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It [the higher consciousness] enters usually first into the mind,
then into the vital and then into the body, because it is these that
have to be changed and that is the natural order.
Whatever comes from above the head, whether it is Presence,
Peace, Ananda, or anything else, normally descends into the
head first, then after occupying all the mental centres it comes
down into the heart and from there goes down into the vital
centres and occupies the whole body. If there is a resistance, it
is felt as a weight and a pressure - when the way is open, the
pressure disappears and there is only the thing itself. It enters
each centre as soon as the way to it is open.


Letters on Yoga - III

The Force usually comes down through the head and afterwards
descends lower in the body to the heart, afterwards through the
navel downwards.
The sadhak becomes restless under the Force only if he
resists it - otherwise it brings peace and calm and happiness
and strength.
It is probably some other part of the mind - the vital mind
or physical mind - it is these usually that resist.
Usually the descent in the head helps to quiet the mind.
If you mean the descent of the higher consciousness, that is felt in
the heart region, not only in the centre, just as it is felt in the head.
The touching of the head is only a first pressure. Afterwards
there is a feeling of a mass of peace, force, light, Ananda or
consciousness coming down in the head directly and descending
further to the chest and so to the navel and through the body.
For some it takes weeks or months, in others it descends rapidly.
Yes, it was the same experience [as an earlier one]. You went
inside under the pressure of the Force - which is often though
not always the first result - went into a few seconds' samadhi
according to the ordinary language. The Force when it descends
tries to open the body and pass through the centres. It has
to come in (ordinarily) through the crown of the head (Brahmarandhra) and pass through the inner mind centre which is in
the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. That is why
it presses first on the head. The opening of the eyes brings one
back to the ordinary consciousness of the outer world, that is
why the intensity is relieved by opening the eyes.
When things come in this order the head opens up first and
the heart afterwards - finally all the centres. So what is there

The Descent of the Higher Consciousness and Force 447
to be concerned about?1 If you are satisfied only with peace,
knowledge and mukti, then perhaps the heart centre may open
to that only. But if you want the love, then the descending Power
and Light will work for that also. So cheer up and don't get into
a state of pother with imaginary difficulties.
The descent into the body first in the head, then down to the
neck and in the chest is the ordinary rule. For many there is
a big stop before it gets below the navel owing to some vital
resistance. Once it passes that barricade it does not usually take
long to come down farther. But there is no rule as to the time
taken. In some it comes down like a flood, in others it goes
through with a methodical and deliberate increase. I don't think
the peace descent is in the habit of waiting for companions -
more often it likes at first to be all by itself and then call down its
friends with the message, "Come along, I have made the place
all ready for you."
It is possible that there may have been too much haste in this
attempt to open the navel and the lower centre. In this Yoga
the movement is downward - first the two head centres, then
the heart, then the navel and then the two others. If the higher
experience is first fully established with its higher consciousness,
knowledge and will in the three upper centres, then it is easier
to open the three lower ones without too much disturbance.

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