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The ordinary movement of sadhana is that of the inner being
(mind, psychic, higher vital) rising towards the Divine Consciousness, - leaving the external being behind - but for this
Yoga that is not enough, the physical and external being must also be able to rise into the Divine Consciousness.

What you have written is quite correct. The body is not connected ordinarily with the higher consciousness, it only receives what it can from the mind. It is being prepared for the direct connection by the ascent of the inner or subtle body into that plane and the descent from it of the higher Light.

No, the body itself cannot go up - how could it? The body is meant for keeping the consciousness linked to the physical world.

If all went up, there would be no more existence in the body.

There is always some consciousness and therefore some self supporting the body.

When the consciousness is centred above, it can be said to be located above. That does not mean that there is no consciousness left in the lower parts.

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