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It is quite possible that if a too intense Ananda is allowed before
the purity and peace are in the nature, it may disturb the system
- though I don't know whether there is any instance of madness
as a consequence. At any rate it is a fact that normally Ananda
comes (in the natural course, I mean, if not pulled down) only
occasionally so long as the peace and purity are not there as a
base. It is probably right that it should be so.


Letters on Yoga - III

You are dealing in the right way with the sex feeling. As to why
it rose when you were using the name there are two reasons.
One is that when you use the name, it is the Mother's power
that you call there and the first result often is that the difficulty
rises like a snake whose head is touched to resist the pressure
or - if you look at it from another point of view - it rises to
be dealt with. The other is that when what is to be brought
down is the Ananda - of the force, light etc., but especially of
the love - then the vital-physical passion rises up to try and mix
with and get hold of the Ananda hoping to turn it to a sort of
sublimated vital pleasure. It is well known that this happens to
Vaishnavas very often when they do the Sankirtan. In your case
it is probably the first reason, because the love-Ananda or any
other is not yet coming, so that explanation is improbable. As
for the Force descending into the head, it has two sides to it
- one is peace and when that is prominent, there is the sense
of coolness; when there is a strong dynamic action instead, the
feeling may be of heat, Agni-power. Most people feel these two
things; they are not imagination.
I did not say it [a descent of Ananda] was vital and mental, but
that it was Ananda manifesting itself in the mental and vital -
a quite different thing - for the one Ananda (the true thing) can
manifest in any part of the being.

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