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The Great Experiment
1. Why Practice
About the Practices in This Book
1-Minute Module: What's Your Deepest Motivation?

2. What Is Integral Life Practice?
A Radically Inclusive Approach
  Integral Life Practice Is "Powered by AQAL"
Launch Pad: 4 Core Modules
Gold Star Practices
Pressed for Time? Try a 1-Minute Module
Time to Devote Yourself Deeply? The Principles of ILP Still Apply
Principles of Practice
The Smart Way to Wake Up

3. Get a Feel for Integral Awareness
Four Dimensions of Being: I, We, It, and Its
All 4 Quadrants, All the Time
1-Minute Module: Get a Feel for Integral Awareness

4. The Shadow Module
What Is the Shadow?
The 3-2-1 Shadow Process
   The Origins of the Shadow
   Bringing the Light of Consciousness to the ShadowGold Star Practice: The 3-2-1 Shadow Process
   Sample 1: Phil Visits His Childhood Friend
   Sample 2: Kathy Gives Her Power to Bill
   Sample 3: Tony Meditates with a Monster
   1-Minute Module: The 3-2-1 Shadow Process
More Advanced Forms of Shadow Work
   Lighter Shades of Shadow
   The Strange Logic of the Psyche
Transmuting Your Au thentic Primary Emotions
   Ongoing Emotional Transmutation
   Evolving Your Relationship with Your Emotions
   Integrating Light and Dark, Spirit and Shadow

5. The Mind Module
The Practice of Taking Perspectives
   Increasing Your Capacity to Take Perspectives
Elements of the Integral Framework
   AQAL Integral Theory
   AQAL: All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All States, All Types
   A Place for Everything In Your Life
   Levels of Consciousness
   Lines of Development
   Answering Life's Questions
   Levels and Lines: Many Paths, One Mountain
   A Spectrum of Worldviews
   How We Participate in Co-Creating Worldviews
   The 4 Quadrants Reloaded
   States of Consciousness
   State Training1-Minute Module: States of Consciousness
   What's Your Type?
   Identifying Your Myers-Briggs Type
   How Personality Types Inform Your Practice
Applications of the Integral Framework
   Using AQAL to See a Bigger World
   1-Minute Module: Quad Scan
   What Perspective Are You Coming From?
   What Is Not Integral
An Integral Operating System

6. The Body Module
Redefining the Body Integrally
   It Takes Three to Tango
The 3-Body Workout
   Step 1: Grounding in the Causal Body
   Step 2: Energizing the Subtle Body
   Step 3: Streng thening the Gross Body
   Step 4: Gross-to-Subtle Stretching and Cool-Down
   Step 5: Resting in the Causal Body
   Summing Up: 3-Body Workout Principles
   1-Minute Module: 3-Body Workout
Gross Body Practices
   Physical Exercise Is Essential!
   Strength Training: A Core Practice for Optimum Health
   Gold Star Practice: Focus Intensity Training (FIT)
   1-Minute Module: Strength Training
   Muscle Groups
   Flying High with Cardio
   1-Minute Module: Aerobic WorkoutSports, Dance, and Neuromuscular Coordination
   Integral Nutrition
   The 4 Quadrants of Integral Nutrition
Subtle Body Practices
   Subtle Body Exercise
   Yoga, Qigong, and the Martial Arts
   The Core of Energy Practice
   Subtle Mastery
   Conducting Intensity
   Conducting Sexual Energy
   Subtle Breath Practices
   The Body Module's "Inner Game"
   Head, Heart, and Hara
   Subtle Body Practice for Managing Your Inner States
   Brea the and Feel. Always
   Big Heart = Big Mind = Integral Feeling-Awareness
Resting in the Causal Body
   Sleeping to Awaken
   Constant Consciousness

7. The Spirit Module
Spiritual Practice for an Integral Age
   An Integral Spirit
   The Many Colors of Spirit
   Can You Feel It?
   Practicing the Spirit Module
   Spirit How?
The 3 Faces of Spirit
   Integral Spirituality Engages All 3 Faces of Spirit
   Exploring the 3 Faces of Spirit
Spirituality in Relationship
   Spiritual Community
   Integral Devotion
   Opening to Devotion
   Integral Theism?
   Stages of Devotion
   Trans-Rational Devotion
   Integrating Life Practice through Devotion
  Integral Meditation Practices
   Meditation: Making Spirit Real
   Meditation Practices
   Basic Breath Meditation
   I AM: Guided Meditation
   Gold Star Practice: I AM: Mantra Meditation
   Gold Star Practice: Integral Inquiry
   1-Minute Module: Integral Inquiry
   Gold Star Practice: The 3 Faces of Spirit
   1-Minute Module: The 3 Faces of Spirit
   Gold Star Practice: Compassionate Exchange
   The Perfect Practice

8. Integral Ethics
The Need for Integral Ethics
   But Isn't Ethics Boring, Stifling, Oppressive ...?
   The Assault on Ethics
   We Must Discover a Higher Ethical Sensibility
The Framework of Integral Ethics
   Growing Ethically
   The Basic Moral IntuitionWho Do You Throw to the Sharks?
   Ground, Intrinsic, and Relative Value
   Meeting Ethical Dilemmas
   Morality and Ethics
   Don't Be Partial: 4 Quadrants of Ethical Practice
The Art of Integral Ethics
   Three Reasons for Living Ethically
   Take an Unflinching Look at the Costs of Unethical Behavior
   Completing Your Karmas
   It's Not What You Did, It's What You Do Next
   Ethics and Your Relationship to Yourself
   Masculine Self-Compassion
   Feminine Self-Compassion
   The Ethics of Shadow Work
   Flying Under Altitude
   Expanded Ethical Responsibility
   The Lightness of Integral Ethics

9. Living Your Life as Practice: Relationships, Work, Parenting, Creativity, and Other Additional Modules
The Flesh and Bones of ILP
   Everybody's Got Their Stuff
   Effort, Surrender, Purpose, and Commitment
A Quick Tour of Some Additional Modules
   Time Management
   Intimate Relationship
   Family and Parenting
Using the Integral Framework in Daily Life
   Viewing Additional Modules through Five Integral Lenses
   Using the Quadrants
   Levels and Lines of Parenting
   States of Practice
   Living Your Types
   Affirmations: A Power Tool for Actualizing Desired Changes
   Practicing Perfection

10. Navigating the Practice Life
Part I: Designing Your ILP
Elizabeth and Jeremy: Two Examples of the ILP Design Process
1. Assess Your Current Situation
2. Identify What's Missing
3. Choose Your Practices
4. Practice!
5. Be Flexible
6. Fine-Tune Continuously
7. Get Support
Spend Time in Good Company
On Working with a Teacher
Core Values, Vision, and Life Purpose
  ILP Blueprint
  ILP Weekly Tracking Log
Part II: The Art of Integral PracticeEveryday Expanded Awareness
Practice Tips and Principles
   Always Practice Discernment
   Take Responsibility
   Free Your Energy and Attention
   Be Your Own Best Friend
   Resisting Resistance?
   Practice Feels Good. And Bad
   Expect Both Good Days and Bad Days
   Don't Waste Time Beating Yourself Up
   Keep It Simple
   Integrate Your Practice
   Practice and the Fast Pace of a Busy Life
   Let Love Open the Door
   Allow Paradox to Expand You
   Seasons and Phases in the Practice Life

The Unique Self
About the Authors
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Integral Life Practice (book)
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