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7 October

The material difficulties are aggravated
One must have endurance
Pessimism of the material consciousness
Matter to be transformed, not annulled
Call of the cells
Cells: a will to keep together
Power of rejection in the cells
Inertia not a quality essential to Matter
Mental constructions block receptivity
No need of formula of a Divine

12 January

Bombardment by adverse forces
"No right to exteriorise myself"
Body must change from within

24 March

Experiencing origin of inspirations and movements
Teach body to remain immobile
Aspiration and acceptance of supreme will in the
Cells experiencing transition
Physical yoga

Transfer of power
Organisation of material mind
New way of perceiving
Organisation of material mind
Physical mind and material, cellular mind
Critical period during transfer of power

21 August

27 November Pulling at the Supramenta
The vital and the Trut
Vision of humanity and the new creatio
Effort of transformation reduced to small number 25
Humanity under the supramental influenc
Period of transition painfu
Impatience to "prepare" humanity has disappeared 27
Superior humanity with a human harmon
No stress for premature transformatio
Sex, food and beings of transitio
Body not ready to exist without foo
Each one is what he must b
22 January

Experience of life as expression of choice
Unreality of necessity and fatality
Illusion of life
Power to change circumstances
Transition to conscious functioning of the body
Habits of thousands of years to be changed
Acting on difficulties of the world

18 May

LSD experiences
Subjectivity of vital images
Man's relation with other worlds and beings
Man: potential master of all states
Man and the gods
The Supreme is the one reality

28 September Suffering pulls Matter out of inertia
Intensifying aspiration of the cells
True use of thought
Divine compassion
Suffering, progress and transforming action

The content of Ananda
30 September References to physical transformation: a letter of
Sri Aurobindo
Passage from man to new physical being
Transformation not isolated from the world
Safety of the new beings
Spontaneous immortality not possible for present

11 January

Without ego, feeling of insult impossible
Physical reaction to injury
Ego as an impersonal entity
Mother and the actions of others
The Lord laughs

21 January

The cells are becoming conscious
Perception of true Matter
Replacing the physical ego
The body no longer resists

4 March

Approaches to transformation

7 March

After death: contact with physical life

24 May

1967-05-24.1 - Defining the Divine
1967-05-24.2 - Defining God

24 June

Transition to a body moved by divine Presence
and Consciousness
Transformation of man, or a new being?
Intermediary beings
Weight of habits, pessimism, earth atmosphere



26 August

30 August

Battle fought in the body
Material contagion

The "good" and the True, the Truth
Realisation of the supreme vision in the mixed
material world
Man's vision is incomplete
Progressive manifestation
Suffering: progress in the presence of Inconscience
Progress in joy and harmony

Experience in a place where material life gets
Translation and memory of subtle experiences
Madness and insincerity
Changing matter
The condition for transformation

15 November Matter as it is and divine existence
Inconscient must become conscious in divine way
Too rapid manifestation would dissolve earth
This instrument made to realise, not reveal
No stopping to tell the story
New Christs, Kalkis, Supermen
Aspiration in central consciousness of body
Cells feeling of living in eternity
The obscure work

22 November Prayer of the cells of the body
Now the body wants to participate
What is done in a single body can be done in all
Awakening consciousness in the cells
A bodily consciousness independent of the vital
and mental


Physical (material) mind converted
Mind and vital withdrawn
Body to become base for divine life
Change in consciousness of body far from
manifesting externally
Material cells must receive and manifest
Stages in transformation
Superhuman being may pass unperceived
Artists and musicians: independent body
It is the body that aspires
Body rebuilt as a conscious being
Body has direct contact without any intermediary
Capacity to pass experience on to other bodies
Conversations among the cells

29 November Feeling of being a different person at each
Single consciousness can manifest in two bodies
Many beings, forces, personalities manifest
through this body
Darshan of the 24th November

30 December Governance of body: intelligence replaced by
spiritual consciousness
Laws of nature have lost their despotism

13 March

Only That exists
In the material consciousness knowledge brings
The "why" of suffering and evil
The person

16 March

Creation of equilibrium
Fusion of opposites
Realisation for which universe created
Frailty of and eternity of the form

22 August

Seeing people

28 August

Onrush of a new creation
Visions of the future world
Questions by the body about Matter
Cells want contact with the true being
Penetration of supramental forces into the body
Mental and vital: passing instruments for
grinding Matter
Perception of soul states
Most wonderful hours that one can have on earth
Vision of temples with living deities
Body experiences all states of consciousness

25 September Self-deception in good faith
Psychic cannot deceive, but lacks mental precision 129
Each acts according to his own limited
Problem of identification with the Supreme
Supramental being essentially different
Direct contact of psychic being with substance
of the body
Valuation of vibrations
Mental precision, vital intensity and the
23 November Everything pervaded by divine presence
No new religions

"I have lived all the horrors of creation"
Changing the physical fact
Concentrating the Presence when seeing people
Notion of "descent"
There is nothing but the Lord

27 November The body's knowledge through consciousness
Surrender of the body
What has caused separation?
Suffering and Ananda

21 December Mind and vital eliminated
The body left to itself
Rapid reversal of consciousness in the body
Can one body be transformed alone?
Time needed for collective change
Possibility of sudden change
Fragility simultaneous with feeling of eternity
Wonderful moments, hours of suffering

1 January

Superman consciousness

4 January

Superman consciousness: smiling, benevolent

8 January

Superman consciousness identified

18 January

Superman consciousness: a mentor and
protecting power

l5 February

Superman consciousness: a mentor of the body
Superman consciousness: no half measures

22 February

The immobility of the Inconscient


17 May

Individuality and separation
Body experiences all states of consciousness
Next step of creation: return to the True
State of being automatically one with Supreme

24 May

Body knows that death is no escape
The "why" of suffering
Perfect acceptance

28 May

Only solution: direct contact of the physical with
the Supreme
The body has taken its stand

31 May

Confusion in the world
Body experiencing the misery of the world
Misery of the world: beyond the Buddhist
Earth is in this unreal Falsehood
Hell: an image of this state of consciousness
Escape worth nothing: solution here
Falsehood concentrated on earth
Experience of the unreality of life
Glorious body

4 June

Glorious body

16 August

The confusion is there to teach us
The exact indication of what to do

1 October

Constancy of the physical

18 October

Body too used to obeying mind


"My mind has been sent away"
Body's passivity needed to receive the force
Conscious immobility
Inertia and creation
Immobility with an intense aspiration
The supramental vibration
Understanding the why and how of creation
Consciousness of immortality in the body

19 November The why and how of creation
Unity and opposites
Separation and evolution
A clear vision: everything has its place
Time and equilibrium
Unity = power and rest combined
The individual centre of perception
The supramental consciousness
Supramental consciousness: must change
appearances gradually
Grace acts so all may go as quickly as possible
Supramental consciousness: perception of
perfection at each instant
Supramental consciousness: Truth imposes itself
without pressure
Body's experience of supramental consciousness

10 December Condition depends upon state of consciousness
Man must perfect himself without waiting for

13 December Aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo
Idea of good and bad prevents offering
Writing letters dictated by the Consciousness
Ego must disappear


Humanity clings in order to climb

27 December Everything comes to make you go forward
Physical experience uncertain source of
Non-intervention in the work of the Lord
Condition changes with attitude of consciousness
Presence of death and immortality
Body must be prepared to bear impact of

31 January

14 March

20 May

Everything has been decided
Remnants of Falsehood cause of all ailing
Consciousness of totality and smallest detail
Body's experience of death without dying
Change-over of authority in body and in nations
Individuals more sensitive as time of transition

Sri Aurobindo's Aphorisms
The Action of the new consciousness
Mental construction makes you by-pass the truth
The body has truly changed
Change-over of authority: transition sometimes
Physical determinism no longer inevitable
Sri Aurobindo's work in subtle physical
Change is done; details to be worked out
Victory of the superman consciousness
Battle in this body

Mind is the greatest difficulty


27 June

Mental expression of experience inadequate
Change of attitude changes suffering to bliss
Explanation of experience inadequate

1 July

Psychic being will materialise as supramental
Only what is not in accordance with Truth will be

5 August

The Consciousness working for sincerity
Body wants to go to school
Relations with others
Body without sense of personal limitation
New organisation of the body

11 January

16 January

3 March

Physical sight and hearing replaced by
identification by consciousness
Experience during paralysis of leg
"I have changed very much"
Something in physical world not yet opened to
the divine vibration
Matter being prepared to receive

New way of seeing and hearing
Struggle against people who come here to be

1 May

World in turmoil: one must rise above
Find the Divine in the world as it is

22 May

Possibility of success
To be a limpid transmitter


Catastrophe or true victory
Pessimism is the demon's weapon
Decisive victory over adverse forces

9 June

Onrush of Falsehood
Body knows it exists only through the Divine
Time of ego has passed

17 July

If the Supreme destroyed Falsehood, there would
be no world any more
Vanity, deception
Cling to the Divine
Body knows what is going to happen
Universalisation of the body

"I am beginning to know what is going to
Human consciousness deforms divine Action
Passage from this life to that Life

28 August

Ways of seeing the world
Nestle in the Divine
A dream veiling a Reality

1 September

To exist only through the Divine
The converted physical will be solid
To create a physical capable of bearing the power
Appearance will be the last to change
What refuses to receive must fall away

21 July

29 September Illness is a falsehood
16 October

Body's condition depends on how it is linked to
the Divine
Become conscious that all is divine

30 October

A consciousness at the same time individual and
Consciousness clear; can the body follow?

17 November Consciousness no longer a point but in all things 277
18 December Physical (body-) mind is being converted
"I have become another person"
The psychic and the transition
Body has given itself entirely
New way of seeing and hearing
Surrender and trust
One may live, die or live eternally

22 December Physical (body-) mind and the Supramental
Introduce faith into the subconscient

25 December We create difficulties
Things change physically according to attitude
Everything is a phenomenon of consciousness
The Divine Consciousness
Goal of creation

9 February

Unified and un-unified consciousness

26 February

The physical (body-) mind
Enveloped by the Divine

8 March

A pressure for progress
The egoism of Matter
Body never stable unless linked truly to the
Take the right attitude and the thing is done


Resistance of the subconscient

24 March

"I had a body altogether new"

25 March

Mother's new body

2 April

"We are here to prepare the way for the new
"I am not old"
"Tell your ego: 'your hour is gone.' "

12 April

Human stupidity
Resistance of the subconscient
To be conscious of the Divine surpasses
To be a child sitting upon the mind and playing

What is good is getting better; what is bad is
getting worse
Values have intensified
Whole creation must want nothing but the Divine
Power of the Supramental
Truly a new world
The reign of ego must be ended
Descent of the supramental world

30 August

Consciousness replacing thought
The true attitude and the imbecility of matter
"What Thou willest" - only refuge

25 October

Subconscient contradictions rising up
To forget the Divine momentarily spells
The Divine must do the battling

6 May


An image for fixing one's attention

4 November

The beatitude ready for us
Nestle within the Divine

8 November

The supramental consciousness
Activity in perfect peace

20 December Sri Aurobindo

30 December Two extremes at the same time
The body has one prayer

7 February

Only one solution for Falsehood

10 March

"What Thou willest"

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Notes On The Way
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1:O Supreme Lord of the universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth."

Works Of The Mother, Notes On The Way vol.11, p.91 ~ The Mother,

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   7 The Mother

   7 The Mothers Agenda
   2 Notes On The Way

1967-05-24.1_-_Defining_the_Divine, #Notes On The Way, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga

1967-05-24.2_-_Defining_God, #Notes On The Way, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Notes On The Way

Agenda_Vol_10, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  you fall ill. It will be for some other time.
  Then there is "Apropos," then the "Notes On The Way"... I've wondered, Mother, if for February
  21 we couldn't play a recording of what you said, for instance on the superman consciousness?
  March 15, 1969
  (Mother listens to the English translation of "Notes On The Way" for the coming Bulletin, then remarks
  at the end:)
  (Mother listens to the English translation of the conversation of February 15 - "These cells, other
  cells, it was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere..." - for "Notes On The Way," then remarks in
  (Soon afterwards, Satprem proposes to publish in "Notes On The Way" the text of the last conversation,
  of May 31, about the glorified body "Visible to all.")
  Mr. A.R. asked me if I had finished reading the "Notes On The Way" again. As for me, I asked
  him if he had found something after his studies of these last two days. Then there was a stream
  (Then Mother listens to the English translation of the "Notes On The Way" proposed by Satprem, the
  conversation of August 16 in which Mother spoke of the need to make a void and wait for the
  One can't know. As for me, I am convinced that one can't know, that one must be like this (Mother
  opens her hands upward). What I've said here [in the "Notes On The Way"] is true: one must be like
  that, and then... let the Consciousness act through oneself.
  (Then, regarding the forthcoming "Notes On The Way" in which Mother speaks of her experience of the
  supramental Consciousness-the conversation of November 19.)
  higher understanding.
  217When Satprem later published this part of the conversation in the "Notes On The Way," Mother added the following
  comment: "In this Consciousness where the two contraries, the two opposites are joined, the nature of both changes. They

Agenda_Vol_11, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  infirmity of our consciousness is what creates this division. Mother added that one has to learn to
  disappear. Satprem had proposed the publication of a few extracts in the Notes On The Way.)
  Is it the end?
  (Satprem reads out the conversation of June 27 a very slight shift of consciousness which
  Mother thought could be used for the Notes On The Way.)
  Is that all? I said only this much?.... I thought I had said something interesting its not very
  (Then Mother listens to the English translation of an extract from the infernal Agenda of September
  9, which Satprem intended to publish in the forthcoming Notes On The Way. Nolini reads out his

Agenda_Vol_12, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  January 23, 1971
  (Mother sees Satprem regarding the English translation of the latest Notes On The Way for the next
  Bulletin. After the work:)
  (M.:) The chapters following The Sociology of the Superman: Afterwards and The
  Conquest of Death, etc., vividly evoked for me what you say in Notes On The Way.
  (Mother smiles) Yes, thats the yoga of the body.
  June 16, 1971
  (Satprem suggest several extracts from the Agenda for Notes On The Way, the first being that of May
  22 on the intervention of the Supreme Wisdom: The possibility of a breathtaking success not in the
  88Mother had at first said, Then it would be finished, then she changed it to It would be the real beginning when
  Satprem published this portion in Notes On The Way.
  Horizon Sugar Mills, to mention only the most honest.
  108Notes On The Way of 28 August 1971, which is to appear in the next Bulletin.

Agenda_Vol_6, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  (Soon afterwards, Satprem proposes to Mother the publication of a few brief extracts from the previous
  and very interesting conversation on illnesses in "Notes On The Way," a new series started in the
  Ashram's Bulletin on Satprem's insistence. In fact, Satprem wanted the Ashram to benefit a little from
  the treasure of Mother's experience - at least a few drops of it. It was those "Notes On The Way" that
  were, after Mother's departure, cooly and fraudulently renamed "Mother's Agenda" by the heads of the
  of Mother's clear perception of the people around her and of the Ashram in general. Satprem
  remembers how much he had to insist with Mother to be allowed to publish those "Notes On The Way."
  Her reluctance is now easier to understand.)
  I wondered if we couldn't use the last conversation for the next "Notes On The Way"?
  It's unpublishable. It goes in the Agenda.
  (Satprem returns to the attack and asks Mother for her permission to publish some of these
  conversations in the "Notes On The Way":)
  In the "Notes On The Way," there is a lot of pruning to be done.109
  The passage concerning sanctioned marriages must be cut, and so must the entire reference to the
  (The discussion goes on and Mother again wants to cut out the whole end of the conversation of
  November 27 which Satprem wanted to publish in "Notes On The Way." It was about the double
  movement of Oneness and Multiplicity.)

Agenda_Vol_7, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  No, no, every time you add an element. It flows along quite well.
  So you don't have anything that can be used for "Notes On The Way"?
  Maybe. I'll have to look again. But I don't think so.

Agenda_Vol_8, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  (Then Mother listens to the English translation of the conversation of September 30, 1966, for the
  "Notes On The Way." The subject was the disappearance of the bone structure in the new being and the
  need for intermediary stages. Mother, speaking in English, turns to Nolini:)
  (Nolini comes in to read Mother his English translation of "Notes On The Way" for the next Bulletin.)
  I have been wondering about this: maybe if I didn't listen I'd hear quite clearly! (Nolini stares at
  visible only in results far, far ahead), and not understood.
  Not understood, of course... Someone, C., wanted to translate Notes On The Way and A Propos into
  Hindi, in one volume. He spoke with R. about it, and R. wrote to me, "People don't understand
  people quote to me what I said, or experiences they've had, explanations they give "in accordance with"
  those Notes On The Way, and every time I see that they haven't understood ANYTHING.
  So it seems to me to be a general incomprehension.

Agenda_Vol_9, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  We could do some translation.... Is the Bulletin ready?
  Everything is ready, Mother, except the "Notes On The Way."
  The "Notes," we'll leave them out.
  There were a lot of things.
  But it's no use, I can't give it [for the Notes On The Way].
  I was very, very conscious while speaking, but it's difficult to express.
  Do they?
  Yes, the "Notes On The Way" have helped them understand.
  Oh, good.
  I have two things here. One, a bit sarcastic and brief, can be used as "Apropos" in the next Bulletin.
  And I have others out of which, if you organize them, you can, I think, prepare the "Notes On The Way."
  The "Apropos" is very brief (Satprem reads out):
  are no more ordeals! Only the body needs them.
  (Then Satprem reads Mother the "Notes On The Way" put together from the last conversation. Mother is
  unsure whether publishing those experiences is appropriate.)
  (Mother had Nolini called to ask him for his opinion about the conversation of August 28 and whether
  it should be published in "Notes On The Way.")
  (To Nolini) Have you read it? What's your opinion?
  Pavitra read the "Notes On The Way" [conversation of August 28], I think he hasn't understood one bit
  of it! Because yesterday he told me he'd read it, and he very sweetly said he was "asking for
  There you are.
  119Conversation of November 23. Through the "Notes On The Way" or otherwise Satprem always wanted to make Mother's
  experience known to the Ashram, but did not at the time understand the reasons for her reluctance.
  (Regarding the English translation of the conversation of November 23, 1968, which Satprem got
  Mother to allow for publication in "Notes On The Way.")
  People are going to be dazed!

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