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object: - Ascent and Descent of the Kundalini Shakti
book class:Letters On Yoga III
author class:Sri Aurobindo

The spine is the main channel of the descent and ascent of the
Force, by which it connects the lower and the higher consciousness together.
The sensation in the spine and on both sides of it is a sign
of the awakening of the Kundalini power. More precisely, it
is felt as a descending or an ascending current or currents, or
both at the same time. There are two main nerve channels for
the currents, one on each side of the central channel in the
spine. The descending current is the Energy from above coming
down to touch the sleeping Power in the lowest nerve centre at
the bottom of the spine; the ascending current is the release of
energy going up from the awakened Kundalini. This movement
as it proceeds opens up the six centres of the subtle nervous system and by the opening one escapes from the limitations of the
surface consciousness bound to the gross body, and great ranges
of experience proper to the larger subliminal self, mental, vital,
subtle-physical, are shown to the sadhaka. When the Kundalini
meets the higher consciousness, as it ascends through the summit
of the head, there is an opening to the higher superconscient
reaches above the normal mind. It is by ascending through these
in our consciousness and receiving a descent of their energies
that it is possible ultimately to reach the supermind. This is
the psycho-physical method which is elaborately systematised
in the Tantra. In our Yoga it is not necessary to go through
the systematised method, - for this psycho-physical process is
only a part of the movement of the Yoga and it takes place
spontaneously according to need by the force of the aspiration

Ascent and Descent


and the call for the workings of the Divine Power. As soon as
there is an opening, the Divine Power descends and conducts the
necessary working, does what is needed, each thing in its time,
and the Yogic consciousness begins to be born in the sadhaka.
The force which you felt must evidently have been a rising of the
Kundalini ascending to join the Force above and bring down the
energy needed to ease the depression and then again rising to
enforce the connection between the Above and the lower centres.
The seeming expansion of the head is due to the joining of the
mind with the consciousness of the Self or Divine above. That
consciousness is wide and illimitable and when one rises into it
the individual consciousness also breaks its limits and feels wide
and illimitable. At such times one often feels as if there were no
head and no body but all were a wide self and its consciousness,
or else the head or the body is only a circumstance in that. The
body or the physical mind is sometimes startled or alarmed at
these experiences because they are abnormal to it; but there is
no ground for alarm, - these are usual experiences in the Yoga.
There is a Yoga Shakti lying coiled or asleep in the inner body,
not active. When one does Yoga, this force uncoils itself and
rises upward to meet the Divine Consciousness and Force that
are waiting above us. When this happens, when the awakened
Yoga Shakti arises, it is often felt like a snake uncoiling and
standing up straight and lifting itself more and more upwards.
When it meets the Divine Consciousness above, then the force
of the Divine Consciousness can more easily descend into the
body and be felt working there to change the nature.
The feeling of your body and eyes being drawn upwards is
part of the same movement. It is the inner consciousness in the
body and the inner subtle sight in the body that are looking and
moving upward and trying to meet the divine consciousness and
divine seeing above.


Letters on Yoga - III

Yoga means union with the Divine - a union either transcendental (above the universe) or cosmic (universal) or individual
or, as in our Yoga, all three together. Or it means getting into
a consciousness in which one is no longer limited by the small
ego, personal mind, personal vital and body but is in union with
the supreme Self or with the universal (cosmic) consciousness or
with some deeper consciousness within in which one is aware
of one's own soul, one's own inner being and of the real truth
of existence. In the Yogic consciousness one is not only aware
of things, but of forces, not only of forces but of the conscious
being behind the forces. One is aware of all this not only in
oneself but in the universe.
There is a force which accompanies the growth of the new
consciousness and at once grows with it and helps it to come
about and to perfect itself. This force is the Yoga shakti. It is
here asleep and coiled up in all the centres of our inner being
(chakras) and is at the base what is called in the Tantras the
Kundalini shakti. But it is also above us, above our head as
the Divine Force - not there coiled up, involved, asleep, but
awake, scient, potent, extended and wide; it is there waiting for
manifestation and to this Force we have to open ourselves - to
the power of the Mother. In the mind it manifests itself as a divine
mind-force or a universal mind-force and it can do everything
that the personal mind cannot do; it is then the Yogic mindforce. When it manifests and works in the vital or physical in
the same way, it is then apparent as a Yogic life-force or a Yogic
body-force. It can awake in all these forms, bursting outwards
and upwards, extending itself into wideness from below; or it
can descend and become there a definite power for things; it
can pour downwards into the body, working, establishing its
reign, extending into wideness from above, link the lowest in us
with the highest above us, release the individual into a cosmic
universality or into absoluteness and transcendence.

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