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--- TOC
  ix A Note to the Reader
  Introduction: The Integral Approach
  i . Integral Methodological Pluralism
  2. Stages of Consciousness
  3. States of Consciousness
  4. States and Stages
  5. Boomeritis Buddhism
  6. The Shadow and the Disowned Self
  7. A Miracle Called "We"
  8. The World of the Terribly Obvious
  9. The Conveyor Belt
  10. Integral Life Practice


  I. From the Great Chain of Being to Postmodernism in 3 Easy Steps
  II. Integral Post-Metaphysics
  III. The Myth of the Given Lives On . . .

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Integral Spirituality
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   1 Ken Wilber


1:Different worlds are brought forth by the structures of consciousness doing the perceiving and co-creating. ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Spirituality 168,

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1:Different worlds are brought forth by the structures of consciousness doing the perceiving and co-creating. ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Spirituality, 168,
2:A Super-Integral Spirituality has all the features of an Integral Spirituality, plus, among other things, an inherent conjunction of each stage with a given state, giving all of its stages a transpersonal or spiritual flavor (at least the possibility of either gross nature mysticism, subtle deity mysticism, causal formless mysticism, or nondual Unity mysticism). These mystical states are, of course, available to virtually all the lower 1st- and 2nd-tier stages, although there are likely some significant differences in 3rd tier, given its inherent conjunction of structures and states. ~ Ken Wilber

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   2 Integral Yoga

   2 Nolini Kanta Gupta

   2 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07

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