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object: - Peace, Calm, Quiet as a Basis for the Descent
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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Peace and movement on the basis of peace are the first aspects
of the One to establish themselves. Bliss and light do not fix so
easily or so early - they have to grow.
The Peace, Purity and Calm of the Self must be fixed - otherwise
the active Descent may find the forces it awakes seized on by
lower Powers and a confusion created. That has happened with
It is not a matter of any particular act or feeling, but a sort of
excited vibration with which the vital and physical consciousness meets the vital disturbance - it is evident in the tone and
language of what you write when there is the stress of vital suggestion - but it used also to rise when you got the experiences
in an excited vibration and bubbling of joy which would easily
lapse into some rajasic movement or be replaced by the opposite
excitement of suffering and disturbance. Quiet, quiet and more
quiet, calm strength, calm gladness are what are needed in mind
and nerves and body as a basis for the siddhi - precisely because
the Force, the Light, the Ananda that come down are extremely
intense and need a great stillness in the being to bear and support
It is the right fundamental consciousness that you have now got.
The tamas and other movements of the lower universal Nature
are bound to try to come in, but if one has the calm of the inner
being which makes them felt as something external to the being,
and the light of the psychic which instantly exposes and rejects

The Descent of the Higher Powers


them, then that is to have the true consciousness which keeps
one safe while the more positive transformation is preparing or
taking place.
That transformation comes by the descent of the Force,
Light, Knowledge, Ananda etc. from above. So you are right in
your feeling that you should open with a quiet santa samahita
aspiration or invocation for the descent of the Light from above.
Only it must be an aspiration in this calm and wideness, not
disturbing it in the least - and you must be prepared for the
result being not immediate - it may be rapid, but also it may
take some time.
Yes, when things begin to descend, they must come down on
a solid basis. That is why it is necessary to have peace as the
first descent and that it should become as strong and solid as
possible. But in any case to contain is the first necessity - then
more and more can come and settle itself. Once these two things
are settled - peace and strength, one can bear any amount of
everything else, Ananda, Knowledge, or whatever it may be.
The experience of this "solid block" feeling indicates the descent
of a solid strength and peace into the external being, - but into
the vital physical most. It is this always that is the foundation, the
sure basis into which all else (Ananda, light, knowledge, bhakti)
can descend in the future and stand on it or play safely. The
numbness was there in the other experience because the movement was inward; but here the Yogashakti is coming outward
into the fully awake external nature, - as a first step towards
the establishment of the Yoga and its experiences there. So the
numbness, which was a sign of the consciousness tending to
draw back from the external parts, is not there.
It is good - the strength is the next thing that has to come down
after the peace and join with it. Eventually the two become one.


Letters on Yoga - III

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  object: - Peace, Calm, Quiet as a Basis for the Descent
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