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object: - The Descent of Peace
book class:Letters On Yoga III
author class:Sri Aurobindo

When one has gone so far that peace from above can descend,
that is a considerable progress.
Yes, surely the peace can come into the outer consciousness also;
it is meant to do so. It is perfectly possible for the body to bear
the peace and stillness. It is more difficult for it to bear the full
play of the Force; but if the peace is first established in it, then
there is no difficulty of that kind.
It [peace] has to be brought down to the heart and navel first.
That gives it a certain kind of inner stability - though not absolute. There is no method other than aspiration, a strong quiet
will and a rejection of all that is not turned towards the Divine in
those parts into which you call the peace - here the emotional
and higher vital.
They [the mind and vital] are always more open to the universal
forces than the material. But they can be more restless than the
material so long as they are not subjected to the peace from
The movement of universality by itself cannot prevent the vital
from disturbing - it is the complete surrender and the complete
descent of peace into all the being down to the most material
that can do it.
Nobody said that you should not take the higher being as a
first station. The question was about enforcing the peace of
the higher being in the lower parts down to the physical so as to
(1) create that separateness which would prevent the inner being

The Descent of the Higher Powers


from being affected by the superficial disturbance and resistance,
(2) make it easier for the force and other powers of the higher
being to descend.
Peace can be brought down into the physical to its very cells.
It is the active transformation of the physical that cannot be
completely done without the supramental descent.
The peace that descends from above can stop the lower action, if
it settles in all the being. But that is not sufficient if one wants to
develop the dynamic side of the being also on the lines of Yoga.
After the body is accustomed to the peace, the peace itself can
become dynamic.

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