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What is trying to come down in you is the silence and peace of the
Self - when that comes fully, then there is no ego-perception, it
is drowned in the wideness of the silence and peace of the Self.
But this realisation is at first in the static condition of the Self only
- in the dynamic movements the ego may still be there owing
to past habits - but each time an ego-movement is abandoned,
the sense of the loss of ego becomes deeper and more complete.
It is perhaps some impression of what is trying to come that has
touched you.
It must have been the descent of the higher silence, the silence
of the Self or Atman. In this silence one perceives, but the mind
is not active, - things are sensed, but without any responsive
connection or vibration. The silent Self is there as a separate
reality, not bound or involved in the activity of Nature, aloof,
detached and self-existent. Even if thoughts come across this


Letters on Yoga - III

silence, they do not disturb it; the Self is separate from the
thinking mind also. In this connection the feeling "I think" is
a survival from the old consciousness; in the full silence what
one feels is "thought occurs in me" - the identification with
thoughts as well as with the perception of objects ceases.
To still the mind absolutely is not so easy. It can be done usually
only by the descent of the Silence from above and even then it
is not complete until the whole system has been occupied by the
higher silence and peace.
It is the silence and calm of the higher consciousness pressing
down into the body. When it comes down fully then there is
the "still statue" feeling at first. Afterwards the calm or silence
becomes free and normal.
It is the wideness and silence of the being which makes transformation possible, because the lower movements disappear and in
the emptiness the Truth from above can descend.
Who told you that whenever there was silence or genuine silence
knowledge would come down? The silence is a fit vessel for
anything from above, but it does not follow that when there is
silence, everything is bound to come down automatically.
In what may be called the first silence, it is like that - silence
alone with no emotion or other inner activity. When it deepens
one can feel the Nirvana of the Buddhists or the Atmabodha of
the Vedantins. Both force and bliss or either can descend into
the silence, filling it with calm Tapas or silent Ananda.

The Descent of the Higher Powers


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