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Section Four
The Spiritual Transformation

Chapter One

Ascent and Descent
What I mean by the spiritual transformation is something dynamic (not merely liberation of the self, or realisation of the
One which can very well be attained without any descent). It
is a putting on of the spiritual consciousness dynamic as well
as static in every part of the being down to the subconscient.
That cannot be done by the influence of the Self leaving the
consciousness fundamentally as it is with only purification, enlightenment of the mind and heart and quiescence of the vital.
It means a bringing down of Divine Consciousness static and
dynamic into all these parts and the entire replacement of the
present consciousness by that. This we find unveiled and unmixed above mind, life and body and not in mind, life and body.
It is a matter of the undeniable experience of many that this can
descend and it is my experience that nothing short of its full
descent can thoroughly remove the veil and mixture and effect
the full spiritual transformation.
The power of concentration above the head is to bring peace,
silence, liberation from the body sense, the identification with
mind and life and open the way for the lower (mental-vitalphysical) consciousness to rise up to meet the higher Consciousness above and for the powers of the higher (spiritual or divine)
Consciousness to descend into mind, life and body. This is what
is called in this Yoga the spiritual transformation.

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