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book class:Letters On Yoga III
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Overmind experience comes when one rises to the overmind
plane and sees things as they are on that plane or as they look to
the consciousness which sees the other planes from the overmind
view. When one is in the mind, life or physical plane, then it is
the overmind Influence that comes down and modifies the mind,
life or physical workings in greater or less degree according to
the possibilities or the thing to be done at the moment. It is not
the sole power as it is in its own plane but works under mental,
vital or physical conditions. Its power is more subjective than
objective - it is easy for it to change our view and experience of
the object and our knowledge about it, but not so easy for it to
change the object or its nature or circumstances or the outward
state of things in that plane.
It is perfectly simple, it is the attraction towards the Divine Oneness represented in concrete experience. Is it the concreteness of
the experiences that puzzles you? All experience there [in the
Overmind] tends to be concrete, there are no "abstract" truths
as in the mind, - even thought in the Overmind is a concrete
force and a palpable substance.
Yes - it is one aspect of the Truth: for in the Overmind there
are many aspects of Truth, separate or combined together or
arranged one above the other.
Both [visions] are true on different levels of the Overmind
plane or in different cosmic formulations that come from the
Overmind. All aspects are there in the Overmind, even those
which the intellect considers contradictory to each other - in


Letters on Yoga - III

the Overmind they are not contradictions, but complementary
to each other.
It is perfectly natural. In these experiences you become aware
of the consciousness proper to other planes. Thus you get the
experience of being a form of the Divine Consciousness, the
Mother, and while the experience lasts you feel her power -
when the experience ceases, you come back to your normal
state, the power withdraws. These experiences impregnate the
consciousness with the Overmind knowledge and they prepare
it for transformation.
The overmind experience does not necessarily deliver from the
lower vital and physical movements - it changes them only to
a certain extent and prepares them for a greater Truth.

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