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object:Letters On Yoga IV
author class:Sri Aurobindo
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject class:Integral Yoga
subject:Integral Yoga

   Letters on Yoga - IV. --- Transformation of Human Nature in the Integral Yoga
    1. Sadhana on the Level of the Mind
    2. Sadhana on the Level of the Vital
    3. Sadhana on the Physical, Subconscient and Inconscient Levels
    4. Difficulties in the Practice of the Integral Yoga

Letters on Yoga - IV. ::: Transformation of Human Nature in the Integral Yoga

    Section One - The Mind and Sadhana
      The Mind and Other Levels of Being - The Mind and the Divine Consciousness - The Mind and the Supermind - The Mind and Intuition - The Mind and Inspiration - The Mind and the Psychic - The Mind and the Lower Nature

      Intellect and the Intellectual - Limitations of the Intellect - The Intellect, the Pure Reason and Knowledge - Intellect, Intellectual and Intelligence - The Intellectual Man and the Emotional Man

      Mental Difficulties and the Need of Quietude - The Activity of the Mind - Imaginations - Confusion - Worry - Hastiness - Slowness - Opposing Points of View - Silliness - Analysis and Dissection - The Need of Quietude

      The Physical Mind and Sadhana - The Activity of the Physical Mind - The Unsteadiness of the Physical Mind - The Obscurity of the Physical Mind - Other Problems of the Physical Mind - The Physical Mind and the Lower Vital - The Physical Mind and the Psychic - The Physical Mind and Peace and Silence

      Thought and Knowledge - Thoughts Come from Outside - Control of One's Thoughts - Thoughts and Words - The Idea and What Lies Behind It - Thought and Knowledge - Knowledge and Ignorance - Knowledge and the Divine Consciousness - Mental Knowledge and Knowledge from Above - Knowledge and Mental Questions - Understanding and the Higher Light - Knowledge and the Psychic - Knowledge and Mental Silence - Knowledge, Experience and Realisation

    Section Two - Cultivation of the Mind in Yoga
      Mental Development and Sadhana - The Development of the Mind - Reading and Sadhana - Reading What Is Helpful to the Sadhana - Reading and Detachment - Reading Novels and Newspapers

      The Place of Study in Sadhana - Study and Sadhana - Study and Mental Development - School Studies and Yoga - The Study of Languages - The Study of Philosophy - The Study of Logic - The Study of Science

      The Power of Expression and Yoga
      Verbal Expression
      Expression and Language
      Spoken and Written Expression
      Writing and Sadhana
      Poetry and Sadhana

      Speech and Yoga
      Outer Speech and the Inner Life
      Talking and Dispersion of the Consciousness
      Talking and Fatigue
      Useless, Unnecessary or Light Speech
      Control of Speech
      Criticising Others
      Speaking the Truth
      Mauna or Keeping Silence
      Other Aspects of Speech Control

    Section One - The Vital Being and Sadhana
      The Nature of the Vital - Living in the Vital - The Irrationality of the Vital - The Deceptiveness of the Vital - A Good Instrument But a Bad Master - Purification of the Vital - Discipline of the Vital - Surrender of the Vital - Conversion of the Vital - Liberation of the Vital - The Higher Vital Movement - The Emergence of the True Vital - Vital Sincerity, Aspiration, Consecration - Peace and Quiet in the Vital

      The Vital and Other Levels of Being
      The Spirit and the Vital
      The Higher Consciousness and the Vital
      The Intuition and the Vital
      The Psychic and the Vital
      The Mind and the Vital
      The Physical and the Vital

      Wrong Movements of the Vital
      The Phrase "Wrong Movements"
      Vital Reactions
      Vital Suggestions
      Vital Restlessness
      Vital Dryness
      Vital Resistance
      Vital Dissatisfaction and Non-Cooperation
      Vital Disturbance and Revolt
      Rejection of Wrong Vital Movements
      Return of Vital Movements after Rejection
      Alternation of Good and Bad Vital Conditions

      The Lower Vital Being
      The Decisive Ordeal of This Yoga
      The Lower Vital Not Reasonable
      The Resistance of the Lower Vital
      Rejecting Wrong Movements of the Lower Vital
      Avoiding Premature Engagement with
      the Lower Vital
      Ananda and the Lower Vital
      Aspiration and Offering in the Lower Vital
      Peace and Calm in the Lower Vital

    Section Two - Vital Temperament
      Cheerfulness and Happiness
      Humour and Seriousness
      Happiness and Contentment
      Sorrow and Suffering
      Joy and Sorrow
      Sorrow and Pain and Suffering
      Depression and Despondency
      Depression Often Comes from Outside
      Dealing With Depression
      Depression and the Gospel of Sorrow
      Despair and Despondency
      Sentimentalism, Sensitiveness, Instability, Laxity
      Indecision and Instability

    Section Three - Vital Defects
      Ego and Its Forms
      Ego and Egoism
      Ego in Different Parts of the Being
      The Vital Ego
      Rajasic and Tamasic Ego (Ahankara)
      The Egoism of the Instrument and the Magnified Ego
      Getting Rid of the Ego and of Egoism
      Getting Rid of the Ego Altogether
      Pride and Self-Esteem
      Self-Respect, Amour-Propre, Superiority
      Jealousy and Abhiman
      Wounded Feeling

      The Nature of Desire
      The Small Desires of the Vital Physical
      Desire and Need
      Demand and Desire
      Getting Rid of Desire
      Desire and Suppression (Nigraha)

      Anger and Violence
      The Nature of Anger
      Anger Comes from Outside
      Anger and the Psychic
      Vindictiveness and Cruelty

      Fear and Yoga
    Section Four - Human Relations in Yoga
      Human Relations and the Spiritual Life
      Relations with Others in Yoga
      Love for Others and Love for the Divine
      Family Ties and Duties
      Relations between Parents and Children
      Old Relations

      Friendship and Affection
      Vital Love
      Vital Love and Psychic Love
      Personal Relations in Yoga
      Universal Love and Personal Relations
      Relations between Men and Women in Yoga

      Interactions with Others and the Practice of Yoga
      Cultivating Equality and Goodwill
      Indifference to What Others Think or Say
      Overcoming Dependence
      Overcoming Attachment
      Helping Others
      Receiving Help from Others
      Concern for Others
      Sympathy for Others
      Mothering Others
      Working with Others
      Dispersion through Contact with Others
      Mixing with Others
      Vital Expansiveness
      Vital Interchange
      Talking, Letter-Writing and Vital Interchange
      Talking or Thinking about Others
      The Drawing of Vital Forces by Others
      Limiting Contacts with Others
      Inner Detachment Preferable to Outer Withdrawal
      Qualified Utility of Retirement for Sadhana
      Dangers of Complete Retirement
      Relations in Ordinary Life

      Problems in Human Relations
      Hatred and Dislike
      Quarrels and Clashes
      Fault-Finding and Criticism
      Benefiting from Criticism

    Section One - Sadhana on the Level of the Physical
      The Transformation of the Physical
      The Need to Transform the Physical
      Coming Down into the Physical
      The Bringing of Realisation into the Physical
      The Physical Sadhana

      Levels of the Physical Being
      The Physical Consciousness
      The Mental Physical and the Vital Physical
      The Material Consciousness
      The Body Consciousness
      The Body
      Care for the Body
      Weakness of the Body
      Forgetfulness of the Body
      The Physical and the Mind
      The Physical and the Vital
      The Physical and the Psychic
      The Ascent of the Being

      Difficulties of the Physical Nature
      The Real Difficulty
      Obstruction and Obscuration
      Dealing with Inertia and Tamas
      The Difficulty of Eliminating Inertia and Tamas
      Physical Fatigue
      Habitual Movements and Old Habits
      Mechanical Movements

      Feelings of Incapacity and Discouragement
      Stupidity and Ignorance
      Fear of Death

    Section Two - Food, Sleep, Dreams and Sex
      The Yogic Attitude towards Food
      Attachment to Food
      Greed for Food
      Sensitivity to Smell
      Quantity of Food
      Types of Food

      The Yogic Attitude towards Sleep and Food
      The Need of Sleep and Rest
      The Amount of Sleep Needed
      The Real Rest which Restores
      Getting Good Sleep
      Sleep during the Day
      Sleep and Sadhana
      Loss of Consciousness during Sleep
      Conscious Sleep
      Concentration before and after Sleep
      Hearing Music after Waking
      The Waking Mind and Sleep
      Depression in Sleep

      All Sleep Full of Dreams

      Different Kinds of Dreams
      Subconscient Dreams
      Vital Dreams
      Symbolic Dreams on the Vital Plane
      Formations in Vital Dreams
      Unpleasant or Bad Vital Dreams
      Mental Dreams
      People Seen in Dreams
      The Waking and Dream States
      Remembering Dreams
      Understanding the Meaning of Dreams
      The Meaning of Some Dreams
      The Role of Sex in Nature
      Sex a Movement of General Nature
      Sex and Ananda
      Sex and Love
      Sex and the New European Mystics
      Sex-Indulgence and the Integral Yoga
      Subtle Forms of Sex-Indulgence
      Transformation of the Sex-Energy: The Theory
      of Brahmacharya
      Mastery of the Sex-Impulse through Detachment
      Mastery through a Change in the Consciousness
      Mastery through the Force of Purity
      Mastery through the Working of the Higher
      Consciousness and Force
      Rejection of the Sex-Impulse from the Various
      Parts of the Being
      Sex and the Subconscient
      Tamasic Inertia and the Sex-Impulse
      Sex-Thoughts and Imaginations
      Sexual Difficulties among Men
      Sex-Dreams and Emissions

      Physical Causes of Sex-Dreams and Emissions
      Worry, Depression and Sex-Dreams and Emissions
      Sexual Difficulties among Women
      Social Contact and Sex
      Touch and Sex
      The Relationship of Man and Woman
      Skin Diseases and Sex

    Section Three - Illness, Doctors and Medicines
      Illness and Health
      Illness and Yoga
      Illness Not the Result of the Force
      The Lower Nature, the Hostile Forces and Illness
      The Suggestion of Illness
      Curative Auto-Suggestion: The Coue Method
      Faith, Confidence and Cure
      Parts of the Being and Illness
      Accepting and Enjoying Illness
      Depression and Illness
      Fear and Illness
      Inertia and Illness
      Anger and Illness
      Work and Illness
      Sleep and Illness
      Separation and Detachment from Pain

      Doctors and Medicines
      Cure by Yogic Force and by Medicines
      The Role of Doctors
      Medical Systems
      The Right Use of Medicines

      Specific Illnesses, Ailments and Other Physical Problems
      Head Cold
      Weak Vision
      Menstrual Problems
      Growing Taller
      Bearing the Heat

    Section Four - The Subconscient and the Inconscient
      and the Process of Yoga
      The Subconscient and the Integral Yoga
      The Change of the Subconscient
      The Subconscient, the Inner Being and the
      Outer Being
      The Subconscient and the Physical Being
      Habits and the Subconscient
      The Environmental Consciousness and the
      The Rising Up of Things from the Subconscient
      Dealing with the Subconscient
      Dealing with Memories from the Subconscient
      Clearing or Emptying the Subconscient
      Illumining the Subconscient
      Psycho-analysis and the Integral Yoga

      The Inconscient and the Integral Yoga
      The Descent of the Sadhana into the Inconscient

    Section One - Difficulties of the Path
      The Difficulties of Yoga
      Difficulties and the Aim of Life
      Difficulties and the Integral Yoga
      Why Difficulties Come

      The Difficulties of Human Nature
      Obstacles of Human Nature
      The Dual Nature of the Human Being
      The Good and the Evil Persona
      Outward Circumstances and Personal Defects

      Imperfections and Periods of Arrest
      Imperfections and Progress towards Perfection
      Periods of Difficulty and Arrest

      Resistances, Sufferings and Falls
      Resistances in Sadhana
      Pain and Suffering
      Dangers, Falls and Failures

    Section Two - Overcoming the Difficulties of Yoga
      The Right Attitude towards Difficulties
      The Sunlit Path and the Path of Darkness
      Optimism and Pessimism
      Treating Difficulties as Opportunities
      The Certitude of Victory

      Steps towards Overcoming Difficulties
      Ways of Dealing with Difficulties
      Facing Circumstances
      Recognising One's Weaknesses

      Stating One's Difficulties
      Detaching Oneself from Difficulties
      Rejecting Wrong Movements

      Vigilance, Resolution, Will and the Divine Help
      The Need of Vigilance
      The Need of Resolution
      The Need of Aspiration
      The Need of Will
      Lack of Will
      Will and the Divine Force or Power
      Personal Effort and the Divine Force or Power
      Letting the Force Work
      The Divine Help
      The Divine Protection

      Time and Change of the Nature
      Time Needed for Change
      Freedom from the Past
      The Past and the Future

      Dealing with Depression and Despondency
      Despondency over Difficulties
      Dwelling on One's Weaknesses or Difficulties
      Raising Up Difficulties
      Struggling with Difficulties
      The Absurdity of Suicide

    Section Three - The Opposition of the Hostile Forces
      The Hostile Forces and the Difficulties of Yoga
      The Existence of the Hostile Forces
      The Function of the Hostile Forces
      Testing Oneself against the Hostile Forces
      The Divine Force and the Adverse Force
      The Forces of the Lower Nature and the
      Hostile Forces

      Vital Resistance, Physical Inertia and the
      Hostile Forces
      The Hostile Forces and Universal Forces
      The Hostile Forces and the Spiritual Consciousness

      Attacks by the Hostile Forces
      Attacks Not Uncommon
      Attacks Often Follow a Progress
      Positive and Negative Means of Attack
      Attacks through Suggestions
      Attacks through Others

      Dealing with Hostile Attacks
      Fear of Attacks
      Thinking Too Much about Attacks
      Discouragement about Attacks
      Rejection of Attacks
      Steadiness and Persistence
      Peace and Purity
      Faith and Surrender
      Psychic Openness
      Reliance on the Power or Force
      Reliance on the Mother

      Accidents, Possession, Madness
      Possession by Vital Forces


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Letters On Yoga IV
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1:Each victory gained over oneself means new strength to gain more victories. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga IV ,
2:Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the gods a man should himself lend a hand. ~ Hippocrates, Regimen Letters On Yoga IV,
3:If one but tell a thing well, it moves on with undying voice, and over the fruitful earth and across the sea goes the bright gleam of noble deeds ever unquenchable. ~ Pindar, Isthmian Odes Letters On Yoga IV,

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