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Of course, Krishnaprem's view about the canalisation of Niagara
is my standpoint also.1 But for the human mind it is difficult to
get across the border between mind and spirit without making a
forceful rush or push along one line only and that must be some
line of pure experience in which, especially if it is the bhakta way,
one gets easily swallowed up in the rapids (did not Chaitanya
at last disappear in the waters?) and goes no farther. The first
thing is to break into the spiritual consciousness, any part of it,
anyhow and anywhere, afterwards one can explore the country,
to which exploration there can hardly be a limit, one is always
going higher and higher, getting wider and wider; but there is
a certain intense ecstasy about the first complete plunge which
is extraordinarily seizing. It is not only the bhakta's rapture,
but the jnani's plunge into Brahma-Nirvana or Brahmananda or
release into the still eternity of the Self that is of that seizing and
1 In a letter to the correspondent, Krishnaprem said that there are two stages of bhakti.
In the first stage of rapturous adoration, the light and bliss of Krishna rush down into
the bhakta just as water rushes over Niagara Falls. In the second stage the water flows
through great pipes into mighty turbines which supply a continent with power. - Ed.


Letters on Yoga - III

absorbing character - it does not look at first as if one could
or would care or need to get beyond into anything else. One
cannot find fault with the Sannyasi lost in his laya or the bhakta
lost in his ecstasy; they remain there probably because they are
constituted for that and it is the limit of their leap. But all the
same it has always appeared to me that it is a stage and not the
end; I subscribe fully to the canalisation of Niagara.

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