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object:7.5.27 - The Infinite Adventure
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The Infinite Adventure
On the waters of a nameless Infinite
My skiff is launched; I have left the human shore.

All fades behind me and I see before
The unknown abyss and one pale pointing light.

An unseen Hand controls my rudder. Night
Walls up the sea in a black corridor, -
An inconscient Hunger's lion plaint and roar
Or the ocean sleep of a dead Eremite.

I feel the greatness of the Power I seek
Surround me; below me are its giant deeps,
Beyond, the invisible height no soul has trod.

I shall be merged in the Lonely and Unique
And wake into a sudden blaze of God,
The marvel and rapture of the Apocalypse.

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7.5.27 - The Infinite Adventure
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