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A Vision of the Universal Self
What you saw in the vision was the wide and luminous infinite of
what is called the universal Self or spirit. It is that which is one of
the fundamental things into which one enters when one reaches
the higher consciousness and goes above. The personal being
naturally feels itself as something very small and insignificant in
that Infinite. But in that Infinite there are higher and higher levels
and it is to these levels that the Mother was leading you when
she took you by the hand. This often happens in meditation or
trance when one has once gone upward into the spiritual infinity.
The reason why you did not see the Mother's form was not that
the Mother hid herself or anything in you came between, but

Experiences of the Self, the One and the Infinite


that you were both moving in the formless Infinite as spiritual
beings and so it was easier to feel the presence than to see any
physical form. Not that the form cannot be there, but it is less
insistent and therefore not so soon seen as on the physical plane.
The silence in the head and heart and the emptiness are both
necessary and desirable. When they are there, the consciousness
finds them natural and they give it the sense of lightness and
release; that is why the thoughts or speech of the old kind are
foreign to it and when they come give fatigue. This silence and
emptiness must grow, so that the higher consciousness with its
knowledge, light, Ananda, peace can come down in it and progressively replace the old things. They must indeed occupy not
only head and heart but the whole body.

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