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object: - The Effect of Descent into the Lower Planes
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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When a higher force comes down into a lower plane, it is diminished and modified by the inferior substance, lesser power
and more mixed movements of that lower plane. Thus, if the
Overmind Power works through the illumined mind, only part
1 The correspondent was concerned that he might receive knowledge but not love since
his head centre seemed to be opening before his heart centre. - Ed.


Letters on Yoga - III

of its truth and force can manifest and be effective - so much
only as can get through this less receptive consciousness. And
even what gets through is less true, mixed with other matter,
less overmental, more easily modified into something that is part
truth, part error. When this diminished indirect Force descends
farther down into the mind and vital, it has still something of
the Overmind creative Truth in it, but gets very badly mixed
with mental and vital formations that disfigure it and make it
half effective only, sometimes ineffective.
(1) Part of it [the descending higher consciousness] is stored
up in the frontal consciousness and remains there.
(2) Part of it goes behind and remains as a support to the
active part of the being.
(3) Part flows out into the universal Nature.
(4) Part is absorbed by the Inconscient and lost to the individual conscious action.

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