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  vital hell :::
  the hell of forgetting :::
  the hell of seeing real evil in oneself :::

2020-08-02 ::: so, I added types today after a large caves of qud binge, and smoking some weed and thinking "a case for not playing videogames" which included firstly the idea that anything one can do in a game one could theoretically do in real life. that mixed with some post I saw about vaccines, and perhaps with Jordan Peterson, made me realize there are many types of hell, or something. this was triggered by the entrance into a different type of hell from where I was before. the earlier was the hell of being stuck in vital attractions and a state of constant sin in overabundent vital movements like games, drugs and masturbation. Whereas this new hell, was one that is newer and harder to explain but was triggered by the idea that doing evils upon the world (like testing drugs on babies) was a potentially faster method to gain the knowledge to make the mutations from cave of qud a human power sooner than later. so that by evil one can attain power faster. and that temptation, and the moral ambiquity I feel in response to that idea.. is a different kind of hell indeed.

this idea reminds me of Savitri, and Jordan Peterson, even Ken Wilber's idea of stage transitions, the descent into chaos, and that as a means

see also ::: lost, the Darkness, evil, sin, suffering, the Ignorance, 02.07 - The Descent into Night, 02.08 - The World of Falsehood The Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness, impurity, self-deception
see also ::: remedies, cures, the Solution, the problem, difficulties, help, aspiration, the Call, lower movements, Japa (Savitri)

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Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell 2; Innocence
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex
Mary Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Shelley - Poems
The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell


Hell) an ophite diagram represents Raphael as a

Hell as a Count Palatine and ruler of the wicked planet Mars, served at the same time in Heaven

Hell, as a “great president and a mighty prince.”

Hell, Balberith is a grand pontiff and master of

Hellenism or the Hellinistic Period ::: (Gre. Greekish) Civilization that spread from Greece through much of the ancient world from 333 (Alexander the Great) to 76 (dominance of Rome) B.C.E. After Alexander the Great conquered the Land of Israel, Jewish theocracy remained for a while until the practice of Judaism was prohibited, causing the Hasmonean Revolt.

Hell, gives Beelzebub dominion over the under¬

Hell-in-Heaven realm). Chief among the good

Hell.” In Kent State University Bulletin (Kent, Ohio),

Hell itself, one adduces from Enoch II, Testament of Levi, and other apocryphal and pseudepi-

Hell. [Rf. the Coptic Book of the Resurrection of

Hell. [R/ Sale, The Koran, “Preliminary Dis¬

Hell’s ambassador to Turkey. [Cf. Mastema.] As

Hell, says Scholem, Major Trends in Jewish



Hell, stationed there to serve God’s purpose—just

Hell, the notion deriving from the maskim of the

Hell under the ethnarchy of Duma(h). The other

Hell who punishes nations “for cause.” [Rf. M.

HELL AND HEAVEN. ::: They arc often imaginary states of the soul or rather of the vital which it constructs about It after its passing. What is meant by hell is a painful passage through the vital or lingering there, as for instance, in many cases of suicide where one remains surrounded by the forces of suffering and turmoil created by this unnatural and violent exit. There are, of course, also worlds of mind and vital worlds which are penetrated with Joyful or dark experiences. One may pass through these as the result of things formed in the nature which create the necessary affimties, but the Idea of reward or retri- bution is a crude and vulgar conception which is a mere popular error.

hellanodic ::: n. --> A judge or umpire in games or combats.

hellbender ::: n. --> A large North American aquatic salamander (Protonopsis horrida or Menopoma Alleghaniensis). It is very voracious and very tenacious of life. Also called alligator, and water dog.

hellborn ::: a. --> Born in or of hell.

hellbred ::: a. --> Produced in hell.

hellbrewed ::: a. --> Prepared in hell.

hellbroth ::: n. --> A composition for infernal purposes; a magical preparation.

hell-cat ::: n. --> A witch; a hag.

hell-diver ::: n. --> The dabchick.

helldoomed ::: a. --> Doomed to hell.

helleborein ::: n. --> A poisonous glucoside accompanying helleborin in several species of hellebore, and extracted as a white crystalline substance with a bittersweet taste. It has a strong action on the heart, resembling digitalin.

hellebore ::: n. --> A genus of perennial herbs (Helleborus) of the Crowfoot family, mostly having powerfully cathartic and even poisonous qualities. H. niger is the European black hellebore, or Christmas rose, blossoming in winter or earliest spring. H. officinalis was the officinal hellebore of the ancients.
Any plant of several species of the poisonous liliaceous genus Veratrum, especially V. album and V. viride, both called white hellebore.

helleborin ::: n. --> A poisonous glucoside found in several species of hellebore, and extracted as a white crystalline substance with a sharp tingling taste. It possesses the essential virtues of the plant; -- called also elleborin.

helleborism ::: n. --> The practice or theory of using hellebore as a medicine.

hellene ::: n. --> A native of either ancient or modern Greece; a Greek.

hellenian ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to the Hellenes, or Greeks.

hellenic ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to the Hellenes, or inhabitants of Greece; Greek; Grecian. ::: n. --> The dialect, formed with slight variations from the Attic, which prevailed among Greek writers after the time of Alexander.

hellenism ::: n. --> A phrase or form of speech in accordance with genius and construction or idioms of the Greek language; a Grecism.
The type of character of the ancient Greeks, who aimed at culture, grace, and amenity, as the chief elements in human well-being and perfection.

hellenistic ::: a. --> Alt. of Hellenistical

hellenistical ::: a. --> Pertaining to the Hellenists.

hellenistically ::: adv. --> According to the Hellenistic manner or dialect.

hellenist ::: n. --> One who affiliates with Greeks, or imitates Greek manners; esp., a person of Jewish extraction who used the Greek language as his mother tongue, as did the Jews of Asia Minor, Greece, Syria, and Egypt; distinguished from the Hebraists, or native Jews (Acts vi. 1).
One skilled in the Greek language and literature; as, the critical Hellenist.

hellenize ::: v. i. --> To use the Greek language; to play the Greek; to Grecize. ::: v. t. --> To give a Greek form or character to; to Grecize; as, to Hellenize a word.

hellenotype ::: n. --> See Ivorytype.

hellespontine ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to the Hellespont.

hellespont ::: n. --> A narrow strait between Europe and Asia, now called the Daradanelles. It connects the Aegean Sea and the sea of Marmora.

hellgamite ::: n. --> Alt. of Hellgramite

hellgramite ::: n. --> The aquatic larva of a large American winged insect (Corydalus cornutus), much used a fish bait by anglers; the dobson. It belongs to the Neuroptera.

hellhag ::: n. --> A hag of or fit for hell.

hell-haunted ::: a. --> Haunted by devils; hellish.

hellhound ::: n. --> A dog of hell; an agent of hell.


hellier ::: v. t. --> One who heles or covers; hence, a tiler, slater, or thatcher.

hellish ::: a. --> Of or pertaining to hell; like hell; infernal; malignant; wicked; detestable; diabolical.

hellkite ::: n. --> A kite of infernal breed.

{hello, world}

hello ::: interj. & n. --> See Halloo.

hello packet
An {OSPF} {packet} sent
periodically on each {network interface}, real or {virtual},
to discover and test connections to neighbours. Hello packets
are multicast on physical networks capable of {multicasting}
or {broadcasting} to enable dynamic {router} discovery. They
include the parameters that routers connected to a common
network must agree on.
Hello packets increase network resilience by, e.g., allowing a
router to establish a secondary connection when a primary
connection fails.

hello packet ::: (networking, communications) An OSPF packet sent periodically on each network interface, real or virtual, to discover and test connections to multicasting or broadcasting to enable dynamic router discovery. They include the parameters that routers connected to a common network must agree on.Hello packets increase network resilience by, e.g., allowing a router to establish a secondary connection when a primary connection fails. (1999-11-02)

hello, sailor!
Occasional West Coast equivalent of {hello, world};
seems to have originated at SAIL, later associated with the
game {Zork} (which also included "hello, aviator" and "hello,
implementor"). Originally from the traditional hooker's
greeting to a swabbie fresh off the boat, of course.
[{Jargon File}]

hello, sailor! ::: Occasional West Coast equivalent of hello, world; seems to have originated at SAIL, later associated with the game Zork (which also included hello, aviator and hello, implementor). Originally from the traditional hooker's greeting to a swabbie fresh off the boat, of course.[Jargon File]

hello, world
The canonical, minimal, first program that a
programmer writes in a new {programming language} or {development
environment}. The program just prints "hello, world" to {standard
output} in order to verify that the programmer can successfully
edit, compile and run a simple program before embarking on
anything more challenging.
Hello, world is the first example program in the {C} programming
book, {K&R}, and the tradition has spread from there to pretty
much every other language and many of their textbooks.
Environments that generate an unreasonably large executable
for this trivial test or which require a {hairy}
compiler-linker invocation to generate it are considered bad.
{Hello, World in over 400 programming languages

hello, world ::: The canonical minimal test message in the C/Unix universe or any of the minimal programs that emit this message. Traditionally, the first program a C coder generate an unreasonably large executable for this trivial test or which require a hairy compiler-linker invocation to generate it are considered bad (see X).

hells. See NĀRAKA (hell denizens).


hell ::: the abode of condemned souls and devils in some religions; the place of eternal punishment for the wicked after death. hell’s, hells.

hell ::: v. t. --> The place of the dead, or of souls after death; the grave; -- called in Hebrew sheol, and by the Greeks hades.
The place or state of punishment for the wicked after death; the abode of evil spirits. Hence, any mental torment; anguish.
A place where outcast persons or things are gathered
A dungeon or prison; also, in certain running games, a place to which those who are caught are carried for detention.
A gambling house.

hellward ::: adv. --> Toward hell.

helly ::: a. --> Hellish.

QUOTES [86 / 86 - 500 / 40581]

KEYS (10k)

   26 Sri Aurobindo
   4 Percy Bysshe Shelley
   3 Ken Wilber
   3 Jordan Peterson
   3 Carl Jung
   2 William Blake
   2 The Mother
   2 Robert Heinlein
   2 Peter J Carroll
   2 Mary Shelley
   2 Jorge Luis Borges
   2 Hazrat Inayat Khan
   2 Friedrich Nietzsche
   1 Winston Churchill
   1 Venerable Fulton Sheen
   1 Tom Butler-Bowdon
   1 Swami Vivekananda
   1 Stephen King
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   1 Pope Leo XIII
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   1 Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
   1 Étienne de La Boétie
   1 Elon Musk
   1 David Mitchell
   1 Buddhist Proverb
   1 Buddha
   1 Arthur C Clarke
   1 Aleister Crowley


   69 Richelle Mead
   23 Percy Bysshe Shelley
   20 Michelle Obama
   18 Joni Mitchell
   17 Joseph Heller
   11 Shelly Crane
   11 Margaret Mitchell
   8 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
   6 Lillian Hellman
   5 Rick Riordan
   5 Michelle Sagara
   5 Michelle Leighton
   5 Anonymous
   4 Michelle Alexander
   4 Jean Paul Sartre
   3 William Shakespeare
   3 P T Michelle
   3 Mitchell Zuckoff
   3 Michelle Pfeiffer
   3 Michelle Paver

1:Hello darkness, my old friend
   ~ Simon & Garfunkel,
2:Shell programming is a 1950s juke box . . . ~ Larry Wall,
3:You carry heaven and hell within you.
   ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi,
4:If you're going through hell, keep going.
   ~ Winston Churchill,
5:Hell isn't other people. Hell is yourself. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein,
6:Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.
   ~ Mary Shelley,
7:If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
   ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
8:All spirits are enslaved which serve things evil.
   ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
9:Live in My Deepest Hell and from There I cannot Fall Any Further.
   ~ Carl Jung,
10:The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance.
   ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
11:Get in my lobby. Were starting the case now.
   ~ Major Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell,
12:Pain is the breaking of the shell which encloses your understanding
   ~ Khalil Gibran,
13:No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.
   ~ Carl Jung,
14:Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. ~ John Milton, Paradise Lost,
15:What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky,
16:Hateful to me as are the gates of hell Is he who hiding one thing in his heart Utters another. ~ Homer,
17:Nature has neither kernel Nor shell ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
18:To every man is given a key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell.
   ~ Buddhist Proverb,
19:My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
   ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias,
20:Everyone who has ever built anywhere a 'new heaven' first found the power thereto in his own hell.
   ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
21:You have told me, O God, to believe in hell. But you have forbidden me to think...of any man as damned ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,
22:A mind of moderate capacity which closely pursues one study must infallibly arrive at great proficiency in that study. ~ Mary Shelley,
23:It lived upon the margin of the Idea
   Protected by Ignorance as in a shell.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Godheads of the Little Life,
24:I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity. ~ William Blake,
25:He mastered the tides of Nature with a look:
He met with his bare spirit naked Hell. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Descent into Night,
26:Even Good she makes a hook to drag to Hell. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness,
27:Where you're standing, dig, dig out: Down below's the Well: Let them that walk in darkness shout Down below there's Hell!
   ~ Friedrich Nietzsche,
28:None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness,
29:Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym.
   ~ Stephen King,
30:521. If Hell were possible, it would be the shortest cut to the highest heaven. For verily God loveth.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human, Bhakti
31:44. If God draw me towards Heaven, then, even if His other hand strive to keep me in Hell, yet must I struggle upward.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human, Jnana,
32:43. If God assigns to me my place in Hell, I do not know why I should aspire to Heaven. He knows best what is for my welfare.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human, Jnana,
33:It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
   ~ Buddha,
34:In the enormous spaces of the self
The body now seemed only a wandering shell, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Yoga of the King, The Yoga of the Spirit’s Freedom and Greatness,
35:None has been able to hold all the gods in his bosom unstaggered,
All have grown drunken with force and have gone down to Hell and to Ate. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, Ilion,
36:A mighty victory or a mighty fall,
A throne in heaven or a pit in hell,
The dual Energy they have justified ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life,
37:Time's works
The giant’s and the Titan’s furious march
Climbs to usurp the kingdom of the gods
Or skirts the demon magnitudes of Hell; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Word of Fate,
38:None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell.
   This too the traveller of the worlds must dare.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness,
39:I have laboured and suffered in Matter’s night
To bring the fire to man;
But the hate of hell and human spite
Are my meed since the world began. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, A God’s Labour,
40:Whether for Heaven or Hell they must wage war:
Warriors of Good, they serve a shining cause
Or are Evil’s soldiers in the pay of Sin. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life,
41:I fear not for the angry frown of Heaven,
I flinch not from the red assault of Hell;
I crush the opposition of the gods,
Tread down a million goblin obstacles. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
42:A certain pride, a certain awe, withheld him from offering to God even one prayer at night, though he knew it was in God's power to take away his life while he slept and hurl his soul hellward ere he could beg for mercy. ~ James Joyce,
43:Overtaken by the spirit’s sudden spell,
Smitten by a divine passion’s alchemy,
Pain’s self compelled transformed to potent joy
Curing the antithesis twixt heaven and hell. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Paradise of the Life-Gods,
44:40. My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells.
41. But since one is naturally attracted to the Angel, another to the Demon, let the first strengthen the lower link, the last attach more firmly to the higher. ~ Aleister Crowley,
45:Passed were the pillar-posts of birth and death,
Passed was their little scene of symbol deeds,
Passed were the heavens and hells of their long road;
They had returned into the world’s deep soul.
All now was gathered into pregnant rest ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
46:If honor and wisdom and happiness are not for me, let them be for others. Let heaven exist, though my place be in hell. Let me be outraged and annihilated, but for one instant, in one being, let Your enormous Library be justified.~ Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths, Selected Stories and Other Writings,
47:I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
   ~ Isaac Newton,
48:328. There is nothing small in God's eyes; let there be nothing small in thine. He bestows as much labour of divine energy on the formation of a shell as on the building of an empire. For thyself it is greater to be a good shoemaker than a luxurious and incompetent king. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human,
49:A natural inclination toward the darker side of magic is as good a point as any from which to begin the ultimate quest, and half this book is devoted to the black arts. ... We will begin by discussing the Spirit of Black Magic. Magical power is the key to the heaven-hell of the now.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
50:I am peace that steals into man’s war-worn breast,
Amid the reign of Hell his acts create
A hostel where Heaven’s messengers can lodge;
I am charity with the kindly hands that bless,
I am silence mid the noisy tramp of life;
I am Knowledge porin ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
51:Nothing is more difficult to conquer in all the world than intellectual pride. If battleships could be lined with it instead of armour, no shell could ever pierce it. This is easy to understand, for if a man thinks he knows it all, there is nothing left for him to know, not even what God might tell him. ~ Venerable Fulton Sheen,
52:Anyone who masters these techniques fully has achieved a tremendous power over himself more valuable than health, love, fame, or riches. He has set himself free from the effects of the world; nothing can touch him unless he wills it. As it has been said, the sage who knows how can live comfortably in hell.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
53:Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you're putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you're doing the same thing you know that... you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.
   ~ Elon Musk,
54:And so now, today, one cannot think of the greats-Kant, Hegel, Spinoza, Marx, Fichte, Freud, Nietzsche, Einstein, Schopenhauer, Leibniz, Schelling-the whole Germanic sphere-without thinking, at some point, of Auschwitz and Treblinka, Sobibor and Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and Chelmno. My God, they have names, as if they were human. ~ Ken Wilber, One Taste,
55:It is more important to find out the truth about oneself than to find out the truth about heaven and hell, or about many other things which are of less importance and are apart from oneself. However, every man's pursuit is according to his state of evolution, and so each soul is in pursuit of something-but he does not know where it leads him. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
56:Who cares for your bhakti and mukti? Who cares what your scriptures say? I will go into a thousand hells cheerfully if I can rouse my countrymen, immersed in tamas, to stand on their own feet and be men inspired with the spirit of karma-yoga. I am a follower only of he or she who serves and helps others without caring for his own bhakti and mukti! ~ Swami Vivekananda,
57:Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. ~ Pope Leo XIII, Leonine Prayers, Prayer to Saint Michael,
58:Far from it being true that man and his activity makes the world comprehensible, he is himself the most incomprehensible of all, and drives me relentlessly to the view of the accursedness of all being, a view manifested in so many painful signs in ancient and modern times. It is precisely man who drives me to the final despairing question: Why is there something? Why not nothing? ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling,
59:I pray to the unknown gods that some man-even a single man, tens of centuries ago-has perused and read that book. If the honor and wisdom and joy of such a reading are not to be my own, then let them be for others. Let heaven exist, though my own place be in hell. Let me be tortured and battered and annihilated, but let there be one instant, one creature, wherein thy enormous Library may find its justification. ~ Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel,
60:It was a no man’s land of evil air,
A crowded neighbourhood without one home,
A borderland between the world and hell.
There unreality was Nature’s lord:
It was a space where nothing could be true,
For nothing was what it had claimed to be:
A h ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Descent into Night
No-Man's Land
Non-violence is better than violence as a rule, and still sometimes violence may be the right thing. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - I, Morality and Yoga,
61:The faith in which I was brought up assured me that I was better than other people; I was saved, they were damned ...Our hymns were loaded with arrogance -- self-congratulation on how cozy we were with the Almighty and what a high opinion he had of us, what hell everybody else would catch come Judgment Day.
   ~ Robert Heinlein, from Laurence J. Peter, Peter's Quotations: Ideas for Our Time, also James A. Haught, ed., 2000 Years Of Disbelief, Famous People with the Courage to Doubt.Quotes About Priests,
62:Any limiting categorization is not only erroneous but offensive, and stands in opposition to the basic human foundations of the therapeutic relationship. In my opinion, the less we think (during the process of psychotherapy) in terms of diagnostic labels, the better. (Albert Camus once described hell as a place where one's identity was eternally fixed and displayed on personal signs: Adulterous Humanist, Christian Landowner, Jittery Philosopher, Charming Janus, and so on.8 To Camus, hell is where one has no way of explaining oneself, where one is fixed, classified-once and for all time.) ~ Irvin D Yalom,
63:People pontificate, Suicide is selfishness. Career churchmen like Pater go a step further and call in a cowardly assault on the living. Oafs argue this specious line for varying reason: to evade fingers of blame, to impress one's audience with one's mental fiber, to vent anger, or just because one lacks the necessary suffering to sympathize. Cowardice is nothing to do with it - suicide takes considerable courage. Japanese have the right idea. No, what's selfish is to demand another to endure an intolerable existence, just to spare families, friends, and enemies a bit of soul-searching.
   ~ David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas,
64:Laughter has the remarkable power of making an object come up close, of drawing it into a zone of crude contact where one can finger it familiarly on all sides, turn it upside down, inside out, peer at it from above and below, break open its external shell, look into its center, doubt it, take it apart, dismember it, lay it bare and expose it, examine it freely and experiment with it. Laughter demolishes fear and piety before an object, before a world, making of it an object of familiar contact and thus clearing the ground for an absolutely free investigation of it. Laughter is a vital factor in laying down that prerequisite for fearlessness without which it would be impossible to approach the world realistically. ~ Mikhail Bakhtin,
65:so you distill these stories great authors distill stories and we have soties that are very very very old they are usually religious stories they could be fairy tales because some people ahve traced fairy tales back 10 000 years ... a story that has been told for 10000 years is a funny kind of story its like people have remembered it and obviously modified it, like a game of telephone that has gone on for generations and all that is left is what people remember and maybe they remember whats important, because you tend to remember what's important and its not necessarily the case that you know what the hell it means ... and you dont genereally know what a book that you read means not if its profound it means more than you can understand because otherwise why read it? ~ Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning 2017 - 1,
66:The heaven-hints that invade our earthly lives,
   The dire imaginations dreamed by Hell,
   Which if enacted and experienced here
   Our dulled capacity soon would cease to feel
   Or our mortal frailty could not long endure,
   Were set in their sublime proportions there.
   There lived out in their self-born atmosphere,
   They resumed their topless pitch and native power;
   Their fortifying stress upon the soul
   Bit deep into the ground of consciousness
   The passion and purity of their extremes,
   The absoluteness of their single cry
   And the sovereign sweetness or violent poetry
   Of their beautiful or terrible delight.
   All thought can know or widest sight perceive
   And all that thought and sight can never know,
   All things occult and rare, remote and strange
   Were near to heart's contact, felt by spirit-sense.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Stair,
67:The hell I won't talk that way! Peter, an eternity here without her is not an eternity of bliss; it is an eternity of boredom and loneliness and grief. You think this damned gaudy halo means anything to me when I know--yes, you've convinced me!--that my beloved is burning in the Pit? I didn't ask much. Just to be allowed to live with her. I was willing to wash dishes forever if only I could see her smile, hear her voice, touch her hand! She's been shipped on a technicality and you know it! Snobbish, bad-tempered angels get to live here without ever doing one lick to deserve it. But my Marga, who is a real angel if one ever lived, gets turned down and sent to Hell to everlasting torture on a childish twist in the rules. You can tell the Father and His sweet-talking Son and that sneaky Ghost that they can take their gaudy Holy City and shove it! If Margrethe has to be in Hell, that's where I want to be!
   ~ Robert Heinlein, Alexander Hergensheimer in Job: A Comedy of Justice, (1984).,
68:What do you think of the essence of Hell? Hell is when the depths come to you with all that you no longer are or are not yet capable of. Hell is when you can no longer attain what you could attain. Hell is when you must think and feel and do everything that you know you do not want. Hell is when you know that your having to is also a wanting to, and that you yourself are responsible for it. Hell is when you know that everything serious that you have planned with yourself is also laughable, that everything fine is also brutal, that everything good is also bad, that everything high is also low, and that everything pleasant is also shameful.

But the deepest Hell is when you realize that Hell is also no Hell, but a cheerful Heaven, not a Heaven in itself, but in this respect a Heaven, and in that respect a Hell.

That is the ambiguity of the God: he is born from a dark ambiguity and rises to a bright ambiguity. Unequivocalness is simplicity and leads to death. But ambiguity is the way of life. If the left foot does not move, then the right one does, and you move. The God wills this. ~ Carl Jung, The Red Book,
69:the hard shell of the ego :::
This sense of one's own person becomes a kind of cage, a prison which shuts you in, prevents you from being true, from knowing truly, acting truly, understanding truly. It is as though someone had put you in a very hard shell and you were compelled to stay there.
   This is the first sensation you have. Afterwards you begin to tap against the shell in order to break it. Sometimes it resists very long. But still, when you begin to feel this, that what you believed in to be yourself, the person doing thigns and for whom they are done, the person who exists and makes you what you are, yes, when you pass from this to the consciousness that this is a prison preventing you from being truly yourself, then you have made great progress, and there is hope. You feel yourself stifled, crushed, absolutely shut up in a prison without air, without light, without an opening, and then you begin pushing from the inside, pushing, pushing, pushing so that it may break.
   And the day it breaks, the day it opens, suddenly, you enter the psychic consciousness. And then you understand. And then, truly, if you have a sense of humour, you laugh; you realise your stupidity. ~ The Mother,
70:To See a World...

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

A Robin Redbreast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage.
A dove house fill'd with doves and pigeons
Shudders Hell thro' all its regions.
A Dog starv'd at his Master's Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State.
A Horse misus'd upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fiber from the Brain does tear.

He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar.
The Beggar's Dog and Widow's Cat,
Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.
The Gnat that sings his Summer song
Poison gets from Slander's tongue.
The poison of the Snake and Newt
Is the sweat of Envy's Foot.

A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.
It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro' the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night. ~ William Blake, Auguries of Innocence,
71:I have loved in life and I have been loved.
I have drunk the bowl of poison from the hands of love as nectar,
and have been raised above life's joy and sorrow.
My heart, aflame in love, set afire every heart that came in touch with it.
My heart has been rent and joined again;
My heart has been broken and again made whole;
My heart has been wounded and healed again;
A thousand deaths my heart has died, and thanks be to love, it lives yet.
I went through hell and saw there love's raging fire,
and I entered heaven illumined with the light of love.
I wept in love and made all weep with me;
I mourned in love and pierced the hearts of men;
And when my fiery glance fell on the rocks, the rocks burst forth as volcanoes.
The whole world sank in the flood caused by my one tear;
With my deep sigh the earth trembled, and when I cried aloud the name of my beloved,
I shook the throne of God in heaven.
I bowed my head low in humility, and on my knees I begged of love,
"Disclose to me, I pray thee, O love, thy secret."
She took me gently by my arms and lifted me above the earth, and spoke softly in my ear,
"My dear one, thou thyself art love, art lover,
and thyself art the beloved whom thou hast adored. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan,
72:And now, out among the stars, evolution was driving toward new goals. The first explorers of Earth had long since come to the limits of flesh and blood; as soon as their machines were better than their bodies, it was time to move. First their brains, and then their thoughts alone, they transferred into shining new homes of metal and of plastic.

In these, they roamed among the stars. They no longer built spaceships. They were spaceships.

But the age of the Machine-entities swiftly passed. In their ceaseless experimenting, they had learned to store knowledge in the structure of space itself, and to preserve their thoughts for eternity in frozen lattices of light. They could become creatures of radiation, free at last from the tyranny of matter.

Into pure energy, therefore, they presently transformed themselves; and on a thousand worlds, the empty shells they had discarded twitched for a while in a mindless dance of death, then crumbled into rust.

Now they were lords of the galaxy, and beyond the reach of time. They could rove at will among the stars, and sink like a subtle mist through the very interstices of space. But despite their godlike powers, they had not wholly forgotten their origin, in the warm slime of a vanished sea.

And they still watched over the experiments their ancestors had started, so long ago.
   ~ Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey,
73:Life clung to its seat with cords of gasping breath;
   Lapped was his body by a tenebrous tongue.
   Existence smothered travailed to survive;
   Hope strangled perished in his empty soul,
   Belief and memory abolished died
   And all that helps the spirit in its course.
   There crawled through every tense and aching nerve
   Leaving behind its poignant quaking trail
   A nameless and unutterable fear.
   As a sea nears a victim bound and still,
   The approach alarmed his mind for ever dumb
   Of an implacable eternity
   Of pain inhuman and intolerable.
   This he must bear, his hope of heaven estranged;
   He must ever exist without extinction's peace
   In a slow suffering Time and tortured Space,
   An anguished nothingness his endless state.
   A lifeless vacancy was now his breast,
   And in the place where once was luminous thought,
   Only remained like a pale motionless ghost
   An incapacity for faith and hope
   And the dread conviction of a vanquished soul
   Immortal still but with its godhead lost,
   Self lost and God and touch of happier worlds.
   But he endured, stilled the vain terror, bore
   The smothering coils of agony and affright;
   Then peace returned and the soul's sovereign gaze.
   To the blank horror a calm Light replied:
   Immutable, undying and unborn,
   Mighty and mute the Godhead in him woke
   And faced the pain and danger of the world.
   He mastered the tides of Nature with a look:
   He met with his bare spirit naked Hell.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Descent into Night,
74:1st row Homer, Shakespeare, Valmiki
2nd row Dante, Kalidasa, Aeschylus, Virgil, Milton
3rd row Goethe
I am not prepared to classify all the poets in the universe - it was the front bench or benches you asked for. By others I meant poets like Lucretius, Euripides, Calderon, Corneille, Hugo. Euripides (Medea, Bacchae and other plays) is a greater poet than Racine whom you want to put in the first ranks. If you want only the very greatest, none of these can enter - only Vyasa and Sophocles. Vyasa could very well claim a place beside Valmiki, Sophocles beside Aeschylus. The rest, if you like, you can send into the third row with Goethe, but it is something of a promotion about which one can feel some qualms. Spenser too, if you like; it is difficult to draw a line.

Shelley, Keats and Wordsworth have not been brought into consideration although their best work is as fine poetry as any written, but they have written nothing on a larger scale which would place them among the greatest creators. If Keats had finished Hyperion (without spoiling it), if Shelley had lived, or if Wordsworth had not petered out like a motor car with insufficient petrol, it might be different, but we have to take things as they are. As it is, all began magnificently, but none of them finished, and what work they did, except a few lyrics, sonnets, short pieces and narratives, is often flawed and unequal. If they had to be admitted, what about at least fifty others in Europe and Asia? ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters On Poetry And Art,
75:A divine strength and courage and a divine compassion and helpfulness are the very stuff of that which he would be. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka of Integral Yoga
The difficulty of harmonising the divine life with human living, of being in God and yet living in man is the very difficulty that he is set here to solve and not to shun. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka Of Integral yoga
Personal salvation he does not seek except as a necessity for the human fulfilment and because he who is himself in bonds cannot easily free others,—though to God nothing is impossible. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka Of Integral Yoga
For a heaven of personal joys he has no hankerings even as a hell of personal sufferings has for him no terrors. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka of Integral Yoga
If there is an opposition between the spiritual life and that of the world, it is that gulf which he is here to bridge, that opposition which he is here to change into a harmony. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka Of Integral yoga
If the world is ruled by the flesh and the devil, all the more reason that the children of Immortality should be here to conquer it for God and the Spirit. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis Of Yoga: Renunciation
Sadhaka of Integral yoga
To give oneself is the secret of sadhana, not to demand and acquire a thing. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Mother with Letters on The Mother, The Mother’s Love,
76:Why Ubuntu: If I were you I'd just install Ubuntu into a dual-boot partition (the Ubuntu website has instructions for this) and learn as you go. Ubuntu is similar enough to Windows that you should be able to start using it right away without much difficulty.
   For running your Python scripts you'll want to drop into the shell (Ctrl + Alt + T If memory serves me right). As you become more comfortable with Ubuntu, you can start using the shell more and more. The shell is what gives you access to the power of Unix; every time you need to do something tedious and repetitive, try to find out how to do it through the shell.
   Eventually you will find yourself using the shell constantly. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it, and deride other operating systems for their lack of sensible programming tools. One day you'll realise that desktop window managers are a needless distraction. You start using xmonad or awesomewm. Eventually you realise that this, too, is a bastardisaton of the Unix vision and start using tmux exclusively. Then suddenly it hits you - every computer, every operating system, no matter how insignificant or user-friendly, has the Unix nature. All of them are merely streams from where you can ssh back into the ocean of Unix. Having achieved enlightenment you are equally content using an iPad as your main work computer, using powershell in Windows or SSH into a Digital Ocean droplet from your parent's computer. This is the Zen of Unix.
   ~ JohnyTex,,
77:Received him in their deathless harmonies.
   All things were perfect there that flower in Time;
   Beauty was there creation's native mould,
   Peace was a thrilled voluptuous purity.
   There Love fulfilled her gold and roseate dreams
   And Strength her crowned and mighty reveries;
   Desire climbed up, a swift omnipotent flame,
   And Pleasure had the stature of the gods;
   Dream walked along the highways of the stars;
   Sweet common things turned into miracles:
   Overtaken by the spirit's sudden spell,
   Smitten by a divine passion's alchemy,
   Pain's self compelled transformed to potent joy
   Curing the antithesis twixt heaven and hell.
   All life's high visions are embodied there,
   Her wandering hopes achieved, her aureate combs
   Caught by the honey-eater's darting tongue,
   Her burning guesses changed to ecstasied truths,
   Her mighty pantings stilled in deathless calm
   And liberated her immense desires.
   In that paradise of perfect heart and sense
   No lower note could break the endless charm
   Of her sweetness ardent and immaculate;
   Her steps are sure of their intuitive fall.
   After the anguish of the soul's long strife
   At length were found calm and celestial rest
   And, lapped in a magic flood of sorrowless hours,
   Healed were his warrior nature's wounded limbs
   In the encircling arms of Energies
   That brooked no stain and feared not their own bliss.
   In scenes forbidden to our pallid sense
   Amid miraculous scents and wonder-hues
   He met the forms that divinise the sight,
   To music that can immortalise the mind
   And make the heart wide as infinity
   Listened, and captured the inaudible
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Paradise of the Life-Gods,
78:There is one point in particular I would like to single out and stress, namely, the notion of evolution. It is common to assume that one of the doctrines of the perennial philosophy... is the idea of involution-evolution. That is, the manifest world was created as a "fall" or "breaking away" from the Absolute (involution), but that all things are now returning to the Absolute (via evolution). In fact, the doctrine of progressive temporal return to Source (evolution) does not appear anywhere, according to scholars as Joseph Campbell, until the axial period (i.e. a mere two thousand years ago). And even then, the idea was somewhat convoluted and backwards. The doctrine of the yugas, for example, sees the world as proceeding through various stages of development, but the direction is backward: yesterday was the Golden Age, and time ever since has been a devolutionary slide downhill, resulting in the present-day Kali-Yuga. Indeed, this notion of a historical fall from Eden was ubiquitous during the axial period; the idea that we are, at this moment, actually evolving toward Spirit was simply not conceived in any sort of influential fashion.

  But sometime during the modern era-it is almost impossible to pinpoint exactly-the idea of history as devolution (or a fall from God) was slowly replaced by the idea of history as evolution (or a growth towards God). We see it explicitly in Schelling (1775-1854); Hegel (1770-1831) propounded the doctrine with a genius rarely equaled; Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) made evolution a universal law, and his friend Charles Darwin (1809-1882) applied it to biology. We find it next appearing in Aurobindo (1872-1950), who gave perhaps its most accurate and profound spiritual context, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) who made it famous in the West.

  But here is my point: we might say that the idea of evolution as return-to-Spirit is part of the perennial philosophy, but the idea itself, in any adequate form, is no more than a few hundred years old. It might be 'ancient' as timeless, but it is certainly not ancient as "old."...

  This fundamental shift in the sense or form of the perennial philosophy-as represented in, say, Aurobindo, Hegel, Adi Da, Schelling, Teilhard de Chardin, Radhakrishnan, to name a few-I should like to call the "neoperennial philosophy." ~ Ken Wilber, The Eye Of Spirit,
79:reading :::
   50 Spiritual Classics: List of Books Covered:
   Muhammad Asad - The Road To Mecca (1954)
   St Augustine - Confessions (400)
   Richard Bach - Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1970)
   Black Elk Black - Elk Speaks (1932)
   Richard Maurice Bucke - Cosmic Consciousness (1901)
   Fritjof Capra - The Tao of Physics (1976)
   Carlos Castaneda - Journey to Ixtlan (1972)
   GK Chesterton - St Francis of Assisi (1922)
   Pema Chodron - The Places That Scare You (2001)
   Chuang Tzu - The Book of Chuang Tzu (4th century BCE)
   Ram Dass - Be Here Now (1971)
   Epictetus - Enchiridion (1st century)
   Mohandas Gandhi - An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth (1927)
   Al-Ghazzali - The Alchemy of Happiness (1097)
   Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet (1923)
   GI Gurdjieff - Meetings With Remarkable Men (1960)
   Dag Hammarskjold - Markings (1963)
   Abraham Joshua Heschel - The Sabbath (1951)
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   Carl Gustav Jung - Memories, Dreams, Reflections (1955)
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   Starhawk - The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess (1979)
   Shunryu Suzuki - Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (1970)
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   Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now (1998)
   Chogyam Trungpa - Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (1973)
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   Rick Warren - The Purpose-Driven Life (2002)
   Simone Weil - Waiting For God (1979)
   Ken Wilber - A Theory of Everything (2000)
   Paramahansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi (1974)
   Gary Zukav - The Seat of the Soul (1990)
   ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Spirital Classics (2017 Edition),
80:What do you mean by these words: 'When you are in difficulty, widen yourself'?

I am speaking, of course, of difficulties on the path of yoga, incomprehension, limitations, things like obstacles, which prevent you from advancing. And when I say "widen yourself", I mean widen your consciousness.

Difficulties always arise from the ego, that is, from your more or less egoistic personal reaction to circumstances, events and people around you, to the conditions of your life. They also come from that feeling of being closed up in a sort of shell, which prevents your consciousness from uniting with higher and vaster realities.

One may very well think that one wants to be vast, wants to be universal, that all is the expression of the Divine, that one must have no egoism - one may think all sorts of things - but that is not necessarily a cure, for very often one knows what one ought to do, and yet one doesn't do it, for one reason or another.

But if, when you have to face anguish, suffering, revolt, pain or a feeling of helplessness - whatever it may be, all the things that come to you on the path and which precisely are your difficulties-if physically, that is to say, in your body- consciousness, you can have the feeling of widening yourself, one could say of unfolding yourself - you feel as it were all folded up, one fold on another like a piece of cloth which is folded and refolded and folded again - so if you have this feeling that what is holding and strangling you and making you suffer or paralysing your movement, is like a too closely, too tightly folded piece of cloth or like a parcel that is too well-tied, too well-packed, and that slowly, gradually, you undo all the folds and stretch yourself out exactly as one unfolds a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper and spreads it out flat, and you lie flat and make yourself very wide, as wide as possible, spreading yourself out as far as you can, opening yourself and stretching out in an attitude of complete passivity with what I could call "the face to the light": not curling back upon your difficulty, doubling up on it, shutting it in, so to say, into yourself, but, on the contrary, unfurling yourself as much as you can, as perfectly as you can, putting the difficulty before the Light - the Light which comes from above - if you do that in all the domains, and even if mentally you don't succeed in doing it - for it is sometimes difficult - if you can imagine yourself doing this physically, almost materially, well, when you have finished unfolding yourself and stretching yourself out, you will find that more than three-quarters of the difficulty is gone. And then just a little work of receptivity to the Light and the last quarter will disappear.

This is much easier than struggling against a difficulty with one's thought, for if you begin to discuss with yourself, you will find that there are arguments for and against which are so convincing that it is quite impossible to get out of it without a higher light. Here, you do not struggle against the difficulty, you do not try to convince yourself; ah! you simply stretch out in the Light as though you lay stretched on the sands in the sun. And you let the Light do its work. That's all. ~ The Mother, Questions And Answers, Volume-8, page no.286-288),
81:There's an idea in Christianity of the image of God as a Trinity. There's the element of the Father, there's the element of the Son, and there's the element of the Holy Spirit. It's something like the spirit of tradition, human beings as the living incarnation of that tradition, and the spirit in people that makes relationship with the spirit and individuals possible. I'm going to bounce my way quickly through some of the classical, metaphorical attributes of God, so that we kind of have a cloud of notions about what we're talking about, when we return to Genesis 1 and talk about the God who spoke chaos into Being.

There's a fatherly aspect, so here's what God as a father is like. You can enter into a covenant with it, so you can make a bargain with it. Now, you think about that. Money is like that, because money is a bargain you make with the future. We structured our world so that you can negotiate with the future. I don't think that we would have got to the point where we could do that without having this idea to begin with. You can act as if the future's a reality; there's a spirit of tradition that enables you to act as if the future is something that can be bargained with. That's why you make sacrifices. The sacrifices were acted out for a very long period of time, and now they're psychological. We know that you can sacrifice something valuable in the present and expect that you're negotiating with something that's representing the transcendent future. That's an amazing human discovery. No other creature can do that; to act as if the future is real; to know that you can bargain with reality itself, and that you can do it successfully. It's unbelievable.

It responds to sacrifice. It answers prayers. I'm not saying that any of this is true, by the way. I'm just saying what the cloud of ideas represents. It punishes and rewards. It judges and forgives. It's not nature. One of the things weird about the Judeo-Christian tradition is that God and nature are not the same thing, at all. Whatever God is, partially manifest in this logos, is something that stands outside of nature. I think that's something like consciousness as abstracted from the natural world. It built Eden for mankind and then banished us for disobedience. It's too powerful to be touched. It granted free will. Distance from it is hell. Distance from it is death. It reveals itself in dogma and in mystical experience, and it's the law. That's sort of like the fatherly aspect.

The son-like aspect. It speaks chaos into order. It slays dragons and feeds people with the remains. It finds gold. It rescues virgins. It is the body and blood of Christ. It is a tragic victim, scapegoat, and eternally triumphant redeemer simultaneously. It cares for the outcast. It dies and is reborn. It is the king of kings and hero of heroes. It's not the state, but is both the fulfillment and critic of the state. It dwells in the perfect house. It is aiming at paradise or heaven. It can rescue from hell. It cares for the outcast. It is the foundation and the cornerstone that was rejected. It is the spirit of the law.

The spirit-like aspect. It's akin to the human soul. It's the prophetic voice. It's the still, small voice of conscience. It's the spoken truth. It's called forth by music. It is the enemy of deceit, arrogance, and resentment. It is the water of life. It burns without consuming. It's a blinding light.

That's a very well-developed set of poetic metaphors. These are all...what would you say...glimpses of the transcendent ideal. That's the right way of thinking about it. They're glimpses of the transcendent ideal, and all of them have a specific meaning. In part, what we're going to do is go over that meaning, as we continue with this series. What we've got now is a brief description, at least, of what this is. ~ Jordan Peterson, Biblical Series, 1,
   The Chonyid is the period of the appearance of the peaceful and wrathful deities-that is to say, the subtle realm, the Sambhogakaya. When the Clear Light of the causal realm is resisted and contracted against, then that Reality is transformed into the primordial seed forms of the peaceful deities (ishtadevas of the subtle sphere), and these in turn, if resisted and denied, are transformed into the wrathful deities.
   The peaceful deities appear first: through seven successive substages, there appear various forms of the tathagatas, dakinis, and vidyadharas, all accompanied by the most dazzlingly brilliant colors and aweinspiring suprahuman sounds. One after another, the divine visions, lights, and subtle luminous sounds cascade through awareness. They are presented, given, to the individual openly, freely, fully, and completely: visions of God in almost painful intensity and brilliance.
   How the individual handles these divine visions and sounds (nada) is of the utmost significance, because each divine scenario is accompanied by a much less intense vision, by a region of relative dullness and blunted illuminations. These concomitant dull and blunted visions represent the first glimmerings of the world of samsara, of the six realms of egoic grasping, of the dim world of duality and fragmentation and primitive forms of low-level unity.
   According to the Thotrol. most individuals simply recoil in the face of these divine illuminations- they contract into less intense and more manageable forms of experience. Fleeing divine illumination, they glide towards the fragmented-and thus less intense-realm of duality and multiplicity. But it's not just that they recoil against divinity-it is that they are attracted to the lower realms, drawn to them, and find satisfaction in them. The Thotrol says they are actually "attracted to the impure lights." As we have put it, these lower realms are substitute gratifications. The individual thinks that they are just what he wants, these lower realms of denseness. But just because these realms are indeed dimmer and less intense, they eventually prove to be worlds without bliss, without illumination, shot through with pain and suffering. How ironic: as a substitute for God, individuals create and latch onto Hell, known as samsara, maya, dismay. In Christian theology it is said that the flames of Hell are God's love (Agape) denied.
   Thus the message is repeated over and over again in the Chonyid stage: abide in the lights of the Five Wisdoms and subtle tathagatas, look not at the duller lights of samsara. of the six realms, of safe illusions and egoic dullness. As but one example:
   Thereupon, because of the power of bad karma, the glorious blue light of the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu will produce in thee fear and terror, and thou wilt wish to flee from it. Thou wilt begat a fondness for the dull white light of the devas [one of the lower realms].
   At this stage, thou must not be awed by the divine blue light which will appear shining, dazzling, and glorious; and be not startled by it. That is the light of the Tathagata called the Light of the Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu.
   Be not fond of the dull white light of the devas. Be not attached to it; be not weak. If thou be attached to it, thou wilt wander into the abodes of the devas and be drawn into the whirl of the Six Lokas.
   The point is this: ''If thou are frightened by the pure radiances of Wisdom and attracted by the impure lights of the Six Lokas [lower realms], then thou wilt assume a body in any of the Six Lokas and suffer samsaric miseries; and thou wilt never be emancipated from the Ocean of Samsara, wherein thou wilt be whirled round and round and made to taste the sufferings thereof."
   But here is what is happening: in effect, we are seeing the primal and original form of the Atman project in its negative and contracting aspects. In this second stage (the Chonyid), there is already some sort of boundary in awareness, there is already some sort of subject-object duality superimposed upon the original Wholeness and Oneness of the Chikhai Dharmakaya. So now there is boundary-and wherever there is boundary, there is the Atman project. ~ Ken Wilber, The Atman Project, 129,
83:The ancient Mesopotamians and the ancient Egyptians had some very interesting, dramatic ideas about that. For example-very briefly-there was a deity known as Marduk. Marduk was a Mesopotamian deity, and imagine this is sort of what happened. As an empire grew out of the post-ice age-15,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago-all these tribes came together. These tribes each had their own deity-their own image of the ideal. But then they started to occupy the same territory. One tribe had God A, and one tribe had God B, and one could wipe the other one out, and then it would just be God A, who wins. That's not so good, because maybe you want to trade with those people, or maybe you don't want to lose half your population in a war. So then you have to have an argument about whose God is going to take priority-which ideal is going to take priority.

What seems to happen is represented in mythology as a battle of the gods in celestial space. From a practical perspective, it's more like an ongoing dialog. You believe this; I believe this. You believe that; I believe this. How are we going to meld that together? You take God A, and you take God B, and maybe what you do is extract God C from them, and you say, 'God C now has the attributes of A and B.' And then some other tribes come in, and C takes them over, too. Take Marduk, for example. He has 50 different names, at least in part, of the subordinate gods-that represented the tribes that came together to make the civilization. That's part of the process by which that abstracted ideal is abstracted. You think, 'this is important, and it works, because your tribe is alive, and so we'll take the best of both, if we can manage it, and extract out something, that's even more abstract, that covers both of us.'

I'll give you a couple of Marduk's interesting features. He has eyes all the way around his head. He's elected by all the other gods to be king God. That's the first thing. That's quite cool. They elect him because they're facing a terrible threat-sort of like a flood and a monster combined. Marduk basically says that, if they elect him top God, he'll go out and stop the flood monster, and they won't all get wiped out. It's a serious threat. It's chaos itself making its comeback. All the gods agree, and Marduk is the new manifestation. He's got eyes all the way around his head, and he speaks magic words. When he fights, he fights this deity called Tiamat. We need to know that, because the word 'Tiamat' is associated with the word 'tehom.' Tehom is the chaos that God makes order out of at the beginning of time in Genesis, so it's linked very tightly to this story. Marduk, with his eyes and his capacity to speak magic words, goes out and confronts Tiamat, who's like this watery sea dragon. It's a classic Saint George story: go out and wreak havoc on the dragon. He cuts her into pieces, and he makes the world out of her pieces. That's the world that human beings live in.

The Mesopotamian emperor acted out Marduk. He was allowed to be emperor insofar as he was a good Marduk. That meant that he had eyes all the way around his head, and he could speak magic; he could speak properly. We are starting to understand, at that point, the essence of leadership. Because what's leadership? It's the capacity to see what the hell's in front of your face, and maybe in every direction, and maybe the capacity to use your language properly to transform chaos into order. God only knows how long it took the Mesopotamians to figure that out. The best they could do was dramatize it, but it's staggeringly brilliant. It's by no means obvious, and this chaos is a very strange thing. This is a chaos that God wrestled with at the beginning of time.

Chaos is half psychological and half real. There's no other way to really describe it. Chaos is what you encounter when you're blown into pieces and thrown into deep confusion-when your world falls apart, when your dreams die, when you're betrayed. It's the chaos that emerges, and the chaos is everything it wants, and it's too much for you. That's for sure. It pulls you down into the underworld, and that's where the dragons are. All you've got at that point is your capacity to bloody well keep your eyes open, and to speak as carefully and as clearly as you can. Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get through it that way and come out the other side. It's taken people a very long time to figure that out, and it looks, to me, that the idea is erected on the platform of our ancient ancestors, maybe tens of millions of years ago, because we seem to represent that which disturbs us deeply using the same system that we used to represent serpentile, or other, carnivorous predators. ~ Jordan Peterson, Biblical Series, 1,
84:A God's Labour
I have gathered my dreams in a silver air
   Between the gold and the blue
And wrapped them softly and left them there,
   My jewelled dreams of you.

I had hoped to build a rainbow bridge
   Marrying the soil to the sky
And sow in this dancing planet midge
   The moods of infinity.

But too bright were our heavens, too far away,
   Too frail their ethereal stuff;
Too splendid and sudden our light could not stay;
   The roots were not deep enough.

He who would bring the heavens here
   Must descend himself into clay
And the burden of earthly nature bear
   And tread the dolorous way.

Coercing my godhead I have come down
   Here on the sordid earth,
Ignorant, labouring, human grown
   Twixt the gates of death and birth.

I have been digging deep and long
   Mid a horror of filth and mire
A bed for the golden river's song,
   A home for the deathless fire.

I have laboured and suffered in Matter's night
   To bring the fire to man;
But the hate of hell and human spite
   Are my meed since the world began.

For man's mind is the dupe of his animal self;
   Hoping its lusts to win,
He harbours within him a grisly Elf
   Enamoured of sorrow and sin.

The grey Elf shudders from heaven's flame
   And from all things glad and pure;
Only by pleasure and passion and pain
   His drama can endure.

All around is darkness and strife;
   For the lamps that men call suns
Are but halfway gleams on this stumbling life
   Cast by the Undying Ones.

Man lights his little torches of hope
   That lead to a failing edge;
A fragment of Truth is his widest scope,
   An inn his pilgrimage.

The Truth of truths men fear and deny,
   The Light of lights they refuse;
To ignorant gods they lift their cry
   Or a demon altar choose.

All that was found must again be sought,
   Each enemy slain revives,
Each battle for ever is fought and refought
   Through vistas of fruitless lives.

My gaping wounds are a thousand and one
   And the Titan kings assail,
But I dare not rest till my task is done
   And wrought the eternal will.

How they mock and sneer, both devils and men!
   "Thy hope is Chimera's head
Painting the sky with its fiery stain;
   Thou shalt fall and thy work lie dead.

"Who art thou that babblest of heavenly ease
   And joy and golden room
To us who are waifs on inconscient seas
   And bound to life's iron doom?

"This earth is ours, a field of Night
   For our petty flickering fires.
How shall it brook the sacred Light
   Or suffer a god's desires?

"Come, let us slay him and end his course!
   Then shall our hearts have release
From the burden and call of his glory and force
   And the curb of his wide white peace."

But the god is there in my mortal breast
   Who wrestles with error and fate
And tramples a road through mire and waste
   For the nameless Immaculate.

A voice cried, "Go where none have gone!
   Dig deeper, deeper yet
Till thou reach the grim foundation stone
   And knock at the keyless gate."

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
   At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God's riddle sleep
   On the Dragon's outspread wings.

I left the surface gauds of mind
   And life's unsatisfied seas
And plunged through the body's alleys blind
   To the nether mysteries.

I have delved through the dumb Earth's dreadful heart
   And heard her black mass' bell.
I have seen the source whence her agonies part
   And the inner reason of hell.

Above me the dragon murmurs moan
   And the goblin voices flit;
I have pierced the Void where Thought was born,
   I have walked in the bottomless pit.

On a desperate stair my feet have trod
   Armoured with boundless peace,
Bringing the fires of the splendour of God
   Into the human abyss.

He who I am was with me still;
   All veils are breaking now.
I have heard His voice and borne His will
   On my vast untroubled brow.

The gulf twixt the depths and the heights is bridged
   And the golden waters pour
Down the sapphire mountain rainbow-ridged
   And glimmer from shore to shore.

Heaven's fire is lit in the breast of the earth
   And the undying suns here burn;
Through a wonder cleft in the bounds of birth
   The incarnate spirits yearn

Like flames to the kingdoms of Truth and Bliss:
   Down a gold-red stairway wend
The radiant children of Paradise
   Clarioning darkness' end.

A little more and the new life's doors
   Shall be carved in silver light
With its aureate roof and mosaic floors
   In a great world bare and bright.

I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
   For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
   The living truth of you.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, A God's Labour, 534,
85:Let us therefore learn while there is yet time, let us learn to do good. Let us raise our eyes to Heaven for the sake of our honor, for the very love of virtue, or, to speak wisely, for the love and praise of God Almighty, who is the infallible witness of our deeds and the just judge of our faults. As for me, I truly believe I am right, since there is nothing so contrary to a generous and loving God as tyranny---I believe He has reserved, in a separate spot in Hell, some very special punishment for tyrants and their accomplices” ~ Étienne de La Boétie, The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
86:Just as when we were children, we were afraid to be alone in the dark and could only be assured by the presence of someone who loved us. Well this is exactly what happened on Holy Saturday, the voice of God resounded in the realm of death. The unimaginable occurred; namely, love penetrated Hell. ~ Robert Cardinal Sarah

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~ Anton Wildgans
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~ Arsène Houssaye
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~ Emil Aarestrup
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Oh, hell. ~ Terry Pratchett
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214:Love is a Dog from Hell. ~ Charles Bukowski
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228:He drew me like gravity. ~ Michelle Leighton
229:Hell-bent on extinguishing ~ Barbara Longley
230:Hell is for other people. ~ Jean Paul Sartre
231:Hell is other people chewing. ~ Isaac Oliver
232:Hell is the inability to love. ~ Leo Tolstoy
233:Hell is Truth Seen Too Late. ~ Thomas Hobbes
234:Hell is truth seen too late. ~ Thomas Hobbes
235:Hell was what you made it ~ Charles Bukowski
236:I certainly like your mouth. ~ Richelle Mead
237:I could drink a case of you. ~ Joni Mitchell
238:I'm gay-tham for Statham ~ Michelle McNamara
239:In search of love and music ~ Joni Mitchell
240:I was taken down by a bench. ~ Richelle Mead
241:Let someone else get killed! ~ Joseph Heller
242:mass murder, right?” “Hello? ~ Kendra Elliot
243:My whole act is confession. ~ Shelley Berman
244:Old age is women's hell. ~ Ninon de L Enclos
245:planners hauled out their ~ Mitchell Zuckoff
246:Stop bitching and try again. ~ Richelle Mead
247:That freedom is lost in Hell. ~ Peter Kreeft
248:There are no locks on hell. ~ Daniel Abraham
249:The Universe in a Nutshell ~ Stephen Hawking
250:They never expect the knife. ~ Richelle Mead
251:Tomorrow is another day. ~ Margaret Mitchell
252:Turn hell-hound, turn. ~ William Shakespeare
253:When women and girls rise, ~ Michelle Obama
254:Acting is kind of brutal. ~ Michelle Pfeiffer
255:All right then, I'll go to hell. ~ Mark Twain
256:All right, then, I'll go to hell ~ Mark Twain
257:Am I good enough? Yes, I am. ~ Michelle Obama
258:Cash in must exceed cash out. ~ Robert Heller
259:CIA case officers, or COs, ~ Mitchell Zuckoff
260:Dammit All To Hell and Back Again! ~ J D Robb
261:Den Hellige Nadvere
~ Adam Oehlenschläger
262:Don’t be sorry you loved him. ~ Richelle Mead
263:Even in hell, there are rules. ~ Jaye Frances
264:Fear comes with middle age. ~ Lillian Hellman
265:God and Hell both damn it, ~ Lilith Saintcrow
266:Hell, I even think a unibrow is sexy ~ RuPaul
267:Hell is closer than you think. ~ Abigail Boyd
268:Hello, Gallagher Girl
--Zack ~ Ally Carter
269:Hello, Paranoia, My Old Friend ~ Rick Riordan
270:Hell was what you made it. ~ Charles Bukowski
271:How the hell did you teach sex? ~ Helen Hoang
272:I love you with all that I am, ~ Shelly Crane
273:Image of rugged cliffs ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
274:I'm one helluva communicator. ~ Howard Cosell
275:I'm simply one hell of a butler ~ Yana Toboso
276:I still look like a duck. ~ Michelle Pfeiffer
277:Linux Command Shell For Beginners ~ Anonymous
278:Love is a hell you cannot bear. ~ Fiona Apple
279:Mmm. O positive, my favorite. ~ Richelle Mead
280:My fish dream is a sex dream. ~ Joseph Heller
281:No one is beyond being loved. ~ Richelle Mead
282:Peace is in the grave. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
283:People want to feel hopeful. ~ Michelle Obama
284:Politics is a waste of time. ~ Michelle Obama
285:Rosemarie you are out of line ~ Richelle Mead
286:service was “practically ~ Michelle Alexander
287:Som I En Hellig Dodskamp
~ Emil Aarestrup
288:Tell freedom I said hello. ~ Lauren DeStefano
289:The refusal to love is hell. ~ Fulton J Sheen
290:To garden is a solitary act. ~ Michelle Cliff
291:We cannot road trip to Paris. ~ Richelle Mead
292:We know not what we do ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
293:We live in a hell of opinions. ~ Frank Bidart
294:We take what what we can get. ~ Richelle Mead
295:Whatever the hell I am, I am Me. ~ Tanith Lee
296:What’s going to happen to us? ~ Richelle Mead
297:What the hell happened to Pluto?! ~ Jay Asher
298:When they go low, we go high ~ Michelle Obama
299:Aaron felt like hell—exhausted, ~ Ania Ahlborn
300:All right, then, I'll go to hell. ~ Mark Twain
301:But how can one be warm alone? ~ Joseph Heller
302:Good-bye and hello, as always. ~ Roger Zelazny
303:Hell is full of good intentions. ~ Thomas Gray
304:Hell is oneself,
Hell is alone. ~ T S Eliot
305:Hello, hand, meet your new leash. ~ Jaymin Eve
306:Hell, yeah! Meeting adjourned! ~ Mitch Hedberg
307:How the hell do you wake up dead? ~ Kevin Hart
308:I come straight from hell, Cell 23 ~ Lil Wayne
309:I'm a Taurus. To the bone. ~ Michelle Pfeiffer
310:I'm simply one hell of a butler. ~ Yana Toboso
311:It’s time to run like hell. ~ Jessica Sorensen
312:It was a fungal party hellscape. ~ Robin Sloan
313:Joy, once lost, is pain ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
314:MOM—Mistress Of Miracles ~ Richelle E Goodrich
315:No one was normal, not really. ~ Richelle Mead
316:Oh, I thought. It’s on, bitch! ~ Richelle Mead
317:Old age is a woman's hell. ~ Ninon de L Enclos
318:O war! thou son of Hell! ~ William Shakespeare
319:Sanity’s overated, my darling. ~ Richelle Mead
320:Securities Exchange Company ~ Mitchell Zuckoff
321:So beautiful... I can see hell. ~ Kohta Hirano
322:There’s no joy without peril. ~ David Mitchell
323:Things just happen. What the hell. ~ Anonymous
324:to look rather than look away ~ Michelle Obama
325:Torak, kijk achter je! - Renn ~ Michelle Paver
326:Truth is a gem to be admired. ~ Michelle Griep
327:us of his love and steadiness ~ Michelle Obama
328:What the hell? For what?’ “That ~ Jessica Park
330:When they go low, we go high. ~ Michelle Obama
331:Yeah. I was definitely a snob. ~ Richelle Mead
332:第一代产品:原生外壳(native shell)+嵌套WebView ~ Anonymous
333:Bite me, Rhys.'

'Where? ~ Michelle Rowen
334:Choose people who lift you up. ~ Michelle Obama
335:Damn all false dichotomies to hell ~ D A Carson
336:Deep truth is imageless. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
337:Do this or you’ll burn in hell. ~ Ricky Gervais
338:Fun can be a great motivator. ~ Michelle Gielan
339:Great protuberating conch shells! ~ Lisa McMann
340:Hands of Mercy and tanks of hell. ~ Dean Koontz
341:Happiness is the best facelift. ~ Joni Mitchell
342:Hell is just resistance to life. ~ Pema Ch dr n
343:Hell is just resistance to life. ~ Pema Chodron
344:Hell is not to love anymore. ~ Georges Bernanos
345:Hello?” I tried to sound skinny. ~ Tracy Brogan
346:Hello—what hotel is this—? ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
347:Hell was easy; romance was hard. ~ Clive Barker
348:He was such a…master of kissery. ~ Shelly Crane
349:I am the skunk killer. ~ Libby Fischer Hellmann
350:I do have a delicate side. ~ Michelle Rodriguez
351:If I go to hell, then heavens to blame ~ Hopsin
352:I loved something I made up ~ Margaret Mitchell
353:I love tranquil solitude ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
354:I'm not a lady, I'm a hellraiser ~ Mother Jones
355:I’m not perfect.” “Who the hell is? ~ Ker Dukey
356:I've busted a million Europeans ~ Phil Hellmuth
357:I want him more than I need him. ~ Shelly Crane
358:Kaylin swiveled in her chair. ~ Michelle Sagara
359:Let this hell be our heaven. ~ Richard Matheson
360:Love Fades. Mine Has. - Dimitri ~ Richelle Mead
361:No estoy hecho para estar sólo. ~ Richelle Mead
362:O world! O life! O time! ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
363:Some people read books for fun. ~ Richelle Mead
364:Sunlight will renew your pride. ~ Joni Mitchell
365:That was the best not-sex ever. ~ Richelle Mead
366:Todd, what the hell are you thinking? ~ J Thorn
367:You cannot pray them out of hell. ~ Bill Murray
368:You're always homesick. ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
369:You're killing me, little human. ~ Shelly Crane
370:You see, I needed to go to Hell. ~ Nick Tosches
371:A journey is a fragment of Hell. ~ Bruce Chatwin
372:America is just downright mean. ~ Michelle Obama
373:Come what may and hell to pay. ~ Gregory Maguire
374:Fall, sweetheart. I'll catch you. ~ Shelly Crane
375:Forewarned is forearmed... ~ Samuel Shellabarger
376:Free will was a hell of a gamble. ~ Kayla Krantz
377:(...) have is the hell of want. ~ Erika Johansen
378:Hell is a half-filled auditorium. ~ Robert Frost
379:Hell itself must yield to industry. ~ Ben Jonson
380:Hell's afloat in lover's tears. ~ Dorothy Parker
381:Hell, what was one more scandal? ~ Loretta Chase
382:I love tranquil solitude. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
383:is the only escape plan we need. ~ Richelle Mead
384:I've gone through hell and back. ~ Keith Emerson
385:Laughter was too close to tears. ~ Shelley Noble
386:Let's face it, writing is hell. ~ William Styron
387:Love's very pain is sweet ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
388:Not all hells are created equal. ~ Stuart Turton
389:Not me. Give me honesty anytime. ~ Richelle Mead
390:Oh hell. They've got Mrs B in a bag! ~ L J Smith
391:Older is better with wine and men ~ Shelly Crane
392:Pure hell was living in her eyes. ~ Linda Howard
393:Purgatory is hell with hope. ~ Philip Jos Farmer
394:That's my Heaven. And my Hell. ~ Sylvain Reynard
395:The spirit gone, man is garbage. ~ Joseph Heller
396:This asshole is the spirit user? ~ Richelle Mead
397:This was a baptism into Hell.   ~ Pepper Winters
398:To hell with facts! We need stories! ~ Ken Kesey
399:To hell with facts! We need stories. ~ Ken Kesey
400:To hope till hope creates ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
401:Vengeance was one hell of a roommate. ~ J R Ward
402:...What are numbers knit ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
403:working-class people to afford. ~ Michelle Obama
404:You and I aren't friends either. ~ Richelle Mead
405:You can't put fate on a schedule. ~ Shelly Crane
406:You have to help yourself first. ~ Richelle Mead
407:Bound by Love, But sworn to Kill. ~ Richelle Mead
408:But after all highs comes a low. ~ Andie Mitchell
409:But quiet to quick bosoms is a hell. ~ Lord Byron
410:but quiet to quick bosoms is a hell. ~ Lord Byron
411:dominated electoral politics ~ Michelle Alexander
412:Don't ever quit pretending. ~ Richelle E Goodrich
413:do the brave thing; then run like hell. ~ Unknown
414:everyone is dead and this is hell. ~ Stephen King
415:Farewell, hello, farewell, hello. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
416:Freedom costs you a great deal. ~ Lillian Hellman
417:Hell has no benefits, only torture. ~ John Milton
418:How they hell does it do that? ~ Peter F Hamilton
419:I am my own heaven and hell! ~ Friedrich Schiller
420:I am no Othello, Othello was a lie. ~ Tayeb Salih
421:I am not a warthog from hell. ~ Flannery O Connor
422:I can make men follow me to hell. ~ Philip Kearny
423:If you're smart or rich or lucky ~ Joni Mitchell
424:I have a weakness for fresh eggs. ~ Joseph Heller
425:I love the smell of sunshine. ~ Michelle Leighton
426:I'm obsessed with being human. ~ Rachelle Lefevre
427:It sure is hell to be president. ~ Harry S Truman
428:I will knock the hell out of ISIS. ~ Donald Trump
429:Jealousy's eyes are green. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
430:Jeez. I was a feelings prostitute! ~ Shelly Crane
431:Life is hell, but there are prizes. ~ Janet Frame
432:Love's very pain is sweet, ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
433:Me as a backup center? Hell no. ~ Dikembe Mutombo
434:Me? I didn’t believe in hopeless. ~ Richelle Mead
435:My dear, I don't give a damn. ~ Margaret Mitchell
436:My dear, I don’t give a damn. ~ Margaret Mitchell
437:Oh, Hell. Must. Mate. Immediately. ~ Laini Taylor
438:On thinking about Hell, I gather ~ Bertolt Brecht
439:Remember, we all have our place ~ Rachelle Dekker
440:Sunflowers are like people to me. ~ Joan Mitchell
441:Tears and fears and feeling proud ~ Joni Mitchell
442:The cunning livery of hell. ~ William Shakespeare
443:The eggshell of appearance split. ~ James Merrill
444:There is no redemption from hell. ~ Pope Paul III
445:This is a hell of a way to die. ~ George S Patton
446:This was hell and I was its fury. ~ Ilona Andrews
447:We are bound by the secrets we share. ~ Zo Heller
448:What a beautiful day to go to hell ~ Ransom Riggs
449:What the hell's the date, Paul? ~ David Letterman
450:You look too pretty to be useful. ~ Richelle Mead
451:You need a man to go to hell with. ~ Tuesday Weld
452:Adultery is an image of hell. ~ Emanuel Swedenborg
453:All roads out of hell lead home. ~ Shannon L Alder
454:(America is) just downright mean. ~ Michelle Obama
455:... a wild dissolving bliss ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
456:Beholding heaven, and feeling hell. ~ Charles Lamb
457:Bob says hello," he told the stars. ~ Rick Riordan
458:Bob says hello,” he told the stars. ~ Rick Riordan
459:civil forfeiture proceedings, ~ Michelle Alexander
460:Crackers are short on sparkle. ~ Margaret Mitchell
461:Death by nursery tale. Hell’s bells. ~ Jim Butcher
462:Do not find peace. Find passion. ~ Michelle Hodkin
463:Drag wasn't always counterculture. ~ Joni Mitchell
464:drive like hell was chasing you. ~ Cassandra Clare
465:Everybody is as unstable as water. ~ Joseph Heller
466:Fair and unfair are for children ~ Michelle Lovric
467:Fear Does Not Crown Champions. ~ Michelle Waterson
468:Feathers needed, swan preferred. ~ Shelley Jackson
469:Hawaii is absolutely beautiful. ~ Rachelle Lefevre
470:He lived in his own special hell ~ Haruki Murakami
471:Hell is other people's fantasies. ~ Salman Rushdie
472:Hell is the inability to love. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky
473:Hello, Constance, Mina, and friends, ~ Chanda Hahn
474:Hell's Bells ringing, my secret music. ~ Anne Rice
475:How the hell can you play here? ~ Harmon Killebrew
477:I arise from dreams of thee ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
478:I change, but I cannot die. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
479:I have drunken deep of joy. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
480:I like to pick my own vegetables. ~ Shelley Duvall
481:I love my husband. I hate men. ~ Michelle McNamara
482:I love you when I forget about me. ~ Joni Mitchell
483:I'm a little young for retirement. ~ Joni Mitchell
484:in life you control what you can. ~ Michelle Obama
485:I see bodies as individual things. ~ Joni Mitchell
486:I see music as fluid architecture. ~ Joni Mitchell
487:What the hell, I decided. ~ Stephenie Meyer
488:Kellan Walsh... who the hell are you? ~ Ella James
489:Life is hell, but there are prizes. ~ Janet Frame
490:Now, gentlemen, let us create hell. ~ Kohta Hirano
491:ohmygod. did all hell just freeze over? ~ P C Cast
492:Payback was always hell, wasn't it? ~ Linda Howard
493:Scarlett O'Hara wasn't pretty. ~ Margaret Mitchell
494:She shatters me. Every damned time. ~ P T Michelle
495:Tell him to go to hell. ~ Frederick Winslow Taylor
496:That's what I was supposed to say. ~ Richelle Mead
497:The path to hell is an easy one. ~ Cassandra Clare
498:The world as he sees it is Hell. ~ Katsura Hoshino
499:This is it.
We’re going to hell. ~ Cynthia Hand
500:Through the sunset of hope, ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley


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0.01 - Introduction, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  The whole time - or for seven years, in any event - we fought with our conception of God and the
  'spiritual life': it was all so comfortable, for we had a supreme 'symbol' of it right there. She let us do as we pleased, She even opened up all kinds of little heavens in us, along with a few Hells, since they go together. She even opened the door in us to a certain 'liberation,' which in the end was as soporific as eternity - but there was nowhere to get out: it WAS eternity. We were trapped on all sides. There was nothing left but these 4m2 of skin, the last refuge, that which we wanted to flee by way of above or below, by way of Guiana or the Himalayas. She was waiting for us just there, at the end of our spiritual or not so spiritual pirouettes. Matter was her concern. It took us seven years to understand that She was beginning there, 'where the other yogas leave off,' as Sri Aurobindo had already said twenty-five years earlier. It was necessary to have covered all the paths of the Spirit and all those of Matter, or in any case a large number geographically, before discovering, or even simply understanding, that 'something else' was really Something Else. It was not an improved
  Spirit nor even an improved Matter, but ... it could be called 'nothing,' so contrary was it to all we know. For the caterpillar, a butterfly is nothing, it is not even visible and has nothing in common with caterpillar heavens nor even caterpillar matter. So there we were, trapped in an impossible adventure. One does not return from there: one must cross the bridge to the other side. Then one day in that seventh year, while we still believed in liberations and the collected Upanishads, highlighted with a few glorious visions to relieve the commonplace (which remained appallingly commonplace), while we were still considering 'the Mother of the Ashram' rather like some spiritual super-director (endowed, albeit, with a disarming yet ever so provocative smile, as though

01.02 - Sri Aurobindo - Ahana and Other Poems, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   And here, let me point out, the capital difference between the European or rather the Hellenic spirit and the Indian spirit. It is the Indian spirit to take stand upon divinity and thence to embrace and mould what is earthly and human. The Greek spirit took its stand pre-eminently on earth and what belongs to earth. In Europe Dante's was a soul spiritualised more than perhaps any other and yet his is not a Hindu soul. The utmost that he could say after all the experience of the tragedy of mortality was:
   The Greek sings of the humanity of man, the Indian the divinity of man. It is the Hellenic spirit that has very largely moulded our taste and we have forgotten that an equally poetic world exists in the domain of spiritual life, even in its very severity, as in that of earthly life and its sweetness. And as we are passionate about the earthly life, even so Sri Aurobindo has made a passion of the spiritual life. Poetry after all has a mission; the phrase "Art for Art's sake" may be made to mean anything. Poetry is not merely what is pleasing, not even what is merely touching and moving but what is at the same time, inspiring, invigorating, elevating. Truth is indeed beauty but it is not always the beauty that captivates the eye or the mere aesthetic sense.

01.02 - The Issue, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    To joy clutched under the silent shadow of doom
    In a last turn where heaven raced with Hell.
    Twelve passionate months led in a day of fate.

01.03 - The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Souls Release, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  She joined the distant ends, the viewless deeps,
  Or streaked along the roads of Heaven and Hell
  Pursuing all knowledge like a questing hound.

01.04 - The Intuition of the Age, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The worship of man as something essentially and exclusively human necessitates as a corollary, the other doctrine, viz the deification of Reason; and vice versa. Humanism and Scientism go together and the whole spirit and mentality of the age that is passing may be summed up in those two words. So Nietzsche says, "All our modern world is captured in the net of the Alexandrine culture and has, for its ideal, the theoretical man, armed with the most powerful instruments of knowledge, toiling in the service of science and whose prototype and original ancestor is Socrates." Indeed, it may be generally asserted that the nation whose prophet and sage claimed to have brought down Philosophia from heaven to dwell upon earth among men was precisely the nation, endowed with a clear and logical intellect, that was the very embodiment of rationality and reasonableness. As a matter of fact, it would not be far, wrong to say that it is the Hellenic culture which has been moulding humanity for ages; at least, it is this which has been the predominating factor, the vital and dynamic element in man's nature. Greece when it died was reborn in Rome; Rome, in its return, found new life in France; and France means Europe. What Europe has been and still is for the world and humanity one knows only too much. And yet, the Hellenic genius has not been the sole motive power and constituent element; there has been another leaven which worked constantly within, if intermittently without. If Europe represented mind and man and this side of existence, Asia always reflected that which transcends the mind the spirit, the Gods and the Beyonds.

01.04 - The Secret Knowledge, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Our helpless hearts to enshrine the Omnipotent's force.
  Acquiescing in the wisdom that made Hell
  And the harsh utility of death and tears,

01.05 - The Nietzschean Antichrist, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   This is the Nietzsche we all know. But there is another aspect of his which the world has yet been slow to recognise. For, at bottom, Nietzsche is not all storm and fury. If his Superman is a Destroying Angel, he is none the less an angel. If he is endowed with a supreme sense of strength and power, there is also secreted in the core of his heart a sense of the beautiful that illumines his somewhat sombre aspect. For although Nietzsche is by birth a Slavo-Teuton, by culture and education he is pre-eminently Hellenic. His earliest works are on the subject of Greek tragedy and form what he describes as an "Apollonian dream." And to this dream, to this Greek aesthetic sense more than to any thing else he sacrifices justice and pity and charity. To him the weak and the miserable, the sick and the maimed are a sort of blot, a kind of ulcer on the beautiful face of humanity. The herd that wallow in suffering and relish suffering disfigure the aspect of the world and should therefore be relentlessly mowed out of existence. By being pitiful to them we give our tacit assent to their persistence. And it is precisely because of this that Nietzsche has a horror of Christianity. For compassion gives indulgence to all the ugliness of the world and thus renders that ugliness a necessary and indispensable element of existence. To protect the weak, to sympathise with the lowly brings about more of weakness and more of lowliness. Nietzsche has an aristocratic taste par excellencewhat he aims at is health and vigour and beauty. But above all it is an aristocracy of the spirit, an aristocracy endowed with all the richness and beauty of the soul that Nietzsche wants to establish. The beggar of the street is the symbol of ugliness, of the poverty of the spirit. And the so-called aristocrat, die millionaire of today is as poor and ugly as any helpless leper. The soul of either of them is made of the same dirty, sickly stuff. The tattered rags, the crouching heart, the effeminate nerve, the unenlightened soul are the standing ugliness of the world and they have no place in the ideal, the perfect humanity. Humanity, according to Nietzsche, is made in order to be beautiful, to conceive the beautiful, to create the beautiful. Nietzsche's Superman has its perfect image in a Grecian statue of Zeus cut out in white marble-Olympian grandeur shedding in every lineament Apollonian beauty and Dionysian vigour.

01.05 - The Yoga of the King The Yoga of the Spirits Freedom and Greatness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    And the formulas of their stupendous speech,
    Till heaven and Hell become purveyors to earth
    And the universe the slave of mortal will.

01.07 - Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   And the reason is his metaphysics. It is the Jansenist conception of God and human nature that inspired and coloured all his experience and consciousness. According to it, as according to the Calvinist conception, man is a corrupt being, corroded to the core, original sin has branded his very soul. Only Grace saves him and releases him. The order of sin and the order of Grace are distinct and disparate worlds and yet they complement each other and need each other. Greatness and misery are intertwined, united, unified with each other in him. Here is an echo of the Manichean position which also involves an abyss. But even then God's grace is not a free agent, as Jesuits declare; there is a predestination that guides and controls it. This was one of the main subjects he treated in his famous open letters (Les Provinciales) that brought him renown almost overnight. Eternal Hell is a possible prospect that faces the Jansenist. That was why a Night always over-shadowed the Day in Pascal's soul.

01.08 - Walter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Poets and MysticsWalter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection
   Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

01.09 - William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
  object:01.09 - William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  author class:Nolini Kanta Gupta
   Walter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection Nicholas Berdyaev: God Made Human
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Poets and MysticsWilliam Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
   William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
   The ideal was Blake's. It will not sound so revolting if we understand what the poet meant by Hell. Hell, he explains, is simply the body, the Energy of Life Hell, because body and life on earth were so considered by the orthodox Christianity. The Christian ideal demands an absolute denial and rejection of life. Fulfilment is elsewhere, in heaven alone. That is, as we know, the ideal of the ascetic. The life of the spirit (in heaven) is a thing away from and stands against the life of the flesh (on earth). In the face of this discipline, countering it, Blake posited a union, a marriage of the two, considered incompatibles and incommensurables. Enfant terrible that he was, he took an infinite delight in a spirit of contradiction and went on expatiating on the glory of the misalliance. He declared a new apocalypse and said that Lucifer, the one called Satan, was the real God, the so-called Messiah the fake one: the apparent Milton spoke in praise of God and in dispraise of Satan, but the real, the esoteric Milton glorified Satan, who is the true God and minimised or caricatured the counterfeit or shadow God. Here is Blakean Bible in a nuts Hell:
   Viewed in this light, Blake's memorable mantra attains a deeper and more momentous significance. For it is not merely Earth the senses and life and Matter that are to be uplifted and affianced to Heaven, but all that remains hidden within the bowels of the Earth, the subterranean regions of man's consciousness, the slimy viscous undergrowths, the darkest horrors and monstrosities that man and nature hide in their subconscient and inconscient dungeons of material existence, all these have to be laid bare to the solar gaze of Heaven, burnt or transmuted as demanded by the law of that Supreme Will. That is the Hell that has to be recognised, not rejected and thrown away, but taken up purified and transubstantiated into the body of Heaven itself. The hand of the Highest Heaven must extend and touch the Lowest of the lowest elements, transmute it and set it in its rightful place of honour. A mortal body reconstituted into an immemorial fossil, a lump of coal revivified into a flashing carat of diamond-that shows something of the process underlying the nuptials of which we are speaking.

01.10 - Nicholas Berdyaev: God Made Human, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Aldous Huxley: The Perennial Philosophy
   Other Authors Nolini Kanta Gupta Poets and MysticsNicholas Berdyaev: God Made Human
   William Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Aldous Huxley: The Perennial Philosophy

01.12 - Goethe, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Christian too accepts the dual principle, but does not give equal status to the two. Satan is there, an eternal reality: it is anti-God, it seeks to oppose God, frustrate his work. It is the great tempter whose task it is to persuade, to inspire man to remain always an earthly creature and never turn to know or live in God. Now the crucial question that arises is, what is the necessity of this Antagonist in God's scheme of creation? What is the meaning of this struggle and battle? God could have created, if he had chosen, a world without Evil. The orthodox Christi an answer is that in that case one could not have fully appreciated the true value and glory of God's presence. It is to manifest and proclaim the great victory that the strife and combat has been arranged in which Man triumphs in the end and God's work stands vindicated. The place of Satan is always Hell, but he cannot drag down a soul into his pit to hold it there eternally (although according to one doctrine there are or may be certain eternally damned souls).
   Thus, as sanctioned by God, there is a competition, a wager between man and Satan. The pact between the parties is this that, on the one hand, Satan will serve man here in life upon earth, and on the other hand, in return, man will have to serve Satan there, on the other side of life. That is to say, Satan will give the whole world to man to enjoy, man will have to give Satan only his soul. Man in his ignorance says he does not care for his soul, does not know of a there or elsewhere: he will be satisfied if he gets what he wants upon earth. That, evidently, is the demand of what is familiarly known as life-force (lan vital): the utmost fulfilment of the life-force is what man stands for, although the full significance of the movement may not be clear to him or even to Satan at the moment. For life-force does not necessarily drag man down, as its grand finale as it were, into Hellhowever much Satan might wish it to be so. In what way, we shall see presently. Now Satan promises man all that he would desire and even more: he would give him his fill so' that he will ask for no more. Man takes up the challenge and declares that his hunger is insatiable, whatever Satan can bring to it, it will take in and press on: satisfaction and satiety will never come in his way. Satan thinks he knows better, for he is armed with a master weapon to lay man low and make him cry halt!
   Satan proposes to lead man down into Hell through a sure means, nothing more sure, according to him, viz., love for a woman and a woman's love in return. Nothing like that to make man earth-bound or Hell-bound and force out of him the nostalgic cry, "Time must have a stop." A most simple, primal and primeval lyric love will most suit Satan's purpose. Hence the Margaret episode. Love=Passion=Lust= Hell; that is the inevitable equation sequence, and through which runs the magic thread of infatuation. And that charm is invincible. Satan did succeed and was within an ace, as they say, of the final and definitive triumph: but that was not to be, for he left out of account an incalculable element. Love, even human love has, at least can have, a wonderful power, the potency of reversing the natural decree and bring about a supernatural intervention. Human love can at a crucial momentin extremiscall down the Divine Grace, which means God's love for man. And the soul meant for perdition and about to be seized and carried away by Satan finds itself suddenly free and lifted up and borne by Heaven's messengers. Human Jove is divine love itself in earthly form and figure and whatever its apparent aberrations it is in soul and substance that thing. Satan is hoisted with his own petard. That is God's irony.

0.11 - Letters to a Sadhak, #Some Answers From The Mother, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  But still, Mother, doesn’t the soul chosen by the
  Divine go through Hell in a different way than others?
  one must, while on earth, pass through the vital, which in some
  of its parts is a veritable Hell. But those who have surrendered
  to the Divine and been adopted by Him are surrounded by the

02.01 - The World-Stair, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
      The heaven-hints that invade our earthly lives,
      The dire imaginations dreamed by Hell,
      Which if enacted and experienced here

02.02 - The Message of the Atomic Bomb, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Bomb has shaken the physical atmosphere of the earth as no other engine has done. It has shaken the moral atmosphere too not in a lesser degree. Reason and moral sense could not move man, so Fear has been sent by the Divine Grace. Dante said that God created Hell in his mood of infinite love and justice that seems to be the inevitable gate through which one has to pass to arrive at the Divine. We are indeed in Hell today upon earth, a worse can hardly be tolerated.

02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  For the pleasure yearns that racked with wounds her breast;
  Aspiring to heaven she turns her steps towards Hell.
  Chance she has chosen and danger for playfellows;

02.04 - The Kingdoms of the Little Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A foundling of the Gods she wanders here
  Like a child-soul left near the gates of Hell
  Fumbling through fog in search of Paradise.

02.06 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  On every plane, this Greatness must create.
  On earth, in heaven, in Hell she is the same;
  Of every fate she takes her mighty part.
  Or to the truth of Darkness they subscribe;
  Whether for Heaven or Hell they must wage war:
  Warriors of Good, they serve a shining cause
  A mighty victory or a mighty fall,
  A throne in heaven or a pit in Hell,
  The dual Energy they have justified

02.07 - The Descent into Night, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    The ego battened on righteousness and sin
    And each became an instrument of Hell.
    In rejected heaps by a monotonous road
    A crowded neighbourhood without one home,
    A borderl and between the world and Hell.
    There unreality was Nature's lord:
    Here must the traveller of the upward Way -
    For daring Hell's kingdoms winds the heavenly route -
    Pause or pass slowly through that perilous space,
    Once more they moved beneath a real sun.
    Though Hell claimed rule, the spirit still had power.
    This No-man's-land he passed without debate;
    Forcing reluctant lids assailed the sight
    Acts that revealed the mystery of Hell.
    All that was there was on this pattern made.
    His vision warned by the spirit's inward eye
    Discovered suddenly Hell's trademark there,
    Or saw with the inner sense that cannot err,
    He mastered the tides of Nature with a look:
    He met with his bare spirit naked Hell.

02.08 - Jules Supervielle, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   His poetry is very characteristic and adds almost a new vein to the spirit and manner of French poetry. He has bypassed the rational and emotional tradition of his adopted country, brought in a mystic way of vision characteristic of the East. This mysticism is not however the normal spiritual way but a kind of oblique sight into what is hidden behind the appearance. By the oblique way I mean the sideway to enter into the secret of things, a passage opening through the side. The mystic vision has different ways of approachone may look at the thing straight, face to face, being level with it with a penetrating gaze, piercing a direct entry into the secrets behind. This frontal gaze is also the normal human way of knowing and understanding, the scientific way. It becomes mystic when it penetrates sufficiently behind and strikes a secret source of another light and sight, that is, the inner sight of the soul. The normal vision which I said is the scientist's vision, stops short at a certain distance and so does not possess the key to the secret knowledge. But an aspiring vision can stretch itself, drill into the surface obstacle confronting it, and make its contact with the hidden ray behind. There is also another mystic way, not a gaze inward but a gaze upward. The human intelligence and the higher brain consciousness seeks a greater and intenser light, a vaster knowledge and leaps upward as it were. There develops a penetrating gaze towards heights up and above, to such a vision the mystery of the spirit slowly reveals itself. That is Vedantic mysticism. There is a look downward also below the life-formation and one enters into contact with forces and beings and creatures of another type, a portion of which is named Hell or Hades in Europe, and in India Ptl and rastal. But here we are speaking of another way, not a frontal or straight movement, but as I said, splitting the side and entering into it, something like opening the s Hell of a mother of pearl and finding the pearl inside. There is a descriptive mystic: the suprasensuous experience is presented in images and feeling forms. That is the romantic way. There is an explanatory mysticism: the suprasensuous is set in intellectual or mental terms, making it somewhat clear to the normal understanding. That is I suppose classical mysticism. All these are more or less direct ways, straight approaches to the mystic reality. But the oblique is differentit is a seeking of the mind and an apprehension of the senses that are allusive, indirect, that move through contraries and negations, that point to a different direction in order just to suggest the objective aimed at. The Vedantic (and the Scientific too) is the straight, direct, rectilinear gaze the Vedantin says, May I look at the Sun with a transfixed gaze'; whether he looks upward or inward or downward. But the modem mystic is of a different mould. He has not that clear absolute vision, he has the apprehension of an aspiring consciousness. His is not religious poetry for that matter, but it is an aspiration and a yearning to perceive and seize truth and reality that eludes the senses, but seems to be still there. We shall understand better by taking a poem of his as example. Thus:

02.08 - The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  And eddies met and made an adverse Space
  In whose black folds Being imagined Hell.
  His eyes piercing the triple-plated gloom
  The forms of Gods sustained a demon cult;
  Heaven's face became a mask and snare of Hell.
  There in the heart of vain phenomenon,
  She kills her victim with his own delight;
  Even Good she makes a hook to drag to Hell.
  For her the world runs to its agony.
  To darken their privilege is and dreadful right.
  None can reach heaven who has not passed through Hell.
  This too the traveller of the worlds must dare.
  That pleased and helped to enjoy its bitter taste.
  Of such fierce stuff was made up life's long Hell:
  These were the threads of the dark spider's-web
  In Night he plunged to know her dreadful heart,
  In Hell he sought the root and cause of Hell.
  Its anguished gulfs opened in his own breast;
  Fought shadowy combats in mute eyeless depths,
  Assaults of Hell endured and Titan strokes
  And bore the fierce inner wounds that are slow to heal.
  Knew loss as the price of a celestial gain
  And Hell as a short cut to heaven's gates.
  Then in Illusion's occult factory

02.09 - The Paradise of the Life-Gods, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Pain's self compelled transformed to potent joy
  Curing the antithesis twixt heaven and Hell.
  All life's high visions are embodied there,

02.10 - The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A radiance gleaming on a murky stream,
  It flamed towards heaven, then sank, engulfed, towards Hell;
  It climbed to drag down Truth into the mire

02.14 - The World-Soul, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Passed was their little scene of symbol deeds,
  Passed were the heavens and Hells of their long road;
  They had returned into the world's deep soul.

03.07 - The Sunlit Path, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Like the individual, nations too have their sunlit path and the path of the doldrum as well. So long as a nation keeps to the truth of its inner being, follows its natural line of development, remains faithful to its secret godhead, it will have chosen that good part which will bring it divine blessings and fulfilment. But sometimes a nation has the stupidity to deny its self, to run after an ignis fatuus, a mymrga, then grief and sorrow and frustration lie ahead. We are afraid India did take such a wrong step when she refused to see the great purpose behind the present war and tried to avoid contri buting her mite to the evolutionary Force at work. On the other hand Britain in a moment of supreme crisis, that meant literally life or death, not only to herself or to other nations, but to humanity itself, had the good fortune to be led by the right Inspiration, the whole nation rose as one man and swore allegiance to the cause of humanity and the gods. That was how she was saved and that was how she acquired a new merit and a fresh lease of life. Unlike Britain, France bowed down and accepted what should not have been accepted and cut herself adrift from her inner life and truth, the result was five years of Hell. Fortunately, the Hell in the end proved to be a purgatory, but what a purgatory! For there were souls who were willing to pay the price and did pay it to the full cash and nett. So France has been given the chance again to turn round and take up the thread of her life where it snapped.

04.02 - A Chapter of Human Evolution, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The appearance of the Greeks on the stage of human civilisation is a mystery to historians. They are so different from all that preceded them. There does not seem to exist any logical link between them and the races from whom they are supposed to have descended or whose successors they were. The Minoan or Cretan civilisation is said to be cradle of the Greek, but where is the parallel or proportion between the two, judging from whatever relics have been left over from the older, the more ancient one. Indeed that is the term which best describes the situation. Whatever has gone before the Hellenic culture is ancient; they belong to the Old Regime. Egypt is old, Phoenicia is old, the Hebrews are old, all the other races of the old world are old, not merely chronologically, but psychologically. But Hellas is modern. There is a breath in the Ionian atmosphere, a breath of ozone, as it were, which wafts down to us, even into the air of today. Homer and Solon, Socrates and Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato are still the presiding gods ruling over the human spirit that was born on Olympus and Ida.
   Human evolution took a decisive turn with the advent of the Hellenic culture and civilisation. All crises in evolution are a sudden revelation, an unexpected outburst, a saltum, a leap into the unknown. Now, what the Greeks brought in was the Mind, the luminous Reason, the logical faculty that is married to the senses, no doubt, but still suffused with an inner glow of consciousness. It is the faculty mediating between a more direct and immediate perception of things, Intuition and Instinct, on the one hand, and on the other, the perception given by the senses and a power of control over material things. Take Egypt or Israel or Chaldea, what one finds prominent there is the instinctive-intuitive man, spontaneousprime-sautierimaginative, mythopoeic, clairvoyant, clairaudient (although not very clear, in the modern and Greek sense), bringing into this world things of the other world and pushing this world as much as possible into the other, maintaining a kind of direct connection and communion between the two. The Greeks are of another mould. They are a rational people; they do not move and act simply or mainly by instinctive reactions, but even these are filtered in them through a light of the Mind of Intelligence, a logical pattern, a rational disposition of things; through Mind they seek to know Matter and to control it. It is the modern methodology, that of observation and experiment, in other words, the scientific procedure. The Greeks have had their gods, their mythology; but these are modelled somewhat differently: the gods are made more human, too human, as has often been observed. Zeus and Juno (Hera) are infinitely more human than Isis and Osiris or Moloch and Baal or even the Jewish Jehovah. These vital gods have a sombre air about them, solemn and serious, grim and powerful, but they have not the sunshine, the radiance and smile of Apollo (Apollo Belvedere) or Hermes. The Greeks might have, they must have taken up their gods from a more ancient Pantheon, but they have, after the manner of their sculptor Phidias, remoulded them, shaped and polished them, made them more luminous and nearer and closer to earth and men. 1 Was it not said of Socrates that he brought down the gods from heaven upon earth?
   The Greek Mind, as I said, is the bridge thrown across the gulf existing between the spiritual, the occult, the intuitive and the sensuous, the physical, the material. Since the arrival of the Hellenes a highway has been built up, a metalled macada-mised road connecting these two levels of human experience and there is possible now a free and open communication from the one to the other. We need not speak any more of God and the gods and the divine principles indirectly through symbols and similes, but in mental terms which are closer to our normal understanding and we can also utilise the form of our intellection and reasoning to represent and capture something of what lies beyond intellect and reason.

04.03 - The Call to the Quest, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Self-bound in the pastures of death she dreams of life,
  Self-racked with the pains of Hell aspires to joy,
  And builds to hope her altars of despair,

04.03 - The Eternal East and West, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The marriage of Heaven and Earth, of even Heaven and Hell, is a very ancient dream. It is an aspiration ingrained in existence. It is a prophecy that shall be fulfilled and is being worked out every moment.

04.04 - A Global Humanity, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Humanity is evolving and developing the various groupings to manifest fundamental aspects of its cosmic person. Ancient Egypt, for example, brought us in contact with an occult world and a subliminal consciousness. We know also of the nature of the Hebraic genius, the moral fervour, the serious, almost grim spirit of Righteousness that formed and even now forms a major strain in the European or Christian culture and civilisation. The famous "sweetness and light" of the Hellenic mind supplied the other strain. The Roman genius for law and government is a well-known commonplace of history. Well-known also India's spirituality. All these modes of consciousness are elementsforces, energies and personalities that build up the godhead of humanity. Peoples and races in the past were the scattered limbs of the godhead-scattered and isolated from one another, because of the original unconsciousness and sharp egocentricity out of which Nature started its course of evolution. The disjecta membra are being collected together by a growing consciousness.


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Wikipedia - Behind the Green Door: the Sequel -- 1986 film by Mitchell brothers
Wikipedia - Behold My Wife! (1934 film) -- 1934 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Being Black: A Documentary on African Australians -- 2014 Australian short film by Mark Hellinger
Wikipedia - Beleth -- king of Hell in demonology
Wikipedia - Belevi Mausoleum -- Hellenistic tomb in Turkey
Wikipedia - Belle Mitchell -- American actress
Wikipedia - Benjamin Mitchell (actor) -- New Zealand actor
Wikipedia - Ben Mitchell (EastEnders) -- Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Bernal sphere -- Long-term space habitat, proposed in 1929 by J. D. Bernal, consisting of a large hollow spherical shell filled with air
Wikipedia - Bernard Devauchelle -- French oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Wikipedia - Berthella plumula -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Beryl Larame -- Seychellois athlete
Wikipedia - Beth Mitchell -- American shag dancer
Wikipedia - Betty Mitchell (speed skater) -- Canadian speed skater
Wikipedia - Betty Mitchell (theatre director) -- Canadian theatre director
Wikipedia - Between Heaven and Hell (novel)
Wikipedia - Beyonce 2018 Coachella performance -- Beyonce concert
Wikipedia - Bianca (Othello)
Wikipedia - Bias Boshell -- British singer (born 1950)
Wikipedia - Big Yellow Taxi -- 1970 single by Joni Mitchell
Wikipedia - Bill Heller -- American politician
Wikipedia - Bill Hellmuth -- American architect
Wikipedia - Billie Heller -- American activist
Wikipedia - Billy Mitchell (billiards player) -- Player of English billiards
Wikipedia - Billy Mitchell (EastEnders) -- Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Billy Mitchell (gamer) -- American video game player
Wikipedia - Billy Mitchell (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Billy Mitchell -- United States Army general during World War I
Wikipedia - Birdie (film) -- 2018 short film by Shelly Lauman
Wikipedia - Blastodacna hellerella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Bleach: Hell Verse -- 2010 Japanese animated film directed by Noriyuki Abe
Wikipedia - Blessed Sacrament Church (New Rochelle, New York)
Wikipedia - Blood Feast -- 1963 film by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Wikipedia - Blue City (film) -- 1986 film by Michelle Manning
Wikipedia - Blue shell -- Well-known power-up in the Mario Kart series
Wikipedia - Bobby Mitchell (golfer) -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Bob Cashell -- American businessman and politician
Wikipedia - Bob Kushell -- American television writer and producer
Wikipedia - Bolot Feray -- 1995 Seychelles comedy film
Wikipedia - Bombshell (1933 film) -- 1933 American film by Victor Fleming
Wikipedia - Bombshell (2019 film) -- 2019 film directed by Jay Roach
Wikipedia - Bombshell (musical) -- 2015 American musical
Wikipedia - Bombshell (Smash album) -- Soundtrack album from the American series Smash
Wikipedia - Boschella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Bothell High School -- High school in Washington, USA
Wikipedia - Both Sides, Now -- 1969 song by Joni Mitchell
Wikipedia - Bourne-Again Shell
Wikipedia - Bourne-again shell
Wikipedia - Bourne Shell
Wikipedia - Bourne shell -- Command-line interpreter for operating systems
Wikipedia - Bradford Shellhammer -- American entrepreneur and designer
Wikipedia - Brahma Chellaney -- Geostrategist and writer
Wikipedia - Brandaris -- Lighthouse on the Wadden Sea island Terschelling, Netherlands
Wikipedia - Breaking and Entering (film) -- 2006 film by Anthony Minghella
Wikipedia - Break Through (book) -- 2007 book by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger
Wikipedia - Breathe (Michelle Branch song) -- 2003 single by Michelle Branch
Wikipedia - Brenda Heller -- American politician
Wikipedia - Brian Mitchell (politician) -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Brian Stokes Mitchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - Bruce M. Mitchell -- American film director
Wikipedia - Bucculatrix zizyphella -- Species of moth in genus Bucculatrix
Wikipedia - Buchheller -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Bulbophyllum hellwigianum -- Species of orchid
Wikipedia - Burchell's coucal -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Burchell's courser -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Burchell's sandgrouse -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Burn in Hell (Judas Priest song) -- Song by Judas Priest
Wikipedia - California Dreamin' -- Original song written and composed by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips
Wikipedia - Calliostoma ornatum -- Ornate topshell, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Calliostomatidae
Wikipedia - Calyciphora marashella -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Cameron Mitchell (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Cameron Mitchell (Stargate) -- Stargate character
Wikipedia - Camill Heller
Wikipedia - Cannabis in Seychelles -- Use of cannabis in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Canyon de Chelly National Monument -- National Park Service unit in Arizona, United States
Wikipedia - Can You Ever Forgive Me? -- 2018 film directed by Marielle Heller
Wikipedia - Capperia hellenica -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Capsule (pharmacy) -- relatively stable shell containing medicine
Wikipedia - Captain Carey, U.S.A. -- 1950 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Carl Eduard Hellmayr
Wikipedia - Carl Edward Hellmayr
Wikipedia - Carl-Gustav Hellstrandt -- Swedish canoeist
Wikipedia - Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle
Wikipedia - Carneades -- Hellenistic Academic Skeptic Philosopher
Wikipedia - Carole Shelley -- British actress
Wikipedia - Casper Helling -- Dutch speed skater
Wikipedia - Cassie Mitchell -- American Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Catch-22 -- 1961 novel by Joseph Heller
Wikipedia - Catch Hell -- 2014 film by Ryan Phillippe
Wikipedia - Category:Christianity and Hellenistic philosophy
Wikipedia - Category:Christianity and Hellenistic religion
Wikipedia - Category:Command shells
Wikipedia - Category:Conceptions of hell
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by C. Michelle Olmstead
Wikipedia - Category:French philhellenes
Wikipedia - Category:Hellenistic deities
Wikipedia - Category:Hellenistic period
Wikipedia - Category:Hellenistic philosophy
Wikipedia - Category:Hellenists
Wikipedia - Category:People from Mitchell, South Dakota
Wikipedia - Category:Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - Category:Scientists from New Rochelle, New York
Wikipedia - Category:Shelley family
Wikipedia - Category:Unix shells
Wikipedia - Category:Video games set in Hell
Wikipedia - Category:Writers from New Rochelle, New York
Wikipedia - Catholic Church in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Cathryn Mitchell -- Professor of Electronic & Electronic Engineering
Wikipedia - Catoptria conchella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Catoptria dimorphellus -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - C. Doris Hellman -- American historian of science
Wikipedia - Ceasar Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Charles Bastienne -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Charles Collier Michell -- British artist
Wikipedia - Charles Hellaby -- Scottish mathematician
Wikipedia - Charles Mitchell (academic) -- English legal academic
Wikipedia - Charles Mitchell (colonial administrator) -- Colonial Administrator
Wikipedia - Charles W. Hellaby
Wikipedia - Charlotte Hellekant -- Swedish mezzo-soprano singer
Wikipedia - Charlotte Schellhorn -- German actress
Wikipedia - Chase Twichell
Wikipedia - Chella Choi -- South Korean golfer
Wikipedia - Chellah -- Medieval fortified Muslim necropolis located in the metro area of Rabat
Wikipedia - Chellamae -- 2004 film by Gandhi Krishna
Wikipedia - Chella Man -- American actor, artist, model
Wikipedia - Chella Pillai -- 1955 film directed by M. V. Raman
Wikipedia - Chellaston and Swarkestone railway station -- Former railway station in Derbyshire, England
Wikipedia - Chellaston
Wikipedia - Chelles Abbey
Wikipedia - Chelliah Thurairaja -- Sri Lankan physician
Wikipedia - Chellie Pingree -- U.S. Representative from Maine
Wikipedia - Chellie Spiller -- New Zealand academic
Wikipedia - Chell (Portal) -- Fictional character in the Portal series
Wikipedia - Chellsie Memmel -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Chell, Staffordshire
Wikipedia - Chene la Rochelle -- Canadian paralympic equestrian
Wikipedia - Cheryl Mitchell -- American plant food scientist
Wikipedia - China Chopper -- web shell
Wikipedia - Chlorella pulchelloides -- Species of green alga
Wikipedia - Chocolate-coated peanut -- Peanuts coated in a shell of chocolate.
Wikipedia - Chocolate-covered raisin -- Raisins coated in a shell of milk, dark or white chocolate.
Wikipedia - CHOO-FM -- Radio station in Drumheller, Alberta
Wikipedia - Chris Shelley -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Christian Albrecht Jackhelln -- Norwegian merchant and politician
Wikipedia - Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood -- Hellenist and academic
Wikipedia - Christian Hellberg -- Swedish chef
Wikipedia - Christian Heller -- Swedish sports shooter
Wikipedia - Christian Hell
Wikipedia - Christianity and Hellenistic philosophy
Wikipedia - Christianity in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Christian views on hell
Wikipedia - Christian views on Hell -- Christian views on Hell
Wikipedia - Christine Mitchell -- American filmmaker and bioethicist
Wikipedia - Chrysanthellum -- Genus of plants
Wikipedia - Chuck Mitchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - Church of the Holy Family (New Rochelle, New York)
Wikipedia - Cinderella of the Hills -- 1921 film by Howard M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Citizens! During shelling this side of the street is the most dangerous -- Public warning message displayed in the USSR during World War II
Wikipedia - CKDQ -- Radio station in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Wikipedia - Clamshell Alliance -- Anti-nuclear organization
Wikipedia - Clarence Mitchell IV -- American radio host and former politician
Wikipedia - Clarence Mitchell Jr. -- American civil rights activist (1911-1984)
Wikipedia - Claude Bushell -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Clayton Mitchell (New Zealand politician) -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - Clementina Agricole -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - Clement Mitchell -- English sportsman
Wikipedia - Cleveland Mitchell -- British actor
Wikipedia - Clifford E. Rishell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Cloud Atlas (novel) -- 2004 novel by British author David Mitchell
Wikipedia - C. Michelle Olmstead -- American astronomer
Wikipedia - Cnephasia hellenica -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coachella, California -- City in California, United States
Wikipedia - Coachella Festival line-ups -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard -- species of phrynosomatid lizard
Wikipedia - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival -- Annual music and arts festival in Indio, California
Wikipedia - Coachella Valley Unified School District -- Public school district in Riverside County, California
Wikipedia - Coachella Valley -- Valley in Southern California
Wikipedia - Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind -- Song by Lana Del Rey
Wikipedia - Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company -- Swiss beverage company
Wikipedia - Col de l'Echelle -- Alpine mountain pass in France
Wikipedia - Cold Mountain (film) -- 2003 film drama set towards of the end of the American Civil War directed by Anthony Minghella
Wikipedia - Coleophora frischella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coleophora hydrolapathella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Coleophora parenthella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - College of New Rochelle -- Private Catholic college with its main campus in New Rochelle, New York, US
Wikipedia - Collin Mitchell -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Command (Unix) -- Unix shell builtin
Wikipedia - Comparison of command shells
Wikipedia - Comparison of computer shells
Wikipedia - Computer Othello -- Abstract strategy game
Wikipedia - Con Chellis -- American insurance agent and politician
Wikipedia - Conch (instrument) -- Musical instrument made from a seashell (conch)
Wikipedia - Conch -- Sea snail or shell
Wikipedia - Concrete shell -- Structure composed of a relatively thin shell of concrete
Wikipedia - Conospermum mitchellii -- Species of Australian shrub in the family Proteaceae
Wikipedia - Constance Mabel Winchell -- American librarian
Wikipedia - CopSSH -- Remote shell services or command execution for secure network services between two networked computers
Wikipedia - Coquina -- A sedimentary rock that is composed mostly of fragments of shells
Wikipedia - Corey Schell -- American archer
Wikipedia - Cornelia Mitchell Downs -- American microbiologist
Wikipedia - Corn Palace -- Multi-purpose venue in Mitchell, South Dakota
Wikipedia - Correa pulchella -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Cottonmouth (Burchell Clemens) -- Fictional comic book villain
Wikipedia - COVID-19 pandemic in Seychelles -- Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Cowrie-shell divination
Wikipedia - Cracks in the Shell -- 2011 film directed by Christian Schwochow
Wikipedia - Cradle Song (1933 film) -- 1933 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Crocus pulchellus -- A species of flowering plant in the family Iridaceae
Wikipedia - Csaba Hell -- Hungarian speedway rider
Wikipedia - C shell -- Unix shell
Wikipedia - Cultural references to Othello
Wikipedia - Curtiss SB2C Helldiver -- Carrier-based dive bomber aircraft
Wikipedia - Curtiss SBC Helldiver -- US navy biplane
Wikipedia - Daan Kagchelland -- Dutch sailor
Wikipedia - Daigigakoi Shell Mound -- Archaeological type site
Wikipedia - Daimon Hellstrom -- Fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics
Wikipedia - Dan Hellie -- American sports anchor
Wikipedia - Danny Adeline -- Seychellois windsurfer
Wikipedia - Danny Beauchamp -- Seychellois track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Danny D'Souza -- Seychellois track and field sprint athlete
Wikipedia - Danny Faure -- President of Seychelles (2016-2020)
Wikipedia - Danny Mitchell (EastEnders) -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Danny Mitchell (fighter) -- English mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Dante in Hell
Wikipedia - Dante's Hell Animated
Wikipedia - Danyel Mitchell -- American athlete
Wikipedia - Darcy Burchell -- Canadian ice hockey referee
Wikipedia - Daryl Mitchell (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - David A. Hounshell
Wikipedia - David B. Mitchell (police officer) -- American police chief
Wikipedia - David Godwin Burchell -- Australian businessman
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (author) -- English novelist and screenwriter
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (comedian) -- British actor, comedian and writer
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (fighter) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (figure skater) -- American ice dancer
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (Irish actor) -- Irish actor
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (lawyer) -- Assistant District Officer of the British Colonial Service, Solicitor-General of Lesotho, Australian Lawyer, Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and Tasmanian Political Candidate and Referendum Representative
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (New Zealand poet) -- New Zealand poet
Wikipedia - David Mitchell (politician) -- Conservative politician from England (1928-2014)
Wikipedia - Davina Michelle -- Dutch singer and Youtuber
Wikipedia - Dawn-Michelle Baude
Wikipedia - Dean Heller -- Former U.S. Senator from Nevada
Wikipedia - Death Takes a Holiday -- 1934 US pre-Code romantic drama film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Debian Almquist shell
Wikipedia - Decline of Hellenistic polytheism
Wikipedia - Dehellenization
Wikipedia - De Hoop, Hellevoetsluis -- Dutch windmill
Wikipedia - Denis Mitchell (filmmaker)
Wikipedia - Dependency hell
Wikipedia - Dervilla Mitchell -- Irish engineer
Wikipedia - Descent into Hell (novel)
Wikipedia - Desdemona -- character in Othello
Wikipedia - De steile helling -- Novel by Maarten 't Hart
Wikipedia - Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo -- 1999 film by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - Development hell -- Media industry jargon for a project that remains in development for an especially long time
Wikipedia - Devika Vidot -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Dewey Mitchell -- American judoka
Wikipedia - Diana C. Zollicoffer -- Seychellois actress
Wikipedia - Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning -- Syndrome of shellfish poisoning
Wikipedia - Diastrophella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Dick Cuthell -- British musician and record producer
Wikipedia - Didier Dogley -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - DiffieHellman key exchange
Wikipedia - Diffie-Hellman key exchange -- Method of exchanging cryptographic keys
Wikipedia - Directorate of Music -- Personnel department in the Hellenic Army that presides over military bands and musical functions
Wikipedia - Districts of Seychelles
Wikipedia - Division of Mitchell -- Australian federal electoral division
Wikipedia - Diyu -- Realm of the dead or "hell" in Chinese mythology
Wikipedia - DLL Hell
Wikipedia - Domenico Fisichella -- Italian academic and politician
Wikipedia - Dominic Dugasse -- Seychellois judoka
Wikipedia - Donald Mitchell (weightlifter) -- Australian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Donald Mitchell (writer)
Wikipedia - Donald O. Mitchell -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Don Juan in Hell (film) -- 1991 film
Wikipedia - Don Mitchell (aircraft designer) -- American aircraft designer
Wikipedia - Donna Michelle -- American actor, model and photographer
Wikipedia - Donovan Mitchell (poet) -- South African poet
Wikipedia - Doom II: Hell on Earth
Wikipedia - Doris Gwendoline Helliwell -- English-born concert pianist
Wikipedia - Dornroschen (Sussmann-Hellborn) -- Marble sculpture by Louis Sussmann-Hellborn
Wikipedia - Dorymyrmex pulchellus -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - DOS Shell
Wikipedia - Draft:Harry L, Mitchell -- 1=Agricultural workers union leader
Wikipedia - Draft:Hello Mini -- Indian web series streaming on MX Player
Wikipedia - Draft:List of Hello Jadoo episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Draft:Michelle Hippe -- American voice and theatre actor
Wikipedia - Draft:Rachelle Toarmino -- American writer and publisher
Wikipedia - Drag Me to Hell
Wikipedia - Drake Would Love Me -- R&B song recorded by K. Michelle
Wikipedia - Dr. Reuben Chase House -- Historic house in Bothell, Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Drumheller Channels National Natural Landmark -- U.S. natural landmark in Washington state showcasing the Drumheller Channels
Wikipedia - Drumheller-Chinook -- Defunct provincial electoral district in Alberta
Wikipedia - Drumheller-Gleichen -- Defunct provincial electoral district in Alberta
Wikipedia - Duets (Roscoe Mitchell and Anthony Braxton album) -- album by American jazz saxophonists Roscoe Mitchell and Anthony Braxton recorded in 1976
Wikipedia - Durophagy -- Eating of hard-shelled or exoskeleton bearing organisms, such as corals, shelled mollusks, or crabs
Wikipedia - Dylan Chellamootoo -- French taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Earth's crust -- Thin shell on the outside of Earth
Wikipedia - Easy Living (1937 film) -- 1937 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Echelle grating -- Type of diffraction grating used in spectrometers
Wikipedia - Eciton burchellii -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Eckankar -- Religious movement founded in 1965 by Paul Twitchell
Wikipedia - Economy of Seychelles -- Economy of the country
Wikipedia - Eddy Mitchell -- French singer and actor
Wikipedia - Edgar Mitchell
Wikipedia - Edge of Hell -- 1956 film
Wikipedia - Edith Mitchell Dabbs -- American author
Wikipedia - Edmund Heller
Wikipedia - Edmund von Hellmer -- Austrian sculptor
Wikipedia - Education in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Edvin Hellgren -- Swedish athlete
Wikipedia - Eggshell Skull (book) -- 2018 memoir by Bri Lee
Wikipedia - Ehrhardt Heller -- Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Wikipedia - Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell -- Textbook by Anthony Zee
Wikipedia - Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga -- 2019 film directed by Shelly Chopra Dhar
Wikipedia - Elachista aredhella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Elachista nuraghella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Eleanor Shelley-Rolls -- British engineer
Wikipedia - Eleanor Vachell -- Welsh botanist
Wikipedia - Elena Panaritis -- Greek economist, Member of the Hellenic Parliament from 2009 to 2012
Wikipedia - Elinor Sneshell
Wikipedia - Elisabeth Schellekens -- Swedish philosopher
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Mitchell (fencer) -- New Zealand fencer (1918-1998)
Wikipedia - Elizabeth Mitchell -- American actress
Wikipedia - Ellen Mitchell (philosopher) -- American philosopher and educator
Wikipedia - Ellen Mitchell
Wikipedia - Ellen Ruppel Shell
Wikipedia - Elof Hellquist -- Swedish linguist
Wikipedia - Emeryville Shellmound -- Midden in the United States
Wikipedia - Emilia (Othello) -- character in Othello
Wikipedia - Emily Heller -- American comedian, writer, actor, and podcast host.
Wikipedia - Emma Rochelle Wheeler -- African American physician
Wikipedia - End of the Game -- 1975 film by Maximilian Schell
Wikipedia - Endra Ha-Tiff -- Seychellois windsurfer
Wikipedia - Endre Hellestveit -- Norwegian actor
Wikipedia - Erich Heller -- British essayist
Wikipedia - Erich Schelling -- German architect
Wikipedia - Eric J. Heller
Wikipedia - Eric Mitchell (filmmaker) -- French-born American actor, writer, and director
Wikipedia - Erika von Thellmann -- German actress
Wikipedia - Erik Hell -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Ernest August Hellmuth von Kiesenwetter
Wikipedia - Ernest Bethell -- British journalist
Wikipedia - Ernest Hello
Wikipedia - Ernesto Hellmann -- Italian chess player
Wikipedia - Escape from Hell (1928 film) -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - Essostruthella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Es (Unix shell)
Wikipedia - Etchells -- Sailboat class
Wikipedia - Ethella Chupryk -- Ukrainian pianist
Wikipedia - Eun-Sil Shelley Hwang -- American breast cancer oncologist
Wikipedia - Euzophera pulchella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Evelyn Groesbeeck Mitchell -- American entomologist and physician
Wikipedia - Explodera -- 2000 song by Staffan Hellstrand
Wikipedia - Fabiola edithella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Faith (1920 film) -- 1920 film directed by Howard M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Fall; or, Dodge in Hell -- Speculative fiction novel by Neal Stephenson
Wikipedia - Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron Herschell -- British politician in late 1800s
Wikipedia - Felix Emanuel Schelling -- 19th/20th-century American academic
Wikipedia - Ferdinand Schell -- Swiss writer
Wikipedia - Ficus pulchella -- Species of fig tree from South America
Wikipedia - Files transferred over shell protocol -- Computer protocol
Wikipedia - Filming Othello
Wikipedia - Finder (software) -- Macintosh file manager and GUI shell
Wikipedia - Finesse Mitchell -- American actor, author and comedian
Wikipedia - First Lady Michelle Obama (painting) -- Portrait of Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald
Wikipedia - Fisherman -- Someone who captures fish and other animals from a body of water, or gathers shellfish
Wikipedia - Fish (Unix shell)
Wikipedia - Flag of Seychelles -- National flag
Wikipedia - Flak jacket -- Jacket or vest that protects against shell fragments
Wikipedia - Flora Mitchell -- Artist
Wikipedia - Florida softshell turtle -- Species of turtle
Wikipedia - Flower Girl (film) -- 2013 film by Michelle Bello
Wikipedia - Fosse/Verdon -- Biographical miniseries starring Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams
Wikipedia - France-Albert Rene -- President of Seychelles
Wikipedia - Francesco Iachello
Wikipedia - Frances Hellman -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Francis John Mitchell
Wikipedia - Francis Labrosse -- Seychellois judoka
Wikipedia - Franco Menichelli -- Italian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Frankenstein's monster -- fictional character created by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Frankenstein -- 1818 novel by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Frank Mitchell (actor) -- Actor
Wikipedia - Frank Mitchell Dazey -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Frank Mitchell (presenter) -- Northern Ireland TV and radio presenter
Wikipedia - Franz Schelle -- West German bobsledder
Wikipedia - Fred B. Mitchell -- American sports journalist
Wikipedia - Fred Rochelle -- African American who was lynched in the U.S.
Wikipedia - Free Man in Paris -- Single by Joni Mitchell
Wikipedia - French-Hellenic Railway Company -- Former railway company in Greece and Turkey
Wikipedia - Friedrich Schelling
Wikipedia - Friedrich von Hellwald
Wikipedia - Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling -- German philosopher
Wikipedia - Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
Wikipedia - Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling
Wikipedia - Friedrich W. Schelling
Wikipedia - Friendly interactive shell
Wikipedia - From Hell (film) -- 2001 film by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes
Wikipedia - From Hell to Heaven -- 1933 film by Erle C. Kenton
Wikipedia - From Hell to Hell -- 1997 film
Wikipedia - From Hell
Wikipedia - From Me Flows What You Call Time (novella) -- Novella by David Mitchell
Wikipedia - Front Lines (Hell on Earth) -- 1996 single by Mobb Deep
Wikipedia - Fucking Hell (Chapman) -- 2008 installation artwork
Wikipedia - Fucking Hell -- Type of beer
Wikipedia - Full Employment Abandoned -- 2008 book by William Mitchell & Joan Muysken
Wikipedia - Funghellino
Wikipedia - Funktion Junction -- album by Blue Mitchell
Wikipedia - Future Assault Shell Technology helmet -- Combat helmet
Wikipedia - F. W. D. Mitchell -- Australian civil servant and health writer
Wikipedia - F. W. J. Schelling
Wikipedia - F. W. J. von Schelling
Wikipedia - Gabriel Shelly -- Irish Paralympic boccia player
Wikipedia - Gaillardia pulchella -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Gareth Mitchell -- Welsh technology journalist and broadcaster
Wikipedia - Gastropod shell -- Part of the body of a gastropod or snail
Wikipedia - Gate of Hell (film) -- 1953 film by Teinosuke Kinugasa
Wikipedia - Gates of hell -- Legendary entrances to the underworld
Wikipedia - Gavin Mitchell (actor) -- British actor and comedian
Wikipedia - Genevieve Michelle -- American model and actress
Wikipedia - Gennaro Righelli -- Italian film director
Wikipedia - Gens Hellquist -- Canadian activist and publisher
Wikipedia - Geodesic dome -- Spherical shell structure based on a geodesic polyhedron
Wikipedia - George A. Mitchell -- American politician and businessman (1824-1878)
Wikipedia - George Brooke-Pechell -- Royal Navy admiral
Wikipedia - George Ernest Shelley
Wikipedia - George F. Hellmuth -- American architect (1907-1999)
Wikipedia - George Hoole Mitchell -- British geologist
Wikipedia - George J. Mitchell
Wikipedia - George Pechell Mends -- Captain in the Royal Navy, and prolific sketcher
Wikipedia - George P. Mitchell -- American billionaire businessman and shale gas pioneer
Wikipedia - George R. E. Shell -- U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General
Wikipedia - Georges Hellebuyck Jr. -- Belgian sailor
Wikipedia - Georges Hellebuyck -- Belgian sailor
Wikipedia - George W. Hellmuth -- American architect (1870-1955)
Wikipedia - George W. Mitchell (economist)
Wikipedia - Georg Hellat -- Estonian architect
Wikipedia - Georg Hellmesberger Sr. -- Austrian violinist, conductor and composer
Wikipedia - Gervais Henrie -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell (1995 film) -- 1995 film by Mamoru Oshii
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell (2017 film) -- 2017 film directed by Rupert Sanders
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence -- 2004 film by Mamoru Oshii
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Arise -- Japanese anime film and television series
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell (manga) -- Manga by Masamune Shirow
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045'' -- Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 {{DISPLAYTITLE:''Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045''
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2004 video game) -- PS2 video game
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2005 video game) -- PSP video game
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online -- 2016 video game
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society -- 2006 film directed by Kenji Kamiyama
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex -- 2002 anime television series
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie -- 2015 film by Kazuchika Kise
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell (video game) -- Video game
Wikipedia - Ghost in the Shell
Wikipedia - Gian Carlo Vacchelli -- Peruvian sports commentator and politician (1981-2020)
Wikipedia - Gilbert Michell -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Gilbert Mitchell-Innes -- Scottish golfer
Wikipedia - Giovanny Fanny -- Seychellois hurdler
Wikipedia - Gisela, Abbess of Chelles
Wikipedia - Gisela Hellenkemper Salies -- German classical archaeologist
Wikipedia - Giuliano Ghelli -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Domenichelli -- Italian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Give 'em Hell, Harry! -- 1975 film by Steve Binder, Peter H. Hunt
Wikipedia - Gives You Hell -- 2008 All-American Rejects song
Wikipedia - Gladys Mitchell -- English detective novelist
Wikipedia - Glenda Mitchell -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - GlobalHell -- Hacker group
Wikipedia - Glyphipterix heptaglyphella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Gnipahellir -- Mythical cave in Norse mythology
Wikipedia - GNOME Shell
Wikipedia - GNU parallel -- A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or on remote machines
Wikipedia - God-fearer -- Greco-Roman sympathizers to Hellenistic Judaism
Wikipedia - Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell -- 1968 film by Hajime SatM-EM-^M
Wikipedia - Golden Shell -- Best Film award at San Sebastian Film Festival
Wikipedia - Gone with the Wind (novel) -- 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell
Wikipedia - Good as Hell -- 2016 single by Lizzo
Wikipedia - Goodbye & Hello (Tanya Chua album) -- album by Tanya Chua
Wikipedia - Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back -- American cooking television series
Wikipedia - Go to Hell, Hoodlums! -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - Graham Russell Mitchell -- British MI5 officer
Wikipedia - Grant Mitchell (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Grant Mitchell (EastEnders) -- EastEnders character
Wikipedia - Grant Mitchell (Home and Away) -- fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away
Wikipedia - Graphical shell
Wikipedia - Green Hell (film) -- 1940 film by James Whale
Wikipedia - Grevillea pulchella -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae endemic to Western Australia
Wikipedia - Gridshell
Wikipedia - Guilty as Hell -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - GUI shell
Wikipedia - Gun Hellsvik -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Gunnar Fredrik Hellesen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Gunnar Hellstrom -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Gustav Hellmann -- German meteorologist (1854-1939)
Wikipedia - Gynatrix pulchella -- A dioecious flowering shrub in the family Malvaceae, endemic to south-east Australia
Wikipedia - Hakea mitchellii -- Species of shrub in the family Proteaceae from South Australia and Victoria
Wikipedia - Hamilton C shell
Wikipedia - Hands Across the Table -- 1935 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Handwan (king) -- Legendary king of the Hellespont
Wikipedia - Hans Joachim Schellnhuber
Wikipedia - Hans Schelling -- Dutch sailor
Wikipedia - Hard Rock Hell -- Music festival in Pwllheli, Wales
Wikipedia - Hard-shell taco -- Mexican-American dish
Wikipedia - Harrowing of Hell -- Christ's triumphant descent into the underworld
Wikipedia - Hashish, the Paradise of Hell -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - Hayden Shell -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Heaven and Hell (essay)
Wikipedia - Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001) -- book by Don Felder
Wikipedia - Heaven 'n Hell -- 1994 single by Salt-n-Pepa
Wikipedia - Heaven's Hell -- Film
Wikipedia - Hector Mitchell (Jamaica) -- Politician in Jamaica
Wikipedia - Hedwig and the Angry Inch (film) -- 2001 American musical film by John Cameron Mitchell
Wikipedia - Heidi Schellman -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Heinrich Hellwege -- German politician
Wikipedia - Heinrich Hell -- German canoeist
Wikipedia - Heke Peak -- Peak on the south wall of Mitchell Glacier
Wikipedia - Helene Hellmark Knutsson -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Helen S. Mitchell -- American nutritionist
Wikipedia - Helga Hellebrand-Wiedermann -- Austrian canoeist
Wikipedia - Helge Julius Jakhelln Dyvik -- Norwegian linguistics professor
Wikipedia - Hell (2011 film) -- 2011 film
Wikipedia - Hella Brock -- German music educator
Wikipedia - Hellaby -- Settlement and civil parish in South Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Hella (company) -- German automotive part supplier
Wikipedia - Helladius of Auxerre
Wikipedia - Hella Eckardt -- Archaeologist
Wikipedia - Hella Haasse -- Dutch writer
Wikipedia - Hella Joof -- Danish actress and film director
Wikipedia - Hella Kurty -- German actress
Wikipedia - Hellamaa, Hiiu County -- Village in Estonia
Wikipedia - Hella Mega Tour -- Tour by American rock bands, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer
Wikipedia - Hella Moja -- German actress
Wikipedia - Hell and High Water (1933 film) -- 1933 film by Grover Jones
Wikipedia - Hell and High Water (1954 film) -- 1954 film by Samuel Fuller
Wikipedia - Hellanicus of Lesbos
Wikipedia - Hella Philips -- Austrian canoeist
Wikipedia - Hellaro -- 2019 Indian Gujarati period film
Wikipedia - Hellas Montes -- Mountain range on Mars
Wikipedia - Hellas ohne Gotter -- 1957 film
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Wikipedia - Hellas Planitia -- Plantia on Mars
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Wikipedia - Hellas Sat 3 -- Geostationary communications satellite
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Wikipedia - Hellbach -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Hellbender -- Species of amphibian
Wikipedia - Hell Bent (film) -- 1918 film
Wikipedia - Hell-Bent for Frisco -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Hell-Bent for Heaven -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - Hell Bent for Leather (film) -- 1960 film by George Sherman
Wikipedia - Hell Bent for Love -- 1934 film
Wikipedia - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice -- 2017 video game
Wikipedia - Hell (Bosch) -- Painting by Hieronymus Bosch
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Wikipedia - Hellbound (song) -- 2002 single by Eminem
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Wikipedia - Hellbound (TV series) -- South Korean fantasy TV series by Yeon Sang-ho
Wikipedia - Hell-Bourg -- Human settlement
Wikipedia - Hellboy (2004 film) -- 2004 superhero film directed by Guillermo del Toro
Wikipedia - Hellboy Animated -- Animated films
Wikipedia - Hellboy: Blood and Iron -- 2007 second in the Hellboy Animated series directed by Tad Stones Victor Cook
Wikipedia - Hellboy II: The Golden Army -- 2008 superhero film directed by Guillermo del Toro
Wikipedia - Hellboy: Sword of Storms -- 2006 television film directed by Tad Stones
Wikipedia - Hellboy -- Comic book character created by Mike Mignola
Wikipedia - Hell Cab -- 1993 video game
Wikipedia - Hell Cave -- Cave and archaeological site in Slovenia
Wikipedia - Hell Creek State Park -- Park in Montana, USA
Wikipedia - Hell (Davis novel) -- 1998 novel by Kathryn Davis
Wikipedia - Hell Den -- Animated sketch comedy series
Wikipedia - Hell Divers -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Helldone -- Music festival
Wikipedia - Helldorado (film) -- Film directed by James Cruze
Wikipedia - Hell Drivers (film) -- 1957 film by Cy Endfield
Wikipedia - Hellean -- Commune in Brittany, France
Wikipedia - Helle Aro -- Estonian athlete
Wikipedia - HellebM-CM-&k Textile Factory -- Former Danish textile factory
Wikipedia - Hellebore -- genus of flowering plants belonging to the buttercup family and comprising poisonous species and members popular for horticulture
Wikipedia - Helleborus cyclophyllus -- species of plant in the family Ranunculaceae
Wikipedia - Helleborus foetidus -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Helleborus orientalis -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Helleborus viridis -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Helle Degn -- Danish politician
Wikipedia - Helle Fagralid -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Helle Fastrup -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Helle Frederiksen -- Danish professional triathlete
Wikipedia - Helle Gotved -- Danish gymnastics instructor and writer
Wikipedia - Hellegrundbach -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Helle Jespersen -- Danish sailor
Wikipedia - Hellen Adoa -- Ugandan politician
Wikipedia - Hellenic Air Force -- Air warfare branch of Greece's military
Wikipedia - Hellenic Armed Forces
Wikipedia - Hellenica -- Work by Xenophon
Wikipedia - Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation -- Greek public broadcasting corporation
Wikipedia - Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
Wikipedia - Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
Wikipedia - Hellenic historiography
Wikipedia - Hellenic Karate Federation -- Karate governing body in Greece
Wikipedia - Hellenic languages -- Branch of Indo-European language family
Wikipedia - Hellenic Parliament -- Legislative body of the Hellenic Republic
Wikipedia - Hellenic Petroleum -- Greek energy company
Wikipedia - Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism
Wikipedia - Hellenic Shipyards Co. -- Greek shipyard
Wikipedia - Hellenic Spirit -- Greek ferry
Wikipedia - Hellenic Trench -- A long narrow depression bordering the Aegean Sea to the south
Wikipedia - Hellenic world
Wikipedia - Hellenikon Metropolitan Park -- Planned urban development in Athens
Wikipedia - Hellenism (neoclassicism) -- Art movement
Wikipedia - Hellenismos
Wikipedia - Hellenism (religion) -- Hellenic polytheistic reconstructionism
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Wikipedia - Hellenistic armies
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Wikipedia - Hellenistic civilization
Wikipedia - Hellenistic Egypt
Wikipedia - Hellenistic Greece
Wikipedia - Hellenistic Jewish
Wikipedia - Hellenistic Jew
Wikipedia - Hellenistic Judaism -- A form of Judaism in classical antiquity that combined Jewish religious tradition with elements of Greek culture
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Wikipedia - Hellenistic period -- Period of ancient Greek and Mediterranean history
Wikipedia - Hellenistic philosophy and Christianity
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Wikipedia - Hellenistic
Wikipedia - Hellenistic world
Wikipedia - Hellenization -- Historical spread of ancient Greek culture
Wikipedia - Hellen Lukoma -- Ugandan actress
Wikipedia - Hellenocentrism -- Worldview based on Greek Superiority
Wikipedia - Hellenotamiai
Wikipedia - Hellen van Meene -- Dutch photographer
Wikipedia - Helle (Orke) -- River in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Wikipedia - Helle-Reet Helenurm -- Estonian actress
Wikipedia - Heller (river) -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Hellesdon High School -- Academy in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Wikipedia - Hellespont
Wikipedia - Helle (Spuligbach) -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Helle Thorborg -- Danish painter and graphic designer
Wikipedia - Helle Thorning-Schmidt -- Danish politician, former Prime Minister of Denmark
Wikipedia - Helle Tuxen -- Norwegian diver
Wikipedia - Hellevator -- American horror game show
Wikipedia - Helleveeg -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - Helle Virkner -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Hellfest (American music festival) -- American music festival
Wikipedia - Hell Fest
Wikipedia - Hellfighters (film) -- 1968 film by Andrew V. McLaglen
Wikipedia - Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima -- 1986 film
Wikipedia - Hell Fire Austin -- 1932 film
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Wikipedia - Hellfire Club
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Wikipedia - Hellfried Heilfort -- German sport shooter
Wikipedia - Hellgate (1952 film) -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - Hellgate (2011 film) -- 2011 film by John Penney
Wikipedia - Hell Gate Bridge -- Bridge between Queens and Wards Island, New York
Wikipedia - Hellgate Canyon -- Canyon in Missoula, Montana
Wikipedia - Hellgate: London
Wikipedia - Hell Gate -- Channel in the East River, New York County, New York, USA
Wikipedia - Hellgraben -- River in Germany
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Wikipedia - Hell Has No Limits -- Novel by Jose Donoso
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Wikipedia - Hell House (film) -- 2002 film by George Ratliff
Wikipedia - Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel -- 2018 film directed by Stephen Cognetti
Wikipedia - Hell house
Wikipedia - Helliar Holm -- An uninhabited tidal island off the coast of Shapinsay in the Orkney Islands, Scotland
Wikipedia - Hell icon
Wikipedia - Hellifield railway station -- Railway station in North Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Helli Louise -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2009) -- 2009 World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2010) -- 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2011) -- 2011 WWE pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2012) -- 2012 WWE pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2013) -- 2013 WWE pay-per-view event
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Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2017) -- 2017 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2018) -- 2018 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2019) -- 2019 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell (2020) -- 2020 WWE pay-per-view and network event
Wikipedia - Hell in a Cell -- Professional wrestling match type
Wikipedia - Hell in Christian beliefs
Wikipedia - Hell in Christianity
Wikipedia - Hellinger's Law -- -- Hellinger's Law --
Wikipedia - Hellingly Hospital Railway -- Light railway owned and operated by East Sussex County Council
Wikipedia - Hellinikon Fencing Hall -- Sports arena in Athens, Greece
Wikipedia - Hellinikon Olympic Arena -- Sports arena in Athens, Greece
Wikipedia - Hell in popular culture
Wikipedia - Hellinsia acuminatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia adumbratus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aegyptiacus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aethiopicus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia agraphodactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aguilerai -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aistleitneri -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia albidactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia albilobata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aldabrensis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia alfaroi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ammonias -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia angela -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia angulofuscus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ares -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia argutus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia arion -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia aruna -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia auster -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia australis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia balanotes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia barbatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia basalis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia basuto -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia batallonica -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia bawana -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia benalcazari -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia beneficus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia bengtssoni -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia betsiae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia bhutanensis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia biangulata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia bigoti -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia bogotanus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia brandbergi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cadmus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cajanuma -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia calais -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia callidus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia canari -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia caras -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia carphodactoides -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia carphodactyla -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia caudelli -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cervicalis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia chamelai -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia chlorias -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia chrysocomae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia chuncheonensis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cinerarius -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia citrites -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cochise -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia confusus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia conjunctus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia conscius -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia contortus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia conyzae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia coquimboicus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia corvus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia costalba -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia costatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia crescens -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cristobalis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cuculla -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia cyrtoacanthaus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia delospilus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia devriesi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia didactylites -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia discors -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia distinctus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia elhacha -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia elliottii -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia emmelinoida -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia emmorus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia epileucus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia eros -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia excors -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia falsus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fieldi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fishii -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fissuralba -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fissuripuncta -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fletcheri -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fumiventris -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia furfurosus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fusciciliatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fuscomarginata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia fuscotransversa -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia glaphyrotes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia glenni -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia glochinias -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia grandaevus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia grandis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia gratiosus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia gypsotes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia habecki -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia haplistes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia harpactes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia hebrus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia helianthi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia hoguei -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia hololeucos -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia homodactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia huayna -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ignifugax -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia illutus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia improbus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia inconditus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia innocens -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia inquinatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia integratus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia inulaevorus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia inulae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia investis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia invidiosus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia iobates -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia iraneaus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ishiyamanus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia kaiapensis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia katangae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia kellicottii -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia kuwayamai -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia laciniata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia lacteodactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia lacteolus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia lenis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia lienigianus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia linus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia logistes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia longifrons -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia lumbaquia -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia luteolus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia madecasseus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia magnus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia maldonadoica -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia malesanus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mallecoicus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mauleicus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia medius -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mesoleucus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia meyricki -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia milleri -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mineti -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mizar -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mollis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia mongolicus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia monserrate -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia monteverda -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia montezerpae -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia montufari -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia morenoi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nauarches -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nephogenes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nigricalcarius -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nigridactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nigrosparsus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nivalis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nodipes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia nuwara -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia obandoi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia obscuricilia -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ochracealis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ochricostatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia orellanai -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ossipellis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia osteodactyla -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia oxyntes -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia paccha -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia paleaceus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pallens -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia palmatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pan -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia papallacta -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia paraglochinias -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia paramoi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia paraochracealis -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pectodactylus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pelospilus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia perditus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia phlegmaticus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia phloeochroa -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia phoebus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pichincha -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pizarroi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pollux -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia postnigrata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia powelli -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia praealtus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia praenigratus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia probatus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia procontias -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pseudobarbata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia pseudokorbi -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia punctata -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia puruha -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia quitus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia rigidus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia ruminahuii -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia scholasticus -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia scribarius -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia siskaellus -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia stadias -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia tephradactyla -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Hellinsia varioides -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Hellinsia -- Plume moth genus
Wikipedia - Hell in the Heavens -- 1934 film by John G. Blystone
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Wikipedia - Hellions (Marvel Comics) -- Several fictional groups in the Marvel universe
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Wikipedia - Hellish Flesh -- 1977 film directed by Jose Mojica Marins
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Wikipedia - Hell Is Real Derby -- Soccer rivalry between the Columbus Crew and FC Cincinnati
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Wikipedia - Hellmut Fritzsche -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Greinert -- German lawyer
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Karasek
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Kleinsorge -- German physician
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Kneser -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Kolbe -- Swiss musician
Wikipedia - Hellmuth Straka -- Austrian archaeologist
Wikipedia - Hellmuth von Ruckteschell -- German World War I U-boat commander
Wikipedia - Hellmut May -- Austrian figure skater
Wikipedia - Hellmut Ritter -- German Orientalist specialising in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish
Wikipedia - Hellmut Schnackenburg -- German conductor and music director
Wikipedia - Hellmut Seibt -- Austrian figure skater
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Wikipedia - Hellmut Stern -- German violinist
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Wikipedia - Hello Alfred -- Residential property management software
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Wikipedia - Hello FM -- Radio station
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Wikipedia - Hello (social network) -- Online social network
Wikipedia - Hello Stranger (web series) -- 2020 Philippine web series
Wikipedia - Hello! Stranger -- South Korean television series
Wikipedia - Hello, Sucker -- 1941 film
Wikipedia - Hello Sunshine (company) -- American media company
Wikipedia - Hello Taxi -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - Hello, That's Me! -- 1966 film
Wikipedia - Hello Trouble -- 1918 film
Wikipedia - Hello, Universe -- 2017 novel written by Erin Entrada Kelly
Wikipedia - Hello Venus -- South Korean girl group
Wikipedia - Hello (web series) -- 2017 Bengali web series
Wikipedia - Hell-O -- album by Gwar
Wikipedia - Hello -- Salutation or greeting
Wikipedia - Hello World (film) -- 2019 Japanese animated film directed by Tomohiko ItM-EM-^M
Wikipedia - Hello World program
Wikipedia - Hello world program
Wikipedia - Hello World
Wikipedia - Hello, World!
Wikipedia - Hello world!
Wikipedia - Hello world
Wikipedia - Hello, world!
Wikipedia - Hello, world
Wikipedia - HELLP syndrome -- Complication of pregnancy associated with severe pre-eclampsia
Wikipedia - Hell Raiders -- 1969 television film by Larry Buchanan
Wikipedia - Hellraiser (franchise) -- Horror franchise
Wikipedia - Hellraiser: Judgment -- 2018 film by Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Wikipedia - Hellraiser -- 1987 British supernatural horror film directed by Clive Barker
Wikipedia - Hell Rell -- American rapper
Wikipedia - Hell Roaring Creek -- Creek in south Montana, part of the Missouri
Wikipedia - Hell Run (Slippery Rock Creek tributary) -- Stream in Pennsylvania, USA
Wikipedia - Hell's Angel (documentary)
Wikipedia - Hell's Angels (film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Hells Angels (manga) -- 2008 Manga
Wikipedia - Hells Angels MC criminal allegations and incidents -- Criminal incidents involving the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
Wikipedia - Hells Angels -- One-percenter motorcycle club
Wikipedia - Hell's Belles (film) -- 1969 film by Maury Dexter
Wikipedia - Hell's Belles
Wikipedia - Hells Bells (cave formations) -- Underwater cave formation
Wikipedia - Hell's Bells (film) -- 1929 short film
Wikipedia - Hell Scroll (Nara National Museum)
Wikipedia - Hell's Doorway -- 1932 novel by F.J. Thwaites
Wikipedia - Hell's Foundations Quiver -- Book by David Weber
Wikipedia - Hell's Four Hundred -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Half Acre (Fort Worth) -- Former red-light district in Fort Worth
Wikipedia - Hell's Headquarters -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Heroes (film) -- 1930 film by William Wyler
Wikipedia - Hell's Highway (1932 film) -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Hinges -- 1916 American film directed by William S. Hart, Charles Swickard and Clifford Smith
Wikipedia - Hellship Bronson -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - Hell-Ship Morgan -- 1936 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Hole -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - Hell's House -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Hellsing -- Japanese manga and anime series
Wikipedia - Hell's Island (1930 film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Island -- 1955 film
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen (1939 film) -- 1939 thriller film
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen Albania (season 2) -- Reality show
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen Albania (season 3) -- Reality show
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen (American season 15) -- Season of television series
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen (American TV series) -- American television series
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen (painting) -- Painting by Henry Perlee Parker
Wikipedia - Hell's Kitchen Park -- Public park in Manhattan, New York
Wikipedia - Hell Stone -- Dolmen in England
Wikipedia - Hellstugueggi -- Mountain in Norway
Wikipedia - Hell's Valley -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Helltaker -- 2020 puzzle-adventure video game
Wikipedia - Hell to Eternity -- 1960 film by Phil Karlson
Wikipedia - Hell-to-Pay Austin -- 1916 silent film by Paul Powell
Wikipedia - Hell Train (film) -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - Helluapterus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluarchus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Hellula simplicalis -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Hellums kro -- Norwegian comedy-drama television series
Wikipedia - Helluobrochus -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluocolpodes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluodema -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluodes -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluomorpha -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluomorphoides -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluonidius -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluopapua -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluosoma -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluo -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Helluva Boss -- American adult animated musical comedy
Wikipedia - Helluva Good Luck 2 -- 2001 film by ZdenM-DM-^[k TroM-EM-!ka
Wikipedia - Helluva (producer) -- American record producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter from Detroit
Wikipedia - Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky halogenation
Wikipedia - Hell -- Afterlife location in which souls are subjected to punitive suffering, often torture
Wikipedia - Hell Yeah (Ginuwine song) -- 2003 single by Ginuwine
Wikipedia - Helly Hansen -- Norwegian textile company
Wikipedia - Helly Shah -- Indian television actress
Wikipedia - Helly's theorem -- Theorem about the intersections of d-dimensional convex sets
Wikipedia - Hellzapoppin' (film) -- 1941 film
Wikipedia - Henri Helle -- French archer
Wikipedia - Henry B. Heller -- American politician
Wikipedia - Henry Mitchell (New York politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Hermine Heller-Ostersetzer -- Austrian artist
Wikipedia - Hermine Hug-Hellmuth
Wikipedia - Heroes in Hell (film) -- 1974 film
Wikipedia - Herschel K. Mitchell -- American biochemist
Wikipedia - Herschell Gordon Lewis -- American filmmaker
Wikipedia - Hey! Hello! -- Power pop band
Wikipedia - Higher Ground Productions -- media production company founded by Barack and Michelle Obama
Wikipedia - Highway Thru Hell -- Canadian documentary series
Wikipedia - Highway to Hell (film) -- 1991 film by Ate de Jong
Wikipedia - Highway to Hell (song) -- Song by AC/DC
Wikipedia - Hilda Stevenson-Delhomme -- Seychellois politician and doctor
Wikipedia - Himation -- A mantle or wrap worn by ancient Greek men and women from the Archaic through the Hellenistic periods
Wikipedia - H Is for Hellgate -- Indie pop band
Wikipedia - History of a Six Weeks' Tour -- 1817 book by Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - History of New Rochelle, New York -- Aspect of history
Wikipedia - HM-CM-%kan Hellstrom -- Swedish singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - HMS Seychelles (K592) -- Colony-class frigate
Wikipedia - Hold Back the Dawn -- 1941 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Holly Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Holy Hell (film) -- 2016 film by Will Allen
Wikipedia - Honey Mitchell -- Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Horst Helle -- German sociologist
Wikipedia - Hot Chelle Rae -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Hotel Paper -- Studio album by Michelle Branch
Wikipedia - Hotter than Hell (Dua Lipa song) -- 2016 Single by Dua Lipa
Wikipedia - Howard Hawks Mitchell -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Howard Mitchell -- American conductor
Wikipedia - Howard M. Mitchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - How Do You Know? -- 2014 song by K. Michelle
Wikipedia - H. Robert Heller
Wikipedia - HSY-55-class gunboat -- Class of naval vessel of the Hellenic Navy
Wikipedia - Hugh Bethell (British Army officer) -- British Army officer
Wikipedia - Hugh Bethell (died 1679) -- Member of Parliament and High Sheriff
Wikipedia - Hugh Shelly -- Irish hurler
Wikipedia - Hugh Wynne -- 1897 novel by Silas Weir Mitchell
Wikipedia - Hyolitha -- Palaeozoic lophophorates with small conical shells
Wikipedia - Hyolithellus -- Genus of annelids (fossil)
Wikipedia - Hypericum phellos -- Species of flowering plant in the St John's wort family Hypericaceae
Wikipedia - Iago -- Character in Othello
Wikipedia - If I Could Fly -- 2000 single by Helloween
Wikipedia - Ignacio Garcia Malo -- Spanish playwright, translator, Hellenist, and writer
Wikipedia - I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter -- 2019 two-part documentary film, directed by Erin Lee Carr
Wikipedia - Ilse Heller-Lazard -- German artist
Wikipedia - Ilse Helling-Rosenthal -- German soprano
Wikipedia - I'm Ill -- album by Hello Venus
Wikipedia - Imke Schellekens-Bartels -- Dutch equestrian
Wikipedia - In a Dark Wood Wandering -- 1949 novel by Hella S. Haasse
Wikipedia - Index of Seychelles-related articles -- Wikimedia index article
Wikipedia - Individuality (Can I Be Me?) -- 2000 album by Rachelle Ferrell
Wikipedia - Indo-Greek Kingdom -- Hellenistic kingdom, covered parts of northwest Indian subcontinent during the two last centuries BC
Wikipedia - Inge Schell -- German hurdler
Wikipedia - Ingolv Helland (politician) -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Inrunner -- Electric motor whose outer shell is static; it does not move during operation.
Wikipedia - Interactive Ruby Shell
Wikipedia - In the Hell of Chaco -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell -- 1997 World Wrestling Federation pay-per-view event
Wikipedia - Ioannis Kapodistrias -- Governor of the First Hellenic Republic
Wikipedia - Iona College (New York) -- Private Catholic college in New Rochelle, NY, US
Wikipedia - Iris hellenica -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Iron Dome -- Israeli air defense system to protect against short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 to 70M-BM- km
Wikipedia - Isaac Heller -- American toy manufacturer
Wikipedia - Isabelle Mouthon-Michellys -- French triathlete
Wikipedia - Isaias W. Hellman -- American financier of German-Jewish descent
Wikipedia - Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell
Wikipedia - I Surrender (Michelle Wright song) -- 2000 single by Michelle Wright
Wikipedia - It Follows -- 2014 horror film by David Robert Mitchell
Wikipedia - Ithell Colquhoun
Wikipedia - Iturea -- Levantine region north of Galilee during the Late Hellenistic and early Roman periods
Wikipedia - Iva Kitchell -- American dancer
Wikipedia - I Wanted Wings -- 1941 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - I Wish I Were Only Lonely -- 1989 song performed by Michelle Wright
Wikipedia - Jacques Bompaire -- 20th-century French Hellenist and scholar of ancient Greek
Wikipedia - Jacqui Mitchell -- American bridge player
Wikipedia - Jade Mitchell -- Fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours
Wikipedia - Jahannam -- Hell in Islam
Wikipedia - Jakob Hellman -- Swedish singer
Wikipedia - James Charles Critchell-Bullock -- British soldier and explorer (1898-1953)
Wikipedia - James Mancham -- President of Seychelles
Wikipedia - James Michel -- 3rd President of Seychelles
Wikipedia - James Mitchell (Methodist minister) -- American religious leader
Wikipedia - Jamie Mitchell -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Janee Michelle -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Janet Georges -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - Janet Mitchell (EastEnders) -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Jantina Hellingmolen -- Dutch windmill
Wikipedia - Jason Mitchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - Jay Mitchell (judge) -- American judge
Wikipedia - Jay Pritzker Pavilion -- A bandshell in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois, United States
Wikipedia - Jazz Gunn -- album by Shelly Manne
Wikipedia - J. Clyde Mitchell
Wikipedia - Jean de la Rochelle
Wikipedia - Jean-Marc Gardette -- Seychellois sailor
Wikipedia - Jean Mitchell (sailor) -- British sailor
Wikipedia - Jean Mitchell -- English geographer
Wikipedia - Jean-Paul Adam -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Jeff Mitchell (golfer) -- American golfer and coach
Wikipedia - Jeffrey Bushell -- American screenwriter
Wikipedia - Jeff Shell -- American media executive
Wikipedia - Jenny Twitchell Kempton -- 19th and 20th-century American opera singer
Wikipedia - Jerome Hellman -- American film producer
Wikipedia - Jerry Mitchell (reporter) -- American investigative reporter
Wikipedia - Jessica Hellmann -- American ecologist
Wikipedia - Jill Trewhella -- Australian biophysicist
Wikipedia - JiM-EM-^Yi Heller -- Czech canoeist
Wikipedia - J. L. Schellenberg
Wikipedia - Joachim Hellgrewe -- German painter
Wikipedia - Joan L. Mitchell -- American computer scientist and inventor
Wikipedia - Joanna Hoareau -- Seychellois athlete
Wikipedia - Johann Christian Ludwig Hellwig
Wikipedia - Johann Rudolph Schellenberg
Wikipedia - Johan van Hell -- Dutch painter and musician
Wikipedia - John Bethell (inventor) -- British solicitor and inventor
Wikipedia - John Brian Helliwell -- British mathematician
Wikipedia - John C. Mitchell
Wikipedia - John F. B. Mitchell
Wikipedia - John F. Helliwell
Wikipedia - John Francis Mitchell -- American electronics engineer
Wikipedia - John Hellins
Wikipedia - John Helliwell
Wikipedia - John J. Burzichelli -- Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
Wikipedia - John L. Mitchell -- 19th century United States Senator, Congressman, and philanthropist from Wisconsin.
Wikipedia - John Michell (MP for New Shoreham) -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - John Michell
Wikipedia - John Michell (writer)
Wikipedia - John Mitchell (Australian politician) -- Australian politician (1869-1943)
Wikipedia - John Mitchell (chemist) -- American chemist and researcher
Wikipedia - John Mitchell (RAF officer) -- RAF officer who served in World War I
Wikipedia - John M. Voshell House -- Historic home
Wikipedia - John N. Mitchell -- U.S. Attorney General later convicted for his role in the Watergate scandal
Wikipedia - Johnny Hellstrom -- Swedish diver
Wikipedia - John of La Rochelle
Wikipedia - John of Rochelle
Wikipedia - John Walker Mitchell -- New Zealand politician
Wikipedia - John W. Mitchell -- Sound engineer
Wikipedia - Jonathan Barbe -- Seychellois windsurfer
Wikipedia - Jonathan Mitchell (writer) -- American author and autistic blogger
Wikipedia - Jon Hellesnes
Wikipedia - Joni Mitchell discography -- Records released by Canadian musician Joni Mitchell
Wikipedia - Joni Mitchell -- Canadian musician
Wikipedia - Jorgen Langhelle -- Norwegian actor
Wikipedia - Jorn Hellner -- Australian sailor
Wikipedia - Josef Heller -- Czech luger
Wikipedia - Josef Pfundheller -- Austrian author
Wikipedia - Josef Wurmheller -- German World War II flying ace
Wikipedia - Joseph Belmont -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Joseph Heller (historian) -- Israeli historian
Wikipedia - Joseph Heller -- American writer
Wikipedia - Joseph Heller (zoologist)
Wikipedia - Joseph Hellmesberger Sr. -- Austrian violinist, conductor and composer
Wikipedia - Josephine Alexandra Mitchell -- Irish saxophonist
Wikipedia - Joseph M. Hellerstein
Wikipedia - Joseph Michelli -- 20th and 21st-century American psychologist
Wikipedia - Joseph Mitchell (city manager) -- City manager of Newburgh, New York (1922-1993)
Wikipedia - Joseph Mitchell House -- Historic building in Indiana, USA
Wikipedia - Joseph S. B. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth -- American reality television participant and daughter of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar
Wikipedia - Joyce Mitchell Cook
Wikipedia - Jozef Schell -- Belgian molecular biologist
Wikipedia - Juanita Jackson Mitchell
Wikipedia - Judith Hellwig -- Austrian operatic soprano
Wikipedia - Judith K. Hellerstein -- American economist
Wikipedia - Juliet Mitchell
Wikipedia - Kalashree Seashell Museum -- Sculpture museum in Mysore, India
Wikipedia - Kara Rochelle -- American politician from Connecticut
Wikipedia - Kari Helliesen -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Karim Ghellab -- Moroccan politician
Wikipedia - Karimugan -- 2018 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy drama film by Chella Thangaiah
Wikipedia - Karl Borromaeus Maria Josef Heller -- Austrian entomologist
Wikipedia - Karl Helling -- German chess player
Wikipedia - Karl Hellmer -- Austrian actor
Wikipedia - Karl Michahelles
Wikipedia - Karl Ruprect Kroenen -- Fictional character in the Hellboy comic book series
Wikipedia - Karyn Rochelle -- American songwriter
Wikipedia - Kate Corrigan -- Fictional character from the Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comic book series
Wikipedia - Katharina Schellenberg -- American Mennonite medical missionary
Wikipedia - Katharyne Mitchell -- American geographer and social sciences academic
Wikipedia - Katie Mitchell -- British theatre director
Wikipedia - KCLB-FM -- Rock radio station in Coachella, California
Wikipedia - KC Mitchell -- Powerlifter (b. 1986)
Wikipedia - Keats-Shelley Memorial House
Wikipedia - Keats-Shelley Prize for Poetry
Wikipedia - Keiffer Mitchell Jr. -- American politician
Wikipedia - Keith Mitchell (golfer) -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Keith Mitchell -- Prime Minister of Grenada (1995-2008, 2013-present)
Wikipedia - Keith Schellenberg -- British businessman
Wikipedia - Kelly Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Ken Mitchell -- Canadian writer
Wikipedia - Kenneth Shelley -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Kerry Mitchell -- American artist
Wikipedia - Kevin Mitchell (motorcyclist) -- British motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Kevin Shelley -- American politician
Wikipedia - Killjoy Goes to Hell -- 2012 comedy horror film by Full Moon
Wikipedia - Kim Mitchell
Wikipedia - Kingdom of Pontus -- Hellenistic-era kingdom centred in northern Anatolia (281 BC-62 AD)
Wikipedia - Kishinchand Chellaram College -- Junior and degree college in Mumbai, India
Wikipedia - Kition -- Ancient Helleno-Phoenician city in Cyprus
Wikipedia - Kjell Helland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Klapperichella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Kleomenis Kleomenous -- Hellenic Army officer
Wikipedia - Konstantinos Bakopoulos -- Hellenic Army general
Wikipedia - Konstantinos Sapountzakis -- Hellenic Army general
Wikipedia - Kopp-Etchells effect -- The corona or halo on the rotor blades of helicopters operating in desert conditions
Wikipedia - Korn Shell
Wikipedia - KornShell
Wikipedia - Korn shell
Wikipedia - KPST-FM -- Radio station in Coachella, California
Wikipedia - Kristian Helland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Kurt Mitchell -- Canadian sports shooter
Wikipedia - KVLA-FM -- KPCC public radio station in Coachella, California, United States
Wikipedia - La Croix-Hellean -- Commune in Brittany, France
Wikipedia - Lady from Hell -- 1949 film by Motoyoshi Oda
Wikipedia - Lampsacus -- Ancient Greek city located on the eastern side of the Hellespont in the northern Troad
Wikipedia - Landmark Cases in the Law of Restitution -- Book edited by Charles Mitchell and Paul Mitchell
Wikipedia - La Rochelle
Wikipedia - Laughter in Hell -- 1933 film by Edward L. Cahn
Wikipedia - Laura Ahtime -- Seychellois statistician
Wikipedia - Laura Michelle Kelly -- British actress
Wikipedia - Lauran Bethell -- American activist
Wikipedia - Laura Pillay -- Judge of the Supreme Court of Seychelles
Wikipedia - Le Bec-Hellouin
Wikipedia - Lecithocera pulchella -- Species of moth in genus Lecithocera
Wikipedia - Leith's softshell turtle -- Species of reptile
Wikipedia - Lennoxville massacre -- 1985 mass murder at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Lennoxville
Wikipedia - Leon C. Shelly -- Canadian film producer
Wikipedia - Leone Hellstedt -- Canadian/Swedish pathologist and psychoanalyst
Wikipedia - Lepturus pulchellus -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Letters from Hell
Wikipedia - Leviticus: Faggot -- 1996 single by Meshell Ndegeocello
Wikipedia - Libby Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Lilla Hellesen -- Norwegian painter
Wikipedia - Lillian Hellman -- American dramatist and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Linda Cathrine Hofstad Helleland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Linyon Demokratik Seselwa -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Liolaemus hellmichi -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Lisa Heller -- American alternative pop artist and songwriter
Wikipedia - Lisa Michelle Duncan -- American model
Wikipedia - Lissa Labiche -- Seychellois athlete
Wikipedia - List of accolades received by Hell or High Water -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of active Hellenic Navy ships -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airlines of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airports in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of alternative shells for Windows -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of amphibians of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of banks in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of birds of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of butterflies of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of chairmen of Shell -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of colonial governors and administrators of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of companies of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of decommissioned ships of the Hellenic Navy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of diplomatic missions in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of diplomatic missions of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of ecoregions in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of equipment of the Hellenic Army -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of flag bearers for Seychelles at the Olympics -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Fly Hellas destinations -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of frigates of the Hellenic Navy -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ghost in the Shell characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hellblazer creators -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hellenistic era philosophers
Wikipedia - List of Hell Girl episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hello, Larry episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hell on Wheels episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hellraiser characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hellsing episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hell's Kitchen episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Hell Teacher NM-EM-+bM-DM-^S episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of High Commissioners of the United Kingdom to Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Highway Thru Hell episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of historic aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international cricket centuries by Herschelle Gibbs -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international cricket five-wicket hauls by Mitchell Johnson -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of international cricket five-wicket hauls by Mitchell Starc -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Japanese hell ships -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of lighthouses in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of mammals of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Michelle Yeoh performances -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of mountains in Musselshell County, Montana -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of museums in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of non-marine molluscs of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of plants endemic to Hells Canyon -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of political parties in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of presidents of Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of programs broadcast by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Rhea Mitchell performances -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of rulers of Cappadocia -- the Achaemenid satraps and Hellenistic kings of Cappadocia
Wikipedia - List of Seychellois people -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Seychellois records in athletics -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Seychellois records in swimming -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Shell Icon Overlay Identifiers
Wikipedia - List of ships named Othello -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of surviving North American B-25 Mitchells -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of universities in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of U.S. state shells -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of works by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Lithosphere -- The rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite that is defined by its rigid mechanical properties
Wikipedia - Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men -- Volumes mostly written by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Living Hell (film) -- 2008 film by Richard Jefferies
Wikipedia - Liz Sherman -- Fictional character from the Hellboy comic books
Wikipedia - LM-CM-)chelles railway station -- Railway station in Switzerland
Wikipedia - Long Hello and Short Goodbye -- 1999 film
Wikipedia - Lorene Bethell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Louis Bashell -- American polka musician, 1914-2008
Wikipedia - Lowdon Heller -- American politician
Wikipedia - Lsh -- Remote shell services or command execution for secure network services between two networked computers
Wikipedia - Luc de Larochelliere -- Canadian singer from Quebec
Wikipedia - Luigi Meneghello
Wikipedia - Luise Helletsgruber -- Austrian operatic (soprano
Wikipedia - Lukas Achtschelling -- Flemish landscape painter
Wikipedia - Luke Mitchell -- Australian actor and model
Wikipedia - M104 155mm Cartridge -- Chemical artillery shell
Wikipedia - Mad as Hell -- 2015 film by Andrew Napier
Wikipedia - Madeline Amgott -- Madeline Rochelle Amgott (August 31, 1921 - July 19, 2014) was an American television news producer.
Wikipedia - Maggie Lena Mitchell Walker
Wikipedia - Magnar Hellebust -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Magnus Hellstrom -- Swedish sailor
Wikipedia - Maia Mitchell -- Australian actress and singer
Wikipedia - Mairia burchellii -- A perennial plant in the daisy family from South Africa
Wikipedia - Major Mitchell's cockatoo -- Type of cockatoo
Wikipedia - Manuel Marti -- Spanish archaeologist, humanist, writer,and Hellenist
Wikipedia - Margaret Howell Mitchell -- Ornithologist
Wikipedia - Margaret Mitchell (photographer) -- Scottish photographer
Wikipedia - Margaret Mitchell (scientist)
Wikipedia - Margaret Mitchell (Scottish politician) -- Scottish Conservative politician
Wikipedia - Margaret Mitchell -- American author and journalist
Wikipedia - Margiana -- Province within the Iranian and Hellenistic states
Wikipedia - Maria Angela Ardinghelli -- Italian mathematician, physicist, and translator
Wikipedia - Maria Ardinghelli
Wikipedia - Maria Mitchell -- American astronomer
Wikipedia - Marian Shields Robinson -- Mother of Michelle Robinson and the mother-in-law of President Barack Obama
Wikipedia - Maria Scheller Zambrano -- Argentine composer
Wikipedia - Maria Schell -- Austrian-Swiss actress
Wikipedia - Marielle Heller -- American writer, director, and actor
Wikipedia - Marie-Louise Potter -- Seychellois politician and diplomat
Wikipedia - Marighella (film) -- 2019 film directed by Wagner Moura
Wikipedia - Marilyn Price-Mitchell
Wikipedia - Marj Mitchell -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Mark Hellinger -- American journalism, columnist, and film producer
Wikipedia - Mark Mitchell (Canadian figure skater) -- Canadian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Mark Mitchell (speed skater) -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Markos Drakos (general) -- Lieutenant General of the Hellenic Army
Wikipedia - Martha Mitchell (author) -- American librarian and archivist
Wikipedia - Martha Mitchell (director) -- American television director
Wikipedia - Martha Mitchell effect -- Labelling real experiences as delusional
Wikipedia - Martha Mitchell -- Political socialite and Watergate whistleblower
Wikipedia - Martin E. Hellman
Wikipedia - Martin Hellberg -- German actor, director, screenwriter
Wikipedia - Martin Hellman
Wikipedia - Martin Pfurtscheller -- Austrian biathlete
Wikipedia - Martin Schippert -- Swiss Hells' Angel
Wikipedia - Marty Sheller -- American jazz trumpeter
Wikipedia - Maruja in Hell -- 1983 film
Wikipedia - Mary Ann Liebert -- Company in New Rochelle, United States
Wikipedia - Maryann Mitchell -- American politician from Washington
Wikipedia - Mary Hellen Maher -- American librarian
Wikipedia - Mary Mitchell (athlete) -- New Zealand athlete
Wikipedia - Mary Shelley (film) -- 2017 period-drama film
Wikipedia - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (film) -- 1994 horror film directed by Kenneth Branagh
Wikipedia - Mary Shelley -- English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, travel writer
Wikipedia - Masquerade in Mexico -- 1945 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Mathilda Twomey -- Seychellois lawyer and academic
Wikipedia - Mattie Mitchell -- MiM-bM-^@M-^Ykmaq chieftain, guide & explorer
Wikipedia - Maurice Loustau-Lalanne -- Seychellois government minister
Wikipedia - Maurice (Shelley)
Wikipedia - Maurizio Minghella -- Convicted Italian serial killer
Wikipedia - Max-Hellmuth Ostermann -- German World War II flying ace
Wikipedia - Maximilian Hell
Wikipedia - Max Minghella -- British actor
Wikipedia - May De Silva -- Seychellois management expert
Wikipedia - McKim Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Agnes Heller -- Hungarian philosopher, teacher
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Jeria -- Chilean mother of President Michelle Bachelet
Wikipedia - McMansion Hell -- Website which humorously critiques "McMansions"
Wikipedia - Me and Morrison -- 2001 film by Lenka Hellstedt
Wikipedia - Mechelle Lewis -- Athletics competitor
Wikipedia - Megachile leachella -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile mitchelli -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Megachile seychellensis -- Species of leafcutter bee (Megachile)
Wikipedia - Melanie Mitchell
Wikipedia - M. Elizabeth Shellabarger -- Nurse
Wikipedia - Membrane theory of shells -- Describes the mechanical properties of shells
Wikipedia - Meredith Mitchell -- Australian agronomist
Wikipedia - Merkle-Hellman knapsack cryptosystem
Wikipedia - Merrily We Go to Hell -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Michael Cassio -- character in Othello
Wikipedia - Michael Heller (poet)
Wikipedia - Michael Shelley (mathematician) -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michal Heller
Wikipedia - Michele Mitchell (diver) -- American diver
Wikipedia - Michele Mitchell (journalist) -- Journalist, author
Wikipedia - Michelle Alexander (archaeologist) -- Bioarchaeologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Alexander -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Michelle Allen -- Canadian female curler
Wikipedia - Michelle Amos -- American electronics design engineer
Wikipedia - Michelle Anthony -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Michelle Arana -- Belizean judge
Wikipedia - Michelle Attoh -- Actress & TV Personality
Wikipedia - Michelle Bachelet -- 34th & 36th President of Chile
Wikipedia - Michelle Bai -- Chinese actress and singer
Wikipedia - Michelle Ballantyne -- British
Wikipedia - Michelle Bauer -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Beasley -- American painter
Wikipedia - Michelle Beaudoin -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Beckley -- Texas state legislator
Wikipedia - Michelle Beck -- American actress based in New York City
Wikipedia - Michelle Behennah -- British model
Wikipedia - Michelle Belegrin -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Michelle Beling -- South African actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Bello -- Nigerian filmmaker
Wikipedia - Michelle Benson -- American accountant and politician, Republican member of the Minnesota State Senate
Wikipedia - Michelle Bholat -- American physician
Wikipedia - Michelle Biloon -- American stand-up comic
Wikipedia - Michelle Bitting -- American poet
Wikipedia - Michelle Boisseau -- American poet
Wikipedia - Michelle Bolsonaro -- 38th First Lady of Brazil
Wikipedia - Michelle Bonner -- American journalist and businesswoman
Wikipedia - Michelle Borth -- Actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Boulos -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Branch discography -- artist discography
Wikipedia - Michelle Braun -- Filipino beauty pageant contestant
Wikipedia - Michelle Bridges -- Personal trainer, author, television personality
Wikipedia - Michelle Brown -- British politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Bubenicek -- French medievalist historian
Wikipedia - Michelle Buckingham -- Canadian Olympic judoka
Wikipedia - Michelle Burke -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Bush-Cuke -- Caymanian athlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Caldier -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Campi -- American gymnast
Wikipedia - Michelle Carey -- Irish athlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Carter (athlete) -- American shot putter
Wikipedia - Michelle Caruso-Cabrera -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Castelletti -- Maltese conductor, singer and composer
Wikipedia - Michelle Chamuel -- American singer, songwriter and producer
Wikipedia - Michelle Chan (diplomat) -- Australian diplomat
Wikipedia - Michelle Chang -- Chemist
Wikipedia - Michelle Chia -- Singaporean actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Ciccolo -- Massachusetts politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Cliff
Wikipedia - Michelle Clunie -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Collard -- Canadian biathlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Collins (comedian) -- Comedian
Wikipedia - Michelle Collins -- Actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Connor -- Fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Street
Wikipedia - Michelle Conway -- Canadian gymnast
Wikipedia - Michelle Cook -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Coote -- Australian polymer chemist
Wikipedia - Michelle Cox -- Australian softball outfielder
Wikipedia - Michelle Coy -- British bobsledder
Wikipedia - Michelle Cronin -- Canadian pair skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Davidson (actress) -- Australian actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Davison -- American diver
Wikipedia - Michelle Dee -- Filipino actress, model, athlete, presenter, and beauty queen
Wikipedia - Michelle de Jong -- Dutch speed skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Dekker -- Dutch snowboarder
Wikipedia - Michelle Dench -- Australian sportswoman
Wikipedia - Michelle de Saubonne -- French royal governess
Wikipedia - Michelle Desbarats -- Canadian poet
Wikipedia - Michelle Despain -- Argentine-American luge athlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Dickinson -- New Zealand nanotechnologist and science educator
Wikipedia - Michelle Dilhara -- Sri Lankan actress and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Michelle Dillon -- British triathlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Dion -- American political scientist
Wikipedia - Michelle D. Johnson -- US Air Force general
Wikipedia - Michelle Dockery -- English actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Dockrill -- Canadian former politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Donelan -- British Conservative politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Douglas -- Canadian human rights activist
Wikipedia - Michelle Drouin -- American researcher
Wikipedia - Michelle Duff -- Canadian motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Michelle Duncan -- British actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Dunkley -- English female athlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Dunphy -- American politician from Maine
Wikipedia - Michelle Dusserre -- American artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Michelle Edwards (hurdler) -- British hurdler
Wikipedia - Michelle Effros
Wikipedia - Michelle Ekizian -- American composer of Armenian heritage
Wikipedia - Michelle Ellsworth -- American dancer and performance artist
Wikipedia - Michelle Englot -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Michelle Erickson -- American ceramic artist
Wikipedia - Michelle Errichiello -- Australian athlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Estill -- American professional golfer
Wikipedia - Michelle Facos -- American art historian
Wikipedia - Michelle Fairley -- Northern Irish actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Featherstone -- British singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Michelle Federer -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Ferguson-Cohen -- American author of children's books and screenplays
Wikipedia - Michelle Fields -- American political journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Fischbach -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Fisher -- South African chess player
Wikipedia - Michelle Forbes -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Fountain -- British entomologist and ecologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Fowler -- fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Michelle Fraley -- First Puerto Rican woman to graduate from West Point Military Academy
Wikipedia - Michelle Francl -- American chemist
Wikipedia - Michelle Gibson -- American equestrian
Wikipedia - Michelle Gildernew -- Irish politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen -- Gibraltarian beauty pageant titleholder
Wikipedia - Michelle Girvan -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Michelle Glass -- New Zealand pharmacology academic
Wikipedia - Michelle Gomez -- Scottish actress (born 1966)
Wikipedia - Michelle Gorelow -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Gorgone -- American snowboarder
Wikipedia - Michelle Gould (racquetball) -- American racquetball player
Wikipedia - Michelle Grabner -- American artist
Wikipedia - Michelle Gray (neuroscientist) -- American Neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Michelle Gregor -- American figurative sculptor
Wikipedia - Michelle Gribi -- Swiss female curler
Wikipedia - Michelle Gulyas -- Hungarian modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Michelle Gurevich -- Canadian singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Michelle Haber -- Australian oncologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Hamer (author)
Wikipedia - Michelle Hamer
Wikipedia - Michelle Harrison -- British author
Wikipedia - Michelle Harvey -- Australian forensic scientist
Wikipedia - Michelle Heimberg -- Swiss diver
Wikipedia - Michelle Hinchey -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Horn -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Howard -- US Navy admiral
Wikipedia - Michelle Hurd -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Hurst -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Jacques (curator) -- Canadian curator
Wikipedia - Michelle Jenner -- Spanish actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Johnson (actress) -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Johnson (athlete) -- American hurdler
Wikipedia - Michelle Kaufmann -- American architect
Wikipedia - Michelle Keegan -- British actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Kettner -- Australian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Michelle Key -- American racquetball player
Wikipedia - Michelle Khare -- YouTuber
Wikipedia - Michelle Kline -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Knudsen -- American writer
Wikipedia - Michelle Koh -- Malaysian professional golfer
Wikipedia - Michelle Krusiec -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle K. Ryan -- Professor of social and organisational psychology
Wikipedia - Michelle Kwan -- American figure skater
Wikipedia - Michelle L'amour -- American neo-burlesque performer
Wikipedia - Michelle Landry -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Lane Smithwick -- American former politial appointee
Wikipedia - Michelle Langstone -- New Zealand actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Lang -- Canadian journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Latimer -- Canadian actor and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Michelle LaVallee -- Canadian curator, artist, and educator
Wikipedia - Michelle L. Bell -- American environmental engineer
Wikipedia - Michelle-Lee Ahye -- Sprint athlete from Trinidad and Tobago
Wikipedia - Michelle Lee (editor) -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Leonardo -- American model
Wikipedia - Michelle L. Hayworth -- American Air Force general
Wikipedia - Michelle Lou -- American composer and bassist
Wikipedia - Michelle Luciano -- Scottish psychologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Lujan Grisham -- 32nd Governor of New Mexico
Wikipedia - Michelle L. Wachs -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michelle Madoff -- Canadian-born American legislator
Wikipedia - Michelle Madrigal -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Mae -- American musician
Wikipedia - Michelle Malkin -- American author and journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Manes -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Michelle Marder Kamhi -- Scholar and critic of the arts
Wikipedia - Michelle Matlock -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Maylene -- American pornographic actress (born 1987)
Wikipedia - Michelle McDonald -- Canadian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Michelle McGann -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Michelle McIlveen -- Northern Irish DUP politician
Wikipedia - Michelle McManus (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle McManus -- Scottish singer-songwriter, columnist, and actress
Wikipedia - Michelle McMurry-Heath -- Immunologist
Wikipedia - Michelle McNamara -- American writer
Wikipedia - Michelle McQuaid -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Michelle Meister -- German field hockey umpire (b. 1978)
Wikipedia - Michelle Meldrum -- Musician
Wikipedia - Michelle Menzies -- Canadian former pair skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Miller -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Monaghan -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Mone, Baroness Mone of Mayfair -- Scottish business person (born 1971)
Wikipedia - Michelle Monje -- American neurologist and researcher
Wikipedia - Michelle Morgan (actress) -- Canadian actress (born 1981)
Wikipedia - Michelle Morton -- Canadian speed skater
Wikipedia - Michelle Mosalakae -- South African actress (born 1994)
Wikipedia - Michelle Moultrie -- American softball player
Wikipedia - Michelle M. Pettit -- Assistant U.S. Attorney
Wikipedia - Michelle Mueller -- Canadian equestrian
Wikipedia - Michelle Murphy -- Canadian philosopher
Wikipedia - Michelle Mylett -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Ng -- Malaysian politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Nicolini -- Brazilian BJJ practitioner and MMA fighter
Wikipedia - Michelle Nijhuis -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Nolden -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Nunn -- American nonprofit executive
Wikipedia - Michelle Obama -- Lawyer, writer and former First Lady of the United States
Wikipedia - Michelle Olvera -- Mexican actress
Wikipedia - Michelle O'Malley -- American chemical engineer
Wikipedia - Michelle O'Neill -- Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Vice President of Sinn FM-CM-)in
Wikipedia - Michelle Paradise -- American writer, producer and actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Paver -- English children's fiction writer
Wikipedia - Michelle P. Brown
Wikipedia - Michelle Pfeiffer -- American actress and producer
Wikipedia - Michelle Phillips -- American singer, actress, songwriter
Wikipedia - Michelle Pierce -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Povinelli -- American physicist and nanophotonics researcher
Wikipedia - Michelle Pye -- Canadian soccer referee
Wikipedia - Michelle Ramaglia -- Mexican actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Reis -- Hong Kong actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Rejwan -- American film producer and business executive
Wikipedia - Michelle Rempel Garner -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Rhee -- American educational reformer
Wikipedia - Michelle Roberts -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Rodgers -- Beauty pageant contestant
Wikipedia - Michelle Rodriguez -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Rogan-Finnemore -- American geologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Rogers (judoka) -- British judoka
Wikipedia - Michelle Rohl -- American racewalker
Wikipedia - Michelle Rojas -- American voice actor
Wikipedia - Michelle Rosaldo -- American anthropologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Rossignol -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Rowland -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Ruff -- American voice actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Russell -- Canadian sprint kayaker
Wikipedia - Michelle Rzepecki -- Australian goalball player
Wikipedia - Michelle Rzepka -- American bobsledder
Wikipedia - Michelle Samuel-Foo -- American biologist
Wikipedia - Michelle Saram -- Singaporean actor-singer
Wikipedia - Michelle Scherer -- American environmental geochemist
Wikipedia - Michelle Senlis -- French lyricist
Wikipedia - Michelle Shocked -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Michelle Sima -- |Chinese actress from Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Michelle Simmons -- British-Australian quantum physicist
Wikipedia - Michelle Skeries -- German sport shooter
Wikipedia - Michelle Slaughter -- American judge
Wikipedia - Michelle Smith (fashion) -- American fashion designer
Wikipedia - Michelle (song)
Wikipedia - Michelle Spring -- Canadian sociologist and writer
Wikipedia - Michelle Steel -- American politician
Wikipedia - Michelle Stennett -- American politician from Idaho
Wikipedia - Michelle Sun -- Hong Kong entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Michelle Taggart -- American snowboarder
Wikipedia - Michelle Tanner -- Fictional character from Full House
Wikipedia - Michelle Tea -- American writer
Wikipedia - Michelle Telfer -- Australian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Michelle Thomas -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Thompson-Fawcett -- New Zealand geographer
Wikipedia - Michelle Thompson -- American taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Michelle Thorne -- British pornographic actress (born 1975)
Wikipedia - Michelle Trachtenberg -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Michelle Tremelling -- Australian archer
Wikipedia - Michelle Triola Marvin -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Tumolo -- American lacrosse player and coach
Wikipedia - Michelle Uhrig -- German speed skater
Wikipedia - Michelle van Eimeren -- Australian model
Wikipedia - Michelle Visage -- American singer, radio DJ, and media personality
Wikipedia - Michelle Wai -- Hong Kong actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Waterson -- American MMA fighter and model
Wikipedia - Michelle Wie -- American professional golfer
Wikipedia - Michelle Williams (actress) -- American actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Williams (singer) -- American musician
Wikipedia - Michelle Wong -- Singaporean actress
Wikipedia - Michelle Ye Hee Lee -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Michelle Yeoh -- Malaysian actress of Chinese ethnicity
Wikipedia - Michelle Zeltner -- Swiss heptathlete
Wikipedia - Michellie Jones -- Australian triathlete
Wikipedia - Michell structures -- Structures that are optimal based on the criteria defined by A.G.M. Michell
Wikipedia - Mickey Bushell -- British Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Micropterix calthella -- Moth species in family Micropterigidae
Wikipedia - Midas (Shelley play)
Wikipedia - Midnight (1939 film) -- 1939 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Mike Bithell -- British video game designer and developer
Wikipedia - Mike Bushell -- British sports presenter
Wikipedia - Mike Mitchell (cricketer) -- English cricketer and schoolmaster
Wikipedia - Mike Mitchell (director) -- American film director
Wikipedia - Mildred Mitchell-Bateman -- African-American psychiatrist and medical administrator
Wikipedia - Milja Hellsten -- Finnish curler
Wikipedia - Millard Mitchell -- American character actor
Wikipedia - Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport -- Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Wikipedia - Mission to Hell -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - Mitchell Allan -- Australian snowboarder
Wikipedia - Mitchell Anderson -- American character actor and chef
Wikipedia - Mitchell and Webb -- British comedy duo
Wikipedia - Mitchell Baker -- Chairwoman; former CEO
Wikipedia - Mitchell Bobrow -- American martial artist
Wikipedia - Mitchell Burgess -- American writer and producer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Carson -- Comic book character
Wikipedia - Mitchell Creek (Tunitas Creek tributary) -- River in the United States of America
Wikipedia - Mitchell Duneier -- American sociologist and ethnographer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Feigenbaum
Wikipedia - Mitchell Flint -- American lawyer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Galin -- American film and television producer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Goodman
Wikipedia - Mitchell Guist -- American hunter and television personality
Wikipedia - Mitchell Hawks -- Canadian junior ice hockey team
Wikipedia - Mitchell Hotel -- Historic building in Idaho, USA
Wikipedia - Mitchell House (Lebanon, Tennessee) -- United States national historic place
Wikipedia - Mitchell Iles-Crevatin -- Australian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Mitchell Islam -- Canadian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Mitchell J. Nathan
Wikipedia - Mitchell Joachim -- American architect
Wikipedia - Mitchell Kennerley -- American writer and publisher
Wikipedia - Mitchell-Lama Housing Program -- Housing Program
Wikipedia - Mitchell Lewis -- American actor
Wikipedia - Mitchell Map -- Historic map of the United States of America
Wikipedia - Mitchell Miller
Wikipedia - Mitchell Niemeyer -- Dutch musician
Wikipedia - Mitchell Paige -- US Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient
Wikipedia - Mitchell Power Plant -- Coal-fired power station in West Virginia
Wikipedia - Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. -- United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
Wikipedia - Mitchell River (North Carolina) -- Stream in North Carolina, USA
Wikipedia - Mitchell Robins -- Australian triathlete
Wikipedia - Mitchell-Rountree House -- Historic building in Platteville, Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Mitchell Rubin -- American businessman and politician
Wikipedia - Mitchell Rupe -- American convicted murderer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Scholarship
Wikipedia - Mitchell Schwartz
Wikipedia - Mitchell's embedding theorem -- Abelian categories, while abstractly defined, are in fact concrete categories of modules
Wikipedia - Mitchell's Fold -- Bronze Age stone circle in South-West Shropshire
Wikipedia - Mitchell Silk -- Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Wikipedia - Mitchell, South Dakota
Wikipedia - Mitchells Plain -- Suburb of Cape Town, in Western Cape, South Africa
Wikipedia - Mitchell State Park -- Park in Michigan, USA
Wikipedia - Mitchell Taylor -- Canadian biologist
Wikipedia - Mitchell Thomas (curler) -- Australian curler
Wikipedia - Mitchell Thomashow -- American writer, educator, and environmentalist
Wikipedia - Mitchell T. Rabkin -- American physician and professor
Wikipedia - Mitchell T. Rozanski -- American Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Mitchell v DPP -- Judicial Committee of the Privy Council case
Wikipedia - Mitchellville, Maryland -- Census-designated place in Maryland
Wikipedia - Mitchell Waite -- Computer book writer
Wikipedia - Mitchell Wand
Wikipedia - Mitchell Watt -- Australian track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Mitchell Whitfield -- American film, television and voice actor
Wikipedia - Mitchell Whitmore -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Mitchell Zuckoff -- American professor
Wikipedia - Mitrobates -- Achaemenid satrap of Daskyleion (Hellespontine Phrygia) during the reigns of Cyrus and Cambyses
Wikipedia - Mizanur Rahman Shelley -- Bangladeshi politician
Wikipedia - Moin -- Germanic greeting meaning "hello"
Wikipedia - Mollusc shell -- Exoskeleton of an animal in the phylum Mollusca
Wikipedia - Mo Mitchell (coach) -- American gymnastics coach
Wikipedia - Monastic Republic of Mount Athos -- Autonomous monastic republic near Mount Athos, the within the Hellenic Republic.
Wikipedia - Monica Heller -- Canadian linguist
Wikipedia - Monopis dimorphella -- Species of insect
Wikipedia - Monopis monachella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Monostichella coryli -- Species of fungus
Wikipedia - Monsignor Gerard Mitchell -- Catholic priest and university administrator (d. 1990)
Wikipedia - Monstropalpus helleri -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Montpelier Hill -- Site of the Hellfire Club, Dublin, Ireland
Wikipedia - Morchella rufobrunnea -- Species of edible fungus in the family Morchellaceae
Wikipedia - Morning Glory (2010 film) -- 2010 film by Roger Michell
Wikipedia - Morning in the Streets -- 1959 film by Denis Mitchell
Wikipedia - Motiva Enterprises -- Joint venture between Shell Oil and Saudi Refining
Wikipedia - Motoko Kusanagi -- Main Character in the Ghost in the Shell
Wikipedia - Mount Mitchell -- Highest mountain in North Carolina, United States
Wikipedia - Moustafa Chellouf -- Tunisian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Moyenne Island -- Small island in the Ste Anne Marine National Park off the north coast of MahM-CM-), Seychelles
Wikipedia - Mrs Bradley -- Fictional detective created by Gladys Mitchell
Wikipedia - Mr. Torture -- 2000 single by Helloween
Wikipedia - Murder at the Vanities -- 1934 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Murder of Helle Crafts -- Danish flight attendant murdered by her husband, airline pilot Richard Crafts
Wikipedia - Murder of Kyle Dinkheller -- Killing of a U.S. policeman, 1998
Wikipedia - Murder of Michelle Busha -- Murder case of American woman
Wikipedia - Murder of Michelle Le -- American murder case
Wikipedia - Murder of Michelle Martinko -- 1979 murder of American woman Michelle Martinko
Wikipedia - Murder of Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill -- American murder victims
Wikipedia - Muscarella xanthella -- Species of orchid plant
Wikipedia - Music of Seychelles
Wikipedia - Myopordon pulchellum -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Nanocapsule -- Nanoscale shell made from polymer
Wikipedia - Naraka (Hinduism) -- Hindu equivalent of Hell
Wikipedia - Naraka -- Hell in Indian religions
Wikipedia - Nathaniel Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - National Archives of Seychelles
Wikipedia - National Library of Seychelles
Wikipedia - Ned Justeen Azemia -- Seychellois hurdler
Wikipedia - Neighbours from Hell -- 2003 video game
Wikipedia - Nemean Games -- One of the four Panhellenic Games
Wikipedia - Neohelluo -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Nepenthes pervillei -- Species of pitcher plant from the Seychelles
Wikipedia - Nephalia -- Type of Hellenic religious offerings
Wikipedia - Nest Hello
Wikipedia - Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning -- Syndrome of shellfish poisoning
Wikipedia - New Rochelle 250th Anniversary half dollar -- Commemorative coin
Wikipedia - New Rochelle Historic Sites -- In Westchester County, New York
Wikipedia - New Rochelle, New York
Wikipedia - New Rochelle
Wikipedia - Newton Horace Winchell
Wikipedia - Niall Mitchell -- Irish hurler
Wikipedia - Nicholas Witchell -- BBC journalist
Wikipedia - Nick Mitchell -- American professional wrestler, mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Nicolas Duvauchelle -- French actor
Wikipedia - Nicole Mitchell (meteorologist) -- American meteorologist
Wikipedia - Niklas Hellberg -- Swedish musician
Wikipedia - Nils Hellner -- German archaeologist
Wikipedia - Nils Hellsten (gymnast) -- Swedish artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Norman Mitchell (sportsman) -- Australian sportsman
Wikipedia - Norman Shelley -- British actor
Wikipedia - North American B-25 Mitchell -- American medium bomber
Wikipedia - Notting Hill (film) -- 1999 film by Roger Michell
Wikipedia - Nuclear shell model -- Model of the atomic nucleus
Wikipedia - Nutshell (song) -- Song by Alice in Chains
Wikipedia - NYC, Hell 3:00 AM -- 2013 album by James Ferraro
Wikipedia - Ny-Hellesund
Wikipedia - Ogdru Hem -- Fictional supervillains in the Hellboy universe, children of the Ogdru Jahad
Wikipedia - Old Testament messianic prophecies quoted in the New Testament -- Jewish scripture hello quoted to support the claim that Jesus is the Messiah
Wikipedia - Olivella pulchella -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Oliver Bosbyshell -- Superintendent of the Philadelphia Mint, 1889 to 1894
Wikipedia - Oliver Vachell -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Olivia S. Mitchell -- American economist
Wikipedia - Operating system shell
Wikipedia - Operculum (gastropod) -- A hard structure which closes the aperture of a gastropod when the animal retreats into the shell
Wikipedia - Ornativalva pulchella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Orthocone -- Unusually long straight shell of a nautiloid cephalopod
Wikipedia - Othella Dallas -- American dancer and jazz singer
Wikipedia - Othello (1922 film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Othello (1951 film) -- 1951 film by Orson Welles
Wikipedia - Othello (1955 film)
Wikipedia - Othello (1956 film) -- 1955 film
Wikipedia - Othello (1964 Australian film) -- 1964 Australian television play by Patrick Barton
Wikipedia - Othello (1965 British film) -- 1965 film by Stuart Burge
Wikipedia - Othello (1990 film)
Wikipedia - Othello (1995 film)
Wikipedia - Othello (2001 film)
Wikipedia - Othello Ballet Suite/Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1
Wikipedia - Othello (ballet)
Wikipedia - Othello (character) -- character in "Othello"
Wikipedia - Othello (DvoM-EM-^Yak) -- Concert overture by DvoM-EM-^Yak
Wikipedia - Othello error
Wikipedia - Othello (Orson Welles stage production)
Wikipedia - Othello (paintings)
Wikipedia - Othello station -- Light rail station in Seattle, Washington
Wikipedia - Othello -- 1603 play by Shakespeare
Wikipedia - Othello Zavaroni -- French architect
Wikipedia - Otherworld -- Indo-European concept of hell
Wikipedia - Otto Hellmich -- Hungarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Outer Islands (Seychelles) -- Collective term for those islands of the Seychelles that are not on the shallow Seychelles Bank
Wikipedia - Outrunner -- Type of BLDC motor whose rotor is exposed and forms the outer shell of the motor; the shell moves (spins) during operation
Wikipedia - Oxalis pulchella -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Ozymandias -- Sonnets written by Percy Shelley and Horace Smith
Wikipedia - Pamela Charlette -- Seychellois
Wikipedia - Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn -- Manga
Wikipedia - Panhellenic Games -- Four distinct Ancient Greek sports festivals
Wikipedia - Panhellenic Liberation Movement
Wikipedia - Pannychella callicera -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Papilio hellanichus -- Species of butterfly
Wikipedia - Paracoryphella -- Genus of sea slugs
Wikipedia - Paralytic shellfish poisoning -- Syndrome of shellfish poisoning
Wikipedia - Parietal callus -- Shell anatomy of some groups of snails
Wikipedia - Parren Mitchell -- American politician
Wikipedia - Patchwork Girl (hypertext) -- Work of electronic literature by Shelley Jackson
Wikipedia - Patrick Mitchell -- British priest
Wikipedia - Patrick Pillay -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Patrick Schelling -- Swiss bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Paul Heller -- American film producer
Wikipedia - Paul Mitchell (athlete) -- Australian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Paul Mitchell (politician) -- American politician
Wikipedia - Paul Thellier -- French politician
Wikipedia - Paul Twitchell
Wikipedia - Paul Winchell -- American ventriloquist, voice actor, comedian, inventor, and humanitarian
Wikipedia - Pavlos Melas -- Hellenic Army officer
Wikipedia - Pearl -- Hard object produced within a living shelled mollusc
Wikipedia - Pecten maximus -- Species of mollusc, also called St James shell
Wikipedia - Pennsylvania Shell ethylene cracker plant
Wikipedia - Peppino, le modelle e chella la -- 1957 film
Wikipedia - Percy Bysse Shelley
Wikipedia - Percy Bysshe Shelley -- English Romantic poet
Wikipedia - Percy Florence Shelley
Wikipedia - Percy Shelley (potter)
Wikipedia - Per Hellmyrs -- Swedish bandy player
Wikipedia - Perittia karadaghella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Persuasion (1995 film) -- 1995 television film directed by Roger Michell
Wikipedia - Pete Mitchell (broadcaster) -- British broadcaster
Wikipedia - Peter Chalmers Mitchell
Wikipedia - Peter D. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Peter Hellenbrand -- Dutch sport shooter
Wikipedia - Peter Helliar -- Australian comedian and broadcaster
Wikipedia - Peter Hellings -- Royal Marines general
Wikipedia - Peter Mitchell (golfer) -- English golfer
Wikipedia - Peter Tatchell -- Human rights campaigner
Wikipedia - Petra Bockle -- Rapper, songwriter and singer of Seychellois and Kenyan decent
Wikipedia - Petrophile pulchella -- Species of shrub of the family Proteaceae found in eastern Australia
Wikipedia - Phantasiai -- Concept in Hellenistic philosophy representing information from sense experience
Wikipedia - Pharnaces (son of Arsames) -- Mayor of the palace to Achaemenid King Darius I and satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia (c. 565 BCE-497 BCE)
Wikipedia - Phellem
Wikipedia - Phellinus ellipsoideus -- Species of fungus in the family Hymenochaetaceae found in China
Wikipedia - Phellinus robiniae -- Species of fungus, infests black locusts
Wikipedia - Phellipe Haagensen -- Brazilian actor
Wikipedia - Phelloderm
Wikipedia - Phi Delta Epsilon -- International Pan-hellenic medical society
Wikipedia - Philhellenism
Wikipedia - Phillip Mitchell -- Singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Phil Mitchell -- Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Philosophy and Conceptual Art -- 2007 book by Peter Goldie and Elisabeth Schellekens
Wikipedia - Philo -- Hellenistic Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria (c. 20 BCE - c. 50 CE)
Wikipedia - Photosphere -- A star's outer shell from which light is radiated
Wikipedia - Phrynoponera pulchella -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Phyllocnistis labyrinthella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Phyllonorycter leucographella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Pierce Boshelly -- American painter and sculptor
Wikipedia - Pierre Drieu La Rochelle -- French writer
Wikipedia - Piraeus B -- Electoral constituency for the Hellenic Parliament
Wikipedia - Pithocarpa pulchella -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Platyhelluo -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Plumbago pulchella -- species of plant in the family Plumbaginaceae
Wikipedia - Plutarch -- Hellenistic Greek biographer, philosopher, & essayist
Wikipedia - Polyxena sarcophagus -- 6th century BC sarcophagus from Hellespontine Phrygia
Wikipedia - Porth Hellick Down -- Neolithic entrance grave on the Isles of Scilly
Wikipedia - Port of Hell -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - POSIX shell
Wikipedia - Posse from Hell -- 1961 film by Herbert Coleman
Wikipedia - PowerShell
Wikipedia - Prawn cocktail -- Shellfish appetizer
Wikipedia - Pray the Devil Back to Hell -- 2008 documentary film by Gini Reticker
Wikipedia - Problem of Hell -- Ethical problem in religion
Wikipedia - Proctacanthella willistoni -- Species of robber flies
Wikipedia - Prometheus Unbound (Shelley) -- 1820 lyrical drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - Proserpine (play) -- 1832 play by Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - Proverbs of Hell
Wikipedia - Pry (software) -- Shell interface for the Ruby programming language
Wikipedia - Psephellus bellus -- Species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae
Wikipedia - Psephellus -- Genus of Asteraceae plants
Wikipedia - Pseudocoptops seychellarum -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Ptolemaic Kingdom -- Hellenistic kingdom in ancient Egypt from 305 to 30 BC
Wikipedia - Public holidays in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Puka shell -- Naturally occurring bead-like objects
Wikipedia - Puppet Master (Ghost in the Shell)
Wikipedia - PWB shell
Wikipedia - Pyrrho -- Hellenistic Greek philosopher, founder of Pyrrhonism
Wikipedia - Pythian Games -- One of the Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece
Wikipedia - Qshell
Wikipedia - Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell -- University textbook by Anthony Zee
Wikipedia - Quebec Biker War -- Gang war in Quebec between the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels
Wikipedia - Rachelle Ann Go -- Filipino singer and international musical theater actress
Wikipedia - Rachelle Beinart -- British actress and stunt performer
Wikipedia - Rachelle Booth -- English taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - Rachelle Brown -- Canadian curler from Edmonton, Alberta
Wikipedia - Rachelle Cruz -- American writer
Wikipedia - Rachelle Ferrell (album) -- 1992 album by Rachelle Ferrell
Wikipedia - Rachelle Ferrell -- American vocalist and musician
Wikipedia - Rachelle Friedman -- American blogger
Wikipedia - Rachelle Henry -- American actress and filmmaker
Wikipedia - Rachelle Kunkel -- American diver
Wikipedia - Rachelle Lefevre -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Rachelle Strybosch -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Rachelle Vinberg -- American skateboarder and actress
Wikipedia - Racing shell -- Rowing boat designed for sport
Wikipedia - Radha Mitchell -- Australian actress
Wikipedia - Raja Chelliah -- Indian economist
Wikipedia - Ralph E. Twitchell -- American attorney, politician and writer
Wikipedia - Ralph Michell -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Rambles in Germany and Italy -- 1844 travel narrative book by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Ravit Helled -- Israeli planetary scientist
Wikipedia - Raychelle Burks -- American scientist and science communicator
Wikipedia - Raychelle Omamo -- Kenyan lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Rc shell
Wikipedia - Reavis L. Mitchell Jr. -- American historian
Wikipedia - Red Devils Motorcycle Club -- Outlaw motorcycle group of the Hells Angels MC
Wikipedia - Remember the Night -- 1940 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Remote Shell
Wikipedia - Remote shell
Wikipedia - Removal of Hell Gate rocks -- Clearing of New York City's East River
Wikipedia - RenM-CM-) Hell -- French actor
Wikipedia - Requiem of Hell -- 2004 video game
Wikipedia - Restricted shell
Wikipedia - Return from Hell -- 1983 film
Wikipedia - Revenge of the Killer Robots from Hell -- MS-DOS game
Wikipedia - Rhett Butler -- Fictional character from Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Wikipedia - Rhizanthella gardneri -- Species of orchid plant
Wikipedia - Rhizanthella speciosa -- Species of orchid
Wikipedia - Riccardo Bacchelli -- Italian writer
Wikipedia - Richard Bethell, 1st Baron Westbury -- British politician
Wikipedia - Richard Hell -- American actor and musician
Wikipedia - Richard Scheller -- American neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Richard Shelley
Wikipedia - Richard Smithells
Wikipedia - Richelle Simpson -- Canadian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Rick Yves Confiance -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - Ride to Hell: Retribution -- 2013 video game
Wikipedia - Riji -- Pubic coverings made of pearl shells traditionally worn by Aboriginal men in the north-west part of Australia
Wikipedia - Rio Breaks -- 2009 film directed by Justin Mitchell
Wikipedia - Road of Hell (1931 film) -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Robert Byington Mitchell -- American general & territorial governor (1823-1882)
Wikipedia - Robert Drumheller -- American set decorator
Wikipedia - Robert Fischell -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Robert Hellenga -- American writer
Wikipedia - Robert Heller (journalist) -- British management journalist (1932-2012)
Wikipedia - Robert Lyell Mitchell -- Scottish chemist and mountaineer
Wikipedia - Robert Michell (MP for Norwich) -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Robert Mitchell (architect) -- Scottish architect
Wikipedia - Robert Mitchell (canoeist) -- American canoeist
Wikipedia - Robert Mitchell (engraver) -- English engraver
Wikipedia - Robert Mitchell (speed skater) -- British speed skater
Wikipedia - Robert Mitchell (weightlifter) -- American weightlifter
Wikipedia - Robinson Mitchell -- British auctioneer
Wikipedia - Rob Scheller -- Dutch art historian
Wikipedia - Rochelle Abramson -- American violinist
Wikipedia - Rochelle Adonis -- Australian pastry chef, restaurateur, and television personality
Wikipedia - Rochelle Alers -- American writer of romance novels
Wikipedia - Rochelle Aytes -- American actress
Wikipedia - Rochelle Ballantyne -- American chess player
Wikipedia - Rochelle Blumenfeld -- American artist
Wikipedia - Rochelle Buffenstein -- American biologist
Wikipedia - Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- American attorney
Wikipedia - Rochelle Diamond -- American biologist
Wikipedia - Rochelle Galindo -- American politician from Colorado
Wikipedia - Rochelle Hudson -- Actress
Wikipedia - Rochelle Martinez -- American government statistician
Wikipedia - Rochelle Newman -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Rochelle Pangilinan -- Filipino actress, dancer and musician
Wikipedia - Rochelle Park, New Jersey -- Township in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Rochelle Park School District -- School district in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Rochelle Perts -- Dutch singer
Wikipedia - Rochelle Walensky -- American medical scientist
Wikipedia - Roderigo -- character in Othello
Wikipedia - Rodney Govinden -- Seychellois sailor
Wikipedia - Roger Bushell -- Royal Air Force officer
Wikipedia - Roger (Hellboy) -- Fictional character from the Hellboy comic books
Wikipedia - Roger Michell -- South African theatre, television and film director
Wikipedia - Roger R. Schell
Wikipedia - Rolf Hellem -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Roman Catholicism in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Romance Ranch -- 1924 film by Howard M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Ronnie Mitchell -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Ronnie Schell -- American actor, comedian and cartoon voice actor
Wikipedia - Rosalind Mitchell -- British politician
Wikipedia - Roshell Bissett -- Canadian independent filmmaker
Wikipedia - Rote Hellstrom -- Finnish sailor
Wikipedia - Roxy Mitchell -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Royal Dutch Shell -- British-Dutch oil and gas company
Wikipedia - Roy Mitchell (sailor) -- British sailor
Wikipedia - Rudolf Hell -- German electrical engineer and inventor
Wikipedia - Rushell Clayton -- Jamaican hurdler
Wikipedia - Rushelle Burton -- Jamaican hurdler
Wikipedia - Russell Hellman -- American politician from Michigan
Wikipedia - Russell Mitchell (gymnast) -- American gymnast
Wikipedia - Rustichello da Pisa -- Italian writer of the lat 13th century
Wikipedia - Ruthellen Josselson
Wikipedia - Ruth Etchells -- English poet, literary scholar and churchwoman
Wikipedia - Ruth Hellberg -- German actress
Wikipedia - Ryan Michelle Bathe -- American actress
Wikipedia - Safe in Hell -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Saint-Hellier
Wikipedia - Saints Row: Gat out of Hell -- 2015 action-adventure game
Wikipedia - Salvatore Fisichella -- Italian operatic tenor
Wikipedia - Sam Mitchell (EastEnders) -- EastEnders character
Wikipedia - Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli
Wikipedia - Samuel Mazzuchelli
Wikipedia - Samuel Mitchell (VC) -- Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Wikipedia - Sandra Esparon -- Seychellois singer and music performer
Wikipedia - Sandra Mitchell Hedetniemi -- American mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Sandra Mitchell
Wikipedia - San Shiki (anti-aircraft shell) -- Japanese anti-aircraft shell
Wikipedia - Sarah Michelle Gellar -- American actress
Wikipedia - Sarah Mitchell -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Sasha Mitchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - SaudiGeoSat-1/HellasSat-4 -- Geosynchronous communications satellite
Wikipedia - Scallop -- Common name for several shellfish, many edible
Wikipedia - Schell Bullet -- Japanese science fiction novel series
Wikipedia - Schellenbeck -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Schellenberg smuggling incident -- Drug smuggling incident of a Canadian in China
Wikipedia - Schell Games -- Video game developer
Wikipedia - Schelling's model of segregation -- Agent-based segregation model
Wikipedia - Sciota adelphella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Scopula pulchellata -- Species of geometer moth in subfamily Sterrhinae
Wikipedia - Scopula subpulchellata -- Species of geometer moth in subfamily Sterrhinae
Wikipedia - Scott A. Mitchell -- Applied mathematics researcher
Wikipedia - Scott Mitchell (Buddhist scholar) -- American scholar of Buddhism
Wikipedia - Scott Mitchell Rosenberg -- American film and television producer
Wikipedia - Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell -- Fictional couple from the soap opera Neighbours
Wikipedia - SDF Public Access Unix System -- Shell provider
Wikipedia - Seashell -- Hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea
Wikipedia - Second Hellenic Republic -- Former country
Wikipedia - Secure Shell
Wikipedia - Seleucid Empire -- Former Hellenistic state
Wikipedia - Sepp Schellhorn -- Austrian hotel manager and politician
Wikipedia - Sergio Fachelli -- Uruguayan musician
Wikipedia - Sericomyrmex burchelli -- Species of ant
Wikipedia - Sever Sternhell
Wikipedia - Seychelle Gabriel -- American actress
Wikipedia - Seychelles Democratic Party -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychelles Movement for Democracy -- Former political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychelles National Party -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychelles People's Progressive Front -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychelles swiftlet -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Seychelles Time -- Time zone
Wikipedia - Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychellois Alliance -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Seychellois rupee -- Currency of the Seychelles
Wikipedia - Shake It All About (film) -- 2001 Danish comedy-drama directed by Hella Joof
Wikipedia - Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell -- American fighter pilot
Wikipedia - Shay Mitchell -- Canadian actress, model, entrepreneur and author
Wikipedia - Shell 43 -- 1916 film by Reginald Barker
Wikipedia - Shella Airport -- Airport in Meghalaya, India
Wikipedia - Shellac (band) -- Band
Wikipedia - Shell account
Wikipedia - Shellal -- Human settlement in Egypt
Wikipedia - Shelland
Wikipedia - Shellback (record producer) -- Swedish record producer, songwriter and musician
Wikipedia - Shell builtin
Wikipedia - Shell Centre (Calgary) -- Office Tower in Calgary, Alberta
Wikipedia - Shell City, Minnesota -- Ghost town in Wadena County, United States
Wikipedia - Shellcode
Wikipedia - Shell (computing)
Wikipedia - Shell corporation -- Company with few, if any, actual assets or operations
Wikipedia - Shell Crisis of 1915 -- Political crisis in Britain
Wikipedia - Shell Danielson -- American actress and writer
Wikipedia - Shelled slug -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Shelley-Ann Brown -- Canadian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Shelley Archer -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Shelley Beattie -- American bodybuilder
Wikipedia - Shelley Berger -- American geneticist
Wikipedia - Shelley Berkley -- American politician and attorney
Wikipedia - Shelley Conn -- English actress
Wikipedia - Shelley Correll -- American sociologist
Wikipedia - Shelley Craft -- Australian television personality
Wikipedia - Shelley D. Minteer -- Professor of analytical chemistry
Wikipedia - Shelley Duvall -- American actress
Wikipedia - Shelley Eaton -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Shelley Emling
Wikipedia - Shelley E. Taylor
Wikipedia - Shelley Fabares -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Shelley (film) -- 2016 film
Wikipedia - Shelley Frisch
Wikipedia - Shelley Gillen -- Canadian producer
Wikipedia - Shelley Hadfield -- New Zealand Paralympian
Wikipedia - Shelley Haley -- American classical scholar
Wikipedia - Shelley Hamlin -- American professional golfer
Wikipedia - Shelley Hardy -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Shelley Hesson -- New Zealand sailor
Wikipedia - Shelley Hughes -- American politician
Wikipedia - Shelley Hurwitz -- American biostatistician
Wikipedia - Shelley Jackson
Wikipedia - Shelley Long -- American actress and comedian
Wikipedia - Shelley Malil -- American actor tried for attempted murder
Wikipedia - Shelley Martel -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Shelley McNamara -- Irish architect
Wikipedia - Shelley Memorial Award
Wikipedia - Shelley Memorial
Wikipedia - Shelley Moore Capito -- United States Senator from West Virginia
Wikipedia - Shelley Morrison -- American actress
Wikipedia - Shelley Powers
Wikipedia - Shelley Rhead-Skarvan -- Canadian speed skater
Wikipedia - Shelley Riley Moore -- First Lady of West Virginia
Wikipedia - Shelley Scarlett, 5th Baron Abinger -- Royal Navy officer
Wikipedia - Shelley's Cottage
Wikipedia - Shelley's crimsonwing -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Shelley Senter (dancer) -- American dancer, dance teacher, and Alexander Technique practitioner
Wikipedia - Shelley's francolin -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Shelley Smith (actress) -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Shelley Smith Mydans -- American writer
Wikipedia - Shelley Smith (sports reporter) -- American sports reporter
Wikipedia - Shelley's oliveback -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Shelley's Vegetarianism
Wikipedia - Shelley Taylor
Wikipedia - Shelley, West Yorkshire -- Village in West Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - Shelley White-Means -- Economist
Wikipedia - Shelley Winters -- American actress
Wikipedia - Shellfish poisoning -- Primarily associated with bivalve molluscs (such as mussels, clams, oysters and scallops
Wikipedia - Shellfish -- Culinary and fisheries term for exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates
Wikipedia - Shell Game (short story)
Wikipedia - Shell game -- Confidence trick
Wikipedia - Shell gold -- Gilding product
Wikipedia - Shell House massacre
Wikipedia - Shelli Boone -- American actress
Wikipedia - Shelling (fishing) -- Dolphin behavior
Wikipedia - Shelling of Johnston and Palmyra -- Military event
Wikipedia - Shell integration
Wikipedia - Shell jewelry
Wikipedia - Shell Lake murders -- Mass murder in Shell Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wikipedia - Shell money -- Prehistoric and historic currency using sea shells
Wikipedia - Shell Nigeria -- Oil branch of Royal dutch shell
Wikipedia - Shell Oil Company -- United States-based subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell
Wikipedia - Shell ring -- Type of shell mound
Wikipedia - Shell Rock Township, Freeborn County, Minnesota -- Township in Minnesota, United States
Wikipedia - Shell scripts
Wikipedia - Shell script -- Script written for the shell, or command line interpreter, of an operating system
Wikipedia - ShellShock Live -- 2015 multiplayer artillery video game
Wikipedia - Shellshock (software bug) -- Security bug in the Unix Bash shell discovered in 2014
Wikipedia - Shell shock -- Type of trauma experienced in World War One
Wikipedia - Shell shoveling
Wikipedia - Shellsort
Wikipedia - Shell theorem -- Statement on the gravitational attraction of spherical bodies.
Wikipedia - Shell works -- Complex constructions of mollusc shells
Wikipedia - Shellyann Evans -- Welsh singer
Wikipedia - Shelly Bond -- Comic book editor
Wikipedia - Shelly Bradley -- Canadian curler
Wikipedia - Shelly Chartier -- Canadian con artist
Wikipedia - Shelly Christensen -- American politician from Minnesota
Wikipedia - Shelly Clark -- American singer
Wikipedia - Shellycoat
Wikipedia - Shelly Cole -- American actress
Wikipedia - Shelly Colvin -- American singer-songwriter and musician
Wikipedia - Shelly Duncan -- American politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Errington -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Shelly Fairchild -- American musician (born 1977)
Wikipedia - Shelly Flagel -- American behavioral neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Shelly Frank -- United States restaurant executive
Wikipedia - Shelly Glover -- Canadian politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Gotlieb -- New Zealand snowboarder
Wikipedia - Shelly Gross -- American concert producer and promoter
Wikipedia - Shelly Harvey -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Shelly Jamison -- American model, news reporter and sub-anchor
Wikipedia - Shelly Johnson (Twin Peaks) -- Twin Peaks character
Wikipedia - Shelly Kagan -- American philosopher
Wikipedia - Shelly L. Hettleman -- Politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Lundberg -- Economist
Wikipedia - Shelly Manne -- American jazz drummer
Wikipedia - Shelly Martinez -- American professional wrestler and model
Wikipedia - Shelly M. Jones -- American mathematics educator
Wikipedia - Shelly Short -- American politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Simonds -- American teacher and politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Stokes -- American softball player
Wikipedia - Shelly Woods -- British Paralympic athlete (born 1986)
Wikipedia - Shelly Yachimovich -- Israeli politician
Wikipedia - Shelly Yakus -- American sound engineer
Wikipedia - Sherlock Holmes and the Man from Hell
Wikipedia - Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell
Wikipedia - Shifty Shellshock -- American musician
Wikipedia - Shireen Mitchell -- American entrepreneur, author, technology analyst
Wikipedia - Shortbus -- 2006 film by John Cameron Mitchell
Wikipedia - Shotgun shell -- Self-contained cartridge loaded with lead shot or a solid slug
Wikipedia - Shrapnel shell -- Anti personnel, carries shot near target and ejects it
Wikipedia - Shrek Forever After -- 2010 film directed by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - Sidney Weighell -- British trade unionist
Wikipedia - Siege of La Rochelle -- Height of the struggle between the Catholics and the Protestants in France
Wikipedia - Silas Weir Mitchell (actor) -- American actor
Wikipedia - Silas Weir Mitchell (physician)
Wikipedia - Silukkuvarupatti Singam -- 2018 film directed by Chella Ayyavu
Wikipedia - Silver Shell for Best Actress -- Award at the San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival
Wikipedia - Simon Mitchell -- New Zealand physician and author on diving medicine
Wikipedia - Siphuncle -- Strand of tissue passing longitudinally through the shell of a cephalopod mollusk
Wikipedia - Sir Bysshe Shelley, 1st Baronet
Wikipedia - Siril Helljesen -- Norwegian equestrian
Wikipedia - Sir John Shelley, 6th Baronet -- English cricketer, landowner, and Member of Parliament
Wikipedia - Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell
Wikipedia - Sir William Shelley -- English judge and politician
Wikipedia - Sky High (2005 film) -- 2005 film by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - Slavery in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Slug -- Shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusc
Wikipedia - Small tortoiseshell -- Species of butterfly in the family Nymphalidae
Wikipedia - Snail Shell (song) -- Song by They Might Be Giants
Wikipedia - Soft-shell clam -- Species of mollusc
Wikipedia - Soft Shell Man -- 2001 film by AndrM-CM-) Turpin
Wikipedia - Soini Helle -- Finnish chess player
Wikipedia - Solvathellam Unmai (film) -- 1987 film by Netaji
Wikipedia - Solveig Hellquist -- Swedish politician
Wikipedia - Songoula -- Fable of a monkey like figure in Seychellois folklore
Wikipedia - Song to a Seagull -- Debut album by Canadian singer-songwriterJoni Mitchell
Wikipedia - Sonny Barger -- American gang member and founding member of Hells Angels
Wikipedia - Sophia Vandagne -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - Sophia (wisdom) -- Personification of wisdom in Hellenistic philosophy
Wikipedia - Sophie LaRochelle -- Canadian engineer and university professor
Wikipedia - Sophisticated Lady -- Song composed by Duke Ellington, lyrics by Irving Mills and Mitchell Parish
Wikipedia - Soul Serenade (King Curtis song) -- 1968 song by Willie Mitchell
Wikipedia - South Fork Musselshell River -- River in Montana, US
Wikipedia - Special Security Directorate -- Anti-communist division of the Hellenic Gendarmerie (1929-1944)
Wikipedia - Springfield Armory Hellcat -- Polymer frame semi-automatic handgun
Wikipedia - SSH (Secure Shell) -- Cryptographic network protocol
Wikipedia - Stand-alone shell
Wikipedia - Stanley Mitchell (cricketer) -- Irish first-class cricketer, selector and sport administrator.
Wikipedia - Stanley Mitchell hut -- Building in British Columbia, Canada
Wikipedia - Stanley Robert Mitchell
Wikipedia - State House (Seychelles) -- Official residence of the President of the Seychelles
Wikipedia - Stefan Hell
Wikipedia - Stephen A. Mitchell (psychologist)
Wikipedia - Stephen Mitchell (translator)
Wikipedia - Stephen Mitchell
Wikipedia - Stephensia brunnichella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Sternbergia pulchella -- species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae
Wikipedia - Steve Mitchell (sailor) -- British sailor
Wikipedia - Steven Baccus -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - St. Francois Atoll -- Atoll in the Seychelles
Wikipedia - St. Gabriel's Church (New Rochelle, New York)
Wikipedia - Stigmella oxyacanthella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Stoicism -- School of Hellenistic Greek philosophy
Wikipedia - St. Pierre Island, Farquhar -- Island in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Straight to Hell (Drivin N Cryin song) -- Single
Wikipedia - Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay -- 2018 film directed by Sam Liu
Wikipedia - Sumner Getchell -- American actor
Wikipedia - Super-Charger Hell -- 2000 studio album by various artists
Wikipedia - Supreme Council of Ethnic Hellenes -- Non-profit Hellenic neopagan organisation established in Greece in 1997
Wikipedia - Surtshellir
Wikipedia - Surviving Christmas -- 2004 film by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - Susan Mitchell (Australian author) -- Australian author and oral historian
Wikipedia - Susanna Schellenberg
Wikipedia - Suzanne Dehelly -- French actress
Wikipedia - Svein Helling -- Norwegian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Sven Helleberg -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Sverre Helland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Sweet Lorraine -- 1928 jazz standard by Cliff Burwell (music) and Mitchell Parish (lyrics)
Wikipedia - Swing High, Swing Low (film) -- 1937 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - Tabby concrete -- A type of concrete using lime from burnt shell
Wikipedia - Tachikoma -- Fictional robot brand from Ghost in the Shell
Wikipedia - T. A. Gillespie Company Shell Loading Plant explosion -- Explosion at an ammunition plant in Sayreville, New Jersey, United States in 1918
Wikipedia - Tax hell -- Country or place with very high rates of taxation
Wikipedia - Tchello -- Brazilian guitarist
Wikipedia - Tcsh -- Unix shell based on and compatible with the C shell
Wikipedia - Team Hell No -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Tedd L. Mitchell -- American physician and academic administrator
Wikipedia - Telephone numbers in Seychelles -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - Template talk:Hello Games
Wikipedia - Template talk:Hell
Wikipedia - Template talk:Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - Template talk:Othello
Wikipedia - Template talk:Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - Template talk:Unix shells
Wikipedia - TENEX C shell
Wikipedia - Terrence Dixie -- Seychellois weightlifter
Wikipedia - Terschelling Frisian
Wikipedia - Terschelling -- One of the West Frisian Islands in the Netherlands
Wikipedia - Test (biology) -- Hard shell of some spherical marine animals
Wikipedia - That Mitchell and Webb Look -- British sketch comedy show
Wikipedia - The Adventures of Lucky Pierre -- 1961 film by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Wikipedia - The Aesthetic Mind -- 2011 book by Peter Goldie and Elisabeth Schellekens
Wikipedia - The Angel with the Trumpet (1950 film) -- 1950 film by Anthony Bushell
Wikipedia - The Big Broadcast of 1937 -- 1936 film by Mitchell Leisen, Norman Taurog
Wikipedia - The Big Broadcast of 1938 -- 1938 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - The Bone Clocks -- 2014 book by David Mitchell
Wikipedia - The Book of Pooh: Stories from the Heart -- 2001 film by Mitchell Kriegman
Wikipedia - The Brothers Schellenberg -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - The Cenci -- 1819 play by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - The Children's Hour (play) -- 1934 play by Lillian Hellman
Wikipedia - The Cloud Rider -- 1925 film by Bruce M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell -- 1955 film by Otto Preminger
Wikipedia - The Cruise of the Hellion -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's Systems of Philosophy
Wikipedia - The Disappeared (2012 film) -- 2012 film by Shandi Mitchell
Wikipedia - The Dog Stars -- 2012 novel by Peter Heller
Wikipedia - The Doorway to Hell -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - The English Patient (film) -- 1996 romantic drama film directed by Anthony Minghella
Wikipedia - The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck -- 1830 novel by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - The Gates of Hell -- Monumental sculpture by Auguste Rodin
Wikipedia - The Girl from Hell -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The Hellbenders -- 1967 film directed by Sergio Corbucci
Wikipedia - The Hell Cat (1934 film) -- 1934 film
Wikipedia - The Hellcat -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Hell Diggers -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - The Hellecasters -- An American guitar group
Wikipedia - The Hellfire Club (novel) -- 2018 political novel
Wikipedia - The Hellion (1919 film) -- 1919 American drama film directed by George L. Cox
Wikipedia - The Hellion (1924 film) -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The Hell of '63 -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - The Hell of Barballo -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - The Hell of Manitoba -- 1965 film
Wikipedia - The Hell Ship -- 1920 film
Wikipedia - The Impostor (hello goodbye) -- 2003 experimental short film
Wikipedia - The Journal of Hellenic Studies
Wikipedia - The Lady Is Willing (1942 film) -- 1942 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - The Last Man -- 1826 novel by Mary Shelley
Wikipedia - The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part -- 2019 animated film by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - The Life to Come (novel) -- Novel by Michelle de Kretser
Wikipedia - The Little Foxes -- Play by Lillian Hellman
Wikipedia - Thell Reed -- American exhibition shooter and firearms expert
Wikipedia - The Lonesome Trail (1930 film) -- 1930 film directed by Bruce Mitchell
Wikipedia - The Long Hard Road Out of Hell -- Book by Marilyn Manson
Wikipedia - The Man from Hell's Edges -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - The Man from Hell's River -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - The Man from Hell -- 1934 American western film directed by Lewis D. Collins
Wikipedia - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell -- Book with text and images by William Blake
Wikipedia - The Masque of Anarchy -- 1832 poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - The Mating Season (film) -- 1951 film by Mitchell Leisen
Wikipedia - The Mayor of Hell -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Wikipedia - The Michelle Obama Musiaqualogy -- Soundtrack to Michelle ObamaM-bM-^@M-^Ys memoir
Wikipedia - The New Jim Crow -- Nonfiction book about mass incarceration in the United States by Michelle Alexander
Wikipedia - The Othello Syndrome
Wikipedia - The Passing of Hell's Crown -- 1916 film
Wikipedia - The Pedestrian (film) -- 1973 film by Maximilian Schell
Wikipedia - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science -- 2005 book by Tom Bethell
Wikipedia - The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell -- Song by David Bowie
Wikipedia - The Rain (K. Michelle song) -- 2019 song by K. Michelle
Wikipedia - The rich get richer and the poor get poorer -- Aphorism due to Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wikipedia - The Seashell and the Clergyman -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Seashell Game -- Poetry anthology
Wikipedia - The Shell Game (film) -- 1918 silent film directed by George D. Baker
Wikipedia - The Shell Seekers (1989 film) -- 1989 film by Waris Hussein
Wikipedia - The Shell Seekers -- Book by Rosamunde Pilcher
Wikipedia - The System of Dante's Hell
Wikipedia - The Talented Mr. Ripley (film) -- 1999 film by Anthony Minghella
Wikipedia - The Terror (1963 film) -- 1963 film by Jack Nicholson, Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Hill, Monte Hellman
Wikipedia - The Texas Campfire Tapes -- Album by Michelle Shocked
Wikipedia - The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia -- 2019 bullet hell and typing video game
Wikipedia - The Three Women of Urban Hell -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Time of the Oath -- album by Helloween
Wikipedia - The Universe in a Nutshell -- 2001 Stephen Hawking's book
Wikipedia - The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser
Wikipedia - Thevalakkara Chellappan -- Indian screenwriter and director
Wikipedia - The Valley of Hell (film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The Virginian (play) -- 1903 theater production set in the Wild West, by American author Owen Wister and playwright [[Kirke La Shelle]]
Wikipedia - The Walls of Hell -- 1964 Filipino film directed by Eddie Romero and Gerardo de Leon
Wikipedia - The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1950 film) -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - The Wizard of Gore -- 1970 film by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Wikipedia - The Woman from Hell -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Thin-shell structure
Wikipedia - Thomas Bergersen -- Norwegian composer, founder of Two Steps from Hell.
Wikipedia - Thomas Bethell -- British politician, barrister
Wikipedia - Thomas Hellberg -- Swedish actor
Wikipedia - Thomas Michell -- 16th-century English politician
Wikipedia - Thomas Mitchell (actor) -- American actor, playwright and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Thomas Mitchell (explorer) -- Scottish surveyor and explorer of south-eastern Australia (1792-1855)
Wikipedia - Thomas Moller -- Swedish Hells Angels leader
Wikipedia - Thomas Schelling
Wikipedia - Thomas W. Mitchell -- American legal scholar
Wikipedia - Thompson shell
Wikipedia - Tia Hellebaut -- Belgian track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Tiffany Mitchell -- Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Wikipedia - Timon of Phlius -- Hellenistic Pyrrhonist philosopher
Wikipedia - Timothy Shelley
Wikipedia - Tim Shell
Wikipedia - To a Skylark -- Poem by Shelley
Wikipedia - Tobias Schellenberg -- German diver
Wikipedia - Togusa -- Fictional character from Ghost in the Shell
Wikipedia - To Hell & Back (Maren Morris song) -- 2020 single by Maren Morris
Wikipedia - To Hell and Back (film) -- 1955 film by Jesse Hibbs
Wikipedia - To Hell in a Handbag -- 2016 play by Helen Norton
Wikipedia - To Hell or Barbados -- Album by Damien Dempsey
Wikipedia - Tom Bethell -- American journalist
Wikipedia - Tom Mitchell (Irish politician) -- Irish politician
Wikipedia - Tom M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Toni Hellon -- American politician
Wikipedia - Tony Lespoir -- Seychellois canoeist
Wikipedia - To Reign in Hell -- 1984 fantasy novel by Steven Brust
Wikipedia - Tortoiseshell
Wikipedia - To the Shores of Hell -- 1966 film by Will Zens
Wikipedia - To What Red Hell -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Transcendental realism (Schelling)
Wikipedia - Travelogue (Joni Mitchell album) -- 2002 studio album by Joni Mitchell
Wikipedia - Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell -- 2018 American monster film by Don Michael Paul
Wikipedia - Trifurcula helladica -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Trishelle Cannatella -- American television personality
Wikipedia - Trito Programma Vrahea -- Radio station operated by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation
Wikipedia - Trolls (film) -- 2016 film by Mike Mitchell
Wikipedia - Trudy Hellier -- Australian film director
Wikipedia - Trump Plaza (New Rochelle) -- High-rise building in New Rochelle, NY, USA
Wikipedia - Tryphosa Bates-Batcheller -- American singer
Wikipedia - Tsakonian language -- Modern Hellenic language
Wikipedia - TT Hellenic Postbank -- Commercial bank
Wikipedia - Tue Hellstem -- Danish modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Turkey Run (Shellpot Creek tributary) -- Stream in Delaware, USA
Wikipedia - Turtle shells
Wikipedia - Tusk shell -- Class of elephant tusk shell molluscs
Wikipedia - Twinset -- Cardigan sweater with matching short sleeve pullover or shell
Wikipedia - Two Steps from Hell -- American trailer music company
Wikipedia - Two Thousand Maniacs! -- 1964 film by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Wikipedia - Tyler Drumheller -- CIA officer and antiwar activist
Wikipedia - Ty Mitchell -- American pornographic actor and writer
Wikipedia - Ulrich Hellige -- East German canoeist
Wikipedia - Unexpected (Michelle Williams album) -- 2008 studio album by Michelle Williams
Wikipedia - United Seychelles -- Political party in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Universal nut sheller -- Hand-operated machine capable of shelling large quantities of peanuts
Wikipedia - Unix shells
Wikipedia - UNIX shell
Wikipedia - Unix shell -- Command-line interpreter for Unix operating system
Wikipedia - Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can't Ditch and Switch? - The Awakening of Diamond and Silk -- Non-fiction book by Diamond and Silk
Wikipedia - Urocaridella pulchella -- Species of shrimp
Wikipedia - Ursula Bethell -- New Zealand poet and social worker
Wikipedia - User talk:SpiritedMichelle
Wikipedia - Utetheisa pulchella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Vachellia caven -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Vachellia farnesiana -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Vachellia kirkii -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Vachellia nilotica -- Species of flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae
Wikipedia - Vachellia seyal -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Vachellia tortilis -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Valdemar Atterdag holding Visby to ransom, 1361 -- 1882 painting by Carl Gustaf Hellqvist
Wikipedia - Vehicle registration plates of Seychelles -- Seychelles vehicle license plates
Wikipedia - Veikko Helle -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - Verpa bohemica -- Species of fungus in the family Morchellaceae found in northern North America, Europe, and Asia
Wikipedia - Vesa Hellman -- Finnish male wheelchair curler and Paralympian
Wikipedia - Vespoli -- Rowing shell manufacturer
Wikipedia - Vicki Michelle -- British actress
Wikipedia - Victoria, Seychelles -- Capital of the Seychelles
Wikipedia - Victor Mitchell (bridge) -- American bridge player
Wikipedia - Video from Hell -- 1987 film by Frank Zappa
Wikipedia - Viola Shelly Schantz -- American zoologist
Wikipedia - Virgil Meneghello DinM-DM-^Mic -- Croatian painter and art teacher
Wikipedia - Visa policy of Seychelles -- Policy on permits required to enter Seychelles
Wikipedia - Viscount Mount Cashell -- Irish viscountcy
Wikipedia - Vivianne Fock Tave -- Seychellois diplomat
Wikipedia - Waddie Mitchell
Wikipedia - Walfrid Hellman -- Swedish sport shooter
Wikipedia - Wallace Cosgrow -- Seychellois politician
Wikipedia - Walter Dishell -- American physician
Wikipedia - Walter Stadnick -- Canadian organized crime figure and Hells Angels member
Wikipedia - Walter Winchell -- American gossip journalist
Wikipedia - Wampum -- A traditional shell bead of the Eastern Woodlands tribes of American Indians
Wikipedia - War Is Hell (comics) -- Comic series
Wikipedia - War of the Cities -- Series of air raids, missile attacks and artillery shellings in the Iran-Iraq War
Wikipedia - Wavel Ramkalawan -- Seychellois politician and priest; current President of the Seychelles
Wikipedia - Web shell
Wikipedia - Well to Hell hoax -- Urban legend
Wikipedia - Wendell Mitchell Latimer -- American chemist
Wikipedia - Wendi Michelle Scott -- American Munchausen syndrome by proxy sufferer
Wikipedia - Wesley Clair Mitchell
Wikipedia - Westies -- Hell's Kitchen, New York City, Irish American organized crime gang
Wikipedia - What the Hell Have I -- 1993 single by Alice in Chains
Wikipedia - Whiteshell Provincial Park -- Provincial park in Manitoba, Canada
Wikipedia - Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art -- 2009 book by Peter Goldie and Elisabeth Schellekens
Wikipedia - Who the Hell Is Juliette? -- 1997 film by Carlos Marcovich
Wikipedia - Wiggle Wiggle (Hello Venus song) -- 2015 song by Hello Venus
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Seychelles -- Wikimedia subject-area collaboration
Wikipedia - Wilhelm Reich in Hell
Wikipedia - William Albert Setchell -- American botanist and naturalist
Wikipedia - William A. Mitchell -- American food chemist
Wikipedia - William Hellier Baily
Wikipedia - William John Burchell
Wikipedia - William Mitchell (Burnley MP) -- British politician (1838-1914)
Wikipedia - William Mitchell College of Law -- Private law school in St. Paul, Minnesota
Wikipedia - William Mitchell (philosopher)
Wikipedia - William Mitchell (physicist) -- British physicist, professor of physics
Wikipedia - William Mitchell Ramsay -- Scottish archaeologist and New Testament scholar (1851-1939)
Wikipedia - William Mitchell (sculptor) -- English sculptor
Wikipedia - Will O' the Wisp (novel) -- 1931 novel by the French writer Pierre Drieu La Rochelle
Wikipedia - Willy Hellpach
Wikipedia - Winchell Trail -- hiking area in Minneapolis
Wikipedia - Windows PowerShell
Wikipedia - Windows Powershell
Wikipedia - Windows Shell namespace
Wikipedia - Windows shell replacement
Wikipedia - Windows shell
Wikipedia - WinShell
Wikipedia - Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell -- 2001 film
Wikipedia - Wish (Unix shell)
Wikipedia - Wizard Reef -- Coral reef in the Seychelles
Wikipedia - W. J. T. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Wolfgang Hellmich -- German politician
Wikipedia - Wolfgat Nature Reserve -- Coastal nature reserve in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, South Africa
Wikipedia - Wolfstein (Percy Bysshe Shelley chapbook)
Wikipedia - Women in Seychelles
Wikipedia - Won in the Clouds -- 1928 film by Bruce M. Mitchell
Wikipedia - Workplace Shell
Wikipedia - Would It Kill You? -- 2010 album by Hellogoodbye
Wikipedia - WRNN-TV -- Independent TV station in New Rochelle, New York
Wikipedia - WVIP -- Radio station in New Rochelle, New York
Wikipedia - WVOX -- Talk radio station in New Rochelle, New York, United States
Wikipedia - WWE Hell in a Cell -- WWE pay-per-view event series
Wikipedia - Yama -- god of death and the ruler of the hell, in Hinduism, Buddhism, and various Indo-European mythologies
Wikipedia - Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell -- Television series
Wikipedia - Yuko Shimizu -- Hello Kitty creator
Wikipedia - Zeev Sternhell -- Israeli historian
Wikipedia - Zenity -- Free software that allows the execution of GTK dialog boxes in command-line and shell scripts
Wikipedia - Zinora Mitchell-Rankin -- American judge
Wikipedia - Z Shell
Wikipedia - Z shell -- Unix shell
Full House (1987 - 1995) - Full House is centered around a sports broadcaster later turned morning talk show host, Wake Up San Francisco, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) and his three little girls D.J. , Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. In the beginning of the series Danny Tanner's wife is killed by a drunk driver so, he needs help r...
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997 - 2003) - Sarah Michelle Gellar Stars As Buffy Summers The One Teenage Girl On Earth With The Strength And Skill To Hunt Vampires, With The Help Of Her Close friends, She Balances Between Slaying Vampires, Family And Friends, She Also Has The Difficult Task Of Being A Vampire Slayer And Loving, One Moment Of...
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1993 - 1994) - The series followed the exploits of survival-savvy garage mechanic Jack Tenrec, (who had a passion for restoring classic car shells, mainly those of Cadillacs) and his often-reluctant companion, the lovely foreign ambassador Hannah Dundee (who hired Jack as a liason while she attempted to create cle...
Moesha (1996 - 2001) - Moesha Deniese Mitchell( famous singer Brandy) is teenager who soon became an adult, learning various issues to do with love, sex, relationship and family. Following her mothers death Moesha looked after her father Frank Mitchell (William Allen Young) and brother Myles Mitchell (Marcus T. Paulk) She...
Just the Ten of Us (1988 - 1990) - Basketball coach dad Graham Lubbock lives with wife Elizabeth and 8 kids. The oldest Marie (18), Wendy (17), Cindy Anne (17)(Wendy and Cindy were twins), Connie (15), Sherry (11), J.R. (10) and the twins Harvey and Michelle. In the 2nd season they added baby Mellissa. Situation Comedy. It aired the...
Hello Kitty and Friends (1987 - 1988) - Each show featured 2 15 minute adventures of Hello Kitty or one of the other cute Sanrio characters.
Child's Toy/Kodomo No Omocha/Kodocha (1996 - 1997) - Sana Kurata has a charmed life. Not only is her mother is a famous, award-winning writer, but she's the star of the hit TV comedy "Child's Toy" while still in the fifth grade. But Sana's biggest concern is Akito Hayama, a pint-sized hellion who's organized the boys in their grade-school class into a...
The Bozo Show (1962 - 2011) - A variety show on WGN in Chicago showed the talent of many actors. Two people would portray Bozo over the shows run. Famous Magician Marshell Brodien got his start as Wizzo T. Wizard (the T stood for Walter).Entertainer and radio/tv broadcaster:Bob Bell was the first performer to mc the series as...
V.I.P. (1998 - 2002) - Blonde bombshell Valerie Irons starts an protection agency to serve everyone from high-class celebs to the most desperate victims. Most of their job start out as simple assignments but they turn into all out fights before all is said and done.
Hello Larry (1979 - 1980) - McLean Stevenson (whom left the very sucessful M*A*S*H after the third season) starred in this short lived TV series about a divorced radio pychathrist (not unlike "Fraiser") struggling to keep his life together, while juggling his professional career with raising two teen girls. Even a cross-over w...
Love Connection (1983 - 1993) - Woolery asks questions about what happened on their date. Sometimes, the two really hit it off ,and the two could not wait to see each other again. Woolery would invite the date onstage to reunite with the bachelor(ette). Other times, they simply had no chemistry or the date came straight from Hell...
Hell's Kitchen (2005 - Current) - U.S. Version of the popular UK game show. 18 contestants must cook in front of strict chef Gordon Ramsey for a chance to become chef at a high-end restaurant.
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1998 - 1999) - The tv show follows the journeys of Eric Draven (Mark Dacascos) as he tries to balance good and evil so he can be reunited with his deceased girlfriend, Shelly Webster (Sabine Karsenti). Unlike the original Crow movie, Eric Draven in the tv series stays behind to help other people, not just those w...
Faerie Tale Theatre (1982 - 1987) - Hosted by Shelley Duval, this program featured some of the best-known stars in Hollywood performing adaptations of traditional fairy tales.
Pacific Palisades (1997 - 1997) - This one-hour serial drama from Aaron Spelling follows the lives of young professionals who have it all, but haven't paid for it yet, on the Southern California fast track to fame, fortune, scandal and ruin. The cast of characters includes Joanna (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Hadley (Jarrod Emick), a...
Hello Kitty (1929 - 2002) - Hello Kitty Was A Show About Hello Kitty And Friends. The Show Was Complete Of 2 15minute shows about sanaris hello kitty and friends went throug. Some Shows Were 30minutes becuase some were based on fairy tales like cinderella, snow white and more. Wonderful Show.
Brimstone (1998 - 1999) - Detective Ezekiel Stone (Peter Horton) murders his wife's rapist, and then dies in the line of duty and is sent to hell for his sins. 113 souls escape from hell, and the devil gives Stone a chance to earn his way out. If he can go back to earth and recapture these 113 souls, he's free to go. also fe...
Jack and Mike (1986 - 1987) - This American television drama series is about a Chicago newspaper columnist named Jackie Shea (Shelley Hack), and a restaurant owner named Mike Brennan (Tom Mason).
Let's Have Fun (1960 - 1968) - Local:WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC Sunday Mornings Sunday September 18,1960-June,1968 Hosts/Performers:Chuck McCann & Paul Ashley,"Capt.Jack"McCarthy,Terry Bennett,Hank Stohl,"Beachcomber Bill"Biery,Tom Tichenor,"Fireman Frank"(ScoeyMitchell).
Winchell/Mahoney Time (1965 - 1968) - Syndicated:1965 Set against the backdrop of the town of"Funsville"..Paul Winchell tries to cope with the antics of his puppet pals and the other members of"The Jerry Mahoney Fan Club".This is a revamped version of Mr.Winchell's NBC TV kids show of the mid 1950's.
The Paul Winchell Show (1958 - 1960) - ABC TV Network sunday evenings 1958-60..Ventriloquist/Entertainer:Paul Winchell and his puppet pals"Jerry Mahoney","Knuclehead Smiff" and "Oswald"perform comedy skits and introduce variety acts.
Circus Time (1956 - 1957) - ABC TV Network 1956-1957 Ventriloquist/entertainer:Paul Winchell and his puppet pals:"Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff"perform and introduce circus and variety acts for their viewers and studio audiences.
Cartoonies (1963 - 1963) - ABC TV Network saturday mornings 1963..Ventriloquist/entertainer:Paul Winchell and his puppet pals"Jerry Mahoney & Knuclehead Smiff"entertain their viewers inbewteen the reruns of the Famous movie cartoons.
The Simpsons Shorts (1987 - 1989) - These shorts were the first apperance of the simpsons. Creator Matt groining was originally going to do an animated version of his Life In Hell comic strip.These shorts were bumpers on the Tracy Ullman Show.
Ghost Hound (2007 - 2008) - is an anime television series, created by Production I.G and Masamune Shirow, noted for being the creator of the Ghost in the Shell series.[2] The original concept and design was first developed by Shirow in 1987.[3] It is Production I.G's 20th anniversary project and was first announced at the 2007...
R.O.D the TV (2003 - 2004) - a 26-episode anime television series, animated by J.C.Staff and Studio Deen and produced by Aniplex, directed by Koji Masunari and scripted by Hideyuki Kurata, about the adventures of three paper-manipulating sisters, Michelle, Maggie and Anita, who become the bodyguards of Nenene Sumiregawa, a famo...
Hell Girl (2005 - 2017) - an anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen.It focuses on the existence of a supernatural system that allows people to take revenge by having other people sent to Hell via the services of the mysterious title character and her assistants who implement this system.[3] Revenge, injustice, hatr...
Game Shakers (2015 - 2019) - an American comedy television series created by Dan Schneider that premiered on Nickelodeon on September 12, 2015. The series stars Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin "Lil' P-Nut" Flores, Jr., Thomas Kuc, and Kel Mitchell.The series revolves around two seventh graders, Babe and Kenzie, living...
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (2014 - 2018) - a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Natsumi Eguchi [ja]. The plot revolves around Hozuki, a demon who works for the King and Head Judge of Hell. It has been serialized by Kodansha in the magazine Weekly Morning since March 2011, with chapters collected in twenty-seven tankbon volumes...
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002 - 2005) - In the not so distant future, mankind has advanced to a state where complete body transplants from flesh to machine is possible. This allows for great increases in both physical and cybernetic prowess and blurring the lines between the two worlds. However, criminals can also make full use of such te...
Hellsing (2001 - 2002) - Hellsing, an organization specializing in dealing with supernatural threats, is called in to eliminate a vampire that is turning the villagers of Cheddar into ghouls. To put an end to this, the leader of the organization, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, dispatches her most formidable asset:...
Hotch Potch House (1996 - 2002) - a 1996 BBC television series aimed at preschool children. It starred Richard Coombs as Raggs, Francis Wright (Art Attack) as Shelley and Rebecca Nagan (Rosie and Jim) as Woolie. It was directed by Vivienne Cozens and shot at Grip House Studios. The stated aim was to "have the puppets teach children...
Hello! Sandybell (1981 - 1982) - an anime series made by Toei Animation in 1981.[1] It was aired in Japan by TV the story of a girl who lives in Scotland with her father. She spends her time playing with her faithful dog (Oliver) and her friends. One day she meets the Countess of Wellington, a kind-hearted woman living in...
Calimero (1972 - 1975) - Calimero is an Italian/Japanese animated cartoon about a charming, but hapless anthropomorphized chicken; the only black one in a family of yellow chickens. He wears half of his egg shell still on his head.
Hello Mrs. Cherrywinkle (1996 - 2004) - a children's educational television program that aired in 1996. It centered on the adventures of the title character, Mrs. Cherrywinkle (portrayed by Kathy "Babe" Robinson, of Philadelphia, PA), a stout woman full of energy who interacted with a variety of puppets in her home and garden. The puppets...
Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord (1997 - 1997) - Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord (1997) is a children's television miniseries, and a sequel to Spellbinder. Both series deal with children travelling between parallel universes, although the only common characters between the two series are Ashka (Heather Mitchell), and her sidekick Gryvon (Ra...
3-2-1 Penguins! (2000 - 2008) - Twins Jason and Michelle are spending summer with their English Grandmum in The Poconos region of New York. The ship reveals the four penguins are the crew of a real spaceship. The twins is then pulled into the ship and taken on a galactic adventure.
Shelldon (2009 - Current) - The adventures of a shellfish named Shelldon and his friends Herman and Connie.
Shelldon (2009 - 2011) - Shelldon
The Crow(1994) - Based on the comic book, this story tells about a man named Eric who was murdered along with his fiance, Shelly, who was also raped, by a gang of street thugs who broke into their apartment on "Devil's Night" (October 30). One year later, he is resurrected by a crow and seeks out vengeance on his...
Hellraiser(1987) - "HELLRAISER" [1987 - New World Pictures] - 10 ou
Rad(1986) - The story of Cru Jones, a young man who can overcome all obstacles that prevent him from participating in the BMX race "Helltrack." As he works towards his dream, Cru falls in love with Christian, an amateur racer. With the help of Christian and his friends, can Cru's "Rad Racing Team" defeat the to...
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth(1992) - A sleazy nightclub owner purchases a strange, disturbing sculpture, which he soon discovers contains a mysterious, ornate puzzle box. This box is a legendary object that promises the secrets of ultimate pain and pleasure, but is in fact a gateway to hell. Soon the box's new owner has unleashed the e...
Spawn(1997) - Al Simmons Has Been Killed By Jason Wynn, After He Is Killed, He Is In Hell, Where Satan Offers Him A Deal, Al Simmons Accepts The Deal And He Is Transformed Into Spawn, Once He Returns To Earth, Al Simmons Meets A Strange Clown Like Demon Called Violator And A Mysterious Old Man Called Cogliostro W...
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday(1993) - It's 1993. The world has changed. But apparently The Blind Melons, Spin Doctors and the Wacko in Waco still haven't changed the world enough to make it forget about Jaso
The Amityville Horror(1979) - The Lutz Family moves into a house on the coast of long island, thinking that it is their dream home. They quickly realize that all is not as it seems. A room full of flies, priests and nuns are driven away from the house in fits of sickness, and a secret room that seems to be a gate to hell are j...
Hellraiser II: Hellbound(1988) - Horror fantasist Clive Barker, director of the original Hellraiser, maintained creative control over this worthy sequel as Executive Producer, but was unable to occupy the director's chair due to his involvement on other projects. His creative touch is still quite evident here, as the original film'...
The Shining(1997) - Jack Torrance (Steven Weber) takes a job at the foreboding Overlook Hotel for the winter. But when his son (Courtland Mead) taps into the evil psychic energy that thrives in the grand hotel, all hell break
Airborne(1993) - Mitchell Goosen (Shane McDermott) is sixteen/seventeen year old kid from California who loves to surf and rollerblade. Yet, his parents, who are two zoologists were given a grant to work in Australia. The only problem was: Mitchell couldn't go with them. So, he gets sent to stay with his aunt, uncle...
Mother Goose Rock 'N Rhyme(1990) - Return to Rhymeland as Shelley Duvall and some very famous friends star in Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme, a live action, comedy/music fable-fest the entire family will floc
Can't Hardly Wait(1998) - After the Huntington Hills High graduation ceremony, the fun gets underway at the graduation party where an assortment of jocks, geeks, prom queens, bimbos, headbangers, and nerdy misfits unload four years' worth of emotional baggage at a house where the hostess (Michelle Brookhurst) loses control o...
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead(1991) - Single Mother goes away for the summer. The kids are first delighted but then find that Mom has hired the sitter from hell to stay with them. When the sitter dies of a sudden coronary they deposit the body at a mortuary only to discover all their Summer expense money was in her purse. The kids must...
Hellraiser: Bloodline(1996) - Clive Barker's horrific creation Pinhead (Doug Bradley) returns to the screen for the fourth (and purportedly final) time in this time-juggling horror opus. In 18th century France, Phillippe LeMarchand (Bruce Ramsay) constructs a black puzzle box for the wizard Duc de L'Isle (Mickey Cottrell); howev...
Gone With The Wind(1939) - Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel and produced by David O. Selznick, of Selznick International Pictures. Set in the 19th-century American South, the film tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) an...
Three O'Clock High(1987) - Preppy high school reporter Jerry Mitchell is asked to write a story on a tough new kid named Buddy Revell, a boy rumored to have a violent past. Jerry tries to call off the story, but in the process he infuriates Buddy, who challenges him to a parking lot brawl immediately after school that same da...
Hellraiser: Inferno(2000) - Supernatural villain Pinhead finds himself on the wrong side of the law in this, the fifth film in the Hellraiser franchise. Joseph (Craig Sheffer) is a detective with the L.A.P.D. who one morning discovers he's no longer living in California he's been exiled to Hades, and the only way to escape...
Whore(1991) - Russell's avowed purpose with Whore was to avoid the glamorous depiction of prostitution common to such slick Hollywood products as Pretty Woman. As played by Theresa Russell (no relation to Ken), the eponymous character lives a hellish existence. Relating her story directly to the camera, Russell i...
What Dreams May Come(1998) - Chris Neilson dies to find himself in a heaven more amazing than he could have ever dreamed of. There is one thing missing: his wife. After he dies, his wife, Annie killed herself and went to hell. Chris decides to risk eternity in hades for the small chance that he will be able to bring her back to...
Taxi Driver(1976) - Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is an ex-Marine lost and adrift in 1970's Manhatta when he finds a job driving a taxi through the hellish streets of the city. One night he encounters a young prostitute (Jodie Foster) and a phoney politician and his life shifts into a new direction. He wants to save t...
Highway to Hell(1991) - Charlie and Rachel run away from home to get married in Las Vegas. But they get attacked by a zombie who takes Rachel with him to hell, where she will become one of Satan's brides
The Money Pit(1986) - Money Pit (American) is a 1986 film comedy remake of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House starring Tom Hanks as Walter Fielding Jr., an entertainment industry lawyer and Shelley Long as Anna Crowley, a violinist who recently divorced her husband, Max Beissart, played by Alexander Godunov. Max happen...
Gimme an 'F'(1984) - In order to win a wager,a cheerleading instructor(Stephen Shellen)must get a misfit squad of cheerleaders into shape.
Sometimes They Come Back... Again(1996) - Murderous spirits hell-bent on revenge return to haunt John Porter, a young man whose sister they had murdered three-decades ago. Just as before, they start tormenting him by taking over the body of his lovely teenage daughter, but the spirits make a terrible mistake by underestimating Porter; for t...
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell(1974) - The sixth entry in Hammer Films' Frankenstein series, this film finds Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) in charge of a lunatic asylum. When young doctor Simon Helder (Shane Bryant) is institutionalized for attempting to create synthetic life, Frankenstein is delighted: now he'll have an assistant f...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour(19
State of Grace(1990) - This directorial effort from Phil Joanou stars Sean Penn as an Irish-American undercover cop working the Hell's Kitchen beat. Penn is ostensibly on a sentimental journey to his old neighborhood. Actually he's been assigned to infiltrate a criminal gang led by Ed Harris, the brother of Sean's best fr...
Sleepers(1996) - Four boys growing up in Hell's Kitchen play a prank that leads to an old man getting hurt. Sentenced to no less than one year in the Wilkenson Center in upstate New York, the four friends are changed by the beating, humiliation and sexual abuse by the guards sworn to protect them. Thirteen years lat...
The Gates Of Hell(1981) - Father William Thomas commits suicide (by hanging himself) and has released the Gates of Hell in a small unsuspecting town named Dunwich. Zombies rise from the grave with supernatural power killing off the citizens one by one. Psychic Mary Woodhouse and reporter Peter Bell find out about the case an...
The Legend of Hell House(1973) - Physicist Lionel Barrett has been asked to make an investigation into the subject of "life after death" in the notorious Belasco House (owned by millionaire and accused killer Emeric Belasco). The house is believed to be haunted by Belacso and the people he has harmed throughout the years through hi...
Ghost in the Shell(1995) - In the year 2029, the barriers of our world have been broken down by the net and by cybernetics, but this brings new vulnerability to humans in the form of brain-hacking. When a highly-wanted hacker known as 'The Puppetmaster' begins involving them in politics, Section 9, a group of cybernetically e...
The Eyes of the Panther(1990) - This film first debuted as an episode of the television anthology Shelley Duvall's Nightmare Classics. Based on a story by Ambrose Bierce, it tells of how the spirit of a wild panther continually plagues a young woman (Daphne Zuniga).
The Cemetery Club(1993) - Based on the play by Ivan Menchell, this drama concerns three friends, Doris (Olympia Dukakis), Lucille (Diane Ladd), and Esther (Ellen Burstyn). All three live in the same Jewish community in Pittsburgh, are in their mid-to-late 50s, and have become widows within the past few months. Once a week, t...
Fortress(1993) - Elements of Orwellian science-fiction and old-fashioned prison dramas are combined in this futuristic action film, as an unjustly imprisoned couple attempts to escape from a high-tech jail known as The Fortress. The Fortress is the tool of a repressive government, an imposing, computerized hell, fea...
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back(1991) - This sequel to the popular Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle centers on the exploits of David Sloan (Sasha Mitchell) the younger brother of the two fighters (Van Damme and Dennis Alexio) who died in the first installment. As this episode begins, David has given up competition and is running a kickboxing...
Kickboxer 3: The Art of War(1992) - Star Sasha Mitchell returns for the second Kickboxer sequel, playing a kick-boxing champion who rescues a kidnapped girl from the Rio de Janeiro mob.
Turbulence(1997) - Airplane travel is a precarious thing at best, and despite the billions of miles traveled safely, the notion of being trapped in a thin metal shell miles above the ground with someone who deliberately imperils lives never fails to chill. In this thriller, serial killer Ryan Weaver (Ray Liotta) gets...
Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold(1990) - This confused sequel bearing many names in the credits: Delta Force 2, Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection to the first Delta Force movie lacks the nightmarish collection of guest stars gracing the first film, i.e. Hanna Shygulla, Martin Balsam, Shell...
Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!(1989) - It is difficult to believe that this wretched sequel was Monte Hellman's first American film since Cockfighter (1974), and even more difficult to believe that it is the work of the man behind cult classics like Two-Lane Blacktop, The Shooting, and Back Door to Hell. The grown-up Ricky (Bill Moseley...
Frankenstein 90(1984) - Yet another incarnation of Mary Shelley's 1818 Frankenstein, this uneven spoof by Alain Jessua casts Victor Frankenstein as a cybernetics wizard who constructs his monster with a notable lack of aesthetic sense but invests him with great microprocessors, and the newly-minted ogre finds life rather l...
The Night Stalker(1987) - Sergeant J.J. Striker (Charles Napier) is a hard-drinking cop who tracks down a serial killer that can seemingly repel bullets in this routine crime drama made in 1985. Sommers (Robert Zdar) kills prostitutes and paints Chinese symbols on his victims. Rene (Michelle Reese) is the hooker who teems up...
Let's Talk About Sex(1998) - Troy Beyer wrote, directed and stars in this Miami-based comedy-drama about advice columnist Jazz (Beyer) who plans a TV show, has a week to pull together a pilot, and enlists her best friends Michelle (Paget Brewster) and Lena (Randi Ingerman). With the basic premise of women discussing relationshi...
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein(1994) - Director Kenneth Branagh's interpretation of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel stars Robert DeNiro as a terrifying monster created in an obsessive attempt to defeat death and stretch the limits of medicine in the early 19th century. With the use of flashback, a dying Dr. Viktor Frankenstein (Kenne...
Girlfriend from Hell(1989) - With its catchy title and over-the-top premise, this fairly amusing horror comedy plays like a kinder, gentler variation on the type of fare offered by the bad-taste moguls at Troma Studios. The story begins in the thick of a metaphysical battle between a decidedly female Satan (Lezlie Deane) and on...
Hell Night(1981) - This plodding, derivative slasher opus a surprise box-office hit stars Exorcist vet Linda Blair as one of a quartet of sorority and fraternity pledges required to spend the title evening of their initiation inside the spooky Garth Manor. The mansion was the site of a gruesome multiple murder,...
Terror of Frankenstein(1977) - Terror of Frankenstein, an Irish/Swedish coproduction, avoids the gimmickry and anachronisms which have distinguished previous versions of the Frankenstein story. This is done through the simple expedient of returning to the source, the original 19th century Mary Shelley novel. Terror is virtually a...
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss(1990) - Mary Lou, the prom queen burned to death by her boyfriend back in the fifties, has escaped from hell and is once again walking the hallways of Hamilton High School, looking for blood. She chooses as her escort in world of the living Alex, an average depressed student with dreams of one day becoming...
Gate II: Return to the Nightmare(1990) - It's been five years since Terry's friend Glen discovered The Gate to hell in his backyard. Glen has now moved away and Terry begins practicing rituals in Glen's old house and eventually bringing back demons through The Gate and leading to demoniac possession and near world domination.
Dave(1993) - Bill Mitchell is the philandering and distant President of the United States. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and caring Temp Agency operator, who by a staggering coincidence looks exactly like the President. As such, when Mitchell wants to escape an official luncheon, the Secret Service hires Dave to...
Relax ... It's Just Sex(1998) - Tara (Jennifer Tilly) hosts a dinner party. When she discusses the HIV-positive results of her lover's brother, others join in with their opinions on AIDS. Black artist Buzz (T.C. Carson), brought to the party as the date of Vincey (Mitchell Anderson), quickly becomes a twosome with Javi (Eddie Garc...
She-Devil(1989) - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...and that's just what happened to fat and frumpy Ruth Patchett. A devoted housewife and mother she tries to please her husband, Bob, an accountant who is trying to climb the social ladder a little bit higher. Her only means of escape is through the romance n...
The Snapper(1993) - Dessie Curley is an average working class man with a wife and six children in a tight knit community. But life in this cheerful and noisy Irish home is hit by a bombshell, when the eldest daughter, 20 year old Sharon, announces that she's pregnant...and to make things even more complicated, she ref...
Year of the Dragon(1985) - Chinese Mafia head Joey Tai (John Lone) is raising Hell all over Chinatown, and troubled New York City police officer Stanley White (Mickey Rourke) has decided to take him down. As the body count escalates, the married White begins an affair with a lovely young reporter named Tracy Tzu (Ariane). It'...
Bride Of Frankenstein(1935) - Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein) is with friends and reveals more of the continuing story of Frankenstein. Dr.Henry Frankenstein and The Monster have survived the burning of the windmill and escaped. Henry is return home but The Monster remains on the loose. While Dr. Frankenstein has rejec...
Johnny Got His Gun(1971) - A solider named Joe Bonham is hit by a artillery shell on the last day of WWI and is whiped out of his senses except to think and feel and has his arms and legs cut off from the injuries and must decide whether to remain bed ridden for the rest of his life,or decide to pull the plug on his own life....
52 Pick-Up(1986) - L.A businessman Harry Mitchell (Roy Scheider) has a nice house, a nice car and a beautiful and politically-oriented wife named Barbara (Ann-Margret). Despite all that, though, he has a young mistress named Cini (Kelly Preston). A dalliance between Harry and Cini is caught on tape, and a pornographer...
American Gigolo(1980) - Julian makes a lucrative living as an escort to older women in the Los Angeles area. He begins a relationship with Michelle, a local politician's wife, without expecting any pay. One of his clients is murdered and Detective Sunday begins pumping him for details on his different clients, something he...
Blame It on Rio(1984) - Caine plays a man on holiday in Rio with his best friend. Both men have teenage daughters with them. When Caine falls for the amorous daughter (played by Michelle Johnson) of his best friend, they embark on a secret, if slightly one-sided relationship. Johnson's father is furious when he finds out a...
The Hitcher(1986) - A young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked, framed for the hitcher's crimes, and has his life made into hell by the same man he escaped.
Firefox(1982) - A Vietnam veteran named Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood) is hired to steal a deadly new aircraft from the Russians. This aircraft is thought-controlled and can send missiles flying at targets without ever having to push a button. Getting in is hard and getting out will be harder.
Frosty Returns(1992) - The sequel to the original Frosty the Snowman, the story is about a little girl named Holly DeCarlo, who meets a talking snowman named Frosty in the park. And all the people in Beansboro think snow is such a pain in the neck, especially the evil power-hungry tycoon named Mr. Twitchell, who trys to m...
Hello Again(1987) - Lucy Chadman (Shelley Long) is a socialite who died after choking on some Chinese food. A year after her death, her spiritually-inclined sister Zelda (Judith Ivey) brings her back to life. Treated as a spiritual phenomenon, she also has to deal with the fact that her husband Jason (Corbin Bernsen) i...
Married to the Mob(1988) - Angela de Marco (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a mob wife on Long Island who wants to break free of that life. When her mobster husband "Cucumber" Frank de Marco (Alec Baldwin) is murdered, she sees an opportunity to get out of it. Moving into the city, she has to deal with minimum-wage jobs, a poor apartme...
Motel Hell(1980) - Farmer Vincent is well-known for the food he makes. His motto is "It takes all kind of critters to make Farmer Vincent's Fritters". If his clientele knew what those critters were, they probably wouldn't like it. Who will stop him and his sister Ida?
In The Mouth Of Madness(1994) - With the disappearance of hack horror writer Sutter Cane, all Hell is breaking loose...literally! Author Cane, it seems, has a knack for description that really brings his evil creepy-crawlies to life. Insurance investigator John Trent is sent to investigate Cane's mysterious vanishing act and ends...
Into the Night(1985) - A cuckolded and bored man named Ed Okin (Jeff Goldblum) meets a young woman named Diana (Michelle Pfeiffer) when she runs into his car at an airport, and the two go on an adventure through L.A that involves stolen diamonds and Middle Eastern thugs.
Roadie(1980) - Meat Loaf, in his first leading part as film actor, plays our hero, Travis W. Redfish, a vigorous, hell-raising, beer truck-driving Texan, whose musical knowledge (at least at the outset) is very limited -- for example, he thinks Alice Cooper is one of "Charlie's Angels." But it's his main skill --...
Swimming with Sharks(1994) - For young Guy, he thinks that his new job is a dream...but soon finds out that it is nothing more than a nightmare for he is working for the boss from Hell. Many people want the covenant position of being Buddy Ackerman's personal assistant at Keystone Pictures (many find it a start to bigger and be...
The Super(1991) - Joe Pesci stars as Louie Kritski, a heartless landlord who has been so negligent in keeping up his ghetto apartment that he is threatened with jail time. The judge gives him another option, which he accepts he must live in his rat-infested hell hole until he brings it up to liveable standards. Th...
Othello(1995) - Actor Oliver Parker made his directorial debut with this adaptation of the tragic play by William Shakespeare that abridges the original text by half and ups the quotient of sex and violence. Laurence Fishburne stars as the Moorish general Othello, who returns a hero after crushing an invasion attem...
Hexed(1993) - A loser,hotel clerk dates a supermodel,who turns out to be a killer.Starring Claudia Christian,Arye Gross,and Adrienne Shelly.
Mitchell(1975) - Mitchell is police detective who doesn't play by the rules. He's violent, harsh and doesn't obey orders given to him by his superiors. He out to stop a drug shipment no matter th
Hell Comes To Frogtown(1988) - In a post apocalyptic world an outlaw(Rowdy Roddy Piper) is drafted to rescue an imprisoned group of woman from a band of mutant frogs.
Crazy People(1990) - Hello. Meet Emory Leeson, an advertising executive who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is up against a deadline. Feeling stressed out, he decides to do something that no one has done before: take a "truthful" approach in advertisments. Unfortunately, his colleague, Stephen finds that hi...
Welcome to the Dollhouse(1995) - For many adolescents, junior high school is no fun...and for Dawn Wiener, a geeky seventh grader, it's a living hell. Neither pretty nor smart, she is constantly picked on by her cruel classmates (calling her mean names like Wienerdog and Ugly) as well as her teachers. At home, things are much worse...
Hell Up in Harlem(1973) - Tommy comes from a forced rest period due to injuries suffered in Harlem's gang warfare. With the help of his girl, he will reorganize his gang, and overcome his rival gang leaders, through extreme acts of violence and death.
Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder(1982) - Also known as Vietnam: Hell or Glory (Australia)) is a 1982 film directed by Peter Werner and written by Paul G. Hensler, set in the Vietna
Rita Sue and Bob Too(1987) - Two British teenagers(Siobhan Finneran and Michelle Holmes),who live in council housing,have an affair with a wealthier married man(George Costigan).
Return to Frogtown(1993) - Sequel to"Hell Comes to Frogtown" has Sam Hell(Robert Z'Dar)returning to Frogtown to rescue a Texas Rocket Ranger(Lou Ferrigno).
Van Helsing(2004) - Former Vampire Hunter Abraham Van Helsing Is Dispatched To Transylvania To Assist The Last Of The Valerious Bloodline In Defeating Count Dracula, Anna Valerious Reveals That Count Dracula Has Formed An Unholy Alliance With Frankenstein's Monster And Is Hellbent On Exacting A Century Old Curse On Her...
The Gorgon(1964) - A Gorgon that has taken on human form(Barbara Shelley)terrorize a small German Village.
Dallas Buyers Club(2013) - Based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, a Texas electrician who loves to gamble and be a typical hellraising cowboy. But when he is tested HIV-positive and given 30 days left to live, Ron refuses to give into despair. He goes out seeking alternative therapies and smuggles unapproved drugs into the...
Stop,Look & Laugh(1961)(1961) - Ventriloquist/Entertainer:Paul Winchell tries to cope with the antics of his puppet pals "Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff"..the film features clips from "The Three Stooges"shorts of the 1930's and 40's and a guest appearance from NYC based kids tv host/performer"Officer Joe"Bolton.
Born to be Wild(1995) - A young female gorilla is captured in the mountains of Africa and flown to California, where behavioral researcher Margaret Heller (Helen Shaver) begins teaching her sign language. Heller's moody teenage son, Rick (Will Horneff), bonds with the primate, now nicknamed Katie. When cynical circus owner...
Phil Collins: Live At Perkins Palace(1983) - Phil Collins plays at Perkins Palace on his 1982 "Hello, I Must Be Going" tour, his first solo tour. His backup band features Genesis band mates Daryl Steurmer and Chester Thompson, and the famous Earth, Wind, & Fire horns.
Sweet Liberty(1986) - This American comedy movie starring Alan Alda (who also written & directed the film) as College history professor Michael Burgess, Michael Caine as the egotistical Elliott James, Michelle Pfeiffer as the seemingly sweet Faith Healy, Bob Hoskins as low-brow screenwriter Stanley Gould, Lise Hilboldt a...
Ghost in the Shell 2.0(2008) - Mamoru Oshii's first Ghost in the Shell cyberspace film will return to five Japanese theaters in an enhanced Ghost in the Shell 2.0 edition on July 12. The new edition will include new computer graphics and digital effects for some scenes and a reunion of most of the cast members for a new 6.1 surro...
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie(2015) - In the year 2027, a year following the end of the non-nuclear World War IV, a bomb has gone off in Newport City, killing a major arms dealer who may have ties with the mysterious 501 Organization. Public Security official Daisuke Aramaki hires full-body cyber prosthesis user and hacker extraordinair...
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence(2004) - With Major Motoko Kusanagi missing, Section 9's Batou is assigned to investigate a string of gruesome murdersseemingly at the hands of faulty gynoids, or sex robots. But when a faulty gynoid leaves Batou a cryptic message, he begins to question the cause of their malfunctions. Suspicions of politic...
Ghost in the Shell (2017)(2017) - In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: a human who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability to hack into people's minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified t...
Wrath of the Ninja(1989) - The year a comet races across the sky, splitting the heavens, from the depths of the Earth the dark god shall arise once again. Then, the dark evil lurking in the shadows shall come out of the depths of Hell and show itself in the present world. The emotions of the blade of the wind shall collect at...
Monster From Green Hell(1957) - A scientific expedition in Africa investigates wasps that have been exposed to radiation and mutated into giant, killing monsters.
Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell(1990) - Sheila Caan is menaced by Satan worshipers on her journey from Brooklyn to Las Vegas. In an effort to find out what happened to her twin sister, she undergoes many treacherous journeys, a number of Satanist slayings, and a number of showers.
Hells Angels On Wheels(1967) - At first gas station attendant Poet is happy when the rockers gang "Hell's Angels" finally accepts him. But he's shocked when he learns how brutal they are - not even murder is a taboo to them. He gets himself in trouble when the leader's girlfriend falls in love with him - and he welcomes her appro...
A Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell(1990) - In a post-Armageddon world, a young woman finds herself in a fight for survival against mutant cavemen, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
Hughes And Harlow: Angels In Hell(1978) - This movie is about the making of the war drama "Hell's Angels".
Leave it to Beaver(1997) - Beaver gets his heart set on a bicycle in the store window, but does not think his parents will shell out that money for it. Eddie Haskell tells him that if he sucks up to his father, by signing up for football, he will be sure to get the bike on his upcoming birthday. Beaver enrolls on the football...
Phone Booth(2003) - Phone Booth is a 2003 American suspense/psychological thriller film about a man who is held hostage in a telephone booth by a sniper. It stars Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, and Radha Mitchell. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher, with music composed by Harry G...
Eagle Eye(2008) - Eagle Eye is a 2008 American thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso and starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan. The two portray a young man and a single mother who are brought together and coerced by an anonymous caller (Julianne Moore) into carrying out a plan by a possible terrorist organizat...
Boss N*****(1975) - Two black bounty hunters ride into a small town out West in pursuit of an outlaw. They discover that the town has no sheriff, and soon take over that position, much against the will of the mostly white townsfolk. They raise hell, chase women, and milk the locals for cash, while waiting for the oppor...
The Black Angels(1970) - When an African-American biker gang is tricked into believing that a white biker gang is planning a war, all hell breaks loose.
A Town Called Hell(1971) - A group of Mexican revolutionaries murders a town priest and a number of his christian followers. Ten years later, a widow arrives in town intent to take revenge from her husband's killers.
Nam's Angels(1970) - A team of Hell's Angels go to Vietnam to take on the Viet Cong army the biker way.
Hell's Bloody Devils(1970) - A government agent tries to break a Neo-Fascist group in California.
Teenage Exorcist(1991) - A college grad student moves into an old mansion and is soon beset by evil demons who possess her and make her life a living hell.
High School Hellcats(1958) - The Hellcats are an all-female gang bent on bucking authority and terrorizing the schools by doing things like having a bad attitude toward their teachers and parents. When Joyce, a new student, moves into the neighborhood, she draws the attention of The Hellcats. Desperate for acceptance and unhapp...
Frankenstein(1994) - Also called "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" this 1994 film is considered the most faithful adaptation of the classi
Cougar Club(2007) - When Spence and Hogan graduate from college, life is bleak. They have to work for heinous divorce lawyers that torture them. Spence has a girlfriend from hell and Hogan just wants to start his life already. As luck would have it, our two young men are presented with an opportunity, they develop a cl...
Talisman(1998) - As the millenium draws near, an evil being awakens. Fused to an ancient Talisman for centuries -- Theriel, the Black Angel is summoned from his resting place to usher in the end of the world. The ghastly messenger must claim seven human sacrifices to complete the ritual and open the gates of Hell. A...
Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm(1998) - Vampire Fledgling Michelle Morgan has escaped the grasp of her master Radu Vladislas. Found by a woman named Ana, she is taken to a hospital where a doctor claims to be able to cure her vampirism. Radu, recovering from the near-death delivered by Michelle and her friends, travels to Bucharest to fol...
Bloodlust: Subspecies 3(1994) - Still in the thrall of the evil vampire Radu, Michelle yearns to be taught the skills of the vampire. Meanwhile, her sister Becky tries to free her from his evil clutches, and this time, she's brought some help.
American Reunion(2012) - Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion.
Little Nicky(2000) - When somebody's mother is an angel and his father is the devil, life can be really confusing. For a sweet boy like Little Nicky, it just got a whole lot worse. His two evil brothers Adrian and Cassius have just escaped from Hell and are wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting earth. His dad is disintegrat...
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again(1998) - Five years after the events of the previous film Dennis Mitchell is finally back, and worse than ever. At the beginning of the movie, he goes over to Mr. Wilson's house to offer him one of several gifts for his birthday. These include lizards, snakes, bugs, and other creatures. This ordeal ends with...
Unspeakable(2000) - Impotent and unhappy middle-aged James Fhelleps goes murderously around the bend after an automobile accident claims the life of his beloved daughter Heather and turns his nagging wife Alice into a pathetic grotesquely disfigured cripple. James embarks on a savage killing spree, brutally butchering...
Hellboy(2004) - A Demon Raised From Infancy After Being Conjured By And Rescued From Nazis He Grows Up To Become A Defender Against The Forces Of Darkness.
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters(2007) - In Ottumwa, Iowa, Walter Day founded Twin Galaxies, an organization formed to keep track of high scores achieved on arcade games in the United States. Billy Mitchell, having achieved the highest ever recorded scores on Donkey Kong and Centipede in the 1980s, remains a video game legend in 2005. Twin...
Hood Of Horror(2006) - A hip hop horror anthology of three tales of terror told by the Hound of Hell that revolve around the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the afterlife.
Hellboy Animated: Blood And Iron(2007) - In 1939, young Professor Bruttenholm destroyed Erzsebet Ondrushko, a female vampire who bathed in the blood of innocents to stay young. Now someone in upstate New York is trying to bring her back, and the elderly Professor Broom has decided to investigate it himself. He takes the top BPRD agents, He...
Timber Falls(2007) - A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals.
Hell in the Pacific(1968) - Two unnamed WWII servicemen, one American (Lee Marvin) and one Japanese (Toshiro Mifune), are stranded on an unhabited Pacific Island
Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell(1968) - A group of survivors make it out of a plane crash however they then attacked by alie
From Hell It Came(1957) - A prince of a South Seas tribe is falsely accused of murder because of his connection to American scientists on the island. The prince's body buried underneath a tree which soon becomes exposed to nuclear radiation turning him into a "Tabonga". The tree monster soon takes his revenge on those that w...
Memorial Day (1983 TV Film)(1983) - Memorial Day is a 1983 American made-for-television war drama film directed by Joseph Sargent and starring Mike Farrell, Robert Walden, Danny Glover and Shelley Fabares. It originally premiered November 27, 1983 o
Curly Top(1935) - Curly Top is a 1935 American musical drama film directed by Irving Cummings. The screenplay by Patterson McNutt and Arthur J. Beckhard focuses on the adoption of a young orphan (Shirley Temple) by a wealthy bachelor (John Boles) and his romantic attraction to her older sister (Rochell
Samurai Resurrection(2003) - 37,000 Peasants perished in the Shimbara Revolt: among them, the leader of that uprising, Shiro Amakusa. Amakusa is resurrected from hell bent on revenging the death of his fellow comrades by over throwing the Shoganate. Shiro resurrects an army of living dead swordsmen by "Makai Tensho" (Demonic tr...
A Taste Of Hell(1973) - An explosive war epic depicting the heroic stand for patriotism from the hills down to the devastated countryside.
Impure Thoughts(1986) - Four male friends are reunited after not being in contact with each other for several years. However, the meeting place is Purgatory, the afterlife state of limbo between heaven and hell. In Purgatory, these friends reflect on their pasts while they were living. They especially focus on their years...
Working Girls(1986) - A day in the life of several prostitutes in an upscale Manhattan whore house. The film is a stark portrayal of the women prostitutes, the male customers and the motivations of both. Watch as the madam manipulates her "girls". Watch as she answers the phone by saying "Hello John, what's new and diffe...
Surviving Christmas(2004) - Directed by Mike Mitchell, Surviving Christmas finds Drew Latham uneager to spend another lonely Christmas in his own home. Longing for holidays past, Drew travels to his childhood home intending to relive the experience of a family Christmas -- unfortunately, his family no longer lives there. This...
Nativity Rocks!(2018) - Doru, a child refugee from Syria, is separated from his father as he arrives in the United Kingdom. He is moved to Coventry by social worker Miss Shelly, and joins St Bernadette's Primary School, where he meets new teaching assistant Jerry Poppy, who assists him in his search for his father, amid an...
Hysterical(1983) - A burned out writer retreats to a northwest town called Hellview to write the great American novel. Unfortunately for him, the lighthouse he is renting is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who killed herself there one hundred years before and now wants him to replace her lost love, Captain Howdy. W...
Hell Hunters(1987) - A Nazi scientist, wanted as a war criminal, develops a spider serum that turns people into fascist Nazi zombies. A pair of investigators who have devoted their lives to hunting down Nazi war criminals set out to stop him.
The Demon Lover(1976) - A group of teenagers hanging around a cemetery get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from hell.
One Million Years B.C.(1966) - From Hammer Film Productions. Tumak (John Richardson) is banished by the Rock Tribe and he stumbles upon Loana (Raquel Welch) of the Shell Tribe and soon have adventures together such as encountering dinosaurs and rival cavepeople. Featuring stop-motion effects by Ray Harryhausen.
Goodreads author - Shelley_Adina
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13 Hours (2016) ::: 7.3/10 -- R | 2h 24min | Action, Drama, History | 15 January 2016 (USA) -- During an attack on a U.S. compound in Libya, a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos. Director: Michael Bay Writers: Chuck Hogan (screenplay), Mitchell Zuckoff (book)
The Matrix 4 (2021) ::: Expected December 22, 2021 The plot is currently unknown. Director: Lana Wachowski Writers: Aleksandar Hemon, David Mitchell | 1 more credit Stars:
7 Days in Hell (2015) ::: 7.1/10 -- TV-MA | 43min | Comedy, Sport | TV Movie 11 July 2015 -- A fictional documentary-style expose on the rivalry between two of the greatest tennis players of all-time who battled it out in a 2001 match that lasted seven days. Director: Jake Szymanski Writer:
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 1h 49min | Biography, Drama | 22 November 2019 (USA) -- Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Lloyd Vogel. Director: Marielle Heller Writers: Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster | 1 more credit
A Double Life (1947) ::: 7.0/10 -- Approved | 1h 44min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir | 1948 (Turkey) -- A celebrated actor struggles to distinguish his own life from that of his most recent stage role, Othello. Director: George Cukor Writers: Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin Stars:
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 1h 52min | Drama, Romance | 23 May 1975 (Italy) -- A recently widowed woman is on the road with her precocious young son, determined to make a new life for herself as a singer. Director: Martin Scorsese Writer: Robert Getchell
Alien: Harvest (2019) ::: 6.4/10 -- 9min | Short, Horror, Sci-Fi | 26 April 2019 (USA) -- The surviving crew of a damaged space harvester has a motion sensor as their only navigation tool leading them to safety, while a creature in the shadows terrorizes them. However, the greatest threat might have been hiding in plain sight. Director: Benjamin Howdeshell Writers: Craig Dewey, Dan O'Bannon (based on characters created by) | 1 more credit
American Reunion (2012) ::: 6.7/10 -- R | 1h 53min | Comedy | 6 April 2012 (USA) -- Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion. Directors: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg Writers: Jon Hurwitz (screenplay), Hayden Schlossberg (screenplay) | 1 more
Another Country (1984) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG | 1h 30min | Biography, Drama, History | June 1984 (UK) -- Based on the life of the young Guy Burgess, who would become better known as one of the Cambridge Spies. Director: Marek Kanievska Writers: Julian Mitchell (screenplay), Julian Mitchell (play) Stars:
Arabesque (1966) ::: 6.5/10 -- Approved | 1h 45min | Action, Adventure, Crime | 18 August 1966 -- Arabesque Poster Story of international intrigue involving a university professor, an Arab prime minister, a ruthless businessman, a beautiful spy, and hieroglyphics. Director: Stanley Donen Writers: Julian Mitchell (screenplay), Stanley Price (screenplay) | 2 more credits
Barton Fink (1991) ::: 7.7/10 -- R | 1h 56min | Comedy, Drama, Thriller | 21 August 1991 (USA) -- A renowned New York playwright is enticed to California to write for the movies and discovers the hellish truth of Hollywood. Directors: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen (uncredited) Writers: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Bear in the Big Blue House ::: TV-Y | 30min | Comedy, Drama, Family | TV Series (19972006) -- A seven-foot-tall bear named Bear lives in The Big Blue House, with his friends as they teach a variety of subjects and lessons. Creator: Mitchell Kriegman
Bomb Girls -- 1h | Drama, War | TV Series (20122014) ::: A drama about World War II women at work in a munitions factory. Creators: Michael MacLennan, Adrienne Mitchell
Bombshell (2019) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 1h 49min | Biography, Drama | 20 December 2019 (USA) -- A group of women take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network. Director: Jay Roach Writer: Charles Randolph
Bound for Glory (1976) ::: 7.3/10 -- PG | 2h 27min | Biography, Drama, Music | 5 December 1976 (USA) -- The early life of Woody Guthrie as a vagabond folk singer. Director: Hal Ashby Writers: Robert Getchell (screenplay), Woody Guthrie (autobiography) Stars: David Carradine, Ronny Cox, Melinda Dillon
Breaking and Entering (2006) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 2h | Crime, Drama, Romance | 10 November 2006 (UK) -- A landscape architect's dealings with a young thief cause him to re-evaluate his life. Director: Anthony Minghella Writer: Anthony Minghella
Bunheads ::: TV-PG | 44min | Comedy, Drama, Family | TV Series (20122013) -- Michelle, a Las Vegas showgirl marries a man on a whim and moves to his sleepy coastal town where she winds up working alongside her new mother-in-law at her dance school. Creators:
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 46min | Biography, Comedy, Crime | 2 November 2018 (South -- Can You Ever Forgive Me? Poster -- When Lee Israel falls out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception. Director: Marielle Heller Writers:
Carnivle ::: TV-MA | 55min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | TV Series (20032005) -- During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell. Creator:
Catch-22 (1970) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 2h 2min | Comedy, Drama, War | 24 June 1970 (USA) -- A man is trying desperately to be certified insane during World War II, so he can stop flying missions. Director: Mike Nichols Writers: Joseph Heller (based on the novel by), Buck Henry (screenplay by) Stars:
Changing Lanes (2002) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 38min | Drama, Thriller | 12 April 2002 (USA) -- The story of what happens one day in New York City, when a young lawyer and a businessman share a small automobile accident on F.D.R. Drive, and their mutual road rage escalates into a feud. Director: Roger Michell Writers:
Chosen -- 22min | Action, Drama, Thriller | TV Series (2013 ) "Chosen" follows Ian Mitchell -- a husband, father and lawyer ::: who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep containing a loaded gun and a photo of a stranger he ... S Creators: Ben Ketai, Ryan Lewis
Clarissa Explains It All ::: TV-G | 30min | Comedy, Family | TV Series (19911994) As events unfold in her life, Clarissa explains to the viewer the motivations behind people's actions. Creator: Mitchell Kriegman Stars:
Cold Mountain (2003) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 2h 34min | Adventure, Drama, History | 25 December 2003 (USA) -- In the waning days of the American Civil War, a wounded soldier embarks on a perilous journey back home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina to reunite with his sweetheart. Director: Anthony Minghella Writers:
Common Law -- 43min | Comedy, Crime | TV Series (2012) ::: Centers on cops Wes Mitchell and Travis Marks, who have a problem, each other. So their captain sends them to couples therapy. Creators: Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley
Cross of Iron (1977) ::: 7.5/10 -- R | 1h 59min | Drama, War | 20 May 1977 (USA) -- German commander Hauptmann Stransky (Maximilian Schell) places a squad in extreme danger after Sergeant Rolf Steiner (James Coburn) refuses to lie for him. Director: Sam Peckinpah Writers:
Darker Than Black ::: Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (original tit ::: TV-MA | 24min | Animation, Action, Drama | TV Series (2007-2010) Episode Guide 42 episodes Darker Than Black Poster -- In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as "Hell's Gate" appeared ten years ago. At the same time, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the cost of their conscience also emerged. Hei is ... S
Darker Than Black ::: Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (original tit ::: TV-MA | 24min | Animation, Action, Drama | TV Series (20072010) -- In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as "Hell's Gate" appeared ten years ago. At the same time, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the cost of their conscience also emerged. Hei is ... S
Dead End (1937) ::: 7.3/10 -- Approved | 1h 33min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir | 27 August 1937 (USA) -- The lives of a young man and woman, an infamous gangster and a group of street kids converge one day in a volatile New York City slum. Director: William Wyler Writers: Lillian Hellman (screen play), Sidney Kingsley (based upon the play by)
Death Parade ::: TV-MA | 24min | Animation, Drama, Horror | TV Mini-Series (2015) Episode Guide 12 episodes Death Parade Poster After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at the Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. Stars: Jamie Marchi, Tomoaki Maeno, Anastasia Munoz
Drag Me to Hell (2009) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 39min | Horror | 29 May 2009 (USA) -- A loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point. Director: Sam Raimi Writers:
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge (1991) ::: 7.2/10 -- Dragon Ball Z: Tobikkiri no Saiky tai Saiky (original title) -- Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge Poster -- After destroying Frieza on Namek, Goku returns to a peaceful life on Earth. When informed his brother has been killed by a Saiyan, Cooler is hell bent on killing Goku, and making him pay ... S Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto Writers:
Easy Living (1937) ::: 7.6/10 -- Passed | 1h 28min | Comedy, Romance | 16 July 1937 (USA) -- A wealthy banker throws his wife's expensive fur coat off the roof of a building; it lands on the head of a stenographer, leading to everyone assuming she is his mistress and has access to his millions. Director: Mitchell Leisen Writers: Preston Sturges (screenplay), Vera Caspary (based on a story by) Stars:
Elvis (1979) ::: 7.0/10 -- 2h 30min | Biography, Drama, Music | TV Movie 11 February 1979 -- Biographical movie about the famous rock singer Elvis Presley. Director: John Carpenter Writer: Anthony Lawrence Stars: Kurt Russell, Shelley Winters, Bing Russell
Enduring Love (2004) ::: 6.4/10 -- R | 1h 40min | Drama, Mystery, Romance | 26 November 2004 (UK) -- Two strangers become connected by a tragedy, yet one dangerously feels that the connection goes much deeper than the other is willing to admit. Director: Roger Michell Writers:
Enter Nowhere (2011) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 30min | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 2 February 2015 (UK) -- Three strangers arrive one by one at a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere only to learn they've been brought together for a reason. Director: Jack Heller Writers: Shawn Christensen, Jason Dolan Stars:
Erased ::: Boku dake ga inai machi (original tit ::: TV-14 | 30min | Animation, Drama, Fantasy | TV Mini-Series (2016) Episode Guide 13 episodes Erased Poster 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma is sent back in time 18 years to prevent the events leading to his mother's death, which began with a series of kidnappings while he was in 5th grade. Stars: Ben Diskin, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Michelle Ruff
Frankenstein (1931) ::: 7.8/10 -- Passed | 1h 10min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi | 21 November 1931 (USA) -- Dr. Frankenstein dares to tamper with life and death by creating a human monster out of lifeless body parts. Director: James Whale Writers: John L. Balderston (based upon the composition by), Mary Shelley (from
From Hell (2001) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 2h 2min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 19 October 2001 (USA) -- In Victorian-era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders of Jack the Ripper. Directors: Albert Hughes (as The Hughes Brothers), Allen Hughes (as The Hughes Brothers) Writers:
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace ::: TV-MA | 30min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | TV Mini-Series (2004) Episode Guide 6 episodes Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Poster This parody series is an unearthed 80s horror/drama, complete with poor production values, awful dialogue and hilarious violence. The series is set in a Hospital in Romford, which is situated over the gates of Hell. Stars: Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Matthew Holness Available on Amazon
Ghost in the Shell (1995) ::: 8.0/10 -- Kkaku Kidtai (original title) -- 14A | 1h 23min | Animation, Action, Crime | 18 November 1995 (Japan) -- A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master. Director: Mamoru Oshii Writers: Shirow Masamune (based on the manga by) (as Masamune Shirow), Kazunori It (screenplay)
Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (2008) ::: 8.0/10 -- Kkaku kidtai 2.0 (original title) -- Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Poster A hacker known as the Puppet Master is hunted by a female cyborg cop and her partner. This film is a revised version of Ghost in the Shell (1995). Director: Mamoru Oshii Writers: Shirow Masamune (manga) (as Masamune Shirow), Kazunori It (screenplay)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) ::: 7.5/10 -- Inosensu: Innocence (original title) -- Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Poster -- In the year 2032, Bat, a cyborg detective for the anti-terrorist unit Public Security Section 9, investigates the case of a female robot--one created solely for sexual pleasure--who slaughtered her owner. Director: Mamoru Oshii Writers:
Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture ::: Connections -- 4h 35min | Animation, Action, Drama | TV Series (2015) Episode Guide 10 episodes Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture Poster A recompilation of the 4 original Ghost in the Shell: Arise movies plus 2 episodes that tie in the story with Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (2015). Stars: Ikkyu Juku, Ken'ichir Matsuda, Maaya Sakamoto
Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 1 - Ghost Pain (2013) ::: 7.2/10 -- TV-MA | 58min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | 22 June 2013 (Japan) -- In this prequel set one year after the fourth World War, cyborg and hacker extraordinaire Motoko Kusanagi from the military's 501st Secret Unit finds herself wrapped up in the investigation of a devastating bombing. Directors: Masahiko Murata, Kazuchika Kise Writers: Shirow Masamune (manga) (as Masamune Shirow), Tow Ubukata (screenplay) | 2 more credits
Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 2 - Ghost Whisper (2013) ::: 7.3/10 -- TV-MA | 57min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | November 2013 (USA) -- Witness the formation of the legendary Public Security Section 9. When a clandestine organization hacks every car in the city, Kusanagi recruits a lethal team of cyber operatives to clamp down on the chaos and make the city safe again. Directors: Atsushi Takeuchi, Kazuchika Kise Writers: Shirow Masamune (manga) (as Masamune Shirow), Tow Ubukata (screenplay)
Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 3 - Ghost Tears (2014) ::: 7.2/10 -- TV-MA | 55min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | 28 June 2014 (Japan) -- Motoko and Batou work to try to stop a terrorist organization whose symbol is the Scylla. Meanwhile, Togusa investigates a murder of a man who possessed a prosthetic leg manufactured by the Mermaid's Leg corporation. Director: Kazuchika Kise Writers: Shirow Masamune (manga) (as Masamune Shirow), Tow Ubukata (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Ghost in the Shell Arise: Border 5 - Pyrophoric Cult (2015) ::: 7.3/10 -- 46min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | TV Movie 26 August 2015 -- Motoko and her squad are finally getting closer to Fire-Starter's broker, but things get tense when they're instructed to take a backseat role on a sting operation. Director: Kazuchika Kise Writers: Shirow Masamune (manga) (as Masamune Shirow), Tow Ubukata Stars:
Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven (2006) ::: 8.4/10 -- Kkaku kidtai: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual eleven (original title) -- 2007 Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven Poster -- A new terrorist organization known as the Individual Eleven is bent on mass destruction. Will the cyborg detective heroine and her elite anti-crime unit be able to stop them? Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society (2006) ::: 8.0/10 -- Kkaku kidtai: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society (original -- Not Rated | 1h 48min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Movie 23 November 2012 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society Poster A.D. 2034. It has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9. Togusa is now the new leader of the team, that has considerably increased its appointed personnel. The expanded new ... S Director: Kenji Kamiyama Writers:
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (2015) ::: 6.7/10 -- Kkaku Kidtai Shin Gekijban (original title) -- Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Poster -- Newport-City 2029: Major, an advanced female cyborg, is in charge of the anti-terrorism etc. unit reporting directly to the government. Taking out terrorists and freeing hostages at an embassy doesn't go smoothly. Major investigates why. Directors: Kazuchika Kise, Kazuya Nomura
Gone with the Wind (1939) ::: 8.1/10 -- Passed | 3h 58min | Drama, History, Romance | 17 January 1940 (USA) -- A manipulative woman and a roguish man conduct a turbulent romance during the American Civil War and Reconstruction periods. Directors: Victor Fleming, George Cukor (uncredited) | 1 more credit Writers: Margaret Mitchell (story of the Old South "Gone with the Wind"), Sidney
Goodnight, Mister Tom (1998) ::: 7.8/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 41min | Drama, Family, War | TV Movie 30 May 1999 -- A shy and quiet World War II evacuee is housed by a disgruntled old man, and they soon develop a close bond. Director: Jack Gold Writers: Brian Finch (adaptation), Michelle Magorian (novel) Stars:
Goof Troop ::: TV-Y | 30min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | TV Series (19921993) The classic Disney character Goofy is a single father raising his son, Max, in Spoonerville. Pete, a frequent antagonist from the old cartoons, lives next door with his family. Stars: Rob Paulsen, April Winchell, Jim Cummings Available on Amazon
Gotham ::: TV-14 | 42min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2014-2019) Episode Guide 100 episodes Gotham Poster -- The story behind Detective James Gordon's rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman's arrival. Creator: Bruno Heller
Gotham ::: TV-14 | 42min | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (20142019) -- The story behind Detective James Gordon's rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman's arrival. Creator: Bruno Heller
Heavyweights (1995) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG | 1h 40min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 17 February 1995 (USA) -- Plump kids are lured into joining a posh fat camp with the promise of quick weight loss and good times, only to find that the facility is a woodland hellhole run by a psycho ex-fitness instructor. Director: Steven Brill Writers:
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001) ::: 7.1/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 47min | Comedy, Romance | 30 August 2001 (Australia) -- A nightmare chase through hell in a never-ending, unrequited daisy chain of desire... Director: Richard Lowenstein Writers: Richard Lowenstein, John Birmingham (adapted from the book by)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) ::: 7.7/10 -- R | 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama, Music | 31 August 2001 (USA) -- A gender-queer punk-rock singer from East Berlin tours the U.S. with her band as she tells her life story and follows the former lover/band-mate who stole her songs. Director: John Cameron Mitchell Writers:
Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 37min | Horror, Thriller | 23 December 1988 (USA) -- Kirsty is brought to an institution after the horrible events of Hellraiser (1987), where the occult-obsessive head doctor resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites and their demonic underworld. Director: Tony Randel Writers:
Hellboy (2004) ::: 6.8/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 2min | Action, Fantasy, Horror | 2 April 2004 (USA) -- A demon, raised from infancy after being conjured by and rescued from the Nazis, grows up to become a defender against the forces of darkness. Director: Guillermo del Toro Writers:
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (2007) ::: 6.7/10 -- Unrated | 1h 15min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Movie 10 March -- Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron Poster Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and his team face off against a new supernatural threat, while Professor Bruttenholm (Sir John Hurt) must investigate the possible reemergence of a vampire he had slain decades prior. Directors: Victor Cook, Tad Stones Writers: Mike Mignola (based on the Dark Horse comic book "Hellboy" created by), Mike Mignola (story by) | 2 more credits
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (2006) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG | 1h 17min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Movie 28 October 2006 -- Hellboy travels to Japan to fight an ancient demon. Directors: Phil Weinstein, Tad Stones Writers: Mike Mignola (based on characters created by), Mike Mignola (story by) | 3 more credits
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG-13 | 2h | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 11 July 2008 (USA) -- A prince of the mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, and Hellboy his team must fight to stop him from locating the all-powerful Golden Army. Director: Guillermo del Toro Writers:
Hellcats -- 1h | Comedy, Drama | TV Series (20102011) ::: The wild world of competitive college cheerleading. Creator: Kevin Murphy
Hellfighters (1968) ::: 6.6/10 -- G | 2h 1min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 27 November 1968 (USA) -- The telling of Chance Buckman an oil rig fire fighter who becomes hospitalized and has to come to grips with how his job interfered with his marriage, after being laid up in a hospital bed ... S Director: Andrew V. McLaglen Writer: Clair Huffaker (screenplay)
Hell House LLC (2015) ::: 6.4/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 33min | Horror, Mystery | 1 November 2016 (USA) -- Five years after an unexplained malfunction causes the death of 15 tour-goers and staff on the opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour, a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the tragedy to find out what really happened. Director: Stephen Cognetti Writer:
Hell in the Pacific (1968) ::: 7.3/10 -- G | 1h 43min | Adventure, War | 18 December 1968 (USA) -- During World War II, an American pilot and a marooned Japanese navy captain are deserted on a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. There, they must cease their hostility and cooperate if they want to survive, but will they? Director: John Boorman Writers: Alexander Jacobs (screenplay), Eric Bercovici (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Hell Is for Heroes (1962) ::: 7.0/10 -- Approved | 1h 30min | Drama, War | 26 June 1962 (USA) -- Small squad must hold off German attack. Director: Don Siegel (as Donald Siegel) Writers: Robert Pirosh (screenplay), Richard Carr (screenplay) | 1 more credit
Hello, Dolly! (1969) ::: 7.1/10 -- G | 2h 26min | Adventure, Comedy, Musical | 16 December 1969 (USA) -- Matchmaker Dolly Levi travels to Yonkers to find a partner for "half-a-millionaire" Horace Vandergelder, convincing his niece, his niece's intended, and his two clerks to travel to New York City along the way. Director: Gene Kelly Writers:
Hello Ladies ::: TV-MA | 29min | Comedy | TV Series (20132014) -- A gawky Englishman comes to Los Angeles to find the woman of his dreams. Creators: Lee Eisenberg, Stephen Merchant, Gene Stupnitsky
Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 30min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1 April 2016 (USA) -- A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker. Director: Michael Showalter Writers: Laura Terruso (screenplay), Michael Showalter (screenplay) | 1 more
Hell on Wheels ::: TV-14 | 42min | Drama, Western | TV Series (20112016) -- The Civil War is past, but former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon can't put it behind him. Fresh are the memories of the death of his wife, killed at the hands of the Union soldiers, an act that sets him on a course of revenge. Creators:
Hell or High Water (2016) ::: 7.6/10 -- R | 1h 42min | Action, Crime, Drama | 26 August 2016 (USA) -- A divorced father and his ex-con older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas. Director: David Mackenzie Writer: Taylor Sheridan
Hellraiser (1987) ::: 7.0/10 -- R | 1h 34min | Horror, Thriller | 18 September 1987 (USA) -- A woman discovers the newly resurrected, partially formed, body of her brother-in-law. She starts killing for him to revitalize his body so he can escape the demonic beings that are pursuing him after he escaped their sadistic underworld. Director: Clive Barker Writer:
Hell's Angels (1930) ::: 7.4/10 -- Passed | 2h 7min | Drama, War | 15 November 1930 (USA) -- Brothers Monte and Ray leave Oxford to join the Royal Flying Corps. Ray loves Helen; Helen enjoys an affair with Monte; before they leave on their mission over Germany they find her in still another man's arms. Directors: Howard Hughes, Edmund Goulding (uncredited) | 1 more credit Writers: Marshall Neilan (story), Joseph Moncure March (story) | 1 more credit Stars:
Hell's Kitchen ::: TV-14 | 42min | Game-Show, Reality-TV | TV Series (2005 ) -- World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, "Hell's Kitchen". Stars:
Hotel Hell ::: TV-14 | 1h | Reality-TV | TV Series (20122016) -- Chef Gordon Ramsay visits struggling, disfunctional hotels across America and spends a week trying to help them become successful. Creator: Adeline Ramage Rooney
Houseboat (1958) ::: 6.7/10 -- Unrated | 1h 50min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 19 November 1958 (USA) -- A widower, his three young children, and a bombshell nanny get to know each other better when circumstances have them living together aboard a badly neglected houseboat. Director: Melville Shavelson Writers:
Hozuki's Coolheadedness -- Hzuki no Reitetsu (original title) 24min | Animation, Comedy, Fantasy | TV Series (2014- ) Episode Guide 40 episodes Hozuki's Coolheadedness Poster ::: The dark comedy revolves around the fierce god aide to the Great King Yama, Hoozuki. Calm and super-sadistic, he tries to resolve problems that often occur in Hell. Stars:
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) ::: 7.6/10 -- Not Rated | 2h 13min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 20 January 1965 (USA) -- An aging, reclusive Southern belle plagued by a horrifying family secret descends into madness after the arrival of a lost relative. Director: Robert Aldrich Writers: Henry Farrell (screenplay), Lukas Heller (screenplay) | 1 more credit
In America (2002) ::: 7.7/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 45min | Drama | 6 February 2004 (USA) -- A family of Irish immigrants adjust to life on the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen while also grieving the death of a child. Director: Jim Sheridan Writers: Jim Sheridan, Naomi Sheridan | 1 more credit
In the Soup (1992) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 1h 33min | Comedy, Drama | 13 August 1992 (Germany) -- New Yorker Adolpho Rollo is your classic head-movie auteur. In his mind, he's creating deathless classics of the screen. Back in the real world, he can't pay the rent on the downtown grothole he calls home. Director: Alexandre Rockwell Writers: Sollace Mitchell (as Tim Kissell), Alexandre Rockwell Stars:
I Saw the Sun (2009) ::: 6.5/10 -- Gnesi Grdm (original title) -- I Saw the Sun Poster In the southeast region of Turkey, the Altun family lives in a small mountainside village plagued by a 25-year war, making their daily life a hellish struggle. As the war continues to ... S Director: Mahsun Kirmizigl Writer: Mahsun Kirmizigl
It Follows (2014) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 1h 40min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 13 March 2015 (USA) -- A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter. Director: David Robert Mitchell Writer: David Robert Mitchell
Johnny Got His Gun (1971) ::: 7.9/10 -- R | 1h 51min | Drama, War | 4 August 1971 (USA) -- In this tragic, dark, anti-war satire, a patriotic young American in WW1 is rendered blind, deaf, limbless, and mute by a horrific artillery shell attack. Trapped in what's left of his body, he desperately looks for a way to end his life. Director: Dalton Trumbo Writers:
Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) ::: 7.7/10 -- R | 2h 6min | Biography, Drama, History | 12 February 2021 (USA) -- Bill O'Neal infiltrates the Black Panther Party per FBI Agent Mitchell and J. Edgar Hoover. As Party Chairman Fred Hampton ascends, falling for a fellow revolutionary en route, a battle wages for O'Neal's soul. Director: Shaka King Writers:
Julia (1977) ::: 7.2/10 -- PG | 1h 57min | Drama | 8 January 1978 (Brazil) -- At the behest of an old and dear friend, playwright Lillian Hellman undertakes a dangerous mission to smuggle funds into Nazi Germany. Director: Fred Zinnemann Writers: Lillian Hellman (based upon the story by), Alvin Sargent (screenplay) Stars:
King & Maxwell ::: 1h | Crime, Drama | TV Series (2013) Sean King and Michelle Maxwell aren't your typical pair of private investigators. Both are former Secret Service agents, and their unique skill set (not to mention their razor-sharp ... S Creator: Shane Brennan Stars:
Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell ::: TV-G | Documentary, Animation | TV Series (2013- ) Episode Guide 137 episodes Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell Poster Various scientific subjects are explained in animation. Stars: Steve Taylor, C.G.P. Grey, Jake Roper Add to Watchlist
Les Misrables (1998) ::: 7.5/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 14min | Crime, Drama, History | 1 May 1998 (USA) -- Valjean, a former criminal, has atoned for his past and now finds himself in the midst of the French Revolution, avoiding a law-obsessed policeman hell-bent on capturing him. Director: Bille August Writers:
Le Week-end (2013) ::: 6.4/10 -- Le Week-End (original title) -- Le Week-end Poster -- A British couple return to Paris many years after their honeymoon there in an attempt to rejuvenate their marriage. Director: Roger Michell Writer:
Lost Girl ::: TV-MA | 44min | Action, Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (20102016) -- Bo is a supernatural being who challenges her clan's way of life. Creator: Michelle Lovretta
Lucifer ::: TV-14 | 42min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (2016- ) Episode Guide 93 episodes Lucifer Poster -- Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels. Creator:
Lucifer ::: TV-14 | 42min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy | TV Series (2016 ) -- Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels. Creator:
Mary Shelley (2017) ::: 6.4/10 -- PG-13 | 2h | Biography, Drama, History | 5 July 2018 (Australia) -- Life and facts of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, who at 16 met 21 year old poet Percy Shelley, resulting in the writing of Frankenstein. Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour Writers: Emma Jensen, Haifaa Al-Mansour (additional writing by)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) ::: 6.4/10 -- Frankenstein (original title) -- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Poster -- When the brilliant but unorthodox scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein rejects the artificial man that he has created, the Creature escapes and later swears revenge. Director: Kenneth Branagh Writers:
Masters of Sex ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama, Romance | TV Series (20132016) -- Drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality whose research touched off the sexual revolution. Creator: Michelle Ashford
Middle of Nowhere (2008) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 13 July 2010 (USA) -- An irresponsible mother blows her eldest daughter's college fund on her youngest daughter's modeling campaign. Director: John Stockwell Writer: Michelle Morgan
Midnight (1939) ::: 7.9/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 34min | Comedy, Romance | 24 March 1939 (USA) -- A chorus girl stranded in Paris is set up by a millionaire to break up his wife's affair with another man, while being romantically pursued by a cab driver. Director: Mitchell Leisen Writers: Charles Brackett (screenplay), Billy Wilder (screenplay) | 2 more credits
Morning Glory (2010) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 47min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 10 November 2010 (USA) -- An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts. Director: Roger Michell Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna
New Tricks ::: TV-14 | 1h | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (20032015) -- Three retired police officers are drafted in to solve cold cases, with a touch of comedy and drama Creators: Nigel McCrery, Roy Mitchell
No News from God (2001) ::: 6.5/10 -- Sin noticias de Dios (original title) -- No News from God Poster Two angels, one from the heaven and one from the hell, come to earth to save the soul of a boxer. Director: Agustn Daz Yanes (as Agustin Diaz Yanes) Writer: Agustn Daz Yanes (as Agustin Diaz Yanes) Stars:
Notting Hill (1999) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 2h 4min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 28 May 1999 (USA) -- The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when he meets the most famous film star in the world. Director: Roger Michell Writer: Richard Curtis
Ophelia (2018) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 54min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 28 June 2019 (USA) -- A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective. Director: Claire McCarthy Writers: Semi Chellas (adaptation), Semi Chellas | 3 more credits
Othello (1951) ::: 7.6/10 -- The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice (original title) -- Othello Poster The Moorish General Othello is manipulated into thinking that his new wife Desdemona has been carrying on an affair with his Lieutenant Michael Cassio when in reality, it is all part of the scheme of a bitter Ensign named Iago. Director: Orson Welles Writer: William Shakespeare (based on the play by)
Othello (1995) ::: 6.8/10 -- R | 2h 3min | Drama, Romance | 19 January 1996 (USA) -- The Moorish General Othello is manipulated into thinking that his new wife Desdemona has been carrying on an affair with his Lieutenant Michael Cassio, when in reality, it is all part of the scheme of a bitter Ensign named Iago. Director: Oliver Parker Writers:
Paprika (2006) ::: 7.7/10 -- Papurika (original title) -- Paprika Poster -- When a machine that allows therapists to enter their patients' dreams is stolen, all Hell breaks loose. Only a young female therapist, Paprika, can stop it. Director: Satoshi Kon Writers:
Pennyworth ::: TV-MA | 1h | Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2019 ) -- The origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces soldier living in London and how he came to work for Bruce Wayne's father. Creator: Bruno Heller
Private Eyes ::: TV-PG | 43min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | TV Series (2016 ) -- Former professional hockey player Matt Shade partners with private eye Angie Everett to solve crimes around Toronto. Creators: Tim Kilby, Shelley Eriksen
Purgatory (1999) ::: 6.9/10 -- TV-14 | 1h 34min | Fantasy, Western | TV Movie 10 January 1999 -- An outlaw band rides into a town that is actually Purgatory, between Heaven and Hell. Director: Uli Edel Writer: Gordon T. Dawson (as Gordon Dawson)
Rabbit Hole (2010) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 31min | Drama | 28 January 2011 (USA) -- Life for a happy couple is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident. Director: John Cameron Mitchell Writers: David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay), David Lindsay-Abaire (based on his
Rad (1986) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG | 1h 31min | Drama, Sport | 28 March 1986 (USA) -- The story of one young man, Cru Jones, who has the intensity and desire to win a BMX race called Helltrack. Director: Hal Needham Writers: Sam Bernard, Geoffrey Edwards
ReBoot ::: TV-Y7 | 30min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (19942001) -- In the inner computer world of Mainframe, a guardian program sprite and his friends defend the system from threats from viruses and the User. Creators: Gavin Blair, John Grace, Philip Mitchell | 1 more credit
Remember the Night (1940) ::: 7.6/10 -- Passed | 1h 34min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 19 January 1940 (USA) -- Love blooms between a sympathetic attorney and the comely shoplifter he has taken home for the Christmas holiday. Director: Mitchell Leisen Writer: Preston Sturges (original screenplay)
Ride in the Whirlwind (1966) ::: 6.5/10 -- G | 1h 22min | Western | 11 September 1968 (France) -- Three cowboys, mistaken for members of an outlaw gang, are relentlessly pursued by a posse. Director: Monte Hellman Writer: Jack Nicholson
Ride Like a Girl (2019) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG | 1h 38min | Biography, Drama, Sport | 13 March 2020 (USA) -- The story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Director: Rachel Griffiths Writers: Andrew Knight (screenplay), Elise McCredie (screenplay)
Robin Hood ::: TV-PG | 1h | Action, Adventure, Comedy | TV Series (20062009) -- After 5 years of fighting in the crusades, Robin returns to England and leads a band of outlaws to outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham. Creators: Foz Allan, Dominic Minghella
Rome ::: TV-MA | 52min | Action, Drama, History | TV Series (20052007) -- A down-to-earth account of the lives of both illustrious and ordinary Romans set in the last days of the Roman Republic. Creators: Bruno Heller, William J. MacDonald, John Milius
Rome ::: TV-MA | 52min | Action, Drama, History | TV Series (2005-2007) Episode Guide 22 episodes Rome Poster -- A down-to-earth account of the lives of both illustrious and ordinary Romans set in the last days of the Roman Republic. Creators: Bruno Heller, William J. MacDonald, John Milius
RuPaul's Drag Race ::: TV-14 | 1h 3min | Game-Show, Reality-TV | TV Series (2009 ) -- RuPaul searches for America's next drag superstar. Stars: RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Santino Rice Available on Amazon
Scenic Route (2013) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 1h 22min | Drama, Thriller | 23 August 2013 (USA) -- Tensions rise between lifelong friends Mitchell and Carter after their truck breaks down on an isolated desert road as they start to attack each other's life decisions with unwavering brutality. Directors: Kevin Goetz, Michael Goetz Writer:
Shortbus (2006) ::: 6.4/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 41min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 20 October 2006 (USA) -- A group of New Yorkers caught up in their romantic-sexual milieu converge at an underground salon infamous for its blend of art, music, politics, and carnality. Director: John Cameron Mitchell Writer:
Stage Beauty (2004) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 46min | Drama | 29 October 2004 (USA) -- A female theatre dresser creates a stir and sparks a revolution in seventeenth century London theatre by playing Desdemona in Othello. But what will become of the male actor she once worked for and eventually replaced? Director: Richard Eyre Writers:
Suite Franaise (2014) ::: 7.0/10 -- 14A | 1h 47min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 3 July 2015 (Canada) -- During the early years of Nazi occupation of France in World War II, romance blooms between Lucile Angellier (Michelle Williams), a French villager, and Lieutenant Bruno von Falk (Matthias Schoenaerts), a German soldier. Director: Saul Dibb Writers:
Sweet Dreams (1985) ::: 7.1/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 55min | Biography, Drama, Music | 11 October 1985 (USA) -- The story of Patsy Cline, the velvet-voiced country music singer who died in a tragic plane crash at the height of her fame. Director: Karel Reisz Writer: Robert Getchell Stars:
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) ::: 5.5/10 -- R | 1h 37min | Action, Crime, Drama | 22 March 1973 (Netherlands) -- After saving a Black Panther from some racist cops, a black male prostitute goes on the run from "the man" with the help of the ghetto community and some disillusioned Hells Angels. Director: Melvin Van Peebles Writer:
Tell Me You Love Me ::: TV-MA | 1h | Drama, Romance | TV Series (2007) A drama about three couples and the therapist they share. Creator: Cynthia Mort Stars: Michelle Borth, Tim DeKay, Aislinn Paul
That Mitchell and Webb Look ::: 12h | Comedy, Fantasy | TV Series (20062010) A comedy sketch show featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Stars: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, James Bachman Available on Amazon
That Mitchell and Webb Look ::: 12h | Comedy, Fantasy | TV Series (2006 ) A comedy sketch show featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Stars: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, James Bachman Available on Amazon
The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) ::: 7.8/10 -- Bride of Frankenstein (original title) -- The Bride of Frankenstein Poster -- Mary Shelley reveals the main characters of her novel survived: Dr. Frankenstein, goaded by an even madder scientist, builds his monster a mate. Director: James Whale Writers:
The Children's Hour (1961) ::: 7.8/10 -- Not Rated | 1h 48min | Drama, Romance | 19 December 1961 (USA) -- A rebellious student at a girls' school accuses two teachers of lesbianism. Director: William Wyler Writers: Lillian Hellman (play), John Michael Hayes (screenplay) | 1 more
The Dark Tower (2017) ::: 5.6/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 35min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 4 August 2017 (USA) -- A boy haunted by visions of a dark tower from a parallel reality teams up with the tower's disillusioned guardian to stop an evil warlock known as the Man in Black who plans to use the boy to destroy the tower and open the gates of Hell. Director: Nikolaj Arcel Writers:
The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 42min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 28 August 2015 (USA) -- A teen artist living in 1970s San Francisco enters into an affair with her mother's boyfriend. Director: Marielle Heller Writers: Phoebe Gloeckner (novel), Marielle Heller (screenplay)
The English Patient (1996) ::: 7.4/10 -- R | 2h 42min | Drama, Romance, War | 6 December 1996 (USA) -- At the close of World War II, a young nurse tends to a badly-burned plane crash victim. His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing an involvement in a fateful love affair. Director: Anthony Minghella Writers:
The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) ::: 7.5/10 -- Not Rated | 2h 22min | Adventure, Drama | 15 December 1965 (USA) -- After a plane crash in the Sahara, one of the survivors says he's an airplane designer and they can make a flyable plane from the wreckage. Director: Robert Aldrich Writers: Lukas Heller (screenplay), Trevor Dudley Smith (novel) (as Elleston
The Good Fight ::: TV-MA | 45min | Crime, Drama | TV Series (2017 ) -- When Diane Lockhart's life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm. Creators: Michelle King, Robert King, Phil Alden Robinson
The Legend of Hell House (1973) ::: 6.7/10 -- PG | 1h 35min | Horror | 15 June 1973 (USA) -- A physicist, his wife and two mediums are hired to investigate the Belasco House, where 27 guests had inexplicably died in 1927, along with most of a team of paranormal investigators that was sent in the early 1950s. Director: John Hough Writers:
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) ::: 6.6/10 -- PG | 1h 47min | Animation, Action, Adventure | 8 February 2019 (USA) -- It's been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild. Director: Mike Mitchell Writers:
The Little Devil (1988) ::: 7.0/10 -- Il piccolo diavolo (original title) -- The Little Devil Poster During an exorcism, father Maurice meets a little devil named Giuditta, who refuses to return to hell and decides to discover the world. Director: Roberto Benigni Writers: Roberto Benigni (story), Giuseppe Bertolucci (story) | 3 more credits Stars:
The Little Foxes (1941) ::: 8.0/10 -- Approved | 1h 56min | Drama, Romance | 29 August 1941 (USA) -- The ruthless, moneyed Hubbard clan lives in, and poisons, their part of the deep South at the turn of the twentieth century. Director: William Wyler Writers: Lillian Hellman (by), Lillian Hellman (screen play) | 3 more credits
The McPherson Tape (1998) ::: 6.4/10 -- Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (original title) -- The McPherson Tape Poster After a mysterious blackout, a son goes out to investigate and captures footage of actual aliens. When the aliens follow him and his brothers back to their home, all hell breaks loose. Director: Dean Alioto Writers: Dean Alioto (story), Paul Chitlik (teleplay)
The Mother (2003) ::: 6.7/10 -- R | 1h 52min | Drama, Romance | 18 June 2004 (USA) -- A woman has a passionate affair with a man half her age, who is also sleeping with her daughter. Director: Roger Michell Writer: Hanif Kureishi
The Shooting (1966) ::: 6.6/10 -- G | 1h 22min | Western | 12 June 1968 (France) -- A mysterious woman persuades two cowboys to help her in a revenge scheme. Director: Monte Hellman Writer: Carole Eastman (as Adrien Joyce)
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) ::: 7.4/10 -- R | 2h 19min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 25 December 1999 (USA) -- In late 1950s New York, Tom Ripley, a young underachiever, is sent to Italy to retrieve Dickie Greenleaf, a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy. But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures. Director: Anthony Minghella Writers:
The Town (2010) ::: 7.5/10 -- R | 2h 5min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 17 September 2010 (USA) -- A longtime thief, planning his next job, tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to an earlier heist, and a hell-bent F.B.I Agent looking to bring him and his crew down. Director: Ben Affleck Writers:
The Unbelievable Truth (1989) ::: 7.3/10 -- R | 1h 30min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 8 November 1990 (Australia) -- A man returns to his home town after serving a prison sentence for homicide, and finds that the details of the crime have been forgotten and replaced with local legends and rumors. Director: Hal Hartley Stars: Adrienne Shelly, Robert John Burke, Chris Cooke Available on Amazon
Todd McFarlane's Spawn ::: Spawn (original tit ::: TV-MA | 30min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (19971999) -- After being betrayed and murdered by his employer, a government trained assassin named, Al Simmons, is resurrected as a Hellspawn and is forced to become the reluctant leader of Hell's army. Creator:
Todd McFarlane's Spawn ::: Spawn (original tit ::: TV-MA | 30min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (1997-1999) Episode Guide 18 episodes Todd McFarlane's Spawn Poster -- After being betrayed and murdered by his employer, a government trained assassin named, Al Simmons, is resurrected as a Hellspawn and is forced to become the reluctant leader of Hell's army. Creator:
To Hell and Back (1955) ::: 7.2/10 -- Approved | 1h 46min | Action, Biography, Drama | 18 October 1955 -- To Hell and Back Poster -- The true WWII story of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in U.S. history. Based on the autobiography of Audie Murphy who stars as himself in the film. Director: Jesse Hibbs Writers:
Total Eclipse (1995) ::: 6.6/10 -- R | 1h 51min | Biography, Drama, Romance | 3 November 1995 (USA) -- Young, wild poet Arthur Rimbaud and his mentor Paul Verlaine engage in a fierce, forbidden romance while feeling the effects of a hellish artistic lifestyle. Director: Agnieszka Holland Writer:
Trolls (2016) ::: 6.5/10 -- PG | 1h 32min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 4 November 2016 (USA) -- After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends. Directors: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn (co-director) Writers:
Truly Madly Deeply (1990) ::: 7.2/10 -- PG | 1h 46min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | 24 May 1991 (USA) -- A woman dealing with inconsolable grief over the death of her partner gets another chance when he returns to earth as a ghost. Director: Anthony Minghella Writer: Anthony Minghella
Truth Be Told ::: TV-MA | 45min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | TV Series (2019 ) -- A true-crime podcaster tries to solve the mystery surrounding a family patriarch's death. Creator: Nichelle D. Tramble
Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) ::: 7.2/10 -- R | 1h 42min | Drama | 28 October 1972 (Japan) -- 2 men drag-racing across the U.S., in a '55 Chevy. Dennis Wilson's the mechanic, James Taylor's the driver. Director: Monte Hellman Writers: Rudy Wurlitzer (screenplay) (as Rudolph Wurlitzer), Will Corry
Under the Silver Lake (2018) ::: 6.5/10 -- R | 2h 19min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 19 April 2019 (USA) -- Sam, a disenchanted young man, finds a mysterious woman swimming in his apartment's pool one night. The next morning, she disappears. Sam sets off across LA to find her, and along the way he uncovers a conspiracy far more bizarre. Director: David Robert Mitchell Writer:
Venus (2006) ::: 7.1/10 -- R | 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 16 February 2007 (USA) -- Life for a pair of veteran actors gets turned upside down after they meet a brash teenager. Director: Roger Michell Writer: Hanif Kureishi
Waitress (2007) ::: 7.0/10 -- PG-13 | 1h 48min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 25 May 2007 (USA) -- Jenna is a pregnant, unhappily married waitress in the deep south. She meets a newcomer to her town and falls into an unlikely relationship as a last attempt at happiness. Director: Adrienne Shelly Writer:
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) ::: 8.1/10 -- Passed | 2h 14min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 31 October 1962 (USA) -- A former child star torments her paraplegic sister in their decaying Hollywood mansion. Director: Robert Aldrich Writers: Henry Farrell (from the novel by), Lukas Heller (screenplay)
Wilde (1997) ::: 6.9/10 -- R | 1h 58min | Biography, Drama, Romance | 1 May 1998 (USA) -- The turmoil in poet/playwright Oscar Wilde's life after he discovers his homosexuality. Director: Brian Gilbert Writers: Julian Mitchell (original screenplay), Richard Ellmann (based on the
Would I Lie to You? ::: TV-PG | 30min | Comedy, Game-Show | TV Series (2007 ) Two teams, lead by their team leader (either Lee Mack or David Mitchell), have to try and make the other team believe their crazy stories. Creator: Peter Holmes Stars:'s_Frankenhole's_Kitchen!!,_Dolly!,_Happy_World!!_Wink!'s_Bells's_Highway's_Highway's_Highway_(Level)'s_Gate's_Gate's_Legends_of_Tomorrow_(TV_Series)_Episode:_Hell_No,_Dolly's_Kitchen's_da_New_King_of_Hell?,_Part_I's_Shell's_Forge_(Quest)'s_Forge_(quest),_Hell,_and_Secret_Cow_Levels!_Lady_Lynn_(English_dub)!_Little_Siamese_Kitty_Sagwa's_Fire_(film)/Release!!_Wonder_Island,_Charlie_Brown's_Shell's_Shell?'s_Guardian's_Shell's_Shell,_Scattered_Mind's_Shell!_(Part_1)