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The Disappearance of the "I" Sense
The essential "I" sense disappears when there is the stable realisation of the one universal Self in all and that remains at all
moments in all conditions under any circumstances. Usually this
comes first in the Purusha consciousness and the extension to the
Prakriti movements is not immediate. But even if there are "I"
movements in the Prakriti reactions, the Purusha within observes
them as the continued running of an old mechanism and does not
feel them as his own. Most Vedantists stop there, because they
think that those reactions will fall away from one at death and
all will disappear into the One. But for a change of the nature it
is necessary that the experience and seeing of the Purusha should
spread to all the parts, mind, vital, physical, subconscient. Then
the ego movements of Prakriti can also disappear gradually from
one field after another till none is left. For this a perfect samata
even in the cells of the body and in every vibration of the being
is necessary - samam hi brahma. One is then quite free from it
in works also. The individual remains but that is not the small
separative ego, but a form and power of the Universal which feels
itself one with all beings, an acting centre and instrument of the
Universal Transcendent, full of the Ananda of the presence and
the action but not thinking or moving independently or acting
for its own sake. That cannot be called egoism. The Divine can


Letters on Yoga - III

be called an ego only if he is a separate Person limited as in the
Christian idea of God by his separateness (though even there
esoteric Christianity abolishes the limitation). An I which is not
separate in that way is no I at all.

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