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object: - A Double Movement in the Sadhana
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There is a double movement in the sadhana - the Divine Consciousness, Power, Light, Peace descending into all the body, the


Letters on Yoga - III

consciousness from all parts of the body rising upwards to meet
the Divine Consciousness above - the descent and the ascent.
The sadhana is based on the fact that a descent of Forces from
the higher planes and an ascent of the lower consciousness to the
higher planes is the means of transformation of the lower nature
- although naturally it takes time and the complete transformation can only come by the supramental descent. Your experiences
here are forms of the widening experiences of this process.
The practice of this Yoga is double - one side is of an ascent of
the consciousness to the higher planes, the other is of a descent
of the power of the higher planes into the earth consciousness
so as to drive out the Power of darkness and ignorance and
transform the nature.
All the consciousness in the human being who is the mental
embodied in living matter has to rise so as to meet the higher
consciousness; the higher consciousness has also to descend into
mind, into life, into matter. In that way the barriers will be
removed and the higher consciousness will be able to take up
the whole lower nature and transform it by the power of the
The earth is a material field of evolution. Mind and life,
supermind, Sachchidananda are in principle involved there in the
earth consciousness, but only matter is at first organised; then
life descends from the life plane and gives shape and organisation
and activity to the life principle in matter, creates the plant and
animal; then mind descends from the mind plane, creating man.
Now supermind is to descend so as to create a supramental race.
There are two movements - one an ascension of the lower
consciousness to meet the higher, the other the descent of the

Ascent and Descent


higher consciousness into the lower. What you first experienced
was an uprush of the lower consciousness from all parts so
strong as to break the lid of the inner mind - that was the
splitting of the skull - and to enable the joining of the two
consciousnesses above to be complete. The result was a descent.
Usually the first thing that descends from the higher consciousness is its deep and entire peace - the second is the Light, here
the white light of the Mother. When the higher consciousness
descends or is intensely felt, there is very usually an opening of
the limited personal being into the cosmic consciousness - one
feels a wide and infinite being which alone exists, the identification with the body and even the sense of the body disappears,
the limited personal consciousness is lost in the Cosmic Existence. You had all this first in the impersonal way, but after the
burning up of the psychic fire, you felt the Personal wideness,
the cosmic consciousness of the Divine Mother and received her
If your consciousness rises above the head, that means that it
goes beyond the ordinary mind to the centre above which receives the higher consciousness or else towards the ascending
levels of the higher consciousness itself. The first result is the
silence and peace of the Self which is the basis of the higher
consciousness; this may afterwards descend into the lower levels,
into the very body. Light also can descend and Force. The navel
and the centres below it are those of the vital and the physical;
something of the higher Force may have descended there.

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