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Chapter Six

Feelings and Sensations
in the Process of Descent
It [a pressure felt in meditation] is what we call the pressure of
the Force (the Force of the higher spiritual or divine consciousness, the Mother's Force); it comes in various forms, vibrations,
currents, waves, a wide flow, a shower like rain etc. It passes to
each centre in turn, the crown of the head, the forehead centre,
throat, heart, navel centres down to the Muladhara and spreads
too throughout the body.
The rotatory movement is the movement of the Force when
it is working and forming something in the being.
Pressure, throbbing, electrical vibrations are all signs of the
working of the Force. The places indicate the field of action -
the top of the head is the summit of the thinking mind where it
communicates with the higher consciousness; the neck or throat
is the seat of the physical, externalising or expressive mind; the
ear is the place of communication with the inner mind centre
by which thoughts etc. enter into the personal being from the
general Nature. The sternum at the point indicated1 holds the
psychic and emotional centre, with its apex on the spinal column
When the Force comes down one at first feels a pressure. Afterwards it begins to enter the body, when once the way is open
1 The correspondent wrote that she felt electrical vibrations in the backbone at a point
in the chest parallel to the bottom of the sternum. - Ed.


Letters on Yoga - III

for it. After entering the body it goes on working each time it
descends, for the transformation of the nature.
This pressure on the head always comes at the beginning; it is
the pressure of the Force on the adhar preparing to make its
way into it. The feeling lasts so long as there is a resistance in
the adhar to the entrance and working of the Force. If the mind
opens to the Power, it will cease and you will feel the Power
working in you or within you.
Tell him that the pressure on the head is a sign of the descent
and working of the Force from above and of a certain resistance
in the adhar which almost all sadhaks have at first. The calm
is the result of the working. When the resistance disappears,
the pressure is no longer felt but one becomes conscious of the
working and of the calm descending into the body from centre
to centre.
The pressure is that of the Divine Force which he calls by his
prayer descending to do its work in the Adhar, its passage being
marked by the current which he feels. The pain was due to some
resistance in the Adhar; it disappears as soon as the system is
accustomed to the descent and grows wide enough to admit it.
The first result of the descent is the calm which he experiences;
for it is only in a calm mind and vital (manah.-pran.a) that the
Divine Shakti can do her work rightly.
When there is a pressure of the Force on the Adhar to work on
it or enter, this [feeling of heaviness in the head] is often felt,
especially if there is a working of the Force in the head. This
heaviness disappears if the system receives and assimilates the
Force and there is a free flow in the body - till then the pressure
or some kind of heaviness is often felt at one centre or another

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