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object: - Ascension or Rising above the Head
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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Ascension or Rising above the Head
This is a fundamental experience of the Yoga. It is the free ascent of the consciousness to join the Divine. When, liberated from its ordinary identification with the body, it rises upward to have experiences of the higher planes, to link itself with the psychic or the true being or to join the Divine Consciousness, then there is this experience of ascension and of speeding or expanding through space. The joy you feel is a sign of this last movement,
- rising to join the Divine; the passivity and expectancy of a


Letters on Yoga - III
descent are signs of the openness to the Divine that is its result; there is also the sense of this openness, an emptiness of the ordinary contents of the consciousness, a wideness not limited by the narrow prison of the physical personality. There is too, usually or very often, a massive immobility of the body which corresponds to the silence that comes on the mind when it is released from itself - the Silence that is the foundation of spiritual experience. What you have felt (the former experiences were probably preparatory touches) is indeed the beginning of this foundation - a consciousness free, wide, empty at will, able to rise into the supraphysical planes, open to the descent of whatever the Mother will pour into it.

Nothing needs to be done to bring the ascension - aspiration is sufficient. The object of the ascension is for the lower nature to join the higher consciousness so that (1) the limit or lid between the higher and the lower may be broken and disappear,
(2) the consciousness may have free access to higher and higher planes, (3) a free way may be made for the descent of the higher
Consciousness into the lower planes.

The lower consciousness rises to meet the higher consciousness
- when it joins there is the sense of unity and the feeling of the one cosmic Self with Ananda and Peace or both as the result.

This is called the ascent of the lower consciousness - it cannot remain all the time but it can become more and more frequent until the descent of the higher consciousness is ready.

That [rising above the head] is very good. Such risings help to break down the lid between the higher and lower planes in the consciousness and prepare the consciousness.

The rising of the energies of the consciousness to the crown of

Ascent to the Higher Planes

the head and beyond is a recognised movement of the sadhana.

It is the forces of the lower Prakriti rising to connect themselves with the higher spiritual consciousness above. The hearing of bells is usually a sign of an opening of the consciousness; it is mentioned in the Upanishads as one of such significant sounds and is well known to Yogis.

(1) Freedom from cares, lightness of mind and body are very good results. They do not usually become permanent at once - it is sufficient if they are frequently or ordinarily there.

(2) Chest and head rising higher are sensations of the subtle body - it means that the mind and heart consciousness (thinking mental and emotional) are rising to meet the spiritual consciousness plane above the head.

(3) The sound is a sign of the opening of the consciousness and of the working of the inner Force. Such subtle sounds are very frequently heard by those who practise Yoga.

Everything in the adhar in the sadhana has at one time the tendency to rise and join its source above.

The upward movement and the silence are indispensable for the
Truth to manifest.

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