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object:Initiation Into Hermetics
subject class:Occultism
author class:Franz Bardon

Table of Contents

Part I: Theory
Picture of the Magician
1.00a - Foreword
1.00b - Introduction
1.01 - About the Elements
1.02 - The Principle of Fire
1.03 - The Principle of Water
1.04 - The Principle of Air
1.05 - The Principle of Earth
1.06 - The Light
1.07 - Akasa or the Ethereal Principle
1.08 - Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect
1.09 - Man - About the Body
1.10 - The Roughly Material Plane or the Material World
1.11 - The Soul or the Astral Body
1.12 - The Astral Plane
1.13 - The Spirit
1.14 - The Mental Plane
1.15 - Truth
1.16 - Religion
1.17 - God
1.18 - Asceticism

Part II: Practice
Step I ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Thought control, discipline of thoughts, subordination of thoughts

Step I ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Introspection or self-knowledge
2. Making of the black & white mirrors of the soul

Step I ~ Magic Physical Training
1. The material or carnal body
2. Mystery of breathing
3. Conscious reception of food
4. The magic of water

Step II ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Autosuggestion or the secret of sub-consciousness
2. Concentration exercises
a. Visual
b. Auditory
c. Sensory
d. Olfactory
e. Taste

Step II ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Magic-Astral balance with respect to the elements
2. Transmutation or refinement of the soul
a. By fight or control
b. By auto-suggestion
c. By transmutation

Step II ~ Magic Physical training
1. Conscious pore breathing
2. Conscious position of the body
3. Body Control in everyday life, at will

Step III ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Concentration of Thoughts with 2 or 3 senses at once
2. Concentration on objects, landscapes, places
3. Concentration on animals & human beings

Step III ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Inhaling of the Elements in the whole body
a. Fire
b. Air
c. Water
d. Earth

Step III ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Retaining of Step I, which has to become a habit
2. Accumulation of vital power
a. By breathing throug h the lungs & pores in the whole body
b. In different parts of the body
3. Impregnation of space for reasons of health, success, &c.
4. Bio-magnetism

Step IV ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Transplantation of consciousness
a. Into obje cts
b. Into animals
c. Into human beings

Step IV ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Accumulation of elements
a. In the whole body
b. In single parts of the body
2. Production of element-harmony in regions of the body

Step IV ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Rituals & their practical applicability
a. Gesticulations
b. Bearings (Asanas)
c. Postures of the fingers (Mudras)

Step V ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Space magic

Step V ~ Magic Psychic Tra ining
1. Projection of elements outward
a. Through ones own body, accumulated through the solar plexus
b. Accumulated through the hands
2. Outward projection without passing through the body

Step V ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Preparation for passive communication with the invisible ones
a. Release of the own hand
b. Preparation of the fingers with help of the pendulum, &c
2. Passive Communication:
a. With the own guardian genius
b. With deceased people & other beings

Step VI ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Meditation on the own spirit
2. Becoming conscious of the senses in the spirit

Step VI ~ Magic Mental Training
Step VI ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Preparation to master the Akasa principle
2. Deliberate induction of trance with the help of Akasa
3. Mastering the elements with an individual ritual from Akasa

Step VI ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Deliberate creation of beings:
a. Elementals
b. Larvae
c. Phantoms

Step VII ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Analysis of the spirit with respect to the practice

Step VII ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Development of the astral senses with the help of elements & fluid condensers:
a. Clairvoyance
b. Clairaudience
c. Clairsentience

Step VII ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Creation of elementaries by different methods
2. Magic animation of pictures

Step VIII ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Preparation for mental wandering
2. Practice of mental wandering:
a. In the room
b. Short distances
c. Visits to friends, relatives, &c.1

Step VIII ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. The great moment of Now
2. No clinging to the past
3. Concentration disturbances as a compass of the magic equilibrium
4. Mastering the electric & magnetic fluids

Step VIII ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Magic influence through the elements
2. Fluid condensers:
a. Simple condensers
b. Compound condensers
c. Fluid condensers for magic mirrors
d. Preparation of a magic mirror with fluid condensers

Step IX ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Practice of clairvoyance with magic mirrors
a. Seeing through time & space
b. Distant effect through magic mirrors
c. Different tasks of projection through the magic mirror

Step IX ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Deliberate separation of the astral body from the material body
2. Impregnation of the astral body with the four divine fundamental qualities

Step IX ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Treatment of the sick with the electromagnetic fluid
2. Magical loading of talismans, amulets & gems
3. Wish realization through electromagnetic balls in Akasa (volting)

Step X ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Elevation of the spirit to higher levels

Step X ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Conscious communication with the personal God
2. Communication with deities &c.4

Step X ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Several methods for acquiring magic faculties


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Initiation Into Hermetics
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