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Chapter Five

Descent and Other Kinds
of Experience
It is good that you felt the peace within and the movement in
the heart. That shows the force is working not only from above
but inside you, and this promises a farther progress. The full
opening will come in time - the important thing is that you are
on the right way and advancing more quickly than you realise.
Your experiences seem to be sound. The first is that of the higher
(Yogic or spiritual) consciousness coming down into the body
from above the head. It is felt often like a current flowing through
the head into the whole body and the first thing it brings is a
descent of peace. One result of this descent is that one feels an
inner being in oneself which is detached from the outer action,
supports it from behind, but is not involved in it - that is the
second experience. The third about the sleep is also felt when
one has confidence in the Mother and goes to sleep under her
protection, as if in her lap, surrounded by her presence. As for
the dream the legs indicate the physical consciousness which is
still under a double pull, one upward to the higher consciousness so that the physical consciousness may unite itself with the
spiritual, the other downward towards the lower consciousness.
The looking towards me indicates the choice of the being for the
upward movement.
The Power and Peace that come down come down from the
higher consciousness above your head, from a greater self of
which your mind, the human mind generally, is unaware. They


Letters on Yoga - III

are the power and peace of the Divine. When they envelop you
from outside the body (therefore you feel them external), it is as
a protection and an atmosphere. But also they descend into the
body, into the head (mind), heart and navel (vital) and through
the whole body working in you and doing what is necessary to
change the consciousness. When you do not feel it there, when
you feel it only as external, it is because you are very much in
the external physical consciousness - but in reality it is there in
your inner being working in you. When you recover the inner
consciousness, you feel it again within and it wakes in you your
own true consciousness, the psychic - and it is only the psychic
that gives faith and devotion. It is however a great progress if,
even when in the external physical consciousness, you feel the
Peace enveloping you.

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