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1:The centre of the Mother's symbol represent the Divine Consciousness, the Supreme Mother, the Mahashakti. The four petals of the Mother's symbol represent the four Aspects or Personalities of the Mother; Maheshwari (Wisdom), Mahalakshmi(Harmony), Mahakali(Strength) and Mahasaraswati (Perfection). The twelve petals of the Mother's symbol represent; Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equality, Peace. ~ , ,
2:Four Powers Of The Mother In talking about the four powers of the Mother, it helps to know that in India, traditionally, the evolutionary principle of creation is approached, and adored, as the great Mother. Sri Aurobindo distinguishes four main powers and personalities through which this evolutionary force manifests. Maheshwari - One is her personality of calm wideness and comprehending wisdom and tranquil benignity and inexhaustible compassion and sovereign and surpassing majesty and all-ruling greatness. Mahakali - Another embodies her power of splendid strength and irresistible passion, her warrior mood, her overwhelming will, her impetuous swiftness and world-shaking force. Mahalakshmi - A third is vivid and sweet and wonderful with her deep secret of beauty and harmony and fine rhythm, her intricate and subtle opulence, her compelling attraction and captivating grace. Mahasaraswati - The fourth is equipped with her close and profound capacity of intimate knowledge and careful flawless work and quiet and exact perfection in all things. ~ , ,

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1:Action without desire is possible, action without attachment is possible, action without ego is possible. ~ Sri Aurobindo#thegoldenpath #sriaurobindo #philosopher #spiritualteacher #auroville #pondicherryauroville #aurobindoghosh #spirituality #spiritualawakening,
2:The way to get out of trouble is not to escape from the world(which is a rather impossible endeavour)but to transform the world, beginning by the transformation of oneself.This is the only sure & practical way. ~ The Mother @AUROSAFIC@sri_aurobindo @Auro_Mere @AurovilleRadio,
3:Auroville (City of Dawn) is an 'experimental' township in Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India near Puducherry in South India. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Richard (since her definitive settling in India called '[The] Mother') and designed by architect Roger Anger. Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. ~ Mirra Alfassa,

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   10 The Mother

   10 The Mothers Agenda

0.02_-_Topographical_Note, #Agenda Vol 1, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  From 1960, the Agenda took its final shape arid grew for thirteen years, until May 1973, filling thirteen volumes in all (some six thousand pages), with a change of setting in March 1962 at the time of the Great Turning in Mother's yoga when She permanently retired to her room upstairs, as had Sri Aurobindo in 1926. The interviews then took place high up in this large room carpeted in golden wool, like a ship's stateroom, amidst the rustling of the Copper Pod tree and the cawing of crows. Mother would sit in a low rosewood chair, her face turned towards Sri Aurobindo's tomb, as though She were wearing down the distance separating that world from our own. Her voice had become like that of a child, one could hear her laughter. She always laughed, this Mother. And then her long silences. Until the day the disciples closed her door on us. It was May 19, 1973. We did not want to believe it. She was alone, just as we were suddenly alone. Slowly, painfully, we had to discover the why of this rupture. We understood nothing of the jealousies of the old species, we did not yet realize that they were becoming the 'owners' of Mother - of the Ashram, of Auroville, of
  Sri Aurobindo, of everything - and that the new world was going to be denatured into a new

Agenda_Vol_10, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Today I saw Pondicherry's lieutenant governor (he comes now and then, every two weeks), and other
  people (a guard of Auroville, who is a Muslim), a bit of everything, and now this consciousness comes:
  the other day, I told you, it was like a rampart, but today with the governor it was much smaller, of
  (Then Mother shows a brochure of "=1"
  on education in Auroville)
  Only, she takes it seriously: it's "education in Auroville."
  But I am so aware that it's the mind indulging in itself, and going on indulging, so... And if you try
  This is the Synthesis, then the Questions and Answers: this very long talk [on illness]....
  In this connection, yesterday R. [Auroville's architect] asked me questions so as to be able to answer
  people; he asked me if it was necessary to have organization and so on. And then it came, but in such
  Very well, it will do.
  21We publish in addendum R.'s notes on Auroville's organization.
  22In fact, the idea did not materialize.
  it's come down a few...
  (Satprem reads:) "In Auroville, people will not earn money; they won't work to earn money..."
  It's already come down to here (gesture at ground level).
  his real nature requires. Of course, that will be very difficult to determine, and there will have to be
  at the center of Auroville a gathering of sages...
  (Mother smiles)
  But if it's described as it can be described, with words following each other, it becomes like F.'s
  text on Auroville: flat, artificial, devoid of life.
  For the moment, the human means are inadequate. What will the superhuman means be? I don't
  That's what I am afraid of: that people will make dogmas with the creation of Auroville.... I never said
  anything like that to F, but that's what it has become in her head! Even what one writes, even if we
  Oh, yes!
  Because there are no words. Music is fine. I had a vision like that of an auditorium in Auroville, with a
  grand organ, and someone (whom I am trying to prepare, who can play the organ very well and whom I
  Notes of Auroville's architect
  1. To build Auroville, do we need a method of working, organization, coordination?
  Discipline is necessary to live. To live, the body itself is subject in all its functions to a rigorous
  2. What should the nature of this organization be? In the Present and in the Future.
  Organization is a discipline of action, but for Auroville we aspire to go beyond organizations, which
  are arbitrary and artificial. We want an organization that is the expression of a higher consciousness
  feel to be good?
  To be viable, this would demand that all Auroville workers should be yogis, conscious of the Divine
  prevent the occurrence of an uncontrollable disorder?
  All those who want to live and work in Auroville must have:
  An integral goodwill, a constant aspiration to know the Truth and submit oneself to it.
  Me, I have nothing to do in here.
  Still, a little! They've also put Auroville...
  Did I tell you the miracle that took place? You haven't heard about it?... In Auroville we're going to
  build a big factory to mill wheat, but something huge (it's to mill wheat for the whole of India!), huge.
  Machines are coming I don't know from where, huge too. And they chose to land them at Pondicherry
  because going from Pondicherry to Auroville is easier than from Madras to Auroville. Only, when the
  ship came and they saw the number and the size of crates, they got terribly scared - it wasn't possible.
  "We will strive to make Auroville
  the cradle of the superman."
  Ah... it's important news! (Mother smiles) So then, I said, "Why we'?" It answered, "It's because the
  attempt will be to get those who will live in Auroville to collaborate."
  Then, once I'd written it, it left me in peace, but until I did, it came back again and again....
  Otherwise, there's no way! They burden you with perfectly useless things!
  But yesterday I saw one of them, a Frenchman who works in Auroville and who's been very much
  in touch with the people of this new "pop" music (you know, this new music movement that goes
  with the hippies). He's the father of A., who was born in Auroville.
  Yes, I am going to see him for his birthday.
  the beginning of something, which expresses itself in a very barbarian way, but which is something.
  So this boys idea is to try to get in touch with those people and turn them towards Auroville.
  Because, of course, they have millions and millions of followers - they have a tremendous power
  The trouble is that all these people take their desires for inspirations. And then... I have this difficulty
  with Auroville too, that's why I take every opportunity to repeat to them (they all keep saying that they
  come to Auroville "to be free"), I answer them that one can be free only if one is united with the
  Supreme; and to be united with the Supreme, one must have no more desires!
  (Mother looks for a note).
  Auroville also, I am constantly telling them two things (hammering gesture): "For those who want
  to be free, there is only one freedom, that is to be united to the Supreme; and to be united to the
  America is extremely interested in Auroville. Russia is extremely interested in Auroville. The
  Chinese... nothing, absolutely nothing, no response.
  faithfully at the disposal of the Truth, he could change the country and the world."
  12. The Mother said that Auroville is the only hope for preventing a new world war. Tensions are
  growing and the situation is becoming very critical. But only the Idea of Auroville, if it can become
  more widespread, can prevent world war.
  It has an answer for everything, all the time. Now it's become quite active.... I got a letter from Y.
  describing the activities of all those young people who have come for Auroville (they have a place of
  their own now, it's the office of =1, somewhere at the back or in front of the Library). They have an
  Two nights ago, I spent more than three hours with Sri Aurobindo, and I showed him all that was going
  to descend for Auroville. It was rather interesting. There were games, there was art, there was even
  cooking! But all that was very symbolic. I explained it to him as if on a table, in front of a large
  Raymond is a great architect. When they came here 88 and built "Golconde," I asked Raymond to
  prepare the plan for the first Auroville I had conceived (that was when Sri Aurobindo was still alive),
  and it was magnificent! He didn't leave it here.
  But it was an Auroville with, at the center, Sri Aurobindo's house (gesture on a hilltop). Sri
  Aurobindo was alive, so we had put him at the center.
  often, it's not something just random. She wrote to the government to tell them that they should take
  special interest in Auroville and do something. And she seems to have authority there.
  (Sujata goes and sees who slammed
  I have wondered if we couldn't have in Auroville a publishing house, because Auroville is an
  international township, and so we could have an INTERNATIONAL publishing house. There would be
  books in every language. That would be interesting.
  Auroville is beginning to be fairly well known in America. There's a lady (I told you about that)
  who is planning to come in a boat for 1972 - she is very interested in Auroville, she has gatherings and
  is in touch with the government. It seems to be moving fairly well there. So we could have a publishing
  too, but it's limited.
  I am mentioning it because Y's idea is to have television in Auroville (they're working on it). A
  receiving center, and a transmitting station, so as not to depend on others: a television station in
  Auroville itself.
  But television is quite suited to scientific, technical broadcasts, documentaries, information - on
  that together, and if it works well, I'll ask him to stay on. Because you know that S. now has a sort of
  dispensary in Auromodle [in Auroville] (there's even a young French medical student who has come
  and stays there too, he is very happy). So we could open a "cancer clinic," that would be very
  interesting! Because with S.'s presence here, there's no difficulty - in Auroville he can do what he
  likes. That would be wonderful!
  The other, we'll see if he wants to cure some people here, that would be good.
  It would straight away give an interesting direction.... "Auroville, the city of healing"! That would
  be good!
  August 16, 1969
  (Mother had advised Satprem to go for a walk on Auroville's beach so as to get some rest, but as it
  happened, someone absolutely insisted on accompanying him.)
  to have a fighting character! (Mother laughs) Some remain all alone, others come together - from all
  that their characters are determined. So she wants to do that in Auroville. I told her, "How are they
  prevented from injuring themselves or having serious accidents?" She said they should be put in a place
  money to do it).... Me, of course, I don't say anything (Mother crosses her fingers on her lips). I've
  named her "responsible for the direction of education in Auroville" (Mother laughs heartily). She told
  me, by the way, that she wants to have a bank account in the name of "Auroeducation" - do you know
  don't intervene.
  Yes, what I look on with curiosity is YOUR way of acting with Auroville.
  MY way?
  in succession). The first time, I didn't say anything, but after a while (laughing), I simply said (I don't
  remember the exact words, only the meaning) that the true consciousness needed to live in Auroville is
  to look at one's own faults first, before complaining about others' faults, and to mend one's ways
  mistakes, we can't do otherwise! So the only way is to stay like this (still gesture, turned upward).
  That's why I am like this, silent. You told me, I don't understand your way of acting in Auroville...":
  it's nothing but that. It's because our thought limits, opposes - even, even the vastest consciousness,
  Mother that the greatest adversaries will be found. That also explains Mother's departure and
  the ensuing murky situation in Auroville and in the Ashram. For obvious reasons we will not
  publish Mother's note or the long conversation that followed in its integrality, but only a few
  There's a druid (laughing), a still-existing druid, from Brittany, who has written a letter to F. saying he
  had heard about Auroville from friends of hers and wants to come. He says, "I am poor, I am not
  bringing anything" (he is married, he and his wife intend to come together). He writes that he will bring
  a book; a book by one of his friends, who has had "the economic and financial vision" of the world. He
  will bring it - he says it's a revelation - for it to be used in Auroville. So in my answer, I intend to tell
  him, "Here is the basis on which Auroville is established..."
  (Mother hands her note)
  Yes, at least we'll have variety!
  But the druid said he is penniless, so we'll send him to R. [Auroville's architect], who might be able
  to arrange something....
  August 30, 1969
  Things are beginning to come for Auroville (Mother points to several written notes); there are many,
  many others, but there is above all the internal financial question: I would like there to be no money
  within Auroville (we would have to work out something), I would like money to be retained only for
  relations with outside. But that I haven't written; I wrote something else (Mother gives a first note).
  "Auroville wants to be
  the cradle of the superman.
  Then, this one:
  the free international township.
  And then (Mother points to a third note), this is for entry, because there's a port in Auroville, so
  naturally entry is free, but conditional: we have no borders, no walls, we're overflowing in India, so I
  can't impose my law to the whole of India (!), but it will be replaced by a control at the port: we'll let
  in only what can be consumed within Auroville - so as not to be used as a clandestine entry for a
  deluge of free goods.
  color... it wasn't casting rays of light, not that, but... and not luminescent like an object, but with a
  special luminosity which had that light... a little like Auroville's flower (but it wasn't like that, it
  looked perfectly natural). He was showing me his body; he was lying down, and showing me his body,
  165The same thing could be said of those who are today claiming to be the "proprietors" of Sri Aurobindo, Mother and
  Auroville. it is an eternal story repeating itself, at Pondicherry or in Rome - but this time, perhaps, the story's ending will be
  different. [Note of 1981.]
  September 17, 1969
  I've written something for Auroville....
  "The earth needs a place where people can live sheltered from all national rivalries, all
  themselves to the discovery and practice of the Divine Consciousness that wants to manifest.
  "Auroville wants to be that place, and offers itself to all those who aspire to live
  tomorrow's truth."
  Once I write, it's over.
  Then the President167 went there [to Auroville], in the afternoon, at the time of leaving, he said, "It
  is a work of God..." He felt something.
  (Mother holds out a note)
  Auroville is the ideal place
  for those who want to know
  It's really very interesting! And most of the time, it's this Consciousness that makes me write,
  especially with regard to Auroville.
  But I told you (did I see you after I saw the President?), I told you that when the President was here,
  But it feels the way people are, because did I tell you what the President said while leaving?
  Yes, in Auroville: "It is a work of God."
  And Auroville is a great Adventure.
  I see how it's being organized, it's really interesting, really interesting.204
  He's an inventor, a man of action - I might say, an "inventor-adventurer," but I won't: he's still here!
  204See in addendum Mother's latest notes about Auroville.
  But what does he want to do here?
  Oh!... He wants to "help" in the creation of Auroville. He already has a society, "Auroville
  International," and he is going to start his action - he's traveling here and there. He's a man who knows
  in his temperament (after all, inventions are adventures, and that's how he is). So he's already founded
  a society called "Auroville International" with members in Europe and its head office in the United
  States... the whole outfit. As for me, I watch and have great fun! In appearance he's very surrendered
  does as you say...!" I found it very amusing. But I saw how he is enthusiastic about the idea of
  Auroville, and it seems to be quite sincere, he even said it's what he has been looking for for a long
  time. So he goes about it "fair and square".... He was a minister in Persia, but there were revolutions in
  man who understands you!" (Mother laughs) It's funny, you know!
  This Auroville is going to be a very interesting experience.
  At first glance, Auroville isn't made up of people burdened with morality!
  Oh, no!... Ah, we have many little Aurovilians, lots of them, but you know, among them some are
  (Mother's latest notes about Auroville)
  Who took the initiative of Auroville?
  The supreme Lord.
  Who is participating in the financing of Auroville?
  The supreme Lord.
  If one wants to live in Auroville, what does it mean for oneself?
  Striving towards the supreme perfection.
  In order to live in Auroville, must one be a student of yoga?
  All life is a yoga. Thus one cannot live without practicing the supreme yoga.
  Will family life continue in Auroville?
  If one has not gone beyond that.
  Can one keep religion in Auroville?
  If one has not gone beyond that.
  Can one be atheistic in Auroville?
  If one has not gone beyond that.
  Will there be a social life in Auroville?
  If one has not gone beyond that.
  Will there be compulsory community activities in Auroville?
  Nothing is compulsory.
  Will money circulate in Auroville?
  No, it is only with outside that Auroville will have money dealings.
  Who will be the owner of lands and buildings?
  That is absolutely certain for all those who understand Sri Aurobindo's teaching and have faith in him.
  It is with the intention of creating such a place that we want to found Auroville.
  But for this realization to be possible, everyone must make effort to transform himself, for most of
  How do you think there will be no more suffering in Auroville - as long as people who come to
  live in Auroville are men from this same world, born with the same weaknesses and the same
  I never thought there would be no more suffering in Auroville, because men, as they are, love suffering
  and call it, while at the same time cursing it.
  It is involuntary poverty and begging that I was referring to.
  Life in Auroville will be organized in such a way that that will not exist - if beggars come from
  outside, either they will have to go or they will be hospitalized and taught the joy of work.
  What is the fundamental difference between the Ashram's ideal and Auroville's?
  There is no fundamental difference in the attitude with regard to the future and the service of the
  for the students, who are here only for their studies and who have not been asked to choose in life).
  While in Auroville, the goodwill to carry out a collective experience for the progress of mankind is
  alone sufficient to get admitted.
  be true.
  The children, those who are a few months old (as I said, those who were born in Auroville) are
  remarkable - they're remarkable. I thought it was just one case, but in all those I've seen till now, all of
  213It will take another four years, then for some fifteen years this unfortunate Sannyasin will fall victim to an unscrupulous
  Indian "publisher" who will use Auroville's name as a cover for his own affairs.
  There's a French woman who was a primary school teacher (I was told she's nice, I haven't seen her),
  and then an Indian woman (whom I saw) who wants to teach in Auroville, and she's fine, I mean her
  mental attitude is good. So the two of them will start (laughing): there are five children!
  Some interesting people have come to Auroville, people who are really seeking something.... So I
  leave them to stew there and we'll see what comes out of it!
  point of view. He first thought of founding it in Delhi - I said, "Fine." But there was a big movement
  for it to take place here, in Auroville.... There are two things they want to do in Auroville: that institute,
  and in 1972, they want to launch an Indian satellite for "communications," and they've nearly decided
  that it will be launched from Auroville and will be called Sri Aurobindo.... And then, I already told you
  about a boat that will leave from America also in '72 - Sri Aurobindo's Boat. They're trying to do
  forbidden in the Ashram, is now permitted since people are marrying and having children.... That must
  be some gossip, or else he saw some of the pregnant women in Auroville. But I sent him my
  explanation; I told him that if it were true that marriage is now permitted and children are born here, I
  because I didn't know what else to put.... Afterwards, I told him how things are, that they're not at all
  that way, but that in Auroville people have children; in my reply I even wrote that Auroville's
  maternity home had been created for all those who want their child to be a world citizen! (Laughing)
  He is nice. As a matter of fact, I have something in this connection. Yesterday I had the visit of
  Paolo and N., both of them, and Paolo explained to me a sort of inspiration he had about Auroville.
  I found it very beautiful, very good, and important. So I told him, "You must absolutely tell Mother
  Doesn't matter!
  He says that for a few years, energies in Auroville have been scattered: they are egoistic, everyone
  wants to build his own little hut, his own little story, or, at best, hopes to build a supercity, which
  will only be an improvement on all the existing cities of the world. In this Auroville, an axis, a
  center is missing. What's missing is... a unification of the consciousnesses around a center, an axis.
  ...and rise and purify themselves. Well, what should be built in Auroville is an axis, a center, a
  That was my first impression. But how to have R. [Auroville's architect] understand that? I don't
  know. Because it was R. who changed it; it's he who wanted to begin with "Auromodle," that is to
  instinctively that he did that.
  He wrote to the Emperor about Auroville, and there was a reply Did I show it to you? (Mother
  looks for a piece of paper) It's all the way at the bottom....
  "I have written to my Emperor Haile Selassie I, about Auroville International Township aim, and
  Ethiopia to be the second country to support this idea. He has written me a good letter. In his letter
  But an interesting sign: from Northern Europe, from Sweden and Norway and Denmark, some
  224Thus after Mother's departure, Auroville's "proprietors" soon declared they were a "religious" institution, adding
  spiritual imposture to financial fraud. Not a single voice rose from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram when those people dared to
  two of them have sent me their photos, asking me to help them. And they do some work, they do work
  for Auroville there. It means that...
  But even our children have such stupid reactions! One girl here wrote to me because I had
  R.'s idea and the idea of the people around him is to have industries capable of collecting money for
  Auroville, so...
  They're wrong, they're wrong!

Agenda_Vol_11, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  January 3, 1970
  (Continuation of the conversation of 31 December 1969 about Auroville and the Matrimandir.)
  Mother, I told Paolo [the Italian architect] to come, he is waiting outside.
  For a long time I had been feeling something, then we spoke about it the other day, and I SAW... I
  told R. [Aurovilles architect] about it, I asked him to see Paolo, and I also told him that I had seen
  what should be done. Naturally, he didnt say no, he said yes to everything, but I felt he wasnt too
  (Sujata goes out and comes back with Paolo, who comes in with a garland of pink Harmony. Mother
  gives him an orange hibiscus Aurovilles flower looks at him, and starts speaking:)
  Since we decided to build that temple, I have seen I have seen the inside. I have just tried to describe
  Ill see him this afternoon.
  I told you that I saw the central construction of Auroville.... I have a plan. Would you like to see
  it?... There are three scrolls there (Mother unrolls the plan while explaining): There will be twelve
  beautiful flowers for You and R. You were with us. We spoke a lot. I felt R. like a brother.
  I told him that Auroville cannot be born like any other city (urban, social, economic
  problems, all of them to be seen later). The starting point must be something else. That is
  can lean on to try and leap to the other side because its only from the other side that we can
  begin to understand what Auroville should be. And that Center must be a form manifesting in
  Matter the content that You can transmit to us on every plane (occult included). As for us, we
  But when Paolo showed me this plan, I felt something very beautiful.... Ill tell you what I felt: I
  felt I was witnessing the birth of Auroville.
  No, thats not true.
  (To understand which Auroville and above all which Aurovilians Mother is referring to here, it
  must be said that almost all the first newcomers, with a few remarkable exceptions, made up a rather
  heterogeneous group seeking holidays of sorts on an exotic Riviera and dragging behind themselves a
  number of unsatisfactory habits. That is what Aurovilles enemies later based themselves on to spread
  all kinds of mischief. It took a few years for the situation to settle and change completely, and for most
  Oh, what is it?
  N. and Paolo realized that if Auroville or the construction of this Center is left to Aurovilles
  people as separate from the Ashram, it will never work: the true force will never be there, those
  who are there arent receptive enough to do the work. If there is that break between the Ashram
  and Auroville, it will never work, it will be one more construction but not something new.
  break. Just as the disciples built Golconde [a guest-house at the Ashram], in the same way all
  the disciples should build Aurovilles Center, without outside manpower.
  At Golconde there was outside manpower.
  Anyhow with as little as possible of the outside element, so it may be a work of consecration.
  Otherwise, they told me (N. especially), Aurovilles people are all full of arrogance and
  incomprehension, they see the outside of things. The force of the people here should be mixed into
  it. If the Ashram people do not mix with them, do not breathe the force into it, it will never work....
  Right now, Paolo told me, Auroville as it appears from outside looks like a necropolis.
  (Mother laughs)
  Because he says that if there isnt the inner force of the Ashram people mingling with the
  Aurovilians, the Aurovilians will remain what they are. There is a break between Auroville and the
  (Mother laughs) They dont think clearly! Its a muddled thought.
  When they say that all the disciples here should take part in Auroville s construction, as was done
  for Golconde, they mean that you are the one who gives the disciples the impulse to come and
   no mixture.
  (Laughing) If you knew things as they are!... Auroville people bring drugs here, they bring... all kinds
  of things.
  Its all thoughts and thoughts and thoughts you cant build with thoughts.
  Can the elements in Auroville do the work?
  I am working and working (gesture of kneading) to gather the energies that can do the work. And there
  young ones at the School, and those are not here to become ashramites, theyre here to be educated
  its for them to choose.... Many of them, many want to go to Auroville. So that would mean the
  Ashrams education going to Auroville there are many of them. But... give me names: who can go
  and work with his hands?
  But, Mother, the only possibility is for you to SAY; and then, tomorrow Ill go and spend two
  hours in Auroville picking up baskets [of rubble]!
  (Mother laughs) Mon petit, youre one of the youngest!... Can you picture me telling Nolini, Go and
  He knows better than you what needs to be done. There.
  6As a matter of fact, most of those lazy elements came back from Auroville to join those at the Ashram.
  Ill write, then a sequel will come, but I dont have the time to note it down.
  Someone from Auroville wrote to me that he thought he had come here to obey no one but himself
  (or words to that effect), but he noticed there are rules and laws. And he said, I am not going to do any
  One [French] embassy attach came, dined at the Consulate with R. and F. and Baron [former governor
  of Pondicherry]; it was his daughter who came at Aurovilles inauguration to put soil from France. So
  he asked all sorts of questions and was very interested.... A new ambassador is coming, he is hoped to
  and cold vegetables!... And it was as if he sent me on an errand to the person who needed to be
  told.... So I left, went this way and that, and I came to R.s place, Aurovilles people, in a very dark
  and crowded room....
  Very dark.
  Oh, what a confusion.... But I dont know why, at night I am very often connected with Aurovilles
  people, and its as tiring as can be, you know.
  Oh, (Mother laughs) I wasnt told that, otherwise I would have replied!
  But more and more, quite a few come from there [Auroville] to see me.
  Yes, lots and lots of people read the book; its having an enormous action.... I constantly get letters
  21As a matter of fact, Satprem started taking interest in Auroville only after Mothers departure, when he saw that Mothers
  work there was in peril.
  That would be a whole organization to be worked out. Well need... well need something like that in
  Based on the work.
  vision. Moneys convenience was that it became mechanical.... But this new system cannot become
  quite mechanical, so... For instance, the idea is that those who will live in Auroville will have no
  money there is no circulation of money but to eat, for instance, everyone has the right to eat,
  There are some who understand.
  You see, the idea is that there will be no customs in Auroville and no taxes, and Aurovilians will
  have no personal property. Like that on paper, its very fine, but when it comes to doing it in practice...
  to do that?...
  Problems of that sort are beginning to come up at Auroville, and that makes the thing very
  interesting. Of course, the means are very limited, but that also is part of the problem to be solved.
  Rigid, yes.
  Theyre beginning to wonder what Aurovilles language will be.
  I think it will be a language that will... (Laughing) The children are setting the example: they know
  People who speak Esperanto wrote me an official letter to say how many they are (a considerable
  number), and that they would like their Esperanto to be Aurovilles language.... There are lots of people
  who speak that language, lots. Everywhere, I think. I got that letter two or three days ago.
  But Aurovilles language, let it just be born spontaneously!
  Yes, spontaneously, naturally! Ah, we shouldnt intervene. For the time being, I write birth certificates
  Yes, yes. Oh, and at times... Listen, yesterday I saw a boy whod taken a wrong turn (he is in
  Auroville). Hed taken a wrong turn, had rebelled and didnt want to do anything anymore. Anyway...
  So I wrote him to come. Every Tuesday, they come from Auroville, four of them. He came with them.
  He came in... closed, blocked. I said absolutely nothing, I looked at him, simply looked... (gesture).
  very difficult!
  I see people from Auroville in rotation (once a week), in fact to try and work on this material, and
  its really interesting (people I dont know: every time I am brought one or two or three new ones;
  Were going to have to give Auroville people some identity object. Yes, it has happened that some
  people came and settled on Auroville s lands without asking for anyones permission, and suddenly we
  find ourselves faced with a man or a family.... So its beginning to be troublesome. Because its very
  It was two or three days ago, it came imperatively like that, in connection with some business. They
  have gatherings in Auroville, at Aspiration; I think its meditations, or something of the sort, I dont
  know. One of them came and put my photo; so another rushed to his room and came back with a
  Afterwards there came a whole series of things. But I must say theres literally an invasion there (at
  different places in Auroville) because its not watched over, some plots of land are free, and at the
  center especially, some people have settled there, and there are constantly people who come and settle
  Auroville is for those who want to live a life essentially [religious] but who renounce
  all forms of religions whether they be ancient, modern, new or future....47
  ...Religions make up part of the history of mankind and it is in this guise that they will
  be studied at Auroville not as beliefs to which one ought or ought not to fasten, but as
  part of a process in the development of human consciousness which should lead man
  We have to find a word we could put this:
  Auroville is for those who want to live a life divine...
  Yes, a life essentially divine, yes. Divine, thats vast, Mother.
  Is that all?... There was so much, I didnt note everything.... It was day before yesterday, I think, the
  whole day was taken up like that in the experience, and I felt it was the revelation of Aurovilles true
  goal, and that THIS was what had to be told, and THIS is what... will select the people, the Aurovilians.
  Shall we put a title to these notes on Auroville?... For instance, Aurovilles Stand on Religions?
  What about We Want the Truth?... I use the word because no one in the world would dare to say,
  they want, while they must want the truth whatever it may be.
  (Mother writes her last note on Auroville)
  and that part I was showing was sexless, that is to say, neither man nor woman: there was nothing; and
  its color was... a little like Aurovilles color [orange], like that, but vibrant, that is, as if... not luminous,
  but with a sort of luminosity. So then, the Mother wore a large cloak, like a large veil over her whole
  In Auroville, nothing belongs to anyone in particular. All is a collective property.
  Did you see the brochure [on Auroville and Religions]? Its nice.... I had it distributed in Auroville.
  People from Auromodle come in turn every Tuesday afternoon (five or six of them), so yesterday I
  They [the D.s] stressed a lot the frictions with villagers. They even wrote that villagers had thrown
  stones at our people in Auroville.... Naturally, they were bound to make a mess, while things seem
  quite smooth on the contrary.
  R. [Aurovilles architect] has asked to see me tonight.
  Oh, really? Why?
  Do you have any questions?
  As a matter of fact, I saw R. [Aurovilles architect]. I saw him twice.
  Oh! What did he tell you?
  Yet he told me, Ah, every morning I go and see Mother, its my oxygen.
  Yes, we talk about what goes on there [in Auroville] and I tell him (very frankly, I must say) what I see
  and understand. Thats true, but I mean that he doesnt tell me about himself at all.
  No, no, no! Theres no question of that.
  But people always fall for that! Even in Auroville: they want meditation! And I cant decently tell
  them, Its useless! (Mother laughs)
  June 3, 1970
  Yesterday we started a work for Auroville, that is to say, were basically trying to give people from
  Aspiration an idea, simply, of what Aurovilians want: why they are here and what they want.
  Yesterday I asked C. [a resident of Aspiration], But why does one live in Auroville? So he gave
  me the first paragraph:
  2. The Aurovilian must not be a slave to his desires.
  The idea is this: We come to Auroville to escape social and moral rules that are artificially practiced
  everywhere, but it is not to live in the licentiousness of the satisfaction of every desire: it is to rise
  In the center, there is a free being, vast and knowing, which awaits our discovery and
  must become the acting center of our being and our life in Auroville.
  Then, after that, shall we put this (Mother points to the former first point on the consecration to the
  Yes, thats right (Mother writes):
  2. One lives in Auroville to be free from moral and social conventions; but that freedom
  must not be a new slavery to the ego, its desires and ambitions.
  Wouldnt it be good to do the rest of the Program for Auroville with Aurovilians, since you
  started it?...
  June 13, 1970
  We have to complete our program for Auroville.... Auroville has come to prepare the coming of the
  new species.
  5. The whole earth must prepare for the advent of the new species, and Auroville wants
  to consciously work to hasten that advent.
  papers there.
  All the Auroville things Ill give you.
  Mother, theres an important problem Id like to sort out with you, if you have time.... Its about
  about eight inches). She was here, and it was like this (gesture). Its color was... this color that, if it
  became very material, would be Aurovilles color [orange]. It was softer, as if behind a veil, it wasnt
  absolutely precise, but it was this color. And there was hair, but... it was something else.
  it, but its not pink... (Mother takes a hibiscus next to her). Its like this.
  Like Aurovilles flower?
  Like Aurovilles flower. But I DELIBERATELY chose it as Aurovilles flower, for that reason. And
  my impression is that this is the supra-mental color: when I see beings from the supramental, they
  the atmosphere of a nascent religion.
  It was for Auroville and it was a portrait by Y, did you see it? You saw that portrait?! (Mother laughs)
  It was a polite way of telling her. Only, she didnt listen to me, she distributed it.
  I havent found anyone yet to translate into German....
  In Auroville?
  with a full conscious vital.
  Nowadays they bring me all the children born in Auroville, and I see... I see surprising things. With
  some (not many, one or two), its like a very small animal, its nothing its very sweet: a very small

Agenda_Vol_12, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Well, do you have the next chapter?
  Yes, Mother. Ive called it The Sociology of the Superman. Its Auroville without naming it.
  But a very ideal Auroville!
  Yes! (Laughing) Far from what it is.
  That passage should be typed and put up in Auroville. It is INDISPENSABLE. They all have a false
  idea about propaganda and publicity. It should be typed in big letters; at the top, Sri Aurobindo said,
  then put the quotation, and send it to Auroville.
  Say I am the one whos sending it.
  She gives the following message:)
  Let the Matrimandir be the living symbol of Aurovilles aspiration for the Divine.
  (Mother replies to an Aurovillian:)
  (Question:) You said you did not want to make rules for Auroville. But recently you wrote,
  Drugs are forbidden in Auroville. Have you changed your view of Auroville?
  Perhaps Aurovillians have not yet attained the level of consciousness expected of them.
  The end!... People really need it. I get ten-page letters telling me spiritual experiences which are
  completely in the vital. They dont understand a thing. Even in Auroville theyre like that, they dont
  27The big book entrepreneur of the Ashram and brother of the would-be owner of Auroville.
  28The book cover took the forefront in the affair. What seems to have been conveniently forgotten is the sales methods of
  (On the occasion of the laying of the first stone of the Matrimandir on February 21, Satprem had
  written a letter to the architect of Auroville.)
  I saw your letter (I saw it in English), the letter you wrote to R. for the Matrimandir.... Its
  One thing or another, a commentary, an explanation, what do I think of....
  But does it come from Auroville?
  Most of it, yes.
  Listen, theres quite a lazy group in Auroville!
  Oh, that, yes!
  41Nor do we know what kind of report Mother was getting from the trio of intriguers who were already quarreling over the
  direction and funds of Auroville. Certainly there was a lazy group in Auroville, but that group quickly disappeared on its
  own. Is it a lack of authority over the Aurovillians or over the trio, whose rivalries were beginning to arouse the mistrust
  All that is for Auroville. I am giving them to you so youll know.
  It seems that things are much better in Auroville. S. is particularly interested and goes there, and she
  sent me word that there is a great progress in the atmosphere.
  There are many cases of people who ought to go away from here, but.... But you see, theyre here,
  and when the baby is due to come, they go to Auroville! While me, I think theyre in Auroville.
  Several cases. So I decided to publish that. I should add to it the message where I say, Needless to say
  (Sometime in August the message that follows was circulated in the Ashram and Auroville, and
  76The Indo-Russian pact which has just been signed in Delhi by Gromyko and Swaran Singh. This is also the time of
  The Ashram, founded and built up by the Mother, has been the first step towards the
  fulfilment of this goal. The project of Auroville is the next step, more exterior, seeking to
  widen the base of this endeavor to establish harmony between soul and body, spirit and nature,
  Well, maybe it makes a muddle for some people, but not for all not for all!
  But take this other example: I am trying to make Auroville a link between the old way of being and the
  new, but they are all sunk in.... I mean they use their freedom to live in the most ordinary way. So... its
  meeting Indira Gandhi in Paris, Andr Malraux will renounce his plan of action. Let us note
  that when Y.L. met him, he leafed through the Auroville pressbook and said, All this is
  familiar Im part of it I know this. And closing the book, Its as if the sun had risen. And
  Tell me first what you have.
  An Auroville story.
  Auroville? What happened?
  A few days ago I received a letter from a young man who is an architect there, Z (I dont know
  Ah, why?
  Because he would like to explain to me Aurovilles problems. So I replied: Aurovilles problems
  will be solved and cleared up only when Aurovillians turn directly to Mother, and hence I wish they
  Either from Auroville or the Ashram, or French or Germans.... I have seen lots of them anyone
  who came to the tennis court could see me. I did that for several years. And then I dont know, all

Agenda_Vol_2, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  procedure to be followed for implementing their plan.'
  89Although it began as a fund-raising organization for the needs of the Ashram and Auroville, this 'strictly external thing,'
  which had 'nothing to do with working for an ideal,' would, after Mother's departure, coolly declare itself the 'owner' and
  guide of Auroville.
  Perhaps... probably it will clear up.
  118Note that N. will try to be the future 'proprietor' of Auroville. Already Mother was surrounded by lies on all sides.
  119On March 29, 1914.
  134See conversation of March 4.
  135After Mother's departure, this 'Society' would try to appropriate Auroville: 'Auroville is a project of the Sri Aurobindo
  Society.' (sic)
  The Arya began in June 1914, and the first issue was scheduled to come out on August 15, Sri
  238Richard died in the United States in 1967, then made a vain attempt to reincarnate in Auroville. Thus the danger of
  'attracting him,' at least under this form, seems remote.

Agenda_Vol_3, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  were the moneymen, the same wheelerdealers who, eleven years later, after Mother's departure, were
  to reveal their ambitions in Auroville as well as Pondicherry. Satprem's somewhat straightforward
  manner soon got in the way of their schemes. He had a deep affection for X and when he repeatedly

Agenda_Vol_4, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  (Satprem first decided not to publish in full the following conversation on Tantrism. Then, after
  Mother's departure, when he saw that same Tantrism trying to spread through Auroville, he changed
  his mind and decided to publish the conversation in full, preceded by a note which we are inserting

Agenda_Vol_6, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  quite all right - when a thing is in its place it becomes very good.
  And when X came, they took him to Auroville,27 and there is there a small Ganesh temple that was
  bought along with the land, on condition that the small temple be respected and people be allowed to
  June 23, 1965
  Have you heard of Auroville?...
  For a long time, I had had a plan of the "ideal city," but that was during Sri Aurobindo's lifetime,
  with Sri Aurobindo living at its center. Afterwards... I was no longer interested. Then, we took up the
  idea of Auroville again (I was the one who called it "Auroville"), but from the other end: instead of the
  formation having to find the place, it was the place (near the Lake) that caused the formation to be
  when I was with Thon. Then I had forgotten all about it. And it came back with that letter: suddenly I
  had my plan of Auroville. Now I have my general plan; I am waiting for R. to make the detailed plans
  because since the beginning I have said, "R. will be the architect," and I have written to R.
  All around, there is a circular road that separates the park from the rest of the city. There would
  44It was only three years later, in February, 1968, that Auroville would be founded.
  45Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's symbol.
  gate. The keeper of the gate is a new girl who has come from Africa and has written me a letter saying
  she wanted to be the "keeper of Auroville" to let in only the "servants of the Truth".... (laughing) It's a
  very nice plan (!) So I will probably put her as keeper of the park, with a little house on the road, at the
  I will explain myself: the residential section, where there will be the houses of people who will have
  already subscribed, and all the others who come in their numbers to have a plot in Auroville. That will
  be towards the Lake.
  orchards, cultivation, etc. - it would spread to incorporate the Lake estate46 : what they wanted to do
  separately will be done as a part of Auroville); then a fourth zone (I've said public services,
  transportation, food supplies), and the fourth zone: shops. We don't need many shops, but a few are
  You mean the disciples will remain here.
  Ah, the Ashram remains here - the Ashram stays here, I stay here, that's quite clear: Auroville is...
  46Which has already been cultivated.
  ceremonies - we'll have to see, it won't be for years. It's going to take years to be realized.
  So, Auroville is meant more for the outside.
  Oh, yes! It's a town, so it is the whole contact with the outside. And an attempt to achieve on earth a
  It exists, but not in a sufficient proportion.
  47He knows his way about very well indeed: he is the one who will become the "proprietor" of Auroville after Mother's
  departure, taking advantage of the money collected for Auroville. He will have the Aurovilians who will not consent to this
  fraud sent to jail and expelled from India, while Auroville will be reduced to a state of siege and funds meant for Auroville
  will be used to corrupt.
  about this, there have been talks between Air India and another company, but then they didn't agree -
  all sorts of silly little difficulties. But all that will fall off naturally with Auroville's growth - people
  will be only too glad to have an airfield.
  Mother was led to put the project
  of Auroville in perspective:
  Auroville wants to be a universal town...
  A universal town - not international: universal.

Agenda_Vol_7, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  Mother hands Satprem
  a brochure on Auroville
  That experience came in relation to Auroville. You know, people get restless because "things aren't
  moving fast"; then I had that vision of the divine formation, the divine creation taking place
  we send them literature. We tell most of them that they have to prepare themselves. And I direct a large
  number towards Auroville; maybe that's the essential raison d'etre of Auroville....
  going to be a crush of people - some are arranging planes! So yesterday I said, "We'll have a direct
  yearly flight: Paris-Auroville!" And they're going to prepare an airfield. We are already in negotiations
  with the government for the land: it's huge, we could make four or five airfields! There will be a
  landing field in Auroville: Paris-Auroville! (Mother looks very amused.)
  It seems that in 1972, there will be a new plane that will fly from Paris to India (Paris-Auroville!) in
  four hours. Which means that if they leave Paris in the evening, they'll reach here at daybreak (you
  year, which is how many a day?
  A Polytechnician48 came here with R. [the architect of the future Auroville]. There were nine who
  came with R.; among them is a Polytechnician who sent me a note asking, "Are you God?"
  Since then, he has been quite silent.
  Another one is Communist. He is a Russian who lives in Paris. He asked me if all the Auroville
  workers shouldn't meet and "talk over" (Mother laughs) the necessity of a "moral conduct"! (I have
  August 13, 1966
  You know that scores of people have come for Auroville.... Instead of working, they spend their time
  talking and chatting! And they send me letters. Their whole mental ego is bubbling with excitement, all
  "Auroville must be at the service of the Truth, beyond all social, political and religious
  it into words; if I translate it into words, I may say something like this: "That's why you have created
  And with the clear vision that Auroville was a center of force and creation, with... (how can I
  explain?) a seed of truth, and that if it could sprout and develop, the very movement of its growth
  would be a reaction against the catastrophic consequences of the error of armament.
  I found this very interesting because this birth of Auroville wasn't preceded by any thought; as
  always, it was simply a Force acting, like a sort of absolute manifesting, and it was so strong [when the
  idea of Auroville presented itself to Mother] that I could have told people, "Even if you don't believe in
  it, even if all circumstances appear to be quite unfavorable, I KNOW THAT Auroville WILL BE.
  It may be in a hundred years, it may be in a thousand years, I don't know, but Auroville will be,
  because it has been decreed." So it was decreed - and done quite simply, like that, in obedience to a
  Command, without any thought. And when I was told that (I say, "I was told," but you understand what
  I mean), when I was told that, it was to tell me, "Here is why you have made Auroville; you are
  unaware of it, but that's why...." Because it was the LAST HOPE to react against the imminent
  I found this very interesting, because I had never thought about it.
  And naturally, when I was shown that, I understood; I perceived how the creation of Auroville has
  an action in the invisible, and what action. It's not a material, outward action: it's an action in the
  clearly - "said," I mean seen, shown like this (gesture of a scene offered to the sight). So my interest in
  Auroville has considerably increased since then. Because I have understood that it isn't just a creation
  of idealism, but quite a practical phenomenon, in the hope... in the will, rather, to thwart and
  countries, all these governments commit blunder upon blunder because of that fear of the catastrophe.
  All this is simply to tell you that if nations collaborate in the work of Auroville, even to a very
  modest extent [such as this offer of money from the French government], it will do them good - it can
  do them a lot of good, a good that can be out of proportion to the appearance of their actions.
  You speak of the imminence of a catastrophe, but still Auroville will take some time to be realized?
  No! I am speaking of the countries' collaboration in CREATING something. It's not when Auroville
  has been completed: it's the nations' collaboration in creating something - but creating something
  founded on the Truth instead of a rivalry in Falsehood's creation. It's not when Auroville is ready -
  when Auroville is ready, it will be one town among all other towns and it's only its own capacity of
  truth that will have power, but that... remains to be seen.
  combined interest (combined without any mutual liking, of course) in creating a power of destruction
  built on Falsehood; well, Auroville means diverting a little of that force (the quantity is minor, but the
  quality is superior). It's truly a hope - it's founded on a hope - of doing something that can be the
  But the center, the power of radiation and propagation is out of proportion, it's rather remarkable: the
  response [to Auroville] is everywhere, everywhere; a response from new Africa, a response in France, a
  response in Russia, a response in America, a response in Canada, and a response in numerous
  Those people are outdated, oh!... They haven't yet gone beyond the "materialistic, antireligious
  movement," and they made a derogatory remark about the Auroville brochure, saying it was "mystic,"
  with "religious" tendency. The irony is lovely!
  because nobody listens to them.
  Unfortunately, following the present tendencies, for Auroville they are trying to get UNESCO'S
  support (!) I, of course, knew beforehand that those [UNESCO] people couldn't understand, but... they
  I said that to those who look after Auroville, I told them, "Those people [of UNESCO] are two
  hundred years behind the earth's march, so there's little hope they'll understand." But anyway, I didn't
  But I was the first to be very interested, because it came like that (gesture of irresistible descent), with
  all-powerful authority: "That's why Auroville has been created."
  (Mother goes into a contemplation,
  hundred years), with the aspiration to counterbalance that: How to do it?... What is to be done?... And
  the answer: "That's why you have created Auroville."
  There is a perception of forces - the forces that act directly in events, material events, which are...
  shown (it's inexpressible because it isn't with words, but these are facts): "That's why you have created
  Auroville...." It's the same thing as with that photo.57
  There, you'll keep this.
  A note on Auroville by Mother:
  be surpassed. It is for each one to know whether he wants to participate in the advent of
  the new species. For those who are satisfied with the world as it is, Auroville obviously
  has no raison d'etre."
  57Mother gestures to show the man shot lying victorious on the roadside, implying that Auroville's modest appearances are
  quite out of proportion to its true role in the invisible.

Agenda_Vol_8, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  (Then Mother shows two notes on Auroville.)
  "At last a place where one will be able to think of nothing but the future."
  "Auroville is doing well and growing more and more real. But its realization is not
  progressing in the habitual human way, and it is more visible to the inner consciousness
  speaking become increasingly concrete, absolute, hard, and exclusive of all that isn't themselves: those
  are religions.... Oh, by the way, it seems the Pope was approached about Auroville and he asked if there
  would be a Catholic church!... They put the question to me. I said, "No. No churches, no temples."
  higher classes, but all the primary and secondary studies have remained in the old formula, so I have
  been very seriously thinking of opening primary and secondary schools in Auroville, based on the new
  system - as a trial.
  She stops at this one:)
  "Auroville is the shelter built for all those who want to hasten towards a future of
  knowledge, peace and unity."
  We have a small place called "Promesse," where there will be six or eight rooms, an office which will
  be Auroville's first administrative office, and also a guest house with a few rooms, five or six rooms for
  visitors. It's quite a small place, with a pretty garden and trees, on the Madras road. It's on Auroville's
  outer border.
  marble, I think, on which this text will be engraved (in French) to let people passing by know what
  Auroville is.
  45Savitri, I.IV.55.
  He was in Russia.... It has come back to him all at once: a great enthusiasm.
  He lived for a time in that house at the corner, which has become the "Auroville Office," and the
  roof of the house is uneven (one part is on a certain level, and without warning, the level suddenly
  Embassy in Paris said that the Soviet government had expressed a desire to "participate in the
  construction of Auroville." I haven't yet got confirmation of it, but it's there in the Figaro. In that case,
  if it's correct, it may not be the right time to publish Karl Marx's "fallacy"! (Mother laughs) It might be
  June 3, 1967
  A. writes that he received in Paris people who asked for information on Auroville. He answered with a
  letter, and when he was about to send it, he thought, "Maybe I'd better show it to Mother, after all." He
  sent his letter - and well he did! Those people asked him the conditions to be admitted to Auroville; he
  replies, "Oh, that hasn't been decided yet!" (Mother laughs) So I've prepared a little note; because he
  that.... I know what he based himself on: I had told him that, naturally, from the material point of view,
  the CONDITIONS OF LIFE in Auroville were not arbitrarily fixed in advance.
  Here is what I wrote:
  Of course, we'll add a note saying that for the time being, after they have read the brochures on
  "Why Auroville?" and have adhered to that, people will have to send their photograph along with their
  request, and I am the one who will accept them or not. As long as the number remains limited, a few
  text or speech. A kind of imposing central building where everything would be gathered. I found it
  rather attractive. I told her that we would have that in Auroville (not the central office: just a receiving
  set). She said that instead of teachers who teach poorly what they know, there would be the best
  because the whole family is against us and they're constantly picking a quarrel with us." So I wrote: "If
  they really want freedom, let them come and give birth to the child in Auroville!..." Oh, they were
  enthusiastic, she left right away!
  Here, see the register! (Mother laughingly shows the notebook in which she noted a few days ago
  the first birth in Auroville.)
  September 3, 1967
  (Regarding Auroville's beach, where Satprem now often goes in the evening for a stroll. The beach is
  some four miles from Pondicherry.)
  But I very clearly felt that if I spoke to him... It seems that when he is spoken to, he listens: his eyes
  open, he looks and listens eagerly, and when he is told about Auroville he shows great interest. And I
  saw that his consciousness is as if centered in the mind; you understand, what I wanted to see was his
  between Israel and Egypt broke out (or a little before), he became fanatic, a fanatic Israelite: "I want to
  work for Israel alone." And as he had been contacted about Auroville, he answered, "Can Auroville
  help Israel?" Things of that sort. And right now, it's the New Year there, so he sent me this (Mother
  I met Y. They're preparing an issue on Auroville, and she came with a list of questions this long
  (gesture), saying, "I don't know Auroville's sociology too well." I told her, "Neither do I!" Then she
  asked me questions (very intelligent ones, mind you), and I answered her. But there was one thing
  about the selection of people and admissions to Auroville; I told her that naturally, the essential
  condition to be able to select people was that preferences, attractions and repulsions, likes and dislikes,
  regarding Auroville:
  Requests for admission to Auroville have been pouring in at a frightful pace these last few days - every
  day a stack big as this - so naturally, everyone must send his photo along with his request and say why
  he wants to be in Auroville, what his skills are, and which category he belongs to: there is the category
  of those who want to work to build Auroville, and the category of those who want to come and sit
  peacefully in it once it's ready. And what a humanity, mon petit!... In fact, all those who come are
  coming on top of another. So that's how it is: for the smallest thing you have to wage a battle.
  It's like with Auroville: a whole part of the government is absolutely enthusiastic, but there are three
  or four individuals here, in Madras State, who are dead against, and they have a terrible action: they
  World Union!... They really did imagine they were going to make humanity progress!... But when I
  tell people that the creation of a city like Auroville has more weight in the earth's history than all the
  groups of the world, they don't believe me. They don't believe me, to them it's totally unimportant, a
  Once I asked Sri Aurobindo (because we had talked about Auroville a great deal, there were lots of
  difficulties), I asked him (because it was an idea I had - not an "idea" but a need that expressed itself
  Only, I see quite clearly that they don't believe in it, there is no one who feels. So does it...? And the
  concrete materialization of the spirit of Auroville hasn't taken place yet, it doesn't exist, there isn't in
  the earth atmosphere a formation of the "spirit of Auroville," which is a spirit... (Mother remains
  absorbed for a long time)... At bottom it is "The art of building unity out of complexity." Without
  It's very difficult.
  When R. [Auroville's architect] was here last time, he told me, "When are we going to create
  Auroville's atmosphere? Everyone is quarreling!" (Mother laughs) I said, "Yes, that's the difficulty...."
  And it's going on. But anyway, there is a Pressure from above, like that, a Pressure. We shall see.
  December 30, 1967
  (Mother extracts from a heap of papers, letters and envelopes of all kinds, a note on Auroville, which
  was based on her words but written from memory.)
  "Auroville will be a self-supporting township.
  "All who live there will participate in its life and development.
  "Auroville will be a self-supporting township."
  I want to insist on the fact that it will be an experiment: it's to make experiments - experiments,
  An experimental city?
  Yes... Auroville will be a city that will attempt to be, or strive or want to be, self-supporting, that is...

Agenda_Vol_9, #The Mothers Agenda, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
  father and mother]; she hadn't yet got her divorce, anyway they were living on the fringe of society; so
  I thought the best was to have the child born in Auroville, where there is full freedom. That was all. It
  began there and ended there. I never thought it would be an "extraordinary being," nothing of the sort -
  People say I've given her "full freedom" to organize Auroville. So she calls it "the university town."
  She was told that the phrase was used in a precise sense; she said to me, "Oh, I've explained it." And
  on the invitation cards for the 28th [February, for Auroville's inauguration], she wanted "the university
  town" to be put; but they didn't ask for her advice and issued the invitations with "The city of universal
  conversation of January 27.)
  Then I've written something else.... They wanted to prepare a sort of brochure on Auroville to
  distribute to the press, the government, etc., on the 28th, 12 and before that, there is in Delhi in two or
  three days a conference of all nations ("all nations" is an exaggeration, but anyway they say "all
  nations"). Z is going there, and she wants to take with her all the papers on Auroville. They have
  prepared texts - always lengthy, interminable: speeches and more speeches. So then I asked, I
  taking place: India is the representation of all human difficulties on earth, and it is in India that the...
  cure will be found. And then, that is why - THAT IS WHY I was made to start Auroville.
  It came and it was so clear, so tremendously powerful!
  difficulties, and all of it piling up), and instantly, everything became clear, like that. It was really
  interesting. And immediately there was: "Here is why you have made Auroville." I didn't know it, you
  understand, I did the thing under pressure, and it took larger and larger proportions (it's becoming
  really worldwide), and I would wonder why.... For a time I thought it was the only present possibility
  12February 28, Auroville's inauguration.
  Ah, now let's get down to work. Do you know what we have to do?... We have to prepare Auroville's
  "Charter"! They will put it into the earth; when they throw in the earth from every country, they will
  Auroville's Charter (G.)
  1. Auroville is the first crucible of planetary man.
  Ah, "planetary," he put that in as Y.'s disciple! Y. loves "planetary."
  2. Auroville offers itself to discover the deep sources of man's unity with the universe, of
  knowledge in joy and love.
  I don't understand - doesn't matter!
  3. Everything in Auroville belongs to the whole earth and Auroville's members are all the beings
  of the earth.
  4. This day, Auroville is solemnly dedicated to serve forever the union of heaven with earth and
  Auroville's Dedication (Y.)
  First there is a material point which G. clumsily tried to express: it's that everyone is a citizen of
  Auroville. Here is the true thing (we won't put any solemnities, it's not necessary)...
  (Mother unrolls a big parchment on her windowsill, facing the Samadhi. Perched on a low stool and
  armed with a huge black felt-pen that draws cuneiform-like letters, she starts copying Auroville's
  Charter while commenting on it.)
  1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole....
  So this is the material fact. Auroville belongs... I didn't put "to no nation" because India would have
  been furious. I put "belongs to nobody" - "nobody" is a vague term which I used precisely so as not to
  say "to no human being" or "to no nation." And I put "Auroville belongs to humanity AS A WHOLE
  because it amounts to nothing! Since people can't agree together, the thing is impossible! I did it
  Then I don't say anything about "citizens" and all that, I say:
  ...But to live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.
  They will all balk at "Divine," but I don't care! You understand, it's the explanation of the
  unsaid, but it's like that.
  17The "temple of the Mother" at the center of Auroville.
  2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth
  that never ages.
  And then:
  3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all
  ...of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards
  future realisations.
  And finally, there are two versions: "4. Auroville will be a site of research for knowledge and means of
  existence leading to a human unity based on mutual understanding and goodwill."
  So we'll alter a little.
  4. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of
  an actual Human Unity.
  (Auroville, the free international township.
  No army, no police.)
  "Here are a few pages of our issue on Auroville,
  the city of love guarded by the four Mothers.
  I don't find it interesting AT ALL. But isn't it dangerous? That's the question.
  It means, at any rate, giving a false idea of Auroville. It opens the door to all kinds of ambiguities.
  (Mother looks at the accompanying
  because he doesn't get rid of the cause... They are up to the neck in that. What should I do with this?
  It would be a pity if people were given this at Auroville's inauguration.
  It's worse than that: they're going to hold a conference for the children in which the children will ask
  Plante is sending Mr. D. to write an article on Auroville; well, I saw this D. a year ago when he
  came here, and he's precisely a great adept of this "yoga of sexuality."20 I had a whole talk with
  I think it's become worse, mon petit, because I remember, when I asked Y. to look after education
  in Auroville, she was still decent enough. I think it's gone to her head.
  Well, it's the story of little R. whom they educate with music and caresses. It's the same story. But
  still, the "city of love," damn! Auroville should be something that impels you towards other
  concepts than these petty things. I went there one day, and, you know, that place is moving...
  It's beautiful, moving, you really feel something about to be created. So the "city of love"...
  But I never said Auroville was the city of love, never, not once!
  The word is too subject to misuse. It would be better not to talk about it.
  She wanted - and she said I had allowed her (which is standing truth on its head) - she wanted to
  open an LSD club in Auroville. Because I wrote to her... being as objective as possible, I wrote it could
  be useful only under the control of people who have the spiritual knowledge AND the power to control
  February 28, 1968
  (The entire Ashram has gone to Auroville to attend its inauguration. Mother reads out her message,
  which is broadcast live to Auroville through All India Radio:)
  "Greetings from Auroville to all men of good will.
  "Are invited to Auroville all those who thirst for
  progress and aspire to a higher and truer life."
  Auroville's Charter
  1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.
  But to live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.
  2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth
  that never ages.
  3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of
  all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future
  4. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of
  an actual Human Unity.
  Then they asked me, naturally, that it shouldn't rain, but that it shouldn't be sunny either! (Mother
  laughs) So it was a bit difficult, but a short while ago, Z came to tell me that Auroville's area was
  clouded, without sunshine.... All these little entities are quite obliging, but they're asked impossible
  recognized and supported by the Soviet government." Then they asked him to translate it into Russian,
  but finally what's being read out in Auroville isn't his translation, it's the one by T. She has just come,
  and words don't frighten her. But I sent him my permission: I had it explained to him that words were
  And now it tends to want to burst.
  But if both together support Auroville, we won't have any more financial hassles!
  It has been coming little by little, little by little. I told you what Sri Aurobindo revealed to me about
  India's condition, which was the symbolic representation of the present condition of mankind; and
  that's why, Sri Aurobindo told me, that's why Auroville has been created. 22 Then I understood. Since
  then, it has become very clear - "clear," I mean he seems to have made it spread and people seem to
  (From a conversation between Mother and a disciple about Auroville.)
  One needs to have an absolutely transparent sincerity. Lack of sincerity is at present the cause of
  The Force is there, present as never before; what prevents it from descending and being felt is
  21In the final English version, the apostrophe was removed: "...To live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the
  Divine Consciousness."
  will alone permit the coming of a transformed world.
  Auroville is the first attempt in the experiment. A new world will be born if men consent to strive
  for transformation and the search for sincerity - it can be done. It took millennia to evolve from animal
  It will depend on men, on peoples.
  Auroville is the first step towards this goal.
  March 2, 1968
  (Regarding Auroville's Charter.)
  Everybody wants to change my messages!...
  was read out by S. But then, we have a Communist architect, a Russian, who has been working a great
  deal for Auroville, on the models and so on (a young man, he is very nice), and yesterday he came with
  a prayer: whether he could change the word "divine." I asked him, "What are you offering me?" He
  They didn't ask me anything, they are too sure of themselves. But their text was read out in
  Auroville, and some people who heard it and know German asked me, "How come?"... That's how I
  found out. "How come in the German version they translated 'divine consciousness' by 'highest
  Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. It will all be photographed, and then we'll restore the German text. Oh,
  23"To live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness."
  But on the whole, it went off well.
  We have an Auroville flag which is quite pretty, it was brought there; there were only two flags
  (other countries had banderoles), but there were the Ashram's flag and Auroville's. It's this color
  (Mother points to an orange hibiscus on her table).
  The power is what you find. And to That, essentially, you cannot give any name or definition.
  It's the big quarrel now about Auroville: in the Charter I put "Divine Consciousness" ["To live in
  Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness"], but they say, "It brings God to
  mind." I said (laughing), "Not to my mind!" So then, some change it to "the highest consciousness,"
  I didn't want to make rules for Auroville, but I am going to be forced to start formulating certain
  things, because... there happens to be difficulties. I don't know what to do.
  about very small things):
  "One must choose between getting drunk and living in Auroville, the two are
  So of course, if we start along this road, we may also say this (Mother takes another note):
  "One must choose between living in falsehood and living in Auroville, the two are
  May it be true!
  We could say that those who get drunk do it to forget; but one doesn't come to Auroville to forget:
  one comes to Auroville, on the contrary, to remember.
  Yes, we might rather put it in that form.
  But the idea was mostly to insist on the CHOICE. Living in Auroville is a CHOICE. It's a choice,
  an attitude you adopt, a decision you make. Living in Auroville is a choice, you choose a certain life.
  But once you choose one thing, some others become incompatible.... At any rate, living in Auroville is
  an ACTION, a decision you make, an action.
  But this (Mother points to her note) is a concession to the present state of mankind, because, to tell
  the truth, in Auroville there should only be individual cases. What I mean is this: there may be people
  who get drunk and are nonetheless fit to live in Auroville. So we can't make a general rule. But if we
  don't make a general rule, on what ground can we say to someone (who's been accepted, that's the
  difficulty), "No, you must change - either you stop this, or else you can't stay in Auroville..."?
  What is said of alcohol can be said of drugs; and it can be said of many other things.
  sentence like this (Mother shows her note) ought to be said to only one individual, that is, "It's like this
  FOR YOU - you must choose between overcoming your weakness or habit and living in Auroville, the
  two can't go together." But then, it becomes a purely individual question; to another you may well not
  That's why the most general formula is to say that any self-forgetfulness is contrary to life in
  Auroville. One doesn't go to Auroville to forget, or to forget oneself - any self-forgetfulness, in any
  It would be more correct to say:
  "Any pursuit of unconsciousness is contrary to life in Auroville."
  That's more general. And if we want to be still more general, we could say,
  "Any movement backward or downward is in contradiction to life in Auroville, which is a
  life of ascent towards the future."
  But words...
  Some articles have appeared in newspapers about Auroville's foundation, for instance with the
  theme, "A utopia on the way to realization." So then, there are those who tell you, "You'll never
  utilization on a very large scale.
  32This is the whole problem of the Ashram's "proprietors" (or Auroville's former proprietors) and this "misappropriation"
  which Mother was already referring to in 1960 (and before): see Agenda 1, July 23, 1960, p. 400.
  I am thinking of my money affair again: that's how life in Auroville should be organized - but I doubt
  people are ready.
  April 13, 1968
  R. [Auroville's architect] has come for five days, and he wants to make what he calls a "district" of
  Auroville, that is to say, instead of tackling the problem of ten or twenty thousand people at once, he
  wants to start with two or three thousand, on the level of infrastructure, but above all to see how it will
  work: the experiment of life in Auroville.... I had thought about it, and when I spoke to you last time,
  that's what came: in what direction should the experiment be carried out? You see, Y. has ideas in the
  So if you could read me what I told you, if it does I'll give them the text.... There is also this
  communist Russian architect, who has become quite enthusiastic: to him Auroville is the ideal
  realization. He is a very strong boy, with some power (also a power of conviction over people). So it
  April 20, 1968
  (Mother holds out a note on Auroville)
  (Question:) How dependent is the building of Auroville upon man's acceptance of
  to make an exhibition in a large hall, with, written under the painting, "The Past." Then to put next to it,
  quite small, a photo of the galaxy, which is almost identical to Auroville's plan - a photo of the galaxy,
  big as this, and below, Auroville's plan big as this (gesture still smaller), and to write, "The Future."
  And she'll make people pay to come in and see!
  Do you know that photo of the galaxy? It's really lovely. One of the plans for Auroville is almost
  identical, and they did it without seeing the photo of the galaxy.... They'll put those two photos, and if
  April 23, 1968
  (Mother shows a brochure on Auroville; the first photograph in it shows the all-white urn under a vast
  Did I tell you that a Swedish or Norwegian lady wants to send me a big crucifixion?... I did. But I
  didn't show you the two texts. You see, I chose a photo of the galaxy, then a photo of Auroville that
  somewhat looks like the first, and then, under the crucifixion, we'll have in big letters (Mother reads):
  "The Divine Consciousness crucified by man's desires."
  Then, in very small letters, like this, we'll put under the photo of Auroville:
  "The Divine Consciousness manifested through human unity."
  Yesterday, they came from the press with the brochure on Auroville and said, "Oh, there's a mistake,
  we've been told that the text of Auroville's Charter had to be changed." Someone told them I had said
  that "Divine Consciousness" had to be replaced throughout by "Perfect Consciousness." I stared at him:
  people.... There was Orissa's Chief Minister (Orissa is the first province in India to give money for a
  pavilion in Auroville: they gave a lakh of rupees). He is a nice man. The people from Orissa, they are
  nice people; of all provinces, they are the ones who seem the most eager to forge ahead, to change
  People of that sort generally understand a charity better than ideas.
  Auroville, as Sri Aurobindo said, is a practical means to create a human unity that would be strong
  enough to fight against war.
  August 3, 1968
  (Mother remains very tired. She nevertheless listens to a long paper on Auroville, which she rejects,
  and prepares with Satprem a note summing up the ideal of this future city:)
  inner technique can change the world and master it without crushing it.
  "Auroville is the place where this new way of living is being worked out, it is a center of
  accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world through the power of the

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