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Holy Guardian Angel
Holy Guardian Angel (notes)
Holy Guardian Angel (quotes)
Liber 418 - Being of the Angels of the Thirty Aethyrs
Liber 8 - conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion The End of Evangelion


angel ::: 1. One of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of the Deity; a divine messenger of an order of spiritual beings superior to man in power. 2. A fallen or rebellious spirit once a spiritual attendant of the Divine. angel, Angels, **angels.

angel, 2 and I wondered if that fact might rule him out. Then there was Longfellow’s Sandalphon.

angel Aba ( q.v .), is concerned with human sexual¬

angelage ::: n. --> Existence or state of angels.


ANGELARD thoughts 192

angel Ariel.”

angel), both credited with performing a similar


angel denotes, generally, a supernatural being

angelet ::: n. --> A small gold coin formerly current in England; a half angel.

angel fish ::: --> See under Angel.


angel. He is one of 15, as listed in The Sixth and

angel. Her idol was destroyed on orders of

angelhood ::: n. --> The state of being an angel; angelic nature.

angelic ::: a. --> Alt. of Angelical
Of or derived from angelica; as, angelic acid; angelic ether.

angelical ::: a. --> Belonging to, or proceeding from, angels; resembling, characteristic of, or partaking of the nature of, an angel; heavenly; divine.

angelically ::: adv. --> Like an angel.

angelicalness ::: n. --> The quality of being angelic; excellence more than human.

angelica ::: n. --> An aromatic umbelliferous plant (Archangelica officinalis or Angelica archangelica) the leaf stalks of which are sometimes candied and used in confectionery, and the roots and seeds as an aromatic tonic.
The candied leaf stalks of angelica.

angelic guise. The ascription to Zagzagel is

angelic orders; they were personalized by the

angelify ::: v. t. --> To make like an angel; to angelize.

angel. In Paradise Regained (IV, 624) Milton like¬

angel. In the 3rd-century Acts of Thomas, Abaddon

angel is by Jehan Barbet de Lyon (1475). It was

angel is Chous. For Achaiah’s sigil, see Ambelain,

angel is credited with a reign of 354 years. The

angel is Michael; on earth it is the High-priest, so

angel is the adversary ( ha-satan ), as in Job. He is

angelize ::: v. t. --> To raise to the state of an angel; to render angelic.

angel Kasbeel “places this oath Akae in the hand

angellike ::: a. & adv. --> Resembling an angel.


angel Metatron.

angel Michael. [Rf. M. Gaster, Wisdom of the

angel ::: n. --> A messenger.
A spiritual, celestial being, superior to man in power and intelligence. In the Scriptures the angels appear as God&

angel of annihilation; (5) Mashit, angel of de¬

angel of Aries (the Ram) is Aiel of Machidiel,

angel of death and destruction, demon of the

angel of Edom boasted. And God replied:

angel of fertility is Samandiriel or Yus(h)amin.

angel of glory and the angel of the presence. Chief

angel of knowledge.

angel of liberty that Satan is to be finally

angel of luxury, then to the angel of punishment.”

angel of Mercury is Bene (Bne) Seraphim. [Rf.

angel of Monday said to reside in the 1st

angel of persecution is a personal devil which is

angel of perversion.” [Cf Angel of Persecution.]

angel of powers is Michael.

angel of prayer and tears. See Longfellow’s poem

angel of progress is Mercury. Raphael is also

angel of punishment is Amaliel ( q.v .). The Coptic

angel of song is Israfel or Uriel. In rabbinic lore,

angel of terror. He governs the month of Tishri

angel of the earthly paradise by virtue of his having

angel of the footstool (Kursi) offers arrivals to the

angel of the order of powers. In one of her poems

angel of the planet Jupiter is Zobiachel (q.v.). For

angel of the planet Saturn. In later editions Long¬

angel of the planet Saturn is Zapkiel. Agrippa also

angel of the presence (not named) blessed him.

angel of the Star of Love, (i.e., the Evening Star or

angel of this sign of the zodiac (Pisces, fishes) is

angelolatry ::: n. --> Worship paid to angels.

angelology ::: n. --> A discourse on angels, or a body of doctrines in regard to angels.

angel operated under a pseudonym, Azariah (as in The Book of Tobit ). The Zohar equates

angelophany ::: n. --> The actual appearance of an angel to man.

angel or demon of the primordial waters and

angelot ::: n. --> A French gold coin of the reign of Louis XI., bearing the image of St. Michael; also, a piece coined at Paris by the English under Henry VI.
An instrument of music, of the lute kind, now disused.
A sort of small, rich cheese, made in Normandy.

angel Pasiel (q.v.). Klopstock in The Messiah calls

angel prince who, when invoked, protects the

angel rebelled and fell), Raphael, Gabriel, and

angels, along with Amitiel. In rabbinic writings,

angels among Satan’s hosts) on the first day of

angels; and that since the Red Sea episode, and after his unfortunate affair with the maiden

angels are bodiless, their “residence” in any

angels are born “with every utterance that goes forth from the mouth of the Holy One, blessed be He.” The Jewish

angels, being pure spirits, cannot propagate their

angels descended on Mt. Sinai on this historic occasion (see Midrash Tehillim on Psalm 68).

angels found inscribed in Hebrew characters on

angels generated by Ildabaoth “in his own image.”

angels governing other months of the year, see

angels governing the moon are variously given as

angels. He is equated with the “angel of the Lord,”

angels in the beginning (i.e., at the time of

angels in the Old Testament, Michael and Gabriel,

angels) invoked in the conjuration of the Sword.

angels: Jophiel.Jeremiel, Pravuil, Salathiel, Sariel, Zachariel, and Zaphiel.

angels occurs last of the 9. The ruling princes of

angels of confusion. They were dispatched by God

angels of confusion, to put an end to King

angels of destruction “with fiery chains, the

angels of glory, 2 classes of hierarchs that were, it

angels of might”—so claimed pagan writers,

angels of punishment, and these in turn may be

angels of the 4 seasons are Malkiel, Helemmelek,

angels of the air). [See Abalidoth. Rf. de Abano,

angels of the ark of the covenant are usually

angels of the earth: Azriel, Admael, Arkiel

angels of the earth listed in Heywood, The

angels of the moon.

angels of the presence dwell in the 6th Heaven.

angels of the presence.” He also has a drawing,

angels of the presence, the angels of sanctification

angels of truth and of peace (unnamed in the

angels, presumably evil, dwell in the 3rd Heaven.

angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon. [Rf.

angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon.

angels, see Appendix.

angels, see Angels at the World’s End.]


angels (the amorous ones, those that coupled with the daughters of men) are imprisoned and

angels, the others including Uriel (sic), Raguel,

angels who began hurling [at the pursuing or retreating Egyptians] arrows, great hailstones, fire,

angel to Sarabotes (who is Friday ruler of the

angelus ::: n. --> A form of devotion in which three Ave Marias are repeated. It is said at morning, noon, and evening, at the sound of a bell.
The Angelus bell.

Angel: A living creature of the spirit world, intermediate between gods and humans, and either friendly or hostile toward humanity. Angels belong to the class properly known as demons. In the monotheistic religions, the word angel is usually applied to the benevolent agents and messengers of God.

A single {address space}, {micro-kernel}
{operating system} for {multiprocessor} computers, developed
at {Imperial College} and {City University}, London, UK.
[Ariel Burton]

Angel head, 15th century. From the great rose window in north transept of St. Ouens, Rouen. 81

Angel (Hebrew, “malakh”)—the word derives

Angel holding a star. A woodcut done in Nuremberg, 1505. 290

Angelified flesh: The heavenly substance of which the bodies of angels are formed, according to Christian mystics.

Angel is Abaddon/Apollyon. 3

Angel of Abortion [Kasdaye]

Angel of Adversity—in works like The Zado-

Angel of Agriculture [Risnuch]

Angel of Albion—an angel “created” by Blake

Angel of Alchemy and Mineralogy—Och

Angel of Anger—in his visit to Paradise, as

Angel of Annihilation—in the story relating

Angel of Announcements—in ancient Persian

Angel of Annunciation—Gabriel. The Angel

Angel of April—Asmodel. In ancient Persian

Angel of Aquarius—in works of ceremonial

Angel of Aquatic Animals [Manakel]

Angel of Aries —in ceremonial magic, the

Angel of Ascension —in the Acts of the Apos¬

Angel of Aspirations and Dreams —accord¬

Angel of Augsburg, The —a name given to

Angel of August —in Trithemius, The Book of

Angel of Autumn —Guabarel; Tarquam. The

Angel of Babylon —in Midrash Tehillim we

Angel of Barrenness [Akriel]

Angel of Benevolence [Zadkiel, Hasdiel,

Angel of Calculations [Butator]

Angel of Capricorn —in ceremonial magic,

Angel of Carnal Desires [Angel of Lust]

Angel of Chance (in the sense of gambling)—

Angel of Chaos —Michael. Where chaos is

Angel of Chastisement —Amaliel. In addition,

Angel of Comets (or Meteors)—Zikiel or

Angel of Commission Brokers —Anauel,

Angel of Commotion —Zi’iel, as noted in

Angel of Compassion —Rachmiel or Raphael

Angel of Conception [Laila(h)]

Angel of Constellations —Kakabel (Kochbiel)

Angel of Darkness —also called prince of dark¬

Angel of Dawn—in gnosticism, applied to the

Angel of Death—in rabbinic writings there

Angel of Death. See SAMAEL

Angel of December—Haniel or Nadiel. In

Angel of Deliverance—in Zoharistic writings,

Angel of Destiny [Oriel or Manu]

Angel of Divination [Eistibus]

Angel of Dominions (dominations)—Zacha-

Angel of Doves [ Alphun]

Angel of Dreams—Duma(h) and Gabriel. In

Angel of Earthquakes [Sui’el; Rashid]

Angel of Eden expelling Adam and Eve. Identified as Michael by Milton in Paradise Lost, but as Raphael by

Angel of Edom—the name Edom was a

Angel of Egypt—Mastema, Rahab, Duma(h),

Angel of Esau—Sammael, with whom Jacob

Angel of Evil Deeds—a holy angel in the

Angel of Evil—Satan, Malach Ra, Mastema,

Angel of Fall (autumn)—'Torquaret. [R/ Shah,

Angel of Fascination [Tablibik]

Angel of Fasts—Sangariah, as cited in The

Angel of Fate [Manu]

Angel of Fear (Yrouel; Morael)—these are

Angel of February (Barchiel; Barbiel)—for

Angel of Fertility—in Mandaean lore, the

Angel of Fire—Nathaniel (Nathanel), Arel,

Angel of Flame—El Auria, a name equated

Angel of Food—Manna; the angel of nourish¬

Angel of Force—Afriel, equated with Raphael.

Angel of Forests [Zuphlas]

Angel of Forgetting or Forgetfulness (or

Angel of Fornication [Angel of Lust]

Angel of Friendship—in ancient Persian lore,

Angel of Fury—Ksoppghiel, who is the leader

Angel of Gehenna (Gehennom, Gehinnom)—

Angel of Gemini (“twins”)—Ambriel or, in

Angel of Gethsemane—according to Gales,

Angel of Glory—Sandalphon, who is also the

Angel of God—Uriel, or God Himself. In

Angel of Good Counsel—Jesus, according to

Angel of Good Deeds—pictured, but not

Angel of Good—so called, though unnamed,

Angel of Grace [Ananchel]

Angel of Greece—Javan or Yavan (a name for

Angel of Grief—depicted in the famous

Angel of Hades—Uriel, Raphael. The 1st

Angel of Hail (or Hailstorms)—Bardiel or

Angel of Healing—usually Raphael; but also

Angel of Health—Mumiah; also Raphael.

Angel of heaven and earth,” according to the

Angel of Heavenly Baptism—Seldac (q.v).

Angel of Hell- -there are 7 presiding angels of

Angel of Herbs—in the Alphabet of Rabbi

Angel of Heroism—Narsinha, who is the

Angel of His Presence—usually applied to

Angel of Hoarfrost—an angel mentioned but

Angel of Holiness [Angel of Sanctification]

Angel of Hope—Phanuel, as designated by

Angel of Hostility (mal’akh hammastemah)—

Angel of Humanity—in the Revelation of

Angel of Hurricanes [Za’miel; Zaafiel]

Angel of Ice—an angel mentioned but not

Angel of Iniquity—“the angel of iniquity is

Angel of Insolence—Rahab, who is also the

Angel of Insomnia—Michael, who was sent

Angel of Intercession—an unnamed angel

Angel of Inventions—Liwet, an uthra (angel)

Angel of Ire [Zkzoromtiel]

Angel of Irrevocable Choice [ZefFar]

Angel of Israel—Michael. Also Javan (q.v.) and

Angel of January—Gabriel. In ancient Persian

Angel of Jehovah [Angel of the Lord]

Angel of Joy [Raphael; Gabriel]

Angel of Judgment [Gabriel; Zchanpuryu;

Angel of July—Verchiel (Zarachiel). In ancient

Angel of June-July [Imrief ]

Angel of June—Muriel (a male angel). In

Angel of Knowledge—Raphael, who is also

Angel of Lawlessness—Beliar (Beliel), Matan-

Angel of Liberty—unidentified by name. In

Angel of Libra (the Balances)—Jael, in

Angel of Life—in his poem “The Two

Angel of Light—Isaac,—Gabriel, Jesus, and

Angel of Lightning—Barkiel (Barakiel) or

Angel of Lights even though Beliel in his cunning

Angel of Lights—in The Zadokite Fragments

Angel of Longevity—the angels most com¬

Angel of Love—Theliel, Rahmiel, Raphael,

Angel of Lude—the rooftree angel of France.

Angel of Lust—in Talmud Bereshith Rahha 85,

Angel of Luxury—in his commentary on

Angel of Mankind—usually Metatron ( q.v .).

Angel of March—Machidiel (Malchidiel),

Angel of May—Ambriel (Amriel); also Afsi-

Angel of Media—the unnamed tutelary angel

Angel of Memory—Zachriel, Zadkiel, Mupiel.

Angel of Mercy—Rahmiel (Rhamiel), Rach-

Angel of Meteors [Angel of Comets, q.v.]

Angel of Mighty Counsel—the Septuagint

Angel of Migration—Nadiel (q.v.), who is the

Angel of Mohammed—when Mohammed,

Angel of Monday—Gabriel; Arcan (king, in

Angel of Morals—Mehabiah, an angel who

Angel of Mountains [Rampel]

Angel of Music—in Islamic lore, the angel of

Angel of Mysteries—Raziel, Gabriel, Zizuph.

Angel of Night [Leliel ; Metatron ; Lailah]

Angel of Nourishment—Isda. See Angel of

Angel of November—Adnachiel (Advachiel,

Angel of Obedience—Sraosha ( q.v .) in Mani-

Angel of Oblivion—Purah or Puta or Poteh.

Angel of October—Barbiel. In ancient Persian

Angel of Omnipotence—there are (or were)

Angel of Oracles—Phaldor (q.v.).

Angel of Order—Sadriel (q.v.).

Angel of Orion—in the Alphabet of Rabbi

Angel of (or over) Immorality—his name

Angel of Paradise—both earthly and heavenly:

Angel of Patience—Achaiah (q.v.), who is also

Angel of Peace—in Jewish legend, the angel

Angel of Penance—Phanuel (q.v.). He is also

Angel of Persecution—according to Roman

Angel of Persia—Dob(b)iel or Dub(b)iel,

Angel of Perversion — a 2nd-century c.e.

Angel of Pisces—in ceremonial magic, the

Angel of Plants—Sachluph ( q.v .).

Angel of Poetry—Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel

Angel of Praise—unnamed. In Ginzberg, The

Angel of Prayer—in occult writings one finds

Angel of Precipices—Zarobi ( q.v .).

Angel of Prid e—Rahab; Satan.

Angel of Priesthoods and Sacrifices—

Angel of Proclamation—Gabriel; also Ak(h)-

Angel of Progress—in Jewish cabala, the

Angel of Prostitution—in Zoharistic cabala,

Angel of Punishment—there are 7 and they

Angel of Purity—Tahariel. [Rf. Abelson,

Angel of Rage—called N’mosnikttiel in

Angel of Rain—in rabbinic lore, at least 5

Angel of Rarified Air—in Parsi angelology

Angel of Repentance—according to various

Angel of Resurrection—the angel who rolled

Angel of Revelation—Gabriel. [See Blake’s

Angel of Righteousness—Michael. In The

Angel of Rivers—in M. Gaster, The Sword of

Angel of Rome—usually spoken of as Sam-

Angel of Running Streams—Nahaliel (q.v.).

Angel of Sagittarius—the angel of the sign

Angel of Salvation—Haurvatat, who is one

Angel of Sanctification; Angel of Glory. In

Angel of Sanctification—equated with the

Angel of Saturday—Cassiel, Machatan, Uriel.

Angel of Saturn—Orifiel, Kafziel, Michael,

Angel of Scandal—Zahun, according to

Angel of Science—Raphael, who is also the

Angel of Scorpio—Sosol. According to Rabbi

Angel of September—Uriel or Zuriel. The

Angel of Showers [Zaa’fiel]

Angel of Silence [Shateiel, Duma(h)]

Angel of Sleep—the unnamed angel who

Angel of Solitudes—Cassiel, who is also the

Angel of Song—Radueriel (Vretil), who is also

Angel of Sterility [ Akriel]

Angel of Storm [Zakkiel, Zaamael]

Angel of Strength [Zeruch (Zeruel, Cerviel)]

Angel of Summer—Gargatel; Gaviel; Tariel.

Angel of Sunday—Michael (1st hour); Anael

Angel of Sweet-Smelling Herbs [Arias]

Angel of Taurus—in ceremonial magic, the

Angel of Tears (as is Sandalphon).

Angel of Tears—Sandalphon and Cassiel

Angel of the Abyss—usually identified as

Angel of the Air [Chasan, Casmaron, Cherub,

Angel of the Ark of the Covenant —the 2

Angel of the Balances [Soqed Hozi, Dokiel,

Angel of the Baptismal Water —Raphael.

Angel of the Bottomless Pit —same as angel

Angel of the Burning Bush —Zagzagel;

Angel of the Chaste Hands [Ouestucati]

Angel of the Covenant —a title applied to

Angel of the Day (Angel of Daylight)—

Angel of the Deep.]

Angel of the Deep—Tamiel, Rampel; also

Angel of the Deserts—one of the unnamed

Angel of the Disk of the Sun—Chur, in

Angel of the Divine Chariot [Rikbiel

Angel of the Divine Presence (Angel of the

Angel of the Dust [Suphlatus]

Angel of the Embryo [Sandalphon]

Angel of the Fiery Furnace—the angel of the

Angel of the Fifth Heaven—the presiding

Angel of the Firmament—Him Hml.

Angel of the First Heaven—Sabrael, Asrulyu,

Angel of the Flaming Sword [Angel of the

Angel of the Footstool—in Arabic lore, the

Angel of the Future—Teiaiel or Isiaiel ( q.v .).

Angel of the Grail—pictured (but not named)

Angel of the Great (or Mighty) Counsel—

Angel of the Hills—like the angel of herbs

Angel of the Holy Spirit—Gabriel. In

Angel of the Last Judgment—Michael,

Angel of the Law—where “Law” has the

Angel of the Light of Day—Shamshiel, who

Angel of the Lord—a Biblical theophorism,

Angel of the Lord is the adversary (i.e., ha-satan)

Angel of the Lord of Hosts—on high, the

Angel of the Marriage of Contraries

Angel of the Muses—Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel,

Angel of the Mutations of the Moon—in

Angel of the Noonday Winds [Nariel]

Angel of the North [Oertha; Alfatha; Uriel;

Angel of the North Wind—Chairoum (q.v.).

Angel of the Odd (fictional)—in Edgar Allan

Angel of (the order of) Powers—in the

Angel of the Plagues—an unnamed destroy¬

Angel of (the planet) Jupiter—Zachariel

Angel of (the planet) Mars—Uriel, Sammael

Angel of (the planet) Mercury—in grimoires

Angel of the Pleiades—in the Alphabet of

Angel of the Right—in the Valentinian

Angel of the River Jordan—called Silmai;

Angel of the Sabbath—named Sabbath in

Angel of the Sanctuary—Sar ha-Kodesh.

Angel of the Sea—Rahab. He is so called in

Angel of the Seven Last Plagues—in Reve¬

Angel of (the sign of) Cancer —Cael. Ac¬

Angel of (the sign of) Leo—in ceremonial

Angel of the Sirocco [Sikiel]

Angel of the Sixth Heaven—Zachiel, Zebul,

Angel of the Sky [Sahaqiel]

Angel of the Sorrows of Death [Paraqlitos]

Angel of the Souls of Men [Remiel (Jeremiel)]

Angel of the South [Kerkoutha, Cedar, Ra¬

Angel of the Southwest [Naoutha]

Angel of the Spheres [Salatheel (Sealtiel);

Angel of the Star of Love f Anael |

Angel of the Stars [Kakabel, Kohabiel,

Angel of the Sun’s Rays [Schachlil]

Angel of the Supreme Mysteries [Raziel]

Angel of the Sword—the chief angel of the

Angelology A hierarchical system of angels, messengers, celestial powers or emanations, especially those of the Jews and Christians. The Jewish system is Qabbalistic; the Christian system, chiefly due to the Celestial Hierarchy and to the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of Dionysius the pseudo-Aeropagite, was adopted from the 5th or 6th centuries and had an immense influence on later Christian theology. It was divided into a tenfold plan after the manner of Pythagoras and the Neoplatonists, the summit of this Christian hierarchy being the divine, termed God. The hierarchy includes: 1) Expanse of the Divine Presence; 2) Seraphim; 3) Cherubim; 4) Thrones; 5) Dominations or Dominions; 6) Virtues; 7) Powers; 8) Principalities; 9) Archangels; and 10) Angels.

Angelology came into full flower in the 11th—

Angelology: The study and classification of angels and their characteristics.

Angel Over Birds [Arael, Anpiel]

Angel over Fish—Gagiel, Arariel, Azareel.

Angel over Free Will [Tabris]

Angel over Fruit (or Fruit Trees)—Sofiel;

Angel Over Hidden Things—Satarel (Sar-

Angel over Small Birds [Tubiel]

Angel Over (Tame) Beasts [Behemiel, Hariel]

Angel over Tame Beasts [Behemiel]

Angel over Tartarus (Hades)—Uriel; also the

Angel Over (Wild) Beasts [Thegri (Thuriel),

Angel over (Wild) Fowl—Trgiaob. [Rf. M.

Angel Raziel. [Rf. de Abano, Elementia Magica-,

Angel Raziel.]

Angels at the Tomb of Christ by Edouard Manet. 53

Angels bewailing the death of Jesus, a detail from a fresco by Giotto in the Arena Chapel, Padua. 160

Angels by Diirer, detail from Mass of St. Gregory. 9

Angels by Diirer, detail from Mass of St. Gregory.

Angels chanting the “Gloria” by Benozzo Gozzoli (1420-1498). 38

Angels Chanting the “Gloria” by Benozzo Gozzoli (1420-1498). Reproduced from Regamey,

Angel(s) [from Greek angelos messenger, envoy, announcer] In the Old Testament, used to translate the Hebrew mal’ach (messenger); in Christian, Jewish, Moslem, and some other theologies, either a messenger of God or one of various hierarchies of celestial beings, the idea of a guardian angel also being familiar. However, the idea of hosts of formative powers, rectores mundi, or other beings between divinity and man, serving as intermediaries or means of communication between man and high spiritual entities has largely vanished from popular Christianity, though Angels, Principalities, and Powers are mentioned by Paul, and the archangel Michael by Jude; while the influence of the Gnostics, Neoplatonists, and Jews on early Christianity gives a wider meaning to the term.

Angels, lists Varchiel as chief regent of Pisces.

Angels,” Longfellow speaks of the angel of life

Angels of Clouds —in The Book of Jubilees

Angels of Cold —likewise mentioned but not

Angels of Confusion —there are 7 of these

Angels of Corruption (or Perdition)—origin¬

Angels of Creation —there were 7 of these

Angels of Darkness The fallen angels, corresponding to the Hindu asuras, whose darkness is that of absolute light. They are identified with the kumaras and other celestial entities who refused to create because they were too spiritual (SD 1:457; 2:489, 506).

Angels of Destruction (“malache habbalah”)

Angels of Horror—the cherubim, who sur¬

Angels of Justice [Tsadkiel; Azza]

Angels of Might—“from the shrines of the

Angels of Mons (legendary)—in Machen, The

Angels of Pregnancy— in Mosaic incantation

Angels of Principalities—the ruling princes

Angels of Quaking—the “Angels of Quaking

Angels of Service—according to Rabbi Akiba

Angels of Snow—Shalgiel, Michael. The angels

Angels of Terror—these angels are equated

Angels of the (12) Months of the Year—

Angels of the Altitudes—among the principal

Angels of the Ascension. A Miniature from The Bible of St. Paul. 25

Angels of the Ascension. A miniature from The Bible of St. Paul. Reproduced from Lost

Angels of the Colonies —creation of Blake

Angels of the Earth—traditionally there are 7

Angels of the East (or of the Rising Sun)—

Angels of the Face (or Angels of the Presence)

Angels of the Four Cardinal Points (or

Angels of the Four Elements—over fire,

Angels of the (Four) Seasons—Farias (Win¬

Angels of the Fourth Heaven—Michael;

Angels of the Four Winds—Uriel, over the

Angels of the Garden of Eden—the 2 angels

Angels of the Mansions of the Moon— see

Angels of the Moon—in Solomonic lore, the

Angels of the North Star—Abathur, Muzania,

Angels of the Planets—there are commonly

Angels of the Presence—also known as angels

Angels of the Presence In Christianity, the seven Virtues or personified attributes of God, which were created by him and became the archangels. Equivalent to the seven manus produced by the ten prajapatis created by Brahma. “As it is the Lipika who project into objectivity from the passive Universal Mind the ideal plan of the universe, upon which the ‘Builders’ reconstruct the Kosmos after every Pralaya, it is they who stand parallel to the Seven Angels of the Presence, whom the Christians recognise in the Seven ‘Planetary Spirits’ or the ‘Spirits of the Stars;’ for thus it is they who are the direct amanuenses of the Eternal Ideation” or of Plato’s divine thought (SD 1:104) (SD 2:237, 573).

Angels of the Presence.]

Angels of the Second Heaven—2 are usually

Angels of the Seven Days—Michael, Gabriel,

Angels of the Seven Heavens—the ruling

Angels of the Spring—in occult lore, there

Angels of the Stars. See ’OPHANIM

Angels of the Summer Equinox—in this

Angels of the Sun—in the cabala and occult

Angels of the Trinity, an icon made c. 1410-1420 by Andr6 Rublev. Here all 3 figures (Jesus, God, and the

Angels of the Trinity, an icon made c. 1410-1420 by Andr6 Rublev. Here all 3 figures (Jesus,

Angels (Order of)—in the pseudo-Dionysian

Angels (or Lords) of Dread—according to

Angels over Friday—Anael (Haniel, Anafiel);

Angels Over Sorceries—“the wizard Aod

Angels perform a multiplicity of duties and tasks. Preeminently they serve God. They do


Angels, then, are members of numerous hierarchies of celestial powers, from the septenary formative host that emanates from the formative Third Logos down to the presiding genius or spirit of an atom, acting as intermediaries or envoys between the divine and the human or terrestrial.

Angelus Rector (Latin) Ruling angel; according to Kepler, the angel or divine being who caused a planet to pursue its course around the sun; equivalent to the planetary rectors or spirits of theosophy (SD 1:479).

Angel with the Key of the Abyss by Albrecht Diirer. Gravure on wood, in the Bibliothfeque Nationale. The

Angel with the Key of the Abyss by Albrecht Diirer. Gravure on wood, in the Bibliothique

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   18 Sri Aurobindo
   11 Aleister Crowley
   4 Saint Thomas Aquinas
   3 Peter J Carroll
   3 Michelangelo
   3 Joseph Campbell
   2 Wikipedia
   2 Saint Augustine of Hippo
   2 Jorge Luis Borges
   2 Angelus Silesius
   1 William Blake
   1 Voltaire
   1 The Sophia of Jesus (excerpt)
   1 Terry Pratchett
   1 Samael Aun Weor
   1 Saint Teresa of Avila
   1 Saint John Bosco
   1 Saint Benedict of Nursia
   1 Saint Basil the Great
   1 Saint Augustine
   1 Robert Heinlein
   1 Rainer Maria Rilke
   1 Pope Leo XIII
   1 Paramahansa Yogananda
   1 Maya Angelou
   1 Mark Twain
   1 Manly P Hall
   1 Maimonides
   1 MacGregor Mathers
   1 John Bunyan
   1 Jalaluddin Rumi
   1 G K Chesterton
   1 George Bernard Shaw
   1 Georg C Lichtenberg
   1 Emanuel Swedenborg
   1 Dylan Thomas
   1 Dion Fortune
   1 C S Lewis
   1 Buddha
   1 Blessed Cardinal Newman
   1 A N Wilson
   1 Allen Ginsberg
   1 ?


   78 Maya Angelou
   22 Josephine Angelini
   21 Michelangelo
   17 Angela Marsons
   15 Angela Carter
   14 Miguel Angel Ruiz
   13 Angela Duckworth
   11 Angelina Jolie
   8 Frank Langella
   7 Becca Fitzpatrick
   6 William Shakespeare
   5 Michelangelo Buonarroti
   5 Angela Lansbury
   4 Sylvain Reynard
   4 Linda Evangelista
   4 Criss Angel
   4 Charles Bukowski
   4 Anonymous
   4 Angelo Dundee
   4 Angela Roquet

1:Make friends with angels. ~ Saint Augustine,
2:All great achievements require time.
   ~ Maya Angelou,
3:Beauty is the purgation of superfluities. ~ Michelangelo,
4:In heaven an angel is no one in particular. ~ George Bernard Shaw,
5:Poets are damned... but see with the eyes of angels. ~ Allen Ginsberg,
6:I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
   ~ Michelangelo,
7:A man does not always choose what his guardian angel intends. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
8:Friendship is . . . the sort of love one can imagine between the angels. ~ C S Lewis,
9:Angels surround and help the priest when he is celebrating Mass. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
10:Pride changes angels into devils, humility makes man into angels. ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo,
11:Eternal wisdom builds: I shall be her palace when she finds repose in me and I in her. ~ Angelus Silesius,
12:Beside each believer stands an Angel as protector and shepherd, leading him to life. ~ Saint Basil the Great,
13:In the bosom of Time God without beginning becomes what He has never been in all eternity. ~ Angelus Silesius,
14:Not everyone who is enlightened by an angel knows that he is enlightened by him. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas, [T5],
15:If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all. ~ Michelangelo,
16:Two are the angels of God whom men worship, strength and enjoyment. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, Ilion,
18:I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity. ~ William Blake,
19:If an angel were to tell us about his philosophy, I believe many of his statements might well sound like '2 x 2= 13'. ~ Georg C Lichtenberg, [T5],
20:Mind is not the destined archangel of the transformation. ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle, The Necessity of the Spiritual Transformation,
21:Not for a changeless littleness were you meant,
Not for vain repetition were you built ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Call to the Quest,
22:The angel is free because of his knowledge, the beast because of his ignorance. Between the two remains the son of man to struggle. ~ Jalaluddin Rumi,
23:It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
   ~ Buddha,
24:It is not known precisely where angels dwell whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.
   ~ Voltaire,
25:I am the giver of the bowl of rice,
I am the worshipped Angel of the House.
I am in all that suffers and that cries. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
26:The hierarchy of the ordered Powers,
The high changeless values, the peaked eminences,
The privileged aristocracy of Truth. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Triple Soul-Forces,
27:He sees in all things strangely fashioned here
The unwelcome jest of a deceiving Force,
A parable of Maya and her might. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Godheads of the Little Life,
28:An Angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision and by bringing within his reach some truth which the Angel himself contemplates. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
29:There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angelship.
   ~ Mark Twain,
30:Vain the soul’s hope if changeless Law is all:
Ever to the new and the unknown press on
The speeding aeons justifying God. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real,
31:Everything good or true that the angels inspire in us is God's, so God is constantly talking to us. He talks very differently, though, to one person than to another.
   ~ Emanuel Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven,
32:Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact Angels have no religion as we know it... Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth. ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas,
33:Wherefore let us consider how it behoveth us to be in the sight of God and the angels, and so let us take our part in the psalmody that mind and voice accord together. ~ Saint Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict,
34:266. There are three forms in which the command may come, the will and faith in thy nature, thy ideal on which heart and brain are agreed and the voice of Himself or His angels.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine And Human, Karma,
35:It is said that man is the only being that has a fourfold nature exactly corresponding in its levels to the cosmos. The angels lack the lower planes, and the animals lack the higher planes.
   ~ Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabalah,
36:A huge inertness is the world’s defence,
Even in change is treasured changelessness;
Into inertia revolution sinks,
In a new dress the old resumes its role; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind,
37:Love must not cease to live upon the earth;
For Love is the bright link twixt earth and heaven,
Love is the far Transcendent’s angel here;
Love is man’s lien on the Absolute. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Debate of Love and Death,
38:A pure Thought-Mind surveyed the cosmic act.
Archangel of a white transcending realm,
It saw the world from solitary heights
Luminous in a remote and empty air. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind,
39:Back from his nature he drew to the passionless peaks of the spirit,
Throned where it dwells for ever uplifted and silent and changeless
Far beyond living and death, beyond Nature and ending of Nature. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems, Ilion,
40:Is not ignoble, but has angel soarings,
Howe’er the nether devil plucks him down.
Still we have souls nor is the mould quite broken
Of that original and faultless plan
Which Adam spoilt. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Plays and Stories, Act III,
41:40. My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells.
41. But since one is naturally attracted to the Angel, another to the Demon, let the first strengthen the lower link, the last attach more firmly to the higher. ~ Aleister Crowley,
42:..yet it is with the old treasure as our initial capital or so much of it as we can recover that we shall most advantageously proceed to accumulate the largest gains in our new commerce with the ever-changeless and ever-changing Infinite.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine,
43:Hate was the black archangel of that realm;
It glowed, a sombre jewel in the heart
Burning the soul with its malignant rays,
And wallowed in its fell abysm of might. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness,
44:There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The Supreme and Complete Ritual is therefore the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel; or, in the language of Mysticism, Union with God. ~ Aleister Crowley,
45:The magicians most important invocation is that of his Genius, Daemon, True Will, or Augoeides. This operation is traditionally known as attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. It is sometimes known as the Magnum Opus or Great Work.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
46:The Fiend was visible but cloaked in light;
He seemed a helping angel from the skies:
He armed untruth with Scripture and the Law;
He deceived with wisdom, with virtue slew the soul
And led to perdition by the heavenward path. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Descent into Night,
47:Augoeides is an obscure term meaning luminous body and thought to refer to the planets. Aleister Crowley considered the term to refer to the Holy Guardian Angel of Abramelin; the Atman of Hinduism the Daemon of the ancient Greeks. Robert Lomas associates the term with the Higher Self or soul of the individual
   ~ Wikipedia,
48:My love is stronger than the bonds of Fate:
   I guard the heavenly seal of the Supreme.
   Love must not cease to live upon the earth;
   For Love is the bright link twixt earth and heaven.
   Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
   Love is man's lien on the Absolute
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Debate of Love and Death,
49:Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. ~ Pope Leo XIII, Leonine Prayers, Prayer to Saint Michael,
50:This has happened and will happen again,' said Euphorbus. 'You are not lighting a pyre, you are lighting a labyrinth of flames. If all the fires I have seen were gathered together here, they would not fit on earth and the angels would be blinded. I have said this many times.' Then he cried out, because the flames had reached him.~ Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths, Selected Stories and Other Writings,
51:Before prayer, endeavour to realise Whose Presence you are approaching and to Whom you are about to speak, keeping in mind Whom you are addressing. If our lives were a thousand times as long as they are we should never fully understand how we ought to behave towards God, before Whom the very Angels tremble, Who can do all He wills, and with Whom to wish is to accomplish. ~ Saint Teresa of Avila, [T7],
52:It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain to the knowledge and conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel; for that is the particular secret of each one of us; a secret not to be told or even divined by any other, whatever his grade. It is the Holy of Holies, whereof each man is his own High Priest, and none knoweth the Name of his brother's God, or the Rite that invokes Him. ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA,
53:I looked whence the voice came, and was then ware of a shining shape, with bright wings, who diffused much light. As I looked the shape dilated more and more; he waved his hands; the roof of my study opened; he ascended into heaven; he stood in the sun, and, beckoning to me, moved the universe. An angel of evil could not have done that - it was the archangel Gabriel! ~ John Bunyan, Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Volume 31, 1875 [William Blake],
54:If thou shalt perfectly observe these rules, all the following Symbols and an infinitude of others will be granted unto thee by thy Holy Guardian Angel; thou thus living for the Honour and Glory of the True and only God, for thine own good, and that of thy neighbour. Let the Fear of God be ever before the eyes and the heart of him who shall possess this Divine Wisdom and Sacred Magic. ~ MacGregor Mathers, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage,
55:It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step-crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple. ~ Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears,
56:If you ask me what you are to do in order to be perfect, I say, first--Do not lie in bed beyond the due time of rising; give your first thoughts to God; make a good visit to the Blessed Sacrament; say the Angelus devoutly; eat and drink to God's glory; say the Rosary well; be recollected; keep out bad thoughts; make your evening meditation well; examine yourself daily; go to bed in good time, and you are already perfect. ~ Blessed Cardinal Newman, Meditations and Devotions,
57:In Bahaí belief, the Holy Spirit is the conduit through which the wisdom of God becomes directly associated with his messenger, and it has been described variously in different religions such as the burning bush to Moses, the sacred fire to Zoroaster, the dove to Jesus, the angel Gabriel to Muhammad, and the Maid of Heaven to Bahaullah.[14] The Bahaí view rejects the idea that the Holy Spirit is a partner to God in the Godhead, but rather is the pure essence of Gods attributes
   ~ ?,
58:What is the good of words if they aren't important enough to quarrel over? Why do we choose one word more than another if there isn't any difference between them? If you called a woman a chimpanzee instead of an angel, wouldn't there be a quarrel about a word? If you're not going to argue about words, what are you going to argue about? Are you going to convey your meaning to me by moving your ears? The Church and the heresies always used to fight about words, because they are the only thing worth fighting about. ~ G K Chesterton,
59:This Magical Will is the wand in your hand by which the Great Work is accomplished, by which the Daughter is not merely set upon the throne of the Mother, but assumed into the Highest.<Angel is called the Son, and the Natural Soul is called the Daughter. The Son purifies the Daughter by wedding her; she thus becomes the Mother, the uniting of whom with the Father absorbs all into the Crown. ~ Aleister Crowley, Book 4,
60:17. Freedom to Live:The hero is the champion of things becoming, not of things become, because he is. "Before Abraham was, I AM." He does not mistake apparent changelessness in time for the permanence of Being, nor is he fearful of the next moment (or of the 'other thing'), as destroying the permanent with its change. 'Nothing retains its own form; but Nature, the greater renewer, ever makes up forms from forms. Be sure that nothing perishes in the whole universe; it does but vary and renew its form.' Thus the next moment is permitted to come to pass. ~ Joseph Campbell,
61:Don't depend on death to liberate you from your imperfections. You are exactly the same after death as you were before. Nothing changes; you only give up the body. If you are a thief or a liar or a cheater before death, you don't become an angel merely by dying. If such were possible, then let us all go and jump in the ocean now and become angels at once! Whatever you have made of yourself thus far, so will you be hereafter. And when you reincarnate, you will bring that same nature with you. To change, you have to make the effort. This world is the place to do it.
   ~ Paramahansa Yogananda,
62:When a person meditates on these matters and recognizes all the creations, the angels, the spheres, man, and the like, and appreciates the wisdom of the Holy One, blessed be He, in all these creations, he will add to his love for God. His soul will thirst and his flesh will long with love for God, blessed be He.
   He will stand in awe and fear from his humble, lowly, and base [nature] when he compares himself to one of the great and holy bodies, how much more so when comparing himself to the pure forms which are separate from matter and do not share any connection with it. He will see himself as a vessel full of embarrassment and shame, empty and lacking.
   ~ Maimonides,
63:Then miracle is made the common rule,
   One mighty deed can change the course of things;
   A lonely thought becomes omnipotent.
   All now seems Nature's massed machinery;
   An endless servitude to material rule
   And long determination's rigid chain,
   Her firm and changeless habits aping Law,
   Her empire of unconscious deft device
   Annul the claim of man's free human will.
   He too is a machine amid machines;
   A piston brain pumps out the shapes of thought,
   A beating heart cuts out emotion's modes;
   An insentient energy fabricates a soul.
   Or the figure of the world reveals the signs
   Of a tied Chance repeating her old steps
   In circles around Matter's binding-posts.
   ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The Issue,
64:Certainly we have had our Napoleons and our Hitlers, but we have also had Jesus and Buddha. We have had tyrants, but also great humanitarians. We have had corrupt politicians, but also noble rulers. Even in the most selfish of times, the world has brought forth idealists, philanthropists, great artists, musicians, and poets. If we have inherited ages of feuding and intolerance, we have also inherited the magnificence of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. For each tyrant who has profaned the pages of history, there have been thousands, even millions, of gentle people who have lived unhonored and unknown, keeping principles and living convictions under the most difficult situations. To see this good, and to know it, is to find a new courage and a new faith. ~ Manly P Hall, PRS Journal Summer 1961, p.7,
65:Q: I always had the impression that Lucifer and Satan was one and the same, you know, that Lucifer fell and became Satan. Would you clarify that for me?
A: There is a difference between Lucifer and Satan. The word satan comes from the word Shatan in Hebrew which means 'adversary'. Lucifer is Latin for "the bearer of light," and is the cosmic force that carries the fire. That fire is Kundalini, but when that fire becomes trapped in the ego, that fire is polarized negatively and becomes Satan, the adversary or the opposite of God. As long as that fire is trapped in desire, in ego, it is Satan, it is the devil. It is not outside of us. It is our mind. But when that force is liberated, it is the bearer of light. It is the greatest angel in the hierarchy of our own Consciousness. So it is our best friend.~ Samael Aun Weor,
66:From these two incontrovertible premises he deduced that the Library is total and that its shelves register all the possible combinations of the twenty-odd orthographical symbols (a number which, though extremely vast, is not infinite): in other words, all that it is given to express, in all languages. Everything: the minutely detailed history of the future, the archangels' autobiographies, the faithful catalogue of the Library, thousands and thousands of false catalogues, the demonstration of the fallacy of those catalogues, the demonstration of the fallacy of the true catalogue, the Gnostic gospel of Basilides, the commentary on that gospel, the commentary on the commentary on that gospel, the true story of your death, the translation of every book in all languages, the interpolations of every book in all books. ~ Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel,
67:The hell I won't talk that way! Peter, an eternity here without her is not an eternity of bliss; it is an eternity of boredom and loneliness and grief. You think this damned gaudy halo means anything to me when I know--yes, you've convinced me!--that my beloved is burning in the Pit? I didn't ask much. Just to be allowed to live with her. I was willing to wash dishes forever if only I could see her smile, hear her voice, touch her hand! She's been shipped on a technicality and you know it! Snobbish, bad-tempered angels get to live here without ever doing one lick to deserve it. But my Marga, who is a real angel if one ever lived, gets turned down and sent to Hell to everlasting torture on a childish twist in the rules. You can tell the Father and His sweet-talking Son and that sneaky Ghost that they can take their gaudy Holy City and shove it! If Margrethe has to be in Hell, that's where I want to be!
   ~ Robert Heinlein, Alexander Hergensheimer in Job: A Comedy of Justice, (1984).,
68:Now, on the other hand, there is an entirely different type of angel; and here we must be especially careful to remember that we include gods and devils, for there are such beings who are not by any means dependent on one particular element for their existence. They are microcosms in exactly the same sense as men and women are. They are individuals who have picked up the elements of their composition as possibility and convenience dictates, exactly as we do ourselves... I believe that the Holy Guardian Angel is a Being of this order. He is something more than a man, possibly a being who has already passed through the stage of humanity, and his peculiarly intimate relationship with his client is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Fatherhood. He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term 'Higher Self' implies a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion. ~ Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears,
69:Abrahadabra is a word that first publicly appeared in The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema . Its author, Aleister Crowley, described it as the Word of the Aeon, which signifieth The Great Work accomplished. This is in reference to his belief that the writing of Liber Legis (another name for The Book of the Law) heralded a new Aeon for mankind that was ruled by the godRa-Hoor-Khuit (a form of Horus). Abrahadabra is, therefore, the magical formula of this new age. It is not to be confused with the Word of the Law of the Aeon, which is Thelema, meaning Will. ... Abrahadabra is also referred to as the Word of Double Power. More specifically, it represents the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm
   represented by the pentagram and the hexagram, the rose and the cross, the circle and the square, the 5 and the 6 (etc.), as also called the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of ones Holy Guardian Angel. In Commentaries (1996), Crowley says that the word is a symbol of the establishment of the pillar or phallus of the the void of the Microcosm.
   ~ Wikipedia,
70:Directly on awakening, preferably at dawn, the initiate goes to the place of invocation. Figuring to himself as he goes that being born anew each day brings with it the chance of greater rebirth, first he banishes the temple of his mind by ritual or by some magical trance. Then he unveils some token or symbol or sigil which represents to him the Holy Guardian Angel. This symbol he will likely have to change during the great work as the inspiration begins to move him. Next he invokes an image of the Angel into his minds eye. It may be considered as a luminous duplicate of ones own form standing in front of or behind one, or simply as a ball of brilliant light above ones head. Then he formulates his aspirations in what manner he will, humbling himself in prayer or exalting himself in loud proclamation as his need be. The best form of this invocation is spoken spontaneously from the heart, and if halting at first, will prove itself in time. He is aiming to establish a set of ideas and images which correspond to the nature of his genius, and at the same time receive inspiration from that source. As the magician begins to manifest more of his true will, the Augoeides will reveal images, names, and spiritual principles by which it can be drawn into greater manifestation.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
71:Part 1 - Departure
1. The Call to Adventure ::: This first stage of the mythological journey-which we have designated the "call to adventure"-signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his spiritual center of grav­ ity from within the pale of his society to a zone unknown. This fateful region of both treasure and danger may be variously represented: as a distant land, a forest, a kingdom underground, beneath the waves, or above the sky, a secret island, lofty mountaintop, or profound dream state; but it is always a place of strangely fluid and polymorphous beings, unimaginable torments, superhuman deeds, and impossible delight. The hero can go forth of his own volition to accomplish the adventure, as did Theseus when he arrived in his father's city, Athens, and heard the horrible history of the Minotaur; or he may be carried or sent abroad by some benign or malignant agent, as was Odysseus, driven about the Mediterranean by the winds of the angered god, Poseidon. The adventure may begin as a mere blunder, as did that of the princess of the fairy tale; or still again, one may be only casually strolling, when some passing phenomenon catches the wandering eye and lures one away from the frequented paths of man. Examples might be multiplied, ad infinitum, from every corner of the world. ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces,
72:The mythological hero, setting forth from his common-day hut or castle, is lured, carried away, or else voluntarily proceeds, to the threshold of adventure. There he encounters a shadow presence that guards the passage. The hero may defeat or conciliate this power and go alive into the kingdom of the dark (brother-battle, dragon-battle; offering, charm), or be slain by the opponent and descend in death (dismemberment, crucifixion). Beyond the threshold, then, the hero journeys through a world of unfamiliar yet strangely intimate forces, some of which severely threaten him (tests), some of which give magical aid (helpers). When he arrives at the nadir of the mythological round, he undergoes a supreme ordeal and gains his reward. The triumph may be represented as the hero's sexual union with the goddess-mother of the world (sacred marriage), his recognition by the father-creator (father atonement), his own divinization (apotheosis), or again-if the powers have remained unfriendly to him-his theft of the boon he came to gain (bride-theft, fire-theft); intrinsically it is an expansion of consciousness and therewith of being (illumination, transfiguration, freedom). The final work is that of the return. If the powers have blessed the hero, he now sets forth under their protection (emissary); if not, he flees and is pursued (transformation flight, obstacle flight). At the return threshold the transcendental powers must remain behind; the hero re-emerges from the kingdom of dread (return, resurrection). The boon that he brings restores the world (elixir). ~ Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Keys,
73:So then let the Adept set this sigil upon all the Words he hath writ in the book of the Works of his Will. And let him then end all, saying: Such are the Words!2 For by this he maketh proclamation before all them that be about his Circle that these Words are true and puissant, binding what he would bind, and loosing what he would loose. Let the Adept perform this ritual right, perfect in every part thereof, once daily for one moon, then twice, at dawn and dusk, for two moons; next thrice, noon added, for three moons; afterwards, midnight making up his course, for four moons four times every day. Then let the Eleventh Moon be consecrated wholly to this Work; let him be instant in constant ardour, dismissing all but his sheer needs to eat and sleep.3 For know that the true Formula4 whose virtue sufficed the Beast in this Attainment, was thus:


So may all men come at last to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel: thus sayeth The Beast, and prayeth his own Angel that this Book be as a burning Lamp, and as a living Spring, for Light and Life to them that read therein.

1. There is an alternative spelling, TzBA-F, where the Root, "an Host," has the value of 93. The Practicus should revise this Ritual throughout in the Light of his personal researches in the Qabalah, and make it his own peculiar property. The spelling here suggested implies that he who utters the Word affirms his allegiance to the symbols 93 and 6; that he is a warrior in the army of Will, and of the Sun. 93 is also the number of AIWAZ and 6 of The Beast.
2. The consonants of LOGOS, "Word," add (Hebrew values) to 93 [reading the Sigma as Samekh = 60; reading it as Shin = 300 gives 333], and ΕΠΗ, "Words" (whence "Epic") has also that value; ΕΙ∆Ε ΤΑ ΕΠΗ might be the phrase here intended; its number is 418. This would then assert the accomplishment of the Great Work; this is the natural conclusion of the Ritual. Cf. CCXX, III, 75.
3. These needs are modified during the process of Initiation both as to quantity and quality. One should not become anxious about one's phyiscal or mental health on à priori grounds, but pay attention only to indubitable symptoms of distress should such arise. ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber Samekh,
74:The general characteristics and attributions of these Grades are indicated by their correspondences on the Tree of Life, as may be studied in detail in the Book 777.
   Student. -- His business is to acquire a general intellectual knowledge of all systems of attainment, as declared in the prescribed books. (See curriculum in Appendix I.) {231}
   Probationer. -- His principal business is to begin such practices as he my prefer, and to write a careful record of the same for one year.
   Neophyte. -- Has to acquire perfect control of the Astral Plane.
   Zelator. -- His main work is to achieve complete success in Asana and Pranayama. He also begins to study the formula of the Rosy Cross.
   Practicus. -- Is expected to complete his intellectual training, and in particular to study the Qabalah.
   Philosophus. -- Is expected to complete his moral training. He is tested in Devotion to the Order.
   Dominus Liminis. -- Is expected to show mastery of Pratyahara and Dharana.
   Adeptus (without). -- is expected to perform the Great Work and to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.
   Adeptus (within). -- Is admitted to the practice of the formula of the Rosy Cross on entering the College of the Holy Ghost.
   Adeptus (Major). -- Obtains a general mastery of practical Magick, though without comprehension.
   Adeptus (Exemptus). -- Completes in perfection all these matters. He then either ("a") becomes a Brother of the Left Hand Path or, ("b") is stripped of all his attainments and of himself as well, even of his Holy Guardian Angel, and becomes a babe of the Abyss, who, having transcended the Reason, does nothing but grow in the womb of its mother. It then finds itself a
   Magister Templi. -- (Master of the Temple): whose functions are fully described in Liber 418, as is this whole initiation from Adeptus Exemptus. See also "Aha!". His principal business is to tend his "garden" of disciples, and to obtain a perfect understanding of the Universe. He is a Master of Samadhi. {232}
   Magus. -- Attains to wisdom, declares his law (See Liber I, vel Magi) and is a Master of all Magick in its greatest and highest sense.
   Ipsissimus. -- Is beyond all this and beyond all comprehension of those of lower degrees. ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA,
75:"Now I have taught you about Immortal Man and have loosed the bonds of the robbers from him. I have broken the gates of the pitiless ones in their presence. I have humiliated their malicious intent, and they all have been shamed and have risen from their ignorance. Because of this, then, I came here, that they might be joined with that Spirit and Breath, [III continues:] and might from two become one, just as from the first, that you might yield much fruit and go up to Him Who Is from the Beginning, in ineffable joy and glory and honor and grace of the Father of the Universe.

"Whoever, then, knows the Father in pure knowledge will depart to the Father and repose in Unbegotten Father. But whoever knows him defectively will depart to the defect and the rest of the Eighth. Now whoever knows Immortal Spirit of Light in silence, through reflecting and consent in the truth, let him bring me signs of the Invisible One, and he will become a light in the Spirit of Silence. Whoever knows Son of Man in knowledge and love, let him bring me a sign of Son of Man, that he might depart to the dwelling-places with those in the Eighth.

"Behold, I have revealed to you the name of the Perfect One, the whole will of the Mother of the Holy Angels, that the masculine multitude may be completed here, that there might appear in the aeons, the infinities and those that came to be in the untraceable wealth of the Great Invisible Spirit, that they all might take from his goodness, even the wealth of their rest that has no kingdom over it. I came from First Who Was Sent, that I might reveal to you Him Who Is from the Beginning, because of the arrogance of Arch-Begetter and his angels, since they say about themselves that they are gods. And I came to remove them from their blindness, that I might tell everyone about the God who is above the universe. Therefore, tread upon their graves, humiliate their malicious intent, and break their yoke and arouse my own. I have given you authority over all things as Sons of Light, that you might tread upon their power with your feet."

These are the things the blessed Savior said, and he disappeared from them. Then all the disciples were in great, ineffable joy in the spirit from that day on. And his disciples began to preach the Gospel of God, the eternal, imperishable spirit. Amen.
~ The Sophia of Jesus (excerpt), The Nag Hamadi Library,
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and had better come first. Purity means singleness. God is one. The wand is not a wand if it has something sticking to it which is not an essential part of itself. If you wish to invoke Venus, you do not succeed if there are traces of Saturn mixed up with it.

That is a mere logical commonplace: in magick one must go much farther than this. One finds one's analogy in electricity. If insulation is imperfect, the whole current goes back to earth. It is useless to plead that in all those miles of wire there is only one-hundredth of an inch unprotected. It is no good building a ship if the water can enter, through however small a hole.

That first task of the Magician in every ceremony is therefore to render his Circle absolutely impregnable.
If one littlest thought intrude upon the mind of the Mystic, his concentration is absolutely destroyed; and his consciousness remains on exactly the same level as the Stockbroker's. Even the smallest baby is incompatible with the virginity of its mother. If you leave even a single spirit within the circle, the effect of the conjuration will be entirely absorbed by it.> {101}

The Magician must therefore take the utmost care in the matter of purification, "firstly", of himself, "secondly", of his instruments, "thirdly", of the place of working. Ancient Magicians recommended a preliminary purification of from three days to many months. During this period of training they took the utmost pains with diet. They avoided animal food, lest the elemental spirit of the animal should get into their atmosphere. They practised sexual abstinence, lest they should be influenced in any way by the spirit of the wife. Even in regard to the excrements of the body they were equally careful; in trimming the hair and nails, they ceremonially destroyed> the severed portion. They fasted, so that the body itself might destroy anything extraneous to the bare necessity of its existence. They purified the mind by special prayers and conservations. They avoided the contamination of social intercourse, especially the conjugal kind; and their servitors were disciples specially chosen and consecrated for the work.

In modern times our superior understanding of the essentials of this process enables us to dispense to some extent with its external rigours; but the internal purification must be even more carefully performed. We may eat meat, provided that in doing so we affirm that we eat it in order to strengthen us for the special purpose of our proposed invocation.> {102}

By thus avoiding those actions which might excite the comment of our neighbours we avoid the graver dangers of falling into spiritual pride.

We have understood the saying: "To the pure all things are pure", and we have learnt how to act up to it. We can analyse the mind far more acutely than could the ancients, and we can therefore distinguish the real and right feeling from its imitations. A man may eat meat from self-indulgence, or in order to avoid the dangers of asceticism. We must constantly examine ourselves, and assure ourselves that every action is really subservient to the One Purpose.

It is ceremonially desirable to seal and affirm this mental purity by Ritual, and accordingly the first operation in any actual ceremony is bathing and robing, with appropriate words. The bath signifies the removal of all things extraneous to antagonistic to the one thought. The putting on of the robe is the positive side of the same operation. It is the assumption of the fame of mind suitable to that one thought.

A similar operation takes place in the preparation of every instrument, as has been seen in the Chapter devoted to that subject. In the preparation of theplace of working, the same considerations apply. We first remove from that place all objects; and we then put into it those objects, and only those {103} objects, which are necessary. During many days we occupy ourselves in this process of cleansing and consecration; and this again is confirmed in the actual ceremony.

The cleansed and consecrated Magician takes his cleansed and consecrated instruments into that cleansed and consecrated place, and there proceeds to repeat that double ceremony in the ceremony itself, which has these same two main parts. The first part of every ceremony is the banishing; the second, the invoking. The same formula is repeated even in the ceremony of banishing itself, for in the banishing ritual of the pentagram we not only command the demons to depart, but invoke the Archangels and their hosts to act as guardians of the Circle during our pre-occupation with the ceremony proper.

In more elaborate ceremonies it is usual to banish everything by name. Each element, each planet, and each sign, perhaps even the Sephiroth themselves; all are removed, including the very one which we wished to invoke, for that force ... ~ Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA,
   The magicians most important invocation is that of his Genius, Daemon, True Will, or Augoeides. This operation is traditionally known as attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. It is sometimes known as the Magnum Opus or Great Work.
   The Augoeides may be defined as the most perfect vehicle of Kia on the plane of duality. As the avatar of Kia on earth, the Augoeides represents the true will, the raison detre of the magician, his purpose in existing. The discovery of ones true will or real nature may be difficult and fraught with danger, since a false identification leads to obsession and madness. The operation of obtaining the knowledge and conversation is usually a lengthy one. The magician is attempting a progressive metamorphosis, a complete overhaul of his entire existence. Yet he has to seek the blueprint for his reborn self as he goes along. Life is less the meaningless accident it seems. Kia has incarnated in these particular conditions of duality for some purpose. The inertia of previous existences propels Kia into new forms of manifestation. Each incarnation represents a task, or a puzzle to be solved, on the way to some greater form of completion.
   The key to this puzzle is in the phenomena of the plane of duality in which we find ourselves. We are, as it were, trapped in a labyrinth or maze. The only thing to do is move about and keep a close watch on the way the walls turn. In a completely chaotic universe such as this one, there are no accidents. Everything is signifcant. Move a single grain of sand on a distant shore and the entire future history of the world will eventually be changed. A person doing his true will is assisted by the momentum of the universe and seems possessed of amazing good luck. In beginning the great work of obtaining the knowledge and conversation, the magician vows to interpret every manifestation of existence as a direct message from the infinite Chaos to himself personally.
   To do this is to enter the magical world view in its totality. He takes complete responsibility for his present incarnation and must consider every experience, thing, or piece of information which assails him from any source, as a reflection of the way he is conducting his existence. The idea that things happen to one that may or may not be related to the way one acts is an illusion created by our shallow awareness.
   Keeping a close eye on the walls of the labyrinth, the conditions of his existence, the magician may then begin his invocation. The genius is not something added to oneself. Rather it is a stripping away of excess to reveal the god within.
   Directly on awakening, preferably at dawn, the initiate goes to the place of invocation. Figuring to himself as he goes that being born anew each day brings with it the chance of greater rebirth, first he banishes the temple of his mind by ritual or by some magical trance. Then he unveils some token or symbol or sigil which represents to him the Holy Guardian Angel. This symbol he will likely have to change during the great work as the inspiration begins to move him. Next he invokes an image of the Angel into his minds eye. It may be considered as a luminous duplicate of ones own form standing in front of or behind one, or simply as a ball of brilliant light above ones head. Then he formulates his aspirations in what manner he will, humbling himself in prayer or exalting himself in loud proclamation as his need be. The best form of this invocation is spoken spontaneously from the heart, and if halting at first, will prove itself in time. He is aiming to establish a set of ideas and images which correspond to the nature of his genius, and at the same time receive inspiration from that source. As the magician begins to manifest more of his true will, the Augoeides will reveal images, names, and spiritual principles by which it can be drawn into greater manifestation. Having communicated with the invoked form, the magician should draw it into himself and go forth to live in the way he hath willed.
   The ritual may be concluded with an aspiration to the wisdom of silence by a brief concentration on the sigil of the Augoeides, but never by banishing. Periodically more elaborate forms of ritual, using more powerful forms of gnosis, may be employed. At the end of the day, there should be an accounting and fresh resolution made. Though every day be a catalog of failure, there should be no sense of sin or guilt. Magic is the raising of the whole individual in perfect balance to the power of Infinity, and such feelings are symptomatic of imbalance. If any unnecessary or imbalanced scraps of ego become identified with the genius by mistake, then disaster awaits. The life force flows directly into these complexes and bloats them into grotesque monsters variously known as the demon Choronzon. Some magicians attempting to go too fast with this invocation have failed to banish this demon, and have gone spectacularly insane as a result.
   ~ Peter J Carroll, Liber Null,
78:Chapter LXXXII: Epistola Penultima: The Two Ways to Reality
Cara Soror,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

How very sensible of you, though I admit somewhat exacting!

You write-Will you tell me exactly why I should devote so much of my valuable time to subjects like Magick and Yoga.

That is all very well. But you ask me to put it in syllogistic form. I have no doubt this can be done, though the task seems somewhat complicated. I think I will leave it to you to construct your series of syllogisms yourself from the arguments of this letter.

In your main question the operative word is "valuable. Why, I ask, in my turn, should you consider your time valuable? It certainly is not valuable unless the universe has a meaning, and what is more, unless you know what that meaning is-at least roughly-it is millions to one that you will find yourself barking up the wrong tree.

First of all let us consider this question of the meaning of the universe. It is its own evidence to design, and that design intelligent design. There is no question of any moral significance-"one man's meat is another man's poison" and so on. But there can be no possible doubt about the existence of some kind of intelligence, and that kind is far superior to anything of which we know as human.

How then are we to explore, and finally to interpret this intelligence?

It seems to me that there are two ways and only two. Imagine for a moment that you are an orphan in charge of a guardian, inconceivably learned from your point of view.

Suppose therefore that you are puzzled by some problem suitable to your childish nature, your obvious and most simple way is to approach your guardian and ask him to enlighten you. It is clearly part of his function as guardian to do his best to help you. Very good, that is the first method, and close parallel with what we understand by the word Magick.

We are bothered by some difficulty about one of the elements-say Fire-it is therefore natural to evoke a Salamander to instruct you on the difficult point. But you must remember that your Holy Guardian Angel is not only far more fully instructed than yourself on every point that you can conceive, but you may go so far as to say that it is definitely his work, or part of his work; remembering always that he inhabits a sphere or plane which is entirely different from anything of which you are normally aware.

To attain to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is consequently without doubt by far the simplest way by which you can yourself approach that higher order of being.

That, then, is a clearly intelligible method of procedure. We call it Magick.

It is of course possible to strengthen the link between him and yourself so that in course of time you became capable of moving and, generally speaking, operating on that plane which is his natural habitat.

There is however one other way, and one only, as far as I can see, of reaching this state.

It is at least theoretically possible to exalt the whole of your own consciousness until it becomes as free to move on that exalted plane as it is for him. You should note, by the way, that in this case the postulation of another being is not necessary. There is no way of refuting the solipsism if you feel like that. Personally I cannot accede to its axiom. The evidence for an external universe appears to me perfectly adequate.

Still there is no extra charge for thinking on those lines if you so wish.

I have paid a great deal of attention in the course of my life to the method of exalting the human consciousness in this way; and it is really quite legitimate to identify my teaching with that of the Yogis.

I must however point out that in the course of my instruction I have given continual warnings as to the dangers of this line of research. For one thing there is no means of checking your results in the ordinary scientific sense. It is always perfectly easy to find a subjective explanation of any phenomenon; and when one considers that the greatest of all the dangers in any line of research arise from egocentric vanity, I do not think I have exceeded my duty in anything that I have said to deter students from undertaking so dangerous a course as Yoga.

It is, of course, much safer if you are in a position to pursue in the Indian Jungles, provided that your health will stand the climate and also, I must say, unless you have a really sound teacher on whom you can safely rely. But then, if we once introduce a teacher, why not go to the Fountain-head and press towards the Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel?

In any case your Indian teacher will ultimately direct you to seek guidance from that source, so it seems to me that you have gone to a great deal of extra trouble and incurred a great deal of unnecessary danger by not leaving yourself in the first place in the hands of the Holy Guardian Angel.

In any case there are the two methods which stand as alternatives. I do not know of any third one which can be of any use whatever. Logically, since you have asked me to be logical, there is certainly no third way; there is the external way of Magick, and the internal way of Yoga: there you have your alternatives, and there they cease.

Love is the law, love under will.


666 ~ Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears,
79:Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels’ hierarchies?
And even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart:
I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence.
For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure,
And we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
Every angel is terrifying.
And so I hold myself back and swallow the call-note of my dark sobbing.
Ah, whom can we ever turn to in our need?
Not angels, not humans, and already the knowing animals are aware
That we are not really at home in our interpreted world. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke,
80:I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me. ~ Dylan Thomas,
81:John Ruskin did not go to school. Nor did Queen Victoria, nor John Stuart Mill, George Eliot or Harriet Martineau. It would be absurd to suggest that Disraeli, Dickens, Newman or Darwin, to name four very different figures, who attended various schools for short spells in their boyhood, owed very much to their schooling. Had they been born in a later generation, school would have loomed much larger in their psychological stories, if only because they would have spent so much longer there, and found themselves preparing for public examinations. It is hard not to feel that a strong ‘syllabus’, or a school ethos, might have cramped the style of all four and that in their different ways – Disraeli, comparatively rich, anarchically foppish, indiscriminately bookish; Darwin, considered a dunce, but clearly – as he excitedly learned to shoot, to fish and to bird-watch – beginning his revolutionary relationship with the natural world; Newman, imagining himself an angel; Dickens, escaping the ignominy of his circumstances through theatrical and comedic internalized role-play – they were lucky to have been born before the Age of Control. For the well-meaning educational reforms of the 1860s were the ultimate extension of those Benthamite exercises in control which had begun in the 1820s and 1830s. Having exercised their sway over the poor, the criminals, the agricultural and industrial classes, the civil service and – this was next – the military, the controllers had turned to the last free spirits left, the last potential anarchists: the children. ~ A N Wilson,
82:"the two crises—the Angel and the Abyss—are necessary features in every career. The other tasks are not always accomplished in [any given order]". ~ Aleister Crowley, Confessions,
83:When tempted, invoke your Angel. He is more eager to help you than you are to be helped! Ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him: He trembles and flees at the sight of your Guardian Angel. ~ Saint John Bosco

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Your angel. Vengeance. ~ Poppet
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216:The desire to reach hearts is wise ~ Maya Angelou
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218:We don't need wings to be angels ~ Brian Littrell
219:What are we, Charlie's Angels? ~ Terri Blackstock
220:When we know better, we do better. ~ Maya Angelou
221:A good angel is only a dead angel. ~ L A Weatherly
we have grown apart. ~ Charles Bukowski
223:Angelus Mortis.” The Angel of Death. ~ Celia Aaron
224:By that sin fell the angels. ~ William Shakespeare
225:Don't take things for granted. ~ Allen Evangelista
226:God does awesome things with us. ~ Mother Angelica
227:I always play women I would date. ~ Angelina Jolie
228:I come as one, but stand as 10,000. ~ Maya Angelou
229:I'm a witch and witches burn. ~ Josephine Angelini
230:I swear it by the River Styx, ~ Josephine Angelini
231:knew. Ray was the epitome of what ~ Angela Marsons
232:knowledge that she was not alone. ~ Angela Marsons
233:L'Ultimo Angelo Del Correggio
~ Émile Nelligan
234:No angel, I undress to impress ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
235:Nothing inhibits healing like shame. ~ Angel Grant
236:Rhys, please go pick up our sons. ~ Angelica Chase
237:There is no place where God is not. ~ Maya Angelou
238:Those clouds are angels' robes. ~ Charles Kingsley
239:We prefer mystery to mundanity. ~ Angela Duckworth
240:When you know better you do better. ~ Maya Angelou
241:Yield all and trust all. ~ Marie Angelique Arnauld
242:All great acheivements require time. ~ Maya Angelou
243:All great achievements require time. ~ Maya Angelou
244:All greed leads to destruction. ~ Angela J Townsend

NNAA NNM NWNWNW V ~ Eug ne Ionesco
246:Angels are agents of evolution. ~ Steven Pressfield
247:Angels are just pretty insects. ~ Christopher Moore
248:Being peaceful is being angel! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan
249:Engineering is a creative practice. ~ Cory Arcangel
250:entering the home. A piece of rope ~ Angela Marsons
251:Even angels are afraid,” said Jackie. ~ Joseph Fink
252:Faith is the evidence of the unseen. ~ Maya Angelou
253:Forgive yourself - no one else will. ~ Maya Angelou
254:Gay angels are all the rage in heaven. ~ Eric Arvin
255:He loved her more than Michelangelo. ~ Markus Zusak
256:I have that one’s soul, niece. ~ Josephine Angelini
257:I have the Angelina Jolie of vaginas. ~ Amy Poehler
258:I'm a witch. And witches burn. ~ Josephine Angelini
259:I’m really attracted to Orion. ~ Josephine Angelini
260:It was a sensitive and musical dog. ~ Angela Carter
261:National Association of Evangelicals), ~ Dan Barker
262:Philosophy will clip an angel's wings. ~ John Keats
263:Secondhand pieces have the most soul. ~ Kate Angell
264:The Holy Spirit is God the evangelist. ~ J I Packer
265:The most important thing is to DARE. ~ Maya Angelou
266:There ain't no haints in Detroit. ~ Angela Flournoy
267:We don't vogue, we are 'Vogue'. ~ Linda Evangelista
268:What a joy it is to dance and sing! ~ Angela Carter
269:What nourishes me also destroys me ~ Angelina Jolie
270:Where do the homeless make toast? ~ Angela Flournoy
271:Angels do not survive on the Earth… ~ Sahara Sanders
272:Art is a shadow of Divine perfection. ~ Michelangelo
273:Duty is ours and events are God's. ~ Angelina Grimke
274:Everything costs and costs the earth. ~ Maya Angelou
275:For the expert novelty is nuance. ~ Angela Duckworth
276:Hope for the best, expect the worst. ~ Angela Carter
277:I'm Nico di Angelo." - Nico di Angelo ~ Rick Riordan
279:Los Angeles can be a really sad city. ~ Adam Lambert
280:Los Angeles is the evolutionary edge. ~ Robert Crais
281:My body of work means nothing to me ~ Frank Langella
282:My kid could move like a lightweight ~ Angelo Dundee
283:O lyric love! half angel half bird ~ Robert Browning
284:Patience is eternal genius ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
285:Prayers move God. And God moves angels. ~ Max Lucado
286:Protect those who protect you. ~ Evangelos Venizelos
287:rhubarb wine and cowslip beer, cured ~ Angela Brazil
288:Sometimes an angel is found in the dark. ~ K Webster
289:This whole world is full of God! ~ Angela of Foligno
290:True friends are trustworthy angels. ~ Doreen Virtue
291:was crafted of brain-tanned Italian ~ Angela Marsons
292:We all have levels of performance. ~ Angela Lansbury
293:We get talent and scale from mergers. ~ Angela Braly
294:What nourishes me also destroys me. ~ Angelina Jolie
295:When they are among us cats are angels ~ George Sand
296:Where there’s a will, there’s a way. ~ Angela Merkel
297:You are strangely troublesome. ~ William Shakespeare
298:Your name is Angel Aristotle? ~ Benjamin Alire S enz
299:Achievement brings its own anticlimax. ~ Maya Angelou
300:Acting is my calling, not my career. ~ Angela Bassett
301:Actors are not made, they are born. ~ Angela Lansbury
302:...a great future behind him, already ~ Angela Carter
303:And the Angelfucker makes his move. ~ Sylvain Reynard
304:As you give out, so shall you receive. ~ Michelangelo
305:But needs must when the devil drives. ~ Angela Carter
306:Face of an angel, voice of a serpent ~ Claire C Riley
307:Fairies are animals’ guardian angels. ~ Doreen Virtue
308:Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. ~ Greg Iles
309:Genius is eternal patience. ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
310:Getting old is not for sissies, kid. ~ Frank Langella
311:I'd rather be a thing than an angel ~ Charlotte Bront
312:I hold Angela Merkel in high regard. ~ Horst Seehofer
313:I like glamour. Not afraid of it. ~ Linda Evangelista
314:It’s not you—it’s what you are, ~ Evangeline Anderson
315:It's redundant to die in Los Angeles. ~ Truman Capote
316:Love is an exorcism of angels. ~ Stephanie M Wytovich
317:My angel,-his name is Freedom,- ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
318:No great work of art is ever finished. ~ Michelangelo
319:Patches are a nun's jewels. ~ Marie Angelique Arnauld
320:She looked so adorable like an angel. ~ M F Moonzajer
321:She was an angel in blue, halo and all. ~ Julie Berry
322:Stop reading so much and go think. ~ Angela Duckworth
323:takes a devil to make a decent angel. ~ Tom Spanbauer
324:The devil’s man with the angel eyes.” I ~ Tillie Cole
325:The end of exile is the end of being. ~ Angela Carter
326:There are angels walking among us. ~ Jennifer McMahon
327:There are some eyes that can eat you. ~ Angela Carter
328:There is no evil angel but Love ~ William Shakespeare
329:There is so much more to understand. ~ Angelina Jolie
330:We are only as blind as we want to be. ~ Maya Angelou
331:You are neither an angel nor a god. ~ Haruki Murakami
332:You are what you believe you are. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
333:You want to dance with me, angel tits? ~ Edward Albee
334:All great achievements require time.
   ~ Maya Angelou,
335:Anger is like fire. It burns all clean. ~ Maya Angelou
336:Be Skeptical, but learn to listen. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
337:Be the rainbow in someone else's cloud. ~ Maya Angelou
338:Do we have any chopsticks around here? ~ Angela Roquet
339:growth mindset and grit go together ~ Angela Duckworth
340:I am the Angel of the Sun ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
341:I believe in angels, so it's simple. ~ Isabelle Adjani
342:I don’t need a guardian angel, not anymore ~ Ker Dukey
343:I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh. ~ Maya Angelou
344:I do things my way -Lucky Santangelos ~ Jackie Collins
345:If you have, give. If you learn, teach. ~ Maya Angelou
346:I keep on dying, Because I love to live ~ Maya Angelou
347:I know because an angel told me. ~ Jessica Shirvington
348:I like the feeling of being dominated ~ Angelina Jolie
349:I never heard any angel voice but yours. ~ Julie Berry
350:I sound like an evangelist or something. ~ David Plotz
351:I think I’m more guy than angel, Abby. ~ Ashlan Thomas
352:I think I'm not always what I seem. ~ Evangeline Lilly
353:Love is Fallen.... Like *FALLEN* ANGELS. ~ Lauren Kate
354:Methinks love maketh men like Angels. ~ Catherine Parr
355:Music attracts the angels in the universe. ~ Bob Dylan
356:My mother raised me, and then freed me. ~ Maya Angelou
357:Never send a boy to do a woman's job. ~ Angelina Jolie
358:Peace is the first thing the angels sang. ~ John Keble
359:Pride is a tricky little bitch. “Which ~ Angela Roquet
360:Talent counts, effort counts twice. ~ Angela Duckworth
361:Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you. ~ Josephine Angelini
362:than an innocuous comment. To Angela’s ~ Sherryl Woods
363:The Devil was once an Angel." ~ Kara ~ Marita A Hansen
364:Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. ~ Maya Angelou
365:Why do You Send Fools To judge My Work? ~ Michelangelo
366:Yet it is only love which sets us free. ~ Maya Angelou
367:You never get over the fear of writing. ~ Maya Angelou
368:Age is nothing; waking up is everything. ~ Maya Angelou
369:All God's children need traveling shoes. ~ Maya Angelou
370:Awareness is always the first step. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
371:Each person can make their difference. ~ Angelina Jolie
372:Every journey begins with a single step. ~ Maya Angelou
373:Evil angels make the best boyfriends. ~ Felicity Heaton
374:Forgiveness is the only way to heal ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
375:Good news from heaven the angels bring, ~ Martin Luther
376:He was every angel and every devil. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
377:He was every devil and every angel. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
378:I am happy only in that I am a monster. ~ Angela Carter
379:I am the dream and the hope of the slave ~ Maya Angelou
380:If I'm an angel, paint me with black wings. ~ Anne Rice
381:I live and love in God's peculiar light. ~ Michelangelo
382:I never regretted what I turned down. ~ Angela Lansbury
383:In Los Angeles, everyone is a star. ~ Denzel Washington
384:I try to see every day as a celebration. ~ Maya Angelou
385:I wish you’d let me rescue you again. ~ Angela Morrison
386:Live as though life was created for you. ~ Maya Angelou
387:Los Angeles is many places in one place. ~ P J O Rourke
388:Millions of angels are at God's command. ~ Billy Graham
389:Moonlight, white satin, roses. A bride. ~ Angela Carter
390:My father lost me to the Beast at cards ~ Angela Carter
391:Nature is God's greatest evangelist. ~ Jonathan Edwards
392:No one has ever become poor from giving. ~ Maya Angelou
393:One straying angel won’t make God tremble. ~ Ada Palmer
394:Prison is for other people’s children. ~ Angela Marsons
395:That’s the way Greek drama worked. ~ Josephine Angelini
396:The nurses were all angels in my eyes. ~ Randy Castillo
397:There are no shortcuts to excellence ~ Angela Duckworth
398:There doesn't need to be a God for me. ~ Angelina Jolie
399:There is no tongue to speak his eulogy; ~ Michelangelo
400:There’s a war coming, isn’t there? ~ Josephine Angelini
401:The theater is magical and addictive. ~ Angela Lansbury
402:We need much less than we think we need. ~ Maya Angelou
403:You’re the only one I kiss goodnight. ~ Angela Morrison
404:A child is an angel dependent on man ~ Joseph de Maistre
405:A societies needs determines their ethics ~ Maya Angelou
406:Beauty is the purgation of superfluities. ~ Michelangelo
407:Disegnia e no prder tepo [sic] ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
408:Failure is not a permanent condition. ~ Angela Duckworth
409:I am no artist - please come and help me. ~ Michelangelo
410:I don't think I am evangelical in my work. ~ J K Rowling
411:If I am an angel, paint me with black wings. ~ Anne Rice
412:I have also won much evangelical support. ~ Donald Trump
413:I have sent you nothing but angels ~ Neale Donald Walsch
414:I just want to get a Ph.D. in love. ~ Barbara De Angelis
415:I look like a male stripper in angel drag. ~ John Corwin
416:I'm your guardian angel, not your monkey. ~ Erica Ridley
417:Insomnia was its own kind of haunting. ~ Angela Flournoy
418:I pray to the angels that worship the devil. ~ Tony Yayo
419:I sustain myself with the love of family. ~ Maya Angelou
420:It's a living, breathing thing, acting. ~ Frank Langella
421:It's like an angel crying on your tongue. ~ Bruno Heller
422:Life is but a series of memories you make. ~ Criss Angel
423:Life sometimes gives you a second chance. ~ Maya Angelou
424:Los Angeles is just New York lying down. ~ Quentin Crisp
425:Love and kindness are never wasted. ~ Barbara De Angelis
426:Love does not want or fear anything. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
427:Love is Fallen.... Like *FALLEN* ANGELS... ~ Lauren Kate
428:Many of God's angels do not have wings... ~ Jos N Harris
429:more creepy charm than an evangelist. ~ Michael Connelly
430:My greatest joy is just to be alive! ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
431:No-one is born with perfect eyebrow. ~ Linda Evangelista
432:People confuse the person and the part. ~ Angela Bassett
433:Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. ~ Maya Angelou
434:Scared?, Angel.'
-Patch Cipriano. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
435:Some people go shopping - I cut myself. ~ Angelina Jolie
436:The real us is pure love, pure light ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
437:This beast, this angel is both you and I ~ Adrienne Rich
438:Today was going to be another dark day. ~ Angela Marsons
439:To live with angels and chase their dreams. ~ James Frey
440:Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now. ~ Maya Angelou
441:You're cold, Angel. Let me warm you. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
442:You want to play? Come find me angel boy. ~ Nalini Singh
443:All of our health is basically genetics. ~ Frank Langella
444:A man is an angel that has gone deranged. ~ Philip K Dick
445:An angel's face is tricky to wear constantly. ~ Tori Amos
446:Angels contented with their face in heaven, ~ John Milton
447:Beauty is the purgation of superfluities. ~ Michelangelo,
448:Bitter, bitter, this desolation of angels. ~ Laini Taylor
449:Black hair, angelic face, and devil eyes. ~ Ilona Andrews
450:But—I’m leaving.”
Not without me. ~ Josephine Angelini
451:Democracy must be our answer to terrorism ~ Angela Merkel
452:Depression is the evangelist for emptiness. ~ Hannah Hart
453:dogs and angels are not very far apart ~ Charles Bukowski
454:Don't face the day until you've faced God. ~ Maya Angelou
455:Do you think that angels are detached?” asked ~ Anne Rice
456:Enthusiasm is common,Endurance is rare ~ Angela Duckworth
457:Even the devil was an angel once, Alejandro. ~ M Robinson
458:Everything that is true is authentic. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
459:Guardian angels guide the steps of idiots. ~ Nancy Farmer
460:Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. ~ Andrew Peterson
461:I'll catch you angel, i'll always catch you. ~ Sylvia Day
462:I'm a firm believer in absolute honesty. ~ Frank Langella
463:I'm a workaholic. I work and work and work. ~ Criss Angel
464:I recognize no rights but human rights. ~ Angelina Grimke
465:It doesn't cost anything more to be nice. ~ Angelo Dundee
466:Love is desire sustained by unfulfilment. ~ Angela Carter
467:Many areas of Los Angeles have gang problems. ~ Ross Kemp
468:My girlfriend is an angel." -Xavier ~ Alexandra Adornetto
469:nightmare but knew that the scene before ~ Angela Marsons
470:one of the wicked witches flying monkeys. ~ Angela Roquet
471:Out of the huts of history's shame I rise. ~ Maya Angelou
472:People are always misquoting me. ~ Michelangelo Antonioni
473:Rhys was one beautifully pissed off man. ~ Angelica Chase
474:rush in where angels fear to tread. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
475:Spying among friends is never acceptable. ~ Angela Merkel
476:The angel muttered, Oh, no, a rationalist, ~ Jos Saramago
477:The angels had guitars before they had wings. ~ Meat Loaf
478:To be gritty is to resist complacency. ~ Angela Duckworth
479:To change with change is the changeless state ~ Bruce Lee
480:We must always attempt to lift as we climb ~ Angela Davis
481:What has happened to the adult human? ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
482:What the holy hand grenade was that? ~ Josephine Angelini
483:When I work, it can be a 16-hour day. ~ Linda Evangelista
484:When you learn, teach, when you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou
485:Whoever saw an angel barefooted? ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
486:You're my invisible sun, aren't you? ~ Josephine Angelini
487:Angelina Jolie is my style inspiration. ~ Adrianne Palicki
488:Anything easy isn’t hardly worthwhile, ~ Angela J Townsend
489:Beauty is the arrowhead of evangelization. ~ Robert Barron
490:Dare to let your dreams reach beyond you... ~ Maya Angelou
491:Demons rush in where angels fear to tread. ~ Pippa DaCosta
492:Different cultures have different audiences. ~ Angel Olsen
493:Don't let the tattoo fool you. I'm no angel. ~ Cat Johnson
494:Every devil needs an angel. And she was mine. ~ M Robinson
495:Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. ~ Alexander Pope
496:for angels and anointings work together. ~ Roberts Liardon
497:Gazing on beautiful things acts on my soul. ~ Michelangelo
498:Humans haunt more houses than ghosts do. ~ Angela Flournoy
499:If the wine is not good, then throw it out! ~ Michelangelo
500:I'm not a politician. I'm a businessperson. ~ Angela Braly


  221 Poetry
   84 Occultism
   80 Integral Yoga
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   32 Fiction
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   16 Philsophy
   14 Mysticism
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   9 Jorge Luis Borges
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   6 Swami Vivekananda
   6 H P Lovecraft
   5 Saint Teresa of Avila
   5 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
   5 Friedrich Nietzsche
   5 Franz Bardon
   4 Rabbi Moses Luzzatto
   3 Thomas Merton
   3 Plato
   3 Jalaluddin Rumi
   3 A B Purani
   2 Walt Whitman
   2 Saint Therese of Lisieux
   2 Saint Hildegard von Bingen
   2 Patanjali
   2 Omar Khayyam
   2 Nirodbaran
   2 Li Bai
   2 Kahlil Gibran
   2 Joseph Campbell
   2 Jordan Peterson
   2 Italo Calvino
   2 Hafiz
   2 George Van Vrekhem

   29 Wordsworth - Poems
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   14 Yeats - Poems
   13 Schiller - Poems
   11 Savitri
   11 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02
   10 The Perennial Philosophy
   10 The Confessions of Saint Augustine
   10 Keats - Poems
   9 Aion
   8 The Golden Bough
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   8 Collected Poems
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   2 Sex Ecology Spirituality
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   2 Questions And Answers 1955
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   2 Preparing for the Miraculous
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   2 On Education
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   2 Hymn of the Universe
   2 Essays On The Gita
   2 Essays In Philosophy And Yoga
   2 Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 07
   2 Borges - Poems
   2 Agenda Vol 05

01.03 - Mystic Poetry, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   That Angelic poets should be inspired by the same ideal is, of course, quite natural: for they sing:

01.04 - The Poetry in the Making, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The consciously purposive activity of the poetic consciousness in fact, of all artistic consciousness has shown itself with a clear and unambiguous emphasis in two directions. First of all with regard to the subject-matter: the old-world poets took things as they were, as they were obvious to the eye, things of human nature and things of physical Nature, and without questioning dealt with them in the beauty of their normal form and function. The modern mentality has turned away from the normal and the obvious: it does not accept and admit the "given" as the final and definitive norm of things. It wishes to discover and establish other norms, it strives to bring about changes in the nature and condition of things, envisage the shape of things to come, work for a brave new world. The poet of today, in spite of all his effort to remain a pure poet, in spite of Housman's advocacy of nonsense and not-sense being the essence of true Art, is almost invariably at heart an incorrigible prophet. In revolt against the old and established order of truths and customs, against all that is normally considered as beautiful,ideals and emotions and activities of man or aspects and scenes and movements of Natureagainst God or spiritual life, the modern poet turns deliberately to the ugly and the macabre, the meaningless, the insignificant and the triflingtins and teas, bone and dust and dustbin, hammer and sicklehe is still a prophet, a violent one, an iconoclast, but one who has his own icon, a terribly jealous being, that seeks to pull down the past, erase it, to break and batter and knead the elements in order to fashion out of them something conforming to his heart's desire. There is also the class who have the vision and found the truth and its solace, who are prophets, Angelic and divine, messengers and harbingers of a new beauty that is to dawn upon earth. And yet there are others in whom the two strains mingle or approach in a strange way. All this means that the artist is far from being a mere receiver, a mechanical executor, a passive unconscious instrument, but that he is supremely' conscious and master of his faculties and implements. This fact is doubly reinforced when we find how much he is preoccupied with the technical aspect of his craft. The richness and variety of patterns that can be given to the poetic form know no bounds today. A few major rhythms were sufficient for the ancients to give full expression to their poetic inflatus. For they cared more for some major virtues, the basic and fundamental qualitiessuch as truth, sublimity, nobility, forcefulness, purity, simplicity, clarity, straightforwardness; they were more preoccupied with what they had to say and they wanted, no doubt, to say it beautifully and powerfully; but the modus operandi was not such a passion or obsession with them, it had not attained that almost absolute value for itself which modern craftsmanship gives it. As technology in practical life has become a thing of overwhelming importance to man today, become, in the Shakespearean phrase, his "be-all and end-all", even so the same spirit has invaded and pervaded his aesthetics too. The subtleties, variations and refinements, the revolutions, reversals and inventions which the modern poet has ushered and takes delight in, for their own sake, I repeat, for their intrinsic interest, not for the sake of the subject which they have to embody and clothe, have never been dream by Aristotle, the supreme legislator among the ancients, nor by Horace, the almost incomparable craftsman among the ancients in the domain of poetry. Man has become, to be sure, a self-conscious creator to the pith of his bone.
   An avenging Mystery operating, out of the drowsy animal awakes an Angel.

01.05 - The Nietzschean Antichrist, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   This is the Nietzsche we all know. But there is another aspect of his which the world has yet been slow to recognise. For, at bottom, Nietzsche is not all storm and fury. If his Superman is a Destroying Angel, he is none the less an Angel. If he is endowed with a supreme sense of strength and power, there is also secreted in the core of his heart a sense of the beautiful that illumines his somewhat sombre aspect. For although Nietzsche is by birth a Slavo-Teuton, by culture and education he is pre-eminently Hellenic. His earliest works are on the subject of Greek tragedy and form what he describes as an "Apollonian dream." And to this dream, to this Greek aesthetic sense more than to any thing else he sacrifices justice and pity and charity. To him the weak and the miserable, the sick and the maimed are a sort of blot, a kind of ulcer on the beautiful face of humanity. The herd that wallow in suffering and relish suffering disfigure the aspect of the world and should therefore be relentlessly mowed out of existence. By being pitiful to them we give our tacit assent to their persistence. And it is precisely because of this that Nietzsche has a horror of Christianity. For compassion gives indulgence to all the ugliness of the world and thus renders that ugliness a necessary and indispensable element of existence. To protect the weak, to sympathise with the lowly brings about more of weakness and more of lowliness. Nietzsche has an aristocratic taste par excellencewhat he aims at is health and vigour and beauty. But above all it is an aristocracy of the spirit, an aristocracy endowed with all the richness and beauty of the soul that Nietzsche wants to establish. The beggar of the street is the symbol of ugliness, of the poverty of the spirit. And the so-called aristocrat, die millionaire of today is as poor and ugly as any helpless leper. The soul of either of them is made of the same dirty, sickly stuff. The tattered rags, the crouching heart, the effeminate nerve, the unenlightened soul are the standing ugliness of the world and they have no place in the ideal, the perfect humanity. Humanity, according to Nietzsche, is made in order to be beautiful, to conceive the beautiful, to create the beautiful. Nietzsche's Superman has its perfect image in a Grecian statue of Zeus cut out in white marble-Olympian grandeur shedding in every lineament Apollonian beauty and Dionysian vigour.

01.06 - Vivekananda, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   "Man is higher than all animals, than all Angels: none is greater than man. Even the Devas will have to come down again and attain to salvation though a human body. Man alone attains to perfection, not even the Devas." Indeed, men are gods upon earth, come down here below to perfect themselves and perfect the worldonly, they have to be conscious of themselves. They do not know what they are, they have to be actually and sovereignly what they are really and potentially. This then is the life-work of everyone:

01.08 - Walter Hilton: The Scale of Perfection, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Indeed, there are one or two points, notes for the guidance of the aspirant, which I would like to mention here for their striking appositeness and simple "soothfastness." First of all with regard to the restless enthusiasm and eagerness of a novice, here is the advice given: "The fervour is so mickle in outward showing, is not only for mickleness of love that they have; but it is for littleness and weakness of their souls, that they may not bear a little touching of God.. afterward when love hath boiled out all the uncleanliness, then is the love clear and standeth still, and then is both the body and the soul mickle more in peace, and yet hath the self soul mickle more love than it had before, though it shew less outward." And again: "without any fervour outward shewed, and the less it thinketh that it loveth or seeth God, the nearer it nigheth" ('it' naturally refers to the soul). The statement is beautifully self-luminous, no explanation is required. Another hurdle that an aspirant has to face often in the passage through the Dark Night is that you are left all alone, that you are deserted by your God, that the Grace no longer favours you. Here is however the truth of the matter; "when I fall down to my frailty, then Grace withdraweth: for my falling is cause there-of, and not his fleeing." In fact, the Grace never withdraws, it is we who withdraw and think otherwise. One more difficulty that troubles the beginner especially is with regard to the false light. The being of darkness comes in the form of the Angel of light, imitates the tone of the still small voice; how to recognise, how to distinguish the two? The false light, the "feigned sun" is always found "atwixt two black rainy clouds" : they are "highing" of oneself and "lowing" of others. When you feel flattered and elated, beware it is the siren voice tempting you. The true light brings you soothing peace and meekness: the other light brings always a trail of darknessf you are soothfast and sincere you will discover it if not near you, somewhere at a distance lurking.

01.09 - The Parting of the Way, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Indeed it is a divine creature that should be envisaged on the next level of evolution. The mental and the moral, the psychical and the physical transfigurations which must follow the change in the basic substratum do imply such a mutation, the birth of a new species, as it were, fashioned in the nature of the gods. The vision of Angels and Siddhas, which man is having ceaselessly since his birth, may be but a prophecy of the future actuality.

01.12 - Goethe, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Angels weave the symphony that is creation. They represent the various notes and rhythmsin their higher and purer degrees that make up the grand harmony of the spheres. It is magnificent, this music that moves the cosmos, and wonderful the glory of God manifest therein. But is it absolutely perfect? Is there nowhere any flaw in it? There is a doubting voice that enters a dissenting note. That is Satan, the Antagonist, the Evil One. Man is the weakest link in the chain of the apparently all-perfect harmony. And Satan boldly proposes to snap it if God only let him do so. He can prove to God that the true nature of his creation is not cosmos but chaos not a harmony in peace and light, but a confusion, a Walpurgis Night. God acquiesces in the play of this apparent breach and proves in the end that it is part of a wider scheme, a vaster harmony. Evil is rounded off by Grace.

01.14 - Nicholas Roerich, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Roerich discovered and elaborated his own technique to reveal that which is secret, express that which is not expressed or expressible. First of all, he is symbolical and allegorical: secondly, the choice of his symbols and allegories is hieratic, that is to say, the subject-matter refers to objects and events connected with saints and legends, shrines and enchanted places, hidden treasures, spirits and Angels, etc. etc.; thirdly, the manner or style of execution is what we may term pantomimic, in other words, concrete, graphic, dramatic, even melodramatic. He has a special predilection for geometrical patterns the artistic effect of whichbalance, regularity, fixity, soliditywas greatly utilised by the French painter Czanne and poet Mallarm who seem to have influenced Roerich to a considerable degree. But this Northerner had not the reticence, the suavity, the tonic unity of the classicist, nor the normality and clarity of the Latin temperament. The prophet, the priest in him was the stronger element and made use of the artist as the rites andceremoniesmudras and chakrasof his vocation demanded. Indeed, he stands as the hierophant of a new cultural religion and his paintings and utterances are, as it were, gestures that accompany a holy ceremonial.

02.02 - Lines of the Descent of Consciousness, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   We were speaking of the descent into the Vital, the domain of dynamism, desire and hunger. The Vital is also the field of some strong creative Powers who follow, or are in secret contact with the line of unitary consciousness, who are open to influences from a deeper or higher or subtler consciousness. Along with the demons there is also a line of daimona, guardian Angels, in the hierarchy of vital beings. Much of what is known as aesthetic or artistic creation derives its spirit from this sphere. Many of the gods of beauty and delight are denizens of this heaven. Gandharvas and Kinnaras are here, Dionysus and even Apollo perhaps (at least in their mythological aspectin their occult reality they properly belong to the Overmind which is the own home of the gods), many of the Angels, seraphs and cherubs dwell here. In fact, the mythological heaven for the most part can be located in this region.

02.03 - The Glory and the Fall of Life, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  On the rigid coil and sprawl of mortal Space,
  Here too the gracious great-winged Angel poured
  Her splendour and her swiftness and her bliss,

02.03 - The Shakespearean Word, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   However, we must not forget Michael Angelo in this connection. He is living, he is energetic, to a supreme degree. If we seek anywhere intense au thentic life-movement, it is there at its maximum perhaps. Even his" statues are a paean of throbbing pulsating bodies. Still he has planted moving life in immobility and stilled rigidity. It is a passing moment stopped as though by magic; a mortis rigor holds in and controls, as it were, a wild vigour spurting out.

02.07 - The Descent into Night, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
    Turned from the brilliant nature of the gods
    To fallen Angels and misleading suns,
    Became themselves a danger and a charm,
    The Fiend was visible but cloaked in light;
    He seemed a helping Angel from the skies:
    He armed untruth with Scripture and the Law;

02.08 - The World of Falsehood, the Mother of Evil and the Sons of Darkness, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  And hushed for ever is the secret Voice.
  Then by the Angel of the Vigil Tower
  A name is struck from the recording book;

02.12 - The Heavens of the Ideal, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Emblem of a high kingdom's privilege.
  A glorious shining Angel of the Way
  Presented to the seeking of the soul

03.01 - Humanism and Humanism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Upanishadic summit is not suffused with humanism or touched by it, because it is supra-human, not because there is a lack or want or deficiency in the human feeling, but because there is a heightening and a transcendence in the consciousness and being. To man, to human valuation, the Boddhisattwa may appear to be greater than the Buddha; even so to the sick a physician or a nurse may seem to be a diviner Angel than any saint or sage or perhaps God Himself but that is an inferior viewpoint, that of particular or local interest.

03.04 - Towardsa New Ideology, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Still some kind of hierarchy seems tobe the natural and inevitable form of collective life. A dead level, however high that may possibly be, appears to be rather a condition of malaise and not that of a stable equilibrium. The individual man cannot with impunity be brains alonehe becomes then what is called "a barren intellectualist", "an ineffectual Angel" ; nor can he rest satisfied with being a mere hewer of wood and drawer of waterhe is no more than a bushman then. Like-wise a society cannot be made of philosophers alone, nor can it be a monolithic construction of the proletariat and nothing but the proletariat-if the proletariat choose to remain literally proletarian. As the body individual is composed of limbs that rise one upon another from the inferior to the superior, even so a healthy body social also should consist of similar hierarchical ranges. Only this distinction should not mean and it does not necessarily meana difference in moral values, as it was pointed out long ago by Aesop in his famous fable. The distinction is functional and spiritual. In the spirit, all differences and distinctions are based upon and are instinct with an inviolable and inalienable unity, even identity. Differences here do not mean invidious distinction, they are not the sources of inequality, conflict, strife, but make for a richer harmony, a greater organisation.

03.06 - Divine Humanism, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Upanishadic summit is not suffused with humanism or touched by it, because it is supra-human, not because there is a lack or deficiency in the human feeling, but because there is a heightening and a transcendence in the consciousness and being. To man, to human valuation, the Bodhisattva may appear to be greater than the Buddha; even so to the sick a physician or a nurse may seem to be a diviner Angel than any saint or sage or perhaps God himself but that is an inferior view-point, that of particular or local interest.

03.10 - Hamlet: A Crisis of the Evolving Soul, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The Angelic Cordelia is a ray that has strayed down from some higher region, to evolve hereafter, not for immediate fruition and fulfilment. It is the Light that shines always even in this naughty world, a spark of the Grace that still relieves the blight that mars an otherwise sinful earth. She is the symbol of a promise or prophecy that will justify itself sometime in the future, but for the moment the burden of the gloom is too much upon her and she is engulfed in it and sacrificed.

04.03 - Consciousness as Energy, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   What is this spiritual or Yogic Energy? Ordinary people, people with a modern mind, would concede at the most that there are two kinds of activity: (1) real activityphysical action, work, labour with muscle and nerve, and (2) passive activityactivity of mind and thought. According to the pragmatic standard especial, if not entire, importance is given the first category; the other category, sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought, is held at a discount. The thoughtful people are philosophers at the most, they are ineffectual Angels in this workaday world of ours. We need upon earth people of sterner stuff, dynamic people who are not thought-bound, but know how to apply and execute their ideas, whatever they may be. Lenin was great, not because he had revolutionary ideas, but because he gave a muscular frame to them. Such people alone are the pragmatic, dynamic, useful category of humanity. The others are, according to the more radical leftist view, merely parasitic, and according to a more generous liberal view, chiefly decorative elements in human society. Mind-energy can draw dream pictures, beautiful perhaps, but inane; it is only muscular energy that gives a living and material bodya local habitation and a nameto what otherwise would be airy nothing.

04.03 - The Eternal East and West, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The East does not consider the individual in his social behaviour in terms of freedom and liberty but of service and obligation, not in terms of rights but of duties. The Indian term for right and duty is the sameadhikar. The word originally and usually meant duty, one's sphere of work or service, capacity: the meaning of "right" was secondary and only latterly, probably as a result of the impact from the West, has gained predominance. The West measures human progress by the amount of rights gained for the individual or for the group. It does not seem to have any other standard: submission, obedience, any diminution of the sense of separate individuality meant slavery and loss of human value and dignity. It was the Greek perhaps, with Socrates as the great pioneer, who first declared the supremacy of the individual reason (although he himself obeyed in all things his guardian Angel, the Daemon). In India, generally in the East, the value of the individual is estimated in another way. So long as he is in the society, the individual is bound by its demands: he has to serve it according to his best capacity. That is the dharma the Law that one has to observe conscientiously. But if he chooses, he can break the bonds forthwith, come out, come out of the society altoge ther and be free absolutely that is the only meaning of freedom. In the West the individual is taught to remain in the world and with the society, maintain his individuality and independence and gradually enlarge them in and through the natural fetters and bondages that a collective life and efficient organisation demands and inevitably imposes. The East, on the contrary, asks the individual never to protest and assert his individuality, which is in their view only another name for Ignorant egoism, but to know his position in the social scheme and fulfil the duties and obligations of that position. But the individual has the freedom not to enter into the social frame at all. If he chooses freedom as his ideal, it is the supreme freedom that he must choose, out of the chain of a terrestrial life. He can become the spiritual "outlaw", the sanysi, the word means one who has abandoned everything totally and absolutely.

04.03 - To the Heights III, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   And tears rush to the eyes
   Such sweet tears, Angel-stars that come from afar
   With healing Peace and Bliss.

04.09 - Values Higher and Lower, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 01, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   It is India's great achievement and speciality that she has found the way the way to all truly high fulfilment. It is Yoga and the Yogic consciousness. Yoga is the science and art of discovering the higher truths, indeed, the highest reality and of living there, not a midway moral elevation only. In its integral view it combines all the three processes mentioned above. The Yogic consciousness seeks to lift the consciousness as high as possible, in fact, to the very highestit literally means union or identity (with the highest Reality, Spirit or God). Thus it has the true perception or vision of the forces that act in and upon the world and the powers that decide and is in union with them. The Yogic consciousness and power is also embodied in the Divine Incarnation for he is Yogeshwara: and in India it is accepted as a commonplace that God descends in a human shape, whenever there is a great crisis and man needs salvaging and salvation. God comes then with all his Angels, with the divine host to battle for him and with him to establish the Dharma.

04.26 - To the Heights-XXVI, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 02, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   I am not ashamed of my failings,
   I do not claim to be an Angel of heaven,
   I cannot boast that I have never faltered -

05.05 - Man the Prototype, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   The essential appearance of Man is, as we have said, the prototype of the actual man. That is to say, the actual man is a projection, even though a somewhat disfigured projection, of the original form; yet there is an essential similarity of pattern, a commensurability between the two. The winged Angels, the cherubs and seraphs are reputed to be ideal figures of beauty, but they are nothing akin to the Prototype, they belong to a different line of emanation, other than that of the human being. We may have some idea of what it is like by taking recourse to the distinction that Greek philosophers used to make between the formal and the material cause of things. The prototype is the formal reality hidden and imbedded in the material reality of an object. The essential form is made of the original configuration of primary vibrations that later on consolidate and become a compact mass, arriving finally at its end physico-chemical composition. A subtle yet perfect harmony of vibrations forming a living whole is what the prototype essentially is. An artist perhaps is in a better position to understand what we have been labouring to describe. The artist's eye is not confined to the gross physical form of an object, even the most realistic artist does not hold up the mirror to Nature in that sense: he goes behind and sees the inner contour, the subtle figuration that underlies the external volume and mass. It is that that is beautiful and harmonious and significant, and it is that which the artist endeavours to bring out and fix in a system or body of lines and colours. That inner form is not the outer visible form and still it is that form fundamentally, essentially. It is that and it is not that. We may add another analogy to illustrate the point. Pythagoras, for example, spoke of numbers being realities, the real realities of all sensible objects. He was evidently referring to the basic truth in each individual and this truth appeared to him as a number, the substance and relation that remain of an object when everything concrete and superficial is extractedor abstractedout of it. A number to him is a quality, a vibration, a quantum of wave-particles, in the modern scientific terminology, a norm. The human prototype can be conceived as something of the category of the Pythagorean number.

05.12 - The Soul and its Journey, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 03, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   Indeed, although it may sound somewhat strange and wonderful, nevertheless it is literally true that the body is the fortress par excellence for the individual being: it is not merely an ugly dirty clothing that has to be cast off so that one may go straight to the enjoyment of the beatitude of Paradise; on the contrary, it is, as it were, an armour, a steel-frame that protects the subtle body against the attacks or harsh and cruel touches of other worlds and their beings. Once outside the body, there is every danger for the individual to go astray and be hurt, unless he is guided and protected by a guardian Angel, as Dante has had Virgil as his Maestro. We may note here that the passage of Dante from Hell through Purgatory to Heaven across their various levels is almost an exact image of what happens to a soul after death. The highest Heaven where Dante meets Beatrice may be considered as the psychic world and Beatrice herself the Divine Grace that bathes, illumines and comforts the psychic being.
   The souls group themselves into natural types according to the fundamental mode of consciousness and its dynamism. And they form a hierarchy: they exist and function in an organisation, the type and pattern of which is the pyramid. At the apex is the One Supreme, at the base the infinity of individual and disparate souls, earthly sparks, that are emanations, derivations, scattered condensations, parts and parcels of that One Supreme. In between, from the top towards the bottom, lie in a graded scale formations more and more specialised, particularised and concretised: as we rise we meet the larger, vaster more comprehensive forms of the same entities till we arrive at the typal and original, the source being. Thus we can view a soul along its line of emanation from the central source as a series of beings, the higher enclosing and encompassing the lower. Not only so, a higher entity can have several lower emanations and each of these again can emanate several others. The number of emanations multiply as one goes down and they decrease as one goes up. We can understand now what is meant when we speak of kindred souls. When there is an inexplicable natural affinity or similarity between two souls, it happens in such a case that the souls are emanations of the same Over-Soul. And it happens also sometimes that the guardian Angel or daemon whom one may contact is none other than one's own Over-Soul. The term Over-Soul takes thus a literal and a profound significance.
   Another tradition gives the Four Supernals as (1) Light or Consciousness, (2) Truth or Knowledge, (3) Life and (4) Love. The tradition also says that the beings representing these four fundamental principles of creation were the first and earliest gods that emanated from the Supreme Divine, and that as they separated themselves from their source and from each other, each followed his own independent line of fulfilment, they lost their divinity and turned into their oppositesLight became obscurity, Consciousness unconsciousness or the inconscient, Truth became falsehood and Knowledge ignorance, Life became death and finally Love and Delight became suffering and hatred. These are the fallen Angels, the Asuras that deny their divine essence and now rule the world. They have possessed mankind and are controlling earthly existence. They too have their emanations, forces and beings that are born out of them and serve them in their various degrees of power. Men talk and act inspired and impelled by these beings and when they do so, they lose their humanity and become worse than animals.
   We may try to illustrate by examples, although it is a rather dangerous game and may tend to put into a too rigid and' mathematical formula something that is living and variable. Still it will serve to give a clearer picture of the matter. Napoleon, evidently was a child of Mahakali; and Caesar seems to have been fashioned largely by the principle of Maheshwari; while Christ or Chaitanya are clearly emanations in the line of Mahalakshmi. Constructive geniuses, on the other hand, like the great statesman Colbert, for example, or Louis XIV, Ie grand monarque, himself belong to a family (or gotra, as we say in India) that originated from Mahasaraswati. Poets and artists again, although generally they belong to the clan of Mahalakshmi, can be regrouped according to the principle that predominates in each, the godhead that presides over the inspiration in each. The large breath in Homer and Valmiki, the high and noble style of their movement, the dignity and vastness that compose their consciousness affiliate them naturally to the Maheshwari line. A Dante, on the other hand, or a Byron has something in his matter and manner that make us think of the stamp of Mahakali. Virgil or Petrarch, Shelley or our Tagore seem to be emanations of Beauty, Harmony, LoveMahalakshmi. And the perfect artisanship of Mahasaraswati has found its especial embodiment in Horace and Racine and our Kalidasa. Michael Angelo in his fury of inspirations seems to have been impelled by Mahakali, while Mahalakshmi sheds her genial favour upon Raphael and Titian; and the meticulous care and the detailed surety in a Tintoretto makes us think of Mahasaraswati's grace. Mahasaraswati too seems to have especially favoured Leonardo da Vinci, although a brooding presence of Maheshwari also seems to be intermixed there.

06.01 - The Word of Fate, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The dreadful Angel, angry with his joys
  Woundingly sweet he cannot yet forego,

07.02 - The Parable of the Search for the Soul, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Death and his hunters stalk a victim earth;
  The terrible Angel smites at every door:
  An awful laughter mocks at the world's pain

07.04 - The Triple Soul-Forces, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  I am the giver of the bowl of rice,
  I am the worshipped Angel of the House.

07.06 - Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  A seeing will pondered between the brows;
  Thoughts, glistening Angels, stood behind the brain
  In flashing armour, folding hands of prayer,

08.25 - Meat-Eating, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 04, #Nolini Kanta Gupta, #Integral Yoga
   You must begin from within. I have said a hundred times, you must begin from above. You must purify first the higher regions and then purify the lower ones. I do not mean by this that you should give yourself up to all the licences that degrade the body. I do not mean that at all. I am not advising you not to control your desires. What I mean is this: do not try to be an Angel in the body before you are already something of the kind in your mind and in your vital. For that will bring about a dislocation, a lack of balance. And I have always said that to maintain the balance, all the parts must progress together. In trying to bring light into one part you must not leave another part in darkness. You must not leave any obscure corner anywhere.


--- Overview of noun angel

The noun angel has 4 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (8) angel ::: (spiritual being attendant upon God)
2. saint, holy man, holy person, angel ::: (person of exceptional holiness)
3. angel, backer ::: (invests in a theatrical production)
4. Angel, Angel Falls ::: (the highest waterfall; has more than one leap; flow varies seasonally)

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun angel

4 senses of angel                          

Sense 1
   => spiritual being, supernatural being
     => belief
       => content, cognitive content, mental object
         => cognition, knowledge, noesis
           => psychological feature
             => abstraction, abstract entity
               => entity

Sense 2
saint, holy man, holy person, angel
   => good person
     => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
       => organism, being
         => living thing, animate thing
           => whole, unit
             => object, physical object
               => physical entity
                 => entity
       => causal agent, cause, causal agency
         => physical entity
           => entity

Sense 3
angel, backer
   => patron, sponsor, supporter
     => benefactor, helper
       => good person
         => person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
           => organism, being
             => living thing, animate thing
               => whole, unit
                 => object, physical object
                   => physical entity
                     => entity
           => causal agent, cause, causal agency
             => physical entity
               => entity

Sense 4
Angel, Angel Falls
   INSTANCE OF=> waterfall, falls
     => body of water, water
       => thing
         => physical entity
           => entity

--- Hyponyms of noun angel

2 of 4 senses of angel                        

Sense 1
   => archangel
   => cherub
   => seraph
   => guardian spirit, guardian angel
   => divine messenger

Sense 2
saint, holy man, holy person, angel
   => Buddha
   => fakir, fakeer, faqir, faquir

--- Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun angel

4 senses of angel                          

Sense 1
   => spiritual being, supernatural being

Sense 2
saint, holy man, holy person, angel
   => good person

Sense 3
angel, backer
   => patron, sponsor, supporter

Sense 4
Angel, Angel Falls
   INSTANCE OF=> waterfall, falls

--- Coordinate Terms (sisters) of noun angel

4 senses of angel                          

Sense 1
  -> spiritual being, supernatural being
   => deity, divinity, god, immortal
   HAS INSTANCE=> God, Supreme Being
   => eon, aeon
   => angel
   => fairy, faery, faerie, fay, sprite
   HAS INSTANCE=> Satan, Old Nick, Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Tempter, Prince of Darkness
   => spirit, disembodied spirit
   => trickster

Sense 2
saint, holy man, holy person, angel
  -> good person
   => benefactor, helper
   => brick
   => giver
   => good egg
   => mensch, mensh
   => plaster saint
   => rock
   => saint, holy man, holy person, angel
   => square shooter, straight shooter, straight arrow
   => sweetheart
   => trouper

Sense 3
angel, backer
  -> patron, sponsor, supporter
   => angel, backer
   => godfather
   => godparent
   => guarantor, surety, warrantor, warranter
   => patroness, patronne
   => tower of strength, pillar of strength

Sense 4
Angel, Angel Falls
  -> waterfall, falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> American Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Angel, Angel Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Canadian Falls, Horseshoe Falls
   => cascade
   => cataract
   HAS INSTANCE=> Cuquenan, Cuquenan Falls, Kukenaam, Kukenaam Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Iguazu, Iguazu Falls, Iguassu, Iguassu Falls, Victoria Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Niagara, Niagara Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Paulo Afonso, Paulo Afonso Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Sete Quedas, Guaira, Guaira Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Takakkaw
   HAS INSTANCE=> Tugela, Tugela Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Twin, Twin Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Urubupunga, Urubupunga Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Victoria, Victoria Falls
   HAS INSTANCE=> Yosemite, Yosemite Falls

--- Grep of noun angel
angel's trumpet
angel-wing begonia
angel cake
angel dust
angel falls
angel food cake
angel shark
angelica archangelica
angelica sylvestris
angelo correr
angelo guiseppe roncalli
angelus bell
black archangel
blue angel
death angel
destroying angel
guardian angel

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Wikipedia - 17th Street/Santa Monica College station -- At-grade light rail station in the Los Angeles County Metro Rail system
Wikipedia - 1960 Los Angeles Chargers season -- Inaugural season for the franchise in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - 1978 Agoura-Malibu firestorm -- |Wildfire in Los Angeles county, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - 1984 Summer Olympics -- Games of the XXIII Olympiad, held in Los Angeles in 1984
Wikipedia - 1992 Los Angeles riots
Wikipedia - 1st Street, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - 1st Street station (Los Angeles Metro)
Wikipedia - 2000 Democratic National Convention -- U.S. political event held in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - 2005 Glendale train crash -- In downtown Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers season -- Season of the team the Los Angeles Lakers
Wikipedia - 2008 Chatsworth train collision -- Head-on collision in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - 2017 Los Angeles Measure S -- Failed 2017 Los Angeles city referendum calling for more restrictive zoning
Wikipedia - 2020-21 Los Angeles Force season -- The club's second season in the National Independent Soccer Association
Wikipedia - 20 (No Angels album)
Wikipedia - 2nd Street Tunnel -- Los Angeles street tunnel commonly depicted in photographs and media
Wikipedia - 37th Street/USC station -- Bus rapid transit station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - 611 Place -- Skyscraper in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - 91/Perris Valley Line -- Metrolink commuter rail line linking Downtown Los Angeles to Riverside and Perris
Wikipedia - Aaron Loves Angela -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - Abaddon -- Place of destruction and the archangel of the abyss in the Hebrew Bible
Wikipedia - Abbot Kinney -- American businessman, developer and conservationist best known for Venice, Los Angeles.
Wikipedia - Abraham M-CM-^Angel -- Mexican painter
Wikipedia - Abraham Serving the Three Angels -- 1646 painting by Rembrandt
Wikipedia - A Brave and Startling Truth -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Academy of the Holy Angels -- Catholic high school in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Wikipedia - Accelerated Christian Education -- Evangelist Christian education organization
Wikipedia - A Cruel Angel's Thesis -- Theme song of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Adam D'Angelo
Wikipedia - Adriana Angeles -- Mexican judoka
Wikipedia - Adventures in Odyssey -- Evangelical Christian radio drama and comedy series
Wikipedia - Aeromexico Flight 498 -- Scheduled commercial flight from Mexico City, Mexico, U.S. to Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Afon Angell -- River in Gwynedd, Mid Wales
Wikipedia - Agapeta angelana -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Agathangelus of Constantinople
Wikipedia - Agathangelus of Rome
Wikipedia - Agonopterix angelicella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Agustin Rangel -- Venezuelan sports shooter
Wikipedia - Ah2 Music -- Musical duo based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Aime Simard -- Canadian contract killer who worked for the Hells Angels
Wikipedia - Aker (angel)
Wikipedia - Alameda Corridor -- Freight rail line in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Alberto Angela
Wikipedia - Alexander Arhangelskii -- Russian mathematician
Wikipedia - Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles) -- Public high school in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Alexandre Angelique de Talleyrand-Perigord -- French Cardinal and Politician
Wikipedia - Alex de Angelis -- Sammarinese motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Alexios III Angelos
Wikipedia - Alexios IV Angelos
Wikipedia - Alexius III Angelus
Wikipedia - Alex Strangelove -- 2018 American romantic comedy film
Wikipedia - Alex Villanueva -- Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Alfonso Angelini -- Italian professional golfer
Wikipedia - A Line (Los Angeles Metro) -- Los Angeles Metro light rail line from Los Angeles to Long Beach
Wikipedia - Alita (Battle Angel Alita) -- Fictional character in the cyberpunk manga series Battle Angel Alita
Wikipedia - Alita: Battle Angel -- 2019 film directed by Robert Rodriguez
Wikipedia - Alley of Angels in Donetsk -- Ukrainian war memorial for children killed
Wikipedia - All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Wikipedia - All the Angels -- Play by Nick Drake
Wikipedia - Alma de angel -- Mexican comedy television series
Wikipedia - Almost Angels -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - Althea Warren -- Director of the Los Angeles Public Library, president of the American Library Association
Wikipedia - Amalia de Angelis -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Amangeldy Muraliyev -- Kyrgyz politician (born 1947)
Wikipedia - Ambassador Hotel (Los Angeles) -- US hotel in Los Angeles, CA (1921-2005)
Wikipedia - Ambrosio Angelini -- 18th-century Italian Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Amedeo Angeli -- Italian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Amelia and the Angel -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - American Evangelical Lutheran Church -- Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - Amethyst-throated sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Ana de los Angeles Monteagudo
Wikipedia - An Angel at My Table -- 1990 film by Jane Campion
Wikipedia - An Angel from Texas -- 1940 film by Ray Enright
Wikipedia - An Angel on Wheels -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - Anconitana (Ruzante) -- play written by Angelo Beolco
Wikipedia - Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church
Wikipedia - Andre Angelini -- French sports shooter
Wikipedia - Andrey Arkhangelsky
Wikipedia - And Still I Rise -- Poem by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - And the Ass Saw the Angel -- Book by Nick Cave
Wikipedia - Andy Mangels -- American science fiction writer (born 1966)
Wikipedia - Andy Radford -- Anglican Evangelical bishop
Wikipedia - Angel (1937 film) -- 1937 comedy-drama film by Ernst Lubitsch
Wikipedia - Angel (1966 film)
Wikipedia - Angel (1982 Greek film) -- 1982 film
Wikipedia - Angel (1984 film) -- 1984 American crime/sexploitation film directed by Tom DeSimone
Wikipedia - Angel (1987 film) -- 1987 film
Wikipedia - Angel (1999 TV series) -- American television series (1999-2004)
Wikipedia - Angel (2009 film) -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - Angel (2017 film) -- 2017 Indian film directed by Palani
Wikipedia - Angel (2018 film) -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - Angela (1978 film) -- 1978 film by Boris Sagal
Wikipedia - Angela Adams -- American rug designer
Wikipedia - Angela Agostini -- Italian botanist and mycologist
Wikipedia - Angela Ahrendts
Wikipedia - Angela Alberti -- Italian gymnast
Wikipedia - Angela Alsobrooks -- American politician from Maryland
Wikipedia - Angela Alvarado -- American actress and director
Wikipedia - Angela Ammons -- American musician and photographer
Wikipedia - Angela Anderes -- Swiss figure skater
Wikipedia - Angela and Jennifer Chun -- Korean-American violinists
Wikipedia - Angela and Luciana Giussani -- Writers
Wikipedia - Angela Angel -- American politician
Wikipedia - Angela Asher -- Canadian film and television actress
Wikipedia - Angela Atede -- Nigerian hurdler
Wikipedia - Angelababy -- Hong Kong actress
Wikipedia - Angela Baca -- Native American potter
Wikipedia - Angela Baddeley -- English actress
Wikipedia - Angela Baraldi -- Italian actress and rock singer
Wikipedia - Angela Barker -- Australian advocate for victims of domestic violence
Wikipedia - Angela Baroni -- Italian sailor
Wikipedia - Angela Barrett -- British artist and illustrator
Wikipedia - Angela Barry -- Bermudian writer and educator
Wikipedia - Angela Bassett -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angela Batinovich -- American businesswoman
Wikipedia - Angela Belcher -- American biochemist
Wikipedia - Angela Besharah -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Bofill -- American R&B singer
Wikipedia - Angela BoM-EM-!kin -- First professionally trained Slovenian nurse and social worker in Yugoslavia
Wikipedia - Angela Borsuk -- Israeli chess player
Wikipedia - Angela Bourke -- Irish writer
Wikipedia - Angela Boyd -- New Zealand lawn bowler
Wikipedia - Angela Braly -- American executive
Wikipedia - Angela Brennan -- Australian painter
Wikipedia - Angela Brown-Burke -- Jamaican politician
Wikipedia - Angela Browning -- British Conservative politician
Wikipedia - Angela Brown -- American opera singer
Wikipedia - Angela Brunner -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angela Bryan -- Social psychologist
Wikipedia - Angela Bundalovic -- Danish actress
Wikipedia - Angela Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts -- British peer
Wikipedia - Angela Burns -- British businesswoman and politician
Wikipedia - Angela Byars-Winston -- American professor of internal medicine
Wikipedia - Angela Calina -- Filipino TV personality
Wikipedia - Angela Cappetta -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Angela Carluccio -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angela Carter -- English novelist
Wikipedia - Angela Cartwright -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angela Casini -- Medicinal and inorganic chemist
Wikipedia - Angel Acevedo -- American filmmaker
Wikipedia - Angela Chalmers -- Canadian retired track and field athlete
Wikipedia - Angela Chan -- American fashion designer
Wikipedia - Angela Christiano -- Molecular geneticist
Wikipedia - Angela Christian -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Angela Christine Bridgland -- Australian librarian
Wikipedia - Angela Clayton -- Transgender rights activists and physicist (1959 - 2014)
Wikipedia - Angela C. Milner
Wikipedia - Angela (comics)
Wikipedia - Angela Constance -- Scottish National Party politician
Wikipedia - Angela Crawley -- Scottish politician
Wikipedia - Angela Cutrone -- Short-track speed skater
Wikipedia - Angela Dale -- British social scientist and statistician
Wikipedia - Angela Danadjieva -- American landscape architect
Wikipedia - Angela D'Audney -- New Zealand television news anchor and actress
Wikipedia - Angela Davis (musician) -- Australian saxophonist
Wikipedia - Angela Davis -- American political activist
Wikipedia - Angela Dawson (canoeist) -- British sprint canoer
Wikipedia - Angela D. Dillard -- American scholar and author
Wikipedia - Angela Dean -- British statistician
Wikipedia - Angela Denoke -- German opera singer
Wikipedia - Angela de' Rossi -- Italian noblewoman
Wikipedia - Angela Deuber -- German-born Swiss architect
Wikipedia - Angela Dimitriou -- Greek pop folk singer
Wikipedia - Angela Donald -- Australian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angela Down -- English actress
Wikipedia - Angela Duckworth -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Angela du Maurier -- British writer
Wikipedia - Angela Dwamena-Aboagye -- Ghanaian lawyer, gender activist, and an Executive Director of The Ark Foundation Ghana.
Wikipedia - Angela Dwyer -- Australian social scientist and writer
Wikipedia - Angela Eagle -- British Labour politician
Wikipedia - Angela E. Douglas -- British entomologist
Wikipedia - Angela Eiter -- Austrian professional climber
Wikipedia - Angela Ekaette -- Nigerian ballet dancer
Wikipedia - Angel (Aerosmith song) -- Song by Aerosmith
Wikipedia - Angela Farrell (sailor) -- Australian sailor
Wikipedia - Angela Farrell -- Irish singer
Wikipedia - Angela Featherstone -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Feeney -- Irish opera singer
Wikipedia - Angela Flournoy -- American writer
Wikipedia - Angela Fong -- Canadian professional wrestler and model
Wikipedia - Angel: After the Fall -- Comic book continuation of Angel the series
Wikipedia - Angela Funovits -- American magician, mentalist, and physician
Wikipedia - Angel Agache -- Moldovan politician
Wikipedia - Angela Gibson -- American politician from Maryland
Wikipedia - Angela Goethals -- American film, television and stage actress
Wikipedia - Angela Golden Bryan -- Caribbean-American actress and writer
Wikipedia - Angela Golz -- German gymnast
Wikipedia - Angela Gossow -- German singer
Wikipedia - Angela Gotelli -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angela Grauerholz -- German-born Canadian photographer, graphic designer, and educator
Wikipedia - Angela Greene -- Irish actress
Wikipedia - Angela Gregovic -- Serbian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Grippo -- American neuroscientist and health psychologist
Wikipedia - Angela Grisar -- Chilean racquetball player
Wikipedia - Angela Gronenborn -- Molecular biophysicist, structural biologist
Wikipedia - Angela Hannah -- British canoeist
Wikipedia - Angela Harkness -- American fraudster
Wikipedia - Angela Hartley Brodie -- British pharmacologist and cancer researcher
Wikipedia - Angela Haseltine Pozzi -- American sculptor
Wikipedia - Angela Hauck -- German speed skater
Wikipedia - Angela Hawken -- University Professor
Wikipedia - Angela Heywood
Wikipedia - Angela Hill (fighter) -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Angela Hutchinson Hammer -- American newspaperwoman
Wikipedia - Angela Iacobellis -- Italian Servant of God
Wikipedia - Angela Ianaro -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angela Jackson -- American poet
Wikipedia - Angela J. Davis -- American law professor
Wikipedia - Angela Jones -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angela Jonsson -- Indian model and actress
Wikipedia - Angela Kepler -- New Zealand naturalist and author
Wikipedia - Angela King (environmentalist) -- British environmentalist
Wikipedia - Angela King (peace activist) -- American activist
Wikipedia - Angela Knosel -- German luger
Wikipedia - Angela Kunoth -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela Lanfranchi -- American surgeon and political activist
Wikipedia - Angela Lansbury -- British-American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Angela Lee -- Canadian mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Angela Lichty -- Canadian softball player
Wikipedia - Angela Lindvall -- American model
Wikipedia - Angela Littlewood -- English shot putter
Wikipedia - Angela Lorenz -- American book artist
Wikipedia - Angela Luce -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Lutz -- Swiss female curler
Wikipedia - Angela L. Walker Franklin -- American academic
Wikipedia - Angela Madsen -- American Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Angela MagaM-CM-1a -- American mixed martial artist
Wikipedia - Angela Manalang-Gloria -- Filipino writer (1907-1995)
Wikipedia - Angel (Amanda Perez song) -- 2003 single by Amanda Perez
Wikipedia - Angela Maria Autsch -- German nun
Wikipedia - Angelamaria Davila -- Puerto Rican poet and writer
Wikipedia - Angela Maria Guidi Cingolani -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angela Martin -- Fictional character from The Office (US)
Wikipedia - Angela Masi -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angela Mason -- British civil servant and activist
Wikipedia - Angela M. Cadwell -- U.S. Air Force general
Wikipedia - Angela McCarthy -- New Zealand history academic
Wikipedia - Angela McCluskey
Wikipedia - Angela McLean (biologist) -- British zoologist and Professor of Mathematical Biology
Wikipedia - Angela McLean -- 35th Lieutenant Governor of Montana
Wikipedia - Angela McRobbie -- British academic
Wikipedia - Angela Merici -- Christian saint
Wikipedia - Angela Merkel -- Chancellor of Germany
Wikipedia - Angela Milner
Wikipedia - Angela Minervini -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Miri -- Nigerian academic
Wikipedia - Angela Morley -- English composer and conductor
Wikipedia - Angela Morosanu -- Romanian athlete
Wikipedia - Angel & Khriz -- Puerto Rican reggaeton duo
Wikipedia - Angel & Tony -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - Angela M. Rivers -- American artist and curator
Wikipedia - Angela Naeth -- Canadian triathlete
Wikipedia - Angela Nagle -- Irish writer and academic
Wikipedia - Angela N. Brooks -- American biologist and geneticist
Wikipedia - Angela Ndambuki -- Kenyan lawyer, recording artist and corporate executive
Wikipedia - Angel and Big Joe -- 1975 film
Wikipedia - Angela N. H. Creager -- American biochemist
Wikipedia - Angela Nicole Walker -- American activist from Wisconsin
Wikipedia - Angela O'Donnell -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Angela of Foligno -- Christian saint
Wikipedia - Angela of the Cross
Wikipedia - Angela Okolo -- Nigerian physician
Wikipedia - Angela Olinto -- Astroparticle physicist and professor
Wikipedia - Angela Orebaugh -- American computer scientist and author
Wikipedia - Angela Orosz -- Holocaust survivor
Wikipedia - Angela Palmer -- Scottish artist and former journalist
Wikipedia - Angela Paton -- American actor, stage actor and television actor (1930-2016)
Wikipedia - Angela Patton -- Activist; creator of Camp Diva
Wikipedia - Angela Paul -- New Zealand luger
Wikipedia - Angela Piskernik -- Botanist and conservationist
Wikipedia - Angela Pleasence -- British actress
Wikipedia - Angel Aquino -- Filipino actor and model
Wikipedia - Angela Rasmussen -- Virologist and researcher
Wikipedia - Angela Rayner -- Deputy Leader and Chair of the Labour Party
Wikipedia - Angela Readman
Wikipedia - Angela Reakes -- Australian cricket player
Wikipedia - Angela Redish -- Canadian professor of economics
Wikipedia - Angel (Aretha Franklin song) -- 1973 single by Aretha Franklin
Wikipedia - Angela R. Hight Walker -- American physicist
Wikipedia - Angela Richardson -- British Conservative politician
Wikipedia - Angela Rippon -- English television presenter
Wikipedia - Angelarius
Wikipedia - Angela Rivera-Parr -- American kickboxer and MMA fighter
Wikipedia - Angela Roberts -- New Zealand Labour Party politician
Wikipedia - Angela Robinson (actress) -- American actress and singer
Wikipedia - Angela Robinson (filmmaker) -- American director and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Angela Rock -- American volleyball athlete and coach
Wikipedia - Angela Romei -- Italian curler
Wikipedia - Angela Roy -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angel Arroyo (weightlifter) -- Puerto Rican weightlifter
Wikipedia - Angela Russell (politician) -- American politician from Montana
Wikipedia - Angela Rye -- American attorney and political commentator
Wikipedia - Angela Saini -- British journalist
Wikipedia - Angela Salawa
Wikipedia - Angela Salloker -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Angela Santomero -- American television executive producer
Wikipedia - Angela Sasse -- Computer scientist and information security expert
Wikipedia - Angela Schanelec -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angela Schijf -- Dutch actress
Wikipedia - Angela's Christmas -- 2017 English-language short film
Wikipedia - Angela's Christmas Wish -- Animated family film
Wikipedia - Angela Seeney -- British energy engineer
Wikipedia - Angela Similea -- Romanian singer
Wikipedia - Angela Sinclair-Loutit -- English social justice activist
Wikipedia - Angela Slavova -- Bulgarian applied mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela SM-CM-"rbu -- Moldovan journalist
Wikipedia - Angela Smith, Baroness Smith of Basildon -- Shadow Leader of the House of Lords
Wikipedia - Angela Smith (South Yorkshire politician) -- British Liberal Democrat politician
Wikipedia - Angela Spalsbury -- American mathematician
Wikipedia - Angela Speck -- Professor of Astrophysics
Wikipedia - Angela Spook -- German folklore
Wikipedia - Angela Stanford -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Angela Stanton-King -- American media personality and politician
Wikipedia - Angela Strank -- Chief Scientist at BP
Wikipedia - Angela Sykes -- Countess of Antrim, a sculptor, a cartoonist, and an illustrator
Wikipedia - Angela Tamagnini -- Vaccination pioneer and heroine of the Peninsular War in Portugal
Wikipedia - Angela Thirkell -- British and Australian novelist (1890-1961)
Wikipedia - Angela Thorne -- Actress
Wikipedia - Angela Tincher O'Brien
Wikipedia - Angela Truszkowska
Wikipedia - Angel at Sea -- 2009 film
Wikipedia - Angela Turner-Ford -- American politician
Wikipedia - Angela Tuvaeva -- Russian female curler
Wikipedia - Angela Verren -- British artist
Wikipedia - Angela Vincent
Wikipedia - Angela von den Driesch
Wikipedia - Angela von Nowakonski -- Brazilian physician
Wikipedia - Angela Wakefield -- British fine artist
Wikipedia - Angela Walker (rhythmic gymnast) -- New Zealand rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angela Wang -- American ladies' figure skater
Wikipedia - Angela Warnick Buchdahl -- American rabbi
Wikipedia - Angela Webber -- Australian comedian
Wikipedia - Angela White -- Australian pornographic film actress and director
Wikipedia - Angela Whyte -- Canadian hurdler
Wikipedia - Angela Wigger -- Swiss political economist
Wikipedia - Angela Williams (politician) -- American politician from Colorado
Wikipedia - Angela Winbush -- American singer
Wikipedia - Angela Wright-Scott -- American hurdler
Wikipedia - Angela Yang -- Chinese-American librarian
Wikipedia - Angela Y. Davis
Wikipedia - Angela Y. Wu -- American computer scientist
Wikipedia - Angela Zhang (scientist) -- American scientist and student
Wikipedia - Angela Zhang -- Taiwanese singer and actress
Wikipedia - Angela Zuckerman -- American speed skater
Wikipedia - Angel Baby (1961 film) -- 1961 film by Paul Wendkos
Wikipedia - Angel Balzarino -- Argentine writer
Wikipedia - Angel Bartolotta -- American drummer
Wikipedia - Angel Batista -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Angelbert
Wikipedia - Angel Beside Me -- 2020 Thai television series
Wikipedia - Angel Bonanni -- Uruguayan-Israeli model and actor
Wikipedia - Angel Broking -- Indian stockbroking firm
Wikipedia - Angel cake -- British layer cake
Wikipedia - Angel Camouflaged -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - Angel Chua Alcala
Wikipedia - Angel City FC -- Planned National Women's Soccer League team in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Angel (coin) -- Medieval gold coin in England
Wikipedia - Angel Colon-Perez -- Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Angel Cop
Wikipedia - Angel Coulby -- English actress
Wikipedia - Angel D'Agostino -- Argentinian composer and pianist
Wikipedia - Angel de Grimoard
Wikipedia - Angel Delgado Fuentes -- Cuban visual artist
Wikipedia - Angel Desai -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angel Dog -- 2011 film
Wikipedia - Angel Dones -- Puerto Rican judoka
Wikipedia - Angel Dust (American band) -- American rock band
Wikipedia - Angel Dzhambazki -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Angele Anang -- Thai drag performer
Wikipedia - Angele Dola Akofa Aguigah -- Togolese archaeologist and politician
Wikipedia - Angele Dubeau -- Canadian violinist
Wikipedia - Angele (film) -- 1934 French film by Marcel Pagnol
Wikipedia - Angele Giuliano -- Maltese businesswoman
Wikipedia - Angele Grenier -- Canadian maple syrup producer
Wikipedia - Angele Ishag -- Sudanese teacher
Wikipedia - Angele Mukakayange -- Rwandan politician
Wikipedia - Angeles Arrien -- Basque-American cultural anthropologist
Wikipedia - Angeles (band) -- American rock band from Los Angeles, United States, formed in 1977 by Dale Lytle
Wikipedia - Angeles Crest Highway -- Highway in California
Wikipedia - Angeles Felices Lancina -- Spanish cartoonist and illustrator
Wikipedia - Angeles Forest Highway -- Highway in California
Wikipedia - Angele (singer) -- Belgian singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Angel Esquire (novel) -- 1908 crime mystery novel
Wikipedia - Angel Esquire -- 1919 film
Wikipedia - Angeles River -- River of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Angelets
Wikipedia - Angele -- Name list
Wikipedia - Angel Express -- 1999 film
Wikipedia - Angel Eyes (film) -- 2001 film by Luis Mandoki
Wikipedia - Angel Eyes (Jerry Cantrell song) -- 2002 single by Jerry Cantrell
Wikipedia - Angel Eyes (Raghav song) -- 2005 single by Raghav
Wikipedia - Angel Eyes (The Jeff Healey Band song) -- 1989 single by The Jeff Healey Band
Wikipedia - Angel Eyes (TV series) -- South Korean television series
Wikipedia - Angeleyes
Wikipedia - Angel Face (1953 film) -- 1953 film by Otto Preminger
Wikipedia - Angel Face (2018 film) -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - Angel Falls (TV series) -- American television series
Wikipedia - Angel Falls -- waterfall in Venezuela and the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world
Wikipedia - Angel (Fifth Harmony song) -- 2017 song by Fifth Harmony
Wikipedia - Angelfire -- Website hosting service
Wikipedia - Angelfist -- 1993 film by Cirio H. Santiago
Wikipedia - Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground -- 1981 single by Willie Nelson
Wikipedia - Angel food cake -- Type of sponge cake
Wikipedia - Angel from Montgomery -- 1971 John Prine song
Wikipedia - Angel Fuentes -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel F
Wikipedia - Angel Garcia de Jesus -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel Genchev -- Bulgarian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Angel G. Hermida -- Former Superior Court Judge of the Commonwealth of PR
Wikipedia - Angel Gonzalez Roman -- Puerto Rican judge
Wikipedia - Angel Gracia -- American film director and producer
Wikipedia - Angel Guts: Red Classroom (film) -- 1979 film
Wikipedia - Angel Guzman (sport shooter) -- Mexican sports shooter
Wikipedia - AngelHack -- American hackathon organization
Wikipedia - Angel Has Fallen -- 2019 American action film directed by Ric Roman Waugh
Wikipedia - Angel Haze -- American rapper and singer
Wikipedia - Angel Heart (manga)
Wikipedia - Angel Heart -- 1987 film
Wikipedia - Angeli Bayani -- Filipino film actress
Wikipedia - Angelica (2015 film) -- 2015 film
Wikipedia - Angelica (2016 film) -- 2016 Puerto Rico drama film
Wikipedia - Angelica acutiloba
Wikipedia - Angelica Araujo Lara -- Mexican politician and architect
Wikipedia - Angelica archangelica -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Angelica Bella -- Hungarian pornographic actress
Wikipedia - Angelica Bengtsson -- Swedish pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Angelica breweri -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Angelica californica -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Angelica Catalani -- Italian opera singer
Wikipedia - Angelica (character)
Wikipedia - Angelica de la PeM-CM-1a Gomez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Angelica Delgado -- American judoka
Wikipedia - Angelica Domrose -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angelica Esperanza Dacunda -- Argentine politician
Wikipedia - Angelica Garcia Arrieta -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Angelica Garcia (singer) -- American singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Angelica gigas -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Angelica Hale -- American singer
Wikipedia - Angelica Ippolito -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Angelica Jones -- Filipino actress-comedian
Wikipedia - Angelica Kauffman -- 18th/19th-century Swiss Neoclassical painter
Wikipedia - Angelica Kvieczynski -- Brazilian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelic Alihusain-del Castilho -- Surinamese politician
Wikipedia - Angelica McDaniel -- American television producer
Wikipedia - Angelica M-CM-^Vstlund -- Swedish ice hockey forward
Wikipedia - Angelica Melchor Vasquez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Angelica Mendoza de Ascarza -- Peruvian Quechua human rights activist
Wikipedia - Angelica Moser -- Swiss pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Angelica Nwandu -- American journalist and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Angelica Olsson -- Swedish figure skater
Wikipedia - Angelica Ott -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angelica Panganiban -- Filipino actress and comedian (born 1986)
Wikipedia - Angelica Pickles -- Fictional character
Wikipedia - Angelica Pozo -- Clay artist from Cleveland
Wikipedia - Angelica Rivera -- Mexican actress, model
Wikipedia - Angelica Ronald -- British psychologist
Wikipedia - Angelica Roos -- Swedish weightlifter
Wikipedia - Angelica Ross -- American businesswoman and actress
Wikipedia - Angelica Rubio -- American politician
Wikipedia - Angelica Schuyler Church -- American socialite and eldest daughter of Continental Army General Philip Schuyler
Wikipedia - Angelica (television host) -- Brazilian television presenter
Wikipedia - Angelica Veronica Airola -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelica -- Genus of flowering plants in the celery family Apiaceae
Wikipedia - Angelica Zawadzki -- Mexican canoeist
Wikipedia - Angelic Layer -- Manga and television anime
Wikipedia - Angelico and Jack Evans -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - Angelico Chavez -- Hispanic American Friar minor, priest, historian, author, poet, and painter
Wikipedia - Angelic Pretty -- Company
Wikipedia - Angelicque White -- American oceanographer
Wikipedia - Angelicum College
Wikipedia - Angelicum School Iloilo
Wikipedia - Angelic Upstarts -- British Punk/Oi! Band
Wikipedia - Angelicus -- Song by Delerium
Wikipedia - Angeli Gonzales -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Angel III: The Final Chapter -- 1988 film by Tom DeSimone
Wikipedia - Angelika Amon -- Austrian American academic molecular and cell biologist
Wikipedia - Angelika Aukenthaler -- Italian luger
Wikipedia - Angelika Bahmann -- East German canoeist
Wikipedia - Angelika Barbe -- German biologist
Wikipedia - Angelika Bischof-Delaloye -- European scientist
Wikipedia - Angelika Brunkhorst -- German politician and member of the FDP
Wikipedia - Angelika Buck -- German ice dancer
Wikipedia - Angelika Bunse-Gerstner -- German mathematician
Wikipedia - Angelika Dela Cruz -- Filipina actress and singer
Wikipedia - Angelika Dubinski -- German figure skater
Wikipedia - Angelika Dunhaupt -- German luger
Wikipedia - Angelika Glockner -- German politician
Wikipedia - Angelika Gramkow -- German politician
Wikipedia - Angelika HaM-CM-^_mann -- West German speed skater
Wikipedia - Angelika Hauff -- Austrian actress
Wikipedia - Angelika Hellmann -- German gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelika Hilbert -- German diver
Wikipedia - Angelika Jakubowska -- Polish model
Wikipedia - Angelika Kern -- German gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelika Kratzer -- American linguist
Wikipedia - Angelika Mertens -- German politician
Wikipedia - Angelika Neuner -- Austrian luger
Wikipedia - Angelika Schafferer -- Austrian luger
Wikipedia - Angelika Schrobsdorff -- German writer
Wikipedia - Angelika Steger -- Mathematician and computer scientist
Wikipedia - Angelika Tagwerker -- Austrian luger
Wikipedia - Angelika Waller -- German actress
Wikipedia - Angelika Winzig -- Austrian politician
Wikipedia - Angeliki Antoniou -- Greek film director and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Angeliki Frangou -- Greek shipowner
Wikipedia - Angeliki Makri -- Greek racewalker
Wikipedia - Angeliki Panagiotatou -- Greek physician and microbiologist
Wikipedia - Angeliki Panajiotatou
Wikipedia - Angeliki Papoulia -- Greek actress
Wikipedia - Angeliki Skarlatou -- Greek windsurfer
Wikipedia - Angelina (Bob Dylan song) -- Song written by Bob Dylan
Wikipedia - Angelina Cabras -- Italian mathematician and physicist
Wikipedia - Angelina CarreM-CM-1o Mijares -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Angelina Castro -- Cuban-American pornographic actress
Wikipedia - Angelina Danilova -- South Korean actress
Wikipedia - Angelina di Marsciano
Wikipedia - Angelina Fares -- Israeli beauty pageant contestant
Wikipedia - Angelina (French singer) -- French singer
Wikipedia - Angelina Golikova -- Russian speed skater
Wikipedia - Angelina Guskova -- Russian neurologist
Wikipedia - Angelina Immanuel -- Namibian youth activist
Wikipedia - Angelina Jensen -- Danish curler
Wikipedia - Angelina Jolie -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angelina Jordan -- Norwegian singer
Wikipedia - Angelina Keeley -- American nonprofit founder and CEO and political activist
Wikipedia - Angelina Lanza -- French Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Angelina Melnikova -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelina Michshuk -- Kazakhstani sport shooter
Wikipedia - Angelina of Marsciano
Wikipedia - Angelina Pivarnick -- American television personality
Wikipedia - Angelina Radivilova -- Ukrainian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelina Rodriguez -- American murderer on death row
Wikipedia - Angelina Sandovich -- Belarusian acrobatic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelina Simakova -- Russian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelina Stepanova -- Soviet actor (1905-2000)
Wikipedia - Angel in a Taxi -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - Angelina Telegina -- Russian ice dancer
Wikipedia - Angelina Valentijn -- 18/19th century Indigenous Indonesian woman, who, born a slave amassed a large colonial fortune
Wikipedia - Angelina Vidal -- Portuguese writer
Wikipedia - Angelina Zhuk-Krasnova -- Russian pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Angeline Ball -- Irish actor and singer
Wikipedia - Angeline Falls -- Waterfall in Washington (state), United States
Wikipedia - Angeline Flor Pua -- Miss Universe Belgium 2019, beauty pageant titleholder, Belgian-Filipino model
Wikipedia - Angeline Fuller Fischer -- Deaf American writer
Wikipedia - Angeline Gunathilake -- Sri Lankan songstress and playback singer
Wikipedia - Angeline Murimirwa -- Zimbabwean feminist and executive director
Wikipedia - Angeline Quinto -- Filipino model and singer
Wikipedia - Angeline Stickney -- American suffragist, abolitionist, and mathematician
Wikipedia - Angeline Stoll Lillard -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Angel in Exile -- 1948 film by Allan Dwan
Wikipedia - Angeli Nicole Sanoy -- Flipino actress
Wikipedia - Angel in My Pocket -- 1969 film by Alan Rafkin
Wikipedia - Angelino Alfano
Wikipedia - Angel in Separee -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - Angel Interceptor
Wikipedia - Angel in the Night -- 2008 single by Basshunter
Wikipedia - Angel in the Wings -- Broadway musical revue 1947-1948
Wikipedia - Angelin Velea -- Romanian canoeist
Wikipedia - Angel investor -- Affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity
Wikipedia - Angelio Somalo -- Spanish equestrian
Wikipedia - Angelique Abachkina -- French ice dancer
Wikipedia - Angelique Arvanitaki -- French neurophysiologist
Wikipedia - Angelique Bates -- American actress, comedian, and rapper
Wikipedia - Angelique Bouchard Collins -- Fictional character in Dark Shadows
Wikipedia - Angelique Boyer -- French actress
Wikipedia - Angelique Burgos -- Puerto Rican model
Wikipedia - Angelique Cabral -- American actress
Wikipedia - Angelique de Rouille -- Belgian writer
Wikipedia - Angelique de Saint-Jean Arnauld d'Andilly -- French Jansenist nun
Wikipedia - Angelique du Coudray -- French pioneering midwife
Wikipedia - Angelique Fawcette -- American film producer
Wikipedia - Angelique (film) -- 2013 French adventure film
Wikipedia - Angelique Gerard -- French businesswoman and writer
Wikipedia - Angelique Kidjo -- Beninese musician, actress, and activist
Wikipedia - Angelique, Marquise des Anges -- 1964 film
Wikipedia - Angelique Morgan -- American pornographic actress (born 1975)
Wikipedia - Angelique Pettyjohn -- American actress and burlesque queen
Wikipedia - Angelique Quessandier -- French Paralympic judoka
Wikipedia - Angelique Rodriguez -- Puerto Rican diver
Wikipedia - Angelique Seriese -- Dutch judoka
Wikipedia - Angeli senza paradiso -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - Angelito Antonio -- Filipino painter
Wikipedia - Angelito Lampon
Wikipedia - Angelitos negros (1948 film) -- 1948 film by Joselito Rodriguez
Wikipedia - Angelitos negros (1970 film) -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - Angel John -- 2009 Indian Malayalam-language film
Wikipedia - Angel (Jon Secada song) -- 1993 single by Jon Secada
Wikipedia - Angel Kanchev -- Bulgarian revolutionary
Wikipedia - Angel Karamoy -- Indonesian actress and singer
Wikipedia - Angel Kodinov -- Bulgarian canoeist
Wikipedia - Angella D. Ferguson -- 20th and 21st-century American pediatrician
Wikipedia - Angella Emurwon -- Ugandan playwright
Wikipedia - Angella Escudero -- Peruvian engineer, model, and beauty pageant titleholder
Wikipedia - Angel Lagdameo -- 20th and 21st-century Catholic Bishop of Jaro
Wikipedia - Angellah Kairuki -- Tanzanian politician
Wikipedia - Angell-Ballou House -- Historic house in Rhode Island, US
Wikipedia - Angell Conwell -- American actress
Wikipedia - ANGEL Learning -- Educational software company
Wikipedia - Angelle Brooks -- American actress and model
Wikipedia - Angelle Sampey -- American motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Angellica Bell -- British television presenter
Wikipedia - Angel (Lionel Richie song) -- 2000 song by Lionel Richie
Wikipedia - Angel Locsin -- Filipino politician
Wikipedia - Angell Town -- Neighborhood in Lambeth, south London
Wikipedia - Angel (Madonna song) -- 1985 single by Madonna
Wikipedia - Angel (Manx coin) -- Coin
Wikipedia - Angel Martin Taboas -- Puerto Rican judge
Wikipedia - Angel Mary Joseph -- Indian athletics competitor
Wikipedia - AngelM-DM-+na KuM-DM-^MvaM-DM- -- Latvian figure skater
Wikipedia - Angel Mendez -- Navy Cross recipient and United States Marine
Wikipedia - Angel Morey -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel Moroni
Wikipedia - Angel MuM-CM-1oz -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel Munoz (CPL)
Wikipedia - Angel Nafis -- American poet
Wikipedia - Angel novels
Wikipedia - Angelo Accattino -- Italian prelate and diplomat of the Catholic Church
Wikipedia - Angelo Acerbi -- Catholic archbishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Agostini Mazzinghi
Wikipedia - Angel Oak -- A Southern live oak
Wikipedia - Angelo Alberto Giani -- Italian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Angelo Alessandri -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Amato
Wikipedia - Angelo Angeli
Wikipedia - Angelo Baccalario -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Badalamenti -- American composer
Wikipedia - Angelo Bagnasco -- Italian Cardinal of the Catholic Church
Wikipedia - Angelo Barbera -- American bass player
Wikipedia - Angelo Barrile -- Swiss politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Battelli -- Italian physicist
Wikipedia - Angelo Beolco -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Angelo Bergamonti -- Italian motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Angelo Bertolazzi -- Italian sculptor
Wikipedia - Angelo Bonelli -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Bonomelli -- Italian-Costa Rican surfer
Wikipedia - Angelo Borrelli -- Italian government official, Head of the Civil Protection
Wikipedia - Angelo Boucheron -- Italian painter and engraver
Wikipedia - Angelo Branduardi
Wikipedia - Angelo Bruno -- American mobster
Wikipedia - Angelo Buizza -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Buono Jr. -- American serial killer, kidnapper and rapist
Wikipedia - Angelo Canevari -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Cannavacciuolo -- Italian writer and director
Wikipedia - Angelo Carossino -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Carrara -- Italian biathlete
Wikipedia - Angelo Cemmi -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Cesi (bishop of Todi) -- 16th and 17th-century Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Cesselon -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Ciocca -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Coast Range Reserve -- Nature reserve in California, US
Wikipedia - Angelo Copeta -- Italian motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - Angelo Crescenzo -- Italian karateka
Wikipedia - Angelo Cruz Ramos -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angelo da Clareno
Wikipedia - Angelo da Foligno
Wikipedia - Angelo da Furci
Wikipedia - Angelo da Tolentino
Wikipedia - Angelo Dayu Agor -- South Sudanese politician
Wikipedia - Angelo De Augustine -- American musician
Wikipedia - Angelo DeCarlo -- American mobster
Wikipedia - Angelo Del Boca -- Italian historian
Wikipedia - Angelo Dell'Acqua
Wikipedia - Angelo de Mojana di Cologna -- 77th Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Wikipedia - Angelo Di Castro -- Italian sculptor
Wikipedia - Angelo Dolfini -- Italian figure skater
Wikipedia - Angelo Dubini
Wikipedia - Angelo Dundee -- American boxing trainer
Wikipedia - Angelo Emo -- Venetian admiral
Wikipedia - Angelo Fagiani -- Italian priest
Wikipedia - Angelo Falcon -- Puerto Rican political scientist
Wikipedia - Angel of Death (Slayer song) -- Slayer song
Wikipedia - Angelo Felici
Wikipedia - Angelo Ferrari -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Angel of H.E.A.T. -- 1983 film by Myrl A. Schreibman
Wikipedia - Angelo Fierro -- American film and television actor
Wikipedia - Angel of Mercy (1993 film) -- 1993 film
Wikipedia - Angel of mercy (criminology) -- Type of criminal offender
Wikipedia - Angel of Mine (film) -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - Angel of Mine -- 1997 single by Eternal
Wikipedia - Angel of Music, or The Private Life of Giselle -- Phantom of the Opera fanfiction novel
Wikipedia - Angelo Frigerio -- Italian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Angelo Frisa -- Italian architect
Wikipedia - Angelo Froglia -- Italian painter and sculptor
Wikipedia - Angel of Sodom -- Finnish thrash metal band
Wikipedia - Angel of the Lord
Wikipedia - Angel of the North (film) -- 2017 Finnish documentary film by Jean Michel Roux
Wikipedia - Angel of the North -- Sculpture, designed by Sir Antony Gormley
Wikipedia - Angel of the Presence
Wikipedia - Angel of the Winds Arena -- Indoor arena in Everett, Washington, U.S.
Wikipedia - Angel of the Winds Casino Resort -- Indian casino of the Stillaguamish Tribe near Arlington, Washington
Wikipedia - Angel of Victory (ValdepeM-CM-1as) -- Monument in Granada
Wikipedia - Angelo Garcia -- American model and member of Menudo, boy band
Wikipedia - Angelo Genocchi -- Italian mathematician
Wikipedia - Angelo Glisoni -- Italian yacht racer
Wikipedia - Angelo Gordon -- American investment management company
Wikipedia - Angelo Gozzadini -- 1xth-century Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Heilprin
Wikipedia - Angelo Infanti -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Angelo Inganni -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Jank -- German painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Litrico -- Italian fashion designer
Wikipedia - Angelo Locci -- Italian hurdler
Wikipedia - Angelo Lorenzetti -- Italian volleyball coach
Wikipedia - Angelo Maccagnino -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Mai
Wikipedia - Angelo Mangiarotti -- Italian architect and industrial designer
Wikipedia - Angelo Mannironi -- Italian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Angelo Marcuzzi -- Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Marino -- Italian art dealer and curator
Wikipedia - Angelo Massafra -- Italian priest
Wikipedia - Angelo (Measure for Measure) -- character in Measure for Measure
Wikipedia - Angelo Medina -- Puerto Rican music executive
Wikipedia - Angelo Meli -- Italian-American mobster
Wikipedia - Angelo Michele Iorio -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Monticelli -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Moore -- American musician
Wikipedia - Angelo Moreschi -- Italian bishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Mosso
Wikipedia - Angelo Munzone -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Musco (actor) -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Angelo My Love -- 1983 film
Wikipedia - Angelo Neumann -- German author, opera singer and director
Wikipedia - Angelonia grandiflora -- Species of plant
Wikipedia - Angel on My Shoulder (film) -- 1946 film directed by Archie Mayo
Wikipedia - Angel on the Right -- 2002 film
Wikipedia - Angelo (opera)
Wikipedia - Angelo Pagani -- Italian bicycle racer
Wikipedia - Angelo Paggi -- Italian philosopher
Wikipedia - Angelo Paoli
Wikipedia - Angelo Parisi -- French judoka
Wikipedia - Angelo Parona -- Italian admiral
Wikipedia - Angelo Pedroni -- Italian canoeist
Wikipedia - Angelo Petraglia -- American record producer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Angelo P. Graham -- Art director
Wikipedia - Angelo Pietra -- Italian economist
Wikipedia - Angelo Poliziano
Wikipedia - Angelo Polledri -- Italian coxswain
Wikipedia - Angelo Portelli -- 20th-century Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Angelo Que -- Filipino professional golfer
Wikipedia - Angelo Raffaele Jervolino -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Ramazzotti -- Patriarch of Venice
Wikipedia - Angel Orensanz -- Spanish sculptor and painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Roncalli
Wikipedia - Angelo Rossitto -- American actor
Wikipedia - Angelo Rotta -- Italian diplomat
Wikipedia - Angelo Ruiz -- Puerto Rican judoka
Wikipedia - Angelo Savelli -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Angelo Scalzone -- Italian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Angelo's Civita Farnese -- Italian restaurant, Rhode Island
Wikipedia - Angelo Scola
Wikipedia - Angelo Secchi
Wikipedia - Angelos Ioannou -- Cypriot weightlifter
Wikipedia - Angelo Sodano
Wikipedia - Angelo (song)
Wikipedia - Angelos Papadimas -- Greek sports shooter
Wikipedia - Angelos Roufos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Angelos Spiropoulos -- Greek sport shooter
Wikipedia - Angelo State University -- University in San Angelo, Texas, United States
Wikipedia - Angelo Torres -- Puerto Rican cartoonist
Wikipedia - Angelo Tsakopoulos -- American businessman
Wikipedia - Angelo, Tyrant of Padua
Wikipedia - Angelo Vassallo -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Angelo Vicardi -- Italian artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelo Vincenzo Zani -- Italian prelate and Vatican official
Wikipedia - Angelov Island -- One of the South Orkney Islands in the Southern Ocean
Wikipedia - Angelo Zorzi -- Italian gymnast
Wikipedia - Angelo Zottoli
Wikipedia - Angelo Zucca -- Italian gymnast
Wikipedia - Angel Pepelyankov -- Bulgarian modern pentathlete
Wikipedia - Angel Perez Otero -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel pie -- Pie with meringue shell
Wikipedia - Angel problem
Wikipedia - Angel Recording Studios -- British recording studio
Wikipedia - Angel (river) -- River of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Wikipedia - Angel Rusev (weightlifter) -- Bulgarian weightlifer
Wikipedia - Angels (1990 film) -- 1990 film
Wikipedia - Angels Ain't Listening
Wikipedia - Angels' Alley -- 1948 film by William Beaudine
Wikipedia - Angels Among Us (album) -- Live album by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square
Wikipedia - Angels & Demons (film) -- 2009 American thriller directed by Ron Howard
Wikipedia - Angel Sanctuary -- Manga series by Kaori Yuki
Wikipedia - Angels Are Made of Light -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - Angels' Carol -- Choral Christmas piece
Wikipedia - AngelScript
Wikipedia - Angel's Dance -- 1999 film
Wikipedia - Angels > Demons (film)
Wikipedia - Angels > Demons
Wikipedia - Angel's Eye -- 2000 single by Aerosmith
Wikipedia - Angels Fall (film) -- 2007 television film directed by Ralph Hemecker
Wikipedia - Angel's Frypan -- Manga
Wikipedia - Angel Shijoy -- Indian voice actress
Wikipedia - Angel's Holiday -- 1937 film by James Tinling
Wikipedia - Angels in America (miniseries) -- 2003 HBO miniseries based on the play of the same name
Wikipedia - Angels in America -- 1993 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tony Kushner
Wikipedia - Angels in art
Wikipedia - Angels in Christianity
Wikipedia - Angels in Islam -- Angels in Islamic tradition
Wikipedia - Angels in Judaism -- Supernatural beings that appear in Jewish texts
Wikipedia - Angels in My Hair -- 2008 book by Lorna Byrne
Wikipedia - Angels in the Outfield (1951 film) -- 1951 American comedy film
Wikipedia - Angels in White -- 2012 Israeli religious drama film by Tali Avrahami
Wikipedia - Angel's Ladies -- Legal brother in Beatty, Nevada
Wikipedia - Angels Landing (Los Angeles) -- Proposed high-rist development complex in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Angel's Last Mission: Love -- South Korean television series
Wikipedia - Angels of Darkness -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - Angels of Death (video game) -- 2016 Japanese horror adventure game by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada) for Microsoft Windows
Wikipedia - Angels of Iron -- 1981 film
Wikipedia - Angels of Light -- American band
Wikipedia - Angels of Mons -- World War I fiction and accidental hoax
Wikipedia - Angels of the Street -- 1969 film
Wikipedia - Angels of the Universe -- 2000 Icelandic film by FriM-CM-0rik M-CM-^^or FriM-CM-0riksson
Wikipedia - Angel Somov -- Austrian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Angel Song (Eve no Kane) -- 2000 single by The Brilliant Green
Wikipedia - Angels Over Broadway -- 1940 film by Ben Hecht, Lee Garmes
Wikipedia - Angelspit
Wikipedia - Angel's Rage -- 2006 film
Wikipedia - Angels Rest Cluster -- Protected natural area in Virginia, United States
Wikipedia - Angels Revenge -- 1979 film
Wikipedia - Angels (Robbie Williams song) -- 1997 single by Robbie Williams
Wikipedia - Angels Wear White -- 2017 film
Wikipedia - Angels
Wikipedia - Angels with Broken Wings -- 1941 film by Bernard Vorhaus
Wikipedia - Angels with Dirty Faces (Sugababes song) -- 2002 single by Sugababes
Wikipedia - Angels with Dirty Faces -- 1938 American gangster film
Wikipedia - Angel Taveras -- American lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Angel (The Corrs song) -- 2004 single by The Corrs
Wikipedia - Angel (Tina Cousins song) -- 1997 single by Tina Cousins
Wikipedia - Angel tube station -- London Underground station
Wikipedia - Angel TV -- Indian religious television channel
Wikipedia - Angelu de Leon -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Angel Unchained -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - Angelus (magazine) -- Catholic magazine based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Angelus Novus -- Painting by Paul Klee
Wikipedia - Angelus Oaks, California -- Unincorporated community in California, United States
Wikipedia - Angelus of Chivasso
Wikipedia - Angelus of Jerusalem
Wikipedia - Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery
Wikipedia - Angelus Silesius -- German writer
Wikipedia - Angelus
Wikipedia - Angel Viera Martinez -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Angel Wanjiru -- Kenyan musician
Wikipedia - Angel
Wikipedia - Angel wings -- Sweet crisp pastry
Wikipedia - Angel with the Sword -- 1985 novel by C. J. Cherryh
Wikipedia - Angel Wong (gymnast) -- Hong Kong artistic gymnast
Wikipedia - Angel Yin -- American golfer
Wikipedia - Anime Los Angeles -- Anime convention in San Jose, California
Wikipedia - Anna Angelina Komnene Doukaina
Wikipedia - Anna Komnena Angelina
Wikipedia - Anne Graham Lotz -- American evangelist (born 1948)
Wikipedia - Annibale Angelini -- Italian painter and scenographer
Wikipedia - Annie MacPherson -- Scottish evangelical Quaker and philanthropist
Wikipedia - Antelope Valley Line -- Metrolink commuter rail line linking Downtown Los Angeles to Northern Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Antiochos Evangelatos -- Greek composer and conductor
Wikipedia - Anton Hangel -- Austrian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Antonina De Angelis -- 20th-century Italian Catholic nun
Wikipedia - Antonio Angelucci -- Italian politician and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Antonio Carangelo -- Italian operatic tenor
Wikipedia - Antonio M-CM-^Angel Algora Hernando -- Spanish prelate
Wikipedia - Anyu Angelov -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Apple Evangelist
Wikipedia - Apple evangelist
Wikipedia - Appu Krishnan -- Music producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Ar Angel Aviles -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Arcangel & De La Ghetto -- Puerto Rican reggaeton duo
Wikipedia - Arcangeline Fouodji -- Cameroonian weightlifter
Wikipedia - Arcangelo Corelli -- Italian violinist and composer (1653-1713)
Wikipedia - Arcangelo Guglielmelli -- Italian architect and painter
Wikipedia - Arcangelo Salimbeni -- Italian Mannerist painter
Wikipedia - Arcangelo Sassolino -- Italian sculptor
Wikipedia - Arcangelo Tadini
Wikipedia - Arcangel -- American reggaeton singer and songwriter (born 1985)
Wikipedia - Archangel (2005 film) -- 2005 television film by Jon Jones
Wikipedia - Archangela Girlani
Wikipedia - Archangel Ariel
Wikipedia - Archangel Gabriel
Wikipedia - Archangel Michael Trypiotis Church -- Cultural property in Nicosia, Cyprus
Wikipedia - Archangel Michael
Wikipedia - Archangelo de' Bianchi
Wikipedia - Archangel Raphael
Wikipedia - Archangels
Wikipedia - Archangel -- Angel of high rank
Wikipedia - Area code 562 -- Area code for parts of Los Angeles and Orange counties in California
Wikipedia - Area code 661 -- Area code in Kern, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Tulare Counties, California, United States
Wikipedia - Area codes 213 and 323 -- Area codes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, California, United States
Wikipedia - Area codes 310 and 424 -- Area codes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area
Wikipedia - Area codes 818 and 747 -- Telephone area codes in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Ariel (angel)
Wikipedia - Arkangel (magazine)
Wikipedia - Arkangel Shakespeare -- early 21st-century series of audio drama presentations of the plays of William Shakespeare
Wikipedia - Arkhangelsk FSB office bombing -- 2018 terrorist attack against the Russian security service
Wikipedia - Arkhangelsk Governorate -- Governorate of the Russian Empire
Wikipedia - Arkhangelsk Oblast -- First-level administrative division of Russia
Wikipedia - Arkhangelsk -- City in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Arlan Stangeland -- American politician
Wikipedia - Armenian Evangelical Church -- Protestant church in Armenia
Wikipedia - Arroyo Seco (Los Angeles County) -- Seasonal watercourse and human settlement in Los Angeles County, California, United States of America
Wikipedia - Art Angel -- Philippine television show
Wikipedia - Arthur Tappan Pierson -- Evangelical pastor and author
Wikipedia - Arturo Soto Rangel -- Mexican actor
Wikipedia - A Rumor of Angels: Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural -- Book by Peter L. Berger
Wikipedia - A Rumor of Angels -- 2000 American film directed by Peter O'Fallon
Wikipedia - Asher Angel -- American actor
Wikipedia - A Song Flung Up to Heaven -- Maya Angelou's sixth autobiography book
Wikipedia - Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs -- labor union of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Wikipedia - Assyrian Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - Asuka Langley Soryu -- Female character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion media franchise
Wikipedia - Atanas Angelov -- Bulgarian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - At the Stroke of the Angelus -- 1915 silent short starring Charles Clary
Wikipedia - Augustana Divinity School (Neuendettelsau) -- Divinity school of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Wikipedia - Augusto De Arcangelis -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Austen Angell -- Australian chemist
Wikipedia - Auti Angel -- American entertainer
Wikipedia - Avant de partir -- 2000 single by M-CM-^Hve Angeli
Wikipedia - Avenging Angel (1985 film) -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - Avenging Angels (song) -- 1997 single by Space
Wikipedia - Azrael -- Angel in some Abrahamic religions; often identified with the angel of death
Wikipedia - Baby if You're Ready -- 2002 song by American trio formed by Snoop Dogg's Doggy's Angels featuring LaToiya Williams
Wikipedia - Back Street Pickup -- 1990 song performed by The Angels
Wikipedia - Bad Little Angel -- 1939 film by Wilhelm Thiele
Wikipedia - Bahia de los M-CM-^Angeles Airport -- Airport in Baja California, Mexico
Wikipedia - Bajo un angel del cielo -- 1942 film
Wikipedia - Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza -- Shopping mall located in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Baldy Bowl -- Fluvial cirque in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Banc of California Stadium -- soccer stadium in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Band of Angels -- 1957 film by Raoul Walsh
Wikipedia - Baptist Union in the Czech Republic -- Christian denomination with conservative evangelical theology
Wikipedia - Barbara De Angelis -- American psychologist
Wikipedia - Barrington Plaza -- Apartment complex in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Barry Evangeli -- British-Greek Cypriot record producer
Wikipedia - Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli
Wikipedia - Battle Angel Alita: Last Order -- Manga
Wikipedia - Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle -- Manga
Wikipedia - Battle Angel Alita -- Japanese cyberpunk manga series and its adaptations
Wikipedia - Battle Angel (OVA) -- 1993 original video animation based on manga by Yukito Kishiro
Wikipedia - Battle of Los Angeles -- Anti-air shelling during WWII in Los Angeles, CA, against apparently nothing
Wikipedia - Bavel (restaurant) -- Middle Eastern restaurant in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Bay of Angels -- 1963 film
Wikipedia - Bearers of the Throne -- Group of angels in Islam
Wikipedia - Bel Air, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Belarusian Evangelical Reformed Church
Wikipedia - Belmont High School (Los Angeles) -- School in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Ben Agathangelou -- British automotive engineer
Wikipedia - Benny Hinn -- American-Canadian evangelist
Wikipedia - Best Coast -- American surf pop band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2009
Wikipedia - Bethenia Angelina Owens-Adair -- American physician
Wikipedia - Between Angels and Insects -- 2001 single by Papa Roach
Wikipedia - Beverly Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Beverly D'Angelo -- American actress
Wikipedia - Beverly Hills Post Office -- Area of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Beyond Meat -- Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes
Wikipedia - Biblical and Pentecostal College of Puerto Rico -- Christian, evangelical university in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Bibliography of Los Angeles -- Bibliography of Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - Billy Evangelista -- American mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association -- Christian outreach organization
Wikipedia - Billy Graham -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Biola University -- Christian university near Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Birmingham High School -- Independent charter coeducational high school in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Biscuit Company Lofts -- Building in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Bishop Alemany High School -- School in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Black Angel (1946 film) -- 1946 film
Wikipedia - Black Angel (1978 film) -- 1978 film
Wikipedia - Blackstone Building (Los Angeles) -- Historic building in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Blank Theatre Company -- Non-profit theatre in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII -- 2006 video game
Wikipedia - B Line (Los Angeles Metro) -- Metro line from Los Angeles to North Hollywood
Wikipedia - Blitz//Berlin -- A Canadian trio of composers based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Bloods -- Street gang founded in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Blowup -- 1966 British-Italian film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Wikipedia - Blue Angels -- United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron
Wikipedia - Blue Angel (train) -- Class of 1- and 2-car diesel railcars formerly used by Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Wikipedia - Bobcat Fire -- 2020 wildfire in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Bob Hope Patriotic Hall -- Historic building in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Bob Jakobsen -- American Los Angeles Times press photographer
Wikipedia - Bob Jones University -- Private evangelical university in Greenville, South Carolina
Wikipedia - Bob Larson -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Bogota sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - BoM-EM->ena Angelova -- Slovenian violinist
Wikipedia - Bonsallo Avenue -- Street in South Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Boyanka Angelova -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Brenda Allen -- American madam based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Brett Cantor -- Los Angeles nightclub owner killed in 1993
Wikipedia - Bridget Cleary -- Irishwoman killed by her husband, fearing her a changeling
Wikipedia - Broadway (Los Angeles) -- major thoroughfare in Los Angeles County, California, USA
Wikipedia - Broken Angel House -- Building formerly located in Brooklyn, New York, demolished in 2014
Wikipedia - Broken Angels (novel) -- Science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan
Wikipedia - Broodwork -- Los-Angeles based art project
Wikipedia - Bryant Wright -- American evangelical minister
Wikipedia - Buck Angel -- American pornographic actor
Wikipedia - Buckley School (California) -- College preparatory school in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Bustop, Inc. v. Los Angeles Bd. of Ed. -- Court case in the United States of America
Wikipedia - California African American Museum -- Museum in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - California Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles County -- List of California Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - California's 25th congressional district -- U.S. House district north of Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - California's 27th congressional district -- U.S. House district in northern suburbs of Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - California's 33rd congressional district -- U.S. House district in western suburbs of Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - California State Prison, Los Angeles County -- State prison in Lancaster, California
Wikipedia - California State Route 14 -- State highway in Los Angeles and Kern counties in California, United States
Wikipedia - California State Route 18 -- State route in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties in California, United States
Wikipedia - California State Route 19 -- State highway in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - California State Route 22 -- Highway in Los Angeles and Orange counties in California, United States
Wikipedia - California State Route 26 (1937-1964) -- Former state highway in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - California State University Los Angeles
Wikipedia - California State University, Los Angeles -- Public university in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - California State University, Northridge -- Public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - California Theatre (Los Angeles) -- Former movie theater in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Calilena angelena -- Species of spider
Wikipedia - Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary -- Former Baptist evangelical seminary located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - Calvary Cemetery (Los Angeles) -- Cemetery located in California, USA
Wikipedia - Camael -- Angel in Judeo-Christian tradition
Wikipedia - Campanile (restaurant) -- A restaurant in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Camp Joseph Scott -- Juvenile detention camp in Los Angeles County. California
Wikipedia - Camp Kilpatrick -- Juvenile detention camp in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Candis Angelene -- South African singer
Wikipedia - Caprese Michelangelo -- village in Tuscany, Italy
Wikipedia - Carlo Angelantoni -- Italian sport shooter
Wikipedia - Carlo D'Angelo -- Italian actor and voice actor
Wikipedia - Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Carol Chapelle -- American linguist and Angela B
Wikipedia - Caroline Styne -- Restaurateur and sommelier in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cassiel -- Angel in extracanonical Jewish, Christian, and Islamic texts
Wikipedia - Castaic Dam -- Dam in northwest Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Castel Sant'Angelo
Wikipedia - Catalina Casino -- Movie theater, ballroom and former museum in Avalon, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Category:Angelic visionaries
Wikipedia - Category:Archangels
Wikipedia - Category:Belmont High School (Los Angeles) alumni
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Edgar Rangel Netto
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Matteo M. M. Santangelo
Wikipedia - Category:Discoveries by Pierangelo Ghezzi
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Wikipedia - Category:Evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:Four Evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:German evangelicals
Wikipedia - Category:Los Angeles Times people
Wikipedia - Category:Michael (archangel)
Wikipedia - Category:Musicians from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Category:People from Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Category:People from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Category:Technology evangelists
Wikipedia - Category:University of California, Los Angeles alumni
Wikipedia - Category:University of California, Los Angeles faculty
Wikipedia - Category:Writers from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cathay Bank -- Los Angeles-based, Sino-American bank
Wikipedia - Cathedral Center of St. Paul, Los Angeles -- Church in California, US
Wikipedia - Cathedral of Evangelismos
Wikipedia - Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Wikipedia - Cathedral of the Archangel
Wikipedia - Catherine Angell Sohn -- American businessperson
Wikipedia - Caught A Ghost -- American indie electro soul band based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Cave of the Angel -- Cave and archaeological site in Spain
Wikipedia - CBS Columbia Square -- Historic radio and television studio in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - CBS Studio Center -- Television and film studio located in the Studio City district of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley
Wikipedia - Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles) -- Budget hotel in Downtown Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Celebrations, Rituals of Peace and Prayer -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Celestine Edwards -- Methodist evangelist and journal editor
Wikipedia - Center for Council -- Los Angeles-based nonprofitable organization
Wikipedia - Center for Land Use Interpretation -- Nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Centinela Avenue -- Street in Los Angeles County, United States
Wikipedia - Central Avenue (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - Central Juvenile Hall -- Youth detention center in Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Central Los Angeles -- Region of Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Century City/Constellation station -- Los Angeles Metro station
Wikipedia - Cesar Chavez Avenue -- Street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cesare Angelini -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Chad Veach -- American evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Chaminade College Preparatory School (California) -- Private Catholic high school in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Changeland -- Film directed by Seth Green
Wikipedia - Changeling (film) -- 2008 film directed by Clint Eastwood
Wikipedia - Changeling: The Autobiography of Mike Oldfield -- 2007 autobiography by Mike Oldfield
Wikipedia - Changeling -- Creature in European folklore
Wikipedia - Changelog -- Log or record of all notable changes made to a project
Wikipedia - Charles A. Allen (Los Angeles politician) -- American architect
Wikipedia - Charles Fox Parham -- American preacher and evangelist
Wikipedia - Charles Rangel -- Former congressman from Harlem, New York, U.S.
Wikipedia - Charles Spurgeon -- British preacher, author, pastor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Charles Stanley -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Charley and the Angel -- 1973 family/comedy film by Vincent McEveety
Wikipedia - Charlie Beck -- Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels (2000 film) -- 2000 film directed by McG
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels (2019 film) -- 2019 film directed by Elizabeth Banks
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels (franchise) -- Media franchise
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -- 2019 soundtrack by various artists
Wikipedia - Charlie's Angels -- 1976 American crime drama television series
Wikipedia - Charm City Kings -- 2020 film directed by Angel Manuel Soto
Wikipedia - Chartwell Mansion -- Mansion in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Chateau Marmont -- hotel in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Cheeky Angel
Wikipedia - Cherevkovo, Arkhangelsk Oblast -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Chiara Angelicola -- American singer-songwriter and musician
Wikipedia - Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy -- Statement formulated by more than 200 evangelical leaders in October 1978
Wikipedia - Chica Virtual -- 2007 single by Arcangel
Wikipedia - Chick tract -- One of a series of short Christian evangelical tracts, originally created and published by American publisher and religious cartoonist Jack T. Chick
Wikipedia - Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista Organ Case -- C.1535 painting by Moretto da Brescia
Wikipedia - Children's Hospital Los Angeles -- Hospital in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Chinese enclaves in the San Gabriel Valley -- Large concentration of Chinese ethnic communities in greater Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Chloe Angelides -- American singer, songwriter and producer
Wikipedia - Chosen People Ministries -- Messianic Jewish nonprofit organization which engages in evangelism to Jews.
Wikipedia - Christ and the Angel -- Painting by Moretto da Brescia
Wikipedia - Christ Apostolic Church International -- Pentecostal Evangelical church
Wikipedia - Christian angelic hierarchy
Wikipedia - Christian angelology
Wikipedia - Christine Evangelista -- American actress
Wikipedia - Chua Wee Hian -- Singaporean Evangelical
Wikipedia - Church of Norway -- Evangelical-Lutheran denomination in Norway
Wikipedia - Church of St. John the Evangelist, Dublin -- Former church in Ireland
Wikipedia - Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Sarajevo
Wikipedia - Church of the Holy Archangels, Nerodimlje -- Former Serbian Orthodox Church in Gornje Nerodimlje, Kosovo
Wikipedia - Church of the Open Door -- Former church in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cielo de Angelina -- Philippine television series
Wikipedia - Cinefamily -- Movie theater in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - City of Angels (24kGoldn song) -- 2020 single by 24kGoldn
Wikipedia - City of Angels (film) -- 1998 film by Brad Silberling
Wikipedia - City of Angels (song) -- 2013 song by Thirty Seconds to Mars
Wikipedia - Ciudad de los M-CM-^Angeles (Madrid Metro) -- Madrid Metro station
Wikipedia - Claremont, California -- City on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Claudio Angelo Giuseppe Calabrese -- Italian bishop
Wikipedia - Clifton's Cafeteria -- Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Climate of Los Angeles -- Overview of the climate of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cneoridium dumosum (Nuttall) Hooker F. Collected March 26, 1960, at an Elevation of about 1450 Meters on Cerro Quemazon, 15 Miles South of Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico, Apparently for a Southeastward Range Extension of Some 140 Miles -- 1962 five-word scholarly article
Wikipedia - Cogli la prima mela -- 1979 album by Angelo Branduardi
Wikipedia - Columbia College Hollywood -- Private college in Hollywood, Los Angeles California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Comic Arts Los Angeles -- Comic book festival in Los Angeles, Californoa
Wikipedia - Commonwealth and Council -- Los Angeles art gallery
Wikipedia - Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums -- Gang crime unit of the Los Angeles Police Department
Wikipedia - Company of Angels -- Theatre company
Wikipedia - Concord Law School -- Private online law school in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
Wikipedia - Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples -- one of the Congregations of Roman Curia
Wikipedia - Congregation of Saint Michael the Archangel
Wikipedia - Connor (Angel) -- Fictional character in the television series Angel
Wikipedia - Constantin Angelescu -- Romanian politician
Wikipedia - Constellation Place -- Skyscraper in Century City, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Continental Airlines Flight 603 -- 1978 air crash at Los Angeles International Airport
Wikipedia - Controlling the Famous -- A Los Angeles, California-based indie rock band
Wikipedia - Cordelia Chase -- Character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Wikipedia - Cortes Bank -- A shallow seamount in the North Pacific Ocean southwest of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Cory Arcangel -- Post-conceptual New York artist
Wikipedia - Costas Evangelatos -- Greek poet and artist
Wikipedia - Courtney Angela Brkic -- American anthropologist and writer
Wikipedia - Covina massacre -- Nine people killed in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel -- magical girl anime series
Wikipedia - Crenshaw Boulevard -- Major street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crenshaw/LAX Line -- Under-construction light rail line in southwest Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crenshaw Northern Extension Rail Project -- Proposed light rail transit corridor in Central Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crime in Los Angeles -- Crime in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crips -- Street gang from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Croce al Tempio Lamentation -- Painting by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles -- 2001 Australian comedy film directed by Simon Wincer
Wikipedia - Cross of the Archangels
Wikipedia - Cross of the Evangelists
Wikipedia - Crossroads Kitchen -- Vegan restaurant in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Crucifixion with Mourners and St Dominic -- c. 1435 painting by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Crucifixion with Two Angels -- c. 1423 painting by Paolo Uccello
Wikipedia - Culture of Los Angeles -- Cultural resources in greater Los Angeles area
Wikipedia - Culver City, California -- City in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Curtis Howe Springer -- American radio evangelist
Wikipedia - Curtis Sliwa -- American anti-crime activist, media personality, and founder of Guardian Angels
Wikipedia - D. A. Carson -- Canadian Reformed evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Dallas Jackals -- Professional rugby union team from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Damares Alves -- Brazilian attorney and evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Damilola Mike-Bamiloye -- Nigerian film actor, Evangelist(drama), producer, and director
Wikipedia - D'Angelo -- American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Virginia
Wikipedia - Daniel (angel)
Wikipedia - Daniella Evangelista -- Canadian actress and model
Wikipedia - Danita Angell -- American model
Wikipedia - Dark Angel (1996 film) -- 1996 American television film by Robert Iscove
Wikipedia - Dark Angel (2000 TV series)
Wikipedia - Dark Angel (American TV series) -- US science fiction drama television series
Wikipedia - Dark Angel (band) -- | American thrash metal band
Wikipedia - Daryl Gates -- Chief of Los Angeles Police Department
Wikipedia - David Angel (academic)
Wikipedia - David Angell -- American television producer
Wikipedia - David Cerullo -- American businessman and televangelist
Wikipedia - David Jeremiah -- American Christian evangelist and author
Wikipedia - David (Michelangelo) -- Statue by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - David Ryu -- Los Angeles City Councilman
Wikipedia - Daylight in Your Eyes -- 2001 single by No Angels
Wikipedia - Dead Christ Supported by Angels (Bellini, Rimini) -- Painting by Giovanni Bellini in the City Museum of Rimini
Wikipedia - Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels (Bellini, Berlin) -- Painting by Giovanni Bellini in the GemM-CM-$ldegalerie, Berlin
Wikipedia - Deadsy -- Industrial rock band from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - De'Angelo Wilson -- American actor
Wikipedia - D.E.B.S. (2003 film) -- 2003 film by Angela Robinson
Wikipedia - Decision theology -- The belief by some evangelical denominations of Christianity that individuals must make a conscious decision to "accept" and follow Christ
Wikipedia - De Coelesti Hierarchia -- Pseudo-Dionysian work on angelology, 5th ct.
Wikipedia - Del Rey, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Demographics of Los Angeles County -- Demographic information on Los Angeles County, California, USA
Wikipedia - Denise Harper Angel -- American politician
Wikipedia - Derek Prince -- British evangelical missionary
Wikipedia - Destination Crenshaw -- Open-air African American museum in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Destroying Angels (song) -- 2018 single by Garbage
Wikipedia - Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule -- Private school in Giza, Egypt
Wikipedia - Devils and Angels (song) -- 2003 single by Toby Lightman
Wikipedia - Dignity Health Sports Park (tennis) -- Tennis center in Carson, California, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Dimitris Papangelopoulos -- Greek lawyer and politician
Wikipedia - Diocese of Arkhangelsk
Wikipedia - Divine light -- Ability of God, angels, or human beings to express themselves communicatively through spiritual means
Wikipedia - D. James Kennedy -- American pastor, televangelist, and writer
Wikipedia - D.N.Angel -- 2003 film
Wikipedia - Dobiel -- Guardian angel of Ancient Persia
Wikipedia - Dolby Theatre -- Live entertainment theatre in Los Angeles in the United States
Wikipedia - Dominion (angel)
Wikipedia - Donald BergagM-CM-%rd -- Swedish singer, accordionist, and evangelist
Wikipedia - Don Argue -- American evangelical
Wikipedia - Don Finto -- Figure in the movement among evangelicals to support the evangelism of the Jewish people
Wikipedia - Don't Call Me Angel -- 2019 single by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey
Wikipedia - Don't Let the Angels Fall -- 1969 film
Wikipedia - Dora Dumbuya -- Christian evangelist preacher from Sierra Leonean
Wikipedia - Dora E. Angelaki -- Neuroscientist
Wikipedia - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion -- Opera house, part of the Los Angeles Music Center
Wikipedia - Douglas Coe -- American evangelical
Wikipedia - Downey High School -- Senior high school in the Los Angeles suburb of Downey, California
Wikipedia - Down in the Delta -- 1998 American drama film by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Do You Believe in Angels? -- 1961 film
Wikipedia - Draft:A-F-R-O -- American rapper from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Draft:Brian Wong (entrepreneur) -- American internet executive, entrepreneur and angel investor
Wikipedia - Draft:Damir Amangeldin -- Kazakh film and theater actor and comedian
Wikipedia - Draft:Fat Angelo's -- American pizzeria chain headquartered in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
Wikipedia - Draft:Gian Stone -- American producer, songwriter, and vocal producer based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Draft:Luke Niccoli -- American producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Draft:Poju Oyemade -- Nigerian televangelist
Wikipedia - Dream Center -- Church building in Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Wikipedia - Driven to Fantasy -- album by Angelyne
Wikipedia - Dr. Strangelove -- 1964 British satire film directed by Stanley Kubrick
Wikipedia - Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) -- Fictional character from TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Wikipedia - Dumah (angel)
Wikipedia - Dumble Amplifiers -- Guitar amplifier manufacturer in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Dwight L. Moody -- American evangelist and publisher
Wikipedia - E3 2018 -- Video game trade show in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - E3 2019 -- Video game trade show in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Earlimart (band) -- Band in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Earth Angel -- Single
Wikipedia - East Los Angeles Interchange -- Freeway interchange in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Eastside Los Angeles -- |Eastside Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Echo Park Film Center -- Media arts organization in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians -- Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - Edir Macedo -- Brazilian evangelical pastor
Wikipedia - Ed Mills -- Co Founder Of the Technology company Hitcents Ed Mills in Los Angeles California with Focus on Gaming
Wikipedia - Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court -- Los Angeles County Superior Court in Monterey Park, California, United States.
Wikipedia - Edoardo De Angelis -- Italian film director and screenwriter
Wikipedia - Edward Angelo -- Australian politician
Wikipedia - Edward Underhill -- English politician and Protestant evangelical
Wikipedia - Eirik Langeland Fjeld -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - El Angel (film) -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - Elayne Angel -- American professional body piercer
Wikipedia - El Baquine de Angelitos Negros -- 1977 studio album by Willie Colon
Wikipedia - El Choclo -- Argentine tango written and composed by M-CM-^Angel Villoldo
Wikipedia - El Coyote Cafe -- Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Electro-Vox Recording Studios -- Recording studio in Hollwood, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Eleonora De Angelis -- Italian voice actress
Wikipedia - El evangelio de las maravillas -- 1998 film
Wikipedia - El Fenomeno -- 2008 studio album by Arcangel
Wikipedia - E Line (Los Angeles Metro) -- Metro line from Los Angeles to Santa Monica
Wikipedia - Elli Evangelidou -- Cypriot shot putter
Wikipedia - El M-CM-^Angel station -- Lima metro station
Wikipedia - El Monte Busway -- Shared-use express bus corridor and high occupancy toll lanes running along Interstate 10 in the Los Angeles area.
Wikipedia - El Pino (The Pine Tree) -- |Tree on the eastside of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - El Royale -- historic apartment building in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - El SeM-CM-1or Presidente -- novel by Miguel M-CM-^Angel Asturias
Wikipedia - El Tepeyac Cafe -- Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - El Trafico -- Soccer rivalry between the LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC
Wikipedia - Emerson C. Angell -- American Dentist who is known as the father of the rapid maxillary expansion
Wikipedia - Emidio Angelo -- American cartoonist
Wikipedia - Emil Angelescu -- Romanian bobsledder
Wikipedia - Emmett Dunn Angell -- American physician, author, and inventor
Wikipedia - Enochian -- Occult or angelic language recorded in late 16th-century England in the journals of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed that it was revealed by the Enochian angels
Wikipedia - Enrique Angelelli
Wikipedia - Eric Garcetti -- 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Erik Must Angell -- Norwegian jurist and politician
Wikipedia - Ernest Angley -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Ernesto Perez d'Angelo -- Chilean geologist and paleontologist
Wikipedia - Ernst Angel
Wikipedia - Ernst Michael Mangel -- Hungarian musician
Wikipedia - Eros (film) -- 2004 film by Wong Kar-wai, Michelangelo Antonioni, Steven Soderbergh
Wikipedia - Estadio Municipal de Los M-CM-^Angeles -- Stadium in Los M-CM-^Angeles, Chile
Wikipedia - Esteban M-CM-^Angeles Ceron -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church -- Protestant-oriented Christian denomination in Estonia
Wikipedia - Eternity and a Day -- 1998 film directed by Theodoros Angelopoulos
Wikipedia - Eudokia Angelina
Wikipedia - Eudokia Laskarina Angelina -- Princess of Nicaea
Wikipedia - Eva Angelina -- American pornographic actress and real estate agent
Wikipedia - Evangelia Andreadaki -- Greek actress
Wikipedia - Evangelia Aravani -- Greek fashion model and tv presenter
Wikipedia - Evangelia Christodoulou -- Greek rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Evangelia Psarra -- Greek archer
Wikipedia - Evangeliary
Wikipedia - Evangelia Sotiriou -- Greek rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - Evangelia Tzampazi -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelia Xinou -- Greek race walker
Wikipedia - Evangelical Alliance -- British evangelical Christian organisation
Wikipedia - Evangelical Anglicanism -- Tradition within Anglicanism
Wikipedia - Evangelical Association of the Israelite Mission of the New Universal Covenant -- Religious organization in Peru
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland
Wikipedia - Evangelical Baptist Church of the Central African Republic -- Baptist Christian denomination in the CAR
Wikipedia - Evangelical Catholic
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church in Germany -- Group of churches in Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile)
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Hesse Electorate-Waldeck -- Church in Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Maraland -- Christian denomination in India
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Uruguay in Uruguay
Wikipedia - Evangelical Church of Westphalia
Wikipedia - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability -- American financial standards association representing evangelical Christian organizations and churches
Wikipedia - Evangelical counsels -- Chastity, poverty (perfect charity) and obedience
Wikipedia - Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee -- Folk high school in Kitee, Finland
Wikipedia - Evangelical Heritage Version -- Translation of the Bible
Wikipedia - Evangelicalism in the Philippines
Wikipedia - Evangelicalism -- Protestant Christian movement
Wikipedia - Evangelical Library -- Library in North London with research collections for Christian theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America -- Largest Lutheran denomination in the United States
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname -- Religious denomination
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden -- Confessional Lutheran denomination in Sweden
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wrttemberg
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wurttemberg -- protestant church of Wurttemberg, Germany
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church of England
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Wikipedia - Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saxony
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America -- Christian denomination in the United States
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary -- Prayer book by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book -- 1912 Lutheran Hymnal
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover
Wikipedia - Evangelical Lutheran Worship -- 2006 Lutheran hymnal used by the ELCA
Wikipedia - Evangelical Methodist Church in Argentina
Wikipedia - Evangelical Methodist Church in the Philippine Islands
Wikipedia - Evangelical Orthodox Church
Wikipedia - Evangelical Presbyterian Church (United States) -- Protestant Reformed Evangelical church body
Wikipedia - Evangelical Press
Wikipedia - Evangelical Quarterly
Wikipedia - Evangelical revival
Wikipedia - Evangelical School for the Deaf -- School located in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminaries of Maulbronn and Blaubeuren
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico -- Private mainline Protestant seminary in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Evangelical Seminary -- Graduate school and interdenominational seminary
Wikipedia - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
Wikipedia - Evangelicals
Wikipedia - Evangelical theology
Wikipedia - Evangelical United Brethren Church
Wikipedia - Evangelical
Wikipedia - Evangelii gaudium
Wikipedia - Evangelii nuntiandi
Wikipedia - Evangelina Carrozzo -- Argentine model, beauty queen and dancer
Wikipedia - Evangelina Oyo Ebule -- Equatorial Guinean politician
Wikipedia - Evangelina Perez Zaragoza -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1874 musical)
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1913 film)
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1919 film) -- 1919 film by Raoul Walsh
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1929 film) -- 1929 film by Edwin Carewe
Wikipedia - Evangeline (1999 musical)
Wikipedia - Evangeline Adams
Wikipedia - Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar -- Indian theologian
Wikipedia - Evangeline (band) -- American country band
Wikipedia - Evangeline Barongo -- Ugandan author of children's literature
Wikipedia - Evangeline Beechler -- American politician
Wikipedia - Evangeline Booth -- British General of the Salvation Army
Wikipedia - Evangeline Downs -- Casino in Louisiana
Wikipedia - Evangeline Lilly -- Canadian actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh -- Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh(1876-1954)
Wikipedia - Evangeline Pascual -- Filipino actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline Russell -- American actress
Wikipedia - Evangeline (song) -- 1993 single by the Cocteau Twins
Wikipedia - Evangeline Walton
Wikipedia - Evangeline -- Epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Wikipedia - Evangeline Wiles -- Nigerian entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone -- 2007 Japanese animated science fiction film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance -- 2009 Japanese animated film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time -- Japanese animated science fiction film
Wikipedia - Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo -- 2012 Japanese animated film directed by Mahiro Maeda, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masayuki and Hideaki Anno
Wikipedia - Evangelion (mecha) -- Fictional cyborgs in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Evangelische Omroep -- Dutch broadcasting association
Wikipedia - Evangelischer Buchpreis -- German literary award
Wikipedia - Evangelisches Gesangbuch -- Current hymnal of German-language congregations in Germany, Alsace and Lorraine, Austria, and Luxembourg
Wikipedia - Evangelism Explosion -- Christian organization
Wikipedia - Evangelism marketing
Wikipedia - Evangelismos Hospital -- Hospital in Athens, Greece
Wikipedia - Evangelism
Wikipedia - Evangelista da Pian di Meleto -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Evangelistary
Wikipedia - Evangelista Santos -- Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
Wikipedia - Evangelista Torricelli
Wikipedia - Evangelist portrait
Wikipedia - Evangelist symbols
Wikipedia - Evangelium Vitae
Wikipedia - Evangelium vitae
Wikipedia - Evangelization
Wikipedia - Evangelos Apostolakis -- Greek naval officer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Apostolou -- Greek Syriza politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Averoff -- Greek politician and author
Wikipedia - Evangelos Basiakos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Cheimonas -- Greek sailor
Wikipedia - Evangelos Damaskos -- Greek pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Evangelos Goussis -- Australian boxer, kickboxer and murderer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Liogris -- Greek sport shooter
Wikipedia - Evangelos Menexis -- Greek weightlifter
Wikipedia - Evangelos S. Eleftheriou -- Greek electrical engineer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Venizelos -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Evangelos Yannopoulos -- Greek politician and lawyer
Wikipedia - Evangelos Zappas -- Greek philanthropist
Wikipedia - Evangelou v McNicol -- English legal case
Wikipedia - Evangel Theological Seminary -- Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine
Wikipedia - Evergreen Cemetery (Los Angeles) -- Historic, diverse cemetery in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California.
Wikipedia - Evil Angels (film) -- 1988 film by Fred Schepisi
Wikipedia - Eyes of an Angel -- 1991 film
Wikipedia - Fabiano Cangelosi -- Australian lawyer
Wikipedia - Faith Theological Seminary -- Evangelical Christian seminary in Baltimore, Maryland.
Wikipedia - Fallen Angel (1945 film) -- 1945 black-and-white film noir directed by Otto Preminger
Wikipedia - Fallen Angel (1981 film) -- 1981 film by Robert Michael Lewis
Wikipedia - Fallen Angels (2008 film) -- 2008 Norwegian film
Wikipedia - Fallen Angels (American TV series) -- US TV series
Wikipedia - Fallen Angels (comics) -- Comics
Wikipedia - Fallen Angels (Myers novel) -- Novel by Walter Dean Myers
Wikipedia - Fallen Angels (Niven, Pournelle, and Flynn novel) -- Novel by Larry Niven
Wikipedia - Fallen angel -- In Abrahamic religions, angels who were expelled from heaven
Wikipedia - Family Broadcasting Corporation -- Christian evangelical television network
Wikipedia - Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Federica Angeli -- Italian journalist
Wikipedia - Fee Plumley -- British-born digital artist, technology evangelist, and digital consultant
Wikipedia - Felecia Angelle -- American actress
Wikipedia - Felipe Rangel Vargas -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Wikipedia - Ferdinand I and His Family -- painting by Angelica Kauffman
Wikipedia - Ferdinand von Wrangel
Wikipedia - Fernand Angel
Wikipedia - Fernando Angel -- Mexican musician
Wikipedia - Fever (Dua Lipa and Angele song) -- 2020 single by Dua Lipa and Angele
Wikipedia - Fiesta Park -- Sports and entertainment venue in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Figueroa at Wilshire -- 53-story skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles, designed by Albert C. Martin & Associates.
Wikipedia - Figueroa Street -- Street in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Fiorenzo Angelini -- Italian Roman Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - First Jewish site in Los Angeles -- California Historic Landmark
Wikipedia - Flame-throated sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Florangel Rosario-Braid -- Professor
Wikipedia - Florentine Angele Soki Fuani Eyenga -- Congolese politician
Wikipedia - Food Angel -- Food rescue organization in Hong Kong
Wikipedia - Forbidden Sins -- 1999 film by Robert Angelo
Wikipedia - Foreign policy of the Angela Merkel government -- Foreign policy of Germany's Angela Merkel government
Wikipedia - Four Evangelists
Wikipedia - Fra Angelico -- 15th-century early Italian Renaissance painter
Wikipedia - Francesco Angelo Facchini -- Italian naturalist
Wikipedia - FrancoAngeli
Wikipedia - Franco Angeli -- Italian artist
Wikipedia - Franco Evangelisti (composer)
Wikipedia - Franco Evangelisti (politician) -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Frank Angell
Wikipedia - Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park -- Park in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Franklin Canyon Park -- City park in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Franklin Graham -- American Christian evangelist and missionary
Wikipedia - Frank Pentangeli -- Fictional character from The Godfather series
Wikipedia - Free All Angels -- 2001 studio album by Ash
Wikipedia - Freedom Angels Foundation -- American anti-vaccination group
Wikipedia - Free Harbor Fight -- Legal battle over location of proposed Los Angeles Harbor
Wikipedia - Freispruch mangels Beweises -- 1962 film
Wikipedia - From Dreams or Angels -- album by Abney Park
Wikipedia - Furious Angels -- album by Rob Dougan
Wikipedia - Gabriel -- Angel in Abrahamic religions
Wikipedia - Gainax -- Japanese animation studio mainly known for Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Galaxy Angel II -- Sequel franchise to Galaxy Angel franchise
Wikipedia - Galaxy Angel -- Japanese media franchise by Broccoli
Wikipedia - Garden Court Apartments (Los Angeles, California) -- Former apartment building located in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Garner Ted Armstrong -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Gateway Cities -- Region of Los Angeles County, California, US
Wikipedia - Gather Together in My Name -- Memoir by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Gauangelbach -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Gelechia turangella -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Gendo Ikari -- Fictional character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Genevieve Angelson -- American TV actress
Wikipedia - George Floyd protests in Los Angeles County, California -- 2020 civil unrest after the killing of George Floyd
Wikipedia - George Gascon -- American attorney, former police chief, and District Attorney of Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - George Santangelo -- American genomicist and data scientist
Wikipedia - Gerald Glasauer -- German venture capital investor, business angel and philanthropist
Wikipedia - German Christians (movement) -- A movement within the German Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - Getty Center Tram -- People mover serving the Getty Center in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Getty Center -- Campus of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, US
Wikipedia - Giacomo de Angelis -- 17th-century Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - Gianfranco D'Angelo -- Italian actor and comedian
Wikipedia - Gioacchino Giuseppe Serangeli -- Roman painter active during the First French Empire
Wikipedia - Giorgio Colangeli -- Italian stage, television and film actor
Wikipedia - Giovanni Angelo Becciu -- Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
Wikipedia - Giovanni Angelo Del Maino -- Italian sculptor in wood
Wikipedia - Giovanni Arcangeli -- Italian botanist
Wikipedia - Girlpool -- Indie band from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Giuseppe Angelini -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Giuseppe D'Angelo (slalom canoeist) -- Italian canoeist
Wikipedia - G Line (Los Angeles Metro) -- Bus rapid transit line operating on a dedicated right-of-way in Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Godescalc Evangelistary -- Illuminated manuscript from the 8th century
Wikipedia - Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists -- The deconversion story of former evangelical minister, Dan Barker.
Wikipedia - God's House of Hip Hop Radio -- Radio station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Gold Line Foothill Extension -- Northeastern extension of the Los Angeles Metro Gold Line
Wikipedia - Good Day L.A. -- Morning television news and entertainment program in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Goodfellow Air Force Base -- US Air Force base at San Angelo, Texas, United States
Wikipedia - Good Samaritan Hospital (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - Gorgeted sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Gower Street (Los Angeles) -- street in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Grace-Evangeline Mason -- British composer
Wikipedia - Grady Cooper -- American director living in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Grauman's Chinese Theatre -- Movie theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Grauman's Egyptian Theatre -- Movie theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Gravity's Angels
Wikipedia - Greater Los Angeles Area
Wikipedia - Greater Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Greek Theatre (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - Griffith Park -- municipal park in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Guardian Angel of Portugal
Wikipedia - Guardian angel (spirit)
Wikipedia - Guardian angel -- Angel assigned to watch over and protect a particular person, group, kingdom, or country
Wikipedia - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis -- Italian brothers, musical duo
Wikipedia - Guro Angell Gimse -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Gustavo Rangel BriceM-CM-1o -- Venezuelan politician
Wikipedia - Half Angel (1936 film) -- 1936 film by Sidney Lanfield
Wikipedia - Hancock Park -- Public park in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Haniel -- Angel in Jewish lore and angelology
Wikipedia - Harbor Boulevard -- north-south road corridor in the counties of Los Angeles and Orange
Wikipedia - Harbor Transitway -- Shared-use express bus corridor and high occupancy toll lanes running along Interstate 110 in the Los Angeles area.
Wikipedia - Harold Lindsell -- Evangelical scholar
Wikipedia - Harry Angel -- Irish-bred Thoroughbred racehorse
Wikipedia - Harvard-Westlake School -- College-preparatory high school in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Haunted Garage -- Horror punk/metal band from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Hawthorne Municipal Airport (California) -- Municipal airport near Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, CA, USA
Wikipedia - Hawthorne Police Department -- Police of Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Hazard's Pavilion -- Former auditorium in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Heartbroken Angels -- Japanese manga by Masahiko Kikuni
Wikipedia - Heart Evangelista -- Filipina actress
Wikipedia - Heather Angel (actress) -- Actress (1909-1986)
Wikipedia - Heavenly host -- Army of angels mentioned in the Bible
Wikipedia - Hedley Vicars -- British Army officer and evangelical (1826-1855)
Wikipedia - Hegel's Angel -- 2018 film dir. Simone Rapisarda Casanova
Wikipedia - Helena Doukaina Angelina
Wikipedia - Hellinsia angela -- Species of plume moth
Wikipedia - Hell's Angel (documentary)
Wikipedia - Hell's Angels (film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - Hells Angels (manga) -- 2008 Manga
Wikipedia - Hells Angels MC criminal allegations and incidents -- Criminal incidents involving the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
Wikipedia - Hells Angels -- One-percenter motorcycle club
Wikipedia - Henriette Odin Feller -- Swiss evangelical missionary
Wikipedia - Henry Drummond (evangelist)
Wikipedia - Henry Feyerabend -- Canadian evangelist
Wikipedia - Henry Foster (clergyman) -- Evangelical clergyman
Wikipedia - Herbert W. Armstrong -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Herb Wesson -- American politician; former President of the Los Angeles City Council
Wikipedia - Hermann Gunkel -- German evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Hermano Pablo -- Puerto Rican Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Hero Angeles -- Filipino actor
Wikipedia - Hierarchy of angels -- The belief that angels are ordered according to rank
Wikipedia - High German Evangelical Reformed Church -- historic church in Pennsylvania, USA
Wikipedia - Highland Avenue (Los Angeles) -- Road in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Hint Mint Inc. -- Los Angeles-based confectionery company
Wikipedia - History of Armenian Americans in Los Angeles -- largest population of Armenians in the world outside of Armenia
Wikipedia - History of Iranian Americans in Los Angeles -- Southern California has the largest concentration of Iranians in the world outside of Iran.
Wikipedia - History of the Jews in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - History of the Los Angeles Chargers -- Sports team history
Wikipedia - History of the Los Angeles Lakers -- Sports team history
Wikipedia - Hollyhock House -- Historic house in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Hollywood Sign -- Sign reading "HOLLYWOOD" located in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Hollywood Walk of Fame -- Entertainment hall of fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Holy Guardian Angel
Wikipedia - Homer Laughlin Building -- Downtown Los Angeles landmark building with Grand Central Market
Wikipedia - Honey (1981 film) -- 1981 film by Gianfranco Angelucci
Wikipedia - Hoover Hotel -- Historic hotel in Whittier, Los Angeles County, Southern California, US
Wikipedia - Horst Kasner -- German theologian and father of Angela Merkel
Wikipedia - Hotel Alexandria -- Historic building in Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - Hotel Angel -- 1974 Thai drama film by Chatrichalerm Yukol
Wikipedia - Hotel Cafe -- Live music venue in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Wikipedia - House of Angels - The Second Summer -- 1994 film
Wikipedia - House of Angels -- 1992 film
Wikipedia - Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles -- Housing authority in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Houston Harte University Center -- Angelo State University building
Wikipedia - How Angels Are Born -- 1996 film directed by Murilo Salles
Wikipedia - How Do You Talk to an Angel -- Theme of American television series The Heights
Wikipedia - How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? -- reductio ad absurdum of angelology; idiom for wasting time debating pointless issues
Wikipedia - How to Destroy Angels (band) -- Band
Wikipedia - How to Destroy Angels (Coil EP)
Wikipedia - How to Destroy Angels (Remixes and Re-Recordings)
Wikipedia - Hypothesis (album) -- album by Vangelis
Wikipedia - I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death -- 1969 film
Wikipedia - Ibrahim Tunggul Wulung -- Indonesian evangelist
Wikipedia - Ice Age (song) -- Song by How to Destroy Angels
Wikipedia - Idalia Ramos Rangel -- Mexican drug lord
Wikipedia - I Don't Care (Angela Via song) -- 2000 song by Angela Via
Wikipedia - If an Angel Came to See You, Would You Make Her Feel at Home? -- album by Black Oak Arkansas
Wikipedia - If God Will Send His Angels -- 1997 single by U2
Wikipedia - If We All Were Angels (1956 film) -- 1956 film
Wikipedia - If We All Were Angels -- 1936 film
Wikipedia - Igor Angelkorte -- Brazilian actor, author and director
Wikipedia - I Had a Love -- 1980 single by Blue Angel
Wikipedia - IKAR (Jewish congregation) -- Jewish congregation founded in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - I Knew Her Well -- 1965 Italian comedy-drama film by Antonio Pietrangeli
Wikipedia - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings -- 1969 autobiography about the early years of African-American writer and poet Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Illangelo -- Canadian musician
Wikipedia - Illud Divinum Insanus -- album by Morbid Angel
Wikipedia - Illustrated Daily News -- 20th-century Los Angeles newspaper
Wikipedia - Illyria (Angel) -- Fictional character from the television series Angel
Wikipedia - I Married an Angel (film) -- 1942 film by W. S. Van Dyke, Roy Del Ruth, Hunt Stromberg
Wikipedia - I'm Gonna Be An Angel! -- Television anime
Wikipedia - Immaculate Heart College -- Defunct Catholic college in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - I'm No Angel -- 1933 film
Wikipedia - Impellitteri -- American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Independent Network Charismatic Christianity -- Movement within evangelical charismatic Christianity
Wikipedia - Indian Angel Network -- Private angel investors network in India
Wikipedia - Inferior (book) -- 2017 book by Angela Saini
Wikipedia - Ingrid Calame -- American artist based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Interstate 105 (California) -- Auxiliary Interstate Highway in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - In the Land of Blood and Honey -- 2011 film by Angelina Jolie
Wikipedia - Investor's Business Daily -- Newspaper in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Irene Angelico -- Canadian film director, producer and writer
Wikipedia - Irene Angelina
Wikipedia - Irish Evangelical Society -- Organisation promoting Protestant Christianity in Ireland
Wikipedia - Isaac II Angelos
Wikipedia - I Shall Not Be Moved (poetry collection) -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Ishim (angel) -- Class of angels
Wikipedia - Isla M-CM-^Angel de la Guarda -- Island in Baja California, Mexico
Wikipedia - Islamic view of angels
Wikipedia - Island Angel -- album by Altan
Wikipedia - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels -- 1952 song performed by Kitty Wells
Wikipedia - Jabberjaw (Los Angeles) -- Music venue
Wikipedia - Jack Angel -- American voice actor
Wikipedia - Jackie Lacey -- American politician and Los Angeles County District Attorney
Wikipedia - Jacob wrestling with the angel -- An episode from Genesis
Wikipedia - Jaime Angelopoulos -- Canadian sculptor based in Toronto
Wikipedia - James Baldwin (Los Angeles) -- 19th century Californian settler, blacksmith, and politician
Wikipedia - James Burrill Angell -- American educator, diplomat
Wikipedia - James Cameron's Dark Angel -- 2002 video game
Wikipedia - James E. Davis (Los Angeles police officer) -- Los Angeles police chief
Wikipedia - James R. Angell
Wikipedia - James Rowland Angell
Wikipedia - Jan Evangelista PurkynM-DM-^[ -- Czech member of Czech council, biologist, physiologist, doctor and inventor
Wikipedia - Jason Boesel -- American musician based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Javier Rangel Hernandez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Jay Lowder -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - JC's Girls -- Evangelical Christian women's organization in the United States
Wikipedia - Jeff Angell -- American musician
Wikipedia - Jeff Seibert -- American entrepreneur and angel investor
Wikipedia - Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory -- Sausage factory and restaurant in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Jerahmeel (archangel)
Wikipedia - Jerome de Angelis -- 16th and 17th-century Italian Jesuit missionary to Japan
Wikipedia - Jerry Falwell Sr. -- American evangelical pastor, televangelist, and conservative political commentator
Wikipedia - Jesmond Parish Church -- Evangelical church in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Wikipedia - Jesus M-CM-^Angel Diaz Ortega -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Jesus M-CM-^Angel Garcia -- Spanish race walker
Wikipedia - Jesus movement -- former evangelical Christian movement
Wikipedia - Jewish angelic hierarchy
Wikipedia - Jim Bakker -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Jim Wallis -- American activist and Evangelical writer
Wikipedia - Jim Wilson (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - J. I. Packer -- Canadian evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - J.John -- British evangelist and author (born 1958)
Wikipedia - J Line (Los Angeles Metro) -- Bus rapid transit line operating in Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Joanna Angel -- American pornographic actress
Wikipedia - Joanne Wilson -- U.S. angel investor
Wikipedia - Jo Blankenburg -- German composer based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Joe Angel -- American sportscaster
Wikipedia - Joel Marangella -- American oboist
Wikipedia - Joel Osteen -- American televangelist and author
Wikipedia - Johann Angelo Ferrari
Wikipedia - Johannes Aagaard -- Danish theologian and evangelist
Wikipedia - Johan Wilhelm Rangell -- Finnish politician
Wikipedia - John Angel (sculptor)
Wikipedia - John Bosley (Charlie's Angels) -- Charlie's Angels character
Wikipedia - John Dickie (evangelist) -- Scottish evangelist
Wikipedia - John Evangelist Walsh
Wikipedia - John Jones and Doria Deighton-Jones -- Los Angeles business people
Wikipedia - John Lee (California politician) -- Los Angeles City Council member
Wikipedia - John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization
Wikipedia - John Schumacher (Los Angeles pioneer) -- American pioneer
Wikipedia - Johnston Marklee & Associates -- Architecture firm in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - John Sung -- Chinese evangelist
Wikipedia - John the Evangelist
Wikipedia - John William Cunningham -- Evangelical clergyman of the Church of England
Wikipedia - Jonas Wendell -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center -- Cancer research center in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Jordan Downs -- Public housing apartment complex in Watts, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Jordan Lane Price -- American actress, singer and model from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Jorge Alberto Hagedorn Rangel -- Portuguese civil servant
Wikipedia - Jorge Raschke -- Puerto Rican evangelist Assemblies of God
Wikipedia - Jose Angelino Caamal -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Jose Angelo Gellada -- Filipino musician
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel GaliM-CM-1anes -- Puerto Rican sports shooter
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel Gonzalez Serna -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel Gurria -- Mexican economist and diplomat
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel M-CM-^Avila Perez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel Sanchez Asiain -- Spanish economists
Wikipedia - Jose M-CM-^Angel Valente -- Spanish poet
Wikipedia - Joseph Egyir-Paintsir -- Ghanaian Evangelist
Wikipedia - Joseph James DeAngelo -- American serial killer, rapist and burglar
Wikipedia - Jose Vicente Rangel M-CM-^Avalos -- Venezuelan politician
Wikipedia - Jose Vicente Rangel -- Venezuelan politician
Wikipedia - Joshua Feuerstein -- American evangelical Internet personality
Wikipedia - Joshua Iginla -- Nigerian televangelist
Wikipedia - Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Wikipedia - Joyce Angela Jellison -- American writer
Wikipedia - J. Paul Getty Museum -- Art museum in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Juan Angeloni -- Argentine rifle shooter
Wikipedia - Juan Angel Tio Malaret -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - Juana Rangel de Cuellar -- Founder of Cucuta
Wikipedia - Juan Evangelista Venegas -- First Puerto Rican to win an Olympic medal
Wikipedia - Juan M-CM-^Angel Arias -- Supremo Director of Honduras
Wikipedia - Juan M-CM-^Angel Esparza -- Mexican actor
Wikipedia - Juan M-CM-^Angel Martini Jr. -- Argentine sports shooter
Wikipedia - Juan M-CM-^Angel Martini Sr. -- Argentine sports shooter
Wikipedia - Juan Mirangels -- Spanish sailor
Wikipedia - Judie Bamber -- American artist based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Judson Studios -- stained glass studio in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Julia Evangeline Brooks -- American academic
Wikipedia - Julie-Angelique Scio -- French soprano
Wikipedia - Julio M-CM-^Angel -- Puerto Rican singer
Wikipedia - Jumbo's Clown Room -- Bikini bar in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - June 1962 Alcatraz escape attempt -- Attempt by John and Clarence Angelin, Allen West, and Frank Morris to escape Alcatraz
Wikipedia - June Angela -- American actress, singer, and dancer
Wikipedia - Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Diiie -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Kabbalah Centre -- Nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, USA
Wikipedia - Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy
Wikipedia - KABC-TV -- ABC TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KaitM-EM-^M Tenshi Twin Angel -- 2008 anime
Wikipedia - Kalqa'il -- An angel in Islam
Wikipedia - Kangel -- Former Village Development Committee in Nepal
Wikipedia - Kansas Bowling -- American filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - K. A. Paul -- Christian evangelist from India
Wikipedia - KAPY-LP (Port Angeles, Washington) -- Former radio station in Port Angeles, Washington
Wikipedia - Katharine Cramer Angell -- Co-founder of the Culinary Institute of America
Wikipedia - Katharine Sergeant Angell White -- writer and editor
Wikipedia - Katherine Angel -- British academic and writer
Wikipedia - Kaworu Nagisa -- Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - KBIG -- Hot adult contemporary radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KCAL-TV -- Independent TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KCBS-FM -- Adult hits radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KCBS-TV -- CBS TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KCCE (AM) -- KHCB Christian radio station in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KCET -- PBS member station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KCLL -- Radio station in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KEEF-TV -- Former public TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kelton Apartments -- Building in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Kenneth Hahn -- American politician from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kent Hovind -- Evangelist / Young Earth Creationist
Wikipedia - Kerubiel -- Name of an angel in the apocryphal Book of Enoch
Wikipedia - KEUS-LD -- Univision affiliate in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - Keystone Studios -- American film studio (Los Angeles; 1912-1935)
Wikipedia - KFLA-LD -- NewsNet affiliate in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KFWB -- commercial AM radio station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - KHJ (AM) -- Relevant Radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kidnapped (2010 film) -- 2010 film directed by Miguel M-CM-^Angel Vivas
Wikipedia - KIDY -- Fox/MyNetworkTV affiliate in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KIIS-FM -- Contemporary hit radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kill All Normies -- 2017 nonfiction book by Angela Nagle
Wikipedia - Killer Crocodile -- 1989 film by Fabrizio De Angelis
Wikipedia - Kjeld Langeland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - KJLH -- Radio station in Compton-Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - KKGO -- Country music radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KKLQ (FM) -- K-Love Christian radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KKTC -- Radio station in Angel Fire-Taos, New Mexico
Wikipedia - KLLI (FM) -- Radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KLOS -- Rock radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KLST -- CBS affiliate in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KLVE -- Spanish-language radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KMEX-DT -- Univision TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KMPC -- Korean&ndash;language radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KNBC -- NBC TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KNCH -- Public radio station in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KNET-CD -- TV station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Knife Angel -- Contemporay sculpture highlighting knife crime
Wikipedia - Knowledge of Angels -- 1994 novel by Jill Paton Walsh
Wikipedia - KNRX -- Radio station in Sterling City-San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - Kokoro no Senshi -- 2006 single by Angela Aki
Wikipedia - Kole Angelovski -- Macedonian actor
Wikipedia - KONP -- Radio station in Port Angeles, Washington
Wikipedia - Konstantin Altunin -- Russian painter from Arkhangelsk, Russia
Wikipedia - Kosovo Protestant Evangelical Church -- Protestant church based in Kosovo
Wikipedia - Kosta Angeli Radovani -- Croatian sculptor
Wikipedia - Kostadin Angelov -- Bulgarian coach
Wikipedia - KOST -- Adult contemporary radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KPFK -- Pacifica radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KPWR -- Rhythmic contemporary hit radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KRCD (FM) -- Spanish-language radio station in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Kristen DeAngelis -- American microbiologist, environmental activist
Wikipedia - Kristina Rangelova -- Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - KROQ-FM -- Alternative rock radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KROQ Top 106.7 Countdowns -- End of the year countdown on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ
Wikipedia - KRRL -- Urban contemporary radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KSAN-TV -- NBC affiliate in San Angelo, Texas
Wikipedia - KTLA -- CW affiliate in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KTNQ -- Radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KTTV -- Fox TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KTWV -- rhythmic adult contemporary radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kushiel -- Punitive angel in Judeo-Christian folklore
Wikipedia - KVST-TV -- Former public TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KWHY-TV -- Spanish-language independent TV station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KWKW -- Spanish-language sports radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KXOL-FM -- Spanish-language radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Kyai Sadrach -- Indonesian evangelist
Wikipedia - KYJ (Los Angeles) -- Defunct US radio station
Wikipedia - KYPA -- Korean-language radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - KYSR -- Alternative rock radio station in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - L39ION of Los Angeles -- American cycling team
Wikipedia - La Brea Tar Pits -- Protected area in urban Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball -- Annual costume event in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - La Cienega/Jefferson station -- Los Angeles Metro station
Wikipedia - L.A. Downtown Industrial District -- Business improvement district in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - Laemmle Theatres -- Arthouse movie theatre chain in the Los Angeles area
Wikipedia - LA Giltinis -- Professional rugby union team from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - LA Grand Hotel -- Proposed super tall tower in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Lailah -- Angel in Jewish mythology
Wikipedia - Lake Fire (2020) -- 2020 wildfire in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - L.A. Live -- Entertainment complex located in downtown Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - La Loi de Murphy -- 2017 song by Angele
Wikipedia - L.A. Louver -- Art gallery in Venice, Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - La Memoria De Nuestra Tierra (Calif. 1996) -- Mural in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Landfair Apartments -- Residential complex in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Landscape with Tobias and the Angel (Rosa) -- Painting by Salvator Rosa
Wikipedia - Langelsheim -- Place in Lower Saxony, Germany
Wikipedia - Langer's Deli -- Delicatessen in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Language of the birds -- Mystical, perfect divine language, Adamic language, Enochian, angelic language or a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated
Wikipedia - La Opinion -- Spanish-language newspaper published in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - LAPD Air Support Division -- Division of Los Angeles Police, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - LAPD Hooper Heliport -- City-owned private-use heliport in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - LAPD Metropolitan Division -- Division of Los Angeles Police, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - LAPD Rampart Division -- Division of Los Angeles Police, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes -- Mexican-American museum and cultural center in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Larissa Evangelista -- Brazilian rhythmic gymnast
Wikipedia - La Santa Cecilia -- Mexican-American band based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Last Angel -- 2007 single by TVXQ and Kumi Koda
Wikipedia - La Tuna Fire -- |wildfire in Los Angeles county, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Laura Angela Collins -- Human rights activist
Wikipedia - Laura Evangelista Alvarado Cardozo
Wikipedia - Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Lautenthal -- Formerly free mining town in Langelsheim, Germany
Wikipedia - LAX Automated People Mover -- Electric train system under the Los Angeles Airport
Wikipedia - Lazy Cowgirls -- Punk rock band from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Leighton Road Evangelical Church, Ipswich -- Church in Ipswich, UK
Wikipedia - Lennoxville massacre -- 1985 mass murder at the Hells Angels clubhouse in Lennoxville
Wikipedia - Leonarda Angela Casiraghi
Wikipedia - Leo Rangell
Wikipedia - Letters to Angel -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - Lew Irwin -- Los Angeles-based journalist
Wikipedia - Liberation of Peter -- In Acts of the Apostles, chapter 12 the apostle Peter is rescued from prison by an angel.
Wikipedia - Libros Schmibros -- Lending library in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - Lighthouse Evangelism -- Megachurch in Singapore
Wikipedia - Lincoln Boulevard (Los Angeles County) -- Street in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Linda Evangelista -- Canadian model
Wikipedia - Lips of an Angel -- 2006 single by Hinder
Wikipedia - Lisa Angelle -- American country music singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Lisa Angell -- French singer
Wikipedia - List of active Los Angeles-class submarines by homeport -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of airports in the Los Angeles area -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Angela Anaconda episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Angel Beats! episodes -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Angel characters -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of Angel episodes -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of Angel Sanctuary soundtracks
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Wikipedia - List of Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Wikimedia list article
Wikipedia - List of angels in Supernatural -- Wikipedia list article
Wikipedia - List of angels in theology -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of angels
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Wikipedia - List of awards and nominations received by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - List of conservative evangelical Anglican churches in England
Wikipedia - List of Consuls-General of the United Kingdom in Los Angeles -- Wikipedia list article
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Wikipedia - Luis M-CM-^Angel Sanchez -- Guatemalan racewalker
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Wikipedia - Maddie Evangelous -- American ice hockey forward
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Wikipedia - Madonna and Child with an Angel (Moretto) -- Painting by Moretto da Brescia
Wikipedia - Madonna and Child with St Dominic and St Thomas Aquinas -- Fresco by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Madonna of Humility (Fra Angelico) -- 1430s painting by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Magnus Stangeland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Mahmud Pasha Angelovic -- Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
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Wikipedia - Manatt, Phelps & Phillips -- Los Angeles-based law firm
Wikipedia - Mangelia andamanensis -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Mangelia congoensis -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Mangelia limata -- Extinct species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Mangelia tranquilla -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Manlio De Angelis -- Italian actor and voice actor
Wikipedia - Manuela Angeli -- Italian figure skater
Wikipedia - Manuel M-CM-^Angel Martin -- Spanish boccia player
Wikipedia - Marc Angelucci -- American lawyer and men's rights activist
Wikipedia - Marcia Angell -- American physician and academic (born 1939)
Wikipedia - Marco Angelini -- Austrian singer and songwriter
Wikipedia - Margarete von Wrangell -- Baltic German agricultural chemist
Wikipedia - Maria Angela Ardinghelli -- Italian mathematician, physicist, and translator
Wikipedia - Maria Angela Astorch
Wikipedia - Maria Angela Picco -- Italian Roman Catholic nun
Wikipedia - Maria Angelica Ayala -- Filipina dressage rider
Wikipedia - Maria Angelina Dique Enoque -- Mozambican politician
Wikipedia - Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina
Wikipedia - Maria Angels Ramon-Llin -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Maria Angel -- Academic and founder of charitable organizations
Wikipedia - Maria de los M-CM-^Angeles AlvariM-CM-1o Gonzalez -- Spanish fishery research biologist and oceanographer
Wikipedia - Maria de los M-CM-^Angeles Ortiz -- Mexican Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Maria M-CM-^Angeles Calderon -- Spanish goalball player
Wikipedia - Maria M-CM-^Angeles Duran -- Spanish scientist and sociologist
Wikipedia - Maria M-CM-^Angeles Martin Prats -- Spanish engineer and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Mariangela Bonanni -- Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder and Fashion Model
Wikipedia - Mariangela Giordano -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Mariangela Lisanti -- American scientist
Wikipedia - Mariangela Melato -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Mariangel Villasmil -- Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder and model
Wikipedia - Marie Angel -- Australian-born opera singer
Wikipedia - Mario Calire -- American drummer, based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Mario Fafangel -- Slovenian sailor
Wikipedia - Marios Evangelou -- Greek pole vaulter
Wikipedia - Marjoe Gortner -- American actor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Mark Angel (comedian) -- Nigerian comedian and video producer
Wikipedia - Mark Burns (pastor) -- American evangelical Christian
Wikipedia - Mark Cahill -- American author, speaker, and evangelist
Wikipedia - Markham Sound -- strait in the eastern part of the Franz Josef Land archipelago in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Mark Taper Forum -- Theatre in Los Angeles, USA
Wikipedia - Mark the Evangelist -- Author of the Gospel of Mark and Christian saint; traditionally identified with John Mark
Wikipedia - Marlen Angelidou -- Cypriot singer and actress
Wikipedia - Marmol Radziner -- Architecture firm based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Martial Angels -- 2001 film by Clarence Fok
Wikipedia - Martin HrabM-DM-^[ de Angelis -- German geneticist
Wikipedia - Martin Schippert -- Swiss Hells' Angel
Wikipedia - Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory
Wikipedia - Mary Pat Angelini -- American Republican Party politician
Wikipedia - Mateus Evangelista Cardoso -- Brazilian Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - Matilda De Angelis -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Mattachine Steps -- Outdoor staircase in Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Matthew Arias -- Los Angeles-based musician and film editor
Wikipedia - Matthew the Apostle -- Christian evangelist and apostle
Wikipedia - Matthew the Evangelist
Wikipedia - Maximilian de Angelis -- German general
Wikipedia - Maya Angelou Academy -- American alternative school
Wikipedia - Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Mayan Theater -- former movie theater in Los Angeles, California, United States, now a nightclub
Wikipedia - Mayor of Los Angeles -- American politician
Wikipedia - Mazinger Angels -- Manga
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela AcuM-CM-1a Braun -- Costa Rican lawyer, writer and feminist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Auad -- Argentine social activist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Castro -- Bolivian racewalker
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Acosta Leon -- Cuban painter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Aguiar -- Cuban gymnast
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Aguirre Herrera -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Aguirre Rivero -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Jeria -- Chilean mother of President Michelle Bachelet
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Alonso Diaz Caneja -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Alvarado -- Mexican archer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Meyer -- Puerto Rican actress, comedian and producer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Molina -- Spanish actress
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Peralta -- Mexican operatic soprano
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Aranda -- Spanish actor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel arcabucero -- Angel depicted with an firearm
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Salazar -- Colombian activist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Segovia -- Spanish poet and researcher
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angela Teresa Bielus -- Argentine architect
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Bahamonde Magro -- Spanish historian
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Barja -- Spanish composer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Bello -- Argentine archer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Boyenechea -- Argentine equestrian
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Bulerin -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Cabrera (naturalist) -- Spanish zoologist (1879-1960)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Cabrera -- Argentine golfer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Cappelletti -- Argentine philosopher
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Carrasco -- Argentine sailor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Carvajal Bernal -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Castro y Argiz -- Father of Fidel Castro
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Cedillo Hernandez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Chayanne Martinez -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Cordero Jr. -- Puerto Rican jockey
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Corsino Fernandez -- Spanish sports shooter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel David Revilla -- Venezuelan Internet personality and writer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel de AndrM-CM-)s Lopez -- Spanish actor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel de la Torre -- Spanish golfer and instructor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel de Saavedra, 3rd Duke of Rivas -- Spanish poet, dramatist and politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Diaz (athlete) -- Guatemalan track and field athlete
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Diaz de Entresotos -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angeles Amador -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angeles District, San Rafael -- district in San Rafael canton, Heredia province, Costa Rica
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angeles Moreno Bau -- Spanish diplomat
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angeles, San Ramon -- district in San Ramon canton, Alajuela province, Costa Rica
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angeles, Utuado, Puerto Rico -- Barrio of Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Famiglietti -- Panamanian weightlifter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Felicisimo Rojas -- Ecuadorian writer (1909-2003)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Fernandez Artime -- Roman Catholic Priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Ferrant -- Spanish sculptor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Gallardo (Buenos Aires Underground) -- Buenos Aires Underground station
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Gallardo (golfer) -- Spanish golfer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garasa -- Spanish-Mexican actor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garcia Hernandez -- Spanish soldier
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garcia (pole vaulter) -- Cuban pole vaulter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garcia YaM-CM-1ez -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garo -- Spanish actor and comedian
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Garrido -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Gaud Gonzalez -- Puerto Rican scientist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel IbaM-CM-1ez Hernando -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel JimM-CM-)nez (sailor) -- Cuban sailor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel JimM-CM-)nez -- Cuban Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Leon -- Spanish sport shooter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel L. MalavM-CM-) Zayas -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Lombarte -- Spanish actor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Luis Rosas Collazo -- Puerto Rican businessman and academic
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Lulio Cabrera -- Argentine botanist and phytogeographer (1908-1999)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Madrazo -- Spanish road bicycle racer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Marin -- Spanish Paralympic athlete
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Martin Gonzalez (chess player) -- Spanish chess player
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Matos -- Cuban taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel M-CM-^Avila Romero -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Miguel -- Spanish golfer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Mislan -- Puerto Rican composer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel M. Marchand -- Puerto Rican allergy researcher
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel M. Rodriguez Otero -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Nieto -- Spanish motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Nieves Diaz -- Puerto Rican convict executed by lethal injection
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel O. Berrios -- Puerto Rican mayor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Parra (judoka) -- Spanish judoka
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Pasta MuM-CM-1uzuri -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel PeM-CM-1a (musician) -- Puerto Rican musician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Picazo -- Spanish actor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Pulido -- Spanish politician (1852-1932)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Ramos (educator) -- Puerto Rican educator (born 1949)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Ramos (industrialist) -- Puerto Rican businessman
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Rebelde -- Television series
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Ribera Arnal -- Spanish chess player
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Riveras -- Spanish sailor
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Rivero MM-CM-)ndez -- Puerto Rican soldier, journalist and businessman
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Rodriguez (motorcyclist) -- Spanish motorcycle racer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Roman -- Puerto Rican taekwondo practitioner
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Rosa -- Puerto Rican politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Rovere -- Argentine weightlifter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Sanchez (judoka) -- Cuban Olympic judoka
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Sanchez Mendoza -- Ecuadorian news director
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Segura -- Uruguayan windsurfer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Sola -- Spanish musician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Sposato -- Argentine weightlifter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Tavira -- 1924-2008 Mexican composer, musician and violinist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Vallejo -- Spanish bicycle racer
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Velarte -- Argentine sports shooter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Victor Torres -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Villar -- Spanish canoeist
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Villoldo -- Argentine musician (1861-1919)
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel ViM-CM-1as -- Spanish economist, diplomat
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Angel Zarraga -- Mexican painter
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Fon Spoke -- Alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - M-CM-^Sscar Rangel Miravete -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Measure B -- Law in Los Angeles County concerning Adult Films Industry
Wikipedia - Mel Trotter -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels
Wikipedia - Men's Gym (UCLA) -- Multi-purpose building in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Metatron -- Angel in Judeo-Islamic mythology
Wikipedia - Metro Local -- Bus system in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Michael Angelakos -- American musician
Wikipedia - Michael Angelis -- British actor
Wikipedia - Michael Angeli -- American writer and television producer
Wikipedia - Michael Angelo Batio -- American heavy metal guitarist and columnist
Wikipedia - Michael Angelo Immenraet -- Flemish painter
Wikipedia - Michael (archangel) -- Archangel in Jewish, Christian and Islamic teachings
Wikipedia - Michael Cassidy (evangelist) -- South African evangelist
Wikipedia - Michael Sis -- Roman Catholic bishop in San Angelo,Texas, U.S,
Wikipedia - Michelangelo and the Medici
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Anselmi -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Antonioni -- Italian film director and screenwriter (1912-2007)
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Borriello -- Italian sports shooter
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Cambiaso -- Doge of the Republic of Genoa
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Fardella -- Italian scientist (1650-1718)
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Frammartino -- Italian filmmaker
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Fumagalli -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Galioto -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Refalo -- Chief Justice of Malta
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Signorile -- American journalist, author, and talk radio host
Wikipedia - Michelangelo (song) -- 1975 song popularized by Bjorn Skifs
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Tonti -- 17th-century Catholic cardinal
Wikipedia - Michelangelo Veraldi -- 18th-century Roman Catholic bishop
Wikipedia - Michelangelo -- Italian sculptor, painter, architect (1475-1564)
Wikipedia - Microcotyle angelichthys -- Species of worms
Wikipedia - Microsoft Theater -- music and theatre venue in downtown Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Midsummer Dream -- 2005 film by M-CM-^Angel de la Cruz
Wikipedia - Miguel Angel Garcia MM-CM-)ndez Post Office Building -- Historic building in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - Miguel Angel Medina -- Mexican weightlifter
Wikipedia - Miguel Angel Moreno -- Salvadoran judoka
Wikipedia - Miguel Arcangel Pourier -- Netherlands Antilles politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Aguayo -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Arellano Pulido -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Asturias -- Guatemalan writer and poet-diplomat
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Barberena Vega -- Mexican Naval officer and politician (1928-1999)
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Biaggio -- Mexican actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Carballo -- Argentine golfer
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel D'Annibale -- Argentinian priest
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel de Quevedo metro station -- Mexico City metro station
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Ferriz -- Mexican actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel FM-CM-)lix Gallardo -- Mexican drug trafficker
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Gomez Garro -- Spanish boccia player
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel GutiM-CM-)rrez Aguilar -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel GutiM-CM-)rrez Machado -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Lopez (racewalker) -- Spanish racewalker
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Lopez Velasco -- Mexican crime journalist and murder victim
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Luna Munguia -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Martin (comics) -- Spanish comic author and artist
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Martin (golfer) -- Spanish golfer
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel M-CM-^Alvarez -- Puerto Rican comedian and actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Moyron -- Mexican figure skater
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel MuM-CM-1oz -- Spanish actor and singer
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Prieto -- Spanish racewalker
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Rangel -- Mexican politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Revilla -- Spanish politician
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Riquelme Solis -- Governor of Coahuila, Mexico
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Rodriguez (racewalker) -- Mexican racewalker
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Rubio -- Spanish gymnast
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Sanz Bocos -- Spanish aviator
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Silvestre -- Spanish actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Sola -- Argentine actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Suarez -- Puerto Rican actor
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Tabet -- Venezuelan theologian
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Tirado -- Spanish comedian
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel TroitiM-CM-1o -- Spanish geographer
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Villarroya -- Spanish Air Force general
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Yunes Linares -- Mexican politician and former Governor of Veracruz
Wikipedia - Miguel M-CM-^Angel Zavala -- Mexican diver
Wikipedia - Mike Bamiloye -- Nigerian film actor, Evangelist(drama), producer, and director
Wikipedia - Mike Bickle (minister) -- American Evangelical Christian leader
Wikipedia - Mike D'Angelo -- American film critic
Wikipedia - Mike Flicker -- American music producer in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Mike Murdock -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Mike Pilavachi -- British evangelist and vicar
Wikipedia - Milangela Rosales -- Venezuelan racewalker
Wikipedia - Mila (upcoming film) -- CG animated short film by Cinzia Angelini
Wikipedia - Mill Creek (Los Angeles County, California) -- Stream in Los Angeles County, California, USA
Wikipedia - Milo de Angelis -- Italian language poet
Wikipedia - Misato Katsuragi -- Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Mision San Miguel Arcangel de la Frontera -- Mission in Baja California
Wikipedia - Missionary -- Member of a religious group sent to do evangelism
Wikipedia - Mission San Miguel Arcangel -- 18th-century Spanish mission in San Miguel, California
Wikipedia - Mission San Rafael Arcangel -- Spanish mission located in San Rafael, California
Wikipedia - Misty Mountain -- House in Beverly Glen, Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - MM-CM-)rida sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - M. Norton Wise -- Distinguished Professor of History, University of California, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Mojave Road (Los Angeles) -- California Historic Landmark
Wikipedia - Mom & Me & Mom -- 2013 autobiographical book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Monastery of the Angels
Wikipedia - Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel at Naqlun -- Building in Egypt
Wikipedia - Monastery of the Holy Archangels
Wikipedia - Moncho 1929 -- Los Angeles-based street and contemporary artist
Wikipedia - Monroe Parker -- evangelist and college president
Wikipedia - Monte Vista Hotel -- Former hotel in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Moran Moran -- Contemporary art gallery in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Morgan ap Rhys ap Philip -- (by 1520 - 1543?) of Llanfihangel, Card
Wikipedia - Morgan, Walls & Clements -- Los Angeles architectural firm
Wikipedia - Morgenstern der finstern Nacht -- 1657 Christian poem in German by Angelus Silesius
Wikipedia - Morris Cerullo -- American televangelist
Wikipedia - Moses (Michelangelo) -- Sculpture by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me -- Collection of poems by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Mother Angelica
Wikipedia - Mothers of East Los Angeles -- American advocacy organization
Wikipedia - Mount San Antonio -- Mountain in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Mount Wilson Observatory -- Astronomical observatory in Los Angeles County, California, USA
Wikipedia - Mt. Angel, Oregon -- City in Marion County, Oregon
Wikipedia - Mu'aqqibat -- A class of guardian angel
Wikipedia - Mulholland Highway -- Road in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Murder of Michael Nigg -- Unsolved 1995 killing in Los Angeles possibly connected to O.J. Simpson case
Wikipedia - Murder of Sherri Rasmussen -- 1985 murder in Los Angeles by jealous off-duty cop
Wikipedia - Murders of Ming Qu and Ying Wu -- On April 11, 2012 in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Muriel (angel)
Wikipedia - Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Music of Los Angeles -- Overview of music traditions in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - My Health LA -- No-cost health care for Los Angeles County residents
Wikipedia - Myles Munroe -- Bahamian Evangelical Christian minister
Wikipedia - Nam's Angels -- 1970 film directed by Jack Starrett
Wikipedia - Nando Angelini -- Italian actor
Wikipedia - Nate Holden -- American politician who served on the Los Angeles City Council
Wikipedia - Nathan Cole Jr. -- Founders of the Los Angeles Times
Wikipedia - National Association of Evangelicals -- American religious organization
Wikipedia - Naud Junction (Los Angeles) -- Human settlement in California, United States of America
Wikipedia - NCIS: Los Angeles (season 6) -- Season of television series
Wikipedia - NCIS: Los Angeles -- American military drama/police procedural television series
Wikipedia - Nedyalka Angelova -- Bulgarian pentathlete
Wikipedia - Neo-charismatic movement -- Movement within evangelical Protestant Christianity
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 -- PlayStation 2 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days -- Manga based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project -- 2001 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra -- Video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse -- Manga based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth -- 1997 film directed by Hideaki Anno
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (franchise) -- Japanese media franchise
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd -- 2005 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel -- 1998 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga) -- Manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project -- Windows based PC game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion (video game) -- Nintendo 64 video game
Wikipedia - Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Japanese mecha anime television series
Wikipedia - New Beverly Cinema -- Movie theater and former theater in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Newcomb's Ranch -- Roadhouse in the Angeles National Forest, California, USA
Wikipedia - New Evangelical Reformed Church -- French church
Wikipedia - New Evangelization Television -- American Catholic television network
Wikipedia - New evangelization
Wikipedia - Newhall incident -- Shootout in Newhall, Los Angeles County, California in 1970
Wikipedia - Newhall Pass -- Mountain pass in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Newhall Ranch, California -- Planned community in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Nicholas Angelich -- American pianist
Wikipedia - Nicky Cruz -- Puerto Rican Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Night Angels -- 1987 film directed by Wilson Barros
Wikipedia - Nikolina Angelkova -- Bulgarian politician
Wikipedia - Nithya Raman -- Indian-American urban planner, activist, and Los Angeles City Councilmember-elect for the 4th District
Wikipedia - Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife -- Nigerian charismatic leader, pastor and televangelist
Wikipedia - Norman Angell -- British politician and Nobel Laureate
Wikipedia - Norman Geisler -- American evangelical theologian
Wikipedia - Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church
Wikipedia - Northridge Hospital Medical Center -- Hospital in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Northwest Los Angeles -- Region of Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Norton Flats -- Apartment complex in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Not Angels But Angels -- 1994 film by Wiktor Grodecki
Wikipedia - Novena to Saint Michael -- Novena prayed to Saint Michael the Archangel.
Wikipedia - Novoarkhangelsk
Wikipedia - Now Sheba Sings the Song -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - NuAngels -- Ukrainian duo
Wikipedia - Nurse Angel Ririka SOS -- Media franchise based on manga of the same name
Wikipedia - Oasis Church (Los Angeles) -- Christian church in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Obama Boulevard -- Major thoroughfare in Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw district of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Obesotoma laevigata -- A species of sea snail in the family Mangeliidae
Wikipedia - Occidental College -- Liberal arts college in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Office Ladies -- Podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Wikipedia - Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Oksovsky -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Olav Rasmussen Langeland -- Norwegian politician
Wikipedia - Old Angel Midnight -- Book by Jack Kerouac
Wikipedia - Olvera Street -- historic district in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Only Angels Have Wings -- 1939 film by Howard Hawks
Wikipedia - On the Pulse of Morning -- Poem by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - On the Road with the Archangel -- 1997 novel by Frederick Buechner
Wikipedia - Open Brethren -- Evangelical Christian churches
Wikipedia - Open-source evangelist
Wikipedia - Oral Roberts University -- Private evangelical liberal arts university in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wikipedia - Orange Curtain -- Unofficial boundary between Orange and Los Angeles counties in California
Wikipedia - Orange-throated sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Order of Lutheran Franciscans -- American Evangelical Lutheran religious order
Wikipedia - Original Pantry Cafe -- Coffee shop and restaurant in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Orlando Costas -- Hispanic Evangelical theologian and missiologist
Wikipedia - Orna Angel -- Israeli politician
Wikipedia - Other Angels -- 2010 Turkish drama film
Wikipedia - Otis College of Art and Design -- Art school in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - O Trapalhao na Arca de NoM-CM-) -- 1983 film directed by Del Rangel
Wikipedia - Our Lady of Grace (Encino) -- Catholic church and elementary school in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Our Lady of Mercy with Saints and Angels -- Painting by Lucas Signorelli
Wikipedia - Our Lady of the Angels School fire -- 1958 school fire in Chicago, Illinois
Wikipedia - Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church (Kula, Hawaii)
Wikipedia - Outfest -- Non-profit that produces two Annual film festivals held in Los Angeles, California, and digitally on its streaming platform OutfestNow. USA
Wikipedia - Over the Rainbow (Angela Zhang album) -- 2004 studio album by Angela Chang
Wikipedia - Owlwood Estate -- historic estate in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18 mm -- digital compact ultra wide angel lens
Wikipedia - Panis angelicus
Wikipedia - Paolo Angelo Ballerini
Wikipedia - Paolo Pietrangeli -- Italian film director
Wikipedia - Paper Thin (Illenium, Tom DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves song) -- 2020 song by Illenium, Tom DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves
Wikipedia - Pa' Que la Pases Bien -- 2008 single by Arcangel
Wikipedia - Paramount Theatre (Los Angeles) -- Former movie theater in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Paseo del Mar -- Street in San Pedro, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Paths of Death and Angels -- 1991 film
Wikipedia - Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders -- Punk rock band from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Paula Angel -- American woman convicted of murder and legally executed
Wikipedia - Paula White -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Paul Davies (artist) -- Australian artist working in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Pauley Pavilion -- Sporting arena in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Paul Henkel -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Paulist Fathers -- Roman Catholic evangelical society
Wikipedia - Paulo Angeles -- Filipino actor, singer and dancer
Wikipedia - Paul Wiener -- Head of the Transylvanian Saxons' Evangelical Church
Wikipedia - Pavel Angelov -- Bulgarian luger
Wikipedia - Peck Park -- Public park in Los Angeles, USA
Wikipedia - Pedro, the Angel of Olvera Street -- 1946 Picture book
Wikipedia - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels -- American television series
Wikipedia - Pentecostal World Fellowship -- Fellowship of Evangelical Pentecostal churches
Wikipedia - Percy Crawford -- American evangelist (1902-1960)
Wikipedia - Perry DeAngelis -- American podcaster (1963-2007)
Wikipedia - Perugia Altarpiece -- Painting by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Petar Angelov (equestrian) -- Bulgarian equestrian
Wikipedia - Pete Angelus -- American music artist manager
Wikipedia - Peter Angelos -- American trial lawyer
Wikipedia - Peter Faber -- Jesuit priest and evangelist
Wikipedia - Peter Mangels -- Brazilian sailor
Wikipedia - Peter Popoff -- German-American televangelist
Wikipedia - Peter Strauss Ranch -- Regional park in Los Angeles County, CA operated by the National Park Service
Wikipedia - Petit Eva: Evangelion@School -- Parody series based on Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Phanuel (angel) -- Fourth angel who stands before God in the Book of Enoch
Wikipedia - Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Phil Angelides -- American politician
Wikipedia - Philip the Evangelist -- 1st-century Christian saint
Wikipedia - Phoebe Palmer -- Evangelist and writer
Wikipedia - Piedmont University -- Christian university in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Pier Angeli -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Pierangelo Bertoli -- Italian singer-songwriter
Wikipedia - Pierangelo Congiu -- Italian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary -- Cemetery in Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Pieta (Michelangelo) -- Sculpture by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - Pietro Angeletti -- Italian painter
Wikipedia - Pinega -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Pink's Hot Dogs -- Landmark hot dog restaurant in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Pink Taco -- Mexican restaurant chain in Los Angeles, Cal.
Wikipedia - Pirulintia angelinae -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Pirus -- Los Angeles street gang formed by Isaiah A Franklin
Wikipedia - Platinum Dunes -- Film production company in Los Angeles, California, USA
Wikipedia - PLATO Society of Los Angeles -- Adult education in the United States
Wikipedia - Plesetsk -- Urban locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Poetry of Maya Angelou -- Maya Angelou's poetic works
Wikipedia - Political influence of Evangelicalism in Latin America
Wikipedia - Politics of Los Angeles County -- Information on politics of Los Angeles County residents
Wikipedia - Pomona Valley -- Valley in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties in California
Wikipedia - Ponte Sant' Angelo
Wikipedia - Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization
Wikipedia - Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)
Wikipedia - Por Amar a Ciegas -- 2008 single by Arcangel
Wikipedia - Portal:Evangelical Christianity
Wikipedia - Portal:Greater Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Port Angeles, Washington -- City in Washington, United States
Wikipedia - Port of Arkhangelsk -- Port in Russia
Wikipedia - Port of Los Angeles -- Harbor in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Power Team -- Group of Christian Evangelists
Wikipedia - Praeparatio Evangelica
Wikipedia - Pravuil (angel)
Wikipedia - Presbyterian Church of Brazil -- Evangelical Protestant Christian denomination in Brazil
Wikipedia - Primero Soy Mexicana -- 2018 album by Mexican singer M-CM-^Angela Aguilar
Wikipedia - Princess Angela of Liechtenstein -- Princess of Liechtenstein
Wikipedia - ProElite -- MMA promoter based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Professor Marston and the Wonder Women -- 2017 film by Angela Robinson
Wikipedia - Promenade Towers -- High-rise apartment complex in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Promise Keepers -- Evangelical Christian organization for men
Wikipedia - Prophecy of Seventy Weeks -- In the Bible, a prophecy given to Daniel by the angel Gabriel
Wikipedia - Providence Holy Cross Medical Center -- Hospital in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - PTL Satellite Network -- Defunct evangelical Christian television network
Wikipedia - Pueblo de Los M-CM-^Angeles -- predecessor to modern Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Puente Hills Mall -- Shopping mall is Los Angeles County, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Puerta del M-CM-^Angel (Madrid Metro) -- Madrid Metro station
Wikipedia - Puksoozero -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Purple Line Extension -- Future subway corridor in western Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Purple-throated sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Pyotr Wrangel
Wikipedia - Pyramidobela angelarum -- Species of moth
Wikipedia - Quebec Biker War -- Gang war in Quebec between the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels
Wikipedia - Queen of Angels Foundation
Wikipedia - Queen of Angels (novel) -- 1990 science fiction novel by Greg Bear
Wikipedia - Radar angels -- Radar effect
Wikipedia - Rafael M-CM-^Angel Calderon Guardia -- 29th President of Costa Rica
Wikipedia - Rafael PM-CM-)rez (police officer) -- Former Los Angeles Police officer and convicted criminal
Wikipedia - Raguel (angel)
Wikipedia - R. A. Hardie -- Canadian physician and evangelist
Wikipedia - Ralph Angel
Wikipedia - Raphael (archangel) -- archangel responsible for healing in most Abrahamic religions
Wikipedia - Rapture Ready -- Evangelical Christian website that argues that the rapture will occur in the near future and tracks real-world events supposedly foretold in the Bible
Wikipedia - Rasmus Olsen Langeland -- Norwegian Minister of Labour
Wikipedia - Ray Comfort -- New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist
Wikipedia - Raziel -- Archangel
Wikipedia - Real Life Ministries -- Non-denominational Evangelical Christian church in Idaho
Wikipedia - Rebel Angels: 25 Poets of the New Formalism -- Poetry compilation
Wikipedia - Recording angel
Wikipedia - Recording the Angel -- Live album
Wikipedia - Record Plant -- Recording studio in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - REDCAT -- Arts center inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Red Devils Motorcycle Club -- Outlaw motorcycle group of the Hells Angels MC
Wikipedia - Red Five (band) -- American punk rock band from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Reed Mangels -- American dietician
Wikipedia - Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa -- Christian denomination in South Africa
Wikipedia - Regine Angeles -- Filipino actor and model
Wikipedia - Regional Connector -- Light rail tunnel under construction in Downtown Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Rei Ayanami -- Fictional character in the media franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Reinhard Bonnke -- German Pentecostal evangelist
Wikipedia - Remigio M-CM-^Angel Gonzalez -- Mexican media mogul
Wikipedia - Replicas of Michelangelo's David
Wikipedia - Rex Humbard -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Reyhan Angelova -- Bulgarian singer
Wikipedia - Reynaldo G. Evangelista -- 21st-century Bishop of Imus
Wikipedia - Richa Langella -- Indian film actress
Wikipedia - Richard Angelo -- American serial killer and former nurse
Wikipedia - Richfield Tower -- 1929 building was the headquarters of Richfield Oil in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Rifka Angel -- Russian-American artist
Wikipedia - Riverside Line -- Metrolink commuter rail line linking Downtown Los Angeles to Ontario and Riverside
Wikipedia - RM-CM-)quiem para Laura Martin -- 2011 film directed by Luiz Rangel, Paulo Duarte
Wikipedia - Roberta Angelilli -- Italian politician
Wikipedia - Robert Angeloch -- American painter
Wikipedia - Robert Barron -- Prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, author, scholar and Catholic evangelist
Wikipedia - Robert Cooley Angell -- American sociologist
Wikipedia - Robert P. Shuler -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Robert Schuller -- American television evangelist (1926-2015)
Wikipedia - Robert Stearns -- American pastor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Robert Tilton -- American television evangelist
Wikipedia - Robin DiAngelo -- American academic (born 1956)
Wikipedia - Robin Hood Ventures -- Group of angel investors, focused on early-stage, high-growth companies
Wikipedia - Rodger Young Village -- Veteran housing project in Los Angeles, 1946
Wikipedia - Roger Angell -- American essayist
Wikipedia - Roger Angel -- British-born American astronomer
Wikipedia - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Puebla de los Angeles
Wikipedia - Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center -- hospital in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Ron St. Angelo -- American photographer
Wikipedia - Rosangela Balbo -- Argentinian actor
Wikipedia - Rosecrans Avenue -- Street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Rosecrans station -- Bus rapid transit station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Rosemead, California -- City in Los Angeles County, California, United States
Wikipedia - Rosina Davies -- Welsh evangelist
Wikipedia - Route of California High-Speed Rail -- Connecting the downtowns of San Francisco and Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Royal sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Roy Hampton -- Los Angeles City Council member
Wikipedia - Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya line -- Planned line of Moscow Metro
Wikipedia - Saddleback Mountain (Rangeley, Maine) -- Mountain in Maine, United States of America
Wikipedia - Saint Angelar
Wikipedia - Saint Angelina of Serbia
Wikipedia - Saint Angelus
Wikipedia - Saint James and Saint Lucy Predella -- Series of paintings by Fra Angelico
Wikipedia - Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church Complex
Wikipedia - Saint John the Evangelist (Wautier) -- 1650s painting by Michaelina Wautier
Wikipedia - Saint Matthew and the Angel (Savoldo) -- Painting by Girolamo Savoldo
Wikipedia - Saint Michael Defeats the Rebel Angels (Beccafumi) -- Painting by Domenico di Pace Beccafumi
Wikipedia - Saint Michael the Archangel Serbian Orthodox Church (Toronto)
Wikipedia - Saint Michael the Archangel
Wikipedia - Saint Raphael the Archangel
Wikipedia - Saint Rosalia Crowned by Angels (Houston)
Wikipedia - Saint Rosalia Crowned by Angels (London)
Wikipedia - Saint Rosalia Crowned by Angels (Palermo)
Wikipedia - Saints & Angels -- 2001 single by Sara Evans
Wikipedia - Saint Sebastian and the Angel -- Painting by Carlo Bononi
Wikipedia - Salesian High School (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - Samoded -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Samuel Angell -- British architect and archaeologist
Wikipedia - Samuel Goldwyn Estate -- Detached house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Samuel Rodriguez -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - San Angeles
Wikipedia - San Bernardino Line -- Metrolink commuter rail line linking Downtown Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Valley and San Bernardino
Wikipedia - Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo
Wikipedia - Sandow Birk -- American visual artist from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery -- Cemetery in Los Angeles, USA
Wikipedia - San Fernando Road -- major street in the City and County Los Angeles
Wikipedia - San Fernando Valley -- large populated valley in Los Angeles County, California, US
Wikipedia - San Gabriel Complex Fire -- 2016 wildfire in the Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - San Gabriel Mountains -- Mountain range in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, California
Wikipedia - Sangeli -- Village in Maharashtra
Wikipedia - Sani Ibrahim Azar -- Bishop of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land
Wikipedia - San Marco Evangelista, Osimo -- Roman Catholic church in Italy
Wikipedia - San Michele Arcangelo ai Corridori di Borgo -- Church building in Rome, Italy, demolished in 1939
Wikipedia - San Miguel Arcangel Church (Cabo Rojo) -- Historic church in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - San Pedro, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Santa Clara River (California) -- River in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, California
Wikipedia - Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Railroad Bridge -- Historic bridge in Los Angeles, USA
Wikipedia - Santa Fe Springs, California -- City in Los Angeles County, California, US
Wikipedia - Santa Monica Air Line -- former train service from Los Angeles to Santa Monica
Wikipedia - Santa Monica Cycle Path -- Bicycle path in Los Angeles, CA
Wikipedia - Sant'Angelo della Polvere -- Italian island
Wikipedia - Sant'Angelo in Pontano
Wikipedia - Sant'Angelo Limosano
Wikipedia - Sant'Angelo Lodigiano
Wikipedia - Sant'Angelo, Milan -- Church in Milan, Italy
Wikipedia - Santo Angelo Custode, Alcamo -- Church building in Alcamo, Italy
Wikipedia - Santo (art) -- Wooden or ivory statues that depict saints, angels
Wikipedia - Sarah Angelina Acland -- English photographer
Wikipedia - Sariel -- Archangel of Judaic tradition
Wikipedia - Scott Banister -- American entrepreneur and angel investor
Wikipedia - Scrivner's Drive-In -- Drive-in movie theater in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Seal of Los Angeles County, California -- Official emblem of Los Angeles County, California, USA
Wikipedia - Sean Pangelinan -- Guamanian sprint canoer
Wikipedia - Second Merkel cabinet -- Cabinet in the German federal government headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel (2009-2013)
Wikipedia - Selina Mills -- English educator and evangelist
Wikipedia - Semyon Dukach -- Russian angel investor, professional blackjack player, and entrepreneur
Wikipedia - Senshin Buddhist Temple -- Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Sepulveda Boulevard -- Street in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Seraph -- Type of angel in Abrahamic religions
Wikipedia - Set the Night on Fire -- Book about Los Angeles in the 1960s with a focus on civil rights
Wikipedia - Seven Archangels
Wikipedia - Shadow of Angels -- 1976 film
Wikipedia - Shaker, Why Don't You Sing? -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Shakespeare Bridge -- A Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument
Wikipedia - Shakespeare by the Sea, Los Angeles -- American theatre company
Wikipedia - Shattered Angels -- Japanese manga and anime television series
Wikipedia - Shawn Fanning -- American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and angel investor
Wikipedia - Sheats Apartments -- Historic building in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Sheats-Goldstein Residence -- House in Beverly Crest, Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Shepherd Bushiri -- Christian charismatic evangelical preacher from Malawi
Wikipedia - Shervin Pishevar -- Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, super angel investor, and philanthropist
Wikipedia - She's No Angel -- 2001 television film by Rachel Feldman
Wikipedia - She Talks to Angels -- 1989 single by The Black Crowes
Wikipedia - Shi'i Reformation in Iran: The Life and Theology of Shari'at Sangelaji -- 2015 book by Ali Rahnema
Wikipedia - Shinji Ikari -- Fictional character in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - Shirley Caesar -- American gospel singer, evangelist
Wikipedia - Shooting of Ezell Ford -- 2014 homicide by Los Angeles Police Department
Wikipedia - Shop Angel -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Shoson Nagahara -- Japanese-American writer (Los Angeles, California)
Wikipedia - Shoulder angel -- Plot device used for an effect in fictional works
Wikipedia - Shrine Auditorium -- Large event venue in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Shyla Angela Prasad -- beauty pageant titleholder
Wikipedia - Siege of Los Angeles -- Response by armed Mexican civilians to the occupation in 1846 by the United States Marines
Wikipedia - Silver Lake Reservoir -- Water supply reservoir for the city of Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - Simple church -- Evangelical Christian movement
Wikipedia - Sinai Temple (Los Angeles) -- Conservative Jewish congregation and synagogue
Wikipedia - Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas -- 1976 autobiography by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Sinner's prayer -- Evangelical Christian term referring to any prayer of repentance
Wikipedia - Sister Angelica (film) -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - Sister Angelika -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - Sixth Street Viaduct -- Bridge in Los Angeles, CA, US
Wikipedia - Sky Angel
Wikipedia - Slauson station (J Line) -- Bus rapid transit station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Smiling Angel -- Statue of an angel in Reims, France
Wikipedia - Smoke (1/3) -- Sculpture by Tony Smith at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Wikipedia - Snow Angels (film) -- 2007 film by David Gordon Green
Wikipedia - Solangella -- Genus of beetles
Wikipedia - Soledad Fire -- 2020 wildfire in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Solovetsky, Arkhangelsk Oblast -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Songwriters Hall of Fame -- Hall of fame and museum located on Olympic Blvd in downtown Los Angeles, California, US
Wikipedia - Sonia Y. Angell -- American public health leader
Wikipedia - Sonny Barger -- American gang member and founding member of Hells Angels
Wikipedia - Sorry Angel -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - Soultone Cymbals -- Cymbal manufacturer based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Soundtrack from Twin Peaks -- album by Angelo Badalamenti
Wikipedia - Sourdough Peak -- summit in the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska, USA
Wikipedia - Southern Evangelical Seminary -- Christina college in North Carolina, U.S.
Wikipedia - Southwestern Law School -- Private law school is Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Southwest Museum of the American Indian -- Museum, library, and archive in Los Angeles, California that is part of Autry Museum of the American West.
Wikipedia - Spanish missions in California -- Historic religious outposts founded by Catholic priests of the Franciscan order to evangelize Native Americans
Wikipedia - SportsChannel Los Angeles -- Defunct American regional sports network
Wikipedia - Sports in Los Angeles -- Competitive physical activities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area
Wikipedia - Spring Street (Los Angeles) -- Historic district in Downtown Los Angeles
Wikipedia - St. Angela Merici's Church (Bronx)
Wikipedia - Stanislawa Angel-Engelowna -- Polish actress
Wikipedia - Stan Kenton Conducts the Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra -- 1965 album by Stan Kenton
Wikipedia - Staples Center -- Multi-purpose Arena in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - St. Archangel Michael Skete -- Oldest Eastern Orthodox monastery in North America
Wikipedia - Statue of Bruce Lee (Los Angeles) -- Public art
Wikipedia - Statue of Junipero Serra (Los Angeles) -- Statue in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Steel Angel Kurumi -- Manga
Wikipedia - Stefano degli Angeli
Wikipedia - Steve Chong -- Australian evangelist (born 1978)
Wikipedia - Steve DeAngelo -- American cannabis rights activist
Wikipedia - Steve Hill (evangelist) -- American pastor
Wikipedia - St. Francis Dam -- Former dam in Los Angeles County, California, US
Wikipedia - St. Joachim and St. John the Evangelist's Church (Beacon, New York)
Wikipedia - St. Johannes Evangelist -- Catholic church in Selm, Germany
Wikipedia - St John the Evangelist at Patmos -- Painting by Paul Bril
Wikipedia - St. John the Evangelist Church (Manhattan)
Wikipedia - St. John the Evangelist's Church (Pawling)
Wikipedia - St. John Vianney High School (Los Angeles)
Wikipedia - St. Mark the Evangelist Church (New York City)
Wikipedia - St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church (Los Angeles) -- Coptic church in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - St. Mary of the Angels Monastery (Florence) -- Monastery in Italy
Wikipedia - St. Mel (Woodland Hills, California) -- Catholic church and elementary school in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - St Michael & All Angels, Nether Wasdale -- Anglican parish church in Cumbria
Wikipedia - St Michael and All Angels Church, Blantyre -- Church in Malawi
Wikipedia - St Michael and All Angels Church, Colwinston -- Church in Colwinston, Wales
Wikipedia - St Michael's Flags and Angel Meadow Park -- Park in Manchester
Wikipedia - St. Michael the Archangel Church (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)
Wikipedia - Stoyanka Angelova -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Strangelet -- Type of hypothetical particle
Wikipedia - Strangelove (song) -- 1987 single by Depeche Mode
Wikipedia - St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church -- Catholic church in Raleigh, North Carolina
Wikipedia - Strathmore Apartments -- Historic building in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Street Angel (1928 film) -- 1928 film by Frank Borzage
Wikipedia - Strikeforce: Los Angeles -- Strikeforce mixed martial arts event in 2010
Wikipedia - St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India
Wikipedia - Suicidal Angels -- Greek thrash metal band
Wikipedia - Sukrimangela-Jabalpur Passenger -- Train in India
Wikipedia - Sunangel -- Genus of birds
Wikipedia - Sunland Boulevard -- Street in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Sunset Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Sunset Limited -- Los Angeles-New Orleans passenger train
Wikipedia - Suomen Poikien ja Tyttojen Keskus -- Finnish Evangelical Lutheran youth service organization
Wikipedia - Superior: The Return of Race Science -- 2019 book by Angela Saini on scientific racism
Wikipedia - Systems Plus College Foundation -- Private collegel in Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
Wikipedia - Talking Angela -- Chatterbot app created by Outfit7
Wikipedia - Talk of Angels -- 1998 film directed by Nick Hamm
Wikipedia - Tallest building in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Tammy Faye Messner -- American evangelist
Wikipedia - Tangelo -- Citrus fruit hybrid
Wikipedia - Tar Angel -- 2001 film directed by Denis Chouinard
Wikipedia - Tarnished Angel -- 1938 American film directed by Leslie Goodwins
Wikipedia - Taromaru Angelland Station -- Railway station in Sakai, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Wikipedia - Team AngelicvM
Wikipedia - Technology evangelist
Wikipedia - Telegraph Road (Los Angeles) -- Arterial road in Los Angeles County
Wikipedia - Telemaco Arcangeli -- Italian racewalker
Wikipedia - Televangelism -- Use of media, specifically radio and television, to communicate Christianity
Wikipedia - Television City -- Television studio complex in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Template talk:Angelo, Tyrant of Padua
Wikipedia - Template talk:Angels in Abrahamic religions
Wikipedia - Template talk:Evangeline
Wikipedia - Teresa Saponangelo -- Italian actress
Wikipedia - Terminals of Los Angeles International Airport -- Nine passenger terminals with 133 gates
Wikipedia - Territorial spirit -- Angels or demons who rule over certain geographical areas
Wikipedia - Terry Virgo -- Founder of an English Evangelical church
Wikipedia - Texas Lutheran University -- Private Evangelical Lutheran university in Seguin, Texas., United States
Wikipedia - The Adventure of the Dark Angels
Wikipedia - The Angelic Conversation (album)
Wikipedia - The Angelic Conversation (film) -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - The Angel, Islington -- Historic landmark and a series of buildings that have stood on the corner of Islington High Street and Pentonville Road in Islington, London, England
Wikipedia - The Angel Levine -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - The Angel of Broadway -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - The Angel of Contention -- 1914 film
Wikipedia - The Angel of the Alps -- 1957 film
Wikipedia - The Angel of the Crows -- Book by Katherine Addison
Wikipedia - The Angel of the West Window
Wikipedia - The Angel of Vengeance - The Female Hamlet -- 1977 film
Wikipedia - The Angel on the Roof -- Collection of short stories by Russell Banks
Wikipedia - The Angel's Game -- 2008 novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Wikipedia - The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People' -- 2005 album
Wikipedia - The Angel (Songs of Experience)
Wikipedia - The Angels Wash Their Faces -- 1939 film by Ray Enright
Wikipedia - The Angelus (painting) -- Painting by Jean Francois Millet in the MusM-CM-)e D'Orsay
Wikipedia - The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1959 film) -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp -- 1956 film by Alan Bromly
Wikipedia - The Angel with the Flaming Sword -- 1954 film
Wikipedia - The Angel with the Trumpet (1948 film) -- 1948 film
Wikipedia - The Angel with the Trumpet (1950 film) -- 1950 film by Anthony Bushell
Wikipedia - The Angel Wore Red -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - The Archangel Michael (icon) -- 13th-century Russian icon
Wikipedia - The Archangel Raphael and Tobias -- C. 1465 painting by Piero del Pollaiolo
Wikipedia - The Archangel Raphael and Tobias with Two Saints -- Painting by Cima da Conegliano
Wikipedia - The Archangel's Feather -- 2002 film
Wikipedia - The Archangel -- 1969 film
Wikipedia - The Beautiful Angel -- Painting by Paul Gauguin
Wikipedia - The Better Angels of Our Nature -- 2011 book by Steven Pinker
Wikipedia - The Black Angels (band) -- Band
Wikipedia - The Bloody Chamber -- Collection of short stories by Angela Carter
Wikipedia - The Blooming Angel -- 1920 film by Victor Schertzinger
Wikipedia - The Blue Angel (1959 film) -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - The Blue Angel (novel) -- Doctor Who novel by Paul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad
Wikipedia - The Blue Angel -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - The Changeling (1980 film)
Wikipedia - The Changeling Sea -- Fantasy novel
Wikipedia - The Christmas Anna Angel -- 1944 Picture book
Wikipedia - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf -- A Filipino-owned international coffee and tea shop chain based in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - The Comeback (2001 film) -- 2001 film by Franco Angeli
Wikipedia - The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou -- Book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - The Conversion of Saul (Michelangelo) -- Fresco by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - The Creation of Adam -- Painting by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - The Crow: City of Angels (video game) -- 1997 video game
Wikipedia - The Crow: City of Angels -- 1996 film directed by Tim Pope
Wikipedia - The Daily Dose Cafe -- Organic cafM-CM-) and espresso bar in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - The Dark Angel (1925 film) -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - The Dead Christ with Angels -- 1864 oil painting by Edouard Manet
Wikipedia - The Destroying Angel and Daemons of Evil Interrupting the Orgies of the Vicious and Intemperate -- 1832 painting by William Etty
Wikipedia - The Earth Angels -- Spanish vocal group
Wikipedia - The End of Evangelion -- 1997 film directed by Hideaki Anno
Wikipedia - The Evangelist (film) -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - The Exterminating Angel (film)
Wikipedia - The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Bruegel) -- Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Wikipedia - The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Floris) -- Painting by Frans Floris
Wikipedia - The Foursquare Church -- Evangelical Pentecostal Christian denomination
Wikipedia - The Fourth Angel -- 2001 film by John Irvin
Wikipedia - The Funicular of Mount Faloria -- 1950 film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
Wikipedia - The Gate of Angels -- 1990 novel by Penelope Fitzgerald
Wikipedia - The Glitch Mob -- American electronic trio based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - The Guardian Angel (1990 film) -- 1990 film
Wikipedia - The Heart of a Woman -- book by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel -- Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - The Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist and an Angel -- Painting by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi (aka Il Sodoma)
Wikipedia - The Hot Angel -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - The Immaculate Conception with St John the Evangelist -- C. 1585 painting by El Greco
Wikipedia - The Iraq War: A Historiography of Wikipedia Changelogs
Wikipedia - The Japanese Garden -- Japanese garden in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles -- Newspaper in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - The Jumping Bomb Angels -- Professional wrestling tag team
Wikipedia - The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)
Wikipedia - The Littlest Angel -- 1946 children's book by Charles Tazewell
Wikipedia - The Los Angeles Times
Wikipedia - The Magic Toyshop -- 1967 novel by Angela Carter
Wikipedia - The Manor (Los Angeles) -- Mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - The Masked Angel -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - Theme Building -- Iconic structure at California's Los Angeles International Airport
Wikipedia - Themes in Maya Angelou's autobiographies -- Themes including racism, identity, family, and travel
Wikipedia - Themes of Neon Genesis Evangelion -- Academic analyses of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wikipedia - The Migration of the Angel -- 2001 film by Nodar Managadze
Wikipedia - The Night Angel Trilogy -- Fantasy novel series by Brent Weeks
Wikipedia - The Night Angel -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - Theo Angelopoulos -- Greek film director, screenwriter and film producer
Wikipedia - The Painted Angel -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - The Palace of Angels -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen -- Biographical documentary film about Angela Bowen
Wikipedia - The Politics of Evangelical Identity -- 2014 book
Wikipedia - The Real World: Los Angeles -- Season of television series
Wikipedia - The Rescuing Angel -- 1919 film by Walter Edwards
Wikipedia - The Runaways -- American all-female rock band from Los Angeles
Wikipedia - The Salvation Army -- Evangelical Christian church and charitable organisation
Wikipedia - The Shopworn Angel (1928 film) -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - The Shopworn Angel -- 1938 film by H. C. Potter
Wikipedia - The Smell -- Music venue in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - The Sorrow of Telemachus -- 1783 painting by Angelica Kauffmann
Wikipedia - The Stone Angel -- book by Margaret Laurence
Wikipedia - The Strange Case of Angelica -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - The Time of the Angels -- Novel by Iris Murdoch
Wikipedia - The Titan: Story of Michelangelo -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - The Torment of Saint Anthony (Michelangelo)
Wikipedia - The Torment of Saint Anthony -- 1480s painting by Michelangelo
Wikipedia - The White Angel (1936 film) -- 1936 American film depicting Florence Nightingale directed by William Dieterle
Wikipedia - The Woman in Black: Angel of Death -- 2014 film by Tom Harper
Wikipedia - The Wounded Angel (film) -- 2016 film
Wikipedia - The Wrecking Crew (music) -- Loose collective of session musicians based in Los Angeles whose services were employed for thousands of studio recordings in the 1960s and 1970s
Wikipedia - Thomas Foster (Los Angeles) -- American physician and politician from California
Wikipedia - Thomas Kilgore Jr. -- American Christian evangelist
Wikipedia - Thomas Moller -- Swedish Hells Angels leader
Wikipedia - Thought Gang -- 2018 album by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch
Wikipedia - Three Angels Broadcasting Network -- Seventh-day Adventist television and radio network
Wikipedia - Three Angels' Messages
Wikipedia - Three Black Angels -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - Throne (angel) -- Class of angels
Wikipedia - Thundercat (musician) -- American musician from Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Timeline of Los Angeles -- Timeline of the history of Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Times Mirror Square -- Complex of buildings in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Tingeltangel -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - Tingel Tangel -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - Tingel-Tangel -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - TMZ -- American celebrity tabloid news website based in Los Angeles.
Wikipedia - Tobias and the Angel (Savoldo) -- C. 1527 painting by Girolamo Savoldo
Wikipedia - Tocame -- 2020 single by Anitta featuring Arcangel and De La Ghetto
Wikipedia - Todor Angelov -- Belgian resistance member
Wikipedia - Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness -- 2003 action-adventure video game
Wikipedia - Tom Lester -- American actor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Tommy Reid (pastor) -- American pastor and evangelist
Wikipedia - Toms Shoes -- Footwear company based in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Tony Evangelista -- Canadian soccer referee
Wikipedia - Torre Angela (Rome Metro) -- Rome metro station
Wikipedia - Touched by an Angel -- American drama television series (1994-2003)
Wikipedia - Tourmaline sunangel -- Species of bird
Wikipedia - Tout oublier -- 2018 song by Angele and RomM-CM-)o Elvis
Wikipedia - Traitors of San Angel -- 1967 film by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
Wikipedia - Transportation in Greater Los Angeles -- complex multimodal regional, national and international hub for passenger and freight traffic
Wikipedia - Transportation in Los Angeles -- complex multimodal regional, national and international hub for passenger and freight traffic
Wikipedia - Tsvetanka Rangelova -- Bulgarian gymnast
Wikipedia - Turbo Angels -- Slovenian turbo-folk quartet
Wikipedia - Two Angels and a Sinner -- 1945 film
Wikipedia - Typhlomangelia nodosolirata -- Species of sea snail
Wikipedia - Typhlomangelia -- Genus of sea snails
Wikipedia - Typhoon Angela -- Pacific typhoon in 1995
Wikipedia - UCLA Bruins men's soccer -- college men's soccer team representing the University of California, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - UCLA Bruins women's gymnastics -- College women's gymnastics team representing the University of California, Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Uebert Angel -- Ministry founder, televangelist, businessman
Wikipedia - Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya -- Moscow Metro station
Wikipedia - Unbroken (film) -- 2014 American war film by Angelina Jolie
Wikipedia - Union Station (Los Angeles) -- Main railway station in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - United Evangelical Church in Puerto Rico -- Founded on January 28, 1931 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Wikipedia - United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India
Wikipedia - United Evangelical Lutheran Church -- Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - United Methodist Church -- Methodist-Christian denomination that is both mainline Protestant and Evangelical
Wikipedia - Universidad de Los Angeles de Chimbote
Wikipedia - University of California at Los Angeles
Wikipedia - University of California in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - University of California, Los Angeles Library
Wikipedia - University of California Los Angeles
Wikipedia - University of California, Los Angeles -- Public research university in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - University of Northwestern - St. Paul -- Evangelical Christian college
Wikipedia - University of Southern California -- Private research university in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Unshaken -- Neo soul song by D'Angelo
Wikipedia - U.S. Bank Tower (Los Angeles) -- Skyscraper in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - User talk:Angela/Archive8
Wikipedia - U.S. Route 66 -- Former US Highway between Chicago and Los Angeles
Wikipedia - USS Greeneville -- Los Angeles-class attack submarine
Wikipedia - USS Honolulu (SSN-718) -- Los Angeles-class submarine
Wikipedia - USS Indianapolis (SSN-697) -- Los Angeles-class submarine of the US Navy
Wikipedia - Uster Reformed Church -- Evangelical Reformed church in Swiss municipality of Uster in Canton of Zurich
Wikipedia - Vala (Middle-earth) -- Divine or angelic race in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium
Wikipedia - Valencia, Santa Clarita, California -- Neighborhood of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Valerio Evangelisti
Wikipedia - Valle dell'Angelo
Wikipedia - Vanessa Alfaro -- Bolivian designer, entrepreneur, model and actress based in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Vangelis Haritatos -- Zimbabwean businessman and politician
Wikipedia - Vangelis Khrysafis -- Greek sports shooter
Wikipedia - Vangelis Meimarakis -- Greek politician
Wikipedia - Vangelis Mourikis -- Greek actor
Wikipedia - Vangelis Ploios -- Greek actor
Wikipedia - Vangelis Raptopoulos -- Greek novelist
Wikipedia - Vangelis Rinas -- Greek painter and sculptor
Wikipedia - Vangelis -- Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music
Wikipedia - Van Nuys Airport -- Airport in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA
Wikipedia - Van Nuys Apartments -- Historic building in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah -- Indian evangelist and the first Indian bishop in the churches of the Anglican Communion
Wikipedia - Venice Family Clinic -- Health center in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Ventura County Line -- Metrolink commuter rail line linking Downtown Los Angeles to Ventura County
Wikipedia - Venus Angelic -- YouTube personality
Wikipedia - Verkhnyaya Toyma, Arkhangelsk Oblast -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Vermont Square Park -- Urban park in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Vicky Angel -- 2000 novel by Jacqueline Wilson
Wikipedia - Victor A. Gangelin -- American set decorator
Wikipedia - Victorian Downtown Los Angeles -- Historical neighborhood in California, US
Wikipedia - Victor M-CM-^Angel Pagan -- Puerto Rican weightlifter
Wikipedia - Victory Boulevard (Los Angeles) -- Arterial road traversing the entire length of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - VidAngel -- Video streaming service
Wikipedia - Vision Forum -- An evangelical Christian organization based in San Antonio, Texas
Wikipedia - Vista Theatre (Los Angeles) -- Movie theater in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Vitangelo Bisceglia -- Italian philosopher and botanist (1749-1822)
Wikipedia - Vittorio De Angelis -- Italian voice actor
Wikipedia - Voltage Pictures -- Los Angeles-based American film financing, production and distributing company
Wikipedia - Voodoo (D'Angelo album)
Wikipedia - Voogie's Angel -- Original video animation
Wikipedia - Vystavka, Votlazhemsky Selsoviet, Kotlassky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Waldangelbach -- River in Germany
Wikipedia - Waldensian Evangelical Church -- Italian Protestant denomination
Wikipedia - Walt Disney Concert Hall -- Concert hall in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Wikipedia - Walter Stadnick -- Canadian organized crime figure and Hells Angels member
Wikipedia - Washington Boulevard (Los Angeles) -- Road in Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me -- Japanese manga series
Wikipedia - Watcher (angel) -- Class of angelic beings in biblical texts
Wikipedia - Waterford, Hertfordshire -- village in Hertfordshire, England, particularly noted for Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows in St Michael and All Angels church
Wikipedia - Watts riots -- 1965 riots in Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Watts truce -- A 1992 peace agreement among rival street gangs in Los Angeles, California.
Wikipedia - Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina) -- 1996 single by Sponge
Wikipedia - Web of Angels
Wikipedia - Wedge strategy -- Creationist political and social action plan authored by the Discovery Institute, aiming is to change U.S. culture by shaping public policy to reflect politically conservative fundamentalist evangelical Protestant values
Wikipedia - We Had Him -- Poem about Michael Jackson by Maya Angelou
Wikipedia - Werner Leich -- Evangelical Church bishop
Wikipedia - West Angeles Church of God in Christ -- Pentecostal-Holiness Christian church in Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - Western Avenue (Los Angeles) -- Street in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - Westin Bonaventure Hotel -- Hotel in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - West Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Westside Pavilion -- former shopping mall in West Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Westwood Boulevard -- Major street in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Wharf Angel -- 1936 film by William Cameron Menzies
Wikipedia - When Angels Sleep -- 2018 Spanish drama film
Wikipedia - White Fragility -- 2018 book by Robin DiAngelo
Wikipedia - White Marc Bouwer dress of Angelina Jolie -- Dress designed by Marc Bouwer
Wikipedia - Wholesale District, Los Angeles -- Neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Wildlife WayStation -- Former animal sanctuary in Los Angeles County, California
Wikipedia - William J. Henry -- American hymn writer and evangelist
Wikipedia - William Lane Craig -- American Christian apologist and evangelist
Wikipedia - William Mulholland -- engineer and builder of the Los Angeles Aqueduct
Wikipedia - Wilshire Boulevard Temple -- Oldest Jewish congregation in Los Angeles, California with main building topped by a Byzantine revival dome.
Wikipedia - Wilshire Boulevard -- Thoroughfare in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, United States
Wikipedia - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Wikipedia - Wish I Had an Angel -- 2004 single by Nightwish
Wikipedia - Wolfsangel -- German heraldic charge
Wikipedia - Women Are No Angels -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - Women's Center for Creative Work -- Network of women based in Los Angeles who promote art and feminism
Wikipedia - Woodland Hills, Los Angeles -- Neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States
Wikipedia - World Evangelical Alliance
Wikipedia - World Evangelical Fellowship
Wikipedia - World Vision United States -- Evangelical organization
Wikipedia - Wrangel Island -- Island in the Arctic Ocean
Wikipedia - Wrangellia Terrane -- Geological area in northwestern North America
Wikipedia - Wrangell Institute -- Boarding school in Wrangell, Alaska
Wikipedia - Wrangel's fleet -- Remnant of Imperial Russian Black Sea Fleet
Wikipedia - XHEPX-FM -- Radio station in Puerto M-CM-^Angel, Oaxaca
Wikipedia - Xiangning Zhang -- Chinese information technology entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist
Wikipedia - Yamashiro Historic District -- Villa, restaurant, and gardens in Los Angeles, California
Wikipedia - Yarensk -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Yemtsa -- Rural locality in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Wikipedia - Yiye M-CM-^Avila -- Puerto Rican evangelist
Wikipedia - You Bright and Risen Angels -- Book by William T. Vollmann
Wikipedia - You Don't Shoot at Angels -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - Zabriskie Point (film) -- 1970 US drama film by Michelangelo Antonioni
Wikipedia - Zakir Naik -- Indian Islamic televangelist
Wikipedia - Zanjero of Los Angeles -- Official in charge of water management
Wikipedia - Zen Center of Los Angeles
Wikipedia - Zuzu Angel (film) -- 2006 film directed by SM-CM-)rgio Rezende
Wikipedia - Zygaena angelicae -- Species of moth
X-Men (1992 - 1997) - This cartoon is based on the popular Marvel comic by Stan Lee and features several of the characters that made it such a success: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Archangel, Iceman, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, and even Bishop, all students of the benevolent Professor X.
Angela Anaconda (1999 - 2001) - Angela Anaconda was a show about a girl who didnt fit in very well. You know the type the one that is ffriends with all the people that the snobs hate and find geeky or lame.This show first aired on Fox Family.She hates the biggest snob in the school who they call "Ninney Poo".
The A-Team (1983 - 1987) - In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didnt commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no o...
Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995 - 1996) - Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese: VIG@QI Shin Seiki Evangerion) is an anime television series, begun in 1995, directed and written by Hideaki Anno, and produced by Gainax. It takes place in 2015 AD, fifteen years after the catastrophic Second Impact, reportedly caused by a meteor st...
Sanford and Son (1972 - 1977) - One of television's all-time classic sitcoms, the Norman Lear-produced "Sanford and Son" debuted just three days after the one-year anniversary of Lear's fabulously successful, "All in the Family." Fred Sanford is a cantankerous 65-year-old, black, widowed junk dealer living in Los Angeles' Watts ne...
Spiderman and his Amazing Friends (1981 - 1983) - Together as the Spiderfriends, Spiderman, Iceman and Firestar fight supervillians, while their alter-egos, Peter Parker, Bobby Drake and Angelica Jones attend college and live with Peter's Aunt May.
My So-Called Life (1995 - 1995) - My So-Called Life is the award winning dramatic series, which chronicled the life of teenager Angela Chase and her struggle to find her identity. The show followed Angela and her friends through the highs and lows of adolescence. It touched on very real topics such as hand guns in school, illiterac...
Noozles (1988 - 1993) - The Noozles was a light cartoon show that made use of Koalas. The show centered on the adventures of Sandy, a twelve year old girl, a stuffed koala bear named Blinky that came to life when you rubbed your nose with his, and Blinky's sister Pinky (who had the same voice as Angelica from Rugrats). Thi...
Who's the Boss? (1984 - 1992) - A former st. louis cardinals pitcher;Tony Micelli decides to take his daughter out of mean streets of brooklyn. So he takes his daughter; Samantha(Sam) Micelli to a white picket fenced house down in Connecticut to go and work for a Lady named Angela Bower and her son Jonathan Bower. At first, Tony'...
Teen Angel (1997 - 1998) - A teen, Marty DePolo, eats a bad burger, dies, and goes to heaven. There he meets God's cousin, Rod (later known as the Head), who becomes his boss and makes him a gurdian angel for his best friend, Steve, still on earth.
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (1977 - 1981) - Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (1977
Angel (Anime) (1979 - 1980) - Known in Japan as "Hana no Ko Lun lun" this show aired in the US under the title "Angel." Angel is a young girl that descends from both humans and Flower Angels. She is taken on a long journey to the Flower Planet so the dying king's son can take his place on the throne.
Baywatch (1989 - 2001) - Baywatch is an American action drama series about the Los Angeles County Lifeguards who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, starring David Hasselhoff. The show was canceled after its first season on NBC, but survived and later became one of the most watched television shows in the...
Charlie's Angels (1976 - 1981) - Once upon a time, Jill, Sabrina & Kelly were police officers whose skills were being wasted in menial duties such as filing and answering phones. A mysterious millionaire named Charles Townsend took them away from all that by opening his own private investigation agency, and hiring these gorgeous la...
Angel (1999 - 2004) - Angel, a vampire with a soul, left Buffy and Sunnydale behind after deciding that it wasn't safe for him to stay around those he loved and cared about.
What's Happening!! (1976 - 1979) - Roger, Rerun and Dwayne are three buddies growing up in Los Angeles. The three of them always have a penchant for getting into mischief and trying to find ways of getting rich quick. Almost always the trio's schemes wind up getting them into trouble and it is up to Roger's mother to get them out of...
S Club 7 (1999 - 2002) - S Club 7 is actual band. They are all Bristish. They start in Miami as hotel singers in season 1. In season 2 they move to Los Angeles and remian there until the end of the show. They keep trying to get a music contract. They get jobs and have drama with relationships and such on the side. In the la...
All Dogs Go to Heaven (1990 - 1995) - Charlie and Itchy are living as bachelors in present-day San Francisco. In each episode, Annabelle sends them on an angelic mission, but with the ever-present threat of Carface and Killer, completing the task may be easier said than done!
Chico and the Man (1974 - 1978) - Ed Brown was a cantankerous old widower who owned and operated a small filling station in Los Angeles. He hired a fast-talking, cheery young Chicano, Chico Rodriguez, to help him run the place. Since Chico also lived in the garage, the two were always together, and when they weren't bickering betwee...
Wedding Peach (1998 - 1999) - Momoko Hanasaki is a first year junior high student with a crush on upperclassman and soccer captain Kazuya yanagibia. She was an ordinary girl, until the day the angel limone gave her a compact that transformed her into demon fighting love angle wedding peach.
Jake and the Fatman (1987 - 1992) - Jason "Fatman" McCabe is a Hawaii-born, tough former HPD officer turned Los Angeles district attorney. He is teamed with a handsome, happy-go-lucky special investigator named Jake Styles. They often clash due to their different styles and personalities. "Fatman" hardly travels anywhere without his c...
Fish Police (1992 - 1992) - Fish Police, based upon the comic book created by Steve Moncuse, featured John Ritter as the voice of Inspector Gil. Set in Fish City, all the characters were marine life. Other principal voices included Ed Asner as Chief Abalone, JoBeth Williams as Angel, and Megan Mullally as Pearl the waitress. I...
The Gary Coleman Show (1982 - 1983) - The Gary Coleman Show was the short lived animated series based on the made for tv movie "The Kid With The Broken Halo" and stared the Different Strokes star that it was named after. The main premise was that Gary Coleman's character, Andy LeBeau, was an angel in training and is placed on earth to e...
Cannon (1971 - 1976) - Frank Cannon is a Los Angeles based private eye. He live in a luxurious penthouse apartment, eats fine gourmet food, and drives a Lincoln luxury car.
Touched by an Angel (1994 - 2003) - Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Monica, an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her earthly assignments, reports to Tess, her tough, wise, and always loving supervisor. Joining them is Andrew, who, in addition to his duties as...
Out of the Blue (1979 - 1979) - Often thought to be a "Happy Days" spin-off, which it was, this series featured an Angel named Random (Jimmy Brogan) who came to Earth to help an aunt (Dixie Carter, "Designing Women") deal with the gaggle of nieces and nephews she got stuck with after their parents died. Eileen Heckart ("The Bad S...
Room 222 (1969 - 1974) - Room 222 was a drama series that took place in a fictional Los Angeles high school, Walt Whitman High that ran on ABC from 1969-1974. This show is about the daily lives of the teachers & pupils of the school.
Police Woman (1974 - 1978) - Sexy Sgt. Pepper Anderson was an undercover agent for the criminal conspiracy department of the Los Angeles Police Department. Working on a vice-squad team that included detectives Joe Styles and Pete Royster, two other undercover cops, she was called on to pose as everything from a prostitute to a...
Julia (1968 - 1971) - In 1968, Diahann Carroll became the first African American woman to have the lead in a hit TV show, starring as Julia Baker - widowed mother of six year old Corey. Julia moved to Los Angeles following her husband's death (he was a USAF pilot killed in Vietnam) and found a job at the medical office o...
Apple's Way (1974 - 1975) - After years of experiencing the rat race of Los Angeles, George Apple, his wife Barbara and their four children move back to George's hometown of Appleton, Iowa, where adjusting to a new culture, new climate, new friends and a new pace are not as easy as they thought it would be
240-Robert (1979 - 1981) - 240-Robert was a television show that originally aired in 1979 on ABC-TV. It featured the heroic rescues of the Emergency Services Detail of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
Xuxa (1993 - 1993) - XUXA debuted the Fox Box from September-December 1993. It was initially broadcast by 124 stations across the country. The shows were produced on sound stage 36 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles.
The Benny Hill Show (1969 - 1989) - A comedy show starring British comedian Benny Hill.The series featured Hill's trademark, bawdy style humor,and burlesque dancing routines by"The Hill's Angels"dance troupe.
Galaxy Angel Rune (2006 - Current) - the anime counterpart to the Galaxy Angel II games. As with the first Galaxy Angel anime series, this one has little to nothing to do with the plot of the video games.
Ballykissangel (1996 - 2001) - Ballykissangel was about an English priest who was transfered from Manchester to a small Irish village called Ballykissangel. The local residents couldn't help but wonder why And English priest would come to Ireland. Anyway, there's an obvious setting here for conflict.
Dark Angel (2000 - 2002) - In a future of political, economic and moral collapse, a genetically enhanced superhuman prototype named Max escapes from military confines and dwells amidst the decadent underground street life of *Seattle* to avoid government agents who want to bring her back into the fold. Searching for others of...
Whiz Kids (1983 - 1984) - Richie, Ham, Jeremy and Alice are teenagers living outside Los Angeles. They are also computer hackers who worked as amateur detectives in their spare time. Llewellen Farley is a reporter who is a source for the kids and sometimes asks them for help on stories he is writing. Farley's brother-in-law...
Captain Caveman & the Teen Angels (1977 - 1980) - Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (1977-1980) was a Saturday morning cartoon created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. It was originally broadcast on ABC as part of the programming block Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics, which also included Scooby-Doo, Dynomutt,...
Urban Angel (1991 - 1992) -
Angelmouse (1999 - 2001) - Angelmouse is an angelic little mouse, with wings and a halo. He's been despatched
Lou Grant (1977 - 1982) - This American drama series stars Edward Asner in the title role, this time as the editor of the Los Angeles Tribune newspaper. This series was the 3rd spin-off from the American comedy series: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
Angel Street (1992 - 1992) -
South Central (1994 - 1994) - South Central was a short-lived comedy sitcom that aired on the Fox network from April 5, 1994 to June 4, 1994. It was cancelled midway through its first season, for a total of 10 episodes. The sitcom was set in South Central Los Angeles, and dealt with everyday life in Los Angeles. Many notable act...
One West Waikiki (1994 - 1998) - Forensics expert, Dr. Dawn 'Holli' Holliday (Cheryl Ladd) is hired away from the Los Angeles Coroner's office to be the State of Hawaii's new Medical Examiner. With a jurisdiction which stretches from the Hawaiian Islands to American Samoa and all points in between, it is a dream assignment, pitting...
The New Adam 12 (1989 - 1989) - A remake of the popular and long-running 70's poilce drama of the same name. Officers Doyle and Grant patrolled the streets of Los Angeles in squad car Adam-12, trying to keep the city safe for everyone. The show mainly focused on the partners' dealings with both serious crimes and more unusual humo...
You Don't Say (1963 - 1979) - You Don't Say! was original a local show in Los Angeles, airing on KTLA/channel 5 in 1962. It was so popular that it went national on NBC on April 1, 1969.
Enos (1980 - 1981) - When he captured two notorious badguys back in Hazzard County, bumpkin deputy Enos was invited to join a Special Branch of the Los Angeles Police. His country manners annoy his black partner Turk and Lt. Broggi, but he functions as a cop nevertheless. Narration is in the form of letters home to Enos...
The Wire (2002 - 2008) - Set in Baltimore, this show centers around the city's inner-city drug scene. It starts as mid-level drug dealer, D'Angelo Barksdale beats a murder rap. After a conversation with a judge, Det. James McNulty has been assigned to lead a joint homicide and narcotics team, in order to bring down drug kin...
Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005) - Laced with irony and dark situational humor, the show approaches the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who owns and operates a funeral home in Los Angeles. Peter Krause stars as Nate, who reluctantly becomes a partner in the funeral home after his father's death.
Chuck McCann's Fun Stuff (1989 - 1989) - Local:KHJ TV Ch.9 Los Angeles,Ca. Weekday Mornings Monday September 18,1989-Friday October 13,1989 Host/Performer/Puppeteer:Chuck McCann,comedy assistant/Puppeteer:Barry Thompson
My Favorite Martian (1963 - 1966) - A show about a humanized martian named Uncle Martin and his reporter "nephew" Tim O'Hara. They live in a garage apartment in Los Angeles, California. And it was first shown on CBS.
KCAL-TV Newscasts (1948 - Current) - KCAL-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts a total of 32 and a half hours of locally produced news each week.
KTLA-TV Newscasts (1947 - Current) - KTLA-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts 79 hours, 5 minutes of locally produced newscasts each week.
Idol Angel Yokoso Yoko (1990 - 1991) - a 1990 Japanese magical girl anime television series created by Ashi Productions (now Production Reed) and Big West Advertising. It aired on TV Setouchi from April 2, 1990 to February 4, 1991 spanning 43 episodes. The timeslot was previously occupied by Idol Densetsu Eriko and succeeded by Getter Ro...
Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (1995 - 1996) - tudio Gallop adapted the manga into a 35-episode anime television series,[1] which premiered in Japan in July 1995, airing on TV Tokyo affiliates. Additional media produced include novelizations and a theatrical musical[2] that aired in digest form in the show's time slot after its conclusion.The he...
Blue's Room (2004 - 2007) - an American children's live-action/animated puppet television series originally broadcast on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. block. It is a spin-off series of the popular Blue's Clues series, and was created by Traci Paige Johnson and Angela C. Santomero.[1] The show started as short segments on...
Kidding (2018 - Current) - an American comedy-drama television series created by Dave Holstein that premiered on September 9, 2018, on Showtime. The series stars Jim Carrey, Frank Langella, Judy Greer, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris, and Catherine Keener and marks the second collaboration between director and executive producer Mi...
KABC-TV Newscasts (1957 - Current) - KABC-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts 51 hours and 25 minutes of locally produced newscasts each week.
KNBC-TV Newscasts (1949 - Current) - KNBC-TV in Los Angeles broadcasts 41 hours, 55 minutes of locally produced newscasts each week.
Galaxy angel (2001 - 2004) - Anime series base on the broccoli game series from japan
Kurogane Communication (1998 - 1999) - In the near future, Earth has been devastated by an immense war. Haruka, one of the few survivors, lives in the ruins of Japan. Knowing no other survivors, she lives with five robots. Spike, the youngest robot, serves as her best friend, Cleric advises her, and Angela destroys her enemies.
KCBS-TV Newscasts (1948 - Current) - KCBS-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts 30 hours of locally produced newscasts each week.
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (2010 - 2010) - The "Anarchy Sisters," Panty and Stocking, have been kicked out of Heaven for, to put it mildly, misbehaving. Led by a priest named Garterbelt, these angels must buy their way back by exterminating ghosts in Daten City. But this task requires unconventional weapons for these unorthodox angelsthey t...
Sin City Diaries (2007 - 2007) - Visiting high-rollers and Las Vegas residents alike know how to live life high on the hog but even they sometimes need a little help bringing their fantasies to life. For that they turn to Angelica and her concierge staff.
Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel (1983 - 1986) - a magical girl anime series by Pierrot which aired from 1983 to 1984 on Nippon Television. It went on to have five OVA adaptions and featured in other Studio Pierrot special presentations. A three volume manga was released during the original TV run, with the story written by Kazunori It and art by...
D.N.Angel (2003 - Current) - Xebec adapted the manga into a 26-episode anime series which aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 3, 2003 until September 25, 2003.follows the adventures of Daisuke Niwa, an average teenage boy. At the story's opening, Daisuke declares love for his crush, a girl named Risa Harada, on his fourteenth...
Angel beats (2010 - 2015) - a 13-episode Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex and directed by Seiji Kishi. The story was originally conceived by Jun Maeda, who also wrote the screenplay and composed the music with the group Anant-Garde Eyes, with original character design by Na-Ga; both Maeda and...
Hana no Ko Lunlun (1979 - 1980) - The Flower Child Lunlun and Lulu, The Flower Angel is a magical girl anime by Toei Animation, focusing on a theme of flowers in its stories. It was directed by Hiroshi Shidara and written by Shiro Jinbo. It was greatly successful in the West, particularly in Europe and in Latin America, as well as i...
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan (2005 - 2007) - tells the story of 13-year-old junior high schooler Sakura Kusakabe, who twenty years in the future develops a technology that causes all women to stop physically aging after they reach twelve years old in an attempt to create a "Pedophile's World". However, this act accidentally creates immortality...
Angelina Ballerina (2002 - 2006) - a British animated children's television series, based on the Angelina Ballerina series of children's books by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig. The series is about Angelina Mouseling, a young mouse who loves to dance ballet, and her family and classmates. Finty Williams perform...
Magical Angel Sweet Mint (1990 - 1991) - a magical girl anime TV series produced by Ashi Productions and aired from 2 May 1990 to 27 March 1991 on TV Tokyo. The program aired from 6:00 - 6:30pm on Wednesdays
Angelic layer (2001 - 2001) - a 26-episode anime series produced by Bones, takes place in the same universe as Clamp's later work Chobits, which similarly deals with the relationship between humans, human-created devices, toys, and godlike power. Several characters also appear in Clamp's Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle including mo...
Steel Angel Kurumi (1999 - 2001) - anime series following the adventures of its titular character created by Kaishaku. Directed by Naohito Takahashi, animated by Oriental Light and Magic and produced by Pony Canyon with character designs by Yuriko Chiba and Yuji Ikeda and music by Toshihiko Sahashi, it has been translated and release...
Pita-Ten (2002 - Current) - Kotarou Higuchi is befriended by his neighbor Misha, an angel-in-training.[ch. 1] He is later acquainted with Shia, a demon, who is urged by her forgotten memories to search for something.[ch. 7] Kotarou continues his daily life until Shia absorbs his life energy and leaves town.[ch. 28] Kotarou inv...
Space Angel (1962 - 1965) - This animated Sci-Fi series was created by the same studio who made the Clutch Cargo cartoon, right down to the use of the "Synchro-Vox" method of animation.
Emergency! +4 (1973 - 1976) - EMERGENCY! +4 was built around a fictional exploits of the Paramedical Rescue Service on the Los Angeles County Fire Department. In this animated spin-off from the prime time siren-drama EMERGENCY! (NBC, 1972-1977), Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth voiced their self-likenesses as Squad 51 paramedic...
Eyewitness News (1968 - Current) - On November 11, 1968, Al Primo, the new news director of WABC-TV New York, launched his new news program, "Eyewitness News." As the format grew popular, it had spread across the country to the other ABC-owned and operated (O&O) stations at the time: KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, WXYZ Detroit, and K...
Out of the Blue (1979 - 1979) - Often thought to be a "Happy Days" spin-off, this series featured an Angel named Random (Jimmy Brogan) who came to Earth to help an aunt (Dixie Carter, "Designing Women") deal with the gaggle of nieces and nephews she got stuck with after their parents died. Eileen Heckart ("The Bad Seed," "Butterf...
The Heights (1992 - 1992) - It was about a rock band. Starred Jamie Walters (later on 90210). More well-known was the show's theme song: "How Do You Talk To An Angel?"
Mike and Angelo (1989 - 2000) - Mike and Angelo was a TV series that ran on CITV between 1989 and 2000. It centred on Angelo (played initially by Tyler Butterworth, and from series 3 onwards by Tim Whitnall), an alien who came from another world during the first series; the portal from his world being that of a wardrobe in one of...
The Lawrence Welk Show (1955 - 1982) - Bandleader Lawrence Welk gained a huge following in the 1930s and 1940s with his style of big band "champagne" music. This eventually led to a local television program in Los Angeles, and by 1955, a nationally televised program.
Casper & the Angels (1979 - 1980) - Friendly spook Casper & two bumbling women fight crime in outer space. the 22nd century, Casper the Friendly Ghost teams up with a pair of bumbling female Space Patrol cops, Minnie & Maxie, to battle bad guys in outer space.
Dirty Pair Flash (1994 - 1996) - Kei and Yuri were originally junior auxiliary agents in the Worlds Works and Welfare Agency (W.W.W.A. or 3WA for short) when the two were paired together under the codename "Lovely Angels." Kei was coming off her fourth probation for something she had done, and Yuri's dating exploits were common kno...
Dirty Pair (1985 - 1988) - Can you handle girls with guns? How about two of them? Meet the original girls with guns: Kei and Yuri, the Lovely Angels, top agents of the World Welfare & Works Association (3WA), better known to the rest of the galaxy as the Dirty Pair. And when the 3WA unleashes this infamous pair, the bad guys...
Sid the Science Kid (2008 - 2013) - Sid the Science Kid is a half-hour PBS Kids series that debuted on September 1, 2008. The computer generated show is produced by The Jim Henson Company and then-PBS member KCET in Los Angeles, California using the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio. The show is produced by motion capture which allows pu...
My Little Pony Roleplay is Magic (2012 - 2013) - All the ponies have fun, but watch out the changelings will not get a joke, battle it in with changelings! Ads Included~~
Super Why! (2007 - 2012) - Super Why! or The Reading Adventures of Super Why! is a CGI animated show developed by Angela C. Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert.
CBSN Los Angeles (2019 - Current) - CBSN Los Angeles is a 24-hour Los Angeles service version of CBSN, which features exclusive programming. The local cable-streaming news channel was launched on June 10, 2019.
Live! (1983 - Current) - Syndicated morning talk show that has aired since 1983. With roots in A.M. Los Angeles and A.M. New York, Live began as "The Morning Show", hosted by Regis Philbin and Cyndy Garvey; the show rose to national prominence as "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee", when Philbin was joined by Kathie Lee Giffor...
KTTV-TV Newscasts (1949 - Current) - KTTV-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts 49 hours of local newscasts each week. When KTTV was first sign-on in 1949, it had its news title: "KTTV Newsreel". Newscasts on KTTV began in 1951 with newscast title: "The George Putnam News." Newscasts were not on KTTV from 1964 until returning in th...
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps (2009 - 2010) - A new updated version of Angelina Ballerina.
Private Practice (2007 - 2013) - The series focuses on Dr. Addison Montgomery, who relocates from Seattle to Los Angeles, needing a big change in her life. In Los Angeles, Addison joins the private practice of her friends Naomi, a fertility specialist and endocrinologist, and Sam Bennett, an internist and cardiothoracic surgeon.
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018 - Current) - Deep in the sewers of New York City, four mutant turtle brothers lurk. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are in their early teen years, and the brothers go on new and exciting adventures. They tap into their mystic ninja powers to learn to work together as a cohesive unit and become a t...
Boyz N The Hood(1991) - John Singleton's portrayal of social problems in inner-city Los Angeles takes the form of a tale of three friends growing up together 'in the 'hood.' Half-brothers Doughboy and Ricky Baker are foils for each other's personality, presenting very different approaches to the tough lives they face. Rick...
Blade Runner(1982) - In 2019 Los Angeles, the streets are overcrowded and the sun never shines. Opportunities to move to off-world colonies are advertised on blimps that fly through the depressing skies. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, several workers have come to Earth and things are going to get rough. These workers ar...
The Punisher(1989) - The avenging angel of Marvel Comics fame comes brilliantly to life in this searing action-adventure thriller! Dolph Lundgren stars as Frank Castle, a veteran cop who loses his entire family to a mafia ca
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland(1989) - Angela is back, in the form of an angry inner-city camper on the hunt for blood. Camp New Horizons, on the recycled grounds of the former murders, intends to pair high class teens with underclass counterparts. Angela, however, has a different plan. Will it be door number one, number two, or number t...
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers(1988) - Angela Baker has undergone years of therapy, electro-shock and sexual reassignment surgeries, and finally landed herself a job in the last place she should be working - camp rolling hills. She has an old fashioned approach as to how camp should be, and an old familiar deadly way of making sure that...
Angels in the Outfield(1994) - Angels in the Outfield (known simply as Angels in some countries) is a 1994 remake of the 1951 film of the same name. The film stars Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd, and features appearances from future stars, including Adrien Brody, Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Neal...
Porky's(1982) - Porky's follows the carefree lives of a group of Angel Beach boys in the happy times of the 1950's. Pee Wee, the central character in the film, is hornier than a toad and lusting to lose his virginity to anyone possible; Tommy is the suave, bad boy of the bunch; Meat is a Brooklyn jock whose nickn...
Night of The Demons(1988) - It's Halloween night, and spooky girl Angela (Amelia Kinkade) and her boy-crazy pal Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) are throwing a party at Hull House, a local mortuary that was abandoned years ago after the Hull family patriarch slaughtered his entire family within its walls. They have invited the usual a...
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion(1997) - Two dimwitted pals attempt to fib their way through their high school reunion with disastrous results in this bubbly comedy from David Mirkin, frequent director of the cult TV sitcom "Get a Life!". Los Angeles dim-bulbs Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele (Lisa Kudrow) have been best friends since child...
The Craft(1996) - After killing her mother in childbirth, growing up in San Francisco with her father and stepmother, attempting suicide, and moving to Los Angeles, Sarah (Robin Tunney) makes a brief stab at popularity at her new Catholic high school. Ostracized due to the untrue kiss-and-tell tales of football playe...
Dogma(1999) - When two renegade angels decide to steal back into heaven, thus destroying the universe as we know it, it's up to the last decendent of Christ, two unlikely Prophets, the 13th apostle, and a muse with writer's block to stop them.
Double Dragon(1994) - In this futuristic martial arts drama based on a popular video game, Los Angeles has been transformed into a watery New Angeles after a long-threatened earthquake devastates the West Coast. Billy Lee (Scott Wolf) and his brother Jimmy (Mark Dacascos) are two martial arts experts who were raised by a...
Tourist Trap(1979) - Directed by David Schmoeller (the creator who brought you the original "Puppet Master"), "Tourist Trap" stars Chuck Connors ("Soylent Green") and Tanya Roberts ("Charlie's Angels" T.V. series). The plot concerns a group of youths who decide to take a summer afternoon drive, only to find themselves s...
Demolition Man(1993) - The plot of this action film begins in 1996, with Los Angeles in a violence-crazed conflagration. One of the LAPD's most notorious cops, John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), known as "the demolition man," is in hot pursuit of blonde-haired psychopath Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), who is so nasty he e...
Son in Law(1993) - Classic Paulie Shore. Country girl Rebecca begins college in Los Angeles. There she meets Crawl, a student who is crazy, unpredictable and wild. During the holidays she brings him with her home. Her parents have never seen anything like him and are shocked when Rebecca tells them that they are engag...
Warlock(1991) - Julian Sands oozes maleficence as a warlock of the 1600s cast forth to 1980s Los Angeles, where he continues to work his deviltry. The story begins in 1691 Boston when a warlock is condemned to die. Calling for Satan's help, the warlock is sent forward in time to contemporary Los Angeles, where he c...
Escape From L.A(1996) - On August 23, 2000 an earthquake hits Los Angeles, Causing the city to separate from the mainland. Where the government forums another waste land prison, For all the gangs and low lives o
Go(1999) - Director/cinematographer Doug Liman's third feature links together three edgy stories, all beginning in the same Los Angeles supermarket with an interconnected group of characters. Ronna (Sarah Polley) is a down-on-her-luck checkout girl who is sweet talked into taking an extra shift from her friend...
The Heavenly Kid(1985) - A guardian angel(Lewis Smith),who was killed in a car accident,is sent to earth to help a lonely teenage boy(Jason Gedrick).
Next Friday(2000) - In this sequel to the urban comedy Friday, rap music star Ice Cube returns as Craig Jones, a streetwise man from South Central Los Angeles who has a knack for getting into trouble. This time out, Craig is still trying to outsmart neighborhood bully Debo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr.); after Craig gets th...
Malcolm X(1992) - Malcolm X is a 1992 American biographical motion picture about the African-American figure Malcolm X. Directed and co-written by Spike Lee, the film stars Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Albert Hall, Al Freeman, Jr., and Delroy Lindo. Lee has a small supporting role as Shorty, a character based p...
L.A. Story(1991) - Steve Martin wrote and stars in this look at the promise and dreamtime of Los Angeles culture. Martin stars as Harris K. Telemacher, a light-hearted television weatherman who does wacky comedy in lieu of reports since, being in LA, he has very little weather to report. He spends his time roller-skat...
Menace To Society(1993) - This debut offering from twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes was one of the most critically-acclaimed urban crime films to appear in the wake of John Singleton's influential Boyz N the Hood. Set in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, the film is narrated by 18-year-old Caine (Tyrin Turner), a d...
Night of the Demons 2(1994) - Angela, the universe's most unpleasant party crasher, returns! Angela's sister, Mouse, is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela's favorite haunt, and before long, everybody's being turned into demons and only a butt-kickin' nun, who wields her ruler like a mighty swor...
Trancers(1985) - With the whimsical tagline "Jack Deth is back and he's never been here before," director Charles Band melds Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Jingle All the Way for this low-budget science fiction adventure. The story takes place in Angel City in the year 2247, when enforcer Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson...
Earthquake(1974) - A catastrophic earthquake hits the city of Los Angeles,and the citizens struggle to survive.Starring Charlton Heston,Ava Gardner,George Kennedy,Lorne Greene,Genevieve Bujold,and Victoria Principal.
House Party 3(1994) - Hip Hop duo Kid & Play return in the second follow-up to their 1990 screen debut House Party. Kid (Christopher "Kid" Reid) is taking the plunge and marrying his girlfriend Veda (Angela Means), while his friend Play (Christopher Martin) is dipping his toes into the music business, managing a roughnec...
Little Darlings(1980) - This is a movie about two teenage girls: rich, beautiful, spoiled Ferris (Tatum O'Neal) and poor, rough, other side of the tracks Angel (Kristy McNichol). They meet on a bus going to the same summer camp and find themselves picketed against each other---egged on by their cabin mates and camp members...
Thrashin'(1986) - Thrashin' is the title of a film about two rival skateboard gangs in Los Angeles directed by David Winters and written by Paul Brown and Alan Sacks. When the film was released in 1986 it was not well received by the critics, saying that the film was just a poor skateboard version of West Side Story...
FM(1978) - Los Angeles radio station QSKY has become a ratings juggernaut under the guidance of hip, passionate program director Jeff Dugan (played by Michael Brandon). The executives who own the station naturally see it as an opportunity to make lots and lots of money by flooding the airwaves with ads. Meanwh...
Angels in the Endzone(1997) - Wonderful World of Disney's follow-up to ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD. This time around, Christopher Lloyd and the angels return to help out a school's football team. Also stars Paul Dooley and Matthew Lawrence.
Death Wish II(1982) - Paul Kersey's (Charles Bronson) self-appointed one-man vigilante squad goes bi-coastal in Michael Winner's sequel to his Death Wish. Kersey has taken up residence in Los Angeles, but lunatic violence follows him across the country like toilet paper sticking to his shoe. Kersey's Spanish cook is imme...
Two Of A Kind (1983)(1983) - God (voiced by Gene Hackman) is pissed off at humanity. Several angels want to stop God from destroying the world, so they try looking for 2 people to show that there is still goodness in the world. Unfortunately, the two people they've chosen to respresent the good side of humanity are an inventor...
Ricky 1(1988) - ricky 1 is a spoof of the famous rocky movie.So in this movie ricky is our rocky, angela is are adrian,and the champ is apollo.So the plot is the same from rocky but the writing of the script is just bad. Its a good thing there's no ricky 2
Eating Raoul(1982) - A relatively boring Los Angeles couple discover a bizarre, if not murderous way to get funding for opening a restaurant.
Car Wash(1976) - Car Wash covers the exploits of a close-knit group of employees at a Los Angeles Car Wash. In an episodic fashion, the film covers a full day, during which all manner of strange visitors make appearances, including Richard Pryor as a preaching 'wonder-man' who is loved by most but loathed by the mil...
Tango & Cash(1989) - Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabriel Cash (Russell) are the two top cops in the Los Angeles narcotics division. Tango is a straight edge smooth talking businessman type, while Cash is a sloppy bachelor with a nothing to lose attitude. Between the two they have seized millions of dollars in drugs and wea...
The Twelve Chairs(1970) - In 1927 Russia a former aristocrat(Ron Moody)a priest(Dom Deluise),and a con artist(Frank Langella) try to find jewels sewn into one of twelve missing chairs.
Angel Heart(1987) - Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) is a detective who hasn't been having that much luck lately. A man named Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) has an assignment for him. Louis wants Harry to find a singer named Johnny Favorite. The job won't be all that easy or all that normal.
The Net(1995) - Angela Bennett is a freelance software engineer who lives in a world of computer technology. When a cyber friend asks Bennett to debug a CD-ROM game, she discovers a conspiracy that will turn her life upside down. Soon, her records have been erased, and she's been given a new identity and a police r...
Oscar(1991) - Angelo "Snaps" Provelone (Sylvester Stallone) is a profitable gangster during the Prohibition. He promises his dying father that he'll go straight, and the movie is set on the day he has a meeting with bankers to do just that. However, everything goes wrong -- he is woken up by his accountant who te...
Hugo Pool(1997) - Cult figure Robert Downey, Sr. directed this offbeat comedy set in the eccentric environs of Los Angeles. Hugo Dugay (Alyssa Milano) is a young woman who makes her living cleaning swimming pools when she isn't busy looking after her mother Minerva (Cathy Moriarty), who's hooked on gambling, and her...
The Lawnmower Man(1992) - Loosely based on a short story by Stephen King, The Lawnmower Man was the first film to explore virtual reality technology and boasts a dazzling collection of computer-animated sequences. The story concerns the slightly-mad scientist Dr. Lawrence Angelo (Pierce Brosnan), who as part of a secret gove...
Chinatown(1974) - Roman Polanski's brooding film noir exposes the darkest side of the land of sunshine, the Los Angeles of the 1930s, where power is the only currency--and the only real thing worth buying. Jack Nicholson is J.J. Gittes, a private eye in the Chandler mold, who during a routine straying-spouse investig...
No Vacancy(1999) - The doors are opened on a group of misfits living in a seedy motel on the edge of Los Angeles in the comedy No Vacancy. At the run-down Pink Motel, the owner (Joaquim de Almeida) is furious with his daughter when he finds out she's been sleeping with her boyfriend. This doesn't make her very differe...
Night Hunter(1996) - In this combination action-horror movie, a kick-boxing vampire hunter (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) takes on various Los Angeles-based bloodsuckers and ends up pursued by their brethren and the police.
El da de la bestia(1995) - Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia followed his outlandish sci-fi/horror debut, Accion Mutante, with this colorful apocalypse fantasy about Father Angel (Alex Angulo), a scholarly priest whose intensive research into cabalistic "Bible Code" prophecies leads to a horrific discovery: the exact birth...
Lost Angels(1989) - Adam Horovitz, of Beastie Boys fame, plays a troublesome teen who is shipped off by his wealthy parents to an institute for "problem" youths. This is the sort of place where any sign of rebellion is dealt with in draconian fashion. The strapped-down Horovitz tells his life story to psychiatrist Dona...
Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain(1995) - A teen from Los Angeles and her recently widowed mother move back to the family's Pacific Northwest home in 1980 to try to reassemble their lives. Young teen Beth at first hates country living, but then she meets the outspoken, defiant Jody and the two become fast friends. Jody has quite a reputatio...
Nemesis(1993) - Set in a WW III-decimated 21st-century Los Angeles in which humans compete with cyborgs, this low-budget special-effects laden thriller chronicles the attempts of a heroic fellow to clean up the town and keep the androids from taking over what's left of the planet.
Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels(1996) - Sue Price, in her third go-round as Alex in the Nemesis series, runs afoul of mercenaries after killing the wrong man in this futuristic sci-fi/horror tale.
A Home of Our Own(1993) - The story is located in Los Angeles in the sixties. A energetic widow, Frances Lacey, with her six children tries to make a dream of her and her children come true: to have a home of their own. Therefore they leave Los Angeles and head for the countryside while facing a kinds of difficulties during...
Brewster McCloud(1971) - Brewster McCloud lives in the fallout shelter of the Houston Astrodome sports arena, where he spends his days building a winged contraption and doing pull-ups under the guidance of Louise, a mysterious guardian angel. When a serial killer begins running rampant in Houston, ace San Francisco detectiv...
Poetic Justice(1993) - R&B star Janet Jackson made an impressive film debut in Poetic Justice as Justice, a hairdresser at a small salon in South Central Los Angeles. Justice uses her poetry to deal with her grief after her boyfriend is killed in a shooting incident at a drive-in. Hired to work at a hair stylists' event i...
L.A. Confidential(1997) - Based on the best-selling novel by James Ellroy, this award-winning crime drama explores both the dark side of the Los Angeles police force and Southern California's criminal underbelly in the early '50s, when Hollywood was still seen as America's capital of sophistication, glitter, and glamour. Dud...
Short Cuts(1993) - Based on stories by Raymond Carver, Short Cuts follows 22 Los Angeles residents whose lives intersect over the course of a few days. Ann and Howard Finnegan (Andie MacDowell and Bruce Davison) are preparing for their son Casey's birthday party when the boy is injured in an auto accident and falls in...
Denial(1998) - Adam Rifkin wrote and directed this comedy that begins at a Los Angeles dinner party when unmarried, unattached novelist Art Witz (Jason Alexander with hair) argues that couples actually live in a state of denial and cannot maintain monogamous relationships. The plotline diverges to examine the live...
Totally F***d Up(1993) - group of gay and lesbian teen characters addresses the camera directly in this pseudo-documentary about the travails of queer adolescence in early-'90s Los Angeles. Andy (James Duval), who hides his sensitive side beneath a nihilistic exterior, really yearns to find a nice boyfriend and settle down...
Oxford Blues(1984) - A young American hustler (when it comes to gambling) named Nick De Angelo (Rob Lowe) falls in love with an upper-crust British woman named Victoria Wingate (Amanda Pays). He pursues her to England, where he finds that he'll have to hit the books to get closer to her. The place is Oxford, and it's go...
The Monolith Monsters(1957) - A black alien meteor lands in small desert town of San Angelo, it is first found by one of the local geologists and takes it into the lab to try and find out what kind of material it is. The next day the geologists is discovered petrified, by his fellow geologists Dave Miller, along with larger amou...
Them!(1954) - Sargent Ben Peterson (James Whitmore) investigates a disappearance of a FBI agent and his wife after discovering a little wandering a New Mexico desert, only to find her and a group of giant ants about to terrorize Los Angeles from the sewers.
American Gigolo(1980) - Julian makes a lucrative living as an escort to older women in the Los Angeles area. He begins a relationship with Michelle, a local politician's wife, without expecting any pay. One of his clients is murdered and Detective Sunday begins pumping him for details on his different clients, something he...
Charlie & The Angel(1973) - The story takes place in a small midwestern tow
Point Break(1991) - In the coastal town of Los Angeles, a gang of bank robbers call themselves the ex-presidents. commit their crimes while wearing masks of ex-presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson. The F.B.I. believes that the members of the gang could be surfers and send young agent Johnny Utah undercover at t...
The Changeling(1980) - Well told horror story with Scott playing the role of a widower music teacher. After the death of his wife and daughter, he moves to Seattle in hopes of starting a new life in a grand old mansion. Unfortunately, his new home turns out to be haunted by the troublesome ghost of a murdered child bent o...
Nick Of Time(1995) - Gene Watson is a public accountant who arrives on a train at Union Station in Los Angeles, accompanied by his 6-year-old daughter Lynn. Because of his ordinary looks, he is approached by a pair of sinister people named Smith and Jones.
North(1994) - north is a story about a kid who divorces his parents to find a better family.On his way he meets a strange sort of guardian angel played by bruce willis.He goes to many families but still he just doesn't feel right.This movie has poor writing,but its very strange to have an all star cast including...
Judgment Night(1993) - 4 guys go out for a night of booze, babes and boxing. While cruising along in their rental limousine RV, they run into some heavy Los Angeles traffic. Determined to make it to the main boxing event on time, they take a exit into the slums. Soon lost, this night of good times soon turns into a deadl...
Salsa(1988) - In a nightly escape from his day job as a mechanic, Rico (Robby Rosa) enters his true element: the wild exuberance of the East L.A. "La Luna" salsa club. Dreaming of making himself and Vicky (Angela Alvarado), his girlfriend the "King and Queen of Salsa," Rico pours all his energy into winning La Lu...
The Forbidden Dance(1990) - Nisa (Laura Harring) is the princess of a Brazilian tribe who comes to Los Angeles to stop an American corporation from destroying her rainforest home. With her is tribal shaman Joa (Sid Haig), who uses black magic to get past the company guards and see the chairman of the corporation, resulting in...
Rising Sun(1993) - A Los Angeles special liaison officer (Snipes) is called in to investigate the murder of a call-girl in the boardroom of a Japanese corporation. Accompanied by a detective with unusual knowledge of the Japanese culture (Connery), the two men must unravel the mystery behind the murder by entering an...
Married to the Mob(1988) - Angela de Marco (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a mob wife on Long Island who wants to break free of that life. When her mobster husband "Cucumber" Frank de Marco (Alec Baldwin) is murdered, she sees an opportunity to get out of it. Moving into the city, she has to deal with minimum-wage jobs, a poor apartme...
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion(1997) - Three young pilots are faced with the final fate of humanity and their Evangelion vessels are the world's las
Bugsy(1991) - New York gangster Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel takes a brief business trip to Los Angeles. A sharp-dressing womaniser with a foul temper, Siegel doesn't hesitate to kill or maim anyone crossing him. In L.A. the life, the movies, and most of all strong-willed Virginia Hill detain him while his family wait back...
Unlikely Angel(1996) - Dolly Parton stars in this holiday film as a singer who dies in a car accident. She's given a chance at redemption by returning to Earth to play nanny for a family that was torn apart following the death of their matriarch. Roddy McDowell co-stars as the devilishly holier-than-thou Saint Peter.
Roadie(1980) - Meat Loaf, in his first leading part as film actor, plays our hero, Travis W. Redfish, a vigorous, hell-raising, beer truck-driving Texan, whose musical knowledge (at least at the outset) is very limited -- for example, he thinks Alice Cooper is one of "Charlie's Angels." But it's his main skill --...
Waiting to Exhale(1995) - Four African American women living in Phoenix are having poor luck with men and life. Savannah Jackson (Whitney Houston) is a successful television producer who's lover is married. Bernadine Harris (Angela Bassett) is wealthy and is suffering the difficulty of going through a divorce. Gloria Johnso...
Prince of Darkness(1987) - A sinister secret has been kept in the basement of an abandoned Los Angeles church for many years. With the death of a priest belonging to a mysterious sect, another priest opens the door to the basement and discovers a vat containing a green liquid. The priest contacts a group of physics graduate s...
Making Love(1982) - Zach and Claire, an upwardly mobile middle class couple living in Los Angeles seem to be living the fairy tale marriage most people can only dream about. With successful careers, a new Beverly Hills home, a good circle of friends, and a deep love for each other, the couple seems to have it all. Howe...
Foxfire(1996) - Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Foxfire tells the story of Legs (played by Angelina Jolie), a drifter who befriends four girls, each from different walks of life. All attitude and style, Legs shows them how to stand up to those who have hurt them in the past. A film about friendship, growin...
Playing By Heart(1998) - Sophomore writer/director Willard Carroll weaves together an all-star cast in interlocking stories about finding love in Los Angeles. The film's theme is spoken by young club-hopper Joan (Angelina Jolie). Taken by the mysterious Keenan (Ryan Phillippe), she tells him that "talking about love" is lik...
Who's The Caboose?(1999) - In this mock documentary, a filmmaker who has received a grant to make a feature about fatally ill homeless people decides at the last minute to instead turn his camera on Susan (Sarah Silverman), a stand-up comic who has decided to make the big move from New York to Los Angeles in hopes of breaking...
How Stella Got Her Groove Back(1998) - Terry McMillan and Ron Bass wrote this screenplay based on McMillan's semi-autobiographical best-selling novel (over 2,000,000 copies in print before the release of this film). San Francisco stockbroker Stella (Angela Bassett), a 40-year-old divorcee, has a nice Marin County home and an 11-year-old...
I Got The Hook-Up(1998) - Recording star and rapper Master P is the executive producer, screenwriter, and co-star (with A.J. Johnson of The Players Club) of this comedy about two South Central Los Angeles scam artists operating a business in a vacant lot. Working out of their van, Black (Master P) and Blue (Johnson) deal in...
What's Love Got to Do with it?(1993) - What's Love Got to Do With It? is the filmed biography of R&B/pop singer Tina Turner (Angela Bassett), documenting her efforts to break away from her abusive husband Ike (Laurence Fishburne). After a few scenes detailing Tina's life as a young singer in Nutbush, TN, she's discovered by Ike Turner, a...
The Glass Shield(1994) - In this crime drama, an honest lawman has to decide where his loyalties lie in a corrupt system. All his life, J.J. (Michael Boatman) has dreamed of being a cop, and after graduating from the Police Academy, he gets his wish, becoming the first African-American policeman based out of Los Angeles' Ed...
Household Saints(1993) - Household Saints is a leisurely-paced portrait of three different generations of working-class, New York-based, Italian women. Carmela Santangelo (Judith Malina) is an elderly immigrant whose son (Vincent D'Onofrio) wins a wife, Catherine Falconetti (Tracey Ullman), during a pinochle game. The pair...
The Jazz Singer(1980) - A New York cantor(Neil Diamond) rebels against his traditional father(Laurence Oliver) by moving to Los Angeles and becoming a rock and roll singer.
Talent for the Game(1991) - Sammy Bodean is the newest, most promising recruit according to the advertisement of the California Angelsand has to prove it come game time. Following the team's sale to young business whiz Gil Lawrence (Terry Kinney), ex-player Virgil Sweet (Edward James Olmos) has to prove himself as the team's...
My Family(1995) - Featuring Jennifer Lopez in her first major big-screen role, Gregory Nava's My Family traces three generations of the Sanchez's, a Mexican-American family living in East Los Angeles. Beginning in the 1930s, the film outlines the struggles faced by Jose (Jacob Vargas) and Maria (Lopez) as a recently...
Race(1998) - Tom Musca directed this social satire on the United States electoral system. The comedy-drama explores how class and race divisions impact on the process when a Chicano housepainter in East Los Angeles decides to run for the city council. Pressured by his wife (Annette Murphy), Gustavo Alvarez (Paul...
Rough Magic(1997) - Director Clare Peploe (wife of Bernardo Bertolucci) adapted this blend of noir mystery and magical realism from the story Miss Shumway Waves a Wand by James Hadley Chase. Bridget Fonda stars as Myra Shumway, an apprentice to a magician (Kenneth Mars) in 1952 Los Angeles. Myra is unhappily engaged to...
Mi Vida Loca(1993) - Neighborhood pride runs deep in Echo Park, so when two lifelong friends join the local gang as a matter of course, they're handed down gang names from the previous generation of homegirls. Unfortunately, Sad Girl (Angel Aviles) and Mousie (Seidy Lopez) don't remain friends for long. When Mousie with...
The Crow: City Of Angels(1996) - The second film in the series follows Ashe, who with the help of Sarah who has experience with the Crow, to take down Judah Earl and his gang of thugs. Also, just like in the original he has the same powers and emotions as Eric Draven. The Film stars Vincet Perez, Mia Kerscher, Iggy Pop, Richard Br...
Death of a Cheerleader(1994) - Bright and ambitious teenager Angela Delvecchio just transferred to Santa Mira High School where she strides to three things: to be the best in life, become a writer like Danielle Steel, and to be friends with Stacy Lockwood, the most popular girl in the sophomore class. Stacy is beautiful and ric...
Angel III:The Final Chapter(1988) - Molly Stewart is now a freelance photographer,but once again returns to the streets, to find her missing sister.Starring Mitzi Kapture and Mark Blankfield.
Avenging Angel(1985) - In this sequel to"Angel",Molly Stewart is off the streets;studying to become a lawyer.After a friend of hers is killed,Molly returns to the street,seeking revenge.Starring Betsy Russell and Rory Calhoun.
American Angels: Baptism Of Blood(1989) - Lisa (Jan McKenzie) wants to follow in the footsteps of her wrestler grandfather. She joins a female wrestling promotion called American Angels, and she finds that things will be rough.
Death Race 2000(1975) - An automotive spectacle in which five costumed racers drive wacky race cars cross-country from New York to "New Los Angeles," scoring points with hit-and-run killings awarded on a sliding scale, with highest points for hitting children and the elderly! In addition to "Calamity Jane" (Mary Woronov),...
Ghoulies IV(1994) - Small satanic creatures are called forth from the Ghoulie Demension and now they roam the streets of Los Angeles, trying to find Jonathan Graves, who can help them return to their home. But a Satan-worshipping dominatrix goes on a killing spree to find Jonathan as well. Which will find him first?
Life Stinks(1991) - A rich businessman (Mel Brooks) makes a bet he can survive on the streets of a rough Los Angeles neighborhood for 30 days completely penniless. During his stay he discovers another side of life and falls in love with with a homeless woman.
Scenes From A Mall(1991) - Bette Midler and Woody Allen star in director Paul Mazursky's comedy as a professional Los Angeles couple--Deborah (Midler) is the author of a best-selling self-help book about marriage and has been wed to successful lawyer Nick (Allen) for 16 years. They live a high-pressure professional life, comp...
That Man Bolt(1973) - To take a briefcase from Hong Kong to Mexico City, via Los Angeles, is it necessary to call on that man - Bolt? With the number of dangerous spies and gangsters who are after that briefcase, maybe Lincoln Bolt is not enough, or is he?
Wattstax(1974) - This is a documentary about the 1972 Watts Summer Festival, which culminated in a day long concert at a sold out Los Angeles Coliseum. The concert was headlined by Issac Hayes and the support acts included Rufus Thomas and his daughter Carla, the Bar Kays and the Staple Singers.
Date with an Angel(1987) - American film which was released in 1987, starring Emmanuelle Bart and Michael E. Knight. The romantic fantasy/comedy was an updated reworking of the 1942 film I Married an Angel and released by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group. The film was written and directed by Tom McLoughlin. The original mu...
The Choirboys(1977) - A group of Los Angeles cops decide to take off some of the pressures of their jobs by engaging in various forms of after-hours debauchery.
Angels in the Outfield(1951) - Angels help an abrasive baseball manager(Paul Douglas),and his losing team,to start winning games.
Z Channel:A Magnificent Obsession(2004) - Xan Cassavettes directed documentary about the fondly remembered Los Angeles based premium movie network"The Z Channel"
Dr. Strangelove(1964) - Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, more commonly known as Dr. Strangelove, is a 1964 political satire black comedy film that satirizes the Cold War fears of a nuclear conflict between the USSR and the USA. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley...
Tammy and the Doctor(1963) - Tammy(Sandra Dee) accompanies Mrs.Call(Beulah Bondi) to a Los Angeles hospital,where Call is scheduled to have surgery.Tammy finds herself following for one of the doctors(Henry Fonda).Third film in the series that began with"Tammy and the Bachelor"(1957).
Finding Dory(2016) - In the sequel to the movie that was once the single best-selling animated film of all time the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang decides to leave the Great Barrier Reef to find her long-lost family, but things take a turn for the worst when Dory is kidnapped and sent to an aquarium in Los Angeles. Br...
Possession(1981) - A woman(Isabelle Adjani)begins to behave strangely after asking her husband(Sam Neill)for a divorce.
The Decline Of Western Civilization(1981) - The Los Angeles punk music scene circa 1980 is the focus of this film with The Alice Bag Band, Black Flag, Catholic Discipline, Circle Jerks, Fear, Germs, and X.
The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II(1988) - Subtitle: The Metal Years. Documentary showcase, what life was like for the music artists living during the Los Angeles Heavy Metal scene in the mid and late 1980s.
Hot Fuzz(2007) - Nicholas Angel is the best police officer in London; in fact, so good at his job that his peers decide to send him to the quiet village of Sandford so that he stops making them look like lesser officers. Sandford is a small town, full of seemingly friendly and cheerful residents. It's perfect, but t...
Insomnia(2002) - Insomnia is an American psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank. It tells the story of two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in an Alaskan town. A remake of the 1997 Norwegian film of the same name, Insom...
Porky's Revenge!(1985) - As graduation nears for the class of 1955 at Angel Beach High, the gang once again faces off against their old enemy, Porky, who wants them to throw the school's championship basketball game because he's betting on the opposing team.
The Story of Santa Claus(1996) - This holiday TV special opens in "Europe, a long time ago". Nicholas Claus, nicknamed "Santa" by his wife Gretchen, is a toymaker who wishes he could give a toy to every child in the world. It's explained that Nicholas grew up in the Angel's Island Orphanage, where he taught himself to make toys for...
Angel Eyes(2001) - Jennifer Lopez stars in this gritty, emotional drama as police officer Sharon Pogue, who covers up a painful past with an anger that fuels her job performance in one of Chicago's toughest precincts. Although her partner Robby is concerned about Sharon, she won't confide even in her closest friend. S...
Gangster Squad(2013) - An entire police squad fights to save the city of Los Angeles from a power-hungry East Coast member in this gritty police-detective film set in the 1940s, and based on Paul Lieberman's seven-part Los Angeles Times series "Tales From the Gangster Squad". Jewish gangster Mickey Cohen is a Brooklyn-bor...
Bobby(2006) - Bobby is a 2006 American drama film written and directed by Emilio Estevez, and starring an ensemble cast. The screenplay is a fictionalized account of the hours leading up to the June 5, 1968 shooting of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the kitchen of The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles following...
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance(2009) - High-school students pilot giant robots to defend the world from destructive machines.
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone(2007) - An organization called NERV is created to recruit young pilots to control giant robots and stop monstrous creatures from destroying the Earth.
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo(2012) - Shinji awakes on the ruined Earth 14 years after a third impact, and people have turned against him. He becomes trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth and continues to battle the angels as the world spirals toward destruction.
Broken(2006) - The aspirant singer Hope leaves Cleveland to Los Angeles expecting to succeed in the career of rock-and-roll singer. She meets the funny Will on the beach and they fall in love for each other. However, Will addicts Hope in heroin, destroying her dreams. Later, Hope escapes from Will, trying to put h...
Don't Answer The Phone!(1980) - A deeply disturbed photographer and Vietnam veteran, named Kirk Smith, terrorizes Los Angeles by going around strangling lingerie-clad young women in their homes while taunting Lindsay Gale, a young psychologist, by calling her on a radio call-in show to describe his sexual hang-ups and misogynistic...
Les Girls(1957) - After writing a tell-all book about her days in the dance troupe "Barry Nichols and Les Girls", Sybil Wren (Kay Kendall) is sued for libeling her fellow dancer Angele (Taina Elg). A Rashomon (1950)-style narrative presents the story from three points of view. Sybil accuses Angele of having an affair...
Angels With Dirty Faces(1938) - Angels with Dirty Faces is a 1938 American gangster film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, the Dead End Kids and Humphrey Bogart, along with Ann Sheridan and George Bancroft. The film was written by Rowland Brown, John Wexley, and Warren Duff with uncredited assistan...
MFKZ (Mutafukaz)(2017) - Angelino is just one of thousands of deadbeats living in Dark Meat City. But an otherwise unremarkable scooter accident caused by a beautiful, mysterious stranger is about to transform his life... into a waking nightmare! He starts seeing monstrous forms prowling around all over the city... Is Angel...
16 Days Of Glory(1986) - The definitive photographic record of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, told "from the inside" through the lives of the participants, the words of David Perry, and the singing voice of Placido Domingo. From the opening to closing ceremonies, this unique style of storytelling shows a side of the Olympic...
Shin Godzilla(2016) - Japan is plunged into chaos when a skyscraper-sized lizard monster rises from the deep of Tokyo Bay and lays waste to Tokyo. From director Hideaki Anno, creator of the cult classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
X/1999(1996) - At the millennial edge, the concluding battle for humanity's future is staged. Kamui Shirou's destiny has been decided as he returns to Tokyo to face his ultimate challenge. The Dragon of Heaven, defenders of the Earth, stand ready to protect the world from the Dragon of Earth, the seven angels of l...
Night Angel(1990) - An evil spirit assumes the disguise of a beautiful young woman, so it can seduce and kill men.
Pray TV(1982) - 1982 TV movie about a newly ordained minister(John Ritter)who takes a job working with a dynamic televangelist(Ned Beatty).The minister soon feels conflicted after discovering certain disheartening things about the evangelist.
Almost an Angel(1990) - The film about Terry Dean (Paul Hogan), a professional burglar from Australia, who works for a man upstairs.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth(1997) - Death and Rebirth is a highly condensed re-edit of the series (Death) plus the first half of The End of Evangelion
The Angel Levine(1970) - An elderly,impoverished, Jewish tailor(Zero Mostel),and his bedridden wife,receive a visit from a man(Harry Belafonte) claiming to be an angel of God.
Elmer Gantry(1960) - Elmer Gantry, salesman, teams up with Sister Sharon Falconer, evangelist, to sell religion to America in the 1920's. They make enough money to build a temple, and Sister Sharon falls for Elmer. Elmer, is tested by temptation and almost capitulates, but is then wrongly accused by the jilted temptress...
The Karate Kid(1984) - Daniel LaRusso, a high school senior, moves with his mother from Newark, New Jersey to Reseda, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. Their apartment's handyman is an eccentric but kindly and humble Okinawan immigrant named Keisuk
We're No Angels (1989)(1989) - A couple of escaped convicts on the run find refuge with the Church when they are mistaken for two priests. The two are keen to flee but are unable to do so without the help of Molly.
Malibu Hot Summer(1981) - John Logan is a poor little rich boy. He learns to love from three nubile L.A. newcomers that will do anything to be introduced into the sizzling nightlife of the City of Angels. Portraying the Malibu beach life by day, and the L.A. club life by night, Sizzle Beach U.S.A. is a stunning insiders crit...
Hells Angels On Wheels(1967) - At first gas station attendant Poet is happy when the rockers gang "Hell's Angels" finally accepts him. But he's shocked when he learns how brutal they are - not even murder is a taboo to them. He gets himself in trouble when the leader's girlfriend falls in love with him - and he welcomes her appro...
Street Girls(1975) - When a middle-aged father searches for his dropout daughter, Angel, his quest takes him into the underworld of prostitu