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Despair on the Staircase
Mute stands she, lonely on the topmost stair,
An image of magnificent despair;
The grandeur of a sorrowful surmise
Wakes in the largeness of her glorious eyes.

In her beauty's dumb significant pose I find
The tragedy of her mysterious mind.

Yet is she stately, grandiose, full of grace.

A musing mask is her immobile face.

Her tail is up like an unconquered flag;
Its dignity knows not the right to wag.

An animal creature wonderfully human,
A charm and miracle of fur-footed Brahman,
Whether she is spirit, woman or a cat,
Is now the problem I am wondering at.

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7.6.09 - Despair on the Staircase
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1:An animal creature wonderfully human,A charm and miracle of fur-footed Brahman, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Collected Poems 7.6.09 - Despair on the Staircase,

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