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book class:Letters On Yoga III
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The descent of the Light producing a concrete illumination of
the consciousness is always one of the decisive experiences of
the sadhana.
You can tell her that Light like peace is one of the things that
come down from the higher consciousness. It is the light of the
Truth that is there - it is sometimes golden, sometimes white,
sometimes blue of various shades, sometimes sunlight.
It is a true experience and the Light that you felt is the Light of
the Truth from above. These things indicate that there is already
an opening, but it takes time to become constant and complete.
That always happens at first - there are periods in which the
consciousness or something in it opens, there are others in which
the opening is clouded until something more opens. This goes
on until the whole consciousness has been sufficiently worked
upon for the full opening and lasting experience to be there.
These are special forces of the Light and there is a play of them
according to need, but the Light in itself can be lived in as much
as one can live in Peace or Ananda.1 As Peace and Ananda can
pour through the whole system and fully stabilise themselves
so that they are in the body and the body and the whole being
are in them - one might almost say, are that, are the Peace and
Ananda - so it can be with Light. It can pour into the body,
make every cell luminous, fix itself and surround on all sides in
one constant mass of Light.
1 The correspondent asked how one can "live in" the different forces of the Light such
as the white light of the Mother, the pale blue light of Sri Aurobindo, the golden light of
the Truth and the pink light of the psychic. - Ed.

The Descent of the Higher Powers


It depends upon the colour of the Light. In any case it is the light
of a Force from above. All lights are indications of a Force or
Power. It is the work of the Lights and the Forces they represent
to act in their descent on the lower nature and change it.

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