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Any part of the being can go upward and meet its source there.

The central being is always above; the psychic is its counterpart below. If the psychic goes up it may be also to join its source in the central being.

The psychic being and other parts can go up to join the higher consciousness there. It is part of the movement of ascent. Naturally the psychic wants a deeper union than can be had so long as it is veiled by the old ignorant nature; it wants the higher consciousness to come down and occupy and transform it so that complete union may be possible.

The Shakti going up from the Muladhara must be the Shakti of the physical nature. It wants transformation also, I suppose, but it has not the quiet and luminous but ardent aspiration of the psychic being - its aspiration is more troubled and tinged with unease.

In your experience the ascent was into the regions of the calm and silent Self above; when you came down you went into the depths of the psychic being and found there the same calm and wideness. This experience is of great importance for it means that the way to both these is now open to you - and these two


Letters on Yoga - III
are the fundamental experiences of our Yoga - the unveiling of the psychic and the self-realisation. Pursue your meditations in the same poise.

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