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object: - Wideness and the Higher Consciousness
book class:Letters On Yoga III
author class:Sri Aurobindo

The first experience there [on the higher plane] is peace and calm
and wideness. It is not till these are settled that other experiences
of that plane can come.
The experience you had of the wideness with many roads opening was an image of the higher consciousness in which all the
movements of the being are open, true and happy - the ignorance and incapacity of the lower nature disappear. It is that that
the light from above is bringing.
Wideness is necessary for the working of the higher consciousness - if the being is shut up in itself, there can be intense
experiences and some opening to touches from the heights, but
not the full stable basis for the transformation.
Wideness is a sign of the extension of the consciousness out of
the ordinary limits - whiteness of the wideness means that it
is the pure consciousness one is feeling, unless it is white light
or luminous white which indicates the Mother's consciousness
there or some influence of it. The subtle barrier you felt must
have been the same thing that prevents your ascent from the
heart and from it going beyond into the regions above. There is
always a sort of lid there and it is only when that is opened or
disappears that one can go freely above. One can be aware of

Experiences on the Higher Planes


the "unseen wideness" but one is not oneself there until that is
If the workings are really those of the higher consciousness or
if these predominate the ego fades out - but there is also often
a wideness of opening to the universal mental, vital, physical
existence and, if the sadhak responds more to these than to the
higher consciousness, then he does not get free. Sometimes even
the ego gets aggrandised. But if the psychic is awake, then there
is not this danger; one finds one's true being in place of the ego.
She has had experiences but on the mental and vital plane. It is
only a real descent of the higher consciousness from above that
can give a peaceful and beautiful merging of the atoms (?)2 into
the wideness of the Divine - that is to say one feels the very
cells sharing in that peace and wideness. This is possible even if
the material body is ill. In most cases it is the subtle body that
feels like that, but as the subtle penetrates everywhere the gross
physical, the physical body also feels like that. But then it does
not feel disturbed by the pains or motions of the illness - they
do not affect its peace or Ananda.

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