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Chapter Three

The Descent of the Higher
Consciousness and Force
The descent is that of the powers of the higher consciousness
which is above the head. It usually descends from centre to
centre till it has occupied the whole being. But at the beginning
the action is very variable. It is only when the Peace from above
has not only descended but established itself in the whole system
that there is a continuous action. The descent comes in order to
transform the consciousness but the transformation takes time.
It is not done all in a moment.
The Force descends for two things:
(1) To transform the nature.
(2) To carry on the work through the instrument.
At first one is not conscious of either working, afterwards
one becomes conscious of the Force working but not of how
it works. Finally one becomes conscious entirely and in detail.
Naturally, when any of the higher consciousness descends it
works to change the lower consciousness into a part of itself.

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