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object: - Calling in the Higher Consciousness
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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All limitations [in one's nature] can be surmounted, but if they
are ingrained in the formation of the present being, it can only
be done by calling in a higher power and consciousness than
that of the personal mind and will. The higher consciousness


Letters on Yoga - III

can by what it brings correct or rebuild what is defective in the
personal nature.
The consciousness is always there above you. It is when one
opens oneself and calls it that it descends and works - whether
in meditation or in work.
What comes from above can come when one is in a clear mind
or when the vital is disturbed, when one is meditating or when
one is moving about, when one is working or when one is doing
nothing. Most often it comes when one is in a clear concentrated
state, but it may not, - there is no absolute rule. Moreover the
pull or call may produce no immediate effect and yet there may
be an effect when one is no longer actually pulling or calling.
All these mental reasons alleged for its coming or going are too
rigid - sometimes they apply, very often they don't apply. One
has to have faith, confidence, aspiration but one cannot bind
down the Force as to when, how and why it will act.
It [the higher consciousness] descends in the atmosphere, but
for it to be effective the individual must receive and respond. It
descends also in the individual independently of the atmosphere.

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