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object: - Overmind Experiences and the Supermind
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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People talk very lightly of the overmind and the supermind as if
it were quite easy to enter into them and mistake inferior movements for the overmental or supramental, thereby confusing the
Truth and delaying the progress of the sadhana.
Certainly, it [the overmind descent] is necessary for those who
want the supramental change. Unless the overmind opens, there
can be no direct supramental opening of the consciousness. If
one remains in mind, even illumined mind or the intuition, one
can have indirect messages or an influence from the supramental,
but not a direct supramental control of the consciousness or the
supramental change.
It is only the supermind that has an absolute freedom from
error. The Overmind presents truths in all sorts of arrangements

Experiences on the Higher Planes


all of which taken together presents something like the whole
truth - but these again are reflected in you in the terrestrial
consciousness or conveyed to your terrestrial consciousness by
the descent from the higher planes; but in receiving it the terrestrial consciousness can make mistakes in interpretation, in
understanding, in application, in arrangement.
It is not very clear [in the correspondent's letter] what is meant
by this Knowledge-Will. It is usually a description of the Supramental where there is no division between Knowledge and Will,
each acting on each other or rather fixed together in oneness
and therefore infallible. You say it has taken form in mind, vital
and body; if that were so, it would mean the final and decisive
transformation; so it cannot be the Supramental. It must be some
overmind truth plane.
There are certain things in these three letters that are not correct,
(1) He seems to say that beyond the overmind there is a plane
of "higher luminous Intelligence". This is impossible. Beyond the
overmind there is the Supermind - the overmind is the highest
of all the planes below the supramental, and he is not yet in
touch with the supramental. What he calls here the overmind
cannot be the true overmind. His experiences are those of the
mind opening to the higher mental planes and trying to bring
down something from them and their powers into the mind, life
and body.
(2) E.g. his classification of four worlds (Parvati-Shankar
etc.) is an attempt of the mind to interpret something he had
seen, but it has not got it at all right. If Mahasaraswati stopped
him at this moment, it must have been because his mind was
making a wrong formation and it was no use carrying it any
At this stage of his Yoga he must observe what is going
on, but not attach a definitive or final importance to any such


Letters on Yoga - III

classifications or mental arrangements. The mind at this stage
sometimes gets these things correctly, sometimes makes formations of them which are not correct and have to be discarded or
set right when a higher knowledge comes.
Your experience means manifestly the uniting of the IshwaraShakti sides of the manifestation - as in the Hara-Gauri figure
- with the result of a universalisation of the individual consciousness indicated by the shooting out towards infinite distances. The currents are of course the currents of the double force
working to make this liberation. The blue and gold must be the
blue of Krishna and the gold of the Mother (Durga-Mahakali).
All this is not a supramental experience, but comes from
the Overmind. But the overmind experiences must come first
and liberate the consciousness. It is only after the overmind
liberation that the true experience of the supermind can come.
You must realise that the supramentalisation of the overmind is
one of the most difficult things possible and proceed with great
care so as to avoid haste and error.

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