenicek -- French medievalist historian
Wikipedia - Michurinsky Prospekt (Bolshaya Koltsevaya line) -- Prospective Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer -- Computer security evaluation tool
Wikipedia - Middle Ages in film -- Portrayal of the medieval era through film
Wikipedia - Middleham Jewel -- A Medieval, gold reliquary pendant found at Middleham and now in the Yorkshire Museum
Wikipedia - Middlemarch -- Novel by Mary Ann Evans
Wikipedia - Miguel Brieva -- Spanish cartoonist
Wikipedia - Miguel Villanueva y Gomez -- Spanish politician and lawyer
Wikipedia - Mihaela Fileva -- Bulgarian singer
Wikipedia - Mikael Adolphson -- Swedish historian of medieval Japan
Wikipedia - Mike Bamiloye -- Nigerian film actor, Evangelist(drama), producer, and director
Wikipedia - Mike Bickle (minister) -- American Evangelical Christian leader
Wikipedia - Mike Murdock -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Mike Pilavachi -- British evangelist and vicar
Wikipedia - Milana Dudieva -- Russian mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Milena Mavrodieva -- Bulgarian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Milengrad -- Mediaeval castle in northern Croatia
Wikipedia - Mileva Einstein-Maric
Wikipedia - Mileva Maric -- Serbian mathematician and wife of Albert Einstein
Wikipedia - Mileva Prvanovic -- Serbian mathematician
Wikipedia - Miliana Kroumova Kaisheva -- Bulgarian physical chemist
Wikipedia - Minden-Tahoe Airport -- Airport in Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Minerva Cuevas -- Mexican conceptual artist
Wikipedia - Miniature (illuminated manuscript) -- Picture in an ancient or medieval illuminated manuscript
Wikipedia - Minimal evaluation
Wikipedia - Ministerialis -- European medieval social class
Wikipedia - Minnie Evans (Potawatomi leader)
Wikipedia - Mirabilia Urbis Romae -- Medieval Latin text that served generations of pilgrims and tourists as a guide to the city of Rome
Wikipedia - Mirela Rahneva -- Canadian skeleton racer
Wikipedia - Mireval-Lauragais -- Commune in Occitanie, France
Wikipedia - Miroslava Dagbaeva -- Mongolian archer
Wikipedia - Miryana Basheva -- Bulgarian poet
Wikipedia - Mirza Hashem Eshkevari
Wikipedia - Misato Katsuragi -- Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Mishpat Ivri -- Aspects of halakha that are relevant to non-religious or secular law
Wikipedia - Missionary -- Member of a religious group sent to do evangelism
Wikipedia - Mitchell Iles-Crevatin -- Australian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Mitka Grubcheva -- Bulgarian communist activist and partisan
Wikipedia - Mitsubishi Electric -- Japanese electrical equipment, elevator manufacturer and electronics company
Wikipedia - M. Jeevan -- Indian film director and photographer
Wikipedia - M. Mahadevappa -- Indian geneticist
Wikipedia - Mnemonic -- Any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory
Wikipedia - Mob Museum -- History museum in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Mo Denis -- President pro tempore of the Nevada Senate
Wikipedia - Modus (medieval music) -- Medieval music term
Wikipedia - Mohan Bhagwat -- Indian activist and current chief of the Hindutva nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
Wikipedia - MoisM-CM-)s Villanueva de la Luz -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Moment (time) -- medieval unit of time
Wikipedia - Monetary conditions index -- Macroeconomic index number relevant for monetary policy
Wikipedia - Money of Kievan Rus'
Wikipedia - Mongol invasions of the Levant
Wikipedia - Monica Evans -- British actress
Wikipedia - Monica Green (historian) -- Medieval historian
Wikipedia - Monique Evans (Miss Texas) -- American beauty pageant titleholder
Wikipedia - Monitored Emergency Use of Unregistered and Investigational Interventions -- Ethical protocol to evaluate the potential use of experimental drugs in the event of public health emergencies
Wikipedia - Monitor Range -- Mountain range in Nevada
Wikipedia - Monroe Parker -- evangelist and college president
Wikipedia - Mons Meg -- The name of a famous medieval bombard
Wikipedia - Montana Elevator Co. -- American farmer cooperative
Wikipedia - Montevallo, Alabama -- City in Alabama, United States
Wikipedia - Moonlite BunnyRanch -- Brothel in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Moorish Castle -- Medieval fortification in Gibraltar
Wikipedia - Moors -- Medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily and Malta
Wikipedia - Morality play -- Genre of Medieval and early Tudor theatrical entertainment
Wikipedia - More danico -- Medieval non-church sanctioned spousal practice "in the Danish manner"
Wikipedia - Morgan Bible -- Medieval illuminated manuscript picture book Bible
Wikipedia - Mormaer of Mearns -- Medieval Scottish Mormaerdom
Wikipedia - Morris Cerullo -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Moulshree Sachdeva -- Indian actress
Wikipedia - Mount & Blade -- 2008 medieval action role-playing game
Wikipedia - Mount Evan-Thomas -- Mountain in Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - Mount Rose (Nevada) -- Mountain in the United States
Wikipedia - M. R. James -- 20th century British author, medievalist scholar and provost
Wikipedia - MSG Sphere at The Venetian -- Entertainment venue in Nevada
Wikipedia - MSME-Champions -- Grievance management and information portal for MSME
Wikipedia - M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Wikipedia - Muattar Nabieva -- Uzbekistani weightlifter
Wikipedia - Mudhal Etcharikkai -- 1999 film by S. G. S. Devar
Wikipedia - Muhammad al-Idrisi -- Medieval Arab geographer
Wikipedia - Muircheartach mac Pilib M-CM-^S Ceallaigh -- Medieval Irish archbishop
Wikipedia - Mukul Deva -- Indian polymath
Wikipedia - Mullaghcleevaun -- Mountain in Wicklow, Ireland
Wikipedia - Mulla Hadi Sabzevari
Wikipedia - Multi-dimensional model of Maori identity and cultural engagement -- Questionnaire designed to assess and evaluate Maori identity in New Zealand
Wikipedia - Multimedia information retrieval
Wikipedia - Multiple-effect evaporator
Wikipedia - Mungret Abbey -- Medieval friary, County Limerick, Ireland
Wikipedia - Municipality of Prevalje -- Municipality of Slovenia
Wikipedia - Munition armour -- Mass-produced late medieval body armour
Wikipedia - Muriel Evans -- American actress
Wikipedia - Music information retrieval
Wikipedia - Music in Medieval England
Wikipedia - Music in Medieval Scotland
Wikipedia - Music of Nevada -- Overview of music traditions in the U.S. state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Muslim conquest of the Levant -- Conquest in the 7th century
Wikipedia - MusM-CM-)e Ariana -- Museum in Geneva (Switzerland)
Wikipedia - MusM-CM-)e d'ethnographie de Geneve -- Museum in Geneva (Switzerland)
Wikipedia - Mustang Ranch -- Legal brothel in Sparks, Nevada
Wikipedia - Mutatis mutandis -- Medieval Latin phrase
Wikipedia - My Companions in the Bleak House -- Novel by Eva KantM-EM-/rkova
Wikipedia - My Immortal -- 2003 song by Evanescence
Wikipedia - Myles Munroe -- Bahamian Evangelical Christian minister
Wikipedia - Mystery play -- Medieval European play
Wikipedia - Nabataeans -- Arab people who inhabited northern Arabia and the Southern Levant
Wikipedia - Nablus Sanjak -- Ottoman administrative area in the Levant (1549-1918)
Wikipedia - Nadezda Kanaeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Nadezda Likhacheva -- Kazakhstani weightlifter
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Aleksieva -- Bulgarian biathlete
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Alliluyeva -- Second wife of Joseph Stalin
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Ivanovna Vasilyeva
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Kosintseva -- Russian chess player
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Paleeva -- Russian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Sergeeva -- Russian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Nadezhda Tokayeva -- First Lady of Kazakhstan
Wikipedia - Naggar Castle -- Medieval castle, located in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India
Wikipedia - Nahant Beach Boulevard -- Historic parkway in Massachusetts, USA
Wikipedia - Nahda -- Cultural movement in the Arabic-speaking world, especially Egypt and the Ottoman-ruled Levant
Wikipedia - Nalakhyan -- Medieval Gujarati narrative poem by Premanand Bhatt
Wikipedia - Nalpathaneeswaram Sree Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in Kerala, India
Wikipedia - Name changes due to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Names of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Nansi Karaboycheva -- Bulgarian model
Wikipedia - Naomi Levari -- Israeli film producer and director
Wikipedia - Narantaka-Devantaka
Wikipedia - Nargis Nabieva -- Tajikistani archer
Wikipedia - Nargiz Pashayeva -- Azerbaijani philologist
Wikipedia - Nasal helmet -- Medieval European, integral nose guard
Wikipedia - Natalia Alieva -- Russian linguist
Wikipedia - Natalia Avdeeva -- Russian compound archer
Wikipedia - Natalia Bekhtereva -- Russian neuroscientist and psychologist
Wikipedia - Natalia Erdyniyeva -- Russian archer
Wikipedia - Natalia Khoreva -- Russian luger
Wikipedia - Natalia Ponomareva -- Uzbekistani pair skater
Wikipedia - Natalia Soboleva -- Russian snowboarder
Wikipedia - Natalia Valeeva -- Italian archer
Wikipedia - Natalia Yukhareva -- Russian judoka
Wikipedia - Natalia Zuyeva -- Russian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Natalie Evans, Baroness Evans of Bowes Park -- Leader of the House of Lords (UK)
Wikipedia - Natalie Evans -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Nataliia Lebedeva -- Russian ethnographer and anthropologist
Wikipedia - Nataliya Dmitriyeva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Nataliya Kondratyeva -- Russian judoka
Wikipedia - Nataliya Omsheva -- Russian luger
Wikipedia - Natalya Fateyeva -- Russian actress
Wikipedia - Natalya Lebedeva -- Soviet hurdler
Wikipedia - Natalya Romanovna Guseva -- Russian ethnographer and Indologist (1914-2010)
Wikipedia - Natalya Sergeyeva -- Kazakhstani canoeist
Wikipedia - Natalya Stroeva -- Russian beauty pageant contestant
Wikipedia - Natascha Janakieva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Natha Devale, Kandy
Wikipedia - National Association of Evangelicals -- American religious organization
Wikipedia - National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing -- Independent research institute
Wikipedia - National Lampoon's Barely Legal -- 2003 film by David M. Evans
Wikipedia - National Register of Historic Places listings in Nevada -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Nattakorn Devakula -- Thai host and television moderator
Wikipedia - Nazarbegim Muborakshoeva -- Tajikistani politician
Wikipedia - Neal Evans -- Canadian businessman
Wikipedia - Neanderthals in Southwest Asia -- Neanderthals that lived in Turkey, the Levant, Iraq, and Iran
Wikipedia - Near East earthquakes of 1759 -- Series of earthquakes in Levant
Wikipedia - Nebraska Highway 1 -- State highway in Cass County, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Neevevaro -- 2018 Telugu-language Indian film
Wikipedia - Nehemiah Levanon -- Israeli diplomat
Wikipedia - Neil Evans (presenter) -- Australian soccer commentator
Wikipedia - Neli Sabeva -- Bulgarian wheelchair curler
Wikipedia - Nellis Solar Power Plant -- solar park in Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Nelson Araujo -- American politician from the state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nelson Evans -- American photographer
Wikipedia - NeM-DM-^Mven -- Croatian medieval fortress
Wikipedia - Neo-charismatic movement -- Movement within evangelical Protestant Christianity
Wikipedia - Neo-medievalism
Wikipedia - Neo-Medieval music
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 -- PlayStation 2 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days -- Manga based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project -- 2001 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra -- Video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse -- Manga based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth -- 1997 film directed by Hideaki Anno
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (franchise) -- Japanese media franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd -- 2005 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel -- 1998 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga) -- Manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project -- Windows based PC game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (video game) -- Nintendo 64 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Japanese mecha anime television series
Wikipedia - Neva Abelson -- American research physician
Wikipedia - Neva Boyd -- American sociologist
Wikipedia - Nevada (1927 film) -- 1927 film by John Waters
Wikipedia - Nevada (1935 film) -- 1935 film by Charles Barton
Wikipedia - Nevada Assembly -- Lower house of the Nevada Legislature
Wikipedia - Nevada Barr -- American author
Wikipedia - Nevada City (film) -- 1941 film by Joseph Kane
Wikipedia - Nevada-class battleship -- US Navy battleship class
Wikipedia - Nevada corporation -- Corporation incorporated under Chapter 78 of the Nevada Revised Statutes of the U.S. state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Court of Appeals -- Intermediate appellate court of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services -- state agency of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Gas -- Short story by writer Raymond Chandler
Wikipedia - Nevada Gold Mines -- Mining company
Wikipedia - Nevada Law Journal
Wikipedia - Nevada Legislature -- Bicameral legislative branch for the state of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Library Association -- Professional association for librarians in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Lions -- MMA team
Wikipedia - Nevada, Missouri
Wikipedia - Nevada Public Radio -- Public radio organization in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Republican Party -- Nevada affiliate of the Republican Party
Wikipedia - Nevada Senate -- Upper house of the Nevada Legislature
Wikipedia - Nevada Smith -- 1966 film by Henry Hathaway
Wikipedia - Nevada State Library Archives and Public Records -- Official State Library of Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Prison -- Former prison in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 11 -- Former designation of multiple highways in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 173 -- State highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 19 -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 2C -- unimproved road
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 34 -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 425 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 426 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 427 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 429 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 430 -- Nevada State Route 430
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 446 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 485 -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 486 -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 487 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 489 -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 500 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 501 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 511 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 512 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 513 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 516 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 520 -- Former state highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 525 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 530 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 531 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 535 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 582 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 601 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 646 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 673 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 816 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 858 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 859 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 894 -- Highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada State Route 8A -- Former highway in Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada Territory -- Former organized incorporated territory of the US
Wikipedia - Nevada Test Site -- United States Department of Energy reservation located in southeastern Nye County, Nevada
Wikipedia - Nevada -- State of the United States of America
Wikipedia - Nevado del Huila -- Highest volcano in Colombia
Wikipedia - Nevado del Ruiz -- Volcanic mountain in Colombia
Wikipedia - Nevado de Toluca -- Stratovolcano in central Mexico
Wikipedia - Neva Gerber -- American actress
Wikipedia - Neva Goodwin -- Economist
Wikipedia - Neva Haites -- Australian geneticist
Wikipedia - Neva Have 2 Worry -- 2008 single by Snoop Dogg
Wikipedia - Nevanlinna Prize
Wikipedia - Neva Patterson -- American actress
Wikipedia - Neva -- River in Russia
Wikipedia - Neva Yacht Club -- Russian sailing club
Wikipedia - Nevena Georgieva -- Macedonian partisan fighter
Wikipedia - New England (medieval)
Wikipedia - New Evangelical Reformed Church -- French church
Wikipedia - New Evangelization Television -- American Catholic television network
Wikipedia - New evangelization
Wikipedia - New normal -- Significant change of the prevailing situation
Wikipedia - Newtown Abbey -- Ruined medieval monastery, County Meath, Ireland
Wikipedia - Neyyattinkara Vasudevan -- Indian singer
Wikipedia - Nicholas Evans (linguist) -- Australian linguist
Wikipedia - Nicky Cruz -- Puerto Rican Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Nicky Evans -- English actor
Wikipedia - Nicola Evans -- Ireland women's hockey international
Wikipedia - Nicolas Echevarria -- Mexican film director
Wikipedia - Nicolas Roze (chevalier) -- French aristocrat, hero of 1720 plague epidemic in Marseille
Wikipedia - Nicole Chevalier -- American operatic soprano
Wikipedia - Niederbruck -- Part of Masevaux-Niederbruck in Grand Est, France
Wikipedia - Nieva, Nieva -- 1993 single by Paulina Rubio
Wikipedia - Nigar Valiyeva -- Azerbaijani linguist
Wikipedia - Nigel Evans -- British politician
Wikipedia - Nikolai Przhevalsky
Wikipedia - Nikolay Przhevalsky -- Russian soldier, explorer, and geographer
Wikipedia - Nikolina Ruseva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Nikolina Tankoucheva -- Bulgarian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Nina Andreyeva -- Russian chemist
Wikipedia - Nina Gruzintseva -- Soviet canoeist
Wikipedia - Nina Ignatyeva -- Russian luger
Wikipedia - Nina Kamneva -- Soviet athlete and military engineer.
Wikipedia - Nina Kovacheva -- French Bulgarian artist
Wikipedia - Nina Vedeneyeva -- Soviet physicist
Wikipedia - Nina Yevteyeva -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Nirmalyam -- 1973 film by M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Wikipedia - NirM-aM-9M-^[ti -- An auspicious Hindu goddess of sorrows Assistance of Lord Mahadeva
Wikipedia - Nishi Vasudeva -- HPCL, Chairman
Wikipedia - Nitrogen narcosis -- Reversible narcotic effects of respiratory nitrogen at elevated partial pressures
Wikipedia - Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife -- Nigerian charismatic leader, pastor and televangelist
Wikipedia - NM-CM-%nting levande M-CM-%t Lame-Kal -- 1990 film directed by Magnus Nanne
Wikipedia - No. 1 Geisha -- Legal brothel in Elko, Nevada
Wikipedia - Nodule (medicine) -- Solid, non-blisterform elevated areas in or under the skin
Wikipedia - Noi credevamo -- 2010 Italian drama film
Wikipedia - Nomina regum catolicorum Legionensium -- Medieval Latin list of kings of Asturias and Leon
Wikipedia - Nondestructive testing -- Evaluating the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage
Wikipedia - None of These Candidates -- Ballot option in Nevada to vote against all available candidates
Wikipedia - Noord metro station -- Elevated metro station in Amsterdam
Wikipedia - No Place That Far (song) -- 1998 song performed by Sara Evans
Wikipedia - Noreen Evans -- American lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Norman Geisler -- American evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Normative -- Relating to an evaluative standard
Wikipedia - Norodom Boulevard -- Boulevard in Phnom Penh
Wikipedia - Norrie's Law hoard -- Early Medieval silver hoard
Wikipedia - Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church
Wikipedia - North Levantine Arabic -- Dialect of Levantine Arabic
Wikipedia - North of Nevada -- 1924 film directed by Albert S. Rogell
Wikipedia - North Sea Empire -- Medieval European kingdom
Wikipedia - Northwest Semitic languages -- Division of Semitic languages of the Levant
Wikipedia - NoSQL -- Database class for storage and retrieval of modeled data
Wikipedia - Novella d'Andrea -- Italian medieval law scholar
Wikipedia - November 1964 Vietnam floods -- Devastating floods in Vietnam on the middle of Vietnam War (1964)
Wikipedia - Nueva Congregacion Israelita, Montevideo -- Synagogue in Montevideo, Uruguay
Wikipedia - Nueva Ecija Provincial Board -- Legislative body of the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Wikipedia - Nueva Ecija
Wikipedia - Nueva Etica -- Argentine metalcore band
Wikipedia - Nueva Germania
Wikipedia - Nueva Numancia (Madrid Metro) -- Madrid Metro station
Wikipedia - Nueva Segovia Department -- Department of Nicaragua
Wikipedia - Nueva Valencia -- Municipality of the Philippines in the province of Guimaras
Wikipedia - Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Board -- Legislative body of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
Wikipedia - Nurkhon Yuldashkhojayeva
Wikipedia - Nycteola revayana -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Oakeshott typology -- Medieval sword classification system
Wikipedia - Obama Boulevard -- Major thoroughfare in Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw district of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - OBERAC -- Acronym for operating balance excluding revaluations and accounting changes
Wikipedia - Oberon -- the king of the fairies in medieval, Renaissance literature
Wikipedia - Observation deck -- Elevated sightseeing platform
Wikipedia - Occupational training -- Training relevant to a specific occupation
Wikipedia - Octavio Augusto Ceva Antunes
Wikipedia - O Fortuna -- Medieval Latin poem, part of the Carmina Burana
Wikipedia - Ogham -- Early Medieval alphabet
Wikipedia - Okehampton Castle -- Medieval castle in Devon, England
Wikipedia - Oksana Gozeva -- Russian figure skater
Wikipedia - Oksana Grigorieva -- Russian pianist and singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Oksana Yakovlieva -- Ukrainian biathlete
Wikipedia - Oktyabrskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Old Church Slavonic -- |Medieval Slavic literary language
Wikipedia - Old New Synagogue -- Medieval synagogue
Wikipedia - Old Spanish -- medieval form of the Spanish language, initially was Vulgar Latin
Wikipedia - Old St Paul's Cathedral -- medieval cathedral of the City of London
Wikipedia - Olena Cherevatova -- Ukrainian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - Olga Akifyeva -- Soviet speed skater
Wikipedia - Olga Bondareva
Wikipedia - Olga Dmitriyeva -- Russian diver
Wikipedia - Olga Ignatieva -- Soviet chess player
Wikipedia - Olga Kardopoltseva -- Belarusian racewalker
Wikipedia - Olga Korosteleva -- Russian-American statistician
Wikipedia - Olga Kuzeneva -- Russian botanist (1887-1978)
Wikipedia - Olga Lezhneva -- Ukrainian actress
Wikipedia - Olga Loseva -- Russian musicologist
Wikipedia - Olga Makeeva -- Ukrainian lawyer and separatist
Wikipedia - Olga Medvedtseva -- Russian biathlete
Wikipedia - Olga Mineyeva -- Soviet athlete
Wikipedia - Olga Mizgireva -- Botanist and painter (1908-2000)
Wikipedia - Olga Skabeyeva -- Russian journalist
Wikipedia - Olga Skobeleva -- Russian philanthropist and hospital organizer
Wikipedia - Olga Strazheva -- Soviet artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Olga Umaralieva -- Uzbekistani sprint canoeist
Wikipedia - Olga Vasilieva (politician) -- Russian politician, professor and doctor of philosophy, Russian Minister of Education (2018-2020)
Wikipedia - Olga Vassiljeva -- Estonian figure skater
Wikipedia - Olga Yakusheva -- Belarusian archer
Wikipedia - Olga Zaitseva -- Russian biathlete
Wikipedia - Oliver Evans
Wikipedia - Olivier Chevallier -- French motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Omadoy Otakuziyeva -- Uzbekistani weightlifter
Wikipedia - One for the Money (novel) -- 1994 crime novel by Janet Evanovich
Wikipedia - On Ze Boulevard -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Open Brethren -- Evangelical Christian churches
Wikipedia - Open-source evangelist
Wikipedia - Operation Aerial -- Second World War evacuation from ports in western France
Wikipedia - Operation Frequent Wind -- 1975 military operation by the United States to evacuate Saigon, South Vietnam
Wikipedia - Operation Inherent Resolve -- Military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Wikipedia - Operation Moses -- 1984 Israeli covert evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan during a civil war
Wikipedia - Operation Peter Pan -- 1960-62 evacuation of Cuban children to US
Wikipedia - Ophthalmology in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Opolans -- Medieval Slavic tribe
Wikipedia - Opus spicatum -- Herringbone pattern of masonry construction used in Roman and medieval times
Wikipedia - Oral Roberts University -- Private evangelical liberal arts university in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wikipedia - Order of Lutheran Franciscans -- American Evangelical Lutheran religious order
Wikipedia - Ordo Rachelis -- Medieval play
Wikipedia - Organised crime in Australia -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Australia
Wikipedia - Organised crime in Hong Kong -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Organised crime in Pakistan -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Pakistan
Wikipedia - Organised crime in Singapore -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Singapore
Wikipedia - Organized crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Prevalent Bosnian criminal organizations and activities
Wikipedia - Organized crime in California -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in California
Wikipedia - Organized crime in Italy -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Italy
Wikipedia - Organized crime in Minneapolis -- Prevalent American criminal organizations and activities in Minneapolis
Wikipedia - Organized crime in Nigeria -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Nigeria
Wikipedia - Organized crime in Sweden -- Prevalent criminal organizations and activities in Sweden
Wikipedia - Oria de Pallars -- Medieval Spanish noblewoman
Wikipedia - Orlando Costas -- Hispanic Evangelical theologian and missiologist
Wikipedia - Orleans Arena -- A multipurpose indoor arena in Nevada
Wikipedia - Ormsby House -- Former hotel and casino in Carson City, Nevada
Wikipedia - Oscar Levant -- American comedian, composer, pianist and actor
Wikipedia - Osteosclerosis -- Condition in which bones are abnormally hardened, with elevated density
Wikipedia - Ostrovica Castle -- Medieval castle in Ostrovica, Bosnia
Wikipedia - Othon Cuevas Cordova -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Otis Worldwide -- American elevator and escalator manufacturer
Wikipedia - Ottoman-Mamluk War (1516-17) -- Imperial Ottoman conquest of Egypt and the Levant
Wikipedia - Our Grunwald Festival -- Medieval festival
Wikipedia - Our World in Data -- Website that presents data and statistics of socially relevant topics
Wikipedia - Overaccumulation -- A cause of the crisis of capital accumulation and labor devaluation in a capitalist economy
Wikipedia - Owyhee River -- River in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon, United States
Wikipedia - Oxana Tsyhuleva -- Ukrainian trampoline gymnast
Wikipedia - Oydin Norboyeva -- Uzbek actress
Wikipedia - Oyo Hotel & Casino -- Casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Pablo Antonio Villanueva Ramirez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Pachisi -- Board game that originated in medieval India
Wikipedia - Padanayarkulangara Mahadeva Temple -- Historic Hindu temple in Kerala, India
Wikipedia - Painted Chamber -- Part of the medieval Palace of Westminster, London, England
Wikipedia - Palace of Nations -- Building in Geneva, Switzerland
Wikipedia - Palace Station -- Casino hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Pallas (son of Evander)
Wikipedia - Pamela Evans -- British author
Wikipedia - Pamenar Mosque, Sabzevar -- Mosque in Sabzevar, Iran
Wikipedia - Pandeli Evangjeli -- Albanian politician
Wikipedia - Papa Joe Chevalier -- American sports radio host
Wikipedia - Papule -- Circumscribed, solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid, varying in area from a pinhead to 1 cm
Wikipedia - Paradise, Nevada
Wikipedia - Paragon Gaming -- gaming company based in Enterprise, Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Param Vishisht Seva Medal -- Military award in India given for exceptional service of the highest order in peacetime.
Wikipedia - Parascheva of the Balkans
Wikipedia - Paraskeva of the Balkans
Wikipedia - Paraskevas Avgerinos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Paraskevas Sphicas
Wikipedia - Paraskevas Tselios -- Greek volley player
Wikipedia - Para-Vasudeva -- Para-Vasudeva
Wikipedia - Parayan Thullal -- A dance and poetic performance form prevailed in Kerala
Wikipedia - Parc le Breos -- Medieval deer park in Wales
Wikipedia - Pardon -- Forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation of the relevant penalty
Wikipedia - Parevander -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Paris Las Vegas -- Casino hotel located in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Paris sera toujours Paris -- 1939 song by Maurice Chevalier
Wikipedia - Park Boulevard Bridge -- Bridge in Florida, United States of America
Wikipedia - Park Kultury (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Park Theater (Las Vegas) -- An indoor amphitheater on the grounds of the Park MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Parsons Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Partial evaluation
Wikipedia - Paternoster lift -- Type of elevator
Wikipedia - Pat Evans (gymnast) -- Welsh gymnast
Wikipedia - Pathardeva (Assembly constituency) -- Assembly constituency in Uttar Pradesh
Wikipedia - Paula Echevarria -- Spanish model and actress
Wikipedia - Paula White -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Paul Bakker -- controversial professor in medieval and renaissance philosophy
Wikipedia - Paul Devautour -- French artist
Wikipedia - Paul Evans Aidoo -- Ghanaian teacher and politician
Wikipedia - Paul Evans (Oregon politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Paul Henkel -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Paulina Andreeva -- Russian actress and singer
Wikipedia - Pauline Devaney -- British actress, writer and artist
Wikipedia - Paulist Fathers -- Roman Catholic evangelical society
Wikipedia - Paulo Evaristo Arns
Wikipedia - Paul Wiener -- Head of the Transylvanian Saxons' Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - Paveletskaya (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Pavise -- Medieval oblong shield
Wikipedia - Pavlovic noble family -- Medieval Bosnian ducal family
Wikipedia - P. C. Devassia -- Indian Sanskrit scholar and writer
Wikipedia - P. C. S. Devara
Wikipedia - P. des Molins -- Medieval French composer
Wikipedia - Peace and Truce of God -- Massive medieval Catholic-led peace movement
Wikipedia - Pearson's chi-squared test -- evaluates how likely it is that any difference between data sets arose by chance
Wikipedia - Pedro Cevallos -- Spanish politician and diplomat
Wikipedia - Pedro de las Cuevas -- Spanish painter
Wikipedia - Pedro Echevarria House -- Historic NRHP building in Boise, Idaho
Wikipedia - Pedro M-CM-^Avila Nevarez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Pedro Sainsevain -- American winemaker
Wikipedia - Peer review -- Evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to the producers of the work
Wikipedia - PeM-CM-1a Boulevard -- Freeway in Denver, Colorado, United States
Wikipedia - Penetration test -- Method of evaluating computer and network security by simulating a cyber attack
Wikipedia - Penitenziagite -- Medieval slogan meaning "Do penance".
Wikipedia - Penka Kouneva -- Bulgarian-American composer
Wikipedia - Pennai Vazha Vidungal -- 1969 film by R. Devarajan
Wikipedia - Pentecostal World Fellowship -- Fellowship of Evangelical Pentecostal churches
Wikipedia - PEPCON disaster -- 1988 explosion and fire at a Nevada chemical plant
Wikipedia - Perakam Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in Perakam, India
Wikipedia - Perceval de Loriol
Wikipedia - Perceval, the Story of the Grail
Wikipedia - Percy Crawford -- American evangelist (1902-1960)
Wikipedia - Percy Evans Freke
Wikipedia - Performance evaluation
Wikipedia - Performance indicator -- Measurement that evaluates the success of an organization
Wikipedia - Period prevalence
Wikipedia - Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva
Wikipedia - Pershing County, Nevada -- County in the United States
Wikipedia - Perumparampu Sri Mahadeva Temple -- Hindu temple in India
Wikipedia - Pete Evans -- Australian celebrity chef
Wikipedia - Pete Goicoechea -- Nevada State Senator
Wikipedia - Peter, Abbot of Vale Royal -- Medieval English Cistercian abbot
Wikipedia - Peter Buol -- American politician in Nevada
Wikipedia - Peter Evans (sailor) -- New Zealand sailor
Wikipedia - Peter Evans (swimmer)
Wikipedia - Peter Faber -- Jesuit priest and evangelist
Wikipedia - Peter Popoff -- German-American televangelist
Wikipedia - Pet, Inc. -- American evaporated milk company
Wikipedia - Petit Eva: Evangelion@School -- Parody series based on Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Petra de Nieva -- Spanish film editor
Wikipedia - Petrana Koleva -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Philip Evans and John Lloyd
Wikipedia - Philippe Chevallier (actor) -- French comedian and actor
Wikipedia - Philip the Evangelist -- 1st-century Christian saint
Wikipedia - Phoebe Palmer -- Evangelist and writer
Wikipedia - Phyllis and Aristotle -- Medieval tale of a woman making a fool of an aged philosopher
Wikipedia - Phyllonorycter nevadensis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Physics in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - Physics in the medieval Islamic world
Wikipedia - Picokijada - Legenda o picokima -- Cultural-tourist manifestation held in the Podravina town of M-DM-^PurM-DM-^Qevac in Croatia
Wikipedia - Picts -- Ancient and medieval tribal confederation in northern Britain
Wikipedia - Piergiuseppe Scardigli -- Italian medievalist and Germanic studies scholar
Wikipedia - Pierre Chevalier (politician) -- Belgian politician
Wikipedia - Pierre Soubeyran -- Genevan-French engraver
Wikipedia - Pilgrim Radio -- Christian radio network in Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and California
Wikipedia - Pipe rolls -- Medieval and post-medieval English financial documents
Wikipedia - Pippa Evans -- British comedian
Wikipedia - P.K. Mookiah Thevar -- Indian politician, Ramanathapuram MP 1971-1977
Wikipedia - Plain -- Extensive flat much in elevation
Wikipedia - Play of Daniel -- Medieval Latin liturgical dramas
Wikipedia - Plaza de los Virreyes - Eva Peron (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - PM-CM-$evaleht -- Estonian newspaper
Wikipedia - Pobog coat of arms -- Coat of arms used by noble families in medieval Poland
Wikipedia - Podnimis nad suyetoy! -- 1980 studio album by Alla Pugacheva
Wikipedia - Podvisoki -- Medieval and modern settlement in Visoko
Wikipedia - Poetic tradition -- Poet or author is evaluated in the context of the historical period in which they live and write
Wikipedia - Point of View (DB Boulevard song) -- 2001 single by DB Boulevard
Wikipedia - Point prevalence
Wikipedia - Pokkiri -- 2007 film by Prabhu Deva
Wikipedia - Polina Anikeeva -- Russian-American materials scientist
Wikipedia - Polina Khorosheva -- Russian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Polina Pushkareva -- Russian blogger and actress
Wikipedia - Political history of medieval Karnataka -- History of Karnataka region of India
Wikipedia - Political influence of Evangelicalism in Latin America
Wikipedia - Political status of Crimea -- Political status of Crimea including Sevastopol post 2014
Wikipedia - Pollaxe -- Medieval European pole weapon
Wikipedia - Polycystic ovary syndrome -- Set of symptoms caused by elevated androgens in females
Wikipedia - Poncho Nevarez -- American politician
Wikipedia - Ponnukku Thanga Manasu -- 1973 film by Devaraj Mohan
Wikipedia - Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization
Wikipedia - Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Wikipedia - Poo Bear -- |American songwriter, singer, and record producer from Nevada
Wikipedia - Pooja Devariya -- Indian film and theatre actress
Wikipedia - Pope Evaristus
Wikipedia - Pope Gregory I -- Medieval pope from 590 to 604
Wikipedia - Portal:Evangelical Christianity
Wikipedia - Portchester Castle -- Medieval castle in Hampshire, England
Wikipedia - Posthumous sperm retrieval -- Procedure in which spermatozoa are extracted from a legally dead person
Wikipedia - Post-medieval archaeology -- Archaeological sub-discipline
Wikipedia - Postplatyptilia saeva -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Post-truth politics -- Political culture where facts are considered of low relevance
Wikipedia - Potosi Mountain (Nevada) -- Mountain in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Powder-forte -- Medieval spice powder
Wikipedia - Power Team -- Group of Christian Evangelists
Wikipedia - Prabhu Deva filmography -- List of films in which Prabhu Deva has appeared
Wikipedia - Prabhu Deva -- Indian choreographer, actor, director
Wikipedia - Praeparatio Evangelica
Wikipedia - Praia do Evaristo -- beach within the Municipality of Albufeira, in the Algarve, Portugal
Wikipedia - Prajwal Devaraj -- Indian film actor
Wikipedia - Prajwal Revanna -- Member of the 17th Lok Sabha
Wikipedia - Prassthanam -- 2019 Indian political action film by Deva Katta
Wikipedia - Prataparudra Deva -- Last Gajapati emperor of Odisha from the Suryavamshi dynasty
Wikipedia - Precision and recall -- Measures of relevance in pattern recognition, information retrieval, and machine learning
Wikipedia - Predicate (mathematical logic) -- A formula that can be evaluated to true or false
Wikipedia - Prehistory of the Levant -- Period of Levantine history
Wikipedia - Pre-Pottery Neolithic -- Early Neolithic in the Levantine and upper Mesopotamian region of the Fertile Crescent
Wikipedia - Presbyterian Church of Brazil -- Evangelical Protestant Christian denomination in Brazil
Wikipedia - Preserved counties of Wales -- Ceremonial divisions of Wales for lieutenancy and shrievalty purposes
Wikipedia - Prevalence effect -- The phenomenon that infrequent targets are easily missed
Wikipedia - Prevalence -- Number of disease cases in a given population at a specific time
Wikipedia - Primeval history -- The first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis
Wikipedia - Primeval Hunt -- 2008 video game
Wikipedia - Primeval number
Wikipedia - Primm, Nevada
Wikipedia - Princess Guevarra -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Prince Villanueva -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Principality of Arbanon -- Medieval Albanian state
Wikipedia - Principality of Beloozero -- Medieval Russian principality
Wikipedia - Principality of Kastrioti -- A principality of medieval Albania
Wikipedia - Principality of Serbia (early medieval)
Wikipedia - Priscilla Levac -- Canadian snowboarder
Wikipedia - Probabilistic relevance model (BM25)
Wikipedia - Probabilistic relevance model
Wikipedia - Probabilistic risk assessment -- Systematic and comprehensive methodology to evaluate risks associated with a complex engineered technological entity
Wikipedia - Proclamation 4483 -- Presidential proclamation by Jimmy Carter pardoning Vietnam War draft evaders
Wikipedia - Program Evaluation and Review Technique
Wikipedia - Program Evaluation
Wikipedia - Program evaluation
Wikipedia - Programme for International Student Assessment (2000 to 2012) -- Educational assessment and evaluation
Wikipedia - Promenade des Anglais -- Beach boulevard in Nice, France
Wikipedia - Promise Keepers -- Evangelical Christian organization for men
Wikipedia - Promise Ring (song) -- 2007 single by Tiffany Evans
Wikipedia - Prospekt Mira (Koltsevaya line) -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Prostitution in Nevada -- Policies regarding prostitution in only state where it is permitted in some form
Wikipedia - Protestant church of Bears -- Medieval church in Beers, Friesland, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Protocol II -- 1977 amendment protocol to the Geneva Conventions
Wikipedia - Protoparevania -- Extinct genus of insects
Wikipedia - Proyeccion a Nuevas Promesas (2010) -- 2010 International Wrestling Revolution Group event
Wikipedia - Proyeccion a Nuevas Promesas (2011) -- 2011 International Wrestling Revolution Group event
Wikipedia - Przevalski's nuthatch -- A small passerine bird endemic to southeastern Tibet and west central China
Wikipedia - Przevalski's partridge -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Psalter world map -- Medieval world map
Wikipedia - Pseudo-Bonaventure -- Collective name for the authors of a number of medieval devotional works
Wikipedia - Pskov Republic -- Autonomous Medieval Russian Principality
Wikipedia - Psychological Evaluation
Wikipedia - Psychological evaluation
Wikipedia - Psychologist -- Professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies behavior and mental processes
Wikipedia - Psychology in medieval Islam
Wikipedia - PTL Satellite Network -- Defunct evangelical Christian television network
Wikipedia - Puente de San Martin (Toledo) -- Medieval bridge in Toledo, Spain
Wikipedia - Pulmonary function testing -- Test to evaluate respiratory system
Wikipedia - Punjabi Canadians -- Article highlighting the prevalence of Punjabi language in Canada
Wikipedia - Purely functional programming -- Programming paradigm that treats all computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions
Wikipedia - Push, Nevada
Wikipedia - Pyramid Formation -- Geologic formation in Nevada, US
Wikipedia - Pyramid Lake (Nevada) -- Lake in Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Pyrolysis -- Thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere
Wikipedia - Qimmatgul Aliberdiyeva -- Tajikistani politician
Wikipedia - Qntal -- German electro-medieval band
Wikipedia - Queen of the Boulevards -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Queens Boulevard -- Boulevard in Queens, New York
Wikipedia - Queries per second -- Amount of search traffic an information retrieval system receives during one second
Wikipedia - Query expansion -- Text query method in information retrieval
Wikipedia - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) -- Popular song by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Wikipedia - Raby Castle -- Medieval castle in England
Wikipedia - Race and genetics -- Relevance of genotype to race classification
Wikipedia - Rachael Cabral-Guevara -- 21st century American politician, member-elect, Wisconsin State Assembly
Wikipedia - Rachel Evans -- British chemist
Wikipedia - Rachel Fulton Brown -- American Medieval historian
Wikipedia - Rachel Held Evans -- American writer
Wikipedia - Radhe (2021 film) -- Indian action film by Prabhu Deva
Wikipedia - Radio Nueva Vida -- Spanish-language Christian radio network in the United States
Wikipedia - Radoslava Georgieva -- Bulgarian diver
Wikipedia - Radoslava Mavrodieva -- Bulgarian shot putter
Wikipedia - Raffelstetten customs regulations -- Latin-language medieval document about trade between Germans and Slavs.
Wikipedia - Rafiqa Musoeva -- Politician from Tajikistan
Wikipedia - R. A. Hardie -- Canadian physician and evangelist
Wikipedia - Raheem DeVaughn -- American singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Railroad Valley (Nevada) -- Valley in Nye County, United States of America
Wikipedia - Raised floor -- Elevated floor above a solid substrate to create a void for mechanical and electrical services
Wikipedia - Rajagopalan Vasudevan
Wikipedia - Rajammal P. Devadas -- Indian nutritionist
Wikipedia - Rajee En Kanmani -- 1954 film directed by K. J. Mahadevan
Wikipedia - Rajeeva Karandikar
Wikipedia - Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar
Wikipedia - Rajpath -- boulevard in New Delhi leading up to the Rashtrapati Bhavan
Wikipedia - Rajula and Malushahi -- Medieval folk tale
Wikipedia - Raka Levajac -- Serbian Revolutionary
Wikipedia - Ralitsa Mileva -- Bulgarian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Ralph Evans (sailor) -- American sailor
Wikipedia - Ralph Evans (violinist) -- American violinist
Wikipedia - Ralph Greystoke, 5th Baron Greystoke -- English medieval baron
Wikipedia - Ramaiya Vastavaiya -- 2013 film by Prabhu Deva
Wikipedia - Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan and VIMS -- Medical Institute & Hospital in Kolkata, India
Wikipedia - Ramalingam Paramadeva -- -- Ramalingam Paramadeva --
Wikipedia - Ram Jeevan Singh -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Ramjeevan -- Indian composer
Wikipedia - Ramtek Kevala Narasimha temple inscription -- Epigraphic record documenting the construction of a Shiva temple in Maharashtra, India
Wikipedia - Ranking (information retrieval)
Wikipedia - Ranna an aeir -- Medieval Irish astronomical tract
Wikipedia - Raoul Daufresne de la Chevalerie -- Belgian general and sportsman
Wikipedia - Rapture Ready -- Evangelical Christian website that argues that the rapture will occur in the near future and tracks real-world events supposedly foretold in the Bible
Wikipedia - Rashad Evans -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh -- Hindu nationalist organisation in India
Wikipedia - Ratnadeva II -- 12th century ruler of Ratnapura, India
Wikipedia - Rattle! -- 2020 song by Elevation Worship
Wikipedia - Raul Romeva -- Catalan politician
Wikipedia - Raushan Koishibayeva -- Kazakhstani Paralympic powerlifter
Wikipedia - Raven Villanueva -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - R. A. Waldron -- English medievalist
Wikipedia - Ray Comfort -- New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist
Wikipedia - Raymond Evans (USCG) -- United States Coast Guard officer
Wikipedia - Raymond van Uytven -- Belgian medievalist
Wikipedia - R. C. Evans -- Canadian Latter Day Saint leader
Wikipedia - Reactive devaluation -- Cognitive bias
Wikipedia - Readability test -- Formulae for evaluating the readability of text
Wikipedia - Read-eval-print loop
Wikipedia - Real Life Ministries -- Non-denominational Evangelical Christian church in Idaho
Wikipedia - Rebecca Evans (politician) -- Welsh Labour politician and Member of the Senedd for Gower
Wikipedia - Recognition of prior learning -- A process for evaluating skills and knowledge acquired outside formal education environment to recognize competence against a set of standards
Wikipedia - Reconquista -- Medieval Christian extended conquest of Muslim areas in the Iberian Peninsula
Wikipedia - Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa -- Casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Reenconnell -- Medieval Christian site, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Wikipedia - Re-evaluation Counseling
Wikipedia - Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa -- Christian denomination in South Africa
Wikipedia - Regelinda -- 989-1014 medieval noble woman
Wikipedia - Reg Evans -- British-born Australian actor
Wikipedia - Regina caeli -- Medieval hymn to Mary, mother of Jesus
Wikipedia - Regina Derieva -- Russian poet and writer
Wikipedia - Reginarids -- Noble family of medieval Belgium
Wikipedia - Regine Chevallier -- Haitian fashion designer
Wikipedia - Regulation and prevalence of homeopathy -- Alternative medicine
Wikipedia - Rei Ayanami -- Fictional character in the media franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Reinhard Bonnke -- German Pentecostal evangelist
Wikipedia - Reino de Nueva Granada
Wikipedia - Relevance feedback
Wikipedia - Relevance (information retrieval)
Wikipedia - Relevance (law) -- Tendency of an item of evidence to prove or disprove one of the legal elements of a case, or to have probative value
Wikipedia - Relevance logic
Wikipedia - Relevance theory
Wikipedia - Relevance vector machine
Wikipedia - Relevance -- Usefulness of considering certain information in the context of a given topic
Wikipedia - Relevant, Ain -- Commune in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
Wikipedia - Relevant logic
Wikipedia - Relevant Radio -- Catholic talk radio network in the United States
Wikipedia - Relevant type system
Wikipedia - Reliability verification -- Evaluating the reliability of a product
Wikipedia - RenM-CM-) Echevarria -- American screenwriter and producer
Wikipedia - Reno Air Races -- Airplane competition in Nevada
Wikipedia - Reno, Nevada
Wikipedia - Reno Stead Airport -- Airport in Reno, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Reno-Tahoe International Airport -- Airport in Reno, Nevada, United States
Wikipedia - Republic of Geneva
Wikipedia - Republic Square (Yerevan Metro) -- Yerevan Metro Station
Wikipedia - Resorts World Las Vegas -- Casino resort under construction in Las Vegas, Nevada
Wikipedia - Retrievability -- The property of being able to access something
Wikipedia - Retrieval-induced forgetting
Wikipedia - RetrievalWare
Wikipedia - Reva Beck Bosone
Wikipedia - Revaca railway station -- Railway station in Moldova
Wikipedia - Reva Gerstein -- Canadian psychologist
Wikipedia - Revali -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Revamp & Restoration -- 2018 dual tribute album to Elton John and Bernie Taupin
Wikipedia - Revanche (comics)
Wikipedia - Revanche (film) -- 2008 film
Wikipedia - Revanche (Marvel Comics)
Wikipedia - Revanchism -- Term to describe a political manifestation of the will to reverse territorial losses
Wikipedia - Revanta -- Hindu god
Wikipedia - Revanth Reddy -- Indian politician
Wikipedia - Revascularization -- Medical treatment to restore perfusion to a body part or organ that has suffered ischemia
Wikipedia - Revata
Wikipedia - Revathi filmography -- List of films featuring Revathi
Wikipedia - Revathi -- Indian actress
Wikipedia - Revava -- Israeli settlement in the West Bank
Wikipedia - Reva Williams -- American astronomer
Wikipedia - Revayats
Wikipedia - Revaz Chkheidze -- Georgian film director
Wikipedia - Revaz Davitadze -- Georgian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Revaz Dogonadze
Wikipedia - Revaz Gurgenidze -- Russian acrobatic gymnast