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The plane makes a considerable difference in the power and
luminosity and completeness etc. of the experience. A mental
realisation is very different from an overmental or supramental
although the Truth realised may be the same. So also to know
Matter as the Brahman has a very different result from knowing
Life, Mind, Supermind or Ananda as the Brahman. If realising
the Divine through the Mind was just the same as realising him
on higher planes, there would be no meaning in this Yoga at all
2 The question mark is Sri Aurobindo's. The sadhika had written, "Every atom of the
body is merging peacefully and beautifully into the wideness." - Ed.


Letters on Yoga - III

- there would be no need of ascending to Supermind or bringing
Supermind down.
The consciousness which he calls supramental, is no doubt above
the human mind, but it should be called the higher consciousness. In this higher consciousness there are many degrees, of
which the supramental is the summit or the source. It is not
possible to reach that summit or source all at once; first, all the
lower consciousness has to be purified and made ready. That is
the meaning of the Light he saw, whose inner body or substance
is too dense and powerful to be penetrated at present.
The higher consciousness is that above the ordinary mind and
different from it in its workings; it ranges from higher mind
through illumined mind, intuition and overmind up to the border line of the supramental.
The Self governs the diversity of its creation by its unity on all
the planes from the Higher Mind upwards, for there some realisation or vision of the One Truth or the Universal is the natural
frame and basis of the whole consciousness. But the higher one
rises upward, the more the spiritual view changes, the power of
consciousness changes, the Light becomes ever more intense and
potent. The essential static realisation of Infinity and Eternity
and the Timeless One remains the same, but the vision of the
workings of the One becomes ever wider and is attended with
a greater instrumentality of Force and a more comprehensive
grasp of what has to be known and done. All possible forms
and constructions of things become more and more visible, more
perfectly put in their proper place, more luminously utilisable. A
clear spacious thought-knowledge in the Higher Mind becomes a
mass of illuminations in the Illumined Mind and heightens into
direct intimate vision on the Intuition level. But the Intuition
sees in flashes and combines through a constant play of light

Experiences on the Higher Planes


- through a chain or coordinated harmony of revelations, inspirations, intuitions, swift discriminations. The Overmind sees
calmly, steadily, in great masses and deep and large extensions
of space and time and relation, globally, in wholes; it has the
universal touch not only in spirit but in its manner. It creates and
acts in the same way - for the Overmind is the world of the great
Gods, the divine Creators. But each Godhead creates in his own
way; he sees all but that all is seen from his own divine viewpoint.
There is not the absolute supramental harmony and certitude.
These are some of the differences. I speak of these planes in
themselves - for when they act in the human consciousness,
they are necessarily much diminished in their working, for they
have to work with and depend on the human instrumentation or
man's smaller seeking mental intelligence, his passionate turbid
vital and mental, his cabined and narrow physical intellect -
their workings get badly mixed up with these inferior modes of
consciousness and their diluted light of ignorance. Only when
these lower impotencies are quieted can those higher powers
get a fuller force and reveal more of their original luminous

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